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Milton Jay Greenman.

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( 1866-1 937)
Wheii a visitor to The Wistai. Institute entered the office of
the Director, he found a genial, alert man, trained in biology,
gifted to an unusual degree with mechanical aiicl inventive
abilities, with business capacity aiid good judgment, based 011
the imagination needed f o r an administrator. Thus Doctor
Greenrriaii w t s peculiarly fitted to bear his many responsibiliti es.
H e died on April 7th, in his seventy-first pear, failing
rapidly in tlie few weeks before his death-aid tlie Institute
thus lost its real scientific founder, to the sorrow of all those
associated with him.
I n 1892 he graduated in mediciiie from the TTiiiversity of
Pennsylvania, and hecame at once associated with Dr. Horace
Jayiie i n the biological work at the University. I n 1893
Doctor Jayne became Director of The Wistar Institute, and
Doctor Greenwian n-as associated with liirn a s Assistant
Dni-ing this period he made a rema~*liablclprelmration of
tlie bones of the human slielcton, \vhic2i now forms a n exhibition of these structures quite unequalled in detail and
On tlie retirement of Doctor Jayiie, in 190.3, Doctor Greenrriaii was made Director of tlie Institute. This brought him
in direct contact with General Isaac J. ‘CVistar,the Founder of
the Institute, aiid under him lie developed his business
Almost at orice lie begaii to coiisidcr tlic pi-ol)lenis of tlie
further dcr-elopmeol of the Iiistitixte, n-hich, in the earlier
years, had grown m o ~ * oas a museum than a s n ccmter f o r
invclstigation. Pursning tliis iclca, a group of teii aiiatomists
was called in council, and a plan f o r the research svork drawi
up. This woi-k began i n 19O(i, arid, with the aid of tlic
dttvisorp Board forrnetl from t l i c oi*igitial gi.0~1)of advisors,
liah contiiiucd ever since.
Following t h purpose
of iiialtiiig tlie Institute 1iell)ful to
the biologists of the coiiiitry, Doctor Qrwmiiaii hegaii taking
over the responsibility for the publicatioii of N biological
journal. The first experiment i ~ i made
with the Jo~iriialof
3lorpholog.y. Then qraclually, other joumals were acltlctl
until, a t the present time, eight such journals h a r e bwti acquired and are puhlishctl, togetliei. with the biblioqrapliic
carcls referring to them.
This step hrouglit u!) the pro1)lcrii of priiitiiig, m c l through
the genciwsity of i i member of the Board of J l a ~ i a ~ c ~it ~ * s ,
sni tablc 1)riiitiiig 11lant w a s estahlislied.
From llie hegiiiiiing of the l a h r a t o r y wo1.1~tlic alhino rat
liatl heeii usecl as the aiiimal of choice. Large iiuriihers of
thew liad t o he kept, and well kept. Here agaiti, through tlie
generosity of a member of tlie Board, an adequate coloii>house WLS built foi- these animals, iiot oiily t o furriisli tliose
used in tlie Institute laboratories, but also to permit tlistrihut i o ti to other 1a11or at oiie s working with t hc se iiii i r r i a 1s .
111 191~~-1917,
Doctor Urwltiniaii tui*iied aside f o r a time,
to m i k e two cxcellerit stutlies 011 tlie nerrous system of t h e
rat. IIowevt~r,iiic.i*casing executive duties 1)i’eveiitctl hiin
from furtlier work in tliis field.
The prohlerii of the welfare of the rats m i s always 11efol~
him, arid to supply frcsh food m t l pure water, a station \mi
retlui i.ed in the country, w1iei.e these conditions conltl hc met.
In 1928 this was acconiplislietl by tlic cstahlislirrietit of The
IMirighani K. Morris Biological Farm, tiear Rristol atid ahout
30 miles from T’hilaclelpliia.
Through the g e i i c r o s i t ~ of
_\I I*. 1loi.ris tliis station ~levelopetlral)idl>-, fni*nishiiig 1)iiild-
iiigs not only for laboratories hut f o r the culture of amphibians and for the r*cai*ingof the opossum--a project in
which Doctor Greenman had been interested f o r many years.
T h u s was added a division of the Institute wliicli called for
much administrative care. Here Doctor Greenman had his
H e acted a s Secretary of tlie Board of Managers, who mere
his devoted friends arid admirers, and it was through them
that many activities not ivarrantecl by the resources of the
Institute we re made p o R sible .
Doctor Greenman has left behind him an unusual record
of achievements directed t o tlie advance of biology and of
biologists tlie world over. His work will be long remembered.
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