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1. To get to a place, to a destination: ARRIVE
2. Name of a fruit that can be red or green: APPLE
3. Part of the body between the shoulder and the hand: ARM
1. Color completely opposite to white: BLACK
2. Member of a family, if he is a boy: BROTHER
3. A boy or girl that is very young, and the mother takes care of it: BABY
1. A means of transport for 1 or 5 people that is driven by the road CAR
2. Animal that a lot of people have at home as a pet CAT
3. Place in a town or city where you go to watch a film CINEMA
1. Person that works in a hospital and heals people DOCTOR
2. Animal that lives at home and it is considered as the best friend of man DOG
3. Verb that means to move a car from one place to another DRIVE
1. A tropical animal that is very big and has got big ears and a long nose ELEPHANT
2. Number that comes after ten ELEVEN
3. Part of the face that we have got two of them EYES
F- 1. In spring you can see a lot of them in different colours in the fields FLOWERS
2. Part of the body where you put your shoes on FEET
3. A sport played by two teams of eleven players and a ball FOOTBALL
1. Name of the colour of the grass and the plants GREEN
2. Animal that has a long neck and eats leaves GIRAFFE
3. When it is very cold in winter our put those on your hands GLOVES
1. Part of the body that has a lot of hair HEAD
2. When you go on holidays, you can stay in one HOTEL
3. A building where people normally live HOUSE
1. Preposition of place that is the opposite to out IN
2. You can eat a lot of them in summer when it is very hot ICE CREAM
3. You use it with the computer or mobile phone to look for information or send e-mails INTERNET
1. Country of Asia which capital city is Tokyo JAPAN
2. You can drink it, it is the liquid of a fruit JUICE
3. Clothes for the top part of the body with buttons or a zip JACKET
1. Typical animal of Australia, with two long legs and a bag on its tummy to carry the baby KANGAROO
2. The male monarch of a country KING
3. A metallic object to open and lock a door or a car KEY
1. An acid and yellow fruit LEMON
2. Part of the body, people have got two of them and we need them to walk LEGS
3. A wild animal more dangerous than a cat with brown hair around its head LION
1. A very small animal that likes cheese MOUSE
2. Area of land higher than the rest. You can go to the beach or to the ... MOUNTAIN
3. Day of the week between Sunday and Tuesday MONDAY
1. The eleventh month of the year NOVEMBER
2. Symbol that represents ad quantity NUMBER
3. A person that takes care of the ill people and helps the doctor NURSE
1. The tenth month of the year OCTOBER
2. A sea animal with eight long arms OCTOPUS
3. It can be a fruit or a colour ORANGE
1. A man who is a police officer POLICEMAN
2. A thing to write or draw with it PENCIL
3. A person who flies a plane PILOT
1. A woman who rules a country, the wife of a king QUEEN
2. You ask this to get new information QUESTION
3. The division of an hour into four, each part of fifteen minutes QUARTER
1. A geometrical shape, with four sides, two are longer and the other two shorter RECTANGLE
2. A small animal with long ears and short back legs that likes carrots RABBIT
3. Water that falls from the clouds RAIN
1. A sweet and white substance that we put into coffee SUGAR
2. The season of the year between Summer and Winter SPRING
3. The name of a colour similar to golden SILVER
1. Clothes to cover the legs TROUSERS
2. Something to call and speak with another person in the distance TELEPHONE
3. Means of transport that arrives to the railway station TRAIN
1. You use it to protect you from the rain UMBRELLA
2. Opposite to down UP
3. Opposite to pretty or beautiful UGLY
1. Musical instrument very used in classical music VIOLIN
2. We celebrate this date on 14th February VALENTINE
3. To go to somebody's house to be with him/her VISIT
W- 1. It is the colour of the milk WHITE
2. We have them at home to look to the street from the inside WINDOW
3. Season of the year when it is very cold WINTER
1. (Contains x) We call in this way to the verb that helps us to form the negative or the interrogative form of a tense AUXILIARY
2. Musical instrument with bars of different length XYLOPHONE
3. (Contains x) Very afraid or nervous ANXIOUS
1. The opposite to old YOUNG
2. The colour of the sun YELLOW
3. It has 365 days and 12 months YEAR
1. The number previous to one ZERO
2. A place where many different animals live in a city ZOO
3. An African animal like a horse that has black and white stripes ZEBRA
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