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Students' Quarterly Journal
June 1935
Problems in Radio Engineering. By E. T. A. Rapson, D.I.C., A.M.I.E.E.,
(Pitman. 3s. 6d. Pp. 91.)
This little book combines a collection of useful data with numerous
problems drawn from the papers of the principal College and Institution
examinations. It contains descriptive examples on the problems which
are of undoubted help to readers engaged in study, or for reference.
The text, which is exceedingly well arranged and classified, includes
examples and problems of transmitters, modulation, and frequency
control. Altogether it is an excellent little book and well worth the
modest price asked for it.
L. E. S.
The Socialization of the Electrical Supply Industry. By G. H.
(Gollancz. 3s. Cd. Pp. 104.)
This is one of a series of books setting forth the proposals of the Socialist
Party for the improvement of Commerce and Industry. The present
volume is noteworthy for its political restraint. Rather, it contains a
reasoned statement of the economics of the supply industry.
The writer is enthusiastic about the Grid scheme as far as it has gone,
and points out the saving in costs—together with the reasons for such
economy—already resulting. He shows how mismanagement retarded
the full development of the industry, and indicates the lines on which it
could progress if right thinking prevails.
The book makes interesting reading, if only for its concise marshalling
of the facts and the logical treatment it contains.
A. S.
IN the April issue it was announced that the Scottish Section hau uu
library facilities. The Committee of that Section, however, instituted a
service about a year ago, whereby the libraries at the Royal Technical
College, Glasgow, and the Heriot-Watt College, Edinburgh, are available
to Students of the I.E.E. This service, which was announced in the
September 1934 issue, is still in force and the Committee are anxious that
full use should be made of it. Full particulars can be obtained from the
librarians of the respective colleges.
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