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Glimpse August 2017

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AUGUST 2017 Vol 10 Issue 8 100/-
Glimpse brings to you an exclusive shredded look of Ninja, the rising sensa on.
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Content AUGUST 2017
From the
Rahulinder Singh Sidhu,
Creative & Managing Director
Neha Sidhu
Dear Readers,
Well, music is undoubtedly the food for the soul but acting is magical. It changes your
look and your attitude, and you can be anyone. I am super excited while sharing this
with all my lovely readers, that Glimpse got an exclusive photo shoots & interview of
the rising Punjabi sensation, who is not only a marvelous singer but also an amazing
actor. Gracing our cover page we have with us, Ninja, whose songs can be heard loud
enough in almost every car on the gehri route. Fashion makes the world go round,
so we have a special power of panache this time and the gorgeous style diva, the Na
na girl D‘Himanshi Khurana can be seen, flaunting her exuberant style & making a
fashion statement. Coming back to the soul theme of August issue, we have with us
the famous & handsome hunk- B Jay Randhawa, who is a well know personality in
Pollywood. Wishing all the proud Indians a very Happy Independence day! Looking
forward to the 71 years of Independence made us think that, after so many years of
independence are we truly independent as a Nation? Get a glimpse of our serious story
‘Flight of freedom or fantasy’. As it is rightly said by Ibn Battuta that traveling leaves
you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller. We have brought you special travel
stories. Our travelogue on Tosh, defines the beauty of the place, and the locals whereas
our other travelogue on Leh Ladakh , provides you an insight on the routes and it is an
adventurous journey written by one of our readers.
Last but not the least; flip through our pages for spicy gossips and a lot more on IIFA
awards 2017.
Enough said; now it’s time for you to read on and explore more. So, once again Happy
Independence day to all my fabulous readers , give your feedback and suggestions
without any hesitation.
Have reading!
Jai Hind …
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Splendid content, good designing and a
lot of effort can be viewed. I am extremely
impressed by the quality and relevance of
the content for its target audience. Many
thanks for the beautiful coverage and I
wish you lots of success.
I would say you guys do remarkable job,
and I am thankful to the marketing team
for being so humble and helpful all the
time. I am definitely looking forward
to work with you guys, had a great
time and experience with the team of
The experience of collaborating with
the unique team of Glimpse has been
outstanding. I really like the content
of July issue, which not only provides
an insight into the Punjabi culture but
also the lifestyle of the people. It is a
delightful read, thank you Glimpse
for the wonderful work spirit. Keep
Your issues are complete package, from
beauty to fashion, everything is up to the
mark. The content you guys pick every
time is entertaining and informative.
Thank you for featuring me in your July
issue; it was a pleasure working with
you guys. Keep doing good work. All
the best to the team.
I like reading Glimpse and look forward
for its monthly issue. It is pleasure to see
my article which is well articulated and
true reflection of mine. Service & Quality
of your response & representatives who
have been in touch with me on this is by
far exceptional and superlative. Keep
up the Good Job!
10 | GLIMPSE | AUGUST 2017
From the past two years, I have been
connected with Glimpse. I would like
to appreciate your professionalism and
the prompt service that I have received.
I am glad that Glimpse gave me an
opportunity to be a part of the Glimpse
Glimpse Exclusive
Glimpse brings to you an exclusive shredded look of
Ninja, the rising sensation.
Call it his handsome looks or breathtaking smile he
owns, Ninja has truly solidified his role as one of
the most adorable and wanted star in the Punjabi
industry. Dripping poise with his each move, Ninja
believes in working hard and never giving up. With
his new striking appearance, miraculous music talent
and amazing acting proficiency, he is shinning like a
star. Ninja gives an exclusive insight on his life, looks,
friendship and a lot more.
Text: Manokriti Bedi
12 | GLIMPSE | AUGUST 2017
He is a Punjabi singer turned actor,
who has created uproar in the
industry with his soulful voice & mindblowing acting skills. Yes, you guessed
it right! It’s none other than ‘Ninja’,
the sensationally rising Punjabi singer
& actor.
Ninja in ‘Royal’ look.
14 | GLIMPSE | AUGUST 2017
Real name: Amit Bhalla
Relationship status: Complicated
Blow candles on: 6th of March 1991
Born and bought up: Ludhiana
itting the Punjabi music
industry with the super hit
remixes and songs like ‘Pindan
Wale Jatt’, ‘Thokda Reha’, ‘Oh
Kyuni jaan sake’ and many more, he
has given a super hit Pollywood movie
‘Channa mereya’ , which has received
high buzz, hype, and publicity. The
movie was blessed with beautiful script
and definitely skillful actors like ‘Ninja’.
He has made a place in the millions of
heart in a very short span of time, he is
enjoying huge fan following in real life
and on social networking platform as
well, and he has Facebook followers up
to 820,211 and Instagram followers up to
1.1 million.
In a candid interview with Manokriti
Bedi, Ninja has laid bare all his thoughts
and opinions on fitness and his new
wagon of six packs; he talks about his
journey, his friends who supported him
like brothers, his efforts in learning
music, identifying with the demands of
people, and much more.
Define yourself?
My fan’s support is the true definition of
Is your family supportive of your
career choices?
I was born in a modest middle class rural
family, it was a joint family. I was quite a
studious kind of chap and I had stopped
taking pocket money from my parents
after 10th standard. I took a part time job
during my college days, in a Vodafone
company, where I worked as a team
leader. Though I had a cult for singing
since early days, my family wanted me
to quit my passion and likes for singing,
they wanted me to get conventional
education and work to support my
family; they were also scared of my
dream’s getting shattered. They were
never supportive of my career choices.
Like it is said, ‘jo huna hunda, oh ho hi
janda aae’, with the blessing of Almighty,
here I am today and my family is proud
of me.
How you transformed from a normal
looking guy to stunning Ninja?
The first thing that Umesh Ji asked me
was to work on myself, which involved
losing weight, gym classes, and dance
and performance classes. It was only
when I was completely prepared, he
Ninja with his pillar of strength,
Umesh Karmawala.
launched me. When I met him I weighed
almost 130 kg, so I reduced almost 70 kg
before entering the industry. I focused
on my physical fitness and it was a total
What challenges you had to face in
this industry?
My first song ‘Annd Maand ka tola’ was
a flop and it was heart breaking for me.
People who admires me now perhaps
wouldn’t even have heard the name of
the song ever. But I believe, if you have
a strong determination, it will pay off
and nothing can stop it. Umesh paaji has
been a great support at good and bad
16 | GLIMPSE | AUGUST 2017
Please share your musical journey?
It is just the start, boht vaadi race aa,
shidadat naal kam kara gae te chala gae .
What kind of songs you prefer to sing?
And share one of your song that is close
to your heart or it relates with your real
I like to sing every kind of song, which
makes me a versatile singer. Though,
romantic songs are much closer to my
Oh Kyuni jaan sake is the song which I
can relate to the most. Everyone goes
through ups and downs in a relationship
but I truly believe that if you love
someone with your full heart, they will
come back to you if not today then soon.
According to you, who you see as
your competition?
I have struggled hard to reach where
I am today, I also see so many other
singers of my age singing, but I maintain
strongly that there is no substitute to
hard work. The one song wonder cannot
go for long. I am in competition with
As now you have tried your hand
at acting, what is true calling now,
music or acting?
I will give you an example, if you go to
office and spend all your day there but
at the end of the day you go back to your
home. In the similar manner, Music is
my home and my true calling. It has
made me where I am today.
Will we see Ninja as a producer as
I don’t have any such plans yet.
A secret behind your six pack abs
and fit body?
‘Prince Bhatia’, my trainer as he is the
hand behind my abs and my fitness. He
settled me nicely with my gymming and
my diet.
How active are you on social media?
I believe that for an artist, social media
is a blessing. It helps us to deliver our
talent all across the world, and now I am
quite active on all the social networking
Did you expect Channa mereya to be
such a huge hit?
I knew that people love me but I never
knew they love me so much. Getting
thousand comments on a post is a
different thing but spending money
and going to see my picture is a totally
different thing. I am really thankful to
my fan and audienece and also to the
team of Channa mereya for tremendous
How you got this role?
Big and heartfelt thanks to Pankaj
Batra, White Hill Production and Sunny
te Gunbir Paaji. They were looking
innocent and fresh face; they somehow
felt that I am perfect for this role.
Any part of the film you can relate
your real life character with?
Isn’t he hot as fire?
He’s a true desi boy with a down to earth
attitude & way to humble.
I believe my whole character in the
movie. I am quite similar in the real life
as well, though the romance part was a
bit difficult otherwise it was more like a
natural thing.
One song you could have sung
Hawa de Varke
Best Compliment you have ever got?
Well, that I am a hard worker!
Who is you music inspiration?
I have been a huge fan of Kuldeep
Manak since childhood, as he is known
for singing a rare genre of Punjabi music
, Kali ( a poetry bond under strict rules in
Punjabi literature). Since that time he has
been my only inspiration, & someday I
would like to sing like him in high pitch.
On the eve of friendships day,
anything you would like to share?
I have learnt many instruments like
18 | GLIMPSE | AUGUST 2017
harmonium etc, but when I wanted to
learn instruments I didn’t had enough
enough ( baja laen nu paise nae si ) So,
my friend Gurpreet Singh Sahi got it
for me from Gurdwara. My biggest
achievement in life is getting such
humble , down to earth and good friend.
Any plans for friendships day?
Every day is special for me, I celebrate
everyday as a friendship day and I would
thank Gurpreet Singh Sahi and Ajeet
Singh Chana , for being no less than
What is your fitness regime?
Well, boiled food, gymming and regular
exercising. I was a big foodie! Few years
back I weighed almost 130 kg , but then
I realized that I need to ditch my love for
food and I started gymming and cardio ,
followed by dance classes, which helped
me reducing the extra kilos and for my
this new look I made sure that eat, sleep,
and gym on time.
If not a singer / actor, what we
would have seen Ninja as?
If not a singer, I would have been doing
a random job which have fetched me
some money to support my family , but
I ma grateful to the Almighty for letting
me live my dream.
Upcoming projects?
My another movie will be coming up in
September, it’s a family drama and my
character is where he is not able to give
time to the family due to busy life and
work pressure.
Any message for your fans?
I would like to thank and give much love
for all the constant support and I would
like to make a request, which keep
working hard, never give up, you never
know when life gives you a chance from
being a zero you can be a hero.
Favourite food: Aloo de parathe,
saarson da saag & Rajma Chawal, made
by my mom.
Favourite destination: Canada.
Escape route: Ludhiana.
Current crush: same as relationship
status (laughs).
Constant source of inspiration: The
love I get from my fans & Umesh ji.
Favourite musician: Kuldeep Manak
What do you do in your off time:
Gym. G
TexT: MAnokrITI BedI
Ninja while flaunting his new look.
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20 | GLIMPSE | AUGUST 2017
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Compact, stylish and colourful, it’s everything we love! For all the times you don’t feel like lugging around
a huge handbag, these adorable mini sling bags will add a pop of colour to your outfit while being handy
enough to store your basic essentials.
Himanshi looks a class apart in her
blue attire from her personal collection.
26 | GLIMPSE | AUGUST 2017
Doe-eye pretty and oh so chic – This stylish
diva made a splash in Punjabi music industry
, wither Hardy Sandhu’s ‘Soch’ , Jassi Gill’s
‘Laden’ , J stars ‘Na Na’ , Himanshi made a
mark in Pollywood , with her back to back hit
Himanshi looks glamorous in a black gown by Forever new paired with black heels by river Island.
er appearance in Punjabi movies like Saada Haq &
leather life, showed her great traits of expression.
Himanshi has got the temperature soaring. She oozes elegance and has a natural charm, her charismatic
face, brightening smile and svelte figure have garnered her
immense fan following. A graduate in Aviation, she talks to
Glimpse about her style icons, prized possessions and much
While conversing with the lovely diva, talking about her personal style statement she said, “Style is inborn in a person, it’s
like an oomph factor on one’s personality and for me styling
is a care free approach that whatever I do I fit into it. My style
statement is something out of the box in an elegant way”.
She added, “I keep myself updated with new trends and opt
for the ones which suits me and my body type. I am not much
of a brand person, I love to shop but it can be from anywhere
from malls to street shopping”.
While talking about her personal style aesthetic, she shared,
“I believe my personal style stamen is my eyes and lips. No
matter what I am wearing, which brand I am adorning, you
can’t take away the fact that what your eyes can do for you,
nothing else can”.
The lovely
Himanshi khurana
looks fetching
in this splendid
'lehenga' by
Cosmo Village.
(Jewellery by
Himanshi poses elegantly in
her bridal attire from Babi &
jewellery by k & A jewels.
Himanshi likes to keep her makeup to the minimal and focuses much on brow makeup as she feels, it can bring out the
best in you and it enhances the look as well. She believes that
the right lip colour and carefully styled eyes can make any girl
look like a diva.
Giving her take on her favorite designers she said, “Internationally, I admire Dolce and Gabbana while my favorite Indian
designer is Vikram Phadnis”.
“Kim Kardashian is my style icon because of her daring style
and the way she comes up with new things. She doesn’t follow the trend rather creates it”, she remarks.
For this season her favorite colours are golden and black.
28 | GLIMPSE | AUGUST 2017
Cherished piece of accessory:
Earrings & rings.
Favourite shopping destination:
Milan (Italy).
Signature look: Anarkali Suit.
Fitness formula: Freestyle exercise, cardio, low fat intake & lukewarm water with lemon and honey
in morning with empty stomach.
Style essentials: Heels and Handbags. G
TexT: MAnokrITI BedI
Himanshi looks gorgeous in her long anarkali attire from her personal collection.
The Look
Millie Mackintosh
for her
Alia Bhatt
Like a tattoo, the slogan T-shirt has
become the celebrity’s weapon of
choice in order to make a statement
without saying a word. In a country
where fashionistas look up to Bollywood celebs for inspiration, the divas
have taken a sensible and responsible
way of endorsing their views and
ideologies. From Priyanka Chopra
to Deepika Padukone and Anushka
Sharma — Bollywood’s beauties have
made a statement by pulling off powerful quotes on their T-shirts. Not only
Bollywood, Hollywood female actors
are too into action, take a look at
these celebs that impressed onlookers
with cool and quirky T-shirt quotes.
Cara Delevingne
Kathreen Khavari
Gigi Hadid
Amelia Lilly
30 | GLIMPSE | AUGUST 2017
Miley Cyrus
Paris Jackson
The Look
for him
Matthew McConaughey
Aamir khan
Slogan T-shirts ARE in demand again and not just because it’s summer. As a more
casual approach to style has
swept through men’s fashion
in all of its elastic-waisted
and comfy-fitting glory, tees
bearing motifs and messages have been elevated from
cheesy pickup lines to a serious statement.
Tip: steer toward muted
shades that are “easy to
Ranveer Singh
Robert Sheehan
Prabal Gurung
Varun Dhawan
Jack black
Our Bollywood hotties really
know how to make us
weak in the knees. Effortlessly stylish, these divas
make fashion look like a
child’s play. We‘ve specially
handpicked, some
of the most fashionable
celebs for you.
Jacqueline Fernandez was spotted in a shiny Zara bomber and
midi-skirt with a white crop-top
from Madison. The actress looked
fabulous & on top of that she
carried this attire very well. She
accessorized her look with a pair
of dark blue shoes. Layering well
done, we say.
32 | GLIMPSE | AUGUST 2017
Alia Bhatt pulled off such sass
with her airport style; the young
actress was spotted leaving for
IIFA 2017 in bodacious amazing
look. She dressed up her LBD by
layering a Marc Jacobs military
jacket with a red statement bag
from Louis Vuitton. She styled
her hair in a sleek ponytail and
kept her face flowing with no
Kangana Ranaut left all a little speechless
airport security, wearing a black Balmain
XH&M jacket, Dolce & Gabbana white tee
with black skinny jeans; Kangana had all
eyes on her. The Jean Paul Gautier boots
with a Tomford bag added the perfect touch
to take this look to the next level.
The comfort of a shirt can’t be denied, especially when the
deconstructed versions are so good-looking. Katrina Kaif
opted for a really cool style. She chose a striped deconstructed shirt from Monse Maison. She paired it with a skirt
from Proenza Schouler that had an interesting cut too. The
uniquely crafted garments when teamed together definitely
looked fascinating. So, Tanya kept the styling simple with tan
block-heel sandals from Paul Andrew.
Kanika Kapoor seems to be having
a very stylish holiday, while soaking up the heat in St Tropez she
was spotted in two very striking
and high-fashion outfits. She wore
an Emilio Pucci two-set; Kanika
showed off her killer abs and flaunted her sexy belly.
Mahira Khan has a mesmerizing
sense of style; she looked absolutely
royal & stunning in a strapless highlow hemline Nicolas Jebran white
floral gown at Beirut International
Awards Festival and took our breath
away. The gown had a long trail
on the back with floral appliqué all
over it. Mahira perfectly paired her
adorable look with Zoughaib and Co
diamond earrings. Way to go girl!
Kriti Sanon opt for earthy hues in bring in the fall fashion season. She wore a tie up tunic on bell bottoms in
her airport style for a fresh look! It’s modern, yet boho
chic that’s pretty much the essence of Kriti’s style.
TexT: MAnokrITI BedI
Shirt – Roadster
Pant – Espirt
Shoes – Nike
Glasses- Floyd
Our shutterbug snaps the coolest outfits
and accessories in and around of the City
beautiful. Here are a few inspiring looks
for this month. Watch how the youngsters
flaunt these outfits with aplomb
CoMPILed BY: MAnokrITI Bed
Top- Tommy Hilfiger
Shorts- H&M
Shoes – Zara
Going for a classy appeal
with a camouflage t-shirt
& half pants Richhpal
seems stylish and relaxed.
He pulled of the fancy red
sneakers with much ease
and with the right dose of
34 | GLIMPSE | AUGUST 2017
Welcome monsoon season with sporty but cute
look. You can wear such
combo for a casual day
look or for a long drive
as well. Sargam looks
adorable in this attire.
She opted for subtle
colours and matched up
her shorts with sneakers
, way to go girl!
T-shirt - Smith
Jean - American eagle
Boots - Clark
Bag - Leather Bag Street
A classy pair of jeans, a simple tee with sophisticated shoes is
the go to outfit for everyone, it’s one of the most versatile outfit
around and it allows you to go from a day at park to night out
with friends.
Denim- Zara
Top- Forever New
Heels- Zara
Sunglasses- Dior
Sequin Purse- Koovs
Divya looks hot in
Divya looks pretty in this attire, a pop of colour is the
best way to brighten up your wardrobe and have been
a huge hit for this season. Boyfriend jeans is an ongoing
trend, her whole look is on point. Rig choice baby!
Givenchy Black Ring Cutout Detail Vest
Make stylish combinations with these and
look stylish during the monsoon days. Here
are some combinations to inspire your
outfits & accessories.
Resin C
Bracele oco Bangle
t Blear
Bal w
e Cy
ue G
Boyfriend Jeans From Boohoo
Dior Band
Valentino Multicolor Beaded Rockstud Rolling Medium Shoulder Bag
36 | GLIMPSE | AUGUST 2017
Monsoon seasons are in full swing and open-toed shoes are basically a blank canvas for color, right? This summer, look in to
mood-lifting shades that will put you in instant vacation mode and help you stray from your everyday reds and nudes.
1. Butter London English Lavendar 2. Burberry Nail Polish Nude Pink 3. Dior Nail Lacquer Wonderland
4. Essie Lace To The Altar 5. Smith And Cult Nail Lacquer Bitter Buddhist 6. Sally Hansen Miracle Gel
Prince Char Mint 7. Rimmel 8. Pretty Vulgar Liquor Nail Polish Tickle My Fancy
The safest way to compliment the muscularity and polishing yourself, in my opinion will be to reach out
and work out on simple tips and remedies that may help you get rid of everyday guys’ issue, without posing any threat to skin and hair. Here are some tips and effective remedies from my wellness basket-RICHA AGGARWAL, Beauty and wellness expert.
I usually face problem of fungal
infections during rainy season, this
gets very irritating and painful,
please advise me?
One of the main concerns in monsoon
is ones tendency to develop fungal
infections in our body folds. This is
mainly due to wet clothes and shoes.
The danger-prone areas are the armpits,
groin and the area between our toes.
One way to take care of this is to use
an anti-fungal soap such as Savlon
for bathing. However, this may cause
excessive dryness so restrict its use
to the fold areas only. After bathing,
apply anti-fungal powder on your feet.
Clotrimazole, which is available at any
medical store, is very effective.
Humid weather causes my skin to
sweat a lot, I can’t wear the makeup
I desire please advice?
Humidity in this season is responsible
for our skin to sweat and attract dirt and
pollutants more easily. When you step
indoors, always clean your face to wash
away the grime and dirt. During the day,
it may not be possible to splash some
water or maintain a cleansing practice.
To avoid accumulation of sweat and dust
particles, use wet wipes. Use waterproof
make up and after applying makeup
spray chilled water drops on face, this
will settle the makeup.
My skin is acne prone and during
monsoon problem aggravates, is
there any remedy from the kitchen?
During the monsoon, our skin gets
wet quite often. Different types of skin
38 | GLIMPSE | AUGUST 2017
react to this problem differently. Skin
can either become very dry and prone
to acne or it can become very oily and
attract dirt and pollutants. Those with
acneprone skins should opt for
water-based moisturizer. If
our skin is dry yet pimplefree, then an oil-based
moisturizer is better
suited. For Oily skin Age-old
recipes of chane ka atta and
raw milk (without cream). For Dry
skin in one cup of rosewater, add
two teaspoons of glycerin and rub all
over your skin. These ingredients
contain properties that soften
the skin and leave it smooth to
touch. For the sensitive skin
and all skin type’s face pack of
neem and turmeric is available.
This pack is super powerful, Antibacterial; purifying pack regulates
excess oil secretion, clean clogged
pores, clears the skin, and prevents
outbreak and recurrence of pimples and
Tips By:
Richa Aggarwal,
Beauty & Makeover
Expert, Cleopatra
Salon & Bridal
Plus size models have been making serious
waves in the fashion industry recently.
Gaining a huge presence on social media,
landing major campaigns and events and
even designing their own ranges, the ladies
are taking the plus size fashion world by
storm. Curvy women have been left out of
the fashion conversation for years. But a
real revolution is underway.
She believes that there are no size
requirements to fit a lipstick, then why
are there no curvy models in beauty
& fashion industry? She expressed,
“Plus size models are obviously needed
in fashion industry because there are
plus size clothing lines. If a model has
confidence in who she is and how she
carries herself, size is just a number then
and is irrelevant. We can bring a change
only if we make enough noise for our
e catch up with a plus
size model, Nidhi Jain,
probably most famous
for her participation in a
recent Pageant ‘MS PLUS SIZE NORTH
INDIA 2017’.The gorgeous lady has
made her name by winning the sub title
of ‘fashion icon’ , in the pageant held in
While conversing with her, regarding
the stereotypes about the curvy women,
she expressed her views and said, “For
many years we’ve only seen the typical
skinny ‘model’ look and now, people
don’t want that. They want to see the
hale and hearty next door, the girl with
stretch marks who’s not afraid to show
them, the unedited, unperfected photos
Ms. Nidhi Jain, a plus size model and a fashion
icon, looks sophisticated and classy.
and blemished skin. People don’t want
to be told what the ‘perfect’ woman is,
we’re all perfect in our own way and
plus size models are showing this by
getting out there and showing that
women are beautiful in any colour,
shape , and size.
Spreading this body positive is making
the world change and sees plus size
people as just people, and they’re not
any different because of their weight!”
Nidhi Jain, who hails from Ludhiana,
is a single parent of a fourteen year old
lovely daughter. Nidhi believes that
exquisiteness goes along with the other
two essential features, right attitude with
Such ladies are an utter source of
inspiration for many and they have
categorically thrived in changing the
impression that plus size people are
lethargic and eat badly. What came out
instead was that they also have ardor
to chase their passion and make their
dreams come true.
Nidhi said, “I am currently focusing on
converting my passion into career and I
am following the path correctly, as I have
got an offer in a Punjabi movie, where
I will be seen in the role of a mother of
the heroine. That is not where I will stop,
I have much more to achieve it’s just a
Undeniably beautiful & will powered,
this lady will be a household name in no
time. G
Nimrata Chadha, a post graduate from
Punjab University, began her career
as an executive with a Japanese Airline. But, being a Natural Healer with
inborn Intuitive Instincts, she realized
her true calling to be a Spiritual Therapist & a Holistic Healer practicing
and teaching various forms of Predictive Sciences & Healing Modalities for
over 18 years.
he did her first Reiki attunement to
the vibrational mystic world and
developed a substantial practice in
healing & meditation and distance
healings. She kept learning parallel and
advance modalities from eminent spiritual
gurus. Throughout these years she has
become sensitive to the Energy atmosphere
around person’s body and has discovered
powerful therapeutic effects for best results.
Her technique lies in combining the Tarot
& Reiki practices for the best results for the
patient. She received her Tarot certification
from Tarot Guild, Bangalore.
Seeking her from books like “Autobiography
of a Yogi” and “See you at the top” there
has been no looking back for her in helping
people in whatever way she can. She
believes in healing every needful soul and
has successfully brought positive changes to
Nimrata has helped many to attain physical
and mental well being. Her specialization
40 | GLIMPSE | AUGUST 2017
From nimrata’s own wardrobe,
dress- Tommy Hilfiger.
Shoe- Steve Madden.
Bag- Calvin klein.
Shades- ray Ban.
Jewellery- Swarovski.
being the positive results in
conception cases. Apart from many
positive results for financial gains,
career prospective to name a few.
During a tete-a –tete with Glimpse
team, Nimrata shared her incredible
Tell me a little bit about yourself
and how you were drawn to
Tarot. What is your style for
Tarot reading?
I have always been very inquisitive
and curious about the surroundings
and the working of universe around
us. The whole idea use to fascinate
me. Though I started my career as an
airline executive but soon I realized
my true calling to be a Spiritual
Therapist & a Holistic Healer.
What sort of services do you
provide to clients?
Well, I am into Tarot Reading, Reiki
healing and Switch words.
How can people, in your opinion,
benefit from a Tarot reading?
A tarot card reading allows you to
clarify situations. It can be used to
tap into the unconscious, where
all the answers lie. Then you can
make decisions on your own what
to do next. Yes, you can look into the
possible future with the cards, but
remember it is up to us to decide
what to do or not to do. A tarot
reading can give you incredibly
detailed information about your
current. Individual card has meaning
that applies to your life.
From nimrata’s own wardrobe,
Silk kurta - Meena Bazaar.
Trousers- Fab India.
Shoe- Steve Madden.
Clutch- ALdo.
Depending on the layout, you will
have information regarding your
love life, financial situation, how
your friends and family affect your
question, and what you’re possible
actions can lead to. Tarot helps
you get in touch with your deeper
self, your subconscious to help you
deal with whatever situation you’re
currently in. It provides an honest
outlook on your life, which can be
essential in making the right life
You are the only one in North
India, who is into switch words.
Can you explain the concept of
switch words and how they are
Switchwords are on mantra-like
one-word affirmations. Switchwords
speak directly to your subconscious
mind, helping clear blocks to success
and activating the ability to manifest
love, money, creativity, self-healing
and success.
These words have an ability to
switch your energy from one
dimension to the other dimension.
With this change of energy system
your aura, your situations and your
surroundings are also changed.
These particular changes are very
helpful in changing your whole life.
We have learnt that you are
into astrology as well, so do you
combine all the three elements
(Tarot, astro & reiki?
Merging the modalities like
switchwords and Reiki or Tarot and
Reiki can bring powerful outcome
Do you have a website or a blog
for our readers to refer more
about your services? and
one can follow me on Facebook
Expanding wings: Reading
spiritual literature and listening to
varied meditation music.
Pillar of strength: My self
confidence and my unshakeable faith
in the Almighty.
Life philosophy: Have patience and
let karma take its toll.
Success Mantra: Be focused &
never lose hope. To everything there
is a season and time for everyone
under the sun. G
TexT: MAnokrITI BedI
MAkeUP: AddY MAkeoVerS
he plethora of activities
introduced by this dynamic lady
led to accolades from all circles
of society and intelligentsia.
The dedication, pioneering ideas and
realistic methods of teaching, gave a cue
to the esteemed schools to emulate her
curriculum into theirs.
Innovation being the fulcrum around
which all the activities revolve, the
kids were exposed to Kalpana Chawla
Museum, delving into and exploring
the Fossil Park and hosting Rocketeer
Workshop (one of its kind in India).
Guided by the cream of India’s Rocket
Scientists, the coveted ISRO, the
children were provided with kits to
launch model rockets. The enthusiasm
and ecstasy shown by the kids was so
inspiring that The Club conducted more
of these workshops so as to perk up
their zeal further.
Many a parent councillor workshops
were conducted by eminent
psychologist, like Rajshree Sharda (
visiting Psychologist to Strawberry,
Gurukul and other prestigious schools).
An ex-faculty Of Symbiosis, Anu Virdi
has conducted workshops in the past
years on voice modulations, publicspeaking, social behaviour and dining
Book reading sessions combined with
role plays, international and national
affairs, GK, exploring trivia, tapping
geography, history, literature in the most
subtle manner has given children the joy
of learning. With a personal touch and
compassion towards each child, Shivani
has definitely invigorated the concept of
learning. Children do not come to study;
they have fun and amusement while
‘Learning’ comes striding along.
Shivani expressed her views and said,
“The Learning Tree was conceived in
my heart in 2002 out of desire to provide
a comfortable out of school setting for
children that would complement school
learning as well as benefit children with
added skills so that they grow up to be
confident ,polished, well-versed and
useful citizens of this ever changing
society. An undaunted passion propelled
42 | GLIMPSE | AUGUST 2017
Shivani, the kind of woman who makes other women want to
up their game. The Learning Tree Club was a project started by
Shivani some eight years ago. Not only was it the first of its kind in
the Tri-City, it became so popular that people started to mimic it.
Sadly, you can mimic the result but not the creativity.
me to plunge into this forever learning
stream. Then it was in 2009 that it took
roots. When started seven years back in
the tri-city, I felt there were classes only
for art, craft, music and dance or else
tuition centres. So, thought; let there be
something new, something interesting
yet enlightening. Our curriculum
unfolded with interactive sessions on
historical-geographical trivia, science
experiments, story-telling, reading,
role-plays, creative writing and
opening a book club; and this was just a
She added, “Taking cue over the years
and observing why some children run
away from education despite high I.Q
and others succeed regardless of an
I.Q score, I worked on the principle
of the art of self-learning rather than
a rote based habit. My endeavor was
to nudge the kids to discover their
own potential. Today I have kids in my
club; speaking their minds, forming
opinions, discussing, debating and
navigating their minds to reach
astounding parameters. Their teachers
congratulate their parents on the
change our children are undergoing.
A feather in our cap was a workshop
on rocketeers which was again first of
its kind, facilitated by ex-ISRO scientist
to working scientist and ex-professor
Panjab University who is also presently
General Secretary in the Society for
Promotion of Science and Technology
in India. Here I would like to add that
I take pride and pleasure when I see
many centres have opened on our
With a smile on Shivani’s face and
brightness in her eyes she said, “This
September 2017, I will be seeing my
dream grow into an eight year old
We wish to carry on with new methods
and much learning for us as well as
children as no amount of education is
enough for anyone. By taking children
of different age groups within our
wings, lots of fun with enhanced
learning is our ideology”. G
You don’t need to wear brand new clothes every day to look stylish.
Sometimes, the tiniest tweaks can make ALL the difference! If
you don’t want to spend a bomb to add a glamorous touch to your
outfits, you’re at the right place.
ere are some AMAZING
styling tips to make every
outfit look instantly cooler!
These hacks will make your
life much easier!
wear georgette
top could be paired with a balloon
scarf in flowery and
skirt, a lehenga could be paired with
geometrical prints
a plain cropped top and neckpiece,
if you are going for
etc You can wear long dupatta over
casual day.
your legging and blouse and turn it
BAGS: Bags are
into a contemporary saaree which will
a huge statement
these days and
depending on your outfit, a tote, sling,
clutch or cross sling will give the
finishing touch to your overall look.
Depending on the time of the day or
you are wearing a simple black dress
your personality type. You can surely
depending on the time of the day and
wear stilettos and high heels if your
occasion you can opt for colours like
height is short but if you don’t find
Red, Green, Brown, Grey or Golden.
being stylish. If your outfit is dull and
boring you can liven up your outfit with
bejeweled, chained footwear or sandals
with lace work, brocade, brooches etc.
on it.
SCARVES: Scarves can do wonders
to the dress you are wearing, from
corporate to party or retro look you
without pajamas, you can wear long
buttoned knee length shirt and belt it up,
and you can get as creative as you want
a bag in contrast to your dress. Like if
heel sandals as being comfortable is
spaghetti top or wear a long kaftan
to with your choice of clothes.
SHOES: Always select footwear
then it’s advisable to stick to stylish low
yet modern. Wear wraparon over your
occasion you can select the bag and take
according to the colour of dress and
yourself comfortable and tend to trip
make you look traditional, feminine
ACCESSORIES: Accessories can
Maroon, cobalt blue, emerald green,
gold, grey and black, palate of pastels,
beige, and peach are the go to colours.
make or mar your look, you can look
For the casual look jersey, leather
like a disco diva, ravishing retro girl,
and nylon materials, quilted jackets,
sensuous or traditional depending on
turtlenecks, pencil skirts and tapestry
the type of accessory you are going to
overcoats. For the Indian wedding looks
adorn. If you are the one who wants to
its – lehangas, shararas, draped skirts
do experimentation go for big sized bold
with embroidered jackets, for men –
silver jewellery with your dull dress.
indo westerns, jodhpuries , brocade
This shall liven up your look.
jackets, Long gowns with beautiful
detailing, dash of sixties with splash
of nineties, pixie boots, disco ready ra
can experiment with the way you are
Clothes if mixed and matched well
ra skirts, leggings, exposed midriffs,
wearing scarf. Tie scarf on your neck
not only look good but could have a
balloon skirts with midri top. G
and Wear them in satin polka or chiffon
slimming effect as well. For eg a shirt
polka as per colour of your dress if it’s
could be teamed with a well fitted high
a corporate or official meeting or get
waist trouser, a cropped top could be
together. You can go flamboyant and
teamed with flowy palazzos, a peasant
Tips by:
It is well said, “Love grows best in little houses, with fewer walls to separate. Where you eat and sleep
so close together that you can’t help but communicate. Love grows best in houses just like this”.
ontrary of this saying, the
Sukhija clan owns a spacious
empire in the Capital of India New Delhi. A perfect epitome
of opulence and sophistication, their
empire speaks volumes of their royal
select. Priyank Sukhija and Natasha Jain,
stay in this luxurious abode. The house
features graceful accents that are clearly
aimed at drawing the eye. “It took me
about 6-7 months to complete the whole
project, including the conceptualization
and execution”, shares Priyank.
Conversing about the perfect definition
of ideal home, Priyank said, “An ideal
home is a place where one can feel
comfortable, a place which is not only
aesthetically pleasing but also radiates
the kind of personality the owner has.
44 | GLIMPSE | AUGUST 2017
An ideal home will serve the inhabitants
both in form and function”.
The sprawling mansion is spread little
over two kanals. The elite pad features
the entire section of the house into
different segments. One section of
the house is a master suite. This suite
comprises of the master bedroom, the
master bath, a huge walk in wardrobe, a
TV lounge, and a gym with an additional
bathroom attached to it. On the other
hand, the living room has been kept
more formal, being segmented into a
dining area and seating area with the
help of a baffle wall. Every bedroom has
a fresh and modern look. Romance is
created with swatches of curtains and
drapes that make the rooms all the more
The master-suite was designed so
as to combine style with comfort,
Priyank said,” I have sourced some
of the most comfortable furniture
for it. The walk-in closet, the entire
room which has been dedicated
to organizing and storing the
valuables, it is also something that
I personally like as it looks very
simple in nature but it exudes
In addition to its royal touches, the
designer living space features a
gourmet kitchen. The bathrooms
are spacious and uber chic. All
the cabinets are well designed,
durable and highly functional.
The theme of the house is elegant
luxury, displayed through a combination
of colourful designs, art-pieces, plush
furniture and well-defined spaces. The
colour combination of the house is dream
like. The walls grey with tan accents,
adding a dash of colour to the house. At
the same time I was also able to creatively
utilize both sides of the wall to place the
bar cabinets as well as art work.
While sharing about the design
inspiration, Priyank expressed, “My
design inspiration came out of the
challenge of combining elegance and
luxury, as the words when put together
almost feel like an oxymoron. I wanted
the design to be both sophisticated
and functional”. He added, “Many of
the decor items, art-pieces as well as
46 | GLIMPSE | AUGUST 2017
furniture that you will find around the
house have been sourced from Bent
Chair. Other than that, I have picked
up my favourite decor items from my
travels to UK, USA, as well as various
parts of India”.
The most striking feature of the house is
that an entire section has been converted
into a master-suite with its own subspaces. While the lobby, the kitchen,
the dining room are very interestingly
decorated in their own, the master-suite
is something that is unique to the house.
The evening affair is completed with a
family get together over tea at one of the
picturesque sitting area that overlooks
the garden and captures the sunset
mood. Clearly, the marvelous address
is one-of its-kind in Delhi. Priyank said,
“I love having people over at the house.
Hosting guests is something I enjoy a lot.
I often throw weekend parties/dinners
and invite friends and family”.
‘An ultra luxe living for the privileged
few‘, this is how we would like to sum up
the plush abode of the Sukhijas.
About the family
Priyank Sukhija- Born to family of
Lawyers, love for food made him venture
into restaurant line (Lazeez Affaire) 15
years back when he was in college.
Today, he has started his own Restaurant
Chain Called First fiddle that has more
than 20 fine and casual dining restaurants
across Delhi and NCR, whereas Natasha
Jain is the co-founder of Bent Chair. G
The word mural originates from the Latin word murus or wall. Thus a mural is any piece of art work painted
directly on a wall, ceiling or on the other large permanent surface. A mural draws attention to a building or place.
They are accessible and approachable public art.
urals are probably the oldest
human art form as carve
paintings at numerous human
settlements suggest and can
be found all over the world decorating
homes, institutions and public spaces.
Murals paintings according to art
historians date back at least 30,000 years
to cave paintings. Many thousands
years ago, before the dawn of history
when man was only a cave dweller, he
painted his rock shelters to satisfy his
aesthetic sensitivity and creative urge.
Pursuing his passion, he continued
painting on walls, ceilings and other
large surfaces when he built houses
and other buildings. This art of painting
came to be known as mural art and over
the ages developed various techniques
like fresco, fresco-secco etc. Travelling
through ages to the modern era, this art
imbibed the beauty of cultural values
and enlighten by expressing the truths
48 | GLIMPSE | AUGUST 2017
of life. In some cases these mystical and
magical works have luckily preserved by
the rocky shelters they inhabit, allowing
later generations to enjoy and learn
from them. These ancient murals often
depicted activities in which the people
of the time engaged from religious
ceremonies to scenes of hunting. The
function of murals varies from culture
to culture and from one time period to
another. Historically speaking wall art
has appeared in enclosed spaces from
temples, tombs, palaces to Churches,
museums, libraries and other public
buildings. In the more contemporary
era murals have found their way onto
surfaces in the interiors because those
are the ones that have been able to
These murals are very rare to be seen
in the houses but one such house who
boosts of its priceless heritage is the
house of Late Sardar Gurdit Singh Sidhu
son of Sardar Harnam singh Sidhu of
Chak Attar Singh wala near Bhatinda.
Sardar Gurdit Singh a well known
personality of the area. Sardar Gurdit
Singh Sidhu's ancestors came from
Jaisalmer and then settled at village
Lehra Saundha near Mehraj, Bhatinda.
Later Sardar Gurdit Singh forefathers
bought village Chak Attar Singh Wala
on June 17 th 1869 and settled here
.These murals are about 136 years old
on one of the wall of Late Sardar Gurdit
Singh Sidhu Rais house at village Chak
Attar Singh wala district Bhatinda. It
was not easy to get murals made, as
there was shortage of water supply and
a person use to fetch water in pot from
nearby. But for a strong personality like
Gurdit Singh nothing was impossible
for passion of best house. His house
had many big darwajas on all sides
of the house. There was beautiful
baradari on it. All the structures still
exists. It is beautifully well kept by
every generation. At present the murals
are taken care of by Sardar Gurinder
Singh Sidhu nick named Mitthu or Lal
ji son of Late Gurcharan Singh. There
are different scenes depicted in blue,
brown and white colours. There is Guru
Nanak Dev Ji sitting under tree in With
Bhai Bala on one side and Mardana
on other side under tree in another
scene Guru Gobind Singh ji sitting on
horseback with hawk in one hand and
accompanied by his five Sikhs. One Sikh
doing Chaur Sahib at his back whereas
other four Sikhs carrying spheres. Then
there is Krishan Bhaghwan surrounded
by Gopis, in another Shiv Ji sitting with
Parvati. There are characters shown
which existed at that time. Elephant and
Lion fighting, Nihang Singh making
bhang, kite flying, wrestlers kiker Singh
and Gulam wrestling, Dolchi, Bairagi
Saint in sitting position, Bishni glotey
terdi and bakri wali (Goat ) charning
Elephant, lion fighting scene. Nihang
Singh grinding bhang, kite flying scene.
Kiker singh and Gulam wrestling,
Dolchi, Bairagi saint in sitting position,
Bishni weaving cotton by hand and
Bakri wali was called, charning milk.
Actually along with Guru's all the
characters depicted in murals existed
in those times. It is a useful information
for historians scripted on the wall. There
is beautiful border runs on all sides.
All the scenes are marked by names
in Punjabi language. These murals
were made by local artist from nearby
village Dhuni ka. Dhuni ka got famous
when Bollywood actress Vijantimala
Bali married Dr Bali of this village. It
is must see thing who knows about the
murals in the house. One wonders at
the handwork done by the maker. There
is lot of historical importance of these
murals as they are earliest specimens of
wall painting in the Punjab and Pahari
areas and also of paintings on Sikh
subjects. There are also Hindu themes
beautiful painted. Without doubt, murals
have been around as long as people as
a form of valuable testimony of life from
the prehistoric times to today. From the
cave paintings at Lascaux Grottoes in
Southern France to the street art murals
of today, people have been leaving
signs of their own existence in many
places around the world. It is because
of the earliest scratching, carvings,
etching and paintings that we now
have priceless knowledge of our history
and predecessors. And these murals
held great significance for mankind, as
they depicted life, activities, everyday
scenery and usually religious traditions
of the time they were created in, giving
us a priceless look of the diversity of
our cultures during different periods.
Over the course of time, murals have
covered the interiors and exteriors of
many public buildings such as palaces,
libraries, churches and the houses of
rich Art Patrons, spreading onto the
streets and architectural elements more
recently, all the while keeping their
initial meaning and purpose to paint a
beautiful picture of society. G
Rs. 10,000/- onwards
Rs. 4,000/-
Rs. 6,000/-
Rs. 5,000/-
Swedish or Aroma Therapy, Deep tissue, Ozone Facial,
Chocolate Manicure, Chocolate Pedicure, Steam Bath,
Jacuzzi Bath, Sona Bath, Full Body Scrub and Body
Extra Services: Fresh fruits juice, Green tea, Black coffee,
Ice tea and Snacks etc.
Rs. 5,000, 90 min service as per below
*Service Tax Extra & TC apply
SCO 23, Sector 15-C, Chandigarh.
Follow us on
0172 4620011.
May the sun in his course visit, no land more free, more happy,
more lovely than this our country!
Sardar Bhagat Singh
This year we are all set to celebrate 71
years of the Indian independence. Ours
is the world’s largest democracy, it’s an
occasion to celebrate. But of course it
is. But when we come out of the initial
euphoria of soaking in the spirit of
Independence which is looming heavy
in the air as we soak in the commercial
paraphernalia available to mark the
Indian Independence Day which is
just round the corner. We are filled
with a sense of despair when we think
about what kind of a freedom we are
celebrating. Are we really free in our
own country? Are we free in the choices
52 | GLIMPSE | AUGUST 2017
TexT: dISneY BrAr
that we make when it comes to our
lifestyle, relationships, career choices,
kind of books we read, kind of cinema
we watch, the religious values that we
live with, the kind of sexuality that we
follow, the kind of food we want to eat?
Are we as women free to walk out of
the cosy confines of our homes any time
of the day or night? Are children free
of child labour? Have we achieved the
literacy rates that we set out to achieve
every year? Do we have everyone in
our country living above the poverty
line? Does every family have a roof
above their heads, clean water to drink,
decent meal to eat two times a day? Are
we free of open defecation? Are we
even free in our bedrooms? Well, the
answer to all these queries would be
a nod in the horizontal. Then what is
it that we celebrate every year for the
last 71 years? We have not mentioned
the burgeoning cases of farmer’s
suicides, female infanticide, communal
disharmony, surging crime and
corruption till now.
Is our freedom only on paper? This
Independence Day we try to find out
what is it that we want to celebrate this
God of small things
As we step out of the gates of our plush
homes and stop at the first signal on
the road. We are accosted by beggars,
specially abled people, old people,
and women tagging their almost nude
children to beg on the streets. Some
specially gifted people too can be
seen selling some wares in urgency of
collecting some quick money needed
for some urgent work.
Well, this might be a nuisance to
people travelling on the roads. But this
is a source of income for these lesser
privileged people. Do we even give
them a thought before we just dismiss
them away? Maybe that extra change
lying in your glove box could have
saved the day for that little child selling
those multi-hued balloons to realise his
dream of having a plate full of dal and
rice. But do we even pay a thought?
That old man limping with the help of
a walker is out in the rains early in the
morning begging at a traffic signal. His
face instantly lights up the moment he
is handed a Rs 10 note and he happily
blesses his patron with a ‘Thank you
beta’. He wanted that money to buy
himself some bread and piping hot
tea. Well, isn’t it something which we
all want on a rainy morning? After all
for them these are life’s little blessings.
What is independence for them? Well….
Living hell for India’s daughters
Every day the newspaper is filled up
with stories which shout ‘Rape and
Murder’. Are girls really free in India?
Can we venture out unannounced at
any time of the day. Well not. India’s
daughter Nirbhaya made big headlines
when she was mercilessly raped and
thrown out of a moving bus in India’s
rape capital. Demand for amendments
in laws regarding the conviction of rape
accused was demanded. Big promises
were made but to no avail. India still
witnesses brutal rape cases. Some of the
cases are so grotesque that one cannot
even imagine the pain the women must
have endured. The latest being the
Shimla Rape case reported in the month
of July in which a school going girl
was brutally raped and murdered. The
girl was found with grave injuries and
broken limbs. We wonder could it get
Incidents like the Bangalore eve teasing
incidents reported on the eve of the news
year and the ones reported by women in
the Mumbai locals where men are caught
masturbating in front of women are
hard to digest. What’s worse is that the
women report the cases to the so called
custodians of the society but are told to
change their routes or take some other
train home. The women are left helpless
while the beasts roaming the streets get
encouraged. Such are the dangerous
times that we as women are living in.
Honour killings
It’s been 71 years that we have gained
independence, but boys and girls are
still not free to choose their life partners.
In some parts of the country like Bihar,
Uttar Pradesh and Punjab, men and
women are still killed for marrying into a
different caste and for finding their own
marital match. Recently an engineer in
Jaipur was killed by his in-laws because
the couple had married against the
wishes of the girl’s family and the family
recently learnt that the girl was pregnant.
All hell broke loose. Well, talk about love
in this country at your own risk.
Save the Cow
In a country where we fail to protect the
honour and respect of our daughters,
we are more concerned with protecting
the rights of the cows and safeguarding
them. As if the gau rakshaks were not
enough in a latest development an MLA
Zameerullah Khan has launched a ‘save
cow’ campaign in which Muslim clerics
will visit mosques and administer oaths
to the members of the community to save
cows. Innocent Muslims are killed on the
suspicion of having eaten or carrying
beef. Lynching’s are rampant.
A beautiful childhood ruined
India is the biggest market for child
labour. Children are easily employed
in homes as domestic workers and can
also be seen working in commercial
establishments. While the rich and
he famous boast about their children
going to expensive schools, there are
children who are bright and intelligent
but their economic status forces them
to work to earn money and a meal one
time a day. 12 year old, Madhulika works
as a domestic servant with a family
in Chandigarh, she is forced to work
around 8 hours non-stop, says she, “this
family gave a free house to my father
to stay in my hometown Bihar and also
provides them with free electricity and
water and in return my family has sent
me with them to work for them. I have to
work continuously. I just get a few hours
to sleep and I get no holidays. I use to
study back home but now I have to only
work. My dream of becoming a pilot will
never be realised.” She looks down, her
precious tears biting the dust.
There are many children who are forced
to work. What so ever happened to the
54 | GLIMPSE | AUGUST 2017
child labour laws? Don’t children deserve
a happy childhood? Well a distant dream
in India…
Who wants girls?
Girls in this country are only required
when it comes to giving birth to sons,
doing household chores and satisfying
a man’s desires at night. But when it
comes to giving birth to girls, then the
country is still dealing with the menace
of female infanticide. There are many
cases reported where female foetuses
have been found in drains, on roads and
even buried only to be later ploughed
up by the hungry street dogs to have
a feast. Such is the fate of a girl child.
Seema who was recently forced to abort
her female child in Bathinda, says, “I
was forced to abort my first child after
my mother-in –law forced me to go
through a sex determination test with
a renowned doctor in Amritsar which
the family knew. They told me that they
are just taking me for a
normal check-up, I was
injected with some drug
and later my child was
aborted. I only realised
when I woke up to find
myself bleeding.” Well,
the worship of goddesses
in India is just in the
abuse. Recently an animal shelter in
SAS Nagar was attacked and acid was
thrown on the stray dogs, who were
also beaten up mercilessly only because
the land owner wanted the tenant to
We definitely love our
All said and done let’s talk
about being an animal friendly nation.
Cases of atrocities against stray and
domestic animals are increasing each
day. Log into any social networking site
and one can find many cases of animal
vacate the land where he wanted to build
something lucrative, something which
could earn him money. In another case
a pet dog was shot at twice on his spine
to cripple him up for life because the
neighbour wanted to
settle a score with the
owner of the dog.
Street pets are
either poisoned or
tortured because the
neighbourhood is
disturbed with their
occasional barking.
Does this country
care two hoots for
animal laws? We
The reel freedom
Talk about cinematic freedom. At least
we could have boasted about cinematic
freedom after 71 years but no. films
with bold scripts and dialogues still
have to face the music
with the censor board.
Women centric films
are censored and not
allowed to reach their
target audiences. Well,
is the patriarchal society
afraid of a revolution?
Women centric films
like Lipstick under my
Burkha face censorship
and is allowed a release
only after the film
proves a point across
the globe and wins numerous awards.
Why because the film talks about female
sexuality, independence in a woman’s
bedroom and narrates the stories of
the pulse and passion of four feisty
women. Why can’t women have sexual
preferences? We wonder.
In another incident a mention of the
word Intercourse in an upcoming Shah
Rukh Khan film rakes up a controversy
and runs into trouble with the censor
board. Well, talk about freedom of the art
of cinema.
Well, all said and done, India is definitely
celebrating its Independence Day
and cheers to having completed 71
independent years. But where do we go
from here…Take your pick…!
‘The age of darkness, crime and misuse of
Many of us have heard of the term ‘Kalyug’. The period characterized as that of darkness, wrongdoings
and lawlessness. A discourse by Markandeya in the Mahabharata identifies one of the attributes of
Kalyug to be that ‘People will have thought of murder with no justification and will see nothing wrong in
t is this attribute that seems to
be dominating the state of affairs
recently, specifically to do with the
shocking murders that have hit
Chandigarh and its neighboring cities off
56 | GLIMPSE | AUGUST 2017
Recent murders: Aikam murder and
Sippy Sidhu murder are two very
unfortunate examples of the analogy
mentioned above. High profile murders
where the ones killed didn’t supposedly
do anything to deserve the fate that was
forced upon them.
Increasing impatience
Chandigarh tricity area, though
known for its beauty and the not so
fast pace of life, has somehow become
a victim of stress that has taken a toll
on its people nonetheless. People are
becoming increasingly impatient, their
reflexes and response to the situation is
becoming unexplainable and lethal by
the day.Marital discords or relationship
fallouts are nothing new to our society.
However, what has changed seems to
be how we’ve started responding to
these situations. It is nerve wrecking to
imagine how someone can even think
about murdering one’s spouse, no matter
what the discord. There are a zillion
ways to resolve such disputes, both with
and without the help of the judiciary. It
is equally impossible to imagine how
someone can supposedly get a former
lover murdered. But nothing is left to
imagination anymore. Isn’t this what
Kalyug was always supposed to be?
Spirituality and meditation?
Though spirituality and meditation are
more popular among the masses now
than in the recent past, however, it looks
like it is not the way we breathe that we
need to regulate. It is the way we think. It
is not our proud allegiance to a particular
God or Guru that will help, truly
following that God’s or Guru’s teachings
is what will.
Impotent law authorities?
An important technicality that we need to
study is whether the trigger friendly have
no fear of the law of the land? Is it that
they think they can kill and get away with
it thanks to their clout, power, contacts or
money? Isn’t this lack of fear what led to
Jessica Lal’s murder 18 years back?
Another equally mind boggling
observation we’re forced to make is
the impotency of the law agencies
to investigate and act in such cases.
Chandigarh Police failed to make any
progress for months. As a matter of fact,
no progress was made by this police
force known for its effective officers.
The case was transferred to the CBI,
but not a single arrest has been made
till date. I know these statistics sound
more relevant or realistic for Lahore,
Islamabad or Karachi but unfortunately,
this is our very own Chandigarh. Kalyug!
Judicial delays
Aikam murder may seem like a simple
open and closed case, but our judicial
system, with all due respect, has the
outrageous capability of exhibiting
delays that can only be justified in the
name ofKalyug! However, it is faith in
our judiciary that seems to be the only
ray of light in such a dark age where the
powerful kill, murder and think they can
get away without being held accountable
for their horrific acts. Those at the helm
of affairs should aggressively drive
Judicial reforms, and this is my “Mann
Advocate KanishkLakhanpal, son of
known human rights lawyer Ranjan
Lakhanpal, is of the opinion that one
of the reasons for the increasing ‘spur
of the moment’ murders is what he
calls the “brain jerk” reaction. He says
people are becoming a victim to instantly
responding to stressful situations in a
manner that mostly leads to a lifetime of
Questions we need to ask ourselves?
I knew Sippy personally, and anyone
who knew him knows he was a very
positive and peace loving, harmless soul.
Could his murderers have resolved their
differences with him without taking his
life? Are they getting a good night’s sleep
after killing an innocent soul?
Did Aikam deserve to die? Couldn’t the
supposed discord be resolved in a nonmurderous manner?
My heart sinks thinking about the victims
of the 1984 anti-Sikh riots who haven’t
seen justice in the last 33 years. I only
hope Sippy and Aikam’s family don’t
have to wait forever. G
Punjab is a land of make
belief, exuberance and
abundance all along.
Punjabis are known
for their larger than
life approach towards
everything and that is one
thing they live by. Since the
inhabitants are so joyous
the town is meant to be
super fun too.
We know that misery loves
company but so does
58 | GLIMPSE | AUGUST 2017
he dwindling graphs in people's
lives gives them reasons to find
either solace or companionship
around them and Ludhiana
being a lush and warm town, nobody
is ever left at their own peril. There is
always a shoulder to cry on or a friend to
share a smile with whatever the situation
might be in turn giving rise to a lot many
reasons to be together.
Coming back to the fun fetish prevailing
in this town we must remember how fun
always comes in a trio of food, fun and
drinks out here. How much Punjabis love
scrumptious and succulent cuisines is no
secret, besides food the craze for drinks
in the region is also sky high.
Any upper middle or middle class
household in Punjab is bound to have the
sleekest liquor stacked in their bar closet
simply because of their craze for it.
And it's not just about stacking, people
love to enjoy a glass of bubbly every
now and then and it has become a
great thing to bond over in modern day
Every weekend the evenings in
Ludhiana start brimming with brightly
lit restaurants all set to serve prim and
proper people wanting to savour in
some hootch for they want to dwell
and dive and bond over their bubbly
love. The menu cards sparkle
with such brilliant cocktail
concoctions that they are bound
to bowl people over with their
brilliant euphoria. Just as how
Punjabi's have an open heart
they are always eager to open
their homes too for their family
and friends who like to get high
on life and make merry while
they are at it.
A typical evening like that
would involve the best of
drinks, the best of food and
conversations that glimpse
us into the mighty great world of this
affluent north Indian region that never
fails to show people how Its done.
We all know that
misery loves
company but so
does happiness.
The dwindling
graphs in people's
lives give them
reasons to find
either solace or
around them and
Ludhiana being
a lush and warm
town, nobody is
ever left at their own peril. There is
always a shoulder to cry on or a friend
to share a smile with whatever the
situation might be in turn giving rise to
a lot many reasons to get together.
Over the years Ludhiana has got a
brilliant makeover with numerous fancy
eating joints coming around the block
for people now don't dillydally with
the idea of trying exotic cuisines and
Such articulately designed joints with
beautiful intricate menus adorn the city
boulevards that they are very hard to
The outdoor eating process in the city
has become increasingly prompt and
so the number of quality eating places
have alao started ascending.
Since the town is all about food, fun and
frolic the lounges and restaurants in the
city very beautifully depict it.
Views of the some of the chef's,
restaurant owners and citizens have
been shared to get an insight as to how
the demographics have started shifting
towards the experimentative
and an all encompassing side
when it comes to food and
Jai Singh, restaurant owner
(Casa blanco) , "Change is
constant, and people are getting
more exposure with time due
to many factors like technology
and travelling. So they have
started developing their taste
buds and are more keen in
having exotic cuisines. Who
doesn't like to eat food from
across the globe. Same is the case with
cocktails." G
A group of young Indian citizens wearing green T-shirts venture out at night
with a mission to serve the homeless
and hungry leftover food from restaurants and caterers. They call themselves the Robin Hood Army. So what
exactly is Robin Hood Army? In the
words of its co-founder, Neel Ghose,
“The Robin Hood Army is a simple concept - young professionals across cities
collect excess food from restaurants
and give it to the less fortunate.
n less than three years - the army has
served 2.1 million people food across
41 cities through a simple hyper local
model. We have a no-funds policy, all
we require is your time. The vision of the
team is simple - end global hunger and
create a tangible difference to society
using the power of the community. We
strictly have a no funds policy - we do
not accept financial aid."
Robin Hood Army was conceptualized
way back in 2014 in Delhi, where Neel
hails from. Three years down the line,
RHA have chapters in Chandigarh,
Mumbai, Kolkata, Udaipur, Jodhpur,
Lucknow and numerous other Indian
cities. The army has further matched
into Pakistan, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and
Neel points out very beautifully to us,
"There is no drama or life transforming
instances involved as far as RHA in
India & Pakistan are involved. It's just
the youth of both countries coming
together and working towards the same
60 | GLIMPSE | AUGUST 2017
cause. The problem of hunger exists
everywhere in the world. India and
Pakistan face the same problems in one
way or the other. The youth there thinks
like the youth here.
So it’s just about like, minded people
coming together for the uplift mentioned
of the less fortunate ones, sans the
barriers and the borders. So irrespective
of what's happening everywhere in the
world, we keep doing our bit."
Aarushi Batra, another name behind
RHA highlights the psyche very aptly.
She says, "We very strongly believe
that humanity has no religion & no
nationality. If someone is hungry they
From picking up food at restaurants
or wedding to reheating and serving
it on Sundays, requires some serious
RHA Pak team has an interesting mix of
volunteers: Summaya running her digital
company, Manhoor a graphic designer &
Saarim, a student. Pretty much like RHA
Chandigarh, that has Harshit who is a
hotel management student, Sakshi who
is a chocolate maker & Shyam who runs
a finance company.
need food and nothing else. And that's
what we do. We are one of the very few
organizations that work with people on
both sides of the border irrespective of
what's happening. In fact, we launched
the Pakistan chapter in Feb 2015 - on
the day of India Pakistan world cup
match - and we held a joint drive in both
Having heard such powerful thoughts,
our fingers dial the number of Sameer
Beg, with feverish excitement. After all
I'm going to be speaking to the man
leading Robin Hood Army Pakistan!
Sameer is a senior marketing manager
in a mutual fund company. You see the
passion come through when he says,
“Robin Hood Army has taken Karachi
by a storm and this thunder we hear, it
is solely from our passionate volunteers.
To take time out, be self-less, and spread
smiles is something we give a round of
applause to them for. Without a doubt
we wouldn't function as well as we
do without the constant support and
determination of these individuals.
We are informed with a lot of pride that
the Lalit Group has a pan India tie up
with RHA where they dedicatedly hand
over all the excess food to RHA from
the Sunday buffet - fit enough to feed
approximately a 100 people in each city!
Gourmet 9 in Zirakpur & Pal Dhaba
Mohali is also proud partners. Food
distribution is held at Sector 32
government hospitals & few slums in
the tri city. RHA is more than active in
other cities where they even have RHA
academies helping street children with
studies and books etc.
Joining RHA is super simple - look up
their page on Facebook and request to
join the chapter in your city.
And must we mention the most
important statistic:
Area of operations for Indian /
Pakistani army: Along the borders.
Area of operations for Robin Hood
army: Across the borders!
Join the RHA today and do your bit. G
The Kargil war, an injured pilot
missing for 2 days, a defence
officer's wife refusing to
accept her fate; this plot for a
Bollywood potboiler is the true
account of what happened on
15th July 1999.
The sequence of events
Lt.Col Anil Raj was commissioned on 9th
June 1984 in the regiment of Artillery as
2nd Lieutenant. He served in erstwhile
NEFA (North East Frontier Agency) and
then was part of the Indian Peacekeeping
Force in SriLanka. Im 1989 he earned
his flying batch as a helicopter pilot and
served in all Indian terrains, primarily
Jammu & Kashmir.
1999 saw the Kargil war break out
between India & Pakistan. Lt.Col raj
was already under posting to a peace
location, when there were reports
of intrusion in the Kargil sector. He
volunteered to stay back & go with
his regiment to war. It was during this
period that he was serving as second in
command in the regiment and he was
to move guns in the Drass sector for our
Anil Raj has the day very clearly etched
in his memory, “it was 15th July and
our area was under very heavy enemy
firing. It was extremely difficult to move
forward but you see we had to somehow.
With only patriotism for support, we
decided to move ahead & made a go to
support the operation. Had we not gone
to give the required support, we would
have lost a lot of precious lives.”
There was heavy shelling going on and it
was during this ambush that then Major
Raj was hit by a splinter in his left leg.
The gallant man did not even realise it in
the heat of the moment and once he did,
he still kept on guiding his men to safe
positions. Eventually it became difficult
to move forward and Anil Raj lay there
with bullets & shells zipping by. Losing
track of time & eventually reality, Anil Raj
was found 2 days later & evacuated to the
Srinagar Military Hospital.
The Emotions
In another part of the country, Anil Raj's
62 | GLIMPSE | AUGUST 2017
young bride, Rajshree spent her days at
the Ferozepur cantt everyday hearing
about casualties every single day. Once
news of Anil Raj reported missing came
in, this young lady, who had barely seen
much of the outside world, set out to
conquer it.
She set out all alone in her car, paid
obeisance at the Harmandir Sahib in
Amritsar and drove down all the way to
Srinagar; a pretty mean feat for someone
who did not know how to drive properly
at that time. But a defence officer's wife
never takes a no for an answer! The lady
set out to find her missing husband,
contacting many units Enroute to
Srinagar. Once there and after endless
attempts to find her lifeline, Rajshree
finally learnt that Anil Raj had been
found & evacuated to the Chandimandir
Command Hospital.
Finally the end
“Being the daughter of a Brigadier
& keeping up with the traditions of
brave defence officer's wives Rajshree
demanded that she sees Anil Raj first
before anyone else (her worst fears were
incase he was injured bad, only she
should see him).
The first look, and all pain, anxiousness
and uncertainty was dissolved in a
moment of Love; the kind of moment that
lasts a life time...
The Lesson
I am tempted to ask Rajshree, why did
she not take up her father's offer to
accompany her to Kashmir to search for
Anil Raj? Her answers sums up the key
to living life on your own terms. “I told
my father then, this is my battle and I will
fight it alone.
For the only reward after each battle that
you face in life is Love. And I found mine
when I fell in Love with Anil Raj all over
Then what inspired Anil Raj to volunteer
for the war, when he was already posted
to a peace location? “Just one word; Love
for the motherland...Jai Hind!” Anil Raj &
Rajshree are now settled in the beautiful
city of Chandigarh where they live with
their sons and teach them about life only
through example for no amount of words
have ever bought peace to the warring
lands... G
“Ah waffles... one of the dreamiest aromas
that can float out of any kitchen on a cosy
unday morning! Even though this recipe
contains maple syrup, these waffles actually
work just as well with savoury toppings. If
1. Preheat a waffle iron.
Place the linseeds and warm
water in a small bowl and set
aside to soak and form a gel
while you prepare the other
Add wet ingredients to the dry
and mix gently with a wooden
spoon until just combined.
2. Sift the flour, baking
powder, cinnamon and salt
into a bowl. Tip in any bran
left behind in the sifter and
mix well.
4. When the waffle iron is
heated, grease with a little
ghee or coconut oil, then
ladle in ½ cup of batter and
close. Cook for 6-8 mins or
until golden brown and crisp.
Remove from the iron and
transfer to a plate. Repeat with
the remaining batter.
3. In another bowl, whisk egg
then add the milk, yoghurt,
maple syrup, coconut oil and
vanilla and whisk again until
combined. Mix in linseed gel.
5. To serve, brush with melted
ghee or coconut oil and top
with yoghurt, berries, flaked
almonds and some maple
it’s sunny, I like to keep the flavours fresh
with yoghurt, seasonal fruit and seeds. While on a
cool or cloudy day, avocado, chopped tomatoes,
sour cream and a poached egg hit the spot. These
waffles are a treat, and by that I mean they’re full of
wonderful, whole food ingredients – including spelt,
linseeds, eggs and yoghurt – that are nutritious yet
won’t leave you feeling bloated. And don’t limit
these waffles to breakfast – they make a great lunch
and dinner, too! To make life easier, you can prepare
the batter the night before.”
2 tbs linseeds
100ml warm water
260g unbleached spelt flour (see
note, below left)
2 tsp baking powder
Tsp cinnamon
Tsp sea salt
1 egg
310ml (1. cups) milk (any kind)
140g (. cup) Greek yoghurt
2 tbs maple syrup
2 tbs coconut oil, melted and
slightly cooled
1 tsp vanilla extract
Ghee or coconut oil TO SERVE
Melted ghee or coconut oil
Greek yoghurt
Mixed fresh berries
Toasted flaked almonds
Maple syrup
If you use
wholemeal spelt
flour, add a little
more milk to the
batter as it absorbs
for perfect waffle
results every time.
GST is here, and businesses are still trying to understand the changes required in their current
systems to accommodate the new compliance model. On this note, we bring you our impact analysis
on something which is very near and dear to us; or, rather to our stomachs –the restaurant and food
hough most of the restaurants
and hotels owners are still
trying figure out its affects,
we provide you with a list of
benefits of GST.
Benefits expected due to levy of GST
on Restaurant Industry
Restaurants and hotels may
improve their overall service as
a single tax will be processed
at checkout;
Consumers are finally free
from having to haggle
their brains calculating
various taxes on the final
Needless to say, with a
single tax under GST for
restaurants, the payment
system is going to be more
effective and faster;
Overall, trading on several
commodities that was not regulated
earlier has become more structured;
64 | GLIMPSE | AUGUST 2017
for example, oilseeds, pulses
and cereals have been put under
the light of a structured tax, and
therefore can be accessed better
in terms of both manufacture and
Impact on franchises
If you are a regular costumer of KFC,
Mc Donald’s, Taco Bell, Domino’s
,Burger King and Subway, you must
be aware of the discount offers and one
plus one offer , which you get to see on
your phone through their promotional
message or whenever you visit the
franchise. Since GST many such offers
has been withdrawn, in which case
Glimpse team did a survey, where
a source from Burger King said,
“There is a 10% decline in the
customers after the introduction
of GST”.
Many people feel it has
happened for good, like Roopjit
Singh Bhullar, a resident of
sector 28, Chandigarh said,
“Government has set rules for
our good and I feel all the eating
joints who were offering heavy
discounts were playing with the
quality of the food, after GST such
offers have vanished away and I guess
now they will be paying attention
consumers and restaurant owners under
the new regime and we will have more
reason to explore the new food joints
in our neighbourhood and pamper our
taste buds. G
Components of the bill:
towards the quality of food. As a
customer we want quality not quantity”.
Impact on five Star Restaurants and
Well informed restaurants have
managed this situation pleasantly. As
while speaking to Mr. Singh, manager
of Taj Hotel, he said, “We have a
perfect management to deal with such
situations. When it comes to the price of
food our customers have complete faith
in us.”
It seems like neither the food nor the
customer is getting affected.
Impact on Street Food Joints
Street food joints owners seem to
be much affected than any other
businesses. The biggest problem, they
are facing is increased Investment and
decreased profit. Raju, a vendor who
owns a stall of momos says, “I have to
invest more in business to buy food
ingredients and my profit has reduced.”
VAT: This is the tax charged on
the food portion of your bill.
Service tax: This is the tax
charged on the services
provided by the restaurant. [To
avoid unnecessary complications
government had already
bifurcated the service portion
and food portion and charge
taxes accordingly.]
Service Charge: This is a charge
applied by the restaurants and
not by the government. THIS
IS NOT A TAX. It should not
be confused with service tax as
this is an income to the hotels.
Service tax is not an income
and merely a tax collected
from you and submitted to the
thus decrease substantially, making the
restaurant business a viable and easily
manageable venture again.
But what could go wrong?
The high cost associated with raw
materials multiplies into the bill
thrown on the consumer’s lap at
the end of the meal, which may
discourage people from eating out
Capital expenditure (investing in
capital for the business) could take
a hike because of an increase in the
procuring cost of capital goods.
Nonetheless, with a single unified
tax rate, restaurant owners can take
a sigh of relief as lower taxes may as
well attract more consumers.
Analysis by Glimpse
Thus we can fairly conclude that GST
will bring reasons to rejoice for both
GST will replace all Central level
taxes such as excise, service tax,
and customs duty as well as state
level taxes like VAT, CST, and
entertainment tax among others.
The impact on the food Processing
Better Days for Biz Owners?
As an owner of a restaurant business,
one may be hassled with the several
taxes from the purchase of raw materials
right till selling the final product to
the consumer. How does the GST on
Restaurant Industry affect this target
Raw materials can be procured at
subsidized rates from agriculturists
and farmers at a single stroke instead
of owners having to negotiate – taxes
shall remain uniform throughout states
thus making the competition even. The
overall cost of procuring goods will
One fine winter evening of 2003, as I was
talking to a friend’s father at his residence,
which also happened to be the office of his law
firm, a woman walked in but she could barely
walk. She was beaten up badly by her husband
in full public view, and a local lawyer who came
to her rescue was beaten up too.
he cops had reportedly
failed to act. And hence, she
arrived at my friend’s father’s
residence, as he happened to
be a human rights activist, apart from
being a successful lawyer. The cops were
summoned; her complaint was recorded
and due legal course was initiated to get
her justice. I wondered then, in 2003,
if the country needed laws to protect
women against domestic violence. I
was 17 years old then. Little did I know
that I would end up becoming a human
rights activist myself and that the law I
thought was needed to
protect women against
domestic violence,
would actually turn
out to be a curse for
Now, in 2017, being a
human rights activist
myself, I receive at
least one complaint/
call a day pertaining to
alleged misuse of the
PWDVA (Protection of
Women from Domestic
Violence Act). No
wonder, that Madras
66 | GLIMPSE | AUGUST 2017
High Court went on record to highlight
the vulnerability of the act in 2015 while
dismissing a writ petition, as Justice S.
Vaidyanathan said: “The notable flaw in
this law is that it lends itself to such easy
misuse that women will find it hard to
resist the temptation to teach a lesson to
their male relatives and will file frivolous
and false cases.”
A notable table player of the region
recently told me how he got married to
a woman who’salleged family business
was to extort money from the gullible
groom after filing false PWDVA cases.
His marriage lasted a little less than 2
months, and it took him
Rs 20,000,00 to get rid
of the woman and her
A lady from California
is living a miserable
life as her brother is
at the receiving end
of an alleged con
woman who’s filed
multiple PWDVA cases
against multiple men
in different courts,
ironically, all alleging
domestic violence from
different men for the
same time period. Her
There were 7,634 reported
cases of dowry deaths
and 113,403 incidents of
cruelty against a woman
by her husband or his
relatives in 2015.
blessings of all political parties because
of the vote bank they command.
Failure of the act is also evident from the
statistics: The National Crime Records
Bureau introduced a category for
offences under PWDVA in 2014, where
426 cases were reported. In 2015, this
number increased to 461. There were
7,634 reported cases of dowry deaths
and 113,403 incidents of cruelty against
a woman by her husband or his relatives
in 2015.
Going by the growing perception,
backed by some High Court
judgements, the ‘act’ is clearly being
fight for her brother’s justice is
yet not over.
All over India, many innocent
families are allegedly being
blackmailed in the name of
PWDVA. It has become the
weapon many ill-intentioned
women needed to extort money
from innocent families, or at
times, to just massage their ego.
In my eyes, the ‘act’ has failed to
touch most of its intended target
audience. For example, the
women in rural areas who are
subject to illogical and unfair
Khap Panchayat dictates and
orders have hardly been able to
make use of the act. Every time
they are violated or abused at
home, be it by their husband or
the in-laws, they are silenced
by the Khap Panchayats
that unfortunately, have full
misused by certain women along with
their families to ‘teach a lesson’ to their
husband or in-laws, sometimes on very
frivolous grounds or petty matters.
The ‘act’ though may have helped in
several genuine cases, but isn’t the idea
of justice that not even one innocent
should get punished? Several lives are
being destroyed because of the misuse
of the ‘act’, and it would only be in the
best interest of justice if our lawmakers
get their ‘act’ together by making the
required amends to an act otherwise
prone to grave misuse.
What is PWDVA? - The Protection of
Women from Domestic
Violence Act 2005 is an
Act of the Parliament of
India enacted to protect
women from domestic
violence. It was brought
into force by the Indian
government from 26
October 2006. The Act
provides for the first time
in Indian law a definition
of "domestic violence",
with this definition being
broad and including not
only physical violence,
but also other forms
of violence such as
emotional/verbal, sexual,
and economic abuse. It is
a civil law meant primarily
for protection orders and
not meant to penalize
criminally. G
Few years from now, it always seemed that
parents are special characters in our life with
whom you cannot discuss anything happening
around, whether it was regarding your new
boyfriend/girlfriend, going out with friends,
your new crush, drinking or smoking, and even
about going out for clubs.
hen it use to come over
marriage parents always
preferred to get it arrange
through relatives or
friends. Love marriages and getting
married to a boy or girl out of one’s
community was taken as a crime, for
such reasons in many cases parents
disowned their kids. Issues, like killing
of female fetus and not having female
child, is one of the topics which Indian
society has faced and if female child
was born getting them married at
young age or not letting them study or
if interested in sports but not allowing
them to do it were the issues which
Indian children faced during that time.
Girls were not allowed to speak in front
of elders, during their periods they
were not allowed sitting with family for
dinners, such tortures were prevalent in
the society.
Family bonding used to be the main
agenda of parents where children
and family member stay together, eat
together but not allowed to enjoy their
freedom or speak if any mistake or
wrong step is taken by them. Definition
of family bonding for them used to be
different where girls are not allowed
68 | GLIMPSE | AUGUST 2017
to play with boys and not allowed to
talk to them; they were made to sit
in the bedroom while guests were at
home and were not allowed to discuss
things openly in front of man members,
like her father & brother. Choosing
what career one will choose used to
be the decision of the parents and was
not an individual thing. For them, an
individual's agenda for life was just to
study, get a job and get married which I
think is not fair.
LOG KYA KAHEGE is all they were
worried about. In many rape and
molestation cases where the relatives
or the close family friends were the
culprits, no action was taken as what
society will think was the biggest issue
for parents whom no one could resolve.
How the child will suffer was not even
taken into consideration which is the
saddest of all, which also resulted in an
increase in the rape and molestation
rates in India.
But now, I feel the current era is a
revolutionary one as there is a big
change in the system and Indian parents
also, they have started understanding
the feelings of their children by giving
them freedom for their life and letting
them feel free about how they need to
take their life ahead.
Starting from their own career option
to whom they want to get married to.
Now Indian parents like other parents
in western countries have started to
adopt the culture where their children
are free to leave the house at a young
perspective. Visiting clubs, international
vacations, getting on road trips with
their family, drinking together is
something which in Indian culture no
one could even imagine.
age and persue what they want to.
Also, the parents have now understood
that equality is a necessity. Now girl
child is being respected and parents
also believe in providing them higher
educational qualifications in terms
of study and sports which in turn
have changed the perspective of girls
entering in the area of sports World.
Going through their periods which was
not allowed to speak in front of anyone
now has become one of those topics
where now corporate companies think,
that females will be given leave during
their periods.
From discussing about sex to
relationships to breakup to overcoming
from it, there is something which I feel
is a revolutionary change. When we
talk about Indian culture before and
now, Parents, organizations or we can
say the society has a clearer and better
Such sort of support by Indian parents
witnessed by myself inspired me to
write and dedicate this article to all
those parents who make efforts for
their children and try to come out from
their comfort zone and to make sure
their daughters and sons are free and
With changing mentality of parents
they have also started raising voice
for their family members and children
if at all any rape or molestation case
appear to happen in front of them they
don’t tolerate at all, which also helps
the society as such incidents then
happen less frequently. Trying to adopt
western culture Indian parents are also
becoming cool which also increases our
responsibility as their child to become
more responsible and make sure the
kind of trust they have in us and their
efforts take for us are worthwhile. G
Stretch, sweat and salute the sun
with these stylish finds
Ease into your stretch in absolute style.
Avoid post-yoga panda eyes. Just add water and this
Cloth wipes away make-up even waterproof eyeliner
and mascara.
A sturdy number made from biodegradable,
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Max the yogi glow with H2O.
Your simple support system.
Super soft, breathable and damn comfy gear.
Avoid the hot yoga slip and slide! Handy for covering
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70 | GLIMPSE | AUGUST 2017
To Leh Ladakh
An unforgettable experience for those who love to unwind in the lap of nature....
Summer is that time of the year
when we’d like to escape the
scorching heat and the city life
and enjoy vacations. And, for
those of us who are thrill-seeking and adventure-driven, and
bored of mundane hotel stay
and sight-seeing, a road trip to
Ladakh and Leh is at least a once
in a lifetime experience we look
forward to.
As I have been viewing Leh
Ladakh on TV channels,
it has always been on my
mind as my dream destination. One day, my two
other friends Sumit Sood
and Vivek Vij and I (let me
introduce myself, my name
is Mac Singh) planned a trip
to Leh. But, planning a road
trip to Leh is not a walk
in the park since chalking
out the itinerary could be
tedious and tricky.
72 | GLIMPSE | AUGUST 2017
eing an avid traveler I knew what
all we needed to survive there
in next 10 days, which in fact
helped us. I made a little home of
my pickup truck (Tata Xenon), I fixed up
a water tank, a little stove, bed, grocery
and four medium sized oxygen cylinders.
Leh is a bit challenging for health if you
go by road though there are many centers
around Ladakh providing health care
facilities. Major centers are the district
hospitals of Leh and Kargil.
small miscalculation can cost you dearly.
The entire stretch promises a jaw-dropping
experience since you’ll be flanked by the
most picturesque skies, mighty mountains,
enchanting glaciers and meadows!
However, keep in mind that with no
civilization in sight for approximately, you
will be the only soul wandering through
the entire stretch of 490 kms, crossing 5 of
the highest mountain passes, which would
consume a driving time of approx. 16-18
Other hospitals are sub-district Hospitals at
Drass, Deskit, Khalsi, Padum and Primary
Health centers around Ladakh.
Road trip to the Leh can be ridiculously
unpredictable and full of surprises! For
argument’s sake, assume you had the drive
of your life while coming and landed safely
in Leh. You gave yourself ample amount of
time to acclimatize and are raring to drive
to the tranquil, Pangong Lake where once
the 3 idiots left a mark for the world to see!
The army has many centers and major
hospitals around Ladakh and emergency
services are provided freely. But,
whichever the case is, you will need to
plan diligently for a hiccup-free journey.
Because of the unpredictable weather
conditions and rough and rocky terrain
you will need to factor the total distance
you will cover in a day’s time, where and
when you want to refuel, your stopovers
and booking the lodging since there are
limited accommodations available. Even a
Unlike most tourists who spent their time
around ‘3 Idiots’ shooting point, we spent
time in the secluded portion of the lake.
It was extremely serene and peaceful to
be there. We enjoyed doing extensive
photography. I spent some time on the
photography, and rest just walking around
soaking in the beauty. We spent our nights
at camp made out of tents; they were
pretty decent. We hoped to do some
star trails photography, but couldn’t due
to cloudy skies but we explored good
amount of photography and building time
lapse videos around the lake. We all sat
around a bonfire, exhausted, but trying to
revive our inner strength by immersing
ourself in its warmth in the nail-biting
cold; gazing at the clear, starlit sky and
bantering and talking to each other about
experiences or life in general or your
previous travel experiences over drinks.
Transports you back to your carefree
college days when you made friends for
life, isn’t it?
It is a sure-shot formula to break-free
from everyday monotony, add a flavor of
excitement in our travel sojourns and go
home richer with friends for life!
Here’s our verdict: Travelling with a group
is safer, economical and much more fun!
Happy Tripping!. G
An unforgettable experience for
those who love to unwind in the lap
of nature....
Sometimes you want to just get
away from the city life and lose
yourself in a trance. Walk with no
destination in mind and chance
upon a hidden village. Sit in
surroundings so beautiful that you
lose yourself and end up watching
the sun rise and set from the
same spot. Drink from fresh water
streams and party with the people
from some untouched villages in
their style.
74 | GLIMPSE | AUGUST 2017
ave you ever discovered a
place that effectuates your
etheric auras and changes
your perception towards
life big time? A place calling you
for you to step aside the sociopath
labyrinth and connect you to your
inner conscience, someplace to
manoeuvre your thought process
and change the meaning of
existence for you. An enchanting
landscape that captures the soul,
the snow covered mountains
mesmerize your mind.
Well I must hold the horses here,
provided I would just keep on
chanting the words of quietude
that Kasol has provided me with.
I was completely unaware of the
place until one day my boyfriend
and his friends asked me to come
along and join them on the journey
to the unexplored valleys of these
Himalayan forests. The beauty of
Parvati Valley allures travellers and
yes, I was one of the travellers.
Kasol lies amidst the city and the
conjoint villages in the lap of upper
Himalayas, beyond the hustle of
the city and the Amazonian lifestyle
of the villages, it is a place that can
provide for the life in villages with
all the basic commodities of life
toxicity of this breath-taking landscape,
the campers gather around the bonfire
to have their meals and the soul satiating
forest music does not allow you to sit
patiently without tapping your feet and
for me it was the high time to break a
leg! I couldn’t help but dance by the
flashing river, under the cosmos of
starry sky on the music beats that took
my heart away.
You may find it a comical droll but for
me it felt as if something rewired my
chakras and I was on a transcendent
journey to explore myself.
The days passed and it was time to go
higher in the valleys of Tosh, the abode
of Gods, the place that justifies Himachal
for being addressed as ‘Devabhoomi’The land of the Divine. Paying homage
on the road at Manikaran, we continue
to this uptown funk on the road to never
ending adventure.
The moment I saw snow glazed
mountains resembling a chocolate and
vanilla sundae, I was sure that the whole
adventure has stepped up and now we
were seeing clouds floating below us in
the valley like a flood of cotton candy, “Is
that the land of humongous edible stuff,
like Cloudy with the chance of meatballs
movie”, I murmured in my head.
The whole scenario was so pleasurable
to the eyes. The whole running around
the hills had really starved me, and now
was the time for a hefty meal to make
peace with my grumbling tummy. If you
thought mountains and Malana cream
are the only attractions in Kasol, you are
wrong. The hippie village offers with
abundant options from Israeli, Italian,
Chinese and Indian cuisines. Almost
all places have Shakshouka, Falafel,
Unlike the motels and restaurants,
the place offers you to live and enjoy
the hospitality of the locals, where it
is a secondary occupation of many,
providing accommodation in their own
cottages. Well if you are looking for the
luxury of life then this is certainly not
a place for you, but for those who love
trekking in the unchiseled mountain
paths and dirt-biking this is without the
doubt your abode of adventure.
We stayed at a similar cottage built on
these rocky-mountains in the serenity of
the village, Choch, which is the part of
Kasol; meanwhile the camping site near
the gushing river became our partying
spot. During the night, consumed by the
Schnitzel, Bourekas, and the desserts at
German bakeries are to die for.
The clear picture of Tosh is really hard
to describe, just like the café, it really
had opened ‘The Magic Eye’ for me.
Floating above the clouds and partying
all night long, the euphoria is rare and
you really cannot find that harmony
whilst in the city. Setting myself apart
from the worldly leisure, liabilities and
priorities of life I realized the omnipotent
need of love persistent in all the human
beings, precisely because I was up and
away from these societal commodities,
and that was the etheric journey to
some of the unexplored corners of
Every journey good or bad ultimately
comes to an end, despite it never
occurred to me even once to step back
into the city life where atrocities of
civilisation will be upon me, yet we had
to bid farewell to this-Oh so awesomevalley of the Gods.
I basically don’t know how to portray
either my time in Kasol and Tosh. Words
disregard to depict the heavenliness,
the serenity, the smooth, the peace. I
wager if you bring about these current
76 | GLIMPSE | AUGUST 2017
circumstances put once, you would love
to come here second time as you can
basically not get enough of such a spot.
The Tosh trek was a fearless voyage into
the universe of nature’s wonderfulness
and quietness. It’s much the same as
taking off to a substitute world. The
viewpoint of the nightfall and trekking
through the ways are a vast experience.
I might be back in the city with people
surrounding me, who will impose their
judgement upon me, but being to an
alternate place heightens my potential
to allow all things to come and go.
And of course, to all the readers who
seek safe and sane places to travel
there will Amazon rainforests full of
venomous creatures we are missing
upon. Take time and courage to step out
of the comfort zones and bring out the
traveller in you, stop looking for straight
lines, life is never like that! G
An enchanting tale of
love, deceit, conspiracy
and blitzkrieg where
the fate of a woman
was to test just because
she dared to break the
social humdrum much
to the chagrin of the
he spy by Paulo Coelho is a very
intriguing biography of one of
the most conspicuous spies that
ever lived. The book revolves
around "margaretha zelle" who later
gained alot of notorious fame as "mata
Hari" who was famous for deluding
and duping powerful men. The book
is premised in the First World War era
when the society was being infused
with alot of chaos as an upshot of total
social instability and carnage. Espionage
and spying were few of those terms
that had become part of the vernacular
expression. Now, at times these terms
were very tactfully played with by
the arch politicians. "mata Hari" was
accused of being a double agent by the
German and French political brasses
and apparently succumbed to these
allegations in front of a firing squad that
shot her in cold blood.
and it usually comes knocking when
you are least expecting it. "mata Hari's"
unconventional ways and her striking
personality got her alot of attention and
eventually opened a can of venomous
worms for her as her naiveness and
greed were very articulately used to
hatch a conspiracy that took her life.
Besides being a biography the book
gives out to the readers some really
strong social postulates.
For instance the road less taken is at
times paved with a lot of perils and that
it could never be a smooth walk but
could turn into a death chase especially
when it is a woman pulling the crusade.
The book discusses as to how the
social and family shackles put on to
"margaretha zelle" made her go rogue
and how people whom she trusted
hatched a bloody conspiracy against her.
Though the book discusses it at length
but still manages to not stumble upon
preachy feminism. The narrative of the
book is very gripping and keeps the
reader glued on to it. The language and
the length are both very manageable
and I recommend it to all readers for its
sheer thrill. G
This book celebrates the journey of
an independent woman who had the
courage to defy the prevailing social
conduit and dared to live a life of her
dreams. Mata Hari was a fiesty woman
that had the courage to call a spade a
spade and didn't hide behind the veil of
being a helpless damsel rather aced the
charade and turned the tables to carve
her way out of a rancidly stereotypical
society but fate never fails to reveal itself
On one of my lady’s day out I decided to pamper myself with coffee shot, so in pursuit I landed up
on a snazzy coffee cafe. Blaring
music, plush interior was adding
to its grandiose. Squeamishly I
settled myself in a corner seat.
On my facing table was taken
by a gang of snot nosed teenybopper. I couldn’t escape their
effervescent charm.
simply pretended to be busy on the
phone but lending my all ears to their
prattle. I was startled when one of
the bunch exclaimed to her fellow
that she is looking sick in new dress, but
I found no fault in her, in fact she was a
pretty girl. But my senses went for a spin
when that girl lapped up the comment
with gratitude. I wondered if I heard
wrong or I have been taught the wrong
meaning of sick, where it has contrasting
opposite meaning. I felt ashamed on
being taken for a ride by queen's slang.
My Sherlock Holmes’s spirit prodded
me to dig out more encrypted words
unless I fall prey to them again. In my
steeple chase I managed to destroy the
slang lingo. Let me be clearer, 'destroy'
is used by juvenile blood meaning, to
ace something. Yes, it is killing. Killing
or killer is another misnomer in their
dictionary, as stunning! English is
very aristocratic language but it is also
hypocritical. Wait, I beg your pardon.
Before English marshals misjudge
my daresay, what I mean to say is, we
can always play around with words
in English, It’s flexible. Same word
can twist and turn around the whole
meaning in a sentence .e.g. We need
Buck(dollar) to buy a buck(dear)pass the
buck( blame ). In nutshell it bucks ahead
with little buck up (encouragement).
It bucks for (strive) its multiutility. It
may be bucking deal (gamble) to buck
through. Isn't it wicked! (Brilliant)
it’s ok to murder food when hungry
without any fear of impunity. English
has panache in sarcasm and witticism.
It has a motto to kill with politeness.
Do you understand? Isn't a question
but a command to stand under the
commander?' What a brave proposal'
actually means, ‘you have gone mad,
don’t even think of it'.' Very interesting
' implies it is nonsensical.' It’s not bad'
means fantastic. if you hear its monkeys
outside, don’t go outside to shoo away
monkeys but stay snuggled indoors
because it's very cold outside. With
time English has evolved as the most
liberal language, otherwise how will
you justify, noses run and feet smell. It
has such a flowery style even laziness
spruces up to indolence. English is so
vast and deep like ocean, however we
try to profess an efficiency to swim in
it, and we will be pulled down in its
magmatic spell. G
78 | GLIMPSE | AUGUST 2017
Sunday mornings always starts
on a lazy note, I wonder if my
body maps brain. But then it
brings no respite from my daily
chore of preparing bed- tea for
Mr. Husband at ungodly hour.
ith sleep taxed eyes as I
head for the kitchen to do
the needful, my thoughts
start simmering in my
top potful wit, wondering if we are
accustomed to tasks by gender norms.
Children generally come to their first
conclusion about their gender from their
parents, since they are the first people,
a child relates to. Besides parents give
children gender specific toys, clothes,
aspirations, expectations and subtly
putting across the words, what is
acceptable and not acceptable according
to their gender type.
Once they are raised into young
boys and girls, they are already more
dominant into their respective role
play. Once they're baked into different
moulds, surprisingly they get pitted
against each other on the same ground.
How can you expect a girl technically
sound when since childhood, she is
trained to be a home maker, indulging
her into dolls and house- play. Her
dexterity is measured in holding the
knife to cut vegetables, to come with a
welcome tray on guests’ arrival, to baby
sit younger siblings or take orders from
older lots.
On the other hand a boy, more
appropriately a brat, is raised infused
with male chauvinist diet, listing “it’s
not manly to do household jobs, boys
don't cry”, and cheering for their brash
mannerism. Of Course some gender
benders are there, who defy the norms
and do the unacceptable. For that they
are ridiculed, as Tom boy girl or sissy
boy. Surprisingly, forgetting that men
and women are from Earth only so
when they meet for nuptial bond, they
crash against glass ceiling, falling into
pieces along with their respective alter
egos! This gender fights jumps to the
altercation between female feminist and
male chauvinist blaming each other for
trespassing their respective breathing
space." Seething temperament boils
over the sweetness of conjugal alliance
to a bitter taste”. With that my morning
nector comes to a simmer and I quickly
put down the flame lest it spills over the
leftover sweetness of my Sunday. This
sizzling Aromatic morning tonic is the
life line of almost every household under
the sun. World' s best chefs may be the
males only but in my small pad I peel
the right pod and simmer the right pot.
So without bending gender, I manage to
beat the rival gender. G
I believe our life has chapters. And usually, each major chapter is preceded by an event.
With that event usually being the cause of the beginning of that chapter.
've met innumerable people, read
innumerable stories about how an
event bought about a change in
their lives. I've heard of inspirational
books - and a huge number of them
at that, which are like bibles to people
and rhetoric attribute the minor major
changes to them. But to set things apart,
I recently came across a movie that
changed something deep inside me and
that's when I realized that like books,
movies too hold the strength to bring
about changes in our lives.
I chatted up with people and realized
that I was not alone in my clan. It was
interesting to note, that like me there
are hundreds of people who innocently
sat down to catch a movie on a boring
Sunday - and walked out never being the
same again.
It's beautiful actually, it's like you putting a
pause to the movie of your life, witnessing
another one and then re imprinting your
entire matrix. Here is that list of movies
that I collected, after talking to people
who "knew the difference".
Okja: This has to be number one on the
list, having impacted my psyche deeply.
A Netflix release, Okja traces the story of
a young Korean girl who raises her pet
pig Okja and is enjoying her life with her,
tucked away in the serene hills, nestled
away from the madness of city life. They
play together, ear together, sleep together,
and roam the hills and forests together.
Life is beautiful till the 'company' that had
given Okja to the family comes back to
claim her after 10 years because Okja is
big enough now and her flesh is perfect
to be converted into juicy sausages and
other parts served on dinner tables as
high priced dishes!
The determined girl follows Okja all
the way till New York and sneaks into
places she is not allowed to - with help
from animal rights activists, gets Okja,
then looses her, and finally gets her just
when Okja is one button away from being
turned into a $ 2.00 sausage!
80 | GLIMPSE | AUGUST 2017
The fictional tale, movingly narrates
the happenings of the meat industry.
It's heart breaking to see animals being
treated as mere tenderloin and salamis
and slaughtered on a mass basis.
It's a story we all know about, but Okja
carries the power to change the way you
feel about killing animals for the sheer joy
of eating them in your curries. And Okja
manages to do this without any disturbing
scenes.One look into her beady eyes will
be enough to melt your heart.
In pursuit of happiness: It's a movie
many of you would already have seen.
And for those who are lost, I suggest
you plonk down right away and catch
this true story of a father & son coming
circumstances, from sleeping in public
restrooms to finally owning their own villa
by the sea. Will Smith, the greatest actor
of all times, beautiful portrays the helpless
but determined father & salesperson who
relentlessly tries to make ends meet to
keep his & his son's life going. Things get
difficult when they are turned out of their
home (since he can't afford the rent) and
his wife leaves them for want of a better
Hopping from one homeless shelter
to another one, the struggles only get
tougher. As would be usually expected,
there is no "till one fine day...and their
life changed" in the movie. You are taken
on the journey along with the father as
he climbs up the ladder gradually, works
extra hours, hits upon the right job, excels
in his field, endears people with his nature
and finally finds success - till he soars so
high that they forget what poverty is all
Based on a true story, In Pursuit of
Happiness carries a sunshine feel all
along. So while the struggles are on, hope
continues to underline the entire plot.
See it to feel it.
It's a wonderful life: Do watch this one,
and you could hold the power to change
someone's life. It's a story many of us
would relate to. You would identify with
George Bailey who spends his entire life
doing things for others and dedicating
himself to causes and always putting
himself at the back burner due to a cute
feeling a of worthlessness.
He sees life go past, people fulfill
their dreams, live the lives they ways
envisioned and that just reinstates to
George how worthless his life is. All this
agony of the mind without realising that
it was he himself all this while who never
believed in his own worth. One Christmas
eve, after very crushing circumstances
surround George, the man decide a to
end his life - with the firm belief that he is
worth a lot more dead than alive!
And that's when the heavens wake up
and send down and angel who then takes
George on a journey where he witnesses
how things would have been if had not
existed. How his town would have shaped
up, how the numerous people whose life
he had changed would have turned out...
And that's when George realizes how
significant he is in the scheme of things
- and his life acquires a new meaning for
him altogether.
Soak in this one; it may help you become
a guardian angel for someone who is
going through a massive low. If not that,
it'll help you see a mu have better version
of yourself that the vision you are holding
right now.
Welcome to a new you!
It's interesting to look up for more such
movies and I'm surely doing so. I feel they
keep the melodrama away and still bring
home the point in a sunshine manner.
Please write in to us when you come
across something inspirational like
this...We would love to heat from you. It
may just change a reader's life. After all
they say, "Nothing Changes If Nothing
Changes". G
LET’S FACE IT, if you have sex with
your ex, that relationship is far from
over. Fact. It doesn’t matter what you’ve
convinced yourself over a couple of
beers. If it was over, you wouldn’t still
be jumping each other’s bones, period.
It’s that simple. But there’s a deeper
reason as to why you can’t seem to just
call it quits. Sure, maybe you still love
her. Maybe you even think that there’s
some hope of patching things up, and
that a quickie might just fix things. But
there’s something else… sex.
Sex with your ex was amazing, and
you just can’t let that go. It just works,
and anyway, much better the devil you
know, right? It all boils down to a deadly
82 | GLIMPSE | AUGUST 2017
Lots of people get stuck in this situation,
and can’t move on. They dwell on
the love they felt (and might still
feel) for their former lovers, and they
remember the strong chemistry, and
the unforgettable sex. It’s only natural.
Physically, you might have been a
perfect match, complementing each
other when it came to wants and needs,
even if your relationship was lacking in
other departments. But you can’t forget
the shortcomings, they were the reason
you broke up in the first place. It’s very
tempting to think that great sex might
fix the hings that were once broken.
But the truth is that those shortcomings
will still be there, underneath all the
lust. You think of it as a quick fix for
your broken heart, you may even
believe it. But in the long run, it won’t
be beneficial to you, or your well-being.
So, before making any decisions, ask
yourself a few simple questions. Do
you want to move on with your life, and
cut all communication with your ex,
or are you still in love with her? What
keeps you coming back? Is it just sex,
or is there something else? Why can’t
you let go, and move on? And the final
and most important question of them
all, why did you break up? This last
question will help you better understand
your split, and the cause of it. This cause
is the reason you’re apart now, it’s what
didn’t work between you, and what
brought you to this point.
Sex with your ex can be both a
very pleasurable experience, and a
regrettable one. In most cases, it comes
with a lot of mixed feelings, and can feel
like a bad one-night stand, tainted by
emotional baggage and bitter memories.
Sometimes, it can also be about closure,
you’ll sleep together after you’ve broken
up, and the next morning, you instantly
know that it’s over for good. That’s the
ideal scenario, but what if you’re hooked
and can’t keep yourself from coming
back? Well, that’s up to you. Do you
wish to be stuck with your ex as a sex
partner, no strings attached? Are they
happy with this arrangement? It’s your
prerogative, as long as you’re both on
the same page, and nobody gets hurt. G
If you think your relationship has lost
its spark, this is the season to recreate
the magic. You can recall your first hug,
first kiss and make more memories to
last a lifetime.
elieve it or not, there is no
better season for love. If your
partner is fussy about going
on a date in rain, then we have
some uber cool win date ideas.
always try to replicate the ambience and
even the menu right at the comfort of
your home. If table setting and cooking
aren’t really your forte, you can always
seek the help of friends or family.
some great rain songs to listen to. Make
a playlist and enjoy it together. Good
music often improves whatever is going
on together.
Be a lover nerd
Have sex
Seek out a comfortable place for both of
you and read. You can get yourself some
romantic books, which can turn you on.
Because intimacy and monsoons are
made for each other, what better way to
break out of feeling down? Rain can be
very romantic. Climb into bed together
and take your time.
This naturally goes with the good music
suggestion. Either way, dances with
your partner. Seek them out and ask
them to dance. It’s a great way to add
spark to your relationship.
Just be together, sit by each other.
Intertwine your legs and enjoy the
essences of each other with a light read.
Sit on the porch
If you have a balcony or a garden, make
some tea and grab some cookies and
sit back and relax. The sound of the
rain, the birds chirping and that glittery
green around you will definitely give
you and your partner a romantic high.
Have some gamer fun
Break open the game closet and play
something together. Monopoly, or find
a deck of cards. Interact. Have fun. Just
play something together.
Listen to good music
Bollywood as well as Hollywood has
exploited the monsoon season to no
end. And that’s great because we have
Watch a movie
Pop some popcorn. Dim the lights.
Cuddle with each other and turn on a
good movie.
After rain romance can be continued
and maybe it will help freshen up your
relationship, just like leaves and flowers.
Spend time crafting paper boats
and sail them in the puddles outside
your home.
Walk in the park, it will give
you private access to a normally
crowded public area.
Take out your phones and indulge
in some sefies or take pictures of
natural surroundings.
Boost your energy
You are both already stuck inside. Finish
some of the projects around the house.
Organize an area.
Declutter. Go through your clothes and
get rid of things. When the sun returns,
your house will be more organized and
Cook up a storm
No need to book a reservation to some
fancy restaurant in town. You can
P.S. And if none of these please
you, snuggle into the blankets and
e is back with another amazing
and hit release ‘Deewana’,
which is definitely making
audience & his fans ‘deewana’
for him.
Glimpse got a chance to
have an exclusive tetea-tete with, an actor,
anchor, singer, host and
most love-able Punjabi
youth icon
84 | GLIMPSE | AUGUST 2017
While putting his memories into words,
he shared his musical journey and much
How did you start with your musical
The first song that I ever sung was
when I was in 8th standard, there was
a performance of a fellow mate on our
school annual function but he wasn’t
able to attend due to some reason and
I was given a chance to perform. I sang
‘Rangla Punjab’ of Sarabjit Cheema and
from my teachers to audience everyone
was happy because I was singing well
and surprised because they didn’t knew
that I can sing so well. Professionally,
my career has just began with my first
song ‘Theth Gabru’, the journey has just
started so can’t say much.
What challenges you had to face
throughout this journey?
Nothing special (laughs). Challenges are
part and parcel of life and one shouldn’t
take it too critically.
What kind of support you have
received from your family?
My family is my pillar of strength, they trust me a lot
and I have received immense support and love from
How would you describe the current state of the
Punjabi Industry?
It is growing for good.
How was your experience with Deep Jandu?
It was an absolutely amazing experience. He is a house
of energy and most importantly he has a heart of gold.
He makes everyone feel like home and makes sure that
the person with him is comfortable and happy.
Do you think women are finally getting the same
recognition male artists are?
Women are getting recognition and they were
getting it before as well. Surinder Kaur , Parkash
Kaur ,Narinder Biba , to name a few are the legendry
singers and they made their name even before we
were born. So, in any case female singers were given
back then and they are still getting it now as well.
Who is your favorite female artist at the moment
and what is your favorite track?
Miss Pooja is my favorite and I really like this track
So will we see you as an actor as well?
Yes, maybe! Surprises on the way!
Upcoming projects
Right now, I am concentrating only on music so
planning to release 3 more songs in 2017.
Any message to your fans and budding singers?
Have faith on the Almighty, Never give up and keep
moving, on what pace you are moving, it doesn’t
matter! G
TexT: MAnokrITI BedI
You blow candles on: 8 January
Current city: Chandigarh
Hometown: Kapurthala
You’re Inspiration: B jay the stunter
Your favorite cartoon: Tom and Jerry
Favourite shopping destination: Countless & keeps
on changing.
High point in life: Everyday.
Low point in life: Well, when my dad left us for
heaven (10th June 2015)
Favourite artist to work with: Eren E.
Escape Route: Nothing as such.
TexT: dISneY BrAr
Patriotism sends a rush of adrenaline flying through our blood like nothing else.
The surge of emotions which are triggered by a hint of patriotism on the celluloid is
unmatched. Of course the sight of the tricolour, the playing of the national anthem in
the theatres prior to the start of the film and the sights and sounds of our country on
celluloid makes us take pride in the fact that we are Indians.
mongst the most remembered
ones when it comes to films
which invoke a patriotic
spirit in us comes Jagriti
(The Awakening) which was released
back in 1954. The film is based on the
1949 Bengali film Paribartan directed
by Satyen Bose. The film is the best
patriotic film, suitable to inspire children
and adults alike.
The film portrays the story of a spoilt
brat turned good samaritan after
witnessing a painful death of a friend
who was out to change him. The film
is loaded with patriotic songs and
lyrics which nudges one towards love
and loyalty forone’s country. Another
film plucked from the 1960’s is Hum
Hindustani which stars Sunil Dutt and
Joy Mukherjee along with Asha Parekh.
The film juxtaposes the clash of the
Indian feudalism with the youth of the
country during the Nehruvian era. The
film is still remembered for its song
‘Chodo Kal Ki Batein’ sung by Mukesh.
86 | GLIMPSE | AUGUST 2017
Another landmark film which triggers
love for our country in our hearts
is,Mother India where the audiences get
a peep into the struggle in the life of a
woman who lives in rural India and has
to endure hardships economically and
socially to raise her children.
She is oppressed by the local money
lender but her iron will keeps her going.
That will represents the strength of
an averageIndian woman. Also who
can forget the 1965 Sino-Indian war
film Haqeeqat starring Balraj Sahni,
Dharmendra and Priya Rajvansh. The
film is remembered till date for the
haunting melody ‘Kar Chale Hun Fida,
Jaan-o-tan Saathiyon’ penned by Kaifi
Azmi and Sung by the one and only
Mohammed Rafi.
When one talks about films which fall in
the patriotic genre, Purabaur Paschim
tugs at ones heart strings. The film deals
with an issue which was relevant in the
1970’s when the film first hit theatres to
the present day. It narrates the stories of
people who feel ashamed of their Indian
roots, it is about people who also change
their names to gel with the natives of the
countries they go to settle in. The film
stresses about how we should be proud
of our Indian values no matter where in
the world we go and settle down.
Shaheed which hit theatres back in 1965
is yet another film worth mention out of
the many which are made as an ode to
Shaheed Bhagat Singh. Manoj Kumar
essays the role of Shaheed Bhagat Singh
with impeccable finesse. The film reflects
on how Bhagat Singh and his comrades
resorted to violent methods to make
their demands heard only when all the
peaceful methods to achieve the same
having failed.
Then comes Kranti in 1981 as the title
suggests the film revolves around the
revolution of 1857. The film narrates the
events which led to the uprising and the
aftermaths of the same.
The more contemporary scene in
Bollywood would want us to pluck a
multi-starrer, Border from the films
released in 1997. The film which was
based on the 1971 war between India
and Pakistan was a runaway success.
The film captures the undying spirit
of the Indian soldiers who wage a war
against the oppression of the Pakistan
army battalion. The film was followed by
J P Dutta’s film on the Kargil War titled
LOC Kargil made in 2003.
Talking about patriotism let us not forget
a mention of Richard Attenborough’s
Gandhi, which saw a non-Indian
director taking up the initiate to make
a film on the father of the nation. But
the film was backed by the National
Film Development Corporation for its
Could we miss out on the Oscar
nominated Lagaan which narrates a
beautiful story which was well directed
and scripted and went on to achieve
international recognition. The story
talks about a tax levied by the east India
Company on a village unreasonably.
When the villagers ask for a rollback, the
decision is left on the winner of a cricket
match held between the Britishers who
are already adept in the game and the
naïve villagers who are absolutely new
to the game.
Another film which needs a mention
is the Ashutosh Gawariker directed
Swades which saw romance icon
Shahrukh Khan tossing up a
performance which is hard to miss.In
the film Khan essays the role of an NRI
who works for NASA but take a flight
to India where he wishes to find out
about hischildhood nanny. He ends up
falling in love with the sights and smells
of India. He is touched by the simplicity
of the villagers and helps them resolve
some of their basic problems dealing
with water and electricity. He returns
back to his job only to come back again
to his country for good.
Talking about juxtaposing romance and
patriotism comes Vidhu Vinod Copra’s
1942: A Love Story which is a period
love story set against the backdrop of
the freedom struggle.
After that comes the very refreshing
Rang De Basanti in 2006 which tells
the story of a group of young college
students who slip into the roles of
Bhagat Singh and his comrades and
rustle up the spirit of the freedom
fighters, their zeal and valour when it
came to fighting against the British Raj
and seeking independence for India,
when a women documentary filmmaker
comes to India to make a documentary
on Shaheed Bhagat Singh after getting
inspired from her grandfather’s diary.
Films which can be categorised in
the sports genre like Chak De India,
Dangal, Mary Kom, Bhag Milkha Bhag
and Sultan also tug at those feeling of
patriotism amongst us. Of course it was
a pleasure to watch Shah Rukh Khan
essay the role of the hockey coach taking
India to its glorious win in the finals and
eventually winning that shiny trophy,
taking the tricolour flying at a higher
altitude than the flags of the other
Films and patriotism are a deadly mix
when it comes to resuscitating our
love and pride for our country. On this
Independence Day, switch on your idiot
box and we assure you will come across
one of the above films, all ready to
invoke those feelings of patriotism and
pride in you.
Happy Independence Day. G
Aditya roy kapoor with fans
Celebs take a selfie on stage
katrina kaif and Shahid kapoor smiling wide as the lady
gave Best Actor Award to the star.
When Alia sang ek kudi with diljeet dosanjh. The
gorgeous lady presented the Best debut Male Award
to the actor.
Alia and Sonakshi Sinha posing
88 | GLIMPSE | AUGUST 2017
The much awaited IIFA
awards 2017, the event is no
less than a big fat Bollywood
party, where all the celebrities
assemble to perform, dance,
sing and enjoy their hearts
out. So, when all the big
names come under one roof,
a lot of jaw-dropping is bound
to happen. Here are some of
the ‘CUTE’ moments from the
IIFA 2017 so far which were
lovely. Here are the list of the
winners below:
Best Film: Neerja
Best Actor Male: Shahid Kapoor for
Udta Punjab.
Best Actor Female: Alia Bhatt for
Udta Punjab.
Best Director: Aniruddha Roy
Chowdhury for Pink.
Best Supporting Role-Male:
Anupam Kher for M.S. Dhoni: The
Untold Story.
Best Supporting-Female: Shabana
Azmi for Neerja
'A.R. Rahman awarded for his 25
years of musical contribution’.
Best Debutant – Male: Diljit Dosanjh
for Udta Punjab.
Best Debutant – Female: Disha
Patani for M.S. Dhoni: The Untold
Style Icon Award: Alia Bhatt
Best Female Playback Singer: Tulsi
Kumar for Airlift.
Best Female Playback Singer:
Kanika Kapoor for Udta Punjab
Best Performance in a negative
role: Jim Sarbh for Neerja.
Best Actor in a comic role: Varun
Dhawan for Dishoom.
Woman of the Year: Taapsee Pannu
for Pink
Best Music Direction: Pritam for Ae
Dil Hai Mushkil.
Best Playback Singer- Male: Amit
Mishra for Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.
Best Lyricist: Amitabh Bhattacharya
for the song Channa Mere Ya from Ae
Dil Hai Mushkil.
beautiful chemistry between the two
Crazy moments Varun dhawan Saif Ali khan and karan Johar
Host karan Johar having fun with actress Shilpa Shetty kundra
The duo selfie, Mika & Anil kapoor
Salman khan and riteish deshmukh were seen laughing hard
IIFA 2017
day 1 at IIFA 2017 Varun dhawan and Alia Bhatt at IIFA PC17
Apart from awarding the talent of the
Indian entertainment industry, the
event had some really interesting and
crazy gossips. Where Shahid & Mira
gave some relationship goals and
Katrina & Salman Khan was caught
being flirty and exchanging seductive
looks with each other. Though the
young & cute duo don’t accept to be
seeing each other but they share a
really special bond.
Salman’s rumoured girlfriends katrina and Iulia
ended up coming in similar outfits.
The legit love birds
Singer raja kumari wearing a unique
Shahid and Mira giving major relationship
Salman and katrina kaif’s endless eye
Alia Bhatt
Sequins were the “In” thing on the IIFA
green carpet and nobody could top this
bling-tactic number. The delightful outfit
which highlighted a full skirt of dark tulle
secured with blasts of silver shimmer and a
beaded bust was a lovely incredible sight.
The best outfit was definitely worn by Alia
Mira & Shahid Kapoor
Varun Dhawan
Alia Bhatt
As for the men, we absolutely loved Varun
Dhawan’s outfit. He wore an Emporio
Armani tuxedo and Gucci shirt and YSL
shoes and we love that quirky bow-tie.
Diljit Dosanjh
He definitely scores a 10 for both of his
attires. His Disney jacket was unique but
stylish whereas his black breasted coat was
class apart.
Mira & Shahid Kapoor
Mira chose an orange gown and looked no
less than a diva; Shahid complimented her in
a grey and black two-piece suit.
Huma Qureshi
Huma Qureshi
She looked lovely in her Carolina Herrera
gown. Her hair was styled in soft waves,
which complimented her look.
Katrina Kaif
Varun Dhawan
She showed up in a powder blue Ziad
Nakad gown featuring a voluminous
silhouette, elaborate sequined details
and a deep plunge accessorizing it with
a statement ring from Nirav Modi Jewels
earrings from John Hardy Jewellery. She
kept her makeup minimal. She looked like a
crystal doll. Way to go!
Katrina Kaif
Disha Patani
Diljit Dosanjh
90 | GLIMPSE | AUGUST 2017
She wore a shimmery and sheer jewel toned
body hugging gown with a dangerous
plunge and a front slit from Falguni & Shane
Peacock, Disha also sported a body jewel
and stepped into strappy gladiator heels.
Skipping accessories, she finished out the
look with a messy updo, a minimal makeup
and silver gladiators. With her sexy attire &
cute smiling, she grabbed the attention of
Disha Patani
Anupam kher
Salman Khan
Nargis Fakhri
kanika kapoor
Preity Zinta
Shilpa Shetty
Disha Patani
Sunil Shetty
Kalki Koechlin
kalki’s fashion is always breathtaking but this time around she tried
experimenting with Gucci ruffled
gown and it turned out to be a failure.
She looked like a melted ice cream
couldn’t handle the heat. (Melted
strawberry ice-cream)
Dia Mirza
Kalki Koechlin
Dia Mirza
She wore a Rocky S gown which
was total overdose of bed sheet print
perhaps, she wanted to be too much
comfortable so she wore curtains to
the IIFA. We wish you all the best for
next season but this look was a huge
no! (Bulky mirza)
Bipasha Basu
Who always looks astonishing, failed
miserably this time. Her bronzed
metallic fishtail gown and awkward
makeup was a fashion disaster.
(chappybasu / bronzy basu)
Sonakshi Sinha
Bipasha Basu
Sonakshi Sinha
We love her, we really do but this
body-hugging la bourgeoisie gown
looked like she borrowed it from
Beyoncé. Her signature style was
Neha Dhupia
missing from IIFA 2017.
(Beyoncé vibes)
Neha Dhupia
Horrible monochrome
volumnous tulle gown.
Somehow she manages
to make her way in worst
dressed list every year. It’s
good that she tries to look
different every time but
it’s high time to appoint
a fashion consultant. She
need fashion help.
Silverine spa salon & makeovers presents look book for
The Body Shop has launched a new campaign for a global
ban on cosmetics animal testing on products and ingredients
by 2020, revolutionizing the beauty industry and protecting
millions of animals around the world. Partnering with the
leading non - profit organization working to end animal testing, Cruelty Free International, The Body Shop will take the
campaign to the highest authority, the United Nations, and request an international convention banning cosmetics testing
on animals. Speaking on the campaign, Jacqueline Fernandez, Brand Ambassador of The Body Shop India says, “Real
beauty cannot be achieved at the cost of harming anyone especially animals. The concept of animal testing for cosmetic
brands should be banned”. Shriti Malhotra, COO, The Body
Shop India says, “ With our ‘Forever Against Animal Testing’
(FAAT) campaign we are asking our customers to help us end
the unnecessary and out-dated practice of animal testing for
good by signing the petition in our stores or on our website.”
Baby of Nidhi was plain lucky to survive to live as he got the
advanced infrastructure support like high frequency ventilator and level 3 newborn, care, required for such extreme low
birth weight babies. These premise require total life support
equipment with highly skilled professionals as their organs
are not developed, said Dr Vikram Bedi, treating Neonatologist at Bedi Hospital Chandigarh. The child was born at PGI
at 27 wks, weighing 670 gms and was shifted to Bedi Hospital for advanced level 3 NICU care. After 52 days of intense
struggle the child is being discharged today. More than 60%
of babies under 750 Gms do not survive.
A PPP model specially in this critical field of maternal and
child heath should be developed at a fast pace and GDP of
health raised to 5 % from 1.3% said Dr Vikram Bedi. Private
sector in mother and child care should be given incentive and
support with reimbursement of treatment by the government
until a robust government health care system in critical areas
is in place, further said Dr Bedi.
92 | GLIMPSE | AUGUST 2017
Stage is all set and curtains
are about to be raised from
the most talked about gala
2017. To celebrate the spirit
of most talked about event
of Rajasthan Silverine spa &
salon, makeover partner of
Miss Rajasthan unleashed
scintillating looks for contestants of MISS RAJASTHAN, Makeover expert
poornima goyal showcased fresh line of hair couture and
makeovers that were traditional yet sensuous. This year we
have conceptualised very versatile looks that are in line with
fast changing aspirations of modern age women, in my look
she is shown as classy yet glamorous and royal yet liberal,
we have retained core essence of feminism and incorporated liberal jamboree. Around 70 girls will be adorning makeovers and jewellery of Silverine during the show. Process of
grooming, diet counselling, lifestyle modification and styling
has already begun with aspiring models and contestants who
would be vying to win the coveted title of MISS RAJASTHAN
2017, in BIRLA AUDITORIUM on 20th August.
BMW Motorrad has appointed DigitalF5 to manage its complete creative mandate. DigitalF5 will manage creative, internet, social content and digital media buying. The account will
be serviced from DigitalF5’s Delhi office.
Mr. Vikram Pawah, President, BMW Group India, said, “The
entire BMW brand is emotionally charged by the flair of
BMW Motorrad. Today, BMW Motorrad has already become
the most anticipated and exhilarating brand to enter India.
We see tremendous potential in this country and we are
pleased to work with DigitalF5 to build unique brand identity
with creative initiatives and innovative ideas.”
Get it hot and happening. Nestle up
your Gala with a footfall of lodgers with
The Glimpse Bash.
For Invitations, reviews and coverage
contact us at
0172 4670682, 9888640857
Head ofce: Rahul Sidhu Group, C40, Phase III, Industrial Area, Mohali,(Pb) 160055
Rotary International, an International Service Organization established
on 23rd February 1905 at Chicago which was started with 4 persons
back then and now it has spread its roots deep with 12,200000 persons
in more than 35000 clubs amongst 220 countries. Rotary District 3090
comprises 17 revenue districts of Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan.
As Rotary Year starts on 1st of the July the responsibility for year
2017-18 for RID 3090 is entrusted to District Governor Rtn. Bagh
Singh Pannu. He started his tenure by creating history in RID 3090 via
joint training of President, Secretaries and Club officers at Mashobra
(Shimla) from 7th to 9th April, 2017 hosted by Rotary Club Moga
City & Moga Greater. A very informative session by learned
trainers PDG Rtn. Dr. Vyankatesh Metan from RID 3132,
PDG Rtn. Hari Parshad Somani from RID 3132, PDG
Rtn. Girish Gune from RID 3131 & PDG Rtn. Bansi
Dhauradhar from 3140, who came along
the way to serve Rotary. Scenic
beauty and services given by the
Headmasters made attraction to
Rotary. DG Rtn. Bagh Singh Pannu
has put a great emphasis on Public
Image Projects this year. The Bust of Paul P.
Harris the founder of Rotary is introduced
and will be distributed to clubs, which
will certainly be the foundation to attract
94 | GLIMPSE | AUGUST 2017
Elite Members of the Club
new members to engage. About 20 clubs are already
registered for busts; a motivational wave will always be
there as a blessing to serve better. DG Rtn. Bagh Singh
Pannu started his tenure by introducing organ Donation
by initiating himself as first donor. Clubs of Punjab
region of RID 3090 are planting 50,000 plants with the
blessings of S. Sadhu Singh Dharamsot, Honorable
Forest & Wildlife Preservation Minister of Punjab.
Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) will be organized
again in the district where learned trainers of in and
around the world will participate to make our members
as better Leaders. As father as son PHF Kanwar Udey
Singh Pannu(S/O DG Bagh Singh Pannu) went on
expedition at Norbu’s Peak to the height of 17106 feet.
Elite Members of the Club
After rigorous training and breath taking journey he
reached the Summit and hoisted Rotary Theme Flag of
2017-2018. First seminar “Vistaar se Vikas” on ‘Rotary’:
Making a Difference has been organized at Dhuri where
Rotarians discuss different projects for the betterment
of District 3090. Seminar was hosted by Rotary Club
All this is just a beginning, a spark of never ending spirit
of our DG Bagh Singh Pannu. Hope this will create
History and our District 3090 will be a shining star in the
infinite sky of Rotary! G
Elite Members of the Club
Elite Members of the Club
Elite Members of the Club
Elite Members of the Club
Elite Members of the Club
Elite Members of the Club
Mallika Jain
Fashion Entrepreneur Mallika Jain founder of Luxury Exhibition ,Fashion Capsule hosted first of
its kind Pop up Show at the The Lodhi Hotel in South Delhi .Dressed at her casual best Mallika Jain
played the perfect host making sure her Designers , friends, customers were having an amazing
summer shopping experience picking the best of fashion picks for the season ahead. Seen at the
event were Fashion Trendsetters Akanksha Redhu, Pallavi Chaturvedi and more. Mallika Jain on
the occasion said, “It’s time to embrace the new trends of the season, and I must say, we have
hand-picked Each Designer to make sure that we are giving you the best plethora of Designers
from various fields”. Shoppers Seen at the event were known faces like Tanisha Mohan, Priya Jain,
Shikha Jain,Kajoli Sehgal,Anu kant Dubey , Rachna Sandhu, and many more. G
Chandrani Prasad & Seentangali Bhutani
Anu kant dubey
Akanksha redhu
Shanon Marie
Tanisha Mohan & Vandana Malhotra
Sonia duggal
96 | GLIMPSE | AUGUST 2017
Shikha Jain & divya Mahajan
Sumsum Bajaj & Pallavi Chaturvedi
Sonali Bhasin
Amrita kak Jhunjhunwala
Empower is an NGO working for the welfare of
special children. The purpose of this NGO is to work
with specially and differently abled children.The idea
behind creating empower was to provide a healthy
atmosphere for these wonderful children to grow
under and social acceptance.
mpower is an NGO
working for the welfare
of special children. The
purpose of this NGO is to
work with specially and differently
abled children.The idea behind
creating empower was to provide
a healthy atmosphere for these
wonderful children to grow
under and social acceptance. Mrs.
Sharmita Bhinder felt the need
for empowerment of special. Mrs.
Sharmita Bhinder (the co-founder
of empower), and Mrs. Manu
Nanda Sahi who is a motivational
speaker and also a published
author arranged a work shop
at the rumour mill in, July 2017.
Both shared their challenging
yet inspiring journeys with the
audience present & their children.
They talked about being difference
makers, connecting the dots not
correcting them. Mostly focused
on formulating strong family
values. Mrs. Sharmita Bhinder
and other listeners present there
asked some questions and Mrs.
Manu Nanda Sahi answered
them gracefully. Both of these
two wonderful ladies made the
talk quite interesting. It felt like a
welcoming stage. Everyone was
free to ask questions. Nobody
realised when the chat shifted
from parenting special children to
just parenting, after all the point
is parent’s love is unconditional.
The atmosphere got so accepting
that everyone in the café heard the
message loud and clear which was
“its okay”, to feel out of place and
messed up sometimes you just
have to power through. G
Sunaina k Arora
India is set to witness grand showcasing of Miss and MRS INDIA EXQUISITE, 2017, season five
pageant. To mark the launch of a gala party and conference was hosted by Mann Dua, Glam
on in PRIVEE, Shangri La, New Delhi. Evening was high on glamour and fashion finesse and
unfolded collage of stunning fashion, makeovers, major trend setting styles. The upper crust
of the society joined in the entertainment filled evening over clink of glasses with rivulet of
champagne and digd into smorgasbord of delectable. Occasion was graced by likes of Rajnee
Subba, Fashion designer Kanwaljeet Singh( Big Boss fame ), Sunaina k Arora, Rashmi Jolly,
Leena Bidani, Pankaj & Shalini Verma, Salil Kapoor. G
Mann dua & kamaljeet Singh
reema Arora, Pooja nangia, Leena, neha & Juhi
Host Mann & Amit dua
Garema kapoor
rashmi jolly
Salil kapooor with Sylvie
ritu Sony Sangeeta Jain
Juhi krishnani With Shikha Sharma
98 | GLIMPSE | AUGUST 2017
Sri Lanka’s tea industry , under the world renowned brand “Ceylon Tea”, celebrated its completion of 150
years with a unique global 24 hour tea party on 6th July at 5:00 PM in every time zone from east to west
across the world. In Delhi Sri Lankan High Commissioner H.E. Mrs. Chitraganee Wagiswara hosted the
do at the Sri Lankan High Commission. From ‘The South Asian Association For Gastronomy', S.A.A.G,
Maneesh Baheti & Sonali Anand and their invitees were present in full strength to be a part of this historic
event. The chief guest for the occasion was Ms. Rita A. Teaotia, Secretary, Department of Commerce,
Ministry of Commerce & Industry. Others present at the soiree included H.E. Mr. Deep Kumar Upadhyay,
Ambassador Of Nepal; H.E. Maj. Gen. Vetsop Namgyel, Ambassador of Bhutan; Mr. R. K. Lenagala, Sri
Lankan Deputy High Commissioner; Nirmala Paranavitana, Ayona Dissanayake, Pushpika Rathnayake,
Kumudini Damyanthie amongst many others. The evening witnessed serving of some fine Ceylon Teas
and a specially created biscuit for the occasion by Maliban Biscuit Manufactories, the oldest biscuit
manufacturer in Sri Lanka. G
nirmala Paranavitana, nikhiel kumar
Atul kumar Saxena
duleep Wagiswara, H.e. Chitraganee
Wagiswara, High Commissioner of Sri Lanka
Manoj Sharma
H.e. deep kumar Upadhyay,
Ambassador of nepal
Mr. r. k. Lenagala, Sri Lankan deputy High Commissioner nirmala Paranavitana, Minister, Sri Lankan High Commission
H.e. Vetsop namgyel,
Ambassador of Bhutan
rita A. Teaotia, Secretary, department of Commerce,
Ministry of Commerce & Industry
ARIES [March 21 to April 19]
LEO [July 23 - August 22]
The answer to your question involves
books. So pay attention to titles that
are recommended to you or books
that mysteriously fall from shelves.
Take action towards your book related
dreams. Prayer-Archangel GABRIEL
please help to increase my courage
and confidence to move forward with
my book related desires .Thank you for
motivating me and organizing me so that
I spend time every day devoted to my
heart's true desire allowing my dreams
to be manifested in divine the perfect
ways without delay.
Negativity connected to a past
relationship is interfering with your
situation. Ask Archangel Michael to cut
any old chords of attachment to fear that
come from past relationships freeing
you have from destructive patterns.
TAURUS [April 20 - May 20]
You are someone close to you has
absorbed some energies of fear. Call
upon archangel Michael and Raphael to
lift fear based energies from you your
surroundings the situation and everyone
GEMINI [ May 21 - June 21]
Express and awaken your psychic
senses through magical power of music
and movement you need to creatively
express yourself and balance your work
and play singing and dancing a powerful
ways to open your creative channels
and feel the freedom of fully expressing
yourself .
Activity to do - In a room where you
won't be interrupted turn down the
lights and turn on your favorite music
.Sway to the music allow yourself to
move in any way that you would like.
Sing along the song while you enjoy
dancing freely.
CANCER [June 21 - July 22]
You are highly sensitive to chemicals
addictives processed foods and energies
right now. Respect your sensitives by
avoiding harsh items situations and
relationships. Work on your sacral
chakra visualizes it glowing with bright
orange light. PRAYER - Archangel
Raphael and Michael please detoxify my
mental energetic emotional and physical
body is right now. Thank you.
100 | GLIMPSE | AUGUST 2017
VIRGO [August 23 - September 22]
You have natural ability to connect with
departed loved ones. Trust your feelings,
thoughts and visions about these
spiritual connections because they are
real. Activity - in a quiet room where you
don't disturbed your paper and pen to
have conversation with departed loved
one. Call upon Archangel Michael for
protection. Then write to your departed
one as if you're having a conversation.
Their end of the conversation will come
to you as physical or mental impressions
combined with vision words that you
hear within your mind .practice.
LIBRA [September 23 - October 22]
You or someone involved in your
situation is an indigo. You are divinely
called to help the indigos keep their
spiritual gifts alive. Help the indigo's
to maintain their high self esteem and
sense of purpose in full direction that
they can use their natural abilities to
help us all. Archangel metatron will help
you regarding this.
SCORPIO [October 23 - November 21]
22-December 21]
You need to express yourself either
verbally or in written form .Ask angels
to help you speak up for yourself
lovingly and assertively . Work on your
throat Chakra visualizes it glowing with
blue light. PRAYER - Archangel Gabriel
please guide me in the expression of my
inner truth and wisdom. I ask that you
watch over me in all that I say and write
so that I may clearly convey my inner
CAPRICON [December 22 - January
Pay attention to ideas as they are
messages of true divine guidance sent in
answer to your prayers. Trust and follow
the ideas you have received. Work on
your crown Chakra visualize it glowing
wit light. PRAYER - Archangel Uriel
please help clear and balance my Crown
Chakra. I ask for your assistance in
boosting my belief and faith in the ideas
that come to me. Help me I responsibly
following through my divinely guided
AQUARIUS [January 20- February 18]
Powerful loving and wise spiritual
teachers or ascended masters are
watching over and guiding you. The
first ascended master who enters your
thoughts right now is the one helping
your situation . Ask the ascended master
to assets you n opening your heart so
that you can more deeply experience the
magical healing properties of love .
PISCES [February 19 - March 20]
Let go of behaviours that are blocking
you from your heart desire. These
addictive behaviours are interfering with
your health happiness and life purpose.
Ask Archangel Raphael to help you with
this healing.
Choose only positive thoughts to
describe your home the career and
finances. Work on your root Chakra
visualize it glowing with bright red light
sit down quietly and yourself as being
completely financially secure . Feel as
though the vision is already true. Fell
the warmth of gratitude in the heart and
sense of security in your stomach and
trust that this vision is manifesting for
you right now.
Tarot reading by:
Nimrata Chadha (Tarot, Reiki & Switch word)
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