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«A huge bowl of frog soup». Текст к презентации

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 1) Andrew: our project is called "A huge bowl of frog soup"
Kati* If you think, that we are going to speak about cookery then you are wrong.
Andrei* Today we are going to speak about a much more important problem "Environmental pollution"
2)3)4)5) Andrei* Scientists have made an amazing experiment. They took two sauce pans. One was full of boiling water and another was with cool water slowly warming up.
Kati* They also took 2 frogs and put one of them into the sauce pan with boiling water. And what do you think the frog did?
Andrei* It jumped out immediately.
Kati* Then they took the second frog and put it in the sauce pan with cool water, slowly warming up. What do you think the frog did?
Andrei* It was swimming around till it got boiled. Amazing, isn't it?
Kati* Of course it is amazing but even more amazing is the fact that we all now are in the position of the second frog.
6)Andrei*You may not believe but everyday many thousands of factories, millions of cars and other types of transport release exhaust fumes, that cover all the surface of the Earth.
Kati* They do not just pollute the air and make it really hard to breathe, causing different diseases.
Andrei* A chemical transformation takes place in the air, and acid rains fall to the ground, poisoning water and soil.
Kati* Doesn't it look like a huge boiling sauce pan?
Andrei* Unfortunately, people have no idea how many poisonous gases they breathe in everyday.
7) Kati*Champions among them are the so called big six air pollutants.
Andrei* Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Sulfur Oxide, Nitrogen Oxide, Hydrocarbons and Particulates are the main pollutants of air.
8)Andrey:There are some other factors that add to the pollution. Kati* People throw away everything.
Andrei*The main common people's contribution to pollution is landfills,e.g. Americans throw away 200,000 tones of food waste and 1million bushels of litter Only 2% of our rubbish is actually recycled 9)Andrei*You can see what we throw out. Unfortunately, 87% of all the rubbish is non-biodegradable.
Kati*And only 13% of rubbish is biodegradable, which means that only 13% of rubbish ,we produce our nature can recycle
10) Andy:Wastewater adds a lot to pollution too. It carries dissolved of floating solids from homes, farms, businesses or industries. Katya: The source of this waste is sewage, containing chemicals, trash, cleaning liquids or detergents
Andy: All these factors turn our planet into a huge bowl of poisonous "broth" and people resemble that second frog carelessly swimming around
Katya: Hanging around, studying, working, enjoying ourselves but not thinking a lot about the environment, and maybe, one day the humanity will die because of our carelessness.
11) Andy: According to, our social survey the biggest part of the population knows very little about pollution. And there are people, who haven't even heard anything about it 12) Katya: More serious is the fact that not everybody knows about the real danger of pollution.
Andy:And also there are people who have never thought about the effects that pollution can cause. 13) Katya:Sorry to say every fourth youngster doesn't really know what can be done to fight with pollution.
Andy: But the most terrible thing about it is that 10% of elderly and mature people don't care for such measures.
14) Katya: It's a pity most of the people don't consider pollution as the most dangerous natural disaster because future of humanity depends on it.
15) Katya: Don't you think that we must stop pollution and we have to think about our environment and it's time to change our present in order to save our future>
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