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How to Choose a Good Video Converter for You

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How to Choose a Good Video Converter for You
In case you don't know what a video converter is, let's give a clear explanation of it first. A video
converter is a program that converts videos to other formats that can be played on certain devices. It is
the direct digital-to-digital data conversion of one encoding to another. The common reason that people
use this program is that their desired devices, like iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Mac, etc, cannot support
certain video formats that they want to watch on their devices. If you have this situation sometimes as
well, you may need to consider getting one.
A good HD Video Converter should be professional and powerful. It must have two main features:
converting and editing videos. For conversion, it should support multiple video formats. Currently there
are several popular types, such as MP4, MOV, AVI, HD, WMV, FLV, SWF, 3GP and MKV, etc. These video
formats are supported by most devices but there is no one device that can play all formats. This is where
a video converter is needed. With this converting program, it is easy to convert these formats mutually.
This is the main function of it.
Another main feature is that it enables users to edit videos. When people use a converter to transfer
videos, sometimes they want to customize or personalize the outputs, for example, adding watermark,
adding background music and modify the effect. A good video converter should have all these features
ready. Users should be allowed to merge several video files into one as well. For pro video editor, a good
converter means it offers the ability to let users extract audios of a video.
Apart from these two main functions, it should have a very user-friendly interface. This can give users a
very clear instruction to start. It also should be fast. No one wants to wait for hours to convert one
video. Support is also very imperative. If a video converter doesn't upgrade for years, then it's not a
good one.
Currently there are numerous converters on the market. Some are free and some are paid. We cannot
say free means bad, but paid programs have more powerful functions. A good video converter can save
huge time because of its super fast speed. It can also produce excellent quality videos. As we all know,
during the video conversion, there are some losses. A pro video converter can decrease this loss and try
to keep the original quality.
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