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The Joints and Synovial Fluid. Edited by Leon Sokolog MD. Volume I . New York Academic Press Inc. 1978. 491 pages

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Immunopathogenesis of Rheumatoid Arthritis. G. S.
Panayi and P. M. Johnson. Chertsey, England, Reedbooks Ltd., 1979. 163 pages.
This monograph is a collection of manuscripts
from the participants of a symposium on the Immunopathogenesis of Rheumatoid Arthritis which was held at
Guys Hospital, London, on November 22-23, 1978. The
text is divided into 8 major sections, beginning with the
immunogenetics of rheumatoid arthritis, followed by
sections on lymphocytes, rheumatoid factors, autoantibodies, immune complexes, complement, macrophages,
and mechanisms of joint destruction. It is a timely
monograph and covers a wide range of recent research
findings. A general introductory background is provided with several of the major sections to acquaint the
reader to fields which may otherwise be distressingly
complex. These background sections are extremely useful. Another excellent feature of the monograph is the
extensive reference list provided at the end of each
Unfortunately, because the manuscripts were
prepared by the participants prior to the conference,
some of the material is redundant. Other topics which
might have received greater attention are given only
casual reference: for example, animal models of rheumatoid disease, mediators of inflammation, and putative infectious agents mediating the primary onset of the
disease. Nonetheless, several of the chapters are useful
and up-to-date, such as the chapter on HLA-DR and its
relationship to rheumatoid arthritis, the chapters on
rheumatoid factors, the chapter on antinuclear antibodies with special reference to those specific for B lymphocytes infected with Epstein-Barr virus, and the
chapter on collagenase. One of the most appealing
chapters, albeit too brief, is Professor Bywaters’ finale
which is a welcome attempt to tie together the varied directions of current research in this field.
In summary, despite some repetition, this monograph provides useful, up-to-date summaries of selected
research areas. The interested reader had better hurry,
however, because research in rheumatology tends to
move at a pace that limits the useful half-life of books
such as this one.
Stanford University
Departments of Pathology and Medicine
Stanford, California 94305
Autoimmunity: Genetic, Immunologic, Virologic, and
Clinical Aspects. Norman Talal. New York, Academic
Press, Inc., 1977, 734 pages; illustrated.
This book is a comprehensive treatise on the
phenomenon of autoimmunity. The influences of genetics, immune regulatory mechanisms, and viral infection are considered. A group of chapters examine specific aspects of these areas and provide a broad survey
of the current state of the art concerning the particular
subject under discussion. A closing section devoted to
clinical aspects discusses,autoimmune reactions in infection, immunodeficiency disease, aging, systemic
lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid disease, neurologic, and other diseases. The nature of the
subject matter is broad, and each chapter is summarized
and only the most pertinent material is explained. Adequate bibliography is provided for a more detailed inquiry by the reader. The book is well edited, and the
material is presented with clarity and insight by a highly
competent and knowledgeable group of scientists.
The myriad aspects of autoimmunity embrace
the entire field of modem immunology, and the discussions expose the reader to many important facets of
the immune system. There is balanced treatment of theoretical, experimental, and clinical aspects of autoimmune reactions. The subject matter, therefore, should
have broad appeal to students, scientists, and clinicians
with an interest in current problems and thinking in
basic and clinical immunology.
Hahnemann Medical College and Hospital
Department of Pathology
Philadelphia, PA 19102
The Joints and Synovial Fluid. Edited by Leon Sokolog,
MD. Volume I . New York, Academic Press, Inc., 1978.
491 pages.
To the present generation of young rheumatologists who have been nurtured on ANAs, ENAs, ESRs,
RFs, RNP, and other varieties of alphabet soup, this
volume should be required reading. It reminds us that
structure, physico-chemical properties, anatomic relationships, and phylogenetic development of the joint
and synovial fluid are as important to our understanding of rheumatology as the arrangement, color, bouquet, and texture of our food are to the appreciation of
a good meal. There is more to the appreciation of cuisine than knowing the number of calories of protein, fat,
3 82
and carbohydrate and, as Dr. Sokoloffs volume reminds us, more to rheumatology than immunoprecipitation and cytotoxicity.
For the rheurnatologic gourmet the menu is diverse. ApCrtifs and hors d’oeuvres of comparative arthrology and the embryology of movable joints begin
the meal. Intellectual delicacies abound the snake has
up to 565 vertebrae, and the alhgator, a key species for
understanding vertebrate joints, has a knee joint with
no patella and three cruciate ligaments. Salade topics
include the innervation of joints and their fine structure,
and both prepare us for the main course. Our entrees include a feast of collagen prepared by Dr. Edward Miller
or collagenase by Dr. Edward Harris. The chapter on
microbiochemical studies of cartilage is slightly overcooked and a bit out of place with its 29 pages of methodology, but our tastebuds are quickly revived with the
discussion of the antigenicity of joint components and
macromolecules of synovial fluid by Drs. Elves and
Swann. The souffle, the highlight of the meal, is a discussion of the mechanical and lubrication characteristics of synovial fluid and is prepared by Dr. C. W.
As with any volume that involves multiple contributors, there is some uneveness and repetition, but
the extensive references at the end of each chapter make
these reviews a good starting point for further investigation of any of the subjects covered. It would be a worthwhile addition to the shelf of any rheumatologist.
Bon apetit.
University of Alabama in Birmingham
Birmingham, Alabama
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