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2018-04-04 Metro UK

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wednesday, april 4, 2018
Th e wo rl d ’ s m o sT p o pu l ar fre e n e wspap e r
time to give your finances
a spring clean Money
in association with
insid y
in pArtnership With
you all the shows in partnership with
you know and love on demand Page 31 »
h haddon
goes virtua
l in teen
kiss me
here do
and our online real lives end
lives begin?
And what
happens when
cross over?
those are
of the questions
just two
drama Kiss
in new Channel
of charactersMe First, which gives
us a set
one human to follow in two dimensions
At the centre one avatar.
of it all is leila,
escapes a solitary
a girl who
world of Agora, existence by entering
a virtual-reali
allows her
ty game that
personality. explore a different
In the humdrum side to her
leila is mousey
real world
and shy
is a much but her alter ego,
feistier proposition.
So far, so
Spielberg’s ready Player one, Steven
in which
into a virtual-reali
universe. But
while the Spielberg
movie is
on Page
32 »
teenagers die
in shootings
hours apart
Boy, 16, killed four miles from where girl, 17, gunned down
‘Innocent child’:
tanesha was shot
in the street pa
A boy of 16 who was shot in the face
died last night – the 48th murder victim in london this year.
news of his death came just hours
after a 17-year-old girl was gunned
down in the street.
locals said tanesha Melbourne,
who died in front of her mother, was
a blameless victim of a ‘postcode’
gang war.
soon after she was shot in
tottenham, north london, on
Monday night, the boy was
shot four miles away in
Walthamstow, east london. A 15-year-old youth
by daniel binns
was also stabbed nearby. Police said
there was no evidence to link the
Walthamstow and tottenham killings.
they are the latest in a spate of killings in the capital, which recorded a
higher murder rate than new york in
February and March – the first time in
modern history.
tanesha was chatting with friends
when a car pulled up and someone
inside began firing for ‘no reason at
all’, said a 21-year-old woman, who
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Investigation: Forensics officers conduct search at murder scene
2 METRO Wednesday, April 4, 2018
15,000 flights hit
by air traffic fault
Philip in hospital for
‘planned’ hip surgery
THE DUKE of Edinburgh has been
admitted to hospital for planned
surgery on his hip that will take
place today.
Philip, 96, is said to have
complained of a problem with his
hip that caused him to miss a
Windsor Castle event with the
Queen last week.
At the time, he was said to be
experiencing some trouble with
the joint.
Buckingham Palace said the
duke had been admitted to King
Edward VII hospital in London.
He retired from official
engagements last year.
Green Queen: Page 18 »
Joint problems: The duke missed
an event last week PICTURE: PA
AIRLINE passengers suffered delays
yesterday as up to 15,000 flights across
Europe were disrupted by a fault with
an air traffic management system.
The Eurocontrol computer failure
meant that up to half the continent’s
flights were at risk of being delayed.
Flight plans submitted before
11.26am were lost and airlines had to
resubmit them. A spokesman for Eurocontrol, which has 41 member states
including the UK, said: ‘We are expecting that our system should be fully up
and running tomorrow.’ There were no
safety implications, he added.
Budget airline easyJet revealed the
effect it had on its services. It said:
‘Ten flights were delayed between one
hour and three hours with 16 flights
delayed as a knock-on effect.’
The disruption came as the UK’s two
busiest airports are about to experience
three weeks of delays as air traffic controllers switch to new technology.
Heathrow and Gatwick are replacing
paper flight information strips with a
digital system at the air traffic control
centre in Swanwick, Hampshire.
Average delays at Heathrow could
be 20 minutes as arrivals are limited to
80 per cent of capacity for ten days
from Wednesday. This will be raised to
90 per cent for the following ten days.
Jamie Hutchison, director of Nats’
Swanwick base, said: ‘We will be
doing everything we can to minimise
the impact on passengers.’
Zippy’s gone bad... e-fit mocked
A POLICE force has
become a laughing
stock after making
an e-fit of a suspect
look like widemouthed kids’ TV
character Zippy.
The image was
issued after the
suspect burgled a
woman’s home.
Police said: ‘The
person was
distinctive. We hope
someone recognises
him.’ The thief and
an accomplice
tricked their way into
a flat in Stratfordupon-Avon on
February 5.
Social media users
poked fun of the
image. Harry Howell
said on Facebook:
‘Oh my God Zippy’s
gone bad. Seriously
strange e-fit of a
wanted man.’
Medic asked to move from ‘private car park’
A PARAMEDIC treating a patient at the weekend
found a note on his ambulance car which said:
‘Private car park. Do not park here.’ Bodmin
Responders said the medic was called to a
‘possible allergic reaction’ and was on the scene in
Cornwall for under two hours with an Ambulance
Service sign clearly displayed. A crew were also
asked to move their ambulance while on call.
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4 METRO Wednesday, April 4, 2018
Holiday tragedy:
Left, Adam and
Right, his
parents Bryan
and Sheralyn.
Below, the crash
scene SWNS
British family die in
Florida crash horror
A BRITISH family of four has been
killed in a car crash in Florida.
The driver, Adam Stephenson, 30,
shot out in front of a heavy duty truck
after being told to make a U-turn by a
sat nav on his mobile phone, US police
The family were leaving the Kennedy
Space Center when their rented Mitsubishi saloon was hit on the passenger side by a Ford pick-up truck.
Mr Stephenson’s 29-year-old wife
Maryanne and his parents, Bryan and
Sheralyn Stephenson, aged 59 and 56,
also died. Adam’s brother – who had
not been named – was also on the holiday but had stayed behind at their
rental home in Davenport, Florida.
Police said he notified the authorities
when his family failed to turn up ‘but
they were on their way to notify him’.
The family, from Bristol, were pronounced dead at Sisson Road on the
SR-405 intersection in Titusville,
about an hour after they watched a
rocket launch. Deputy chief Todd
Hutchinson, of Titusville Police, said
the truck driver, who was taken to hospital with minor injuries, told officers
there was ‘nothing he could do’.
He said that Adam Stephenson’s
‘unfamiliarity’ with the area could
have contributed to the accident.
Deputy chief Hutchinson added:
“[The GPS] told them to go the other
way because there was a crash up
ahead of them.
‘They were in the process of making
that U-turn at the time of the collision.’
Working together:
Emily and John at the
New York premiere REX
a her ug
5, was with hubby John Krasinski, 38, a
re of their first film together, A Quiet Plac
star, mum to Hazel, four, and 20-monthask the little one, “Who is your best frie
rected and a
Wednesday, April 4, 2018 METRO 5
Woman with a gun brings terror to YouTube HQ
YOUTUBE evacuated its
California HQ after a woman
went on a shooting rampage.
Armed police stormed the
building in San Bruno area of
San Francisco last night after
reports of ‘multiple injuries’ as
hundreds of staff fled with their
hands on their heads.
San Bruno police chief Ed
Barberini said four people were
shot. He also said the shooter
had shot herself. ‘One female
subject is deceased with selfinflicted wound that we believe to
be the shooter,’ he said.
Earlier, employees tweeted
from the scene. ‘Heard shots and
saw people running while at my
desk,’ tweeted Vadim Lavruski.
‘Now barricaded inside a room
with co-workers.
‘Someone said the person shot
out the back doors and then shot
themselves,’ tweeted Todd
Sherman. ‘I looked down and
saw blood drips on the floor.’
Zuckerberg San Francisco
Hospital last night said one of
the injured was in a serious
condition and one was critical.
Staff, arms
raised, walk
police at
the HQ of
Street shooting
‘often has roots
in online taunts’
» Continued from Page 1
lives nearby. The teenager’s mum
rushed to the scene before 999
crews arrived. ‘She was screaming.
She didn’t know what to do. She
didn’t deserve to watch her die,’
said the eyewitness.
A friend of Tanesha’s added: ‘She
was just an innocent child caught
up in this stupid postcode war.’
Youth centre volunteer Tanesha,
who was killed in Tottenham on
Monday, became the 47th person
murdered in London this year.
Gang-related violence has played
a major part, with teenage boys
admitting that postcode rivalries
have left them fearful of venturing
outside the estates where they live.
The 21-year-old woman said,
when Tanesha was shot, she heard a
bang ‘like fireworks’ from her
house and ran outside.
‘I put her on her side and I was just
rubbing her back, saying “everything’s going to be OK”,’ she said.
Tanesha’s mother left flowers at
the scene yesterday with a card
reading: ‘To my baby Nesha. I’m
gonna miss you so much, you’re
always gonna be with me everywhere I go. Love Mummy.’
The teenager’s grandmother
Kathleen Kingdom, 60, said she
had been ‘in the wrong place at the
wrong time’.
Sophie Linden, London’s deputy
mayor for policing and crime, said
the Met had deployed extra officers
Shock: Two
embrace as
flowers are laid
near the spot
where Tanesha
(inset) was shot PA
on the streets in the wake of the
murder. She said government funding cuts and misuse of social media
had contributed to rising violence.
‘Police officer numbers are falling, youth services are being cut,’
she added. ‘Social media certainly
does have a part to play in whipping
up the violence on the streets that
we are seeing at the moment.’
She said companies must remove
inflammatory posts more quickly.
6 metro wednesday, april 4, 2018
black tuesday
Overcrowded platforms and buses as france crippled by rail strike
Crush hour:
commuters try to
get home from
Gare de Lyon in
paris last night
pictures: aFp/ap
in brief
spotify valued at
£20bn after float
sPotiFy joined the ranks of
the world’s most valuable
companies when it floated
on the new york stock
exchange yesterday.
the music-streaming service
hit values of £20billion as
shares traded at £120 each –
despite it never having made
a profit. it has built up
71million subscribers in its
12-year history, and aims to
have 96million worldwide by
the end of the year.
the nyse hoisted a flag to
celebrate the stockholmbased company’s swedish
origins – but it put up the
swiss flag by mistake.
corsa cannibals
steal front of car
by peter allen
trAins ground to a halt and stations were packed across France as
a ‘black tuesday’ of strikes started
three months of industrial action.
tourists including britons returning from the easter weekend were
among those caught up in the
chaos, while others gave up trying
to travel.
Many eurostar services were
cancelled while one in eight domestic high-speed tgV trains and one
in five regional services ran.
in Paris, police were called to
maintain order on replacement
buses, with one spokesman saying:
‘they are extremely overcrowded
and tensions are running high.’
in lyon, olivier Martin, 50, was
trying to get to the airport for a
flight to the us. he said: ‘the train
strike is unacceptable. it’s too easy
to take people hostage.’
the 550-mile journey between
Paris and Milan through the Alps
was among services replaced by a
coach, which was likely to take at
least three times as long.
it is estimated the strikes will
cost the country’s state railway
snCF £17.5million a day. snCF
staff are challenging president
emmanuel Macron’s reforms,
which include reducing the power
of rail unions.
opponents have accused the government of wanting to privatise the
loss-making snCF. transport secretary elisabeth borne said it ‘will
remain a public service’ but it costs
30 per cent more to run a train in
France than elsewhere in the eu.
Cgt union head Philippe Martinez called for French workers to
‘bring their fights together’ to
destroy Mr Macron’s agenda.
Just 11 per cent of the French
workforce is in a union, but they
remain extremely powerful.
so-calleD corsa cannibals
have struck again by stealing
the front end of one of the
Vauxhall cars from outside a
house as the owner slept.
the raiders smashed one of
the windows to remove the
bonnet, grille and lights,
leaving the engine exposed.
the furious owner, 45,
discovered the ‘brazen’ theft
in chester-le-street, co.
Durham on saturday.
similar thefts have been
reported all over the country.
Vauxhall says parts are in
high demand because the
corsa has been a popular
model for 25 years.
spy series can film
in ancient temple
a British tV crew filming an
adaptation of John le carré’s
the little Drummer girl has
been granted access to an
ancient site near athens.
the central archaeological
council reversed an earlier
decision after criticism from
the cash-strapped greek
government, which is trying to
attract film productions, and
the tV company pledged to
limit its hours at the 2,500year-old temple of Poseidon
at cape sounion.
the spy drama, being
produced for the BBc and us
network aMc, is due to be
released next year.
baby boomers ‘on
a £280k nest egg’
the majority of baby boomers
are mortgage-free and sitting
on a potential £280,000 nest
egg, research has shown.
the average over-55-yearold has lived in the same
property for more than 20
years and seen house prices
shoot up by over 300 per cent.
But a fifth of the age group
consider themselves asset
rich and cash poor, and blame
poor interest rates for feeling
‘worse off’, sunlife found.
as a result eight in ten over55s are said to be cashing in
on their property to fund their
retirement. sunlife ceo Dean
lamble said: ‘equity release is
becoming ever-more popular.’
Squeezed out: a woman is helped after falling off the tracks crossing a platform
Wednesday, April 4, 2018 METRO 7
Poignant: Diners in
Cambridge are told that
the late Stephen
Hawking contributed to
their meal REX
Diners cheer
Hawking for
a cracking
Easter lunch
Extra treats: Some Easter nibbles
PROFESSOR Stephen Hawking’s parting
gift was an Easter lunch for hungry or
lonely people on the day of his funeral.
A donation from his family helped a
charity serve up a three-course meal with
extra treats and to decorate the venue with
spring flowers on Saturday.
Notes placed on diners’ tables said: ‘Today’s lunch is a gift from Stephen... from
the Hawking family.’
Alex Collis, of charity FoodCycle, said:
‘The family felt they wanted to do something positive to mark the day, something
they felt Stephen would have wanted.’
The meal, made from food that would
otherwise have gone to waste, included
leek soup, ratatouille and fruit sundae.
Around 50 people ate at Wesley Methodist Church in Cambridge on Saturday,
and they had a ‘little cheer in honour of
Stephen Hawking before tucking in’.
Nearby, at the funeral at the city’s St
Mary the Great, Eddie Redmayne, who
played the visionary physicist in The
Theory Of Everything, gave a reading.
Prof Hawking, who suffered from motor
neurone disease, died last month aged 76.
Sweet gesture: Sundae and crumble
Tempting: FoodCycle’s ratatouille
Briilliantt: Proff Hawkking wiith ex-wiife Jane
8 metro wednesday, april 4, 2018
porton’s novishock
experts can’t
trace source
of nerve agent
world ‘could go to
war over spy row’
by dominic yeatman
eXPerts at the government’s Porton
down testing lab have admitted they
cannot prove the novichok nerve agent
used in salisbury came from russia.
the announcement further ratcheted
up tensions with russia, which has
denied all involvement.
Just two weeks ago, foreign secretary
boris Johnson said the Porton down
scientists were ‘absolutely categorical’
the poison was made in russia.
however, head of the research laboratory gary Aitkenhead said yesterday:
‘We have not been able to provide the
precise source but we have provided
the scientific evidence to the government who have then used a number of
other sources to piece together the
conclusions they have come to.’
in confirming the nerve agent was
military-grade novichok, which could
probably be deployed only by a nation
state, Mr Aitkenhead added in a sky
news interview: ‘it is not our job to
say where this was manufactured.’
but he indicated his team had been
trying to establish the source. he said:
‘We are continuing to work to provide
‘Not our job’: porton down chief
Gary aitkenhead on sky News.
inset, removing material connected
to the nerve agent attack aFp
additional pieces of information that
might help us get closer but we haven’t
yet been able to do that.’
Mr Aitkenhead also denied russian
claims the agent may have been made
at Porton down itself. the lab is less
than ten miles from the site of the
March 4 attack on ex-spy sergei skripal and his daughter yulia.
‘there is no way anything like that
could have come from us or left the
four walls of our facility,’ he said. last
night, the government insisted the case
against russia was still strong. ‘this is
only one part of the intelligence picture,’ said the Foreign office.
‘Within the last decade, russia has
investigated ways of delivering nerve
agents probably for assassination.’
but russia’s president Vladimir Putin
said last night ‘20 countries’ could
make novichok. he added: ‘the speed
at which the anti-russian campaign
has been launched causes bewilder-
ment.’ Moscow also repeated demands
to see the skripals in hospital, with
deputy foreign minister Alexander
grushko saying the poisonings were a
‘provocation arranged by britain’
because ‘they need a major enemy’.
the organisation for the Prohibition
of Chemical Weapons in the netherlands has agreed to a russian request
to meet this morning, as the country
demanded an ‘open, thorough and
unbiased investigation’.
the fallout from the salisbury
poisoning could lead to the
‘last war in the history of
mankind’, a retired russian
general has warned.
relations between russia
and the west could become
‘worse’ than the cold war and
‘end up in a very, very bad
outcome’ following the nerve
agent attack, lt gen evgeny
Buzhinsky said.
responding to
arguments that
many countries
across the world
believed the
kremlin was
responsible for
last month’s
attack, he told
BBc radio 4’s today
programme: ‘Please, when you
say the world, you mean eu
and united states and some
other countries.’
Mr Buzhinksy (pictured), who
now heads an international
security think tank, argued a
‘cornered’ russia was a ‘very
dangerous thing’. any
escalation in tensions could
result in ‘a real war, worse than
a cold war’, he added.
wednesday, april 4, 2018 metro 9
Mayor hopeful
free to stay on
as Labour Mp
Community feast:
Mr corbyn at the
Jewdas event in
islington, north
London, on Monday
picture: Guido Fawkes
attending jewdas
event was a good
thing, says corbyn
by daniel binns
JereMy Corbyn has defended
his decision to attend an event by a
radical Jewish group amid claims
he is not doing enough to tackle
anti-semitism in labour.
the party leader yesterday again
came under fire for attending a
seder feast in his north london
constituency hosted by Jewdas,
which has referred to the row over
anti-semitism in labour as a ‘bout
of faux-outrage’ by right-wingers to
undermine his leadership.
Jewdas is also known for its members’ far-left views and criticism of
the israeli government. its twitter
account last year described israel as
a ‘steaming pile of sewage which
needs to be properly disposed of’.
Mr Corbyn told sky news: ‘it
wasn’t a meeting, it was a seder
event which is a celebration of
Passover. it was very interesting
talking to a lot of young people
about their experiences in modern
britain and i learnt a lot, isn’t that a
good thing?’
he added: ‘Anti-semitism is a
vile and evil thing in our society
and it’s got to be eradicated.’
last week, Mr Corbyn
admitted anti-semitism
had ‘surfaced’ in the
party. he made the
claim on the same
day a protest took
place outside parliament.Jonathan
Arkush, head of
the board of
Facing criticism: Jeremy corbyn pa
deputies of british Jews, criticised
Mr Corbyn’s attendance at Monday
night’s Jewdas event.
he tweeted: ‘We are a diverse
community. but they refer to antisemitism in labour as a smear.’
Jonathan goldstein of the Jewish
leadership Council (JlC) told bbC
radio 4 Mr Corbyn ‘should
have spent his time standing
up for those labour MPs
who have been vilified
within their own constituencies by members of
their party for standing
with us’.
but Jewish comedian david baddiel,
usually a Corbyn
critic, said the
meeting was ‘not
a big deal’. he
added it was
untrue Jewdas was ‘despised’ by
‘mainstream’ Jews.
‘they are just Jews who disagree
with other Jews. to make out that
it’s somehow anti-semitic for him
to spend seder with them just
because they’re far left is balls,’
he added.
Jewdas shrugged off the criticism,
tweeting: ‘great that there’s so
much interest in our work... We are
proud to be Jews and proud of everyone who attended, whether they
were Jewish or not.’
it added: ‘We do not believe
accusations of anti-semitism in
labour and the left are nothing
more than smears. We have questioned the Jewish establishments
cherry picking of anti-semitic incidents to suit their agenda.’
Meanwhile, Jon lansman (pictured), the founder of the Momentum group and a member of labour’s
national executive Committee, has
said senior figures in the party –
including Mr Corbyn – should go
on training courses to help tackle
he told the bbC’s Victoria derbyshire show: ‘Many people do not
seem to be willing to confront this
unconscious bias in themselves.’
last week Mr Corbyn wrote to
the JlC and board of deputies
inviting them to a meeting.
What’s your opinion?
text the word VIEWS followed
by your comment, name and
where you live to 65700.
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lABour has bowed to pressure
to let Dan Jarvis stand in the
Sheffield City region mayoral
election while remaining MP for
Barnsley Central.
the ruling national executive
Committee had said the former
Army officer (pictured) would
have to leave the Commons.
But an agreement with him was
reached after other labour MPs in
the region had urged the neC to
reconsider. Mr Jarvis, now the
overwhelming favourite to win
office, said: ‘I am honoured to be
labour’s candidate.’
the creation of the metro mayor
post is controversial
because no funding
and devolution deal
has been agreed to go
with it. rotherham
and Sheffield councils
back the city region
but Doncaster and
Barnsley want a
10 metro wednesday, april 4, 2018
we’re giving away a truly Marvel-ous prize –
FiVe pairs of tickets to this weekend’s epic
avengers: infinity war fan event.
stars Benedict cumberbatch, tom hiddleston
and elizabeth olsen will be at sunday’s event at
the television centre in london. the winners will
attend a live chat with the cast and
see exclusive footage from the
Marvel blockbuster.
JAred leto has
to win, we want you to
vowed to go the
dress up as a superhero!
extra mile to plug his
Follow @metro_
band thirty seconds
showbiz and tweet us
mars’ new album
the image with
America – by hitching
#metroAvengers by
across, er, America.
midday tomorrow.
donning his backpack in
usual rules. travel &
new york’s times
accommodation not
square, the 46-yearincluded. avengers:
old oscar winner
Meet the heroes: infinity war hits
said he was
heading to lA.
cumberbatch rex
a n d r e i H a r m s w o rt H ’ s
adele weds
chatty man
alan! (to his
new hubby)
Singer gets ordained for big day
the whole day. she is the kindest,
oMe celebs like to be the
sweetest, most loveliest person i’ve
surprise wedding singer but
ever met.’
Adele has gone one better
revealing the down-to-earth
by getting herself
londoner spared no surprise,
ordained as a minister
the comedian added: ‘she flew
to conduct her pals’ weddings.
us to Vegas to see Celine dion
it was a case of someone
sing, she sang our first dance.
like, er, Pew, when the chart
it was the best day of my life.
star married close chum Alan
she’s the most generous, i
Carr and his new hubby
can’t thank her enough.
Paul drayton in her
it was lovely and i just
garden in hollywood.
want to tell everyone.’
the Chatty Man star
Adele’s wedding
revealed the hello
planner prowess means
singer even arranged
the 29-year-old is the
for Celine dion to
latest celeb to enter the
sing for their first
marriage business.
dance. Carr, 41,
sherlock’s benedict
spilled to this
Morning: ‘We got
offficiated at the
married in Adele’s back
weedding of tV’s
garden in los Angeles.
Juudge rinder. gary
she’s known me and
baarlow is a regular
Paul for ages and she
surrprise wedding
said she wanted to do
sinnger, and katy Perry,
everything, so she did
Minister of sound:
toom hanks and taylor
everything. she got
adele conducted the
wift have all crashed
ordained and married
straangers’ big days.
wedding of tV’s alan
us, and then she did
to paul drayton rex
lott of bridesmaids for pixie
piXie lott has finally got
round to planning her wedding
to oliver cheshire after she staged a
fancy dinner to tell her closest pals
that all 14 would be bridesmaids.
the All About tonight singer
staged a pre-wedding bash at the
weekend at Quaglino’s in london,
which she and her mum decorated
with gold balloons. the mamma do
singer also revealed
her sister will be maid
of honour.
Guilty pleasures can
reveal 27-year-old
pixie is planning several
hen dos before she and
oliver tie the knot next year. the
29-year-old model popped the
question in 2016.
channing reveals all... about split
channing tatuM says
there is nothing
‘salacious’ to reveal about
the end of his marriage
to Jenna Dewan tatum.
the actor who played
stripper Magic Mike
confirmed their nine-year
union had lost its magic.
announcing the split, the
couple, both 37, insisted: ‘there
are no secrets nor salacious
events at the root of our
decision – just two best
friends realising it’s time
to take some space and
help each other live the
most joyous, fulfilled lives
as possible.’ they have a
daughter – everly, four.
wednesday, april 4, 2018 metro 11
ith tom
sti hb
takeaway stars take off for
orlando as ant is grounded
ant McPartlin was told
he must wait longer to
find out his drink-driving fate
just as his saturday night
takeaway co-stars jetted
off to the sun.
star eric dier is
the 42-year-old
moving into Brand
was due to appear
Beckham territory as the
in court today but
face of Braun shavers. the 24the hearing has
year-old said: ‘you can
been postponed
see from my playing
until april 16.
style i don’t believe in
the news came
compromising on
as his itV co-stars
substance or
scarlett Moffatt
style... it’s true
and stephen
off the pitch
Mulhern were
pictured mucking
about in the
Captain Scarlett:
with stephen pa
cockpit en route to orlando,,
Florida. the pair were joined
on the Virgin holidays flight
from gatwick by 300 lucky
winners for the live final
episode of the itV show,
which Declan Donnelly will
host alone on saturday from
the universal orlando resort.
iit’s an ed-dy concoction
ed sheerAn has hinted he’ll release his own
range of aftershave – but it all sounds rather
whiffy. the thinking out loud singer shared a
moody black-and-white shot of himself in a
swimming pool yesterday with the caption: ‘the
new fragrance sweat and shame coming soon’.
‘coming to a duty free near you,’ added the 27year-old chart-topper. eau dear, ed… you’re a
couple of days late for an April Fool.
Queer eye and
straight guy...
em’s new bFFs
Justin therouX is lea
ving no stone unturn
seems, after his split
ed, it
from wife Jennifer Ani
the leftovers heart-t
a shot himself
hanging out with act
Jonathan Van ness, wh s emma stone and Queer eye star
America’s most hapless helps transform the lives of
men. Bouncing back
very public break-up,
from his
the brains of the 31-yea tin was perhaps looking to pick
r-old hairdresser-turn
theroux, 46, pre-emptiv
edely killed off dating rumguru.
with regards to la la
land’s emma, 29, by
they are just pals. ‘Bff
ffffs. And yes. Just bffff king it clear
wrote on instagram.
fs,’ he
friendship while shootin y appear to have struck up a
he has been romantical black comedy maniac.
ly linked to artist pet
since announcing the
ra collins
last month. stone is und of his marriage to Aniston, 49,
be dating
night live writer and
director dave mccary saturday
looks like swift
justice by a mile
Cluck here for
Jen’s hen plight
romeo’s a tennis
wizard with woz
these Four will
be in Fab Voice
taylor swiFt’s
accused stalker
Frank andrew hoover
has been ordered to
keep at least a mile from
the end game singer,
according to tMZ.
GArner posted a
video tribute online to
her chicken regina
George. the actress,
45, said her pet died
‘from natural causes’.
roMeo BeckhaM
saw his tennis
rankings get a boost
after mum Posh filmed
the 15-year-old trading
shots with world no.2
caroline wozniacki.
sir tom Jones,, Jennifer
hudson and olly murs
aim to be the Voice
uK’s own Fab Four
with their Beatles’
tribute on saturday.
12 metro wednesday, april 4, 2018
good deed feed
thank you to the barista at
Manchester Piccadilly gardens
nero who ran through the
heavy bus traffic to give me the
coffee after i had forgotten to
take it.
Ruth, Manchester
thank you to the lady and
gent who held me up when
i collapsed on the Jubilee line
near canary wharf on March 23
and pressed the emergency
button for help. also thanks to
tube staff who gave me water
and called for paramedics.
Muhammad Omar,
Canning Town
Big thank you to the person
who returned my Freedom
Pass to acton town staff last
wednesday. you did not leave
your name and contact details.
i’m truly grateful.
to the kind lady who asked me
if i was ok when i was in tears
on the overground from
clapham last thursday. thank
thank you to the kind people
on the central line on saturday
morning who helped when a
litre of cranberry juice leaked in
my handbag. i was able to save
a few things in time.
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Views, rush-hour crush and good
Deed Feed: 020 3615 0600. Full t&cs
on Metro is a
member of the independent Press
standards organisation
blame ipad parents
for kids’ ignorance
Price is no reason they don’t know what books are
n it’s ridiculous that some nursery
children are ‘swiping’ on the pages of
books rather than turning them, and that
the reason given was that some families
can’t afford books (Metro, tue). how can
families not afford the ‘luxury’ of books
but yet children can have mobile phones?
you can buy a book for less than £1 in a
charity shop. People need to get a grip –
a five-year-old child doesn’t need to be
owning or using a mobile phone.
Anon, Leicester
n Apparently books are a luxury too many
families cannot afford. smartphones and
tablets cost hundreds of pounds, whereas
charity shops are stuffed with books from
as little as 10p.
Ed, Essex
n books are not a luxury, tablets, kindles
and mobiles are. the problem here is
more about a lack of effort by the parent
not reading with their children. it is easier
for them to hand over parenting to modern
n if children’s books are a luxury for too
many families, what are smartphones?
how many children’s books can you buy
for the cost of the latest phone? Parents
need to prioritise their children’s education
over their lifestyles.
Phil, Kent
n delegates at the national education
union conference were told that too
many families couldn’t afford books.
others blamed library cuts for children
not knowing that pages needed turning
and not swiping.
but the real blame should rest with
parents. strange how many can afford
iPhones, tablets, holidays, large smart
Children who
‘swipe left’ to
turn the page
of their books
soMe nursery and reception class children are so used to mobile phones and
tablets they try to ‘swipe left’ to turn the
page when first handed a book, a teachers’ conference heard.
For too many families, books are a
luxury they cannot afford, delegates
were told during a debate about cuts to
public libraries.
Jennifer bhambri-lyte, a delegate
from north somerset, said: ‘sharing a
book brings parents
by Alison KershAw
‘shocking hammering’ of library services in the past decade. Almost 900 had
closed in that time, they were told. ‘A
library can offer you free internet access
to apply for that job. And when you can’t
afford to heat your home, take your child
to the library,’ said Ms bhambri-lyte.
An education department spokesman
said: ‘earlier thi year, we announ
nd fu
t M
t ’ reportt yesterday
t d
tVs, etc. We need to reverse this ‘excuse
culture’ and point the finger of blame in
the right direction.
AG, Surrey
n it was depressing to read that 900
libraries have closed in the past decade.
there’s no need to buy books (even from
charity shops) if you can find a library
that’s still open.
A conference delegate pointed out that
they were even places to go if you couldn’t
afford to heat your home and they are –
but they’re so much more.
the habit of reading books is a skill
that broadens young minds and will give
them the edge over their iPhone-raised
attention-deficit peers.
Jim, Hertford
n the council wants to close my local
higham hill library in Walthamstow,
create a ‘community hub’ and flog the old
one off for housing. i suspect the bottom
line is the real motive: buy off the masses
with free wi-fi and be rid of yet another
costly library!
Paul, London
and another thing...
n so youngsters as young as four
have been attacking teachers
(Metro, tue). Bring back the cane. if
these children thought the teacher
could use it when necessary it might
make them think twice.
David Sandler, London
n the report about the man found
dead 48 hours after a 999 call for
help doesn’t surprise me (Metro,
tue). My husband and i could still
be sitting like plums awaiting an
ambulance after a ‘non-urgent’
request by our gP in november to
be taken to hospital.
n the ambulance service should
have suggested he call a family
member as they were not able to
Chris, Essex
n Derrick of streatham complained
that people on public transport
ignored his tfl blue badge
(Metrotalk, tue). not everyone who
has a hidden disability wears a
badge. My husband often feels
pressured into giving his seat up as
he’s a young fit man in his early
thirties but actually has scoliosis
and partial paralysis.
n a woman sitting opposite on
the train is plucking her chin hairs.
i don’t know whether to laugh or
Aunty Crabbit, Edinburgh
n the pension we receive
compared to the likes of France and
germany is disgraceful and should
be increased as soon as possible.
Anon, Liverpool
wednesday, april 4, 2018 metro 13
.Thumbs up: keyan sits up front.
.on a Metropolitan line tube train.
rush-hou r c rU sh
love is all around us, as shown by the messages left by our commuter cupids.
Are they talking about you? don’t forget to tell us if you get together!
to the hot, curvy blonde in
jeans and a flowery top
reclining on the westbound
Metropolitan line late last
tuesday. we shared a smile
at wembley Park and harrowon-the-hill. i got off at Pinner
around 12.50am. Drink?
Sleepy Guy With Green Scarf
curious First Bus driver
(crush, wed), i was on the
no.27 on Monday, tuesday,
wednesday and thursday of
the week before last at about
Your No.1 Fan
cute, chatty, friendly –
unusual on the tube! i hopped
on at canada water and sat
next to you. you suggested
deed feed trip of a little boy’s lifetime
n the Good deed Feed has helped
make one little boy’s day.
‘Grateful mum’ Anita of harrow
posted a thank you to metropolitan
line drivers who returned her son
Keyan’s wave on his journeys
between home and nursery.
After her message was spotted
by the metropolitan line team, the
three-year-old was given a ride in
the driver’s cab. ‘the train ride is
all i have to mention to get him out
of the house and he’s sad if he
doesn’t get a wave back,’ said
Anita. ‘now he wants to invite all
the drivers to his birthday party.’
‘Getting a wave from such an
appreciative customer livens up
our day too,’ said driver leslie
critelli, who also made Keyan his
very own hi-vis vest for the
journey. As our photo shows, it
certainly got the thumbs up from
young Keyan.
a song to me – you got Me
good. i listened to it and i love
it! sorry for not being more
chatty, i’m usually quite fun
but was about to do a long
journey. you made me smile.
Tired And Fed Up
laughing girl on the
northern line. we chatted
after you chuckled to yourself.
we parted at aldgate. Drinks?
Silver Fox
to the stunning Muslim
lady wearing a headscarf at
acton town station last
thursday around 8.15pm.
we smiled at each other as
i got off the District line train
to ealing Broadway that
you were boarding. coffee
White Guy In Dark Blue
Puffa Coat, Acton
you were the lovely blonde
with the black sports jacket,
black leggings, tan
headphones and trainers. i
sat opposite you on the
northern line early afternoon
on Monday last week. i wore
all black and had sunglasses.
i got off at euston and was
too shy to ask for a date!
Black Dude Herman, Haringey
Text CRUSH followed by your
Rush-Hour Crush, name and
where you live to 65700.
Standard network charge applies
scandal of tax-funded chopper lessons
n university vice-chancellors
flying first-class, nhs bosses
taking private helicopter lessons
(both Metro, tue) and MPs eating
subsidised commons meals. the
words ‘let them eat cake’ spring
to mind. until these outrageous
perks are discontinued, the
public will continue to be conned
into paying more taxes, receiving
a substandard nhs and, for the
poorest, needing food banks to
live. stop the misuse of public
funds by those who feel they are
entitled. Tricia Bryan, Staplehurst
n i have no sympathy for
overpaid university leaders but
when i had to use long-distance
trains, i found first class would
be cheaper after a drink, some
food and web access were taken
into account. Brian H, Harpenden
n so many people are struggling
while some health executives use
large sums of public money on
karting and five-star hotels. how
did all that get past the auditors?
John, London
14 metro wednesday, april 4, 2018
do you believe in
no, i don’t believe in ghosts
at all. to be honest, as far as
i’m concerned the dead are
oh yeah, i’ve had those,
fantastic – they’ve never
obviously. the most terrifying
bothered me ever at all. it’s the
supernatural experience i’ve ever
bloody living you want to
had was when i was much
worry about! i’ve never had
.Horror story: paul.
younger, when i went sea
any grief from the dead.
.met a were-sheep.
Paul Whitehouse
The comedian and star of new
Brit film ghost Stories, 59,
talks werewolves, novichok,
Putin and other horrors
trout fishing in Wales. you do that
kind of fishing at night: it was about
2am and my torch had broken and i
was walking back to this little
caravan in the pitch black – it was
very remote and rural. i got to the
last field and i heard this primeval
sort of raw, guttural ‘waaaah!’ Can’t
describe it – a roar. And i genuinely
thought, ‘oh, it’s a werewolf.’ i thought
i was going to be ripped to shreds. it
was the most spine-chilling noise and
experience i’ve ever had in my life.
so what was the noise?
it was a sheep with a cough.
did you look at the russian
election differently having
done the death of stalin?
ha ha! i don’t know. As we were filming
the death of stalin i did say, ‘We’re
going to be on a list.’ but i think we’re
pretty low down on a list, really.
so, if you still work on the
principle that russia was behind
the salisbury poisoning, you’re
you off with novichok?
no, not in the slightest. i can’t wander
around being worried about novichok.
though i saw a news piece about
Cambridge Analytica recently and
somebody was questioning some british
government official. they said: ‘do you
think the russians have been involved
in this?’ i thought, this is an American/
british government problem. it does
make me laugh the way that immediately
we were trying to bung that on to the
russians. i mean, hold on a minute!
i don’t believe in ghosts.
as far as i’m concerned,
the dead are fantastic –
they’ve never bothered
me ever at all
You’re a spurs fan. do you
reckon they’ll make the Fa Cup
final this year?
Well, you know, we’ve drawn Man
united next. i don’t know! it seems a
bit strange up there at the moment. you
never know with Mourinho: is he
having a breakdown or is he playing
really clever mind games? i
can’t tell.
tell us more about Ghost
it’s like a portmanteau film where
there are three distinct stories all
knitted together. but obviously there
are many twists and turns. My
character [tony, a nightwatchman]
is slightly bitter, a bit cynical. he’s
quite a bright bloke who’s lost his
way in life in a haze of alcohol. he’s
‘there but for the grace of god’ – not
that i believe in a god.
do you get recognised a lot?
Quite a bit. it’s funny being with bob
Mortimer. We’re doing a fishing
programme, after the heart trauma we
both had. he had a triple bypass and
i’ve got three stents. i said, ‘i’ll take
you fishing’, because he got quite
down. it’s daunting: you come out and
it’s very difficult to come to terms with
the fact you came so close.
do you ever see Johnny depp?
i haven’t seen him for a while. i did
a cameo in a film he did that bombed
[Mortdecai]. it was a good taste of the
film world: my character gets shot and
they wanted me to stay to be a corpse.
so i sat waiting in my little hutch for
two hours, then went out and said,
‘Are you going to do this
scene?’ And they said, ‘oh,
we’ve done it!’ that’s the
film world.
that means we might
get a new Chas & dave
How has comedy
changed over the
it’s always exciting to hear
Chas & dave, innit? Chas
.Superstar DJ:. years?
the emphasis is more on
hodges and i are in touch quite
as smashie. stand-up and panel shows. but
a lot about spurs.
for people like harry, Charlie higson
and me, we’re character-based comedy,
which of your characters do
which is expensive and budgets are
you think people hold most
being cut all the time. We have very
affection for?
fond memories of it – perhaps fonder
stuff i’ve done with harry [enfield],
like smashie and nicey, maybe lee and now than when we were doing it, in a
way. you look back and go ‘f***ing
lance. For the Fast show it would be
ted and ralph. oh, and rowley birkin, hell, we did that!’ rachel corcoran
of course. he talks about f*** all and
Ghost Stories is in cinemas from
then he can go very sad. you can paint
Friday. See our review on page 29
an extraordinary life with a few phrases.
wednesday, april 4, 2018 metro 15
what a wonderFul whale
... it ‘sings jazz’ like louis!
huge mammal has
a wide ‘freeform’
repertoire to woo
mates swNs/rex
the bowhead whale has been dubbed
the louis Armstrong of the seas after
scientists found it has at least 184 jazz
style songs that it croons to woo mates.
the huge mammal, second in size
only to the blue whale, constantly
changes its vocal repertoire during the
breeding season.
using an underwater microphone
called a hydrophone, researchers
were amazed by the variety –
likening the sounds to jazz legend
louis ‘satchmo’ Armstrong
professor Kate stafford,
an oceanographer at the
university of
Washington’s Applied
mini worker
faces £100k
bill over false
injury claim
A ForMer Mini worker has been
ordered to pay more than £100,000 after
falsely claiming an electric shock had
left him unable to use his right arm.
darius Creer sued the brand’s owner
bMW for £1million, saying he had been
electrocuted by the remote control of an
overhead crane at the company’s plant
in Cowley, oxfordshire.
but undercover investigators caught
him driving and using the arm to push a
car in his new job at a repair garage.
the case was thrown out after a trial
had been scheduled and he has been
ordered to pay all the legal costs.
gill Woolley, head of legal at bMW
uk, said: ‘Any genuine claims we
receive will always be dealt with fairly
and in a timely fashion.
‘however, we will not hesitate to take
appropriate legal action with regard to
spurious or dishonest claims.’
Creer, from oxford, had worked at the
Mini plant for four months when he
claimed to have been injured. he
by daniel hammond
appeared in pain and barely able to move
his arm during a medical examination –
and arrived for a further assessment with
his arm in a sling, driven by his wife.
the 41-year-old fought on, vowing to
represent himself after his lawyers
removed themselves from the case in
response to the secret footage presented
by bMW’s solicitors dolmans.
ex-colleagues had given statements to
oxford county court, saying the electric
shock incident was ‘very minor’.
Peter bennett, of dolmans, said it was
the first case of its kind to be struck out
because of ‘fundamental dishonesty’
before the trial had begun.
What’s your opinion?
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by your comment, name and
where you live to 65700.
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Volunteer, 71, jailed over
£62k British Legion fraud
A volunteer who defrauded
almost £62,000 from the royal
British legion has been jailed.
Ian Whitburn, 71, wrote several
cheques to himself between 2014
and 2016 while secretary of the
Flackwell heath branch of the exservice people’s charity in
he signed the cheques as himself
and forged another person’s
‘this was a significant abuse of
position and trust,’ prosecutor
Stephen earnshaw told Aylesbury
crown court. Whitburn, of high
Wycombe, admitted one charge of
fraud by abuse of position.
Joshua Purser, defending, said
‘Mr Whitburn has sold his house
and paid back all the money he
took,’ adding that it was ‘not a
sophisticated fraud’. he said the
pensioner had suffered his third
heart attack in December.
Sentencing him to 22 months,
judge Francis Sheridan told
Whitburn: ‘You helped yourself to
£62,000 that was not yours. It could
have been ruinous for the charity.’
physics laboratory in seattle, said: ‘if
humpback whale song is like classical
music, bowheads are jazz – the sound
is more freeform.
‘When we looked through four winters
of data, not only were there never any
song types repeated between
years, but each season had a
new set of songs.’
the study, published in
Biology letters, analysed
data gathered from 20102014 east of Greenland. prof
stafford said: ‘Bowheads are
superlative animals. they
can live 200 years and
have evolved to do
these amazing things.’
16 metro wednesday, april 4, 2018
in brief
uk to give £170m
of aid to yemen
Britain has committed to
spending £170million in the
next year on aid to yemen.
the package will provide
food and medicine to millions
of people in the war-ravaged
arab country.
Minister for the middle-east
alistair Burt, who attended a
un summit in geneva to
discuss yemen, said the civil
war had created ‘the world’s
worst humanitarian crisis’.
saudi arabia and the united
arab emirates combined to
pledge £660million of aid. the
saudis – leading a coalition
against rebels in yemen – have
previously been criticised for
stopping supplies getting in.
Wool I never: sheep mingles with shoppers
thousands delayed
on a&e ambulances
Baa-gain hunt: it’s heading for mint sauce
Supermarket sheep:
sam the rebellious ram
makes a run for it across
the forecourt outside
waitrose pictures: Jess hodGe
Looking sheepish: Farmer takes him away
ewe don’t often see this at Waitrose as sheep goes on the rampage
there was shear hysteria at Waitrose
when a crazed sheep made a dash into
the supermarket looking for a baa-gain.
Customers could not believe their
eyes when the animal bolted through
crowds of easter shoppers flocking to
central london.
the rampaging ram, called sam, is
thought to have been spooked as it was
being paraded at a nearby food fair.
slipping the leash, it darted between
tables and skidded across the floor outside the king’s Cross store, narrowly
by eleanor sharples
missing a man relaxing with a coffee,
and a woman with a pram sitting at a
table near the entrance. one shopper
can be heard saying: ‘i don’t think it’s
supposed to go in Waitrose.’
Video footage shows it being chased
inside the store by its handler before
the man bundles the sheep into his
arms and takes it back to the market.
Jess hodge caught the whole charade on camera, sharing it on her twit-
ter page with the caption ‘spotted in
Waitrose’. A friend alerted social
media users to the bizarre incident,
writing: ‘A sheep has broken free from
a king’s Cross petting zoo and
marauded into Waitrose.
‘Captured, and carried back out.
there is footage... stay tuned.’
the sheep was one of four on display at the real Food Festival at king’s
Cross station. Waitrose confirmed the
escape and recapture, adding: ‘sam
was collected safely.’
Excavation: police dig up Barbara coombes’s garden MeN
school trip group
floored by virus
Most of a group of 48 British
schoolchildren on a trip to
washington Dc have been
struck down by a ‘virulent
gastro virus’.
a number of the affected
students and some of the five
teachers accompanying them
were treated at four hospitals.
all the unwell staff and
teenagers, from crookhorn
college in waterlooville,
hampshire, were yesterday
recovering ‘under observation’
at their hotel.
another teacher has flown
out to help. the mum of one
girl said: ‘her trip has been
ruined. we had to save up to
send her – it’s heartbreaking.’
harry potter thief
avoids time in jail
Hoofing it: sheep fled market aLex daish
Daughter denies murder of dad in garden
A DAuGhter has denied
murdering her father whose
body was dug up in her
back garden.
Barbara Coombes
answered ‘not guilty’ to the
charge of murdering
Kenneth Coombes between
January 1 and 31, 2006,
when she appeared via
videolink at Manchester
crown court yesterday. An
thousanDs of ambulances
are being delayed at a&e each
day – preventing them from
responding to emergency
calls – according to a report.
at england’s ten regional
nhs ambulance services,
594,279 arrivals took at least
15 minutes to hand over their
patients during December,
January and February, finds
the guardian. at some
hospitals, the figure was
almost 88 per cent of arrivals.
nhs improvement said:
‘while patients in ambulances
still receive care from
qualified medical staff, it is
clearly far from ideal.’
investigation was said to
have started after Coombes,
63, went to a police station
in January.
officers found her father’s
body in the garden of her
home in reddish, Stockport.
Mr Coombes, who served
with the rAF during World
War II, would have been in
his late 80s at the time of his
alleged murder. the
defendant, a mother-of-one,
is also accused of preventing
the lawful burial of Mr
Coombes and faces three
fraud charges, including
dishonestly claiming
allowances and benefits.
the recorder of
Manchester, Judge David
Stockdale QC, remanded
her in custody until her
trial, scheduled for July 9.
a Bookseller who stole a
signed harry Potter and the
goblet of Fire worth £1,675 in
a ‘professional, targeted
operation’ has avoided jail.
rudolf schonegger, 55,
snatched the copy at
hatchards in central london,
on new year’s eve by
switching it with another
book. he was found guilty of
theft and two charges of
handling stolen goods
following a trial last week.
westminster magistrates
yesterday gave schonegger a
suspended prison sentence
and ordered him to do 150
hours of unpaid work.
wednesday, april 4, 2018 metro 17
jaw dropping! anger over
drink-drive crash sentence
smash: the
Ford Focus
after it went
through the
living room
owen Lyons
was at twice
the drinkdrive limit
pictures: waLes
News serVice
in brief
blast-off for brits’
space junk quest
a British-led space mission
that will show how to salvage
dangerous junk orbiting earth
has successfully launched.
the removeDeBris satellite,
deployed by the international
space station, will carry a net
and harpoon to ‘spear’ space
litter. a space X Falcon 9 rocket
carrying the craft lifted off at
cape canaveral, Florida, on
Monday – less than 24 hours
after a chinese space station
broke up over the Pacific.
Prof guglielmo aglietti,
surrey space centre director
at the university of surrey,
said the technology ‘could
provide feasible answers to
the space junk problem’.
1,000 firms to miss
pay gap deadline
by aidan radnedge
A FAMily who woke to find a car in
their living room after a drink-driver
caused £80,000 of damage, have criticised his sentence.
kimberley davies said she and her
husband Cameron’s ‘jaws dropped’
when owen lyons was handed a driving ban and a fine after the terrifying
smash in south Wales.
the couple, both 33, had been woken
by a bang after putting their two children – Quaide, aged four, and Crewe,
two – to bed.
they went downstairs to find lyons’
wrecked Ford Focus had come through
the front wall. kimberley said: ‘We
saw piles of rubble, shattered glass and
the grey car. it looked like a bomb had
gone off.’ they grabbed their children
‘Lucky to be
davies with
Quaide and
son crewe
and passed them to safety through the
hole in the wall of their semi in Maesteg, bridgend.
lyons, 21, was at twice the legal
drink-drive limit and had been driving
at up to 130mph before the crash. the
couple were in court when Western
Power employee lyons was handed a
22-month driving ban and a £525 fine
by Cardiff magistrates after pleading
guilty to drink-driving and driving
without care and attention.
kimberley said the family had to use
£15,000 of their savings for repairs
which took months and included
rebuilding the garden wall and internal
and external walls, re-plastering and
‘it was so stressful. our insurance
company argued over some of the
costs which they refused to cover,’ she
said. ‘the insurance wouldn’t match
the windows upstairs with the ones
destroyed downstairs so we had to pay
for them. it made me so angry to think
a drunk driver with no concern for
anyone else had turned our home into
a pile of rubble in about ten seconds
and we were out of pocket.’
the family are now back home and
say they feel ‘lucky to be alive’.
everyone loves this cool jazz cat in a hat
t WAs easter bank holiday,
so mention of ‘chestnuts
roasting on an open fire’ was
unexpected, but Gregory
porter’s delivery of the
christmas song was entirely in
context. it was the first of three
shows at this venue drawing
heavily on last year’s album, nat
‘King’ cole & me, a mix of covers
and originals written in tribute.
A jazz singer/songwriter initially
anointed by Wynton marsalis,
porter made his massively
successful crossover into soulpop with 2013’s liquid spirit lp.
he’s hooked up with disclosure
and has covered Bruno mars, as
well as performed at london’s Ve
day celebrations, hence hoodies
and daypacks in the audience,
alongside the odd cocktail dress
and flamboyant waistcoat. it
Gregory porter
royal Albert hall
by sharon o’connell
seems everybody loves the
imposing californian in the
signature black hat (pictured).
understandably. With the
london studio orchestra plus a
jazz trio behind him, porter’s
genuine connection to the songs
and his audience was clear,
whether gliding through a
bittersweet mona lisa, fronting
the big-band razzmatazz of
Ballerina or delivering the hearttearing payoff line in the lonely
one. his own song choices –
including the gospel-edged no
love dying and When love Was
King showcased his understated
emotional delivery and his warm
and eloquently resonant baritone.
porter isn’t one for belting it out
– his style is more small
footprint, big impact – but
when he did, on cole’s
evergreen smile, soaring
over the orchestra’s
tumult, it was a deep
moment. A
standing ovation
brought him back
for hey laura and
don’t lose your
steam. ‘i better
be good, huh,’ he
joked earlier,
when furious
greeted him.
no question.
More than 1,000 companies
required to submit their
gender gap pay figures to the
government still haven’t a day
before today’s deadline.
Firms and public bodies with
250 or more staff are required
to hand data to the equalities
office. By 10am yesterday,
7,590 of the estimated 9,000
had done so – with 79 per
cent showing a gap in pay.
in the top ten was ryanair,
which pays women 71.8 per
cent less than men on
average. it said the disparity
was because, of the uk pilots
it employs, 546 are male and
only eight are female.
paisley ‘sorry’ for
ramadan tweet
islaMic representatives in
northern ireland have
welcomed ian Paisley Jr’s
apology for retweeting a
remark by right-wing
commentator katie hopkins.
the DuP MP did not ‘take
cognisance’ of a ramadan
reference when he retweeted
a post that read: ‘March 2018.
london has a higher murder
rate than new york... and
ramadan’s not yet begun.’
he apologised ‘profusely for
any offence caused’ and
deleted the tweet. Belfast
islamic centre ‘welcomed’ his
apology and invited him to visit
them. the DuP is to consider
whether to take action.
pope’s flowers are
saved by the light
the PoPe’s easter flowers
were protected from hungry
seagulls by laser guns.
laser beam projectors were
assembled in st Peter’s
square where there were rows
of tulips, roses and orchids
from the netherlands.
chief floral arranger Paul
Deckers had the idea after
last year’s flowers were
savaged by ‘very scary’
seagulls. the lasers sent a
green light across the display
to drive the birds away.
they were not switched on
during the easter Mass when
an estimated 80,000 people
were in the square.
18 metro wednesday, april 4, 2018
charles to honour
aussie war heroes
the Prince of wales will honour
australian forces’ sacrifice at a
world war i ceremony in
France later this month.
the commemoration marks
the 100th anniversary of the
battle of Villers-Bretonneux,
where australians fought
alongside British troops in the
crucial military encounter. in
april 1918, their 13th and 15th
Brigades helped recapture the
town from german forces.
charles will travel to the
australian national Memorial
on april 25 for the anzac Day
event joining australia’s prime
minister Malcolm turnbull and
French PM edouard Philippe.
her majesty the green asks
for help to save the planet
tV VieWers are to be issued with a
royal invitation to help save the world
after the Queen teamed up with sir
david Attenborough.
her Majesty was filmed chatting
with the legendary broadcaster
for a documentary about
her attempts to create
a network of protected
forests that takes in all 53
Commonwealth nations.
itV, which will air
later this year, has
by tom stichbury
announced that an accompanying
campaign will see viewers of good
Morning britain and this Morning
being encouraged to
plant trees.
they will be
able to apply
for one of
10,000 free packs
that contain
five saplings
– two silver
birch, two rowan and a hazel. the
initiative is backed by the Woodland
trust, sainsbury’s and the Queen’s
Commonwealth Canopy project.
Jo Clinton-davis, itV’s controller
of factual programmes, said: ‘rare is
the project that starts as a finite onehour documentary and ends up generating the momentum for a timeless
campaigning event.’
the documentary, which itV
revealed will be called the Queen’s
green Planet, is to include footage of
the monarch walking with sir david
(also pictured) at buckingham Palace.
As they strolled through the grounds
last summer, she discussed the forest
project and showed the 91-year-old
some of the trees she has had planted.
in a clip previously broadcast, she
bemoaned the state of one sapling,
saying: ‘somebody sat on it, i think, at
a garden party.’
blue Planet ii presenter sir david
told her that climate change could lead
to a change in the types of trees that
grow in britain – and laughed when
she replied: ‘i won’t be here though.’
Fall down a well was
not on iain’s wish list
comediAn iain lee sports a
neck brace after having no luck
at a wishing well.
he told itV’s Good morning
Britain yesterday he made his
wish and the coin got stuck in
the moss. ‘so i put my legs over
the well and held onto the rope
to try and get it, and then i fell.
the fire brigade came along.’
presenter charlotte hawkins
told the 44-year-old i’m A
celebrity Get me out of here
contestant: ‘there’s something
very ironic about the fact that
you did this to get good luck.
lee replied: ‘it’s not funny. it
took me an hour to get out of
bed because i’m so stiff.’
As a wooden well was wheeled
on set, he protested: ‘it’s
traumatic!’ wenn
wednesday, april 4, 2018 metro 19
in brief
ker-ching dynasty:
a bowl for £21.5m
a ‘MagniFicently enamelled’
bowl from imperial china has
sold for £21.5million.
the falangcai bowl (pictured)
has a circumference of 5.7in
and four panels that contain
different flowers. it was made
for the kangxi emperor, who
ruled from 1662 until 1722.
sotheby’s asia handled the
sale to an anonymous buyer
in hong kong yesterday. Boss
nicolas chow said it was ‘the
absolute finest example’ of its
type known to exist.
teen prayed after
falling into sewer
a Boy of 13 said he prayed for
help after planks over a
manhole broke and he fell
25ft into a fast-flowing river
of sewage in los angeles.
Jesse hernandez was
rescued after his handprints
were spotted on a pipe when
he had spent more than 12
hours underground.
the teenager later said he
was tired but otherwise fine. ‘i
was praying to god to help me
and to not die,’ he said.
climbdown after
‘fake news’ threat
a threat to withdraw press
credentials from journalists
accused of spreading fake
news has been withdrawn.
the u-turn by india’s
Ministry of information and
Broadcasting came after the
government was accused of
trying to gag the media before
elections expected next year.
senior political journalist
shekhar gupta had called it ‘a
breathtaking assault on
mainstream media’.
circus elephant killed in
crash as truck overturns
Recovery: an
elephant is
lifted by a
crane into a
lorry after
the crash on
the a30 near
albacete ap
An elePhAnt died and two others
were injured after a circus lorry overturned in spain.
the Circo gottani elephants were
among five being transported by a
lorry driver who lost control after overtaking another truck on the A30 near
Albacete, south-east of Madrid. the
driver was not injured.
Following the crash, motorists filmed
animals grazing on waste land at the
side of the road.
Police tweeted: ‘elephants are loose
by gerard couzens
on the tarmac.’ spain’s road safety
authority, the dgt, helped remove the
injured animals from the scene.
silvia barquero, head of animal
rights group PACMA, said: ‘We treat
animals like slaves. enough of circuses
that use animals.’
the Association of united Circuses,
which said 13 out of 22 circuses in
spain use animals, added activists ‘have
turned this accident into a scandal’.
20 metro wednesday, april 4, 2018
slower food prices
boost for shoppers
a slowDown in shop prices is
at its highest rate since
February last year – driven by a
low rate of food inflation.
shop price deflation
accelerated to one per cent last
month – the deepest rate in a
year and up from 0.8 per cent
in February, the Brc-nielsen
shop Price index finds. Fresh
food rose 0.3 per cent in March,
down from the 0.9 per cent rise
in February.
helen Dickinson, head of the
British retail consortium, said
it was ‘welcome respite for
consumers, particularly with
the gap between inflation and
wage growth finally narrowing’.
Beast from east
blows £4m hole
in Flybe profits
Bumpy ride: a Flybe plane
landing at Leeds Bradford
airport last month when
strong winds hit Britain LNp
FlYBe has warned that its full-year results
will take a hit from the extreme weather in
February and March.
the airline said it had to cancel 994 flights
in the fourth quarter due to the ‘beast from
the east’ and a follow-up cold snap.
‘We anticipate this to have an impact of
around £4million from lost revenue and
additional care and assistance costs on
cancelled and delayed flights,’ Flybe said.
‘this added loss will be reflected in our
full-year financial results.’ however, the
group – currently amid a turnaround under
Ceo Christine ourmières-Widener –
flagged that passenger revenue per seat rose
by nine per cent to £50.84 in the period.
Fox offers to
ringfence sky
news if £11bn
deal is agreed
sky neWs would be sold off to Walt
disney or ringfenced under an improved
proposal from rupert Murdoch’s 21st
Century Fox as it attempts to grab full
control of broadcaster sky.
the loss-making channel could be
legally separated from the rest of Fox to
allay fears about Mr Murdoch (pictured)
gaining too much power over the media,
the company has suggested.
Alternatively, it could be bought by
disney whether or not the us giant’s bid
to take over Fox goes ahead.
Fox said it had consulted the
Competition and Markets Authority before putting forward the
suggestions. the CMA earlier
found the £11.7billion deal was
‘not in the public interest’.
giant said: ‘We
believe the en-
by ravender sembhy
hanced firewall remedies we proposed
to safeguard the editorial independence
of sky news addressed comprehensively and constructively the CMA’s
provisional concerns.’
the proposals come as the CMA
weighs up whether to advise the culture
secretary Matt hancock to approve
sky’s purchase of the 61 per cent of sky
it doesn’t already own.
legal separation would see
sky news run by a fully independent board, with Fox guaranteeing funding for at least
15 years. the company
stressed that the Murdoch family, owners of the sun, the
times and sunday times, had
never tried to influence sky
news’s editorial choices.
BUSINeSS bites
n work on creating the uk’s
first horizontal shale gas well at a
controversial lancashire fracking
site has been completed. energy
firm cuadrilla is to start drilling a
second well at Preston new road,
Fylde. it will apply for permission
to frack the completed well in the
‘very near future’.
n trouBled toymaker hornby
has opened talks with its
lenders, saying more cash is
needed to fund its turnaround.
the train set maker, which also
owns the scalextric and Airfix
brands, published half-year
results that showed a 22 per
cent drop in revenue from
£21.9million to £17million.
n insurers have still not fully
complied with rules introduced a
year ago requiring them to
remind customers to shop
around. the rAc is among
companies told to contact policyholders affected by failings, the
Financial conduct Authority said.
rAc renewal documents failed
to clearly show if premiums had
fallen or risen, or to prominently
display advice to look elsewhere.
tourist rates
australia (a$).......................................................... 1.73
canada (c$)............................................................. 1.72
euro (€).................................................................... 1.09
new Zealand (n$).................................................. 1.80
Poland (zloty)......................................................... 4.22
singapore ($)........................................................... 1.72
south africa (rand).............................................. 15.62
us ($)........................................................................ 1.34
advice | Hacks | investment
in association with
r u rban g
wednesday, april 4, 2018 metro 21
a gift from
the taxman
how to take full
advantage of the new
isa allowance
Page 26 »
photo: shutterstock
giving your home
a much needed
tidy up this april?
it shouldn’t end
there, says Rosie
s the days get longer
and the smears on the
windows begin to show
up in the sunlight, many
people’s thoughts turn
to spring cleaning – a full blitz of the
house that refreshes every room after
the stuffiness of winter. but what
about giving your finances a
spruce up, too? giving your bills and
investments a once over could save or
even make money. here’s a five-step
programme for making sure your
finances are spick and span...
Banking. there’s no better
place to start than with what
is going in – and out – of
your current account.
current account clean-up
A financial spring clean should start
with your day-to-day ins and outs,
which means taking a long, hard look
at your current account – whether
three months of paper statements or
online. your first step should be to
streamline your standing orders. gym
memberships you never use,
magazine subscriptions you forgot
to cancel and insurance for old mobile
phones are particular money suckers.
Fortunately, they are easy to cancel,
so study the payments that go out
each month, work out what they are
(google is your friend here) and then
cancel them through your banking
app or by ringing up your bank giving
the name of the organisation you are
paying and the customer reference, if
you know it. the bank should be able
to cancel direct debits for you, but
check next month that your request
has been actioned, just in case.
According to comparison website, a current account
detox could save you £340 a year.
Find a better banking deal
now your current account is sparkling
clean, it’s time to check it is still fit
for purpose. Many people very rarely
switch their current accounts – in fact
you’re more likely to get divorced –
but if you’re paying overdraft fees
that eat into your income, or not
receiving interest when you’re usually
in credit, it is likely there is a better
bank out there for you.
some current accounts offer up to
five per cent interest for the first year,
others will pay you to switch, while
some will have lower overdraft rates.
you can compare what’s on offer at
sites such as
the Current Account switch
service comes with a guarantee, so it
should take only seven working days
to switch and you’ll be compensated
for any problems with moving over
direct debits and so forth. once
you’ve switched, payments to your
old account will be automatically
forwarded to the new one for three
years, too.
Your day-to-day expenses.
once you’ve tackled your
bank account, the next step
is to look at your regular
spending. unless you frequently
switch your suppliers for various bills
you’re likely to be spending too
much, so now is a good time to check
each one and see whether you could
get a better deal.
your energy bills
switching your energy tariff is easier
than you might think, and could also
save you more cash than you
imagined. According to georgie
Frost, consumer advocate at
comparison site goCompare, more
than half of customers who aren’t
Continued on Page 22 »
22 metro wednesday, april 4, 2018
in association with
advice | Hacks | investment
protected by special guarantees on
energy prices (and that’s most of us),
are on their supplier’s standard
variable rate.
she says: ‘51 per cent of
goCompare customers save up to
£209 by switching, and one in ten
save up to £305.’
switching energy provider is a
fairly simple process nowadays. use
any of the comparison sites, such as
MoneysuperMarket, uswitch or
Compare the Market. they will ask
you to input your usage (available on
your latest energy bill) as well as your
postcode before finding the cheapest
deal for you.
if even that sounds too complicated,
just phone your current supplier and
ask them to put you on their cheapest
rate. it may not be the very best on the
market, but it is likely to be
significantly better than your current
rate if you’ve never switched.
Are they working
for you? do an
inventory of your
credit cards
reward cards
if you always pay the balance
off at the end of the month,
you should be getting
rewarded for your spending.
cards offer air miles,
cashback or loyalty points.
you can compare the deals
available at
Balance transfer cards
if you’ve got debt on your
credit card, balance transfer
cards give you time to clear it
without interest building up.
you’ll usually pay a fee to
transfer the debt, but then
could have years to pay it off,
usually at zero per cent.
broadband and phone deals
Mobile phone, landline telephone and
broadband deals definitely have a
shelf life, so if your contract has
expired you should be considering
whether to be out with the old and in
with the new. Many of us continue
paying an inflated price for our
mobile phones long after we come to
the end of our contracts, even though
it would be far cheaper to switch to a
siM-only deal and keep the existing
handset if we don’t need a new one.
A variety of siM-only deals are
available from the Carphone
Warehouse, for example, where offers
include a £5-a-month deal from id
Mobile (complete with 1gb of data,
500 minutes and 5,000 texts a month)
and a £10-a-month Virgin offer,
which gives you 4gb of data
allowance each month.
try to see
if you could get a better deal on your
broadband. it is currently offering a
£21-a-month deal with Vodafone for
18 months, including line rental, or
£15 a month for fibre broadband with
noW broadband.
credit cards
take an inventory of your
credit cards and check
whether you are getting
anything back from them –
whether good rates or
rewards. if not, consider a
cards for spending abroad
if you travel a lot, or even a
Savings and investments.
Putting money away for a
rainy day is important, but
an annual check-up will
ensure your nest egg isn’t losing value
even as you add to it.
iCiCi offers a rate of 1.35 per cent,
although this includes a bonus that
will drop off after a year – making it
really important that you ‘spring
clean’ your savings again next April.
instant access savings
once you’ve got a cushion of savings
for emergencies, you can work out
how to allocate any extra. the new
tax year begins on Friday, meaning a
new tax-free isa allowance of £20,000
for the 12 months ahead.
use this tax-free wrapper to shelter
your cash from capital gains or
income tax – there’s more on how to
do this on page 26.
Most financial experts suggest you
put three months of outgoings into an
instant access account, so that you can
get to it in emergencies. but the rate
on these accounts can be pitiful, and
often drops after a year. head to where you may be
able to pick a better deal.
if you’re pretty sure you won’t
need to make many withdrawals, try
switching your savings to Virgin’s
double take e-saver, which pays
1.2 per cent and allows two
withdrawals a year. Alternatively,
longer term nest eggs
turn your spring clean
into spring cash. spring
cleaning may be falling out
of fashion, but how about a
financial incentive to motivate you to
clear out your clutter ready for the
warmer weather ahead?
books, dvds and cds
selling unwanted items on ebay can
be a great source of cash, but if that
sounds too difficult, alternative
options include and, both of which
will take unwanted Cds, dVds and
books for cash. they don’t accept
everything, but their apps allow you
to scan barcodes quickly to work out
what they will take, and they’ll even
send a courier to pick up your stuff.
old mobile phones
your old phone could be doing more
than cluttering up a drawer. Mobile
recycling services offer cash for
phones. and
little, having a card that’s
good for spending abroad is
really helpful. Many credit
cards charge huge fees on
foreign transactions but
some, like halifax’s clarity or
the new tandem credit card,
are great value abroad.
once you’ve applied for and
received cards that are fit for
purpose, make sure you
cancel the others – otherwise
they continue to show up on
your credit file.
photo: GettY
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now that you’ve completed
your financial spring clean,
put a note in your diary to do
the same next year.
Meanwhile, now might be a
good time to download a few
apps to help you to keep on
top of your money until you
need to clean it up again.
ensure you’re registered for
a banking app so you can see
your money at a glance, and
consider budgeting apps like
you need a Budget or savings
app chip to further enhance
your savings. will help you
to get the best price possible.
old currency and
round pounds
According to the Post office, more
than a quarter of us still have old
currency, including the round pound,
hanging around our homes. old
tenners stopped being legal tender on
March 1, and the old pound has not
been accepted since last year.
the Post office still takes old fivers,
tenners and pounds, and will deposit
them into your own current account.
Post office spokesman Martin
kearsley says: ‘thanks to an
agreement with all uk high street
banks, everyone can deposit cash and
cheques, including any old notes, into
their usual high street bank account at
their local Post office branch.’
wednesday, april 4, 2018 metro 23
in association with
the need for speed
are you getting the broadband speed
you were promised by your provider?
you needn’t pay for something you
aren’t getting. check your speed at use a cable to connect your
computer to your router. if you test
wirelessly, get as close to your router
as possible. if you’re not getting what
you are paying for, ask for a reduction
in your bills.
get paid for
you could get £2.78 in your
pocket every time you book
a restaurant with a cashback
website such as with the
choice of 17,000 restaurants
across the uk, it’s an easy
way to get a discount on
your meal before you’ve
even sat down.
Make the Most of
price Match proMises
several retailers have a ‘price-beater
promise’, which means they will match
or beat any price from a competitor.
B&Q, for example,
offers to beat prices
at any shop within a
ten-mile radius by
ten per cent. John
lewis’s ‘never
undersold’ policy
extends to purchases
online, but it will only
consider retailers that have a high street
presence. currys, halfords and
will match products sold directly by
Make your
printer ink
go further
Printers warn that the ink
is running out before it
does. a trick with laser
printers is to remove the
cartridge that’s running
low and shake it gently
from side to side to allow
the rest of the toner to
be used.
get on your bike
like any machine, your bike needs
a check-up every so often. Plenty
of people aren’t confident in
checking their bike for
wear and tear but at
halfords, you can get a
free cycle check to spot
any problems before
they develop into
bigger ones. all bikes
of any size and
discipline are
welcome – and
there is no need
to book – just
turn up with
your bike.
spreading the cost
of childcare
according to the Family and childcare
trust, it costs £229.33 on average to
send a child aged under two to nursery
for 50 hours a week in Britain. those
that live in london face much higher
costs, at £323.40 a week. if you are
looking to cut costs, a childcare swap
could be the answer – where you look
after your friend’s children and, in
return, your friend looks after yours and
no cash exchanges hands. there have
been headlines stating friends were not
allowed to do this without ofsted
approval and whoever was looking after
the children being the registered
childminder. thankfully this is
no longer the case.
This week: savings on wedding
dresses, new baby items and
being savvy with your broadband
speed. By Kara Gammell
buy without
the coMpetition
when it comes to finding a
bargain on eBay, remember
sellers often specify that bulky,
heavy items must be picked up in
person. that can work in your
favour. Many people are loath to
travel far, so there are fewer
bids, which ensures a better
deal. Find what is on offer in
your area by searching ebay.
save Money on setting
up for baby
having a baby is an exciting time, but
when parents start to list all the things
they need, the cost soon mounts up.
according to figures from natwest,
setting up for a new baby costs an
average of £3,364.44. to ease the
financial burden of stocking up your
nursery, check out your local national
childbirth trust nearly new sales. you
don’t have to be a member to
attend the sales. to find one near you,
a tax refund for
your uniforM
if you wear a uniform at work –
whether simply a branded
t-shirt or a full uniform – and
must wash, repair or replace it
yourself, you may be able to
reclaim tax. how much tax
relief you can claim depends
on your industry, but the
standard flat rate expense
for uniform maintenance is
£60. this means that a
basic-rate taxpayer can claim
£12 back, and higher-rate
payers £24. this might not
seem like a lot, but you can
backdate your claims for the
last five years. see
say yes to the dress
For most brides, it’s all about the
dress. But you need not pay over the
odds to look stunning. see oxfam’s
Bridal Boutiques (
with 12 shops across the country,
more than 90 per cent of the dresses
are new, often originating from
catwalk shows and wedding retailers.
we found some starting at £40. some
high street brands, such as asos
(, Monsoon (uk. and Phase eight
( do some beautiful
dresses that won’t break the bank.
24 metro wednesday, april 4, 2018
in association with
vivien wong
The little Moons co-founder on sleepless nights, being
cautious and getting her best ideas when she travels
iVien Wong is
co-founder of little
Moons, aka ‘the
Mochi Makers’. she
left a job in the City
to set up the Japanese dessert
company with her brother
howard in 2010. it has grown
tenfold in the last three years,
now making more than ten
million mochi each year for
restaurants and shops across
europe and the Middle east.
how did you start out?
our parents have been making
traditional mochi for 30 years,
so my brother and i were
fortunate to be able to grow a
business off the back of their
bakery. We started small and
only supplied ice cream mochi
to restaurants. once our
business was self-financing, we
spent our money on branding to
get into retailers.
it must have been
daunting to begin with?
extremely. At the time it was
best not to think about
everything at once. i sought
advice from friends and family.
it was great to have my brother
as my partner to bounce ideas
off and share the workload. he
has been the biggest help.
what was the biggest
financial risk?
investing in a cutting-edge
factory, which was a huge
gamble. We had found initial
success supplying a large
number of restaurants, but we
took a huge leap of faith that
more customers would like
what we do.
how did you raise the
cash for the factory?
i funded the factory through my
savings, re-invested profits from
my parents’ bakery and bank
loans. i found a combination of
these funds was a smarter way
to get the businesses off the
ground without falling into
large debts. because my parents
had been savers, a lot of my
initiative was innate and proved
successful once applied to my
business plan.
were you ever concerned
it may not work out?
Cashflow was tight when we
invested. it genuinely kept me
up at night.
how did it feel when you
started seeing results?
seeing our product on the shelf
for the first time was
exhilarating. hearing more
people are enjoying our
products is so rewarding.
has money been an
incentive to succeed?
Money is a measure of success
and it certainly drives me along,
but i’m also seeking a good
work/life balance. i wanted to
build a company with a product
and a culture i was proud of.
what is the first thing
you bought when the
business took off?
i’m bad at stopping to celebrate
my successes. i haven’t felt
there was a moment where the
business had taken off and i
could buy myself something
expensive. At this stage, i have
to keep a sense of caution. i
love to travel, though, and
getting away helps me refocus.
the best ideas for flavours
come to me on my travels.
photo: seaN MaLYoN
mY moneY...
Why it pays to
know about...
with the
new tax year
set to begin
egin on
Friday, most people
will enjoy a pay rise thanks to
changes to income tax bands.
here’s how they’ll work in
n income tax is paid on
earnings, pensions, benefits,
savings, investment and rental
income. the good news is that
you can earn a big chunk before
you have to pay any income tax
on it at all.
what’s your top tip
for financial
spend less than you
earn and save for a
rainy day. earning all
the money in the
world means
nothing if you
spend it all.
n this is known as the personal
tax-free allowance. it rises to
£11,850, up from £11,500.
are you a
or a
i’m from a
family of avid
savers, but i’ve
found that i’m naturally
a spender.
n there’s a snag for higher
earners. your personal tax-free
allowance reduces by £1 for
every £2 you earn over £100,000,
meaning you start paying tax on
more of your income. so, by the
time you earn £123,700 you’ll get
no personal tax-free allowance
at all.
interview bY
oliver stallwood
n For anything between £11,850
and £46,350 you’ll pay 20%
income tax. any income you earn
between £46,351 and £150,000,
you’ll pay 40 per cent. anything
above that amount is taxed at
45 per cent.
n Check out the Which? income
tax calculator to work out how
much you’re likely to be paying
over the next year:
wednesday, april 4, 2018 metro 25
in association with
take stoCK
Holly Mackay analyses the past week in the markets
pensions get a shake-up
what’s happened to my salary?
iF you’re over 22 and earn more than £10,000 a year, look carefully at
your pay packet at the end of april. new government legislation means
that we now have to be offered a pension at work. we pay in 1% and our
employer matches it with 1%. From Friday, these amounts are going up.
you’ll now pay 3% and your employer will pay 2%. this is
typically on all earnings between about £5,000 and
£45,000. you can opt-out and say you don’t want to take
part. But this is generally a bad idea as you’ll lose that free
2% from your company.
amazon share price takes a hit...
the higher you rise, the further you
fall. the same is true for shares and
people. last week i wrote about
Facebook’s share price plummet.
more than $50billion was shaved off
Zuckerberg’s baby after the
cambridge Analytica scandal and
regulators are now investigating how
the company monetises data.
this week, president donald trump,
who has long had Amazon in his
sights, made threatening noises
about competition law and played the
‘you guys don’t pay enough taxes’
card. trump wants to see ‘a level
playing field between internet
vendors and mom-and-pop stores’.
this promptly wiped off 5% from
Amazon’s share price.
this impacts most of us with money
in the stock market. the powerful
tech club, which includes Google,
Apple, Facebook and Amazon, are
currently sweating uncomfortably as
the world’s media (and media-hungry
politicians) shine a very strong light
in their faces. their future revenues tech firms suffer
does it matter to me?
in short, yes. even if you don’t
actively invest in shares, you
are likely to have a workplace
pension. and that pension will
very probably have a decent
allocation to us shares.
and share prices are being
questioned. this makes most global
share funds wobble. the fascinating
thing about stock markets is that
they are not governed by economics,
maths nerds in suits and logic. they
are governed by emotion and by fear.
this week’s bedfellow to the falling
from grace of the tech darlings is
china which, in response to trump’s
populist trade war has been to slap
import tariffs on 128 goods as of
monday. Arguably taxes on pork,
ginseng and berries are not going to
cause a global crisis but, as with all
fights, people keep on looking for
bigger sticks until someone reaches
for a gun. We wait for America’s
response to this latest salvo, as stock
markets watch with concern.
holly mackay is founder and ceo of boring money,
apple, amazon and alphabet
make up about 10% of the
standards & Poor’s 500 index and
have a combined value of $2.3trillion. add Microsoft
and Facebook in the mix and these form about 15% of
the index. technology has become all powerful and
makes up a quarter of the main us market.
their decline shaved over 2% off the index on Monday
and it has now fallen by over 10% since the beginning
of the year. in london, after the long easter weekend,
the stock market caught america’s cold and was down
0.5% at lunchtime yesterday. Markets are jittery and
tech is leading the wobble.
26 metro wednesday, april 4, 2018
early bird
the worm
in association with
Nest egg:
You can invest up to
£20,000 this year in a
variety of isas
Put your money into your
isa tax allowance as soon
as you can, it’s a veritable
gift from the taxman,
says Rosie Murray-West
is cash still king?
the humble isa has come a long way
since its launch in 1999. but despite
the many confusingly named spin-off
accounts such as the Jisa (Junior isa),
ifisa (innovative Finance isa) and the
lisa (lifetime isa), the vast majority
are still simple cash savings accounts.
over three quarters of the isas
opened last year were in cash, but is
this really the best use of your isa
allowance? statistics from financial
information group Moneyfacts show
that even the best paying cash isas
have interest rates lower than the rate
of inflation, meaning that your
savings are losing value in real terms.
nationwide offers an instant access
isa at 1.3 per cent, while if you want
to tie your money up for five years the
photo: shutterstock
n APril 6, at the start
of every tax year, the
taxman gives us the gift
of a brand new isa
allowance, which is ours
to use or lose. this year, that
allowance is £20,000, meaning that
you can save, invest or lend out this
amount, and any returns you get on it
won’t be taxed.
With cash saving rates so low, and
the stock market in the doldrums, it
can be tempting not to use the
allowance. government figures show
that isas are down from 12.7million
opened in the 2015-16 financial year
to 11.1million in 2016-17.
experts warn that missing out on
the allowance would be a waste. ‘it is
a generous and flexible tax wrapper
and there’s a good discipline in using
isas for long-term saving. the drop
in numbers is a worrying gauge,’ says
Justin urquhart stewart, who is
co-founder of seven investment
Management (7iM).
most you will get with cash is 2.25
are getting, or interest rates rise, you
per cent from halifax. Moneyfacts’
can move the money between cash
research shows that, even this tax
and investments. there’s a catch, and
year, when the stock market has been
it’s a big one. the money in your lisa
subdued, most stocks and shares isas
can only be used to purchase a first
have done far better. the average
home, or accessed for retirement once
stocks and shares isa returned 4.8 per
you hit 60. but if you haven’t yet
cent while the average cash isa has
bought a home and you want to
returned just 0.97 per cent.
save up for one, a lisa is a
‘even though the
great use of at least
2017/18 tax year has
some of that £20,000.
been a more difficult
environment for
stocks and shares
Finance isa
isas, they are still
this is the new
outshining the
kid on the block.
returns offered by
these isas are
their cash
designed to
equivalents,’ says
support the new
‘Stocks and shares Isas’:
richard eagling, head
craze for
richard eagling
of pensions and
crowdfunding and
investments at Moneyfacts.
peer-to-peer investing,
‘it will be interesting to see
where individuals lend money
whether the recent volatility in the
to businesses and individuals and reap
markets dampens investor enthusiasm the rewards in the form of regular
for this type of isa.’
payments. this type of lending has
become popular with people who are
some better alternatives
horrified by the rates that they get on
if a cash isa no longer looks like a
their savings, but who want the
good bet, what might be an
security of a regular payment. the
alternative? some newer types might
money isn’t guaranteed. if the
give you more bang for your buck, as
company you are lending to fails, or
long as they fit with your riskthe individual doesn’t pay the money
tolerance, goals and demographic.
back, you’ll lose out. however,
returns can be significantly higher
a lifetime isa
than cash savings. neil Faulkner,
if you are under 40 and don’t own a
from ifisa comparison site 4thway,
property, a lifetime isa is a great way has some tips for those just dipping
to use some of your allowance. you
their toes into the
can only put £4,000 of your £20,000 a peer-to-peer lending space.
year into one of these, but the
‘innovative Finance isas are an
government will top this up by 25 per
investment and must not be
cent − a free £1,000 a year. lisas can
misunderstood for a typical savings
be in cash or in stocks and shares, and account,’ he says. ‘As with all
you can save into them until you are
investments, by far the most essential
50. you can transfer them, too, so if
step to reducing risks down to a
you aren’t happy with the returns you
sensible level is to spread money
25.5 per cent. ‘if you don’t have a
around, not putting all your eggs in
lump sum to invest, work out how
one basket. beginners might stick to
much you can put away monthly at
platforms that have at least a few
years’ history and are very open about the start of the month and automate it
by setting up a standing order. Above
their interest rates, and which have a
all, keep your investing costs low,’
record of low bad debts or great
advises independent financial adviser
bad-debt recovery.’
Carl roberts. one of the cheapest
he recommends residential
places to buy funds in an isa is with
buy-to-let site landbay as one of the
Vanguard, which specialises in
lower risk ifisas, while if you want to
passive index trackers. these are
select which businesses you are
funds that replicate the performance
lending to he suggests sites such as
of a market, such as the Ftse 100.
Fundingsecure, where the loans are
however, you can only invest in
backed by assets.landbay gives an
Vanguard’s own funds through this.
expected return of 3.54 per cent.
More varied options include Charles
those with an interest in ethical
stanley, which has an annual
finance, who aren’t shy about
charge of just 0.25 per
tying up their money for a
cent on fund holdings
while, might also look at
up to £250,000.
triodos bank’s ifisa. it
is offering five per
cent returns for 12
rather than
years to those
investing in a wind
Whichever isa
turbine in the north
you choose,
West highlands, for
there’s little sense
‘Spread your money’:
in waiting until the
last minute to put
diversified stocks
Neil Faulkner
your money in. Make a
and shares isa
plan to use your £20,000
A simple alternative to a cash
allowance gradually over the year or
isa is a stocks and shares isa, which
can hold either single stocks or funds. as early as you can. ‘People would
normally do better to make their isa
Funds can be easier in some cases,
contributions at the start of the tax
because they offer instant
year rather than leaving them to the
diversification, with lots of different
last minute,’ says scott gallacher,
companies investment in the same
financial adviser at rowley turton.
fund. the performance can vary
‘this way they’d benefit from a whole
widely, and the value can go up, as
year of extra tax free investment
well as down. According to
Moneyfacts, the best performing fund growth and dividends. last minute
for your isa last tax year was Jupiter’s contributions also carry the additional
risk of an unfortunate postal delay
uk smaller Companies Fund, which
meaning you accidentally miss out on
grew 35 per cent on the year. Another
utilising your isa allowance for that
good investment would have been a
tax year. better to be the early bird
fund within the Japanese smaller
rather than a potential April fool.’
Companies sector, which rose
wednesday, april 4, 2018 metro 27
Music | film | TV | Comedy
r u rban g
over ruce?
h bat
eath Wis ’s brand of old-sch
As the reottram puts its st scope
James y under the m
tough gu
oCking his finger into a gun shape
on the poster for his new movie,
death Wish, bruce Willis is armed
and ready. everyone’s favourite
baldie is back doing what he does
best, beating down the bad guys. but is he still
relevant today? do we still want or need an
ageing action hero with a gun? Certainly not,
according to us critics – amid scathing
reviews, the new york times called Willis’s
latest outing ‘an imbecilic misfire’.
A remake of the 1974 movie starring Charles
bronson, Willis plays Paul kersey, a Chicago
surgeon who seeks vigilante justice when his
what the el?
the highs and lows
of elton John covers
album revamp
Page 30 »
.Revenge mission:.
.Bruce willis stars as.
.paul kersey in the.
.new death wish.
wife is murdered and his daughter put in a
coma by masked robbers. ‘this film really
makes you think about how far you will go to
protect your family,’ Willis states in the promo
blurb and, with the gun control debate raging,
Continued on Page 28 »
h a n g i n g t o U g h B ru c e ’ s h a r d m a n r o l e s
die hard 1988
willis’s hard-bitten new york
cop John Mcclane attends his
estranged wife’s christmas do
in what becomes the most
eventful office party ever.
Pulp Fiction 1994
willis shot back to fame as
fading boxer Butch in Quentin
tarantino’s gem. he took a
pay cut; the film took nearly
$213million worldwide…
armageddon 1998
willis’s driller extraordinaire
harry stamper is tasked with
halting a giant asteroid on a
collision course to earth. it
doesn’t go strictly to plan.
red 2010
willis’s lonely cia agent
Frank Moses is shaken out
of retirement thanks to an
assassination squad. helen
Mirren joins in the fun.
the expendables 2010
the role of former cia agent
Mr church saw willis joined
by fellow hardmen sylvester
stallone, Jason statham
and Dolph lundgren.
28 metro wednesday, april 4, 2018
Music | film | TV | Comedy
fo r g et d eath wi s h ,
watc h g las s
if there’s one new Bruce Willis film
that’s got the fans excited, it’s m
night shyamalan’s Glass. cast your
minds back to split, shyamalan’s
2017 film starring James mcAvoy as
the Beast. in the finale, Willis pops
up to reprise his role as david dunn
from shyamalan’s 2000 comicbook saga, unbreakable, which
co-starred samuel l Jackson. now
shyamalan has just wrapped Glass
Vigilante: Bruce Willis’s
character seeks justice
after his wife is
murdered in Death Wish
in philadelphia, a sequel to both
split and unbreakable, with Willis,
Jackson and mcAvoy. Willis is
back as dunn, pursuing mcAvoy’s
Beast – a character originally
meant for unbreakable – with the
shadowy figure of Jackson’s brittleboned villain elijah price in the
background pulling the strings.
What’s the catch? you’ll have to
wait until January 2019 to see it.
willis is still our
hero of the hour
» Continued from Page 27
it’s a contentious and risky movie.
Willis, though, has always been a
risk-taker. he was unforgettable as
boxer butch in Pulp Fiction, a film
that revived his career after flops
like hudson hawk and the bonfire
of the Vanities. he was equally
memorable as the prisoner sent
back in time to save mankind in 12
Monkeys and as the child
psychologist who comes in for a
shock in the sixth sense.
this year is the 30th anniversary
of die hard, in which Willis first
played John McClane, the new
york cop who gets caught up in
a hostage siege in a los Angeles
skyscraper. McClane is Willis’s
signature role. At the time it was the
biggest risk of all, as 20th Century
Fox signed him for $5 million. the
industry was aghast: how
could this tV star, with
a couple of dud movies
behind him, be paid
this much?
yet Willis became
a new kind of action
hero as a result. not
like those musclebound, testosteronefuelled lunks sylvester
stallone and Arnold
schwarzenegger but a bluecollar guy with vulnerabilities.
it’s been a character he’s toyed
with ever since and not just in
the four die hard sequels.
the hairline may have receded
and that early-years smirk is
almost gone but his ability to
take it and dish it out remains
credible. now 63, the knees
might be creaky but Willis still
oozes tough-guy charm.
‘he’s typically the hero who
is going to find the right person
and kill them and save the day,’
remarks rian Johnson, who
directed him in 2012 sci-fi timebender looper. but at the same
time Willis has never been precious
about his image. ‘he has no
protective movie-star ego about
wanting to look like an action star,’
Johnson says.
As far back as robert Altman’s
hollywood satire the Player, when
he cameos as himself saving Julia
roberts, Willis has always taken
his persona with the proverbial saltpinch. he remains a one-man movie
brand and – tom Cruise aside –
there are precious few of those
left. ‘he’s always doing what he’s
doing – he’s bruce Willis,’ shrugs
Vincent d’onofrio, who plays
Willis’s brother in death Wish.
A father of three daughters with
ex demi Moore, Willis has two
more young girls with his second
wife, english model emma
heming, whom he married in
2009. he reckons it’s shaped the
roles he’s taken on. ‘before i had
kids, [being a father] wasn’t a part
of these action films i do,’ he says.
‘now it’s a major component.’
it certainly plays into death
Wish, a film that shows Willis as
the urban gunslinger. liberals will
hate it, perhaps with good reason,
but already the film has taken
$32 million in the us, more than
what it cost to make.
the die-hard die hard fans
evidently disagree with the critics:
Willis can still cut it as an action
hero even after 30 years. in this
age of spandex-clad saviours,
sometimes only a real guy meting
out justice will do.
Death Wish is in
cinemas from Friday
.Back in the old.
.routine: Bruce willis.
.stars with elisabeth.
.shue in death wish.
Metro’s larushka
ivan-Zadeh gives
her verdict
death Wish is misjudged
and mistimed. We stand
with those who wish
this vigilante action
franchise had stayed dead
wednesday, april 4, 2018 metro 29
Music | film | TV | Comedy
a roaring triumph
emily Blunt
is under
Brit horror is scarily good
ghost stories 15 ★★★★★
A budget brit horror starring Paul
Whitehouse and Martin Freeman may
sound ominous, yet – shock horror! – this
is a spine-chiller of the highest order.
our antihero is Professor Phillip
goodman (Andy nyman) a middle-aged
minor tV celeb who debunks paranormal
activities. he is challenged to explain
three demonic manifestations which
may yet convert him. the ensuing
The Big Release
a Quiet Place 15 ★★★★★
Ake the anxiety of
keeping a baby quiet on
a plane, multiply that by
a squillion and you’ll hit
the stress levels peaked
by heart-stopping horror drama
A Quiet Place. twelve hours after
seeing it, i’m still coming down.
breathe… breathe…
We enter the story on ‘day 89’
after a never-spelt-out apocalypse
and meet a mysteriously barefoot
family. there’s the reassuringly
bearded dad (John krasinski,
directing his third and best film
here), his lovely, patient wife (emily
blunt, krasinksi’s real-life wife) and
their three children (noah Jupe,
Millicent simmonds and Cade
Woodward), one of whom is deaf.
is that why they are ‘speaking’
only in sign language?
no, but it is why they’re still
alive. because this very scary
movie’s no.1 rule is that if you
make any peep above a whisper, a
monster who would give the Alien
nightmares pounces out of nowhere
and kills you. so cue a big
‘uh-oh’ when blunt’s
character becomes
pregnant, birth and
babies being notoriously
non-quiet things.
A Quiet Place contains
hardly any spoken dialogue
yet you barely notice (unlike
the production design, where they
could’ve turned the volume down)
because pretty much all you can
hear is fear.
true, the high concept is a touch
M night shyamalan – you kind of
have to brush over the niggles and
go with its hazy fictional rules.
however, the emotional beats are
heartfelt, rooted in parental anxiety
about protecting offspring, and
with the survival stakes kept skyhigh from the outset, it’s shockingly
the performances are so
engaging you want to marry them,
with special mention going to
simmonds (also starring in this
week’s Wonderstruck), whose
expressive face i could
just watch forever. that
simmonds is genuinely
deaf, and that krasinski
and blunt have kids
together, lends an extra
authenticity to the intimate
family drama.
tension is carefully amplified in
this stripped-down scenario up to
the halfway point, then the jeopardy
ratchets up and doesn’t quit. After
a lean 95 minutes, you’ll be spat
out, panting and demolished.
larushka ivan-zadeh
the verdict
A deftly directed
high-concept horror you’ll
likely enjoy curled in a foetal
ball with a fist in your mouth
todd’s bold experiment strikes out
PG ★★✩✩✩
Time-shifting: Moore with Fegley
you never know what to expect
from oscar-nominated indie auteur
todd haynes – after all, he cast
Cate blanchett as bob dylan in
i’m not there. but a kids’ film?
it’s an ambitious one, at least.
based on the illustrated yA novel
by brian selznick, Wonderstruck is
a mystery quest charting two deaf
runaways across two different time
eras and shot in two contrasting
styles. in 1977, a boy (oakes
Fegley) who has recently lost his
mother (Michelle Williams) runs
away to a fabulously scuzzy new
york to find his unknown father.
Meanwhile, in 1927, with scenes
shot like a black-and-white silent
movie, a girl (Millicent simmonds)
leaves home in search of a famous
movie star (Julianne Moore).
Visually it’s a dream, yet unlike
its young, expressive leads, this
experiment fails to strike a chord.
‘i need you to be patient,’ Moore
warns belatedly as the story finally
reaches its revelation – to damp
fart effect. like steven spielberg
without the wonder. li-z
triptych of terror contains Paul
Whitehouse (excellent), Freeman
(slightly miscast) and the always
revelatory one-to-watch Alex lawther
(the imitation game).
Co-written and directed by nyman and
the league of gentlemen’s Jeremy
dyson from their smash stage show, and
with a genuinely haunting pay-off, it’s
best relished in a crowd in the dark – not
least because it’s way too scary to watch
at home on your tod. li-z
30 metro wednesday, april 4, 2018
Music | film | TV | Comedy
don’t go breaking My heart
by Q Tip feat Demi Lovato
a tribe called Quest’s Q tip has given
a soulful, funky update to this classic
duet, featuring smoky vocals from chart
princess Demi lovato. while we will always
hold a special place in our hearts for the sweet,
upbeat Motown pastiche of the original (and
for the pink dungarees worn by kiki Dee in the
video), this cover version acts like that song’s
cool older sister. after elton’s appearance on
the last a tribe called Quest album, it was
obviously time to return the favour.
.The Dwight stuff:.
.elton, real name.
.reg dwight, has.
.invited people to.
.record covers of.
.his greatest songs.
.terrY o’NeiLL/GettY.
candle in the Wind
by Ed Sheeran
candle in the wind was written in
honour of Marilyn Monroe in 1973 and
reworked for Princess Diana’s funeral in
1997 to get to no.1 pretty much everywhere.
swapping elton’s piano for acoustic guitar,
there’s nothing technically wrong with this
faithful take from chart-conquerer ed sheeran
but it’s just too bleak a song to cover.
someone saved My life
tonight by Mumford and Sons
we could do without the folk rockers’
turgid, mawkish take on elton’s 1975
hit. the soft, bittersweet march of the
original, a troubling but redemptive tale
about being saved from a dark psychological
place, feels in the wrong hands here.
sorry seems to be the hardest
Word by Mary J Blige
the legendary Mary J Blige completely
reinvents elton’s classic 1976 piano
ballad, making it sound like a long-lost
1990s r&B classic. Mixing low, loose and
slinking production with Blige’s typically
scorching vocals, this track has had new levels
of emotion injected into it.
don’t let the sun go down on
Me by Miley Cyrus
Miley’s voice sounds raw and
gorgeous on this woozy, dreamy cover,
which builds with echoing percussion,
piano tumbles and electric guitar towards a
massive chorus. while she sounds fantastic,
this doesn’t add masses to the original. we’d
rather take the version performed by elton and
the much-missed george Michael – their first
performance of it at wembley was one of the
most feverish live moments of the 1990s.
tiny dancer
by Florence + The Machine
the soaring chorus in tiny Dancer,
a song capturing the spirit of 1970s
california, makes it many people’s
favourite elton track but at first it was a chart
underdog and not even released as a single in
the uk. this arrangement doesn’t mess much
with the original but it’s a classy and beautiful
cover, subtly layering Florence welsh’s spinetingling vocals so they sound like chiming
angels in the chorus
Revamp is out on Friday.
For details of Elton’s farewell
tour see
rocket fans!
new elton John covers album Revamp features everyone
from ed Sheeran to Mary J Blige. But are we better off
sticking with the originals? Amy Dawson is your guide
fiVe things to Know aBoUt... angie
doing a lot of drugs in my life
but i don’t any more. i hate
them now. i don’t want
people to do drugs. it’s not
good for you. i’ve been very
stressed and smoking
cannabis actually made me
more anxious, which i never
thought would happen.’
The controversial Swedish singer, 22,
raised eyebrows with songs including
Smoke Weed Eat P***y and Housewife
Spliffin’. Her debut album, Suicidal
Since 1995, is out on Friday.
Angie maintains she doesn’t aim to
court controversy
‘i don’t think i’m controversial. if a dude
was doing the exact thing i’m doing,
there wouldn’t be any fuss about it. it’s
because i’m a girl. Maybe i attracted
attention because i have bright and
playful videos about some taboo
subjects. the album is a mini diary of
things that have happened in the past.’
most of her songs have been about
drugs but she’s gone off them
‘i don’t glamorise drug use. i’ve been
Red alert: the swedish singer angie has proved provocative
Angie can’t wait to leave her
homeland, sweden
‘People in sweden are so
sensitive. they’re not ready
for me. they treated me
really badly in sweden – they
don’t like the s*** i’m doing.
swedish people want to have
a reputation for being kind of
classy but they aren’t.’
And she loves the uK
‘i’ve only been to the uk once
before but i loved it. i like the
architecture and the weather
was better than in sweden.
i would love to work with
charli XcX – she’s cool. i really
like her new album, Pop 2. i love
a full english breakfast – but i
have the vegetarian version.’
lou reed is one of her heroes
‘My dad and i always used
to listen to lou reed when
i was kid. he was the coolest
guy ever. i’ve done a cover of
Venus in Furs on the album.
.The coolest: charli. that’s one of my favourites –
that and heroin.’
.xcx and Lou reed.
andrew williams
wednesday, april 4, 2018 metro 31
in part
ship w
here do our real lives end
and our online lives begin?
And what happens when they
cross over? those are just two
of the questions orbiting
cyberspace in new Channel 4
drama Kiss Me First, which gives us a set
of characters to follow in two dimensions –
one human and one avatar.
At the centre of it all is leila, a girl who
escapes a solitary existence by entering the
world of Agora, a virtual-reality game that
allows her to explore a different side to her
personality. In the humdrum real world
leila is mousey and shy but her alter ego,
Shadowfax, is a much feistier proposition.
So far, so ready Player one, Steven
Spielberg’s latest blockbuster in which
teenagers disappear into a virtual-reality
universe. But while the Spielberg movie is
tallulah haddon goes virtual in teen drama kiss me first
Continued on Page 32 »
32 metro wednesday, april 4, 2018
bringing you all the shows you know
an avatar of
me would be
a giant spider
» Continued from Page 31
a thrill ride of pop-culture references
and widescreen razzmatazz, kiss Me
First is much more a story of
teenagers finding their way in the
world – albeit via a virtual one.
holding these two realities together
is tallulah haddon, a rising star
thanks to roles in the living And
the dead and taboo. she pauses for
thought when asked whether
she’d like to be like her avatar
shadowfax (right). ‘i think
i’d be more like a giant
spider,’ she says. ‘i’d be
more of an alien creature.’
it’s a fitting response.
haddon’s slightly otherworldly presence gives kiss
Me First an outsider edge – and
even as shadowfax she’s on the
outside when it comes to the
red Pill gang, a secret group that
takes its name from a plot point of
the Matrix and is dismissive of
in ice cold blood
Keeping up with new ways of
watching tV is a job in itself.
hayu is a subscription service
showing reality shows; this
one’s hosted by ice-t (below)
and is about real-life murders
that could be filed under ‘crimes
of passion’. the first involves a
war veteran and a dead student.
sounds like law & order: special
Victims unit. episode one
available now, next one monday.
Tallulah Haddon on the
challenges of creating a dual
role, teenage angst and the
virtual world. By Keith Watson
those wasting their time in the
virtual world ‘on killing and
masturbation’. haddon admits
she found playing a doubleoutsider daunting.
‘it was much harder
than i thought,’ she
says. ‘i’d never played
a character who spends
so much time alone
and i spent a lot of
deep state
if you like stuff getting blown
up and your heroes chiselled
but troubled then this promising
action/spy thriller from Fox will
be right up your street. mark
strong (right) brings his
customary intensity to the role
of max easton, an ex-mi6 man
whose dream of a quiet
retirement with his family in the
French countryside lasts all of
five minutes before he’s hauled
back into the fray to sort out a
botched op in the middle east.
this is the first British-made
drama from Fox and
it’s a strong start.
episode one available
A slightly odd
title – we’re
a world away
from Karl
marx or the
guillotine here
– for an adventure
sports show that’s
a cross between
ninja Warrior and
those crazy ski
cross races that
time in her head. the other
characters were more engaged in
group scenarios.’
equally challenging was the
technology involved in turning
humans into avatars.
‘you had to think not only about
your character but what your
movement would be in motion
capture,’ says haddon. ‘i’d had some
experience in physical theatre and
movement classes but i’m quite
awkward – and there were a lot
of stunts.’
the end results are impressive,
though. the motion-capture
sequences evoke a believable
were a highlight of the Winter
olympics. BmX bikers,
skateboarders and rollerbladers
compete in challenges
seemingly designed to make
the contestants come a
spectacular cropper. to give
you an idea of where
this is coming from,
Jackass legend
steve-o (left) is a
presenter. episode
one available now.
dave allen
at peace
in his 1970s heyday,
dave Allen was the uK’s
most celebrated comedian, his
wry, acerbic world view,
generally delivered from the
comfort of being perched on
wednesday, april 4, 2018 metro 33
in partnership with
and love on demand
from book to screen
author lottie moggach
on seeing her novel
turned into a tv series
The other side: tess’s avatar, Mania
Real world:
haddon as
Leila and
simona Brown
as tess in
kiss Me First
gaming atmosphere as leila/
shadowfax develops a relationship
with tess/Mania (the clue is in the
name), played by simona brown.
haddon is keen to highlight the
fact that, for all its techie gloss, kiss
Me First is at heart a human story.
‘it’s not a dystopian take on
technology,’ she says. ‘the core is
the relationship between leila and
a stool, making him a
fixture on primetime tV.
he was a unique
presence and it falls to
Allen’s countryman
Aidan Gillen (right)
to capture that
presence. As
a biopic it’s
perfunctory but
it does open a
window on a
talent that’s
well worth checking out.
Available now.
the city & the city
Get your thinking caps on for
this woozily atmospheric
adaptation of china
miéville’s edgy
dystopian tale, which
winds a murder
mystery around a
complex vision of a
divided world. We
haven’t got 17 pages
tess, and their journey as young
women. it gets quite dark.’
Fittingly for someone playing a
dual role, haddon has another life
as a performance artist, creating
to explain the set-up; suffice to
say that david morrissey (above
with mandeep dhillon), fresh
from Britannia, is all stubbled
up as troubled detective
inspector Borlú, whose beat is
one half of a twin city (Besźel/
ul Qoma, since you ask) where
the twain never meet. But his
search for his missing wife
lures our anti-hero to the other
side. it’s a visually arresting
head-scratcher. episode one
available Friday. kw
characters including susie swallow,
‘the youngest cannibal in europe’,
and a drag king called Private hole.
she’s an intriguing mix, out-there on
stage but in conversation quite
diffident – just like leila.
but she’s quietly confident too.
When i draw comparisons between
kiss Me First and skins – bryan
elsley created both – haddon takes
the point but makes a distinction.
‘i think kiss Me First is a bit more
mature,’ she says. ‘it’s like skins has
grown up – those characters were at
school, in their own bubble, but our
characters are at work with bills to pay.
it’s more centred in the real world.’
An odd thing to say about a show
that offers visions of a fantasy life but
it makes a strange kind of sense.
Kiss Me First is on Channel 4
on Mondays at 10pm. Episode
one available now on All4
When i first watche
Kiss me First, my
reaction was, in
a word, what?!
novelists are
supposed to be
disgruntled when
they see their work
translated for film or tV
because even the most faithful
adaptation will differ from the
original vision on the page. But
i wasn’t outraged, i was knocked out
by the show – the fact it had sprung
from my novel made it all the more
my story, which i started in 2008,
explores online identities in chat
rooms and on Facebook but it’s very
hard to dramatise someone sitting in
front of a computer so screenwriter
Bryan elsley decided to introduce Vr.
the issues it explores are the same.
Wherever we are online there is
blending of the real and the fictional.
We are ourselves and not ourselves.
the best way i can describe the
experience is like selling your house
to someone you know has grand
plans for it, and coming back a year
later to visit. then, as you’re walking
from room to room, admiring their
imaginative and stylish changes to
the place, you see they’ve kept some
of your old furniture.
34 metro wednesday, april 4, 2018
by Patrick arundell
cryPtic crossWord
6. he foresees support before the
reform (7)
7. ideal group to play an eightsome
reel? (5)
9. Born in one eastern land (3)
10. spoke in broken english? (9)
12. slight variation in silver and
copper, perhaps (5,6)
15. the boss’s office (11)
17. policeman examines a piece of
furniture (9)
19. sounds like a shortage of
resin (3)
21. Very serious position to end up
in? (5)
22. rival bird is not on time (7)
Quick crossWord
Yesterday’s solutions
across: 7 stepping stone; 8 organist; 9 hewn;
10 lights; 12 threat; 14 Bypass; 16 Duress;
18 chic; 20 eurasian; 22 Prepossessing.
Down: 1 eternity; 2 splash; 3 Fiji; 4 agitated;
5 etcher; 6 snow; 11 suspense; 13 abstains;
15 accept; 17 resist; 19 here; 21 rued.
colour for putting on (5)
Fitting a small point (3)
possibly felt it’s not right (4)
diagrammatic form of catechism
Get even with reg., perhaps? (7)
spanking vessels? (6)
imperturbable admission of
inertia? (9)
You’ve not been going straight if
you have to make this up (6)
approves of indications of
support (7)
Forms groups of actors (5)
Fabric that’s stiff or limp (4)
really includes everything (3)
across: 5 Dupe; 7 liberality; 8 earl; 10 army; 12 lid;
13 scales; 16 owlet; 18 Pun; 20 Fore; 21 gear; 22 eel;
24 after; 25 aspect; 26 gun; 27 Ploy; 29 Mile;
33 Melancholy; 34 Menu.
Down: 1 rib; 2 Bear; 3 Baby; 4 Fib; 5 Dye; 6 Paris; 9 Fluff;
10 adores; 11 tap; 13 stoat; 14 luge; 15 energy; 17 weep;
19 Frank; 23 lea; 25 alive; 27 Pant; 28 oche; 30 emu;
31 old; 32 elk.
Metroku MORe PUZZleS in OUR TaBleT and PHOne ediTiOnS
difficulty rating: Easy
6 5
4 7
7 9 8
difficulty rating: Moderate
6 4
7 3
Not fresh (5)
Back-scrubber (6)
Nervously irritable (2,4)
high-pitched barks (5)
rotisserie (4)
i have found it! (6)
Make cheerful (7)
king (3)
Not drunk (5)
having a pleasant taste (5)
stupid people (5)
shoe fasteners (5)
star (3)
race official (7)
human mind or soul (6)
card game (4)
irritated (5)
coronets (6)
Fully informed (2,4)
Lizard type (5)
6 5 2
8 1
7 5
commonwealth games
2018 BBc1 10.30am & 12.15am
(12.40am Wales), BBc2 7pm
Hardcore sports nuts will need to
adjust their body clocks as we head
to Australia’s Gold Coast for 11 days
of athletic endeavour. At least the
opening ceremony (please, let there
be dancing kangaroos!) is at a UKfriendly hour this morning. To catch
the men’s triathlon, which could see
a Brownlee one-two for England, it’s
Going for gold: the Brownlee brothers a 4am (tomorrow) start. The Aussies
5 2
1 9
come into conflict (5)
Bulgarian capital (5)
speak (3)
topics (6)
Long bounding stride (4)
Guaranteed (7)
Loafer (5)
unwind (5)
Mythical winged horse (7)
spoor (5)
small falcon (7)
observes (5)
Bellows (5)
spirited (7)
run naked (6)
room (5)
synthetic material (5)
Gemstone (5)
chosen way (5)
Gaelic (4)
pair of performers (3)
difficulty rating: Challenging
4 9
2 3
2 4
6 2 7
6 1 8
9 5
8 5
6 8
tv choice
the best oF the
rest on tonight
are the Brownlee brothers’ major
rivals – so we’ll be on the lookout for
any ball tampering.
save me sky Atlantic, 9pm
Lennie James’s debut drama as a
writer has been a critical and popular
aries mar 21 – apr 20
if there is something you
should have completed a
while ago, then an edgy
link between lively
Mercury, fiery Mars and
the more sobering saturn,
can see your conscience
telling you to make a start.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0410 (60p/min)
libra sep 24 – Oct 23
if something feels good to
you, then go for it. But if
you get a hunch not to
make a move, then don’t.
you may feel duty bound
to wrestle with an issue
but it might mean missing
out on a special event.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0416 (60p/min)
taurus apr 21 – may 21
something that seems
crucial today can move
down your list of priorities
and be overtaken by a
more important matter by
the weekend. you may
find that keeping matters
as simple as possible is
the way to go.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0411 (60p/min)
scorpio Oct 24 – Nov 22
hanging on to anything
that no longer serves a
purpose is likely not a
good idea now. however,
you could find yourself so
attached to an idea you
have a vested interest in
that you’ll want to see it
come to fruition.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0417 (60p/min)
gemini may 22 – Jun 21
it’s possible good news
will come your way.
Despite this, you might
find it hard to believe that
an issue that has caused
you so much angst may
finally be resolving itself.
if your initial reaction is
somewhat defensive, this
is understandable.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0412 (60p/min)
Nov 23 – Dec 21
with Mercury continuing
to track backwards and
forging a harsh link to
saturn, this can be a time
to avoid being too frank.
Minor issues that cause
others to wonder may be
best disguised with a slice
of diplomacy.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0418 (60p/min)
Cancer Jun 22 – Jul 23
no matter how hard
you try to avoid a
misunderstanding by
explaining yourself and
your ideas, someone may
find a flaw in your words.
worse, they could try to
catch you out. Bearing
this in mind, it may be
wise to keep your plans to
yourself for now.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0413 (60p/min)
Capricorn Dec 22 – Jan 20
if your plans involve a lot
of work, you probably
won’t mind doing
whatever is necessary to
get the results you are
after. however, it might
also be worth thinking
about how you can make
life easier too. the hard
way is not always the
best way.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0419 (60p/min)
leo Jul 24 – aug 23
no matter how much you
like a person, try not to
tire yourself out by taking
on battles that are not
really yours to fight. they
could easily leave you to it
but it may be better to
gently refuse.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0414 (60p/min)
aquarius Jan 21 – feb 19
no matter what may
be going on in other
people’s minds, the stellar
backdrop suggests it is
time to believe in yourself.
it is how you view things
and how you feel that
is important.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0420 (60p/min)
Virgo aug 24 – sep 23
if you feel overwhelmed
or out of your depth, try
not to make matters
worse by pushing yourself
even harder, as doing so
may not improve things.
although it might seem
counter-intuitive, taking
a break can be the best
thing you do.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0415 (60p/min)
Pisces feb 20 – mar 20
with Venus in your sector
of communication, there
is an opportunity to
discuss anything that can
benefit from a gracious
touch. if you have reason
to be annoyed by
someone, this influence
can help you take a more
relaxed view.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0421 (60p/min)
For a live one-to-one consultation with one of my
gifted psychics, call 0906 176 4747 or 0800 067 4747
to book using credit card. too busy to call? then text a
psychic: text stars to 84155 (£1.50 per text plus snc)
astrology calls cost 60p per min, Live calls £1.50 per min. Calls subject to the addition of your
telephone company’s network access charge. Live text costs £1.50 per message plus standard
network rate and you will receive max two messages back. 18+ only, with bill payer’s permission.
entertainment purposes only. phonepayplus regulated. all calls recorded. sp: stream Live Ltd
se1 1Ja, 0800 0673 330
hit so it’s no surprise it’s been given
a second series. But that fact does
rather reveal that, as the first run
reaches its climax tonight, Nelly
(James) may see his search end on
a cliffhanger, not closure.
my dad, the peace deal and
me BBc1, 9pm (Wales 10.40pm)
The Me in this case being comedian
Patrick Kielty, whose father was
killed by paramilitary gunmen in
1988. He’s got a deep, personal stake
in seeing how, 20 years on from the
Good Friday Agreement, the future is
shaping up for Northern Ireland.
new First dates c4, 10pm
We’re up to series ten but First Dates
can still spring surprises. Take
divorced pair Mandy and Stuart, who
turn up at the restaurant together to
offer moral support to each other.
Even maître d’ Fred looks impressed
by that level of maturity.
keith watson
36 metro wednesday, april 4, 2018
g o l f T h e m a sT e r s
selected tee tiMes
(Usa unless stated, all times Bst),
(a) denotes amateurs
1.30pm: a cook (us), t
Potter Jr. (u), w Bryan (us)
1.41pm: i woosnam (wal), r
Moore (us), J Vegas (Ven)
2.03pm: JM olazabal (spa),
k chappell (us), D Frittelli
2.14pm: B Dechambeau
(us), B wiesberger (aut), M
Fitzpatrick (eng)
2.58pm: D willett (eng),
k stanley (us), J Dufner (us)
3:09pm: h Matsuyama
(Jpn), P kizzire (us), P casey
3:31pm: Z Johnson (us), M
kaymer (ger), B grace (sa)
3:42pm: t woods (us),
M leishman (aus),
t Fleetwood (eng)
3:53pm: s garcia (spa),
J thomas (us), D redman
(us) (a)
4:04pm: B watson (us), h
stenson (swe), J Day (aus)
4.15pm: P reed (us),
c hoffman (us), a hadwin
4:48pm: t immelman (sa),
i Poulter (eng), P cantlay
5:10pm: F couples (us), li
hao tong (chn), J niemann
(chi) (a)
5:32pm: l Mize (us), r
henley (us), s sharma (ind)
5:43pm: B langer (ger),
t Finau (us), y ikeda (Jpn)
6:05pm: k kisner (us),
t Pieters (Bel),
X schauffele (us)
6:27pm: P Mickelson (us),
r Fowler (us), M kuchar
6:38pm: a scott (aus),
r Mcilroy (ni), J rahm (spa)
6:49pm: J spieth (us), a
noren (swe), l oosthuizen
7pm: J rose (eng),
D Johnson (us), r cabreraBello (spa)
by nick metcalFe
sergio gArCiA admits the odds are against
him joining Jack nicklaus, nick Faldo and tiger
Woods as the only players to successfully defend
the Masters.
garcia won his first major at the 74th attempt
last year, beating ryder Cup team-mate Justin
rose on the first hole of a sudden-death play-off.
And although he comes into the week on the
back of a win earlier this season and three consecutive top-ten finishes, the 38-year-old is realistic about his chances of holding on to the green
jacket for another year.
Asked why so few players have successfully defended the title at Augusta, garcia said: ‘the simple answer is it’s just difficult to win.
‘it doesn’t matter if it’s back-to-back or just one.
People don’t realise how difficult it is to win one
Early Serg: Garcia
during a practice round
yesterday and (inset
right) trying on his
green jacket last year
root won’t give up search for
england’s winning formula
overnight: england 307 (J M Bairstow
101, M a wood 52; t g southee 6-62)
and 352-9 dec (J M Vince 76, M D
stoneman 60, J e root 54, D J Malan
53). n Zealand 278 (B J watling 85,
c De grandhomme 72, t g southee 50;
s c J Broad 6-54) and 42-0
n ZeAlAnd second inninGs cont.
t w M latham c Vince b leach ..........83
J a raval c stoneman b Broad............. 17
k s williamson c Bairstow b Broad .....0
l r P taylor c cook b leach .................13
h M nicholls c cook b anderson .........13
B J watling c anderson b wood...........19
c de g’homme c leach b wood .........45
i s sodhi not out ...................................56
n wagner c Vince b root........................7
extras lb2 nb1.......................................... 3
total 8 wkts (124.4 overs) .................256
Fall: 1-42 2-42 3-66 4-91 5-135 6-162
7-219 8-256
Bowling: anderson 26-8-37-1, Broad
24-6-72-2, wood 22-10-45-2, leach
32-15-61-2, root 12.4-5-28-1, stokes
4-3-2-0, Malan 4-1-9-0
New Zealand drew with england
Standing firm: sodhi
Joe root insists there are signs amid
the frustration of england’s miserably
unsuccessful winter that much-needed
improvement is already under way.
root’s men ended their five-month
trip to Australia and new Zealand winless in seven tests after the kiwis hung
on for a draw to take the series 1-0.
the england captain nonetheless
spoke of his ‘pride’ at his team’s attempts to take ten wickets on the final
day despite the kiwis digging in to close
on 256 for eight in Christchurch.
there is much to examine for england
with the series defeat coming on the
back of a 4-0 Ashes hammering.
After no.8 ish sodhi clung on with an
unbeaten 56, root said: ‘there will be a
lot of frustrated people at home and a lot
of frustration within the side. We’ve not
performed to [the best of] our ability
by matthew nash
and not got the results we wanted. it’s
been very disappointing.’
root did identify some reasons for
optimism, however, and depicted the
previous week’s embarrassing firstinnings collapse to 58 all out in the
opening test in Auckland as a costly
blip rather than an indication of any
worrying long-term issues.
‘i thought throughout this week in
particular... we’ve definitely been more
‘we’ll continue trying to
find a formula that
works for us abroad’
adaptable,’ he added. ‘We’re nowhere
near the finished article, or where we
want to be as a side. [but] bar that 58...
we’ve looked a much better side with
the bat.
‘you take that innings out of the
series and it looks very different – which
is really frustrating.
‘We’ll continue to keep working hard,
pushing ourselves and find a formula
that really works for us abroad.’
As for the near-miss at the hagley
oval yesterday, root insisted: ‘We
threw absolutely everything at them.
‘We tried a number of different things
and i don’t think we could have tried
much more.
‘i’m very proud of the lads and the
way they went about it and how we
continued to keep asking questions
of them.’
wednesday, april 4, 2018 metro 37
g o l f T h e m a sT e r s
a fears for his crown
Spaniard admits retaining his
Masters title will be a tall order
tournament and a major – and the Masters is even
more difficult.
‘it doesn’t mean i’m not going to give it my best
shot but it’s not easy to do it. this year it feels like
you probably have eight or ten guys in good form
with a really solid chance of winning. At the mo-
‘the simple answer is whether
back-to-back or just one it’s
difficult to win’
me and hopefully get off to a good
for the morning shows, so i’ve had the
start and really enjoy the week.
jacket for a day-and-a-half and i kind
but no matter what, this
of look at my right arm and there’s
week is going to be amaztwo big grease stains on it,’ he exing. And the most beautiplained. ‘And i’m thinking, my
Minutes after Tiger
ful thing about it is i get to
god, i’ve had the jacket for a dayWoods tees off, Garcia will
play the Masters until i
and-a-half and i already have two
begin his round alongside
can’t walk. that’s
massive stains on it. What am i
world No.2 Justin Thomas
pretty cool.’
going to do?
and US Amateur
garcia joked
‘so we were trying to clean it up
champion Doc
that if he had to
as best we can and then we took it to
everya dry cleaner and they did a great job.’
where he took the
last night garcia remained true to his
green jacket last year
spanish roots with his choice of menu for the
he would miss his tee Champions dinner.
time, but was forced to
the 38-year-old, who gets to choose the menu as
confess it had not survived champion, opted for an international salad to start,
entirely unscathed.
followed by spanish lobster rice and a dessert us‘We went to new york ing a recipe of his wife Angela, a tres leches cake.
ment it’s quite exciting. i feel like my game
is quite solid. i’m coming off three
good tournaments but every
week is different and it’s just
a matter of how i’m going to
feel on thursday, how the
nerves are going to be.
‘this is my first time
defending a major and a
green jacket, so it’s
new to me. but i’ll try
to go through the
things i know help
Trying in vain: england, with
nine fielders around the bat,
appeal unsuccessfully for the
late wicket of Neil wagner
picture: ap
Catches dropped by England on
the final day in Christchurch
Wickets for Stuart Broad with the
first two deliveries of the fifth day
Year New Zealand last won a series
against England on home soil
Vern has his phil to
delight of Du plessis
South Africa captain Faf du
Plessis reserved praise for
vernon Philander after the
bowler inspired a crushing 492run victory over Australia in the
fourth test in Johannesburg.
the tourists were bowled out
for 119 in pursuit of a fanciful
612 victory target after
Philander (pictured) bulldozed
through their batting line-up
with six for 21 as South Africa
took less than 90 minutes to
triumph on the final day.
Du Plessis, whose team
outclassed a team reeling from
the ball-tampering controversy,
said: ‘that last little bowling
spell from vernon is right up
there, it’s amazing.
‘I think he got six for nine or
something like that at the end
and that’s something awesome.’
Australia won the first test of
the series before the hosts hit
back to claim their first test
series win at home to the Aussies
since readmission with a 3-1
result. Du Plessis said: ‘After
that first test match, the guys
were really motivated to turn it
around. I’ve been on the
receiving end of Australia and
South Africa so it’s nice to get
one over them on home soil.
‘It’s been an awesome squad
performance from everyone.’
38 metro wednesday, april 4, 2018
g o l f T h e m a sT e r s
picture: GettY
Major grinners: woods
and Mickelson enjoying
their practice round at
augusta yesterday
Excited: Mcilroy is aiming to complete his career Grand slam this week
Confident rory
is ready to grab
piece of history
rorY McIlroY knows all too
well the special place in golfing
history he would occupy if he
completes a career Grand Slam
but will be trying to forget that
when he starts his bid to win
the Masters tomorrow.
McIlroy has not won a major
since the 2014 PGA, but the 28year-old is full of confidence
after ending his 18-month
winless streak with victory in
the Arnold Palmer Invitational.
‘I’m an avid fan of the history
of the game,’ McIlroy said. ‘I
know where a win this week
would put me in history,
alongside the greatest that have
ever played this game. that
would mean an awful lot to me.
‘But I have to clear my head
of that come thursday and play
good golf, hit good shots, have
good course management, hole
putts, and if you do that enough
times, hopefully that score
come Sunday evening will be
the lowest of all the competitors
here, and you walk away with
something you’ll have for the
rest of your life.’
McIlroy certainly feels he’s in
the best possible shape heading
into the first major of the year.
‘i could not come
here in better form,
i’m excited’
‘I feel as prepared as I ever
have and I’m excited to hit that
first tee shot,’ McIlroy said.
‘I could not come here in
better form and hopefully I can
carry that into the next three
days. I think you have to relish
the opportunity that’s in front
of you and grab it.’
wednesday, april 4, 2018 metro 39
g o l f T h e m a sT e r s
back in
the old
But superstar Woods plays down talk
of a sensational comeback triumph
by nick metcalfe
tiger Woods urged everyone to ‘slow down’ as the
sporting world prepares for
what could be a comeback for
the ages at Augusta this week.
the former world no.1 had
spinal fusion surgery last April
– his fourth back operation in
three years – and fears were
increasing that he might never
play golf again.
but he’s been in mighty impressive form since returning
to the fairways, and sir nick
Faldo said a Woods win at this
week’s Masters would be ‘the
greatest comeback in sport’.
Asked yesterday whether he
would see it that way, Woods
tried to play down the clamour
surrounding him.
‘i have four rounds to play,
so let’s just kind of slow down,’
Woods said.
‘i’ve had anticipation like
this prior, the build-up from the
PgA of 2000 to the Masters of
2001 (where he completed the
‘tiger slam’), what that tournament would mean. it’s the
same thing. i gotta go play and
let the chips fall where they
t h e y s a i d i t. . .
‘I think come Sunday, they might be
paired together. They love the course.
They’re going to do very, very well.’
Fred couples, Masters champion in 1992, predicts a strong
week for woods and Mickelson after they teamed up to beat
him and thomas pieters in a nine-hole practice round.
may. i’ve got a lot of work to
do.’ Asked to select his greatest
comeback, Woods cited ben
hogan, who won six of his nine
majors after being involved in a
near-fatal car accident.
Woods played yesterday with
Phil Mickelson, a sign of their
growing friendship.
‘i think Phil and i have been
through it for so long,’ Woods
said. ‘When i got hurt and had
to take a different role on teams,
Phil was great. our friendship
has got stronger. We’ve had a
great 20-year battle, hopefully
we’ll have a few more.’
Woods, 42, also spoke about
the difficulties of recent years,
which led to him describing
himself as a ‘walking miracle’
last week. Asked about trying
to get ready to play the Masters
in 2016 and 2017, he said: ‘in
hindsight, it was a pipe dream.
‘My back was fried. i tried
cortisone shots, epidurals, anything to take away the pain, so
i might be able to withstand a
week. nothing worked. My
disc was gone.
‘it has been a tough road. the
pain of just sitting there, the
amount of times i’ve fallen because my leg didn’t work or
had to lay on the ground. those
were dark times.
‘thankfully for modern science, they can put us back together again. the reason i said
it’s a miracle is i don’t know
anyone that’s had a lower back
fusion that can swing the club
as fast as i can. i feel great.’
in brief
■ ronnie
made the
maximum 147
break of his
career, but
was still
knocked out
of the china
open by elliott slessor. o’sullivan
compiled the perfect break in the
fifth frame, but slessor clinched a
6-2 win. meanwhile, chris Wakelin
stunned shaun murphy 6-0.
wray back in sarries
control after sell-out
rugby union
saracens chairman nigel wray
is to take full control of the
Premiership club after its south
african investors opted to pull out.
wray, who has co-owned
saracens with Johann rupert’s
remgro company for the last nine
years, moved to reassure
supporters about the club’s future
after news emerged of a sell-out.
wray said: ‘i am very happy to
say that i’ve decided to buy all
their shares as i have huge faith
and commitment to this club and
everything it stands for.’
successive defeats for
heather watson, the British
no.2, since her run to the hobart
semi-finals in January. she lost
6-3, 6-4 to taylor townsend in
charleston yesterday
Broken thumb points
to late start for eoin
eoin morGAn will miss the start
of middlesex’s season after
suffering a fracture to his thumb.
england’s limited-overs captain
is set to be sidelined for at least
four weeks after he was hit on his
left hand batting in the nets.
morgan will join opening
batsman nick Gubbins in the
middlesex treatment room.
40 metro wednesday, april 4, 2018
c o m m o n w e a lt h g a m e s
alistair keeps the
racing news, views and top tips
in association with
roger aiming for
a titus triumph
With CAtteriCk forced to call off
their card due to a waterlogged track,
punters will again look to the all-weather
today, with meetings at kempton,
lingfield and southwell.
trainer roger Varian will hope Flavius
titus (pictured) can get his season off to
a flyer in lingfield’s 2.45 race.
A son of the crack sprinter lethal
Force, the three-year-old has already
shown he stays further than his sire by
winning over seven furlongs at kempton.
he made his debut at nottingham in
June yet despite being well fancied, he
could only finish mid-division behind the
useful great Prospector.
given plenty of time to strengthen up
after that, he was not seen again until
doncaster in october, when he was
second to breath Caught.
A month later, Flavius titus had no
trouble going one better at kempton
despite being friendless in the betting
and his jockey dropping his whip. off a
by matthew nash
mark of 82 here, there’s every chance
Varian’s charge could make it two in
row. he will have five rivals, including
richard hannon’s tathmeen and the
Mums, from the yard of richard gosden.
Mark Johnston’s kalagia could well be
the one to beat in the 3.15. Johnston put
her away after she disappointed in a
valuable nursery at york in August,
which hints that all might not have been
well afterwards, but her form before that
– including victory at hamilton and a
second place at Pontefract – suggests she
may take some stopping in surrey today.
odds with coral for favourite mendelssohn to win next month’s
Kentucky derby, after his sensational victory in the uAe derby
n ruBy WAlsh has insisted the
domination of trainers Gordon
elliott and Willie mullins is making
irish racing stronger. ‘people were
saying Aidan o’Brien was going to
have so much control that he was
going to kill Flat racing in ireland –
in fact, all he did was make it even
stronger,’ Walsh told racing uK.
‘i think Willie mullins and Gordon
elliott are only going to make
jump racing stronger too.’
n cheltenhaM gold cup faller
Bachasson is unlikely to run again
picture: pa
tiP oF the day
3.15 lingfield
olympics on hold
for common goal
this season. the seven-year-old
grey had won his only other two
starts this season by a combined
total of 37 lengths. But he fell at
the second fence in last month’s
gold cup, and part-owner colm
o’connell said: ‘we’ll probably put
him away for the year.’
n WArWicK will have an
inspection at 8am this morning
ahead of tomorrow’s planned
card. Wetherby will also inspect at
8am to see if Friday can go ahead.
But stratford’s meeting on
saturday has already bitten the
dust, due to waterlogging.
odds of Blaklion, tiger roll and total recall – currently the joint
favourites with coral for next week’s Grand national at Aintree
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AlistAir broWnlee says he
has yet to decide whether to carry
on to a fourth olympics as he prepares for what could be his final
multi-sport games in Australia.
the older brownlee brother secured back-to-back olympic triathlon golds at the rio olympics two
years ago but, like sibling Jonny,
who won bronze in london and silver in brazil, is mulling over whether to aim for the 2020 games.
the pair will aim for an english
one-two in Australia tomorrow at
the Commonwealth games as
Alistair, 29, looks to successfully
defend the title he won in glasgow
in 2014, when Jonny was again second. they both followed up with
gold in the mixed team relay.
but for the brothers, the olympics
never remains far from their
thoughts and Alistair, england’s
flag-bearer in gold Coast at today’s
opening ceremony – who last year
had surgery on a hip and has been
suffering with a calf problem –
knows he has a big choice to make.
speaking to Metro, he said: ‘it
will come down to a straight yes or
no at the end of the year.
‘i’m pretty split on it. it was a
shame i had to have the operation –
i’d have preferred not to – but i’ve
been focused on the Commonwealths since the end of last year.’
the brownlees are so set on glory
in Australia they set up base in
Queensland almost a month ago to
acclimatise to conditions rather dif-
Leader: alistair is
england’s flag
bearer in
ferent from their native yorkshire.
More sun block needed, perhaps,
when they compete over the shorter
distance (750metre swim, 20km on
the bike and a 5km run).
‘it’s a sprint distance race but it
will be hot and humid and we wanted to give ourselves time to get over
the jet lag,’ says Jonny. ‘i’ll be piling the suncream on! And personally i actually prefer the sprint distance – it might suit my style a bit
more, you can take more risks.’
A fact not lost on the duo is it will
be only the third time they have
pool still a pull but
Jazz plans to keep
her options open
SWIMMer Jazz
Carlin insists she can
juggle her Gold Coast
goals and long-term
open-water ambitions.
the 27-year-old will
lead Wales out at
today’s opening
ceremony at the
Carrara Stadium
after being chosen as
the team’s flag-bearer.
the freestyler
(pictured), who won
two silver medals at
the rio olympics in
2016, will compete in
the 200metres, 400m
and 4x200m relay –
and look to defend
her 800m title – but
has been focusing on
the 10km open-water
event since last year.
Ahead of her fourth
Games, Carlin said:
‘I’m getting used to it
and learning about
open water. I’m here
now, though, so I have
to focus on the pool.
‘I’m really looking
forward to getting
racing again.’
competed together since rio.
Alistair has been focused on ironman 70.3 races while Jonny has suffered from injury and illness.
‘i have great memories of longdistance racing from last year,’
Alistair adds. ‘it’s basically a different sport but i’ve definitely missed
the competitiveness of short-style
racing. it’s good to do different stuff
but the Commonwealth games is
very important to us. Coming back
from injury and going into the gym
every day, it was something that really motivated me.’
wednesday, april 4, 2018 metro 41
fo otball
picture: aFp/GettY
tottenham in the money
but Levy issues warning
Star man: Former
england boss
capello is a big
fan of kane
tottenhAM have posted record
revenue of over £300million for the
year ended 30 June 2017.
the figure of £306.3m represents a
significant rise on 2016’s £209.8m
and is a result of increased tv
revenue, their highest ever Premier
league finish (second) in 2016-17
and a Champions league groupstage campaign. the increase comes
despite reduced gate receipts
following the demolition of the northeast corner of White hart lane
midway through last season.
As a result profit is also up,
climbing from £33m to £41.2m.
But with the club in a race against
time for their new stadium to be
ready for next term, chairman Daniel
levy warned of challenges ahead.
‘extraordinary levels of financial
and human resource have seen
significant progress on capital
projects, with schemes under way at
Fabio’s Fatigue Fears For england
ForMer england boss Fabio capello has warned
burnout could be the biggest problem for gareth
southgate’s squad at the world cup, but tipped
harry kane to make his mark this summer.
capello (right) led england to the 2010
tournament in south africa, reaching the
last 16 before going down 4-1 to germany.
the italian is impressed with the quality
of southgate’s squad but hinted the lack
of a winter break in the Premier league
could cost them in russia. he said: ‘For
this world cup, england have
youngsters with great talent and knowledge. a
key problem, in my opinion, is that they come very
physically tired to compete with teams whose
players are not so fatigued.’
kane will be england’s big goal threat and
capello is a fan of the tottenham striker.
‘he is the sort of player every team wants
to have,’ he added. ‘he has a good nose for
goal. he doesn’t wait for the ball, he moves
constantly to create danger.
‘he is definitely a player to watch
in russia.’
Family man moore
talks unity in wake
of pardew parting
by jack Fox
West broM caretaker manager
darren Moore wants to bring unity
back to the baggies following the
‘brutal’ departure of Alan Pardew.
Pardew left the hawthorns on
Monday following a disastrous
four-month tenure which has left
Albion on the brink of Premier
league relegation.
‘it is a brutal business
and results haven’t
gone for us’
Former baggies defender Moore,
who was part of Pardew’s backroom
staff, takes over with the club bottom of the table and ten points adrift
of safety with six games to play.
‘West bromwich Albion has always been a family for me. And
that’s the word i shall focus on –
family,’ said Moore. ‘We need to
get the unity back among everyone
– the players, the staff, the fans, everyone connected with Albion, because that is the only way forward.
‘We’ve had tough days before and
we’ve always bounced back and
that’s what we will do again.’
Pardew, who left along with assistant head coach John Carver, re-
placed the sacked tony Pulis in november but managed just one win
from 18 league games. saturday’s
2-1 home defeat to burnley was the
11th in the league under the 56year-old former newcastle boss and
eighth in succession.
Moore, whose first game in charge
is at home to swansea on saturday,
admitted to having mixed feelings
about stepping into Pardew’s shoes.
‘i felt the pain on saturday just
like everyone,’ said Moore (left).
‘it’s a brutal business at times and
unfortunately the results just haven’t
gone for us. but now all i can do is
do everything in my power to focus
the team for swansea on saturday.’
leicester assistant manager
Michael Appleton has emerged as
an early favourite to replace Pardew
on a permanent basis.
nigel Pearson, Marco silva,
brentford manager dean smith and
sheffield united boss Chris Wilder
have also been linked.
both the new stadium site and our
training centre,’ said levy (pictured).
‘We are in an historic period for
the club and there is a growing sense
of excitement. there will, however, be
many challenges in the coming
months as we near the latter stages of
the construction of the new stadium.
‘the drive and determination to
deliver our best across all areas of
the club, together with the unity and
support of all involved, will, I believe,
see us meet those challenges.’
42 metro wednesday, april 4, 2018
f o o t b a l l c h a m p i o n s l e ag u e
wolves held
as title race
goes to wire
leADerS Wolves gave Cardiff
more hope of catching them at the
top of the Championship last night,
needing a late oskar Burr equaliser
to draw 2-2 with struggling hull.
Fulham are five points adrift of
second-placed Cardiff after beating
leeds 2-0. Kevin McDonald and
Aleksandar Mitrovic both netted.
Scott hogan sealed fourth-placed
Aston villa’s 3-0 win over reading.
lukas Jutkiewicz was on target as
Birmingham claimed a vital 1-0
victory at relegation rivals Bolton.
Champions League Quarter-finals First Leg
Juventus ......................... 0 real Madrid......................3
sevilla .............................. 1 Bayern Munich ................2
Sky Bet Championship
aston Villa.......................3 reading............................ 0
Fulham.............................2 Leeds................................ 0
wolves .............................2 hull.....................................2
Bolton ............................. 0 Birmingham..................... 1
Sky Bet League One
Bury................................. 0 rochdale ..........................2
Ladbrokes Scottish Premiership
hibernian.........................3 hamilton........................... 1
Motherwell..................... 0 aberdeen..........................2
ross county .................. 4 partick thistle................. 0
Fixtures (7.45pm)
UEFA Champions League
Quarter-finals First Leg
Barcelona v roma............................................... TV BT Sport 3
Liverpool v Man city........................................... TV BT Sport 2
Ladbrokes Scottish Premiership
celtic v dundee ..............................................................................
de bruyne’s
relishing his
added pep
MAnCheSter City midfielder
Kevin De Bruyne believes he is enjoying his most complete season and
has praised Mohamed Salah’s ‘unbelievable’ campaign for liverpool
as they prepare to go head-to-head
in the Champions league tonight.
Pep Guardiola’s men travel to
Anfield, a ground where City have
not won in their last 16 visits, for the
first leg of their quarter-final.
De Bruyne is favourite to be
named the Premier league’s player
of the year for his starring role in
City’s stellar campaign, which could
be capped by securing the title this
weekend at home to fierce rivals
Manchester united.
And the Belgium international
acknowledges he has reached new
by dave filmer
heights under Guardiola, saying of
his season so far: ‘It probably is the
most complete. I play like a central
midfielder now and I need to do a
lot of stuff but the thing I am most
happy about is that I can play almost every minute without any
problems and play at a level which
is constantly high.’
City’s only Premier league
defeat this term came at Anfield in
January when they lost 4-3.
that game was taken away from
the visitors by three quick-fire goals
in the second half and De Bruyne
recalled: ‘In ten minutes we got
three goals against us and it is difficult to come back but even then
we tried everything
to get something out
of the game.’
tonight’s encounter
pits De Bruyne against
Salah, his main rival for
the player-of-the-year award
having banged in 37 goals, with
29 in the league. ‘to score that
many goals in a season is unbelievable,’ said
De Bruyne. ‘no
one expected it but he hit
the ground running. But the way
he did it is unbelievable. he has had a
great year.’
Respect: de
Bruyne trains
ahead of
tonight’s match
where he will
face rival salah
(inset above)
picture: rex
wednesday, april 4, 2018 metro 43
f o o t b a l l c h a m p i o n s l e ag u e
picture: aFp/GettY
red alert as Matip
joins casualty list
Out of this world: ronaldo
celebrates his incredible
overhead kick and second
goal on the night for real
JurGen Klopp may have to field a skeleton
crew at the back tonight as his squad has
been hit by injuries.
Joel matip was ruled out for the rest of the
season with a thigh strain which is likely to
require surgery, and with fellow centre-back
ragnar Klavan also sidelined and Joe Gomez
a few weeks from recovering from an ankle
injury, options at the back are limited.
‘if there is a centre-half in the room i am
open for talks,’ joked Klopp in his press
conference ahead of manchester city’s visit.
midfielder emre can is also out with an
onging back problem while Adam lallana is
absent with a hamstring tear, although that
is not as bad as first feared and he could
return before the end of the campaign.
sergio aguero will miss tonight’s
champions league quarter-final firstleg tie against liverpool at anfield after
failing to recover in time from a thigh injury.
Manchester city boss Pep guardiola said:
‘he’s been injured for the last two weeks
and he still isn’t fit.’ aguero’s absence
means a likely start for gabriel Jesus.
in brief
‘exemplary’ skipper
signs new albion deal
BriGhton have
agreed a new
one-year deal
with Bruno.
the club
captain, 37,
(right) has made
213 appearances
since joining from
Valencia in 2012 and will now be
with Brighton until June 2019.
seagulls manager chris
hughton said: ‘Bruno has been
exemplary in my time as
manager. he’s been an excellent
right-back for the team, and an
excellent captain for the club.’
t h e y s a i d i t. . .
ron’s real class sinks juve
cristiano ronalDo scored
an outrageous overhead kick
as real Madrid powered past
Juventus in turin.
he had taken just three
minutes to become the first
player to score in ten straight
champions league games by
sweeping in isco’s near-post
real madrid
cross and was then given a
standing ovation from home
fans in the 64th minute when
he produced his sublime skills
to put the champions in total
charge ahead of next week’s
second leg in spain.
Juve striker Pablo Dyabla
saw red for a second booking
before Marcelo added a third
and ronaldo missed a sitter.
thiago gave Bayern Munich
a 2-1 win at sevilla.
the tipster
Be a wiseguy and back City to silence the Kop
the soprAnos. Brilliant. the Wire. up
revenge for January’s 4-3 defeat on
there with the very best. Breaking Bad.
merseyside – the only premier league
definitely in the conversation to be
loss suffered this season by the
the best television show ever.
champions elect – and you’ll be
But when liverpool and
kept on the edge of your seat by
manchester city slug it out in
the numerous twists and turns
tonight’s champions league
as over 3.5 goals are scored at
Barcelona to
quarter-final first leg there
7/4 with William hill.
beat Roma by over
will be enough drama to win
raheem sterling will hit the
two goals tonight
any number of Golden Globes.
net against his old club (2/1
you will be glued to your telly
Bet365) but don’t worry if this
as city boss pep Guardiola
finishes with a real cliffhanger –
launches a daring attack to gain
episode two airs next week.
With William hill
for Arsenal’s
henrikh mkhitaryan
(above) to score against
csKA moscow in the
europa league tomorrow
■ Daria kasatkina
reached the final at
indian wells and can
go one better by
taking the Volvo
cars open on the
charleston clay.
russia’s 20-year-old
world no.12 lost to
eventual winner
sloane stephens in
last year’s last eight
but is in the form to
claim the title this
time (6/1 Bet Victor).
‘Straight after
the game, we
were hugging
each other. It
happens. I
think he said
something like
“you talk too much” and
to be fair, if I was a guy
playing alongside
myself, I do probably
talk a bit too much!’
arsenal full-back hector Bellerin
(above) tells sky sports the source
of his on-pitch altercation with
team-mate Mesut ozil against
stoke, and insists they have now
made up.
united go cheap to
increase the volume
Manchester united are to offer
cheaper tickets for young fans as
part of the club’s drive to improve
the atmosphere at old trafford.
Pitchside seats in the lower
stretford end will be available for
£15 for fans aged 18-25 next term,
while season and match ticket
prices have been frozen for a
seventh consecutive campaign.
Woods and
McIlroy plotting
to take Garcia’s
Augusta crown
The Masters: Pages 36-39 »
bring it on
Klopp’s confident as he plans
to sink City and ‘write history’
Jurgen kloPP believes confidence
and bravery are key to beating Manchester City in the Champions league
as he urges his players to write their
own piece of liverpool history.
the Premier league giants go headto-head in the first leg of their quarterfinal tie at Anfield tonight, with champions elect City returning to the scene
of their only league defeat this term – a
4-3 thriller in January.
klopp (right), who has won six
times against Pep guardiola, more
than any other boss, said: ‘if you
are brave (against City), if you are
ready to make mistakes, if you
are ready to enjoy the work
and your attitude is at the
highest level, if your character is at the highest level,
then you have a chance –
and that’s the only thing
i need.’
he admitted it can be
difficult to be brave a
against a team who ‘can
run through you like a
warm knife through butter’ but added: ‘We beat
City two months ago. We
knew before the game it is
possible, if unbelievably difficult to do it, so now we know
again it is possible and difficult to do it again.’ he added:
picture: epa
by dave filmer
‘if you have a home game, hoping for
a clean sheet against Man City does
not make much sense. We cannot avoid
everything but with our skills we can
cause them problems.’
liverpool won their fifth european
Cup in 2005 and klopp said: ‘We need
to be proud of our history but we need
to create our own history.’
Meanwhile, guardiola has no
plans to change the approach
which has swept all before them
this term despite liverpool’s
potent attack.
‘if i said we’re going to
do it differently to how
we have done, my players would look at me
and say, “the guy is
scared – the manager
doesn’t trust us”,’ he
said. ‘that would be a
big mistake.’
As for the prospect
of a hostile welcome,
guardiola is unfazed,
adding: ‘liverpool fans
will put a lot of pressure on
the players but in good terms.
that is what it is but it is a
nice place to play football.’
‘Complete’ Kevin: P42-43»
he’s ron another planet!
cristiAno ronAldo scored one of the all-time great goals last night as
he inspired real madrid to a 3-0 win at Juventus in the first leg of their
champions league quarter-final. the real superstar netted his second of
the night with an incredible, acrobatic overhead kick.
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Joe tells
to prove
a point
Joe root has told
england’s batsmen to
prove they belong at
test level after watching
his side end their winter
without a win.
new Zealand held on
for a series-clinching
draw in Christchurch
yesterday to make it
seven tests without a
win for root’s men
since they
left for
in october.
and James
vince have not wholly
convinced and root
(pictured) says they
must shine in the new
county season.
‘Guys in the shirt have
got to go and prove
they’re an international
player,’ he said.
Alastair Cook has also
struggled but root
backed his predecessor
as captain to silence his
critics and added: ‘If
those questions keep
coming he will answer
with a big score.’
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