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Infusion - December 24, 2017

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9pm -
For bookings contact 052 465 7870 / 044 435 403 or email
052 465 7870
Party hard this New Year’s Eve and dress to impress at the epic all-inclusive
pool deck party with unrivalled views of the city and live DJ sets from
Smokingroove and Adam J.
AED 500 PER PERSON, including a welcome drink, free-flowing house beverages
and signature canapés from 7pm - 11pm
AED 250 PER PERSON, including free-flowing house beverages from 11pm - 3am
Safe Smokingroove from 8pm -11pm
Adam J from 11pm - 3am
For inquiries, please call +971 4 414 3000
Tickets are available at
*Must be 21 years and above to enter
JW Marriott Marquis Dubai
Sheikh Zayed Road, Business Bay, Dubai, UAE
T +971 4 414 3000 |
JW Marriott Marquis Dubai
Managing Partner
Neil Henderson, Tarik Omar and Bagdat BG
Milehigh Media, LLC
PO Box 53443 – Dubai, UAE
Tel/Fax: 04 368 8098
NYE. The sheer amount of
party choices on offer is
staggering. Something for
everybody and their pocket
A new trailer for Narcos’ 4th
season has recently been aired
confirming that it will be based
in Mexico. Viva la Narcos.
Cult 90’s sitcom Rosanne is also
going to be getting a reboot.
If you are too young for the
original series treat yourself.
Vibe Series discontinuing their
weekly parties.
NYE traffic.
Rumour has it that Stranger
Things will not return for a
third season! Say it aint so.
We don’t about you but the
festive excesses have got us
already looking forward to
January 2nd and it’s not even
Xmas yet!
Say What?
Steven Spielberg has always dropped jaws with his ability to
transport the watcher in to a totally different universe and he
has done it again, literally. Ready Player One chronicles the life of
a young lad who lives in a dystopian reality devoid of hope and
meaning, but once he puts on his VR goggles he is whisked off to
a world called the Oasis where he is more than just a number. This
looks visually stunning and has more than a few connotations to real
life. Keep your eyes peeled for a release date early 2018.
Recently 3D of Massive Attack
has hit out at Pete Tong and
his use of the bands seminal
hit “Unfinished Sympathy”
in his Ibiza Classics concert as
there had been no request to
actually use the track. This has
caused a bit of a stir in the music
world as the song is a major
part of Massive Attack’s live
show and during their rendition
of the song the band highlight
the plight of displaced people
in refugee camps and use the
opportunity to raise funds for
UNHCR. What is your take on
the argument?
We have said it before and we will say it again, at Infusion Magazine
we love Vibe Series. Over the past 5 years their weekly parties have
brought some amazing guests to town, the rap sheet is far too long
to list here, but believe us its looooong and very impressive. These
parties are also mega fun, we know, strange that a night out should
not be spent trainspotting every track but actually enjoy the music
and atmosphere. Weird. Another thing that Vibe Series and the
Third Eye Crew that is responsible for these party’s value greatly is
local talent, without them these events and scores like it would not
be nearly as successful.
So, it pains Infusion Magazine tremendously to even dare type the
words and to accept that these weekly parties will be coming to
an end with the last party of the year on Friday, December 29 with
Minus artist Heartthrob. We have been reliably informed that Vibe
Series will be putting on parties in 2018, but not the weekly shindigs
they have become known and loved for. Hats off to Rima and her
hardworking team and we wish you all the success in the world.
What we did
This year’s event was their biggest yet and heavyweight bookings
came in the for of Anderson .Paak, Pusha T, DJ Shortcut and
Teyana Taylor amongst others but one of the firm fixtures which
never disappoints is the closing party with the tag team performance
from Tom Crane, Dave Lubin and Andy Baxter. Returning for their
4th year aginst the backdrop of the Puma store and main stage, the
3 seasoned DJ’s more than stepped up to the occasion and from the
outset had the crowd eating out of the palm of their hand. Dropping
hip bangers “Forgot About Dre”, Cypress Hill’s raucous “When
The Sh*t Goes Down” and the stage shaking “Hip Hop” from
Dead Prez. With an event of this sort there will be genuine fashion
and music heads attending but there is also attention gained from
wannabes and misinformed individuals, special mention goes to the
fashion victim sporting a garish spangly gold jacket without even
a hint of irony and another sporting a confederations flag patch?!
Take the rough with the smooth, but I will definitely be back even if
it’s just to catch these 3 DJ’s in action again.
Words by Stu Todd
Having already conquered most major cities in India, Indivibe and
Krank Festival is making its way to Dubai for the first UAE edition
of their hugely successful boutique festival. Having played host to
top names in recent years such as Robert Babicz, Christian Smith,
Martin Roth and Matt Sassari, the 4 day festival is shaping up to
welcome top artists such as Nick Curly and Ryan Crosson to their
retreat at Re:FRESH club in Goa between December 27-30. Krank
has also recently dipped its toe in to the Dubai nightlife scene with a
rip-roaring party at Industrial Avenue, The Westin featuring Ma
Faiza and our very own TODD. Keep an eye out for more details
coming in 2018.
News has emerged that as well as the Burj Khalifa dispensing with
their usual fireworks extravaganza in favour of a light show, it has
been revealed that JBR Beach, La Mer and Al Seef will also follow
suit. It remains to be seen what will take its place, especially at JBR
Beach; one of the biggest draws on NYE for outdoor public partying,
but rest assured the arrival of 2018 will not pass by unannounced.
Fireworks displays from Atlantis The Palm, Burj Al Arab and Club
Vista Mare amongst others will be clearly viewed.
F O R I N F O & R E S E R VAT I O N S :
+ 9 7 1 5 4 4 4 9 6 4 6 4 | R E S E R VAT I O N S @ E L C H I R I N G U I T O - D U B A I . C O M
Ahead of their headlining DJ set at Inner City
Zoo at Rixos Hotel, JBR, Infusion Magazine
sat down with Felix Buxton, one half of
Basement Jaxx to talk about the band, their
music and the future of The Jaxx…
You have been all over the place recently playing DJ sets, how
have your sets been received?
It’s been great, it’s been to actually put the live show on hold for a
minute to get more back to where we started, compared to when
we started the scene is now so huge, the speakers are bigger, the
venues are bigger but its good. People are dancing and club music is
as healthy as ever. It’s actually quite similar to what we were playing
when we started.
What sort of music are you playing in your sets?
We play house music to dance to, really eclectic, some underground,
some over ground, something old, some new, something borrowed,
something blue, we even throw in a bit of classical music now and
then. We are not narrow minded in what we play, often DJ’s can get
trapped in their little clique. Really we just play music that makes
sense with loads of people.
What gigs have you played that’s really stood out?
We have been playing Ibiza lots this year and it’s been great, its
generally lots of people on holiday dancing and drinking overpriced
drinks, people are in a good mood so it’s a very easy gig. We have
also been in Japan, Bali, all over the place actually, it’s been a pretty
busy year. I think generally like anything in life I don’t build anything
up and I just go in and take it how it is and have the best night and
do the best that I can do. There has been lots of festivals and more
grime related ones seem to have come up as this seems to be this
year’s new flava. Everybody seems to be having a really great time
all over the place in different countries, while there is all this doom
and gloom with Trump and Brexit everybody seems to be getting on
well and letting off steam very well. I think people should be happy
dancing where ever they are, I know I definitely am.
Would you say you are DJ’s first and foremost?
Well, we started DJing by putting on our Basement Jaxx nights
and it seemed that our audience started to broaden their horizons
a bit, so our albums came based from the DJing and then they
went wider and suddenly we were playing rock festivals. Originally
it was something that we done for fun, but neither of us wanted
to be DJing when we were older. I remember when I was younger
I thought I would stop going to clubs at 22 as that would be old
enough and then I done a few other things, that’s sometimes just
how life goes. House music has now become very mainstream
in the world and it was very much an underground form before
and people like ourselves and people like Armand van Helden, DJ
Sneak and Masters At Work, the youngsters have all started to give
them respect and after EDM, suddenly people are looking back for
something more authentic. Authenticity has always been at the
centre of what we do, otherwise you lose your soul and it’s very hard
to get it back.
Is there a reason that you have been concentrating on more
DJ sets instead of live shows?
The live shows had got to a level where we thought that this is as
good as it can possibly get, we were doing the O2 Arena in London
and the Hollywood Bowl in the States and we thought this is really
good, but unless we have the next wave, kind of a comeback and
some big hits we can’t do these types of gigs anymore and I just
didn’t want our live shows to become a pale version of what they
were before, so it was a good time to step back. Things always
evolve and I feel it is always important to draw a line at some point.
I remember people being upset that we closed the Basement Jaxx
nights as they became too hip and popular, but that was just to keep
it good and not milk it and have all the wannabes jump on it and
ruin it. We also need to broaden our horizons as human beings too,
we go and help in the homeless shelters, I went over to the refugee
camp in Calais, things like that, getting in touch with humans and
the broader scheme of things. Which is important, as if you are
in the party the whole time you can sometimes lose touch with
everybody else. Its again the whole authentic thing and trying to
connect with human beings, which is what house music is all about
in the first place.
Do you find it easier to connect with your fans performing DJ
sets rather than as part of a touring band?
I think it’s all the same really, yes you can do smaller venues and you
will be closer to people and you generally have more interaction,
and doing big rock festivals you go in to your artist area and will be
further away from the punters, but I feel it is all the same really.
What will be the next evolution of Basement Jaxx?
We will be taking a deep breath with the band really, there will be
a 26-episode TV series coming up and we are starting on that next
year, but for me the personal project that I have been wanting to
try is musicals, and that’s something that I am wanting to start the
beginning of next year. I have been talking about it for a long time
and not actually doing it. Atlantic Jaxx is alive and healthy, these last
few months I have been pushing on with bits for that, I have also
been working with a guy helping him finish a blues album. We are
just doing some things but without the fanfare of Basement Jaxx,
getting back to what is was before.
What element from your live performances do you miss the
most when DJing?
Oh yeah, with the live performances you have loads of people on
stage talking to the crowd
constantly, some DJ’s do
speak to the crowds but
when I was a kid DJing
wasn’t a very cool thing to
do, as a DJ you basically
went to weddings and you
put lights on your head,
which is great but it meant
something very different
before. There is also the
visual aspect, in our live
shows we had dancers,
ballerina’s, all sorts of stuff.
Generally, you’re not meant
to be just standing watching
the DJ, but it has become
that, but that’s something
different. People are
supposed to be dancing with
each other. The joy of the DJ
is when its dark, the strobes
are going and you slip in to
this other world, with a live
show you are watching the
performance in front of you.
So the visual element is the
difference between a live
show and a DJ set I find.
Since the summer, you have had a few of your bigger tracks
remixed from some great artists. Will you be releasing more?
There is a couple from that batch of tracks that we will be playing
in Dubai that haven’t yet been released, basically we wanted to ask
artists that we like to make another version of our tracks. It was
also the case that we were DJing ourselves and wanted a new, fresh
version to play in our sets. The “Red Alert” one that we have been
playing, we have been undecided about it but people keep asking
us to release it. As a producer, you can get very particular about the
way something is perceived and always going for the jugular is not
always the best way. Most of our older stuff still sounds fine, but
I think we shall see which way the wind is blowing early next year
with regards to more remixes.
Can we expect some new Basement Jaxx material soon?
We have a mark in our diary
for 2019, so that would
actually mean we will need to
start thinking about that next
year, I slightly feel that there
is so much stuff out there
that we don’t need to add
towards the sameyness. What
we done at Basement Jaxx,
the world has kind of caught
up now there and is a lot
more stuff that is eclectic and
open, so it’s a possibility but
the question is what should
that music be? That will also
be 20 years since the release
of “Remedy”, people kind of
want the same old stuff but
in a new way, but we are in a
different time now and that’s
not new and fresh now. At
the time, we were on the
cusp of what was happening,
but now all that sort of stuff
is out there. What would you
want from a new Basement
Jaxx album? Do people even
want albums anymore?
One thing that I loved about your early albums is the
interludes and Jaxxaludes, the really cool skits that segued
sections bof the album and I feel that is missing from modern
electronic albums now. You guys done it, Chemical Brothers
done it, Underworld done it and it made for a really cool
listening experience.
At the time, we were all doing it in the style of like a classic rock
album where you would listen to them as a piece. The question is,
would people want that now?
Do you think you would do an Remedy anniversary show or
That is also something that is up for debate at the moment, we had
a meeting with Simon and our manager last week and we talked
about it and Simon wasn’t too keen and I am half and half. Now
that I am married perhaps I would like to have more of a settled life
and not run around too much, Simon has a daughter and he is very
keen to live a more centred life around the home. I also feel like I
have experienced enough and perhaps move on to another phase.
We also talked about a greatest hits tour, but with our stage show
I didn’t want to do it half-hearted and so you would need bigger
budgets, bigger venues. With us not concentrating on building our
image on social media, it’s something that we resisted for so long, as
that came just at the tail end of our stage shows, it would have been
really helpful, lol. It kind of bores the pants of me to be honest haha.
What releases do you have coming up on Atlantic Jaxx?
Coming out on Atlantic Jaxx on December 28 is an ambient
electronic track by Chaemini called “Calling For The Light”, as my
wife is Korean and I was out there just before Trump came over to
Korea and the whole missile crisis and I worked a bit with Peace
One Day to promote a day of cease fire and I done a Basement Jaxx
gig for Peace Day, so it is like a peace song really. There is a young
Chinese artist who has produced the animation for the track and it
features this girl and a nuclear rocket flying through the sky but it
lands and blows up in to flowers. It’s kinda hippy peace stuff but it’s
a really nice song. There are also a few other dance tracks that come
out that I produce and also some others that other artists produce.
There is also a Celestial Being release, which is a vinyl release and it
is stuff I recorded in Africa for the first EP and all that comes out in
the first week of January. It is on its own label but it is distributed
through Atlantic Jaxx.
What other exciting projects do you have coming up in the
new year?
I had also been speaking to Jim Byers in Edinburgh who used to
be at DJ Magazine years ago and he is trying to setup a project
combining music and mental health called “Where’s Your Head?”, so
it is something that I might get involved with next year.
What can we expect from your NYE show at Inner City Zoo,
Something positive, an uplifting experience to make people move
around to connect their mind, their body and their soul. /
was AED 1,299.00 now AED 799.00
Limited time only
To cap off what has been a dizzying year
in the Dubai nightlife calendar, Infusion
Magazine has collated some of the
best year end parties that demand your
Recent big news coming from the BASE Dubai camp is that they
have secured a 3-date residency from one of the biggest DJ’s in the
business – Marco Carola. The Italian tech house master and his
Music On brand will be kicking off a UAE run of parties at the D3
open air venue on Thursday, December 28 and you need to make
sure you are front and centre for an almighty party that will feature
the man himself and a host of guests both local and international.
What better way to warmup before the ball drops a few days later.
Famed for his marathon sets, the globe-trotting man from Napoli
excelled himself at Sunwaves Festival in Romania in 2015 where
he kept the groove locked for 24 hours, to some this may sound
like overkill, but to others it is a true test of a masters’ endurance,
set building skill and should be applauded. There are few other
parties that this would have been the norm, but we all now know
that Romania plays by its own rules. Entry for the party on Thursday,
December 28 is free for ladies and AED100 for guys and the party
will rage on until 4am.
This is a pre-NYE club night with a difference, for the past 5 years
the Third Eye Crew have been throwing weekly shindigs that have
helped to shape the city’s music scene in such an undeniable way
that they have become ingrained in to the weekly get down in
Dubai. So, it is with a heavy heart that we confirm that their party
on Friday, December 29 with Heartthrob will indeed be their last
weekly party and in the process the end of an era.
With Vibe Series taking over Tamanya Terrace at Radisson
Blu Hotel, Media City with their fun décor and friendly and
knowledgeable crowd almost every week it will be a sad time to see
those parties stop, but on the flip side we have been assured that
Vibe Series will return, so fret not. As with most Vibe Series parties
those early vibes kick off at 7pm with their most trusted of residents
at the controls and we can guarenetee the stomping won’t stop until
3am (maybe a little past that).
After a year full of firsts for the Analog Room at Industrial
Avenue, The Westin including debuts for the likes of Roman
Flugel, Ostrich, Jane Fitz and Tom Trago to name but a few of the
huge names to be brought to Dubai by the AR crew. So, to see out
this mammoth year for AR they have enlisted the safest pair of hands
in the city for an all-night session – Nasrawi.
While this multi-faceted artist being drawn upon to perform at
some of the city’s finest electronic events such Mutek AE, Groove
on the Grass and ECHO Festival it is Analog Room that allows for
the greatest musical freedom and as a perfect warmup for the New
Year’s Eve celebrations Nasrawi will sifting deep in to his bottomless
crates for a night dedicated to everything that is great and good
about music. With more gears than an articulated lorry, Nasrawi will
be making sure that the floor is kept bubbling all night long. Entry
is free of charge of the ladies between 10pm and 11pm and is
AED100 on the door for everybody else.
Heading up Zero Gravity’s almighty NYE bash is the chart busting
Sigma, known for their number one smash hit “Nobody to
Love” the UK drum and bass duo have conquered festival stages
for some time now and are a perfectly fitting addition to Zero
Gravity’s block busting line-up. Also performing will be English DJ
and Duke Dumont collaborator Jax Jones. Having been featured
on Dumont’s worldwide smash hit “I Got U” his high-octane DJ sets
will perfectly suit Zero Gravity’s main stage and the up for it crowds
that flock there every weekend. Behind every great venue is a great
cast of residents and those will be helping to ease the crowds in to
the NYE spirit. As well as the amazing music, Zero Gravity will be
relocating their main stage to the sandy beach that surrounds much
of the venue, so you will be able to dance the night away with sand
between your toes. The party starts at 7pm and runs until 3am,
prices start from AED199 for early birds and run up to AED999 for
an all-inclusive premium package.
Having recently debuted his unique live show in New York and
Miami, French artist Klingande will be stopping off at the hotly
anticipated Mayan Racecourse venue Soho Garden with his live
band this NYE. With his 2013 smash “Jubel” paving the way for
his now signature melodic sound, Klingande now tours the world
delivering music bliss to all who attend his shows and his live
performance at Soho Garden will be no different. The venue itself is
something of an enigma with few details being available at time of
print but believe us when we say that 14,000 metre squared project
will need to have a doctor on site to care for all the dropping jaws.
With extended opening times of 7pm to 4am, there is also a range
of packages for their NYE soiree, ladies’ entry is priced at AED400
with an open bar (house beverages) and gents entry is AED500
entry with open bar (house beverages). There is also a dine package
which is AED650 and includes an open bar and sharing style dishes
all-inclusive both ladies and gents. What
For a touch nostalgia combined with a rip-roaring
party atmosphere look no further than Q43,
Media One Hotel this New Year’s Eve…
From the early days of his Radio 1 shows, Judge Jules helped to
introduce a generation of music lovers to the best clubs around
the UK and further afield, his unmistakable voice bristling with the
passion and excitement for the music that he was playing. Nothing
has changed. Jules might not have been on the Radio 1 airwaves
since 2012, but in his tenure at the influential radio station he helped
to transform the lives of thousands of clubbers on a weekly basis.
For some, Judge Jules may be just a radio DJ, but to countless others
who saw him perform at legendary super clubs such as Cream,
Gods Kitchen and The Rhumba he was a hero. Q43’s year-end
bash offers a package to suit all pockets, the open bar package
is priced at AED399 for early birds and AED499 afterwards, VIP
is priced at AED699/799 and requires a booking of 6-10 people
and this also includes small bites and bottle service, there is also the
option for a 4-course restaurant experience and this is priced
at AED899/999 and the party will rage from 9pm to 3am with
spectacular views of the firework displays over The Palm and JBR.
The beach side venue always pull in the big gun to ring in the
new year and they don’t get much bigger than Diynamic boss
Solomun. With the house maestro’s back catalogue of chart topping
remixes knowing no bounds such as omnipresent reworking the
Warren G and Nate Dogg anthem “Regulate” and of course
his re-rub of the classic “The Age Of Love”, it is safe to say that
Solomun knows a thing or two about selecting the right music for
the right occasion. With the beach club’s atmosphere usually being
nothing short of electric, come the end of the year expect this to
be magnified tenfold. Add to this already heady mix the supporting
cast of resident DJ’s and you have one of the stand out parties of the
night. To make sure you are front and center you can choose from
unlimited beverages for AED700 for the guys and AED500 for the
gals. If you would like to splash out and make begin with a meal
in the restaurant, a set menu complete with unlimited beverage is
AED1,300 per person.
If thumping night clubs and crowded bars isn’t your bag then
Emirates Golf Club has you covered this NYE. For a more musical
journey to 2018 a Thrilling gala evening of epic proportions awaits
revellers out on The Lawn at Emirates Golf Club, where fantastic
tribute acts Michael Jackson Forever and Michael Bublé: Totally
Bublé will be recounting numbers from both artist’s extensive
discography. Also helping to sound track your family friendly evening
will be DJ Phil and the band Groove Station.
For those who have yet to visit Emirates Golf Course, a truly inspiring
view awaits and the vistas of Dubai Marina in the distance are a
rarely experienced angle of this multifaceted city. To make things
simple on the night there is package of AED685 inclusive of bubbly
on arrival, food and selected house beverage, AED325 inclusive of
food and soft beverages, AED125 for children aged 5 to 12 and
children under 5 dine for free. The celebrations begin at 7pm and
the fun continues until 1am.
Known for their relaxed vibe and top notch bookings, El Chiringuito
at the Rixos Hotel, The Palm have yet another stunning night
of music in store and seeing as it is the last party of this year and
technically the first party of 2018 they have gone all out. For the first
time in Dubai special guests for the evening are arguably one of the
most talked about Burning Man camps - Mayan Warrior, and with
it comes a selection of their most prized artists.
Heading up the line-up is one of Kompakt’s genre defining artists
Pachanga Boys, the duo of Superpitcher and Rebolledo is cause
for celebration in itself but they will also be joined by Dramien.
Support on the night comes from the full cast of Deep Like cohorts
Hoolz, Josephine De Retour, Sam Farsio and Jason Pinto. What
makes this party different from most in Dubai on New Year’s Eve is
that from 6pm to 9pm entry is free of charge. Yes, FREE! After
9pm entry will only set you back AED250 and even that comes with
3 drinks. So, dust of those Burning Man outfits and get ready to see
in the new year in a truly spiritual way.
For anybody that has been to BASE Dubai at Dubai Design District
you will know that you will know that this club doesn’t do things by
halves, from the towering sound system stacks, to the stadium grade
visuals and Las Vegas-esque stage production, BASE Dubai’s aim is
to drop your jaw from the moment you walk in and keep it there for
the remainder of your night.
This New Year’s Eve the stakes have been upped and revellers at
the D3 super club can expect to set off on a carnival around the
world, the BASE camp are remaining tight lipped about what this
will entail, but you can guarantee that they will ensure a night to
remember and when the ball drops the pyrotechnics inside the club
will be more than a match for those of the Burj Khalifa which can be
viewed in the distance. Doors are open at 10pm and an extended
license will see the club stay open until 4am. As always entry is free
of charge and for those hardened party heads there will be shots on
arrival. Just remember to dress to impress.
Miami beach club brand Nikki
Beach, offer an extended day to
night party experience with none
other than house diva Barbara
Tucker. Beginning at 1pm make
sure you are not out the blocks
too quickly as this party goes on
until 3am. For a 4-hour food
and beverage package the price
is AED500, for 8 hours the price
is AED1,000.
Situated high up on the 35th floor of the
Hilton Hotel, The Walk, this has to be
one of the best spots in JBR to catch the
fireworks displays and they just happen
to know how to throw a wicked party
too. They have DJ’s playing throughout
the night accompanied by a saxophonist
and lounge packages start from AED500
(from 10pm) and brunch packages start
from AED695 (from 8pm) and the party
kicks on until 3am.
This Thai themed bar will be holding its
own Full Moon Party this NYE complete
with DJ’s, performers, body painting
and of course Thai bucket cocktails. The
Media One Hotel venue has plenty of
options too for the celebrations – 5-hour
brunch package (including bubbles) is
AED650, 5 hour drinks package with
platter is AED550 and a regular 5 hour
drinks package is AED450. Party runs
from 8pm to 1am.
Flash Entertainment have the family
NYE down to a tee as they will be bringing
Katy Perry to Abu Dhabi to see in 2018
in glittering style. The pop superstar will
be delighting fans to a stage show of epic
proportions at du Arena, Yas Island and
with tickets starting at only AED350 you
better be quick to snap up the remaining
early bird tickets. The fun kicks off at 6pm
and continues until 2am with a host of
supporting musicians and DJ’s.
Scarlet Cardinal and its sister outlet
Amsterdam Hub across the way. The Sofitel
Hotel, JBR will play host to this two-pronged
attack where you can glam up at the retro
party at Scarlet Cardinal or head to Amsterdam
Hub for something more electronic. Prices for
both is AED300 for unlimited house
beverages, AED400 for unlimited house
beverages and hop, and AED500 for
unlimited premium beverages. The party
starts at 8pm. facebook.
Fewer places offer the atmosphere that
is found every weekend at Irish Village,
Garhoud and with their live music
events being a huge draw all year the
craic will be in full flow. There will be live
performance from venue favourites, the
Maplejacks and resident party starter DJ
Marky Mark. Tickets are only AED125
and that includes 2 selective beverages.
If you want to get in amongst one of the biggest NYE parties this
year look no further than Barasti Beach Club. Known for their
massive beach parties, the Dubai Marina behemoth know how to
get you in the mood and their bookings make sure of that. This year
on stage will be the undeniable New York hype man Fatman Scoop.
Scoop will be rousing the crowd with renditions of his famous songs
such as his smash hit “Be Faithful” and “Turn Around” before
the nights’ headliner takes to the stage – Chuckie. Famous for his
brand of high octane Dirty Dutch club music, Chuckie has remixed
many an A list star including Michael Jackson, Moby and Felix
Da Housecat to name just a few. Barasti is also perfectly placed to
take in the views of the world-famous fireworks which will go off
all along the JBR shoreline. As with every great party the supporting
acts are just as important and you can always count on the rock-solid
team of resident DJ’s who will be on hand to play the hits. Tickets
start from AED210 (includes welcome drink) and table packages
range from AED3,000 for a table of 4 on the middle deck to
AED7,000 for a table of 10.
December is here and that means
festive celebrations are in full swing!
Take your pick from three dining venues
that are perfect for festive gatherings
with family and friends or
for simply creating fun moments.
For a relaxed celebration, dine and
chill at Counter Culture Café.
Enjoy The Croft for cosy British
gastropub and garden vibes.
Ring in 2018 at Observatory
Bar & Grill, 52 floors above the
city with panoramic views and
delicious spreads!
Infusion Magazine finds out
what makes this talented
musician tick…
My biggest gig ever was…probably Meet D3 last
year. I worked with James Locksmith and cinema
Akil to put together a live score for the 1927 film
“Metropolis” toughest gig to date, but super
I’m best known for…making the best damn cup of
tea you’ll ever drink.
I’m most proud of…my ability to bend genres like
nobody’s business.
The artist I’d most like to work with is…Four Tet.
One thing you may not know about me is that…I
love Dungeons and Dragons.
This year, I’m playing in…Poppy, a few special
appearances, and my bedroom.
My sound is described as…textural and melodic.
My music sounds like…eating a lemon meringue pie
during carnival at Studio 54 while there’s a rave on.
If I had to live in one decade it would be…right
here and now, it’s a great time to be a musician!
The one piece of music kit I can’t live without is…
my TR-8. I use it during all of my DJ gigs as well. It’s
the backbone of my rig.
Instagram: @captaintea
Infusion Magazine caught up with this
talented DJ, with a big future ahead
of him…
Dubai’s clubbing scene is…El Chiringuito, White, Zero
Gravity, Cavalli Club and Q43.
My favourite ever record is…Rafael Cerato & Martin
Kremser - Gladia (Original Mix).
What track could you drop in every set? Almost any
track from “Suara”.
Setup of choice? Pioneer cdj2000 nexus (2x), Pioneer DJM
900 nexus.
My biggest DJ achievement to date is…the ability to
feel the vibe from the audience and to finish my set looking
at the satisfied and happy crowd of people.
What is your guilty music pleasure? In the depths of
every Dj’s sidebar is a playlist only enjoyed in private mode.
You know the one - filled with shame-inducing hits that
your hipper friends would scoff at. Here is my top 5: Baha
Men - “Who Let The Dogs Out”, Lou Bega - “Mambo No. 5”
(A Little Bit of...), Rick Astley - “Never Gonna Give You Up”,
Boney M – “Sunny” and Haddaway – “What Is Love”.
If you could DJ in any decade which would it be…
Early 2000’s, using my current knowledge I could have
revolutionised the music industry with ideas from the
If I could go back to back with any other DJ it would
be…No one, due to my own goals which I’m going to
achieve by myself…
INSTAGRAM: dj_bagdat_bg
Ashdown Engineering’s guitar amp heritage is a lengthy one
and with a direct ear to some of the world’s most respected bass
players, including John Entwistle (The Who), Mark King (Level
42) and JJ Burnel (The Stranglers) they continue to thrive in
the burgeoning amp market. For those in the market for an all in
one guitar/bass amp, sound card / portable speaker solution there
really is nothing else on the market like the Ashdown Engineering
Straight out of the box it is clear that a lot of time and effort has
gone in to this piece of kit. Everything about it is built for durability
and performance, from the hard-wearing material that the outer
shell is made from, to the grip handles on the top of the amp, even
down to the rock solid controls this amp is made with the tech
savvy musician in mind. The sheer range of connectivity options is
staggering, obviously, there is the tried and tested option to plug
either your electric guitar or bass guitar, or both directly in to the
amp but there is also the option along with the aid of the wireless
dongle where you can plug this in to your instrument and then,
once Wi-Fi enabled, the amp will then pick up the signal from your
guitar and play this back at optimum volume which means that the
player is no longer restricted by those pesky wires that can be the
bane of a musicians life. This makes jamming, collaborating and
recording an absolute synch.
Line in and out options are also well represented here too so it is
possible to plug in an external instrument such as a microphone
or a keyboard for added sound options and the line out can give
the option for instrument tuning too. Further options such as the
handy Apptek input for iPad/iPhone for voice recognition and
other applications, a seldom found option in today’s amp offerings.
With B-Social offering USB input this turns a guitar amp in to the
center piece of your musical workstation as it can then be used as a
viable sound conversion option. This is to say nothing for the actual
sound itself, as it offers a respectable 75W of power by way of 2 x
5” cones and signal attenuation is controlled courtesy of the hardwearing dials on top of the unit. Should you just wish to relax while
listening to your favourite music the Bluetooth option is perfect
for picking up either a laptop or a mobile phone and delivered with
a characteristic Ashdown Engineering tone and the now famous
VU meter display. All in all, this is a very unique and very useful,
function laden piece of kit that is more than capable of handling
anything you might throw at it in a home environment.
The Weekend Social
Cove is a bar, lounge and restaurant sitting right on Jumeriah
Beach adjacent to the Burj Al Arab and is simply stunning! Having
heard about it we’ve been meaning to visit and after receiving an
invite to experience their new menu it was the perfect opportunity.
As soon as you walk in it’s warm, chic ambience puts you right at
ease. Beautifully dim lit gardens and sexy deep house sounds right
next to the sea, it’s the perfect vibe for dinner or a few cocktails.
We also have to mention their sound system, as so many venues get
this wrong. It was quality with bass in all the right places without
it being too loud. We couldn’t help compare it to a similar beach
bar setting in Ibiza we went to, excep this one overlooks the Burj Al
As we were guided to our table across the moat surrounding
the restaurant, a live singer with his guitar filled the space with
beautiful melodies. We were promptly offered either two of New
Zealand wines: Oyster Bay Merlot and The Rock Sauvignon Blanc.
Both were winners.
First to arrive at our table was
the yellow fin sashimi and sushi
platters. Sliced to perfection it
quickly went down amongst our
table. The mains we experienced
were 3 delectable dishes; 24
hour marinated miso salmon,
honey glazed sea bass and melt
in your mouth rib eye steak.
All cooked to perfection. Our
favorite was the honey glazed
sea bass with the strips of Rib
Eye coming a close second.
Finally, we were served with a
chocolate tart and ice cream,
a slice of lemon meringue
and a selection of exotic ice
cream filled cheeses including
mandarin green tea, white
chocolate, and orange citrus. A
refreshing compliment to satisfy
our meal.
The service right from the get
go was prompt, witty, and
polite. The waiters took their
time to connect with our table
and share with our visitors
some intellect about Dubai. Our
guests were thrilled and so were
we. Thank you, The Cove, for
such a splendid night. We loved
every moment and will be surely
back for more.
The COVE is open daily from
11pm-3am and And every
Wednesday is a Ladies + the
Beach (AED 100 per girl, they
get a bed, a few glasses of rose
and food) Res number 800
2683. Check it out.
Words by Charl Chaka
The Beach House Restaurant at Anatara, The Palm is one of
Dubai’s best kept secrets. Situated with an amazing beach view
overlooking arguable one of Dubai’s best skylines. With this in mind
we booked a table for 2 for our ‘date night’ at The Beach House.
The Anatara Hotel setting on The Palm is very impressive. We were
driven by golf carts to The Beach House and were led to our table
by the friendly staff. The atmosphere is nice and easy going with
DJ Soph-eye Richard setting the perfect mood and vibe with
her mix of deep-afro and funk/soul house. Her selection of music
perfectly aligned with the setting and vibe of The Beach House view
overlooking The Palm.
Onto the menu. Their meals are dominated by delicious seafood,
but you can also order a gorgeous pizza or fine meat if you want.
We started the night with their signature appetizers shrimp dish
‘Gambos Al Ajillo’. It was fresh and light, cooked to perfection
and delicious with flavour. This accompanied with the Sauvignon
Blanc, Matua from New Zealand was the perfect way to start off
our cosy date night.
Being known for their seafood, we opted for the ‘Pan fried
European Sea bass’ and ‘Pan seared Salmon’ as our main
courses. The Sea-bass was super light with tasty roast potatoes and
flavoursome artichoke and asparagus while the Salmon was creamy
and buttery to match the bed of polenta base. The squid ink gave it
a mysterious texture. A definite winner in our book.
To sign out the night, we opted for the Blueberry Cheesecake for
dessert. Now we’ve had many cheese cakes in Dubai and this one
ranks up there. The Beach House comes well recommended. It was
an all-round fun and easy going night out with good food and
music to match.
Words by Charl Chaka
N E W Y E A R ʼ S E V E 2 017
One of the longstanding jewels in the crown of Dubai’s heights and
sights is the Marriott Harbour’s Observatory Bar & Restaurant
and for good reason. The 360-degree vista over many of the city’s
awesome highlights such as The Palm, JBR, Dubai Marina and
now the developing Ain Dubai Ferris wheel are all nothing short of
breath-taking. All of which makes their freshly launched Sky High
Brunch an enticing affair when you see what they’ve done with it.
Making every use of their ample assets, the array of food on
display remains as impressive as it always has been with some key
improvements. A vast selection of Western cuisine starters, sushi,
fresh salads and all sumptuous manner of amuse-bouches await to
kick it all off. The mains are where it really gets cooking with fresh
meats and seafood - including the requisite decadence of lobster
of course - all available for cooking to order by the fabulous chef
Padmanaban and his expert team on the grill.
The breakfast and pork stations remain freshly stocked all afternoon
should that take your fancy, but you have to leave room for the
cheese and dessert section. Their fabulous and sophisticated
selection of sweets include the very best of fresh crêpe options,
chocolate mud-cake, ice creams and a huge selection of specific
deserts like crême brulé and raspberry mousse pots - awesome
work by Manager Faizer Jafaar and his team to deliver a culinary
experience that’s bang on the money; not over-stated and offering
a perfect selection of options.
Add to this the new drinks stations if you fancy indulging your
Jäger-monster, Stoli-flyer or any other form of grape, hop or
bubble you can pretty much imagine. All told, this comes as one of
Infusion’s favourite picks and well worth the trip if you’re looking
for something that cuts just the right balance between understated
and full-on. If that sounds like your bag, get involved!
Words by Neil Henderson
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Form and get it stamped
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Attach copies
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submit your Application
Form and documents.
For more information please contact our Liquor Licence team on
04 304 0331/0332 or e-mail
Having recently visited the
original STK restaurant in
the Meatpacking District,
New York I was excited
to learn that STK would
soon be setting up shop in
the newly opened Rixos
Premium in JBR…
Being seated at our spacious,
white leather booth we were
greeted by our very friendly
Canadian server Vanessa who
was very knowledgeable about
all aspects of the menu and
very kindly recommended
that we start with some
cocktails to whet our appetite,
so we followed her expert
recommendations and opted
for an Italian classic; Hugo and
an Indecent Exposure, which
was a smooth concoction made
of Bourbon, Port, Rhubarb
and Egg-Whites – the perfect
aperitifs. While the overall décor
was quite different from the
New York STK we had visited, it
did have a distinct feel to it and
the artwork adorning the walls,
curved slated roof design and
the randomly pulled bricks from
the walls were a smart design
touch that really caught my eye.
Once we had enjoyed most of
our cocktails Vanessa expertly
explained the menu to us and
again made some on point
suggestions and in no time at
all we had a refreshing duo of
salads sat in front of us. First
the baby spinach salad was a
sensation, first the tang of the
tosazu dressing zapped at our
taste buds, then the creamy
goats cheese melted in the
mouth and then the dates
sweetened the deal. Next came
the revelation of the evening –
burrata. Not just burrata, but
as we all know such a simple,
creamy cheese can easily be
totally ruined with not using the freshest of ingredients, which
was clearly not applicable on this occasion. It was the addition of
heirloom tomatoes that has gone some way to changing my mind
on the subject of tomatoes full stop. Sure, I like sundried tomatoes
but raw tomatoes are not for me, until I tried these sweet, almost
grape like fruits, along with the tarte vinaigrette I was instantly
It was almost as if Vanessa could read our minds as no sooner
had we thought about ordering red wine than 2 goblets of tasty
Cabarnet Sauvignon arrived at our table. Which couldn’t have
arrived at a more perfect time as the combined effort of the
light, succulent and perfectly roasted salmon on a bed of celery
puree and the main attraction - a mouth-watering fillet steak
touched down on our table. Both entrees were delightful and
the combination of the well-seasoned steak and the flaky salmon
resulted in a cloud of um’s and ah’s descended on our table and
looks of utter gastronomic delight were being passed between me
and my wife. The following quarto of mini ice creams may just have
been a touch too much but tasty none the less.
As well as a few signature dishes and dedication to setting the right
ambience, STK Dubai also shares a dedicated ethos with its NYC
counterpart and that is to offer a more up tempo approach to a
top end steak house. The long bar perfect for hanging out in and
also the fact the DJ is placed in the perfect location between the
bar/lounge area and the restaurant is perfect for setting the right
mood and essential to the whole direction of the venue. My mouth
is watering at the prospect of my next visit and I don’t doubt it may
be difficult to get a table soon once word gets out that there is a
new player in town.
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800 CHEERS (243377)
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