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Dig Dis 2013;31:5
DOI: 10.1159/000350454
The idea of Falk Symposium 185, ‘Interfaces and Controversies in Gastroenterology’, was to discuss progress in
gastroenterology, including the controversies and competition in this broad field, starting with the different
esophageal diseases and ending with colorectal cancer
and chronic inflammatory diseases. Furthermore, an important part of the symposium was the live endoscopy
from HSK in Wiesbaden: experts from Japan and across
Europe demonstrated together with our team from Wiesbaden the current standard in a high-end endoscopic center in 2012.
The different lectures demonstrated the progress in
gastroenterology as well as the synergistic interfaces between the different disciplines in an excellent way. This
issue summarizes the presentations from the meeting and
allows a larger community to participate in the demonstrated progress in gastroenterology. The scientific organizers want to thank all the contributors, the publisher
and the Falk Foundation for their support to finalize this
Christian Ell, Wiesbaden
© 2013 S. Karger AG, Basel
Falk Symposium 186
Falk Symposium 186, ‘Challenges of Liver Cirrhosis
and Tumors: Prevent It, Treat It, Manage Consequences’,
addressed the clinical problem of liver cirrhosis and its
complications. The main focus of this symposium was
hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), one of the most important and deadly sequelae of cirrhosis, the incidence rate
of which is increasing in many countries. Most appropriately, two HCC pioneers, J.M. Llovet and Jordi Bruix,
were awarded the Hans Popper Prize at this symposium
for their contributions to the field. The symposium also
covered the world-wide dominating etiopathologically
causative agents in HCC, hepatitis B and C virus, as well
as immunological and metabolic liver disorders. Finally,
important therapeutic aspects of today such as TIPS and
transplantation, as well as future antifibrotic options,
were addressed.
This issue summarizes the presentations of a very well
perceived symposium, and the organizers are thankful to
everyone who contributed to it.
Peter R. Galle, Mainz
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Falk Symposium 185
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