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Highlights Genies - December 2017

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Making and Giving Gifts
This month, we’ve included one of our bonus
matching games. “Snowmen and More” consists
of 10 delightful photos of snow creatures. After
playing this game, your child may be inspired to
head outdoors to build an unusual snowman. If
you live in a warmer clime (lucky you!), your child
might enjoy drawing pictures of his or her own
imaginary snow creatures.
Perhaps you will be inspired to make your own
photo-matching game. Print out two copies of 10
favorite photos, glue them to blank index cards,
and write simple labels below each picture.
If you and your child make our “Penguin Cup
Cozy” (page 31) to give as gifts, consider making
several homemade photo-matching games, too. It’s
a great way to share vacation or family photos with
friends and relatives near or far.
Happy holidays from all of us at
Highlights™ Genies!
Richa Shah, Managing Editor
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December 2017 • Volume 5 • Issue No. 57
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Cover art by Mike Brownlow
Highlights Genies celebrates the early years of
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December 2017
December 2017 |
This Is
for You!
America’s leading early-childhood magazine is now in India!
Let’s Read Together
My Jacket
The Adventures of Spot
Tex and Indi : Learning the Words
Meera and Kiran: A Gift for You!
Plane View
Staying Warm in Winter
page 20
Let’s Puzzle It Out
My First Hidden Pictures
Celebrating a Winter Day
That’s Silly!
Look and Look Again: Riding High
page 10
Let’s Do It
31 Penguin Cup Cozy
32 Potato Soup
34 The Jumping Game
page 32
Bonus Pages
Snowmen and More
A Highlights Genies Matching Game
My Jacket
By Marguerite Chase McCue
Once again it’s winter.
Outside it’s icy cold.
I found my favorite jacket
But now it looks so old.
My jacket fit a year ago
But I’ve grown big and tall.
I think I need a new one.
This jacket is too small.
Photo by iStock/DusanManic
By Marileta Robinson • Art by Ron Zalme
It’s coming!
Spot can smell it.
He hopes it comes soon.
Splinter’s waiting, too.
It’s here!
December 2017
Learning the Words
By Lissa Rovetch • Art by Amy Wummer
“Guess what!” said Indi. “Ms. French asked me if I’d like
to sing a solo for our class’s winter party.”
“That’s super,” said her big sister, Arizona.
“I’m glad Ms. French didn’t ask me to sing all by myself,”
said Tex. “I’d be afraid I’d forget the words to the song.”
December 2017
and Ind
“Oh no, I didn’t think of that,” said Indi. “I’m singing
the first verse. What if I can’t remember the words and
I mess up the whole song?”
“Don’t worry,” said Arizona. “I’ll teach you the memory
trick that helped me when I was in the school play. You
say the words over and over until they are stuck in your
head. Then you think of a picture to go along with them.”
December 2017
Indi used Arizona’s
memory trick all week.
She sang her solo when
she helped set the table.
She sang her solo when
she tied her shoelaces.
She even sang her solo when
she played with her friends at recess.
December 2017
The day of the party finally arrived. Ms. French
welcomed the family members to the classroom. When it
was time for her solo, Indi remembered every word.
As everybody ate the
goodies the kids had
made, Arizona gave Indi
a big hug and said,
“You did a fantastic job!”
“Thanks for teaching
me your memory trick,”
said Indi. “And thanks
for being such a great
big sister.”
December 2017
My First
Find t h ese objects hidden in the big picture.
Red Rooster
By Joy Cowley
Red Rooster crowed on the roof of the shed.
“Hurry, you people! Get out of bed!”
Then he flew down from the roof of the shed.
“That’s done,” he said and went back to bed.
December 2017
Art by Mike Moran
December 2017
Meera and Kiran
A Gift
for You!
By Ana Galán • Art by Sonal and Sumit
Ma, Meera, and Kiran were making jam with the
strawberries they had picked up from their garden.
“Oh my,” said Ma. “What are we going to do with so
many jars of jam?”
“We can give them out as gifts!” said Meera.
“What a good idea!” said Ma.
Meera and Kiran decorated the jars with pretty fabric and
put them in a basket.
They were heading out the door when
Kiran saw the postman.
“A gift for you!” said Kiran and
he handed him a jar.
“Thank you, Meera and Kiran!”
said the postman.
When they passed the fire station,
they saw a firefighter.
“A gift for you!” said Meera.
“Thank you!” said the firefighter.
“This looks delicious!”
December 2017
They crossed the street and
gave a jar to the traffic officer.
When they went into the
library, they presented another
to the librarian.
As they headed back to their
When they arrived back
house, they gave jam to all the home, they didn’t have any
friends they met along the way. jars left. Meera and Kiran
were a little sad. They loved
strawberry jam!
December 2017
But Ma had a surprise. She opened the pantry door
and pulled out a big jar of their yummy jam. “A gift for
you!” she said.
“Thank you, Ma!” they cheered, excited to enjoy their
special treat.
December 2017
a Winter Day
By Eileen Spinelli • Art by Gillian Flint
Building snowmen, lots of fun.
Sledding in the wintry sun.
Cold and wet now. Time to go.
Trudging home across the snow.
Cocoa, blankets, books await.
Indoor things to celebrate.
December 2017
How many snowmen did the children build?
How many children are still sledding?
How many are heading home?
What else will you count?
b 2017
Art by Chuck Dillon
December 2017
W hat
silly things
do you see?
Plane View
By Heather Tekavec • Art by Sue King
Arvind buckled up for his first plane ride.
“How high will we fly?” he asked his dad.
“Very high,” said Dad.
Soon the plane started moving. It went faster and
faster. Then it lifted off the ground.
December 2017
Arvind looked out the
window. Everything below
was getting smaller. Arvind
watched for a while. “Will
I see Grandma’s apartment
from up here?”
he asked.
“Maybe,” said Dad. “Look, there are the farm fields
we passed when we drove to Grandma’s last year.”
“From up here, they look like the squares on the
quilt that Grandma made me,” said Arvind.
“And there’s the big lake where we went swimming
last summer,” said Dad.
“From up here, it looks like a pond,” said Arvind.
December 2017
“There’s Grandma’s city,” said Dad. “One of
those buildings is her apartment.”
“From up here,” said Arvind, “the buildings
look like my blocks.”
Soon the plane
started going down.
As the wheels touched
the ground, Arvind
felt a big bump.
December 2017
The plane slowed
to a stop. When it was
safe to unbuckle their
seat belts, Arvind and
his dad stood up and
gathered their things.
When they reached the bottom
of the stairs, Arvind looked up and
laughed. “Everything’s the right size
again. Except, from down here, the
airplanes in the sky look like little
“They sure do,” said Dad. “Come on.
Let’s go find Grandma. I bet she looks
the same as ever.”
December 2017
Riding High
Art by Anja Boretzki
How are these pictures the same?
December 2017
Look and
How are they different?
December 2017
Staying Warm
in Winter
By Beverly J. Letchworth • Art by Priscilla Lamont
Snow fell silently. In the oak tree, young Squirrel
shivered. “Mama, how will we keep warm this
winter?” he asked.
“We will use our bushy tails like blankets to keep
warm,” she said.
December 2017
The next day, Squirrel was playing with his friend
Mouse. He asked, “Mouse, what do you do in winter
to keep warm?”
“If it gets too cold, I’ll stay in my underground nest
and feast on the nuts and seeds I’ve stored,” said Mouse.
December 2017
A few days later, Squirrel saw his friend Woodchuck.
He said, “Woodchuck, how do you keep warm in
winter? I use my tail. Mouse stays in her underground
nest. What do you do?”
“We hibernate. We sleep in our den all winter.
And that’s where I’m headed right now. Good night!”
December 2017
Squirrel turned and headed home. But he almost
tripped over his friend Box Turtle, who was digging
in a pile of fallen leaves. “Hello, Turtle,” said Squirrel.
“Are you getting ready for winter? We squirrels use our
tails to keep warm. Mouse stays in her underground
nest, and Woodchuck hibernates. What do you do?”
“Winter means a long sleep for me, too,” said Turtle.
“I’m making a bed in these leaves. I’ll stay here
until spring.”
December 2017
When Squirrel arrived back at his tree,
he saw his friend Robin. “Robin, what do
you do in winter?” asked Squirrel.
“I don’t stick around,” said Robin. “I fly
south to find more food.”
Every creature has its way, thought
Squirrel as he scampered up the tree. Then
he snuggled up next to Mama, wrapped his
bushy tail around himself, and took a nap.
December 2017
Penguin Cup Cozy
By Valerie Deneen
You Need
Black tube socks
White and orange felt
Black marker
Tacky glue
Before You Begin
Adult: Cut the feet portion
off the tube socks.
1. Pull the tube portion
of the sock over a cup.
2. Cut a piece of
white felt to make a face.
Use a black marker to add eyes.
Cut a small orange felt triangle for a beak.
Glue the triangle to the face.
3. Glue the face to
the sock.
4. Make a card and put it
inside the cup. A great gift
for anyone who loves
hot coffee or cocoa!
Photos by Guy Cali Associates, Inc.
Art by iStock/nokee
December 2017
Potato Soup
Byy Laura J. Colker • Art by
y Mitch Mortimerr
You Need
Before You Beg in
2–3 large potatoes
Wash, peel, and
½ medium yellow onion
quarter the potatoes.
3–4 green onions
Peel the onion.
2 stalks celery
Wash the green
3 cups vegetable or
onions and celery.
chicken stock or broth
(or enough to cover
the vegetables)
• 354-mL can of evaporated milk
• Salt and pepper
Warm up lunchtime with this creamy soup.
December 2017
Cut the potatoes, onions, celery,
and green onions into small pieces.
2. Put all the vegetables
into a pot. Cover them with
the vegetable or chicken stock.
Adult: Bring the soup to a boil, then reduce heat and
simmer until the potatoes are tender (about 20 minutes).
When the vegetables
are tender, stir in the
evaporated milk.
Simmer for 5
more minutes.
Taste the soup. Add salt
and pepper as needed.
December 2017
The u pi
By Barbara L. Scanlan
Art by Mitch Mortimer
the floor.
up high.
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