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opini n / your views
as evidenced by all the heartfelt
‘thank yous’ that staff receive
from families and friends.
We’re nursing a grievance
N McDougal
Health secretary Jeremy Hunt
told delegates at the chief
nursing officer for England’s
summit that he wants to give
nurses a pay rise (online news,
15 March).
We live in a shameful society
when MPs get paid more than
three times that of a newly
qualified nurse, plus expenses.
In my experience, MPs can’t
even be bothered replying to
emails from constituents.
Mr Hunt has only ever been
interested in selling off parts of
the NHS and setting it up for
Sean Brough
I’m a senior nurse in the mental
health sector, and Jeremy Hunt
probably spends more on his
monthly lunch allowance than
I earn for my annual wage.
He doesn’t care about us
on the front line. He has no
intention of giving nurses
a pay rise.
I would love for him to come
and work alongside me and
my team for 13-hour days, often
without breaks. He has no idea.
Natasha Draper
I am disappointed that the
government did not address
nurse pay in its spring budget
(news, 15 March). We are
professional people who work
hard amid increasing pressures
on the ward. I know people who
work as waitresses who earn
more than me.
The government does not
value us as professional people
who had to do three years of
training. Disgusting.
David Ditchfield
Nurses are
angry about
poor pay
Quality community care
In response to your story about
district nursing shortages (online
news, 14 March), I can’t speak for
elsewhere but the district nurses
in my cluster provide prompt,
high-quality end of life care
and symptom control.
Some relatives have
unreasonable expectations of
district nurses. We don’t operate
a hospice at home service,
which some expect.
The support and care given
by my palliative-focused
colleagues is highly valued,
A question of skills
The Nursing and Midwifery
Council wants to introduce a list
of skills that nurses must have at
the point of registration (analysis,
8 March). As a third-year nursing
student, I agree with all of the
proposed skills apart from
prescribing. I believe this
should be left as a separate
qualification for nurses.
I’d much prefer to have the
opportunity to practice these
skills for three years as a student,
rather than being observed for
about five tries and then signed
off as competent.
Yasmin Lerusse
Not all mentors have the skills
proposed by the Nursing and
Midwifery Council for newly
qualified nurses, so who is going
to look after students’ safely?
It all looks good on paper but
how will it work in reality when
there is no funding for courses
and no appropriate staff on
wards or in the community?
Michelle McCallum
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Last week we asked: How can nurses collaborate to improve patients’
experience of clinical trials?
Always be aware of what trials are in
your field. Trials nurses can only recruit
so many through screening! Refer on
if unsure
Be up to date on your knowledge of
current clinical trials, the intended
benefit and side effects
32 / 22 March 2017 / volume 31 number 30
Forget the stats books. Read patient
information sheets in clinics. Sit in
consults. Shadow a CRN.
The language used in research needs
to change, most books written by
statisticians & very boring. Make
research more appealing
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