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Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology 32 (2017) 667–765
Poster Session B
Evaluation of the Equivalency of the Stanford-Binet-5 Comprehensive and Abbreviated Versions for Measuring
Intelligence in Autism
Beach J, Aita S, Taylor S, Holcombe J, Zlomke K, Hill B
Objective: This study evaluated the equivalency of the comprehensive Stanford-Binet-5 (SB5) Full Scale IQ (SB-FSIQ) and
the abbreviated SB5 two-subtest estimated Full Scale IQ (SB-ABIQ) in children with autism. Method: Participants (N = 75;
M age = 6.39,SD = 2.70; 78.7% White, 17.3% African American, 6.7% Asian; 12.0% female) completed the SB5 as part of a
larger battery of tests included in the Autism Speaks Autism Treatment Network national database. Participants in this sample
completed the full SB5 and had both a SB-FSIQ and SB-ABIQ score computed. All participants were diagnosed with autism
spectrum disorder (ASD) and were assigned standardized clinical severity ratings of mild (n = 29), moderate (n = 24), or
severe (n = 22) based on a tertile data split. Results: Spearman’s rho correlations revealed that both SB-FSIQ r(73) = −.419,
p < .01 and SB-ABIQ r(73) = −.276, p < .01 scores were significantly correlated with ASD severity ratings. Additionally,
paired-samples t-tests found a significant difference between the SB-FSIQ and SB-ABIQ scores at each level of autism severity. There were significant differences at all levels of ASD severity including mild (Mean SB-FSIQ = 83.83, SB-ABIQ =
86.79)[t(28) = −2.77, p = .01], moderate (Mean SB-FSIQ = 77.83, SB-ABIQ = 82.04)[t(23) = −2.75, p = .01], and severe
(Mean SB-FSIQ = 64.27, SB-ABIQ = 70.86)[t(28) = −4.20, p < .001]. Mean differences between SB-FSIQ and SB-ABIQ
increased with severity rating in a linear fashion. Conclusion: Though both SB-FSIQ and SB-ABIQ were significantly correlated with autism severity, our results show that the abbreviated SB5 overestimated the comprehensive battery SB5 full scale
IQ in children with autism and the effect became more pronounced as autism severity increased. Future research should
explore whether other abbreviated IQ measures are similarly affected and may not be appropriate in this population.
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