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Some notes on the coloration of baboon skin.

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During the sumrrier of 1933, through the lziiithiess of Dr.
Charles V. Nohack, Veteriiiariaii of tlie Yew York %oological
Society, the writer was able to prociire portions of skiri from
a chacrna. baboon, l’apio porcarius, anti from an 2iamaclryas
bal)ooii, Papio lia~nadryas. I wish to thank Doctor Koback
for liis assistance and for his interest in the problem.
Two regioiis were eswmiiiect in the cliacma ; skin frorn thc
ischial callosities and skin from the iuncr surface of the thigh.
T h o ischial callosities are dark grayish-flesh color, wliile the
iiirier surt’accs of the thigh are of a liglitw shade. .\lici-oscopical exarriiiiatiori of sections f r o rnthe callosities rweals
a considerable amount of dark hrowii pigment graiiules in tlie
nialpighiaii layer of the epidermis. ’l’liese graiiuks tire also
scattered into the liigliw layers of the rl)idermis. Kpidcrmal
tlericlritic crlls which are called chromatophores by Adachi
(’03) aiitl tlentlritic cells bv Bcckcr ( ’27) are present.
Soatteretl Ilirong’riont the corium ai*ti found small, Iwistwi,
spindle-shaped pigment cells. In the cwriurn there ace also
large blood vessels.
In the sections cut froni the inner surface of the thigh, no
pigment was present in either {lie epicleriuiis or thr coriurn.
‘rltree regions wert’ examined in the hamtidryas ; skin from
t h o jschial callosities, from the ventral surfaw of the thorax,
and from tlie dorsal part of the muzzle. The isahial callosities
a r e i~ bright pirik to red color; the ventral surface is a light
blnc; the nose is R dull pink, a sort of grayish-pink color.
Microscopica1 cxamiriafion of these sections slio~vsthat the
epidcrmis of the callosities has light brown pigincnt granulw
in the malpigliian layer (fig. 1). Epidermal dmdritio cells
a r e also present (fig. 2). A nnmber of blood wssels a r e found
i n tlic corium, hut tliercl js n o trace of any piLg-ment.
The vc~itralsurface contains 110 epitlcrmal pigment. ‘The
wriuni, howevci-, is well pigmanted with a considcrahle
iiuniber of twisted, spiiidle-shaped cclls (fig. 3 ) , which sometimes branch at the extremities.
The srotions from the rriuzzle show a brown pigment extentling almost throughout the malpighiaxi layer (fig.4), ;t~id
branchos of epidermal deridritio cells in the epidermis. No
pigment is found in thc coriiim, and the blood vessels are not
The pigment gi.annlcs in the corium of both the chacrna
and tlie hamadryas are (lark brown arid they vary in size from
about 0.5 p to about 2 p. The epidermill pigment graiiulcv are,
iii general, smaller am1 filler than those of the corium.
1. The (lark coloi* i n tlie chacma baboon and the dull
grayish-pink color 011 the rriuzzle of the hamadryas are due to
epidermal piginen ts.
Pig. 7 Section of’ skin from isvhia! callosity of hnrnndr?-as baboon, l’apio
harnadrgas, stained with lklaficld ’s haeniatoxylin and cosin. X 345. P, pigment,
in malpighian layer of epidrrrnis.
Fig. 2 I-nstnined scctiou fro111 ischial callosity of tlie hamadrFas baboon.
x 345. E.D., bmnchcs of an rpidernial deiulritic cell in the higher laycrs of the
epidermis. P, pigriient iii the malpighian lager of epidermis.
Fig. 3 TTnstainccl seetion showing thc twisted, spindle-shaped pigment wlls in
the corium of the ventral surface of thc hamiidrps baboon. X 34.5.
Fig. 4 IJnstainetL section of skin from the nose region of the haniadgros b:tboon.
Pigment sliorrn i n the lower l a y c ~ sof epidcnnis. X 78.
2. The iscliial callosities of both the chactma and the
liauiadryas coiitaiii cy)idcrrnttl pigmenis. The large Mood
vessels in the corium of the callosi tics accentuate the epidermal
1)igrnentsand bring about a brighter coloration in these parts.
’I’his hears out in part the findings of Collinys (’26) with I‘CKart1 to tlic Macncus rhcsus.
3. ‘J’ha blnt. color 011 the veiitral surface of thc body is cx1)lairiecl by the p r e s t w ~ eof groups of pigment cells in ihe
coi imri t o g e t h r ~with the absenw of‘pigment in the epicl(wriis,
Rt r011g ( ’ 2 7 ) .
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