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Reference Reviews
A dictionary of marketing (4th edition)
Stuart Hannabuss,
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and PageRanking and folksonomy ? respectively,
an image social website, a ranking process on
Google and a form of social tagging which
enables users to classify websites). Adding to
this, we find clusters of interconnected concepts
(using simple cross-referencing) such as
interactive marketing: this re-directs the reader
on to data and direct, e-mail and permission and
viral marketing. Another linkage hinges on the
concept of segmentation, connecting up with
central narratives such as marketing plan and
An interesting and attractive feature of the
dictionary is the way in which it picks out key
marketing scenarios and processes, dedicating
several pages (in the form of distinct box entries)
to them. Examples include marketing demand,
marketing plan, family life cycle, buyer/buying
behaviour, competition, public relations and
pricing. These are central ideas in the
professional field, unlikely to disappear for all
the fast changes taking place digitally. In fact,
they are hospitable to change, morphing like
amoebas to address and accommodate new
understandings of consumer motivation and
aspiration and new insights into interactive
marketing. By this token, then, the dictionary is
strong on traditional concepts ? like market
positioning and marketing mix, loyalty affect and
focus group, value added and propensity to buy,
high street and sampling, weaving in new terms
for new things ? like green washing (highlighting
the brand?s green credentials), flighting (media
strategy choice sensitive to seasonality) and
mindshare (the awareness and recall potential
for specific brands).
Doyle is right to point out in his helpful
introduction that organizations will continue to
need to explain themselves and what they stand
for, and this is where marketing matters. He
acknowledges the suspicion marketing instils in
many customers (manipulating children, colonizing
the global marketplace with things we think we
want but do not really need); yet, as he says,
modern marketing enables consumers to act smart,
it gives them choice and up-front information, and
protections exist in law. In a sense, never has it
been clearer that the customer is king. Marketing
uses interactive media to enable and encourage
individualized forms of consumption, and
marketing and public relations companies utilize
and exploit these subtle (and some would say
invasive) techniques to know their markets better
and get stronger market share and offer better
shareholder value. Marketing is pervasive of
business strategy and, for that reason, is best
driven by holistic coherent thinking: the box-entry
scenarios (for example, discussing marketing plan
and price transparency) are particularly good at
re-affirming this idea. A range of contextual terms
Business, management
Downloaded by California State University Fresno At 10:35 25 October 2017 (PT)
RR 2016/252
A Dictionary of Marketing (4th edition)
Charles Doyle
Oxford University Press
xiii ? 528 pp.
ISBN 978 0 19 873642 4
�.99 $20.95
Oxford Quick Reference
Also available online through Oxford Quick Reference
Keywords Dictionaries, Marketing
Review DOI 10.1108/RR-06-2016-0156
Choices should and have to be made when
presenting information about marketing. In this
fourth edition (the first appeared back in 2003,
before web and digital got going; the third
edition of 2011 was previously reviewed in these
columns [RR 2012/219]), Charles Doyle
(marketing and communications director at
Jones Lang LaSalle, the commercial real estate
company) takes a practitioner approach to
marketing, nodding to the wealth of theoretical
commentary out there. This is a down-to-earth
and practical dictionary for students studying
marketing on business courses, as well as for
professionals starting out in marketing (and its
allied services) needing a quick desk-reference
tool. At �.99, it makes both a useful addition
to the reference shelves of the public and
school/college library, as well as being within the
student price-range. It is part of the
well-established and impressive series of Oxford
Quick Reference works. More can be discovered
about this series by going to the website
The editor rightly alerts us to the changes
made for this new edition. Above all, these
changes reflect the growth of the internet for
shaping and delivering marketing products and
services. Web and digital marketing are
commonplace currently, and this emphasis is
reflected in the entries in the dictionary (which
consists conventionally and helpfully of
alphabetical entries). We find entries not only on
topics such as PayPal and Yahoo and YouTube,
pod casting and search engines but also on new
marketing practices and techniques (which in
turn have spawned neologisms such as Pinterest
Reference Reviews
Volume 30 � Number 8 � 2016 � pp. 15?16
� Emerald Group Publishing Limited � ISSN 0950-4125
Business, management
Reference Reviews
Downloaded by California State University Fresno At 10:35 25 October 2017 (PT)
Volume 30 � Number 8 � 2016 � 15-16
(like consumer society) is also offered by the
Of value, too, are the scenarios for iconic
modern brands such as BMW and Apple, Nokia
and Xerox, Coca Cola and Kellogg?s, McDonald?s
and Guinness and Heinz and even the Barack
Obama political campaign of 2008. These appear
in one of several helpful appendices. Others
provide a chronology, a listing of effective slogans
(such as Toyota?s ?Drive Your Dreams?) and a
listing of relevant web links. In the dictionary itself,
a wide range of personalities ? Steve Jobs, Michael
Porter, Nielsen and Ogilvy and others can also be
found. All in all, then, a very helpful reference
work for the marketing practitioner and student,
cannily anticipating, in a world, where such works
obsolesce speedily, a likely need for a fifth edition
in the middle term ahead and so offering it in
paperback format.
Stuart Hannabuss
Independent Reviewer and Researcher,
Aberdeen, UK
individuals of all ages that are looking to establish
a great financial foundation. Most importantly, this
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changing decisions such as college, buying a home,
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With all that has to
offer, its slight weaknesses can be overlooked. The
apps and videos that are offered are somewhat
limited and not posted consistently. In addition,
the videos provided are geared toward those
looking for a more in depth analysis of the market.
Most of these videos were linked to YouTube
which caused some inconsistency on the
availability of content. However, the currency of
information is kept up to date in regards to articles
and financial awareness. The overall layout and
navigation of is very well
structured and user-friendly. It is clearly visible
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I highly recommend using It can serve as a one stop
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Hector Vasquez
Supervisor, Reference and Circulation, James
C. Jernigan Library, Texas A&M University,
Kingsville, Texas, USA
RR 2016/253
Practical Money Skills for Life: Financial
Literacy for Everyone
Visa?s Financial Literacy Program
Foster City, CA
Last visited August 2016
Keywords Financial management, Life skills
Review DOI 10.1108/RR-08-2016-0203
Practical Money Skills for Life or is a website that was
formed by the partnership of Visa and other
consumer advocates, educators and financial
institutions. is a
finance-based website that serves as a tool for all of
personal financial needs. This website provides
valuable resources on various financial aspects for
individuals of all ages. does
a great job of following its subtitle motto of
?Financial Literacy for Everyone?.
This website is broken up into various
categories such as personal finance, for educators,
games, apps, calculators, videos and resources. It
contains a plethora of resources that can help the
everyday consumer in making financial-based
decisions. One of the most useful sections of
resources on this particular website can be
accessed from the Personal Finance tab. In this
particular section, the resources that can be found
are in relation to credit and debt, savings and
spending, life events and expert resources. This
section serves as a valuable tool and guide for
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