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Slide 1.
Nowadays environmental pollution is much spoken about. You can hear about it on the radio and television, read about it in newspapers, magazines or on the Internet.
Unfortunately, most people think that they are not responsible for dangerous effects of environmental pollution of our planet.
Moreover, they say that they can do nothing to stop pollution.
Slide 2. We are going to show that this is the wrong position because everything big starts from tiny. When you drop some litter in the street you don't even think about the consequences. Really, what can a tiny piece of paper or one empty tin can do? But when 600000 (six hundred thousand) people living in the town do the same, everything will end up with a huge landfill of rubbish.
According to our social survey people in our town are too careless about dumping rubbish. Slide 3. As you see only 44% of people never throw rubbish in the street.
And 20%, which is every fifth person, does it always or very often. They don't realize that they add a lot to ecological problems of our city. Slide 4.
Another problem is that people don't bother to sort the rubbish they are dumping. As you can see from our survey practically nobody do it in our town. And a lot of things which could be recycled just go to landfills. In comparison, for example, in the US in 2007, 56 percent of the used paper was recovered for recycling.
Slide 5.
Landfills pollute the environment very much because most of rubbish is not biodegradable and will continue poisoning the soil for a long time. Cigarette butts do not disappear for 1-5 years.
Aluminium cans do not disappear for 500 years.
Glass bottles do not disappear for 1000000 years.
Plastic bags do not disappear for 10-20 years.
Plastic photo-containers do not disappear for 20-30 years.
Nylon fabric does not disappear for 30-40 years.
Rubber boots do not disappear for 50-80 years.
Just thing about it!!!
Slide 6.
Maybe the most dangerous consequence of landfills is harmful
gases released when fire is set to them either purposefully or by accident. Help in this case can come from trees because they are the planet's lungs. They clean the air and produce the oxygen we need to breathe. Slide 7. Our survey shows that people don't care to keep our planet green: every third person has never planted a tree and only 14% of people we asked have planted several trees.
Slide 8.
At present ozone holes at the poles are rapidly growing. If you think that it's not your fault, you are wrong.
Slide 9. As you see on the diagram, only 14% of people in our town never use aerosol sprays, and nearly half of the population always use them. Maybe they don't know that they contain CFCs (chloro-fluoro-carbons) which destroy the ozone layer. Or maybe they just don't care.
Slide 10.
Spring has come. The snow has melted and in the streets of our town you can see everything which 56% of our population was throwing away during the winter.
Slide 11.
The best thing to do in this situation is to clean the streets of our city. But half of the population never does it. And only 10% of people always do it.
Slide 12.
We think that it's high time you changed your attitude to our town. It needs your love and care.
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