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Ketoketene gem-Dithiols in the Synthesis of Pyrimidine and Pyrazole Derivatives Pyrimidin- und Pyrazol-Derivate aus geminalen Dithiolen eines Ketoketens.

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Pyrimidines and Pyrazoles
Ketoketene gem-Dithiols in the Synthesis of Pyrimidine and Pyrazole
Pyrimidin- und Pyrazol-Derivate aus geminalen Dithiolen eines Ketoketens
Salem E. Zayed, M. A. Hassan
Chemistry Departmen&Faculty ofScience, Assiut University, Qena, Egypt
Fatma M. Manhi and Ibrahim A. Hussin
National Organization for Drug Control and Research, Cairo, Egypt
Received June 12, 1989
The ketoketene dimercaptal 1 prepared from Cacetylbiphenyl and CSz')
is a subject of current interest The reaction of a-ketoketene-S,S-mtals
and a-cyanoketene-S,S-acetalswith guanidine and thiourea to give pyrimidine derivatives was repo~ted''~'.
Here we examine the reaction of 1 with different nucleophiles like thiourea, dicyanodiamide and phenylhydrazine
synthesizing various heterocyclic compounds.- Refluxing
l a (R= H)with thiourea in the presence of NaOC3H7 gave
2,4dimercapto-6-(4-biphenyl)-pyrimidine (2).
- W3SH
- CH3SNa
Structure 2 was confirmed by elemental analysis, by its irspectrum which shows bands at 2620 cm-' (SH), 1660 cm-'
(C=N), and by its 'H-NMR spectrum in CDCl3 which
shows signals at 6 (pprn) = 3.6 (s, lH, SH). 3.9 (s, lH, SH),
7.3-8.2 (m,10H. Ar-H + H-5).
The synthesis of alkoxy pyrimidines from oxo-pyrimidines in basic
medium is rather complicated. since the alkylation can take place either on
oxygen or on the basic nitrogen45'. The desired alkoxy pyrimidines were
obtained from oxc-pyrimidines via the comsponding chloro-derivatives,
which react with alkoxides. Furthermore. the conversion of the oxo-pyrimidines to the comsponding chloroderivatives in the presence of free sulfhydryl group leads to dimerisation6'.
We describe the synthetic utility of l b (R = CH3) for the
preparation of alkoxy and methylthiopyrirnidines. Treatment of l b with thiourea in ethanolic NaOEt gives 2-mercapto-4-ethoxy-6-(4-(biphenyl) pyrimidine (4). Another
product from the same reaction was identified as 2-rnercap
to-4-methylthio-6-(4biphenyl)pyrimidine (3). 3 reacts with
NaOEt to give 4.
Structure 3 was proved by its ir-spectrum which shows bands at 2610
(SH) and 1640 (C=N) cm-', and by its 'H-NMR spectrum in CDCI3 which
indicates at 6 (ppm) = 2.3 (s. 3H. SCH,), 3.4 (s. 1H. SH). 7.4-8.1 (m.10H.
Ar-H + H-5). The ir-spectrum of 4 shows bands at 2615 (SH) and 1655
(C=N) cm.'. The 'H-NMR spectrum in CDCIJ reveales signals at 6 (ppm)
= 1.2 (f, 3H, CH3),3.4 (4.2H. CH3,3.5 (s, IH,SH), 7.4-8.2 (m, IOH, ArH + H-5).
Arch. Pharm. (Weinheim) 322.841 -842 (1989)
Treatment of equirnolar quantities of la and dicyanodiamide in boiling ethanol gave 2-cyanamino4mercapto-6-(4bipheny1)pyrimidine (5). whereas in the presence of triethylamine gave 2,4-diaminc+5-(4-phenylbenzoyl)-6-mercaptopyrimidine(6).
The ir-spectrum of 5 shows absorption at 3380 (NH),
2610 (SH), 2220 (CN) and 1625 (C=N)
cm". 'H-NMRanalysis in CDCl3 indicates signals at 6 (ppm) = 3.2 (s. lH,
SH),4.8 (broad, 1H.NH),and 7.3-8.0 (m,10H, Ar-H + H3.-Structure 6 was confirmed by its ir-spectrum which
shows bands at 3400; 3350; 3200 (NH2); 2590 (SH);1690
(C=O), and 1640 (C=N) crn-'. 'H-NMR in DMSO shows
OVCH Verlagsgesellschaft mbH. D-6940 Weinheim, 1989
0365-6233/89/1 I 1 1-0841 $02.50/0
Harsan and cow-
signals at 6 @pm) = 3.5 (s, lH, SH), 4.9 (broad,2H, NHd,
5.3 (broad, 2H, NH2). and 7.3-8.1 (m, 9H,Ar-H).
Condensation of l b with phenylhydrazine at room temp.
afforded the acyclic product 7 whereas in boiling butanol3(4-biphenyl)-I-phenylJ-methylthio pyrazole (8) was obtained. When 7 was refluxed in butanol, 8 was formed in
90% yield.
for 5 h. On cooling. the solid product was f i l t e d and crystallized from
EtOH to give 4 (1.29 g. 42%) m.p. 92-93. C18Hl$IflS (308.3) Calc. C
70.1H5.23N9.1 S 10.4FoundC70.3H5.26N9.1 S 10.4.Neutralization
of the filtrate with 10% HCI gave a solid which was crystallized from
benzene to afford3 (250 mg. 8%) m.p. 114-116. CI7HI4N2S*
(310.3) Calc.
C 65.8 H 4.54 N 9.0 S 20.6 Found C 65.8 H4.60 N 9.1 S 20.5.
pyrimidine (5)
A mixture of l a (2.72 g. 0.01 mol) and dicyanodiamide (0.84 g. 0.01
mol) in absol. EtOH (100 ml) was refluxed for 4 h (until development of
H2S had ceased). After cooling, the separated product was recrystallized
from EtOH to give 5 (2.3 g. 76%) m.p. 184-186. Ci7H12N4S(304.3) Calc.
C67.1 H3.97N 18.4s 10.5FoundC67.0H3.94N 18.4s 10.7.
An equimolar ratio of l a and dicyanodiamide (0.01 mol) and triethylamine in catalytic amount in absol. EtOH (100 ml) was heated under nflux
for 5 h. After cooling. the solid product was crystallized frombenzene to
give 6 (2.22 g, 69%) m.p. 246-248. C17H1.,NlOS (322.3) Calc. C 63.3 H
4.38 N 17.4 S 9.9 Found C 63.1 H 4.32 N 17.4 S 10.0.
It is thus probable that the pyrazole 8 is formed via elimination of water prior to the elimination of methylthiol.
The u-specof 7 shows swng bands at 3450 (NH) and 1640 (C=N).
The 'H-NMR spectrum reveals signals at 6 (ppm) = 2.4 (s. 6H. 2 SCH3),
5.4 (s, 1H, NH), 7.1 (s, lH, CH=C), and 7.4-8.2 (m, 14H, Ar-H). The 'HNMR of compound 8 shows absorption at 6 (ppm) = 2.5 (s, 3H. (331). 6.9
(s. 1H. H-4). and 7.3-8.2 (m,14H. Ar-H).
To a stirred solution of l b (3.0 g. 0.01 mol) in EtOH (150 ml). phenylhydrazine (0.01 mol) in EtOH (50 ml)was given in portions during 30 min.
The mixture was stimd for 2 h and left at m m temp. overnight The separated crystals were washed twice with EtOH to give 7 (3.4 g. 87%) m.p.
133-134. CUHUNZS2(390.4) Calc. C 70.8 H 5.68 N 7.2 S 16.4 Found C
70.9 H 5.46 N 7.2 S 16.4.
3-(4-Biphenyl)-l-phenyl-5-merhylrhio pyrazole (8)
Experimental Part
Mps. are uncorrected (electrothermal apparatus).- IX-spectra. Unicam SP
lo00 spectrometer, KBr.- 'H-NMR: 90 MHz spectrometer, TMS as int
2.4-Dimercapto-6-(4-bipheny1)pyrimidine (2)
The a-oxoketene gem-dithiol l a (2.72 g, 0.01 mol) and the thiourea
(0.76 g. 0.01 mol) were heated under reflux with NaOC3H7 (0.82 g. 0.01
mol) in n-propanol(100ml) for 2 h. After cooling, the mixture was filtered
and the filhate was neutralized with 10% HCI. The reddish solid was filtered off and recrystallized from EtOH to give 2 (1.54 g. 52%) m.p. 128129°C.- C&I~NZSZ(296.3) Calc. C 64.9 H 4.08 N 9.4 S 21.6 Found C
64.8 H 4.1 I N 9.4 S 21.5.
An quimolar ratio of phenylhydrazine and l b (0.01 rnol) in n-butanol
(100 mI) was heated under nflux for 14 h. 'Ihe mixture was cooled and the
solid was n n y s W i from benzene to afford 8 (2.46 g. 72%) m.p. 185186. C ~ H I ~ N
~ S Calc. C 77.2 H 5.30 N 8.2 S 9.3 Found C 77.0 H
5.36 N 8.2 S 9.4.
pyrimidine (3) and
2-mrcapro4-erhoxy-6-(4-biphenyl) pyrimidine (4)
The a-ketoketene-S,S-acetall b (3.0 g. 0.01 mol) and thiourea (0.76 g.
0.01 mol) in ethanolic NaOEt (0.52 g. 0.01 moUl00 ml) were- refluxed
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see4,page 164.
m i 3 1
0 VCH Verligsgedlschaft mbH. D-6940 Weinheim. 1989 -Printed in the Federal Republic of Gemany
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Arch. Pharm. (Weinheim) 322.
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