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Metro UK – November 27, 2017

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Monday, November 27, 2017
Impact: The tree the car
hit, with bark stripped
away by the force
of the collision PA
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Tragedy: Victims Elliott Thornton (left), 15, and
his younger brother Ellis, 12 PICTURE: BEN LACK
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Police face riddle as horror crash kills five including schoolboys
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POLICE were last night working to
unravel the mystery of a horror
crash that left five people dead,
including two schoolboy brothers.
Seven young men and boys were
involved in the smash, which saw
a stolen Renault Clio slam into a
tree beside a road in Meanwood,
Leeds. But detectives were unclear
how many of them were inside the
vehicle and said some of the victims
could have been pedestrians.
The dead included Ellis Thornton,
12, brother Elliott, 15, and Darnell
Harte (pictured), thought to be 15.
Also killed were father-of-three
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4 METRO Monday, November 27, 2017
Labour’s trade
chief refuses to
give deficit vow
A SENIOR Labour figure has
refused to set a date for when his
party would wipe out the deficit.
Shadow international trade
secretary Barry Gardiner said it
would be foolish to try to predict
the state of the economy in 15
years’ time – especially due to
uncertainty over Brexit.
Offered the chance to say when
the deficit would be eliminated
under his party’s plans, he told
the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show: ‘No,
I’m not going to say that at all.
‘Anybody who wants to forecast
what our economy is going to be
like in 2031, 14... 15 years ahead of
that date, when we have not even
determined what the Brexit
negotiations are going to look
like, would be foolish,’ he added.
‘You know that as well as I do.’
His comments came after the
Office for Budget Responsibility
this week suggested Britain’s
economy may not reach a surplus
until 2031.
However, Mr Gardiner did say a
Labour government would cut the
deficit within five years.
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TV apology: John
McDonnell on ITV’s
Peston on Sunday REX
McDonnell ‘sorry’ for seeming arrogant over Labour borrowing cost
SHADOW chancellor John McDonnell
has said he was sorry if he appeared
arrogant after refusing to say how
much Labour’s borrowing for
infrastructure plans would cost.
On Thursday, Mr McDonnell had
dismissed questions on how much
would need to be spent on servicing
debt as ‘trite journalism’ and said
specific figures could be obtained
from iPads and advisers.
But he told ITV’s Peston on Sunday
he was trying not to ‘get dragged
down into an argument which
prevents people realising that we
actually do need to invest’.
Mr McDonnell was asked about the
Institute for Fiscal Studies, which
said the extra was about £2billion a
year. ‘I can’t predict it. I’m being
straight with you here,’ he replied.
Brexit divorce bill ‘may be
buried to dodge backlash’
THE final Brexit divorce bill between
the UK and the EU may be kept secret,
it has been claimed.
Theresa May’s government has reportedly agreed to pay at least £40billion –
but the public might not be told the exact
figure, according to The Sunday Times.
It quoted an EU source who said nondisclosure had been agreed to help the
prime minister ‘deal with the political
sensitivities’ of a large payout in the face
of opposition from Brexit supporters.
EU officials reportedly will not put
anything in writing about the total bill
during the European Council’s meeting
in December to decide the future of Brexit
THERE is at least a 20% chance Brexit will not happen,
Lib Dem leader Sir Vince Cable has claimed.
The former Cabinet minister said there was a ‘distinct
possibility’ the UK could remain in Europe even though
the Brexit process is already under way.
Sir Vince, 74, said, while there could be an ‘amicable
divorce’ from Brussels, it could also be a ‘terrible mess’.
He said: ‘We do not know what Brexit will look like. But
if it is a terrible mess and very divisive and very costly,
then I think people will want to reopen the question.’
negotiations, such as whether trade talks
can begin. Any specific figure could be
deleted from future documents and the
final deal itself, it was claimed.
‘The Brits will list categories in which
they want to honour their commitments.
They will present different calculations
than the Commission but, for us, it’s all
about accepting the principle – not about
having a specific figure,’ the source said.
‘The withdrawal agreement will not
contain a figure – the Brits only need to
indicate what and how. Not how much.
It will all be about the presentation in
order to help May and her cabinet deal
with the political sensitivities. But the
stars are aligned for a successful deal.’
Some Brexit supporters are furious
over reports that billions of pounds could
be handed to the EU. The secrecy idea
was attacked by both sides of the debate.
Rory Maw tweeted: ‘Transparency on
use of taxpayers’ money essential.’ And
Academic AC Grayling, a prominent
Brexit critic, described the report as a
‘further insult to further injury’.
A government spokeswoman did not
deny the report but echoed Mrs May’s
comments on Friday that ‘we would
honour our commitments’.
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Monday, November 27, 2017 METRO 5
WITH Prince Harry’s engagement to
Meghan Markle appearing a foregone
conclusion, speculation has turned to a
new hot topic: which of Princess
Diana’s gems will he give her?
Insiders close to the couple say the
fifth-in-line to the throne wants to pay
tribute to his late mother by turning
one of her favourite pieces of jewellery
into an engagement ring.
Some reports suggest he has had a
diamond from one of Diana’s favourite
brooches set into a gold band.
But other sources claim a more likely
candidate for the job is an emerald
choker that the princess was once
given by the Queen.
Diana loved it so much she had it
changed into a head band – and her
son could be taking it to the jewellers
again to convert it into a ring. A choker
in sapphire and pearl that she was
CROWDS watched outside
Buckingham Palace yesterday
as the Royal Navy performed
Changing the Guard for the first
time in the ceremony’s 357-year
history. Some 86 sailors spent a
month learning the intricate
routines as part of 2017’s Year Of
The Navy. Warrant Officer Eddie
Wearing called it a ‘massive
privilege’. First held in 1660, the
event is traditionally performed by
the Army’s household division.
given by the Saudi royals is said to be
another candidate.
Harry, 36, kept Diana’s sapphire
engagement ring after she died but
gallantly passed it to brother William
to give to the Duchess of Cambridge
when he popped the question.
The bling talk comes after Meghan,
36, left her home in Toronto and
moved to London last week –
and into Kensington Palace.
reports that Harry, 33, has
been having renovations
carried out for months at
his quarters at the historic
west London building in
anticipation of her move.
Some sources claim Meghan is already being treated like
a senior member of the family and has
been assigned a protection officer. An
announcement is expected any day.
Which of
Di’s gems
will Harry
select for
Prince wants to pay tribute to
late mother with engagement
Speculation: Meghan has moved
into Kensington Palace and Harry
Head band: Above, Diana and Charles in 1985. Left, Kate
Middleton’s engagement ring that belonged to Diana REX/PA
No.10 was asked to
clear Theresa May’s
diary so the world’s worst
kept secret could officially be let
out last Thursday but the couple have
made the prime minister wait a little
longer, The Sunday Times reported.
Bookmakers have stopped taking bets
on them getting engaged. They are
tipped to tie the knot next summer,
shunning pomp and circumstance for a
‘non-traditional’ ceremony.
Sapphire choker: Diana dances with John Travolta at the White House
6 METRO Monday, November 27, 2017
The great
(from left)
Susan and
Kevin in the
bottom two
Alexandra’s drea
is saved by ‘Arlen
Come Dancing hopes were rescued last
night – by head judge Shirley Ballas.
This was despite the X Factor winner’s blunder during Saturday’s show,
when front-runner Alexandra mistakenly called Shirley ‘Arlene’ – meaning
former panellist Arlene Phillips.
The singer, partnered with Gorka
Márquez, 27, was in the bottom two,
which meant she had to perform her
rumba to Beyoncé’s Halo once more. It
was enough to keep the 29-year-old in
for another week when all four judges,
including Shirley, thought their routine
was better than Susan Calman and
Kevin Clifton’s.
Alexandra’s reprieve came after she
was mocked online for apparently mixing up Shirley, 57, with 74-year-old
Arlene during the judges’ comments.
Told by Shirley she would ‘come
back stronger’, Alexandra replied:
‘Thank you so much Arlene.’ One fan
tweeted: ‘Did Alexandra
Shirley “Arlene”??? whoop
Viewers were also beso
ted with the chemistr
between Mollie King a
partner AJ Pritchard. After
quickstep, chants of ‘kiss,
kiss’ could be heard from
contestants as the pair sp
senter Claudia Winkleman.
Even Claudia got in on
ing: ‘Go on AJ.’ Embarras
year-old replied: ‘I’ve gone
Monday, November 27, 2017 METRO 7
A same-sex
Strictly? I’ll
lead the way
admits Aljaž
STRICTLY hunk Aljaž Škorjanec
says he is willing to lead a fella
around the ballroom after calling on
the BBC to introduce a same-sex
partnership on the show.
The 27-year-old Slovenian, married to fellow Strictly pro Janette
Manrara, is partnering former
Hollyoaks star Gemma Atkinson
this year. But he is backing demands
to make the show LGBT inclusive.
‘I’m always going to come in and
do the best job I can,’ said Aljaž.
‘It doesn’t matter who it is or what
sex they are.’
He called Strictly one of the few
shows on TV ‘with a positive thought
behind it’, adding: ‘If they do decide
to go down that road, it will be with
What’s your opinion?
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the most positive intention, so we
will follow their lead.’
Urging bosses to make the move,
he added to The Huffington Post:
‘Hopefully, we will be there
when it does happen.’
Gay judge Craig Revel
Horwood also backs the
idea. The 52-year-old
Australian once said:
‘I think a same sex
couple can exist. You
only have to decide who’s
going to go backwards.’
It takes two to
spangle: Aljaž with
Gemma on Saturday
8 METRO Monday, November 27, 2017
Workers use
food banks,
says Welby
THE largest group of food bank users
are in work, the Archbishop of Canterbury said yesterday.
Justin Welby said jobs were being
created but these were not lifting people out of poverty.
Asked about the economy, the Archbishop told ITV’s Peston on Sunday:
‘It’s obviously producing very good
jobs, there’s a lot of jobs at the moment,
there’s low unemployment, there’s
good news.
‘But the thing we see in the Church
of England, and with the other
churches... is now the majority of people who come to the food banks are in
work. That is a sign that work is not
lifting people out of poverty in the
way that we would hope in a
society that is just.’
He called for investment in
areas such as skills and apprenticeships.
The archbishop (pictured) also said he did
not understand why US
Cutting the cloth: Dr Sentamu in 2007
HOUSING charity Shelter said
its free helpline received a call
every 22 seconds during its
busiest time last Christmas – and
it could be worse this winter. It had
more than 100,000 calls to the
helpline in the two months before
December 25, and a ‘crippling
combination’ of homelessness,
high rents and universal credit
problems have seen calls rise 25
per cent. The helpline is funded by
Marks & Spencer food sales.
fundamentalist Christians supported
Donald Trump, as he called the president’s attitude towards women ‘completely unacceptable’.
Mr Welby said he would attend a
state dinner with Donald Trump,
adding: ‘Part of the job is to
meet people you disagree with
and to testify of the love of
Christ. The odds are, it
would be unlikely I’d
do more than shake
hands with him.’
ends Mugabe
collar protest
Reconciled: The Archbishop of York on the Andrew Marr Show yesterday BBC/PA
THE Archbishop of York has
resumed wearing a clerical dog
collar after cutting up his previous
one in protest at Robert Mugabe’s
rule in Zimbabwe.
Ugandan-born Dr John
Sentamu, who destroyed his collar
in a TV protest a decade ago,
returned to the BBC’s Andrew
Marr Show to be handed back its
remains. Instead the 68-year-old
produced a new one from his
pocket and put it around his neck.
Dr Sentamu, who said a South
African-style truth and
reconciliation process was needed,
added: ‘I actually think the lesson
for Zimbabwe is the same – you
just can’t try and stitch it up.’
Monday, November 27, 2017 METRO 9
Sealed off: Police vehicles block off the
street as officers conduct a search.
Left, crash victim Robbie Meerun
Family left distraught
as ‘cheeky chappies’
found amid carnage
» Continued from Page 1
Anthony Armour and Robbie Meerun,
both believed to be 24.
Two 15-year-old boys were arrested
at the scene on suspicion of causing
death by dangerous driving.
A police spokesman said officers
faced ‘complete carnage’ when they
arrived in the residential street just
before 10pm on Saturday.
‘Whether they were all in the car or
whether some were pedestrians we
can’t say at this point in time,’ he
added. ‘We’ve got the road closed, an
investigation in place and we’re trying
to find out what’s occurred.’
Two of the victims of the crash were
pronounced dead at the scene and three
died a short time later in hospital.
Louise Thornton, 34, believed to be
godmother to the two brothers, said
there were no words to describe the
loss of the two ‘cheeky chappies’.
She said: ‘Elliott was the eldest. He
was very loving and very trusting. He
was so proud of his family, his mum
and dad and his two sisters, Ebony, 16,
Missed: Ellis and Elliott’s sister Ebony said she is ‘full of pain’ after their deaths
and Bronte, five. Ellis was the youngest and he looked up to Elliott and
Ebony as well.’
Ebony wrote on Facebook: ‘I don’t
really know what to say, my eyes are
puffy every time I go to speak, I cry,
my head and my body are full of pain
right now. You were my boys. My
world and more. I wish I told you I
love you everyday’. Mr Armour’s sister wrote on social media: ‘I loved
you and you loved me that’s inuf [sic]
for me you will always be with me.
RIP Anthony my only brother.’
A resident living near the crash site
said: ‘There were bodies laid about.
You couldn’t even recognise it as a car.
It was just a crumpled mess.’
Police forensics
officers at the crash
scene yesterday
Monday, November 27, 2017 METRO 11
‘Close friendship’ with barmaid raises
hopes of a new love for Hollywood
GREAT British Bake-Off judge
Paul Hollywood reportedly took a
22-year-old barmaid on a date
after his marriage broke down.
The 51-year-old is said to have
taken Summer Monteys-Fullam
for dinner at The Dorchester
Hotel in London after they
‘struck up a close friendship’ at
his local pub the Duke William, in
Ickam, Kent.
‘The age gap doesn’t seem to be
a problem,’ a source told The
Sun. ‘Summer is only 22 but very
mature for her age. She has told
friends that she believes that they
could, in the future, become a
couple.’ They apparently met
Mature for her age: Summer Monteys-Fullam, 22, – a friend of Paul Hollywood
Sad Davina’s
Insta clues to
her marriage
THE writing was on the Instagram for by ANDREI HARMSWORTH
Davina McCall’s 17-year marriage to
Matthew Robertson after it emerged she priority’ following their break-up. She
had been hinting at trouble before they said: ‘I am very sad to say that Matthew
announced their split at the weekend.
and I have separated.
The former Big Brother host had been
‘Our amazing children are our number
posting quotes about ‘flaws’, ‘strength’, one priority above everything else so we
‘courage’ and ‘making mistakes’ in the ask for as much space and respect from
build up to the couple’s shock separation the media as possible while our family
announcement on Saturday.
goes through this difficult time.’
One in July read: ‘Hey, you. Don’t
The TV presenter, is said to be ‘devasgive up, okay?’, which McCall said at tated’ after the couple tried to save things
the time was about inspiring young
for ‘so many years’.
people finding work.
She and Roberston, who now
Another in the same
runs a travel company, renewed
month said, ‘I am built
their vows in 2015. McCall said
from every mistake I have
at the time: ‘I’m very lucky,
ever made’ and she capbecause as far as I know I’ve
tioned that: ‘And my goodmarried a really faithful
ness, I’ve made a few!!’
guy. When I think of
The 50-year-old preMatthew and me in our
senter and ex-TV pre70s, I see us on a world
senter Robertson, 48,
cruise with entertainhadn’t been pictured
ment every night!’
for a year before
She previously said
McCall and
bringing down the
the two had attended
curtain on things.
marriage counselling.
McCall said their
She said: ‘We had the
married in
children Holly, 16,
same row. People have
2000 GETTY
Tilly 14, and Chester,
sticking blocks and get
11, were the ‘number one
stuck at the same point.’
when Hollywood was arranging a
birthday party at the pub for his
wife Alexandra (also
pictured). The baker
announced he and his
wife, who have a 16year-old son, were to
separate after
20 years last
Summer is
believed to
have left her
job at the
pub after
made his split
public. ‘It had
clearly upset her a lot and she
was very defensive of Paul,’ the
source told the newspaper.
However, a source close to
Hollywood said last
night: ‘Paul and
Summer have known
each other for some
time but it’s only ever
been as friends – there
has never been any
‘Paul and Alex
are trying to keep a
low profile to deal
with their
separation in private.’
Monday, November 27, 2017 METRO 13
Council that
has paid out
£43k for a
Council has
paid nearly
£6million to
settle 500
claims over
the last
three years
A COUNCIL has paid out nearly
£6million in personal injury claims
over the last three years – including £43,000 to a child who needed
surgery to remove a splinter after
sitting on a playground bench.
Croydon borough council also
paid £81,000 to a claimant who
broke a leg by jumping over a gate
to get out of a locked car park.
The biggest payout was
£181,000 – to a member of the
public who tripped on a pavement
damaged during council works. A
motorcyclist won £169,000 after
falling when riding over a pothole.
The council, in south London,
also paid £18,000 compensation
to a schoolboy hit by a javelin in a
PE lesson and £15,000 to a person
who fell off a chair they were
standing on to tidy up paperwork.
A total of 1,600 claims were
made over three years and the
council admitted liability in just
under 500 of them. It paid out
£1.9million of compensation in
2014/15, £1.1million a year later,
and £2.9million in 2016/17, data
obtained under freedom of information laws show.
John O’Connell, of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said the ‘compensation culture’ diverted cash from
essential services such as social
care and road maintenance.
‘Of course, some payments will
be entirely justified. But councils
must ensure their mistakes and
negligence don’t result in such
large bills. We must also root out
those who play the system with
spurious demands,’ he added.
A council spokeswoman said:
‘All claims are investigated fully if
there is negligence or legal liability by the council.’
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10% rise as town halls rake
in £819m from parking
COUNCILS in England made
£819million from parking last year –
a rise of ten per cent, a study finds.
The 353 local authorities easily
surpassed the £744million surplus in
2015/16, which is calculated by
taking income from parking charges
and penalty notices and then
deducting running costs.
The highest totals were in London,
with Westminster’s £73.2million the
largest, followed by £32.2million in
Kensington and Chelsea and
Camden’s £26.8 million.
The biggest amounts outside the
capital were the £21.2million
reported by Brighton and Hove,
ahead of Milton Keynes and
Birmingham with £11.1million each.
Steve Gooding, director of the
RAC Foundation which is behind
the analysis, said the rise was ‘in
part a reflection of the record
Moneyspinner: A parking ticket ALAMY
number of cars and volume of
traffic’. The Local Government
Association said: ‘Income raised
through on-street parking charges is
spent on running parking services
and any surplus is only spent on
essential transport projects.’
I’m terrified of dentists after
file ended up in my stomach
A GRANDFATHER had to have a
serrated metal file removed from
his stomach after his dentist
dropped it into his mouth.
Alexander Hoar (pictured) was
asked by staff at Bupa Penzance
Dental Care Practice to make his
own way to hospital when the
1in tool got stuck in his throat.
By the time his son had
driven him there – and he had
been sent to another hospital –
it had worked its way down
inside him. Surgeons had
to use a tube with a
camera to locate it and
pull it out with pincers.
The 74-year-old had an operation
to repair his stomach lining. He is
afraid to go to another dentist to
complete his root canal surgery.
‘Every time I go into a dentist I
cry – it’s embarrassing,’ he said.
The retired builder said staff
called the hospital for him but
‘didn’t even escort me out’.
The practice said: ‘Our team
acted quickly to make sure Mr
Hoar received medical
attention. We launched
an investigation and we
reviewed procedures
to help prevent it
happening again.’
14 METRO Monday, November 27, 2017
Black Friday sales
soar to record high
A 40FT-HIGH tower with
panoramic coastal views could be
yours for just £70,000 – but it’s in
the middle of busy car park and
by a main road.
Martello Tower No.25
(pictured) in Dymchurch, Kent,
is a small fort built in 1806 to
repel a feared Napoleonic
invasion. There are 100 of them
dotted around the south coast.
Bosses at Clive Emson, which
is auctioning the tower on
December 11, admitted that the
BLACK Friday sales hit a record
high – although less people
actually went out to shop.
There was a seven per cent
increase in spending and a 32
per cent rise in the number of
transactions compared to last
year, Barclaycard said.
A total of £2.6billion was
forecast to be spent with a rise
in online shopping blamed on a
3.6 per cent decline in footfall
on the high street, said retail
researchers Springboard.
It comes as retailers prepare
for ‘Cyber Monday’ today, which
sees shops provide online sales
in the aftermath of in-store
discounting on Black Friday.
property was ‘quirky’ but that it
could easily be turned into a
seaside home, despite it being
located in the middle of the
Martello Car Park, which has
room for 180 cars. The tower
has its own parking space.
Local Gareth Cunningham,
37, is not likely to be one of the
bidders. He said: ‘It’s a great
building and the views would be
amazing from the top but I don’t
think I’d fancy living in the
middle of a car park.’
Rapist who
attacked two
revellers is
behind bars
A RAPIST attacked two women after
they had been enjoying a late night out
in London’s West End.
Papis Cante struck twice within weeks,
meeting his victims as they tried to get
home from Leicester Square.
The kitchen porter would start up a
conversation with the women before
dragging them back to near his home in
Finsbury Park, north London.
One victim was taken in an Uber, and
pleaded with the driver to change the
destination – but he refused and said she
would have to order another one.
A month later, the other victim met
Cante on a Tube after she had been celebrating August bank holiday weekend
and he promised to help her get home.
When they refused to have sex with
him, he raped the women, both in their
early 20s, in an alleyway and in a side
road. He told onlookers the women were
drunk or on drugs and convinced them
to leave him alone.
Father-of-one Cante, 36, a Portuguese
national, who admitted two counts of
rape in October, was jailed at Wood
Green crown court on Friday for ten
years. The judge ruled he was dangerous, meaning he will serve at least twothirds of his sentence.
Cante was also placed on the sex
Dangerous: Papis Cante PICTURE: SWNS
offenders’ register for life. Judge Kalyani Kaul QC said: ‘Your first victim was
vulnerable, as was the second, because
both had had something to drink. They
were just young women who had been
out and had a pleasant evening, and were
on their way home.’ He told Cante that
he is likely to be deported.
Suspect charged with Starbucks voyeurism
A MAN suspected of fitting a secret camera in a toilet at a Starbucks
coffee shop has been charged with voyeurism, says Scotland Yard.
Anthony Dines was arrested last week after police appealed for help
to identify a man caught on a camera found in a ceiling grate at the
chain’s shop in Vauxhall, south London.
The 31-year-old, of Kingston upon Thames, south-west London, will
appear at Camberwell Green magistrates’ court later today, said police.
Monday, November 27, 2017 METRO 15
Coffee shop stirs up
locals as fury greets
‘gentrification’ gaffe
It’s Time for
a different
front page...
never shied away from
discussing his status, and
Time magazine’s annual
Person of the Year
recognition (pictured) is a familiar
point for him to do it.
Over the weekend, another episode in
a seemingly love-hate relationship
unfolded with the publication denying
the president’s account of how he
rejected a request for an interview and
Last December, he did grace the front
page, a nod to a businessman who
managed to upend the political world.
But the magazine has delivered some
unflattering covers at his expense. There
was the illustration of him sitting behind
his desk as a hurricane engulfed the
Oval Office, the candle wax portrayal of
a ‘meltdown’ and images of his face
shaped as wrecking balls.
Mr Trump has fired his own cannons
too, criticising the magazine when it
chose ‘The Protester’ as its 2011 Person
of the Year, questioning the cover that
showed ‘late age breastfeeding’ and
lamenting Angela Merkel being picked.
But however the conventional media
judge him, Mr Trump has undoubtedly
developed a huge social media
following. This year Xi Jinping’s
historic rise, Emmanuel Macron’s
rebuke to populism and Kim
Jong-un’s nuclear threats
garnered plenty of headlines.
But, here in the US, it is
perhaps Harvey Weinstein’s
name that has come to
dominate discussion,
creating a tipping point for a
debate about the abuse, not
just use, of influence.
I wonder if some of the
women who have pushed
that conversation on will be
They ad it coming as tobacco firms ’fess up
CIGARETTE advertising has returned to network television in the US for
the first time in two generations. But this time they’re broadcasting
federal ‘corrective statements’ about the dangers of cigarettes.
It’s part of a 2006 judgment, which found Phillip Morris and R J Reynolds
broke anti-racketeering laws, misled people about how cigarettes harmed
health and denied trying to market cigarettes to children.
Finally, after an 18-year dispute, the ads are running in more than 50
newspapers and on major networks, including NBC, ABC and CBS. Unlike
in many parts of Europe, American cigarettes do not display graphic
warnings on packs.
‘Knee’ athlete looks
for leg up in movies
HE MAY be unable to score a job in the
NFL but Colin Kaepernick, the initiator
of the national anthem ‘take the knee’
protests, is reportedly being chased by
Hollywood. According to TMZ, casting
director Victoria Thomas posted on a
message board for agents last week asking for a representative of the former San
Francisco quarterback. It’s understood
the 30-year-old might star in a 2018 comedy called Uncle Drew, alongside other
athletes. Thomas has worked on Blood
Diamond and Django Unchained. The
controversial quarterback has reportedly
already signed a book deal worth just
over $1million (£750,000).
Comedy move: Kaepernick AP
Backlash: Protesters gather to boycott
shop over its sandwich board sign (inset)
A COFFEE shop in Denver is deeply
regretting its celebration of
gentrification. At least 200 people
turned up to protest outside Ink!
Coffee after the business put up a
sandwich board sign which read:
‘Happily gentrifying the neighborhood
since 2014.’ On the opposite side was
the line, ‘Nothing says gentrification
better than a fresh brewed cortado’.
After a predictable backlash, the
company apologised, saying: ‘We
clearly drank too much of our own
product.’ It was a risky marketing
move in a once largely black area
that’s seen lots of people pushed out by
rising prices. With locals unamused,
it’s the complaints, not customers, the
company is having to deal with.
16 METRO Monday, November 27, 2017
Willow lets Whip at
her ‘terrible’ lifestyle
THE daughter of Will Smith and
Jada Pinkett has confessed it is
‘terrible’ having famous parents.
Willow Smith, 17, said: ‘Growing up
and trying to figure out your life is
absolutely, excruciatingly terrible.’
The Whip My Hair singer told
Girlgaze Online: ‘There are two
choices – try to go into it completely
or take myself out of the eye of
society. There’s no in-between.’
Princess of
Bel hair: Will
Smith’s girl
Prize winner SIR
tapped into both
sides of life when he
was invited to design
next year’s Brit Awards
trophy. ‘Sculpture is
often a process of
positive and negative
form,’ said the artist,
63. ‘I have made
the award using
Glee star ‘attacked husband’
GLEE favourite Naya Rivera has been
arrested for allegedly attacking her
husband Ryan Dorsey.
Rivera, 30, who played Santana Lopez in
he musical TV show, has reportedly been
harged with domestic battery after an
alleged altercation in Chesapeake, Virginia,
on Saturday. She was accused of hitting
Dorsey over the head and in the mouth, and
has since been released on bond.
Dosh ’n’ Becks? He’s
got no idea of wealth
David ‘wouldn’t have a clue’ about his bank balance
T SOUNDS as if Posh is in charge
of all the loot in the Beckham
household after her hubby David
admitted he hasn’t the foggiest idea
how much money they have.
The former footballer confessed he has
lost count of his worth – hours
after Victoria’s fashion empire
SOME X Factor fans may not be too pleased to hear
Sharon Osbourne
alone was valued at £100million.
As for Becks, whose
home every week, blasted the UK’s ‘privileged’ classes at the
endorsement deals include
weekend, while appearing on her American chat show The
H&M and Haig whisky, he
Talk. The 65-year-old millionaire, originally from south
revealed he hasn’t checked
Shazza go:
London, said: ‘I think people who have always had a
his bank balance. ‘I
privileged life, perfect family, perfect schooling and an A
wouldn’t have a clue,’ said
student; I always think that those people are very
the 42-year-old when he
certain Brits
narrow. Because they haven’t experienced much of life.’
Osbourne with a silver spoon
A N D R E I H A R M S W O RT H ’ S
was grilled on his millions by
US news channel CNBC.
He credits having smart
people around him for his
transition from England
captain to Brand
Beckham mogul. ‘What I
am proud of is that we’ve
made it into a
successful business,’ he
‘It’s all about having
the right people around
you, the right friends,
family and business
partners. To put a price
on it, I don’t think I could. I’ll
leave that to someone else.’
At the end of last year
Becks’ own portfolio was
valued at £270million.
However the clan’s
income as a whole,
which includes 15year-old Romeo’s
work as a
Burberry model,
was placed at
Blank checks: Becks,
£500million –
pictured with Posh,
making the
doesn’t inspect his
Beckhams richer
bank statements
than the Queen.
Monday, November 27, 2017 METRO 17
with Tom Stichbury
didn’t want to
take fans’ cash
when a gig ran into
technical problems.
The star, 47, who
canned the gig in
Nebraska next
month, said: ‘I
respect you
guys too much
to take the
money and
he , want
n y o
o k ,
m n
r mances
The goats that
Aspiring milkm
J-Law with Kare
Harry salutes a
sign of the times
Billie, 15, joins
rising stars list
celebrated the ‘yes’
result of Australia’s
same-sex marriage
referendum during his
gig in Sydney. ‘About
bloody time!’ said Harry,
23. ‘The rainbow flags
can’t be ignored.’
AT THE age of 15,
US singersongwriter Billie Eilish is
the youngest act ever
on BBC Music’s Sound
of 2018. The shortlist of
16 rising stars also
includes IAMDDB, Pale
Waves and Tom Walker.
NOEL GALLAGHER says a bunch of new songs he
penned were rejected by his producer David Holmes
because they sounded too much like Oasis. Noel, 50,
whose latest album is called Who Built The Moon? told
Frank Skinner on Absolute Radio: ‘Every time I came up with
stuff that sounded remotely like Oasis, or what I’d done before,
he would stop me and say, “We’ve heard all that”.’
girl. Paloma, 36, who has
been seen with a ring on
down rumours that she
her wedding finger,
is secretly married to French
fumed on Twitter:
artist Leyman Lahcine.
‘For the last time
The singer, whose album
I am raising
The Architect has just
my child to
topped the charts,
play with all
also seized the
toys I don’t
opportunity to
need my
combat claims
child to be
about how
gender X
she is
I know
raising her
child, born
in December.
She has never
Paloma with
and I’m not
whether it is
a boy or a
It’s Definitely too much like Oasis
Paloma: And another item on
the gender... I am not married!
5, 6, 7, weight...
it’s Steps’ Claire
like she’s done plenty
of Steps when the 40year-old showed off
her incredible slim
figure at the ’90s pop
band’s reunion gig in
18 METRO Monday, November 27, 2017
LOVE (well, lust) is all around us, as shown by the messages
left by our commuter cupids. Are they talking about you?
TO the scraggy-haired
Welshman on the early train
from Earl’s Court to Parsons
Green. I love your awkward
mannerisms. Let’s have a
coffee in the Starbucks you go
to every morning. PS Grow your
hair back long.
seat on the northbound Victoria
line at around 6pm on Thursday
and I smiled at you. Fancy a
coffee? Brunette With Freckles
TO the blue-eyed guy with
Converse on the Victoria line
Friday morning. We were
looking at each other but I left
at Euston. Fancy a drink?
Brunette, Colourful Dress
WE smiled at each other on the
Piccadilly line from Heathrow to
Hammersmith on Wednesday.
You had glasses, blue eyes, a
cream scarf, a black shirt with
white dots, three piercings in
your left ear and two in your
right. I can’t stop thinking about
you. Coffee?
Tall Guy, Glasses, Suit
TO the bearded redhead guy
reading a book and wearing
a red watch. You offered me a
Text CRUSH, your Rush-Hour Crush,
name and where you live to 65700.
Standard network charge applies
START a text with VIEWS followed
by your comment, name and where
you live to 65700. Standard
network charge applies. Or EMAIL Helpline for
Views, Rush-Hour Crush and Good
Deed Feed: 020 3615 0600. Full T&Cs
on Metro is a
member of the Independent Press
Standards Organisation
This thinking makes
Snow White a floozy
And what to make of the princess kissing a frog?
n A mum wants her six-year-old son’s
school to ban Sleeping Beauty because
the prince kissing the princess when she
is asleep sends an inappropriate sexual
message (Metro, Fri).
Perhaps we should ban Goldilocks on
the grounds of animal cruelty or Jack
And The Beanstalk for failing to acquire
planning permission.
John, Essex
n I guess the mum would next want to
ban Snow White because she lives with
seven men or Rapunzel because she lets
a man into her bedroom through the
window or Belle because she falls in love
with an animal.
Aleski, London
n I totally agree with the mother, Sarah
Hall. Children’s fairy tales are filled with
misogyny, sexism and limiting gender
roles, and it’s time we moved on from
these outdated materials in order to tackle
these issues in our society.
It’s completely ignorant to say that
scenes which show borderline sexual
harassment as normal behaviour are
harmless to women. Natalie, Hampshire
n One early version of the Sleeping
Beauty story involves the princess being
raped by the prince and when she
eventually wakes up she has given birth
to twins.
Looking at original fairy tales, most
people would comment on their adult
content and gore. I say we’ve made
things too soft. They were horrible for a
reason – to serve as a warning to children
Mum calls for
ban on tale of
Beauty ‘and
the sex pest’
Kiss of death: sarah
Hall aked her chool
to remove
sleepin Beau
eep deprived:
ved Metro’s story on Friday
and not mollycoddle them from very real
Sammy, Warwickshire
n I agree with Ms Hall and think people
should look a little more into fairy tales.
Take Cinderella, for example – the prince
is a creepy stalker. Older pupils would be
better suited to understand what the tales
Abbie, London
n I fully support Ms Hall. In fact I would
include banning The Frog Prince, which
sees a woman kiss a frog, resulting in the
frog turning into a prince, thus sending
out a message of potential abuse by
women to frogs and men.
Clive Atkins, Hertfordshire
n My nephew loves Despicable Me but
obviously he is not going to become an
evil genius like its character Gru.
Chris, Newcastle
A BIG thank you to the person who
returned my 11-year-old daughter’s
school bag to her school. She left it
on the Metropolitan line at Wembley
Park. She is very grateful!
Vikram, London
THANK you to the staff at Queen’s
Medical Centre on Lynn Jarrett
Ward for looking after Dad. So
Nadine, Farnsfield
HUGE thanks to the cab drivers who
took me from and to Birmingham
International station – the one who
brought back the wallet I’d left in his
cab so quickly, and especially the one
from Sri Lanka who brought me back
to look for it and wouldn’t accept
any additional payment for the
double journey or waiting time while
I worked out what had happened.
You are both true gentlemen.
Michael, Tunbridge Wells
TO the good Samaritans on last
Wednesday’s Surbiton to Waterloo
train who came to my aid when
I fainted. Especially the couple who
helped me off the train, the man
who gave me his Milky Way and the
person who called the guard. Thank
you all.
Shellie, Surbiton
A MASSIVE thanks to the honest
person who handed in my credit
card at Tesco Express Tooting on
Wednesday afternoon.
Lou, Croydon
THANK you to the young guy and
the gentleman who helped me after
I got knocked off my bicycle on
Monday afternoon at Victoria Park.
The young guy was kind enough to
put his coat on the wet ground (it
had rained earlier) for me to rest my
head on. They stayed with me until
I was OK.
Peaches, London
is in cinemas Friday
Monday, November 27, 2017 METRO 19
Suitable for kids? The world of fairy
tales and children’s stories is riddled
with what some might see as immorality
n Doesn’t Katy Perry’s current
boyfriend, The Weeknd, realise
that when his name is said it’s
literally The Weakened? Silly
HG, Kent
n Is anyone else fed up with
coffee shops and cafés only
having skimmed or semiskimmed milk? I like my coffee
made with whole milk. What
happened to freedom of
Lyn, Strathclyde
n I am angry like never before.
I’m a middle-aged married
woman who has worked hard
all my life and brought up two
n Ms Hall should make her son aware
that unless the handsome prince kisses
her, the princess will never be in a
position to express how she feels about
anything because she will never wake up
from her sleep spell.
She should also explain that the
beautiful princess rescues the handsome
prince right back by marrying him and
living happily ever after, thus ensuring
he doesn’t end up a lonely, sad old git
who lives in his own squalor and talks to
his shoes.
Paddy, West Sussex
A BIG thank you to Eian the lorry
driver, who stopped and helped me,
and to the staff at Kingston A&E,
who patched me up after I was
knocked off my bicycle on Tuesday
Steve, London
TO the guy who had lost his legs
at Holborn. Hope you made it
home OK. Sorry I made you
Very Sorry Ginger Girl
MANY thanks to the person who
handed in my annual season ticket
at Harpenden station, and to the
helpful office staff at Farringdon,
who phoned around until they
traced its whereabouts.
Relieved Commuter, Hertfordshire
Start your text with the word DEED
followed by your comment, name and
where you live to 65700. Standard
network charge applies
sons to believe hard work,
honesty and high morals will
help them make a success of
their lives. As their careers are
just beginning, the selfserving lies, incompetence
and hypocrisy of our political
leaders have robbed them of
the future in this country they
deserve. We have all been
duped and our children will
pay the price.
Julia, London
n I hope the owner of the
mastiff-type dogs gets a long
prison sentence for allowing
them to kill the small (and
cute-looking) beagle (Metro,
Fri). To add insult to injury, he
asked her why her dog wasn’t
on a lead!
David, London
n Could my fellow commuters
please remember to close the
train doors behind them while
the weather is super cold!
Mike, Bristol
n Guys, can you please stop
spraying Lynx in our openspace office? If you absolutely
have to, please use the toilets.
People have different smell
Woman Who Wouldn’t
Dream Of Doing That
20 METRO Monday, November 27, 2017
You look fantastic in Battle
Of The Sexes – if that’s not a
sexist thing to say.
Oh, thank you! We had this amazing
cinematographer, who had won an
Academy Award for La La Land,
and he really loves to use natural
lighting. I remember being on set
and thinking that there are just no
lights here! And when you get older
you need good lighting. But they
did an amazing job. Though it was
still hard for me to see myself. I
haven’t been on screen for such a
long time.
about The Karate Kid is
that I don’t think anyone
involved felt like we
were making a
culturally important
1980s movie. I
remember thinking
The tennis-mad actress, 54,
talks about new film Battle
Of The Sexes, growing older
in Hollywood and how to
really embarrass your kids
that the title felt pretty insubstantial
and I wondered about Ralph
Macchio’s karate skills…
What’s your health regime?
I got addicted to tennis when I was
37. I now play two hours every other
day and it’s stopped me from being
completely neurotic about getting older,
which I think, as women, we are all
going to be. In this business it sucks
even more because you have to see
yourself age dramatically in close-up.
How did you get into tennis?
I grew up with three brothers and my
whole life was about sport. I went from
soccer to gymnastics but then I ripped
my Achilles when I was 37 in the
middle of shooting Hollow Man. I was
doing a back-tuck and they had just got
a new exercise mat, so it was a bit too
tight. I needed to pick another sport
after that.
Did you remember the Battle Of
The Sexes match in 1973?
I mainly remember the feeling in my
house of how important it was because
of sports being a primary focus of my
family. I recall my three brothers sort of
taunting me, saying that Billie Jean
King was definitely going to lose to
Bobby Riggs. And the fact she won was
huge for me. I wish I had been older to
fully appreciate it on an intellectual
level and to understand that she was
fighting for women’s rights. I just knew
she had better win because she was a
girl and he was a boy and I didn’t want
my brothers to say they were better
than me.
I showed the older ones
Leaving Las Vegas and
they went: ‘You as a
hooker? We really
don’t buy it, Mom’
Did you ever make a feminist
stand on something that might
have lost you a job?
Yes, I have taken a stand, but not really in
the sense of saying ‘no’ to some creepy
individual and then it having an effect
on my career. I have never had anything
like that. But I lost a role once because
I was pregnant and that was painful
and ridiculous. I am lucky that
was the worst sort of moment
of losing something because
I was a woman.
Do you remember The
Karate Kid fondly?
Yes, because that was my
first movie and I was still
pretty starry-eyed about it
all. What was so
.First film: Shue
.in The Karate Kid
What’s the role you fought the
hardest to get?
Adventures In Babysitting. I wanted it
badly. A part where the girl was the lead?
My God! That was a pretty special
thing at the time and it still is. Leaving
Las Vegas was pretty much handed to
me, which was extraordinary, because
I would have fought and clawed my
way towards that movie, but [director]
Mike Figgis was incredible. He said he
believed in me because of Adventures
In Babysitting, which is so strange! He
told me he saw me in that movie and
realised I could play the part.
Do you have any regrets?
No, because I think that is silly. But
whenever I want to go into that place
of ‘why don’t I get better parts?’ my
husband is great at reminding me
that you make choices for a
reason and you are in charge
of your own life. I would
never, ever have chosen to
not have my three children
and be obsessed with tennis
What were your kids’
just to have been more
reactions when you
determined in my career.
first showed them
.Women’s rights:.
There are some moments
Adventures In
.Billie Jean King.
where if I had been a little
bit more ambitious then it
Miles is now 19 but he was
might have helped, and it is so easy to
just three or four when I showed it to
him. Afterwards he kept saying my line: compare ourselves, especially in this
business. But it is such a dead end to do
‘Don’t f*** with the babysitter!’ Since
that, for obvious reasons. And I seem to
then they haven’t seen too many of my
care more about tennis than I do about
movies. Some of them are wildly
acting, which is probably rather healthy.
inappropriate, as you know. I did show
the older ones Leaving Las Vegas and
they went: ‘You as a hooker? We really
don’t buy it, Mom.’
Battle Of The Sexes is in cinemas now
Monday, November 27, 2017 METRO 21
Colder than Greenland
Brrr-itain to shiver in -7C as odds slashed on white Christmas
I-cycles: Bikers in the Peak District F STOP PRESS
Early winter wonderland:
The Eden Valley in Cumbria
Forget sun, sea and sand... go ‘retro’
for the food, festivals and Ronaldo
‘RETRO’ holiday destinations
such as Malta, Madeira and the
Costa Brava are making a
comeback, says Thomas Cook.
The former ‘bucket and spade’
resorts will be popular with
tourists next year, the tour
operator predicts.
The firm is selling breaks to
Spain’s Costa Brava for the first
time since 2009. Its Michelin star
restaurants, Gaudi-inspired
architecture and scenic beaches,
such as Sitges overlooked by 16th
century St Bartolomé y Santa
Tecla church, will attract tourists
to its new hotels, said Thomas
Cook boss Chris Mottershead.
Portuguese island Madeira
also returns to holiday
brochures after a three-year
Its lively nightlife and activitybased breaks are drawing more
younger visitors. Football fans
are also heading to Cristiano
Ronaldo’s birthplace to visit the
Real Madrid star’s museum and
And Malta – home to I Love
MTV and Annie Mac Presents
music festivals and a Game Of
Thrones location – is also
making a resurgence.‘These
retro destinations will challenge
holidaymakers’ misconceptions
in 2018,’ Mr Mottershead said.
Thomas Cook saw UK earnings
fall 40 per cent this summer.
Popular: Beach at Sitges on the Costa Brava
BRITAIN was set to be colder than Greenland today at the beginning of a ten-day
Arctic freeze sending temperatures plummeting to -7C.
Parts of Wales and the north woke up to
flurries yesterday, after snow in the Midlands and ice in the south.
About 500 gritters were sent out as cars
skidded off roads and trains were axed.
Forecaster John Hammond of Weather
Trending said ‘significant snowfall’ was
expected in the north this week, with
colder-than-average conditions set to last
for ten days.
Bookmaker Coral slashed the odds of a
white Christmas to 4/6 after forecasts that
after a mild lull, a second cold snap is on
the way from December 9 onwards.
The coldest night this week is predicted
to come on Wednesday or Thursday, beating the -6.3C seen in Topcliffe, North
Yorkshire last Saturday.
A ‘level two’ government weather
warning is thought to be ‘likely’ with hospitals warned to prepare to be busier than
normal and health staff told to make daily
visits or phone calls to vulnerable people.
Last weekend was the fifth in a row hit
by a cold snap of at least -4C, which is
believed to be a record for autumn.
It was preceded by midweek highs of
16C, a temperature not likely to be
repeated until spring.
Heading into the Christmas period, Met
Office forecaster Luke Miall said: ‘People
need to be prepared for winter conditions
and take heed of severe weather warnings,
with ice warnings expected at short
Monday, November 27, 2017 METRO 23
On top of the
rats pack...
trial triumph
for Rebekah
PM Stanley: Boris could have a rival
REBEKAH VARDY wasn’t giving
away any hints about who she was
referring to after making a joke about
‘dealing with rats’ during her Bushtucker trial on I’m A Celebrity.
The wife of footballer Jamie Vardy
had rodents scampering over her as
she and Hollyoaks star Jamie Lomas,
42, took on The Hole challenger.
She quipped to hosts Ant and Dec
last night: ‘I’ve dealt with worse
rats than these in my life.’
Crocodiles also rested on
her and Lomas in the dark
Rebekah, 35, had previously warned her Leiceser
City star husband he’ll be in
the doghouse if he has been
voting for her to undergo the
jungle trials, and the 30-year-
Chamber of Sec-rats: Rebekah
and Jamie lie down with
rodents and crocodiles REX
old has admitted doing so five times.
But she and Lomas were hailed by the
starving celebs after scooping 11 meal
stars. The camp went hungry when
radio presenter Iain Lee broke down in
tears after panicking during an
underwater trial.
The 44-year-old was comforted by production staff and
the celebs after his ordeal. An
insider said a ‘specialist team’
monitored him before he was
‘roundly supported by his fellow
campmates after his trial’.
Meanwhile, Boris Johnson may be
eyeing up the role of Prime Minister,
but his father Stanley has been earmarked as a suitable candidate by his
campmates, with Rebekah commenting that the former politician was ‘born
for the role’.
The 77-year-old got to take over as
the camp’s premier from Lee, entering
the jungle ‘No.10’.
24 METRO Monday, November 27, 2017
Taken out:
An armed officer
stands over the
terrorist, and on
one of his knives
(circled), after the
attacker was shot
outside the
Palace of
The worl d’ s m o sT p o pu l ar fre e n ewspap e r
Thursday, March 23, 2017
Four dead, including a police officer
and terrorist, in Westminster outrage
At least 20 more injured as killer
mows down pedestrians on bridge
Full reports and pictures:
Page 2-13 »
Horror: The Westtmiinstter atttackk
CRIME victims are being let down and
struggling police officers ‘taken for
granted’ by the government, London
mayor Sadiq Khan has warned.
Rising levels of offending can be
blamed on a lack of funding for forces
across the country, he writes in an article
for Metro (see facing page).
He reiterates his claim after last
week’s Budget that chancellor Philip
Hammond’s failure to announce extra
cash for policing was ‘unbelievable’.
And he warns that counter-terrorism
funding will fall by seven per cent in
real terms over the next three years.
His comments follow the Islamist
attacks that saw five people killed at
Westminster in March and eight die at
London Bridge in June.
Figures revealed last month that crime
was up by 13 per cent. The rate of
offending had been falling for nearly
two decades before beginning to edge
up again in the last few years.
The Home Office insisted decisions
on police funding are not normally
announced in the Budget, with forces,
including the Met, due to find out next
month how much they will receive.
‘The Met is receiving over £2.5billion
this financial year and this government
has protected overall police spending in
real terms since the 2015 spending
review,’ a spokesman said.
‘In March, the Met had reserves of
£240.2million and there are more officers for each Londoner than anywhere
else in the country.’
Theresa May said last night the government would meet all costs arising from
the Manchester Arena bombing. The
Hammond is
taking cops
for granted,
warns Khan
The worl d’ s m o sT p o pu l ar fre e n ewspap e r
Monday, June 5, 2017
Stopped in his
tracks: One of
the terrorists
lies on the
ground wearing
his fake suicide
belt and an
Arsenal shirt
after being
shot at Borough
Market, near
London Bridge
Police fire 50 bullets to
cut short terror rampage
12 arrests after London
Bridge attack kills seven
THREE terrorists behind an attack
that left seven dead and 48 injured
were killed in a hail of police gunfire
just eight minutes after the first 999
call was received.
The murderers, who drove a van
into pedestrians on London Bridge
before launching a knife rampage,
were taken out by eight officers who
fired an ‘unprecedented’ 50 bullets.
Some 21 survivors remained in
hospital last night and 12 alleged
conspirators have been
arrested over the
Islamist atrocity.
Assistant Met com-
by doMInIC YEatMan
missioner Mark Rowley praised his
officers for chasing down the killers,
who wore fake suicide belts in an
apparent effort to deter people from
tackling them.
‘I am humbled by the bravery of
an officer who will rush towards a
potential suicide bomber thinking
only of protecting others,’ he said.
Theresa May said: ‘The police
responded with great courage and
great speed.’ The attack began just
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manchester united with london
h roes
o o
h owe
Rampage: Carnage at London Bridge
funding includes cash for inquests and
an inquiry into the 22 deaths. Mayor
of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham
had warned £28million may be needed
and councils faced cutting services to
find it.
Monday, November 27, 2017 METRO 25
Money is urgently
needed to stop the
crime rate rising,
Mayor of London
Sadiq Khan writes
Child abuse inquiry
‘worse than Savile’
A CHILD abuse investigation,
spanning 30 years and said to
be three times the size of the
Jimmy Savile scandal, is under
way at a former council-run
home in Surrey.
Police have so far arrested or
questioned under caution
14 people and spoken to
hundreds of potential
witnesses and victims.
Former residents at Kinton
Approved School near Woking
– later called The Oaks Centre
– allege they were abused over
three decades from the 1970s
to the early 2000s.
STILL can’t believe that the
chancellor failed even to
mention police funding or
counter-terrorism in his Budget
last week – let alone act to fix
the black hole facing police finances –
after a year that has seen five horrific
terrorist attacks across Britain,
including four in London.
The police have faced years of deep
real-terms cuts since the Tories came
to power – it simply hasn’t been a
priority for David Cameron or
Theresa May.
They took the long-term trend of
falling crime under Labour for
granted, just as they have taken our
amazing police officers for granted.
Their cuts have come at the worst
possible time. Crime is rising again
under the Tories – it’s rising less
quickly in London, but is still heading
in the wrong direction. The most
violent crimes like knife and acid
attacks are rising even faster. At the
same time, we face an unprecedented
terror threat – which experts describe
as a long-term shift, rather than a
short-term spike.
In London, the Met have had to
make £600million of savings over the
last seven years and face another
£400million by 2021 unless the
government increases police funding.
Counter-terror concerns: Sadiq Khan lays flowers after the London Bridge attack that killed eight people in June GETTY
Even counter-terror funding is set to
fall by seven per cent in real terms
over the next three years.
There is no way to make this level
of cuts without risking safety. This
means fewer police officers, fewer
community support officers, police
station front counters closing down. I
have been forced to scrap London’s
strategic target of 32,000 officers,
which it has had since 2012.
This is not about party politics.
Conservative police and crime
commissioners say the same – as do
those at the frontline, our chief
constables – including the Met
commissioner, Cressida Dick.
We can’t go on like this. It’s time
for the government to listen, end the
cuts and commit to a real-terms
increase in police funding.
Pair face no action
after panic on Tube
TWO men who handed
themselves into police after a
mass evacuation at Oxford
Circus Tube station have been
released without charge.
The pair, aged 21 and 40,
were questioned after panic
erupted in the packed central
London station on Friday
following reports, later denied,
that shots had been fired.
Several people were injured
and nine taken to hospital,
including one person with leg
injuries. Police said there were
‘no criminal proceedings’
against the pair.
26 METRO Monday, November 27, 2017
Air raids after Daesh mosque attack
THE Egyptian military yesterday
conducted air strikes on
‘terrorist’ targets two days after
a militant attack on a mosque in
northern Sinai that killed 305,
including 27 children.
Under a black Daesh banner,
two dozen assailants carried out
the raid during Friday prayers
in the village of Al-Rawdah just
as the imam was about to deliver
his sermon from the pulpit.
The attack targeted Sufis, a
mystical movement of Islam that
Daesh considers heretical.
‘The shooting was random and
hysterical at the beginning and
then became more deliberate,
AT LEAST 19 people were
killed yesterday after a push
by Syrian forces, backed by
Russian jets, tried to take the
last major rebel stronghold near
Damascus. Air strikes and
shelling in the besieged Eastern
Ghouta area have killed at least
123 people, including 26
children, since an offensive
began almost two weeks ago.
Retaliation: Egypt strikes back
said Mansour, a 38-year-old salt
factory worker. ‘Whoever they
weren’t sure was dead or still
breathing was shot dead.’
Egypt’s president Abdel-
Fattah el-Sissi vowed that the
attack ‘will not go unpunished’.
He said: ‘[We] will avenge our
martyrs and restore security and
stability with the utmost force.’
Horror as floor at
nightclub caves in
TWO British men were among 40
people injured when the floor of a
Tenerife nightclub collapsed.
The injuries were mainly fractured
limbs when club-goers plunged to
the basement of the Butterfly Disco
Pub in an Adeje shopping centre.
One 59-year-old British man broke
a bone and was taken to the Hospital
Del Sur, an emergency services
coordinator said.
Another Brit, aged 57, was said to
have suffered a head injury but was
not in a serious condition.
Dramatic video footage showed
firefighters tearing through the rubble to reach those trapped, as eight
ambulances also attended.
The incident happened at 2am
yesterday. Club performer Joaquin
Nova said: ‘There were moments of
great tension. I’m really sorry that
this terrible situation occurred.’
Adeje mayor José Miguel Rod-
Crumbled: The floor in the Butterfly Disco Club gave way BOMBEROS DE TENERIFE
riguez Fraga said none of the injured
was in a critical condition.
The venue, which opened in
December 2014, describes itself as a
gay club. It said the collapse affected
part of the floor near the stage area
but refused to discuss what went
wrong before it had spoken with
police and lawyers.
A recent Brit visitor wrote on Facebook: ‘This club is great. The Go-Go
dancer is very hot and the drag show
at 2am is also good. It has a nice large
backroom which is very popular.’
n ZIMBABWE’S former
president Robert Mugabe, 93,
cried and lamented ‘betrayal
by his lieutenants’ when he
was pressured by the military
to step down after 37 years in
power, sources claimed.
n PARTIES campaigning for
independence in Catalonia
may fail to retain a majority
in parliament in regional
elections next month, a poll
published yesterday showed.
Villagers flee after volcano wakes up
AN ACTIVE volcano saw villages
on the Indonesian holiday
island of Bali evacuated and
flights cancelled.
An ash cloud rose 4,900ft
from Mt Agung on Saturday,
causing travel disruption that
lasted over the weekend.
Villages close to the volcano
were coated in a thin layer of
ash, and anyone living in the
exclusion zone, which extends
for 4.5 miles from the crater in
places, has been advised to
leave the area.
The volcano’s alert status has
not been increased from the
second highest level but clouds
were moving away from the
island’s airport, said the
country’s National Disaster
Mitigation Agency.
It last erupted in 1963, killing
about 1,100 people.
n ISRAEL and the US are
working to prevent publication
of a UN ‘blacklist’ of companies
operating in its disputed West
Bank settlements that are on
land claimed by Palestinians.
n POPE FRANCIS has hit out at
drivers using mobile phones
behind the wheel and treating
roads like ‘racetracks’. In a
speech to Italy’s traffic police,
he said they have a lot to do.
Monday, November 27, 2017 METRO 27
Painful: The haul found in Mr Khan
A DRIVER being treated for
suspected food poisoning
was found to have 263 coins
and 100 nails in his stomach.
Maksud Khan had
swallowed 15lb of objects
that included glass, razor
blades, stones and a 6in
piece of rusted iron shackle.
The 35-year-old is believed
to have started swallowing
coins and other objects after
slipping into depression and
had complained of abdominal
pains for three months.
He is now recovering in
hospital in Madhya Pradesh,
India, following an operation
‘in the nick of time’ after
some of the nails had pierced
his stomach and caused
Dr Priyank Sharma, who led
the surgical team, said: ‘This
man looks mentally unstable
as no sane person would do
something like this.’
Macron to bring in
on-the-spot fines
for wolf-whistling
ban wolf-whistling in France.
The French president intends to
empower police to issue on-the-spot
fines to men who greet women with
a ‘sifflet du loup’.
Shouting out sexual comments
could also be punished as part of
proposals to tackle harassment.
‘Many women have said that the
first sexist violence they meet is in
the street,’ Mr Macron said.
‘This is unacceptable. Women in
the republic must not be afraid to
use public spaces. This must be one
of the priorities of the police.’
The president also pledged to
unveil details in a few weeks of a
to combat the negative influence of
pornography and the time limit for
prosecuting suspects accused of child
rape will be extended.
Mr Macron added that one woman
was killed by their partner or expartner every three days in France, a
figure he said ‘shamed’ the country.
He was joined by wife Brigitte
as he set out his plans in a speech
in Paris on International Day for
the Elimination of Violence Against
Speech: Mr Macron with his wife
24-hour online support service for
victims of sexual violence, harassment and discrimination.
A campaign will be run in schools
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28 METRO Monday, November 27, 2017
Clapton will lead
Hyde Park show
ERIC CLAPTON will head up
Hyde Park’s British Summer
Time series in July – nearly
fifty years after first
performing there.
The musician, 72, will top the
bill on July 8 while other dates
will feature the likes of Pink
Floyd’s Roger Waters, Michael
Bublé and Bruno Mars.
It comes 48 years after he
played to 120,000 fans at the
park while he was in Blind Faith.
He said: ‘I have happy
memories of performing in
Hyde Park. The whole
atmosphere is very special.’
Hawking, planets
and a megastar...
replied to an enquiry from the
lead singer of China’s biggest
boy band about how to
prepare for life beyond Earth.
The physicist, who fears
fossil fuel use will turn our
world into a ‘ball of fire’ in 600
years, praised Wang Junkai for
his ‘excellent question’ on
social media site Weibo.
He referred the TFBOYS star
to a video he has made urging
investors to back a mission to
find habitable planets outside
our solar system. Wang, 18,
has 30million Weibo followers.
Newcastle Metro Radio Arena
HAVING launched
their sixth album, For
Crying Out Loud, with
a tour of intimate venues
earlier this year,
Kasabian spent their
summer headlining
festivals and touring
Europe, readying for their
triumphant homecoming to
perform their arena-sized
anthems in the environment
for which they were penned.
Two decades into a career which
has seen them broaden their
sonic palette from the derivative
‘lad-rock’ tag which was attached
to them in their early days, the
Leicester four-piece have since
honed their sound, fusing hazy
hedonism, terrace-style chants
and clubby beats, settling into
their own potent groove which is
at its best within a live setting –
as proved on the opening night of
their UK tour in Newcastle on
Seemingly intent to make good
Axe man: Left,
Sergio Pizzorno at
Saturday night’s
Kasabian concert
in Glasgow PICTURES:
on songwriter Sergio Pizzorno’s
proclamation of wanting to ‘save
guitar music from the abyss’ with
this album, they arrived onstage
dressed in matching customised
white denim outfits, launching
into blistering opener Ill Ray,
Monday, November 27, 2017 METRO 29
Well Cho-sen wit...
edgy and fearless
fun with Margaret
which set the pace for the rest of
the career-spanning set.
Three songs in, the pints, items
of clothing and bodies were
hoisted skywards for an inspired
Eez-Eh, before the one-two
punch of Underdog and Shoot
The Runner marked the first of
many audience sing-alongs led by
the fervent baiting of frontman
Tom Meighan.
Recent hit You’re In Love With A
Psycho fit seamlessly into
Kasabian’s canon of killer tracks
which, when played in quick
succession and enhanced by a
brass section and a choir, reveal a
band at the peak of their
Bringing the
show to a close
with a suitably
explosive version
of Fire, its chorus
continued to
from the
hordes exiting,
keen to
continue the
party long
into the
night. Job
Leading the
some bold advice for
the Harvey
Weinsteins and Kevin
Spaceys of this world.
Either target someone worse
looking than you... or use
professionals. This, from a
comedian who claims she was
raped by her uncle when she was a
child. She can be flippant about
her own experience, she says,
because she simply doesn’t care.
If you don’t know Margaret Cho
(pictured), think of her as like a
Korean Joan Rivers: savage, selfdeprecating and fearless.
She’s a big name in the
US (she grew up in
1970s San Francisco,
where her parents ran
a book store that sold
gay literature), is an
LGBT and diversity
campaigner and
has a clutch of
Emmy and
The Hollywood
sex scandals
seem to have
revitalised her,
providing a
jumping off point
Margaret Cho – Fresh Off The Bloat
Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh
for troubles and misadventures of
her own. Brace yourself for a romp
through graphic and grubbily
hilarious bisexual encounters and
rock’n’roll stories of her drugaddled days that come injected
with celebs and folly. It is all much
more skilfully crafted and far
edgier than you’d get from the
likes of Amy Schumer.
As her resurrection of her
gripe with Tilda Swinton
proves – the two had an
email exchange over
whitewashing in
Hollywood after
Swinton was cast in the
movie Dr Strange, an
exchange Swinton requested
remain private – this is
daring, considered
comedy from someone
who refuses to play the
game… and the
appetite for that
couldn’t be greater.
As they say in
showbiz, it’s Cho time.
Monday, November 27, 2017 METRO 31
Half of mothers ‘left fuming at comments from others about their children’
THE cult BBC sitcom Motherland
wrings out cringe-worthy laughs from
rivalries at the schoolgates.
But it seems there is more than a kernel of truth in the battle between putupon mother Julia, played by Anna
Maxwell Martin, and the ‘alpha
mums’, led by Lucy Punch.
In real life more than half of mothers
have heard others make comments
about their child that left them angry.
The most likely to make the blood
boil include, ‘he’s a bit of a handful’,
‘breast is best’, and ‘don’t you feel bad
going back to work?’
While peers are largely to blame,
more than a quarter say their motherin-law is also guilty of insults.
Siobhan Freegard, founder of, which commissioned
the poll of 2,000 mothers, said: ‘Words
are a powerful weapon, and some of
these phrases will seriously wound a
mum’s self-esteem.
‘It’s bad enough hearing nasty comments aimed at yourself but when its
your child being attacked, it’s a double
hurt and can be devastating.’
Those obsessed with the development of other people’s children wind
up four in ten mums – the same percentage who cannot bear it when
1. He’s a bit of a handful isn’t
2. I would never let my child
eat sugar
3. My little one slept 12 hours
last night
4. Breast is definitely best
5. You spoil your child
6. Don’t you feel bad going
back to work?
7. I had all the cleaning and
cooking done by 9am this
8. Giving a child an iPad is just
lazy parenting
9. Oh, are they not walking
10. I wouldn’t let my child
watch that much TV
11. You look tired, are the kids
playing up?
12. I wouldn’t dream of giving
my child a dummy
13. Anything that starts with
‘when my child was their age...’
14. I think he’s just playing you
up because you’re his mum
15. My child will literally eat
16. Oh, are they not talking
Cult: The cast of
Motherland, that
includes Maxwell
Martin (centre)
and Punch (right )
mothers praise their own little angels.
Half admitted to comparing their children with others and one in five have
fallen out with a mother over something they have said.
However, one in four have said
something to wind up another mum.
Ms Freegard said: ‘Think before you
speak. Judging and speaking out loud
is rarely wise. Better to take your own
mum’s advice and don’t say a thing if
you can’t say something nice.’
17. Oh, is she not sitting up
18. The teacher says my child
is XX years ahead of his
reading/writing age
19. Oh, didn’t your child get
invited to their party?
20. I could never miss a school
trip with my child
21. My child was dry at night
well before the age of XX
22. My son wouldn’t struggle
with those words in the book
23. My child always eats their
fruit and vegetables without a
24. I can’t believe XX can
count to 10 already
25. My child is already toilet
26. Well, he is very bright
27. You’re very brave parenting
that way...
28. I couldn’t bring myself to
buy a nativity costume, I’ll
hand-make mine
29. I don’t hold my child like
30. We always eat together as
a family
Monday, November 27, 2017 METRO 33
This is wha
he’s missing:
erne McCan
who was born
earlier this
It’s doghouse
to the shed...
if Roo fancy a
beer, Wayne
clear of nightlife temptation... by setting
is sticking with Wayne because she
up his own pub in a luxury shed.
The former England footballer, 32, loves him. She wrote how the couple are
was banned from boys’ nights out by ‘real’ people with ‘worries, troubles and
wife Coleen after he was caught drink- obstacles in life’.
She added: ‘Wayne doesn’t get pordriving in a woman’s car.
Now he’s planning to create a hidea- trayed for the person he is in the press,
way in an outbuilding at his new £10mil- he has always had a hard time. I’m not
going to list his good qualities as a person
lion mansion which is being built.
The Everton striker, who admitted as I don’t think he deserves it at this time
drink-driving in September, got the idea but one thing is that he is a brilliant dad.
while carrying out community service He’s made silly and selfish mistakes,
as part of his sentence at a Cheshire gar- some he’s learnt from, some obviously
not. However, maybe that will change?
den centre, where he told staff of
‘In life, you don’t know
his bar dream.
what’s going to happen. But
A source said: ‘He wants the
one thing I do know is
very best one built in his
that too much alcohol on
grounds so he can install beer
a night out is dangerous
pumps, spirits optics, a
and a lot of stupid misjukebox and a pool
takes are made.’
table. His shed will
She went on: ‘Do
give him space to let
I love Wayne? Yes I
off steam. It will be
do. If I didn’t then I
like having his own
wouldn’t be trying
private boozer to
to make it work. I
entertain mates.’
want to try and
Coleen, 31, posted
Still an item: Coleen told why
continue our mara Facebook mesriage and live as
sage on Friday
she’s sticking with Wayne REX
a family.’
announcing that she
Ferne tells acid attack ex:
‘You won’t see baby again’
FERNE McCANN has visited her
former lover Arthur Collins in jail
with their baby daughter to tell
him: ‘This is the last time you
will see either of us.’
The reality TV star says she
told Collins, who has been
convicted of a nightclub acid
attack, that he had ‘ruined our
McCann, who dumped Collins,
25, after the April 17 attack, took
month-old Sunday to Belmarsh
prison, south-east London, where
he is awaiting sentence.
The 27-year-old told the
Sunday People: ‘I thought it was
important that Arthur see Sunday
and see exactly what his actions
have led to him missing out on. It
was difficult to take Sunday into
that environment, but I felt I
needed to confront him about a
number of things, which I have
now done.’
Expressing sympathy for the 12
victims of Collins’s attack, at the
Mangle E8 club in Dalston, east
London, the former The Only
Way Is Essex star added: ‘I
strongly feel for the innocent
people hurt that night and I in no
way condone violence as I have
already made clear.’
Collins will be sentenced at Wood
Green crown court next month.
Behind bars: Arthur Collins MET POLICE
34 METRO Monday, November 27, 2017
Lord of the
bucket list
THE great-grandson of Lord of the
Rings author JRR Tolkien has
completed his late brother’s daring
bucket list.
Royd Tolkien was tasked with a list
of 50 challenges by his younger
brother Mike, who died from motor
neurone disease in 2015.
These included doing a bungee
jump in a tutu, travelling to New
Zealand dressed as Gandalf the
wizard and taking Mike’s ashes to
Machu Picchu in Peru.
Royd, 48, who had a small role in the
third The Lord Of The Rings films,
told Hello! magazine: ‘Mike gave me
an incredible gift that changed my
perspective on everything.’
The tutu towers:
Royd Tolkien
completes a
bungee jump for
his brother, which
he talks about in
Hello! magazine
Drone users to
sit safety test
in bid to make
our skies safer
Rise of the
machines: New
laws will stop
drones flying too
close to planes
and also give
police greater
powers to stop
rogue users PA
DRONE users could be made to sit
safety awareness tests under a shakeup of laws to make our skies safer.
No-fly zones near airports and giving police greater powers to ground
machines used in criminal activity are
also under consideration.
Under the draft Drone Bill, to be
published in the spring, owners of
devices weighing more than 250g will
be required to sign a register. And the
remote-controlled machines could be
banned from flying above 400ft.
The clampdown is designed to
reduce ‘near-misses’ with planes.
So far this year, 81 have been
reported – up from 71 in 2016 and 29
in 2015, says pilots’ union Balpa.
Its general secretary Brian Strutton
welcomed the proposals but has warned a
‘serious collision remains a threat’.
However, the new rules will also lay out
how drones can be used to benefit society.
Aviation minister Baroness Sugg said:
‘These new laws strike a balance, to allow
the vast majority of drone users to continue
flying safely and responsibly, while also
paving the way for drone technology to revolutionise businesses and public services.’
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Sixth time lucky for pensioner Penelope, 70
A PENSIONER has passed her driving test on the sixth attempt, aged 70.
Penelope Rogers, from Bridlington, East Yorkshire, gave up 50 years ago
after failing five times but restarted lessons two years ago after her
husband died. She worked as a lollipop lady to pay for the tuition. Mrs
Rogers said she fulfilled her ‘lifetime ambition’, adding: ‘It’s so different to
when I first learned – there was nowhere near as much traffic.’
Monday, November 27, 2017 METRO 35
Paramedics could write up
prescriptions to free docs
PARAMEDICS could be granted the
power to prescribe medication in a bid
to cut down on thousands of unnecessary hospital visits and ease the pressure on GPs.
Plans to give certain paramedics who
have undergone advanced training the
ability to prescribe medicines independently were last mentioned two
years ago.
Now, the issue is again under consideration by the Commission on Human
Medicines – the organisation advising
ministers – which is expected to find in
favour of the changes.
The plan would mean many more
patients are treated on the spot, and
could give GPs time to see other
patients for up to half an hour instead
of the usual ten-minute appointments.
NHS chief executive Simon Stevens
told The Sunday Telegraph: ‘Paramedics, clinical pharmacists and mental
health therapists can help GPs offer
longer appointments for their patients
who most need them.
‘This is another practical example of
how the NHS is going full speed ahead
with new and better ways of looking
after people.’
About two-thirds of 999 calls are
said to involve conditions that need
urgent attention but are not considered
However, current legal restrictions
mean patients are routinely referred
to hospitals or forced to wait for a
‘I’ve hit rock bottom’:
Paige Howitt sleeps
near a freezer to have
ready access to essential
ice packs (inset) SWNS
My leg pain
‘worse than
giving birth’
A YOUNG woman sleeps next to a
freezer due to an incurable condition
that leaves her in constant pain.
Paige Howitt, 23, was diagnosed with
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome in
2015 after an operation to realign her
left kneecap damaged her nerves.
The trade analyst of Great Barr,
Birmingham, suffers pain worse than
childbirth or limb amputation,
according to the McGill index – a
scale for measuring pain.
She says the freezer keeps her cool
at night and gives ready access to ice
packs, which, with a pregnancy pillow
wrapped around her leg, help her get
just four hours sleep a night.
Ms Howitt needs £25,000 for an
oxygen chamber that has an
‘amazing’ effect for healing or she
may have to have her leg amputated.
‘I suffer from depression and
anxiety due to it, every day I want to
give up knowing I’m out of options,’
she said, adding she has hit ‘rock
bottom’. You can help by going to her
page at
GP visit before they can get medication. A pilot scheme in Lancashire
found paramedics could deal with two
thirds of home visits they were sent on,
liaising with GPs about the rest, with
just ten per cent taken to hospital.
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Throwing cig butt
cost driver £1,200
A DRIVER has been ordered to
pay £1,232 – for tossing a
cigarette butt out of her car
Tania Green, 41, of Plymouth,
was seen lobbing the cigarette
end from her vehicle at a
roundabout in the city in May.
She was served with an £80
fixed penalty notice for littering
but failed to cough up the
money. As a result she was
prosecuted at magistrates’
court where she was fined
£550 and ordered to pay costs
of £682 costs in her absence.
City councillor Dave Downie
said: ‘The message is simple –
take your rubbish home.’
36 METRO Monday, November 27, 2017
Horses put down
after car collision
Convoy as Audi fan, 11, dies of asthma attack
On parade: The
fleet of Audis
follows the
hearse carrying
George (below)
TWO horses have been put
down after a car hit them,
throwing off their riders.
A woman in her fifties and a
teenage girl suffered minor
injuries yesterday on their
morning hack.
The pair called the emergency
services but a vet could not
save the two animals.
Police closed the road in
Christmas Pie, Surrey, and the
woman was taken to hospital
as a precaution.
Surrey Police said: ‘The two
horses were sadly put down at
the scene by a vet due to their
injuries. The driver of the car
was unharmed.’
A BOY of 11 who died of an asthma
attack was honoured with a
procession of his beloved Audi cars
at his funeral.
George Smith, who told mum Mel
‘I’m sorry’ before collapsing at
home last month, had made owning
one of the cars his life’s ambition.
Family and friends arranged for a
fleet of 50 to follow the hearse
carrying his coffin to Boston
Crematorium in Lincolnshire.
Alison Ashton, who led the service,
said George was a fun-loving boy
who ‘wasn’t the fan of having a
bath’. In a tribute read on behalf of
dad Rob, 38, and Mel, 36, she
added: ‘George would always come
back dirtier than when he went out.
‘He liked playing out with friends
and was always smiling on his bike.’
George, from Stickney,
Lincolnshire, had battled severe
asthma since he was a baby. He died
in hospital after the attack, which
his mum said came at the end of a
‘perfect day’ with his four sisters.
Mayor’s bid
to halt time
being called
on city pubs
A BID to save London’s disappearing
pubs is being launched.
Mayor Sadiq Khan is ordering councils to overhaul their plans to stop dozens of venues shutting down every year.
Latest figures show 81 London pubs
closed down last year, more than three
per fortnight. The capital has lost 1,220
pubs since 2001, according to recent figures, down from 4,835 to 3,615.
Problems include increases in rent and
business rates as well as disputes over
noise and anti-social behaviour by punters. The new plan seeks to shift the onus
on developers over potential disruption.
Builders will have to soundproof new
homes to cope with noise from nearby
pubs and music venues, says the mayor’s latest draft of the London plan,
published today.
London councils will also be urged to
reject planning applications that would
involve losing beer gardens, function
rooms or pub landlord accommodation.
Mr Khan said: ‘Pubs across the capital
are often at the heart of our communities
or of historic value and should be pro-
Historic: This was Dr Johnson’s local
tected by local authorities to protect the
capital’s unique character.
‘Nothing defines the diverse and historic character of the capital better than
the Great British Pub.’
Historic pubs that still survive include
Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese in Fleet Street
– favoured by writer Samuel Johnson,
– as well as the Spaniards Inn in Hampstead where Dick Turpin is said to have
grown up and planned his hold-ups.
Monday, November 27, 2017 METRO 37
Schoolgirl ‘is
10th victim
of sex pest’
A PERVERT who sexually
assaults females before
running away is believed to
have struck for the tenth time.
Police are investigating a
string of offences against
eight schoolgirls and two
women in south-east London.
The latest assault was on a
13-year-old in Eltham on
Tuesday at 7.45am.
The suspect is white, tall,
about 50 years old and has
light blond hair.
Supt Lee Hill of Greenwich
police said: ‘A number of
victims have provided very
similar descriptions of the
The other victims are three
girls aged 11, four girls aged 13
and two women aged 25 and
27. In each case the man runs
away after the assault.
Breaking Bad
links to theft
at golf clubs
CRYSTAL meth dealers could
be behind the theft of
batteries from 40 golf
buggies, police have said.
Thieves cut out the batteries
in a ‘well planned’ raid at Sene
Valley Golf Club, in Folkestone,
Kent, on November 13.
The battery acid is used to
mix with the pungent gas
anhydrous ammonia in the
process of making the highly
addictive drug seen in the hit
TV show Breaking Bad.
Thames Valley Police has
raised concern over similar
thefts and urged clubs to be
vigilant. It said: ‘In America
and Canada, thefts of leadacid batteries have been
linked to the manufacture of
Class A drug crystal meth as
large quantities of battery acid
is used to make the stimulant.’
MEET the freakishly furry cat that people
think is a dog – because her whiskers
never stop growing.
Snookie, a three-year-old Persian, has
lots of hair and thick nails due to a
congenital defect called hypertrichosis,
known as ‘werewolf’ syndrome.
Owner Julie Duguay, 43, believes people
get confused because Snookie’s features
make her resemble a Shih Tzu.
‘Her hair grows excessively on her face
and extremities and if I don’t groom her
regularly it gets out of control,’ said the
Ms Duguay from Sainte-Rosette, North
Brunswick, Canada. ‘It’s very soft hair,
like a normal Persian cat’s, except it
grows and grows and grows.’
Ms Duguy said Snookie ‘gets a
lot of attention and everybody
thinks she is so pretty and
cute’. But she added: ‘If we
didn’t groom her she’d
look like a werewolf.’
The condition –
caused by an excess
of hormones – has
been seen in only
a handful of
cats. In people,
it causes thick
hair to grow
all over the
I’m alright
and round
face get her
for a Shih
Migrant gun
battle rocks
Calais streets
Birds of a father!
Pet ‘babysits’ tot
A GUNFIGHT between UKbound asylum-seekers left five
men wounded in Calais –
hours before police opened
fire on a car crammed with
nine migrants.
A row over fees owed to
people-smugglers is believed
to have triggered the shootout
involving two groups of
Afghans near a Roman
Catholic welcome centre at
6pm on Saturday.
After police locked down the
area to investigate, the car full
of Afghans and Iraqis rammed
into a roadblock.
A local official said: ‘The
vehicle hit a riot police officer,
injuring him in the knee, and
this led to other officers
opening fire.’
No one was injured by the
police and the nine migrants
were all arrested.
Parrot fashion: Gobby imitates the father MERCURY
A PARROT is rewriting the title of a
popular sitcom to Birds Of A Father by
trying to copy the man of the house.
A mum of three claims their pet bird
is jealous of her husband and wants to
usurp him after she filmed the parrot
imitating his voice while sternly telling
off their 15-month-old son.
Hayley Kirby-Bulner, from Weyhill,
Hampshire, was ‘amazed’ after the
parrot, Gobby, pointed his claw at toddler Leon and said ‘stop it’ and ‘no’.
She said: ‘Leon had been crying for
45 minutes and nothing I was doing
was calming him down. Then Gobby
just started to say ‘stop it’ and whis-
tling. Then Leon just stopped. I
couldn’t believe it. I had been replaced
by a parrot. My son had decided to listen to a bird and not his own mum.’
Gobby also encourages Leon, who
has digestion problems, to eat all of his
food by saying ‘good boy’, ‘yum’ and
‘thank you daddy’.
But Gobby is silent when her husband Karsten, 43, is home and ‘can’t
stand’ him and ‘just wants to be the
only man in the house’. ‘When we let
him out he goes straight for Karsten,
he dive bombs him,’ she said.
Telling off: Hayley with Leon
38 METRO Monday, November 27, 2017
Debtors keeping partners in dark over their financial plight
ONE in seven adults has hidden
money problems from a partner.
Feeling ashamed is the most
common reason, cited by 51 per
cent of people, followed by 46
per cent who fear their partner’s
reaction, the relationship
charity Relate has revealed.
A third of those with secret
Sterling’s silver
lining for hotels
debts felt their partner had a
different approach to money.
More than 4,700 people across
Britain were surveyed for the
report, In Too Deep: An
Investigation Into Debt And
Relationships, backed by
Provident Financial.
Relate said there is a
‘relentless cycle’ in which debt
problems cause conflict,
mistrust and relationship
The report said one in six
adults are in problem debt with
one in five of these having a
relationship breakdown where
money problems were a factor.
THE weakened pound is
boosting the fortunes of
UK hotels, a report shows.
Visitors from abroad
rose nine per cent to
2.5million in the first six
months of the year.
Sterling’s fall following
the Brexit vote is also
encouraging more Britons
to holiday at home.
As a result, the number
of hotels going bust over
the last 12 months fell 18
per cent, from 98 to 80,
say accountants Moore
Australia (A$)................................ ......... 1.65
Canada (C$) .............................................1.61
Euro (€).................................................... 1.07
New Zealand (NZ$)................................1.80
Poland (zloty) ......................................... 4.15
Singapore ($) ...........................................1.67
South Africa (rand) .............................. 17.40
US ($).........................................................1.27
CHRISTMAS parties cost office workers an average £150 in new
clothes, food and drink. But getting drunk is a major worry for four
out of ten and a quarter have confessed to a festive canoodle,
which one in three told a poll they regretted.
warned: ‘You’ll still have to work with colleagues after the party.’
Subscriptions snare
unhappy customers
Get the Metro app for
puzzles, games, news
and celeb gossip.
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for FREE
CUSTOMERS are struggling to get
out of subscriptions including gym
memberships and TV packages,
warns Citizens Advice.
Some 586 users who complained
to the charity were charged £160 on
average during a period of just over
three months for unwanted services.
Nine out of ten customers were
initially turned down when they tried
to cancel. ‘Subscriptions are very
easy to sign up to but can be difficult
for consumers to get out of,’ said
Citizens Advice boss Gillian Guy.
‘We want to make sure consumers
are aware of terms and conditions
and companies act responsibly when
customers want to end their serv-
ices.’ Many customers told the charity they thought they had only signed
up for a one-off payment before discovering money would be taken
automatically every month.
Companies often tried to stop
them cancelling by asking for more
notice or saying they had to do it
through a specific route, such as
phone or email.
Monday, November 27, 2017 METRO 39
Travel | Culture | Adventure
r u rban g
On the road with
mum and dad
Page 43 »
The number of daily workshops
available for visitors with La
Campofilone Pasta School,
including pasta-making,
beekeeping and brewing.
The number of Bianchi tricycles
that visitors can use to move
around the park. The iconic
brand started in a Milanese
factory in 1885.
The number of Labrador
retriever hunting dogs that
roam Eataly World.
The number of Michelin-starred
restaurants in the park.
Superstar chefs Heinz Beck
and Enrico Bartolini both
have outposts here.
The number of local restaurants,
street-food kiosks, bars and
cafés in Eataly, including a
beach bar run by Fantini Club
from the seaside city of Cervia.
40 METRO Monday, November 27, 2017
Travel | Culture | Adventure
Foodie dreams are made in Italy
.Lead role:.
.Bonnie the.
.truffle hunter.
.(left) and.
.offering up.
.their wares.
On show: One of many food stands to browse at E
t l W
Heartland: Cafés and shops line the streets of Quadrilatero
» Continued from: Page 39
be precise, a revolutionary and grandscale food-focused project that
opened less than two weeks ago.
Italian entrepreneur Oscar Farinetti,
who launched the Eataly chain of
high-end supermarkets in 2004,
has taken his Whole Foods-style
ethos a massive step further. This
park aims to bring a transparent
overview of Italian food
production – from farm to fork –
to the world.
That translates to 20 acres of
restaurants, food stalls and bars, as
well as ‘farming factories’ – areas
featuring different producers
showcasing how they make their
product from scratch, whether it’s
coppa or cannoli – and five acres of
outdoor space planted with olive
groves, wheat, orchards and vegetable
from, which is why they also have
pens containing cows, sheep, rabbits
and chickens – so little Luigi or,
indeed, Laura, can make the
connection between that big mooing
thing and the delicious meat
ragu that smothers their pasta
(though none of these animals
will be used for that purpose).
There’s also a strong focus
on sustainability – at least 70
per cent of the food produced
on site will be used in the
restaurants. But most excitingly of
all, Farinetti described his ambitious
venture as a ‘food Disneyland’,
which piqued my interest no end.
Would there be log flumes,
where you sit in a giant rigatoni tube
before splashing into a pool of
passata? Or perhaps spinning nests
of tagliatelle?
Sadly, my hopes were dashed early
on. Yes, there are ‘rides’, described
in Italian as ‘carousels’, but they’re
actually interactive multimedia
pavilions (something got lost in
translation there) all about man’s
relationship with different food sources
(£1.75 to explore).
When I visit, the park – which looks
like a slick cross between Ikea and an
airport – is busy enough, mainly with
local families and a handful of
tourists. I meet 25-year-old Bolognese
nurse Irene, who has come to see
Entrance to FICO
Eataly World is free
and regular shuttle
buses (£6.20
return) will take
you there from
the city centre,
and bologna
There’s a strong focus
on sustainability – at
least 70 per cent of
the food produced
on site will be used
in the restaurants
patches. You can eat anything from
a Michelin-starred meal to a ham
piadina, sample freshly brewed craft
beer, take cooking classes and
workshops – around £18 each – and
stock up on those essentials (from a
Bianchi bike to a Fiat-shaped Smeg
fridge) in the shopping area.
The overarching idea is to educate
people about where their food comes
View from the top
Perfect porticos
Jazzing it up
The slog up the 498 steps at
one of the city’s most iconic
monuments, a 12th-century
defence tower, is worth it for
incredible views over Bologna’s
terracotta rooftops.
Entrance €5, tickets online
Bologna has nearly 25 miles
of covered arched walkways,
making it an all-weather
destination. On Sundays, locals
stroll from Piazza Maggiore to
the hilltop church of San Luca
under precisely 666 arches.
Surely a coincidence…
The best negronis in the city
come with a side order of jazz
at locals’ favourite Ruggine.
Live music plays almost every
night at this converted bicycle
workshop near the pretty
Piazza Santo Stefano.
‘what the fuss is about. It’s making
me hungry. It looks good, there’s a lot
of variety’. I corner Hiroji, a 52-yearold research scientist from Tokyo, in
one of the chocolate sections. A work
colleague suggested he visit; so far he
finds it ‘big and overwhelming’.
Back in town, the €120million
project has divided opinion. The
Bolognese take their food traditions
very seriously. The city has three
nicknames: La Dotta, or The Learned
One, because of its ancient university,
dating from 1088; La Rossa, The Red
One, for the colour of its terracotta
buildings and its left-leaning politics;
and La Grassa, The Fat One, for the
region’s abundant meats, fresh pasta
and wine.
Cristina, the fortysomething owner
of an artisan café in the Quadrilatero,
the neighbourhood of the former
medieval market, where
cheesemongers rub shoulders with
butchers and fishmongers, worries it
will take business away from people
like her and that it will send a message
of inauthenticity to visitors.
I don’t think she needs to fret. After
visiting FICO, I spend several happy
hours wandering the small streets
around Via Drapperie, sniffing the
scent of freshly made torta di riso
cake in Atti’s bakery, and observing
small, garrulous old women with big
hair and bigger earrings haggling over
their verdure at the Mercato delle
Erbe. This, to me, is the real Italy, and
FICO will never detract from that.
Yes, go there to learn about pizza
dough, but you shouldn’t miss the
chance to poke fresh produce with the
nonnas in the markets, flirt with
mustachioed fruit sellers and generally
keep it real.
Monday, November 27, 2017 METRO 41
Travel | Culture | Adventure
Swiss party pad
on a health kick
THE Riders Palace hotel in
Laax, known for its wild
parties, will reopen next
month with a fresh lick of
paint and a new ‘lifestyle’
policy. The 63-room spot
has introduced yoga
classes, Swiss-inspired
vegan dishes and, because
life is all about balance, a
new alpine-chic nightclub.
From £130 per night,
T he
Yoga in Marrakech,
a beehive cabin
and two hip hotels
compiled by LISA SCOTT
Live like Princes in NZ’s Social experiment
FOLLOWING its Singapore launch last summer, the youth-focused M
Social group has opened a second outpost, this time on the waterfront
of Princes Wharf in Auckland, New Zealand. Here, you’ll be greeted with
a self-service check-in kiosk, sleep in Social Tribe interconnecting
bedrooms and have access to the Social Lounge’s workstations, printers
and stationery. From £205 per night,
Moroccan lluxe retreatt
hosts French yoga guru
IN February, Samuel Ganes of
Parisian yoga studio Le Tigre will roll
up his mat and head south to
Marrakech’s opulent Es Saadi resort.
Over four days he will lead a hatha
flow, Ayurveda and detox retreat,
which will focus heavily on meditation
and how to purify emotions using
breathing techniques. Guests can
also experience a black salt scrub in
the hotel’s hammam bath room.
£705 full board, Feb 2-5,
Honey, I’ve booked the holiday
QUEEN bees will feel at home in the new hiveinspired cabin from Canopy & Stars. The three-floor
Humble Bee spot sits deep in Devon’s woodland and
boasts a honeycomb feature wall, an outdoor bath
and a welcome hamper filled – of course – with
honey and beeswax candles.
From £360 for a three-night stay
during January,
42 METRO Monday, November 27, 2017
Travel | Culture | Adventure
a is
s your favourite on-theon the
road moment?
I was recently in Manchester to
switch on the Christmas lights in
Albert Square and guests at a wedding
in the nearby town hall tweeted us
asking if we could surprise the bride
and groom with a song. We hotfooted
it over the square – my guitarist
walked in first and I followed, singing
a romantic cover of Use Somebody
by Kings Of Leon. They were so
happy, the bride cried.
What’s your favourite city?
I love the people in Tokyo – they’re
the kindest in the world. I also love
the Meiji Shrine in Shibuya
( You write wishes
on little pieces of paper and hang
them on the prayer tree.
My wish came true –
I wished my single All
About Tonight would
do well there and it
was No.1 for six
weeks. I like to
wander in the
vintage clothes
shops in Harajuku
and get my nails
done there.
When have you been most
ffrightened while travelling?
I was once on a family skiing holiday
iin Puy-Saint-Vincent, a tiny resort in
ssouth-eastern France, and we had to
drive down a really icy road on a
ssteep cliff, which was scary anyway.
My poor dad was driving but couldn’t
kkeep control of the car and we went
ccareering towards the edge of the
ccliff. Everyone was screaming but
ssomething instinctive made me open
my roadside car door and the shift in
balance made the car swerve back
onto the road. We were all so shaken.
What have you taken from a
hotel room?
I did take a designer teaspoon once
from a hotel in Dubai. It was my
fiancé Oliver’s idea,
And the strangest place
you’ve spent the night?
Years ago, my mum and dad rented
a house in Paphos for our family
holiday and, as soon as we turned up,
it was a disaster. There were bugs
everywhere and the bedsheets were
filthy. We laughed it off but we were
gone first thing, never to return.
And the best place you’ve
spent the night?
Venice’s Hotel Danieli (rooms from
£282, is
phenomenal – the views
over the Venetian lagoon
and the Bridge of Sighs
are incredible. I also
What has been
stayed in Capri over
your most
summer at the Punta
Tragara (open Aprilexperience while
Oct, rooms from £327,
I went to Zambia with
which is high above
Comic Relief to film
the sea with views of
local women using
.What a view: Venice’s. the Faraglioni rock
donations to set up
.Bridge of Sighs.
formations. Views really
businesses. It’s a big shock
make a hotel for me.
to see the poor conditions
people live in and I’ve been more
active for charities since, particularly
Where are you going next?
Comic Relief, who show where the
I’m off to Val d’Isère with friends for
money goes.
a ski break, I’m going to Hong Kong
to promote my single and over
Christmas I’d like to rent a cottage in
What’s the strangest meal
the countryside with all of my family.
you’ve had abroad?
I ate in a restaurant in Budapest that
Pixie Lott’s new single,
sits right on the river but the steak we
Won’t Forget You, is out now
ordered was so incredible that we
On the road with...
The singer-songwriter
talks to Polly Humphris
about eating questionable
steak in Budapest and
rooms with a view in Venice
thought afterwards it could have
been horsemeat because of the dense,
meaty flavour and texture. I can’t
deny how nice it was but I’d never
order it again.
Travel tips: The Meiji
Shrine in Shibuya
and, right, Val d’Isère
Monday, November 27, 2017 METRO 43
Travel | Culture | Adventure
Parental guidance when abroad
EY Mister, you want
ping-pong show?’ asked
the tuk-tuk driver, turning
to look at me as he
careered through the
streets of Bangkok. ‘No thank you,’
I responded hastily, hoping my
travelling companion hadn’t heard his
reference to the infamous red-light
district shows. But my mother had.
‘What did he say, Nicholas? Does he
want to play ping-pong?’
The recent story of David and Kat
Woodruffe, the father and daughter
British Airways pilots who flew for the
final time together this month, got me
thinking about my own travels with
the folks. In decades gone by they
took me on holiday but now it’s the
opposite. And with multigenerational
trips on the up, it seems I’m not the
only one experiencing the unique
challenges of travelling with mum
and dad once again.
Mama Boulos – the woman who
has never seen the London Eye
despite working in central London –
is not a natural traveller. While
certainly interested in the world, she
feels little need to see these places for
herself but through my work as a
travel writer I’ve made it my mission
to fill her passport. Together we’ve
Family holidays are
a whole new ball
game when you’re
a grown-up too,
finds Nick Boulos
got lost in the souks of Marrakech,
sipped (diluted) opium with tribes in
Rajasthan, watched hippos wallowing
in mud pools in the Masai Mara (and
done much the same thing ourselves
in St Lucia) and ventured to the
Arctic, where she excitedly mistook
a rock for a polar bear. All wonderful
adventures but not without a
significant amount of babysitting
required. By me.
I’m not quite sure what happens the
moment Mum leaves British soil but
she ceases to be a fully functional
adult and transforms into a toddler
trapped in a sixtysomething’s body.
Airports are particularly
troublesome. She nearly boarded the
wrong plane in Phuket and, after we
got separated at immigration in San
Francisco, was found wandering
around the terminal. ‘It’s all so
confusing,’ she said, flustered.
At our fancy hotel in Barbados, staff
In Paris, meanwhile, Papa Boulos
was itching to get to the ChampsÉlysées. Not for the Arc de Triomphe
but for the branch of C&A.
Papa Boulos was itching
to get to the ChampsÉlysées. Not for the
Arc de Triomphe but for
the branch of C&A
Pipe and slippers: Marrakech can be an eye-opening with your parents GETTY
would come round with refreshing
treats. One day I returned to find an
entire watermelon on Mum’s lap.
‘The lady gave it to me,’ she said, as
though it was the most normal thing
in the world. Instead of taking one
piece, she assumed the policy was one
watermelon per person.
Travelling with my dad presents
problems of a different kind. As a
Cairo-born man, there’s only ever one
place he wants to go. Egypt. ‘Why
would I go to the Caribbean? We have
beaches in Egypt,’ he protests.
So I took him to Egypt. But not the
Egypt he knew. In a treasured episode
of father-and-son bonding we sailed
down the Nile, and back in time, from
Aswan to Luxor. Rendered silent by
the ancient splendour before us, we
strolled among temples of crumbling
sphinxes and pink granite obelisks.
Eventually the silence was broken.
‘I can’t believe this is my country,’
he said. ‘I feel so proud.’ And in that
very moment, so did I.
44 METRO Monday, November 27, 2017
Travel | Culture | Adventure
An alienation
horror that
echoes Kafka
Claire Allfree enjoys the quiet brilliance
of a tale about paralysis and conformity
The Alarming
Palsy Of
James Orr
by Tom Lee
THIS slim,
disorientating fable
has faint echoes of
Kafka’s Metamorphosis. James Orr
wakes up one morning to discover half
his face has collapsed, the consequence
of an attack of Bell’s palsy.
He is signed off work and forced
to remain at home while his wife goes
to work and his children to school.
Unable to easily eat, sleep or do
anything much at all, he finds himself
spending more time roaming the woods
near his house, one
of 48 identical
houses on a private
estate, where his
disfigured face
badly frightens a
passing jogger.
When he calls
his office to check
in, someone new
answers his phone.
Tom Lee’s novel is
Devastating: Lee
based on his own
experience of a
drew on his own
illness for the novel
illness but
by Jesmyn
THIS 2017
winner of
National Book Award is a lyrical
dispatch from that country’s race
wars. Thirteen-year-old Jojo lives
with his mum, younger sister and
grandparents in Mississippi. His
dad, who is white, is in prison,
but on his release, his mum drags
him and his sister up country to
pick him up, via a stop-off at his
dad’s drug-dealing lawyer. That
road trip, told from alternating
points of view, has elements of
farce but also a beauty, thanks
to the retina-burning quality of
Ward’s sometimes excessively
poetic prose. Ward is on less
sure ground with a supernatural
subplot, but in her depiction of
black lives trapped in an ancient
cycle of poverty, her novel throbs
with an urgent realism. CA
it also recalls another classic short story
– John Cheever’s The Swimmer. Like
the protagonist in that nightmarish
fable, Orr discovers that normality itself
has turned against him.
He is thrown off the residents’
committee, who meet regularly to
discuss installing CCTV in the streets,
and becomes increasingly estranged
from his wife and children.
Following a football match during
the estate’s annual summer party, Orr
is convinced he has lost his young son.
He spends hours looking for him in the
woods, only to discover him safely
tucked up in bed at home.
It’s as though Orr is quietly being
eliminated from his own life, yet at the
same time, that life takes on an
increasingly phantom-like quality, as
though Orr is the only real thing in it.
There is barely a memorable sentence
in this novel but, rather like the
flat-packed environment in which
Orr lives, the cumulative impact of
Lee’s mundane prose is devastating.
This is a quietly brilliant novel that
questions whether conformity itself is
a form of illness.
A short, sharp shard of
suburban noir easily
gulped down in a
single setting
The Midnight
by Lee Child
LEE Child
doesn’t like to
plan the plots
of his Jack
Reacher thrillers
– as you can tell from this latest
instalment, in which the outsize
vigilante hitchhikes across
the Midwest to find out why a
female soldier pawned a ring
commemorating her graduation
from the same military academy
he once went to. He doesn’t
know her; why does he care?
There’s no time to ask, as we’re
rushed through an ever-murkier
hunt for clues that leads from
punch-ups with petty crooks
to the bloodshed of post-9/11
Afghanistan. Addictive and ever
so slightly silly, Child’s trademark
staccato style delivers all-action
excitement as well as a sombre
message about the hypocrisy
of the US war on drugs.
Monday, November 27, 2017 METRO 45
Travel | Culture | Adventure
Cold front: Horatio travelled
to the Bay of Bothnia (right)
to smash some serious ice
A voyage with
the icebreakers
Horatio Clare on his journey through the
endlessly changing icebergs of Finland
‘They tried with an AI,’ says Sampo,
E are up at the top end
of the Bay of Bothnia,
‘but it couldn’t handle it. Cracked up.
that dead end of the
The ice has too many variables.’
Baltic between Sweden
Oh, the ice! In wind, its shatterings
and Finland, just short
clunk and click like pool balls. There are
of the Arctic Circle. It is after midnight
dozens of kinds, from nilas, the shining
in the dead of winter.
crystal skin that flexes under our wake,
‘Kemi-Tornio is a vortex of chaos,’
to shuga, conjoined boulders of sticky
exults Sampo, our second mate. ‘Otso
ice which can trap a ship moments after
is over the event horizon but we are
we break a path for her.
being drawn in!’
There is green-layered pancake ice
Kemi and Tornio are the northernmost and blue multi-year ice I have not seen
ports of the bay. A black and brackish
(it is melting, far to the north), and there
sea in summer, tonight it is a frigid white is ice under snow and sun, a dazzling
mosaic of giant ice floes, impassable to
tableau of reflected solar radiation, a
shipping. Otso is our mighty icebreaker, sky-melt of blinding light. Standing on
Finnish government-owned and crucial
sea ice, you can watch the planet’s
to maintaining the winter trade
cooling system, our global
with the Baltic and the world.
thermostat, steadily melting
Sampo and his shipmates
away. You can see and hear
are an elite: they are highly
climate change here.
trained, well paid and
Tonight is all about
hugely skilled shipsmashing ice, however.
handlers and engineers,
Three icebreakers are
a band of men – and two
escorting two ships each,
women – upon whom
swapping northbound for
Finland depends. Pyritic iron
.Seafaring: Clare. south-going vessels, and
ore, zinc, wind turbines and
we have run into a knot
coal are regular cargoes in the ships
around a trapped ship. We plunge in
we escort, fundamental to keeping
and cut her free. We hover to see if she
Finland’s lights on, Russia’s trade
will stick again. We dash after our
flowing and German factories supplied
charges before they stick: no wonder
with raw materials.
the AI lost the plot. Ice moves. Broken
Our captain, the sublimely goodchannels might remain open for hours
humoured and humble Teemu Alstela,
or seconds.
Teemu does what the AI cannot. He
perhaps the best manager I have watched
at work, shares Sampo’s delight.
sorts out the vortices of chaos. It was
‘Everything will go wrong!’ he
a strange and marvellous way to learn
laughs. ‘And then we will fix it.’
about the Finns, and their inspirational
There are ten icebreakers covering ten country, 100 years old this winter. Happy
ports, all of which have busy docking
birthday, Finland! Long live your ice,
schedules and constant streams of
and long live your icebreakers.
arriving and departing vessels. I ask
how many artificial intelligences would
Icebreaker: A Voyage Far North by
be needed to coordinate them.
Horatio Clare (Penguin) is out now
46 METRO Monday, November 27, 2017
by Patrick Arundell
1. Asphyxiation is astounding (12)
7. To shock a writer of epistles, we
hear (5)
8. Is present in one confused sound (5)
9. This helps to make revolutions
easier (3)
10. Having foreknowledge of a
change in net prices (9)
11. Used for shooting a character in
“Henry V” (6)
12. Services for the great majority of
people (6)
15. The last one is given to those
who are passing (9)
17. The result of distillation in forest
areas (3)
18. Minor player making addition to
cricket score (5)
19. Give instruction to the retinue (5)
21. Do they stop the bedclothes from
slipping? (5,7)
1. Not navigational aids in the front
of the ship! (3,9)
2. Lightly touch the water regulator (3)
3. One who says what he thinks (6)
4. Sovereign art (9)
5. A vein could be unaffected (5)
6. Fatal seizures produced by the
executioner (12)
7. Volume that needs to be mapped
out (5)
10. Increase the strain (9)
13. Material for sedentary
occupation? (5)
14. Robert Harris embraces the girl (6)
16. Apprehend a concealed difficulty (5)
20. Luminous discharge that never
goes full circle (3)
Friday’s solutions
Across: 4 Fingers; 8 Exiles; 9 Atheist; 10 Volley;
11 Ring up; 12 Converge; 18 Duty call; 20 Chilli;
21 Castle; 22 Forests; 23 Clover; 24 In store.
Down: 1 Service; 2 Willing; 3 Severe; 5 Interest;
6 Greens; 7 Rescue; 13 Radiator; 14 Captive;
15 Allegro; 16 Thrown; 17 Albeit; 19 Yearly.
In front (5)
Breathe in (6)
Pleasure craft (6)
Copper alloy (5)
Article (4)
Eras (6)
Absence (7)
Still (3)
Finger or toe (5)
Bend forward (5)
Fruit (5)
Scope (5)
Moose (3)
Compel obedience to (7)
Disguised (6)
Put one’s feet up (4)
Reasoned thought (5)
Outcome (6)
Coagulate (6)
Garden flower (5)
Across: 5 Fury; 7 Microscope; 8 Wasp; 10 Jeer; 12 Pea;
13 Driver; 16 Cocoa; 18 Ban; 20 Asks; 21 Sell; 22 Elf;
24 Tiger; 25 Stools; 26 Gap; 27 Ally; 29 Saga; 33
Correction; 34 Here.
Down: 1 His; 2 Brie; 3 Tsar; 4 Boy; 5 Few; 6 Riser; 9 Sprat;
10 Jacket; 11 Fib; 13 Darts; 14 Vase; 15 Energy; 17 Oslo;
19 Slope; 23 Fox; 25 Suave; 27 Amen; 28 Lute; 30 Ace;
31 Irk; 32 Hop.
Timorous (5)
Principal (5)
Priest’s garment (3)
Messenger, envoy (6)
Church recess (4)
Plunder (7)
Ornamented, decorative (5)
Browned bread (5)
Fabric or cloth (7)
Army officer (5)
Extravagant behaviour (7)
Slight colouring (5)
Male voice (5)
Kneecap (7)
Tempt (6)
Each (5)
Sales booth (5)
Rips (5)
Anaesthetic (5)
Specks (4)
Tyke (3)
Difficulty rating: Easy
9 6
If you buy into the idea of Hollywood
as the thinking woman’s crumpet –
steady, that’s a baking joke – then
you’ll think you’ve died and landed in
choux pastry heaven. Hollywood
kneads, stirs, pounds, mixes and, yes,
flirts, as Channel 4 spins more ratings
sugar out of its big summer signing.
For Bake Off fans it’s like licking a
cake mix bowl – nice at the time but
you might feel a bit queasy.
4 2
NEW Paul Hollywood:
A Baker’s Life C4, 8pm
Recipe for success: Paul Hollywood
6 7
Difficulty rating: Challenging
4 1
6 8
9 1
Difficulty rating: Moderate
Employable Me BBC2, 9pm
Finding a job in today’s supercompetitive market is no easy task –
and it’s even harder when employers
can’t see beyond disability when
candidates apply for a position.
Meet Ryan, 22, whose Tourette’s
Aries Mar 21 – Apr 20
You may feel you
should get certain tasks
completed over the coming
days, especially if they
have an urgent tone about
them. You may also find
that resolving a personal
or edgy relationship issue
could bring you greater
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0410 (60p/min)
Libra Sep 24 – Oct 23
The understanding of
whether to say yes or no
to a request can be made
more difficult by the stellar
backdrop, which might
leave you feeling guilty if
you turn someone down.
This could be enough for
you to go ahead, even if it
means making a sacrifice.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0416 (60p/min)
Taurus Apr 21 – May 21
You may feel compassion
for a friend going through
a hard time and be keen to
help. This can make all the
difference to them. It could
also be good for you if it
enables you to put aside
an issue that has overly
consumed your attention.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0411 (60p/min)
Scorpio Oct 24 – Nov 22
While you may have
regular commitments to
attend to, you could be
swept up in a wave of
hope regarding an idea
that captures your heart.
Just thinking about it could
leave you feeling better
about life.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0417 (60p/min)
Gemini May 22 – Jun 21
You may be keen to talk
about plans or ideas. This
opportunity to get your
message across might
need some thought, as
other influences suggest
you could promise too
much or overestimate
your abilities.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0412 (60p/min)
Nov 23 – Dec 21
It may be in your mind
to be more businesslike
about a certain situation
and to keep your feelings
out of it. This might not
be possible at present,
as your emotions could
override any sense of logic.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0418 (60p/min)
Cancer Jun 22 – Jul 23
You may yearn to get away
from everyday tasks and
visit places that allow
you to unwind. However,
if you can’t take a short
break, the next best thing
may be losing yourself
in an inspiring movie or
absorbing book.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0413 (60p/min)
Capricorn Dec 22 – Jan 20
It is possible that you
may be being rather hard
on yourself, perhaps even
blaming yourself for
things that are not your
fault. Discussing this
matter with a friend could
help you see another
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0419 (60p/min)
Leo Jul 24 – Aug 23
Although the Moon in a
more intense sector can
heighten emotions, it’s
what you do about them
that matters. You could
have big ideas but may not
feel an urge to do anything
too much, except perhaps
to enjoy them as they are.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0414 (60p/min)
Aquarius Jan 21 – Feb 19
While friends may want
to be included in your
plans, they may not have
given much thought to
the price. Perhaps you’re
aware of certain expenses
that need taking care of.
Making them aware might
spotlight ways to cut costs.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0420 (60p/min)
Virgo Aug 24 – Sep 23
The Moon in your sector
of relating can enhance
a mystical influence that
is building in your chart,
and this might alter your
perspective of a key
relationship, perhaps
making the person in
question seem desirable
and almost perfect.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0415 (60p/min)
Pisces Feb 20 – Mar 20
You may be ready to make
a leap of faith and commit
to an inspiring idea that
appeals on a very heartfelt
level. This could be an
opportunity to move in a
fruitful direction. However,
it can remain so unless
concrete and definite
steps are taken.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0421 (60p/min)
For a live one-to-one consultation with one of my gifted
psychics, call 0906 176 4747 or 0800 067 4747 to book
using credit card. Too busy to call? Then text a psychic:
Text STARS to 84155 (£1.50 per text plus SNC)
Astrology calls cost 60p per min, Live calls £1.50 per min. Calls subject to the addition of your
telephone company’s network access charge. Live text costs £1.50 per message plus standard
network rate and you will receive max two messages back. 18+ only, with bill payer’s permission.
Entertainment purposes only. PhonePayPlus regulated. All calls recorded. SP: Stream Live Ltd
SE1 1JA, 0800 0673 330
forced him to drop out of university
and then lose his job. Yet he’s
clearly a talented, charismatic
individual – will occupational
psychologist Nancy Doyle help him
find work?
The Walking Dead Fox, 9pm
The speculation about who is going
to get the chop – or, more accurately,
get zombied – in a Walking Dead
episode has hit fever pitch for this
one: is Carl, one-eyed, hat-wearing
son of Sheriff Rick, going to meet
a sticky end? Wandering alone in the
woods certainly isn’t the smartest
idea he’s ever had.
Family Guy ITV2, 9pm
I don’t know why we never pick Family
Guy: it’s pretty much the only thing
that keeps me sane in my house.
Tonight Brian fires off an offensive
tweet and it goes viral. Now, what
does that remind you of?
Monday, November 27, 2017 METRO 47
Going Out
The magic of
real shopping
Take the wheel:
Edinburgh is especially
good for children’s
activities and toys
Cyber Monday doesn’t have to be spent
slumped on the sofa. Nicole Mowbray
has one or two shopping suggestions
The Seven Dials Loves Christmas
pop-up is a series of free festive
workshops in Covent Garden where
you’ll be able to try your hand at
bauble calligraphy, bespoke
cracker rolling, fashion illustration,
Christmas cocktails and traditional
From now until Dec 9, register
for tickets at
Not only is Brum home to the biggest
outdoor Christmas market in the
country – Victoria Square’s Frankfurt
Christmas market – but Father
Christmas is already in residence at the
city’s Selfridges, aided by his chief elf
(on certain days you can book to have
breakfast with him). Today marks
the start of the store’s ten-day
shopping extravaganza, which offers
fragrance bottle engraving, sneaker
personalisation and much more.
Festive floristry: Seven Dials pop-up
There’s plenty going on in Edinburgh
over the Yuletide period but head to
East Princes Street Gardens if you
want to get the little ones involved.
With a Christmas tree maze, a Santa
train and family-friendly rides
including the race-a-rama, a carousel,
a helter-skelter, an ice wall, a reindeer
ride, crazy cars and a roller-coaster,
there’s plenty of action. There’s also a
children’s market full of gifts and toys.
If you’re after a Christmas market
with a difference, try Cardiff’s
offering, which is organised by Craft
Folk. Featuring original handmade
products including ceramics,
jewellery, knitwear, leatherwork and
homeware, this special market on
St John Street, Working Street, Hills
Street and the Hayes puts the fun back
into shopping.
Manchester is famed for its markets
but this year the city is going big on
northern food. Try a Yorkshire
pudding burrito at the Porky Pig stall
in Exchange Square, or head to Elsie
May’s Tea Room for a Rose Gold
Shimmering Prosecco.
50 METRO Monday, November 27, 2017
Rellieff for defi
fiant Englland
KEVIN BROWN insists justice was
done as England clung on for a heartstopping 20-18 victory over Tonga that
secured a first World Cup final appearance for 22 years.
England were coasting at 20-0 but
found themselves reeling as the Pacific
Islanders, roared on by the vast majority of the 30,000 crowd in Auckland,
ran in three converted tries in the last
seven minutes.
It might have been four had Andrew
Fifita been able to hang on to the ball
as he charged for the line with just seconds left of Saturday’s gripping semifinal but it came loose in Elliott Whitehead’s tackle and England breathed a
huge sigh of relief.
Tonga coach Kristian Woolf said he
was baffled by referee Matt Cecchin’s
Close call: Fifita
fumbles a chance in
the final seconds
failure to refer the final call to the video referee after Fifita regathered the
ball to touch down. Brown, however,
had a clear view of the incident.
‘I think it was a clear-cut drop but
obviously if that had been us, we’d
have been wanting the same,’ he said.
‘Any chance you can get of having another tackle or a video referral, you’re
going to call for that.
‘But I think it was a fair result. We
were much the better side for the majority of the game.’
The 33-year-old Warrington standoff believes the memory of the epic
match will live with him forever.
‘The ending to that game and the energy they got from the crowd was like
nothing I’ve been involved in,’ he said.
‘It was 20-0 after 70 minutes and we
were coasting. Then they just came at
us like a massive wave of energy.’
England’s reward is a clash with
holders Australia, who blitzed Fiji
54-6 in their own semi-final.
Wayne Bennett’s team must do without hooker Josh Hodgson, who has
been ruled out of Saturday’s final in
Brisbane with a knee injury.
ENGLAND’s campaign
at the women’s World
Cup was ended by a 52-4
semi-final hammering by
New Zealand in Sydney.
England conceded two
tries in the first six minutes
but hit back through TaraJane Stanley, who pounced
on a kick from half-back
Kirsty Moroney to score
midway through the first
half, and they trailed only
14-4 at the break.
However, the Ferns ran in
seven second-half tries to
seal a place in the final
against holders Australia,
who beat Canada 58-6.
In the clear: Ryan
Hall and Brown
(right) celebrate
after England
clung on
Length winning margin
for Bristol De Mai and
jockey Daryl Jacob in the
Betfair Chase at Haydock,
claiming a huge victory ahead
of Cue Card. Nigel TwistonDavies’ mount will hope to take
his form into the King George
VI Chase on Boxing Day.
Finals in St Gallen
between Scotland and
Sweden at the
European Curling
Championships. Eve
Muirhead (pictured)
led the Scottish
women to a 6-3 win
but the men’s final
went the way of
the Swedes, who
prevailed 10-5.
Tries for England women’s
rugby union side –
including five for Jess Breach
and an Abbie Dow hat-trick – as
they crushed Canada 69-19 to
seal a 3-0 series whitewash
following 69-19 and 49-12 wins.
Minutes left when Olivia
Merry scored from a
penalty corner to end
England’s hopes and send New
Zealand into the Women’s
World Hockey League Final
decider. Lily Owsley had a goal
ruled out for England, while
Sophie Bray hit the crossbar.
Years since British women
bobsledders had as good a
result as unfunded pair Mica
McNeill and Mica Moore, who
were fifth at the World Cup
event in Whistler, Canada. They
are only able to compete after
raising in excess of £30,000
through crowdfunding.
Seconds off World
Cup gold for
Britain’s four-man bob, piloted
by Liam Deen, as they took the
silver medal behind Russia’s
Alexander Kasjanov in Whistler.
Point deficit with 68
seconds to go the Great
Britain men’s basketball team
made up to force overtime
against Greece at the start of
their World Cup qualifiers, only
to go down 95-92 in Leicester.
The campaign continues against
Estonia in Tallinn today.
Win for an
England netball team, coached
by Tracey Neville, to kick off
their three-match series
against Malawi.
Monday, November 27, 2017 METRO 51
Bright start: Brown crosses for
England’s early opening try
England’s Eddie Jones
has been named coach of
the year in the World
Rugby Awards, ahead of
Warren Gatland and
Steve Hansen.
We won’t win
Six Nations
playing like
this, says Ben
BEN YOUNGS says England will have
to up their game for the Six Nations if
they are to have a chance of retaining
their crown.
Saturday’s 48-14 rout of Samoa completed a clean sweep of autumn victories
to extend Eddie Jones’ record since taking over as coach to 22 wins from 23
matches, but Youngs expects better.
Despite a successful series that also
saw Argentina and Australia beaten at
Twickenham, the scrum-half fears England’s quest for an unprecedented third
successive Six Nations triumph will fail
unless they address their shortcomings.
‘We’re really pleased with the wins
but know that what we’ve done over the
last three weeks won’t be good enough
to compete for the title,’ said the Leicester man. ‘We need to make sure we learn
pretty quickly on those areas that have
let us down.
‘The important thing is to see how
quickly we evolve on the back of the lessons we’ve had during these three weeks.
As a whole it’s been a successful autumn. We’ve made some huge gains in
certain areas.
‘The Australia match was vital for us
and Samoa was a little bit of a different
T H E Y S A I D I T. . .
‘It’s been staggering to
win [22 out of 23 Tests]
from, for me, what was a
shambles in the 2015
World Cup.’
Sir Clive Woodward, England’s 2003
World Cup-winning coach, is
impressed with the job current boss
Eddie Jones has done so far
mindset because of the changes made to
the team, but it was pleasing to see the
depth of the squad.’
Seven tries were scored against Samoa, two by wing Elliot Daly, but it
was a laboured performance against
spirited opposition.
Mike Brown raced over after 141 seconds to hint at an overwhelming victory,
but the middle of a dour Test produced a
pointless half-hour interlude before
Henry Slade and Semesa Rokoduguni
touched down in the closing moments.
Youngs said: ‘We had the right intentions early on but you just have to control the ball a bit better and we managed
to do that at the end of the game.’
Now let’s beat Springboks
FLANKER Aaron Shingler accepts there will be
pressure on Wales to beat South Africa in the final
game of their autumn campaign next weekend.
Wales followed up defeat to Australia and an
ugly victory over Georgia with a home 33-18 loss
to world champions New Zealand on Saturday.
They have won their last two Cardiff clashes
with the Springboks but Shingler (pictured) said:
‘It’s another tough game. And one we probably
need to win to finish on a positive note, otherwise
it is going to be a pretty disappointing autumn.
‘The big thing is to win next week. We have to
keep playing rugby and keep defending as hard
as we can, but there will be pressure on us to win.’
Scots hold the fort
PETER HORNE said Scotland
want to make Murrayfield ‘a
fortress’ after their stunning
53-24 win over Australia,
which followed a narrow loss
to New Zealand.
‘It’s giving me goosebumps
thinking about the last two
games,’ said centre Horne. ‘We
want to make it a fortress
going into the Six Nations.’
52 METRO Monday, November 27, 2017
Wood hopes to get Ashes chance
MARK WOOD is hoping
to prove his fitness and
earn consideration for an
Ashes call-up after being
named in the England
Lions team to face a
Queensland XII.
The Durham paceman
(left) is stepping up his
comeback from an ankle
injury that saw him left
out of the original squad
and will play alongside
two members of the
current Ashes touring
party in Tom Curran and
wicketkeeper Ben Foakes.
‘I’ve been building it up
out here and my action
feels good,’ said Wood,
who got through some
work helping to prepare
England for the first Test
against Australia in the
nets and has been assured
the door to the Ashes
squad is still ajar. ‘It’s
just I’ve got no overs
under my belt. So the
more bowling training I
can do in games the
better. We’ve got this
Queensland game and
then we go to Perth.
‘If I can build it up and
then impress in those
Waca nets, then hopefully
I can play some part in
the series.’
Years since England
turned around an Ashes
series Down Under after
losing the first Test
Day to forget:
Bairstow walks
off after being
dismissed for
42 as Australia
took control in
Low has the final say as
Exeter see off Sarries
MORAY LOW scored a late try as Exeter
extended their lead over Saracens at the
top of the Premiership with a thrilling
20-18 win over their rivals at Allianz Park.
It ends a run of 19 successive league
victories for Saracens at their north
London home, as the hosts suffered a
fourth straight defeat in all competitions
for the first time since 2010.
They had begun in impressive fashion
with first-half tries from Alex Goode and
Schalk Brits giving Sarries a 15-6 lead at
half-time. An Ian Whitten try brought
Exeter back into the contest after the
break before replacement prop Low
sealed a dramatic victory for the visitors
seven minutes from time.
Clincher: Low
celebrates his
late try
Monday, November 27, 2017 METRO 53
Overnight: Australia 328 (S P D
Smith 141 no, S E Marsh 51). England
302 (J M Vince 83, D J Malan 56,
M D Stoneman 53) and 33-2
M D Stoneman c Smith b Lyon ....... 27
J E Root lbw b Hazlewood ................51
D J Malan c Smith b Lyon................... 4
M M Ali st Paine b Lyon....................40
J M Bairstow c Handscomb b Starc .42
C R Woakes c Smith b Starc............. 17
S C J Broad c Paine b Starc ............... 2
J T Ball c Handscomb b Cummins ..... 1
J M Anderson not out ......................... 0
Extras nb2............................................ 2
Total (71.4 overs) ............................. 195
Fall: 1-11 2-17 3-62 4-74 5-113 6-155
7-185 8-194 9-195
Bowling: Starc 16-1-51-3, Hazlewood
16-3-46-3, Cummins 12.4-4-23-1,
Lyon 24-4-67-3, Smith 3-0-8-0
C T Bancroft not out..........................51
D A Warner not out ..........................60
Extras lb2 nb1 ..................................... 3
Total 0 wkts (34 overs) .................. 114
Bowling: Anderson 8-2-17-0, Broad
7-2-14-0, M M Ali 4-0-23-0, Woakes
7-1-31-0, Ball 4-1-17-0, Root 4-1-10-0
Headbutt allegations come after batting
collapse hands first Test to the Aussies
home, unavailable for this tour while he waits to
find out if he will be charged by police.
Bairstow was one of three players who were also
out in Bristol that night who were fined by the ECB
last month and given formal written warnings for
‘unprofessional conduct – unrelated to the investigations into Ben Stokes and Alex Hales (who was
with the all-rounder)’.
On the field things were even worse after three
encouraging days were thrown away by an all-toofamiliar batting collapse. Only Joe Root passed
50 as the tourists lost their last five wickets for
40 runs.
Moeen Ali could count himself unlucky, though, to be on the wrong end
of a tight stumping decision but he was
not looking for excuses. ‘If I was bowling
I’d want it out,’ he said. ‘It depends
what angle you look from but I have
to respect the umpire’s call.
‘I was more disappointed with
the time I got out, with me and
Jonny building a good partnership. If we’d carried on, it could
have been 220 or (more). We’re
very disappointed.
‘The first three days we
played well. Today we let
ourselves down with the
bat. A few players got in
and never really got the
big score we needed.’
France claim tenth Davis Cup
Dai: Wasps have
luck of the Irish
DIRECTOR of rugby Dai
Young thought Wasps were
fortunate winners as they
came back from 10-0 down
to edge London Irish 17-13.
In the final 25 minutes,
Josh Bassett, Ashley
Johnson and Nizaam Carr
all crossed for Wasps, with
Jimmy Gopperth adding
one conversion to secure
an unconvincing victory.
‘We dodged a bullet as
the game could have gone
either way but we had just
enough in the locker to get
over the line,’ said Young.
ENGLAND’S miserable fourth day at the Gabba
was compounded by news Jonny Bairstow may
face disciplinary action after claims of a late-night
altercation with Australia’s Cameron Bancroft.
The tourists’ hope of a positive result in the first
Test disintegrated in Brisbane as they were
reduced to 195 all out in the second innings, leaving Australia a victory target of 170.
David Warner (60no) and debutant opener Bancroft (51no) steered the hosts to 114 for none at the
close, meaning victory will almost certainly have
been wrapped up early this morning.
Then reports emerged claiming Bairstow had
headbutted Bancroft (right) in a bar in Perth four
weeks ago.An ECB statement confirmed
management staff have asked
Bairstow about the alleged incident
and will revisit the matter once this
Test is over.
The BBC’s Jonathan Agnew
suggested the matter may have
been blown out of proportion –
tweeting yesterday he understood the pair were out drinking
together, ‘their heads met’ and
then they carried on drinking together afterwards.
Nonetheless, it is the last thing
England need at a time of heightened awareness of off-the-field behaviour, following Ben Stokes’ arrest
on suspicion of causing actual bodily
harm during a fracas outside a Bristol
nightclub in September. Stokes remains at
Tournaments on
the European Tour
for Australia’s Wade
Ormsby (above)
before his first title,
at the Hong Kong
Open yesterday.
Race to Dubai victor
Tommy Fleetwood
finished sixth
FRANCE won their tenth Davis Cup when Lucas
Pouille crushed Steve Darcis 6-3, 6-1, 6-0 to give the
hosts a 3-2 victory over Belgium in the final in Lille.
Pouille was never threatened in the decider after
David Goffin had given Belgium both their points
with singles wins. France, who beat Britain in the
last eight, had more strength in depth. Jo-Wilfried
Tsonga won a singles rubber, while Richard Gasquet
and Pierre-Hugues Herbert took Saturday’s doubles.
Silver lining for Summerhayes
GREAT Britain’s Katie Summerhayes launched her
Freestyle Skiing World Cup Slopestyle campaign
with a silver medal in Stubai, Austria.
The 22-year-old fell on her first run but a clean run
second time around earned her a score of 77.00 with
the judges to claim second.
Starc warning
of more chin
music to come
AUSTRALIAN fast bowler Mitchell Starc
warned England’s tail to expect a barrage of
short-pitched bowling as they progress through
the series.
The hosts were poised to
take a 1-0 lead overnight
after blowing away the
tourists for just 195 in
their second innings
in Brisbane.
England lost their
final four wickets for ten
runs and Starc (right),
who finished with three
wickets, said: ‘We got stuck
into the tail pretty quickly.
‘The way our boys bowled at them in the last
home Ashes, we used that as a blueprint.
‘They can expect more short stuff as the series
goes on.’
54 METRO Monday, November 27, 2017
Smoking hot:
Bottas celebrates
his Abu Dhabi win
by performing
some doughnuts
Lewis says ‘no’
to fresh F1 logo
has criticised the new
Formula One logo,
which was launched
after yesterday’s race.
The redesign by
Liberty Media, the
sport’s new American
owners, replaces the
logo introduced by
Bernie Ecclestone which
has stood for 30 years.
Liberty hopes it will
help broaden F1’s
appeal. ‘The old one
was iconic and the new
one isn’t,’ Hamilton
said. ‘Imagine if Ferrari
changed theirs?’
Mercedes boss Toto
Wolff called the design
Marina snooze
cruise must end,
insists Hamilton
LEWIS HAMILTON has called for
changes to Formula One’s seasonending fixture after a lacklustre
conclusion to his world championship-winning campaign in Abu
Dhabi yesterday.
Hamilton finished behind his
Mercedes team-mate and race winner Valtteri Bottas, while Sebastian
Vettel completed the podium places,
following a race which will not live
long in the memory.
Abu Dhabi has become the stage
for Formula One’s season finale –
and pays a premium to do so – and
it is one played out against the backdrop of an exotic harbour and thousands of floodlights.
But the 3.3-mile Yas Marina track
is notable for its lack of action and
aside from Daniel Ricciardo’s hydraulics failure and Carlos Sainz’s
dodgy tyre following a pit-stop error by his Renault team, it was yet
another race here to pass off withRESULTS
Final positions (55 laps): 1 Valtteri
Bottas (Fin) Mercedes GP 1hr 34mins
14.063secs, 2 Lewis Hamilton (Gbr)
Mercedes GP 1:34:17.962, 3 Sebastian
Vettel (Ger) Ferrari 1:34:33.393, 4 Kimi
Raikkonen (Fin) Ferrari 1:34:59.449, 5
Max Verstappen (Ned) Red Bull
1:35:00.332, 6 Nico Hulkenberg (Ger)
Renault 1:35:39.776, 7 Sergio Perez
(Mex) Force India 1:35:46.125, 8 Esteban
Ocon (Fra) Force India 1:35:52.974, 9
Fernando Alonso (Spa) McLaren at 1
Lap, 10 Felipe Massa (Bra) Williams at 1
Lap, 11 Romain Grosjean (Fra) Haas F1 at
1 Lap, 12 Stoffel Vandoorne (Bel)
McLaren at 1 Lap, 13 Kevin Magnussen
(Den) Haas F1 at 1 Lap, 14 Pascal
Wehrlein (Ger) Sauber-Ferrari at 1 Lap,
out incident. Last year’s grand
prix only came to life after Hamilton defied Mercedes’ team orders and backed up the pack in a
fruitless bid to prevent Nico
Rosberg from winning the
hustled Bottas yesterday
but the Finn’s lead rarely
appeared in danger.
‘They have got to
change this track,’
Hamilton, 32, said.
‘It’s just impossible
to overtake.You have
to have a 1.4-second
advantage on the car
in front. Valtteri and I
have got the same car,
and there’s not 1.4 seconds between us in ability.
‘You have the long
straights where you can’t
15 Brendon Hartley (Nzl) Scuderia Toro
Rosso at 1 Lap, 16 Pierre Gasly (Fra)
Scuderia Toro Rosso at 1 Lap, 17 Marcus
Ericsson (Swe) Sauber-Ferrari at 1 Lap,
18 Lance Stroll (Can) Williams at 1 Lap
Not classified: 19 Carlos Sainz (Spa)
Renault 31 Laps completed, 20 Daniel
Ricciardo (Aus) Red Bull 20 Laps.
1 Lewis Hamilton (Gbr) Mercedes.. 363pts
2 Sebastian Vettel (Ger) Ferrari ..........317
3 Valtteri Bottas (Fin) Mercedes ....... 305
4 Kimi Raikkonen (Fin) Ferrari........... 205
5 Daniel Ricciardo (Aus) Red Bull ..... 200
6 Max Verstappen (Ned) Red Bull...... 168
7 Sergio Perez (Mex) Force India .......100
8 Esteban Ocon (Fra) Force India ........ 87
even get close enough to utilise
them. If there is some way to enable us to remain closer, it is a
track which will go up in the rankings, but I don’t know if they can
change it. I know there’s money to
do it. I have hope for Abu Dhabi
to get better.’
Bottas (left), who surrendered his lead to Sebastian
Vettel at the opening corner
in Brazil a fortnight ago,
made no such mistake in
the desert as he blasted
out of the blocks and
fended off Hamilton.
‘A big congratulations to Valtteri because he did an amazing job to hold me
off,’ Hamilton added. ‘I gave it everything. Valtteri did a
great job this weekend
and this year.’
9 Carlos Sainz (Spa) Renault ................54
10 Nico Hulkenberg (Ger) Renault .......43
11 Felipe Massa (Bra) Williams..............43
12 Lance Stroll (Can) Williams ............. 40
13 Romain Grosjean (Fra) Haas F1 .......28
14 Kevin Magnussen (Den) Haas F1......19
15 Fernando Alonso (Spa) McLaren......17
16 Stoffel Vandoorne (Bel) McLaren.....13
17 Jolyon Palmer (Gbr) Renault............... 8
18 Pascal Wehrlein (Ger) Sauber-Ferrari . 5
19 Daniil Kvyat (Rus) Scuderia Toro Rosso .5
1 Mercedes....................................... 668pts
2 Ferrari ..................................................522
3 Red Bull .............................................. 368
4 Force India .......................................... 187
5 Williams .................................................83
Monday, November 27, 2017 METRO 55
Conte comes fforward
to hail hit-man Hazard
By Dave Filmer
Shirty: Hazard (left)
wriggles free from
the close attention
of Liverpool’s
Ragnar Klavan
ANTONIO CONTE believes Eden
Hazard is thriving playing up front for
champions Chelsea.
The Belgium playmaker was again
outstanding playing alongside striker
Alvaro Morata in the Blues’ 1-1 draw
with Liverpool at Anfield.
The hosts struggled to contain the
26-year-old, who often dropped into
midfield to gain possession, and manager Conte feels his flexibility is bringing a new dimension to the side.
‘The start of this season was full of
trouble with Eden because he had an
injury with the national team and we
started the season without him,’ the
Chelsea manager said.
‘Now I think Eden is in really good
form and I think that he likes to play as
a striker.
‘There is a good link with Alvaro
and for me also it’s a great opportunity
to play with two different systems.
Warburton refuses to cry
over Forest’s frustrations
MARK WARBURTON felt two key
decisions cost Nottingham Forest as
Cardiff maintained their hoodoo over the
Reds with a 2-0 win at the City Ground.
The Forest boss thought referee Peter
Bankes missed a ‘clear foul’ in the buildup to Junior Hoilett’s opener and Bruno
Manga got away with a ‘nailed-on’
handball in the box shortly before Danny
Ward (pictured) conjured up a stunning
second, as Neil Warnock’s men claimed a
fourth straight victory at the City Ground.
Warburton said: ‘You cannot cry about
it. You move on. But we were frustrated
by many things.’
‘It was a fair result but
in the end we deserved
a little more’
‘Against Qarabag we played 3-4-2-1
and here we started with a 3-5-2. It’s
important we don’t lose our identity in
both cases.’
For all Hazard’s brilliance, it was the
impact of Conte’s substitutions late on
that ensured a share of the spoils.
Chelsea were heading for defeat,
with their former forward Mohamed
Salah putting Liverpool in front.
The Blues, who started with a defensive midfield of N’Golo Kante, Danny
Drinkwater and Tiemoue Bakayoko,
began to change shape after Cesc Fabregas was introduced on 74 minutes.
Pedro came on soon after and another
substitute, Willian, claimed a precious
equaliser five minutes from time.
There was debate over whether the
Brazilian’s long-range lobbed leveller
was intended, but Conte felt it was the
least his side deserved.
He said: ‘It was a fair result but in
the end we deserved a little more. I am
happy because the impact of the substitutes was great. I want to create this
atmosphere between us.’
(7.45pm unless stated)
Sky Bet Championship
QPR v Brentford .......................................... TV
Sky Sports Football/Main Event
Premier League
Brighton v Crystal Palace...............................
Leicester v Tottenham.....................................
Watford v Man Utd.................................(8pm)
West Brom v Newcastle........................(8pm)
Sky Bet Championship
Derby v Ipswich ................................................
Reading v Barnsley................................(8pm)
Sky Bet League One
Blackpool v Blackburn ....................................
Minute delay at Norwich after one of
the assistant referees picked up an
injury. The fourth official filled in but then
a replacement had to be found for him and
Canaries fan David Thornhill, a qualified
referee, stepped in from the stands for the
last couple of minutes. The game finished
1-1 and Preston boss Alex Neil, the former
Canaries manager, said the end of the
match was ‘a bit of a farce’.
League One
Shrews lose home stand
‘Crazy’ to think about anyone else, says Klopp
LIVERPOOL boss Jurgen Klopp was frustrated
not to have held on for victory against Chelsea
but refused to discuss whether such results
were further fuelling the confidence of Premier
League leaders Manchester City.
Willian’s 85th-minute goal earned Chelsea a
1-1 draw at Anfield and Klopp said: ‘In our
situation, and for all the other clubs, if we think
Charlton v Peterborough................................
Women’s World Cup Qualifier
England v Kazakhstan ....................(7.05pm)
Premier League
Arsenal v Huddersfield ...................................
Bournemouth v Burnley .................................
Chelsea v Swansea..........................................
Everton v West Ham..............................(8pm)
Man City v Southampton......................(8pm)
Stoke v Liverpool....................................(8pm)
Ladbrokes Scottish Premiership
Motherwell v Celtic ..........................................
Rangers v Aberdeen........................................
Sky Bet Championship
Cardiff v Norwich .............................................
Leeds v Aston Villa ..........................................
Emirates FA Cup Second Round
AFC Fylde v Wigan ............................(7.55pm)
SATURDAY (3pm unless stated)
Premier League
Arsenal v Man Utd ...........................(5.30pm)
Brighton v Liverpool........................................
Chelsea v Newcastle ..................... (12.30pm)
Everton v Huddersfield ...................................
Leicester v Burnley ..........................................
Stoke v Swansea ..............................................
Watford v Tottenham.......................................
West Brom v Crystal Palace...........................
Sky Bet Championship
Bolton v Barnsley.............................................
Brentford v Fulham..........................................
Bristol City v Middlesbrough..........(5.30pm)
Derby v Burton Albion.....................................
Ipswich v Nottm Forest...................................
Millwall v Sheff Utd..........................................
about Manchester City we would be really
crazy. I think it’s really important in life you
have your own targets and the right targets,
then you can be a happy person, a confident
person. A confident person can reach a lot.
‘Man City – I have no idea and I’m not
interested. I didn’t think a second after the
game about Manchester City.’
Preston North End v QPR ...............................
Sheff Wed v Hull ...............................................
Sunderland v Reading.....................................
Sky Bet League One
Bristol Rovers v Rotherham...........................
Southend v Oldham.........................................
Emirates FA Cup Second Round
Bradford v Plymouth.......................................
Fleetwood Town v Hereford FC......................
Forest Green v Exeter......................................
Gillingham v Carlisle........................................
Milton Keynes Dons v Maidstone Utd ..........
Notts County v Oxford City .......... (12.30pm)
Port Vale v Yeovil .............................................
Shrewsbury v Morecambe..............................
Stevenage v Swindon......................................
Ladbrokes Scottish Premiership
Celtic v Motherwell ..........................................
Hearts v Hamilton............................................
Partick v Hibernian ..........................................
Ross County v Dundee....................................
St Johnstone v Kilmarnock.............................
Premier League
Bournemouth v Southampton........(1.30pm)
Man City v West Ham ............................(4pm)
Emirates FA Cup Second Round (2pm)
AFC Wimbledon v Charlton ............................
Blackburn v Crewe...........................................
Coventry v Boreham Wood ............................
Doncaster v Scunthorpe.................................
Gateshead v Luton ..........................................
Mansfield v Guiseley........................................
Newport County v Cambridge Utd................
Woking v Peterborough ..................................
Wycombe v Leatherhead................................
Ladbrokes Scottish Premiership
Aberdeen v Rangers...................... (12.30pm)
spot after suffering
their first home defeat
of the season.
Bradford, who move up
to fourth, won 1-0
thanks to an own goal
from defender Aristote
Nsiala (right), who
deflected Alex Gilliead’s
cross into his own net.
Wigan beat Rotherham
to take over at the top.
Games as a manager for Keith
Hill, who marked the milestone
by steering Rochdale to a 2-0 win over
Peterborough at Spotland
League Two
Wycombe win to go fifth
WYCOMBE climbed into the play-off
places with a 2-1 win over Yeovil, whose
wretched away record continues.
Eberechi Eze blasted Wycombe in front,
with Joe Jacobson adding a second from
the penalty spot six minutes later.
Francois Zoko pulled one back just
before half-time but Yeovil have now lost
eight of their last ten away games.
56 METRO Monday, November 27, 2017
Unsworth: It’s
too early for
relegation talk
High-riser: Austin
(second from right)
nods in his first goal,
and Southampton’s
second, at St Mary’s
DAVID UNSWORTH denied Everton are
in a relegation battle despite seeing the
Toffees hammered at Southampton.
Everton have lost eight of their last 11
games in all competitions and the 4-1
defeat leaves them two points outside the
bottom three. They have not improved
since Unsworth took over from the sacked
Ronald Koeman five weeks ago and now
have the worst defensive record in the top
flight ahead of games with West Ham and
Huddersfield. Unsworth, though, feels talk
of a fight for survival is premature.
‘I wouldn’t go that far so early,’ he said.
‘I think we are in a tough moment. We
have a massive week ahead of us.
‘If you ask me that question next week I
can give you a more honest view. If the
players didn’t know they were in a tough
situation, they must do now.’
Everton made to
look right Charlies
by inspired Saints
Tadic 18, Austin 52, 58, Davis 87
Dejected: Everton’s Aaron
Lennon (left) and Jagielka
contemplate another defeat
Sigurdsson 45
MANAGERLESS Everton suffered
further misery as Charlie Austin’s
brace for Southampton condemned
them to defeat at St Mary’s.
Saints manager Mauricio Pellegrino finally handed Austin a
chance from the start and he repaid
the faith by converting two secondhalf headers, with a Steven Davis
effort completing the scoring.
Dusan Tadic had put the hosts
ahead only for David Unsworth’s
Everton, showing eight changes to
Goals in 12 previous
Premier League games for
Southampton before putting
four past Everton yesterday
the side humbled 5-1 by Atalanta in
the Europa League on Thursday, to
level in spectacular style through
Gylfi Sigurdsson.
Austin had not scored a league
goal in open play in almost a year,
since netting the winner against the
Toffees at St Mary’s 364 days ago.
But Pellegrino picked him ahead
of Manolo Gabbiadini and Southampton finally found their form in
front of goal. For Everton, Sigurdsson’s strike was a standalone mo-
ment on another afternoon of anguish for caretaker boss Unsworth.
The hosts led when Tadic beat
Phil Jagielka to Ryan Bertrand’s
cross and held off the England international, before guiding the ball
home past Everton goalkeeper Jordan Pickford.
The visitors levelled on the stroke
of half-time as Sigurdsson bent a
superb long-range effort over Fraser
Forster, which hit the crossbar twice
and also a post before going in.
Southampton needed just seven
second-half minutes to regain their
advantage as Austin headed home
Bertrand’s cross before repeating
the feat six minutes later, arriving
free in the Everton box to nod Tadic’s centre home.
Davis completed the rout late on
with an angled finish.
Monday, November 27, 2017 METRO 57
i i iimpossible
ffor City
PEP GUARDIOLA relished seeing
Manchester City cope with the adversity of coming from behind to beat Huddersfield, but insists it is ‘impossible’
for the runaway leaders to go through
the Premier League season undefeated.
Raheem Sterling claimed a lucky late
winner as leaders City restored their
eight-point advantage to make it 11
consecutive league wins.
Sterling was the beneficiary as the
ball rebounded off him into the net to
break the resistance of the determined
Terriers at the John Smith’s Stadium.
Huddersfield led courtesy of a Nicolas Otamendi own goal just before the
break but Sergio Aguero’s penalty levelled it after a foul on Sterling.
The visitors dominated the second period but appeared to be running out of
ideas when Sterling accepted a late gift.
Town forward Rajiv van la Parra was
Happy Pep: Guardiola is
delighted with three points
while Sterling (inset, right)
celebrates his winner
Away victories in
a row for City in all
competitions – the first time
that has ever been done by a
top-flight English club
Premier League
Man City
Man Utd
West Brom
West Ham
Crystal Palace
‘Two clear penalties.
Maybe Arsene will say
that is [a] penalty.’
Guardiola clearly hasn’t forgotten
Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger’s
claim earlier this month that
Raheem Sterling ‘dives well’
P W D L F A Pts
13 12 1 0 42 8 37
13 9 2 2 28 6 29
13 8 2 3 24 11 26
13 8 1 4 23 16 25
13 7 3 3 21 10 24
13 6 5 2 25 18 23
13 6 4 3 12 10 22
13 6 3 4 22 21 21
13 4 4 5 13 14 16
13 4 4 5 13 15 16
13 4 3 6 9 19 15
13 3 5 5 17 19 14
13 4 2 7 11 14 14
13 4 2 7 11 17 14
13 3 4 6 16 26 13
13 3 3 7 13 28 12
13 2 5 6 10 19 11
13 2 4 7 12 26 10
13 2 3 8 7 15
13 2 2 9 8 25
Burnley ....................0
Crystal Palace ........2
Huddersfield ...........1
Liverpool .................1
Man Utd ...................1
Newcastle ...............0
Southampton .........4
Swansea ..................0
Tottenham ..............1
West Ham ...............1
Arsenal ................... 1
Stoke ....................... 1
Man City ................ 2
Chelsea ................... 1
Brighton ................ 0
Watford .................. 3
Everton ................... 1
Bournemouth ....... 0
West Brom ............. 1
Leicester ................. 1
Kane wants Spurs to get on with it
HARRY KANE feels Tottenham
must start more quickly to snap
out of their Wembley troubles
against supposedly lesser teams.
Spurs drew 1-1 with managerless West Brom on Saturday
having already dropped points at
home to Burnley and Swansea
this season while only scraping
wins over Crystal Palace and
Bournemouth, although they did
beat Real Madrid and Borussia
Dortmund in Europe.
West Brom, under caretaker
boss Gary Megson, took an early
lead thanks to Salomon Rondon
(pictured) before Kane equalised
with 16 minutes left.
‘We didn’t start well enough,
we gave them a head-start at 1-0
ALAN PARDEW has held
talks with West Brom about
becoming their new manager.
The 56-year-old has emerged as
a leading candidate to replace
Tony Pulis who was sacked last
week. ‘I’ve had discussions with
them,’ he said. ‘Obviously it is an
attractive job so we’ll see where
it goes. I think it is a good
opportunity for a manager and if
it is me, then it is me.’
and, knowing a team like West
Brom, they are then going to
drop off and make it difficult for
us. That’s exactly what happened,’ said the striker.
‘We played much better in the
second half but it wasn’t enough.
It’s hard to say why there was a
slow start but it’s something we
are going to have to work on and
try to change because these are
games we have to be winning.’
Otamendi (og) 45
Man City
Aguero (pen) 47, Sterling 84
sent off straight after the match following an altercation with Leroy Sane.
Incredibly, it was the first time City
had come from behind after trailing at
half-time to win in the Premier League
since 1995, and Guardiola clearly enjoyed it. ‘[There’s] more [satisfaction]
than winning 4-0,’ said the Spaniard.
‘If you want to win the title you can
not expect easy games, so we have to
live these kinds of situations and we
spoke at half-time how we are going to
react in that situation. I’m so happy for
the victory today. We need to win these
kind of games in this way. Maybe that
will convince us more that we are able
to do that.
‘When you win sometimes, people
are happy, very nice words. But that is
not reality in the high level of sport. You
have to suffer and in that last period last
month we did not feel that.’
Guardiola, though, is adamant City
will taste defeat at some point.
‘We are going to lose. That is going to
happen – definitely. Today was so close.
It’s going to happen.
‘When you play every few days, when
you see the scheduling – December,
January – we go to Donetsk in the
Champions League. It’s impossible.’
Huddersfield boss David Wagner was
pleased with his side’s display despite
their defeat. ‘The performance was
good today,’ the German said.
58 METRO Monday, November 27, 2017
Dyche furious as last-gasp Sanchez penalty
Pages 52-53 »
Fury: Dyche suffered at the hands of Arsenal again
A ‘RAGING’ Sean Dyche could not
contain his anger yesterday after
watching Burnley beaten by a controversial Arsenal injury-time winner
for the third consecutive occasion.
Alexis Sanchez slotted home from
the penalty spot in the 92nd minute
at Turf Moor to give the Gunners a
precious three points that moved
them above Tottenham into fourth.
Another Sanchez spot-kick settled
matters at the Emirates in January in
added time, with a Laurent Koscielny
handball breaking Burnley hearts
three months earlier.
Yesterday it happened again. There
was clear contact between James
Sanchez (pen) 90
Tarkowski and Aaron Ramsey but it
was far from a certain penalty, with
question marks over the authenticity
of the Welshman’s tumble.
Dyche, whose side were superior
for the first 45 minutes but only managed to strike a post through Johann
Berg Gudmundsson, had no qualms
about Ramsey’s conduct but suggesting it would not have been given at
the other end of the pitch. ‘There is a
lot of me inside that is raging a lot,’
he said. ‘It was highly unlikely it was
not going to get given on a day like
today, that’s all I will say.
‘It probably is a penalty but my
point is we were never not going to
get it given, I assure you. With those
calls you have to be 100 per cent,
which I assume the referee was.
‘I don’t know if anyone’s into stats
but I’d be interested to see what
someone has to say about that happening three times, home and away.
‘Three times involving referee moments. It’s a strange one but c’est la
vie. We look forward to going there
Monday, November 27, 2017 METRO 59
and getting another one this season,
making it four. That’d be brilliant.’
Arsene Wenger was adamant it
was the correct decision, saying: ‘It
looked from the outside like a clear
penalty. I can understand if they are
disappointed with it but from the
outside it looked a penalty.’
‘He (Ramsey) didn’t throw himself
on the ground. He was pushed.’
Goals for Alexis Sanchez
in his past five league
matches against Burnley.
He has only scored more
against Sunderland (six)
and Hull (seven)
■ RAINBOWS were everywhere in
football and rugby this weekend
as players, managers, clubs and
officials backed the Rainbow
Laces campaign against
homophobia in sport. The
initiative, by equality
campaigners Stonewall, was
backed at all levels of sport as
rainbows were displayed on laces,
flags, armband and stadiums –
including the Wembley arch – as
well as our sports pages today.
breaks Burnley hearts
‘My point is we were
never not going to get
the penalty given’
Arsenal had to make a late
change when Mesut Ozil
became unwell, sending him
back and whisking Ainsley
Maitland-Niles up the
motorway for a place
on the bench.
Blame me for Palace
equaliser, says Erik
Spot of drama: Wenger and Sanchez
celebrate at Turf Moor, while Ramsey
goes down in stoppage time (inset) to win
Arsenal their late penalty PICTURE: REUTERS
Pieters admits he
was to blame for
Crystal Palace’s
equaliser in his
side’s 2-1 defeat
at Selhurst Park.
Ruben LoftusCheek tapped in
unchallenged at the back post
after 56 minutes when Andros
Townsend’s cross evaded Stoke’s
entire defence. Holland defender
Pieters (pictured) said: ‘We are a
team and we win, draw and lose
together, but the first goal was
from my mistake and I am honest
enough to acknowledge that.’
Draw between Valencia
and Barcelona last night.
Jordi Alba’s strike cancelled out
Rodrigo’s goal, after Lionel Messi’s
over-the-line effort was not given.
Both teams remain unbeaten
Leroy: Swans playing
with Fer-vour again
Victory vital in crunch week, says Victor
MANCHESTER United’s win
over Brighton was not pretty but
Victor Lindelof believes it was an
important show of strength
ahead of a big week for the Reds.
Chris Hughton’s Seagulls
threatened to cause an upset on
their first visit to Old Trafford
since 1993 but the hosts secured
a 1-0 win after Ashley Young’s
strike went in off Lewis Dunk.
United were not at their best
but Lindelof (pictured) knows
victory was so important ahead
of tomorrow’s trip to Watford
and Saturday’s clash at Arsenal.
‘It was a tough game,’ he said.
‘We got the three points and that
is the most important thing. We
didn’t play our best but we got
Happy Hornets have short-term vision
MARCO SILVA is refusing to look too far ahead
as he attempts to extend Watford’s fine start.
The Hornets, who sit eighth after Saturday’s
3-0 victory at Newcastle, have a tough week in
which they host Manchester United tomorrow
and Tottenham on Saturday afternoon.
Silva (left), linked with the vacancy at Everton,
insists he can only consider one game at a time.
The Watford boss said: ‘We are not thinking
about the next two or three games, we are
thinking about the next. It will be a tough game
for us but we can play with confidence.’
the win and that shows strength.’
Lindelof’s crunching second-half
tackle on Anthony Knockaert
brought the biggest cheer before
the goal. ‘I think it was a good
challenge,’ the Swede added. ‘I
just thought, “I have to win this
ball,” and I did.’
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believes Swansea
have regained
their unity after
ending a run of
four straight
league defeats.
The Swans
remain in the
bottom three after a 0-0 draw at
home to Bournemouth but Fer
(pictured) was encouraged.
‘You could see in the
performances that we weren’t
playing to our ability,’ the
midfielder said. ‘But we had a
good week. We told ourselves to
be a team again, like we were at
the end of last season.’
More glory for Celtic
CELTIC took the first step towards
successive domestic trebles with a
2-0 League Cup final win over tenman Motherwell at Hampden Park.
James Forrest netted the opener.
Cedric Kipre was then sent off for
fouling Scott Sinclair, with Moussa
Dembele scoring from the spot.
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