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Metro UK – March 29, 2018

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Thursday, March 29, 2018
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Sin City: London’s
lucrative property
market is said to
have become a
magnet for foreign
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n Is this the greatest selfie that’s ever been taken?
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Inquiry into property bought with dirty cash
THE use of foreign ‘dirty money’ to
buy luxury homes in Britain is to be
investigated by MPs, amid rising
tensions with the Kremlin over the
Salisbury poisoning.
Claims that criminals and corrupt
leaders have invested £4.4billion in
property here will be examined by
the Treasury select committee.
Starting today, the group of MPs
will consider ways to strengthen
laws so buyers have to show where
cash has come from.
Buyers from the United Arab
Emirates have spent £1.7billion of
‘suspicious wealth’ on UK property,
with Russians in second place on
£942million, according to figures
from pressure group Transparency
International UK.
Lax rules are said to have allowed
corrupt Russian tycoons, like the
characters in fictional TV drama
McMafia, to spend ill-gotten gains
with no questions asked.
Tory MP Nicky Morgan, who
chairs the committee, appeared to
hint yesterday that the Salisbury
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n Council tax bills are set to rocket by 5%
Friday, March 16, 2018
T h e wo r l d ’ s m o sT p o pu l a r fre e n e ws pap e r
n Trump, Macron and
n Allies condemn use of
Merkel unite with May nerve agent as America
to point finger at Russia reveals tough sanctions
RUSSIA found itself out in the cold last
night as European allies and the US
backed Britain by blaming the poisoning in Salisbury on Vladimir Putin.
The Kremlin was condemned in a
joint statement issued by Donald
Trump, French president Emmanuel
Macron, German chancellor Angela
Merkel and Theresa May.
The foursome said an attempted
assassination by Russia was the only
by domINIc yEATmAN
‘plausible explanation’ for the attack
on former spy Sergei Skripal and his
daughter Yulia.
And they denounced the ‘first offensive use of a nerve agent in Europe since
the Second World War’.
Mr Trump chose yesterday to sign off
financial sanctions against five Russian
institutions and 19 individuals accused
of meddling in the 2016 US election. He
told reporters: ‘It certainly looks like
the Russians are behind the poisoning.
‘It’s something that should never
ever happen and we are taking it very
seriously, as I think are many others.’
Russia called the claims from the four
leaders ‘completely insane’. Mr Putin
– on the election campaign trail – held
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Theresa May,
Donald Trump,
Macron and
Angela Merkel
speaks at a
youth event
in Moscow
your guide to all the weekend football action
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Tensions: Metro’s March 16 report
2 METRO Thursday, March 29, 2018
Steepest rise in 14 years but town hall leaders warn of further cuts to services
HOUSEHOLDS are about to be hit
with the steepest rise in their council
tax for 14 years.
The inflation-busting increase will
see bills go up by an average of 5.1 per
cent for the coming financial year,
which starts next week.
The typical band D household will
have to pay an extra £81, including
about £30 to plug shortfalls in funding
for social care.
Nearly £2billion extra will be raised
as town halls take advantage of new
freedoms to raise bills by up to 5.99
per cent. Council leaders, who faced
tougher caps in the first few years
after the Tories took power, said
they now had little choice but to
demand more cash as they
struggle to balance the books.
Local Government Association chairman Lord Porter
warned that services would
still have to be cut.
‘Since 2010, council
tax bills have risen by
less than inflation and
other key household
bills,’ he said. ‘The extra income this
year will help offset some of the
financial pressures but the reality
is that many councils are now
beyond the point where council tax income can be expected
to plug the growing funding
gaps they face.
‘This means councils will
have to continue to cut back
services or stop some altogether
to plug funding gaps.’
The rise is the highest since
2004/5 but communities secretary Sajid Javid (pictured)
said bills had fallen under the Tories
when inflation is taken into account.
‘Council tax in England is 7.6 per
cent lower in real terms than it was
when we came to government,’ he
said. ‘Under the last Labour government council tax doubled and in
Labour-run Wales it has trebled.’
Labour’s shadow communities secretary Andrew Gwynne said: ‘This
shows that under the Tories, you pay
more for less.
‘Over the last eight years, council
budgets have been reduced by 50 per
cent and services cut.’ Average band
D council tax bills in shire areas will
be the highest at £1,749, up by £86,
according to figures from Mr Javid’s
department for housing, communities
and local government.
In London, households in similar
properties will have to pay £1,405, an
increase of £55.
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Gridlock: Frustrated workers queue to get into Canary Wharf Tube station last night
Commuters swarm on station
as strike prompts train chaos
RUSH hour commuters got nowhere
fast amid strike chaos last night.
Huge queues formed at Canary
Wharf Tube station in London, with
passengers seeking an alternative
route after the walkout hit
Docklands Light Railway services.
The strike, over issues including an
alleged ‘comprehensive breakdown
in industrial relations’, led to
’views’ to 65700
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disruption all day. Talks between the
RMT union and the DLR’s operator
KeolisAmey Docklands broke down
on Monday.
RMT general secretary Mick Cash
said the impact of the walkout was
‘entirely down to the company’.
A second strike, to coincide with
the London marathon, is planned
for next month.
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Thursday, March 29, 2018 METRO 3
DUA LIPA really was Hotter Than
Hell as she turned up the heat
against music industry sexism.
She suggested New Rules should
be put in place when it comes to
how women are treated. ‘For a
female artist, it takes a lot more
to be taken seriously if
you’re not sat down
at a piano or
with a
guitar,’ Dua fumed. ‘For a male
artist, people instantly assume
they write their own music, but for
women, they assume it’s all
And the 22-year-old assured fans
she is hard at work penning the
follow-up to her self-titled debut
album. ‘It’s very much dance
crying,’ she told GQ magazine. ‘It is
a pop album that you’re going to be
able to dance to, but a lot of
the songs are sad. They’re
about heartbreak and
they’re about going
through some emotional
manipulation.’ The full
interview is in May’s GQ,
on sale next Thursday.
Brassed off!
Viola player
victory over
hearing loss
rk on her n
hich she described as
‘dance crying’
A LEADING viola player who says
his hearing was irreparably damaged
by loud music during rehearsals has
won a landmark case against the
Royal Opera House.
In the first case of its kind, which
could have huge implications for live
music, Christopher Goldscheider, 45,
told London’s High Court he was
exposed to unacceptable noise levels
at the Covent Garden venue in 2012.
The musician, from Biggleswade,
Bedfordshire, said he suffered
‘acoustic shock’ and became unwell
after sitting in front of an 18-strong
brass section during rehearsals for
Wagner’s Ring cycle.
His claim for lost earnings alone is
allmostt £750,0
000. The courtt heard
d Mr
Goldscheider was exposed to
an average levell off 91
decibels over three
hours and that, despite
Viola player
was placed
in front of the
brass section
wearing earplugs, this gave rise to a
‘substantial risk of injury’. He added
that his symptoms emerged if he
entered ‘a loud environment’ and he
was ‘susceptible to vibrations’.
The ROH Covent Garden Foundation contended that his condition was
not caused by playing in the orchestra. It saiid he had
d been proviided
d wiith
ear protection and the opera house
d gone ‘as far and, if anything, further than the reasonable employer’ to
reduce noise levels.
Yesterday Mrs Justice Nicola Davies found in favour of Mr Goldscheider. The foundation was in breach off
noise at work rules, she said. Damages will be assessed at a later date.
4 METRO Thursday, March 29, 2018
The Doctor will see you
finally... after 50 years
Dr Who
script was
thrown out
50 years
THE script for the very first
episode of Doctor Who – rescued
from a skip 50 years ago – is
coming under the hammer.
The 43-page document was
owned by William Hartnell, the
first Doctor, and still has his
annotations in blue pencil. He
played the role from 1963 to 1966.
The current owner of the script
was eight when he was given the
rare piece of TV memorabilia.
His grandfather worked for a
building firm that had been
renovating Hartnell’s former
home in Mayfield, East Sussex,
and found the script, called An
Unearthly Child, among the
rubbish. The owner, who declined
to be identified, unveiled his
treasure on the BBC’s Antiques
Roadshow last year, saying:
‘William Hartnell had just moved
out and this was being thrown
out. My grandfather gave me it
because I was a Doctor Who fan.’
Expert Chris Yeo told him: ‘It’s
the DNA of Doctor Who, the
genesis of the programme, which
makes it very important.’
The script for the episode, aired
on November 23, 1963, is being
sold through Dudley-based
Aston’s Auctioneers on May 3. It
has been given an estimate of
£5,000 to £7,000.
Unearthly-ed: The script for
Unearthly Child, with
Hartnell’s notes PICTURES: BNPS
He, she, now
us... all city’s
residents can
get gender ID
A COUNCIL which gave staff ‘gender
ID badges’ to show whether they preferred to be called ‘he’, ‘she’, or ‘their’
has widened the scheme to the public.
Brighton and Hove council launched
badges for workers which read ‘My Pronouns are’, followed by the three options
– or a blank space to fill in their own
choice of self-description.
Now the tags are available to residents
as part of the #MyPronounsAre campaign to raise awareness of trans and
non-binary people.
Tessa Marshall, the University of
adviser, said the university will hand out
the badges to students after Easter.
‘Not making assumptions and taking
the responsibility to find out how someone should be addressed benefits us all
and is integral to supporting and respecting our colleagues, students and visitors,’ she said.
The council said its scheme was also
timed to mark the global Trans Day of
Visibility on Saturday.
Brighton councillor Emma Daniel
said: ‘We all define our own gender and
we should respect other people’s identities, and rights. Now there is more freedom and safety to be ourselves. But
there’s still more to do.
‘Who a person is may not match what
you expect and may not be defined easily. If someone’s pronouns differ from
what you assume, it’s for you to adapt
and it’s ok to ask.
‘We’re proud of being a diverse city,
and the council is committed to equality
and inclusion for all people. Read the
badge, respect people; it’s that easy.’
The move follows the example set last
year by HSBC bank, which introduced
10 gender-neutral titles for trans and
non-binary customers, allowing them to
choose between Mx, Ind, M, Mre, Msr,
Myr, Pr, Sai, Ser or Misc.
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Thursday, March 29, 2018 METRO 5
Watch out Chloe... hot felon’s ex
has warning for ‘pregnant’ heiress
TOPSHOP heiress Chloe Green is
believed to be expecting a child
with her partner Jeremy Meeks,
known as the ‘hot felon’.
But the report has led to a
warning for Sir Philip Green’s
daughter from Mr Meeks’s
estranged wife Melissa.
The 37-year-old, who has a nineyear-old son, Jeremy Jr, with the
convict-turned-model, believes the
former Made In Chelsea star is
being ‘played’.
A source said: ‘Melissa knows
this game that Jeremy is running
on Chloe. She’s been through it.
While Jeremy was running the
streets, she was taking care of
their children and working
hard. He’s put Chloe right
where he wanted her to make
his move.’
Melissa (pictured) ended
her eight-year marriage to
Mr Meeks, 34, last
October. The ex-gang
member shot to fame in
2014 when a police
mugshot, taken after his arrest for
gun possession, went viral. He
landed a modelling contract
on his release from jail in
2016. He and Ms Green,
27, have been dating since
last May, and days ago he
fuelled speculation he was
about to propose when he
was pictured at a Beverly
Hills jewellers. Neither
Ms Green nor Mr
Meeks was available
for comment.
Search for Hatton
Garden ‘kingpin’:
Police arrest man
POLICE hunting the mastermind of
the £35million Hatton Garden jewellery heist have arrested a 57-year-old
man in north London.
Six men, aged from 58 to 76, were
jailed for the 2015 Easter weekend
raid, but the ringleader – known as
‘Basil’ –was never caught.
He is said to be an ‘eccentric’ who
spent years planning the heist and may
have made off with up to £10million.
Sources say his identity was known
only to two members of the gang –
Brian Reader, now 79, and Terry Perkins (right), who died aged 69 in jail.
Scotland Yard’s Flying Squad seized
the suspect on suspicion of ‘non-residential burglary’ in a dawn raid yesterday in Islington, the London borough
where the gang planned the heist.
‘A number of items were seized
from the address,’ said a spokesman. ‘The man remains in
Gem of a story: How
Metro reported raid
custody in a north
London police
caught on CCTV
wearing a face
mask, large hat
and ginger wig
during the raid
headquarters of Hatton Garden Safety
Deposit. He is thought to have had
keys to the building and let the gang in
after disabling the alarm system.
Once inside, gang members abseiled
down a lift shaft and drilled through a
20in thick wall to carry out what was
described in court as the ‘largest burglary in English legal history’.
Up to 73 safety deposit boxes containing gold, sapphires and diamonds
were prised open on the Bank Holiday
Monday. Pearls worth £3million were
stolen from one box alone. Police
believe gems worth millions have
never been recovered
Perkins, one of those jailed in 2016
for between 21 months and seven
years, died a week after a court ordered
him and three other gang members to
pay back £27.5million, or face another
seven years in jail.
Judge Christopher Kinch said it was
‘difficult to endorse any particular
treatment’ for those who chose to
commit offences at an advanced age.
6 METRO Thursday, March 29, 2018
Thousands pay tribute to comic legend Sir Ken
FANS, celebrities and dignitaries gathered in their thousands to say a final
‘tatty-bye’ to much-loved comedian
Sir Ken Dodd yesterday.
Stars including Jimmy Tarbuck,
Claire Sweeney, Ricky Tomlinson and
Tom O’Connor paid their final respects
Widow: Lady
Anne Dodd
arrives for the
dressed as
watch hearse
leave service
Ash earlier this month aged 90, as
‘perhaps our city’s greatest hero’.
Irish comic Jimmy Cricket paid tribute to ‘one of the most different, original, innovative and gifted comedians’.
Close friend and author John Fisher
said Sir Ken was ‘a life-enhancing
to the comic at a ceremony in Liverpool Cathedral.
The cathedral, which has a capacity
of 2,700, was full, with children dressed
as his trademark Diddymen among the
congregation. Hundred
ds more
watched the service on
screen outside.
Fans lined the streets a
bearing his coffin, with a
bouquet of yellow sunflowers, made its way to
the cathedral.
Tickling sticks lined
approach to the cathed
and were placed on lan
marks, including The Be
From us to you: Fans left tickling stick
statue on the Pier Head, in
ute to the entertainer.
tributes on statue of The Beatles
Tarbuck described Sir
who died at his home in
force of nature’.. He
by saying: ‘We’ll never see the
Ken Dodd again. Thank you Sir
reference to the length of the
edian’s shows, Canon Myles
ies, acting dean of Liverpool,
ed that the congregation would
ot ‘be missing the last bus home’.
However, the service did, somewhat fittingly, run for 30 minutes longer than expected.
The coffin was followed by
Diddymen as it was carried out
he cathedral to applause.
private interment was due to
the ceremony.
Thursday, March 29, 2018 METRO 7
Trademark: One of
Sir Ken’s famous
Diddymen rides
alongside his coffin
Wave: Liverpool comedian Tom O’Connor
Brookside star
Claire Sweeney
Tarby hailed
Red tie: Ex
Liverpool FC
star Ian St
hing triibutte: Jimmy Criickkett
and his wife May Marion
Telly boss: Lord
Michael Grade
Roylety: The
Tickled: Comic Johnny
Vegas manages a smile
Thursday, March 29, 2018 METRO 9
UK ‘is destination of choice
for laundering dirty money’
» Continued from Page 1
Top table: Vladimir Putin leads a
cabinet meeting PICTURE: AP
Family fears
Skripals have
just 1% hope
of recovery
Yulia and
after the
THE niece of poisoned spy Sergei
Skripal said her uncle and cousin have
only about a one per cent chance of
Viktoria Skripal said the prognosis for
the former Russian double agent and his
daughter Yulia ‘really isn’t good’, as
they remain in a critical condition after
the nerve agent attack in Salisbury.
She said the family had not told Mr
Skripal’s mother about the poisoning.
‘Out of 99 per cent I have maybe one
per cent of hope,’ she told the BBC.
‘Whatever it was, has given them a very
small chance of survival. They’re going
to be invalids for the rest of their lives.
‘The first priority was to protect our
granny so that she wouldn’t hear or find
out anything.’
Her comments came as countries
across the world joined the UK in diplomatic action against Russia, which has
been blamed for the attack.
Last night Met Police said it was
believed the Skripals first came into
contact with the nerve agent novichok at
home. Specialists have identified the
highest concentration, so far, on the
front door, it said. Russia denies poisoning the pair, and the foreign ministry has
suggested the ‘possible involvement’ of
British special services – Moscow’s
bluntest accusation yet of foul play by
the UK. Moscow said Britain’s failure to
provide evidence suggests the poisoning
was a ‘major political provocation’.
British officials have rejected such
claims as nonsense.
The Russian embassy in London
responded to claims by officials that
more than 20 different stories had come
out of Moscow since the attack to ‘try
and confuse the picture’. A statement on
its website read: ‘This only confirms the
openness of the Russian society and the
independence of Russian media.’
It added: ‘Let’s also not forget that at
least five different versions of the poisoning have been “leaked” by the police
to British media: the Skripals were either
poisoned in a pub, or in a restaurant, or
in their car, or by putting the chemical
into Ms Skripal’s suitcase, or by smearing their door handle.’
incident had played a part in
prompting the inquiry. She said:
‘Given the threats that face the
UK, the effectiveness of the
regimes that we use to protect our
financial system from misuse have
never been more important.
‘It has been claimed that the UK,
particularly the London property
market, is becoming a destination
of choice to launder the proceeds
of overseas crime and corruption –
so-called “dirty money”.’
Russian president Vladimir
Putin, who led a cabinet meeting
yesterday, has faced claims that he
is propped up by shady oligarchs
with wealth stashed in London.
After former KGB colonel Sergei
Skripal was poisoned in Salisbury,
Theresa May vowed to pursue
‘criminals and corrupt elites’.
But Labour pointed out that not
one prosecution was brought last
year for failure to prevent money
laundering. The Russian embassy
in London welcomed moves to
crack down but questioned if it was
part of an ‘anti-Russia’ campaign.
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Thursday, March 29, 2018 METRO 11
‘Women can
sleep safe’ as
Worboys to
remain in jail
THE decision to release black-cab rapist
John Worboys from prison was overturned yesterday by the High Court.
Three judges ruled that the Parole
Board must make a ‘fresh determination’ in the case of the serial sex attacker
following a challenge by victims.
Sir Brian Leveson, Mr Justice Jay and
Mr Justice Garnham said the board
should have ‘undertaken further inquiry
into the circumstances of his offending’.
They announced that the ‘release decision will be quashed’ and the case
‘remitted to the Parole Board before a
differently constituted panel’.
Parole Board chairman Nick Hardwick (pictured) resigned before the ruling, apologising ‘for the mistakes that
were made in this case’.
Victims of 60-year-old Worboys welcomed the ruling but said they still feel
‘let down’ by the justice system.
Kim Harrison of law firm Slater and
Gordon, which represented 11 women,
said: ‘Our clients are delighted and deeply
relieved by today’s decision to overturn
the release of this dangerous man.
‘We have said all along that Worboys
is a manipulative and calculating individual who conned the Parole Board
into granting his release.
‘Our clients, who have been
terrified that he will track them
down after his release, can now
sleep easy in their beds safe in
the knowledge that this
serial sex offender
will be kept in jail
where he belongs.’
Another lawyer
for the women
Storm: Metro front page on Worboys
said justice secretary David Gauke
‘bears some responsibility’ for the failings in the case. Phillippa Kaufmann
QC said it was the Ministry of Justice
which was responsible for putting the
dossier of evidence before the Parole
Board. She also said it was ‘disappointing’ that Mr Hardwick appeared to have
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been made a ‘scapegoat’, when there
was a ‘systemic failure’.
Lawyers for the two unnamed women
who brought the challenge argued during a hearing earlier this month that the
Parole Board’s decision to release Worboys, who now goes by the name John
Radford, was ‘irrational’. At that hearing judges continued a temporary bar
preventing his release, which was
originally granted in January.
Worboys was jailed indefinitely
in 2009 with a minimum term of
eight years after being found
guilty of 19 offences,
including rape, sexual
assault and drugging,
12 victims.
The calm before Fogle’s trek up Everest
Ben Fogle
with his
and dog
IT’S a picture of domestic
bliss... but Ben Fogle will soon
leave the comfort of family life
behind to take on the gruelling
challenge of climbing Everest.
The TV presenter is spending
time at home with his wife
Marina, son Luda and daughter
Iona before he heads to the
Himalayas next month.
He and Olympic cycling
champion Victoria Pendleton,
37, will scale the world’s highest
peak to raise cash for the
British Red Cross.
Fogle, 44, has mounted a
social media campaign to draw
attention to the expedition.
On Monday he shared a photo
that showed him jumping naked
into an Arctic lake.
14 METRO Thursday, March 29, 2018
Why Madge is still
Sean’s Penn friend
appeared to revisit their
former family home. The pair,
who divorced in 2016, posed
outside a London pad with their
children Apple, 13, and Moses, 11.
Gwynnie, 45,
captioned the snap
‘42’, the number
on the front
door behind
SEAN PENN has confessed he is
still Hung Up on first wife
Close: Penn and
Madonna – hours after trashing his
Madge after their
second wife, Robin Wright.
split GETTY
Asked on a US chat show who he
preferred out of Britney Spears and the
59-year-old Queen of Pop, the double Oscar-winner, 57,
emphatically replied: ‘Ah, I love my first wife very much.’
Penn has two children – Dylan, 26, and Hopper, 24 – with
House Of Cards star Wright, 51. But in a separate interview he
admitted they have ‘not a lot of conversation’, adding: ‘She
and I did not share the same ethical views on parenting.’
Granny’s good advice for Ky-lie
Spinning around:
Kylie gets anxious
KYLIE MINOGUE won’t be needing a
shrink to tackle all the voices that she
an’t get out of her head.
‘There are a lot of voices in my head,’ the
op princess admitted, adding that if she
eels anxious, ‘I put the kettle on and make a
up of tea’. The 49-year-old told Attitude she
probably would benefit’ from counselling –
but I don’t really like it’. Kylie prefers her 98ear-old gran’s advice to ‘lie flat, put your
rms up and just lie like that for ten minutes’.
Up for Creek... Katie’s reunion
THE stars of Dawson’s Creek have all
come together for a special reunion.
Katie Holmes and four-time Oscar-nominee
Michelle Williams posed for the cover of
Entertainment Weekly with co-stars James
Van Der Beek and Joshua Jackson to celebrate
the 20th anniversary of the US TV drama’s
first episode. Holmes, 39, said: ‘We’ve seen
each other over the years, but not everybody
all together... and never for long enough.’
A N D R E I H A R M S W O RT H ’ S
Bloom’s Nintended
... it’s clearly Katy!
Couple enjoy Super Mario party during world tour
the 33-year-old appeared to reveal her
signalled it’s all still fun
nickname for Bloom when, just
and games – video
before singing Into Me You
games to be precise –
See, she gushed: ‘I feel very
with Katy Perry when he
loved and this next song is
joined her for a Super Mario
about being so loved.... this is
called Into Me You See, for
The Lord Of The Rings
Later, the on-off
aactor, who announced this
week that he is returning
couple dressed as
o the West End, was
Nintendo characters
Mario and Luigi
sspotted in the crowd
He’s the Mario
for a Super Mario
when Katy kicked off kind: Orlando on
tour of Tokyo, on
tthe Asia run of her
go-karts. Video
Witness world tour
dressed as Mario
iin Japan. On stage
ootage showed
Bloom pulling faces at the camera while
wearing his Mario costume.
The pair paused their romance last
March, but it wasn’t long before they
pressed the start button again. In
September they went paddle-boarding in
California – a reminder of when the 41year-old Brit stripped naked for a
similar date during their initial year-long
romance. Without naming Bloom, Katy
has suggested they are just going with
the flow this time, saying: ‘People are in
and out of your life, it’s nice to keep
people you love around you.’
The actor will appear in Killer Joe at
London’s Trafalgar Studios this summer.
Thursday, March 29, 2018 METRO 15
ith Tom
Sti hb
BEYONCÉ’S alleged biter
may still be at large, but
that didn’t stop the singer
nipping out for Big Sean’s 30th
birthday bash.
Wearing a polka-dot top,
fluffy heels and sunnies, she
was joined by hubby JAY-Z at
the do in LA. ‘Whole lotta Kings
n Queens,’ Big Sean swooned
after sharing a selfie.
Meanwhile, this week’s claims
that Bey, 36, was bitten on the
face by an unnamed actress
may inspire a TV series. Ryan
Murphy, 49, the producer
star happy to jump on r he
e afte
board with an old flam es with
was spotted making
stunning ex Aarika Wo found
The I Need Your Love
ers when
himself in familiar wat
he enjoyed a ride on
del in
with the American mo
Cancun, Mexico.
24, dated
Harris, 34, and Wolf,
for several months in on to
before the Scot moved know
Taylor Swift... and we
how that ended.
actress would love a bit
part in this Beyoncé TV drama
behind TV hit American Crime
Story, yesterday teased the
title card: ‘Who Bit Beyoncé?’
He said: ‘It’s happening. Who
should play Beyoncé?’
Crisps made Kelly packet in
KELLY OSBOURNE has revealed she lost her job
as a Radio 1 agony aunt because she was too
brutal with her advice. Kelly, 33, recalling her days
on The Surgery in the noughties, said: ‘I got fired...
somebody called in and asked if they could use a
crisp packet as a condom.’ Thinking they were a
‘f***ing idiot’, she admitted: ‘I was too direct.’
Ski whizz: Calvin
and Aarika on their
jet ski in Cancun
Gorillaz... but Snoop
is sorely missed
Foxxes are on Board
for summer festival
GORILLAZ have teamed
up with Snoop Dogg on
new song Hollywood. The
band debuted the track –
without the rapper, who has
a guest verse – at their
recent concert in Chile.
ROCKERS Black Foxxes
are set to make a splash
at Boardmasters Festival. The
British band have joined the
line-up for the annual surf and
music bash on the Cornish
coastline from August 8-12.
16 METRO Thursday, March 29, 2018
THANKS to the Lothian Buses
driver in Edinburgh who let my
nephew on his bus free when
he had lost his bus pass when
Brenda Henderson, Edinburgh
MANY thanks to Michelle and
Darren and all the team at TfL
Euston for recovering my
camera from a deep ventilation
shaft. Really appreciate your
THANK you to the kind lady in
New Street Tesco who offered
to pay for my lunch when I
forgot my purse on Monday.
I was so embarrassed I didn’t
realise what you were saying
until you had left.
HUGE thanks to Dave Harris,
Marylebone station manager,
for making sure I got home
safely on Friday after too many
Embarrassed Sara,
High Wycombe
THANK you to Wood Green
Tube staff who helped my dad
on Friday lunchtime when he
fell back down the up escalator.
You were brilliant. He’s a bit
bruised and embarrassed.
Lucy, Wood Green
TO the blonde girl in the Crown
Plaza Glasgow on Saturday
night. Thanks for the Sam
Smith tickets. It was my mum’s
birthday – you made her day.
Start your text with the word DEED
followed by your comment, name
and where you live to 65700.
Standard network charge applies
START a text with VIEWS followed
by your comment, name and where
you live to 65700. Standard
network charge applies. Or EMAIL Helpline for
Views, Rush-Hour Crush and Good
Deed Feed: 020 3615 0600. Full T&Cs
on Metro is a
member of the Independent Press
Standards Organisation
Jail is too good
for cruel killers
Throw away
y key for Vietnamese woman’s murderers
n I read your report on the rape,
torture and murder of Quyen
Ngoc Nguyen with absolute
horror (Metro, Wed). But my
overriding emotion was anger
that these two ‘men’, Stephen
Unwin and William McFall,
could commit such an evil crime.
They are inhuman beasts and we
should lock them upp and throw
away the key!
Debbi, Kent
n Botth Unwiin and
d McFell had
served about 14 yeearrs for murder
and were released. That is
shocking – they sh
houuld have got
the death penalty for the first
murders they com
Alan, Essex
n Two known eviil murderers
who raped, tortureed and burned
alive an innocent girrl should get the
death penalty. This country and our
oo kind (and
legal system are far to
these type of monssteers know it).
C, London
Evil crime: Left,
victim Quyen
Ngoc Nguyen and
killers Unwin (top)
and McFall PA
n The high rates of crime, and
the violence with which crime is
carried out by the lowlifes within
our society, must surely lead to a
review and reinstatement of capital
punishment. If our politicians are
in doubt, then they should let the
nation decide by having a
Jonathan, Leeds
n These killers face a long sentence.
But jail, sadly, may be exactly
where they want to be to see out
their days.
J, Stockport
Expulssions are humiliating for Putin
n It’s just so gre
eat to see
or Vladimir
that awful dictato
Putin being so humiliated
internationally, with 26
countries kick
ng out Russian
Metro, Wed). He
diplomats (M
ong now – his
won’t last lo
people will kiick him out
very soon.
d Farrar, London
n Good for Theresa May.
Splendid. More balls than male
Sue Benjamins, Barking
at all. I think this is the right
time to teach him a lesson.
n Mr Putin should take the
Russia by sending all these
diplomats home? Mr Putin is
ruthless. Are we opening the
box called war?
Chris, Mexborough
poisonings seriously and come
out to say sorry instead of
saying he will retaliate. Mr Putin
has no regard for human lives
n Do we really need to provoke
Love is alll around us, as shown by the messages left by
our comm
muter cupids. Are they talking about you? Don’t
o tell us if you meet up!
forget to
TALL, atttractive African
gent sittting at the bus
stop on Oakleigh Road
South ra
ailway bridge
last Th
hurrsday at 1.50pm.
y allowed me on
You kind
the No.34
4 towards Arnos
Grove befo
e you – after a
y on a phone went
rude guy
beforre us! Can you get
in tou
Woman With Small
ag And Big Hair In
Navy Raincoat
IMPECCABLY dressed angel in
a suit with the most perfect
expressive eyebrows I’ve ever
seen on the District line. You
look like you’re carrying a lot
around with you – let’s talk and
I’ll help you take a load off!
Shy Blonde Who
Smiled At Your Wink
HANDSOME gentleman on the
8am semi-fast Metropolitan
line train going to Aldgate last
Thursday. We talked about why
the train was so packed. It was
easy chatting to you. Didn’t
have time to check if there was
a ring on your finger before
getting off at Finchley Road. If
not, coffee?
The Quiet Lady, Grey Coat
With Grey/Pink Scarf
TALL, white guy, short brown
slightly curly hair. You were
wearing a white shirt and black
trousers. We were stood
extremely close (thanks to the
rush hour). Our eyes met for a
few seconds. After this, I was
too nervous to look again.
When getting off at London
Bridge I lost my footing slightly.
Thursday, March 29, 2018 METRO 17
Last days: The Burrows (inset)
have to demolish their house. They
are planning a new life in Ireland
Desperate to remain in EU
n I tuned into the parliamentary
debate on breaches of electoral law
on Wednesday to learn more about
the issues surrounding the CA/
Facebook allegations around the Vote
Leave campaign. However, what I
witnessed was a shameful collection
of bitter Remainers in a blatant
kangaroo court, some suggesting that
if the allegation was proven, the result
of the referendum should be made
void. As we get nearer to the exit
date, the efforts of undemocratic
Remainers are becoming more and
more desperate and extreme.
Paul Lewis, Edinburgh
n Will those investigating the alleged
cheating by the Leave campaign
(Metro, Wed) also take into
n It was sad that North Devon council
ordered Alan and Kate Burrows to destroy
their Hobbit-style home (Metro, Wed). It
reminds me of Russell Crowe’s speech in the
2010 Robin Hood film when he said every
Englishman’s home is his castle.
n Alan and Kate’s life in Tarka Valley, Devon,
seems idyllic. Using earth, tree trunks, a
compost toilet and a makeshift boiler, as well
as being so close to nature, is something we
should aspire to, not let jobsworth council
officials tear down.
Steve, Bolton
n We can’t just let anybody build wherever
they please. Save the green belt! Stu, Harlow
n I have just got a TfL blue
badge and card to encourage
passengers to give up their
seat, as I have a hidden
disability. On my first day,
people pretended to be
asleep and on the second a
disabled lady offered her
seat! Hoping that things will
Carolyne, Enfield
n Well done Network Rail for
trashing Haywards Heath
station. You’ve now destroyed
trees near platform four,
revealing more of the new
walkway carbuncle!
n First Bus, it would be super
fantastic if you could wait
until passengers have
You’re better than any Bumble
matches I’ve had.
Curly-Haired Brunette,
5ft 4in, Black Jacket
coat. Do you fancy a glass of
rosé by the river?
Tall Shy Brunette With
Leopard-Print Handbag
THE beautiful lady of stainedglass habits and colourful
clothes. Enjoyed our chat very
thoroughly and would love to
see you again to discuss art
and antiquated fashions. From
an admirer and habitual tricorn
Robin, Woolwich
STRAWBERRY blond guy in a
grey suit on the southbound
Northern line at 6pm on
Tuesday. You proved a good
distraction from my book. Let’s
forget the pages and get lost in
each other’s words.
Alice, Smiley, Tanned
Blonde With Pink Earrings
STYLISH silver fox with
sideburns and an olive green
jacket waiting outside
Richmond station, sometimes
with a dachshund in a blue
TO the train driver who waved
at me on the 8.50am Glasgow
train on Tuesday morning, I
may have distracted you. Can
stopped passing through the
doors before you close them.
Sore Shoulder, Glasgow
n How did that Easter egg
remain uneaten for 170 years
(Metro, Tue)? An egg roughly
the same size at my work this
week lasted less than a day!
Mandy, Bristol
you remember to stop next
Lesley, Hamilton
e bear in the
TO the big cute
Ipswich football shirt, we
swapped pies on the Norwich
to-London train. Fancy a pint
nor, Norwich
TO the hungove
er geography
teacher sitting on the floor
of the packed Virgin train to
Newcastle, the Labour Party
may not like you but I do. Anon
Text CRUSH followed by y
ur Crush, name
where you live to 65700. Standar
work charge applie
consideration then prime minister
David Cameron’s wasting of £9 million
on pro-Remain leaflets before the
campaign even began?
Dermot Corrigan, East London
n It appears Vote Leave cheated to
win the referendum. So what does
Theresa May do? Keep as her political
adviser ex-Vote Leave official Stephen
Parkinson (Metro, Tue), the man who
allegedly outed the Vote Leave
whistleblower Shahmir Sanni as gay.
Vince, London
n How about the Cameron
government’s £9 million leaflets
promoting Remain? And who’s looking
into Remain overspending? Nah,
thought not.
Disgusted, London
18 METRO Thursday, March 29, 2018
Isle Of Dogs is your
eighth film with
director Wes Anderson.
who were sending me these
How did you first meet?
cassettes. They were
Agents wanted me to work
relentless. I have the largest
with Wes [for Rushmore].
collection of video cassettes
I started receiving video
of Bottle Rocket in the world!
cassettes of Bottle Rocket,
his first film. I was being
So I think he [Wes] then
.Pup star: Murray as. sent me the script and
surrounded by people
.Boss in Isle of Dogs.
The actor and comedian,
67, talks about voicing
baseball-loving pup Boss
in new film Isle Of Dogs –
and joking about #MeToo
I read it, and the agents said, ‘We’d
like to set up a meeting with you and
Wes.’ I said, ‘That’s not necessary.
I’m going to do it.’ And I’ve still
never seen Bottle Rocket! The funny
thing is, he told me later, ‘I was
begging my agents to get you in
Bottle Rocket and they would never
call you because I was nobody!’
The film is set in Japan, where
you made Lost In Translation. Is
it a country you love?
I certainly like it there. You spend a
month there and you really do miss the
politeness, I tell ya. There’s nothing like
it! It’s not the bowing thing, which we all
joke about, but just the way they respect
you… it really affects you.
You’re known for playing hard
to get when it comes to signing
on for roles. Why?
I think you have to say no. It’s very
appealing to be offered a job but in the
movie business people get desperate
and they take jobs to be paid. And that’s
the number one problem – to take a job
for money. So if you can avoid that then
you will be alright.
You’ve recently been doing live
shows with classically trained
musicians. What’s that about?
I’ve been playing with three classical
musicians who usually travel
independently: Jan Vogler, who is a
cellist, an East Berliner; his wife Mira
Wang, a violinist from Peking; and
Vanessa Perez, a pianist from Venezuela.
They’ve all played together. I met Jan
travelling back and forth from Berlin
You make can’t rules
about comedy. It’s either
funny or it’s not. When
you start making rules,
then what else can’t I do?
and after getting to know each other, he
said, ‘Why don’t we make a show?’ We
do this combination show that keeps
moving around. I read some poems and
I sing. They’re so talented. It’s a
powerful little show.
The film’s stop-motion
animation is amazing. Did
you ever visit the London
studio where they made it?
Yeah, I went to Three Mills in
London. The sets are crazy! There are
dozens of sets and dozens of puppets
and a fascinating bunch of people.
When the bell rings at five o’clock,
they have fun. Puppeteers… they’re
like hanging out with little people.
Puppeteers get a little crazy.
joke. I don’t know what the joke is. Rose
McGowan is making jokes. I don’t know
who else… Sarah Silverman has got to
be saying something funny.
Were you shocked by all the sex
abuse revelations in Hollywood
these last six months?
Well, rape is a tough one… shocked,
surprised? That’s not the word I use. It’s
just ‘urgh’. It’s a sickening feeling, it’s
like getting punched. And I knew one
of those women. I thought, ‘Oh f***,
I know her, she’s my friend.’ Some of
them seem like they got caught up in
the firestorm. I don’t think Al Franken
should’ve been forced to leave the
Senate. I think his stuff was sophomoric.
Is it tricky for the comedy scene Who makes you laugh now?
amid this culture of
Dave Chappelle. Now, that guy,
political correctness?
he’s really got it. I saw him
live in person and I thought,
Well, I think it’s very difficult
‘Oh my God, this is my
to make any #MeToo jokes.
guy.’ I never saw anyone
You can try your damnedest.
who was so completely
There’s probably a joke to be
in control of what he was
made but it’s probably a
going to say and he’d talk
woman that’s going to make
about anything. His latest
it. If it’s funny, I’ll laugh. But
.Just joking:.
you can’t make rules about
.Rose McGowan. stuff is crazy good. He talks
about Trump. In the crowd
comedy. It’s either funny or
where I saw him in South Carolina,
it’s not. When you start making rules…
three-quarters voted for Trump and
then what else can’t I do? Then there
he was killing them. But it was funny
are things that are rough subjects that
and no one booed at all. They were
can make people laugh. It’s foxhole
like, ‘S***, that’s funny!’
humour… there are things like that that
are so horrible, you laugh.
How do you feel that you can’t
make a #MeToo joke?
I think you can. But I don’t have the
Isle Of Dogs is in cinemas
from tomorrow. For live music
dates, see
Thursday, March 29, 2018 METRO 19
Pair hug each
other before
they jump in
front of train
Death plunge: Platform 1 at Doncaster railway station where the couple died SWNS
A COUPLE embraced each other before
jumping in front of a train, horrified
witnesses have said.
The man and woman, who have not
yet been named, both died at the scene
despite the efforts of paramedics.
Police said they are not treating the
deaths as suspicious.
The incident happened shortly after
8pm on Tuesday at Doncaster railway
station in South Yorkshire.
Witnesses told the Doncaster Free
Press that the pair hugged and jumped
from Platform 1 at the same time.
It is thought they had bought tickets to
get through the station barriers.
Police are now working to establish
the identities of the couple and inform
their families.
A British Transport Police spokesman
said: ‘Officers were called to Doncaster
railway station to reports of two people
being struck by a train.
‘Officers attended alongside paramedics. Sadly two people were pronounced
dead at the scene. Officers will now
work to establish their identities and
inform their next of kin.
‘The investigation into how they came
to be on the track is under way and a file
will be prepared for the coroner.’
Posting on Tuesday night on Twitter, a
Virgin Trains spokesman said: ‘My heart
is broken for all involved in this tragic
‘Services are returning to normal but
so much pain will remain.
‘If you have been affected by tonight’s
events, please talk to the Samaritans.’
Doncaster is a key station on the east
coast mainline and several services were
cancelled and disrupted until about
Contact Samaritans:
Call: 116 123. Find your local branch online
20 METRO Thursday, March 29, 2018
Lucky fan scores a
£9m win on Lotto
A LIFELONG football fan scooped
more than £9million on the lottery
after buying a lucky dip when his
team stormed to a 3-0 victory.
Paul Long, 55, felt his luck was in
when his beloved Leyton Orient
secured a home win against Woking
on Saturday.
He bought a £2 online ticket for
the Lotto and matched all six numbers to win the £9,339,858 jackpot.
Dad-of-three Mr Long said: ‘I try
to go to most home games and this
was our first win since before Christ-
mas so I was feeling pretty chuffed.
But not half as chuffed as I’m feeling
Mr Long, from Wickford, Essex,
worked for Ford in Dagenham for
more than a decade before giving up
due to ill health. He now plans to
swap his six-year-old Fiesta for a
new Ford EcoSport.
He also wants to treat his family
and friends to ‘one hell of an exciting adventure’. But Mr Long origi-
nally thought he had only won
£9,000. Then he called Camelot and
was congratulated on a £9million
win. ‘I think I must have been in
denial as I still thought it was £9,000,’
he said.
‘My kids will all be secure for life
and I can also help out friends,
whether that’s a little cash boost, a
holiday, to take in a show or just
enjoy a posh meal.
‘I want this win to help change
people’s faces so that they go from
humdrum to beaming grin.’
Orient win
was great
for Paul
Long, but
Lotto win
was better
Thursday, March 29, 2018 METRO 21
Ireland rugby
stars cleared
of party rape
TWO rugby stars have been
cleared of rape.
Ireland internationals Paddy
Jackson, 26, and Stuart Olding,
25, had always denied
assaulting a woman at a party.
A jury took three hours and
45 minutes to find them not
guilty after a nine-week trial.
Jackson was also cleared of
sexual assault. Blane McIlroy,
26, was acquitted of exposure
and Rory Harrison, 25, was
cleared of perverting the
course of justice.
The complainant had told the
court she went to the party at
Jackson’s house in Belfast
following a night out at a club
in June 2016. She said the two
players attacked her when she
went upstairs to fetch her bag,
having decided to leave after
the ‘mood changed’.
Judge Patricia Smyth said:
‘This has probably been the
most difficult trial any jury in
Northern Ireland has ever
been asked to adjudicate on.’
Jackson’s lawyer Joe McVeigh
said afterwards that malicious
social media comments had
put the trial process at risk. He
said ‘robust mechanisms’ were
needed to ‘properly secure the
integrity of our criminal justice
Charity charges epileptic
who broke glass in seizure
A SHOPPER was charged by a charity
shop after she knocked over glassware
while having an epileptic fit.
Sandra Kirkham, 72, shattered a
bowl and cut her foot during the seizure in a Mencap store.
A worker at the shop in Congleton,
Cheshire, then ordered her to compensate the learning disability charity for
the breakage. As her husband Kevan,
56, paid for a pair of sandals she had
been trying on, the shop took a further
£17 in damages.
Mrs Kirkham, from Sandbach, said:
‘I was so angry – it’s a charity which
should definitely be aware of illnesses
like this. All I can remember as I
regained consciousness is the shop
worker repeatedly asking, “You’ve got
to pay for the goods”.
‘When you come out of a fit, it takes
a long time to work out what is happening. I was so confused as I didn’t
know what had broken and why there
was blood everywhere.
‘I was eventually taken away in an
ambulance and it was only then that I
was able to make sense of what had
happened. My husband said they didn’t
show any sympathy or offer any kind
of apology.’ Glen Hall, head of retail at
Mencap, said the charge was a ‘wrong
decision’ made by a new member of
He said: ‘We are mortified this happened and for adding to an already
very difficult situation.’ The charity
had offered Mrs Kirkham ‘our sincere
apologies, to fully reimburse her and
invite her back to choose any item
from the shop’, he said.
Mencap has
said sorry to
(right) after
she had to
pay for
after a
seizure CATERS
22 METRO Thursday, March 29, 2018
Music | Film | TV | Comedy
Cuba Gooding Jr famously showed us the money in Jerry Maguire – now the
actor’s showing us his moves in a West End musical. By Andrew Williams
F Cuba Gooding Jr is nervous about
being thrown in at the deep end making
his musical debut in Chicago, he’s
putting on a good front of not showing
it. He had just a month to get up to
speed for the key role of smooth-talking
lawyer Billy Flynn but the excitement
that buzzes off him when he talks up his
part is contagious.
‘This role’s been all-involving –
physically and mentally, you have to know
all the dances, the intent of the character
and the vocal arrangements,’ he says.
‘You put them all together and that’s the
final performance. It’s a mind-blowing
‘When you prepare a character and you
say the dialogue, see the wardrobe, put it
all together and you meet the character
and it all clicks, it’s euphoric. It’s like a
drug. And I haven’t had this level of
euphoria since I did OJ Simpson. This
guy is one of the top five most energetic
characters I’ve ever played and you have
to put your heart and soul into it. I’m
having a ball playing him.’
Let’s pause for breath here. It’s fair to
say Gooding Jr, 50, is throwing himself
heart and soul into Chicago, back in the
West End after a five-year break. Stepping
into a role played by Richard Gere in the
Oscar-winning 2002 film and on stage by
talent as diverse as Jerry Springer and
David Hasselhoff hasn’t fazed the actor
best known for his ‘show me the money’
turn in Jerry Maguire. A big plus for
Gooding Jr is performing in the West End.
‘There’s something about the history,
the buildings, the architecture and the
Shakespearean history of it,’ he says.
‘As a black kid growing up in South
Central you don’t imagine yourself being
surrounded by that level of refinement.
I didn’t go to college and even though I
had success early with Boyz N The Hood
I felt insecure about not having trained
Magic mic: Cuba
Gooding Jr will be
testing out his vocal
muscles as Billy
Flynn in Chicago
properly as an actor. Broadway
represented an achievement for me and
the West End does so again.’
Boyz N The Hood, 1991’s film about
gang life in South Central Los Angeles,
was his breakthrough but it was Jerry
Maguire five years later that put him on the
A-list with a best supporting actor Oscar.
‘Winning the Academy Award was like
being in a car accident,’ he reflects.
‘When I was standing on that stage and
All that jazz: Cuba Gooding Jr rehearses at Studio Wayne McGregor TRISTRAM KENTON
Thursday, March 29, 2018 METRO 23
Music | Film | TV | Comedy
Show me the movies: Gooding’s breakout role in
Boys N The Hood (left), wooing the Academy in
Jerry Maguire (above) and killing time in American
Crime Story: The People Vs OJ Simpson (right)
after suffering constant blows to the
seeing everyone slowly rising to their
feet, then having a night that went on and head – it can lead to personality changes.
‘Having to embody that was draining
on until the sun came up…’
But how much difference does winning but the highlight was seeing how it
affected so many people who understood
an Oscar actually make to a career?
that period in America. When you do a
‘There are actors who haven’t worked
project like that, which connects with an
for years who have an Oscar sitting on
audience the way we did, it’s a real high.’
their shelf,’ he says. ‘But the bottom line
From there he went on to appear in
is you walk into a room and they
American Horror Story: Roanoke, once
immediately say “Academy Award
again working with producer Ryan
winner” before your name, which gives
Murphy, the brains
you a certain panache
behind American
and cachet. No matter
Crime Story. ‘Ryan’s
what you do as an
actor you’ll always
up in South Central you got such a great talent
scripts,’ he says.
have that element of
don’t imagine yourself forNow
he’s got three
being surrounded by months of singing on
Gooding Jr has
enjoyed a renaissance that level of refinement stage six times a
week ahead of him.
thanks to playing OJ
‘I’ve gone through
Simpson in American
my moments of
Crime Story: The
abject terror but then you get to the
People Vs OJ Simpson, for which he was
moment when you know you can do it,’
nominated for an Emmy Award. Playing
he says. ‘The vocal cords are like any
OJ, he recalls, was an intense experience.
other muscle. I’m working on a muscle
‘I had to get into the mindset of a man
I haven’t worked on in this way before
who has been subjected to physical
and it’s paying off.’
trauma on the football field to the extent
that I believe he has that CTE concussion
Cuba Gooding Jr stars in Chicago
thing, where he’s prone to outbursts of
at London’s Phoenix Theatre until
anger,’ he says. CTE is a condition some
June 30,
athletes in impact sports have sustained
24 METRO Thursday, March 29, 2018
Jewish pupil
at top school
was forced to
eat ham pizza
Force-fed pork: Clifton College said attack was ‘abhorrent’ and ‘unacceptable’ SWNS
A PUPIL at one of the UK’s leading
boarding schools was suspended after he
tried to force feed a Jewish boy pork.
The victim ‘suffered psychologically’
after the incident involving a ham pizza
at £35,000-a-year Clifton College in
Bristol, it was claimed.
The Jewish teenager remained at
the school alongside his
alleged attacker, who was
allowed back into
classes after a
short suspension.
Insiders said the
was on the periphery
of another incident at
the school a few years
ago where a pupil – who
was later expelled – wore a
Nazi costume.
Religious leaders have criticised
the school, which has its own synagogue
and had a house dedicated to Jewish students until 2005, over the way the incident was handled.
A high-profile member of the Jewish
community, who did not want to be
named, said: ‘The fact it happened is
awful, but the way Clifton College has
brushed it under the carpet is much
worse. It’s difficult to describe what
abuse like this does to a child.
For someone who is Jewish
and never eaten pork
this is a horrible thing
to go through. The
victim has suffered
A spokesman for
the 139-year-old college said the incident,
which happened in
December, was ‘completely
unacceptable’ and ‘fell far short of
the high standards we expect from our
pupils’. He said: ‘Anti-Semitism in any
guise is abhorrent, pernicious and is
absolutely not tolerated at Clifton College. Following a thorough investigation
by the school, proportionate and appropriate sanctions were put in place.’
Thursday, March 29, 2018 METRO 25
‘Disabled’ cheat’s
18 holes of golf
A BENEFITS cheat who said he
was unable to walk without a
stick was caught red-handed
playing a full round of golf.
Clive Price, 57, claimed
disability allowances for three
years – but inspectors twice
spotted him walking unaided
at Looe Golf Club in Cornwall.
On both occasions, in July
and August 2016, he played 18
holes. Price, of Saltash,
admitted fraudulently claiming
nearly £14,000. He was given a
one-year conditional discharge
after Truro crown court heard
he was paying back the money.
Footprints lead to
ice age Americans
FOOTPRINTS left by prehistoric
seafarers 13,000 years ago
have been found off the Pacific
coast, suggesting humans
lived in the Americas 1,000
years earlier than thought.
The discovery of toe, arch and
heel prints left by three people
was made at Calvert Island in
British Columbia.
Prof Duncan McLaren, of
Victoria University, British
Columbia, said: ‘This provides
evidence of the seafaring
people who inhabited this area
during the tail end of the last
major ice age.’
The going’s firm... drunken
jockey drives on 3 wheels
A DRUNKEN jockey drove his car for
two miles on three wheels before stopping to take a nap in the middle of the
An off-duty police officer spotted
Peter Lebigre behind the wheel, a court
When he roused him the 28-year-old
attempted to drive off. But the officer
took his keys and held onto them until
uniformed police arrived.
They noticed his Volvo C70 only had
three wheels and that one of those was
completely flat.
Driving with a wheel missing had
also caused extensive damage to the
Lebigre, a Frenchman, failed an
early morning roadside breath test on
the A281 at Rudgwick, near Horsham,
West Sussex on February 18.
He was charged with driving with
43mcg of alcohol per 100ml of breath
in his system and with possessing cannabis.
He appeared before magistrates at
Worthing where he admitted the
offences and was disqualified from
driving for three years and sentenced
to a 12-month community order,
requiring him to carry out 80 hours of
Missing: Driving
without one wheel
caused extensive
damage to the road
unpaid work. He was also ordered to
pay £85 costs and a £85 victim surcharge.
Lebigre, of Pulborough, is a jockey
based there with trainer David Menuisier.
Horse power:
French jockey
Lebigre in the
26 METRO Thursday, March 29, 2018
Xi and Kim put on warm front for historic visit
Back in line: Kim Jong-un, Xi Jinping and their wives during the visit in Beijing ALAMY
Five killed as
pick-up truck
goes off cliff
THREE children and two
women were killed when their
pick-up truck plunged 100ft off
a cliff on California’s Pacific
Coast Highway.
The bodies of the children
were found beside the vehicle,
which landed on its roof. The
women were discovered dead
inside. Firefighters had to
abseil down the cliff and a
helicopter was used to airlift
the bodies out.
Police said the victims came
from Oregon and Washington.
The truck was driving south
on Highway 1 on Monday when
it pulled into a dirt lay-by and,
for unknown reasons,
continued directly off the cliff
near Juan Creek, 180 miles
north of San Francisco. Police,
who were last night notifying
relatives, believe alcohol and
drugs were not factors.
RECENT tensions were placed
firmly on the back burner as North
Korean leader Kim Jong-un visited
China to meet President Xi Jinping.
Smiling broadly, the pair sought to
portray the strong ties between the
long-time allies as Mr Kim made his
first known trip to a foreign country
since he took power in 2011.
Mr Xi held talks with Mr Kim at
the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. He and his wife Peng Liyuan
hosted a banquet for Mr Kim and
his wife Ri Sol-ju.
Official reports stressed the
warmth of the meeting in a bid to
downplay the chill over North
Korea’s development of nuclear
weapons and long-range missiles.
‘We speak highly of this visit,’
Mr Xi told Mr Kim, China’s official
Xinhua news agency said.
But US-based analyst Bonnie
Glaser said the pair were ‘reaffirming traditional ties as if nothing had
happened when the relationship had
plummeted to unprecedented lows’.
She said: ‘Here is Xi Jinping say-
Burger off... Steven
snubs menu tribute
bunfight after he banned a fast-food
chain from naming a burger after him.
The Hollywood director had no
appetite for a close encounter of the
burg kind when American restaurant
Carl’s Jr unveiled its ‘Spielburgers’, to
celebrate the 71-year-old’s new
sci-fi flick, Ready Player One.
The company had optimistically
tweeted: ‘BIG NEWS GUYS!! As a
tribute to the legendary director of
#ReadyPlayerOne, we’re going to
change the name of our Charbroiled
Sliders to #SpielBurgers.
‘@StevenSpielberg hasn’t signed off
yet, but we’re pretty sure he’ll be down
with it.’
However, the movie legend snubbed
the offer, responding in a video of his
ing, “Don’t worry, everything is
going to be great”.’ In recent months
China has backed tougher UN sanctions against Pyongyang.
The visit comes ahead of the North
Korean leader’s planned meeting
with Donald Trump. The US president tweeted yesterday that he had
received a message from Mr Xi saying Mr Kim ‘looks forward to his
meeting with me’. Mr Trump said:
‘Now there is a good chance Kim
Jong-un will do what is right for his
people and for humanity. Look
forward to our meeting!’
New president is
a Suu Kyi loyalist
THE Myanmar parliament has
elected Win Myint, an Aung
San Suu Kyi loyalist, as its new
Ms Suu Kyi, who described
herself as ‘above the president’
when her government was
installed in 2016, retains
executive authority. Mr Myint
received 403 votes against
211 for Myint Swe, the military’s
Bid to make Trump
talk about Stormy
Gherkin title:
Spielberg’s post
rejecting the
renaming of a
own: ‘Hey there. It’s recently come to
my attention that Carl’s Jr wants to
rename their Charbroiled Sliders
“Spielburgers”. They’re pretty good,
but I’m passing. Cease and desist. You
can’t do it. Sorry guys.’ The restaurant
took his response on the chin, posting:
‘OMG Spielberg likes our Charbroiled
Sliders! (He’s not down with #Spielburgers but we’re fine with that).’
A LAWYER for porn star Stormy
Daniels filed a motion
yesterday seeking sworn
depositions from president
Donald Trump and his attorney
Michael Cohen.
Michael Avenatti wants to ask
them about $130,000
(£92,000) paid to Ms Daniels,
who claims she had a sexual
encounter with Mr Trump.
Thursday, March 29, 2018 METRO 27
n THE BEACH made famous by
the Leonardo DiCaprio movie
is to be closed every summer
because of damage to sea life
and coral reefs by tourists.
Maya Bay, on Thailand’s Phi
Phi Leh island, will shut for
four months starting this June.
Toast: The
two leaders
raise a
glass. But
the smiles
tensions PA
n SAUDI students studying
abroad will each receive
$2,000 (£1,400) from the
government to support their
education after King Salman
yesterday approved a
recommendation made by his
son, Crown Prince
Mohammed bin Salman.
n EGYPTIANS went to the
polls yesterday in an election
that is virtually guaranteed to
hand a second four-year term
to president Abdul Fattah alSisi, who faced only a token
opponent. Turnout was low.
Results are due on Monday.
Florida head injury
victim wakes with
posh English accent
AN American woman has woken up
with a posh English accent after being
hit on the head during a break-in.
Ashley Bosma, 28, said: ‘My friends
and family think it’s really funny. They
quote lines from Monty Python and
even Mrs Doubtfire at me and finish
off conversations with “Cheerio” or
some other British mannerism.’
Doctors diagnosed her with foreign
accent syndrome – a rare speech disorder found in cases of brain injuries.
Mrs Bosma was alone in her home in
Hollywood, Florida, when an intruder
broke in and is believed to have hit her
on the head with a cast-iron skillet.
After being treated for a head injury,
she returned to normal life despite suffering memory problems. A month
later, she woke up and her American accent had become a
plummy English one.
The ex-military mechanic
(pictured) said: ‘I have never
been to the UK so it is a real
mystery how this has happened. I was a fan of
Harry Potter but not
anything linked to
Britain other than
that. The only
exposure I have
had was a work colleague who was a
Brit. I loved his accent but I haven’t
spoken to him for about three years.’
Husband Derek and daughter Sophia,
five, are amazed by the change. But
Mrs Bosma, a trainee paramedic,
said some people think she is faking it. ‘I have two pet corgis and I
had someone ask me “Do you
have corgis because they’re the
Queen’s favourite?” I don’t
think I even answered
him,’ she said. As for Mr
Bosma, he said: ‘She’s
still the same wife, the
accent is just a tiny
part of her.’
New voice: Ashley Bosma in hospital after an intruder hit her on the head CATERS
Thursday, March 29, 2018 METRO 29
Me-2: Ross
photographs himself
with the northern
lights behind him
U-2 pilot snaps spectacular photo as he whizzes through the northern lights
Eye in the sky: The pilot captures natural wonder
IT’S not easy to take a good photo
when you’re flying a U-2 spy plane
at about 500mph.
But US air force pilot Ross
Franquemont managed to
grab a stunning selfie that
shows the majestic northern
lights as you’ve never
seen them before.
The image shows him
flying straight through
the aurora borealis, with
green light reflected off his helmet
and filling the sky behind him.
Mr Franquemont said the photo –
and others he took on the flight – led
to huge interest.
‘The reaction has been incredible,’
he said. ‘Probably one of the best
feelings came from my co-workers,
many of whom have flown this exact
same flight. One of them said “finally
someone was able to capture it”.’
The 40-year-old, from Lenoir in
North Carolina, took the photos as
he whizzed over Canada at
about 70,000ft in a
the U-2 ‘Dragon
Lady’ last month.
After he published the
images, the air force began
receiving enquiries from people
wanting to become pilots of the
ultra-high altitude aircraft. ‘I’d
love to take everyone up to see
for themselves but we’ll have to wait
for Virgin Galactic and hopefully
others to start doing it,’ he said.
Smiles high: Mr Franquemont grins in the cockpit of spy plane
30 METRO Thursday, March 29, 2018
Ouch! Jared’s
Mars attack is
real nightmare
Thirty Seconds To Mars
TAND well back –
here comes the
fifth album from
notoriously shy and retiring, perennially
down-dressed Oscar winner Jared Leto
and his band.
To listen to the full, 16-track set without due
care and attention is to have your ears
pulverised into pâté by its hurricane-force
bombast and relentless fusillade of clichés.
Leto’s constant, tin-eared sloganeering delivers
the final, excruciating blow.
Though it’s produced by Leto (with help from
European big hitters Zedd and Yellow Claw), it’s
more like an audience-targeted algorithm, which
means that it lacks not only substance, but also
soul and sensuality.
Leto’s formula calls for brash and bloated
stadium rock/pop to be spiked with trap beats,
EDM trills and vocal tics swiped from chart hip
hop, with not so much as a pinch of originality –
and then overbaked.
There’s a little Depeche Mode here (Walk On
Water), some Prince there (One Track Mind,
featuring A$AP Rocky) and a dash of The Police
on Rescue Me. Great Wide Open leans so heavily
on U2, their knees must be buckling under the
And the nightmarish Live Like A Dream – whose
chorus consists solely of an ‘oh, oh, oh’ chant –
will have you begging for mercy.
The stats, though, are proof of the band’s
success: two Top 20 US Billboard albums and
global arena tours. America will probably sell by
the skipload. Go figure.
Loose Cash with
odd gold nugget
Various Artists
Johnny Cash: Forever
(Legacy Recordings)
O CALL Johnny
Cash a giant of
American roots music is no
overstatement – and not just because he
was 6ft 2in and wore size 13 boots. From
his mid-1950s launch on Sun Records to his work
with Rick Rubin, Cash expanded the idea of
country music perhaps more than any other artist.
He also left behind a huge personal archive. In
2016, Forever Words: The Unknown Poems was
published and this compilation based on Cash’s
writings is a kind of companion piece.
Co-produced by son John Carter Cash, it features
his half sister Rosanne Cash, who delivers The
Walking Wounded, a mournful ballad with lapsteel guitar, and her stepsister Carlene Carter,
who opts for dark gypsy-blues on June’s Sundown.
Old friends Kris Kristofferson and Willie Nelson
figure on touching opener Forever/I Still Miss
Someone, while less expected is the luminously
groovy Goin’, Goin’, Gone, from jazz-hop pianist
Robert Glasper and R&B singer Ro James.
If you’ve never been a fan of slick arena-filler
Brad Paisley, then Gold All Over The Ground is
unlikely to convert you, whatever its source.
Ditto John Mellencamp, with his gravel-voiced
hoedown Them Double Blues, or Jewel’s
tremulous Body On Body. Questions of personal
preference aside, Forever Words is an
empathetic honouring of a man whose plain
speaking had a poetic power all its own.
Thursday, March 29, 2018 METRO 31
£195,000k? You
don’t get many
to the galleon
Sale ahead:
Replica of the
Golden Hind,
moored in
Brixham, Devon
A FULL-SIZE replica of Sir
Francis Drake’s famed
Elizabethan galleon the
Golden Hind has been put
up for sale for £195,000.
The 120ft wooden ship is
a remake of the ship Drake
sailed round the world, the
first Englishman to
circumnavigate the globe.
Owner Neil Worrell, 58,
bought the boat four years
ago with his wife, who has
since passed away.
The ship is a visitor
attraction at Brixham,
Devon. He said: ‘It’s a good
opportunity for someone
to take over a business
that’s doing well.’ It will be
This stinks!
Parents rap
school’s loo
paper rations
Roll with it: Oldwinsford school says the toilet system is only temporary SWNS
ANGRY parents claim their children
have been given a bum deal after a primary school removed loo roll from the
toilets to avoid blockages.
Pupils at Oldwinsford C of E primary
school in Dudley, West Midlands, must
put their hand up and ask permission to
take toilet roll out of the classroom. One
Counting sheets: Tissue is on demand
dad said a boy had been left in tears
when the teacher asked if he was going
for a poo or a wee and counted off the
sheets accordingly.
He said: ‘What sort of school scrutinises the number of sheets of loo roll a
kid needs?’
Another mum branded the move at the
What’s your opinion?
Text the word VIEWS followed
by your comment, name and
where you live to 65700.
Standard network charges apply.
420-pupil school ‘truly ridiculous’. She
said: ‘The rules are unhygienic and it is
humiliating for children to have to ask in
front of everyone for toilet paper.Having
toilet paper in the actual toilet is just a
basic need.’
But acting headteacher Jo Seker
defended the decision, citing ‘a number
of incidents’ where toilets have been
blocked by paper stuffed down them.
Ms Seker said there had been ‘disappointing behaviour in the bathrooms
which has caused flooding, damage and
temporary closure of the facilities’.
She added the on-demand system was
temporary until lockable dispensers are
installed over Easter.
‘We are not limiting the amount of toilet roll children can use; the temporary
system is allowing us to monitor behaviour and avoid any further incidents.’
However, one mum said: ‘Surely it
would just be better to educate them
about not putting too much down the
Cot death ‘linked
to defective gene’
COT death may be associated
with mutations in the gene
which helps regulate breathing,
new research has shown.
It is the first clear evidence
that genetics plays a role in
sudden infant death syndrome
(Sids), scientists said.
The study focused on the
SCN4A gene, where defects
are linked with a range of
neuromuscular disorders that
make breathing or speaking
difficult. One of the variants
may leave some children with
weaker breathing muscles,
said University College London
researchers, who looked at 278
British and US tissue samples.
32 METRO Thursday, March 29, 2018
in association with
Kids saved by fast DNA test
SUPERFAST DNA sequencing is
helping doctors treat critically-ill
children in days rather than weeks.
Using a technique called wholegenome sequencing to analyse
patients’ DNA, clinicians at Great
Ormond Street Hospital for
Children, in London, were able to
diagnose and better treat rare
Rapid analysis software of DNA
from 24 children in intensive care
saw doctors diagnose ten infants
in as little as four days.
One child had a mutation that
caused recurrent kidney tumours.
As a result, surgeons realised they
needed to remove both organs.
Dr Hywel Williams, whose
University College London team
led the research, said diagnosis is
valuable, even if a condition is
fatal. ‘If you know there’s nothing
you can do then you don’t have to
keep doing biopsies and you can
make them more comfortable.
That’s a real godsend,’ he said.
His team’s work also proved
extremely cost-effective. The test
Crack it: Test revealed DNA flaws
is £5,600 per patient, only a little
more than the cost of a day in
intensive care, he said.
Dr Stephen Kingsmore of the
Rady Children’s Institute for
Genomic Medicine in San Diego,
said the advances will ‘transform
intensive care practice’.
Using equipment not yet widely
available he made a diagnosis in
just 19.5 hours. ‘For the families,
this is miraculous,’ he added.
HE US Army wants to
develop small drones to
automatically spot,
identify and target vehicles
and people. This capability
may allow faster responses to
threats – but it could also be a step
towards autonomous drones that
attack targets without human
The project will use machinelearning algorithms, such as neural
networks, to equip drones as small
as consumer quadcopters with
artificial intelligence. Current
military drones have little onboard
intelligence, sending raw video back
to analysts who pick out and
identify targets.
The US Army already fields
miniature drones that can highlight
moving objects or pursue a target
autonomously once the operator
locks on to it with the camera.
Several thousand have been used in
Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. But
Based on stories in the latest
issue of New Scientist, which is
available in the shops now. For
more cool science and technology
stories go to
the new project goes
much further. It will
detect, recognise,
classify, identify and
target, which covers the
entire process from
finding a person to
aiming weapons at
‘This does sound like
they are moving
very close to
weapon systems,’ said
prof Stuart Russell at the
University of California,
Berkeley, who has recently raised
concerns about such drones.
The Pentagon’s directives seem to
commit it to ensuring human
oversight of drones. But prof
Russell doesn’t find this very
reassuring. ‘At best, the drone
shows a target to the human and
the human says “yes” or “no”,
Into attack mode:
Drone quad copter
Also in New Scientist this week: n Why we love inequality n Dark radiation messing
Thursday, March 29, 2018 METRO 33
You’re sitting in my cave! Humans stole bear homes
OUR ancient relations may have
ambushed huge bears as they woke from
hibernation – then stolen their caves.
‘These cave bears were hunted and
butchered by Neanderthals,’ said Marco
Peresani at the University of Ferrara, Italy.
which is known to be a problematic
system design, because the human
stops exercising judgement very
quickly,’ he said.
Many studies of safety systems,
including one from the Technical
University of Berlin in 2008, show
that operators tend to gradually
reduce the number of times they
check a machine’s output and start
to place more trust in the machine
than in their own senses, a tendency
known as automation bias. ‘And of
course, it would be very easy to leave
the human out,’ said prof Russell.
At the moment, dozens of people
can be monitoring the video feed
from military drones, who then
decide what action to take, said Paul
Scharre, director of the Technology
and National Security Program at
the Center for a New American
Security, a think tank in
Washington DC.
Mr Scharre, formerly a special
operations reconnaissance team
His team excavated Italy’s Rio Secco
and Fomane caves to analyse 1,700
bones from about 50 bears living up
to 50,000 years ago. Some bones
may have been cooked and others had bite
marks matching Neanderthal teeth.
leader in the US army, doubts that
the US military wants autonomous
weapons. He does see other issues,
‘The problem with AI is that it’s
brittle,’ said Mr Scharre. ‘It can go
from super-smart to super-dumb in
an instant, making mistakes that are
jarringly stupid for a human.’ One
famous example is a 3D-printed
plastic turtle that AI systems
repeatedly identify as a gun, even
though there is no resemblance in
human eyes.
Small drones that can spot and
identify objects already exist. ‘The
military is basically trying to import
the technology from the commercial
sector,’ said Dr Nabin Sharma at the
University of Technology Sydney, in
Australia. ‘The tech is out there,
and it will be widely available
whatever the US Army does.’
A US Army spokesperson would
not comment on the project at this
with the universe n How beetles conquered the world
£1m prize to turn air cheaply into water
FIVE TEAMS are battling
for a £1million prize to see who can
produce the most water from air in the
cheapest most sustainable way.
Entrants in the Water Abundance
XPrize must produce 2,000 litres using
renewable energy at no more than two US
cents per litre. Among the finalists are
London-based Veragon who have teamed
up with Imperial College London start-up
ThinAir to enhance a machine that
condenses water from the air by cooling it.
Yes, wee could grow food on a trip to Mars
ASTRONAUTS going to Mars or
beyond may be able to survive on
plants watered with their urine.
Our wee is 95 per cent water, with
the rest composed of nutrients
such as nitrogen, potassium and
phosphorus, which can harm
humans – but not plants.
A University of Sydney team
calculated how dwarf wheat and
soya take up nutrients from
human urine. They used a
computer model to show how the
Garden: International Space Station
crops grow in natural soil in a
chamber with a ventilation system
and urine and water injectors.
Over a simulated 20 years, urine
largely met the plants’ nutritional
needs without high harmful
emissions such as carbon dioxide
or ammonia.
But using faeces – with its risky
bacteria – will also be key.
‘If you’re trying to operate
independently and grow food,
plants need fertiliser. And the only
fertiliser available would be
[human] wastes,’ says Abraham
Noe-Hays at the Rich Earth
Institute in Brattleboro, Vermont.
How low calorie diet could prolong your life
DRAMATICALLY cutting the
calories you consume may extend
your life – and now we have an
idea why. After more than a year
on a calorie-restricted diet, resting
metabolism seems to change.
Dr Leanne Redman of
Pennington Biomedical Research
Center in Louisiana carried out a
study of 53 adults. For two years,
34 people ate 15 per cent fewer
calories than usual. The others ate
what they wanted. In the second
year, those on the diet burned ten
per cent less energy – their
metabolic rate – during sleep.
Their blood had a 20 per cent
drop in damage to cells caused by
the by-products of metabolism –
cellular oxidative stress – thought
to be a hallmark of ageing. Dr
Redman thinks the body adapts to
fewer calories by lowering its
resting metabolic rate.
No time to waist: Benefits of eating less
34 METRO Thursday, March 29, 2018
who killed 3
teens jailed
for 13 years
Crash victims: From left, Josh McGuinness, Harry Rice and George Wilkinson
A SPEEDING drink-driver who knocked down and killed three boys was
branded a ‘murderer’ and told to ‘rot in
hell’ by his victims’ mothers as he was
jailed for 13 years.
Jaynesh Chudasama was more than
two-and-a-half times over the legal limit
and had cannabis in his system when he
lost control of his Audi A5 while trying
to overtake another car, a court heard.
He was travelling at 71mph on a
60mph road when he ploughed into
Harry Rice, 17, George Wilkinson and
Josh McGuinness, both 16, in January.
The 28-year-old car hire worker fled
the scene, in Hayes, west London, but
was pursued and dragged back by two
of the victims’ pals. He was sentenced at
the Old Bailey yesterday after admitting
three charges of causing death by dangerous driving.
Judge Wendy Joseph QC said the
deaths of semi-professional footballer
Harry, apprentice electrician George
Wilkinson and labourer Josh, had caused
‘immeasurable’ pain, anger and despair.
Outside court, protesters called for life
sentences for killer drivers.
Harry’s brother Matthew said: ‘My
brother was ruthlessly taken away by a
callous driver. He should not see the
light of day, end of story.’
Carnage: Wrecked car (left) and killer driver Jaynesh Chudasama (right) PA/MET POLICE
Thursday, March 29, 2018 METRO 35
‘Defrauded’: Zelda
Perkins on her
way to testify
to MPs yesterday
aide reveals:
I feared jail
A FORMER assistant to Harvey Weinstein told MPs she feared she would go
to jail if she broke a non-disclosure
agreement signed with his company.
Zelda Perkins, who left Miramax
Films in the UK in 1998 after alleging
the producer attempted to rape a colleague, called the agreement ‘morally
lacking on every level’.
She said she had signed it because
she believed it contained obligations that would restrict alleged
predatory behaviour by Weinstein
(pictured). Ms Perkins told
the Commons women and
‘Essentially we were
defrauded. We signed
that agreement with the
belief that Miramax
and Harvey Weinstein
would uphold their
Ms Perkins said she
had asked that Weinstein
go to therapy and for ‘a
human resources system to
be brought in with three
complaint handlers’. She said: ‘If a
damages claim was sought in the following two years this would either be
disclosed to Disney (parent company of
Miramax) or they would fire Harvey.’
The committee heard that Ms Perkins believed breaking the agreement, which she was never
given a copy of, could result in
her going to jail.
‘Basically I just couldn’t ever
say anything about anything to
anybody,’ she said.
Ms Perkins said she was
advised by lawyers that she
and her colleague would be
‘utterly crushed’ if they
attempted to take legal
action. They were told it
‘wasn’t worth considering
because of the disparity of
power’. Weinstein, 66,
who has been accused of
multiple sex assaults,
denies all allegations of
non-consensual sex.
Weight-loss ops
push up divorces
OBESE people who have
bariatric surgery to lose
weight could also lose their
partner if they are in a
relationship, a study found.
But those who are single are
more likely to find love.
Data from nearly 4,000
obese Swedes showed
singletons who had surgery
were more likely to be in a new
relationship four years later,
while those who were married
at the time of surgery had
higher incidences of divorce
four years later. The study is
published in JAMA Surgery.
Life was sweet as
a kid, say adults
PENNY sweets, school
holidays and having someone
else cook for you are among
the things adults miss most
from their childhoods, a poll
has revealed.
The top 20 experiences that
grown-ups yearn for also
include visits from the tooth
fairy and playing on swings,
researchers commissioned by
Hollywood Bowl bowling alleys
found. Also on the list were
birthday parties and arcade
games, with four in ten adults
saying their childhood was the
best time of their life.
Thursday, March 29, 2018 METRO 37
A stickering
point... £773
to fill World
Cup album
AN AVID football fan who wants to
complete Panini’s World Cup 2018
sticker book will have to fork out
£773.60, a maths expert calculated.
Prof Paul Harper worked out a formula for the most likely cost of filling
the album after the Italian brand
announced that a pack of five stickers
was rising from 50p to 80p.
The album has space for 682 stickers
including 32 squads, managers and stadiums. Prof Harper, (pictured) from Cardiff University school of mathematics,
said the minimum cost of getting
all 682 was £109.60, based on
buying 137 packets and never
getting a duplicate which
was ‘extremely unlikely’.
Prof Harper said: ‘The
first sticker you buy is guaranteed not to be a duplicate.
The second sticker has a
681/682 (99.85 per
cent) chance of being a new sticker.
The third sticker has a 680/682 (99.7
per cent) chance and so on.’
His calculations showed that on
average you would need to buy 4,832
stickers, or 967 packets, to complete
the book, at a cost of £773.60.
But he said fans could significantly
reduce the cost by buying and swapping in groups. Two people can reduce
the number of packs required by 30
per cent, five players by 57 per cent
and 10 players by 68 per cent.
Panini said: ‘We encourage collectors young and old to trade
stickers, whether in the playground or on social media! The
fun of sticker collecting is in the
swapping. If you have difficulty
swapping, you can send to Panini
for your missing stickers.’
38 METRO Thursday, March 29, 2018
Style | Wellbeing | Celebrity
What is it with the
It’s the style that’s flying off shelves
once again, says Nicole Mowbray
RBAN legend has it
that green is unlucky –
but that’s not
apparently the case for
fashion designers.
Cult Danish fashion brand
Ganni generated headlines in
2017 with its Dalton green
printed crepe tea dress, hailed by
Vogue as a dress to wear
anywhere that ‘suits everyone’.
The £95 piece sold out in a matter
of days and became an instant
Instagram phenomenon after being
sported by influencers such as
Pernille Teisbaek and practically
every Vogue editor.
Now it seems the green printed
dress is back for 2018 and is
more popular than ever, with
London label Kitri’s own green
printed Gabriella pleated shirt
dress (see box far right) leading
the way. The Gabriella sold out
within 24 hours earlier this week,
generating a waiting list 800strong for its April restock.
They are not alone. Topshop’s
emerald green crepe dress (£32)
is one of its ‘trending products’
and according to the brand is
fast on its way to being out of
stock – likewise the brand’s
green leaf-print ruffle wrap
dress (£49), which is similar in
style and cut to Ganni’s piece
last year.
Lupita Nyong’o, Kate
Middleton and Penélope Cruz are
all fans of the hue. So what is it
about a girl in a green dress?
‘I wore a green silk T-shirt
dress for my interview at Vogue,’
says Julia Hobbs, now creative
content editor at Conde Nast
International. ‘It felt neat but in
an offbeat way. I liked the idea
that it looked bold and fresh
without having any hint of
seductiveness, much the same
as the Kitri dress.’
Hobbs owned the Ganni piece
last summer and says that for
spring/summer 2018 ‘a good
green dress will have a 1970s
silhouette, tone and print ’.
But she has a word of caution:
‘As with any current fashion
micro-trend there’s an interiors
movement to match – cue the
avocado bathroom suite revival,
which is continuing to gather
likes on Instagram.’
You have been warned.
Green girls: Black Panther actress Lupita Nyong’o, Paris Hilton and
Penélope Cruz are all fans of a green dress REX FEATURES, XPOSUREPHOTOS
Thursday, March 29, 2018 METRO 39
Style | Wellbeing | Celebrity
Trends : Page 45 »
.Green zone: Kate.
.Middleton on trend.
.at the RHS Chelsea.
.Flower Show last year.
40 METRO Thursday, March 29, 2018
Highest honour for
cop who sacrificed
life in terror siege
Leading tributes: President Macron and wife Brigitte arrive at ceremony GETTY/AP
A HERO police officer murdered in a
terror attack has been hailed as the
symbol of the ‘French spirit of resistance’ by president Emmanuel Macron.
Lt Col Arnaud Beltrame was stabbed
in the throat and repeatedly shot after
taking the place of a hostage during a
siege at a supermarket in Trèbes,
south-west France, last Friday.
His coffin was carried through Paris
yesterday, where mourners – including
his widow, relatives and colleagues –
had gathered for a national memorial
At the ceremony in the cobbled
courtyard of Les Invalides, a former
military hospital, the 44-year-old was
posthumously awarded the Légion
d’Honneur – France’s highest honour
– by Mr Macron.
Earlier a minute’s silence was
observed at all French police stations.
Delivering a eulogy in front of the
officer’s Tricolor-draped casket, Mr
Macron said: ‘To accept to die so the
innocent can live: that is the essence of
Ultimate sacrifice: Lt Col Beltrame
what it means to be a soldier. Others,
even many who are brave, would have
wavered or hesitated.’
He also insisted France would prevail with calm against an ‘insidious
enemy’ that sought to divide the nation
and deprive citizens of their freedoms.
In the last three years more than 240
people have been killed in attacks carried out by Islamist militants.
Mr Macron said: ‘What we are fighting is clandestine Islamic fundamentalism, which spreads through social
media, which does its work out of sight,
which preys on weak and unstable
minds, and which on our soil corrupts
and indoctrinates on a daily basis.’
Mr Beltrame’s actions helped bring
to an end the siege staged by Moroccan-born terrorist Radouane Lakdim,
who was shot dead by police.
Three other people were killed and
16 were hurt in the attack last week.
Lakdim, 25, who had claimed to be a
supporter of Daesh, had been on an
extremist watch list since 2014 but
intelligence agencies had determined
he did not pose a threat, said minister
Gerard Collomb.
Mr Beltrame was a highly regarded
member of the Gendarme National
and friends and colleagues have paid
tribute to his sense of duty and calmness under pressure. His body was last
night returned to the city of
Carcassonne for his funeral.
Thursday, March 29, 2018 METRO 41
Remember him: Officials and police observe a minute’s silence for Lt Col Beltrame
‘He did not waver’: Mr
Macron places the
Légion d’Honneur on
Lt Col Beltrame’s coffin
Nation’s pride: French flags honour the fallen officer at the ceremony in Les Invalides
42 METRO Thursday, March 29, 2018
Britain’s ‘youngest councillor’
dies suddenly at the age of 21
Bright: Theresa May with Clarissa
A STUDENT believed to have
been Britain’s youngest councillor
when elected three years ago has
died suddenly at the age of 21.
Clarissa Slade was found dead
by her flatmate at her home on
Monday. No cause of death has
been given but it is understood
she was born with a heart defect
and is said to have complained of
pains in recent weeks.
A post mortem examination is
to take place.
The young Conservative, who
was a third year classics student
at the University of Winchester in
Hampshire, was just 18 when she
was elected to represent her home
town of Tiverton, Devon, for both
the town and district council. Her
parents Colin and Elizabeth Slade
are also Tory councillors.
Mr Slade paid tribute to his
daughter, saying she had ‘a bright
future ahead’ and loved politics.
‘She was a very bright councillor,
the youngest in the country when
she was elected,’ he said.
Ms Slade, whose social media
posts included pictures with
Theresa May and Jacob ReesMogg, had faced criticism for
moving 120 miles away, but said
she still carried out her duties and
travelled at her own expense to as
many meetings as possible.
si of
g d
u to
veh in
u 0
Ancient statue destroyed by Daesh is
A RECREATION of a statue destroyed by
Daesh in Iraq has been installed on the
fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square.
The sculpture (pictured) of protective
deity Lamassu is made of 10,500 empty
date syrup cans, symbols of a thriving
Iraqi industry decimated by war.
The original statue of winged bull
Lamassu, built to guard one of the gates
of ancient city Nineveh in about
700 BC, was smashed up by a
militant using a power tool at
Mosul Museum in 2015.
Artist Michael Rakowitz,
an American from an Iraqi
background, said his version
symbolised the suffering of
refugees forced to flee from
his ancestral homeland and
neighbouring Syria.
‘I see this work as a ghost of
the original, and a placeholder
for those human lives that
cannot be reconstructed,
that are still searching
for sanctuary,’ he said.
The Victorian-era
plinth was intended
to hold a statue – as do the three in the
other corners of the square – but money
ran out and it remained empty.
Mr Rakowitz’s sculpture is the 12th to
occupy it over the last 20 years.
He has been working since
2006 to make his own versions
of 7,000 artefacts looted from
Iraq’s national museum after
the toppling of Saddam Hussain. He uses Iraqi newspapers
and food packaging for the
project, called The Invisible
Enemy Should Not Exist.
The 44-year-old has used
the same title for the Trafalgar Square work. He said the
choice of cans reflects the use
of melted-down guns, captured from the French,
to make the reliefs on
Nelson’s Column
at the centre of the
square. He said:
‘The sculpture stands
outside with its wings
Thursday, March 29, 2018 METRO 43
Still going at 110 – oldest men
thank luck, laughs and porridge
LAUGHTER, luck and porridge are the keys to a
long life, according to Britain’s two oldest men,
who celebrate their 110th birthdays today.
Robert Weighton said he credited his long life to
a sense of humour, eating food he enjoys and a
healthy dose of luck.
He said: ‘I think laughter is extremely
important. Most of the trouble in the world
is caused by people taking themselves too
Mr Smith, a Scotsman, said:
‘Porridge is helpful and having a
job you enjoy.
‘I like to think I’ve lived a
decent life. I do ask myself,
“Why me? Why have I lived
so long when others
remade with cans in Trafalgar Square
Erasing history: Daesh militant takes power tool to original version of statue PICTURE: AP
raised. It’s still performing its duty as
guardian of Iraq’s past and present, facing
south-east, hoping to return in the future.’
The mayor of London Sadiq Khan said:
‘Michael’s work shows the power of art
to bring to life politics, cultures and personal stories from around the world and
across generations.’
The statue replaces British artist David
Shrigley’s image of a huge hand giving the
thumb’s up. It will remain on display until
2020, when it will give way to Briton
Heather Phillipson’s sculpture of a whirl
of cream topped with parasites.
Other works on the fourth plinth have
included Marc Quinn’s sculpture of Alison
Lapper, who was born with no arms.
Antony Gormley created One & Other in
which people took turns to spend an hour
on the plinth.
The pair have never met, but have exchanged
birthday cards over the last few years.
Mr Weighton (pictured) was born in Hull and
was an engineer for most of his working life. He
spent time overseas in Taiwan, Japan and
Canada and currently lives in a care complex
in Alton, Hampshire.
The father-of-three has ten grandchildren
and 25 great-grandchildren.
Mr Smith was born in
Invergowrie, near Dundee.
He emigrated to Canada in
1927 but returned after five
years and now lives in the
village of St Madoes, east of
Perth. He farmed for 40
years before retiring at the
age of 70.
44 METRO Thursday, March 29, 2018
Classic Mini back on road
as one-off electric dream
THE iconic Mini has returned –
and it’s caught up with the latest
A one-off version of the classic
model has been unveiled, showcasing
its zero-emission technology.
Once the world’s most
recognisable city car – more than
5million Mini Coopers were sold
between 1959 and 2000 – engineers
have turned the much-loved
runaround into an electric car.
It is fitted with 30 lithium-iron
phosphate batteries to give it a
range of 65 miles between charges
and a top speed of 75mph.
The Oxford-based carmaker said
the vehicle ‘retains the brand’s
Cult car: Based on
the iconic Mini
Cooper, the zeroemission version was
unveiled at the New
York Auto Show SWNS
Plug in: Mini has a 65-mile range
unmistakable character while
embracing innovative zero local
emission technology’.
Mini and BMW unveiled the car
at the New York Auto Show.
However, it will remain a one-off
with no plans to return it to
Stressed HR
bosses have
more sickies
than doctors
HUMAN resources bosses, whose job
includes monitoring sick days, are the
members of staff most likely to take
days off due to stress, a study found.
The poll of 2,000 British workers
found they had more days off for stress
than doctors or teachers.
These three groups, along with factory
workers and IT bosses, make up the top
five occupations that see staff taking the
most time off for stress.
The study, by Step One Recovery,
found 90 per cent of those polled said
they often felt overwhelmed by work.
One in five had turned to alcohol after a
stressful day – and three per cent admitted using recreational drugs to cope.
Nearly all of those (97 per cent) who
earned £100,000 or more said colleagues
didn’t realise how much stress they had
to deal with on a daily basis. Step One
Recovery, a rehabilitation retreat in
Spain, offers bespoke holistic treatment
for those suffering ‘executive burnout’.
Claire Cheek, a director of the luxury
retreat, said: ‘Stress is something people
are forced to deal with in all aspects of
their lives, however workplace stress is
something that we’re seeing more people struggling to cope with.
‘Professionals with perfectionist and
controlling tendencies are far more
likely to be affected by burnout, as they
thrive on stress and adrenalin.
‘This in turn can lead to self-medication, using alcohol and drugs to
“unwind”. It is estimated that 20 per
cent of alcoholics are highly functioning, but if they continue, one day it all
catches up with them.’
n THE beast from the east
brought a chill to both high street
and online retailers, with yearon-year sales volumes for March
down for the first time since last
October, a CBI trade survey said.
n STOCKING up on free fast-food
condiments, DIY haircuts and
not always flushing the toilet are
among ways Brits are making
cash stretch, a poll of 5,000 by
Carphone Warehouse found.
n COCA-COLA has confirmed it is
closing plants in Milton Keynes
and Northampton in 2019 with
the loss of almost 300 jobs.
Production and warehousing will
be transferred to other UK sites.
n SKY BET has been fined £1million
by the Gambling Commission for
not protecting vulnerable punters.
The fine relates to compulsive
gamblers who had asked the
operator to refuse their bets.
n NATIONWIDE plans to enter the
business banking market by
taking a slice of Royal Bank of
Scotland’s £800m challenger
fund. It wants to launch a current
account for smaller firms.
Australia (A$).............................................................1.75
Canada (C$) ...............................................................1.74
Euro (€)...................................................................... 1.09
New Zealand (N$) .................................................... 1.82
Poland (zloty) .......................................................... 4.24
Singapore ($) .............................................................1.73
South Africa (rand) ................................................ 15.55
US ($).......................................................................... 1.35
Thursday, March 29, 2018 METRO 45
r u rban g
Spoil yourself with
a L’Oréal egg and
more this Easter
The Hot List: Page 47 »
Style | Wellbeing | Celebrity
Welcome to the
After untold cocktail classes and a drawer full of willy straws, author Lucy Vine is over being a hen
OMEONE recently asked me to count
up how much I’ve spent on hen dos and
weddings in my life. I got as far as
£10,000 and had to stop because it was
too upsetting. I’ve been a bridesmaid
for the last seven years in a row – and a guest at
dozens more – and much as I’ve loved all my
brides, there’s no denying weddings and hen dos
bring out the absolute worst in everyone.
In my new novel, What Fresh Hell, the
heroine, Lilah, watches on helplessly as her
newly engaged best friend descends into
madness over willy straws and £500 spa trips.
I’ll be honest, some of it is inspired by real life.
My engaged friends have all been dreamy (for
the, er, most part) but I’ve been on countless
out-of-control hen dos that ended with hospital
visits after stripper injuries, epic drunk
arguments thanks to daytime tequila, and –
probably worst of all – total exhaustion after too
many enforced-fun activities. And it seems like
everyone has their own hen do horror story.
Continued on: Page 46 »
Hen parties are spending
28 per cent more per group in
2017 compared to 2013,
according to the website GoHen.
GoHen also claims the
most popular international
destination for both hens
and stags is Barcelona.
According to a YouGov
poll, 41 per cent of people
think stag and hen dos
are now outdated.
The top three activities on
a hen do are dance classes,
cocktail mixing and life-drawing
classes, according to GoHen.
A fifth of women attending
hen parties admit to cheating
on their partner, revealed a
recent tabloid investigation.
46 METRO Thursday, March 29, 2018
Style | Wellbeing | Cele
Hen don’t:
Lucy puts a
brave face on it
Time to ditch
the L-plates...
expensive. By the time it came around,
we were going to Marrakesh at a cost
of just over £800. Not including
When I told people the subject of
expenses. I spent four days in a city
my new novel, I was bombarded with
I didn’t want to visit, with eight women
awful tales of people crying in corners
I didn’t know, doing activities I didn’t
and rampaging egos. My friend Sarah
enjoy. And I’m still paying for it two
told me: ‘I went on a hen do in Berlin
years later.’
last year where I saw the maid of
That’s a common tale but I think
honour slap the bride in the face with
things could be finally changing. Latest
her own L-plate. We tried to break it
up and I ended up nearly strangled with government figures show the number of
straight marriages
a polystyrene veil.
have hit a record
It turned out they’d
low and I reckon
fallen out because
that’s at least in
the bride said Berlin by 11am that she tried
wasn’t “special
to get off with the model part because
everyone’s so
enough” for her
in our life drawing class. sick of the parties
big weekend. If it
She then cried for four attached to the
hadn’t been so
process. And for
upsetting, it
hours in the loos
those still having
would’ve been
hens, research says
they’re changing.
A work colleague,
Demand for mixed-gender parties has
Janet, told me: ‘The bride on my last
grown by 200 per cent in the past two
hen do was so drunk by 11am that she
years, according to travel company
tried to get off with the model in our
Red7, and already this year, ‘sten’ and
life-drawing class. She then cried for
‘hag’ weekend bookings have seen a 50
four hours in the loos because she’d
per cent rise in popularity. That will
“betrayed” her fiancé. We had to
hopefully even out some of the more
confiscate her phone to stop her calling
extreme behaviour and be much more
off her wedding.’
cost-effective. Either way, I think I’m
My friend Abbey told me how a
done with hen dos altogether. It’s time
super-fancy recent hen do she went on
to say no to feather boas and devil
began with a huge tantrum from the
horns, at least for a while. I want a
bride as the hens weren’t using the
holiday of my
‘Instagram hashtag’.
choosing. Ideally
It’s not just the absurd behaviour I’m
one where I don’t
sick of, it’s also the insane cost of it all.
spend the whole
A recent survey by clothing company
time avoiding eye
Banana Moon claimed the average hen
contact with babycosts an eye-watering £507 a pop – and
oiled butlers…
it says a lot that I think of that as being
fairly reasonable. I haven’t been on a
What Fresh Hell
proper holiday in years because I’ve
(Orion) is out now
committed to so many hens in the likes
of Ibiza, Paris and Marbella (twice).
My friend Susan told me: ‘I agreed to
Tell us your hen do
a uni friend’s hen do because the initial
horror stories
email didn’t sound too bad. The plan
Text the word VIEWS followed
was to get an Airbnb in Liverpool and
by your comment, name and
the whole thing would cost around
where you live to 65700.
£150. But every email saw things
Standard network charges apply.
getting more and more excessive and
» Continued from Page 45
Thursday, March 29, 2018 METRO 47
Style | Wellbeing | Celebrity
The Super Elixir of life
Eggstremely sweet
Altar your house
with a holy smell
IF church at Easter is more of
an idea than a reality for you,
get your hands on the Spiritus
Sancti candle from Cire Trudon,
which mimics the ‘heady, holy’
fragrance of altar candles.
Makes your house smell holierthan-thou.
T he
THE L’Oréal Paris Beauty Egg
includes a full-size L’Oréal Paris
Smooth Sugars face and lip scrub,
a mini clay detox mask and the
brand’s Hydra Genius Liquid
Moisturiser in miniature. Sweet!
Bread, a detox mask
and socks for Easter
compiled by NICOLE MOWBRAY
Stay on the bunny side of the street
GUSSIE up your
ankles in these
cute unicorn
bunny and Easter
egg socks from
Asos, which
will get you in
the mood for
celebrating even
if you’re spending
the long weekend
in your PJs.
Get this bunny
in your clutches
HILLIER Bartley’s red
leather bunny clutch is
a stylish nod to all things
Easter that you can wear
all year round.
A gut-friendly slice of sourdough
48 METRO Thursday, March 29, 2018
Style | Wellbeing | Celebrity
WHEN: June 30–July 1
WHERE: Meopham, Kent
WHAT: Meditation,
relaxation and creativity
are at the centre of
this grown-up festival.
There’s mindfulness,
craft workshops such as
stitching and painting,
beauty treatments,
market stalls, inspirational
speakers and, of course,
loads of yoga. At night
it’s live music or, if you’re
too chilled from the day’s
activities, small, friendly
gatherings around
Day ticket from £55,
Festival No 6
WHEN: September 6–9
WHERE: Portmeirion, Wales
WHAT: Set in a fairy tale-like village where every building
has been Grade II listed, this is a festival of polarity. It
has big-name music stars, including Franz Ferdinand and
Friendly Fires, but the daytime itinerary goes off the party
piste with guided runs in woodlands, paddleboarding in
the River Dwyryd and, for those who prefer man-made
sophistication, an outdoor swimming pool. There are also
massages, wooden hot tubs, talks and fitness classes. To
ease you into the evening party spirit, there’s a torchlit
procession at dusk.
Three-day ticket from £180,
Soul Circus
WHEN: August 17-19
WHERE: Elmore
e, Cotswolds
WHAT: A wellne
ess festival with
controlled parttying. In the day
there’s a yoga menu that
stretches furthe
er than a
downward dog.. Choose from
Curvesome yoga, Starwars
yoga and ‘raw chocolate
ow’. The
ere’s also a spa,
ice barss aplenty, cookery
classes and holistic
ght there are
therapies. At nig
DJs, live music, locally brewed
ooze and supper clubs.
y ticket from £79,
Thursday, March 29, 2018 METRO 49
Style | Wellbeing | Celebrity
It’s like glamping but with
a fitness twist – and it’s going
to be all the rage this summer.
Helen Croydon packs her yoga
pants and picks the best events
Large round sunglasses have been all the rage for years now but 2018
sees things a little differently, with angular cat’s eye shapes becoming this
season’s must-have. The look is easier to wear than it may first appear,
especially for those with good cheekbones or a heart-shaped face. Here
are five of the best; now all you need is the long-lost sunshine…
Illesteva Marianne cat-eye
mirrored sunglasses
Céline cat-eye acetate
sunglasses in electric blue
Pointy Polly cat-eye
red sunglasses
Grey Ant cat-eye
sunglasses in black
o e Trails
ra s
Keswick Mountain
WHEN: June 8–10
WHERE: Keswick, Lake District
WHAT: The ultimate outdoors
weekend for committed endurance
sport fans. In the day there are
triathlons, aquathlons, 10k races
and open-water swims to compete
in. For the non-competitive, there
are taster sessions on
canoeing, bushcraft,
navigation skills, sunset
or sunrise hikes and
group cycles. And yes,
there is live music at
night – if your legs are still
able to dance.
Weekend ticket from £75,
Slim tortoiseshell
cat-eye sunglasses
50 METRO Thursday, March 29, 2018
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Head girl:
E’VE had wraps,
braiding, barrettes and
wash-out pastel dye
jobs but the latest hair
trend to turn heads is
cooler than all of those combined.
The brainchild of hair stylist and trend
forecaster Zoe Irwin, hair stitching is
A Thing.
Irwin – an ambassador for GHD
and a stylist at salon Taylor Taylor
London – began performing
customised stitching a year ago,
embroidering words or hearts into
the hair.
‘I wanted it to be cool rather than
pretty, which is why it’s imperfect,’
she says. ‘It needs to look undone.
I looked to DJs and old punks for
inspiration while other references
came from the artist Sterling Ruby.’
Rather than a sewing needle, Irwin
uses a bodkin, which is traditionally
used in tapestry.
‘It’s flat and the end tips up, which
makes it safer to work with,’ she says.
‘People can choose any word – within
reason – and I sew it in using Chinese
silk threads in neon colours.’
She begins by washing and blowdrying the hair before plaiting a
section underneath, like a cornrow.
Hair-stitching will get you ahead of
the fashion pack, says Nicole Mowbray
This is invisible yet acts as an anchor
for the sewing.
‘If you stitch into hair without
something to attach it to, it falls
away,’ she says. ‘That’s why we braid.
I’ve made some videos about this on
YouTube [look for ‘punk stitching’]
and it’s actually really easy.
‘My braid is completely imperfect
because it’s not seen anyhow. You also
need to get texture in the top of the
hair. I apply a root lift spray when the
hair is wet before drying it and styling
it into a ponytail. This gives you the
physical room to write a word on the
side of the head, although I have also
done hearts in people’s hair.’
The stitching should stay in until
you next wash your hair and it’s really
easy to take out. ‘Designs are done in
a running chain stitch so as soon as
you snip the end of one thread and
pull it, the rest comes out,’ she says.
Now you’ll really have to think
about what your hair says about you.
Blow-dries and hair stitching
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Thursday, March 29, 2018 METRO 51
Style | Wellbeing | Celebrity
Y girlfriend wants
space from our
relationship to
have sex with
other people.
I haven’t been easy to be with.
I’ve suffered with depression
and addiction issues for a long
time and I was unfaithful to
her when I was at my lowest.
I’ve cleaned up and have been
in therapy for the past year.
She really supported me while
I worked out my issues and
now she wants to take a
sabbatical from work to go
away and follow a project
she’s passionate about. She’s
asked for this to be a break
from us. I asked if she wants
to have sex with other people
and she said the thought had
crossed her mind but she did
love me. Do I let her go to get
the taste of freedom out of her
system and hope she comes
back? Or do I fight for her?
YOU present this as a choice
between begging her to stay and
allowing her to go but her mind
is quite clearly made up.
‘Begging is your decision –
and why wouldn’t you? Going is
hers – and she is already on her
way,’ says James McConnachie.
‘What remains is only how you
handle this new reality.’
Your girlfriend is someone
who sacrifices her happiness for
others, which may be the result
of childhood conditioning.
‘But this can only go on for
so long before it becomes
unbearable,’ says Dr Angharad
Rudkin. ‘It sounds like you’re
ready to be in a new mutually
supportive relationship but she
is running on empty.’
There are, of course,
traditional ways to tell a woman
you want to be with her till
Rupert Smith is
the author of
McConnachie is
the author of Sex
(Rough Guides)
Dr Angharad
Rudkin is
a clinical
death do you part, says
McConnachie. ‘But if that isn’t
for you, demonstrate your love
and commitment by telling her
what you want and that you’ll
respect whatever it is she wants.
‘Your best chance is to be her
safe harbour, not her prison.
Harbours have to have an
opening in the wall or they don’t
mean anything at all.’
Then your real test starts.
‘You have to hold things
together without her by your
side,’ says Rupert Smith. ‘While
it’s painful to think about her
with someone else, going it alone
is probably even scarier.’
‘Your best chance
is to be her
safe harbour,
not her prison’
You need to use all those
strategies you’ve learnt to keep a
firm grip on any critical thoughts
about being unlovable. After all,
as Rudkin says, ‘you will love
and be loved again’.
‘I would also suggest taking
up exercise, signing up for a
course or – my own preference –
baking,’ says Smith.
So prove to her – but mostly to
yourself – that you can survive
without her.
‘And remember, what’s sauce
for the goose is also sauce for
the gander,’ adds Smith. ‘If she’s
free to have sex with other
people, so are you.’
Be hopeful – this severing of
your relationship will either pull
her closer to you or launch you
into a fresh new chapter.
Send your dilemmas to
My girl wants time to sleep around
52 METRO Thursday, March 29, 2018
by Patrick Arundell
1. Assemble in the mother ship (4)
8. An impresario may do without
affectation (3,2,2,3)
9. Submitted to the Spanish
guard (8)
10. Briefly, it helps to make
photography possible! (4)
12. Is against using Latin (6)
14. Connections between stories (6)
15. Hidden talent, perhaps (6)
17. In an E. European it is courteous (6)
18. A square one should go round
easily enough! (4)
19. Ring-fighter (8)
21. It’s a fair feature, in an indirect
way (10)
22. It’s worn to order, perhaps (4)
Yesterday’s solutions
Across: 7 Arena; 8 Inroads; 9 Kindred; 10 Aired;
12 Speedboats; 15 Family ties; 18 Erase;
19 Upshots; 21 Collect; 22 Alice.
Down: 1 Parking fee; 2 Meant; 3 Fair; 4 Riddle;
5 Preamble; 6 Fairway; 11 Distressed; 13 Pilfered;
14 Amiable; 16 Trusts; 17 Solid; 20 Snag.
Increase the rate (10)
A place not to miss? (4)
Attacks one in the streets (6)
They are identified by their
degrees (6)
Hartnell fashion to charm (8)
He’s not too bad in part (4)
Soldiers who fall upon their
enemies (10)
Ten girls making money (8)
It is repeatedly brought up by an
outstanding painter (6)
Alternative upheld by some
natural mimic (6)
Additional gold in the Middle
East (4)
Plays a biblical part (4)
Schedule (6)
Timber pest (8)
Whiten (6)
Abyss (5)
Inert gas (4)
Direction (4)
News or information (4)
Unopened flower (3)
Precipitation (4)
Sullen (4)
Item worn by workmen (9)
The thick end (4)
Pierce with horns (4)
Deity (3)
Plunder (4)
Cot (4)
Fronded plant (4)
Scold (5)
Ludicrous (6)
Airy (8)
Rubber (6)
Across: 1 Probes; 7 Trimaran; 8 Visa; 10 Cherub; 11 Decide; 2 4 9 7 5
1 6 3 4 8
14 Rum; 16 Rotor; 17 Debt; 19 Rapid; 21 Hazel; 22 Lemon;
7 5 8 3 1
23 Prey; 26 Enrol; 28 Wee; 29 Edible; 30 Yields; 31 Only;
6 9 1 5 7
32 Illusory; 33 Ordain.
3 7 4 6 2
Down: 1 Placid; 2 Beirut; 3 Stab; 4 Imperil; 5 Orbit;
8 2 5 9 4
4 3 2 8 6
6 Under; 8 Verb; 9 Sum; 12 Cod; 13 Dodge; 15 Kazoo; 1
5 8 6 1 9
8 Eland; 19 Ram; 20 Pen; 21 Hellish; 22 Lob; 23 Peeled;
24 Rely; 25 Yes-man; 26 Eerie; 27 Rifle; 28 Win; 30 Yo-yo. 9 1 7 2 3
Two times (5)
Couches (5)
Move in water (4)
Fossil resin (5)
Paradise (4)
Pronouncement (6)
Paying guest (6)
Witch (3)
Swagger (5)
Nine-sided figure (7)
Toupee (3)
Public transport vehicle (3)
Branched horn (6)
Bloodsucker (5)
Squib (3)
Decompose (3)
Military aircraft (6)
Help (3)
Command (5)
Irritates (5)
Beautiful girl (5)
Ado (4)
Masticate (4)
Difficulty rating: Easy
3 6 5
9 6
3 8
8 7
The Real Full Monty: Ladies’
Night ITV, 10pm, STV 9pm
Ladies’ night: The Real Full Monty
Difficulty rating: Challenging
5 2
1 6
6 5 2
Difficulty rating: Moderate
Striking a blow for equality – why
should only men strip on TV? – here
we have the yin to last night’s yang
as a group of female celebs get a
shot at recreating the iconic fleshbaring dance climax to classic movie
The Full Monty. Among those out to
prove they are hot stuff – and raise
awareness of breast cancer – is
broadcaster Victoria Derbyshire,
herself a cancer survivor.
9 3 2
1 9
5 2 7
NEW In The Long Run
Sky 1, 10pm & 10.30pm
Idris Elba bravely steps out of his
comfort zone to throw his hat in the
comedy ring. This is a nostalgiaflecked tale set in 1980s London and
based on Elba’s experiences of an
Aries Mar 21 – Apr 20
You may need to take the
lead on something but the
Moon in Virgo can make
this easier. Even so, with
expressive Mercury
continuing to rewind, it can
be just as well to doublecheck your work so as to
avoid any glitches.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0410 (60p/min)
Libra Sep 24 – Oct 23
You may be delighted
someone has chosen to
share an idea with you,
especially if it’s unexpected.
It might make things more
exciting if you can pursue
this together, though. In
addition, you may feel it’s
your duty to help someone.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0416 (60p/min)
Taurus Apr 21 – May 21
An unexpected encounter
with someone could be a
boost. They may share
something that moves you
deeply or helps you see an
issue in a new light. If
you’ve been impatient with
yourself, their perspective
could prove reassuring.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0411 (60p/min)
Scorpio Oct 24 – Nov 22
Someone could disrupt
your routine with a call that
is a pleasant distraction
from what you had planned
and provides you with an
opportunity to catch up.
There may be intense
discussions if you’re
arranging something.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0417 (60p/min)
Gemini May 22 – Jun 21
You want to keep your
feelings private but
someone you’ve spoken to
might accidentally say too
much. With lively Mercury
rewinding in your social
zone, this matter may
already be common
knowledge among friends.
Would it be such an issue?
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0412 (60p/min)
Nov 23 – Dec 21
Keeping an open mind
might allow you to tap into
a playful energy that helps
with creative solutions or
leaves you feeling more at
ease in a new romance.
Concerning worldly goals,
trusting your feelings could
see you accomplish more.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0418 (60p/min)
Cancer Jun 22 – Jul 23
You may have to handle a
conflict with someone who
isn’t on your wavelength
and this could make the
coming days awkward.
There is a lot to be said for
trusting your instincts to
help you navigate through
this situation and come out
of it ahead.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0413 (60p/min)
Capricorn Dec 22 – Jan 20
You may find it easy to
tune into others’ moods
but they too might sense
what you’re thinking. If
there is something you’re
mulling over, others may
have guessed it. Being
open would be wise, as it
allows you to explain
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0419 (60p/min)
Leo Jul 24 – Aug 23
A sparkling tie between
Venus and Uranus can
coincide with an invite to
experience something new.
This can add a lighter note
to the coming days and
give you something to
think about other than your
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0414 (60p/min)
Aquarius Jan 21 – Feb 19
As Venus aligns with
Uranus in your sector of
communication, someone
may surprise you, adding
a cheerier note to the days.
ahead That’s especially
true if you need respite
from the issues that have
been playing on your mind.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0420 (60p/min)
Virgo Aug 24 – Sep 23
With the Moon in your sign
aligning positively with
Mars and Saturn, you may
be keen to prove a point
about something you feel
passionate about. Some
think your views aren’t
valid but you might relish
proving them wrong.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0415 (60p/min)
Pisces Feb 20 – Mar 20
Whatever you may feel
about an opportunity, it’s
helpful to get another
view. With Mercury and
Jupiter rewinding in your
chart, you may have your
doubts if you have tried
something similar before
and it didn’t work.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0421 (60p/min)
For a live one-to-one consultation with one of my gifted
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immigrant family carving out a new
life after arriving from Sierra Leone.
NEW Wannabe
BBC3, from 10am
Who’s up for a zig-a-zig-ah right
now? And yes, we are in the music
biz for this tongue-in-cheek cringe
comedy. The deluded and mildly
ghastly Maxine (Lily Brazier) dreams
of recreating her long-lost
nanosecond of girl band fame glory.
Her genius idea: Mum Pop.
NEW Billions
Sky Atlantic, 9pm
Hedge fund king Bobby Axelrod
(Damian Lewis, every inch the
amoral moneymaker) has had his
assets sharply pruned as we return
for a third series of high-finance cut
and thrust. However, you simply
can’t keep a bad but charming guy
down and in Trump-era America
his fortunes look set to rise. About
as zeitgeist as it gets.
Thursday, March 29, 2018 METRO 53
We talk to
Goat Girl’s
Clottie Cream
Page 54 »
The Britain’s Got Talent winner tells Ashley Davies how
a series of life-defining events shaped his unique talents
had more life-changing
moments in his 33
years than many
people fit into a
lifetime. The most recent – and
most public – came last year
when he won Britain’s Got
Talent. His piano and drum
mash-ups of tunes such as
Debussy’s Clair de Lune/Ed
Sheeran’s Bloodstream, and his
final-winning showstopper
which fused Hans Zimmer’s
Interstellar score with
Rag’n’Bone Man’s Human, won
him £250,000 in prize money
and earned him a record deal
with Simon Cowell’s Syco label.
Another significant event in
Tokio’s life came at the age of
11, when he witnessed his
head teacher Philip Lawrence
being fatally stabbed outside
his school in London’s Maida
The experience made young
Tokio – then known as
Torville Jones – determined to
stay away from any sort of
gang activity, and he
poured his energies
into music,
spending hours
practising on a
keyboard his
father had
given him two
years earlier.
His hard work
paid off and he went
on to win a scholarship to
the Royal College of Music.
Although he describes it as
‘like Hogwarts’, it opened
him up to a greater breadth of
musical expertise and training
than he could have previously
‘The competition is hard.
There are so many great
musicians there,’ he says. ‘I
loved it, but at the same time I
always knew that I wanted to
do something a bit different.
It’s very traditional
there – which is great,
I’m not knocking it
at all – but I just
felt like I wanted
to push things
and take it to the
next level.
‘Someone’s got to
ruffle the feathers...’
He later earned a
decent living DJing
under the name TokioYoYoYo
and as a musician, touring
with big names such as Amy
Winehouse and Kanye West.
But he was always itching to
do more of his own music, and
took a gamble by applying to
Britain’s Got Talent. You’ll
Continued on Page 54 »
54 METRO Thursday, March 29, 2018
From Page 53 »
be hearing a lot more from Tokio
over the coming months. He has
collaborated with Olympic athlete
Jazmin Sawyers – seen on The Voice
last year – to produce a dramatic
reworking of the hymn Jerusalem.
Their version was recorded at Abbey
Road Studios with a 54-piece
orchestra and a choir, and is the
anthem for the England team at the
Commonwealth Games in
Australia, which starts on
Tokio is also about
to embark on a
nationwide tour
where he’ll be
playing songs
from his debut
album, Our
Generation. And
he’s slightly
awe-struck by the
amount of
organisation and
it will involve.
‘It’s a really big moment in my
career,’ he says of the show, which
promises to be full of technical as well
as musical wizardry.
‘It’s a really big, big project. It’s
going to be very different to anything
anyone’s seen. It’s all about the
‘It’s literally going to make people
cry, laugh, and take people on a
journey. Some of it might be a bit
brash and harsh but I want people to
be absolutely blown away by
everything, from the visuals to the
sound to the performance. I’m trying
to create a world that people can go
into and be, “Wow, what was that?”’
Aside from three cover tracks, Our
Generation is all Tokio’s own material,
and much of the sound is a lot grittier
than what people will have seen him
perform on Britain’s Got Talent. ‘I had
complete and utter creative control on
the album,’ he says. ‘I’m so proud
of the record.’
He’s used much of his
prize money to set up a
studio in his East
London home, and
says that while his
focus is on the
current, he has
one eye on
longer-term work
in film scores.
‘I would love to
collaborate in the
way Hans Zimmer
has done,’ he says.
‘I love all the work
he’s done. It’s very
inspiring. I’d love to go down that
route and write for films as well as
keeping touring and all the good stuff.
‘But I think my goal now is just to
be able to stick around.
‘That’s the truth. With these shows,
especially Britain’s Got Talent, people
come and go. My thing is to hopefully
prove I’m a worthy artist, not just a
TV celebrity guy. That’s the mission
right now.’
n Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh, April 2,
and then touring,
Goat-to girls: Clottie Cream, centre
right, with, from left, L.E.D., Naima
Jelly and Rosy Bones
‘Don’t call us angry.
We’re outspoken...’
Ahead of their debut album, Sharon O’Connell hears
Goat Girl have been tagged many things they are not
HEN Lottie, aka
Clottie Cream,
explains what it
means to be a
member of south
London’s Goat Girl, she describes
a closeness that suggests a deep
friendship grown from shared
passions and commitment.
‘We are a gang in that we are
all on the same page with what
we want from being in a band,’
the singer and lyricist declares.
‘It’s never been about wanting
to achieve ultimate fame, the
most special times to us are when
we’re writing and rehearsing
together. And when we’re
performing, which we love, we’re
genuinely performing for
‘We’re ambitious in the sense
that we want to do things that
help us positively evolve, but not
in terms of having a five-year
plan. We like to take things as
they come.’
It’s an approach that’s served
the four 21-year-olds pretty well
so far. Goat Girl signed to Rough
Trade before they had released a
note of music and will release
their self-titled debut album on
April 6. It’s a smart and spirited
set that shanghais garage rock,
upbeat pop, hoedown country and
spitfire punk into songs that range
from the personal (I Don’t Care –
addressing conformity) to the
political (Burn The Stake: ‘Build
a bonfire, build a bonfire, put the
Tories on the top/Put the DUP in
the middle and we’ll burn the
f***ing lot’).
For Lottie, though, being
tagged a ‘political’ band is both
misleading and limiting.
‘We don’t want that idea to be
boxing us in to one thing,’ she
says. ‘If people see you or hear
you in one way, it doesn’t allow
‘I don’t really think
it’s possible to not be
political in this time’
you to evolve. But I don’t really
think it’s possible to not be
political in this time.
‘Even relating to one another
on a daily basis is political and
having an awareness of that
within my lyrics is very important
to me.
‘But also, I get that feeling from
the way that we chant melodies
together, even if those words
don’t have an overtly political
meaning. It’s more that in the
way that it’s sung, there’s a
political energy between us.’
Three members of Goat Girl –
Lottie, guitarist Ellie (L.E.D) and
bassist Naima – they like to keep
their surnames quiet – have been
playing together since they were
14. They met drummer Rosy in
2015 on a night out at south
London’s The Windmill.
With frequent attendance at
local label Trashmouth Records’
gigs and kinship with bands such
as Meat Raffle and Warmduscher,
Goat Girl were hailed as part of a
new south London ‘scene’ –
another inaccurate tag, they say.
Are there any other
assumptions that Goat Girl
routinely face? ‘The main
misconception people have about
us is that we’re four angry girls,’
she says. ‘And that in itself is
sexist. Why can’t women be
politicised and outspoken in that
way, instead of just being “angry
‘I don’t think we have
controversial opinions, we just
express our views – but a lot of
people don’t.’
n Tomorrow, The Gate Arts
Centre (as part of Wales Goes
Pop!), Cardiff,;
Saturday, The Deaf Institute,
uk; and touring
Weekend Music
56 METRO Thursday, March 29, 2018
Weekend Around the country
There will be daily
razzle dazzle and
plenty of it now
that this
record-breaking –
and highly sexy – musical has
returned with Oscar-winner
Cuba Gooding Jr starring and
It takes 100 artists to move 20,000 people to tears in this traditional 90minute Good Friday telling of the story of Easter. Free, at noon and 3.15pm.
Tomorrow, Trafalgar Square, London,
At this time of year
Coventry Cathedral
Chorus usually
performs a Bach
Passion, but you won’t
be disappointed at this
modern take.
Tomorrow, Coventry
Sarah Soetaert (pictured) as
Roxie Hart.
Until October 6, Phoenix
Theatre, London,
Hear tracks from her latest
album Glasshouse as well as
classics like Say You Love Me.
Saturday, O2 Academy
Sheffield, Sheffield,
While we wait for upcoming film Jurassic World:
Fallen Kingdom (screams) why not walk among
real dinosaurs in the flesh. At this fully immersive
experience, come face to snout with them as you
zoom back in time. Until July 31, Greenwich
Peninsula, London,
It’s been a Good Friday afternoon
tradition for nearly 150 years,
enjoying Handel’s masterpiece
in stately surroundings.
Moving and masterly.
Tomorrow, Royal Albert Hall,
How time flies – the three charming
Scottish rockers are back with a fifth
album, In Your Own Sweet Time.
Tomorrow, O2 Academy Newcastle,
His second solo album
is barely six months
old so it’s high time we
got to hear it live,
which is what the
consummate rapper
is offering – if you can
wangle tickets.
Tomorrow, Victoria
a in
The commemoration of
supreme choreographer
Kenneth MacMillan
continues apace with this
masterpiece of modern
ballet to music by
Jules Massenet.
Until May 16, Royal Opera
House, London,
Thursday, March 29, 2018 METRO 57
Ready to
Joshua (left)
and Parker
Q& A
with Joshua Buatsi
The Croydon light-heavyweight has his
fifth professional fight on the undercard
of Anthony Joshua’s showdown with
Joseph Parker. By Matthew Nash
Are you excited to box on the Joshua
undercard again, as you did in October?
It’s a big card, a stadium fight, and more
experience for me – you can’t buy that. I look
forward to it, there’ll be lots of good nervous
energy and the hairs on the back of my neck
are sure to rise up, which is good. Bring it on.
What can a new fan expect from you?
Expect to see someone who wants to win at all
costs, putting it all on the line. I’m looking
forward to putting on a dominant display and
hopefully I will get a good slot on the night.
How have your prepared for Saturday?
I’ve been sparring a lot of the Great Britain
team before they headed out to the
Commonwealth Games so they’re razor-sharp.
Tell us about signing for Matchroom and
Joshua’s AJ Boxing last year?
KO %
6ft 6in
6ft 4in
There’s more interest in boxing in this country,
and that’s thanks to AJ. I had offers from the
US but knew I had to do it in this country. I’m a
London boy but I had to look at all the angles.
As a world champion, does AJ inspire you?
It’s good to get a first-hand vision of how it
can be done. Just being around him and seeing
it happen makes you think it is possible for you
too. I know I’m very, very far off what he is
doing but that’s what is making me work hard.
Are you the sort to trash talk?
My approach will be different – my style is not
to trash talk. I don’t want to get drawn into a
war of words on social media but no one wants
to be disrespected. Now I’ve said that, I’m sure
it will happen anyway!
Call of the Wild-er for
heavyweight nice guys
WHO wants to see a nice guy knocked out?
There is every chance Anthony Joshua or
Joseph Parker will hit the canvas in Cardiff as
the picture in the heavyweight division starts
to get cleared up on Saturday night.
Neither Joshua, who owns the WBA, IBF
and IBO belts, nor Parker are the type for real
trash talk, despite their game efforts this week.
But their clash will lead one of them closer to
the elusive Deontay Wilder and unification of
boxing’s blue-riband weight class.
After Dillian Whyte’s old-school KO of Lucas Browne in London last weekend, there is
the appetite for a real ding-dong in Wales.
Those inside the Principality Stadium will be
baying for an explosive display from their
man in the first meeting of two undefeated
world heavyweight champions on UK soil.
Joshua expects a knockout but is ready to go
all the way. Parker claims he is still deciding
the method by which he will win. Joshua is the
bigger, stronger man. Parker is a more technical challenge than Wilder would present.
Could it be a classic, like Joshua-Klitschko
11 months ago? Perhaps, but it could also be a
night for AJ to nudge past the New Zealander
and closer to world domination.
Joshua, with 20 wins from 20 fights, all inside the distance, says Parker will freeze in
front of 80,000 fans: ‘It’s an experience he
hasn’t faced yet. It is daunting, it is overwhelming.’ After three underwhelming fights,
Parker believes he is ready to show top form.
‘The fans haven’t really seen the best Joseph
Parker there is,’ he insists.
The theory is Parker and his team have got
under Joshua’s skin over recent months and
the WBO king has claimed: ‘Of course he can
be beaten. He is not a god, he is a human being, and I will show on Saturday night that I
am going to beat him.’
Whether these prove to be empty threats, or
whether Parker lives up to his billing as a
world champion remains to be seen.
But it is hard to see how anyone derails the
AJ train quite yet.
Antonio needs Blues to rocket past Spurs
SPACE trash may fall to earth on
Stamford Bridge, though, it may not
Easter Sunday and scientists
be satellite junk falling in west
fear it is going to cause
London but the door slamming
some big damage.
behind Antonio Conte as he’s
Debris from China’s
sent packing.
Newcastle to
Tiangong-1 space station
Defeat to Tottenham will
beat Huddersfield
will break into small
leave Chelsea eight points
pieces as it enters our
behind their rivals and set to
atmosphere but boffins
miss out on a Champions
have no idea where it will
League spot. Betfair go 13/10 they
win to bring Spurs down to earth.
land. If there’s a sonic boom at
Ulloa (above) to net
against his old side
Leicester. BTTS is
10/11 (Ladbrokes)
push West Brom
closer to the brink
on Saturday by
winning at The
Hawthorns at
Betfair’s 21/10.
Luton, Wycombe
and Forest Green
form tomorrow’s
Good Friday acca.
How do you see the main
event going?
Everything’s in AJ’s
favour – he’s the bigger,
taller and stronger man
against a smaller,
stockier guy. It’s all
negatives for Parker.
Joshua Buatsi is on the undercard
of Anthony Joshua v Joseph
Parker. Sky Sports Box Office will
exclusively show the JoshuaParker unification fight on Saturday.
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58 METRO Thursday, March 29, 2018
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Playmaker’s Sterling work is a boost
praise on Raheem Sterling after
the Manchester City forward
pressed his claims to start in the
No.10 role at the World Cup.
Sterling ran Italy’s defenders
ragged, producing one of his best
displays for England so far in the
1-1 draw at Wembley.
The only thing missing from his
performance was a goal but, with
less than three months until the
tournament, Southgate was
delighted with the 23-year-old.
‘When you have someone of
Raheem’s dribbling ability, it
causes a problem for the
opposition,’ he said.
‘You’ve seen his numbers with
City this year, he’s playing with
confidence. A lot of these lads are
expressive players and they need
to feel freedom on the pitch – it’s
different for defenders, they need
structure to be able to perform.’
Southgate also reserved praise
for goalkeeper Joe Hart, who did
not play in the friendlies with
Holland or Italy and looks set to
go to the World Cup as back-up.
The on-loan West Ham keeper
has been a bystander over the
past ten days as Everton’s Jordan
Thursday, March 29, 2018 METRO 59
Ritchie back in training with Toon
T H E Y S A I D I T. . .
am r
run a performanc
an a s
i ei
for Southgate
Pickford and Stoke’s Jack Butland
were given 90 minutes each to
press their claims.
Southgate, however, maintains
the race for the No.1 shirt remains
‘very tight’ and added: ‘He (Hart)
has been excellent. I’ve been very
straight with him throughout.
‘I spoke to him about three
weeks ago and he understood
everything I said.’
Constant threat: Sterling made a big impact against Italy
NEWCASTLE midfielder Matt Ritchie has handed manager
Rafael Benitez a major boost by resuming training ahead
of Saturday’s Premier League clash with Huddersfield.
Ritchie (pictured), who withdrew from the Scotland
squad through injury over the weekend, was back with
the rest of the Newcastle players yesterday after being
assessed by the club’s medical staff.
Ritchie played 87 minutes of Scotland’s 1-0 defeat by
Costa Rica last Friday, but headed back to the north east
before Tuesday’s 1-0 win in Hungary. He is now in with a
chance of playing in this weekend’s vital game.
Potters’ Arsenal bogey
is no issue for Lambert
PAUL LAMBERT hopes his own
experience of winning at Arsenal can
help Stoke end a miserable run.
The relegation-threatened Potters
have lost on all 15 visits to Arsenal
since a victory in 1981 but Lambert’s
Aston Villa won at the Emirates on
the first day of the 2013/14 season.
‘I know what it’s like to win there,
what it’s like to lose there, what it’s
like to draw there,’ said Lambert. ‘We
have to find a way to hurt them.’
T H E Y S A I D I T. . .
‘I’m progressing day by
day down there, working
under a fantastic
manager and with
unbelievable players.’
Liverpool left-back Andrew
Robertson believes his impressive
first season at Anfield can only be
good news for Scotland and new
national-team boss Alex McLeish
60 METRO Thursday, March 29, 2018
Russia face
new probe
into racism
FIFA has opened an investigation after France players were
racially abused by fans in Russia,
where the World Cup is being
held in less than three months.
Monkey chants could be heard
from the St Petersburg crowd
when black France players
touched the ball in a friendly.
The abuse was also audible on
a TV broadcast after Manchester
United’s Paul Pogba scored in
France’s 3-1 win.
French sports minister Laura
Flessel called for international
action, tweeting: ‘Racism has no
place on the soccer field.’
Waiting game:
England and Italy
players pause while
the VAR decision is made
We all feel in the dark when it
comes to reviews, says Jamie
MANCHESTER City (above)
eased into the Women’s
Champions League semi-finals
with a 7-3 aggregate win over
Linkopings after a 5-3 secondleg victory in Sweden last night.
Fran Kirby scored twice for
Chelsea who joined City in the
last four by beating Montpellier
3-1 at home to progress 5-1.
Ladbrokes Scottish Premiership
St Johnstone.................1 Hamilton.................... 0
Women’s Champions League quarter-finals,
second leg
Chelsea.........................3 Montpellier................. 1
(Chelsea win 5-1 on aggregate)
Linkoping......................3 Man City......................5
(Man City win 7-3 on aggregate)
FA Women’s Super League 1
Bristol City ...................0 Birmingham...............2
Sunderland ...................1 Everton ....................... 1
Reading ........................3 Yeovil.......................... 0
FIXTURES (7.45pm)
Sky Bet League One
Blackburn v Bradford ..............................................
Gillingham v MK Dons ............................................
ENGLAND striker Jamie Vardy insists
there are still teething troubles with
video assistant referees and ‘no one
knows what is going on’ when the system is used.
Gareth Southgate’s men were denied
victory as Italy were awarded a late
penalty after referee Deniz Aytekin
consulted the VAR and ruled debutant
James Tarkowski had fouled Federico
Chiesa at Wembley.
Lorenzo Insigne dispatched the
resulting spot-kick to cancel out
Vardy’s first-half opener as the Italians
left London with a 1-1 draw.
The late setback dented what was an
otherwise fairly positive evening for
England manager Southgate as he
plans for the World Cup in Russia.
Vardy fired home his seventh inter-
THE FOOTBALL Association has denied a report chief executive
Martin Glenn wants to quit after just three years in the job.
According to Sky News, the FA has asked recruitment firm Odgers
Berndtson to find a successor for Glenn as he has ‘become jaded’ by a
series of controversies and wants to leave after the World Cup.
‘The FA, in accordance with good corporate governance, is conducting
a talent mapping exercise for future CEO succession,’ a statement read.
‘This is not a recruitment process and there is no current or planned
timeline for Martin Glenn to leave. He remains committed to leading the
modernisation of the organisation.’
national goal but was left questioning
the VAR system.
‘It is what it is,’ he said. ‘They say
they are using it at the World Cup, so
‘I think that there are
still issues with it’
we have used it tonight. Obviously
most of it is down to players and supporters not knowing what is going on.
‘It is okay to come up and say that
VAR is in use but no one knows what
it is going on. It is obviously taking
time as well. There were five minutes
added on.
‘There are still issues with it but it
works in other countries, so who
knows?’ Eric Dier captained England
on the night and the Tottenham man
has grown accustomed to VAR, having
had a real taste of it during the recent
FA Cup clash with Rochdale at Wembley, a match marred by several controversies using the new system.
‘I haven’t seen it (the penalty incident) again, so I can’t comment on
that,’ said Dier.
‘But I think the VAR was smoother
than when I have experienced it in previous times so I have got no complaints
with that and the time that it took.
‘From where I am looking, even if
there is contact, the ball is out of play
already (before contact) so is it a foul
if you can obviously see he isn’t going
to get the ball anyway?’
But he added: ‘Once the referee
makes the decision, with or without
the VAR, you have to accept it.’
One moment is all it takes and, having
been dominated for most of the match,
co Chiesa
James Tarkowski’ oul on
allowed Italy a draw which flattere
them. Although harsh on England, it wa
a reminder – rather like Tottenham’s
recent defeat at Wembley by Juventus –
you have to kill your opponents off. The
Azzurri were never dead and buried so
the longer the game went on the more
the feeling grew that just one moment
might change things. So it proved.
A draw against Italy is usually not to be
sniffed at but the visitors failed to qualify
for the World Cup and are a pale imitation
of previous Azzurri sides. While it’s not
catastrophic in terms of preparation for
Russia, it’s not the perfect sign-off
Gareth Southgate – so close to two wins
Matthew Nash looks at England’s
inability to finish off Italy
from two this week – would have wanted
ahead of naming his squad in May. He’ll
argue VAR changed things but the Three
Lions should have put Italy away long
before the late penalty call. Maybe they
should have gone for that vital second
goal. Let’s hope it’s lesson learned.
No one really harmed their World
Cup chances at Wembley so
Southgate still has tough calls to
make. Jack Butland and Jordan
Pickford look locked in a battle
for the No.1 jersey, James
Tarkowski has given Southgate
another option at centre-back
and up front there is a good
alternative to Harry Kane in pacy
Jamie Vardy, Raheem Sterling,
Jesse Lingard and Marcus
Rashford. There are some tough
calls ahead and, while Southgate will be
pleased at the plethora of options, a best
XI is still a tricky one to call three months
out from the tournament.
Every time VAR rears its head it appears
to be to the detriment of football. Fans
left Wembley on Tuesday believing
England had been robbed. But
tthe decision to check
tthe replay was
ccorrect, as was the
penalty call. Seeing a
decision overturned in
such a way is taking
some getting used to.
The hope is VAR
doesn’t dominate the
World Cup and some of
itts issues are ironed
ut before June.
Thursday, March 29, 2018 METRO 61
Dismal winter must have
sting in the tail, says Joe
JOE ROOT has left his England team in
no doubt a vast improvement is needed in
the final Test of their arduous winter.
In a first series since their 4-0 Ashes
drubbing, England fell flat with an innings
defeat to New Zealand in Auckland.
Root, who voiced his steadfast support
for Trevor Bayliss as the ‘right man’ to
continue as England coach, spelled out
his and his team-mates’ responsibilities to
reach a much higher standard.
They will have that opportunity in the
final Test in Christchurch tomorrow.
Victory would square the series and prevent England’s longest winter schedule
for 55 years ending on another downer.
Root held a lengthy meeting to discuss
the task ahead with his bowling attack.
Afterwards, he said: ‘We hope we can
put right what was a really bad week. The
(two days of) rain (in Auckland) made it
look a lot better than it was. We know we
were well off the mark.
‘It’s about making sure we’re far better
than we have been so far on this tour.’
Billy Monger
The 18-year-old racing
driver lost both legs in a
shocking accident last
year. This weekend he
returns to competition in
the British F3 opener at
Oulton Park in a specially
adapted car. Interview by
Adam Hay-Nicholls
Did you ever think, in the
days, weeks and months
after your accident, you
would be racing F3 in 2018?
I didn’t know what was going
to happen at the time. To get to
this stage is a pretty great
achievement. I’m just looking
forward to this weekend. There
is extra pressure because of
the number of people watching,
but it’s ‘good’ nerves. I want to
prove what I can do.
Where do you get your
bravery and determination?
I have a network of people
around me who put my feelings
first. And the motorsport
community really rallied. That’s
the main thing that got me
through; the support. It
motivated me to get back to
what I love doing.
‘We hope we can put right
what was a bad week. We
were well off the mark’
Asked about Bayliss’ role, Root made
clear his faith in the coach.
‘We as players have a responsibility to
put things right,’ he said. ‘He’s been very
good at trying to take pressure off us and
allowing us to try and perform at our best,
even when it has got tough.
‘He’s got some brilliant ideas and he’s a
very talented coach, and the right man to
take us forward to the end of his tenure.’
After being bowled out for just 58 en
route to a landslide defeat at Eden Park,
changes are sure to be on the agenda.
Moeen Ali and Craig Overton appear
most likely to make way, with fit-again
paceman Mark Wood set to return, while
spinner Jack Leach and batsman Liam
Livingstone could make debuts.
Root said: ‘I’d never make changes just
to be seen to be doing something. I always
want to be picking the side I think can win
the game in the given conditions.’
Lewis Hamilton and other
drivers are in awe of your
comeback. Have they helped
spur you on?
After the accident, I was
unconscious for a few days and
woke up to find messages from
people like Lewis and Jenson
[Button]. A few weeks ago I
met up with Lewis at
Silverstone. He showed me
around his new car and I
showed him around mine. It’s
inspirational to spend time
with your childhood heroes.
Turn over: Jack Leach (left) could offer a spin alternative to Moeen (right) in the second Test
R O O T O N. . . M O E E N A L I
‘It has been a struggle for Mo but he’s a
very talented lad. It’s (about) making sure
he keeps believing in all the good stuff he’s
done in the past and trusting his game.’
‘It’s important we err on the side
of caution and make sure we
don’t lose him for a long period
of time.’
Off-spinning all-rounder Moeen scored just 28 in two innings in
Auckland and failed to take a wicket in his 17 overs
All-rounder Stokes was limited to a batting role
in the Auckland Test because of a back injury
Was there a psychological
barrier the first time you
went back out on track?
I was nervous at first but
within a few laps I felt just as I
used to. The main thing was
getting confident with the new
controls. It used to be second
nature. Now I have to think
about what I’m doing.
Murray’s back on court and
chasing return after hip op
ANDY MURRAY’S recovery
from hip surgery appears
to be gathering pace after
he posted a picture of
himself at full stretch on
the practice court.
The three-time grandslam champion has not
played competitively
since his quarter-final
defeat at Wimbledon last
July. The Scot had surgery
earlier this year and had
been targeting the
beginning of the grasscourt season in June to
make his comeback.
This week he was
spotted back on the
court, training in France,
and yesterday posted an
image (right) from his
latest session, writing on
Instagram: ‘Chasing down
another @aidymchugh
error today during
practice #progress.’
Rory’s heading to
Wentworth again
RORY McILROY will make his
first appearance on European
soil this year at May’s BMW PGA
Championship at Wentworth.
McIlroy, who missed last year’s
event with the rib injury that
troubled him throughout 2017,
said: ‘I’m looking forward to
going back to Wentworth.
‘I haven’t played there in a
couple of years but, with the
new grass that they’ve put in, it
looks a much better golf course.’
Dublin deadline set for Farrell
OWEN FARRELL has 24 hours to prove his
fitness for Saracens’ Champions Cup quarterfinal against Leinster in Dublin on Sunday.
The fly-half is 50-50 to recover from a quad
injury suffered in England’s Six Nations loss to
Ireland. Billy Vunipola (arm) is definitely out.
New pair to target Rapid runs
WORCESTERSHIRE have signed New Zealand
opener Martin Guptill and ex-Australia batsman
Callum Ferguson for this summer’s T20 Blast.
Guptill will play the Rapids’ first eight group
games with Ferguson taking over for the final six.
62 METRO Thursday, March 29, 2018
Warne believes bans for
tampering are excessive
Embarrassed: Warne
SHANE WARNE believes the balltampering punishments handed to
Steve Smith, David Warner and
Cameron Bancroft are excessive.
The former Australia spinner
knows the players had to be
punished but believes the scandal
has been blown out of proportion.
Warne said: ‘To hear the
Australian cricket team had been
involved in premeditated cheating
is embarrassing. There is no way
you can condone it.
‘But the jump to hysteria has
elevated the offence beyond what
they actually did. Maybe we’re at a
point where the punishment just
might not fit the crime.
‘Their actions were indefensible
and they need to be severely
punished. But I don’t think a oneyear ban is the answer.
‘My punishment would have
been to miss the fourth Test match,
a huge fine, and be sacked as
captain and vice-captain.
‘But they should still be allowed
to play after that.’
n Warner the leader n Aussies are
hit with bans
of sandpaper plot
DAVID WARNER was yesterday named
as the ringleader behind the Australia balltampering scandal which has seen him,
captain Steve Smith and Cameron Bancroft
hit with lengthy bans.
Vice-captain Warner and Smith have
been suspended from international and domestic cricket for 12 months by Cricket
Australia after the Cape Town controversy,
with Bancroft banned for nine months.
At a press conference after the third day’s
play of the third Test with South Africa –
which the hosts won by 322 runs – Smith
and Bancroft admitted to a premeditated
attempt to tamper with the ball.
Now CA has revealed the yellow tape
Bancroft was captured on camera rubbing
against the ball, and then hiding down the
front of his trousers, was sandpaper.
TheAustralians’ governing body charged
Warner with devising the plan, instructing
a junior player – Bancroft – to carry it out
and even demonstrating how to do it.
Leaping on the last point, ex-England
captain Michael Vaughan tweeted: ‘Interesting to see how one demonstrated how a
ball could be artificially altered ... !!!!!!!
But it was an ISOLATED incident !!!!’
Announcing the punishments, CA said
31-year-old batsman Warner, a controversial figure throughout his international career, will never again hold a team leadership position, while Smith and Bancroft
will not be considered for such roles until
12 months after their bans have ended.
All three will, however, be available for
next summer’s Ashes series in England.
CA stated Warner had shown an ‘apparent lack of contrition’, a claim later deleted
from its statement. Smith was charged with
Thursday, March 29, 2018 METRO 63
Humiliation: Smith receives an escort
on his way out of South Africa after
being sent home from Australia’s tour
AS AJ AIMS HIGH Pages 57 »
Tweet sp t
Jonathan Trott has a short
and sweet message for
Warner, who was critical of
the former England
batsman’s decision to leave
the Ashes tour in 2013 with a
long-standing stress-related
condition, labelling him ‘poor
and weak’.
n Lehmann: We
have to change
Shamed: Warner
was exposed by
Cricket Australia as
the man behind the
knowledge of the plan, telling Bancroft to
conceal the evidence and attempting to
mislead match officials and the public.
Smith and Warner have also been banned
from this year’s Indian Premier League,
while all three must do 100 hours of voluntary service in community cricket.
Coach Darren Lehmann survives with
n I’m innocent,
insists coach
‘Previously we butted
heads but that’s not the
way to play going forward’
CA satisfied he was not involved. On his
walkie-talkie conversation with Peter
Handscomb just before the 12th man entered the field to talk to Bancroft, CA chief
James Sutherland said: ‘He sent a message
to say, “What in the hell is going on?”.’
Lehmann, who confirmed he was not going to resign, said: ‘The first I saw of it was
on that screen, I got straight on the walkietalkie. There were a couple of expletives.
‘I’m confident it is an isolated issue. The
players have made a grave mistake but they
are not bad people. I hope people give them
a second chance. I worry about the three
guys mentally.
‘We are truly sorry. We need to change
how we play. We need to work to bring the
respect back from the fans. Previously we
butted heads but that’s not the way to play
going forward. I need to change.’
FOr all tHE
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