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Hype Hair & Beauty - December 2017 part 1

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These products are perfect for women with a tighter curl
pattern focusing on key ingredients such as
Pomegranate and Honey.
Type 4 naturalistas and those desiring intense moisture and
hydration are sure to love the Mielle Organics Pomegranate
and Honey collection!
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All About Hair
16 Great Hair Products
18 Hair Q&A
24 Tips For Healthy
Growing Hair!
39 Check The Technique
40 Short Chic
44 In The Cut
46 Long & Strong
48 Special Additions
50 The Editor’s Choice
Ultimate Wigs, Weaves & Extensions
The Coloring Book
Marvelous Mid-Lengths
Naturally Yours
The Style Gallery
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Health & Beauty
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Ask Dr. Maclin
Beauty Views
Skin Deep
Makeover Takeover
Beauty Buzz
Hype Nails
10/19/17 10:54 PM
Adrienne Moore
Art Director - Ed Alves
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Online Contributors
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Medical Director • Hair/Skin
Dr. Melanie Maclin-Caroll, MD
Contributing Journalists
Shatonia Amee, Debra Hare-Bey, Ionia Dunn Lee,
Allyson Leak and Maryam Basir Derouet
Alexei Afonin, Eric Von Lockhart,
Robert Ector, Drexina Nelson,
Christopher Voelker, Keith Cephus, Lenox
Fontaine, Chip Foust, Ronnie Wright,
Daniel Green, Jr., Keif Savage, Elijah Lindsey,
Derek Blanks, Sean Cokes, Dewayne Rogers,
Allen Cooley
Steve Gross
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Celebrity Spotlight
52 Style Points Teala Dunn
54 Mahisha Dellinger
56 Celebrity Rhythm & Style
Cardi B, Kelly Rowland, Sanaa Lathan, Star, Yara Shahidi
Trending Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Bambi Benson!
Beauty & The Beat Demetria McKinney
Hollywood Style Camille Hyde
76 Star Style Hair & Beauty On File
In Every Issue
Editor’s Style
Editor’s Picks
Dryer-Time Reads
Salon Professionals
Spotlight on… Shawn K. Tollerson
Beauty On A Budget
Hot Hair & Beauty Product Buys From Walmart!
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10/19/17 10:54 PM
Dear Readers,
As we move through our life experiences, we sometimes can’t help feeling overwhelmed. Everything—from financial challenges to relationship issues—can
prove to be quite daunting. And the pressures surrounding these challenges and
issues can lead us to feel anxiety, stress, even fear. When these feelings begin to
build, it’s important to realize that God is in and around every situation, as well
as in us. Even though we may feel that a particular concern is bigger than we
are, it isn’t—and never will be—bigger than God. When you seem to be in one
of life’s valleys, it’s a good time to hold on to your faith and let the worry go.
When we let go, we create a space for the Christ spirit to come in. After allowing
this to happen, we can shift from a place of vulnerability to a place of strength.
We can turn within, where the Christ spirit dwells, and know that through His
Grace the answers will come and the battles will be won. In my own life, I have
witnessed how God has corrected my course and enabled me to overcome some
incredibly intense situations. I simply had to be open and receptive to Him. Doing
this allowed Him to not only cover me but to lift me up to a level from which I
could move forward. Always know that you can overcome challenging situations.
You deserve joy and happiness in your life. Through Grace and God’s unconditional love you are worthy, you are blessed and you are destined for greatness.
Peace & Blessings,
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10/18/17 11:28 PM
TV personality Malika Haqq is absolutely gorgeous in long, loosely curled
hair. This easy, breezy style works well
with any face shape and provides soft,
simple glamour. Just bevel the hair
lightly with a flat iron to achieve and
maintain this pretty look.
Curls Blueberry Bliss
Curly Girl Hair Growth Kit
This growth kit comes with all the
essentials you need to
cultivate long, healthygrowing hair! It includes
the Blissful Lengths Liquid
Vitamin, which boosts
hair and nail growth and
improves the condition of
your skin, and a hair mask
with a deep-penetrating
formula to restore the hair
and protect it from breakage and premature
shedding. Rounding out the Blueberry Bliss Growth Kit is a hair-growth oil that seals in
moisture while also fertilizing the scalp for hair growth.
Dominican Magic Anti-Aging Scalp Applicator Kit
Ask your stylist about the Dominican Magic AntiAging Scalp Applicator Kit. Formulated with a
natural botanical blend, this product was created
to help boost moisture and circulation in the scalp
and thus improve damaged and thinning hair. The
kit includes an Anti-Aging Scalp Applicator, Balm,
Shampoo and Conditioner.
Mielle Organics Honey Ginger Edge Control Gel
Many of the top hair-care
brands are adding edgecontrol gels to their collections, and the latest from
Mielle Organics offers a unique formula infused with
healthy honey, ginger, lavender wax and rice-bran wax.
These healthy, organic ingredients help to stimulate
circulation in the scalp to boost growth as well as
soften and condition the hair while holding all your
beautiful styles in place!
Creme of Nature
With Argan Oil From Morocco Day & Night Hair
& Scalp Conditioner Moisturizing Hair Dress
Creme of Nature introduces something new from
the Argan Oil from Morocco collection! Using Creme
of Nature Day & Night Hair & Scalp Conditioner
Moisturizing Hair Dress provides amazing shine,
nourishment and protection all in one, as it softens
dry, brittle hair and replenishes the scalp with muchneeded moisture. The conditioner is lightweight,
won’t leave heavy build-up and is great for daily use.
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10/23/17 3:20 PM
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6/27/17 4:15 PM
Photo by Geor
ge Frey/Fox
The beautiful Sanaa Lathan always
sports a gorgeous hair look! The
actress, who recently shaved it all
off for her role on the Netflix series
Nappily Ever After, is a style chameleon—and one of our all-time favorite hairspirations! If you’re looking
for a glamorous style for the festive
season, Sanaa’s refined waves make
a great pick; wand-curl the hair to
re-create the look. And try these
hot editor’s picks to keep your
mane attraction is stellar shape!
Nature’s Protein Coconut
Restore Styling & Setting
Gelee is formulated with
nourishing coconut oil that
moisturizes the hair as it
styles and sets every
look you create. The
alcohol- and flake-free
formula also prevents
frizz, elongates curls
and shields the hair
from humidity. The end
result: fabulous, long-lasting styles that boast a healthy,
beautiful shine.
Curls Blissful Lengths Liquid Hair Growth Vitamin is the
perfect new product to reach for when you wish to accelerate hair growth. This liquid hair vitamin has an astonishing
98 percent absorption rate and is enriched with healthy
ingredients, such as certified organic blueberry and horsetail extracts, that will boost the growth of your hair with
the consumption of just one
tablespoon daily.
The Argan Smooth Silk Press
kit provides you with a healthier
way to transform your natural
hair from curly to straight
without damage. This thermal straightening system is
created with essential oils and
natural butters that moisturize
and soften your tresses as it
straightens the hair without
chemicals—and you simply
shampoo the hair to get your
natural curls back!
Isoplus Strengthening Leave-In
Conditioner is infused with the healing properties of coconut oil
and shea butter for the ultimate moisturizing experience. Great
for natural or relaxed hair, the product offers excellent hydration
and elasticity to the hair while also retaining moisture.
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10/23/17 12:57 PM
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7/31/17 11:35 AM
By Melanye Maclin-Carroll, MD., Dermatologist •
/@palmers © 2017 E.T. Browne Drug Co., Inc.
All Rights Reserved.
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Hi Dr. Maclin, I really learn a lot from reading your articles in Hype Hair magazine. I am transitioning from a relaxer that I have had for over 20 years to the
natural state. However, there are times that I may want a straight, longer hair
look, so I am considering a weave. What is the most important information
that I should know before I get a weave?
Great question as I get lots of women that grow out their relaxed hair back to its natural state but occasionally want a straight, longer hair look or different style. It’s really
important to find a good weave stylist, as the application process is very critical and must
be properly done to avoid hair loss or scalp issues. Get a few referrals from friends and
evaluate their weaves. Next, select quality hair for weaving, and also get a protective hair
net to take with you to the appointment. I highly suggest avoiding glue adhesive to apply
your weave, due to potential medical issues of allergic contact dermatitis to chemicals in
the glue, so go for a sew-in.
Since you have all natural hair, to avoid wear and tear on your own hair, get a full closure sew-in weave. Please make sure to start with clean and well conditioned hair prior to
getting your hair braided. As your stylist is cornrowing your hair, please let them know to
loosen up if they are braiding too tightly to avoid tension alopecia. This type of alopecia is
usually non-scarring, so the hair is able to grow back, but permanent hair loss can result
from scarring in those areas from excessive pulling on hair follicles. The protective hair
net over fully braided hair is also a great way to reduce direct tension on your hair follicles
as the weave is sewed on to the net.
Once you have your weave applied, proper care is important to preserve your hair and
to reduce future hair issues. Wrap the hair up at bedtime. It is also important to do a
weekly cleaning of your weaved hair with a gentle shampoo.
Remove the weave and have your cornrows unbraided to get a more thorough cleansing
of the scalp and hair at least every four weeks. If you leave your weave in longer, there are
risks of pulling on your hair follicles from new hair growth, and excess yeast buildup on
the scalp from not being able to cleanse hair properly while braided.
If you are experiencing hair thinning or want your hair to grow longer and stronger
while wearing a weave, get started with BellaNutri supplement, which contains special
marine proteins and collagen that stimulate your hair roots from within. Check out BellaNutri at or call toll-free 811-711-HAIR (4247). As the dermatologist-developer, I am happy to help guide you while taking BellaNutri.
I am a 33-year-old single mom with a one-year-old baby girl, and I’m very
stressed. I have always had thick, naturally curly hair but as the months
pass since delivering my baby, my hair is getting thinner. I am not sure if it
is due to the stress of being a new single mom or from the pregnancy. I took
prenatal vitamins during pregnancy and a few friends said that I should start
taking them again to help my thinning hair. What’s your advice?
It is more likely that your hair loss is a result of post-pregnancy rather than the stress of
new motherhood. During pregnancy, the majority of your hair roots remain in the actively
growing stage instead of transitioning to the normal resting hair stage where the hair is
supposed to shed. Therefore, during the nine months of pregnancy, the average of 100
hairs a day that were supposed to come out, did not, so hair looked thicker and fuller.
Within a few months of having your baby, the hair that was supposed to come out now
starts to shed because the hormone levels get back in balance. The prenatal vitamins that
you took during pregnancy provided your body with essential nutrients for the healthy
growth of your baby. Therefore, restarting prenatal vitamins will not help your hair get
thicker or grow faster.
Get started with BellaNutri hair supplement which contains unique marine proteins and
special collagen that supports your hair roots from within. Your hair will start growing
faster, longer, stronger, thicker and with less hair shedding and improved health. Check
out BellaNutri at or call toll-free 1-866-711-HAIR (4247). As the dermatologist-developer, I am happy to guide you once you get started. Any hair or skin questions
for me, email
Saved at: 7-19-2017 3:30 PM
10/23/17 12:58 PM
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8/4/17 11:57 AM
Tips ForFOR
Healthy-Growing Hair!
How to Support Healthy
Natural Hair Growth
By Crystal Styles
Crystal Styles is a certified trichologist and assistant director of
marketing for Aunt Jackie’s Curls and Coils.
rowing healthy hair starts with understanding
the foundation of a good hair-care regimen.
Here are basic tools you should have in your
healthy-hair arsenal to help maintain natural
• A wide-tooth comb with smooth, rounded teeth:
if you’re wearing your hair natural, try not to use
combs with minimal space between each tooth.
Why? Because wavy/curly/coily/kinky hair tends
to wrap around itself, causing knots and tangles.
If the comb does not allow room for your tresses
to glide through without snagging, your hair will
suffer breakage. Wider teeth on your comb will
help save your strands.
• A satin pillowcase or satin scarf/bonnet: Many
naturals do not associate dry, brittle hair with the
types of pillowcases they are sleeping on;, but
there is a significant correlation. Although everyone’s scalp secretes sebum (natural oil from hair
follicles), this oil does not evenly distribute to the
ends of textured strands, causing your hair to be
drier at the ends. Couple this issue with sleeping
on cotton pillowcases that easily zap moisture
from your hair, and you will likely end up with
increased breakage. If your hair is breaking at
the same rate of growth (average .5 inches per
month), then you may think that your hair is not
growing. Be sure to protect your tresses with
satin instead of cotton.
• Flexi-rodding, roller-setting, perm-rodding,
bobby-pinning, twist-outs, braid-outs, Bantu
knots: As old as many of these basic hairstyling
tools and techniques may seem, they are extremely helpful in supporting length retention.
Prepping your hairstyle at night and removing the
need to constantly comb, detangle or use heat
appliances frequently, will significantly increase
the strength of your strands and prevent excessive
024 Healthy Hair Tips_1712.indd 24
Follow Crystal:
Crystal KnowsBeauty
Crystal Knows Beauty
Crystal Knows Beauty
For Speaking
Engagement Requests:
Once you’ve got the basics
down pat, be sure to top
off your weekly hair-care
regimen with products that
help strengthen hair growth.
When I speak, nationally
or internationally, I always
encourage women and
men to use hair products
that include beneficial
ingredients for overall health
and wellness. Check out
com for the newest Natural
Growth Oil Blends: Nourish
My Hair, (Flaxseed & Monoi),
Repair My Hair (Argan),
Frizz Rebel (Coconut &
Sweet Almond) and Balance
(Grapeseed & Avocado) have
ingredients that are great for
scalp, hair and body health.
They’re products that support
your healthy-hair journey!
10/23/17 12:58 PM
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with Aloe & Olive Oil
10/9/17 3:52 PM
Kandi Burruss rocks a lovely beauty look, complete with a
muted-pink lip and gorgeous brows! Beautifully groomed
eyebrows will always take things to the next level. They serve
as the perfect way to frame the face, giving your makeup
look a great foundation. Invest in a good brow product to
take your brows from now to wow in minutes.
Photo: Allen Cooley
Flirty lashes are also
a great way to make
the eyes pop with lots
of flair, and the Black
Radiance and Mehron
brands have two
products to help you
create the perfect look!
Black Radiance
Deluxe Lash Book
Lash out loud with these fabulous
faux lashes from the Black
Radiance Deluxe Lash collection!
The lash book offers four unique
lash styles that are easy to apply.
Simply size the lashes to the
eyelid and then apply adhesive
to eyelash band. Let the adhesive dry for a few
seconds; then position the strip as close to the lash
line as you can get it, and you’re all set!
If you are looking to enhance your natural lashes
consider a great mascara product like Mehron
Brazen Mascara. The product creates gorgeous
lashes in just a few strokes by coating and
extending with a highly pigmented black color. The
lightweight, nylon-infused formula lends incredible
volume to the lashes, while the flexible bristles fan
out each lash for a lush, beautiful finish.
Hot Lipstick Buy To Try
Choosing playful lipsticks is one of the fun aspects of a daily beauty
routine. Make a bold statement with these handcrafted lipsticks that
change colors! This limited-edition Make the Moment collection from
SassyLips is a product that combines lipstick, lip gloss and lip tint, all
in one. Each lipstick is formulated with cocoa-seed butter and natural
beeswax, jelly-infused with gold flakes, and comes complete with
a real flower in the center. When you apply the lipstick, it reveals a
gorgeous shade of glossy color that caters uniquely to your natural lip
color, highlighting your own special sense of style throughout the day.
026 BeautyViews_1712.indd 26
10/23/17 4:21 PM
During the winter,
the skin all over my
body becomes dry
and irritated, to the
point where it starts
flaking. What can I
do to prevent this?
In the colder months,
your skin needs extra
moisture to keep it
soft and supple. The
first thing to do is
make sure you’re
drinking plenty of
water, which keeps
Want the chance
to have
the skin hydrated
from the inside out. We also suggest that you switch
out the products you use during warmer weather, and instead use heavier,
delivered to your home?
Don’t miss the most creative,
up-to-date hairstyles, makeup tips,
fashions & exclusive celebrity style tips!
1 Year 2 Years
(9 issues) (18 issues)
U.S. $27.00
Canada $36.00
Inter. $40.50
cream-based formulas that can provide the level of moisture you need to
prevent dry, flaky skin. And don’t be afraid to layer your products. Body
butters are excellent for all-over moisturizing; shea and cocoa butters or
essentials oils are also great
choices. After a bath or
shower, apply olive or
almond oil to the skin
and then follow with a
rich, creamy moisturizer
for maximum hydration.
Scan or go to:
The hottest hair magazine on the planet
is now available as a Mobile App! Stay
on trend with the fiercest
celebrity hair!
Work your style
with bangin’
cuts, colors,
weaves, natural
and relaxed
looks. All of
this is just a
touch away on
Try Ultimate Originals
Advanced Formula Cocoa
Butter & Shea Butter
Moisturizing Body Cream.
I have been using the same brand of soap on my face for years,
and I never had problems. But now my skin breaks out and itches
every time I use it. What could be the problem?
There could be a number of reasons that the soap no longer benefits your
skin, but one of the main factors is that our skin changes every few years.
And with these changes, you may need to adjust your cleansing routine. Bar
soaps, in general, tend to dry out the skin and can irritate it over time. You
may need something a little more moisturizing. Try a hypoallergenic cleanser
and consult with your dermatologist to help determine any other changes
Also visit us at
028 SkinDeep_1712.indd 28
you may need to make to your daily skin-care regimen.
10/23/17 1:01 PM
lat twists make for one of
the most beautiful natural
looks. Not only are they a
wonderful protective style, but
they’re eye-catching to boot.
Get started with fresh, clean
and conditioned
hair. After
part the hair from
ear to ear. Next, apply
an ample amount of
Mielle Styling Gel
to the top portion of
hair and then flattwist it. After twisting, gather the ends,
form them into a tight
chignon and pin in
place. Finish the look
by beveling the hair
in the back
with a
large-barrel curling iron.
Beauty Notes
Smooth, flawless skin and
gorgeous earthy tones
are the hallmark of this
incredible beauty look.
Get started with a quality
beauty balm like Maybelline Dream Fresh BB 8-in-1
Skin Perfector and then set
with translucent powder.
Groom your brows, then
line the upper and lower lashes with Maybelline Master
Precise Eye Pencil. Next, add sparkle to the eyelids using
the brand’s Expert Wear Luminous Lights Eyeshadow
and then apply three coats of Rimmel Scandalous Flex
Mascara. To complete the look, choose Black Radiance
Perfect Tone Lipstick for the ultimate copper lip.
30-31 Makeovers_1712.indd 30
10/23/17 1:01 PM
great cut can take your
look to new dimensions! This cut with razored
ends is lovely, healthy
and radiant. If your hair
is naturally curly and you
want a temporary change,
try Luster’s You Be Natural
Botanical Straightening &
Strengthening Treatment
after having your hair cut for smooth,
sleek tresses without the chemical
damage. After the treatment, create an
off-center part and flat-iron the hair in
sections to get this gorgeous look.
Beauty Notes
Shades of pink
make this beauty
look pop! Start
with the perfect
canvas. As an
alternative to heavy
foundation, go with
a lighter approach
and try a BB cream.
Apply Kiss New
York Multi Function
BB Beauty Balm
to even out and
brighten the skin
tone while concealing skin flaws. Next,
bring down the shine a little with a dab
of Kiss Zero Shine Pressed Powder. Create striking
winged eyes and popping lids with liquid eyeliner
and eye shadow from the Black Radiance line;
and for a sultry lip color, go with a
vibrant-pink from the wide
assortment of Perfect Tone
Model Photos ALexei Afonin 31
30-31 Makeovers_1712.indd 31
10/23/17 1:02 PM
been friends for 20 years. When
he asked, I of course said no.
However, after thinking about it
for a couple of days, I thought,
Why not? You only live once. I
really enjoy the dynamic and
interacting with the ladies. Of
course, sometimes we disagree,
but most of the time we have big
Can you tell us about the
concept and inspiration
behind Every Hue Beauty?
I am a girl who has always
loved to play in makeup. As an
adult, I’ve struggled with finding
products that really match my
skin tone. Which left me—and
so many other women—to mix
a bunch of different products in
order to get it right. Over time,
that can become very costly and
frustrating. I wanted to create a
product that would alleviate the
problem, so I started EveryHue
Beauty. It’s every hue for
How did you develop your
line? EveryHue Beauty was
created by me, along with
my three partners. One of my
partners is a makeup artist
and has been for 25 years. We
just all went into the lab and
started creating, mixing and
formulating until we came out
with perfection.
What do you want potential
customers to know about
EveryHue Beauty? I would
love for potential customers to
know that EveryHue Beauty
was and is created by women.
Most beauty lines are created by
men who think they know what
women want—and that is simply
not true. Furthermore, this line
was created by women of color.
I am trying to enhance women’s
beauty from the inside out.
Your tinted moisturizer
applies beautifully. What
are some of the key
ingredients? EveryHue Beauty
has vitamin C, vitamin E and
As a businesswoman,
mother of three and
television personality, how
do you balance it all? It is
really tough sometimes. My kids
always come first; after that I try
to squeeze everything else in.
Some days, I drop the ball on a
lot of things—but I don’t beat
myself up about it. The next day,
aloe. They will help keep your
skin looking vibrant and healthy. I just pick the ball up and run.
Also, our Tinted Moisturizer has
On the show, you wear
broad spectrum SPF. All skin
a variety of beautiful
needs to be protected from the
hairstyles. What inspires
some of your looks? I’m
conservative when it comes to
What products are in the
my hair. I try to keep my hair
collection now, and what
easy, breezy and natural-looking.
others do we have to
look forward to? Currently,
What are some of your
EveryHue offers a Tinted
Moisturizer that is a weightless, favorite ways to experiment
with your hair? I like to
buildable formula with a satin
finish. This is complemented by experiment with different colors.
a beautiful, soft foundation brush This might sound crazy, but I
and a blender. In October, we
launch our Compact Highlighter
Trio. In the compact you will
have a highlighter, setting
powder and a bronzer all in one
so that when you’re on the go
you have only one thing to carry.
really want my hair to be orange.
No one agrees with me.
What is your daily hair-care
routine? I like to brush my hair
and massage my scalp most
nights before I go to bed.
What are some of your top
go-to hair-care products? I
just recently started using Mielle
Organics, and I love it. My hair
feels and smells healthy.
Who are some of your top
hair inspirations? I love
Jennifer Lopez’s hair. No matter
the style, it looks healthy, sleek
and very on-trend.
What inspires you in life,
and how do you draw the
strength to be successful?
My inspiration is my children.
Every morning, when I look
at them, I feel so grateful and
blessed. They inspire me to be
the best version of myself so that
I can make them proud.
What’s up next for you? Up
next is a fiction book loosely
based on my life as a pastor’s
wife. It will be a guaranteed
How can readers purchase
products from the line?
EveryHue Beauty products can
currently be purchased online
As a busy beauty
entrepreneur, what are
some of your top tips?
Beauty tip No. 1: Get rest and
drink plenty of water. It sounds
corny, but I swear by going to
bed early. Never leave the house
without some type of lipstick or
gloss. It just finishes the face in a
beautiful way.
Tell us about your
experience on Real
Housewives of
Potomac, how you became
involved with it and what
you enjoy most about being
part of the cast. The casting
director for the show and I have 35
34-35 Beauty Buzz_1712.indd 35
10/20/17 1:40 PM
Rita Ora’s Red Carpet Nails!
ongstress Rita keeps it chic at all times,
including her fabulous nail art selections! With
this look, the fashionista goes for lengthy tips with
a half-moon nail design. The moon shape is then
outlined in gold, and, to accentuate the look, the
nails are adorned in tiny flecks of rhinestones down
the center for a captivating set of tips!
‘N Natural
here’s power
in simplicity!
Keeping your nails
nice and natural is
a wonderful dayto-day look that
won’t clash with
your wardrobe and
makeup choices. It’s
also a great choice
for the conservative
lady who likes clean,
fresh, classic nails.
To get the look, file
the nails to a square
shape and buff for
a smooth surface.
Apply clear nail
polish and topcoat
to complete.
36-38 Hype Nails_1712.indd 36
10/18/17 11:54 PM
Behind The Scenes:
Tips From The Runway!
By Karen Lee Harris
or the Coach spring/summer 2018
show at New York Fashion Week, the
INGLOT-sponsored nail team created a
look that went one step beyond nude, with
an emphasis on polish and nail care.
Behind the scenes, we caught up with
lead nail artist Naomi Yasuda, who walked
us through the steps she used to achieve
this naturally beautiful manicure.
in Pink
Tips On Tips
During the winter months, my cuticles become extremely dry, even after
applying hand lotion. Is there anything
I can do about this?
Daily cuticle moisturizing is essential to
keeping them healthy. At Tracy Reece’s New
York Fashion Week show, we asked lead nail
artist Geraldine Holford for her top nail-care
tip. “Use oil for your cuticles. Not cream
but an oil, such as olive oil. That will keep
your cuticles in check,” she advised. For the
ultimate at-home manicure experience, soak
nails in warm olive oil for five minutes to help
relieve dry, cracked cuticles.
“I choose a clean, healthy nail look for everybody. When I saw the clothes,
there was a lot of glitter and embellishment, so I wanted to keep the nails very
healthy, natural and minimal,” she shares.
For the look, Naomi chose two key products to highlight the health and raw
beauty of the model’s natural nails. She used INGLOT pH Cuticle Remover, a
product that softens the cuticles and exfoliates loose skin that has accumulated
around the nail beds, and Ridge Filler, a nail treatment formulated with algae
extract to fill in ridged areas and achieve a smooth nail surface.
To begin, Naomi files and buffs the nails with INGLOT Nail File 180/240 and
Nail Buffer.
“Then I put on the pH Cuticle Remover—it makes your cuticles
really soft and nice. After that, I push the
cuticle back a little and finish with the Ridge
Filler, which has a tinted nude color that’s
super natural but looks really manicured, with
a matte finish. It looks like nothing is there, but
it’s clean and healthy-looking,” Naomi says.
The end result: a refined, classic nail
look that is simply beautiful!
All INGLOT products used at the
Coach runway show are sold at more
than 600 locations worldwide. You
can also find them at
I’m very conservative in my choice of
nail colors. I often opt for the traditional French manicure, but I’d like
to break out and try some brighter
shades. What colors do you suggest?
Stepping out of your comfort zone can be
tons of fun when choosing vibrant nail colors,
and the Essie Nail Polish collection offers a
wide variety of gorgeous
shades to choose from.
A great place to start is
with the ultimate girly
hue. Get pretty in pink
with Essie Forget Me
Essie Nail
Polish in
Forget Me
Nots 37
36-38 Hype Nails_1712.indd 37
10/18/17 11:54 PM
Bring The Color
ail technician Bernadette Gantt for Dapper Cuts Salon rocked this lovely set of
nail art, and she shared her helpful tips for
how to achieve it!
1. Begin by filing down the natural nails.
2. Apply faux tips with strong adhesive and
then file down to desired length.
3. Brush on acrylic; shape, buff and file.
4. Using paints, create elaborate, avant-garde
nail art.
5. Apply rhinestone embellishments and clear
topcoat to finish.
he ‘A World of Curls’ book follows
CreativeSoul’s journey to several
countries including England, Ghana,
South Africa, Cuba, Greece and various
US cities which we visited in order to
capture the beauty of young people
celebrating their natural hair texture.
We created this book with the hope
that it would inspire kids around the
world to not only love themselves
but to develop a sense of curiosity
about the world unknown to them.
Our aim is to challenge the stigma
around natural hair and its general
misconceptions about how hair
‘should’ be styled. Many of the photos
incorporate the local
culture, environment,
and fashion so that
readers can also get
a glimpse of everyday
life in that particular
location. The book also
contains inspirational
to help
and motivate
kids around the
038 HN&DTR_1712.indd 38
10/18/17 11:55 PM
veryone can appreciate a great hair
look, especially when it is simple
yet sensational! Playing it straight is
every glamour girl’s go-to strategy when
they want to make a serious statement;
a long, flowing look is always fabulous.
Our model’s natural hair is properly
cared for by shampooing and conditioning with moisturizing products. Hairstylist Tywan Williams then weaves in two
colors from the Supreme Hair weaving
line. He uses an 18-inch length of the
Supreme Hair Euro Straight WVG Plus
to create this long look while alternating
the colors as he goes along. He leaves
some of the natural hair free at the
crown for blending. A side part is created, then the hair is flat-ironed bonestraight to create this stellar style.
Photographer: Alexei Afonin,212-966-9290, Alexeipro.
com; Makeup: Nikki Oxley, 305-742-5729,; Styling: Ikponmwosa Edorisiagbon,; Hair: Tywan Williams for
Identity Hair Group, 347-227-9123; Hair provided by:, Euro Straight WVG Plus 16 2756 39
039 CheckTheTechnique_1712.indd 39
10/19/17 4:40 PM
Adorable You!
This too-cute style is brought to us by hairstylist
Andre Stubbs. This look is soft and pretty, with a
professional edge.
1. Shampoo, condition and towel-dry hair.
2. Use a wide-tooth comb or comb dryer
attachment to blow out the hair to prepare for
3. Cornrow hair into desired pattern for a
foundation for installing extensions.
4. Apply a weaving cap to cover and protect the
5. Using bonding glue, proceed to adhere hair
to the weaving cap until full installation is
6. Using a razor, cut extensions into short layers.
7. Using a flat iron, smooth hair and slightly bend
the ends for soft, flirty curls.
Photographer: Alexei Afonin, 917-450-2837,; Hair:
Andre Stubbs,; Makeup: Alexei
Afonin, 917-450-2837,; Styling: Alexei Afonin, 917450-2837,
40-41 ShortChic_1712.indd 40
10/19/17 4:42 PM
Great Buys From
Hollywood Beauty
When you work
with a weave, it is
especially important
to maintain the
health of your scalp.
Hollywood Beauty
Peppermint Oil is
specially formulated
to moisturize the
scalp and add
lustrous shine to the
hair. The brand’s
Tea Tree Oil works to
calm itchy scalp and
is formulated with
vitamin E, aloe vera
and a fungus fighter.
A Soft-Press Standout!
Our model decided to change it up. She usually wears her hair in a tight, curly, very beautiful
natural texture; her normal routine consists of washing and conditioning in the shower and
allowing the hair to air-dry. Then mousse or gel is used to maintain the curl pattern. Stylist
Naeemah Johnson gave her this softly pressed look.
1. The hair is cleansed with Creme of Nature shampoo. Our editor recommends the
Pure-Licious Co-Wash.
2. The hair is blow-dried using a comb attachment.
3. A protectant is applied before softly straightening the hair with a flat iron.
4. Once hair is completely straight, a medium-barrel iron is used to create a head full of curls.
5. The curls are beveled under, starting from the nape, and curled forward at the crown and front.
Once the curling is complete, the curls are separated using the fingers.
Photographer: Eric von Lockhart,; Hair: Naeemah Johnson; Makeup: Danessa Myricks. 41
40-41 ShortChic_1712.indd 41
10/19/17 4:42 PM
Your immune system may be the key to beating cancer.
lmmunotherapy, a new approach to cancer treatment, is bringing hope
to cancer survivors everywhere. lmmunotherapy works by empowering
your body’s own immune system to correctly identify and eradicate
cancer cells. This approach has been used to effectively fight many
types of cancer, with new research leading to greater hope each day.
Speak with your doctor and visit
to learn if immunotherapy may be right for you.
Jimmy Smits, SU2C Ambassador
Photo By: Timothy White
Stand Up To Cancer is a division of the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF), a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.
This Public Service Announcement was made possible by a charitable contribution from
HH_FullPage_Template.indd 1
10/18/17 5:11 PM
Grace Gealey’s
Precision-Cut Perfection!
This sister is beyond fierce. When she steps into a
scene on the hit show Empire, she owns it. Here, she
rocks her signature short style with the elegance of a
queen. The hair is side-parted and styled with just the
right amount of height at the crown and a soft finish
framing her face. We have three words for her: You.
Better. Work. Photo:Michael Lavine/FOX
44-45 In The Cut_1712.indd 44
10/23/17 3:43 PM
The perfect pixie.
Sleek and chic.
Razor-cut right!
Photos: Chip Foust
Photos: Alexei Afonin
Photos: Chip Foust. Hair: Shermica Fabers
Perfectly piecey, with a pop of color!
Rich color combines beautifully with this softly layered style.
Photos: Chip Foust
Photos: Chip Foust
Style with a bang!
Face-framing and fabulous.
Photos: Chip Foust
Editor’s Stylemaker
Shine ’n Jam New Black Castor & Flaxseed Oil Styler W
e all know that Ampro has been helping us slay styles for decades. Now
this company presents its DIY-inspired formula. This must-have nourishes hair with Jamaican Black castor oil, flaxseed oil and vitamin E while adding manageability and shine. Shine ’n Jam New Black Castor & Flaxseed Oil
Styler features keratin protein and omega 3, 6 and 9, which provide strength
to all hair textures and firm hold for natural styling versatility. To use: Apply
to clean, damp hair. Distribute evenly through hair. Allow hair to air-dry with
moist heat or using a blow dryer, then style as desired. Works well on natural
or chemically treated hair. Use alone or create your own hair cocktail. 45
44-45 In The Cut_1712.indd 45
10/23/17 3:43 PM
Models’ Photos: Alexei Afonin
Soft, whimsical curls make for the
ultimate romantic look. To re-create it:
Shampoo, condition and blow-dry the
hair. We suggest using a blow-dryer
with comb attachment to make the hair
sleek and tangle-free. Next, flat-iron
hair bone-straight. Create a center part
and bevel the hair at the ends to create
soft, chic spirals. Smooth through the
curls with a wide-tooth styling comb to
complete. For an alternate style, sweep
hair in the back into a loose chignon
and pin in place.
46-47 Long&Strong_1712.indd 46
10/18/17 11:59 PM
Own The Room
When you walk into an event with hair like this you own the room.
This look simply stuns!
To get the look:
1. The hair is shampooed and deep conditioned.
2. The hair is then braided into small cornrows leaving
hair out in between the rows.
3. 20” semi-wavy Indian hair is sewn onto the
4. A portion of hair that is left out at the crown is flat
ironed with a Red Pro flat iron and combed to cover
the top weft.
5. The rest of the hair is curled with a ceramic curling
6. Each curl is pinned with a bobby pin to set the curl.
7. Once the pin-curls are cool they are released.
8. The hair is then styled.
Alexei Afonin,
917.450.2837 www.,Make
Up: Christina
Look 1: Strapless
Metallic Cheetah
Print Bodycon dress
Spike necklace Duct
Tape and Diamonds.
Wardrobe Look 2:
Brandnewtypenude leaf strapless
dress, Steve
Madden- metal Cap
pumps, Tri color
Ombre necklace
Duct Tape and
48-49 SpecialAdditions_1712.indd 48
10/23/17 3:20 PM
Protective Style
hen you are wearing
extensions as a
protective style make sure
before you go into your
extensions and while you are
wearing them that you take
extra special care for your
real natural hair. Taking care
of your scalp is so important.
Aphogee Essential Oils for
Hair offers serious care and
protection for both the scalp
and combats dry, brittle hair.
This product contains an
herbal vitamin formula that
benefits the hair.
Color & Curls
This look is all things fun and flirty! The deep wavy texture and beautiful strawberry blond
color is simply stunning.
To get the look:
1. The hair is cleansed, conditioned and cornrowed. 2. Wet and wavy textured hair wefts are sewn onto the cornrows up to the crown area and
secured at the top with a closure technique.
3. The hair is blended and razor cut, creating a bang during the process.
4. Water is spritzed on the hair to activiate the curls and the hair is finger-combed to style.
Photographer: Alexei Afonin, 917.450.2837 49
48-49 SpecialAdditions_1712.indd 49
10/23/17 3:20 PM
Editor’s Choice
Ultimate Wigs,
Weaves& Extensions
idway International, producer of the Bobbi Boss brand, is one of the top
hair-product distributors, with one of the largest facilities in the world.
Renowned as the leading provider of the most fashionable wigs, extensions and
hairpieces in a wide selection of uncompromising quality, Midway’s reputation for
excellence has been widely recognized throughout the industry.
Midway International is driven to make a difference for its customers by continuously staying competitive and innovative. A substantial investment is put into
the research and development to stay on top of the evolving desires of customers
in today’s vital market. Midway’s dedicated research and development department consists of industry professionals with more than 35 years of experience and
knowledge, closely sharing and exchanging inspiration and new technology with
the world’s largest manufacturers of synthetic- and human-hair products.
Bobbi Boss is the main brand; it encompasses numerous major brands, such
as Indiremi and Firstremi, to satisfy the needs and wants of today’s sophisticated,
fashion-conscious customer. Midway constantly strives for excellence, providing
top-quality products and empowering every Bobbi Boss customer with ways to
express her inner and outer beauty.
The Bobbi Boss brand is absolutely phenomenal. You can count on this line to
be on the cutting edge of style and fashion. Here, we showcase four Bobbi Boss
hair favorites!
The Lyna MLF
126 Premium
Synthetic LaceFront wig is stunning. The color
shown is TT6/23.
This wig is crafted
with individually
hand-knotted, 100
percent premium
synthetic hair fiber. The piece has
a natural hairline
and ear-to-ear
lace finish. You
can even safely
heat-style it!
The Yara MLF136
is also a Premium
Synthetic Lace-Front
wig. The color is
This style and color
are fashion-forward
and offer an easy
way to transform
your style in minutes.
This handmade wig
is synthetic and has a
five-inch-deep Swisslace part! Wear it the
way it is or lightly
heat-style it for a
variety of looks.
his extension hair was given the perfect
name. Winner 100 percent human weaving
hair is available in Super Body or Soft Wavy. This
spectacular product is available in a range of
colors, in 10-, 12-,14-,16- and 18-inch lengths.
Your styling options are many with either of these
beautiful textures. After you achieve your perfect
weave install, take care of your hair with these
simple instructions.
1. Pull a wide-tooth comb gently through the
hair to remove any tangling. When combing,
always start at the bottom and work your
way up, combing small sections of the hair
with downward strokes until all of it has been
combed and detangled. Be careful not to tug
on the hair.
2. Wash hair with running lukewarm water and
a deep-cleansing shampoo. Rinse thoroughly.
3. Apply a moisturizing conditioner to the hair
and rinse thoroughly with running cool water
until all the conditioner is removed.
4. Gently pat hair dry with a towel. Do not rub.
5. Apply a spray-type, oil-free light detangler
to the hair, then carefully comb in the same
manner as in Step 1 to remove any tangles
that may have formed while washing.
6. Allow the hair to air-dry for best results. Do
not sleep while the hair is still wet; this can
result in severe tangling.
For more fabulous Bobbi Boss hair, visit!
050 UW&E-Editor's Choice_1712.indd 50
10/19/17 10:48 PM
Ask The Experts
My hair is always dry and flaky with dandruff—and no matter what
I try, the problem never seems to go away. How can I fix this?
This problem affects many people. Sometimes dry scalp and dandruff can’t be
fixed with store-bought solutions; they may even make the situation worse.
Our editors suggest that you visit a dermatologist to determine the cause,
as you may have a fungus of the scalp. A doctor can prescribe a treatment
to help. Be mindful of how often you use the medicated shampoos, though:
While they help with the scalp dryness, they can also dry out your hair. Apply
the shampoo directly to the scalp only, in addition to following any other
directions from your physician. Be sure to condition thoroughly after cleansing
your hair and scalp.
I just opened my salon and I need to invest in a good flat iron.
What do you suggest?
The Red by Kiss Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron helps create the hottest and
trendiest of hairstyles. The advanced technology aids in even distribution of
heat, preventing damage to your hair from hot spots, and the iron heats up
instantly to help you perfect every stylish look imaginable.
I condition every time I
shampoo, about every two
to three weeks. My hair still
looks lifeless and dull. What
else can I do?
Try a leave-in conditioner that
contains fillers, which are
absorbed by the hair shaft.
These compounds bind with
the hair’s natural keratin
to close up split ends and
firm up hair strands. Unlike
other conditioners, these
are not rinsed out. Leave-in
conditioners are applied after
the shampoo, are left on the
hair and help to protect the hair
between washings.
Editor’s Salon Product Picks
ffirm Conditioning Relaxer System consists of state-of-the-art products that condition hair before, during
and after relaxing. It offers phenomenal straightening while retaining up to 81 percent of
the hair fibers’ original elasticity, leaving tresses feeling soft and looking radiant. The Affirm Conditioning Relaxer System is more technologically advanced
than ever. When using this system it’s possible for your patrons to experience
these benefits:
• Phenomenal straightening
• Up to 81 percent of fiber
elasticity retention with
the Affirm Creme Relaxer (sodium hydroxide);
up to 76 percent with
Affirm Sensitive Scalp
Relaxer (guanidine hydroxide)
• Increased moisture in
hair fibers
• Superb ease of combing
• Improved hair porosity
• Amazing softness and
• Blend of exotic and
cutting-edge ingredients
A 51
051 SalonPro_1712.indd 51
10/23/17 1:03 PM
How would you describe your style overall?
Trendy, fun, hip and cool.
On the fashion tip, what do you reach for if you have to
pull your look together in a hurry?
I usually have several rompers on standby, just in case!
You have a lovely complexion. How do you care for
your skin?
I always moisturize using Dr. Dennis Gross.
What’s your favorite makeup brand?
My favorite color cosmetics are from Too Faced.
What do you like to do when you have the opportunity
to take a little time off?
I enjoy going to the movies, spending time with my friends,
reading and doing yoga.
Who inspires you?
I am inspired by my mother. She taught me to believe in
myself, to be kind to others and to work hard for anything I
aspire to be.
What’s up next for you that we can look forward to?
I have quite a few projects coming down the pipeline. I can’t
discuss much of it yet, but I can say there’s music on the list.
You can catch me on Guilty Party, streaming now on YouTube,
and in 2018 on my new Hulu comedy series.
Hype Hair: Teala, it’s so great to link up with you! What
are some of your current endeavors?
Right now, I’m working on a new Hulu comedy series, which
will be released in 2018.
Do you have anything special to say to our readers?
Never give up, be true to yourself, trust in God—and eat
The entertainment business can be pretty intense
sometimes. How do you stay motivated and moving
I stay motivated by believing in myself, trusting in God and
staying positive.
So tell us about your hair. Is it natural?
Yes! My hair is natural.
Do you wear extensions?
I currently have extensions.
Can you share some of your hair tips with us?
Sure. I use Carol’s Daughter products to keep my hair at its
best texture. And always brush your hair at night and wrap
it properly.
What are some of your favorite retail products that our
readers might have an opportunity to try?
My favorite hair products are by Bed Head, Carol’s Daughter,
& Maui.
What are some of the hairstyles you like to wear most?
I usually wear my hair down and straight.
There are so many fabulous styles on the red carpet.
What other celebrities’ hair do you admire?
I really admire Mila Kunis. 53
52-53 Style Points_1712.indd 53
10/19/17 4:47 PM
You recently wrote a bestseller, Against All Odds—
From the Projects to the Penthouse, which told your
amazing story. Can you tell us a little about your
I was born and raised in Sacramento, California,
in a neighborhood called Meadowview, a.k.a.
“Danger Island.” There were drive-by shootings, home invasions, drug addicts and drug
dealers; most of my friends were pregnant by
15, and some of their brothers didn’t make
it to 18. Generational cycles of poverty
existed—and still exist today. Many kids
did not finish high school, much less start/
complete college. I was determined to
change my life, to rewrite my story, to
change the legacy for my four children.
I suffered many setbacks during my life,
which I talk about in the book, but I have
triumphed over those trials.
Tell us a little about Curls.
I founded Curls back in 2002. I was
an Intel Corporation professional and
newly natural mother searching for
options for naturally curly hair. Back
then, the offerings for textured hair
were extremely limited—relaxers
and perms or Jheri curls and grease
products…I didn’t want any of
those. So I worked closely with
leading cosmetics chemists to develop my award-winning brand.
Curls was one of the original
four brands selected to create
Target’s multicultural category
several years ago. The initial
test in 105 Target stores soon
expanded to nationwide distribution, and other retailers took
notice and partnered with the brand.
Now Curls is available in Target, CVS,
Walgreens, Rite Aid, Sally Beauty and
Walmart stores all over the country.
Tell us about the Curls brand of
family products.
Curls caters to the entire natural family.
It’s A Curl is our organic, tear-free,
hypoallergenic line created just for
babies, from newborn to 3 years old.
Curly Q’s is our organic hair-care line
for kids 5 to 12 years old. We also have
a professional line, Curls Pro, for salon
distribution only as well as Curls retail
products for retail and OTC stores.
Our brand philosophy is to formulate
only with certified-organic ingredients and
exotic extracts—without sulfates, silicones,
parabens, artificial oils, fragrances or fillers. What makes your products stand out
from the competition?
Curls delivers cutting-edge, game-changing
formulations with clinically proven ingredients; exceptional
performance; and a variety of products to choose from to meet
the needs of women and girls with natural waves, curls and
kinks. We like to differentiate ourselves from the competition
by going against the norm. If everyone is formulating with
shea butter, argan oil and coconut water, we discover new ingredients that haven’t been used in our
category. Our widely successful Blueberry Bliss
Curl collection is a prime example. Blueberries are
not only a superfood for your body, but they are
also great for your hair. Blueberries are clinically proven to prevent breakage, protect against
damage and encourage hair growth. Our entire
collection has been widely received, and
sales have skyrocketed, both in stores
and online. Target carries the full collection, including our new game changer,
Blissful Lengths Liquid Hair Growth
Vitamin. Unlike other vitamins in
our category, Blissful Lengths Liquid Hair Growth provides more
effective delivery of your vitamins and nutrients. You absorb
up to 98 percent of vitamins in
liquid form, but only 20 percent from a pill…this is also a
proven clinical fact. You’re a true Boss! What’s
on the horizon for Curls?
Thank you! Well, I have a lot in the
pipeline. I’m expanding my reach…
diversifying my portfolio. My newest
brands, Skinny Vitamins (natural metabolism-boosting, appetite-suppressant gummies) and VitaPop Popcorn
(an organic, non-GMO, low-fat popcorn infused
with more than 15 vitamins.
I also signed a deal for my own TV show with
a very popular network, to help other African
American women excel in business. African
American, women-owned businesses are on
the rise, but less than 4 percent of us make it
to the million-dollar mark. The goal of this
series is to help bridge the gap. We are currently recruiting serious businesses that
need serious help.
I am very excited about it! Funny thing
is, I never set out to be on TV, beyond
representing and marketing Curls.
This opportunity just fell into my
lap. I was approached before about
doing a reality show about “beauty
bosses.” The cast and concept fell
flat, so I declined it. The same producers later contacted me about this
opportunity—and since my mission
in life is to give back, I knew this felt
right. I live by the motto “of those
to whom much is given, much is
required.” 55
54-55 COVERSPOTLIGHT_1712.indd 55
10/20/17 3:32 PM
Cardi B
Cardi B keeps it sleek and chic, rocking long, bone-straight hair with a center part. The look is both stylish and
easy to create and maintain. Use a heat protectant before flat-ironing. Follow up with an oil sheen.Photo: John Ricard
56-64 Celebrities_1712.indd 56
10/23/17 1:04 PM
HH_FullPage_Template.indd 1
8/3/17 10:14 AM
Kelly Rowland
Kelly Rowland’s sleek hair look with full bang is a classic style that we love on her. Re-create her healthy,
radiant look by flat-ironing the hair in small sections; maintain it by wrapping the hair at night.
Photo by Scott Kirkland/Picture Group for FOX
56-64 Celebrities_1712.indd 58
10/23/17 1:04 PM
Sanaa Lathan
Sanaa Lathan always inspires with flawless style! She’s gorgeous here in loosely curled tendrils and a deep side
part. Get the look with an electric curling iron on a medium setting; brush lightly for beautiful, tousled curls.
Photo by Vince Flores/
56-64 Celebrities_1712.indd 60
10/23/17 1:04 PM
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