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Ensure-to make certain, sure of sth, sb sure of sth; guarantee sth - The book ensured his success. Please ensure that all the lights are switched off at night.
insure oneself/sb/ sth (against sth)-to protect against loss, damage; make a contract that promises to pay money in case of accident, injury, death,etc - The house is insured against fire. He insured his life for $50 000
assure-to cause to believe, tell sb sth positively or confidently - I assure u this medicine cannot harm u. They assured him of their willingness to work hard.
U know him, surely? She is somewhat too self-assured (sure of her own ability). The doctor tried to reassure the patient (comfort).The teacher lacked assurance in front of his class (strong belief in one's ability). Political-of the state, of government, of public affaires in general- He left the country for political reasons (concerning public af, the government). A political offence/crime (considered to be harmful to the state or government; of actions). She is very political in outlook (interested in/active in politics; of people).
Politic-(fml, of actions)well judged with regard to one's advantage, prudent, проницательный, благоразумный (о чел), коварный - To learn as much as possible of an enemy has always been regarded as politic. When the fight began he thought it politic to leave.
What are your politics (political opinions)? One of the new government's policies is to control public spending (plan/course of action in directing affaires). He is an outstanding politician (a person whose business is politics). The Western media invariably try to politicize any issue concerning Russia (to give a political character to). A lot of politicking preceded the choice of the new director (derog, political activity to win votes or support; политиканство).
Economics-the science of the way in which industry and trade produce and use wealth; the conditions that affect the economic success or failure of a product, company, country - He read economics at Oxford. The new developments radically changed the economics of the newspaper industry.
Economy-the economic life of the country; use of available resources in a way that saves money - The state of the economy is very worrying. Most students travel economy class.
Economic-of or relating to trade, industry and the development of wealth; profitable - The country is in a bad economic state. It is not always economic for buses to run on Sundays.
Economical-not wasteful; using no more of sth than is necessary - She is an economical housekeeper and feeds her family cheaply.
Now that Jim is out of work we'll have to economize (save money).
Responsible- trustworthy; being the cause of sth and so able to be blamed for it; having to respond to sb/sth in higher position and explain what one has done - He is a responsible person and can be trusted. Who is responsible for this mess? Vice president is directly responsible to the President.
Responsive-answering readily, responding with interest or enthusiasm - She is most responsive to kindness. The audience is responsive to new ideas.
Respondent-a person who answers questions esp in a survey; a person answering a charge in a divorce suit) - 60% of the respondents said they were opposed to the new law. His appearance in court as a respondent will do nothing to help his career.
Response (answer), irresponsible (showing lack of ability to think of the effect of his actions).
Conscience-an inner sense of right and wrong (совесть) - My conscience is clear/guilty.
Consciousness-the state of being conscious (knowing what is going on around using one's senses and mental powers); awareness - The blow caused him to lose consciousness. We want to increase students' consciousness of health issues. Conscious (awake; aware), unconscious (passed out), conscientious (of people, showing th one cares ab doing things well and thoroughly), subconscious (present at a hidden level of the mind), consciously (on purpose, intentionally).
Comprehensive-complete, full, thorough, broad, wide-ranging - This is the most comprehensive report I've read.
Comprehensible-easily understood - One often finds a writer's books more comprehensible if one knows about his life.
Incomprehensible (which cannot be understood), incomprehension (the state of not understanding).
Deduct-to take away from a total - They will deduct no less than ten pounds from your wages.
Deduce - to determine sth from general in relation to particular; to arrive at facts by reasoning - From the fact that Socrates was a man and the principle that all men are mortal I deduce that Socrates would die. Forensic scientists can deduce a great deal from the victim's remains.
Conductive-that can conduct electricity, heat, etc - Stay away from conductive connection (токопроводное соединение). conductivity
Conducive - likely to produce, helping sth to happen - Plenty of exercise is conducive to good health.
Admittance - right of entrance; the act of entering a place - As the theatre was full I was unable to gain admittance. No admittance - keep out!
Admission - entering or being allowed to enter a building, society, school; the cost of entrance; a confession - Admission to university depends on exam results. Admission is one pound. He is a coward by his own admission.
Admissible/inadmissible (that can/cannot be allowed or considered), admittedly=it must be admitted.
Decisive - marked by determination and firmness (perman. char-c, attribute) - A decisive person (answer, manner) acts quickly and often succeeds. Deciding - decisive, apocalyptic, determinative, determinant; producing the final result of a situation/event - The higher salary was the deciding factor. The injury to the key player was a decisive factor in the game. I had the deciding vote.
Decided - clear, definite; determined, sure of oneself (more set, predicat) - He is a person of decided views. He's really decided about it, he won't go. His character is very decided.
I'm undecided (in doubt), indecision (колебание, нерешительность, неуверенность; unable to decide, hesitation, wavering, irresolution), indecisiveness (hesitation0.
Credulous-too ready to believe things that people tell u and therefore easily tricked or cheated naïve, gullible, trusting - Credulous investors were persuaded to part with large sums of money.
Credible-that can be believed, convincing - Her story seems hardly credible (almost impossible to believe).
Creditable - deserving praise, approval - She won a creditable 60% of the vote. They are persons sufficiently creditable.
Incredible (unbelievable), Incredulous (showing disbelief, недоверчиво, скептически), credulity (willingness to believe, легковерие), incredulity (disbelief, скептицизм, недоверие), credentials (written proof of sb's trustworthiness).
Sensible-reasonable; practical, not fashionable, ab clothing - Do try to be sensible. It was sensible of u to lock the door. He wears sensible shoes.
Sensitive - quick to feel the effect of; easily offended, emotionally upset; having, showing awareness, sympathetic understanding - Tropical animals are extremely sensitive to cold. A writer mustn't be too sensitive to criticism. He is always sensitive to the needs of others.
Senseless (unconscious, foolish), sensitivity (ability to indicate slight changes), sensitiveness (to people).
Impressive-causing admiration, having a strong favourable effect on sb - His collection of paintings is most impressive.
Impressionable-easily influenced, affected, sensitive, впечатлительный) - They are impressionable young people. Unimpressive (producing little impression, невыразительный).
Special - not common, usual, general; more important than others; for a particular purpose - It's a school for children with special needs. She's a very special friend. You'll need a special tool to do that.
Specialist (can be used attributively to mean "pertaining to a particular area of study or knowledge", ex. specialist knowledge, specialist vocabulary) - expert (get some specialist advice)
specific (optional) - detailed and exact; relating to one particular thing, not general - What are yr specific aims? Beliefs that are specific to this part of Africa.
Impassive - showing no sign of feeling; бесстрастный, невосприимчивый - an impassive expression.
Impassioned - showing strong deep feeling; охваченный страстью, страстный, пылкий - an impassioned speech, appeal, plea.
Prodigal - wasteful, spending money too freely; extravagant - He has been prodigal with company funds.
Prodigious - tremendous, huge, enormous, great in size, amount, degree causing admiration, surprise - She wrote a truly prodigious number of novels.
Moral (n) - a practical lesson that a story, an event, an experience teaches; мораль, назидание, наставление, поучение - The moral of this story is 'Better late than never'.
Morale - confidence, heart, spirit, hope, optimism; the amount of confidence, enthusiasm, determination that sb has at a particular time; моральное состояние; боевой дух
- Morale among the troops was low.
Rational- advisable , sensible, reasonable; able to think clearly and normally - Rational behaviour, rational argument, explanation, decision. No rational person would behave like that.
Rationale - principles/reasons on which sth is based; разумное объяснение; логическое обоснование, основная причина; подоплёка - What is the rationale behind this decision?
Decent - appropriate, proper, acceptable, satisfactory; good; подходящий, пристойный, не выходящий за рамки приличия, приличный, порядочный; благопристойный - The hospital has no decent equipment. They are a decent firm to work for.
Descent - coming or going down; fall, decline, sinking; family origins, ancestry - The plane began its descent towards the airport. He traces his line of descent from the Stuart kings.
спуск; снижение; склон; скат; понижение (звука, температуры и т. п.); происхождение; поколение (по определённой линии); передача по наследству (имущества, чёрт характера); наследование; падение (моральное); внезапное нападение (особ. с моря); десант; поклонение; ослабление; колено; родословная
Effective- efficient, effectual, having the desired effect (a simple but highly effective treatment); impressive, striking, making a pleasing impression (an effective speech); happening or coming into use (effective from the 1st of April, the interest rate...)
Efficient-(of people) able to work well, competent (He revealed himself to be surprisingly practical and efficient); (of tools, machines) producing a satisfactory result without wasting time/resources, well organized, systematic, действенный, результативный, эффективный ( in ) - (We offer a fast and efficient service; more efficient use of energy)
Effectual - NOT of people, producing the intended result; efficient, effective (take effectual action); valid, binding, обязывающий, обязательный; имеющий (законную) силу
Arab noun a person from the Middle East or North Africa who speaks Arabic as a first language
Arab adjective The Arab countries include Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Egypt. арабский
Arabian noun a member of a Semitic people originally from the Arabian peninsula and surrounding territories who speaks Arabic and who inhabits much of the Middle East and northern Africa
adjective of or relating to Arabian horses relating to or associated with Arabia or its people
the Arabian peninsula
Arabian bird - сказочная птица Феникс
Arabian Nights - арабские сказки, "Тысяча и одна ночь"
Arabic noun the language of the people of the Middle East and North Africa:
There are many regional types of Arabic.
Arabic Hide phonetics
adjective relating to or characteristic of Arabs Arabic numerals
Arabesque (POSITION) noun a position in ballet dancing in which the dancer stands on one leg with the other leg held out straight behind
Arabesque (ART) noun a type of decoration based on flowers, leaves and branches which are often twisted together, found especially in Islamic art
+ Arabesque doctors - арабские медики
British noun: the people of Great Britain adjective: of or relating to or characteristic of Great Britain or its people or culture (Example: "His wife is British") британский
Brit noun a British person, a native or inhabitant of Great Britain (infml, derog) британец
Briton noun someone who comes from Great Britain, a person from Great Britain , an inhabitant of southern Britain prior to the Anglo-saxon invasions, a native or inhabitant of Great Britain adjective: characteristic of or associated with the Britons (Example: "The Briton inhabitants of England") англичанин, британец (in newspaper style)
noun: a native or inhabitant of Great Britain (Am, not used by the british) англичанин, британец
Scottish adjective (ALSO Scots) relating to Scotland шотландский; относящийся к шотландскому диалекту
Scottish dancing/music
the Scottish Highlands
Scots law Scottish accent - шотландский акцент
Scottish dialect - шотландский диалект
Scottish laird - шотландский помещик
Scots adjective, noun (ALSO Scottish) (of) the form of the English language that is spoken in Scotland:
a Scots accent, of or from Scotland, used especially of people
They still speak broad Scots even though they left Scotland twenty years ago.
His wife is Scots.
Scotch (COUNTRY) adjective (of products) of or from Scotland
Scotch (DRINK) noun a type of whisky (= a strong alcoholic drink) made in Scotland:
a bottle of Scotch
I'll have a Scotch (= a glass of Scotch).
German noun the standard German language; developed historically from West Germanic a person of German nationality adjective: of or pertaining to or characteristic of Germany or its people or language (Example: "German philosophers") of a more or less German nature; somewhat German (Example: "Germanic peoples")
1. немецкий 2. немец; немка
Germanic adjective 1 typical of German people or things:
Germanic efficiency
2 SPECIALIZED belonging or relating to the group of languages that includes German, English and Dutch:
a Germanic language германский
Roman (CITY) adjective 1 relating to the city of Rome and its empire in ancient times
2 relating to the modern city of Rome
Roman noun 1 a person who lived in Rome or the Roman Empire in ancient times:
The Romans ruled over most of Europe.
2 a person who lives in the modern city of Rome
1) римский Roman numerals - римские цифры 2) латинский Roman alphabet - латинский алфавит Roman language - латинский язык
Romany noun a gypsy, or the language of the gypsy people
1) цыган; цыганка Syn: Gypsy 2) цыганский
Romance (LANGUAGE) adjective [before noun] SPECIALIZED (of a language) developed from Latin:
French, Italian and Spanish are all Romance languages.
Romanesque adjective SPECIALIZED relating to the style of building which was common in Western and Southern Europe from the 10th to the 12th centuries
романский ( о стиле ); построенный в романском стиле
Romanesque noun a style of architecture developed in Italy and western Europe between the Roman and the Gothic styles after 1000 AD
Gaelic noun a language spoken in parts of Ireland, Scotland and, in the past, the Isle of Man any of several related languages of the Celts in Ireland and Scotland
гаэльский язык ( особ. язык шотландских кельтов )
Gaelic adjective relating to or characteristic of the Celts
Gallic adjective French or typically French
1) галльский (относящийся к Галлии или к галлам,)
2) шутл. французский
Catherine Deneuve seemed to typify cool Gallic elegance.
Idioms with adjectives of colour
go blue British English if someone goes blue, their skin becomes blue because they are cold or cannot breathe properly
black and blue MI skin that is black and blue has BRUISEs (=dark marks) on it as a result of being hit: If you do that again, I'll beat you black and blue.
blue blood someone who has blue blood is from a family of the highest social class: He has a fair bit of blue blood coursing through his veins.
out of the blue informal if something happens out of the blue, it is very unexpected
the boys in blue INFORMAL an affectionate name for the police
Big Blue TD an informal name for the computer company IBM
Blue Birds a former organization in the US for young girls who met to play games and learn practical skills
blue chip /BFSBBC blue-chip companies/shares etc companies or SHAREs that make a profit and are considered safe
Blue Cross an American medical insurance company
blue on blue used to describe an occasion during a battle or a war when a soldier, sailor, or pilot is accidentally killed by his or her own army: a 'Blue on Blue' incident which saw an RAF Tornado jet brought down by a Patriot missile
blue ribbon also blue riband British English the first prize in a competition, sometimes consisting of a small piece of blue material
blue-blooded a blue-blooded person belongs to a royal or NOBLE family
-blue-blood noun [u]
blue-collar [only before noun] BE blue-collar workers do physical work, rather than working in offices blue-eyed boy British English informal the man or boy in a group who is most liked and approved of by someone in authority
the Royal Horse Guards also The Blues a former REGIMENT (=large division of men) of the British army, called The Blues because of their blue uniform, which joined with the Royal Dragoons in 1969 to form the Blues and Royals
true-blue British English informalPPG believing completely in the ideas of the British CONSERVATIVE PARTY: a true-blue Tory
American English completely loyal to a person or idea: a true-blue friend
once in a blue moon informal very rarely: It only happens like this once in a blue moon.
to scream blue murder (=scream very loudly).
green card a document giving a foreigner permission to live and work in the United States
be green about the gills HUMOROUS to look ill and pale:
Matt was out drinking last night and he's a bit green about the gills this morning!
green with envy wishing very much that you had something that someone else has
the green-eyed monster literary JEALOUSY - often used humorously
have green fingers British English have a green thumb American English to be good at making plants grow
the green stuff American English informal money
give somebody/something the green light to allow a project, plan etc to begin: The government has given the green light to Sunday trading.
the green room the room in a theatre, television STUDIO etc in which performers wait when they are not on stage performing
greenhouse effect [sg] SGE the gradual warming of the air surrounding the Earth as a result of heat being trapped by POLLUTION RED
go/turn red if you go red, your face becomes a bright pink colour, especially because you are embarrassed or angry Every time you mention his name, she goes bright red.
like a red rag to a bull British English also like waving a red flag in front of a bull American English very likely to make someone angry or upset: Just mentioning his ex-wife's name was like a red rag to a bull.
roll out the red carpet/give somebody the red carpet treatment to give special treatment to an important visitor
paint the town (red) informalDL to go out to bars, clubs etc to enjoy yourself
be in the red informalBF to owe more money than you have This is the airline's fourth straight year in the red.
see red to become very angry: The thought of Pierre with Nicole had made her see red.
red card [c]DSF a red card held up by the REFEREE in a football match, to show that a player has done something against the rules and will not be allowed to play for the rest of the game the Red Crescent an organization in Muslim countries that helps people who are suffering as a result of war, floods, disease etc
the Red Cross an international organization that helps people who are suffering as a result of war, floods, disease etc
take the red eye American English informalTTA to take a journey in a plane that continues all night: I took the red eye to LA.
red herring [c] a fact, idea or subject that takes people's attention away from the central point being considered:
The police investigated many clues, but they were all red herrings.
red tape [u]PGO official rules that seem unnecessary and prevent things from being done quickly and easily: a procedure surrounded by bureaucracy and red tape
The new rules should help cut the red tape for farmers.
red-blooded male/Englishman/American etc used to emphasize that someone has all of the qualities that a typical man, Englishman etc is supposed to have - used humorously
red-faced embarrassed or ashamed: Red-faced officials ordered an investigation into the accident.
catch somebody red-handedSCC to catch someone at the moment when they are doing something wrong: Earl was caught red-handed taking the money.
not a red cent US INFORMAL no money at all:
It turns out his paintings aren't worth a red cent.
yellow-bellied informal not brave [= cowardly]
sticky note also yellow sticky [c] a small piece of paper, often yellow in colour, that you can stick to things. Stickies are often used for leaving messages [= Post-it Note]
yellow card [c]DSF a yellow card held up by a football REFEREE to show that a player has done something wrong yellow line [c]TTR a line of yellow paint along the edge of a street in Britain which means you can only park your car for a short time or at particular times double yellow lines (=two lines of paint that mean you cannot park there at any time)
the Yellow Pages noun [S] TRADEMARK a large, yellow book which contains the addresses and telephone numbers of businesses and people offering services, listing them in groups according to what type of business they are
black look noun [C] when your face is full of anger and hate:
She gave me a black look.
be black with soot/dirt/age etc very dirty
not be as black as you are painted not to be as bad as people say you are
paint a black picture of sth/sb to describe a situation or person as extremely bad
be in the blackBF to have money in your bank account
black out phrasal verbMI to become UNCONSCIOUS [= faint, pass out]: For a few seconds, he thought he was going to black out.
in black and white in written form, and therefore definite: Once it's down in black and white, you can't forget it.
black art [c] also the black arts [pl] = black magic [u] ROM magic that is believed to use the power of the Devil for evil purposes black comedy [u and c] AMAP a play, story etc that is funny, but also shows the unpleasant side of human life
black economy [sg] BE business activity that takes place secretly, especially in order to avoid tax
black eye [c]MI if you have a black eye, you have a dark area around your eye because you have been hit: Jack looked like someone had given him a black eye.
black humour [u] jokes or funny stories that deal with the unpleasant parts of human life
black market [c]SCCB the system by which people illegally buy and sell foreign money, goods that are difficult to obtain etc There was a thriving black market in foreign currency.
Many foods were only available on the black market.
black market cigarettes
Black Monday 1 Monday, 19 October 1987, the day on which SHARE prices on the STOCK EXCHANGE suddenly fell by a large amount, and many people lost a lot of money
2 Monday, 28 October 1929, the day on which share prices on the Stock Exchange suddenly fell by a large amount, leading to the GREAT DEPRESSION of the 1930s
black pudding [u and c] British EnglishDF a kind of thick dark SAUSAGE made from animal blood and fat
black sheep [c usu sg] someone who is regarded by other members of their family or group as a failure or embarrassment: Amy's always been the black sheep of the family.
black widow [c]HBI a very poisonous type of SPIDER that is black with red marks
black-tie DCC a black-tie event is one at which people wear special formal clothes, such as TUXEDOs (dinner jacket) for men
Penny Black [c]the first British stamp for sticking on envelopes. It was introduced in 1840, and its value was one penny, which was the cost of sending a letter by post in Britain. The stamp shows the head of Queen VICTORIA on a dark background, and stamp collectors consider it to be very important, although it is not the rarest British stamp.
the White Cliffs of Dover the white cliffs made of CHALK, which are the first part of England that you see when crossing the ENGLISH CHANNEL from France
white elephant [c] something that is completely useless, although it may have cost a lot of money: When the theatre first opened it was widely regarded as a white elephant.
white flag [c] a sign that you accept that you have failed or been defeated wave/raise/show etc the white flag Despite the loss, the team refuses to wave the white flag and give up on the season
white-collarBESS [only before noun] white-collar workers have jobs in offices, banks etc rather than jobs working in factories, building things etc white goods [pl] British Englishequipment used in the home, for example washing machines and REFRIGERATORs the White PagesTCT the white part of a telephone DIRECTORY in the US with the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of people with telephones white lie noun [C] a lie that is told in order to be polite or to stop someone from being upset by the truth
white magic noun [U] magic which is used only to do good things
white-tie describes a social occasion at which men wear formal clothes including a white bow tie: a white-tie diplomatic reception
white wedding noun [C]a traditional Christian marriage in a church, at which the woman who is getting married wears a white dress: She wants a proper white wedding.
black-and-white describes a subject or situation in which it is easy to understand what is right and wrong:Disarmament isn't a black-and-white issue for me.
(as) white as a sheet If someone is (as) white as a sheet, their face is very pale, usually because of illness, shock or fear.
pink-collar jobs/workers/industries etc especially American EnglishBECSS low-paid jobs done mainly by women, for example in offices and restaurants, or the women who do these jobs
be tickled pink (=be very pleased or amused) The kids were tickled pink to see you on TV!
the Pink Panther 1 a character in humorous CARTOON films who is a pink PANTHER (=a large wild animal of the cat family). The music from the cartoon, the "Pink Panther theme", is very well known.
2 a valuable jewel which is stolen in a series of humorous films about a French police officer called Inspector CLOUSEAU. The first of these films is called The Pink Panther.
pink slip [c] American English informal 1 an official document that proves that you own a particular car
2 a written warning you get when your job is going to end because there is not enough work
pink-slip verb [T often passive] US INFORMAL to get rid of someone or something that is no longer needed
in the pink MAINLY HUMOROUS in very good health
brown-bag verb [I or T] US to take your own food to eat during the day, usually in a brown paper bag: The park has become a place where office workers brown-bag it and take leisurely strolls. brown-bag lunch:
There are as many brown-bag lunches eaten today as lunches in restaurants.
brown goods [pl]TD British EnglishPEB electrical goods that provide entertainment at home, such as televisions and computers
brown rice [u]DF rice that still has its outer layer
brown sugar [u] a type of sugar that is brown in colour and contains MOLASSES
brown-nose [i and t] informal to try to make someone in authority like you by being very nice to them - used in order to show disapproval
brown-noser noun [c]
hash browns [pl] DFF potatoes that are cut into very small pieces, pressed together, and cooked in oil
Brown University an old and respected US university, established in 1764, in Providence, Rhode Island
the Emerald Isle a name for Ireland, used in literature, often humorously. It is called this because the countryside is very green.
emerald (green) (COLOUR) noun [U] a bright green colour
emerald green eyes
ensure гарантировать, обеспечивать
assure уверять; заверять кого-л.; убеждать
insure страховать, застраховывать
politic 1) а) проницательный, благоразумный ( о человеке ) б) лукавый, коварный, хитроумный Syn: scheming , crafty , cunning 2) обдуманный, расчетливый ( о плане, схеме, замысле ) Syn: deliberate , well-considered
political политический
economics экономика, экономическая теория, экономическая наука
economy бережливость, расчет, расчетливость, экономия Syn: thrift , frugality
economic экономический
economical бережливый, расчетливый, экономичный, экономный
responsible ответственный
responsive 1) ответный Syn: reciprocal 2) отзывчивый, чуткий; поддающийся ( влиянию и т.д. )
respondent отвечающий; реагирующий
conscience совесть
consciousness сознание
comprehensive всесторонний, полный, всеобъемлющий Syn: exhaustive , inclusive , all-round , thorough
comprehensible понятный, постижимый, ясный Syn: intelligible , understandable
deduct вычитать, отнимать
deduce приходить к заключению, сделать вывод
conductive проводящий (that can conduct heat or electricity)
conducive благоприятный, подходящий; способствующий Syn: favorable
admittance вход, доступ Syn: access
admission допущение, принятие; прием ( в учебное заведение, клуб, общество и т. п. )
decisive твердый, решительный ( о характере, человеке ) Syn: unhesitating , resolute , determined
deciding решающий, определяющий; бесповоротный, окончательный,Syn: apocalyptic , apocalyptical , determinative , determinant, crutial
decided точный, определенный, решенный; бесспорный, несомненный, ясный, явный Syn: settled , certain 1., definite , unquestionable , indisputable
credulous доверчивый, легковерный
credible вероятный, правдоподобныйSyn: believable creditable 1) заслуживающий доверия 2) похвальный, делающий честь кому-л.
sensible благоразумный, здравомыслящий; здравый; осмысленный Syn: reasonable , sane
sensitive чувствительный
impressive производящий глубокое впечатление; впечатляющий; выразительный
impressionable восприимчивый, впечатлительный, чувствительный Syn: sensitive
special особый, особенный, специальный, необычный, отличающийся каким-л. особым качествомSyn: particular, peculiar specialist adj belonginh to a particular area of study or knowledge: e.g. specialist vocabulary
specific 1) a) специфический Syn: special , particular б) характерный; своеобразный; необычный Syn: peculiar в) индивидуальный 2) особый, специальный; отдельный 3) определенный, конкретный; точный Syn: exact , precise , definite 4) видовой
impassiveневозмутимый, бесстрастный; безмятежный, спокойный Syn: apathetic , indifferent , insensible , phlegmatic , dispassionate , passionless , serene
impassioned охваченный страстью, страстный, пылкий Syn: passionate
prodigalнеэкономный, расточительный Syn: wasteful
prodigious чрезмерный, непомерный, очень большой Syn: tremendous , huge , enormous
moral мораль, назидание, наставление, поучение Syn: lesson moraleморальное состояние; боевой дух
rational разумный; рациональный, целесообразный Syn: advisable , sensible
rationale 1) разумное объяснение; логическое обоснование 2) основная причина
decent подходящий, пристойный, не выходящий за рамки приличия, приличный, порядочный; благопристойный Syn: appropriate descent 1) понижение, падение Syn: fall , decline , sinking 2) происхождение Syn: ancestry , origine , pedigree
effective 1) действенный, результативный, эффективный Syn: efficient , effectual 2) эффектный, броский, поражающий Syn: impressive , striking
efficient 1) рациональный, целесообразный Syn: expedient , advisable 2) умелый, подготовленный, квалифицированный ( о человеке ); знающий своё дело Syn: competent
effectual обязывающий, обязательный; имеющий (законную) силу Syn: valid , binding 
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