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Metro UK – January 18, 2018

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thursday, January 18, 2018
th e wo rL d ’ s M o st P o PU L Ar fre e n e wspap e r
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called to
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n 33,000 nurses leave nHs in just one year
gary speed
death link
to pervert
‘Four players coached by Bennell took own lives’
Tragedy: Speed with wife louise months before he died
FootBallEr Gary speed was one by aidan radnedge
of four men who took their own
their lives due to Barry solely i
lives after being coached by
don’t know, but all i know is
paedophile Barry Bennell, a
how it’s had an impact on me
court heard yesterday.
and how it could impact on
the former wales manager
other people.’
and Premier league star was
the player said he had tried
named by a player Bennell
to contact speed’s parents after
has admitted abusing.
the former leeds
the victim said: ‘Four people
United and newfrom teams i have played
castle player
with, with Bennell, have
hanged himtaken their own lives.
Barry Bennell
self aged 42
whether they have taken
in 2011. He wanted to speak to them
because he read in a newspaper that
they were unable to gain closure as
they could not understand why their
son may have wanted to die.
the player said young footballers
had ended up ‘destitute’ and suffering
alcohol problems after sex abuse.
speaking about contacting alleged
victims of Bennell, he said: ‘when
people are breaking down on the
phone, on the verge of suicide, when
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n Victim’s victory in landmark revenge porn case
on carillion
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trump girth
the subJect
of mirth
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the second
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what gift
would you
buy her maJ?
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HE year is 43 AD. The
storm clouds gather
over the ancient lands
of Britannia as warrior
powerful druids and fearsome
Romans. These are turbulent
times for the ancient tribes of
the underworld; wondrous
magic and shattering
violence are at
t urbbullennt times
tiimees for
for the
These are turbulent
tribbes off the
t he underworld;
ancient tribes
magiic and shattering
wondrous magic
violence are at the forefront of
a desperate battle for power.
Leading her clan through the chaos
like a beacon is Kerra, the auburn/:.&236 ;2&42-7 .)32'2)32)$ 3:#0/$2&
of Pellenor, King of the Cantii. She is
mightily headstrong with a distaste
for rules, yet she has always followed
/2& /2:&$6 :)3 )(8 /2& *(%$ 32;).)0
days are upon her Leading her
clan through the
poweer stru
u g gle bbetween
et ween th
h reee tribes.
t r ibes.
er ra will
w i l l have
have to choose
chhoose between
we e n
her own
ow n feelings
feellings andd a sense off duty
dutt y
:)$$.. 1:42
1:42 : 332;).)0
8/2) $/2 !
a nd
moment in their history and
Kerra may be their only salvation.
Druids who claim to channel the
powerful forces of the underworld.
Like never before, the nine-part
series tells the story of the emotional
and physical power struggle between
three tribes: the Druids, Celts and
Romans, who battle for the heart
of Britannia. them invincible Celts
reign unopposed and invading
br i n g
when all the blood has been
spilled and the arguments are
settled – watch all the episodes
Invinciible Celts reign unopposed
and invvading Roamans try to bring
them into line. She must also deal
with Veeran, the leader of the Druids,
a man feared and respected in equal
there’s only one way to find out which
i will reign over Bri
all the blood has been spilled andd the
arguments are settled – watch alll the
episodes back to back on sky
kyy atlaantic.
like a beacon is Kerra,
$/2 :#9#&)5/:.&236 ;2&42-7
Pellenor, King of the Cantii.
She is mightily headstrong
with a distaste for rules,
yet she has always followed
her heart, and now her most
defining days are upon her.
The Roman army is returning
to crush the Celtic heart of
le d
Britannia, a mysterious land led
poweerff ull
by warrior women and powerful
chaa n nel th
Druids who claim to channel
powerful forces of the underworld.
retuu rning to
The Roman army is returning
Briitannia, a
crush the Celtic heart of Britannia,
ledd by
by warrior women
mysterious land led
D ruidds. Lik
ke neverr
and powerful Druids.
n ine-part series tells
tell ls the
before, the nine-part
story of the emotionall andd ph
All E
isodes Available Now
meaa surre – a man wh
ho answers to
but himself
himsellf andd the
thhe god
no onee but
w ill reign over Britannia
tribbe will
Which tribe
when all the blood
bllood has
has been
been spilled
spill ledd
a ndd the
t he arguments
mennts are settled.
T he storm
stor m cclouds
loouds gather
gathher over
Brita nnia as warrior
wa r rior women
clash with powerful
werrf ull druids
d ruidds andd
t he
times for the ancient tribes off the
and shattering violence at the
forefront of a battle for power.
the Romans will soon descend
upon Britannia and has no intention
of letting them achieve their aimss.
$( ;)3 (#$ 8/.4/ $&.92 8.-- &2.0) ("2&
Britannia when all the blood has been
,/2&2+% ()-7 ()2 8:7 $( ;)3 (#$
which tribe will
reig n
Thursday, January 18, 2018 METRO 3
youtube star
wins payout
over revenge
porn videos
Kendrick laughs
off Anna K mix-up
Kiss: kournikova with her baby
by Jan colley
an aM
MEriCan youtube star has
won a ‘ssubstantial’ revenge-porn payout from
who posted
m a form
m boyfri
films onnline of them having sex.
los angeles-based actress Chrissy
Chambeers, 26, brought a landmark UK
civil claiim against her ex for breach of
confidennce, misuse of private information andd harassment.
yesterrday, she celebrated her victory
on the steps of london’s High Court
by propposing to her girlfriend and
youtubee co-star Bria Kam – who said
Ms Chhambers had a relationship with
her Brittish-based partner – who can
be identified only as dCr – for
18 months, counsel alex
Marzec said.
she toold the court that, in september
2009, dCr – without Ms Chambers’s
knowleddge or informed consent –
recordedd videos of them enggaggingg in
sexual activity at her home in atlanta,
Georgia. in december 2011 and January 2012, he uploaded six films to a
profile on a pornographic website.
Ms Chambers was alerted to the
films in June 2013 and immediately
contacted the website to have them
removed. By then, they had been
online for 19 months and Ms Chambers
received numerous comments and
Victory: chrissy
chambers brought
the landmark uk civil
claim against ex who
uploaded films of
them having sex
Win-win: chrissy
(right) proposes
to girlfriend Bria
messages from youtube users who
wrongly believed she had been intentionally involved in pornography.
the court heard she had since suffered serious emotional and psychological difficulties resulting, for a time,
in substance abuse and relationship
difficulties. she had been diagnosed
with Ptsd and had undergone spe-
cialised trauma therapy but continued
to have flashbacks and nightmares.
Ms Chambers conducted a crowdfunding campaign on the internet
before bringing her claim.
Ms Marzec said dCr accepted liability for his unlawful activity and
regretted the serious distress and suffering caused. He also agreed to pay
Ms Chambers substantial undisclosed
damages and her legal costs.
speaking outside the court, Ms
Chambers said: ‘we have set a legal
precedent that should serve as a severe
warning to those who seek to extort
and harm with revenge porn. you cannot do this with impunity and you will
be held accountable for your actions.’
No Smoke without ire! ‘Cheat’
Alex has his girlfriend fuming
Caught on camera: One of the alleged ‘cheat’ pics
chainsMokers star
alex Pall’s relationship has
gone up in smoke after his
girlfriend posted cctV
footage that appears to show
him cheating on her.
black-and-white camera
shots, which tori Woodward
posted on instagram, seem to
show the musician kissing
and caressing a blonde.
Woodward, who has posted
snaps of herself and the 32year-old [below] during their
four years together, didn’t
hold back as she wrote across
the latest posts.
one caption read:
‘they’ll look you in
the eyes and tell
you they love you.
then destroy
you without a
second thought.’
another said:
‘Men are trash.
Don’t ever
forget it.’
after her pictures were
removed by
the network for breaking
‘community guidelines’,
Woodward told Pall to take
her revenge ‘like a man’.
she claimed in further rants
that the new york eDM DJ
had admitted being unfaithful
in the past and never
‘this is not the first time
he’s remorsely [sic] cheated
on me,’ she wrote in another
post, detailing some of his
alleged conquests.
‘consistent outright
denial faded to him
explaining that
because all men do it
it’s not that bad
and, in different
words, that
because he’s
famous now he
has a different
rulebook for
anna kendrick showed her
sense of humour when a
website appeared to mistake
her for anna kournikova.
a photo of the Pitch Perfect
star, 32, was accidentally used
on a yahoo! news story about
former tennis ace kournikova,
36, and her partner enrique
iglesias, 42, showing off their
newborn twins.
Seeing the funny side, the
actress took a screenshot of
the story and posted it on
Twitter, writing: ‘dear yahoo:
how do i get to this timeline
where i’ve slept with enrique
iqlesias please and thank you.’
She added: ‘i realize the
confusion probably came from
the two anna k names, but
she’s a tall blonde athlete and
dear Yahoo: kendrick’s post
i’m – oh, oh – do they think
i’m the baby?’
Fans thought kendrick’s
tweets were hilarious, with
one follower tweeting: ‘you
had twins with him and you
don’t even remember?? Wow
anna, that’s low.’
iglesias and kournikova
welcomed the twins, a boy
and a girl, in december.
Zayn gets Pornhub
birthday surprise
zayn malik nearly had his
birthday ruined this week
when he was unwittingly
drawn into a porn storm.
The Pornhub website wished
the 25-year-old a happy
birthday while suggesting he
held a membership with them.
it wrote: ‘Happy birthday
@zaynmalik. nothing reduces
anxiety more than
masturbation. let us know if
you need a renewal on your
Premium membership!’
after it became clear that the
tweet was posted as a joke,
the ex-1d star’s camp assured
confused fans that he and
girlfriend Gigi Hadid were ok.
one of his reps called it ‘a
weird joke that wasn’t funny’.
Chain reaction: Snaps were removed
4 METRO Thursday, January 18, 2018
Killer gets life for
strangling girl, 17
a man who killed a 17-year-old
girl during a sex attack three
days after he was freed from
prison has been jailed for life.
ashley Foster, 24, used a
shirt to strangle megan Bills
hours after meeting her. He
hid her body in a clingfilmwrapped wardrobe for 18 days
as he searched the internet for
snuff movies. He admitted
preventing a lawful burial but
was convicted of murdering
megan at a hostel in Brierley
Hill, West midlands, last april.
imposing a 26-year minimum
jail term, a Wolverhampton
crown court judge said his
actions were ‘beyond belief’.
Drivers stranded and schools shut
Heavy going: Snow ploughs and tractors at work in Dumfries and galloway pa
by daniel binns
HUndrEds of motorists were trapped in their cars by heavy snow yesterday
– and forecasters warned of more freezing weather across the UK today.
Mountain rescue teams were called in to help after a foot of snow
(36cm) stranded 200 drivers on the M74 in dumfries and Galloway
overnight. at 3am yesterday, victim steve Harr
r said he had ‘not
moved really in the last four hours’ and had been stuck for nine.
‘i’ve managed to get out of my car a couple of times to stretch
my legs. the snow is probably between four and six inches
deep around the cars,’ he told BBC radio 5 live.
Meanwhile at 7am rose devine tweeted: ‘Been stuck
on M74 since 5.30 last night. soooo cold.’
Hundreds of schools in scotland and northern ireland closed as the icy grip took hold.
Many parts of Britain – including swathes of scotland, yorkshire, wales and Greater Manchester –
woke to a blanket of snow yesterday and
there was even a smattering as far south as
the Met office issued a yellow
weather warning – for strong winds,
rain and snow – for most of the UK
today and a ‘severe’ amber alert –
meaning possible disruptions –
for southern scotland and parts
of northern England. similar
warnings for scotland and
the north of England have
been issued for tomorr
slow lane: cars on
the m74 south of
glasgow, where
heavy snow
stranded 200
drivers overnight
Thursday, January 18, 2018 METRO 5
by icy blast, with forecast of plenty more to come
a truck
stranded in
the snow in
workers check
on vehicles as
snow blocks
roads in
Dumfries and
galloway pa
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Former City chief scout
‘knew of Bennell’s abuse’
» continued from Page 1
you hear of people who have
taken their own lives...’
asked about victims claiming
compensation, he added: ‘i
know personally, for me, it’s
about justice. i’m sick to death
of this being part of my life and
i just want to put it to bed once
and for all.’
the victim was giving evidence
at bennell’s trial at liverpool
crown court, where the 64-yearold denies 48 charges of sexual
abuse involving 11 children
between 1979 and 1990.
the ex-youth coach, who worked
for clubs including Manchester
city and crewe
alexandra, has
admitted seven
counts of
11 to 14. the one-time chelsea
youth player has served jail time
in britain and the us for
molesting young footballers.
another victim bennell has
admitted abusing told the court
yesterday he had been sexually
assaulted by the coach more than
100 times in four years. he said
he believed Manchester city’s
chief scout ken barnes, who died
in 2010, knew what was going on.
‘i want an apology off
Manchester city,’ he said.
a 2012 inquest heard speed left
no note and the coroner did not
record a suicide verdict, saying his
hanging could have been a
‘dramatic gesture’ that went
wrong. For confidential mental
health support, the
samaritans can be
contacted on 08457
909090 or via the
6 METRO Thursday, January 18, 2018
execs ‘ma
have to pa
back cash
by dominic yeatman
)?-9@= & %"@80 & $4-=0/6=4/
!5625/68)( "82+80) &$( %'&#
$*!%& )#!("*! "&
32 8//1738,312 *3,4
r u rban g
$3) &% (.#4/0
(6"/.#3 '6#!60 3#0/ .6+2.6160+ 5*0!
#"'! %$ &
,$' &'-,#+'
PayMEnts to Carillion bosses have
been stopped – and they could be
forced to repay money they have
already banked.
there was fury after it was revealed
directors of the collapsed construction
giant were due to continue receiving
payments for up to 15 months after
leaving the company.
Former chief executive richard
Howson (pictured) was expecting
instalments of his £660,000 severance
pay until october – despite being
forced out when the company issued
its first profit warning last July.
weeks earlier, directors had changed
company rules in a bid to prevent
bonuses being clawed back if the firm
went bust. But the insolvency service,
which is responsible for winding up
the company, insisted it was targeting
the payments.
‘any bonus payment to directors,
beyond the liquidation date, have been
stopped,’ it said yesterday. ‘and this
includes the severance payments
which were being paid to some senior
executives who left the company.’
theresa May told MPs the official
receiver can investigate payments to
directors. ‘if the payments are unjustified he can take action to recover
those payments,’ the prime minister said.
the government also moved
to reassure the 45,000 UK staff
of service company
interserve after its
later recovered,
on the news it
was on a Cabinet
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Wednesday, January 17, 2018
or anyone struggling to pay the
bills, January can be the cruellest
month. Juggling post-christmas
credit card statements with a
longer than usual gap between
pay days leaves many wondering whether
they will escape debt.
Gillian Guy, the chief executive of
30 is the
citizens advice, says that January
charity’s busiest day of the year. ‘Many
those who come to us for help have
complex debt problems that are made
worse by the pressure to spend over
christmas,’ she says. For those who
wondering how to get their finances
to normal after christmas, the steps
are the financial equivalent of an alkaseltzer for your debt hangover.
the right course of action for you will
depend on your level of debt, income
(#$"%$!&' #$ #"'! %% &
th e w o r l d ’ s m o st p o pu l ar fre e n e w spap e r
investments &
cash-saving hacks
$0 +3.1 230/(&:190/6"0 !"48
"@@3.4/ ;9-94; +3. " :="?"@:='
!,*-. "(++/'%0.*) 7="?0 +3.
/:13.;: " <3.1(0/=2 09627= @.1=*
in association with
bRinGinG you all tHE
sHows you Know and
lovE on dEMand Page 29 »
taKinG tHE
all right for some:
richard howson
and his wife geri
funding builds
up future debt
n has
THE collapse of Carillion
shone the spotlight on the
government’s use of Prrivate
Finance Initiative contra
to pay for infrastructure
projects such as roads,
schools and hospitals.
The scheme is suppos
sed to
transfer the risk of incre
costs to th
he priivate secctor, but
the national Audit Officce
concluded that compan
nies have
passed that back to the
e taxpayer by
increasing their fees.
In a report yesterday it said taxpayers paid 40 per cent more for
schools built through PFI, and the public is due to pay £199billion to
private companies for PFI deals over the next 20 years.
Meg Hillier, chair of the public accounts committee, said the
government had not tackled the problems.
‘After 25 years of PFI, there is still little evidence that it delivers
enough benefit to offse
et the additional costs of borrowing money
privately,’ the Labour MP said. ‘Many local bodies are now shackled
to inflexible PFI contraccts that are exorbitantly
expensive to change.’
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" public faces £600m
" thousands of firms " ex-chief exec can live
bill for carillion collapse could go to the wall
it up in luxury ski home
the collapse of carillion is likely to
cost taxpayers £600million, it was
claimed yesterday – as the boss who
was in charge when the outsourcing
giant hit trouble went to ground.
less than a penny for every pound
is expected to be repaid to creditors
– including the government – after it
emerged the failed company is so
by doMiniC yEatMan
broke that liquidators are reluctant
to get involved.
redundancies began at small
companies owed money by carillion,
amid warnings that thousands of
them could go to the wall.
Meanwhile, there was no sign of
ex-chief executive richard howson
at his £2million yorkshire home or
his French ski chalet, which has six
bedrooms and an indoor hot tub.
carillion supplier andy bradley,
of landscaping company Flora-tec,
said: ‘i had to make ten people
continued on Page 6 »
Cold comforts:
Boss’s alpine chalet
with indoor hot tub
Boss’s luxury: metro’s report yesterday
‘watch list’ after its lateest profits warning. Jeremy Corbyn saaid private companies should be ‘show
wn the door’.
ns: ‘as the ruins
He told the Common
of Carillion lie arounnd her, will the
prime minister act to end this costly
racket of the relationship between government and some off these companies? this isn’t one isolated case of
government negligence and corp
failure – it’s a broken system.’
the insolvency serv
vice said 90 per
cent of Carillion’s priv
vate clients want
to keep the coompany’s staff
employed on theeir projects.
But unions said many of its
8,500 private sector workers
were being laid off, and
demanded th
he govern
extend emergeency support
rtt for
affected firrms.
B boss tim
roachee said: ‘we want
those other pri
sectorr companies to
take on those workers. that takes time.’
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Crippling cost: university hospital lewisham alamy
what is pfi?
PFi stands for Private
Finance initiative. The
employs private
companies to
build infrastructure,
such as
schools and
and pays
companies over a
period of typically 25 yea
what is its history?
The uk’s first PFi projectts were
introduced by John majorr in 1992.
They were supported by the labour
government under Tony Blair,
peaking in 2008 when £8
was spent on new projeccts.
Spending slumped after the financial
crash, falling to less than
£500million last year.
what has it been used for?
major PFi projects include the Queen
elizabeth Hospital in Birm
the British embassy in Be
erlin, and
the massive £10.5billion scheme to
refurbish the raF’s aeria
al refuelling
what are its advantages?
costs can be spread over a much
longer period and it keep
ps spending
off the government’s balance sheet,
which helps the uk main
ntain its
credit rating. Private companies pay
for overspends and supporters say
projects are finished quicker, more
efficiently, and to a better standard.
what are the problems?
critics say the risk of failure is still
carried by the taxpayer because
private companies are accused of
overcharging to compensate. The
government is also able to borrow
money much more cheaply than
private firms which
have been accused
of leaving local
authorities and nHS trusts
with unmanageable
repayments. in 2011, the
Treasury committee
estimated the
eventual cost of a PFi
hospital to be 70 per
cent higher than one
built and maintained
by the public sector. The a&e at
lewisham and Greenwich nHS
S Trust
is among those that have been
threatened with closure becau
use of
PFi bills.
what is its future?
it has been heavily criticised by
labour under Jeremy corbyn but
ministers remain committed to its
use. The government has set out
plans for £300billion of
infrastructure projects between
2016 and 2021. a ‘significant
amountt’ wiill be paiid by PFis.
how important is it?
Spending on PFi projects has
averaged £3billion a year for the
past 20 years – compared to capital
spending, which currently stands at
about £50billion a year.
can it be
Former chancellor
George osborne
promised an overhaul of
PFi that would transfer more of
the risk burden to the private secto
or in
a series of announcements between
2009 and 2011. But he was criticised in
a report by the national audit office
yesterday for failing to analyse its
costs and benefits. ‘Hm Treasury made
no attempt to compare PFi with
alternatives during the PFi reform
process,’’ the commiittee wrotte,
‘However, the department for
education has commissioned work to
compare PFi with publically financed
schools.’ His reformed system –
launched as ‘PF2’ – has fundamentally
the same financing and contract
arrangements as PFi, the report said.
Thursday, January 18, 2018 METRO 7
Nurses call
for better
pay in
up nurse
es are leaving
nhs in droves, say experts
HE nHs in England is ‘haemorr
nurrses, which has thrown it into a ‘dangerrous downward spiral’, experts warn.
Ministers were urged to act by the royal
College of nursing after a study conuded more than ten per cent left in each
of the past three years.
More than 33,000 nurses walked
away last year – with the number of
leavers surp
those joining the
profession by 3,000 – according to a
BBC analysis of figures from nHs
Janet davies, chief executive and generaal secretary of the rCn, said: ‘the governnment must lift the nHs out of this dangerrous and downward spiral. in England,
we are haemorr
nurses at precisely
by ella pickover
the tim
me when demand for health and care
servicces has never been higher. Most
nt care is given by nHs nurses and,
each time the strain ratchets up again, they
are th
he ones wh
ho bear the brunt of it.
we already
y know there are 40,000
unfillled nurse jobs and things continue to
head in the wro
ong direction.
here canno
ot be safe care for patients
whilee the goveernment continues to allow
ng on the cheap.’
shee later tolld BBC radio 4’s today:
‘whaat we are finding is that nurses are
ng us that they find it impossible to do
their job in the way that they wish to.’ Prof
Jane Cumming
gs, England’s chief nursing
officer, told the BBC: “we do lose people
that need to be encouraged.
‘we’re in the process of bringing in lots
of nurse ambassadors that are going to be
able to talk about what a great role it is.’
nurse training places will be increased
by 5,000 this year – a 25 per cent rise.
the department of Health and social
Care said: ‘nurses are at the heart of our
nHs and that’s why there are 11,700 more
on our wards since May 2010.’
what’s your opinion?
Text the word VIEWS followed by
your comment, name and where
you live to 65700.
Standard network charges apply.
Tory MP Brad
y said public sector
workers ‘d
don’t know they’re born’
Our benefi
fit is not
enough to live on
say long-te
erm sick
SIXTY per cent of pe
eople claiming
the main long-term sicckness benefit
believe the money is not enough to live on,
according to a survey.
Labour called the finding
gs by the
Disability Benefits Consortium ‘a
a damning
indictment of the government’s treatment
of sick and disabled people’.
Campaigners warned that claimants were
sttrugglling even beffore furtther cutts to
Employment and Support Allowance came
into effect last year.
ESA pays 2.4million people a minimum of
£73.10 a week.
The Department for Work and Pensions
said its research showed 83 per cent of
people were satisfied with the benefit.
an UndErFirE tory MP
once accused
puublic sector
workers of ‘nott knowing they’re
born’, it has been revvealed.
Ben Bradley, recenntly promoted as
his party’s ‘vice chaiirman for youth’
in a push to appeal too young voters,
made the comments in a now-deleted
blogg post in 2011.
the 28-year-old, who is considered
a rising star in the Conservative
party, published the piece criticising
workers for complaiining about their
pay under the headliine: ‘Public
sector workers: theyy don’t know
they’re born!’
the blog, uneart
by the Buzzfeed
website, said: ‘i can’tt believe for the
life of me that peoplee in the public
sector are so lost in thheir own fantasy
land that they can’t seee how good
they’ve got it.’
it continued: ‘iif you think your job
orr your pay isn’t good enough for you,
quuit! there are mi
of other people
who will happily take your burden off
your hands!’
the MP, elected to represent
Mansfield last summer, claims on his
website that he has worked in ‘public
facing roles’ such as at aldi
supermarket, the de vere hotel chain,
and the open University. Bradley
SuSPended labou
ur mP Jare
o’mara is returning
g to work
with ‘immediate effect’ after scaling
back his duties on medical advicce.
THe Sheffield Hallam mP
P, who ha
cerebral palsy, had the party whip
withdrawn in october ov
ver claim
he posted homophobic and sexisst
comments online in the early 2000s.
He has not been at Parlia
ament since.
The 36-y
year-old’s office last mon
said he would continue to serve
constituents, but he was absentt
when the yorkshire Postt visited on
Friday. mr o’mara has no
ow said he
will make a ‘phased retu
urn’ to wo
apologised on tuesday forr suggestin
in a 2012 post that benefitss claimantts
should have vasectomi
i He said: ‘M
time in politics has allowed
d me to
mature and i now realise th
hat this
language is not appropri
i e.’
Cat smith, labour’ss shadow
minister for youth affairs, said:
‘Public sector workers delliver an
incredibly valuable service against a
backdrop of extreme tory cuts.
‘these disgraceful comments from
the person theresa May chose as vice
chair of her party once again
demonstrates how out of touch this
government is from the lives of
working people.’
Under fire:
Ben Bradley
has faced
criticism after
his old blog
posts were
SteVe Back
Thursday, January 18, 2018 METRO 9
by daniel binns
in brief
CritiCs poured scorn on donald
trump’s official medical results yesterday after he narrowly avoided being
declared obese.
white House doctor ronny Jackson
had said the Us president was 6ft 3in
tall and 239lb (17st). if Mr trump had
been a pound heavier he would have
fallen into the body mass index measurement for obesity.
the president was challenged to
prove that the figures from his medical
were accurate.
actor and producer James Gunn
tweeted: ‘i will give 100 thousand dollars to trump’s favorite charity if he
will step on an accurate scale with an
impartial medical professional, okayed
by both of us. #GirtherMovement.’
the hashtag referred to the ‘birther’
conspiracy theory promoted by Mr
trump, which wrongly claimed his
predecessor Barack obama was not
born on Us territory.
doubts were also cast on how tall the
president is. Photos
of Mr trump with
Barack obama –
who is 6ft 1in –
appeared to show
they are almost the
same height.
new york times
journalist Maggie
‘reminder that earlier physicals decades ago put trump’s height at 6ft
2in. the 6ft 3in height makes a
difference on his BMi from overweight
to obese’.
dr Jackson insisted to reporters his
results, which concluded Mr trump
was healthy except for being overweight and having high cholesterol,
were accurate. But critics and comics
pointed out the ‘suspicious’ measurements, released on tuesday night,
were similar or identical to many professional athletes.
Mr trump – a well-known fan of
Mcdonald’s cheeseburgers – has previously been criticised for ‘fat-shaming’. He described Us comedian rosie
o’donnell as a ‘fat pig’ and allegedly
called former Miss Universe winner
alicia Machado ‘Miss Piggy’.
Meanwhile, Us magazine in touch
weekly yesterday published a previously unseen interview from 2011
with former porn actress stephanie
Juncker happy for
UK to rejoin the EU
Jean claude
Juncker has said
he would be
‘happy’ to help
Britain rejoin the
eu after Brexit.
The european
commission president said the
uk could apply to rejoin under
article 49 of the lisbon Treaty
even after a march 2019 exit.
at the european parliament
in Strasbourg, he said: ‘We
would like the British to stay,
and if they so wish, they
should be allowed to do so.’
european council president
donald Tusk has also said he
is open to a ‘change of heart’.
a different ball game: portly Donald trump is compared unfavourably with New england patriots quarterback tom Brady
hashtag mocks trump as doubts grow over his weight
Home and away
actress Jessica
Falkholt has died
three weeks after
being injured in a
car crash that
killed her family.
The 29-year-old (pictured),
who played Hope morrison in
the australian soap, passed
away at Sydney’s St George’s
Hospital yesterday.
a spokesman for broadcaster
channel 7 said the show’s cast
were ‘heartbroken’.
The Boxing day car crash in
mondayong, new South Wales,
also killed her parents, lars and
Vivian, and sister annabelle.
Francis ‘sorry’ to
sex abuse victims
Man off graviity: mr trump woulld be ligh
hter in space butt coulldn’’t mattch
h philad
hia eaglles’’ trey Burtton in the reall worlld
Clifford in which she described an
alleged affair with Mr trump.
the actress – known as stormy
daniels – said she had ‘textbook
generic’ sex with Mr trump less than
fourth months after his wife Melania
gave birth to their son Barron in 2006.
she told the magazine: ‘i don’t even
know why i did it but i do remember,
while we were having sex, i was like,
“Please, don’t try to pay me”.’
Mr trump has denied the affair.
Olympic spirit! Koreas to ‘unite’ for Games
north and south korea have
agreed to form their first joint
olympic team at next month’s
Winter Games.
Plans for athletes from the two
nations to march together under a
‘unification flag’ at the Games in the
south, have also been mooted.
and the countries will also field a
single women’s ice hockey team.
the announcement came
following talks held between the
neighbouring nations in the border
village of Panmunjom.
they will present their plans for a
‘peace games’ to the international
olympic committee at the weekend
and, if approved, athletes from both
koreas will make a joint entrance
at the opening ceremony in
Pyeongchang on February 9.
the talks signal a thaw in
tensions between the countries
TV soap star dies
weeks after crash
Fly the
flag: the
under a
flag at
the asian
games in
2006 getty
over the north’s nuclear weapons
seoul’s unification ministry said
a north korean delegation will visit
the south next week to review
facilities at the olympic venues. For
the Games, the north is aiming to
send athletes, a 230-strong
cheering squad, a taekwondo
demonstration team, journalists
and officials. they also plan to
send a 150-strong delegation to the
Paralympics in March.
in return, the south has agreed
to send athletes to north korea’s
Masikryong ski resort for training.
it is not clear how many north
korean athletes will compete in
Pyeongchang because those who
qualified missed a deadline to
confirm their participation.
but the ioc last night said it had
‘taken note’ of the ‘interesting
proposals’. athletes from the two
koreas last marched together at
the 2006 asian Games in Doha.
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PoPe FranciS
has met survivors
of sexual abuse
by priests during
his first official
visit to chile.
The pontiff
(pictured) apologised,
‘listened to them, prayed with
them and wept with them’ on
his first full day in Santiago,
Vatican spokesman Greg
Burke said.
meanwhile, police used tear
gas and water cannons to
break up a protest outside an
open air mass held by the
Pope, which was attended by
an estimated 400,000 people.
Saudis give £1.4bn
to bail out Yemen
Saudi araBia’S
king Salman
(pictured) has
ordered a transfer
of £1.4billion to
yemen amid fears
for the war-torn
country’s currency.
The move came a day after
yemen’s Saudi-backed prime
minister ahmed obeid bin
daghir called on the kingdom
and its allies to save the
currency from ‘complete
The yemeni government has
created an alternative central
bank in aden to the one in the
rebel-held capital of Sanaa.
10 METRO Thursday, January 18, 2018
bayeux tapestry back in
Macron’s offer
to loan work
is ‘proof of ties’
between nations
by tess de la mare
as Many people as possible should
see the Bayeux tapestry when it returns
to Britain for the first time after 952
years, theresa May has said.
France’s president Emmanuel Macron
will today announce the loan of the
230ft long work which depicts the
norman conquest of England by
william the Conquerer.
the British Museum would be
‘honoured and delighted’ to display
the tapestry, said its director Hartwig
Fischer. ‘this would be a major loan,
probably the most significant ever from
France to the UK,’ he said.
‘it is a gesture of extraordinary generosity and proof of the deep ties that link
our countries.’
British scholar Maggie Kneen said:
‘it’s such a marvellous piece of news
and it’s just going to be so important
for children to learn from it.
‘it was made in Canterbury, it’s
more or less been proven by art historical means.’ she said the actual
Conquerer: William,
and the tapestry in
Normandy getty
arrow in the famous scene which apparently shows the death of Harold, Earl of
wessex, at the Battle of Hastings in
1066 is believed to have been added in
victorian times. ‘when you get to
know it, you realise what a treasure
house of information it is,’ she told
Good Morning Britain.
the first record of the piece is in
Bayeux Cathedral’s inventory of treas-
ures in 1476, but it is believed to have
been stitched in England by nuns at st
augustine’s abbey.
although called a tapestry, it is in fact
an embroidery in nine different panels.
Thursday, January 18, 2018 METRO 11
britain... after 952 years
One in the eye: the ‘Victorian’ arrow
Prime minister Mrs May hailed the
offer as ‘very significant’ and said it
was important that the ‘maximum
number of people’ are given the opportunity to see it. But at prime minister’s
questions, she received rival bids for a
host site. Bexhill and Battle MP Huw
Merriman said Battle abbey – the site
of the 1066 clash – would be an appropriate location, while home secretary
amber rudd suggested her Hastings
and rye constituency.
levi roach, medieval historian at
Exeter university, said: ‘as Britain seeks
to renegotiate its relationship with
France, there could scarcely be a better
symbol of the close yet fraught ties that
have bound the two nations.’ the tapestry ‘depicts events from a norman perspective, but with real sympathy for the
fate of the English’, he said. during the
French revolution it was used to cover
military wagons and was only saved by
a local lawyer. napoleon put it on display in Paris in 1804 and it was briefly
exhibited at the louvre in 1944.
But the tapestry is very rarely moved
and it could be five years before it
reaches British shores. it will not be in
the UK before 2020 because of the
need for restoration work before it
leaves its home – a darkened room in
the Bayeux Museum in normandy.
12 METRO Thursday, January 18, 2018
First, second, third and fourth in
line to hug the tracksuit duchess
anyone for cuddles: girls wait patiently to greet the duchess at the south london school
younG pupils queued to give
the Duchess of cambridge a
hug at a school yesterday.
kate, 36, who is expecting her
third child, exchanged highfives with pupils after the first
girl to approach her went for a
cuddle instead of a handshake.
the duchess wore a tracksuit
as she played tennis with girls
at bond primary school, south
london, during her visit to see
the work of the Wimbledon
Junior tennis initiative.
earlier, she received teddy
bears for Prince George and
Princess charlotte from ava
Watt, nine, during a visit to
Great ormond street hospital.
Queen’s unusual list
of gifts has one that
is out of this world...
by laura elston
a silvEr pumpkin, a purple fleece
dog bed and the Union flag from astronaut tim Peak’s spacesuit were among
gifts given to the Queen last year.
other unusual presents included an
ostrich egg decorated with Maasai
beadwork, a gift from the Kenyan president to mark the
monarch’s 91st birthday.
records released yesterday listed the official
presents received by the
royal family in 2017.
Prince George, now
four, and Princess
Charlotte, two, were
presents during a visit to
Poland and Germany in
July, collecting 59 between
mas tree glitter balls from the German
president and a decoration containing
paper from a world war ii Enigma
decoding machine from staff at the
new national Cyber security Centre.
the silver-plated filigree pumpkin
was given to her during an audience
with the Cambodian ambassador.
Major Peake, who became the first
Briton to form part of the crew of the
international space station, handed
over his own gift during a ‘dine and
sleep’ visit to windsor Castle.
Her Majesty was given the dog bed
during a visit to the Canine Partners
them. in the haul was a dream- Curtsy: the national training Centre.
catcher (pictured), three toy Queen with
official gifts cannot be sold or
trains, 17 soft toys, two lolli- cambodia’s exchanged and eventually become part
pops, a toy pram, three dresses ambassador of the royal Collection, which is held
whose silver in trust for the nation.
and two pairs of socks.
the Queen’s gifts also included pumpkin is
the rules were tightened after a 2003
two festive-themed offerings – Christ- circled afp
Royal Kate of arms: the
duchess grins as she
embraces one of the pupils
Thursday, January 18, 2018 METRO 13
Didn’t see that lamp post? Should’ve gone to Specsavers
Don’t expect to see this picture
feature in the next specsavers
advertising campaign.
it was one in the eye for the
optician with the ‘should’ve gone
to specsavers’ slogan after one of
its cars hit a lamp post in
social media were flooded with
jokes and puns after the city
council posted a photograph of the
collision with a #shouldveGoneto
one twitter user quipped:
‘What a spectacle!’.
another said they ‘didn’t see
that one coming’.
all a bit of a car crash for the
company, which had some
difficulty seeing the funny side.
‘a specsavers healthcall vehicle
driven by one of the team was
involved in a collision on tuesday
16 January in Menlove avenue,
liverpool,’ was a spokesman’s
terse response.
‘We are relieved to hear that no
one involved was injured.’
and the unfortunate driver of
the vehicle?
nowhere to be seen.
hard cell... police
uniforms on ebay
‘help fraudsters’
by lewis pennock
a PoliCE force facing a £26.5million funding gap has been accused
of making life ‘that little bit more
easy’ for fraudsters by selling surplus equipment on eBay.
sussex Police has been criticised
by a charity after listing items
including police issue jackets weeks
after two pensioners in Brighton
were scammed out of £9,000 by a
pair of bogus officers.
stephen McCarthy, a director for
action on Elder abuse, said: ‘it’s
not going to be bringing in an awful
lot of money and it seems a bit
strange – why take that risk for such
small amounts of money?’
all police branding has been
removed from the items, which
include a ‘Gore windstopper tornado Fleece Jacket large short
Black security yaffy’. the site also
lists Uv flashlights and hi-visibility
jackets priced as low as £9.99.
Mr McCarthy said: ‘there’s an
argument i think the police would
make that these items can be found
elsewhere if you want to buy them,
and we would not disagree.
‘when it comes to things seen to
be identified with police officers it
seems to be sending the wrong
message. i think they should probably be restricted from selling these
sorts of items.
‘if sussex Police stop selling
these garments today it’s not going
to stop people committing these
Bay listtings: Some off the unmarkked
d jackketts beiing solld by Sussex pollice
crimes, but why make it that little
bit more easy? it’s fine to say the
insignia is removed but often when
we see these cases the uniforms
worn aren’t precise replicas.’
in december, two fraudsters
dressed as police took £6,000 from
a 72-year-old woman and £3,000
from a 74-year-old man.
they were shown fake police ids,
and told the cash was needed to
help prosecute bogus builders who
carried out work on their homes.
sussex Police said money raised
on its site, which also includes
items found or confiscated during
raids such as a Fifty shades of
Grey dvd, goes back into the
clothing store or the Police Property act Fund, which is divided
among charities. the rest goes into
the running of the site, which is
approved by its professional standards department – although ‘contentious items’, such as armour and
handcuffs, are not sold online.
the force added: ‘items sold are
no longer suitable to be re-used by
sussex Police and all items have
any police branding and insignia
removed. without this branding
they are just generic items which
can easily be purchased.’
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14 METRO Thursday, January 18, 2018
usually stylish
joined this week’s
roster of celebrity car
crash fashion. Tinie, 29,
hit the catwalk in Milan
modelling a bejewelled
double denim combo,
decorated with
cherubs, for Dolce
& Gabbana’s
i’m a social media
‘victim’, says katy
KATY PErrY reckons she is a
‘victim’ of online media and
warns that social networking is the
‘decline of civilisation’.
Katy, who has 108million Twitter
followers, mulled over her online
presence as her wardrobe went off
course at Stella McCartney’s LA
fashion show on Tuesday.
‘I think it’s the decline of
civilisation... I’m trying to find my own
personal balance with it because I’m
just as much a victim as everybody
else,’ the singer, 33, told refinery29.
shady lady! dakota sneaks in
THEY’vE canoodled on the beach
and hit the bar together... but Chris
Martin and Dakota Johnson aren’t ready
to make their red carpet debut.
The Fifty Shades star, 28, sneaked in
through a back door when she attended
Stella McCartney’s LA fashion bash with
the Coldplay frontman, 40. Once inside,
however, a crowbar couldn’t separate
them, according to witnesses. They
‘walked in holding hands’ and Dakota
was ‘super into the PDA’ said guests.
horror film was just
like my childhood...
Get out star Daniel on ‘pressure cooker’ of racism
get Out cause:
Daniel, and
with his
story with a ring of truth...
cHriS HemSWorTH
faltered in his
attempts to clear
up the mystery
‘wedding rings’
sported by his
brother liam and
miley cyrus.
The Thor star, 34,
was put on the spot
during a radio interview
when asked to explain a
A n d r e i H A r m s w o rt H ’ s
recent gathering in Byron
Bay, australia. it sounds
as if the couple have
declared their love
ceremonially – if
not legally.
‘They’re not
officially married,’
chris told the new
york station, while
admitting that pop
star miley, 25, is ‘just a lot
of fun’.
Et oUt star daniel Kaluuya
has compared the racism
storyline in the acclaimed
horror flick to his own
experiences of growing
up in london.
the 28-year-old, in the running for next
month’s EE Bafta rising star award,
said his own life was mirrored by
Get out’s plot, in which his
character p
Chris w
washington, has
a wh
hite girlfriend
‘i have been
tthere in terms of
being in an
where you are
ngled out because
of thee colour of your
skin,’ ex
xplained daniel,
who this week beat denzel washington
and idris Elba to the outstanding actor
gong at the naaCP image awards.
‘it is almost like, “shall i take my skin
off so you can talk to it? Because you are
not interested in me”.’
He admitted the experience left him
aggressive at times. ‘Having to navigate
standing up for yourself, your emotion gets
reduced to aggression,’ added daniel, who
starred on tv in Black Mirror and skins.
‘How do you respond to that, because it
is an attack, and it is like a passiveaggressive one. i had experienced a lot
of moments that Chris experienced –
and the rage at the end because it is a
pressure cooker.
‘Get out is a pressure cooker. your
intuition tells you suppress, suppress your
feelings. it is because that is what happens.
it is you subverting your emotions and
belittling your instincts – and then the last
third is a roar of emotion.’
We’re not Kardashian
in on our baby’s birth
Cruise goes through
more aches and panes
Golden touching... songs
on Kylie’s latest album
Jonas lads play
down reunion talk
KAnYE WEST and Kim
Kardashian are said to be
knocking back offers of up to
£3.5million for the first pictures
of their daughter, who arrived on
Monday by surrogacy. They said
selling the snaps was ‘immoral’.
Tom cruiSe has taken
another knock on mission
impossible 6 in london. cruise,
who broke his ankle last year, was
filmed stumbling into a window
pane as he prepared to dive
through it on a harness.
THE track list for Kylie’s 14th
album seems heartbreaking.
The unlucky-in-love singer, who
turns 50 this year, performs
songs called A Lifetime To repair
and Music’s Too Sad Without You
on the album, called Golden.
THe JonaS BroTHerS
are playing down fans’
speculation of a reunion after five
years. This week they reactivated
their group instagram account,
but insiders insist they will
continue as solo stars... for now.
Thursday, January 18, 2018 METRO 15
ith Tom
Sti hb
keira: everyone has battled
sex monsters, including me
lawyers. i’m not talking about
keira kniGHTley says
rape but i’m talking about
she has been sexually
the people who had been
harassed but not on
grabbed in pubs or their
Hollywood movie sets.
breasts had been fondled by
‘i’m fortunate that i’ve
somebody they didn’t know
never been sexually
or they’d had
abused professionally
someone shove a
or harassed on a film
hand up their skirt.’
set,’ she said.
keira, 32, married
‘But in my personal
to former klaxons
life, when i’ve been
musician James
in bars, i can
righton, 34,
count four times
added: ‘For too
when i’ve been
long, you really
what i’d say was
did go, “oh, this
assaulted in a
just normal”. it’s
minor way.
terrifying that was
‘i think everyone
our response.’
keira with
has battled their
fair share of
hubby James
Woody allen
monsters. it’s not
just actresses. it’s
Page 21 »
teachers; it’s
becks is on
the c ase
showed that hubby Dav
l as he
truly is at her Beck’n’calParis.
lugged their clobber to ter
Becks, 42, acted as por in the
when the couple arrivedFashion
city yesterday for Par ostar.
Week, travelling via Eur y
Their designer bags maher
have contained some after
collection of high hee
isionPosh unveiled the dec ough
making she has to go
the off.
before being ready for er was
The 43-year-old design
like a modern-day Ime snap of
Marcos as she posted rounded
herself in her office,
ing yellow
by footwear. After try
heels, she eventually journey.
burgundy boots for the
louis sends $10k to 1d fan
LOuIS TOMLInSOn has donated $10,000
(£7,000) towards pioneering medical
trreatment for a One Direction fan in the uS.
His money will also help the parents of nineyear-old rylee Sanford, who has a rare brain
malformation, modify their Georgia home to suit
her needs. Louis, 26, also posted on their
fundraising page: ‘Sending you all the love!’
Justin snacks are not just crickets
comeback album has
already left a dodgy
taste after he served
edible insects to
The nibbles at 36year-old Trousersnake’s
launch party for man of The
Victoria and
David in paris
yesterday, and
her shoes snap
Woods, held in new york on
Tuesday, was more like
an i’m a celebrity
Bushtucker trial.
one journo wrote:
‘We just ate
grasshoppers and ants
with Justin Timberlake,
who played us his entire
album #manofTheWoods.’
marry? i needed some help
JESSICA CHASTAIn says her hubby Gian
Luca Passi de Preposulo convinced her to
make a u-turn on her marriage ban.
They finally tied the knot last year after five
years together. ‘I never wanted to get married,’
admitted the 40-year-old star of The Help. ‘And
then, as we got to know each other, the idea of
marriage shifted for me. Some things are worth
celebrating – and he’s worth celebrating.’
16 METRO Thursday, January 18, 2018
carillion’s not alone
n Failed company carillion has
awarded nHS contracts while
been awarded contract after
it sues the nHS.
contract over several years
How much longer are we
while paying executives and
going to let government policy
shareholders and failing to
rob us of our taxes so that rich
fund projects properly.
cronies can receive vast sums
But it is not the only one.
while not delivering what they
G4S failed to provide security
were paid for? Valerie, London
for the olympics but now runs
my local ambulance service.
n right-wing politicians
The company that runs
say the free market is
my pension fund gave
sacrosanct, then a big beast
me a wildly inaccurate
like carillion goes under
assessment of my
and it’s the state that’s
pension just before my
to bail it out. at least
retirement. it has since
stick to your
been awarded more
principles. it’s
contracts. as for Virgin,
forget its record on
Big Davie
trains, it is being
Ricardo, via text
.creditors face ruin.
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on metro is a
member of the independent Press
Standards organisation
the eu? our heart
But we have more information
now than at the referendum so
should take up Mr tusk’s offer
n European Council president donald
tusk says ‘our hearts are still open’ for
Britain to stay in the EU (Metro, wed).
i am really happy we are leaving
because Germany and France want even
closer control and federalism.
Germany will not only be controlling
everyone politically but also probably
economically when the new European
Central Bank president is appointed next
year, which will more than likely be
another German.
Chris, Essex
n the EU is nervous of the UK leaving but
it didn’t want us to join in the first place so
we had a bad deal from the get-go. when
david Cameron tried to renegotiate, it
wouldn’t. like any bad relationship, if it’s
not healthy for both parties, split.
Sue, via text
n why is changing your mind when
presented with more information seen as
a normal and sensible course of action,
except when it comes to the biggest issue
facing the country in a generation?
it’s time to stop talking about June 2016
and look at the facts today: like Carillion,
Brexit is a national disaster from which
only a few already rich people will benefit.
Rob Willett, Stevenage
n Mr tusk’s open arms in wanting the
UK to return to the EU is like a group of
sharks applauding the return of a mackerel.
Ed, London
n Half the country voted to stay and the
other half to leave. slow realisation of the
consequences will result in us technically
leaving but staying so close to the EU, we
might be fooled that we actually left.
However, it will still be a technical win
for the Brexiteers that will satisfy the rules
of the game as they morph their arguments
in acceptance, such as this nonsense on
blue passports that could have been blue
Jay, Manchester
Waiting in pain:
kyra Drew lies on
the floor at hereford
county hospital
pic: SWNS
everyday tales of
an nhs battling to
cope with demand
n Chancellor Philip Hammond
brushes aside claims of a crisis in
the nHS while a 22-year-old lies in
agony on the waiting room floor
for five hours because of a lack of
beds (Metro, Wed).
I visited Kettering General
Hospital on Tuesday. In the fracture
clinic, a room marked A&E was in
use. In the waiting area was a man
with a line in his hand. He had been
in A&E since 3am with appendix
pain (peritonitis?) He was there
rush- hou r c ru sh
LOvE (well, lust) is all around
us, as shown by the messages
left by our commuter cupids.
Are they talking about you?
To the first-class lady in world-class
cowboy boots. you set off from Gatwick
then rode off into the islington night.
Wish i’d been bold enough to say
Rebel With A Cause
To the woman in the mustard hat and
blue duffle coat in north castle Street.
i loved the face you pulled battling
Man With Big Dog
the blizzard.
To Tom, the Brixton cherub who knows
how to walk from Stockwell and can put
together a great smart/casual outfit.
crystal Palace is not as high as mount
Fiji/Fuji but the concrete dinosaurs need
your beauty treatments. Seven minutes’
Tube delay wasn’t long enough to have
had you in my life. come for that walk
up the hill.
Lisa, London
Boy in the maroon parka, reading a
self-help book on the new Brighton to
liverpool train. i see you every day
and try to work up the courage to say
Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
Thursday, January 18, 2018 METRO 17
and another thing...
n an accidental missile alert in
Hawaii and then another one in
Japan (metro, Wed). a coincidence,
or just testing their systems
ahead of a possible confrontation
with north korea?
T, glasgow
n Please, no more of these
announcements on london’s
buses. We know the bus is about
to move, we’d be disappointed if it
didn’t. That’s why we get on them
in the first place!
sue, london
just isn’t in it
because it was warmer. This was
after midday. On the other side the
orthopaedic surgeon was late for
clinic – he had been called out and
at 3am was in theatre. not having
had a break, he came straight to
Paul Gordon, Kettering
n I collapsed on a bus in London on
December 30 and was taken to the
Chelsea and Westminster Hospital
on one of its busiest nights of the
year. I only waited 20 minutes for
the ambulance and was in A&E for
about four hours while they
assessed me and found me a bed.
I stayed in hospital for four
nights. They had to change a day
To the bearded man with dark hair,
a slight belly, wearing a silver ring on
his little finger, leaning up against a
train carriage pole on the Wimbledon
to clapham Junction train just after
5pm on monday. drink or coffee?
Girl, Yellow Hat
To the hot bearded guy wearing a
grey coat and glasses at Stratford
station on Tuesday at 5.45pm. We
kept catching each other’s eyes as we
walked past. Fancy gazing at each
other over a drink?
Short, Curly-Haired Girl
ward into a normal ward to a
find extra beds and then find
extra staff to look after us in this
temporary ward.
So yes, the hospital struggled,
but it coped amazingly well and
I am full of praise for the doctors,
nurses, the hospital and ambulance
crew and the nHS as a whole.
Dave Lucas, via email
n Surely ministers who have to
comment on services should
regularly spend time in hospitals.
not being given a ‘tour’ with their
tie tucked in but actually observing
normal working shifts.
Maureen Spinney, Somerset
To the anusara-practising israeli from
Tel aviv called eyal. you asked for help
with buses in chelsea. We talked about
Batsheva. i’d really like to see you
Yoga Teacher, Biblical Name
To the beautiful man at denmark Hill
at 4.45pm on Sunday. We smiled at
each other as i got off the train and
i forgot to breathe. coffee?
Camel Coat, Massive Tartan Scarf
Text CRUSH followed by your Rush-Hour
Crush, name and where you live to 65700.
Standard network charge applies
good deed feed
HuGe thanks to kim, who
picked up my lost mobile
phone and arranged a sameday pick-up, saving a shedload
of hassle! enjoy the rioja!
Andrew, Hampton Wick
THank you to the dlr
conductor at deptford Bridge
on Tuesday who saw me
shouting on the other side of
the platform and understood
i had forgotten my bag. He
stopped the train and came to
give it to me. it contained my
medical reports and bank
records. Thank you also to the
young man in the hoodie who
attempted to help but saw the
conductor had it under
Red Riding Hood
THankS to the commuters on
the district line yesterday
morning at Tower Hill, who
picked up my cap and threw it
to me on the platform. i hadn’t
even realised i’d dropped it.
Suzanne, London
THankS to the lady who
followed me off the Tube at
Piccadilly on Sunday morning
to give me my dropped oyster
card, even though it meant
she missed her own train.
Leslie, Hackney
THankS to the nurse who
came to my rescue when
i collapsed at Bank dlr. i hope
you weren’t too late for work.
it was scary but you put me
at ease. and thanks to the
dlr staff who helped by
providing me with sweets.
SB, via text
Text DEED then your comment,
name and where you live to 65700.
Standard network charge applies
18 METRO Thursday, January 18, 2018
Your character’s
a hoot…
He’s the Mexican
version of Frank
sinatra, a larger-than-life
character who we find is
more popular in the land of
the dead than he was in
real life. the trick, for me,
is finding the character
entirely vocally – you
want to convey a
.‘Mexican sinatra’:. swagger, a charm and
.ernesto De la cruz.
Benjamin Bratt
the former Law and order
star, 54, explains why he loved
being the voice of singing movie
star ernesto De La cruz in the
oscar-tipped animation coco
Have you always been a
Er, hell to the no! i’ve often said
i would trade it all in, any artistic
ability i have in any other form, even
when it comes to acting, if i could
be a talented balladeer. i just don’t
have the chops for it. they hooked me
up with a musical wizard, liz Caplan,
and they give you an infinite amount
of takes to get what you can give. and
i wouldn’t be surprised if they then put
on some kind of secret sauce! that’s as
much as i will say about that, adding
finally, once and for all, that at least i’m
not embarrassed with the results.
What were your other ambitions
as a kid?
Probably the typical ones of any boy
growing up in the United states: i
wanted to be a race-car driver, a fireman,
i wanted to be Bruce lee. once i got to
a point of maturity, it was actually my
father’s suggestion that i look into
being an actor. My initial reaction was
quite dismissive because at the time, in
my last year of college, i was an athlete.
i played baseball and wrestled, and i
thought, i want nothing to do with that
particular scene – that’s where the
theatre geeks hang out, a bunch of
nerds. He changed my mind in a
moment by saying: ‘wait a second,
when i did it, that was when you got the
opportunity to meet the girls…’ let me
look into that!
Ha ha!
He wasn’t wrong! i went off to college
and majored in theatre, i went on to
graduate school and got a master’s
My father suggested
acting but I wanted
nothing to do with that
scene, where the theatre
geeks hang out
degree at the american Conservatory
theatre. once i’d been working
professionally, and particularly here in
los angeles, i realised, wait a second,
what a racket, i ain’t leaving. this is
alright – doing what i love and to be
paid fairly handsomely, i’ll take it!
Why Coco?
i’m a fan of Pixar films – i have
children under 12, so i’m quite
familiar with their canon! Pixar are
master storytellers. and i loved that
it was going to illuminate the beauty
and uniqueness of Mexican culture.
it’s quite timely that this film in a
way reintroduces latino culture to
the rest of the world. as much as it’s
a piece of entertainment,
i also see it as an
opportunity to remind
us of our shared
i think what i meant was,
i want to see myself… [laughs]
What you’re saying is: ‘Please
put me in space…’
there we go. i’ve arrived at what
i meant.
What were your most and least
glamorous moments lately?
walking down the carpet on Hollywood
Boulevard for the Coco premiere. never
before have i been met by a mariachi
band and folk dancers – i’m spoiled
now. the most unglamorous moment
was when i woke up this morning with
a big fat stye over my right eye, so there
we are. it’s a little too much messing
with the eyelids in the past few days.
i’m keeping it real with you.
Ouch. Do you have any recurring
What do people recognise
you for the most?
taking flight happens once
it really varies. it depends
every six months, for as long
on the age group. i would
as i can remember.
say the older set really
sometimes it’s me holding
remember me from my stint
a stick with a propeller on it
on law and order. women
and sometimes i’m holding
of a certain age really like
my arms out and a gust of
Miss Congeniality, so in the
.star Wars role:. wind can set me aloft. while
supermarket or airport i get hit
i’m ten to 15 feet off the ground,
.Oscar isaac. i have to figure out how to stay
up for that.
aloft. it’s always disappointing when
Is the movie industry getting
i wake up to realise i don’t actually
more diverse?
have that ability. if i was to name a
i think so. But american cinema still has superhuman power, that would be it.
a lot of catching up to do – the landscape
of television is more so. i’d love to see
Thanks, Benjamin. Hope the
a latino in the future or in space or in
stye gets better.
science fiction, although Jimmy smits
Bless you, thank you. anna smith
did make it into star wars… look,
i misspeak, i realise oscar isaac…
Coco is in cinemas from tomorrow
Thursday, January 18, 2018 METRO 19
builder ‘raped and killed
niece and froze her body’
in brief
Acid attacker gets
more jail for phone
acid attacker arthur collins
has been jailed for another
eight months for using a
smuggled mobile phone to call
his reality TV star ex-girlfriend
Ferne mccann from prison.
The 25-year-old, from
Broxbourne, Hertfordshire, is
serving 20 years for spraying
the corrosive substance at the
mangle e8 nightclub, in east
london, in april last year.
Nelson battle flag
is sold for £300k
a larGe fragment of a union
flag believed to have been
flown from lord nelson’s
flagship during the Battle of
Trafalgar has been sold for
almost £300,000.
it is said to have been one of
two on HmS Victory when
nelson was fatally shot by a
French sniper in 1805.
The 3ft square fragment
fetched £297,000 at Sotheby’s
in london.
‘simply horrific’: the house in Wimbledon where celine Dookhran (right) was allegedly murdered by her uncle SWNS
by emily pennink
an ‘oBsEssEd’ builder kidnapped, raped and cut the throats of
two young women, killing one of
them – his niece – and dumping her
body in a freezer, a court has heard.
Mujahid arshid, 33, planned for
weeks to abduct the women, murder
them, and leave their bodies in the
deep freeze he had installed in a disused house, the old Bailey was told.
He recruited labourer vincent
tappu, 28, of acton, to help kidnap
the pair last July, jurors heard. they
were allegedly bound and gagged
and taken in the boot of a car to a
house arshid was renovating.
Prosecutor Crispin aylett QC told
jurors the case was ‘simply horrific’.
He said arshid was ‘sexually fixated’ with the women, who both had
boyfriends, and decided ‘if he could
not have them, no one would’.
His niece, 20-year-old Celine
dookhran, had moved into his home
after falling out with her parents
over her love life. armed with a
On trial: an
of Vincent
tappu (left)
arshid at
the Old
elizaBeth cOOk
lock knife, arshid allegedly raped
each woman in turn in a bedroom.
Mr aylett said he cut his niece’s
throat in the bathroom. later, he
took the other woman back upstairs
and cut her throat, the court was
told. But she was able to survive by
duping him into believing they
could be together, jurors heard.
the survivor was able to ring and
raise the alarm, even though she did
not know where she was, the court
heard. after leaving with arshid,
she was taken to hospital. arshid
was later arrested in Folkestone.
the woman gave police a description of the house in wimbledon,
south-west london, and they found
Ms dookhran’s body.
arshid is accused of murder,
attempted murder, rape and sexual
assault. He is jointly charged with
tappu with kidnap and false imprisonment, and possession of a firearm
with intent. they both deny all
charges. the trial continues.
glass ceiling
shatters our
A vISITOr takes in the
Polychrome Persian
Ceiling, which is in a major
exhibition of one of the
world’s great glass artists.
Chihuly nOW features
works from renowned
American artist Dale
Chihuly, 76, who is known
for installations in cities,
museums and gardens.
Paul Green, head of the
Halcyon Gallery in Mayfair,
said he was ‘thrilled to
share this immersive
experience with art
enthusiasts’. The exhibition
opens on Saturday. Pa
20 METRO Thursday, January 18, 2018
Cheering on the
team: kitty thorne
with Bristol rovers
director Barry
Bradshaw at a
match pictureS: SWNS
she’s the rover who
keeps on returning...
footie fan kitty, 103
HEr first match was so long ago that
she travelled to the football ground
aboard a steam train.
decades later Kitty thorne is still
turning up to watch her beloved Bristol
rovers – at the age of 103.
the superfan has travelled more than
75,000 miles to and from home games,
most of them with her 73-year-old son
by sarah ward
Pete. ‘the atmosphere is good, that’s
my favourite part,’ she said. But she
regrets that ‘a lot of the people who used
to know us have gone’.
so much has changed since Kitty first
set off on the train to rovers’ old Eastville ground back in 1954, with a
packed lunch of corned beef sandwiches and a flask of tea.
‘i remember one game when they
were shaking buckets in the crowd,’ said
the centenarian from trowbridge, wiltshire. ‘i didn’t know what it was for, but
then found out it was to pay the players
and to pay for the match.’
at a memorable league Cup clash
between rovers and footballing giants
Manchester United in 1972, Kitty had to
seek help after feeling ill.
‘i went even though i wasn’t feeling
very well that day,’ she said.
‘we were all packed in really tight –
there were more than 34,000 there – and
to get to the st John’s ambulance people
at the front i was carried over everyone’s
heads. once i got to the front i felt a bit
better, so they sat me on a bench to
watch the rest of the match.
‘i was in front of the crowd, almost on
the edge of the pitch – i had a front row
seat for Manchester United.’
Kitty has seen 25 managers come and
go and celebrated her 100th birthday at
rovers’ Memorial stadium. Mother and
atmosphere: kitty in ‘raucous’ 1980s
son have been watching matches
together for nearly 65 years since her
late husband les suggested it – despite
him being a tottenham Hotspur fan.
‘we’ve made a lot of friends over the
years, although there is something missing now,’ she reflected. ‘and the crowd
are not as raucous as they used to be.’
But the biggest change she’s seen has
been the money surrounding football.
‘it’s got too big really,’ she said. ‘i
think it’s got a bit out of hand, but that’s
how things are these days i suppose.’
she has no plans to stop going just yet,
though. ‘no way – i just love the atmosphere too much.’
Changes: kitty (right) watching rovers from the stand at the old eastville ground
Sainsbury’s delivers
a pork pie to vegan
We’re less civilised, in
a manner of speaking
a VeGan was baffled when a
supermarket replaced her egg-free
mayonnaise with a pork pie.
molly richards, from Bristol,
found she had been sent
substitutes for three unavailable
items when she checked the
receipt for her online order.
Two had been replaced with
similar products but instead of her
Vegenaise she had been given the
gluten-free pie. She joked: ‘it was
basically the same.’
Sainsbury’s said: ‘We hold our
hands up, we got this very wrong.’
TWO thirds of us believe that
Britain is becoming less civilised
as manners decline, a poll shows.
Practices once considered
common courtesy, such as
refraining from swearing, saying
‘please’ and ‘thank you’ and
holding open doors, are in danger
of dying out, researchers found.
using phones at the dinner table
has become the norm. The Sky
Atlantic survey was commissioned
for the launch of new series
Britannia, about the roman
invasion of ‘uncivilised’ Britain.
Thursday, January 18, 2018 METRO 21
Damon decides to shut up after
backlash over sex scandal views
Family: Dylan (centre) in 1992 with allen, farrow and their son Satchel picture: getty
daughter: i’m
telling truth
about woody
molesting me
by andrei harmsworth
woody allEn’s adopted daughter
has given a Us tv interview about her
claims he molested her as a child – which
have prompted a growing number of
stars to distance themselves from him.
dylan Farrow, who says the film
director sexually assaulted her in
an attic when she was seven, told
CBs: ‘i am telling the truth.’
in response to a question during
the interview, to be screened in
full today, she said: ‘why
shouldn’t i want to bring him
down? why shouldn’t i be angry?
why shouldn’t i be hurt?
‘why shouldn’t i feel some sort
of outrage after all these years,
being ignored and disbelieved,
and tossed aside?’
dylan, 32, accused her stepdad at
the time but a panel of psychologists appointed by prosecutors concluded the claims were untrue.
allen, 82, who has always denied
and continues to deny the allegations,
said the claims were made up by the
girl’s adoptive mother Mia after she
discovered his affair with her adopted
child soon-yi Previn, then in her 20s.
in the wake of the Hollywood sex
abuse scandal that ended the career of
Harvey weinstein, dylan asked in a los
angeles times article why allen had
been spared in the ‘revolution’.
she told CBs: ‘i am credible, and i
am telling the truth, and i think it’s
important that people realise that one
victim, one accuser, matters.’
this week, the star of allen’s latest
film a rainy day in new york, timothée Chalamet, 22, said he would give
his earnings from the role to charities
including the time’s Up fund for victims
of workplace sex abuse and harassment.
actress rebecca Hall had already
pledged to give away her earnings from
the movie. several stars of previous
allen movies have distanced themselves
from him, including to rome with
‘disbelieved’: Dylan with mum mia reX
love’s Greta Gerwig. Mira sorvino
vowed to never work with him again
having won an oscar for her role in
1995’s Mighty aphrodite.
But alec Baldwin, who appeared in
three allen movies, called the backlash
‘unfair and sad’.
reports by Farrow’s journalist brother
ronan aided weinstein’s downfall.
Matt DaMon has vowed to
stop making comments about the
time’s up movement after facing
a backlash over his views.
asked if he regretted voicing his
opinions on the hollywood sexual
harassment scandals, the oscar
winner told us tV show today:
‘i really wish i’d listened a lot
more before i weighed in on this.’
apologising for his comments,
the 47-year-old added: ‘i don’t
want to further anybody’s pain
with anything that i do or say.’
the Jason bourne actor then
said: ‘i should get in the back seat
and close my mouth for a while.’
said sorry
for views
he made
in wake of
movie sex
picture: NBc/
Damon sparked controversy last
month when he said not all men
in the industry were sex pests.
he also said: ‘We’re in this
watershed moment and i think
it’s great. but i do believe there’s
a spectrum of behaviour – there’s
a difference between, patting
someone on the butt and rape or
child molestation.’
his comments drew criticism
from celebrities including cher,
alyssa Milano and his Good Will
hunting co-star and former
girlfriend Minnie Driver.
asked what he’d learned from
the backlash, Damon told show
host kathie lee Gifford: ‘time’s
up and a lot of those women are
my dear friends and i love them
and respect them and support
what they’re doing.’
22 METRO Thursday, January 18, 2018
Based on stories in the
latest issue of New
Scientist, which is
available in the shops
now. For more cool
science and technology
stories go to
in association with
Robots to keep the warehouse in order
ocaDo has unveiled a robot
that could work with maintenance
staff at its warehouses.
the online grocer’s arMar-6
has a humanoid torso on a fourwheeled chassis with cameras for
eyes that can track several objects
in a busy environment at once.
its arms, which have a reach of
Helper: armar-6 can grasp objects up to 7ft, have five-fingered hands
that can grasp irregularly shaped
objects such as bananas and
spray bottles.
ocado wants the robot to know
what people are working on,
predict any help needed and ask
questions such as: ‘Do you want
this spanner or that one?’
they could be in use between
two and five years, developers say.
& wrongs
Fake humility is proven to be more
annoying than outright boasting
Ust won GQ style award in
Germany. obviously they
made a mistake. i wonder how
long till they come take it
back.’ if this tweet by actor
Jared leto sets your teeth on edge, you’re
not alone. a study has revealed that feigning modesty while boasting – known as
‘humblebragging’ – annoys people even
more than outright self-promotion.
Humblebragging comes in two forms,
says ovul sezer, assistant professor at the
University of north Carolina. it can be
expressed as a display of humility: ‘i’m
so shocked my new book is a bestseller’
or a complaint: ‘i’ve got nothing to wear
after losing so much weight.’
Both types are disliked more than outright bragging, according to experiments
run by Ms sezer and her team.
in one, the team hired a young woman
to approach 100 female students and ask
them to sign a petition. during the conversation, she asked them about their
summer plans.
she responded in two ways. sometimes
she bragged: ‘that’s cool! i got my dream
internship and got funding to travel to
Paris’. or she humblebragged: ‘that’s
cool! i got my dream internship and got
funding to travel to Paris. Ugh it’s so hard
to decide which one to choose.’
when she bragged, 86 per cent of the
students agreed to sign the petition. But
when she feigned humility, only 65 per
cent put their signature to it.
in other experiments, volunteers were
asked to rate examples of complaints,
brags and both types of humblebrag for
likeability and sincerity. none was very
popular, but the two types of humblebrag
scored lowest on both measures.
so why do people do it? Humblebragging is seen as a way to broadcast achievements without looking too arrogant, says
Ms sezer.
However, it fails to satisfy another
important social requirement: sincerity.
‘Even though bragging is frowned upon,
at least it comes across as sincere,’ she
said. ‘Humblebragging is a sneaky, strategic thing, and people see straight
through it.’
dr lisa williams at the
University of new south
wales in australia agrees.
‘likeability, respect and sincerity are like three legs of a
stool – if sincerity is missing,
your social image, like the
stool, falls over,’ she says.
so what should you do the
next time you achieve something impressive – keep it to
yourself and miss out on
respect, damage your likeabil-ity by bragging or threaten
your sincerity with a humbleebrag?
one option is to ask a trusteed
peer to tell others about you
accomplishments. ‘then yo
get the credit without having to
do the bragging,’ says Ms sezer.
another approach is to
announce your achievement, but
ensure you credit the people who
helped you. ‘then you look waarm
and communal, which people find
attractive,’ she says.
swarm enemy... battle is on
dI-FlY: home-made drone used against
russian forces on display in moscow epa
EarliEr this month russian forces in
syria came under attack by a ‘massive
application of unmanned aerial vehicles’,
according to Moscow.
it is the first reported use of a swarm of
drones in a military action – but is
unlikely to be the last.
in total, 13 small drones were involved,
although none did significant damage.
seven were destroyed by anti-aircraft
defences, while electronic jamming and
hijacking countermeasures were used to
also in new scientist this week: n is Western civilization about to
Thursday, January 18, 2018 METRO 23
Mars Brrrr! Blue ice found on the Red Planet
The zzzz-y new way to make sure you eat healthily
IT MIGHT be called the red Planet but
Mars is full of ice.
Studying ice cliffs seen poking
through the dust could help us learn
about the planet’s climate history, as
we do from ice cores on Earth. Erosion
WanT to eat better? Try sleeping for
longer. Getting plenty of shuteye curbs
our craving for sugary foods and carbs, a
king’s college london study shows.
researchers gave 21 volunteers advice
on how to get more sleep, such as
carved the cliffs from sheets of ice
estimated at 400ft thick, which
formed after snow and frost became
compacted, said Colin Dundas, a
research geologist at the uS
Geological Survey in Arizona.
avoiding caffeine and not going to bed
hungry or too full.
nearly 90 per cent of them began
sleeping longer, ate fewer
carbohydrates and cut their sugar
intake by 10g a day on average.
New lease of life for Iceland icon
a Man’s genome has been partially
pieced together from fragments of his
Dna found in his descendants.
hans Jonathan is an icon in iceland
thanks to the book the Man Who stole
it tells how the fugitive slave became
the first black person to set foot on the
island, in 1801.
now decoDe Genetics in reykjavik
Boast with the most:
Jared leto’s humble
stance (top) grates more
than showing off such as
in the film clueless (left)
or the rich kids of
instagram (above right)
to combat the diy drones
land the others intact. russia said they
were launched from more than 30 miles
away and guided by GPs, a strategy
requiring the coordinates of the target to
be known in advance.
the captured aircraft seem crudely
made, with a wooden undercarriage and
plastic sheeting, and were powered by a
small liquid-fuel engine. Under their
wings, they carried locally-made bombs
fitted with 3d-printed plastic fins.
Because the drones are home-made,
they can’t easily be traced. syrian
sources were quoted as blaming an
insurgent group linked to al-Qaeda.
small diy drones have been used
before in conflicts but only in groups of
three to five. incidents such as this one
have shown that they are difficult to
shoot down with machine guns.
in the absence of an effective means of
defence, current projects are focused on
jammers and other devices to detect,
track and bring the drones down.
fall? n re-inventing the eye to cure blindness n Missing black holes
has rebuilt 19 per cent of Jonathan’s
genome after taking Dna samples from
182 of his descendants.
it is the first time a dead person’s
genome has been reconstructed without
Dna extracted from their remains.
Jonathan died in 1827 and was buried
in an unmarked grave. ‘his remains
may exist, but we don’t know where,’
said agnar helgason of decoDe.
24 METRO Thursday, January 18, 2018
METRO bites
n TV cHeF Hugh FearnleyWhittingstall is backing a Food
Foundation call for a fund for
vegetable adverts. Twenty
times more is spent on ads for
soft drinks, sweets and snacks.
n SIX gibbons born in Kent
have been taken to their
native homeland in Indonesia.
The apes from Howletts Wild
Animal Park will be released
into the wild after settling in.
n Tricia HamilTon is raffling
off her £1million 19th century
cottage in Pill, north Somerset,
with stamp duty and fees paid
thrown in. The £10 tickets are
via her triciadesigns website.
microwave ovens ‘as bad
for the planet as 7m cars’
by stephen beech
it is seen as the handy oven causing
no harm in the corner of the kitchen.
But new research has found microwaves in the EU have as much environmental impact as 7million cars.
a University of Manchester study
found they emit 7.7million tons of
carbon dioxide per year in the EU –
the same as the annual emissions of
6.8million cars.
dr alejandro Gallego-schmid said:
some-ping bad: microwaves emit cO2
‘Given that microwaves account for
the largest percentage of sales of all
ovens in the EU, it is increasingly
important to start addressing their
impact on resource use and end-oflife waste.’
researchers suggested new design
regulations that would lessen the dent
on the environment microwave ovens
are making.
they found the manufacturing process alone made up more than 20 per
cent of microwaves’ impact on nature.
However, electricity consumption
created the biggest effect as microwaves use 573 kilowatt hours (kwh)
of electricity over eight years – equal
to the amount consumed by a sevenwatt lEd light bulb if it was left on
for nine years.
dr Gallego-schmid added that
microwave ovens were now thrown
away after eight years, compared with
15 years in the 1990s.
He said the pile of ovens in the EU
was expected to grow from 184,000
tons in 2005 to 195,000 tons in 2025,
making it ‘one of the fastest-growing
waste streams worldwide’.
Collection: the 16 eyes, worth around £2,400, which Simon has lost
pictureS: SWNS
Ex-soldier’s anguish as
glass eyes go missing
a ForMer soldier blinded by a
office on Monday and explained i
had lost my eyes and they put
sniper’s bullet is hoping to track
something out on twitter.
down his lost ‘sentimental’ glass
‘i’ve been getting new ones for ten
eye collection.
simon brown, 39, misplaced the
years, it’s been my calling card since
my injury. some are quite
eyes, worth around £2,400, while on
a train from leeds to london.
‘if i don’t get them back, i will
the brown plastic box contains 16
have to fork out to get them remade.
glass eyes of varying designs,
including a union flag, yorkshire
each one cost around £150 because
they are specially remoulded to fit
white rose and a dartboard, which
the hole in my head.’
cost around £150 each.
simon was shot while serving
simon noticed it had gone
with the royal electrical and
missing only when he went to
change the rudolph reindeer
Mechanical engineers in
basra, iraq, in December
eye he had been wearing over
2006. he had helped rescue
the christmas period.
six colleagues who were
the former corporal, from
coming under fire after
Morley, West yorkshire, said:
‘i cannot pinpoint when i
their vehicle had
broken down.
lost them because i
his left eye was
made six trips
destroyed and
down to london
Brave: Simon was
last month.
he now has 20
‘i went into
per cent
the blind
vision in his
Veterans uk
right eye.
Thursday, January 18, 2018 METRO 25
Liverpool player Flanagan is
sentenced for kicking girlfriend
crime record
Jones has
said she
will ‘nick
and ‘enjoys
picture: SWNS
a woMan who boasted she ‘enjoyed
shoplifting’ is back behind bars after
racking up her 278th conviction.
drug addict Joanne Jones has spent
much of her adult life in prison, after
averaging about 10 offences a year, and
is banned from almost every shop in
Canterbury, Kent, where she lives.
in her latest offence, she stole coats
worth £70 from an 11-year-old girl, after
swiping her bag in a wilko store.
Canterbury crown court also heard she
targeted a Cath Kidston shop four times
last year, stealing items worth £713,
including handbags and speakers.
Jones, 41, admitted five charges of
theft and was jailed for 34 weeks. the
recent offences were committed during
a suspended prison sentence for stealing
£1 worth of goods from Poundland.
a solicitor for Jones, who is now on a
by megan white
heroin substitute, said her addiction
affects her ‘ability to make rational decisions’. simon taylor said: ‘this is typical shambolic acquisitive offending at
the lowest level possible in order to
secure funding for her drug addiction.’
Jones, whose children were born
addicted to heroin and are in care, has
said drugs were a major cause of her prolific shoplifting, but she also got a buzz
from stealing. ‘i must be a kleptomaniac
as well, i just do it for the rush,’ she said.
‘i’ll nick anything. if i see it and like it,
i’ll nick it. i enjoy shoplifting.’
Judge Heather norton said Jones had
a 25-year criminal record comprising
278 offences. ‘you have an appalling
record no matter what trouble you have
had in your life,’ she said.
Jon flanagan
outside the
court in
where he
sentenced for
assault pa
Footballer Jon Flanagan
‘slammed’ his girlfriend into a wall
before kicking her, a court heard.
the liverpool star’s attack on
rachael Wall was seen by a witness
from a city centre balcony.
Prosecutor alan currums
told liverpool magistrates
court: ‘the witness stated he
had seen the male throw the
female against the wall
and then kick her while
she was on the floor.’
he said the man saw
Flanagan put his hands
on Ms Wall’s neck and
throat in the early
hours of December 22.
When the witness shouted that he
was ‘out of order’, Flanagan, 25,
said: ‘shut the f*** up, d***head.
i’ll come and knock you out.’
Flanagan, (pictured), who earlier
admitted assault, was sentenced
to 40 hours unpaid work and a
12-month community order.
lionel Greig, defending, said
there was ‘genuine remorse’
and the couple were now
back together. liverpool
Fc condemned the
player’s actions in the
‘strongest possible
terms’ and said it
would decide on any
disciplinary measure.
26 METRO Thursday, January 18, 2018
Room for one more? Home is
packed with 14,278 toy buses
a toy-MaD collector has spent more than
£140,000 travelling the globe to amass the
world’s largest collection of model buses.
Geoff Price, 67, started his hoard 60 years
ago and has 14,278 models. the collection –
which is in the Guinness book of records –
fills three rooms, the loft and a purpose-built
extension at his home in Walsall, West
Midlands. it is thought to be worth £700,000.
the father-of-two and his wife linda, 62,
have been to Japan, tunisia, sri lanka,
thailand, and turkey to find some of the
rarest models in the world.
‘it’s lovely, because we have a holiday
while getting a chance to meet fellow
collectors across the globe,’ he said.
the collection ranges from Dinky and
corgi toys to recent models of arriva and
all ahoard: mr price gets behind the wheel
Full on top: geoff.
price’s collection.
takes up three rooms,.
the loft, and an.
extension SWNS.
national express buses. the most cherished
are a spanish 1903 rico tin-plated tram and
a birmingham Midland red tin-plated bus.
Despite his obsession, Mr Price isn’t a fan
of the real thing. ‘i’d never get on a bus out of
choice,’ he said. ‘you can’t rely on them so i
tend to drive.’
aldi is offering graduates a £44,000
starting salary to lure top candidates
away from law firms and the City.
the budget supermarket is competing
for the brightest young workers by offering a company car and a lucrative pay
aldi’s wages equal those offered by
leading legal practices including allen
& overy, Hogan lovells and slaughter
& May, where graduates also start on
the German chain is not the only
retailer willing to invest in new graduates. Fellow discounter lidl pays
£40,000 while delivery giant amazon
offers around £35,000.
on the graduates page of its website,
aldi says: ‘you’ve probably heard that
we give our graduates a fantastic package (including an audi a4) and that it’s
SqUARES game
cash prize
must be
*Total prize fund over
multiple weeks. Open to
UK residents aged 18+ (exc
NI). Terms apply. £10,000
is only in week one
chain offers
grads a car
and £44,000
by Joel taylor
“really hard work’’. the programme
lasts for 12 months and, yes, it’s tough...
By week 14, you could hold the keys to
at least one store. Eventually, you could
be running your own multi-million
pound business.’
the Graduate Market analyses interviews with 20,000 final-year students
about which companies offer the best
opportunities. in its list of top 100
employers it ranked aldi third, behind
PwC and the Civil service.
Martin Birchall, managing director at
High Fliers research, told the times:
‘People assume the best starting salaries
are in the City or at law firms. But aldi
are one of several in the retail sector
who are really investing heavily in their
new graduates.’
n BurBerry’S uk sales dropped
in the festive quarter as a tourist
boom caused by the weak pound
ended. They fell by a ‘high singledigit percentage’, said the firm,
after a 40 per cent surge in 2016.
n A QuArTEr of millennials
‘waste’ six days of annual leave
on life admin. And 42 per cent
don’t take their whole allocation,
according to a poll of 2,000 young
professionals for
n EnGInEErInG giant GKn has
rejected a £7.4billion takeover bid
from Melrose Industries. The
hostile offer, the biggest since
Kraft’s bid for Cadbury in 2009,
‘undervalues’ GKn, the firm said.
n TeSco is delaying changes to
its clubcard scheme after
customers objected when a cut to
vouchers’ value was brought in
without warning. The change has
been put back until June 10.
n a Pay-Per-day travel insurance
app with cover that automatically
kicks in when you take a trip has
been launched by banking service
revolut. it can tell the user is
abroad from phone location data.
tourist rates
australia (a$)............................................................ 1.64
canada (c$) .............................................................. 1.63
euro (€)...................................................................... 1.07
new zealand (n$) ..................................................... 1.77
Poland (zloty) ........................................................... 4.13
Singapore ($) .............................................................1.70
South africa (rand) .................................................15.91
uS ($)........................................................................... 1.31
r u rban g
how many
do you
really burn
in your
calorie counts have become
de rigueur as fitness apps and
classes compete for fans but
how much can you rely on them?
Helen Croydon investigates
siGn at my gym invites me to join hiit class where
i can burn ‘up to 400 calories’ in 30 minutes. a spin
class advertised on the website suggests i’ll burn 675
for a 45-minute class (which equates to nearly two
blueberry muffins). but will i?
calorie expenditure is much more complicated to calculate than
calorie intake. how much we burn depends on our individual
continued on Page 28 »
.Breathtaking: .
.helen croydon .
.wears an oxygen .
.mask for her lab testk
we keep rowing –
should i leave?
the Sex column: Page 29 »
BalaNce feStiVal’
Style | Wellbeing | celebrity
Thursday, January 18, 2018 METRO 27
28 METRO Thursday, January 18, 2018
Style | Wellbeing | celebrity
» continued from Page 27
metabolic rate, heart rate, how much
sleep we’ve had and even the food or
caffeine we’ve consumed.
in the food industry calorie claims on
labels are governed by rules but there
are no equivalent regulations within the
fitness industry. But there are ways
you can get a more accurate picture of
the number of calories you burn.
In the food industry
calorie claims on labels
are governed by rules
but there are no such
regulations within the
fitness industry
great squat: calories burnt varies according to exercises
as a keen triathlete i wear a heartrate monitor paired with a sports
watch. Heart rate is a fail-safe indicator
of effort, so by calculating changes in
my heart rate over a workout, my
watch gives me a reading of my calorie
expenditure. For maximum accuracy,
though, you should set your ‘heartrate zones’. these are a range of beats
per minute for five training zones:
easy, aerobic, threshold, anaerobic and
maximum. the best way to do this is
through a vo2 max test in a lab.
Reach high: pilates classes concentrate on strengthening
learn your fitness facts by heart
i booked mine through trainsmart.
com (£89). it takes 15 minutes and is
done on a treadmill (or stationary
bike). it’s not flattering: you wear an
oxygen mask and heart-rate monitor,
and for the last five minutes work
at maximum effort. ouch.
the most important figure is
establishing your ‘threshold’
heart rate (the point at which
your body can’t produce
enough oxygen for its energy
needs and switches to using
glucose as its main source of
energy). Mine is 170 bpm but
for a less fit person it would be
lower. with my updated heartrate zones programmed into my
sports watch, i tested what it
deemed my calorie expenditure to be
against the claims of classes
and apps.
My calorie
expenditure Vs
calorie claiMs
Body pump:
a popular weights/
cardio class.
CLAIMS: The les
mills website, which
packages the classes,
says you can burn up
to 560 calories for a 60minute class, depending
on age, weight, gender
and exercise intensity.
CLAIMS: The website myFitnessPal
estimates 40 minutes of running
at 8min/mile for my age (40) and
weight (53kg) to be 445 calories.
CLAIMS: according to SwimTag,
the estimated calories for a 2km
swim (approx 40 mins) for my
weight and age is 340 calories.
spinning class:
CLAIMS: after a 45-minute class at
Boom cycle, london, the monitor
told me i’d burned 625 calories.
CLAIMS: my gym website
claims a 60-minute class, which
concentrates on core exercises
and strengthening moves, will
burn up to 400 calories.
But don’t be put off. despite the
calorie count discrepancies, there are
still countless benefits from exercise.
and the after-burn effects mean you
will continue to use more calories
as your body works to restore its
oxygen debt.
This Girl Ran: Tales Of A Party Girl
Turned Triathlete by Helen Croydon is
published by Summersdale on Feb 8
i n r e p ly
myFitnessPal said calorie goals
are based on averages. users
‘have demonstrated these
goals are accurate enough to
provide positive results’.
SwimTag said calorie
calculation is an estimation:
‘We use the meTS method,
which calculates calories
burned in relation to weight
and stroke type and speed.’
Boom cycle said its bikes no
longer have calorie-counting
monitors and that ‘calories
burnt isn’t something Boom
cycle promotes’.
g e a r a n d g u i d a n c e f o r yo u r w o r k o u t
New sportswear always makes
us more keen to go to the gym.
try these hayworth Dark moon
snake-print leggings, which come
from luxe brand Varley.
pretty athletic’s products are
designed to remove sweat, and repair
hot and bothered skin. We love the
purifying gel cleanser and the
invigorating shower scrub.
We’re obsessed with all things
perfect moment, in particular the
sun-protecting long-sleeved
swimsuits. Our favourite is this uVresistant aOp Spring Suit ibiza.
Nurturing your soul is as important
as your body and if you’re after some
mystical guidance, check out the
Signs: Decode the Stars, reframe
your life by carolyne faulkner.
We’re excited to discover the happy
tummy co, which makes delicious
gluten-free, high-fibre cakes and
scones from teff, an ethiopian grain.
nicole mowbray
Thursday, January 18, 2018 METRO 29
Style | Wellbeing | celebrity
p lu m p i c k s
With Pantone naming ultraviolet the colour of the year, purple is set to be huge for SS18
dox small
body bag
0, liberty
serpentine velvett belt
Matilda pash
Ruffle blou
al appliqué
our rows are
y other half
and i have not
bickering for
months. it
started over the heating and
now all sorts of stuff has
come up: my mum’s
behaviour at our wedding,
favouritism with nieces and
nephews, the early days of
our relationship… our sex
life has suffered and
sometimes when we do have
sex i can feel the loathing
between us – but i still love
him and i know he loves me.
We’ve been together nearly
eight years. the thought of
splitting up is so sad but
have we run our course?
lonG-rUnninG rows
are like living with itchy,
inflamed skin.
‘so stop scratching. take
some time off – see friends or
take a break – and give
natural healing a chance,’
says James McConnachie.
‘you mention domestic
drudgery but this hostility is
more than a dodgy boiler or
a dodgy mother-in-law,’ says
rupert smith. ‘one of you is
unhappy and it’s manifesting
itself in these arguments.’
‘we’re all irritable with our
partners when we’re stressed
but when it’s constant, it
erodes any respect you have
for each other,’ says dr
angharad rudkin. ‘it’s
confusing to feel loved and
loathed at the same time.’
you say the relationship
may have run its course. do
you secretly want out? or is
there something that isn’t
being talked about? ‘if a
deep-rooted desire is being
frustrated, you need to clear
the air,’ says McConnachie.
splitting up may sound
enticing when something like
expertS the thermostat can ruin both
your days but a little bit of
kindness will go a long way
towards making both your
lives more pleasant, says
‘By that i mean doing
something new and positive
together that isn’t associated
with all the pain and
irritation,’ he says. ‘laughter
rupert Smith
and fear, interestingly, are
is the author
of interlude
good at making people bond.
try your local comedy club,
a beginners’ session at a
nearby climbing wall or, for
both laughter and terror
combined, what about
scottish country dancing?’
it’s likely neither of you are
aware what the issue is, so a
McConnachie is counsellor will help. ‘then
the author of Sex you can make an informed
decision about whether your
(rough Guides)
relationship has a future,’
says smith.
you may split amicably or
end up staying together but if
you’re part of the problem,
you’re part of the solution.
it’s time to call a truce.
Dr Angharad
rudkin is
a clinical
lisa scott
Send your dilemmas to
Harp patentt
ankle boot
£85, topshop.ccom
30 METRO Thursday, January 18, 2018
Style | Wellbeing | celebrity
see sense
lazy sunbathers once gave
morrissey enough material to write
a song about. if you’re among their
languid number and find applying
suncream something of a chore,
l’oréal has come up with a
wearable tech invention to rock
your world.
uV Sense is a tiny, battery-free
sticker (2mm thick and 9mm in
diameter) that fixes to your
thumbnail to keep you instantly
informed as to how many uV rays
you’ve been exposed to. The device
is linked to your phone via an app
and, according to Harper’s Bazaar,
tells you ‘when you need to be
mindful of sun exposure, spend time
in the shade or reapply sunscreen’.
The device also allows users to
track other environmental issues
that impact upon skin – allergen
levels, pollution and humidity.
‘The technology within uV Sense
is groundbreaking, and has so much
potential to impact the future of
technology and wearables,’ Guive
Balooch, global vice president of
apply here: l’Oréal’s forthcoming uV
Sense will help sunbathers stay safe
l’oréal’s research and innovation
technology department, told design
website dezeen. ‘We set out to create
something that blends problemsolving technology with humancentred design, offering real-time
data and longer wear in a discreet
product that fits any lifestyle.’
The only bad news is that it’s not
on sale in the uk until 2019 – so
until then, keep slathering it on.
nicole mowbray
the next big thing
in beauty is coming
from Korea, says
Claire Coleman
ant to know
what’s going to be
big in beauty in
2018? look no
further than south
Korea. the country that gave us BB
creams, fuelled the boom in sheet
masks and created a love affair
between grown women and lip
balms shaped like small animals
looks set to continue dominating
our bathroom shelves this year.
so why is the asian country such
a hotbed of innovation? according
to Kathy Phillips, international
beauty director of Condé nast
asia Pacific, it’s thanks to the
‘they have put money into
innovation in this field,’ she says.
‘they recognise it as a hugely
profitable market. they have a big
pharmaceutical industry and i think
the cosmetic developments come
along with this.’
initially in the UK, it was the
boutique beauty outlets that bought
into the concept. BeautyMart
( and Cult
Beauty ( were
stocking sought-after brands such
as tony Moly, Cos rx, Mizon and
romantic Bear way before the
mainstream stockists cottoned on.
But recently we’ve seen almost all
the major department stores – from
debenhams and House of Fraser
to selfridges – unveil counters
dedicated to K-beauty brands,
meaning that in 2018 the trend is
going to be more accessible and
shoppable than ever, both
physically and online (asos also
carries a lot of K beauty).
although she won’t tell us
exactly what’s coming, selfridges
beauty buyer Emily saunder
confirmed that their Korean beauty
offering will grow in 2018.
‘we’ve been able to see what
our customers respond to and,
with this in mind, we will bring
in new innovation and brands,’
she says. ‘Masks have also been a
key success for us, so expect that
sector to be even bigger and better
in 2018.’
and even the shops
that aren’t stocking
Korean brands are
taking inspiration
from them.
‘our focus
has been on
Korean concepts
for a UK market,’
says technologist
will Cook from
Marks &
spencer. ‘For
example, our
radiance reveal Peel uses
technology we first saw in Korea,
while our absolute skin Priming
Booster uses the Korean idea of
applying a booster before your
serum or cream to make the active
ingredients work harder.’
Because while we might be
familiar with the cutesy packaging
of K-beauty, according to experts
the skincare packs a powerful
punch. take the brand it’s skin,
dubbed Korea’s first cosmeceutical
company with products developed
by dermatologists at seoul
yes, naturally there are the sheet
masks, with natural extracts from
pomegranate to bamboo, but there
are also serums designed to address
specific skin issues.
anna-Marie solowij, co-founder
of BeautyMart (an it’s skin
stockist, along with asos) is
a fan. ‘it’s always exciting to
discover something you
could never have imagined.
it’s skin delivers on every
level, from outer to inner
packaging right down
to the product itself,’
she says.
so if you’re after a
skincare overhaul,
perhaps it’s time
to look east.
get it in your seoul our product pick
Touch In sol Feel like
Honey Moon skin Base
an illuminating primer.
dr Jart rubber mask
you might not end
up looking like
the picture on the
packet but it’s still
a good mask.
Romantic Bear long
lasting lip Colour
a peel-off gel gloss that stains lips.
It’s skin Cookkie & Hand Cream
this thinks it’s a tub of ice cream.
£8, asos
Tony Moly
mini lip balm
the packaging is as
gorrgeous as what’s inside.
Thursday, January 18, 2018 METRO 31
by patrick arundell
aries Mar 21 – Apr 20
The pressure to achieve
can begin to ease as Venus
enters aquarius and your
social zone. The Sun
tomorrow can leave you
feeling less pressured and
more open to fun. you
might feel you could do
with taking things easier.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0410 (60p/min)
libra Sep 24 – Oct 23
you may come into your
own today as Venus
moves into one of your
more dynamic sectors.
This can encourage
creativity and see you
dressing to express
aspects of yourself you
wish to emphasise.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0416 (60p/min)
taurus Apr 21 – May 21
a little charm can work
wonders when it comes to
impressing people. you
don’t even need to try too
hard, as just being your
natural self can be enough.
Solo? it’s possible you may
be attracted to someone
who is perhaps older or
a little more experienced.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0411 (60p/min)
scorpio Oct 24 – Nov 22
if you feel in the mood to
redecorate or beautify your
home in other ways, it may
be down to the focus on
your domestic zone, which
lasts for around four
weeks. if you haven’t yet
dispensed of the festive
clutter, this can be a good
time to do so.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0417 (60p/min)
Gemini May 22 – Jun 21
your mood can lift from
today, as a brighter energy
gets under way. you may
find yourself in a halfway
house whereby you are still
keen to dive deep in order
to gain insights or uncover
information while also
wanting to explore.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0412 (60p/min)
Nov 23 – Dec 21
as Venus enters your
sector of communication,
she can encourage you to
build connections and may
help negotiations. now
could be the time to find
a compromise over any
tricky issues.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0418 (60p/min)
cancer Jun 22 – Jul 23
your relationship with your
feelings can intensify but
so might your ideas about
money and resources. you
may become very aware of
how you invest your time in
general and the return you
are getting, and this could
be quite a revelation.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0413 (60p/min)
capricorn Dec 22 – Jan 20
if there are still bargains to
be had, you might be
drawn to purchase one or
two small luxuries. With an
upbeat emphasis on your
money zone, the coming
weeks can see you seeking
out items and perhaps
paying less.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0419 (60p/min)
leo Jul 24 – Aug 23
an emphasis on your
sector of relating can
encourage you to liaise
with others and perhaps to
ask for help or delegate
certain tasks. you may find
that your social life picks
up, which can be rather
special if you have been
kept busy recently.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0414 (60p/min)
aquarius Jan 21 – Feb 19
The presence of sociable
Venus in your sign can
enhance your desire to
reach out. if you are solo
and looking for romance,
you may be willing to put
more energy into meeting
new people. Hitched? The
flame of love may be more
easily rekindled.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0420 (60p/min)
virgo Aug 24 – Sep 23
Stellar forces encourage
you to look after yourself
by nurturing habits that
support your wellbeing.
With this being the first
month of the new year,
there is still time to make
a start on resolutions and
begin self-care.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0415 (60p/min)
pisces Feb 20 – Mar 20
you may find your
willingness to help others
could move to new levels
as your spiritual sector is
emphasised. you may
already have your hands
full with requests from
friends. do something nice
for yourself too.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0421 (60p/min)
For a live one-to-one consultation with one of my
gifted psychics, call 0906 176 4747 or 0800 067 4747
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psychic: Text STarS to 84155 (£1.50 per text plus Snc)
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Entertainment purposes only. PhonePayPlus regulated. All calls recorded. SP: Stream Live Ltd
SE1 1JA, 0800 0673 330
new britannia
cryptic crossword
6. humorous quality belonging to
the girl no longer flourishes (7)
7. Beautify part of the head or
neck (5)
9 & 11 Dn. relations showing no lack
of spirit! (5,7)
10. Wickedness in the communist is
assailed (7)
12. fixed restrictions for undoubted
winners (11)
14. taking money from the bank and
going away (11)
18. Date-pad converted to one’s own
use (7)
19. keep clear or a vacuum (5)
21. mechanical advantage needs
a considerable amount of
cleverness (5)
22. he’s associated with a joint
enterprise (7)
quick crossword
1. Word showing possibility of
power (5)
2. he acts as if unsullied (6)
3 & 20 Dn. make an effort in the open
air to experiment (3,3)
4. potman? (6)
5. Descriptive of pupil betraying no
sadness (3-4)
8. Writes critical comments about
opinions (7)
11. See 9 across
13. a trifling character or a bowman,
maybe (7)
15. Dash seen amongst irishamericans (6)
16. No means of holding the raw
recruit (6)
17. Directed one’s efforts to give me
help all round (5)
20. See 3.
Yesterday’s solutions
across: 1 Busybodies; 7 Henna; 8 decline;
10 Passover; 11 Stop; 13 Bridal; 15 orders; 17 rise;
18 Bowsprit; 21 Highest; 22 mango; 23 itinerants.
down: 1 Banks; 2 Seasonal; 3 Bidder; 4 dock;
5 epistle; 6 Ship’s berth; 9 exposition;
12 Pressmen; 14 insight; 16 doctor; 19 rings;
20 Tern.
across: 3 cedar; 8 Files; 10 Bonus; 11 Tea; 12 remit;
13 charmer; 15 donor; 18 nag; 19 Serene; 21 deduces;
22 ewer; 23 Sand; 24 marital; 26 ladder; 29 nut; 31 mason;
32 capable; 34 liver; 35 nee; 36 koala; 37 Vital; 38 Slate.
down: 1 Tithe; 2 learner; 4 ever; 5 abides; 6 rotor; 7 Put on;
9 lea; 12 regular; 14 mad; 16 nepal; 17 ready; 19 Seminar;
20 realm; 21 deeds; 23 Satanic; 24 menial; 25 Tup;
27 aaron; 28 dolls; 30 clean; 32 cent 33 Bet.
metroku More pUZZLeS in oUr taBLet anD phone eDitionS
9 5
6 9
9 1 7
2 1
2 9 8
4 2
Sky Atlantic, 9pm
This is history, Jim, but almost
certainly as no one knew it. david
Morrissey leads from the front as a
Roman general determined to bring
the pesky Brits to heel, though in this
Jez Butterworth drama we Brits are
doing a pretty good job of cutting
each other’s throats. a masked
Mackenzie Crook as a spaced-out
druid is a highlight in a vivid fantasy
on blood and gore.
Vanquish: David morrissey in Britannia
Difficulty rating: Moderate
8 4 2 1 3
2 5
8 6
tv choice
derry girls C4, 10pm
The title may be derry girls but the
unashamed scene-stealer here is
siobhan Mcsweeney’s sister Michael.
she’s a hoot as the Catholic
headmistress possessed with the
devil of a dry wit. no wonder she’s
confusion or chaos (5)
cost (5)
european country (7)
characteristic (5)
torso (5)
Say (5)
Native, inhabitant (7)
chest bone (3)
public school (4)
ebb (6)
Outstanding (5)
utters words (6)
act without words (4)
tree (3)
health-check (7)
glib talk (5)
fit out (5)
tows (5)
unwinds (7)
ignored or despised person (5)
Very small (5)
Difficulty rating: Easy
Skilful (6)
primary source (6)
crib (3)
meat in rashers (5)
Baseball player (7)
uncommon (4)
plain-spoken (6)
planet (5)
Stop (5)
tribal badge or emblem (5)
ancient artefact (5)
cant (5)
Ward off (5)
Sea captain (7)
Deposit on teeth (6)
treat badly or harshly (6)
Spearfish (6)
Bravery award (5)
to father (4)
favourite (3)
Difficulty rating: Challenging
4 8
5 3
5 6 3 8 9
looking askance when the girls are in
a hormonal drool over a handsome
priest. Exams? What exams?
‘dr google’: do diy
diagnoses work? ITv, 7.30pm
We’ve all done it: looked up a
symptom on the internet and been
convinced we’ve been struck down
by a rare and exotic virus. so is the
proliferation of health advice
available online actually a danger to
our well-being or can it take the
6 4
7 2
2 6
5 4
pressure off overstretched health
services? dr Oscar duke investigates.
death in paradise BBC1, 9pm
Corpse of the week on the lethal isle
of saint Marie is a famous author who
winds up floating in the Caribbean
with a knife stuck in his chest. The
suspect list includes Car share’s sian
gibson, Imogen stubbs and simon
Callow, hamming it up for all he’s
worth. got to be him, hasn’t it?
keith watson
32 METRO Thursday, January 18, 2018
t e n n i s au st r a l i a n o p e n
racing news, views and top tips
in association with
david aiming for
a handsome win
HandsoME dUdE is no stranger to
the winners’ enclosure and david Barron
will hope his decent run at southwell last
month is the prelude to victory at the
same track today.
the six-year-old gelding has won five
times in his career, including one allweather success at newcastle last
February, and he finished third in his last
outing just before Christmas.
racing handily, albeit three wide,
Handsome dude (pictured) swung into
the straight with every chance, and even
tip of the day
savoy court
1.40 Wincanton
when passed he kept at it and was only a
couple of lengths or so behind the
winner, Captain lars, at the line.
His main rival in today’s 2.20 race
could well be tricky dicky, from the
yard of olly williams, who has a fine
record over course and distance.
the five-year-old was a winner at this
track in august and recorded two
second-place finishes there last month.
Elsewhere on today’s eight-race card,
roger teal’s swot may well benefit from
a drop back to seven furlongs in the 1.20,
having performed well in finishing
Odds of Dissavril, who made a fine British debut at Market rasen,
winning the Listed Mares’ bumper for trainer Emma Lavelle
n PAST winners Buveur D’Air and
Faugheen are among 23 entries
for the Champion Hurdle on the
first day of the Cheltenham
Festival in March. Buveur D’Air will
attempt to defend his crown at
Prestbury Park. Faugheen, the
2015 hero, has to redeem himself
after being pulled up at
Leopardstown over Christmas.
n SainT calVadoS, under aidan
coleman, stormed to a mighty
impressive win in yesterday’s
second behind Barron’s Mr Coco Bean
at the same track on new year’s day.
swot, who is still looking for a first
all-weather win, travelled nicely that day
in first-time blinkers just behind the
firing line, before hanging left to the rail
inside the two-furlong pole and
ultimately just being outgunned.
off the same mark and with the
headgear retained, teal will be confident
he can go close again.
novices’ limited Handicap chase
at newbury. Trainer Harry
Whittington will now step the fiveyear-old up in class, with the Grade
Two kingmaker novices’ chase at
Warwick on February 10 his likely
next port of call.
n YESTErDAY’S abandoned
meeting at Fairyhouse in Ireland
has been rescheduled for
February 14. Meanwhile,
tomorrow afternoon’s meeting at
Musselburgh must pass a 3pm
inspection today.
Odds with Coral for Buveur D’Air, currently the hot favourite for
the Champion Hurdle in March. Faugheen is rated a 5/1 chance
Available to new Online & Telephone customers
BET £5 GET £20: New UK Online & Telephone customers. Applies to the first real money bet of £5+ on any sports market at odds of 1/2 or greater placed within 14 days of
registration. 4 x £5 free bets issued on qualifying bet placement. Free bet valid for 4 days. Free bet stake not returned. Full details at 18+ PLEASE BET RESPONSIBLY - Need Help? Call the National Gambling Helpline on 0808 802 0133
picture: getty
kyle finally
turning up
the heat
he australian open always
sees an impressive reemergence of the game’s
thoroughbreds and the tennis
is always fantastic.
thankfully, the headlines are not
about who is injured and who is
fatigued because that is a gramophone
record i’ve heard before. Play less,
play differently, train better is the not
completely fair response to that.
obviously andy Murray would have
been challenging for the title again but
in his absence the only british male in
the draw, kyle edmund, is looking
better than i have ever seen him.
at 23 he’s moving towards his prime
physically but, more importantly, he is
learning how to get the best from his
game and how to make opponents feel
like they are pushing mud uphill. i
almost used a trumpism there.
twelve months ago Denis istomin
beat novak Djokovic at the same
tournament. this year edmund beat
him in 89 minutes, winning 6-2, 6-2,
6-4 – only losing three points behind
his first serve. he gave his opponent no
suggestion of an opportunity in this
second-round match. in kyle’s words
t h e y s a i d i t. . .
‘I got a bit burned on
Monday. I didn’t put
enough on then. It’s my
neck that gets the
worst. I know I have to
pause because of my
pale skin. I have to take
responsibility. My
mum gives me a lecture
if I don’t.’ kyle edmund
the rallies were either neutral or to his
advantage. he knows how to play and
i would be amazed if we don’t see him
make a good run into the top 30 of the
rankings this year.
edmund has done the hard yards
physically and while he won’t be
looking beyond the first point of his
next match, he will know both Jack
sock and lucas Pouille have gone
from his section of the draw, where
world no.49 edmund is the highest
ranked player left before the quarters.
he will play tomorrow against world
no.61 nikoloz basilashvili, of Georgia,
in 41c, which is not ideal given that
Nick’s new maturity gives
him a real shot at the title
it May be my imagination but i am
seeing maturity in the strangest of
places at the moment.
nick kyrgios has already won in
brisbane this year and he is playing
and acting like a man on court
now. how long will it last?
there were some idiots in
the crowd for his match
against Viktor troicki but
he just ignored their
attention seeking and got
on with the job of calmly
dispatching the serbian.
‘last year, the year before,
i probably would have been still
out on the court right now, could be
losing that match,’ he said afterwards.
‘When he broke back in the third
set, i started freaking out a little bit.
‘i know i have to conserve my
energy from the start in best-of-five
matches. Just so many ups and
downs, it’s draining.’
i think we can say kyrgios
(pictured) is a threat for this title.
Grigor Dimitrov is another we
can put in that category. it’s
easier when you have
nothing to lose. that was
the situation in london for
the atP Finals which he
won in november.
now he is world no.3
and had to tough it out to
beat former us college
champion Mackenzie McDonald
– hard to believe he is not scottish –
but came through in five sets. it is just
the sort of battling performance you
must produce before the glory days of
the second week.
Interruption: a spectator
attempts to steal the
limelight during kyrgios’
match. he was escorted
from the arena
Thursday, January 18, 2018 METRO 33
t e n n i s au st r a l i a n o p e n
The voice of Tennis wriTes for METRO
skin with a
edmund can
make a real
impression in
the heat of
pale complexion of his. the greatest
threat may come from his mother
Denise, who tells him off if he doesn’t
apply the sunscreen correctly.
no matter. Whatever the weather,
kyle is looking a genuine pain in the
neck for the rest of the draw.
on the women’s side, i can’t decide
whether Jo konta is a genuine grandslam contender yet or not. her
ranking and past results certainly
suggest she is a potential champion
but she hasn’t won a lot of matches
lately, so we are not sure where her
confidence is at the moment.
her serve is world class and so is her
backhand and she knows how to fight,
but until you go toe-to-toe with one of
the favourites you can’t gauge where
you are at.
konta, who was due to play her
second-round match overnight, has as
much game as anybody else but it is
the six inches between the ears which
you can only hazard a guess at.
but whatever happens this year,
whether it’s an early exit or deep run
into the tournament, wouldn’t it be
sweet if this sydney-born woman from
a hungarian background won for
Queen and country in front of those
pesky australians who have
demolished us at cricket?
iT’S back to
cut-off sleeves
for rafa nadal and if
you haven’t seen
him play, do try.
He is in devastating
form and is playing
like a man who
wants to make a big
dent in roger
Federer’s grand
slam-winning lead.
at the moment it is
19-16 to roger. By
the end of this year
who knows? They
could be equal in my
view. rafa (above) is
the man to beat
here... until i see
roger play again.
Voicing fears: Wozniacki
opinion on
expected to
make noise
tHErE are no shortage of
stories at this year’s
australian open, and
Caroline wozniacki
certainly provided one
when she recovered from
1-5, and two match points,
down in the final set to beat
world no.119 Jana Fett.
Because she is such a
respected observer of the
game, wozniacki was
asked about the amount of
screaming by some players.
the subject was raised
after 19-year-old Fett found
herself targeted by the
crowd because of her loud
grunting during points.
without directing her
comments at Fett, world
no.3 wozniacki made the
valid point that sometimes
the grunting is used to gain
an advantage over an
opponent. if that is
happening it is something
that has got to stop.
Laura admits lucky escape
from Las Vegas shooting
laura robson said she got
‘really, really lucky’ as she
discussed being caught up in
october’s mass shooting in las
Vegas for the first time.
the 23-year-old briton was at a
music festival when lone gunman
stephen Paddock opened fire from
a nearby hotel, killing 58 people
and wounding more than 500.
robson (pictured), who lost in
the first round of the women’s
doubles yesterday, said: ‘it was a
crazy, crazy thing to happen and i
got really, really lucky. My friends
got really, really lucky. i don’t
really like to think about it.’
t h e y s a i d i t. . .
‘I would kind of lean towards renaming it.’ laura robson
becomes the first current player at the australian Open to advocate a new name
for the margaret court arena because of the 24-time major champion’s views on
lgBt issues and same-sex marriage.
34 METRO Thursday, January 18, 2018
w i n t e r o ly m p i c s
picture: epa
s p o rt i n b r i e f
Murphy holds nerve
to set up Trump clash
Garcia glad to be back
to where it all started
SHaun murPHy
held off a spirited
fightback from ali
carter to book his
place in the
quarter-finals of
the masters.
murphy raced
into a 4-0 lead, but breaks of 99 and
117 helped carter to close to 4-2 and
then 5-4. The 2015 winner held his
nerve to seal a 6-4 win and set up a
last eight clash with Judd Trump.
‘i actually thought ali played better
than me,’ murphy (pictured) said. ‘if i
had lost i would only have had
myself to blame.’
MASTErS champion Sergio Garcia
is hoping for another big season as
he kicks off his 2018 campaign at a
familiar venue.
The 38-year-old began last
season at the Singapore Open,
finishing tied for 11th, and is hoping
he can use the event again as
launch pad for more success.
‘I played well here last year, then
went on to Dubai and managed to
win there,’ the Spaniard said. ‘The
first week is always interesting to
test yourself as you haven’t played
a tournament for a couple of
months, everything is fresh and
hopefully we can build from that.’
sliding high:
ryding is one
of the stars of
the British
Best finish for alcott at an
Olympic games – in the
super-combined at Vancouver
2010 and women’s downhill
in Turin in 2006. she also
had five World Cup topten finishes
Whitmarsh back in F1 with FIA advisory role
formula one
Former mclaren team principal martin Whitmarsh is returning to Formula
one as an adviser to the sport’s governing body the Fia.
Whitmarsh, who was ousted by mclaren’s former chairman ron dennis in
2014, has accepted a temporary role to guide the Fia on cost control.
medal hopes a brit
better than usual
chemmy alcott
the four-time olympic skier will be commentating rather than competing at the Winter
Games in pyeongchang next month. having been to Salt Lake city, turin, Vancouver and
Sochi, the 35-year-old retired in 2014 and now works as a coach, mentoring skiers from
children to pensioners. She will be writing for METRO throughout the Winter olympics
FtEr competing in
four successive winter
olympics, i will be
approaching this
Games from a rather
different perspective – as a bit of a
team GB super-fan.
it is going to be a weird feeling
for me to be in the commentary
box rather than on the ski slopes
but, after retiring in 2014, i very
quickly morphed into being a
supporter of the team.
rather than just focusing
on skiing, as i did during
my career, i now look at the
bigger picture and, in my
view, we have a very
exciting team heading out to
south Korea.
Unlike many recent winter
Games, we have more than just
the one or two medal hopefuls we
had during most of my time as a
member of team GB.
Quite often all the pressure and
focus was on one athlete, someone
like amy williams in skeleton in
2010 for example, but now we have
a selection of contenders, which
spreads the spotlight around the
team, something that must surely
be beneficial.
Personally, though i enjoyed
longevity in my sport, i know i had
the potential to do better but never
really fulfilled it. i look back and
think i underachieved in my career.
we’re lucky now to have such a
great crop of talented athletes. Get
an early medal and everyone else
will be inspired to do well.
For the freestyle guys like James
woods, the olympics remains a
relatively new thing. in slopestyle
skiing, gold there was never the big
goal, the X Games was.
But that desire to do well at the
olympics has grown since Jenny
Jones’ snowboarding bronze four
years ago. Jenny showed it can be
done but a lot of the praise must go
to the GB Park & Pipe head coach
Pat sharples,
who has
been incredible in leading the
charge and has a great structure in
place to nurture young talent.
suddenly the penny dropped for
these young guys and the likes of
Billy Morgan and Katie ormerod
will join the sliders, lizzy yarnold
and laura deas, our curling teams,
speed-skater Elise Christie (below),
cross-country skier andrew
Musgrave and alpine racer dave
ryding as stars of the team to
follow – hopefully to the podium.
UK sport’s target of five to ten
medals – which would represent
Britain’s best, most successful
winter Games if achieved – is
really attainable.
there are multiple athletes in
their prime: Elise alone could win
us two medals on the ice. and we
also have so many great medal
chances in the Paralympics, which
follow the olympics.
i’m so looking forward to
Pyeongchang and seeing team GB
take on the world. it just feels
weird that i won’t actually be
competing myself.
Polarised ski goggles designed in the UK.
Panda Optics combines advanced technology
to enhance vision, comfort and safety through
polarised lenses.
Thursday, January 18, 2018 METRO 35
ru g b y u n i o n
picture: getty
new deal:
Jones is set to
stay beyond
the 2019
World cup
long-term thinking is
behind eddie extension
EddiE JonEs has vowed to help bring longterm success to England after signing a twoyear contract extension as head coach.
the australian has won 22 of 23 tests since
taking over after a dismal 2015 world Cup
campaign and will now stay beyond the next
tournament, which was set to be his swansong.
However, the rugby Football Union have
moved to lengthen his reign while inserting into
the terms of the deal a performance break clause
hassle for
England’s James
Haskell will miss the first
two matches of the six
nations after picking up
a four week-ban for a
Did it spur you on that the
Steelers, and in particular
running back Le’Veon Bell,
appeared to be already looking
ahead to the Patriots?
We were already mad but if you
want to add last-minute fuel to
the fire you’re going to have to
back that up. I think we
celebrated it a little extra
because of everything that was
said. All the talk during the week
doesn’t matter. You have to
prove it in 60 minutes on Sunday.
How has the reaction been
back in Jacksonville?
I’m loving it. Waking up every day
and seeing the date and realising
I’ve still got to go to work. To see
how the love has gone from bad
to good in the city and how much
support we are getting has been
amazing. The fans stuck with us
through the hard times and we’re
glad to bring back the kind of
season and team they deserve.
The Jaguars are 1-10 all-time
against the Patriots and 0-7
against the Tom Brady-Bill
Belichick combination.
The past really doesn’t mean
anything. This is this year’s team.
They haven’t seen this team. It’s
just another Sunday, albeit with
a little bit more to it. You just
have to attack it. Your routine
doesn’t change.
Much has been made of the
Jaguars much-vaunted
defense. Is it ready for
the Patriots?
We have a lot of confidence
on this defense and
hold ourselves to a
high standard,
especially with the
great players we
have. For the
past defences
we are being
compared to, the
only way to add to
our legacy is to go
against the new
England Patriots,
who have one of the
Week ban for France
centre Mathieu
Bastareaud, who
misses the start of the
Six nations, for making
a homophobic remark.
He admitted verbally
abusing Benetton’s
Sebastian negri
abry jones
the nFL star’s Jacksonville
Jaguars stunned pittsburgh
Steelers 45-42 in the playoffs
last week. he looks ahead to
facing the new england
patriots and legendary
quarterback tom Brady in
the aFc championship Game
this Sunday with a place in
the Super Bowl on the line.
By justin palmer
quarterbacks of all time.
You have been with the Jags a
long time and seen a lot of bad
years. But you are just a win
away from the Super Bowl.
The kind of run we are on I just
want to stay focused. I have to
control myself. I can’t really talk
to my mum about it because she
is extremely excited and I would
get caught up in her excitement.
I’m just trying to keep calm and
when people mention it I just
say, ‘yeah, it’s cool’.
Jaguars quarterback Blake
Bortles (pictured) has his
detractors. Do you have
confidence in him?
We have the utmost
confidence in him. We
hear all the talk and we
see how he handles it.
He doesn’t pay any
attention to it.
Rookie Leonard
Fournette ran for
109 yards and three
touchdowns against
the Steelers. How
good is he?
He’s doing what we
expect him to do. He’s
been phenomenal and
brings a whole new
dynamic to our game.
by dave filmer
after Japan 2019. the rFU sees the extension
as part of the succession planning for Jones’ departure and hopes to have appointed his replacement by the end of the 2019/20 season. the two
will then work together until Jones’ exit.
the 57-year-old said: ‘i’m delighted to extend, it’s quite exciting. Coaching England is a
dream job for me, and i was delighted to be
asked to stay on after the world Cup. the team’s
got a great potential and what i’d also like to be
involved in is creating a sustainably successful
team and play a role in doing that.
‘the first priority is to win the world Cup and
after that making sure the guy who is going to
take over has a good team to be involved in.’
rFU chief executive steve Brown said: ‘we
absolutely needed a succession plan. we
have not had that before – this is a first.’
36 METRO Thursday, January 18, 2018
picture: getty
Jonny believes he’s done
enough to keep opening
Jonny Bairstow has no intention of
becoming the sacrificial lamb of England’s
one-day side, having finally found a place
at the head of the innings.
the yorkshire batsman has missed more
50-over games than he has played since
making his England bow in 2011.
However, in the past few months he has
found a steady role opening the innings,
hitting two unbeaten centuries against the
west indies. somebody will have to make
by Jack fox
way when Ben stokes returns to the side, as
he is set to do in new Zealand next month,
and Jason roy’s 180 at the MCG on sunday makes him effectively untouchable.
speaking ahead of tomorrow’s second
odi with australia in Brisbane, Bairstow
said: ‘i have worked my arse off to get to
where i am, to fight for a position in the
side. i like to think every time i have come
in, whether that be on a one-off game over
the last two years when i have got man of
the match or whether it be batting at four,
six, keeping wicket or opening the batting,
i have done well enough to keep my spot.
‘i have been asked to open the batting in
six games and i have scored two hundreds
in those games. it is going to take a bit of
time to completely know and understand
[the position] but i have been really pleased
with how i have started in the role.’
n KEnT have
Sam Billings
as their
captain for
this season.
Billings 26,
an academy
has become
the 35th
skipper in
the club’s
history after
taking over
from Sam
Chatty man: Bairstow
(right) has a word
with Joe root
wicket doesn’t appeal to everyone
WeST indies were
involved in another
controversial dismissal
during their 76-run
defeat to South africa
at the under-19 World
cup yesterday.
South africa opening
batsman Jiveshan
Pillay was given out for
obstructing the field by
the third umpire.
Pillay, on 47, threw
the ball to the Windies
(pictured) after it
stopped close to the
stumps leading to a
West indies appeal.
The decision to
dismiss Pillay received
widespread – though
not universal –
criticism on social
media. South africa
went on to claim
victory in the match.
The Windies’ win over
zimbabwe in 2016 was
overshadowed by
keemo Paul’s last-over
‘mankad’ when the
seamer ran out the
non-striker backing up.
Fed-up Ashley still wants
to find a Newcastle buyer
neWcastle united remains up
for sale despite the collapse of
discussions with amanda staveley’s
PcP capital Partners.
Magpies owner Mike ashley called
a halt to negotiations, which had been
ongoing since november, on tuesday
evening as sources close to him
dismissed them as ‘a complete
waste of time’.
it is understood there had
been no contact between the
two parties since before
christmas, and that the
sportswear magnate had
lost patience with both
the public nature of
the pursuit and a lack
of tangible progress.
sources close to the
staveley camp
insisted in the wake of the development that their offer – which was not
credible in ashley’s eyes, not least
because it included a series of clauses,
one of which would guarantee a
sizeable refund in the event of
relegation – was still on the table and
that they had not walked away.
the Premier league club remains
on the market and an offer to accept
payment in instalments over a fixed
period is also still available.
however, ashley (pictured) has
let it be known he will only
consider potential buyers who are
serious in intent and who can
demonstrate that the
finance is in place to do
a deal. he is also
determined that any
negotiations will be
conducted in private.
Thursday, January 18, 2018 METRO 37
fo otball
t r a n s f e r ta l k
picture: real maDriD Via getty
Otamendi is
committed to
City for,
signed a
yesterday. The Argentine centre-half
(pictured) has featured in all but one of City’s
league games so far this season
Zidane insists
ronaldo is still
real important
ZinEdinE ZidanE says he cannot
imagine real Madrid without Cristiano
ronaldo amid uncertainty over the Portugal superstar’s future.
the forward has been linked with a return to Manchester United after reports
he wants to quit Madrid over a contract
dispute with president Florentino Perez.
the 32-year-old’s present deal runs until
2021 and boss Zidane urged ronaldo
(above) to concentrate only on his game.
‘we know what is discussed but what
Cristiano has to do is think about playing, as always,’ said the Frenchman.
‘Cristiano is a part of this club, where
he belongs. the club, the fans, everyone
loves him.
‘i always say the same thing, i do
by matthew nash
not see a Madrid without Cristiano. the
sporting side is the one i am interested
in. i do not want to talk about the contract and those things.
‘i just want to talk about his performance and what he can bring to the team
on the pitch.’
Zidane was speaking ahead of
Madrid’s Copa del rey tie at leganes
tonight, where his side aims to bounce
back from saturday’s 1-0 home defeat
by villarreal, a result which leaves the
European champions fourth in la liga.
asked about his own future, Zidane
replied: ‘i am not thinking about that. i
go day by day and will not change.’
on the grapevine
■ InTEr Milan are
leading the race to sign
Daniel Sturridge
(pictured) as the
England striker edges
closer to leaving
Liverpool this month.
■ aTHleTic Bilbao
forward inaki Williams has
signed a seven-year deal,
with a £96million buy-out
clause, to ward off interest
from Jurgen klopp’s reds.
■ A HOST of Premier
League clubs are on red
alert to make a move for
Barcelona’s versatile
right-sided player
Aleix vidal.
■ iTalian press have
reported roma
defender emerson Palmieri
is wanted by chelsea as
cover for marcos alonso.
■ CArDIFF have agreed a
loan deal for Liverpool’s
Serbia international
midfielder Marko Grujic.
ferguson charged
for ‘shoot ref’ rant
donCastEr boss darren Ferguson
has been charged by the Football
association for saying it would be a
‘good idea’ to shoot referees.
the 45-year-old (pictured) made
the remark to reporters after rovers
were denied a penalty in their 1-1
draw with Plymouth on saturday.
Ferguson later apologised and said
his comment was ‘tongue-in-cheek’ and a result of
‘frustration’, before stressing that he does not ‘advocate
violence against officials.’
the former Peterborough and Preston manager has until
6pm on Monday to respond to the charge.
38 METRO Thursday, January 18, 2018
f o o t b a l l fa c u p t h i r d - r o u n d r e p l ays
in brief
conte’s blues see reds
before cab answers call
picture: reX
Reece can’t believe
his luck with winner
WeST Ham’s Fa cup saviour reece
Burke said he had goosebumps
after scoring an extra-time winner
against Shrewsbury on Tuesday.
Penalties loomed at the london
Stadium after the Hammers were
held to a goalless draw by their
league one opponents for the
second time in nine days.
But after 202 scoreless minutes,
the tie was settled by Burke’s firstever goal for his boyhood club, an
instinctive strike that cannoned in
off the crossbar.
‘i was over the moon,’ said the
lifelong West Ham fan, 21, who has
been at the club since he was nine.
‘i had goosebumps when the ball
went in and if you watch my
celebration, i didn’t know what to
do. it’s unbelievable to score for
my club and it was really needed.’
super saver:
as chelsea
move into
round four
(After extra-time, 1-1 after 90 mins,
Chelsea win 5-3 on pens)
by nick metcalfe
CHElsEa needed penalties to get past
norwich after having two players sent
off in dramatic circumstances.
willy Caballero brilliantly saved
from nelson oliveira in the shoot-out
after the Blues had made heavy weather of the Championship side.
Chelsea scored all five of their spotkicks, Eden Hazard clinching victory,
but manager antonio Conte still went
onto the pitch to confront referee Graham scott over red cards for Pedro and
alvaro Morata, two of three Chelsea
players he had cautioned for dives.
the controversy came after the CaOff: morata
was the
chelsea man
to see red
years in charge at Southend
for Phil Brown, who was put
on gardening leave by the league
one club yesterday while an
agreement is reached for his exit
Rosler fears that VAR
could stifle the game
Cherries get all clear
BournemouTH have been cleared
to build a new multi-million pound
training complex at the former
canford magna Golf club.
cherries chief executive neill
Blake said: ‘We want to give the
region’s youngsters the best place
to develop their talent, and we
believe this complex will be the
perfect place to do that.’
Fa Cup third-round replays
chelsea............................ 1 Norwich .............................1
(after extra-time, 1-1 after 90 minutes,
chelsea win 5-3 on pens)
Swansea..........................2 Wolves .............................. 1
Wigan...............................3 Bournemouth................. 0
Lewis 90
manager uwe
rosler believes
there is a danger
vAr could rob
football of its
The German
expressed his
concerns after the video review
system was used to overturn a
decision for the first time in
English football during Leicester’s
2-0 FA Cup replay win over his
League One side on Tuesday.
rosler (pictured) said: ‘Don’t
complicate football too much.
‘We will see in the future how it
pans out, but the game is
beautiful, let it be pure, and also
made by human errors for the
referee. It makes the game.’
Batshuayi 55
elder flowers as Bournemouth wilt at wigan
TOP-FLIGHT Bournemouth were
bundled out of the FA Cup by League
One leaders Wigan last night.
Sam Morsy fired the hosts ahead
after just nine minutes, slotting home
from the edge of the box after Will
Grigg’s shot cannoned off the post.
Harry Arter was lucky to avoid a red
card for a bad challenge on ryan
Colclough five minutes before the
break but the Cherries fell further
behind when Dan Burn blasted in off
the bar after 73 minutes.
Callum Elder (pictured) headed the
third to seal a convincing replay win.
naries’ Jamal lewis had forced extratime with a fine header in the final
minute of stoppage-time after Michy
Batshuayi had put the Blues ahead.
the hosts wanted var to be used at
the start of the extra period when timm
Klose seemed to foul willian in the
box, but the Chelsea man was booked.
norwich goalkeeper angus Gunn
added to the hosts’ frustration with a
string of brilliant extra-time saves.
Pedro could have few complaints in
the 118th minute when his earlier caution for a dive proved costly as he received a second yellow for fouling
wes Hoolahan.
Moments later, Morata – on for
Batshuayi – was deemed to have gone
down too easily when Christoph Zimmermann seemed to push him in the
box, almost immediately going from
yellow to red for his protests.
Jor-dropping strike sets Swans on the way
sWansea put their Premier league woes
behind them to book a fourth-round trip to
notts county after victory over Wolves in
their Fa cup replay at the liberty stadium.
Wilfried bony sealed a rare win for the
swans just minutes after substitute Diogo
Jota had given the championship side hope
when he cancelled out Jordan ayew’s
stunning first-half effort.
swansea, currently rooted to the foot of
the Premier league table, took the lead on
11 minutes courtesy of a moment of magic
from ayew. the Ghana international
collected the ball outside the penalty area
then skipped past five Wolves defenders
before firing home past Will norris.
Wolves, unbeaten in their previous 14
outings, were brighter after the break with
helder costa firing just over the bar.
the visitors then had a penalty shout
waved away before Jota levelled the tie. the
Portuguese, having been on the pitch for
just four minutes, collected a long ball over
the top of the swans defence before cutting
inside and firing home at the near post.
Wolves’ joy was short-lived, with bony
restoring the hosts’ advantage just three
minutes later, stabbing the ball home after
Wanderers failed to clear the danger.
Bright start:
ayew celebrates
with leroy fer
and Bony
Thursday, January 18, 2018 METRO 39
fo otball
Aubameyang is a puzzle for Dortmund
arsenal target Pierre-emerick
aubameyang’s recent behaviour has
been met with bafflement by his
borussia Dortmund bosses.
the striker, who has reportedly
agreed terms with the Gunners over a
£50million-plus move, was dropped
for last weekend’s bundesliga clash
with Wolfsburg for skipping a key
team meeting. it was the second time
this season he has been banned by his
club for ‘disciplinary reasons’.
‘Disappointment is the wrong
expression,’ Dortmund coach Peter
stoger said of the 28-year-old’s
actions. ‘rather a lack of understanding as i cannot really comprehend his
conduct. and i am certainly not the
only one.’ Dortmund have earmarked
chelsea striker Michy batshuayi as
the man to replace aubameyang
(pictured) if he does leave.
Meanwhile, another arsenal target,
brazilian Malcom, faces a disciplinary hearing at bordeaux after being
filmed laughing and joking following
defeat by caen on tuesday.
on the boX
by Jack Fox
it’s game,
270 schett
mats to
Premier league
appearances for
Walcott, although only
six of them have come
this season – and all of
those as a substitute
Top-flight goals
in his time
with arsenal
£20m Walcott wants
trophies with everton
by John payne
what i need. i’ve had a couple of
chats with him and straightaway i
felt that hunger and that desire
that he wanted from me. i need
that and i wanted that.
‘i just want to do what i do
best which is playing football
and expressing myself because i’m excited again.’
HE first grand slam of the tennis season,
the australian open, began this week
and along with welcoming the finest
players in the sport, Melbourne Park
also gets to host one of Eurosport’s most
enjoyable half-hours, Game, schett and Mats.
Fronted by former world no.1 Mats wilander
and one time world no.7 Barbara schett
(pictured), the daily round-up show finally had a
change of name last year with schett replacing
set in the titles, adding a well-deserved credit
for the austrian, while bringing another pun to
an already winning work of wordplay.
naming rights aside the format has,
thankfully, changed not a jot and it is still the
most stylish sports highlights package to be
found anywhere on television.
Gs&M is achingly cool and relaxed. it’s like
Match of the day with alan shearer in Hugh
Hefner pyjamas and danny Murphy without the
M&s v neck. it’s the type of nightly round-up
package the BBC has strived for during its
‘I always used to
find it tough
playing here’
walcott scored 108
goals in 397 games during
his 12 years at arsenal after arriving as a 16-yearold in a deal worth £9.1m
from southampton.
the Gunners said in a
statement: ‘we all thank
theo for his contribution
to the club and wish him
well for the future.’
picture: eVertON fc Via getty
tHEo walCott claims he has left
arsenal to join Everton because he
wants to win trophies.
the £20million England forward,
28, swapped the club who have won
three Fa Cups in the last four seasons
for Goodison Park on a three-and-ahalf year contract yesterday, becoming
manager sam allardyce’s second signing of the January transfer window.
walcott (pictured) , who only got on
the pitch in one of those finals, is also
seeking regular football having mainly
featured in cup games this season.
‘i’ve come to Everton because i want
the club to push to the next level,’ said
walcott, who adds to the £28m capture
of Besiktas striker Cenk tosun. ‘i’m
very excited to be starting a new chapter and i felt this was the right place for
me to be. the manager is very ambitious and i feel like the club is going in
the right direction.
‘Everton is a club with a great history. the fans are always passionate,
they’re great and i always used to find
it very tough playing here.
‘the club has won trophies but i
want them to win trophies now. the
manager is very hungry and it’s just
the tipster
Simpson has putt himself back in contention
PHIL MICKELSOn is without a PGA Tour
somewhere near his best now his putting
win in five years, while Webb
problems have been resolved.
Simpson has not triumphed on
His accuracy and short game suit
the circuit since 2014.
this course and he looks good at
But both players have a
22/1 with William Hill, while
Kyren Wilson to
genuine chance to end their
two-time winner Mickelson is
beat Mark Williams 28/1 with Stan James.
respective droughts at the
CareerBuilder Challenge,
We will stick with another
at The Masters
which starts today at La
lefty, Brian Harman, at 16/1
Quinta. Simpson was tied fourth
(Ladbrokes). Our final each-way
at the Sony Open and is back to
pick is Chris Kirk at 55/1 (Betfair).
(pictured) to beat
ukrainian teenager
Marta Kostyuk in
Melbourne (Coral)
■ PHiladelPHia
eagles are 6/4
with William Hill
to reach the
Super Bowl by
beating the
Vikings, while
new england are
4/5 (Paddy
Power) to beat
Jacksonville by
7.5 points.
‘GS&M is like Match of the
Day with Alan Shearer in
Hugh Hefner pyjamas’
wimbledon fortnights in recent years but never
quite managed to pull off.
Credit for this particular gem must
undoubtedly be heaped upon its hosts, a
winsome, likeable pair who manage to make
viewers feel welcome in their roped-off viP
area high above the rod laver arena.
wilander is so laid-back you suspect
producers have to prop him up against the hightech, steel set before the super-smiley schett
serves up the questions the swede then returns
with the same deft touch with which he once
graced the game back in the 1980s.
it is true that, as a highlights package, it lacks
a little in actual highlights and John McEnroe’s
occasional appearances as the ‘commissioner of
tennis’ are as amusing as a snapped achilles,
but these are but minor gripes. Gs&M has
upped the game and set a high bar which few,
for now, can match.
will power
saves blues
in shootout
GOALKEEPEr Willy Caballero
spared nine-man Chelsea’s blushes
with the only save in last night’s
penalty shootout against norwich.
Cabellero denied nelson Oliveira
as Chelsea won 5-4 to book a home
tie with newcastle.
The Championship side had
forced extra-time thanks to Jamal
Lewis’ equaliser at the death after
Michy Batshuayi put the Blues
ahead in the fourth-round replay.
But Chelsea were fuming when
both Pedro and Alvaro Morata were
sent off in extra-time – both
having initially being yellow carded
for diving in the box.
fa cup thirD
rounD replays
after extra-time;
chelsea win 5-3 on pens
BoUrneMoUth 0
reports: Page 38 »
picture: ap
ben stokes was ‘delighted’ last
night after being told he can resume
his england career next month.
the england & Wales cricket board
had deemed him unavailable since his
initial arrest following an incident in
bristol in september but, after stokes
was charged with affray on Monday,
bosses decided to lift his suspension.
the ecb management board debated the matter following the crown
Prosecution service’s confirmation 26year-old stokes would appear at a
magistrates’ court at an unspecified
date, along with two other men.
stokes tweeted last night: ‘representing my country is one of the greatest things that i’ve ever been
lucky enough to do, walking
out on to the field with the
england shirt on is a privilege and a honour.
‘im extremely delighted to
be given this opportunity to
do this again i can’t wait to
get back out on a pitch with
the 3 lions on my chest and feeling
that pride that we all get and giving
everything for the team.’
england face australia in the second
of five one-day internationals on Friday but stokes, who missed the whole
ashes series, will not link back up with
the side until the latter part of the sub-
stoked to
be back:
Stokes can
his england
by John payne
sequent twenty20 tri-series involving
both countries and new zealand.
the delay in stokes’ availability for
the tri-series is believed to be in case
there is a court appearance he would
have to attend.
an ecb statement read: ‘Given the
cPs decision to charge him and two
others with affray, confirmation of his
intention to contest the charge and the
potential length of time to trial, the
board agreed it would not be fair, reasonable or proportionate for ben
stokes to remain unavailable for a further indeterminate period.’
ben is
for comeback
reD eD really is hot stuff
Pages 32-33 »
to cash in
at United
alexis sanchez has
reportedly agreed a contract
with Manchester united
ahead of his anticipated move
from arsenal to old trafford.
the 29-year-old chilean’s
(below) four-and-a-half year
deal is reportedly worth a
staggering £500,000-a-week
before tax, with sanchez’s
£270,000 take-home pay
adding up to £14million a
year. that would make him
united’s best-paid player.
all-rounder thrilled after getting
the go-ahead to play for england
andrew castle
picture: getty
united and arsenal must
now agree the terms of the
transfer, although it appears
the deal could go ahead even if
united playmaker henrikh
Mkhitaryan does not move in
the opposite direction.
arsenal brought in £20m
yesterday, with england
forward theo Walcott
completing his anticipated
move to everton.
the 28-year-old has agreed
a three-and-a-half-year
contract at Goodison Park,
bringing to an end his 12-year
stay in north london.
theo’s hunger games: P39 »
chemmy alcott
Games can be a brit special
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