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1. You arrive at a party with your wife. The host hasn't met her before. You introduce them to each other.
2. Somebody has just phoned you and is talking to you, but you don't know who it is.
3. Somebody has just introduced you to a person you haven't met before.
4. You want to talk to somebody who doesn't know you, but there's nobody to introduce you to him/her.
5. Somebody thanks you for your present.
6. I'm sorry I'm late.
7. Someone has asked you something, but you didn't hear what he said.
8. Your friend has offered to carry your suitcase. You accept the offer.
9. You are at a party and you have to leave early.
10. You are in England. Someone is asking you something, but you don't understand because you don't know the language very well.
11. Someone has called your telephone number by accident.
12. Your friend has a lot to do and you want to help him out.
13. Your friend has offered to carry your suitcase, but you refuse the offer.
14. Your friend wants to copy your homework, but you disagree.
15. You want to invite a friend to your birthday party.
16. You weren't sure your friend would come to your party, but he managed to made it.
17. Your friend has invited you to a party, but you can't go.
18. You want to thank your friend for inviting you to a party.
19. You want to offer your friend some more cake.
20. You want to offer your friend a drink.
21. Your friend has just wished you 'Happy New Year'.
22. You are very busy and you don't have time to water the plants. What do you ask your brother?
23. Your father is having a shower and his mobile phone is ringing. What do you offer to do?
24. You want to visit the museum with your classmates. What do you ask your parents?
25. You and your friend are at home and you don't know what to do. You have a new DVD. What do you suggest?
26. Your brother was telling you about a film he wanted to see at the cinema. He isn't at home now and your mother is looking for him. What do you say to her?
27. You are at a restaurant and you want a glass of Coke. What do you ask the waiter?
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