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Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky

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Фишер Анжелика Александровна
ГБПОУ ДЗМ «Медицинский колледж №7»
Специальность 34.02.01 «Сестринское дело»
Курс 3 группа 3-31Св
Руководитель Салаева Наталья Александровна
* 1. Introduction wis Ivan Aivazovsky
* 2. His creation
* 3. Rewiew of the painting «View on the beach
in the vicinity of St. Petersburg 1835»
* 4. Opinion
* 5. Conclusion
* Ivan Konstantinovich
Aivazovsky waz born in
Feodossia exactly 201
years ago in July in 1817.
* He was a great marine
painter, a batlistist, a
musician and a philanthropist.
He wrote 6000 paintings,
received a huge amount of
* In contrast to other artists, Aivazovsky was well-known since his
youth and during all his life.
* Of course Ivan Aivazovsky was a genious.
* Each his painting is a masterpiece.
* It seems he was in all the storms,
sank in every shipwreck, took part
in each battle.
* As for this painting
that we can see
«View of the
seashore in the
vicinity of St.
Petersburg 1835».
* Well I’ve chosen this one because it’s
not typical for this painter.
* The sea doesn’t play
the main role in it.
Quite on the contrary, it
is lying lazily covering
by celestial blanket.
And you can hardly a
line between them.
* And somewhere far away, at
the very horizon, you can see
the dash of the sail – the ship
is hurrying to other countries.
* By the way, Ivan Aivazovsky
paid great attention to the
tiniest details, ever of a
character was on a
* And he was the only person that time who was given
drawings of real ships by the marine superiors.
* On the first plan of the picture there is a boat.
* The old, resting on the shore, it makes an impression of a
sad and dead one.
* It stands in the sand, like in water. There is no sail, the supporting
stick keeps the boat from falling. Obviously, it will never go to the
sea again.
* There is a man sitting on the
boat. He’s bearded, dressed
in simple clothes.
* His hat is pulled over the
eyes, the head is lowered, the
back is bended. He looks like
that boat – old and sad.
* Perhaps his story is similar. May be he’s a fisherman
whose boat was crashed. And now he has nothing to
catch the fish on.
* May be he was the sailor in his
past. But now he’s too old to go
to the sea
* There is a deaf anguish and hopelessness in his
posture. There will no more wind blowing to a
face, no fierce sun and raging storms.
* He’s like a boat – he crumbles and slowly dies. Both
that and another are because of absence of the sea in
their life.
* However, 200 years passed but Ivan Aivazovsky
remained the most productive, valuable of
Russian artists, loved by people.
* We used to think that talented people are
often unrecognized during their life and as
usual unhappy.
* I reckon that Aivazovsky was quite on the
contrary a happy one.
* Besides his work, he had a beautiful wife who was 40
years him junior. He has 4 daughters. And some of his
grandchildren are artists too.
* That’s all I wanted to say. Thank you for your
* 1. Википедия/Свободная библиотека
* Айвазовский, Иван Константинович
* 2. Мир Искусства/World of Art
* Описание картины Ивана Айвазовского «Вид на взморье в
окрестностях Петербурга»
* 3. Портрет художника с необычной стороны/ART context
* Иван Айвазовский: биография, картины моря
* 4. Женский журнал/DIWIS
* Айвазовский: биография, фото, личная жизнь
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