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Sharing the September Issue
Alma Robinson
Citation: The Physics Teacher 55, 455 (2017);
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Published by the American Association of Physics Teachers
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letters and such
Sharing the September Issue
I was delighted to receive BOTH copies of The Physics Teacher’s September issue, especially the articles in the
themed collection on race and physics teaching. The Virginia
Tech physics department has created a committee to look
more closely at issues of diversity and inclusion, and I’m eager
to share these (and future) articles of this collection in our
forthcoming meetings. Thank you for taking the time to focus
on these important issues.
Alma Robinson
Instructor/Teacher in Residence
Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, VA
Correction: “Augmenting the thermal flux
experiment: A mixed reality approach with
the HoloLens”1
The first equation in column 2 of the first page of this article should have been
h = 2­ AL.
On the second page in the last paragraph before the Conclusion, the value should read hCu,lit = (3.05  0.01)W/K.
1. M. P. Strzys, S. Kapp, M. Thees, J. Kuhn, P. Lukowicz,
P. Knierim, and A. Schmidt, “Augmenting the thermal
flux experiment: A mixed reality approach with the HoloLens,”
iPhysicsLabs, Phys. Teach. 55, 376–377 (Sept. 2017).
Concerned about
the safety of your students?
Promote safety awareness and encourage safe habits with this essential manual. Appropriate for
elementary to advanced undergraduate labs.
AAPT Member Spotlight
Tony Musumba
Associate Professor, Bismarck State College
I am an associate professor of physics at Bismarck State College (BSC).
In fall 2016, I began my eighth year at
BSC. I received a BS in physics (1995)
and masters in physics (2001) from Moi
University in Kenya, and received my
PhD in physics from the University of
Texas at Dallas in 2008.
I joined AAPT when I started teaching full-time at the community college
in Bismarck. I had known about AAPT from The Physics
Teacher journal when I was an undergraduate in Kenya. My
initial reason for joining AAPT was to have access to the
physics journals and articles. However, I quickly realized that
I was getting ideas, tips, and strategies for teaching physics
and was now connected to a great community of educators
and researchers.
I have been actively involved in my local section and nationally with the American Association of Physics Teachers
(AAPT). At the local section level I serve as Section Representative of North Dakota AAPT. I recently finished a threeyear term on the AAPT National Committee on Diversity
(2013-2016). I currently serve on the national Nominating
Committee. I’ve been active in the Two Year College AAPT
Committee and also Physics Workshops for Two-Year Colleges with PIs Tom O’Kuma and Dwain Desbien. Currently I
am a member of the Partnership for Integration of Computation in Undergraduate Physics (PICUP) community working
actively at integrating computation in the undergraduate
physics curriculum.
My favorite thing about teaching physics is my interactions with my students and I learn a lot from them. My
students don’t come to physics classes totally clueless about
the physical world. I like to help students see that their previous physics knowledge is not necessarily faulty but can be
tweaked and built upon. For the last five years my students
have worked on end-of-semester projects involving video
analysis of sports, racing, running, etc. My students and colleagues at Bismarck State College have also been involved in
launching balloons to the edge of space. I enjoy working with
my physics colleagues in developing activities for physics students at the introductory level.
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THE PHYSICS TEACHER ◆ Vol. 55, November 2017
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