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EditorialArchiv der Pharmazie 92008.

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Arch. Pharm. Chem. Life Sci. 2008, 341, 521
R. Byrne et al.
PSJ and DPhG – Pharmaceutical Societies of Japan and Germany
H. Stark (Frankfurt, Germany)
The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan (PSJ) and the German Pharmaceutical Society
(DPhG) have enjoyed a long relationship. Whereas in the past some fundamental roots
of the Japanese health care system were based in Germany and both these pharmaceutical organizations had had close contacts, this relationship had cooled slightly over the
last decades. Recently the contacts have been revived on both sides. Mutual visits to
scientific congresses were just the beginning of this trend. By consent with PSJ and in
order to support scientific exchange, Professor Mikiko Sodeoka from RIKEN, The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research, Saitama/Japan, has recently been appointed as
Senior Editor for this journal. She has put together many excellent contributions from
Japanese scientists from different academic fields in medicinal/pharmaceutical chemistry to illustrate the high scientific standards and level of research.
Review contributions on protease inhibitors and the thalidomide template as well as
original articles on luciferase-oligodeoxynucleotide conjugates, nitroxyl radicals for
NMR, heterocyclic CK2 inhibitors, diastereoselective synthesis routes of natural compounds as well as structure-activity relationships on leads from marine sponges are
some of the highlights in the broad spectrum of research in pharmaceutical/medicinal
chemistry in academia in Japan. We deeply thank all the authors of this Special Issue
“Medicinal Chemistry in Japan” for their invaluable papers and especially Professor
Sodeoka for putting everything together in such an exceptional way. We strongly hope
that this Special Issue of Archiv der Pharmazie – Chemistry in Life Sciences will bring
together not only scientific societies, but also people across the continents.
Holger Stark, Frankfurt, Germany
2008 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim
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