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The Physician and Sportsmedicine
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sportsmedicine calendar
To cite this article: (1983) sportsmedicine calendar, The Physician and Sportsmedicine, 11:1,
40-46, DOI: 10.1080/00913847.1983.11708430
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Published online: 11 Jul 2016.
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Date: 25 October 2017, At: 06:37
sportsmedicine calendar
TIGAB(r.rimr~t.hdxm.nrnirln HC!)
Betore prescribing. please consul! complete product informatron. a
surnmary of which fol\ows·
Indications: Trgan is indrcated for the control of nausea and vomiting.
Contralndicalions: The in1ectable tarrn of Trgan in chrldren. the supposi·
torres rn premature or newborn infants. and use in patients with known
hypersensrtrvity ta tnmethobenzamide arc contrarndrcated. Srnce the
supposrtories contarn benzocaine they should not be used in patients
known ta be sensrtive ta thrs or sumlar local anesthetrcs.
Advances ln Sports Medicine,
Guadalajara and/or Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Contact: Karin Zieleck,
Floyd Curl Dr. San Antonio 78284
Diego. Contact: Nancy Boehme, 70
W Hubbard SI. Suite 202. Chicago
403 Nasa Rd 1-East, #383, Webster,
TX 77598
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Annuel Sports Medicine Update,
San Diego. Contact: Dan Van
Ommen, Administrative Director.
Sports Medicine and Vision Center of
San Diego. Jack Murphy Stadium,
9449 Friars Rd, San Diego 92108
Cllnlcal Management of Coronary
Dlsease and Dual-Mode Exerclse
Testlng, Orlando, FL. Contact: International Medical Education Corp. Division of Postgraduate Education, 64
Inverness Dr E. Englewood. CO
Thlrd Banff International Hypoxla
Symposium, Banff. Alberta. Contact:
The Arctic lnstitute of North America.
University of Calgary. 2500 University
Dr NW, Calgary, Alberta T2N 1N4
Rocky Mountaln Chapter ACSM
Annuel Meeting and Symposium:
Current Research ln Exerclse, Copper Mountain. CO. Contact: Leslie
Feuerborn, RMC/ ACSM. 8555 W
79th Ave. Arvada. CO 80005
Epie Medical Expedition: Updates
ln Acuta Medicine, Cozumel, Mexico Contact: Richard Paris, MD. Box
209. Sun Valley. ID 83353
Dlvlng Medicine ln Depth Course,
Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles. Contact: Program Coordinator, Dept M104, Human Underwater Biology lnc,
Box 5893, San Antonio, TX 78201
Annuel Meeting of the Arthroscopy
Association of North America, San
Annuel Sports Medicine Sympollum, San Antonio, TX. Contact:
Au1trlan Society tor Contlnulng
Medical Education/ Amerlcan
Academy of Podlalrlc Sports MedIcine Semlnar: A Multldlsclpllnary
Approach to Sports Medicine, Wlth
Emphasls on the Lower Extremlty,
Soelden. Austria. Contact: Ritter International. 1772 Ocean Way, Laguna
Beach. CA 92651
Jesse C. Delee, MD. University of
Texas Health Science Center, 7703
Cllnlcal Approach to Exerclle Test·
lng, Orlando. FL. Contact: Stephen P.
MD. Box 209. Sun Valley, ID 83353
Glasser, MD, University of South Fiorida Collage of Medicine, Box 19.
12901 N 30th St, Tampa, FL, 33612
Contact: Lathrop Ski Camps. 1430
Massachusetts Ave, Suite 31 O. Cambridge. MA 02138
Sports Medicine and the Figure
Skaler, Pittsburgh. Contact: Andrea
L. Stolz. Director of Corporate Development. Central Medical Center and
Hospital. 1200 Centre Ave. Pittsburgh
Medicine ot Sport Scuba Dlvlng,
Upper Exlremltles ln Throwlng
Sports Conference, Atlanta. Con-
tact: US Olympie Committee. Sports
Medicine Division. 1750 E Boulder St,
Colorado Springs. CO 80909
Elghth Annuel Aspen Madlcolegal
Bemln~r/Mardl Gras Semlnar,
Aspen, CO. Contact: Eugene J.
Oabezies. MO, Course Director, Department of Orthopedies. Louisiana
State University Medict:!l Center. 1542
Tulane Ave, New Orleans 70112
l!plc Medical Expedition: Update
ln Acute Medicine, Revelstoke, British Columbia. Contact: Richard Paris,
Cleveland Cllnlc/Unlverslty of Ver·
mont Sport• Medicine Symposium
tor Famlly Pracllllonera, Ortho·
pedlc Surgeons, and Allled Health
Personnel, Sugarbush. Vermont.
Contact: John A. Borgfeld. MD. Head.
Section Sports MecJicine. Dept of Orthopedie Surgery, The Cleveland
Clinic Foundation. 9500 Euclid Ave.
Cleveland 441 06
Bonaire. Netherlands Antilles. Contact: Jefferson C. Davis. MD, Medical
Seminars lnc. 1l406 Whisper Moss.
San Antonio. TX 78230
New England Chapter of ACSM
Program: Sport• Medicine ln
Prlmary Care, Waterville Valley. NH.
AMA Conference on the Medical
Aspects of Boxlng, Las Vegas Contact: Thomas Toftey, AMA, 535 N
Dearborn SI, Chicago 60610
Cardlac Rehabilitation, Anaheim.
CA Contact: IMEC. Division of PostgraduÇite Education, 64 Inverness Dr
E. Englewood. CO 80112
Caution should be exercised when adminrstering Tigan to children
for the trcatment of vomrting. Antiemetics are not recommended
for treatment oluncomplrcated vonrrting in chrldren and their use
should be \imUed to prolonged vomiting of known etro\ogy There
are three prrncrpal reasons for cautron·
1. There has been sorne susprcion that central\y actrng antiemetics
may contrrbute. rn comlllnatron wrth v11al rllnesses (a possrble
cause of vomrting rn chrl!lrenl. to dcvelopment of Reye·s syndrome.
a potentrally fatal acute chr dhood encephalopathy wrth vrsceral
lally degeneratron. especial\y rnvolving the hver. Although there is
no confrrrnat10n of thrs susprcron. cautron is nevertheless
2, The extrapyramidal syrnptoms whrch can occur secondary to
Trgan may be confused wllh the central nervous system signs of
an undraynosed primary drsease responsrble for the vornrting, e.g.,
Reye·s syndrome or other encepha\opathy
3. Il has oeen suspected thal drugs wilh hepatotoxrc potential. such
as Tigan. may unlavorably alter the course of Reye's syndrome.
Such drugs should thorcfore be avoided in chrldren whose srgns
and symptoms (vornitrng) cou\d represent Reyes syndrome. Il
should a\so be noted thal salrcylates and acetaminophen are
hepatotoxrc at large doses. Allhough il is not known thal at usual
doses they would represent a hazard in patients with the underly·
mg hcpatrcdrsorder of Acye·s syndrome. these drugs, too. should
be avorded rn children wllose srgns and symptoms could represent
Reye·s syndrome. unless alternatrve methods of controllrng lever
are not successful.
Tigan may produce drowsiness Patrents should not operate motor
vehicles or other dangerous machinery untrllheir indrvidual responses
have been determrncd. Acye's syndrome has bccn associaled wrth the
use of Trgan and other drugs. inc\uding antrometrcs. although thcrr
contribution, if any. to tho cause and course of the drsease hasn't been
estabtrshed. Thrs syndrome ls cllaracterized tly an abrupt onset shortiy
followrno a nonspecific febrile rllness. wrth persrstent. severe vomit·
mg, lethargy, irratronal behavior. progressrve encephatopathy \eading to
coma. convulsrons and death.
Usage in Preonancy Trimethobenzamide hydrochloride was studied in
reproiluctron experiments mrats and rabbrts and no teratogemcrty was
suggested The only effects observed were an rncreased percentage of
embryonic resorptions or strllborn pups rn rats admrmstercd 20 mg and
100 mg/kg and lncrcased rosorptrons mrabbits recoivrng 100 mg/kg.
ln each study the se adverse effects were attrrbuted to one or two dams.
Tho relevance to humans is not known. Srnce thore is no adeQuate
expenence mpregnant or lactating women who have recorved this drug,
safety in prconancy or Ill nursrng mothers has not boen estab\ished.
Usage wtth A/cahot Concomitant use of alcohol with Tl gan may re suit
rn an adverse druu rnteractron.
Precautions: Du ring the course of acute febrile 11\ness, encephalltides,
gastroenterltls, de tydratlon and electrolyte lmba\ance, espec\ally ln
chlldren and the elderly or deb\1\tated, CNS reactions such as oplsthotonos, convulsions, coma and extrapyramidal symptoms have been
reported with and witnout use of T\gan or other anllemetlc agents. tn
such dlsorders caution should be exercised ln adminlsterlng Tlgan,
panlcu\arly to patients who have recentiy rece\ved other CNS-actlng
agents (phenothlazines, barbiturates, belladonna derivatives). Il ls
recommended thal severe emes\s shou\d not be treated wlth an
antlemetlc drug atone; where possible the cause of vomlllno should be
establ\shed. Prtmary emphas\s shou\d be dlrected toward the restora·
1\on or body 1\ulds and electrolyte balance, the relief of lever and relief
of the causative disease process. Overhydratlon should be avolded
slnce Il may resutt ln cerebral edema.
Tho antiomellc effects of Tigan may render dlaQnosrs more difficult rn
such conditions as appendicrtis and obscure srgns of toxlclly due to
ovcrdosage of othor drugs
Adverse Reactions: Therv havr. boen repons of hypcrsonsilivity reactrans and ParklnsorHrke symptoms 1he re nave been rnstances of
hypotension reported following parenteral admrnistration to surgical
patrents. Thore have boen reports of b\ood dyscras1as. blurrmg of vtsion.
coma. convulsions. deprossron of mood. diarrhea. drsorientation, drzzl·
ness. drowsrness. hoadache, raun!lrce. muscle cramps and oplsthoto·
nos. li these ocetrr. the adminrstratron of the drug shOuld Ile discontinued.
Allergic·type skin reactions have heen observed: thereforo. the drug
should be dlscontrnucd at tiiC first sign of sensrtization. Whr\e thase
symptorns wrll usually disappear spontaneous\y, symptornatic treal·
ment may be lndrcated rn sorne cases.
Note: The injectable form is intended for intramuscular use only; il is
not rccommended for intravenous use.
How Supplled: Suppositories. Pedral_ric. 100 my, boxes of tO. Supposi·
tories. 200 mo. boxes of 10 and 50
Ampuis, 2 rnl, boxes of 10 Mullrple-Oosc Vials. 20 ml Thera·Ject •
{Oisposable Syringes). 2 ml. hOxes of 25. Capsules. 250 mg. botties of
100 and 500; 100 mg, IJottlcs of 100.
How to lmplement and Manage a
Sports Medicine Program, Dallas.
Contact· Ronald G. Peyton. Director.
The Sports Medicine Education lnstitute, 993 Johnson Ferry Rd NE, Suite
450-0, Atlanta 30342
Vtll11 • No 1 • J8f11j.,Y 83 t Till PtiYIICIAN AND II'Oin'IMIDICINI
Bristol. Tennessee 37620
sportsmedicine calendar continued
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Underwater and Hyperbarlc Medl·
cal Symposium, Seychelle Islands
and Kenya, Africa, Feb 18-Mar 10
Contact· Mtchael B. Strauss, MO, GIT
Travet, 10 Corporatc Sq, Suite 11 O.
Atlanta 30329
Epie Medical Expedition: Updates
ln Trauma, Ma ut. Molokai. Lanai. and
Hawatt Contact Rtchard Paris. MO,
Box 209, Sun Valley, ID 83353
Cllnlcal Management of Coronary
Dlsease and Dual-Mode Exerclse
Testlng, Las Vegas. Contact IMEC.
Division of Postgraduate Education.
64 Inverness Or E, Englewood, CO
Basle Cybex/lsoklnetlc Cllnlcal
Workshop, La Crosse. Wl. Contact
George J. Oavies, PT. ATC Orthopedie and Sports Physical Therapy
2501 Shelby Rd, La Crosse 54601
Second Annual Sports Medicine
Symposium, Fltnt, ML Contact Dave
OeCurtis. Mclaren Rehabilitation
Confer. G 5057 W Bnstol Rd, Fltnt
University of Delaware'• Medical
Aspects of Sports Semlnar, Newark
Contacct' C Roy RylandPr. ATC. PhD
Collequ of Physical Educntton. Untvcrsrty of Delaware, Newark 19711
Amerlcan Orthopedie Society for
Sports Medicine Interim Meeting,
Annhfdm, CA. Contact· Thomns Nelson AOSSM, 70 W Huhbard St Sutle
202. Chicana 60610
Strength-Power Symposium IV,
Auburn. AL. Contact Michael H.
Stone, PrrD, Coltsourn Otltr.e, Auburn
Univcrsrty, Auburn 36849
Epie Medical Expedition: Updates
ln Acute Medicine, Revelstoke. Brttistl Columbta Contnct Richnrct Parts.
MD Box 209. Sun Vnllcy, ID 83353
University of Hawaii Sports Medl·
elne Course, Honnluli L Contact Joy
Lewts. Box CEP-CCECS, 2530 Doln
St. Honolulu 96822
Sports Medicine Sympoalum:
Racket, Water, and Mlscellaneous
Sport1, Tucson. Contact: Contrnurnq
Mndical Fducatton Untvcrstty of
Aritona CCJ!Ioge of Modrcrne. Tucson
Mountalneerlng Medicine and
Avalanche Hazards, Jackson, WY
Contact: Larry Van Gendcren. MD,
American Avalanche lnstttute, Box
308, Wtlson, WY 83014
Sports Medicine lor the Pedlatrl·
clan, Port SI Lucte. FL Contact
Richard W Blumberg. MD. Emory
Unrverstty School of Mcdictnc. Allanta, GA 30322
Second Annual US Ski Team Nordie Sports Medicine Symposium,
Anchorage. AK Contact Brtan J
Sharkey PhD Human Performance
Laboratory Untverstly of Montann
Missoula 59812
Epie Medical Expeditions: Updates
ln Trauma, Sun Valley. ID Contact
Rtchard Parts. MD, Box 209 Sun Valley ID 83353
Sports Medicine and Condlllonlng
Semlnar, Soalllc ContAct Ken Foreman, PhD Direcl<lf of Educatton and
Rcscflrch. Northwcst Sports Merltcine Foundatton, 1551 Nor1t1west
54ttl. Suttc: 200, Seatlln 9B107
Clinicat Management of Coronary
Dlaease and Dual-Mode Exerclse
Tesllng, Boston flnrJ Chtcngo Contact !MEC, Otvrsron of Postgraduate
Fducnlton, G4 lrwcrrwss Dr F. Fnglnwood. CO 80112
Seventh Annuel University of Central Floride Sports Medicine Cllnlc,
Orlando. FL Contact Ronald F
Rtbaric, ATC. Sports Medicrne Clrntc.
Alhlcttc Dnpartmnnl. Untverstly ol
Central Florida. Orlando 32816
Update on the Diathermies, Ultra·
sound, and Electrlcal Stimulation
Course, Tuscaloosa AL Contact·
Michael J, Murnanf:. Manager of Education anr1 Training. Curnttve Rchabtlitatton Center, 9001 W Watertown
Plank Rd, Wauwatosa, Wl 53226
Broad-spectrum antifungal
Indications: Mycelex Cream and Solution
are indicated for the topical treatment of
the following dermal infections: tinea
pedis, tinea cruris, and tinea corporis due
to Trichophyton rubrum, Trichophyton
mentagrophytes, Epidermophyton
floccosum, and Microsporum canis;
candidiasis due to Candida albicans; and
tinea versicolor due ta Ma/assez/a furfur.
Contralndlcatlons: Mycelex Cream and
Solution are contraindicated in individuals
who have shawn hyparsansitivity ta any of
thair componants,
Warnlngs: Mycalex Cream and Solution
are not for ophthalmic use,
Precautions: ln the first trimester of
pregnancy, Mycelex should be used only
when considered essanlial to the welfare
of the patient.
If irritation or sensitivity develops with
the use of Mycelex, treatment should be
discontinued and appropriate therapy
Adverse Reactions: The following
adverse reactions have boen reported in
connection with the use of this product:
erythema, stinging, blistering, peeling,
edema, pruritus, urticaria, and general
irritation of the skin.
Dosage and Administration: Gently
massage sufficient Mycelex Cream or
Solution into the affected and surrounding
skin areas twice a day, in the morning and
Clinical improvement, with relief of pruritus, usually occurs within the first week of
treatment. If a patient shows no clinical improvement alter four weeks of treatment with
Mycelex, the diagnosis should be reviewed.
How Supplled: Mycelex Cream 1% is
supplied in 15 gand 30 g tubes, and
90 g package (2 x 45 g tube).
Mycelex Solution 1% is supplied in
10 ml and 30 ml plastic botties.
Store between 35'' and 86"F.
DPSC Stocked:
15 gram-NSN 6505-01-023-5011
30 gram-NSN 6505-01-015-1405
VA Stocked:
t5 gram-SN 6505-01-023-5011
30 gram-SN 6505-01-015-1405
MYCELEX Solution
DPSC Stocked:
10 mi--NSN 6505-01-015·1406
VA Stocked
10 ml-SN 6505·01·015·1406
30 ml--SN 6505-01-016-5675
lntermedlate Cybex/lsoklnetlc
Cllnlcal Workshop, La Crosse, Wl.
Contact: George J. Oavies, PT, ATC,
Orthopedie and S~Jorts Physical Therapy, 2501 Sholby Rd, La Crosse
Diagnostic and Operallve Arthroscopy Course, Vuogliamenr, Greecc.
Contact: E. Eriksson, MO, Ktr Klin Exp,
Karolinska Sjukhuset, Stockholm
Annual Dogwood Conference:
Miles Pharmaceullcals
ol M1los l Jboralones. lnc
Haven. ConnectJCul 06SlfJ USA
(Aspinn Tablcts, USP)
Enterlc Coated Tablets
Caullon-Fmlcraltaw prolnl11ts <hspensmg Wllllout prescrrpt1on
Bcfore prescrrbing, please see full prcscrrb1ng mformat1on ABrref Sum·
111ary follows
faswm is mdJcatcd
sportsmedicine calendar continued
pat1ents wl10 need the hiyhe1 15 grrtul dose of
asprrrn 111 the long·term palhat1ve treatment olnHid to moderate parn and
mlloumnatiOil of arthnt1c
othcr mflammatory concJJtmns
Easprrn should not be used 1n pitllents who have prev1ously exh1b1ted
Downloaded by [UNIVERSITY OF ADELAIDE LIBRARIES] at 06:37 25 October 2017
hypersensJIIIJity to aspu1n and/or nonsterotdal antw1llammatory dgents
Easprrn should not be g1ven to pat1ents w1tll a recent llJSiory ol gastrorn·
testrnal bleedrny or 111 patrents wrtll oleedrng dMrder> (eg, hemopll1l1a)
Easprrn Tablets should be used with cautron when antrcoagulants are
prescnbed concurrentty. lor asprrrn may depress the concentration ol
prothrombrn in plasma and thereby mcrease llleedrng tune Large doses ol
salicylates have a hypoglycemrc action and may enhance the eflect ol the
oral hypogtycemrcs. Consequently, they st1ould not be g1ven concom1·
tantly: if IJOwevor. thrs rs necessary. the dosage olt he hypoglycemie
agent must be reducod wtule the salicylate rs g1ven. Thrs hypoglycemie
actron may also attcct the msuhn rcquuements ot d1abot1cs.
Although salrcylates rn large doses are urrcosurrc agents. smaller amounts
may !lecrease ttre uncosurrc eltects ol probenecrd, sultrnpyrazone. and
Genml: Easprin Tablcts shoulrt be admrruste1ed w1th caut1on to pat10nts
w1th asthrna. nasal polyps. or nasal allorg1es
ln patrents recetvrng large doses ol asprrrn and/or prolonged therapy,
mrld salicylate IOIOXICatlon (sahcyhsm) may develop thal may be reversed
by reductron rn dosage
AlttJOugh the lecal blood loss with Easprin 1s less than thal Wllh uncoated
asprnn tablets. Easpnn Tabtets stwuld !Je arlnrrmstered wrth caution to
palrunts wrlh a hrstory of gastrrc d1stress, ulcer, or bleed1ng probtems.
Occutt gastrorntestrnal bteedrno occurs rn rnany patrents but rs not cor·
related wrtt1 yastrrc dr~tress. The amounl ol blood tost rs usually rns1gnllr·
canl chnrcally, out wrlh prolonged admrnrstrat1on. 11 may resullm iron
defrcrcnr:y anenua
Sodium excretiOiliHodt.ICed by :-;pnonolactone may he der.reased m the
presence of sahty ales
Salrcyl.ltes shoulrl be used wrth caulwn Ill pat1ents w1th severe twpatrc
damage. preexrstmg hypoprottuornbrnern1a, or V1tamrn K detrcrency, and
in lhoso undc1gorng surgery
Drug Interactions:
Anli&Oigulanll: See Warnrngs
Hypoglycemie Agents: Soe Warnrngs
Uricosurlc Agents: Aspurn may rlecreilse the etlucts of probeneml. sullrn·
pyra~one and phenylbulazone
Splronotactone: Sec above
Alcobol: Hos a sym,grstrc eltect with asprrrn rn causrng gaslrorntestrnal
Corllcosterotds: Conr:onutant ildmuHstratron w1th aspuu1may rncrease tiJe
usk of gastrotntestrn;tl ulcrtr •troll
Pynzolone Dtrlutiwesfpksn!lbutazone. oxypkanbutazonu. and poasibly
dlpyronel: Concornrlant a<Jm n1sttatron W1lh asprnn may rncrease the rrr.k
o( \)iiStromtaslu\al UICCI aiiOH
Nonsteroldal Anliinffammalory Agenla: Asprrrn '"contrarnd1cated tn pat1ents
wtlo are hypersens111ve ta
antunllammatmy agents
Urinary Alkalinlnn: Oecre;tse asptrrn ettccttvenoss by mr:reasrog the tate
ol SJhcyl.-tla reni1l excretion
Phenollarbilal: llm:reasos asprrm ellet:trvcrrtJS'i hy en1yrne inductiOn
Propranolol: Mily decrea"e asprrrn's ant11nllanunatory at:llon !Jy competrn(l
lor tho s;HTU! rec1~ptors
AniiCida: [itsllflfl sh•Juld not Il• yiven concurrentty wllh ant•r.rcts smce an
inr:rcase rn the pitot lhe stomach may allee! the enterre coat1ng ol the
Uuu• in Pregnancy: Asp1rm duos not
ta t1avc ony teratoqen1c
etlects. llowcvor. 11 has been reported thal ;Hiverse ettccts were rncreasetl
tn the ""'IIJer arul fetus tollowrng chrome rngesllon ol asprrrn. Prolonged
pregnancy anrt tabor wttlt rncreased lileedrng befwe m11l alter dellvery. as
welf as OcGrt~ast~d t11rl!l WfH(Jht n1u1 mt:reased rate uf slllltmth wero cor·
ltlilltld wllh hiUh lllumJ ~ahcylate lev~ls. Bocause nt possible allver5tl
survrval trme
Dermatologie 1nd tlvpumnslliwlly: Url~t:aoa, angroedmna. pruntus. v;mous
skrn ~rupttons: asthm.J. and anaphylaxrs.
Mtacellaneoua: Acute reversrblo hepatoloXIc•ty, mental conlus1011. rJrow"
purpura. dccreasud lJiii&IIIJ 1ro11 concentratiOn ami st101 terltld erythrocyte
Overdo~aoe of 200 tu 500 mg/kg is rn the Jatal range. Early symptoms
are CNS stlmulatron wrtlt vomrtmg, hyptHpnea. hyperactrvrty, and pos;rbly
convul51ons ThiS progresses qwckly to depressron. coma. resprratory
taJiure, and collapse These symptorns are accompanrutl by severe clec·
tl alyte drstwbances
ln the treatment of sftlicytate overdosage, rntons1ve supp0<11ve therapy
sltoulrl be lllfilltuterl rnunedrately Plasma salicylate levets should Ire me a·
sured rn arder to determine tt1e seventy of the JHHsonmg and to provale a
gurde lor thnrapy fmptyrng of the stornar:h should be acr.ompllshed as
soon as po~.s1ble wrth rpecilc synrp unlcss the patmnt rs deprcs~erl. ln
depressed patrents use arrway protected gastrrr: lavage !Jel<ty absorption
wrth activated cltarcoal and grve a saline Co thar trc Proceed accord mg to
Stan<1arrl Reference Proce<lures for Salicylate lntoxtcalron
Sports Medicine Program, Chicago.
Contact: Ronald G. Peyton. Director.
The Sports Medicine Education tnstitute. 993 Johnson Ferry Rd NE. Suite
450-D. Atlanta 30342
Clinicat Management ol Coronary
Dlsease and Dual-Mode Exerclse
Teatlng, Orlando, FL. Contact: !MEC.
Division of Postgraduate Education,
64 Inverness Dr E. Englewood, CO
Prevention and Treatment ol Athle lie InJurias Workshop, Los
Angeles. Contact Vickie D. Zomar.
National Athletic Health lnstitute. 575
E Hardy St. Suite 104. lnglewood. CA
Collage ol Famlly Phyalclans of
Canada Annual Sclentlllc A11ambly: Lita-Style olthe 80s, Toronto.
Contact: George A. Ackehurst. Director of Communications. CFPC. 4000
Leslie SI. Willowdale. Ontario M2K
International Society ol the Knee
Congrass, Perth. Scotland. Apr 28May 2. Contact: International Society
of the Knee. 70 W Hubbard SI. Sutte
202. Chicago 6061 0
Cardlac Rehabilitation, Boston.
Contact· IMEC, Division of Poslgraduate Education. 64 Inverness Dr E.
Englewood, CO 80112
Clinicat Management ol Coronary
Dlsease and Dual-Mode Exercl1e
Te1tlng, Washington. DC. Apr 29May 1 Contact: IMEC. Division of
Postgraduate Education. 64 lnverness Dr E. Englewood. CO 80112
ettocls on tho neonate and the potcnllallor mcreased maternai lllood
loss. asptrrn shoulrllle avorded r!urrng ttle last tttrce months of ~reynanLy
Gulrolnlulinal: Uy!ipr-p!::!la. nauheil, vomltlng. <h~rrhe<~. UJ'"otromtu~,tu1al
lltecomy, and/or ulceritlton.
Ear: rurnilus. vert1yo, reversible hearrng loss
Hlmalologlc: Prolonuatron of hluedlfiU trnm. leukopenra, thromhocytopen1a,
ness. sweatmg, dllllnmis. headactm. tever, llurst. and d10111ess ol
Orthopedies, Sports Medicine, and
Exerclse Physlology, Atlanta. Contact: Ronald G. Peyton. Director.
Sports Medicine Education lnstitute
lnc, 993 Johnson Ferry Rd NE. Suite
450-D. Atlanta 30342
Joint Moblllzatlon and Assoclated
Techniques Course, Wauwatosa.
Wl. Contact: Michael J. Murnane.
Manager of Education and Trarning,
Curative Rehabilitation Center. 9001
W Watertown Plank Rd. Wauwatosa,
Diagnostic and Operatlve Arthroacopy Course, Are. Sweden Contact:
E Eriksson. MD. Kir Klin Exp. Karatinska Sjukhuset. Stockholm S-1 0401
Seventh Annual Boston Marathon
Sports Medicine Semlnar, Boston.
Contact· Charlotte Lettis Richardson.
Conventures lnc. 45 Newbury St.
Boston 02116
Amerlcan Fracture A11oclallon
Annuat Meeting and Sclentlllc Program, Clearwater Beach. FL. Contact: John L. Wright. MD. Box 668.
Bloomington. IL 61701
Annual Cherry Blo11om Semlnar:
Arthroscopy and Arthroscopie
Surgery-Step by Step, Washtng·
lon. OC Contact: Mehrdad M. Malek.
MD. Naltonal Knee lnstttute. 6192
Oxon Hill Rd. Sut te 51 O. Oxon Hrll. MD
Sport• Medicine and Fllne11 Sym-.
poslum, Washington. DC Contact·
Robert P. Nirschl. MD. 3801 N Farrlax
Dr. Suite 504. Arlington. VA 22203
How to lmplement and Manage a
Flllh International Symposium on
Ski Trauma and Skllng Safety, Keystone. CO Contact Robert J John·
son. MD. Dept of Orthopedtc Surgery.
Given Building. University of Vermont.
Burtington 05405
Annual Mount Slnal Medical Center Cardlac Rehabilitation Sympo·
1lum, Milwaukee. Contact Carl Foster. PhD. Cardiac Rehabilitation Program. Mount Sinai Medtcal Center.
Box 342, Milwaukee 53201
Clinicat Management of Coronary
Dlaea1e and Dual-Mode Exercl1e
Te1t1ng, San Antonio. TX Contact:
!MEC. Division of Postgraduate Education, 64 Inverness Dr E. Englewood, CO 80112
Slxth Annual National Strength &
Condltlonlng A11oclallon National
Convention, Los Angeles. Contact:
Daria Gaston. Convention Coordinator, NSCA. Box 8141 O. Lincoln. NE
Amerlcan Collage of Sports Medlelne Annuel MHtlng, Montreal. Contact· Carol Chnstison. ACSM. 1440
Monroe St. Madison. Wl 53706
AMA Conference on Prevention ol
Dl1abllng Injuriai, Mtami. Contact:
Jane Coughlin. AMA Media Relations
Dept. 535 N Dearborn SI, Chtcago
How to lmplement and Manage a
Sport• Medicine Program, New
York City. Contact: Ronald G. Peyton,
Director. The Sports Medicine Education lnstitute. 993 Johnson Ferry Rd
NE. Suite 450-D. Atlanta 30342
$tor1QI: SJore 11 conlrollud reom 11mpmture 59• Jo 86• Fps• to 3o• C).
Div of Werner-Lambert Co
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