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Franchising USA September 2017

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Franchising usa
The magazine for franchisees
VOL 05, ISSUE 11, sep 2017
The Future of Healthcare
The Day You
Quit Your Job
Homebased &
A Guide to
Franchise Investing
The public and policymakers
need to understand franchising.
Our purpose
@OurFranchise is an industry-wide campaign created to spread the word about the
value of franchising and share the stories of men and women just like you, who are leading
the way as franchisors, franchisees, and franchise employees. The franchise business
model has been proven time and time again to work, but it’s threatened when the public
and politicians don’t understand how it operates to benefit local, independent franchise
establishment owners and their communities. Putting a spotlight on real leaders succeeding
with the franchise model is how we’ll ensure franchising is stronger than ever before.
Follow us
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Help us keep the momentum going
Since our launch in June 2016, we’ve reached 1.7 million people
through outreach efforts, including events in key cities and
states, where we spoke directly with business owners, employees,
policymakers, and the media. Additionally, we’ve reached
people across America through our website and social media
channels, digital advertisements, and the promotion of We the
Franchisees on Politico – but there is much more work to do. As a
franchisor, franchisee, or franchise vendor, you are a leader in your
community – and we need your support, now more than ever.
You benefit by joining
By joining @OurFranchise, you’ll get access to exclusive
stories and resources that can help grow your franchise
business, educate employees at all levels about the franchise
business model, and share the economic importance of
franchising with consumers. You will also have the opportunity
to share your franchise success story with your peers.
Contact Erica Farage, Senior Director of Political Affairs and
Grassroots Advocacy and Multi-Unit Franchisee Engagement
International Franchise Association
(202) 662-0760
Our Franchise
This is just the beginning
Make sure you stay up to date with the campaign’s
latest efforts through email updates and social media.
Visit our website to read and share the latest stories of
franchisors and franchisees making an impact in their
communities. Become a franchise advocate to help ensure
Americans, now and in the future, have the opportunity
to start franchise businesses. Take the lead today!
Franchising usa
The magazine for franchisees
VOLUME 5, ISSUE 11, 2017
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Welcome to the
September issue of
Franchising USA.
Recently several “titans” of franchising
were brought together and asked to reveal
their secrets for long-term success. So
what was the common denominator
in their success? It was revealed that
paradoxically, a stable business is one
that is continuously reinventing itself to
meet changing customer needs. Keeping
franchisees happy was also a common
thread in the advice given by this group
of franchising powerhouses.
Our September Cover Story features
HealthSource Chiropractic, a health
industry franchise that clearly
understands the secrets of success and is
committed to staying on top of changing
trends in healthcare to become “The
Future of Healthcare Franchising.” Turn
to page 10 to read about the company’s
10 year vision and how it plans to move
forward to open a thousand clinics over
the next decade.
Our Special Feature this month
is Homebased & Home Services
Franchising, with bluefrog Plumbing +
Drain on the Feature Cover. Plumbers
who want to own their own business
are encouraged to hop on board with a
growing franchise that’s getting ready to
take a giant leap forward and is looking
for success-minded entrepreneurs. Our
Feature this month also examines the
incredible rise in volume of homebased
businesses throughout the world, with
our industry expert Christopher Conner
taking a look at opportunities made
possible by technology in an industry
where Virtual is “In.”
Our Veterans in Franchising Supplement
this month features America’s Swimming
Pool Company (ASP), a pool franchise
that’s looking to expand and keep its
franchisees geared towards success. Turn
to page 48 to learn how Veterans can
enjoy year-round savings from the United
States’ No. 1 swimming pool repair,
maintenance and renovation company,
and how a lucky few can save even more.
And last but not least we feature sage
advice from our Industry Experts, as
George Knauf looks at The Day Your
Quit Your Job and offers advice on how
you can turn your fears into personal
power. Ben Midgley provides a Guide
to Purpose-Driven Franchise Investing,
while Tim Conn offers advice on How
to Create Strong Feedback Loops with
Your Franchisees. This is just a sampling
of topics our Experts have covered this
month, so be sure to catch them all or you
might miss out on some of the practical
tips and advice.
It’s well known that knowledge is the
main ingredient in a recipe for success.
I hope the knowledge and advice we’ve
gathered for this issue helps inspire you
to move forward in creating your own
unique recipe for continued success.
Happy reading!
“Creating opportunities means looking where
others are not.”
- Mark Cuban
The information and contents in this publication are believed by the publisher to be true, correct and accurate but no independent investigation has been undertaken. Accordingly the publisher does not
represent or warrant that the information and contents are true, correct or accurate and recommends that each reader seek appropriate professional advice, guidance and direction before acting or relying
on all information contained herein. Opinions expressed in the articles contained in this publication are not necessarily those of the publisher. The publication is sold subject to the terms and conditions that
it shall not be copied in whole or part, resold, hired out, without the express permission of the publisher.
Franchising USA
a nchsing usa
f ra nchising usa
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september 2017
On the Cover
10 Cover Story: HealthSource Chiropractic:
The Future of Healthcare Franchising
12 The Day You Quit Your Job
19 Special Homebased & Home Services Franchising Feature
14 A Guide to Purpose-Driven Franchise Investing
In Every Issue
What’s New!
Announcements from the industry
26Homebased & Home Services Franchising Feature Article
45 Veterans Supplement
News and Information for Veterans in Franchising
63A-Z Franchise and Services Directory
Franchisor In Depth
Our Town America
Expert Advice
12 The Day You Quit Your Job
George Knauf, Senior Franchise Business Advisor, FranChoice
14 A Guide to Purpose-Driven Franchise Investing
Ben Midgley, CEO and Co-founder, Crunch Franchise
38 Five Tips for Protecting Your Franchise’s Information
Franchising USA
David Zimmerman, CEO, LC Technology International
58 How to Create Strong Feedback Loops with
Your Franchisees
Tim Conn, President and Co-founder, Image One Facility Solutions
The Interface Financial Group
Spotlight On Service
Honkamp Krueger
Homebased & Home Services
Franchising Feature
On the Cover
24 Bluefrog Plumbing + Drain: Amphibious Franchise Set for
Major Expansion Looking for Success-Minded Entrepreneurs
30 Home Based Businesses – Virtual is “In”
In Every Issue
20 Feature News
26 Feature Article
Expert Advice
30 Home Based Businesses – Virtual is “In”
Christopher Conner, President, Franchise Marketing Systems
32 Accomplishing a Home Care Brand’s Growth Goals
Julie Smith, COO and President of Homewatch CareGivers
34 Launching an International Brand: The Need-to-Knows
Bill Redfern, Founder, CEO and President of A Buyer’s Choice
Home Inspections
36 Three Ways Home Care Franchises Can Improve Industry Professionalism, Standards and Services Through Advocacy
Leann Reynolds, CEO, Homewatch CareGivers
Franchising USA
f ra nchising usa
what’s new!
Woof Gang Bakery Celebrates its 10th
Anniversary by Selling its 100th Franchise
and Expanding Services
After opening its first store in Jupiter, FL November 2007,
Woof Gang Bakery commemorates its tenth anniversary as
the most innovative and customer-oriented pet store chain in
the United States.
The company, supported by a growing focus on its diversified
offering of high-quality services, now has 90 locations in 12 states
across the U.S. – and will sell its 100Th franchise by the end of
this year.
“One thing that anyone should smile about is when a company
with no investors or loans grows from nothing to 100 stores in a
ten-year period”, said Paul Allen, Woof Gang Bakery President
and CEO. “When I look back, I can’t believe we did it with no
money. Our stores will gross more than $50 million in the next
12 months and we expect to reach the number of 300 stores in the
next few years.”
Woof Gang Bakery recently announced the launch of its Wellness
Centers, where pets enjoy services that range from traditional
grooming to massages, yoga and veterinary care. Customers
can also take advantage of the new dog-walking service, which,
together with the dog day care service already offered at some
stores, rounds out the one-stop-shop concept for pet care. The
company now operates three types of stores: Woof Gang Bakery
& Grooming full service stores; Woof Gang Bakery boutique
stores; and Woof Gang Bakery at Home.
To learn more, visit
Rising Roll Refocuses Franchise Strategy,
Turns Attention to Developing Traditional Units
Rising Roll has been a fast-casual food
underdog for way too long. But that’s
about to change, with the Atlanta-based
chain set to undergo a transformation
thanks to its refocused franchise
Armed with a new logo, new restaurant
design and service model, and an
expanded menu, the 19-unit gourmet
sandwich concept, once named the
“nation’s best for a sandwich” by USA
Today, is refocusing its franchise
strategy and turning its attention on the
development of more traditional locations.
“Like countless other brands over the
past decade or so, we saw the entry into
non-traditional spaces as a way to build
brand recognition and provide our product
Franchising USA
to a growing consumer base,” said CEO
Mike Lassiter. “However, as demand
continued to grow for our product, we
realized that the brand held a favorable
position compared to the others for whom
traditional avenues had been saturated.”
Today, Rising Roll is aggressively seeking
single- and multi-unit franchisees looking
to partner with a more than 20-year-old
brand in the multi-billion dollar fastcasual restaurant segment. The burgeoning
brand is also offering territories for
Area Representatives to develop which
offer successful individuals the chance
to develop a market and share in the
franchise fees and royalties.
Naranga Names Mark Montini as CEO; Tariq
Farid to Transition to Chairman
success for franchisees by providing the best technology to
franchisors,” said Farid.
Naranga, LLC, the second-largest provider of franchise
operations software has appointed Mark Montini, CFE, as
chief executive officer. Tariq Farid, the founder and CEO of
Edible Arrangements and Naranga, will transition his role as
Naranga’s CEO to serve as Chairman of Naranga’s Board of
“Mark has a refreshing, modern approach to leadership that’s
proven incredibly effective delivering results and attracting
top talent in the technology space. He’s the right person to lead
Naranga as we aggressively pursue our vision of driving greater
Montini, a certified franchise executive, brings to Naranga a
history of successfully leveraging technology to help national
brands drive better results for their local affiliates. He was the
founder and CEO of Promio, an automated franchise marketing
platform that tracked franchisees’ exact return on investment
related to their local marketing campaigns. Montini sold Promio
in October 2016.
Naranga is a comprehensive franchise technology provider
that delivers software solutions to help franchise businesses
scale, at any size. Naranga has over 180 clients representing
over 250 brands. Their software enhances overall operations,
lead management, brand standards/field auditing and employee
For more information, visit
Digital Air Strike Launches Its
Newest Consumer Engagement AI Platform,
Mission Control
Digital Air Strike, the leading social
media and digital engagement
company, announces the addition
of Mission Control to its portfolio of
award-winning social marketing and
online reputation management tools.
The artificial intelligence social media
listening and consumer engagement
platform provides Digital Air Strike’s
thousands of clients the ability to track
all analytics in a single and very straightforward dashboard.
Mission Control provides actionable social
media feedback and survey data from
consumers at every level – from a single
brick and mortar store to a multi-location
brand. The platform tracks customer
reviews on top sites as well as average
ratings, sentiment and survey analysis,
competitor comparisons and more. It
was designed to be easy-to-use, truly
mobile-friendly and totally customizable
by account, user, department and staff to
choose the data most relevant to them.
“Mission Control is the easiest solution to
staying on top of your online reputation,”
Derstine said. “By constantly evolving
to stay ahead of technology, Digital Air
Strike is helping me keep on top of a
changing marketing landscape and grow
my business efficiently.”
Digital Air Strike client Brandon Derstine
finds the platform intuitive and effective.
Find out more at:
Mission Control recently won an
American Business Award People’s Choice
Award for Favorite Product in 2017.
Franchising USA
f ra nchising usa
Page 7
f ra nchising usa
what’s new!
The Gents Place
Dunkin Donuts Opens Announces Expansion
into Houston
New Location in Hard
Gents Place, a lifestyle club bringing men’s grooming to
Rock Hotel & Casino The
the next level, announced it has signed a six-unit franchise
Dunkin’ Donuts, America’s all-day, everyday stop for coffee
and baked goods, has opened a new Dunkin’ Donuts location
inside Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas in partnership
with leading travel industry retailer Hudson Group. This new
restaurant marks the first Dunkin’ Donuts ever to be opened
in a Hard Rock Hotel & Casino and will serve as the brand’s
27th restaurant to open throughout the state of Nevada.
The newly opened Las Vegas location is one of over 20 Dunkin’
Donuts restaurants operated by Hudson Group. The state-of-theart restaurant can be found on the first floor of the hotel near the
main entrance and is open 24-hours a day, seven days a week,
serving Dunkin’ Donuts’ menu of delicious food and beverages.
For 30 years, Hudson Group has operated as the traveler’s best
friend, and this collaboration with Dunkin’ Donuts is reflective of
the brand’s mission toward achieving that goal. Dunkin’ Donuts
has been strategically expanding in markets across the country
with a long-term goal of having more than 17,000 Dunkin’ Donuts
restaurants in the United States alone, and this expansion includes
development agreement to expand the concept into the
Houston market. New franchisee, Jeff Stocks, will plan on
opening the first location in the River Oaks neighborhood in
Fall 2017.
Stocks will also target other communities in and around Houston,
including Galleria, City Centre, Washington/Heights, Katy and
Rice/West University neighborhoods. This agreement is part of
The Gents Place aggressive expansion plans to grow the brands
presence throughout the state and beyond, with an ultimate goal of
opening 150 clubs in the next five years.
The company currently has three lifestyle clubs in North Texas
(Dallas, Southlake and Frisco), a location in Leawood, Kansas in
addition to the development of locations in Chicago and Austin.
The company is seeking qualified franchisees to join the brand
and currently has opportunities nationwide in markets such as
Texas, Georgia, Florida, California, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland,
and Virginia. The brand is aggressively targeting Atlanta, and
South Florida for franchise expansion.
more than 750 alternative points of distribution. Franchise
opportunities remain available across Las Vegas and beyond.
Financing is available through the Small Business
Administration for qualified franchisees.
For more information visit
To learn more, visit
Franchising USA
Phoenix-based Commercial Cleaning
Franchise OpenWorks Reinforces
Commitment to Armed Services with Care
Package Assembly
J. Anthony Hobson, Vice President of Corporate Operations at
OpenWorks, a veteran himself. “Our team’s effort is a reminder of
the sacrifices our troops make, and a way for us to show our deep
The finished care packages included a wide variety of items
ranging from cleaning supplies to personal hygiene items, snacks
to playing cards. And, a very special addition to the packages was
added through a partnership –messages and drawings from local
schoolchildren at Primrose School Tatum.
In a show of support for United States troops serving
overseas, OpenWorks representatives training at the
company’s headquarters recently spent the day assembling
care packages for the nonprofit Support Our Troops.
OpenWorks, one of the nation’s leading commercial cleaning
franchises, saw employees from coast to coast come together
for the cause.
“With some members of the military now being deployed a year
or more, away from family and friends, receiving additional
support from ‘home’ makes them feel more connected,” said
Continued Hobson, “Making the choice to serve in the military
deserves the respect of every citizen of this great country.
An opportunity to show support, however big or small, is an
opportunity to say thank you for the incredible sacrifice our troops
make each day.”
OpenWorks is a strong supporter of American servicemen and
women, and places an emphasis on opportunities for veterans
within its own ranks. As a franchise company, OpenWorks also
provides a lower franchisee purchase rate for veterans, helping
them find a new career outside of the armed services through a
business ownership.
For more information on OpenWorks, please visit
Hooters Opens New
Location in Taipei Xinyi,
Hooters unveiled the opening of a new international location
this summer, Hooters of Taipei Xinyi, led by franchisee
Destination Eats Pte Ltd.
The new location is part of a 35-location Southeast Asia
development agreement between Hooters and Singapore-based
international franchisee, Destination Eats Pte Ltd., which
also recently opened Hooters locations in Marina Bay and
Fusionopolis, Singapore, as well as Jakarta, Indonesia, and Koh
Samui, Thailand. The franchisee has plans for additional locations
this summer in Phnom Penh, Cambodia as well as multiple
locations in Manila, the capital of the Philippines.
The new location incorporates the latest design features that
deliver the familiar, fun-loving persona of the Hooters brand
along with contemporary elements that combine to deliver a oneof-a-kind guest experience. While guests will still enjoy Hooters
craveable burgers, wings, appetizers and salads, they can expect
some additions to the menus to suit local taste buds.
Hooters continues its acceleration of restaurant openings, on
pace to open more than 30 new locations globally in 2017 and is
actively seeking qualified franchise partners to open new locations
in select markets across the U.S. and around the globe.
Franchising USA
f ra nchising usa
Page 9
cov er sto ry
H ealthSou rce
The Future of
One health industry
franchise has set itself
a lofty goal to hit within
the next 10 years, but if
current conditions are any
indication, it should have
no trouble reaching that
Not only does HealthSource – America’s
Chriopractor aim to set the standard in
chiropractic care throughout the industry,
according to the company’s 10-year
vision, the franchise also wants to open a
thousand clinics over the next decade.
Franchising USA
“We’re going to hit that goal,” CEO Dr.
Chris Tomshack proclaimed during a
recent interview with Franchising USA.
“I’ve got nine years left on that plan, so
we’re absolutely going to hit it.”
‘Hey, I tried chiropractic in the past, but it
didn’t work or it worked temporarily,’ and
after hearing that as a clinician I knew we
had to deliver a much better level of care,”
he explained.
Tomshack’s confidence stems from
HealthSource’s already existing 300
franchise locations and the fact that he
has seen an emerging trend where new
franchisees tend to purchase multiple
locations rather than just a single one.
To offer that better level of care, he took
it upon himself to research any new
advancements that had been made in
chiropractic and rehabilitation care in
an effort to evolve the level of care that
chiropractors provide.
HealthSource, a franchise that specializes
in chiropractic care and rehabilitative care
primarily for musculoskeletal injuries, has
been around now for 11 years.
Currently, HealthSource is in 44 different
states and just opened a location in
“We’re going to be going further
internationally in 2018,” the CEO said.
“In addition to Canada, we’re looking
at Europe — Great Britain and Ireland
specifically — New Zealand and
Tomshack said he decided to start the
HealthSource franchise because of what he
was hearing from patients in his previous
“The most common complaint we heard
from new clients who would come in is:
Chiropractic experience not
Tomshack’s first ever location launched
in the city of Vermillion, OH. That was
in 1994 back before HealthSource was a
franchise. The first franchise location was
opened in Cleveland 11 years ago.
Back when HealthSource first started
franchising, all the franchisees were
chiropractors. But now, Tomshack has
opened it up to business people. He
described an ideal franchisee as someone
interested in healthcare and interested
in providing a service to people who are
living with pain that doesn’t involve drugs
or surgery.
A perfect example of an ideal
HealthSource franchisee is a recent one
who joined who used to be a high level
executive at McDonald’s. She and her
team were really interested in healthcare
and they love the fact that the franchise is
helping people deal with their pain long
term without the side effects of drugs or
HealthSource helps its non-chiropractor
franchisees hire the best chiropractors,
even helping them with things like
identifying the best personality traits to
look for in a chiropractor, Tomshack said.
Training and support
The HealthSource CEO called the training
and support offered to new franchisees
“That starts pretty much the minute they
sign a franchising agreement,” he outlined.
“We immediately launch them into an
onboarding process that is about threeand-a-half months long right now.”
New franchisees head to HealthSource’s
corporate headquarters in Avon, OH for
a five-day intensive training program
called HealthSource University. After
that, every Tuesday sees a weekly training
program delivered to all franchisees and
their teams to help their clinics run as
efficiently as possible.
Because it’s healthcare and every
individual patient is different, a deeper
level of training is required to deliver a
consistent level of service across the whole
franchise, Tomshack noted.
Along with that, franchisees have an
annual convention, regional conventions
and field-based support teams all across
the country training with the owners and
their teams.
“So, they have on-site training every
month,” Tomshack said.
This superior training, along with how
they care for their patients, is what sets
HealthSource apart from other healthcare
franchises, he noted.
Chiropractors get business
Although many chiropractors opt to
start their own clinics, there are some
distinct advantages to either working
for a HealthSource clinic or starting
“We’re going to be going further internationally
in 2018. In addition to Canada, we’re looking at
Europe — Great Britain and Ireland specifically —
New Zealand and Australia.” - Dr. Chris Tomshack
one for chiropractors, Tomshack noted.
With the failure rate of new businesses
being so high, joining the HealthSource
franchise gives practicing chiropractors
a leg up with being a part of or running a
successful clinic.
Solo practitioners usually can’t keep up
New doctors often don’t know the ins and
outs of business, he said, and don’t equate
running a clinic with running a business.
Medically, HealthSource stays ahead of
“When they graduate, they don’t have the
skill set to run their own clinic,” Tomshack
noted. “We provide that whether they
choose to own their own HealthSource
or they decide to work at a HealthSource
Part of the help they will get is
HealthSource’s proprietary software
system that essentially runs the operation
portion of the practice, allowing it to run
much more efficiently.
Marketing is another area where
franchisees get a lot of help, as
HealthSource is working with four
different agencies to constantly develop
marketing material, particularly digital
“Our goal is to own the digital space for
every clinic we open,” Tomshack stated.
with the marketing demands it takes to
keep a clinic open while also taking care
of patients, he added. They’ve never been
trained to handle marketing and hiring a
marketing agency is prohibitively costly.
its competition by performing constant
research to evolve the care they are
offering so they are always at the forefront
of chiropractic care and rehabilitation.
As currently only 14 percent of the Unites
States population uses a chiropractor; that
leaves an immense untapped market for
future franchisees in this recession-proof
business that also boasts, what Tomshack
called, fantastic profit margins. In 2016,
HealthSource clinics had an average
revenue of $447,000 and $259,000 in
gross profit. Tomshack believes profits
will continue to rise as chiropractic’s
popularity grows.
With so much upside to it, HealthSource
seems destined to reach and surpass its
goal of opening a thousand clinics over the
next decade.
Franchising USA
cov er sto ry
Page 11
ex per t advice
George Knauf, Senior Franchise Business Advisor, FranChoice
The Day You
Quit Your Job
Then comes the reality check, courtesy of
your fight or flight copilot system.
After that adrenalin rush your superpower
of being ready to take on the world seems
to let its guard down just long enough for
the Kryptonite of fear to sneak in for a
George Knauf
There may be no better
feeling in the work world
than the day you get to
walk into your boss’s
office to hand them your
resignation letter so that
you can start your own
business. An adrenalin
rush, a sense of relief
and more control than
you have ever felt at work
Concurrently there may be no day as scary
Nearly all of us business owners remember
that day as either the day we quit, or for
some the day they got laid off. There is an
adrenalin rush as you realize that nobody
else controls your destiny, nobody can fire
you, the fear of getting laid off is a thing
of the past and you no longer have to say
yes when what you really mean is no. That
adrenalin rush is an empowering feeling
that you will never forget.
Franchising USA
But this isn’t a bad thing, we are going
to use it for our benefit. The key is to
channel that fear to focus our attention
onto the things that we need to be sure are
dialed on for success. More importantly
we can use that fear for motivation.
No, seriously, we are going to use the
fear for motivation. But were is that fear
coming from?
While we may have been the super star of
corporate sales or management we were
really just a cog in the system. There were
many hands in every project, every sale,
every client outcome. Now that we have
quit our job it all lands on us. The buck,
and bucks, really do stop at the business
Walking out of our boss’s office the fearful
thoughts hit:
“What if I am not as good as I think I
“What if I can’t do this?”
“What if I fail in front of my spouse,
family, friends or neighbors?”
That is your physiological system telling
you to do your homework and make good
decisions. It is fight or flight at one of its
strongest levels. If you know it is coming
then it becomes just part of the process.
how to focus it.
As a business owner you need to move
your brain from specialist to generalist.
You are no longer just a salesman,
manager, accountant or technician. Those
are specialties. You are now all of those
things at various times.
As you begin operating your business that
fight or flight feeling will pop back up
from time to time as you do something
new, hit skills you need to develop more
or in places where you need to hire great
employees. As a franchisee you may
find that the things that fire up your fight
or flight system are places that you can
call on the franchisor or fellow franchise
owners to assist you.
This is a key success strategy; any time
that feeling appears pick up the phone and
call the franchisor or another franchisee.
Most franchisors tell us they don’t hear
from their franchisees as much as they
wish they would.
Another use for that feeling is for the
motivation to move the ball forward.
Employees don’t feel that anxiety when
they have a day off, they go play golf or
spend the day binge watching tv shows.
Business owners may still go get their
round of golf in then check in on their
business, make sure that client was taken
care of or that the cash deposit was made.
The business becomes like a child you
have to keep an eye on so that it stays on
the right path. With the right nurturing
and attention it could be a great success.
Take a deep breath and look back at the
homework you did before you quit your
job. Is it complete, are your ready to be in
So you quit your job today, tonight you are
worrying about that decision. Tomorrow
you check over your homework and in the
next day or two you start laying the ground
work for your business.
Ready to go? Great! Then let’s talk about
The homework you are doing will inform
the fears and push them back in their box.
It will be a rewarding feeling time and
time again to begin to realize the fears
are not usually telling you to avoid doing
something, but rather to do it right!
You may not believe this now, but when I
feel that feeling it is an assurance that I am
likely doing the right things, stepping into
new and rewarding spaces and seeking
informed answers. Moreover, I know
my competitors are more likely to be
retreating to comfort and stagnation.
Look for this book: “Feel The Fear And
Do It Anyway”, by Susan Jeffers
The adrenalin rush you felt when you
quit your job will now reappear at times
you aren’t expecting it to but when your
successes can be realized as measurable
results in your life: When you are at
your child’s sporting events, when you
get to surprise your spouse with a dream
vacation, when you buy that car you
“The homework you are doing will inform the
fears and push them back in their box. It will be a
rewarding feeling time and time again to begin to
realize the fears are not usually telling you to avoid
doing something, but rather to do it right!.”
wanted when you were a kid or when you
get to start your next business.
George Knauf is a highly sought after,
In time the adrenalin rush will likely be
a more regular visitor than the fears, but
they will still appear from time to time to
keep you focused.
Public, Independent and Franchised, of
Turn fear into personal power!
Now that you know what is coming or
have a better understanding of what
happened already as you quit your job I
hope it gives you the confidence to do your
homework, find a great path, take the leap
and work thought the fears and build a
home run business.
What is your success story? Let’s go find
trusted advisor to many companies;
all sizes and in many markets. His 20
plus years of experience in both startup and mature business operations
makes him uniquely qualified to advise
individuals that have dreamed of going
into business for themselves in order
to gain more control, independence,
time flexibility and to be able to earn in
proportion to their real contribution.
Contact the Franchising USA Expert
George’s Hotline 703-424-2980.
Franchising USA
ex per t advice
Page 13
ex per t advice
Ben Midgley, Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder, Crunch Franchise
A Guide to
Franchise Investing
Can a capitalist,
profit-seeking society
also embrace social
Yes, it can. And yes, it is.
mutually gratifying relationships between
brands and consumers. But beyond
that, it’s also becoming the foundation
the world through investing. It’s very
Your gut instinct may tell you that creating
a business from scratch is the only way
to actually achieve your greater purpose
— and that may be true. However, you
should be aware that launching a business
is no small feat. Even if you succeed in
crafting a great business model, building
an attractive brand, and hiring an excellent
staff, it could take several years before you
finally have your intended impact.
Yet for these impact-minded investors,
Fortunately, an easier option exists:
franchise investing.
of attractive, emotionally fulfilling
According to a recent Legg Mason survey,
69 percent of financial advisors have seen
an increased interest in environmentally
A growing number of consumers and
companies are gravitating toward purposedriven initiatives. Profit and prosperity are
no longer their sole goals; they also seek to
give back to society in meaningful ways.
In fact, 90 percent of consumers say they
expect businesses to address social and
environmental issues, and 64 percent of
CEOs say corporate social responsibility is
a core aspect of their business models.
and socially responsible assets. Their
In the modern era, social impact is
becoming the foundation of long-lasting,
and produces your desired effect on
Franchising USA
Franchise Investing: Your Path
to Purpose
clients are looking to break free from
the mold and have a positive impact on
identifying precisely how to achieve this
greater purpose can be a tricky task. It
isn’t always easy to find an opportunity
that both satisfies your financial objectives
The franchising sector is growing
at breakneck speeds and covers a
tremendous range of business models
and opportunities. Quite possibly, some
franchisors will have purpose-driven
outlooks that closely resemble your own.
“Don’t dive headfirst into the vast seas of
franchising. . . . Instead, create a list of industries
you feel most passionate about. Make sure they
match your purpose-driven mission.”
How much flexibility will I
Don’t feel discouraged if you struggle
to find a brand that perfectly mirrors
your greater purpose. Honestly, consider
yourself lucky if you do.
On the bright side, the right franchisor will
allow for some flexibility and creativity.
It will encourage franchisees to flex their
entrepreneurial muscles and incorporate
regional quirks and personal passion
projects into the operation. These are the
types of companies you want to invest in.
Be sure to meet with the top franchisors on
your list to gain clarity on the amount of
flexibility you’ll be granted.
These companies have already done the
dirty work. They come equipped with
brand recognition, a targeted clientele, and
proven processes and systems. All you
have to do is steer the ship.
As you begin vetting franchise
investment opportunities, ask yourself
these four questions:
What’s my industry shortlist?
Don’t dive headfirst into the vast
seas of franchising. You’ll drown in the
countless options. Instead, create a list of
industries you feel most passionate about.
Make sure they match your purposedriven mission. Then, limit your search to
those realms.
Franchise investing will not always be
smooth sailing, but compared to traditional
entrepreneurship, it gives you a serious
head start on your path to success. But no
matter how large your lead, you’re going
to want to feel enthusiastic about your
product, brand, and overall industry. This
will keep you motivated and focused.
How big are my dreams?
Do you want to run one store that has
a localized impact, or do you want to run
an empire that changes the world? Both
are impressive goals, but if your dream
is to create an empire, you need to factor
scalability and financial feasibility into the
Gravitate toward business models that
make adding a second, third, and fourth
store easy. Furthermore, before you set
out to revolutionize the world, make sure
your finances can handle what you want to
do. What is your debt comfort zone? How
much equity do you desire? How can you
leverage other assets and your open stores
in a low-risk manner?
At the end of the day, don’t overextend
on your dream; base it on your real-life
financial profile. If you plan well, you will
be rewarded in many ways. Not least of all,
you’ll gain peace of mind and less stress.
Am I in it to win it?
How much effort are you willing to
pour into your business’s success? What
Ben Midgley
time frame are you looking at for the
investment? What toll will running the
business take on your life? Before signing
on the dotted line, look at how a franchise
investment would fit with your other plans.
Do your due diligence, create models, and
crunch numbers. Depending on your goals,
craft an appropriate scalability plan and
exit strategy.
As purpose-driven investing continues
to rise in popularity, franchises will be
seen as an avenue that provides the most
flexibility, more support, and higher
odds of financial success and personal
Franchises allow investors to have an
immediate positive impact on the world
around them in their own unique manner,
just with a little help — and that alone is
Ben Midgley is the chief executive officer
and co-founder of Crunch Franchise.
Since 2010, he has led the creation and
development of Crunch Franchise,
turning it into the fastest launch of
any full-size franchise in the history
of the fitness industry. Previously, Ben
served as the executive vice president of
Planet Fitness and the senior director
of corporate sales for 24 Hour Fitness.
Ben is the co-author of “Golden Circle
Secrets,” a book that was rated the No.
1 sales management and No. 1 customer
service book on Amazon.
Franchising USA
ex per t advice
Page 15
fr anchiso r in dept h
O ur Tow n A mer ica
Our Town America
offering Open Territories
to Prospecting Franchisees
“Our Town America franchisees are outgoing,
self-driven, and invested in the success of their
The national leader
Our Town America,
the nation’s leading
New Mover Marketing
franchise, has territories
across the nation
available for development.
While a sales or
marketing background is
ideal, the ability to build
relationships with local
business owners is just
as important.
Now in its 45th year, the company is
undergoing a dramatic expansion that
includes a new 44,000 square foot
headquarters in Clearwater, FL. The
company has a growing national footprint
and is looking to expand in the Boston,
New York City and New Jersey metro
areas, as well as throughout Texas, North
Carolina, Utah, and California.
Franchising USA
The nation’s leader in New Mover
Marketing has come a long way since June
1972. The company was launched when
a hard-working Newton, Iowa restaurant
owner named Michael Plummer Sr. saw
how responsive new movers were to
his one-time housewarming offers. The
company grew markets in Iowa, Nebraska,
Texas, Florida, Georgia, Ohio, and
Arizona, and then began franchising in
2005. Today, Our Town America has more
than 60 franchisees around the country.
Son and namesake Michael Plummer Jr.,
had been working alongside his father at
Our Town America for many years, but
after the unfortunate, life-ending heart
attack of his father in 2009, the company
was in need of a dedicated leader who had
the business’ best interests in mind. Who
better to take the reigns of the business
than Michael Plummer Jr. The young
military veteran has worked diligently to
expand upon his father’s legacy and, based
off the tenure of franchisees, partnered
businesses, and the corporate staff, it
seems Our Town America has remained at
the forefront of its industry.
In just eight years, Plummer has grown
Our Town America into the nation’s most
profitable and fastest growing New Mover
Marketing franchise. The company, who
generated $8.9 million dollars in systemwide revenue in 2016, has expanded to 62
franchises in 27 states.
Plummer says sales experience is
paradigm for new franchisees, but not
required, as the company’s new franchise
training program will ultimately prepare
them for the field.
“We’re looking for a good community
organizer, maybe somebody who is
involved with a Parent-Teacher Association
or a real estate agent,” Plummer said. “We
need people who can talk to people.”
Quick ramp up
New franchisees will see that once past
the initial qualification steps, developing a
new franchise territory is less complicated
than most franchise systems due to low
overhead and a low startup cost. In fact,
Our Town America makes Franchise
Business Review’s “Top Low Cost
Franchise” list every year.
While Our Town America specializes in
direct mail, all printing and production is
done at the corporate office, alleviating
franchisees of mass-printing costs
“The corporate staff at Our Town America handles
the majority of the work for the franchisee, including
all design and production. This allows for franchisees
to focus primarily on creating business relationships.”
including paper for their new mover gift
certificates, postcards, and other supplies.
The corporate staff at Our Town America
handles the majority of the work for
the franchisee, including all design and
production. This allows for franchisees
to focus primarily on creating business
Our Town America’s support team ensures
that franchisees don’t have to perform
client start-up work and other preparation.
An in-house corporate team calls
businesses in the franchisee’s territory and
makes the initial sales appointments so
they go in ‘warm’. Franchisees can access
their appointments calendar and obtain
timely lead intelligence around the clock
via our customer resource management
Your home is your office
Franchisees have the freedom to set their
own schedules, as well as the option to set
up their office in the comfort of their own
home. While some franchisees prefer to
have a dedicated work office, most current
Our Town America franchisees work from
determine whether they are a good fit
for the New Mover Welcoming program.
Client businesses, referred to in-house as
Sponsor businesses, have a one-time-use
housewarming gift certificate in the Our
Town America Welcome Package that’s
mailed to a new set of new movers every
month. New residents, who are unfamiliar
with the area, redeem their gift certificates
at your partnered sponsor businesses’
Who is the ideal franchisee?
Sales and marketing experience is ideal,
but the ability to build strong relationships
with people in the community is just as
important. Our Town America franchisees
are outgoing, self-driven, and invested in
the success of their communities. They
don’t simply make a sale and walk away.
They maintain consultant relationships
with their sponsor businesses.Corporate
also supports franchisees with that
consulting relationship, too. The corporate
support staff helps sponsor businesses
design their certificate, make use of good
customer reviews, and design additional
marketing campaigns.
We back our franchisees with
Our Town America’s use of innovative
technology, including the use of a
smartphone app to track redeemed gift
certificates is a big selling point for
potential sponsor businesses. Franchisees
have access to decades of Our Town
America data and redemption information,
making customer information the most
timely in the industry. Our Town America
runs our new mover lists through 12
primary sources with a combination
of priority technology we developed to
ensure the best list available.
The Our Town America TruTrak™ mobile
app, which is available to every sponsor
signed up with Our Town America, helps
businesses collect and use customer data
for supplemental marketing campaigns.
It is the first mobile app in the industry,
leaving our competitors in the dust.
What more can we say?
We are a Franchise Business Review
“Top Validated Franchise”, as well their
“All-time Top Company.” In addition to
industry recognition, our franchisees,
some who have been with us over 20 years,
can tell you how successful they’ve been
since investing in an Our Town America
That’s because we allow franchisees to
concentrate on what they do best: Making
genuine connections with business owners
within their community.
If you are interested in learning more
about Our Town America franchisee
opportunities, please visit
or call 1-800-497-8360 ext. 232
Franchisees are responsible for meeting
with leads, which are potential business
clients in their territory. Once a franchise
meets with the decision maker, they
Franchising USA
fr anchiso r in dep t h
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homebased & home services
& home
s e pt e m b e r 2 0 1 7
set for major
Home Based
is “In”
Franchising USA
what’s new!
Mosquito Squad Makes Inc. 5000 List
for 7th Consecutive Year
For the seventh consecutive year,
Mosquito Squad, the largest and most
trusted mosquito and tick control
franchise in North America, has
made Inc. magazine’s annual list of
America’s fastest-growing private
companies. This milestone further
emphasizes the company’s remarkable
growth and position as the clear leader
in the industry.
“It’s a tremendous honor to be
recognized by Inc. magazine for the
seventh consecutive year,” said Chris
Grandpre, chairman and CEO of Outdoor
Living Brands, parent company and
franchisor of Mosquito Squad. “Only
two percent of Inc. 5000 honorees can
say they’ve reached this milestone and
we’re extremely proud to be part of that
elite group. Our accelerated growth has
enabled us to deliver millions of barrier
treatments nationwide and remain true
to our commitment to keep our clients
With the risk of mosquito and tick-borne
illnesses growing significantly over the
past few years, Mosquito Squad has
prioritized consumer education initiatives,
such as its Protect Your Squad campaign,
to communicate the importance of staying
informed and protected. By providing
useful mosquito management knowledge
and consistently delivering exceptional
services, Mosquito Squad has earned
the trust of consumers and continues to
experience rapid growth as a result, with
nearly 250 locations nationwide.
More information please visit
A Day to WOW!
On Friday, April 28, 2017, WOW 1 DAY PAINTING
franchises came together and collectively
made their communities say WOW!
A Day to WOW is an annual event,
focused exclusively on giving back
in the neighborhoods we call home.
During this company-wide campaign,
our WOW franchises participate in
projects across the U.S and Canada in
an effort to create the biggest possible
impact in a single day. Each year WOW
teams identify causes they care about
and give back by helping paint the
interiors and exteriors of their facilities.
Easter Seals House in Vancouver, BC, and
AdaptAbilities in Edmonton, AB. Ahead
of McHappy Days we helped renovate the
Ronald McDonald House in Calgary, AB
and gave the Salvation Army of Moreno
Valley that new coat of paint they had
been waiting for. In Arizona, we partnered
with the city of Scottsdale’s Operation Fix
It program and helped a well deserving
senior get a much-needed paint job for her
children, to seniors, veterans, and victims.
A Day to WOW could not have been
possible without our amazing vendors who
helped support projects across our system.
Together we were able to make a bigger
impact in our communities.
This year we helped organizations like the
Together we helped everyone from
Franchising USA
FirstLight Home Care Honored with Third
Consecutive Inc. 5000 Ranking
FirstLight Home Care, a leading
national provider of non-medical home
care, was ranked for the third year
in a row as one of the fastest growing
privately held companies in 2017 with
a place on Inc. Magazine’s 36th annual
Inc. 5000 list. FirstLight was ranked for
the third year in a row and placed at
No. 2,143/
“With the booming senior care industry,
we are honored to be recognized for our
rapid expansion nationally,” said Jeff
Bevis, CEO of FirstLight Home Care. “We
know our franchisees’ commitment to
providing dedicated service is integral to
our continued growth as a company, and
to being included on this prestigious list.
Since opening our first franchise location
in 2010, we now have more than 240
locations in 33 states.”
The annual Inc. 5000 list represents
the most successful companies with the
American economy’s most dynamic
segment – its independent small and midsized businesses.
“The Inc. 5000 is the most persuasive
evidence I know that the American Dream
is still alive,” says Inc. President and
Editor-In-Chief Eric Schurenberg. “The
founders and CEOs of the Inc. 5000 tell us
they think determination, risk taking, and
vision were the keys to their success, and I
believe them.”
that secured a place on the list, will be
FirstLight, along with the other companies
honored at the Inc. 5000 Conference and
Gala to be held at the JW Marriott Desert
Springs Resort in Palm Desert, California
on October 10-12, 2017.
For more information about FirstLight
Home Care’s franchise opportunities,
Handyman Matters Offers Industry-First
Online Appointment Scheduling Platform
via New Website
Consumers can now choose from available time slots and book 24/7!
Handyman Matters’ recently launched
website features cutting-edge
technology that allows consumers to
book their own appointment times with
a local office.
Designed to increase the convenience
of booking an appointment, consumers
simply provide details on the project need,
estimate the number of hours needed,
choose from available times and submit.
Handyman Matters offices receive this
data live in their calendars and confirm.
Owner and founder, Andy Bell stated,
“Redefining Home Improvement has
been our goal since we started nearly 20
years ago. Providing customers an easy
way to book a professional, multi-skilled
craftsman was a no-brainer! Our research
showed that our customers were looking
for a no-hassle and easy way to find a
reputable and trustworthy company to
work on their most valuable asset, their
homes. We just made it even easier to
book with us.”
as well as while on the job, Handyman
Matters guarantees their work and offers
a “like it’s our home” promise.
Focused on exceeding customer
expectations during the scheduling process
For more information, visit
Franchising USA
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what’s new!
Restoration 1®
Acquires bluefrog
Plumbing + Drain®
Franchise Network
The Dry Boys Open
New Territories In
North Jersey
Restoration 1®, one of the fastest-growing and most-trusted
restoration franchises in North America, has acquired the
bluefrog Plumbing + Drain® franchise network with plans to
aggressively grow the business across North America.
“This is a monumental acquisition, broadening the franchise
brands and complimentary services that we will deliver to a
growing residential and commercial customer base across the
United States,” said Gary Findley, CEO of Restoration 1.
Based in Phoenix, Ariz., bluefrog Plumbing + Drain launched in
January of 2014 and has grown to 15 franchise locations across
nine states.
“Restoration 1 brings great synergy and an incredible support
team to bluefrog that will expand our operations and significantly
scale our business for the road ahead,” said Jeff Moody, president
and COO of bluefrog. Moody, who was instrumental in the
creation of bluefrog, said he looks forward to the expansion of a
proven concept that has plenty of room to grow.
The Dry Boys, a Water-damage restoration franchise
company, has announced the opening of three new territories
in North jersey. Local entrepreneur, Jim Brown, who is a
well-respected and well-known name in the local community,
led the acquisition and launch of the franchise, which
originated in East Brunswick, NJ.
A home-based business that is easily recognized on the streets
with its branded vans and trailers, The Dry Boys provides
homeowners, landlords, property managers and business owners
with a highly focused, around-the-clock, water-damage restoration
solution and emergency cleaning resolution.
“I am beyond excited to join The Dry Boys family and to start
serving the local community with the highest level of restoration
service in the nation”, said Jim Brown.
The Dry Boys is a Water-Damage restoration franchise service
that focuses its resources strictly on Water and water related (i.e.
Mold, Mildew, etc.) disasters, thus focusing on the individual
person or family at their most vulnerable time, assisting them with
the latest technology and proper tools to quickly restore their lives
to normal.
“Plumbing and drain cleaning are a complimentary industry to
our restoration business. We are poised to do for bluefrog all that
we have achieved at Restoration 1 in record time,” he said.
“It’s always exciting to expand the business into new territories,
but when you’re able to secure a talent like Jim Brown to your
team, it’s just an extra-special moment for the entire company”,
said Curt Swanson, co-founder and Director of Operations. “His
work ethic, his professionalism and outlook on life, is a breath of
fresh air and will not only help his local territory but will energize
the entire company, and we’re eagerly awaiting to see his success
right out of the gate.
For more information, please visit
Findley said he expects bluefrog to have at least 100 locations by
the end of 2018.
Franchising USA
Remodeling Franchise’s Unit-Store Sales
Earnings Outpace Industry Growth
With residential remodeling expecting
to continue it’s tremendous growth
through 2020, average unit store sales
at DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen are
trending upward at a significantly
faster pace than the industry as a
More than triple the industry growth for
that matter. DreamMaker franchises have
grown more than 92% over the past five
years, while the remodeling industry as a
whole grew 28%, according to the Harvard
Joint Center for Housing Studies.
In 2016, average DreamMaker franchisee
sales grew 14.2%, marking five straight
years of sales growth. Among the reasons,
Dwyer says, is that franchisees can take
advantage of group purchasing; marketing
tools and materials that help franchisees
reach more potential clients; and business
coaching to help improve every aspect of
the business.
growth numbers bear that out,” says
company President & Chief Stewarding
Officer Doug Dwyer. “Our average
sales are more than three times overall
remodeling industry growth over the past
five years.”
“Our franchise systems and support set
franchisees up to scale up quicker than
independent remodelers, and our recent
The continued growth reflects the
company’s dedication to quality, as
is reflected in a number of major
national awards. Over the past 3 years,
DreamMaker franchises have won 13
Guildmaster awards from GuildQuality,
an independent customer satisfaction
surveying company focused on the
remodeling, homebuilding and home
improvement industries.
For more information visit
Home Based Boulder Designs/Border Magic
Reports Rapid Growth in 2017
Rapid franchise growth has been the
hallmark of the first six months of
2017 for Waco-based Boulder Designs/
Border Magic, which has seen a record
increase of almost 25% in new franchise
agreements. Since January, Boulder
Designs/Border Magic has welcomed
26 new businesses, bringing the total
number nationwide to 164 units, with
54 Border Magic franchises and 110
Boulder Designs franchises.
“We’ve seen fantastic growth in the past
few months, mainly because people
realize that this is a great opportunity
for entrepreneurs. Nobody else in the
marketplace is doing exactly what we’re
doing,” said Butch Mogavero, CEO of
Boulder Designs/Border Magic. “Both
businesses are very family friendly and
allows the owner to run their operation
from home.”
Boulder Designs creates custom
boulders from sand that are any shape
and size, which can be used in many
applications including commercial
signage and landscapes. Boulder Designs’
sister business, Border Magic, is a
complementary service company. Boulder
Designs actively seeking franchisees for
both companies in many areas of the
United States.
Franchising USA
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bluef rog Plu mbing + D rain
Amphibious Fra
Set for Major Ex
Looking for Suc
Minded Entrepr
Plumbers who want to
own their own business
are encouraged to hop
on board with a growing
franchise that is getting
ready to take a giant leap
Headquartered in Phoenix, AZ and
launched in 2014, bluefrog Plumbing +
Drain currently has 15 franchise locations
spread over nine states across the country
from Arizona to Florida to Connecticut
and it’s looking to expand further.
“Our focus is on helping people build
plumbing businesses and taking care of
clients so those clients want to do business
with us again and tell other people about
us,” president and COO Jeff Moody said
during a recent interview.
Helping the company with its expansion
goal is its recent acquisition by the
Restoration 1 brand. Moody said bluefrog
is ready to put its expansion into high gear
Franchising USA
now that it’s part of the the Restoration 1
the Restoration 1 brand is about to go
through a significant expansion itself.
Restoration 1®, one of the fastest-growing
and most-trusted restoration franchises in
North America, has acquired the bluefrog
Plumbing + Drain® franchise network
with plans to aggressively grow the
business across North America.
And this pending expansion by both
Restoration 1 and bluefrog is why it’s an
ideal time for people to get on board with
the plumbing and drain brand.
“This is a monumental acquisition,
broadening the franchise brands and
complimentary services that we will
deliver to a growing residential and
commercial customer base across the
United States,” said Gary Findley, CEO of
Restoration 1.
The COO said bluefrog largely targets
individuals in the plumbing field who have
the ambition to own their own business,
but who face roadblocks to making that a
reality for themselves.
“We grew a regional franchise into an
award-winning national chain in less than
a year at Restoration 1, and we are ready
to do it again with bluefrog Plumbing +
Drain,” Findley said.
“Restoration 1 has a strong franchise
development department and they’re
expecting us to have another 15 units by
the end of the year and a hundred by the
end of 2018,” the COO outlined.
Going from 15 to 30 and then onto 100
locations by the end of next year is a
perfectly feasible goal, he added, because
Brand Name Recognition
Within the plumbing industry, he noted,
there are essentially three types of
business units. The first is what Moody
called the “man in the van,” who is an
owner-operator that runs a one-person
show. A step up from that is a plumber
who has expanded to a handful of vehicles,
which Moody labeled a “plumbing
company in transition.” On the top tier
are the successful businesses, which
the bluefrog president called “strategic
plumbing companies.” Bluefrog is looking
for “man in the van” and “plumbing
companies in transition” enterprises to
turn into strategic plumbing companies.
The franchise does this by helping
franchise partners with client acquisition,
team building, financial management,
service standards and brand name
recognition, which clients appreciate,
Moody said.
In fact, the bluefrog name sets the brand
apart from the myriad plumbing franchises
that all seem to have a common root to
their name.
“There are so many ‘rooter’ companies
out there and that leads to brand confusion
in the client’s mind,” Moody pointed out.
A lot of the major plumbing franchises
also have limited territories available
throughout the country, a problem bluefrog
doesn’t have, as availability is wide open
at the moment.
sellable asset if that’s their desire.
However, he added, people don’t
necessarily require a plumbing license
to be a bluefrog franchise partner. The
various states have different licensing
requirements and usually they require at
least one licensed plumber to be on staff,
Moody pointed out.
“We have franchise owners who are not
licensed plumbers,” he explained. “They’re
more on the business side of it, so they will
hire someone with that skill set. In other
areas we have licensed plumbers who
are running the show. So, we have a little
combination of both.”
The plumbing brand has a strong support
team that focuses on training franchisees
on bluefrog’s various systems like it’s
client acquisition system. This system
helps franchisees make their phone ring
and provides training on how to answer
the phone and engage a client so they buy
started out of a home, it’s preferable for
the business to quickly transition to an
industrial location where it can store a
little bit of inventory and accommodate
some machinery.
One of the key differences between
bluefrog and it’s competition, Moody said,
is that bluefrog doesn’t just want to go in
and do the work and get out. They want
to educate the client on their plumbing
services so the clients understand what’s
going on.
“We want the client to understand their
plumbing systems and how those systems
fit together,” Moody said.
He was brought on board right at the
beginning of bluefrog’s formation because
he has a lot of experience with plumbing
franchises. Moody used to work with
another major plumbing franchise and
bluefrog brought him on board in late 2013
to help launch the franchise.
Franchisees also receive training in
financial management and business
analysis that teaches them to look at their
key indicators so they know what’s going
on with their business and where
they need to focus their energy.
Now, with the help of Restoration 1’s
guidance, Moody is looking to take
bluefrog Plumbing + Drain to the next
level and help the right entrepreneurs
realize their dreams of business
ownership and success.
Although a bluefrog franchise could be
Check Local Licensing
Bluefrog has the systems in place to
take a person who essentially just has a
plumbing job and teach that person to run
a successful company and end up with a
Franchising USA
Page 25
Featu re
b y G i n a G i l l Fr a n c h i s i n g U S A
Nowadays, it’s so easy
to connect with people
on so many levels. The
world has become a
much smaller place
with the advancement
in technology. Between
social media, the internet,
text message and
Skype, communication
has extended beyond
anything we could have
ever imagined.
We can reach out to businesses on
different platforms at any time of day. This
access to communication has changed
the world of business in a variety of
ways. This advancement has allowed the
economy to take up space in different
locations, including the home.
With families working full time and
commutes to and from the office taking
up the majority of people’s workday,
the benefits of working from home have
Franchising USA
“There are a lot
of opportunities
for homebased
franchises now;
it’s in your best
interest to truly
navigate the
system before
become an idealistic situation for a lot of
business owners. The American family
wants to reclaim their personal time and
be more available to their loved ones. Of
course a franchise provides a better work
life balance but a homebased service
allows a franchisee to be more committed
and stabilized within their household.
There are many benefits from running a
homebased business; clearly the time not
wasted traveling can lead to more time
spent on productivity while also allowing
more time for family.
From a franchisor’s perspective, one of
the most consuming costs is location
and office space. In the case of a home
business there is not office space to
rent nor a building to construct. On the
downfall, you may have to provide your
own office supplies, which may seem
minute in the grand scheme of things
but it can all add up. Before investing in
a home base franchise, speak with the
franchisor regarding expectations and
costs. It’s important to understand where
your startup fees are allocated and what is
necessary to run such a franchise.
Would being at home mean that employees
would have to be within your space at
If so, is that infringing on your privacy?
Do you like the idea of having your office
within the comfort of your own home?
There are a lot of opportunities for
homebased franchises now; it’s in your
best interest to truly navigate the system
before investing. Reach out to other
franchisees and ask them what their worklife balance has been like, have a prepared
set of questions for franchise offices and
inquire about your own personal goals
with a home business.
The drawback of homebased services is
the lack of tangible office space. Many
people work from home but without
distinct separation of work and home,
family members or house calls can
interfere with work and the balance and
can be a constant conflict. Depending on
what you desire from a home work space,
you can set fine lines that help create
separation in any home. Some people
refuse any personal infringement during
their work time to establish that separation
while others enjoy running around with a
laptop in one hand and a kid in the other.
Compare and contrast what you would
be spending on location including rent
and bills, as well as transportation costs
compared to living at home. It’s important
to consider how much would be expected
from you outside of the home and how
a certain franchise would fit into your
Franchising USA
Page 27
Featu re
b y G i n a G i l l Fr a n c h i s i n g U S A
to step into the business as needed
and work on their own time. For those
interested in putting in a day’s work on
their couch and never missing another
birthday party or concert or school play.
A homebased business could be the right
fit for people who want to have control of
their time and the freedom to be with their
“A franchise now provides numerous
home based businesses to consider so
not only do you work from the comfort
of your own home, you determine what
type of work you will be doing. It truly is
the American dream.”
That’s the great part about working from
home: you set the rules and you determine
what kind of environment works in your
favor to be successful.
Sometimes a lack of location can set
a business back in some ways. Having
a stable office space makes you more
accessible to the public but some home
based franchises do not need a space to
function; therefore research is necessary to
determine the expectations of the business.
With the internet becoming a powerful
shopping location, it’s easy to take
advantage of technology and generate a
profit. A lot of homebased franchises are
delivery or mobile programs and how
those systems are scheduled and work
would determine how a franchisee would
work from home.
Of course, a passion for an industry would
be helpful. A lot of us dream of working
from home, but in a field of interest would
be preferable.
A franchise is a great opportunity to
create the perfect work life balance. It can
allow more time at home and a stress-free
environment, and it also allows investors
Franchising USA
Some homebased businesses would
create longer working hours. Global
communication has been beneficial to the
economy but sometimes conference calls
may be on the other side of the world. The
time difference can make for odd working
hours and irregular schedules. Franchises
usually work with you to create a schedule
that suits your needs and provide support
and efforts to avoid such a chaotic
schedule. In comparison with other home
businesses, franchises have a support
system and a home office that guarantees a
better lifestyle for their franchisees.
Home businesses are the ideal for most
Americans and a franchise is an accessible
and safe way of achieving that dream. In
fact, 70 per cent of home based businesses
succeed within 3 years versus 30 per
cent of regular businesses. Families
would have more time with one another;
people would have more personal time
for themselves and spend less time on the
road. It’s a lifestyle that’s always been hard
to achieve but technology has changed
the discourse and possibility of how we
run business. A franchise now provides
numerous homebased businesses to
consider so not only do you work from the
comfort of your own home, you determine
what type of work you will be doing. It
truly is the American dream.
ABOUT THE AUTHOR: After receiving an
English Degree, followed by a Journalism Diploma,
Gina Gill became a freelance journalist in 2008. She
has worked as a reporter and in communications,
focusing on social media. She currently works as a
community information officer with Epilepsy Society,
while pursuing her writing career at the same time.
Look out for our
next special feature:
part 1
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Christopher Conner, President, Franchise Marketing Systems
Home Based Busines
Virtual is
In today’s increasingly
community, the business
world has transitioned
to one of an increasingly
virtual work setting.
According to the United States Bureau
of Labor Statistics, the number increased
from 19% of the workforce in 2003 to
Franchising USA
24% in 2015, and this number is expected
to continue rising. The truth is that with
technology, comes the ability to almost
work from anywhere as effectively as we
once did it all sitting together in an office
at one time. So how does this transition
affect the franchise community?
There has been an incredible rise in
the volume of home based businesses
throughout the world. Some of the early
adopters to home based businesses were
concepts that were oriented towards home
services, such as painting, landscaping
and other services, but today the range
of home-based franchises is so broad
there is very little one couldn’t find as a
home-based business. Financial Services,
Fitness, Education, Senior Care, Food
Service, Event Planning and others
all fall into this home-based franchise
category and in most cases have performed
exceedingly well.
What are some of the key drivers to the
home-based business model’s success and
sses –
“The truth is that with
technology, comes the
ability to almost work
from anywhere as
effectively as we once
did it all sitting together in
an office at one time.”
why has this paradigm shift occurred at
such a rapid rate? First, the element of
not needing to invest in real estate and
fixed costs such as equipment or heavy
labor expenses allow for someone to
open a home-based business at a much
lower cost of entry. Many home based
franchises quote investment ranges under
$100,000 including working capital.
This lower financial requirement makes
the investment appealing for obvious
reasons and if the model produces strong
financials, the return on investment can be
significant and achieved in a much shorter
time period. Home-based businesses also
allow for a solid work-life balance and
allow the business owner the freedom and
flexibility to make choices about what time
is allocated to family vs. work in any given
day. In addition, I have found that homebased businesses allow for the business
owner to maximize their work schedule
and avoid time-wasting activities like a
commute into work.
The downsides to home-based franchise
models are that the business owner needs
to be extremely diligent and self-motivated
in order to be effective without oversight
or someone to hold them accountable; if
someone has trouble waking up in the
morning, a home-based business probably
isn’t the best route. One of the downsides
to a home based franchise is also the lack
of personal interaction that a business
owner has with other people increasing the
feeling of isolation and loneliness. Homebased business requires intense focus and a
love for the work being performed.
Some of the models we have come across
recently we like a great deal are TIP – a
home based franchise opportunity that
helps businesses find Transportation
Excise tax savings. The business model
is simple, well-defined, the franchisor
provides the processing work and all the
franchisee needs to focus on is driving
results and marketing the services. The
TIP Franchisee is paid a percentage of
what they save the client offering great
service on a performance based model.
Another brand we’ve seen amazing results
from in a home-based business model is
a brand called EventPrep, which provides
event planning services to businesses and
groups holding mid to large scale events
or group functions. The franchisee runs
the business entirely from a home office
location and is paid a fee for delivering
event planning services to clients. Both
opportunities present significant financial
opportunities and require a fraction of the
investment required to start a traditional
franchise business.
What has become clear to me in working
with a variety of home-based franchise
Chris Conner
models is the need for a strong franchise
marketing system to be in place. Homebased businesses don’t have the organic
traffic that might come from a retail
business with foot traffic and street
exposure, so they are reliant on a strong
marketing and sales model to be in
place. Good home-based franchises
have a marketing mechanism in place
that will drive leads and opportunities
to the franchisee and good metrics to
base the sales model on. Strong homebased franchise owners then have the
opportunity to step into these franchise
systems and execute consistently.
I am a proponent for home-based
businesses and believe in them to a large
extent, and recommend investigating
a home based business if the right
opportunity arises. Before taking the
leap, just make sure that you have the
personality that fits a home-based business
Christopher Conner is the President
of Franchise Marketing Systems
and has spent the last decade in the
franchise industry working with
several hundred different franchise
systems in management, franchise
sales and franchise development work.
His experience ranges across all fields
of franchise expertise with a focus in
franchise marketing and franchise sales
but includes work in franchise strategic
planning, franchise research and
franchise operations consulting.
Franchising USA
Page 31
Julie Smith, COO & President, Homewatch CareGivers
Accomplishing a
Home Care Brand’s
Growth Goals
Most franchises,
regardless of industry,
quickly come up against
the challenge of meeting
annual expansion goals
while also maintaining
a brand’s value
proposition—as seen by
both existing franchisees
and customers.
Franchising USA
These dual goals can create friction
between growth and ongoing operations,
especially when a franchise organization’s
infrastructure is not fully built out with
talented professionals on both sides of the
business. You run the risk of depleting the
quality of the brand if you focus too much
on one side at the expanse of the other.
The home care industry is no different
– as a home care franchisor, we must
protect the equity we have built in our
business as trusted providers of caregiving
services, yet also be fully invested in our
franchise development. In fact, to reach
our franchise expansion goals it is crucial
we achieve excellence on both sides of the
As a home care company with nearly four
decades of experience behind us, we, like
many others in our sector, are in a unique
position to blend our growth with the
benefits of our operations. Businesses like
ours have an incredibly strong emotional
appeal; franchisees can enter the business
of care and make meaningful differences
in the lives of others. Additionally, demand
for home care will only continue to
rise—more than 75 percent of the roughly
10,000 people who will turn 65 each day
want to age at home.
So, how do we distinguish ourselves from
other franchisors trying to leverage the
same aspects of the home care industry
to grow their companies with qualified
franchisees? The key lies in finding the
balance between brand differentiation and
franchisee support that facilitates growth
system wide—tools that can be applied to
brands across the franchise industry.
Identify what sets your brand
Above all, a home care brand needs to
prove that its value proposition is a better
fit for a prospective franchisee’s business
aspirations than all the other franchise
opportunities out there.
Value to franchisees is determined by
how well franchise brands administer
training programs, personal development
opportunities and annual franchisee
conventions. Although nearly every home
care franchise offers a similar stable of
at least rudimentary supportive benefits
meant to ease a franchisee’s entrance into
the system and to cultivate their experience
going forward, an interested franchisee is
looking at what makes your franchising
experience unique, and hopefully better,
than the competition.
It’s not about finding a secret, previously
undiscovered method of franchising home
care services. Prospective franchisees
are technical, and they are looking for
the details that set a brand apart from the
competitors. This means a brand is best
served by taking a thorough assessment
of its existing care standards, franchisee
support systems and other benefits
and quantifying just how much they
distinguish a home care franchise from all
the rest.
I recommend home care franchises
emphasize differentiators such as
promoting decades of brand equity,
creating upper-tier quality metrics and
implementing annual improvements
of franchisee support methods. Robust
processes and systems at the franchisor
level can make it easier to reinforce these
differentiators and utilize them as tools
for growth on a local level. If you can
show a prospective franchisee that he or
she is investing in a business opportunity
with measurable benefits, your home care
franchise will already be setting itself
apart from other concepts that are not as
strategic in their messaging and execution
Think local, grow national
The key to franchise growth for a
national home care brand may seem
counterintuitive: think local. There should
ideally be little to no national sales drivers,
or national advertising efforts. Instead,
a system modified to support referrals
and targeted lead generation on a smaller
scale can pay off in meaningful, long-term
franchise development.
A local model recognizes that every
market is different and every franchisee
has their own unique set of strengths,
providing the flexibility for a franchisor to
more precisely target potential franchisees
that are the best fit for a specific market.
With a more locally focused growth
model, a corporate team can work directly
with a prospective franchisee and walk
through the opportunities that particular
owner has in their market. That same staff
can then help a new franchisee execute
his or her plan to get their business off
the ground with a strategy put in place for
ongoing success.
Make existing franchisees
strategic partners in growth
As any growing home care franchisor
knows, often the best validation for
a brand is its existing network of
franchisees. Sustained growth results
from a franchisor prioritizing the needs
of a franchisee throughout the life-cycle
of his or her business—from when an
individual is only a soft lead all the way
a franchisee making a succession plan
for retirement to pass on the business to a
family member. Rather than getting lost
in the numbers of percentage sales and
increases, a calculated commitment to
franchisee support can make franchisees
true partners in growth for a franchisor.
Home care companies create those
partnerships through support teams that
are separate from franchise development
specialists. A true support team is
primarily focused on supporting an
existing franchisee or location, not
Julie Smith
on exclusively developing franchise
opportunities. Establishing support
systems such as peer groups allow existing
owners to share best practices and wisdom
with a group of franchisees that have
similar challenges and different expertise.
It also shows the corporate support center
is committed to providing the best tools
and processes to strengthen its franchisees’
Franchisee support in turn endorses
the franchise opportunity being
offered by the franchisor. Validating
a franchise opportunity with existing
franchisees is a well-known component
of the development process for many
prospective entrepreneurs. So when an
existing franchisee can confidently say
a home office is dedicated to supporting
their business, he or she may convince
a prospective owner better than any
other franchise development tool in a
franchisor’s arsenal.
With a strong growth strategy that
emphasizes brand differentiators and is
rooted locally, a home care company will
unquestionably have the ability to facilitate
its expansion. Meanwhile, by prioritizing
franchisee support on a local level,
existing franchisees will support new
growth with powerful brand validation.
Julie Smith is Chief Operating
Officer and President of Homewatch
Franchising USA
Page 33
Bill Redfern, Founder, CEO & President, A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections
Launching an
International Brand:
The Need-to-Knows
“Within the competitive home-based
franchise industry, it is no secret that
you need to diversify your brand.”
Franchising USA
International expansion
is the natural next step
for franchisors looking to
broaden their reach. But
it’s not as easy as simply
selling your franchise
concept to someone in
a different country and
crossing your fingers that
it will be successful.
There are hundreds of considerations to
think through before the brand continues
down the road to international success, but
the first step must be to conduct thorough
research. Both internal and external
research can have a powerful impact on
the success of international growth.
I have learned an array of lessons through
my experience of launching three brands
internationally, but all can be boiled down
to three key findings.
Immerse yourself in the culture
Finding success within a new market starts
with research. Extensive research and
exploratory travel are the keys to finding
the hidden gems within the culture that the
brand can mold around in order to thrive.
Conducting market research through
physically taking a trip to your target
market to explore the culture and learn
the business etiquette will immediately
set you apart within the industry. Take
every opportunity to connect with industry
professionals in the area to learn what
it takes to run a business there from the
experts themselves.
Miscommunication is unavoidable
when there is a cultural barrier. During
your research and immersion phase,
take precautions into consideration and
hire translators who can help guide you
through specific customs. They can help
take your brand’s message and convey it
in a respectful, appropriate manner. By
showing the locals you care enough to
take the time to understand their business
customs, your brand will gain trust and
Hold yourself to a proven
Regardless of location, the brand should
provide all customers with the same
experience. This can be attributed to a
thorough initial training, the consistency
of a proven business model and supporting
your franchisee. Take pride in the fact
that your company is able to grow
internationally because of your franchise
partners – the brand is only as good as
they are.
One key finding that is used throughout
my brands is a three-level support
structure: franchise partners, regional
master franchisors and home office. Each
level supports each other in a unique way,
but by dividing the support into three
groups ensures that no single group ever
becomes overwhelmed.
As you grow your brand, be considerate
of near and long-term goals of both the
brand and the network of franchisees
within. Acknowledge the fact that those
you are working with have personal and
professional goals they are working toward
to further drive the brand as a whole.
Diversify your brand
Within the competitive home-based
franchise industry, it is no secret that you
need to diversify your brand. This can
also include initial training, utilizing a
proven business model and consistently
supporting franchisees because
franchisees will be your leading asset.
With franchisees being the day-to-day face
of the brand, it is important that everyone
is telling the same company story.
Through means of marketing techniques,
public relations, both local and national
Bill Redfern
and personal networking interactions, the
brand’s voice should be the biggest factor
in diversifying your brand.
Finally, the greatest lesson in diversifying
and growing your brand internationally
in my experience is that old-fashioned
customer service and attention to detail
both in dealing with consumer customers
and our franchise partners has made the
most potent impact to date.
A proven expert in international
franchising, Bill Redfern, Founder,
President and CEO of Global Franchise
Opportunities, is responsible for the
development, growth and success of
the standout home-focused concepts
of A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections
(ABCHI), iCare – Intelligent Home Care
Solutions and iHandyman. His first
concept, ABCHI, became the largest
Canadian home inspection franchise
after only two years of operation, and
subsequently grew into one of the world’s
largest home inspection companies.
Today, ABCHI has over 200 franchises
operating in 15 countries around the
world. Following ABCHI’s worldwide
success, Redfern launched iCare –
Intelligent Home Care Solutions in 2014
to meet the home healthcare needs of
seniors everywhere and iHandyman in
2015 to meet every home repair need
across the globe.
Franchising USA
Page 35
Leann Reynolds, CEO, Homewatch CareGivers
Three Ways Home
Care Franchises Can
Improve Industry
Standards and Services
Through Advocacy
All home care companies
have a vital role to play
in shaping policies and
standards of the broader
Each home care brand can be instrumental
in establishing best practices that raise
the industry to new heights to increase the
professionalism and quality of care of all
providers, but only if the home care brands
make advocacy a priority at an industry
level. This includes home care company
executives taking a more active role in
representing the entire industry with their
expertise and principles to more clearly
define industry-wide standards.
From caregivers who visit clients’ homes
and the support staff that keeps local
offices running, to the franchise owner
who provides services and the corporate
team on the brand level, professional
private duty home care franchises have a
responsibility to provide care that is high
quality, affordable and professionally
Professionalize caregivers with
education and training
Leann Reynolds
Franchising USA
Caregivers are in a unique position to
provide extraordinary care that can truly
make all the difference for aging or ailing
clients and their families. In order to
provide that professional level of care,
many home care brands have come to
rely on training and extensive education
for caregivers. Companies who employ
caregivers directly often reimburse
employees for those training and education
expenses, and oversee training schedules
to ensure staff are current on all training
Related to education and training, the
impact of home care advocacy is clearly
illustrated by the industry discussion
around the strengths of the employerbased model. Many home care franchises
believe in a business model where senior
care is provided by caregivers who are
employed directly by the franchise owner,
rather than by registries of privately
contracted caregivers. When franchise
locations employ caregivers directly, they
provide oversight and supervision. This
training and education allows franchisees
to better protect both their employees and
their clients because their staff is trained
regularly on relevant topics related to the
care they are providing.
Helping clients to understand the
difference between the two models is
important because it can be a significant
deciding factor when choosing between
multiple home care providers. By
advocating for more transparency
when disclosing hiring and training
processes, home care companies are
able to provide potential clients with a
clearer understanding of the benefits and
drawbacks of both contracted and directly
employed caregivers. A more informed
decision can lead to increased client
Use standards of care as a tool
to keep step with the broader
Thanks to the growing advocacy of a
larger group of home care companies than
ever before, there are broader standards
of care available in the industry that have
gone a long way in strengthening the
services delivered by all providers. There
are many tools available, like improved
training and education technology,
background checks and rigid hiring
requirements, and quality assurance
processes. Plus, the best part of being
involved in advocacy in the home care
industry is seeing more companies
recognize the market demand for high
quality care. More companies are working
together to pool resources and make sure
as many providers as possible are adhering
to the same care standards, making those
important tools even more accessible and
mainstream for local franchise owners.
Franchisors are also in a position to take
advantage of these advances in industry
care standards. Both franchisees and their
clients benefit from incorporating these
industry tools and standards into daily
Become an involved voice in
the industry
Once training and standards of care
have been established, the next step as a
franchisor is to act as a unifying voice
in the industry. Home care company
executives must realize their roles as
advocates on behalf of franchise owners,
and even as a group of competitors; it
would be great to see brands come forward
and advocate for their owners, who are
busy serving their communities and don’t
always have the ability to advocate at the
federal or state level for national policies
or practices. However, franchisors can
encourage local owners to advocate on a
grassroots community level, and educate
their friends and neighbors on what home
care is and why it’s important.
In the end, the futures of all home care
companies are linked. It’s essential for
everyone to have a good reputation,
through caregivers and the services each
“Home care providers, especially franchisors,
should be active participants in the advocacy
conversation, because of the often-vulnerable
populations that are served and for the
caregivers that are employed.”
brand provides, because one bad seed
can harm the reputation of the entire
industry. Home care providers, especially
franchisors, should be active participants
in the advocacy conversation, because
of the often-vulnerable populations that
are served and for the caregivers that are
employed. Home care services improve the
lives of thousands of people in need each
day and it’s the industry’s responsibility to
advance these.
Leann Reynolds was promoted to
CEO at Homewatch CareGivers in
March 2016 after serving as president
for almost 10 years. She is responsible
for the strategic direction of the
company, and acts as an advocate for
the employee-based home care model.
She currently serves on the Board of
Directors for the Home Care Association
of America.
Franchising USA
Page 37
ex per t advice
David Zimmerman, CEO, LC Technology International
five Tips for
Protecting Your
Franchise’s Information
In the spring of 2017,
Chipotle announced
“most” of its more than
2,200 locations were
affected by a malware
hack that exposed
customer credit card
The company was already in “brand
management” mode after experiencing
food-borne illness outbreaks, and the
hack was another crisis that the company
wished never occurred.
While companies cannot prevent
every single attack, especially against
sophisticated and dedicated hackers, there
are several steps franchises can take to
make them a less inviting target. Hackers
are focusing on franchises because they
have so many data entry points. The
Franchising USA
corporate office manages data, as does
the individual franchises, and there is a
security risk with every computer terminal
or POS system.
Proper data management practices are
essential for keeping proprietary internal
and customer data away from the hands
of hackers. Here are steps every franchise
operator should take to organize, store, and
protect data:
Create a plan
Both franchisees and the corporate
management need a formal data plan. For
the individual franchise, this plan should
detail the various sources of data and
denote which people are responsible for
handling that data. With a written plan
the franchise creates transparency and
accountability, and gives every employee a
role in keeping information safe. The plan
should be as comprehensive as possible
and could include for example: how often
the POS system should be updated, who
David Zimmerman
sets system passwords, and how franchises
should submit data to corporate.
Organize the information
Franchises generate a considerable
amount of data, and it should be very clear
where this information is routed and how
it is stored. There’s data coming through
the POS systems, as well as inventory
info, internal marketing data, and
financials on the franchise’s performance
metrics. Storing all of this information at
a centralized location is imperative. It’s
not only a safer approach, but also more
efficient. Organization also encourages
transparency and helps the company
protect data from loss. And the costs of
loss can be great. Wendy’s experienced a
Your Golden Opportunity
Midas is a globally recognized leader in the tire and automotive service industry for
nearly 60 years. We are looking for motivated people to become part of our Midas
franchise family! Build your long-term success with a brand name customers know
and trust.
• Powerful local and national marketing
• Ongoing training and support
• Excellent point of sale and shop management systems
This advertisement does not constitute an offer of a franchise. A franchise offering can be made by us only in a state if
we are first registered, excluded, exempted or otherwise qualified to offer franchises in that state, and only if we provide
you with an appropriate franchise disclosure document. Franchises may not be available in all states.
ex per t advice
David Zimmerman, CEO, LC Technology International
“There’s data coming through the POS systems,
as well as inventory info, internal marketing data,
and financials on the franchise’s performance
metrics. Storing all of this information at a
centralized location is imperative.”
data breach and not only lost the faith of
some customers, but was then subject to
lawsuits from various financial institutions.
Backup the backup data –
and back it up again
Organizing the data into a central location
is useful for productivity and accessibility,
but not protection. Franchises should use
a mix of physical storage (such as external
hard drives) and cloud storage to keep all
of this information. They should work
closely with corporate to understand any
requirements on data storage and rules
about backing up important information.
Storage is exceedingly inexpensive, and
is a classic “risk/reward” where the risk
of a small amount of cash and some
operational time is greatly outweighed by
the risks of data loss. Franchise managers
should utilize secure cloud-based storage
instead of placing sensitive information on
their laptops. And they can then duplicate
the information onto another provider’s
cloud platform for extra peace of mind.
Franchising USA
Use and update virus and
malware protection
Franchises and the corporate office
should both employ the latest virus and
malware tools, so their systems can detect
and proactively stop breach attempts.
Franchisees should ensure their POS
solutions are auto-updating so they can
be certain the system will be covered
under security patches or the latest virus
Manage data access
Preventing breaches is often a
people problem. A disgruntled employee
might decide to give an outside agent
their credentials. Or an employee forgets
their training and makes a password of
“1234” for their POS login. The franchise
owner should work under corporate
guidelines to restrict data access and have
the ability to revoke access credentials
as needed. If an employee quits, then
the franchise manager must be able to
remove their login info immediately. It’s
another aspect of security that requires
transparency. Franchise owners must have
an understanding of who is accessing the
company’s information and whether or not
that access is appropriate.
Both individual franchise owners and
the corporate management should be
concerned about data management and
preventing security breaches. Even if a
data-loss event occurs at just only one
franchise, the consumers in another state
might lose faith in the franchise brand as
a whole.
LC Technology International, Inc.
is a global leader in data recovery,
file system utilities and data security
technology. Clients include original
equipment manufacturers, local, state
and federal law enforcement agencies,
corporate security specialists and IT
consultants, among others. Available
worldwide and published in more than
24 different languages, LC Technology
products are available direct or through
several major manufacturers. Founded
in 1997, LC Technology is based in
Clearwater, Florida.
Page 41
The Ultimate Professional
Franchise Opportunity
Franchising USA
Franchising USA
T he I nter face Fina ncial G roup
A Truly Unique
Franchising USA
We all like to use the
word unique and we all
like to be considered as
unique, but are we really?
Unique is probably one of the most
overworked words in the English language,
and one that has taken on a new meaning
over time. It’s perhaps similar to the
word gourmet which is likewise greatly
overworked and has lost its true meaning –
we now have a ‘gourmet corner’ in a mall
food court!
How does unique fit into the franchise
scene and, especially, how does it relate to
the IFG 50-50 franchise?
Firstly, let’s establish a workable definition
of the word unique – we think it’s best
defined as ‘being the only one of its kind –
unlike anything else’.
Even a speedy review of franchise listings
shows that virtually all franchisors
consider their franchise offering to be
unique. We see the IFG 50-50 franchise
likewise as unique – but we believe
there are very specific features about the
franchise that make it unlike anything
else, and thus it really does qualify for the
unique label.
Our marketplace
We operate in the business-to-business
marketplace working with client
companies that are usually small and
medium-sized. Usually they are also
growing at a rapid rate. While we provide
an in-demand service to these clients, we
certainly would not see that market sector
as unique.
Our service
We are invoice discounters – our job is
to accelerate the cash flow for our clients.
We do this by purchasing specific current
quality invoices from our clients. This
means that they receive cash today for
invoices that are scheduled to be paid at
some future time, thus accelerating their
cash flow by many weeks. Offering this
“While the IFG 50-50 franchise may not be
totally unique, as is probably the case with most
franchises, we do believe that we have some very
unique features that make us stand out from the
service to our clients on an ‘as-needed’
basis makes us unique and one-of-a-kind.
Our history
We have been doing business under the
banner of The Interface Financial Group
for over 45 years. In franchising terms,
this is a lengthy heritage. That longevity
has enabled us to create a franchise that is
definitely tried and tested in the business
world. However, while 45 years is a long
time we would not see ourselves as unique
in this particular area.
Our reach
The Interface Financial Group currently
has operations in eight countries and is
truly an international organization. One
of the great benefits of the international
structure is that it enables franchisees to
do cross-border transactions in a very
cost and time-effective manner. This is
something that is of considerable benefit
to our clients involved in the import and
export of goods and services. While the
international aspect is not necessarily
unique, the fact that we can apply our
service internationally is a unique
Our franchise
While we like to add the tag ‘unique’ to
our franchise, it does in fact resemble
many other franchises in the way that
it is formulated. We offer a homebased environment as do many other
franchisors. We offer a franchise where
normally there are no employees; there
is no requirement to purchase inventory;
there is no requirement for customized
equipment, advertising or promotion; and
it is basically paperless from a franchisee’s
point of view.
Having introduced a large element of
technology into our franchise, we have
created an opportunity for franchisees to
work in a paperless environment - there
are no forms to fill in, no contracts to
prepare and review, no reports to write and
submit, it’s all about people ‘work’. There
may be an element of uniqueness in this
Our franchisees
I am quite convinced that all of our
franchisees are 100% unique! We look for
individuals that have a mature and solid
business background. We are not overly
concerned on their specific background,
in terms of which branch of industry
they came from, but rather more on the
fact that they have ‘been there and done
that.’ Because we see the IFG 50-50
franchise as a blend of technology and
people we look for franchisees that have
exceptional people skills, while we take
care of the technology aspects. We look
for great networkers, people with excellent
communication skills and individuals that
are comfortable working in a one-on-one
people environment.
While the IFG 50-50 franchise may not
be totally unique, as is probably the case
with most franchises, we do believe that
we have some very unique features that
make us stand out from the crowd. For
individuals that are interested in owning
their own white-collar financial service
franchise and working in a professional
environment, then certainly our
uniqueness is something to explore.
Franchising USA
Page 43
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Page 45
Veterans in Franchising
september 2017
ASP Pool
Looking to Expand
Offers Veterans
Valuable Discounts
Opened the Door
to Leadership Role
From Military
Mechanic to
Franchise Architect
Franchising USA
Veterans interested in franchising
can take their skills learned in the
military to successfully own and
develop small businesses. Learn
more and support veterans in
franchising at
• 650 franchise companies
• 151,000 veterans and their
spouses found careers in the
franchise industry
• 5,100 veteran franchise owners
Page 47
V e t e r a n s i n F r a n c h i s i n g S u ppl e m e n t
s e pt e m b e r 2 0 1 7
Our Veterans in Franchising special supplement has become
a regular feature of Franchising USA.
To share your story in the next issue, please contact
Vikki Bradbury, Publisher
Phone: 778 426 2446
On the Cover
Veterans Profile
45 American Swimming Pools: Pool Franchise Looking to Expand Offers Veterans Valuable Discounts
52 J. Anthony Hobson, OpenWorks
52 Military Skills Opened the Door to Leadership Role
News and Expert Advice
50 From Military Mechanic to Franchise Architect
50 From Military Mechanic to
Franchise Architect
Jerry Hancock, Founder, Sub Zero Nitrogen
54 EventPrep
Ice Cream
54 Moments of Truth in the Customer Experience
Roger McCoy, Franchise Business Consultant
and Army Veteran
Franchising USA
V e t er ans in Fr anchising
A mer ica’s S w im ming Pool C ompa ny ( ASP )
Pool Franchise
Looking to Expand
Offers Veterans
Valuable Discounts
Veterans can enjoy
year-round savings
from the United States’
No. 1 swimming pool
repair, maintenance and
renovation company,
but a lucky few get even
That’s because every year around Veterans
Day, America’s Swimming Pool Company
(ASP) holds a contest among veterans
vying to become franchisees and waives
the entire fee for the winning veteran.
Two runners up also receive a 50 percent
discount on the franchise fee.
And during the rest of the year, all
veterans enjoy a 15 percent discount on
the franchise fee, Jef Flournoy, VP of
Franchise Sales and Development at ASP,
explained during a recent interview.
At the moment, the Macon, GA-based
franchise has about a dozen veteran
owners among its 99 franchise locations.
Franchising USA
Flournoy praised the great work ethic of
veterans and called them not only great
business owners, but great leaders within
the ASP family.
Great for Customers and
Founded by current CEO Stewart Vernon
in 2002, ASP has been franchising for the
past 12 years.
With the swimming pool industry being
so fragmented and offering a relatively
low quality of service at the time, Vernon
saw the opportunity to create a company
that would become a national brand in the
industry that promised professionalism,
stellar service and the use of the latest
technology for both customers and
franchisees alike.
On the consumer side, ASP has Pool Ops.
With Pool Ops, franchisees can schedule
appointments and then track those service
calls. When service is complete, Pool
Ops will send a complete report via email
to a pool owner outlining everything
that was done to their pool — from a
simple cleaning to any maintenance they
requested — along with a time-stamped
photo of the clean pool or the piece of
equipment that was worked on. From
this report and photo, the owner knows
for certain the service was completed.
The report even gives details like which
chemicals were used to balance the water,
how much of the chemicals were used and
which technician completed the work.
On the franchisee side, ASP boasts a
comprehensive training program and a
strong support system.
For 11 days from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m,
franchisees attend ASP’s Pool School on
its campus in Macon, which features 14
working pools that have every kind of
pool equipment conceivable. But, Pool
School isn’t actually the beginning of their
“Before Pool School starts, they would
receive between 30 to 35 hours of what
we would call pre-Pool School training,”
Flournoy explained. Much of this training
happens online.
At Pool School, in addition to the hands-on
maintenance training, franchisees receive
instruction in every aspect of running
a business from marketing to billing to
running QuickBooks.
After Pool School, brand new franchisees
go through ASP’s Guerrilla Action
Marketing Plan for another 10 weeks
of training. This training is a little less
demanding, consisting of a call once per
week with an ASP operations team leader.
“We really want franchisees to get off
to a good start and get into good habits,”
Flournoy said.
Along with a local marketing team,
the company has a national PR firm
that supports franchisees, plus staff
at headquarters who handle technical
questions from franchisees throughout the
Regional round table meetings are held
where franchise owners get together
to discuss best practices and build
relationships between each other. Flourney
described those as meetings where six
to 13 people who are all involved in the
pool industry gather in a room to share
their best ideas and best practices with the
goal of making everyone a better business
Lastly, the annual owners meeting lasts
for two days and is a smorgasbord of
information for franchisees where industry
vendors give presentations on the latest
technology in the swimming pool market.
Nationwide Expansion
Flournoy himself is a former ASP
franchisee. About 10 years ago, right
before his wife enrolled in dental school in
Augusta, GA, he bought an ASP franchise
in that city and ran it for about eight years
while his wife attended school. After
she completed her pediatric residency,
she received a lucrative job offer back in
Macon where the couple were both from.
Flournoy sold his ASP franchise, the
couple moved back to their hometown of
Macon and he immediately called ASP
and requested a job on the corporate side
of things where he remains today.
Typical ASP franchisees are between 25
and 55 years old and have to be willing to
follow the franchise system. They do not
need to have swimming pool experience,
Flournoy noted, but will usually have
some kind of customer service or sales
experience, although that’s also not
required. But they do need to possess an
undergraduate degree.
Right now the franchise is in 21 states,
but the VP of Franchise Sales and
Development is expecting to expand that.
“In the next three to five years, we should
be in 30 to 35 states,” he outlined.
The only places the franchise is
completely sold out is in Dallas, Atlanta,
Orlando and in Montana.
There are franchises available everywhere
else throughout the country and ASP is
particularly interested in expansion in
Houston, Memphis, Richmond, VA, Las
Vegas and Tampa, FL.
“We really want
franchisees to get off
to a good start and get
into good habits.”
- Jef Flournoy
ASP starts as a predominantly homebased business and generally grows into
a business that requires a small office and
warehouse space, Flournoy noted. While
it’s not really a retail franchise, some
franchisees have added a retail element to
their businesses.
For veterans looking to become business
owners, America’s Swimming Pool
Company offers great opportunities and
for a lucky few, an amazing opportunity at
savings while getting started.
Franchising USA
V e t er ans in Fr anchising
Page 49
V e t er ans in Fr anchising
Jerry Hancock, Founder, Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream
From Military
Mechanic to
Franchise Architect
Franchising USA
Putting my militaryfunded college degree
and access to the U.S.
Military Surplus to use, I
founded an entirely new
franchise concept.
I went through many ups and downs, years
of preparation and even experienced a
failing franchise before I realized what I
needed to do to be a successful franchisor
– use my military resources to create a
process I believed in.
Finding the Right Process
I was always attracted to the process of
franchising. Seeing a designated formula
for success and a method that makes sense
is so important to me and to most veterans.
That’s why I believe veterans do well in
franchising; we’re used to a definitive
“The military offers you a lot of
ctions, networks and resources
– use them!”
process. Everything in the military is a
process and no soldier deviates from it. As
a franchisor, I see the differences between
veterans and civilians. Civilians will
question everything and at times won’t
follow the plan, where veterans follow the
plan just as it’s laid out.
Veterans contemplating franchising need
to consider all of their options. There are
so many franchises out there that there’s
almost always a proper fit. First thing to
do is to evaluate the people behind the
franchise. Determine their business plan,
goals and their motivation to seeing the
franchise succeed. You’ll also want to
find a business that makes sense to you,
something you can easily understand and
execute. Perhaps most importantly though,
select a process you believe in.
I originally went into a franchise that I
thought I could stand behind. However, I
wasn’t seeing the returns I had hoped for
and quickly noticed the absenteeism of the
corporate team. That’s where I originally
started what would later become my own
franchise. Looking for extra revenue and
having to think of new ways to profit,
I started selling ice cream using liquid
It took me almost five years to figure out
how to find the best process to create
never before seen ice cream. Thanks to my
military background where no matter how
good you are, you quickly learn to take
your time to get the job done right. Once
I figured out a profitable and efficient way
to execute the process, I began franchising
my own brand.
Using the Military as a Resource
Most vets don’t have the capital to start
a new business or buy into an existing
franchise. That’s why we must be
resourceful in finding funding. Luckily,
the military offers many options. I used
the U.S. Military Surplus as my main
resource to buy the necessary equipment
for my franchise.
I was so excited to combine my chemistry
degree and love for ice cream to start an
ice cream franchise, but I couldn’t afford a
liquid nitrogen tank to experiment on my
own. I found the best way to experiment
Jerry Hancock
with the creation process was to use the
equipment found at the U.S. Military
Surplus. I knew the military would help
me in life but I’d never think that I’d be
using the military’s equipment to operate
a business!
One of the other ways the military can
assist is through networking options.
Finding the right business partner with
the same morals and goals or highlighting
veteran friendly franchises are useful tools
when launching a business. The military
offers you a lot of connections, networks
and resources –use them!
The military gave me the patience, the
understanding and the leadership abilities
to become a successful franchisor and I’m
forever grateful for my experience.
Jerry Hancock enlisted in the Air
Force Reserve in 1985 and trained as
a mechanic for the F-16 ejection seat,
and in 1992 he was deployed to Alaska.
While serving, he attended Brigham
Young University, where he received a
Bachelor of Science in chemistry. After
a short hiatus from the Reserves, he
re-enlisted in the Air National Guard
in 2003 and served as a Network
Communications Specialist with a
Top Secret clearance in the 151st Air
Refueling Wing. While serving in the
National Guard, he was deployed to
Guam to assist in setting up their unit
communications. Jerry founded Sub
Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream in 2004.
Franchising USA
V e t er ans in Fr anchising
Page 51
V e t er ans in Fr anchising
O p enWor ks
J. Anthony Hobson
Military Skills
Opened the Door
to Leadership
Role with National
Franchise Company
For J. Anthony Hobson,
life as a Sergeant in the
Marine Corps taught
him essential skills for
business leadership.
As a veteran, Anthony had to face the
difficulties of finding a career that fit his
desire to lead. At OpenWorks, a national
commercial cleaning franchise, he found
a role helping fellow veterans succeed as
franchise owners.
J. Anthony Hobson served in the Marine
Corps from 1991 until 1997, eventually
earning the role of Sergeant. After his
service, Anthony decided to go back to
school to finish his degree, and found work
at a customer support call center.
He found “starting over” challenging,
especially compared with the leadership
roles he was used to in the Marines.
Luckily, Anthony found OpenWorks, a
national commercial cleaning franchise
company headquartered in Phoenix, where
he stepped into a corporate operations role
that enabled him to serve the company
with his leadership skills and smarts.
“Veterans are often skilled
communicators, leading small to large
teams comprised of individuals from all
walks of life, capable of accomplishing
difficult missions,” says Hobson. “They
can effectively follow a scope of work,
communicate with customers of all types,
train and lead staff members, and be
organized and efficient.”
OpenWorks offers veterans transition from
military life into civilian life through
franchise ownership. What’s more,
OpenWorks has recruiting systems in place
and discounted rates that provide more
support to veterans looking to begin in the
franchise ownership business.
OpenWorks knows that veterans bring
a certain skill set that most people do
not have. Anthony found that many of
the essential skills that veterans develop
in their military career such as honesty,
discipline, attention to detail and
organization are useful in business.
Anthony believes that choosing
OpenWorks was a great decision for him
and is certain it would be for all veterans.
Anthony’s journey from veteran to
OpenWorks leader was not easy, but it
completely changed his life. He realizes
Franchising USA
that to get to where he is, it takes a lot
of hard work, but also, support from the
community. Today, he participates in
veteran’s organizations even outside of
OpenWorks, to help veterans that were just
like him in the beginning.
“I have found my military experience to
be invaluable in my professional career,
and often rely on skills I learned during
my time in the Marine Corps to achieve
my objectives. The franchise system is
an outstanding choice for veterans from
all branches of service, and we would be
honored for them to consider becoming an
OpenWorks Franchisee. Semper Fi!”
By J. Anthony Hobson, Vice President
of Strategic Business Operations at
keep your finger on the pulse with
Franchising USA
With 30 years experience in providing
high quality business information, with a
particularly strong focus on franchising,
our global presence allows opportunity
for international franchise marketing
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m o bil e fr anchising fe at u r e
Page 53
V e t er ans in Fr anchising
Roger McCoy, A Franchise Business Consultant
Moments of Truth
in the Customer
Do you control your moments?
Have you broken down the important
steps franchise employees have with
their customers and documented the best
possible actions, feelings, and words
that should be taken to enhance each
experience – each Moment of Truth? You
may offer exciting products and services,
or sophisticated technical skills or tools.
But the perceived value of what you offer
the customer can be reduced to zero by the
wrong thing said or action taken during a
contact with your customer.
Roger McCoy
Each customer contact
is composed of decision
points where the
customer relationship
can be enhanced or
Each point may just take a “moment”, but
they combine to determine whether the
customer had a valuable experience with
the company. In sum, these Moments of
Truth lead to a commitment for continued
contact, or convince the customer they
want no further activity with your firm.
There are many factors that go into a
company’s success or failure. This is a
discussion of one of the most important
factors; providing a predictable,
exceptional customer experience through
contact with your employee team.
Franchising USA
model, the franchisor should take
actions to ensure that it’s being used
and prescribed practices followed. A
typical franchise system has thousands
of employees, continually having
experiences in the name of the franchise.
Can they each be trusted to behave for
the benefit of the franchisor without a
clear, understandable experience model
available, trained, and enforced for the
betterment of all, including the customer?
Most companies have determined the
cost of acquiring a new customer, and
it’s typically very high. Once you’re
in contact, you need to ensure nothing
is done to prevent the retaining of that
customer. It is typically hard to gain
customers, but very easy to lose them.
We need to ensure our employees take the
right customer-facing actions.
We’re not talking about creating “robots”
reciting trained scripts and procedures.
Instead it’s providing a flexible structure
of concepts and actions that free the team
member to customize the experience
within set guidelines and personalize the
experience, while ensuring all key steps
are completed. The personality of the
team member must come through to allow
the creation of trust and rapport required
for a positive customer experience.
Your Franchise Model
A training exercise
Does your Franchise Model clearly
detail the customer experience that will
enhance the customer relationship? I
expect many of yours do. But if not, that
should be a priority for your near future.
A predictable, exceptional customer
experience is your goal. And that can
only be reliably achieved if your team
understands the value of these Moments
and understands how best to enhance
them. Relying on each team member to
use their “best judgement” in the customer
contact experience provides unpredictable
behaviors and results.
Along with offering the enhancement
When I visit franchisees, I will frequently
offer training for their employees. As
part of an exercise to reinforce previous
training, the team will generate a list of
our Moments of Truth that make up our
customer service experience. I’ll moderate
as the team helps me list these steps and
I’ll ensure nothing is overlooked. This
exercise has training reinforcement value
itself. But then we’ll get down to the real
value of the session.
I then break the team into groups and
assign Moments to each group. Each
group will then be given time to list what
behaviors or actions go into getting the
“It is typically hard to
gain customers, but
very easy to lose them.
We need to ensure our
employees take the
right customer-facing
most out of each Moment. Then together
we’ll review the findings of each group.
As expected, they list many of the steps
that are part of the franchise model. Other
groups will fill in the steps that may have
been missed. And the entire process is
reinforced for the team. It’s proven to be a
useful exercise.
And occasionally something extraordinary
happens. A group will offer an additional
step or a step enhancement to improve the
franchise model. We’ve found the most
exciting ideas come from the field. This
is a method to reinforce and enhance our
Your competitive advantage…
Your Franchise Model is a description of
who you are and how you differ from the
rest of the marketplace. You can’t depend
upon each franchisee employee to make
their best effort to maintain the integrity
of the model. There must be a “road map”
the employee follows consistent with the
underlying franchisor’s intent.
If you have a customer experience model,
make sure you train and enforce it. If
you don’t have a model, develop one that
will provide you confidence that your
entire organization’s team members are
consistently providing their customers
predictable and valuable Moments of
Roger McCoy is a Franchise Business
Consultant for a national home services
provider. Roger has held management
and ownership positions in the home
services industry since 1994, the last
13 have been in franchising. He is a
Certified Franchise Executive (CFE),
has a Texas HVAC contractor’s license,
and is a US Army Veteran. He is
currently working toward his PhD in
Franchising USA
V e t er ans in Fr anchising
Page 55
V e t er ans in Fr anchising
EventPrep ®
Military Veterans
Join Ranks to Launch
New HomeBased
Franchise Model
Paul Trapp and Steve
Davis are the founding
owners of National
Conferencing, Inc.
which is currently dba/
With over two decades of successful event
planning and management experience in
the private and government sectors, Paul
and Steve have harnessed the science
and the art of successful event planning
and established themselves as industry
leaders. In 2013, FederalConference.
com earned the #2 spot on the Inc500
List with $49 million in revenues and a
24,830% growth, and was subsequently
Franchising USA
named to the top five places to work in
the industry by Meetings and Convention
Magazine. Today, FederalConference.
com employs over 50 full time event
planning and management professionals at
their Northern Virginia headquarters, and
successfully plans and executes over 3000
events annually.
In 2016, Paul and Steve leveraged their
industry experience, resources and
professional relationships to create
and launch a new brand: EventPrep®.
EventPrep® operates as a homebased
franchise model as opposed to their
previous corporate-owned growth strategy.
The franchise approach was chosen
to scale more quickly while providing
franchisees the opportunity to be in a
successful business for themselves, but not
by themselves. The first two franchisees
(Florida and Colorado) experienced
remarkable success and exceeded every
established benchmark the company set
out to achieve during their beta test.
Paul and Steve are both military veterans
and consistently credit their success to
the experience and education they were
afforded during their time serving our
country. They know from experience
that veterans make great business owners,
and as such, they offer all honorably
discharged veterans a 20% discount off the
initial franchise fee.
For more information about
EventPrep®, please visit
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Midas, a recogn
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With Midas, you
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Benefit from nea
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Midas has buil
decades. We wan
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continue to
location and
succeed. Before
you with the follo
p, Midas will help
your shop
• Business ma
ee orientation
• New franchis
ing and training
• Ongoing train
suppor t.
• Operational
suppor t
• Development
marketing your
• Optimizing and
or visiting ww w.
00-365-00 07
ay by calling 1-8
ng or an
a franchise offeri
any reque
This website and
offer to sell a franc
st for information
or forms are not
Making an appearance every month
in Franchising USA magazine.
Each detailed, 4 color A-Z listing comes with
a 150 word write up and your logo.
Excellent for branding and recognition.
Choose a 12 or 6 month package or simply add the
A-Z directory onto your FOCUS, PROFILE or ad!
To learn about the A-Z directory or any other products, please contact
Vikki Bradbury:
ex per t advice
Tim Conn, President & Co-founder, Image One Facility Solutions
How to Create Strong
Feedback Loops with
Your Franchisees
A happy franchisee
makes for a strong
franchise system. If
you are already in the
franchise community, you
have likely been to an
event where someone
uttered a phrase along
those lines.
empowers franchise owners and aims to
keep their achievements and challenges
top of mind. One of the best ways of doing
this is to be intentional about creating
a feedback loop with franchisees. You
need to have processes in place that allow
you to gain insights from owners in your
system. And, you need to be vulnerable
enough to accept feedback from the people
in the trenches.
It is simple and true — and yet, perhaps
one of the biggest challenges in all
of franchising is for franchisors and
franchisees to stay in harmony.
Check in on franchise
owners — beyond just your
scheduled visits
As a franchise brand, we have learned
the importance of creating a system that
Franchising USA
Here are three practical steps for obtaining
franchisee feedback.
One of the first ways to start that feedback
loop is to listen to your franchisees. What
are their hopes and dreams, their highs
and lows? How are they doing in the field?
While your operations team may have
regularly scheduled visits to go through
additional training or offer advice, create
touch points outside of that. A simple call
from one of your executives to see how a
valued franchisee is doing can go a long
way. We just had a franchisee praise us
for doing that: He was impressed with the
spontaneous check-ins from one of our
executives and made a point of it when
talking to one of our team members. He is
someone who has been a franchise owner
with other systems and said he appreciates
the fact that we check in outside of
scheduled appointments. To him, it shows
our level of commitment.
It doesn’t take too much time — it just
takes a proactive approach from your
“The more honest feedback you have from
franchisees the better you can address their needs
and predict future needs of other franchisees.”
productive, informative meetings.
At our franchise, we have started a
franchisee roundtable discussion held
every month. It is open to all our owners
and serves as a way for them to talk
to each other and learn from shared
experiences. As a franchisor, we are there
to simply facilitate. We listen, we take
notes but we do not lead the discussion.
So far, we have received some excellent
feedback from these meetings. Our
franchisees share precious knowledge with
each other and, quite frankly, we learn
something new during every meeting.
Tim Conn
While we have a great deal of faith in
our operations and system, we know that
we can always evolve and grow. The best
franchises out there are constantly pushing
forward and refining. Who better to learn
about what to fine-tune than from the
people who have invested so much of their
time, money and energy into your system?
For franchises on limited budgets, consider
running anonymous surveys with sites like
Survey Monkey or through Google Forms
(a free service). The more honest feedback
you have from franchisees the better you
can address their needs and predict future
needs of other franchisees.
Gather intel using surveys or
third-party researchers
franchise’s executive and operations
team to make a point of checking in on
franchises. Pencil it into your busy day
to call them out of the blue and listen to
them. It will go a long way.
Set up a recurring
roundtable with your
franchise owners
Listening to franchise owners can be an
eye-opening experience. As a franchisor,
you are putting yourself in a vulnerable
position because you may face potential
questions about processes and even
challenges from your franchisees.
If you are intentional about these listening
sessions, you have a much better chance
of creating an environment where they are
Finally, consider using third-party research
and insights to learn more from your
franchisees. One concrete way that we do
this is through participating in Franchise
Business Review’s franchisee satisfaction
surveys. Franchises with more than 10
franchisees can participate in this thirdparty research: Franchisees are asked a
series of questions about various aspects
of the franchise and all answers lead to an
overall rating of franchisee satisfaction.
Again, this sort of experience leaves
franchisors open and vulnerable. But, it
provides essential data for your franchise.
Another way to do this is through finding
market research firms or consultants who
can poll your franchisees and collect the
data. While their services certainly aren’t
free, they can provide you with a great
deal of insights you might not get if you
are the one asking the questions.
The franchisor-franchisee relationship
is a two-way street. Creating consistent
feedback loops and listening to the insights
coming in from your valued franchisees
will only help you polish your franchise
system. Growing — and I’m not just
talking about unit numbers — is a good
thing. Really stretch yourself and grow
your franchise. You will learn something
and create a better franchise system along
the way.
Tim Conn is president and co-founder
of Image One Facility Solutions, a
commercial cleaning franchise based in
the Chicago suburb of Rolling Meadows,
Illinois, with nearly 100 locations
across major cities in the U.S. that
trains franchisees in all facets of the
business, including sales, operations,
and quality control. The company has
received recognition for franchiseowner satisfaction by the authoritative
Franchise Business Review.
Franchising USA
ex per t advice
Page 59
H onk a mp K r u eg er
Work On Your
Franchise Versus in
Your franchise With
Decision Support
Think back to why you
purchased your franchise
business. What was
your “why” for getting
into it? Passion for the
industry? Sparking your
entrepreneurial spirit?
Making a difference in
people’s lives? Gaining
personal wealth and a
sense of security for your
coaching our clients to reach their business
and personal financial goals.
Today, are you working toward your “why”
or have you become inundated with the
daily tasks of keeping your business afloat
that you have not set a clear, strategic path
to reaching why you got into this business
in the first place?
• Improve accountability at your franchise
Honkamp Krueger & Co., P.C., a Top
100 CPA and business consulting firm
that specializes in franchise consulting,
accounting, tax planning and preparation
payroll/human capital management, and
more, often sees this happen with our
business owner clients. The gusto that got
them into business in the first place gets
lost in the daily grind of putting out fires,
keeping up with tax and human resource
law, keeping the books in order, etc. That
is why we developed decision support
services, which is a systematic approach to
Franchising USA
With decision support services, we are
with you every step of the way to help you:
• Make real-time, data-informed decisions
• Identify and continuously monitor the
key performance indicators (KPIs) most
important to your franchise
• Create a roadmap of where you want
your business to go
• Develop your team members and
leadership group to a common, agreedupon path to your franchise’s vision,
mission and core values
• Establish effective processes that
produce results
So how does HK accomplish this?
Through data-informed decisions, HK
uses data and metrics to overcome typical
roadblocks and obstacles that often halt
implementation of new business objectives.
Franchisees and franchisors who undergo
decision support services are provided
with the tools needed to make smart
decisions and move past the barriers that
often hold you back. HK uses an efficient
and impactful process, taking your vision
into account, to help properly prioritize
and allocate your time and resources to
achieve your desired return on investment.
Through a series of six phases, decision
support services helps you realize your
franchise’s true potential.
Phase 1: $COPE Assessment
The $COPE Assessment Survey
($-financial, C-customers, O-operations,
P-people, E-end in mind) takes into
account all of the aspects that make your
franchise what it is today and how to get
your business to where it needs to be in the
Phase 2: Discovery
The goal of the discovery phase is to break
down silos that could potentially exist
between locations and management styles,
and drive cohesive alignment of all your
locations and processes. Your $COPE
session will have highlighted the common
areas of agreement and disagreement
amongst your team members, and through
discovery, HK provides you with the
tools to communicate and collaborate to
work toward alignment between all team
members and locations.
Phase 3: Planning
The planning phase is where you get
to design your road map. Our decision
support specialists work with you to define
a clear vision and focus, understand the big
picture, establish long-term targets, and
develop a practical and measurable plan to
move your franchise forward. Whether you
desire to scale existing locations or add
more locations, the planning phase will
help identify the necessary steps to help
you achieve your goals.
Phase 4: Follow up
Phase 4 is where we put your plan into
action. This is the time to ensure your
roadmap is practical, the deadlines are
realistic, the communication to your
employees across all locations is handled
appropriately, and our role in assisting
with implementation and accountability
is clear. No plan can come to fruition
without employee buy-in, so we help you
determine the appropriate course of action
to get everyone on board.
Phase 5: Accountability
As your accountability partner, HK’s team
will meet with you at least quarterly to
ensure tasks are being completed in order
to achieve your goals. We’re here to help
you stay focused on the tasks at hand to
ensure your franchise continues to move
Phase 6: Continuous planning
As you move along in the process, we
will celebrate your successes and provide
“Our decision support specialists work with you to
define a clear vision and focus, understand the big
picture, establish long-term targets, and develop
a practical and measurable plan to move your
franchise forward.”
outside accountability, perspective and
inspiration to keep you pressing onward
and exploring new possibilities.
Those who have undergone decision
support services find it has helped them to:
• Clearly articulate their vision,
improving the chances for continued
growth and profitability
• Develop their leadership team and
groom the next generation
• Align their strategic vision with the dayto-day activities within the franchise
• Improve the focus of their leadership
team and energize and engage
• Establish effective processes and gain
valuable insights on how small changes
can make a big difference
• Improve communication and create an
environment of continuous improvement
HK believes you can’t expect anything
to change unless something changes.
Through decision support services,
you can change the way you view
and run your business and get back
to your “why.” The added value this
process brings to your business pays
off dividends and can be translated to
greater returns down the road for you
and your legacy. Whether you’re an
entrepreneur who is just starting their
franchise journey, or an industry veteran
who wants to maximize value in your
final years before retirement, decision
support services can help put you on the
path to achieving your goals.
Franchising USA
Page 61
Visit or call 800-553-5776
Franchising USA
*Based on 2015 U.S. store growth. ©2016 LCE, Inc. 56333
Franchising with the world’s #1 convenience store is
easier than you think.
Been looking for. Your earning potential is as big as
you want to make it. We offer a gross profit split, which
means your success is as important to us as it is to you.
It also might be the smartest business move you’ve ever
It’s turnkey – we provide the store, land and equipment.
Start-up is fast (3-6 months). You get extensive training
and support from 7-Eleven pros.
As a 7-Eleven Franchisee, you’ll be partnering with
a brand known and loved around the world. We’re
consistently ranked as a top-five franchisor with more
than 54,200 stores worldwide.
Our field consultants and operations teams offer a
wealth of support and information. Leveraged vendor
relationships mean national buying power.
World-famous brand. World-class opportunity.
Take a second and learn why franchising with 7-Eleven
could be the career changer you’ve
America’s Swimming Pool
Dive into the America’s Swimming Pool Company
ASP is the nation’s most recognized swimming pool
franchise with over 254 locations in 20 states.
If you are seeking an affordable, turn-key business with
proven profit potential, the ASP swimming pool franchise
opportunity is the clear choice.
As the recognized industry leader, ASP offers a proven
pool service franchise system to help you succeed
faster, grow bigger and enjoy all the benefits of working
Airport Van Rental
At AVR we continue to be a pioneer in the van rental
industry We have expanded to 14 locations in 7
states & we are excited for what lies ahead.
Why Should I Join the Airport Van Rental Franchise
•We Have a Solid Model for Success. We became
a specialized van rental company since 2007.
Phone: 1-800-782-0711
Fax: 972-828-5017
for yourself—no pool experience necessary!
An ASP franchise opportunity offers a proven system
to succeed and grow in the thriving swimming pool
business. Our franchise leads the industry with a
commitment to reliable brand reputation, world-class
training, technologically advanced systems, original
marketing strategies, exceptional franchisee support.
Ready to test the water?
Contact: Jef Flournoy
Phone: 888.814.8093
•We’ve Fulfilled a Major Need. We are confident that
with our extensive fleet, we will be able to provide
our clients with the van that fits their needs.
•We Provide Complete Training & Support. During
training, we address the key points to running your
own van rental franchise. Even after you open the
doors, we will be here to help you continue to grow
your business.
•We Prove There is Strength in Numbers. As
recognized leader in Passenger Van Rentals, when
you invest in a van rental franchise, you will join a
network of highly determined individuals.
Contact: Alex Emdadi
Phone: (844) 372-6100
bluefrog Plumbing +Drain
loyal, cheerleader clients,” describes the inspiration of the
bluefrog Plumbing + Drain is a Limited Liability Company
that was formed on December 30, 2013. Franchises have
been offered since January of 2014 and are granted for the
operation of a plumbing repair business using proprietary
methods and the bluefrog Plumbing + Drain mark. The
headquarters are located in Phoenix, Arizona. The bluefrog
Plumbing + Drain management team consists of Gary
Findley, CEO, Jeff Moody, President and COO.
bluefrog Plumbing + Drain is a modern day approach to
the plumbing industry. It is a strategic plumbing company
that strives for perfection and makes customer service it’s
number one priority. The market for plumbing products
and services is well established and highly competitive; By
utilizing state-of-the-art technology and streamlined systems
and processes, the owner operates his or her business with
simplicity, efficiency, and profitability.
The mission of bluefrog Plumbing + Drain is to make a
positive difference in people’s lives. The vision statement:
“bluefrog Plumbing + Drain, the premier franchise plumbing
service company in North America. Founded on brand
Contact: Gina Roberson
Phone: (888) 354-2806
Clayton Kendall
displays, printed materials, promotional products
and apparel. Our services include graphic design,
merchandising, sourcing, warehousing and
fulfillment, kitting and proprietary technology with
advanced management reports. All programs are
scalable and user-friendly. Customer service is
our forte’.
Clayton Kendall provides comprehensive
branded merchandise programs for more
than sixty franchise communities nationwide,
resulting in greater brand exposure, cost-savings,
streamlined operations and brand compliance.
With a customized online store as the organizing
principle, our websites give franchisees the ability
to purchase their advertising and marketing tools
in one easy-to use program.
We provide marketing collateral, signage, POP
Contact: Dan Broudy, Chief Executive Officer
Phone: 412-798-7120
Franchising USA
fr anchise & serv ices di r ecto ry
Page 63
fr anchise & serv ices di r ecto ry
Now more than ever, businesses look to FASTSIGNS®
for innovative ways to connect with customers in a highly
competitive marketplace. Our high standards for quality
and customer service have made FASTSIGNS the most
recognized brand in the industry, driving significantly
more traffic to the web than any other sign company.
We also lead in these important areas:
• #1 Ranked Sign Franchise in Entrepreneur Magazine
Franchise 500 three years in a row
• Franchise Business Review FBR50 Franchisee
Satisfaction Award 2006-2015
• Franchise Research Institute World Class Franchise
Foot Solutions
Are You Passionate About Helping People Look
Good and Feel Great?
Foot Solutions is the world’s largest specialty
wellness franchise focused exclusively on helping
people feel good from the feet up. We offer an
individualized Holistic Foot Analysis, top-quality
customized orthotics and expertly-fitted stylish shoes
that are comfortable and supportive.
• CFA Franchisees’ Choice Designation 2004-2015
• FASTSIGNS is one of only a handful of franchises
approved for $21 million in SBA financing for approved
franchise candidates
FASTSIGNS has over 400 markets approved for
development in the US and Canada and is also seeking
Master or Area Developer expansion in markets
For more information: Phone: 1-214-346-5679
Or visit our Website:
and alignment conditions including diabetes, arthritis
and more, Foot Solutions might be the perfect fit for
Reasonable Hours | High Margins | Low Labor
Requirements | High Consumer Retention | Not
Impacted by Economy | Not Seasonal | Fastestgrowing Market Age 40+ | Opportunities from
$85,000 - $240,000 Single and Multi-unit
If you want a business that gives back to your
community and improves the lives of people with foot
For more information: Call 770.955.0099
franchising usa
Excellent for branding and recognition.
A-Z Listings are a great way to promote your
business, giving you a presence within our
publication and also the Franchising USA
Each detailed, full colour A-Z listing comes with
a 150 word write up and your logo.
Grease Monkey
Franchising, LLC
Grease Monkey® and SpeeDee Oil Change and Auto
Service® centers provide preventive maintenance
and repair services that help customers meet vehicle
manufacturers’ recommendations and warranty
requirements. With over 500 locations, Our Less Hassle,
More Hustle customer service approach is designed
to help customers make educated, informed decisions
about maintaining their vehicles in a comfortable, nopressure setting.
HealthSource –America’s
HealthSource — America’s Chiropractor ® — is
the industry leader in chiropractic and physical
rehabilitation care.
Our highly profitable franchise clinics provide
state-of-the-art care to their local communities.
We offer single and multi-unit opportunities
Franchising USA
• Franchise Research Institute #1 Rated Sign & Graphics
Franchise 2014-2015
Choose a 12 or 6 month package or simply
add the A-Z directory onto your Focus, Profile
or Ad!
To learn about the A-Z directory or any other
products please contact Vikki Bradbury: or
With over 60 years of combined automotive experience,
Grease Monkey ® and SpeeDee® franchise owners enjoy
a proven system and business model. Each process
offers a flexible approach, so franchisees can customize
their facility and menu of services for a specific market
and investment profile.
Contacts:Jeff King, Director Franchise Development;
Jon Piper, Manager of Franchise Development
for individuals looking to join the recessionresistant healthcare industry.
Contact us to learn how you can own a
business that cares for the community, is
highly profitable, and that you can be proud of!
Contact: Wes Sattler
Phone: (440) 934-5858
honkamp krueger
Honkamp Krueger & Co., P.C. (HK) is a Top 100 CPA
and business consulting firm in the U.S. and the 3rd
fastest-growing Midwest-based firm (Accounting
Today, 2017). Specializing in franchise services, HK
offers 40-plus forward-thinking, innovative solutions
to franchise organizations in all 50 states.
In addition to our tax, accounting and consulting
services, HK offers total hire-to-retire solutions
through our human capital management affiliate,
HKP. Through our HK Financial Services affiliate, HK
offers world-class wealth management solutions.
Huntington Learning
Huntington Learning Center is the #1 revenue
producing tutoring franchise, with an average earning
of 61% more revenue than our closest competitor.
Huntington was founded in 1977, began franchising
in 1985 and has grown to be one of the most
established and well-respected brands in education.
Today, Huntington operates nearly 300 centers in 38
states from coast to coast as a recognized pioneer
and leader in the tutoring industry, providing quality
instruction to tens of thousands of students through
our national network of franchised and company-
International Franchise
Professionals Group
Our depth and level of franchising expertise along
with our track record for providing independent and
objective franchise advisory/consulting services
clearly differentiates HK from all other franchise
advisors across the country.
When you partner with HK for your franchising
needs, you will always have easy access to one
of our owners who will walk in your shoes with you
and who has a unique perspective on being an
entrepreneur and business grower.
Phone: 888.556.0123
owned tutoring centers.
For over 40 years, Huntington Learning Center has
been the leader in the tutoring and test prep industry
with an established reputation of providing highquality, individualized programs for students of all
ages and in all subjects. As a Huntington franchisee,
you will inherit our reputation for excellence and be
recognized in your community as an industry leader
and premier brand of tutoring services.
For more information, contact Gina Elliott at:
Phone: 800.653.8400
IFPG to power their business. All of these individuals
understand the value of being associated with IFPG.
The International Franchise Professionals Group (also
known as IFPG) is a membership based organization
that has over 700 members. Our members consist
of Franchisors, Franchisor Brokers, Lenders, and
other Franchise Professionals that help potential
candidates in the process of buying a franchise.
The IFPG is a strictly membership based organization
that does not participate in any referral fees from
our franchisor members or our brokers, thereby
allowing all of our members to work freely together.
Our long-term success is predicated on retaining our
members and providing all the tools needed to help
you sell more franchises, and close more deals.
Hundreds of nationally recognized franchise
companies have chosen the IFPG and its members
to represent their brand; hundreds of experienced
franchise consultants and brokers have chosen the
If you’re a franchisor, franchisor broker, or another
profession that serves the franchising industry call us
today at (888) 977-IFPG to learn about membership
Little Caesars
nationwide. The company also offers opportunities in
non-traditional franchise venues, including convenience
stores, college campuses and military bases. Little
Caesars works closely with franchisees to develop
locations with customized architectural and build-out
As the largest carryout-only pizza chain in the world,
Little Caesars is doing something right. Little Caesars is
an international brand and household name. It’s come a
long way since starting as a single store in metro Detroit
in 1959.
The Little Caesars brand and distinction of being named
“Best Value in America”* for the last ten years is proof of
its commitment to satisfying customers by providing one
of America’s favorite meals at an affordable cost.
Today, Little Caesars is looking for franchisees to bring
HOT-N-READY® pizza to a wide range of communities
Midas, a recognized brand throughout the world and highly
renowned name in complete car care, is proud to be one of
North America’s original franchise opportunities – and one
of its best.
With Midas, you experience the best of both worlds - the
support of an experienced franchise organization and
the satisfaction of operating your very own auto service
enterprise. As a Midas franchisee, you become a trusted
name the day you open your doors for business. Building
consumer trust is at the heart of our brand. We work every
day to earn that trust by providing expertise, responsiveness,
and the best value to every customer every time.
Benefit from nearly 60 years of “The Midas Touch”
*“Highest Rated Chain-Value for the Money” based on a
nationwide survey of quick service restaurant consumers
conducted by Sandelman & Associates, 2007-2015.
Phone: 800-553-5776
Midas has built a stellar reputation in the automotive service
and repair industry nearly six decades. We want to help you
succeed. Before you open a location and as you continue to
operate your shop, Midas will help you with the following:
• Business management system for your shop
• New franchisee orientation
• Ongoing training and training resources
• Operational support.
• Development support
• Optimizing and marketing your business:
Join Midas today by calling 1-800-365-0007 or visiting!
This website and any request for information or forms are not a franchise offering or an offer
to sell a franchise.
Franchising USA
fr anchise & serv ices di r ecto ry
Page 65
fr anchise & serv ices di r ecto ry
Our Town America
For 45+ years, Our Town America has been providing
new movers with traditional hospitality by mailing warm
housewarming gifts from local businesses in a premium
welcome package.
It is Our Town America’s mission to welcome new movers
into their community, to help local businesses gain new loyal
and long-term customers, and to provide franchisees with an
excellent business opportunity.
Thousands of satisfied business owners throughout the
United States attest to the success and effectiveness of the
Our Town America program, while dozens of locally-owned
franchises validate the Our Town America concept as a
viable business opportunity. Franchisees are neighborhood
pinot’s palette
Pinot’s Palette is a pioneer of the paint and sip
experience – a revolutionary way to enjoy art and
wine, meet new people and bond with friends.
#1 paint and sip for franchisee satisfaction – Pinot’s
Palette is a unique, art-inspired entertainment
concept catering to adults, corporations and kids.
By combining art and wine into a single concept,
Pinot’s Palette now offers an inclusive, social activity
for guests to enjoy with friends, family or work team
PIRTEK is the fluid transfer solutions leader in sales and
service and the only franchise of its kind in the United
States. With more than 30 years of experience in this
field, PIRTEK boasts more than 400 Service & Supply
Centers and a fleet of Mobile Service Vehicles in 23
Powered by an industry-leading approach to sales and
service and backed by a corporate center passionate
about its franchisees and customers, PIRTEK offers
unmatched service and logistics.
This is a sales-driven, service-based business that
Remedy Intelligent Staffing
Remedy Intelligent Staffing is a nationwide staffing
organization with over 50 years of recruiting and
selection expertise to match qualified candidates
with employment opportunities where they will
Our franchise brands, Remedy Intelligent Staffing and
Westaff, place candidates in a variety of positions,
primarily light industrial with a secondary niche of
administrative/clerical. Our three core offerings
include temporary, direct hire and temporary-to-hire
staffing services.
Restoration1 is the fastest growing restoration
franchise in the emergency restoration industry
for mold, water, fire and smoke damage, handling
jobs of all sizes across the nation for residential and
commercial property’s.
Our business is based on local and regional
relationships with insurance adjusters, building
inspectors, subcontractors and policy holders.
It is always in high demand and not affected by
economic trends because it is based on necessity,
not discretionary spending.
Our model is a powerful opportunity for the right
Franchising USA
marketing consultants, showing local business owners how
to target their best prospects with enticing offers via direct
Since beginning to franchise in 2005, Our Town America
has been consistently ranked a Top 50 Franchise by the
Franchise Business Review, making them the only Advertising
brand to land a spot in the 10-year Hall of Fame and the sole
company to be crowned the Franchise Business Review’s
All-time Top Company.
Pinot’s Palette’s entertaining environment, expert
guidance from trained local artists and exceptional
customer experience creates strong word of mouth,
community recognition and a loyal customer base.
Pinot’s Palette looks for franchisee partners who love
to entertain and values that fit comfortably within the
Team Pinot culture. Not art experience required!
Franchising since 2010 with more than 130 locations
in 33 states, Pinot’s Palette is an established, awardwinning concept leading the paint and sip industry.
Website: or
focuses on repairing and maintaining hydraulic- and
pneumatic-powered machines. Although the brand might
sound like an opportunity better suited for someone
who can work a wrench, it’s a business well-matched
for entrepreneurs who understand the value of building
relationships and are prepared to capitalize on the
opportunity to thrive wherever industrial equipment is
used—and it is used virtually everywhere.
For more information contact:
Lu-Ann Senia, Executive Assistant
Phone: 321.504.4422
The parent company, EmployBridge, with corporate
headquarters in Atlanta, GA, operates more than 490
offices nationwide and is the 10th largest provider of
staffing and workforce solutions in the world. With
annual sales over $3.2 Billion, we employed over
460,000 associates on assignment at more than
19,900 companies throughout the USA.
Contact: Chad Wright, Franchise Development
Phone: 877-478-4033
candidates, as it involves no inventory, no brickand-mortar location and high-volume growth that
continues through almost any economic climate.
Our ethics, professionalism, quality and availability
are carried out at each of our franchise locations.
Our team is committed to giving franchisees the
support system they need to succeed in these same
areas. Restoration 1 Franchisees can reach full
potential with our superior training, technical support
and in-territory support.
Contact: Gina Roberson
Phone: 800-993-0803
Field service & franchise management software
ServiceM8 is a field service management app which
empowers small business to thrive.
It’s a cloud-based Software for field-based contractors
and home services businesses like electrical contractors,
plumbers and pool care specialists. Field staff use the
software via a native app for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.
With powerful communication, job dispatch, estimating and
invoicing capability, and real-time visibility on job status and
staff location in the field, ServiceM8 helps businesses get
work, complete work, and get paid faster.
When you own a Subway® sandwich shop, you’re part
of the world’s largest Quick Serve Restaurant chain
and one of its most recognized brands, and you’ll get
the support and experience that comes with it.
Be part of a winning brand that keeps customers
coming back for delicious meals made just the way
they want. Subway® is the undisputed leader in fast,
wholesome food.
Our sandwiches are made to order right in front of the
customer, precisely the way they want - using freshly
baked breads, select sauces and a variety of delicious
ServiceM8 Franchise further extends the job management
platform to empower field service franchises. Franchisees
use the ServiceM8 app to manage and streamline their daily
operations, while each franchisee account links back to the
franchisor’s head-office account. This provides amazing
network-wide visibility of operations and performance, and
the ability to instill great business processes and professional
brand representation across an entire franchise.
Contact: Steve Olson,
Business Development Manager North America
Phone: (844) 688 2880 - USA Toll-free
toppings. When you join the Subway® family, you’ll get
world-class support before you even make your first
sandwich and well beyond.
Our franchise support system features: training,
product development, advertising, purchasing
cooperative, field support and much more.
Contact: Ralph Piselli, North American Franchise
Sales Manager
Phone: 203 877 4281
sweetFrog Premium
Frozen Yogurt
and even birthday parties. At sweetFrog, we take pride
in being a part of our community and we treat our guests
like family.
sweetFrog Premium Frozen Yogurt is not only one of the
most rapidly-expanding frozen yogurt concepts; we are
one of the fastest growing franchises of any category in
the nation!
In addition to offering the best in quality service to our
communities, sweetFrog has a proprietary line of our very
own yogurt which ranks well above the rest in taste tests
across the globe. As the industry leader, our Research
and Development team is constantly searching out and
testing for the next great and most delicious flavor!
Voted the #1 frozen yogurt shop in the US in 2016 by
The Daily Meal, sweetFrog continues to offer amazing
franchise opportunities for all entrepreneurs.
Our stores have become pillars in each community,
hosting little league celebrations, school fundraisers,
Phone: 804-835-6761
Contact: Shemar Pucel
The Dry Boys
We are the ONLY water-damage restoration franchise that
rewards exclusive territories.
The Dry Boys is a water-damage restoration company that
concentrates strictly on floods, water damage and any water
related disasters of any size.
You will receive customized One-On-one training on your
schedule from myself, I will teach you and relay to you
everything I have learned and experienced over the past 25
years on the field, I will duplicate real-life scenarios, floods
and disasters in our state of the art training center so when
you go out in the field, you have already seen it all. But
training is only the beginning; the support that follows is what
will make the big difference.
From a small flood in your basement to a major hurricane
disaster we are ready and capable of restoring your
residential of business property in rapid fashion.
We’ve implemented a unique system that allows us to
be more efficient when we respond to any job and our
locations have an advantage of getting the work done with
a resourceful process that benefits the home owner and the
franchise owner alike.
the inspection boys
The home Inspection business is one of the most
In-Demand trades in the country and The Inspection
Boys is the lowest Start-Up franchise inspection
business opportunity in the nation.
The Inspection Boys has a unique marketing
structure to get you up and running quickly, has an
amazing training and support system to ensure that
you’re ready to go out and conquer your territory and
most of all it offers a corporate team that will be with
every step of the way.
Besides for being the lowest start-up inspection
You can get more information about our business at
our website or call us at
844 99-DRYBOYS – I urge you to take a look at the site
and learn more about our company.
franchise business in the nation, The Inspection
Boys also offers you the lowest royalty program, the
lowest overhead cost and the largest territory sizes
in the trade.
When you join the Inspection Boys, you will join
more than just a franchise business, you will join a
family oriented team that cares and looks out for your
success and accomplishments.
Reach out to us today at 800 819-4403 or at and find out
for yourself. You may also check us out at
Franchising USA
fr anchise & serv ices di r ecto ry
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fr anchise & serv ices di r ecto ry
The Interface Financial
Group – IFG 50/50
The Interface Financial Group – IFG 50/50 is an affordable
home-based franchise that provides short-term working
capital to small and medium-sized businesses by purchasing
current, quality invoices at a discount, thus accelerating the
client’s cash flow and growth.
All transactions are syndicated 50/50 with the franchisee and
the franchisor, and that means less working capital required
to fund transaction: IFG does the bulk of the due diligence
and the ‘paperwork’ for the transactions, and IFG 50/50
franchisees will concentrate their efforts on building the
referral relationships – they do the ‘people work’.
Key advantages of being an IFG 50/50 franchisee include:
• No staff to hire, fire, or manage
TopFire Media
TopFire Media is an integrated digital marketing
and public relations agency, specializing in the
franchise industry.
Our clients benefit from our years of experience
in franchise SEO service, public relations, media
relations, content writing and management, social
media marketing, and web design. We work to
bring all of these elements together to achieve a
common goal – our clients’ success.
Mixed martial arts is the fastest growing
sport in the world, and UFC is the leader
of MMA.
UFC GYM allows everyone to train like MMA
athletes. Members can get in incredible,
shape in a UFC Gym. Each class offered is
an experience. Being the brand extension
of UFC®, UFC GYM is the first to combine
the world of mixed martial arts and fitness
Veterans Business Services
Veterans Business Services provides the most advantageous
franchise acquisition terms for Veterans and provides
innovative entrepreneurial training for qualified Veterans
seeking grants under the VA Vocational Rehabilitation
Veterans Business Services (“VBS”) specializes in
entrepreneurial opportunities for Veterans and has an
extensive reach into the Veterans community and can
generate significant interest from qualified Veterans who wish
to start a franchise or small business.
Our integrated approach combines our public
relations and franchise SEO service prowess and
is designed to generate brand awareness, drive
consumer engagement, and build credibility for
your company.
Phone: (708) 249-1090
Fax: (708) 957-2395
Contact: Matthew Jonas
approach has developed a fun and energetic
atmosphere where members can feel and see
their fitness results.
UFC GYM is not what you expect, and
more than you can imagine.
Contact: Jason Losco,
Director of Franchise Development
Phone: 714.668.0911
campaigns, news press releases, and online franchising
e-magazine articles, VBS gets the message to qualified
Veterans who are invested in starting a franchise.
VBS supports service disabled Veterans who are enrolled in
the self-employment track within the Veterans Administration
and provides outreach efforts to transitioning military through
TAP and ACAP programs. As a graduate business of the
Entrepreneurial Bootcamp for Veterans (“EBV”), we also
assist other graduates of EBV and provide coaching support
through mentoring programs. VBS is where Veterans turn to
make their franchise dreams a reality.
VBS offers multiple marketing methods that have proven
effective with helping franchise organizations with their
expansion plans. Utilizing custom email marketing
Contact: James Mingey
Phone: 202-349-0860
franchising usa
Excellent for branding and recognition.
A-Z Listings are a great way to promote your
business, giving you a presence within our
publication and also the Franchising USA
Each detailed, full colour A-Z listing comes with
a 150 word write up and your logo.
Franchising USA
• No storefront to own, lease, or maintain
• No Inventory or stock to purchase
• No extensive travel because IFG franchisees do business
• Business-to-Business, professional environment with
regular business hours of operation
• Flexibility to relocate for part of the year or permanently and
continue doing business
Our franchisees are excellent communicators, relationship
builders with decision-making and problem-solving skills,
and much more sales & marketing oriented. IFG has been in
the ‘invoice discounting’ business since 1972, and employs
its franchise network in the US, Canada, New Zealand,
Singapore, the UK, Ireland, Australia, Mexico and South
Choose a 12 or 6 month package or simply
add the A-Z directory onto your Focus, Profile
or Ad!
To learn about the A-Z directory or any other
products please contact Vikki Bradbury: or
Jejak Graphics is a freelance graphic design business based in Melbourne, Australia
working with clients worldwide. With over 20 years experience in the design and
print industry specialising in magazine layout and advert design as well as offering a
number of other graphic design services and print solutions including:
• Corporate stationery
• Brochures and flyers
• Poster and banner design
• Educational manuals
• Sports programs
• Monthly Newsletters
• Product labels and packaging
Artwork is tailored to your brand and focused on your message and target audience.
No job is too big or small.
Contact me today to discuss how Jejak Graphics can make your company or
organisation leave ‘a lasting impression’.
a lasting impression
We may be in a new city this year but the opportunity to expand your franchise is as
great as it’s ever been. Join over 200 FRANCHISE BRANDS from over 75 INDUSTRIES
for 3 days of meeting and interacting with THOUSANDS OF TOP QUALIFIED LEADS.
Franchising USA
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