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Evidence based gastroenterology and hepatology
John McDonald, Andrew Burroughs, Brian Feagan
BM] Publishing 557 pps � ISBN REF 0 7279 1182 I
Despite the many journals and review articles published regularly
there remains a need for concise textbooks as postgraduate training
becomes more structured with a defined syllabus and learning objectives.
John McDonald and colleagues have produced an excellent text reflecting
the need for knowledge and practice based on sound evidence. The
contributors are recognised experts in their field, who have produced a
scholarly text offering core information combined with discussion of
more contentious areas in gastroenterology. The strength of evidence
for recommendations is clearly graded and each topic is thoroughly
referenced. The authors successfully manage to combine conciseness
with a relaxed style which will make it attractive to trainees and trainers
in the speciality. It is not the complete textbook as some aspects are
omitted, for example intestinal failure. On balance I think this volume
is a welcome and important addition "and will prove a core text for
trainees in gastroenterology.
N Reynolds
Clinical Skills
Robert Turner and Roger Blackwood
Blackwell Science 311pps ISBN REF 086542 971 5
In spite of its size the third pocket sized edition on clinical skills in the
lecture note series is an excellent reference for students and junior
doctors on hospital clinical placements. Chapters provide a relevant
introduction into evidence based medicine, and statistics and give brief
reviews of the pathophysiology in investigations and management
issues. Diagrams are clear and complement the text. The book is
comprehensive for this stage and is well laid out and will last endless
More emphasis on a patient centred approach to consultation skills,
other clinical settings and aspects of record keeping would make it a
"must buy" in a very competitive market.
J Ker
Eye KnowHow
Scott Fraser Riaz Asaria Chee Kon
BM] Publishing 223pps �.95 ISBN REF.- 0-7279 1413 8
Eye Know How is written with the non ophthalmologist in mind. It is
divided into sections which are aimed to help interpret patient
symptoms, review examination techniques and provide symptom
directed management of a differential diagnosis. It provides clear
instructions on examination techniques with no involvement of
specialist equipment. It highlights serious features and gives clear
guidelines on management and referral criteria. It is well indexed, with
a list of useful addresses and an excellent glossary of ophthalmic terms
and abbreviations. I believe this is a valuable aid for GP's, general A &
E Departments and the allied professions".
C MacEwan
Opportunities and Options in Medical Careers
Ruth Chambers Kay Mohanna, Steve Field
Radcliff Press 169pps �.95 ISBN Ref 1857754514
This book contains brief, but wise, advice regarding careers within
medicine. It examines a variety of areas, from starting out in an area of
medicine, the training requirements and what the final job might entail.
It looks at other non-conventional pathways such as less than full
time alternatives.
It provides a useful appendix for further information should any area
require to be examined in more depth. It provides a useful starting
point for undergraduate junior doctors and those wishing to consider a
change of career path.
C MacEwan
Drugs Handbook 2001
Glyn Volans and Heather Wiseman
Palgrave Publishers Ltd 196 pps ISBN REF: 0333792475
This popular little book has appeared in numerous editions since 1978
(21 in all) and is now updated for 200 I. It remains extremely helpful
for nurses, medical students and medical secretaries. Probably most
doctors will continue to use the National Formulary or MIMS.
This volume continues to fulfil the needs of a niche market.
CD Forbes
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LJIm"I' I ~.i
The Minor Illness Manual
Gina Johnson Ian Hill-Smith Chris Ellis
. '"'
Radcliffe Scientific 139pps ISBN REF I 857754824
." .
This book is the second edition, the first being published four years
ago. It was originally written by GPs in conference with practice
nurses. With their ever expanding role, it is an ideal desk top reference
for practice nurses. Often a practice nurse is the first point of contact
for patients in primary care requesting same day appointments. Four
out of every five patients do not need to be seen by a doctor, half
simply need advice, not antibiotics as many expect.
The book, which is easy to use, is divided into 'systems' sections with
relevant problems. It gives concise guidelines to follow within safe
effective practice. The formulary at the back is also a useful reference.
I wish this manual had been available during my early days as a practice
C Muir
Transoesophageal Echocardiography
Jan Poelaert and Karl Skarvan
BM] Publishing pps243 � ISBN REF: 9780727912787
The Achilles heal of cardiac ultrasound has always been the difficulty
in obtaining satisfactory transthoracic images in some patients due to
intervening lung tissue. Transoesophaeal echocardiography (TOE) does
not have this problem and provides excellent views of all the valves,
chambers and great vessels. Soon after its introduction to cardiology it
became obvious that TOE provided information of value in the
perioperative management of patients with and without cardiac disease.
This textbook provides a comprehensive overview of the use of TOE
in anaesthesia. Like many multi contributory books there is variation
in the style and quality ofthe text and illustrations but all the important
areas are covered. The valve chapters are probably not detailed enough
for cardiac anaesthetists but this textbook shout be useful for all other
anaesthetists who wish to use TOE to detect myocardial ischaemia
and monitor ventricular function peri-operatively and in the intensive
care unit.
S Pringle
Occupational Health matters in general practice
Ruth Chambers Stephen Moore Gordon Parker Andy Slovak
Radcliffe Scientific 195pps ISBN REF 1857754638
This brief, highly practical book for GPs offers an effective stimulus
to the consideration of occupational health. This is not just in the
context of the doctorlpatient relationship but also that of the GP as
employer, themselves having to comply with relevant health and safety
legislation. Sounds daunting but it does this in a quick to read, simple
and relevant way, even including some amusing cartoons! Examples of
everyday scenarios abound. As expected, the effects of work on health,
and health on work are considered, in general principles rather than in
exhaustive lists of cause and effect There is also a chapter on ethics
and confidentiality. UK Health & Safety legislation is clearly presented
including COSHH, DSE Regulations and the Management of Health
and Safety at Work Regulations, albeit in an overbrief fashion. Each
chapter ends with interactive exercises to help apply what is learnt to
your own practice and can be used as a CPD exercise. Using these
exercises as a distance learning option can even earn you up to 40 hrs
PGGA points. Certainly a good introduction to the topic in general
M Hilditch
Day Care Anaesthesia
Ian Smith
BM] Publishing 252pps ISBN REF 072791422 7
This book is part of a series examining areas of anaesthesia and acute
care medicine. Day care surgery, and therefore, anaesthesia has gained
enormous popularity over the last decade and is an area of medical
practice, which will continue to grow.
This multiauthor book examines the main areas of interest from selecting
the correct patient for the correct operation in the correct environment,
though the procedure and importantly into the post operative period
at home. It is up to date and well referenced, providing useful examples
of patient information sheets etc.
I would recommend it as essential reading for those new to the concept
and practice of care anaesthesia and surgery.
S Crofts
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