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Hype Hair & Beauty - December 2017 part 2

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· Universal Voltage
· Maximum Styling Versatility
· For All Hair Types
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10/9/17 3:57 PM
The ladies of Star demonstrate a beautiful spectrum of style! The blunt bob; bombshell-blond color;
and long, glamorous ringlets are right on trend.
Photo by Jason Bell/FOX
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10/23/17 1:04 PM
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product announcements!
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9/13/17 8:51 AM
Yara Shahidi
Yara Shahidi is adorable in this loose topknot. To get a neat and polished style like hers, apply a top-quality
gel to edges and brush until sleek. Then secure with a satin-covered hairband to rock the look.
Photo by Scott Kirkland/FOX
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10/23/17 1:04 PM
The True Hair Freedom of Hair Replacement
Weaves and wigs are no longer the only
way to achieve your dream hairstyle.
Now there’s New Concepts Hair Goods
by Sthair founder Okyo Sthair to the
rescue. Custom-designed by New
Concepts ST Hair master hairstylist
and educator Patty Young, Patty’s
Favorite Things, the ST Hair Collection
targeting women of color, includes
four signature pieces—Gabby, Serena,
Vivica and Jesse (for women and men).
Through her Okyo Sthair alliance,
Young, who has nearly 30 years of hair
replacement experience, designed
these pieces specifically for black
women’s hair needs. A breathable
scalp is one.
“We have to feel our scalps,” Young
says. “With a proper replacement like
those of Patty’s Favorite Things that’s
designed for women of color, you have
that access to feel your scalp. When
you shampoo it, you have to get in
there and scrub your scalp to make
your hair clean. A lot of times with the
hair weave, you can shampoo it but
you have ridges. With this, it’s all just
one unit so it flows better.”
It’s also undetectable. “A lot of
my ladies, when they go into hair
replacement, they don’t even feel it
after a while,” Young continues. “It
becomes a part of them. They look
and feel like they’re hair grew back.”
They can work out, shower, even swim,
shares Young. “I have clients living
in their hair replacement and their
husbands and boyfriends don’t even
know,” she smiles.
A growing number of women who
use hair replacement as an alternative
to weaving choose to wear Gabby or
Serena or both. Designed with a left
part (Gabby) or center part (Serena)
to expose the client’s own hair, both
pieces allow for better blending to
achieve a more natural appearance.
Some even use Gabby and Serena as
protective styles for their own natural
hair. They also spice them up with color.
Women who have experienced
unfortunate hair loss, be it to alopecia
or a more severe medical illness, aren’t
left out of the equation. “Vivica is for
the woman who doesn’t have a hair
line and has hair loss on top,” Young
explains. “It’s basically a complete hair
cover, but it’s made to be comfortable.
It’s permanently attached so you can
swim. You can have a normal life. Just
come and see your hair designer
periodically for adjustments.”
Okyo Sthair, Founder
Patty Young, Master Hairstylist
Jesse is designed for men as well as
women who want a low crop, natural
‘do. “Jesse is beautiful,” Young raves.
“It looks like us. The texture is a soft,
nice curl. Our black women and black
men can live in their hair plus it’s for
people who have total hair loss on the
top. I can even cut it with my clippers.
It’s just a very natural looking piece.”
Patty’s Favorite Things hair replacement
and enhancement may appear to be
an expensive investment at first, but
this premium hair and service is cost
effective over the long run. “This is a
head of hair that can last if serviced
properly,” Young says.
“Hair replacement is like your
dream hair,” Patty raves. “Say
you dream that you have
these long locks, you can. You
can have it all. Whatever you
To learn more about ST Hair
Replacement & Enhancement
System For Women of Color and
Patty’s Favorite Things by New
Concepts Hair Goods by Sthair as
a professional hairstylist, barber
or customer, please call or visit
us at...
ST Hair...Hair You Can Live In
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10/18/17 9:45 AM
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10/18/17 9:47 AM
Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s
Bambi Benson!
ambi Benson is known as a cast member in the VH1 hit Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,
but she is also an entrepreneur and artist who does amazing work with her
foundation for young girls dealing with clinical issues such as alopecia, cancer and
burns. Mental health is also important to Bambi; growing up in Compton, California, Bambi was in the middle of the struggle—and she understands how important
it is to be confident and comfortable in your own skin. A double major in broadcast journalism and public relations with more than 2
million social media followers, Bambi has successfully turned her hair line, Shimmer
Elite Extensions, into a multimillion-dollar empire—and she’s passionate about giving
back. Bambi is currently extending her beauty empire to include hair-care products.
The Shimmer Living Foundation is the driving force behind her charitable and educational work to help improve the lives of young girls globally. The foundation sets
out to provide disadvantaged and underprivileged girls with life’s necessities, to better ensure their success in life. The goal is to ensure that young ladies are confident
and have healthy self-esteem in their school and social setting so they’re better
able to focus entirely on their education. A few of the main focuses are: hygiene and
awareness; hair-care tips and products for all types of hair; clean and proper-fitting
clothing for all body shapes and sizes; and basic health and nutritional education.
We enjoyed connecting with Bambi—and she shared some pretty amazing things!
Tell us about your experience on
Love and Hip Hop Atlanta and how
it has affected your life. Love and Hip
Hop Atlanta exposed some very vulnerable
moments as far as my relationship. A lot
of people knew me and my brand before
the show, but it has brought me a broader audience. Tell us what inspired you to go into
the hair-extension industry. I’ve
always been the designated hairstylist
among my friends and family, so it just
made sense to get into the business and
let my fans use the things that I use. Besides, I love making my friends and family
feel beautiful…it was a natural progression for me to have my own hair line. What are the best sellers? The wigs
are the best sellers for sure! My customers love wigs! What are your favorite hair-extension textures? My favorite texture from
my line is the Italian Curly. It’s so soft
and pretty in its natural state, but it gets
bone straight. The versatility is amazing,
and the quality is the best! How can readers purchase your
hair and what is the price range?
You can shop on shimmereliteextensions.
com, or you can purchase for pickup at
Synergy Suites in Atlanta. We are very
affordable and have an awesome bundle
package for the woman on a budget. How did you go about achieving
your own line of hair? Prior to the start
of Shimmer Elite Extensions, I did a ton of
research. I was an obsessive consumer, so
it allowed me to test the market out. How do you maintain the hair in
your line? I advise my customers to use
sulfate-free products and to treat your
extensions as you would treat your own
hair. Just style it and leave it alone! How is the business going? It’s going
great! I’m still learning, adding new
products to my line and I’m in the
process of expanding. What are some of the life lessons
you have learned from running
your hair business? You can’t please
everyone is the biggest lesson I’ve
learned. Some people are just impossible.
But I’m very patient, and since I was a
hair consumer for so long, I understand
some of the issues customers have and
do my best to help them out. What new trends do you see happening for 2018 in your market? I’m
really more interested in ways to make
my company timeless. Trends come and
go, so you have to stay true to the things
that last a lifetime. What does your hair line include
(e.g., extensions, wigs)? My hair line
includes, frontals, closures, clip-ins,
bundles, full-lace wigs and frontal wigs. On the subject of beauty, what are
your must-have makeup beauty
products? I have to have a good concealer, eyeliner and some type of setting
spray. That’s all I need in life. How do you take care of your skin?
I do the basic exfoliating and moisturizing every day. It’s superimportant to
moisturize! What hair products do you use on
your hair when you are in extensions and how do you care for your
hair when you are not wearing
extensions? I’m in the process of adding
some new hair-care products to my line—
products that I use on my extensions
now; the same goes for my natural hair. You are involved in a project that
involves giving back. Please share
with our readers about your Shimmer Living Foundation. Shimmer Living is a really cool foundation that gives
youth basic necessities to allow them
to feel comfortable and confident in the
classroom and around their peers. You
can learn more at What inspires and encourages
you? When I look at all the young faces,
whether they’re my family or just random
young people…I just get a strong desire
to want to do something in order to help
them grow. What’s next on deck for you?
Launching more products for Shimmer
Elite Extensions and expanding the Shimmer Living Foundation. 67
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10/23/17 3:47 PM
Can you tell us a little bit about your latest projects?
Where do I start? My new album, Officially Yours, dropped October 6; I have my
new series, Superstition with legendary actor/director Mario Van Peebles. And I
played the legendary Whitney Houston in Bobbi Kristina.
What inspired the music?
My life challenges. This album is really the soundtrack to my life.
How would you describe your sound?
It’s really soulful and true R&B.
Who were some of your musical influences growing up?
Chaka Khan, Celine Dion and, of course, Whitney Houston.
What are some of your favorite ways to experiment with your hair?
My normal style is pretty much carefree, a wash-and-go look. But I do like to
show versatility according to the characters I play. For example, May Westbrook
[Superstition] has to have a very clean, professional look, but the show does
allow me to do that with my natural hair. Tamara Austin [Saints & Sinners] is a
bit more artsy. So I like to use my hair as the greatest form of expression for
whatever I am doing. What is your daily hair-care routine?
My hair-care routine actually begins at night. I start with water, seal with an
oil, usually castor oil, and wake up in the morning ready to shake and go. I’ve
learned to keep it really simple so I don’t overmanipulate and cause unnecessary breakage. What are some of your top favorite hair tips?
Some of my favorite hair tips include listening to your hair. The relationship
with your hair is no different from other relationships in your life. You have to
get to know when it’s dry; you have to get to know when it’s happy; you have
to get to know how to keep it easy. (Ha!) Listening to what it needs will give you
everything you need. The other thing that I would say is, concentrate on health
versus length. Length comes from healthy hair; shine comes from healthy hair.
Everything great that happens on your head comes from health—and that also
starts from within. Plenty of water, plenty of rest, plenty of nourishment. How would you describe your sense of
I wear whatever makes me feel good. I can be
a tomboy and wear ripped jeans and my Dallas
Cowboys T-shirt, or I can rock a Balmain dress
with a pair of red-bottoms.
If you had only 15 minutes to pull a complete look together that includes hair,
makeup and clothing, how would you
do it?
Hair would be wash-and-go; face would be
simplistic, with a tinted moisturizer, a brow
and a lip gloss; then a simple romper with a
banging shoe. I’m a minimalist when it comes
to jewelry. I would step out the door with the
biggest smile ever. ’Fro on fleek!
What are your purse-packing musthaves?
My cell phones of course, a Red Bull, gum and
a nude lipstick from my collection.
Where do you derive your strength, encouragement and creativity from?
From my son, who is 18 years old. Everything
I do, I do for him. I have been homeless; I have
lived in the projects; my mother is still married
to the man who tried to molest me. Everything
I have been through makes me a stronger and
better person.
What’s up next for you?
Another album and going into filming season
three of Saints & Sinners on Bounce TV.
What hair products do you use that our readers may be able to find?
Dark and Lovely’s Au Naturale line; Carol’s Daughter Monoi line is still one of
my faves. And oils—whether it be castor oil, avocado oil or jojoba oil, just find
the right mix for you. It definitely helps to keep my hair moisturized with the
sealant. Who are some of your favorite hair inspirations?
Tracee Ellis Ross has always had a head of beautiful hair; on the YouTube side,
Naptural85 is amazing. I love how transparent she is. She let us see her growth
all the way to waist length. She let us see when the color kind of took her down,
and now she is letting us see her on the come up again. All in all, her hair is
gorgeous—and so is her spirit.
What are some of your favorite makeup products to use to glam up? My lip gloss from the Demetria McKinney Collection, which can be found at
What is your skin-care routine, and what products do you use for
your skin?
As for skin care, it’s very similar to my hair-care regimen. As someone who has
suffered from acne, harshness is not my friend. I remove my makeup with an oil
and follow with a gentle cleanser like Cetaphil. Every now and then I will give
myself a baking-soda-and-oil scrub just to get a good exfoliation and balancing of the skin. But again water, water, water! I drink lots of it. I mist my face
throughout the day, and I try to just keep it as clean as possible without cleansing out the natural oils that are supposed to be there. Glowing, youthful skin is
the goal—not a dry, ashy bucket! 69
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10/19/17 5:06 PM
Photographer: Mario Barberio
Stylist: Robiat Balogun
Makeup Artist: Brittany Ingram
amille Hyde stars on Netflix’s
American Vandal. She can also be
seen on the new season of the Go90
app series Mr. Student Body President,
which will soon stream on the Go90
app. Camille’s only in her 20s but
has been in the entertainment industry since she was a small child; she’s
known for her roles as Shelby Watkins/
Pink Dino Charge Ranger on Nickelodeon’s Power Rangers Dino Charge and
Roxy on Nickelodeon’s The Thundermans. We caught up with this lovely
Hollywood starlet to see what was
going on in her world and, of course,
what’s up on the hair and beauty beat
with her!
70-71 Hollywood Style_1712.indd 70
10/23/17 1:06 PM
What projects are you working on
currently? I just wrapped up work on
the first season of American Vandal. I’m
also currently working on season two of
the Go90 series Mr. Student Body President.
How do you stay motivated in your
career and your day-to-day life? I
stay motivated by always pushing myself
to achieve my goals and remembering
that my dreams are attainable. The loudest voice you’ll ever hear is your own, so
make sure you’re saying the right things
to yourself! Matcha lattes and coffee also
have a huge influence on my sanity, so
cheers to those!
How do you care for your hair, and
is it relaxed or natural? I shy away
from chemicals, so I’m all-natural—but I
do blowouts and a ton of deep-conditioning treatments to keep my hair healthy
and strong. Dry heat can do serious damage to our hair, so I try my best to protect
it from all sources of heat.
Do you ever wear extensions, and
if so, do you have any tips to share?
Yes! Sometimes I like to change up my
look, so I’ll wear virgin Indian extensions with some fluff to give a real rustic,
sultry look. Then sometimes, during the
summer, I just wear it fresh and curly.
The best thing I’ve noticed, care-wise, is
to deep-condition if you wear extensions
because they can put a lot of stress on
your natural hair. Coconut-oil masks are
What are your favorite hair products that our readers might have
access to? My favorite hair product is
pure coconut oil. It’s a great conditioning
agent and makes your hair really smooth
and shiny!
What are your favorite go-to hairstyles? My favorite look is definitely the
beach wave, but I love a good messy bun
or boxer braids. My favorite look is actually when I put boxer braids in at night
and then take them out in the morning—I
get a nice little lion’s-mane action.
Are there any other celebrities’ hair
you admire? I think it goes without
saying that Beyoncé’s signature blond,
beachy waves are to die for. Ciara also
rocks her sleek, straight hair. Those are
my two favorite looks, depending on the
day or setting. with jean shorts and booties or stylish
When you are short on time, how
do you pull your look together? For
quick looks, I can always rely on boxer braids, eyebrow powder and a little
blush. I don’t use much makeup unless
I’m on set or attending events, because
I like to let my skin breathe whenever I
can. But those essential tools keep me
looking presentable.
How do you care for your skin, and
what products do you use? I use a
lot of coconut-based products like cocoa
butter after showers and light coconut oil
on my face as moisturizer. I also always
wear an SPF moisturizer—I’m using a
Clinique one now—and Aztec Clay Face
Mask once a week, when I have time!
Have you ever worn hair color? I’ve
actually never colored my hair before—I’m too afraid of the damage! But
nowadays, there are so many products
that protect your hair…so I might give it
a try.
What beauty advice can you share
with our readers? Less is more! Try to
enhance your natural beauty, not overpower it with makeup. And think about
your skin and hair long-term rather than
right now. You want to take care of it so
it looks strong and healthy for years to
come! I think natural beauty has been
swept under the rug these past few years
because there has been so much influence to get cosmetic surgery to enhance
your features. What do you enjoy doing during
your downtime? I love going horseback riding. I have a 3-year-old horse
that I’m training to jump, his name is
Dublin. I also love to cook fancy meals
and post photos of them. Going to the
movies is also one of my favorite downtime activities.
What is the source of your inspiration? Making my parents proud is a huge
inspiration for me. They have contributed so much time and energy to making
my dreams a reality, and I want them to
know that their sacrifices were worth it.
What do we have to look forward
to from you next? Two projects I’m
working on are young-adult comedies
that are airing this fall. Netflix’s American
Vandal is about vandalism that occurs at
a high school. One person is singled out
as the suspect, but he claims it wasn’t
him—so Gabi, my character, and her two
best friends, Peter and Sam, take it upon
themselves to figure out who actually
is the American Vandal by vetting and
piecing together people’s stories. But as
the trio get more involved in exposing
some people’s stories, it causes tension
in friendships, drama amongst social
leaders and other plot twists that I can’t
quite say yet! And the other series, Mr.
Student Body President, is one of the funniest projects I’ve ever been involved with.
It’s like a comedic House of Cards, but in a
high school setting with adult humor. My
character, Debra, is the queen bee of the
school and is the ring leader of the cool
kids. I cry-laughed pretty much every day
we filmed. Editor’s Tips to Get the Look!
Camille gives us style at great lengths—literally. She
loves coconut oil as a go-to product for her hair. For her
look, shampoo and condition the hair. Our editors recommend coconut oil–based products. Palmer’s Coconut
Oil Formula products contain ethically and sustainably
sourced coconut oil and Tahitian monoi oil, infused with
tiare flower petals. These raw, natural ingredients deeply
hydrate, repair damage and give tresses incredible shine.
Choose a blow-dryer with a comb attachment when
drying the hair. Our editors suggest the Red by Kiss Hand
Less dryer. Use a heat protectant and a large curling iron,
like one from the Belson brand, on a setting that is just
barely warm enough to achieve these soft curls. Create
a side part and style with a wide-tooth comb. For a
quick way to achieve the
length, try a few clipin pieces.
How would you describe your fashion sense? I think my style is pretty
Cali-boho. I like pairing cute fitted tops 71
70-71 Hollywood Style_1712.indd 71
10/23/17 1:06 PM
Does your hair type determine how long
you should leave your hair color in?
It does. If your hair is coarse, it usually takes longer to absorb color when it’s applied, so you may
have to leave it longer so the color takes. If you
have fine hair, the absorbency time is generally
shorter. We suggest doing a strand test before you
color your hair to see how well it takes the color
so that you have the timing correct.
Can I lighten my hair without bleaching it?
Unfortunately, the answer is no. Lightening the
hair will involve some bleaching to break down the
natural color in order to bring it up it to the shade
you desire. Bleaching the hair involves removing
pigment. This is especially true if you desire to go
from a black or dark-brown hue to a blond shade.
I recently dyed my hair a deep auburn, but
I’m already bored with the color and want
to try something new. How long should I
wait before I apply a different hair color?
It depends on three things: how long ago you colored it, what type of color (permanent, semi-permanent or demi-permanent) and what condition
your hair is in. We suggest that you consult a colorist to assess the condition of your hair and discuss your options. A professional can look at your
hair and determine if there is any damage and how
long you should wait before coloring again.
I hear a lot of people say that your hair
takes better to color if you apply the dye
when your hair is dirty. Is this true?
We suggest that color be applied to the hair when
it is clean as opposed to dirty. Too much product,
or too many natural oils in the hair and scalp, can
actually act as a barrier to the hair color; in turn,
the hair won’t absorb the color as well as clean
hair would. This could also make the color less
intense and not as long-lasting as it would normally be.
Via Natural Living Colors
Via Naturals Living Colors is a healthy choice of hair color
for natural and relaxed tresses. It contains no ammonia,
peroxide or alcohol and is formulated with monoi oil and
keratin to add extra moisture and strength as it colors. The
end result: long-lasting, beautiful, vibrant color with a
multidimensional look!
72-73 TheColoringBook_1712.indd 72
10/19/17 5:07 PM
Considering refreshing your style for the season?
Check out these fabulous takes on hair color.
Whether you decide to go with a permanent color,
a semi-permanent hue or weave it up in color, there
is something here to inspire you!
Photos: Alexei Afonin, and Eric Von Lockhart, 73
72-73 TheColoringBook_1712.indd 73
10/19/17 5:07 PM
Great hair starts with a great
foundation, so our editors
suggest you have a good haircare collection— like the Doo
Gro Jamaican Black Castor
Oil line—to keep your styles
on point!
Photo by Walik Goshorn/Mediapunch
These beautiful Love & Hip Hop New York ladies feature the
hottest in hair trends. From vibrant blues and blonds to sleek
styles and curls, there’s something here to inspire everybody.
Products shown for illustration purposes only and not necessarily endorsed by the celebrities.
Some of our favorite celebs have round the clock glam teams because it takes a lot of TLC to maintain healthy hair that is always
styled to perfection. Check out some of these product inspiration tips on how to get their fab hair.
Taraji P. Henson is winning with her
signature bob look. The highlights are
beautiful and add depth and dimension
to this style. Our editors suggest you
keep color-treated tresses in shape with
a good conditioner like Palmer’s Coconut
Oil Repairing Conditioner.
Photo by Faye Sadou/MediaPunch
Angela Simmons is not only one
of our favorite fashionistas, she also
one of the top hairspirations. Her
looks are always hip, with an emphasis
on glamour. Her bodacious curls are
everything. Set the hair on large flexirods to get the look.
Photo by John Palmer/MediaPunch
76-77 StarStyle_1712.indd 76
10/23/17 2:39 PM
Keyshia Cole, who
just released new
music, always sports
hot looks—and this
style is no exception.
From the length to
the color, it’s right
on trend. Long, loose
spirals lend instant
glamour. Re-create
Keyshia’s look using
a quality iron. Our
editors suggest the
Toni & Guy Curling
Mariah Lynn goes bold and beautiful in a look with a
vintage twist. Her fashionable bouffant is a fabulous ode
to Old Hollywood glamour. For all your updos, we at Hype
Hair recommend reaching for a good gel, like the Shine
‘n Jam Conditioning Gel, to prevent flyaways and lock in
the look.
Photo by Koi Sojer/
Snap’N U Photos/
Jessica Lucas
captivates in sleek,
long tresses. This
classic style is a great
go-to for the woman
on the go, because it’s
a cinch to maintain
and style. Our experts
recommend a quality
flat iron to create the
look—and finish it with
a mist of oil-sheen
spray from Cantu.
Photo by David Edwards/
Moniece Slaughter is lovely in
this modern bob. This cut fits
most face shapes and boasts lots
of versatility and sheen. Cleanse
and condition with moisturizing
products and apply a
hairdress for beautiful
shine. For a smooth,
healthy finish, try the
Kiss Ionic Brush. This
special tool emits ions
that smooth the hair,
reducing damage and
Remy Ma showcases long, layered
tresses with a touch of gray! The
rapper couples it with a few loose
curls at the ends to complete
this chic ’do. For quick and easy
highlights like Remy’s, clip in
colored tracks and blend with a
styling comb.
Photo by David Edwards/
DailyCeleb/MediaPunch 77
76-77 StarStyle_1712.indd 77
10/23/17 2:39 PM
Ready for
that special
Are you ready to turn
heads this holiday
season? Check out this
array of styles that
will inspire you!
78-79 MarvelousMid-Lengths_1712.indd 78
10/19/17 5:08 PM
Photos: Chip Foust, Hair: Miranda Rogers
Editor’s Healthy Hair Must-have:
Alikay Naturals
Everyone’s hair deserves the best treatment possible! Healthy
hair is the foundation for beautiful styles; using a hair-care
system that includes products designed to work together is key
to helping you achieve the highest level of success. Check out the
Alikay Naturals brand for just that. 79
78-79 MarvelousMid-Lengths_1712.indd 79
10/19/17 5:09 PM
Shawn K. Tollerson
Chief Executive Officer • Namaste Laboratories, LLC
My Story:
I did not start out on a traditional
path. I did not go to beauty school;
I do not have a professional
hairstylist in my family, and those
who have met me know that I
am not a very high-maintenance
beauty girl. However, I see
incredible beauty when I see us as
a people. It is my daily inspiration
to uplift and showcase that
beauty—in the way we define it,
despite what the rest of the world
thinks it should be.
Shawn Tollerson receiving the Vanguard Award at the 2017 Beauty Bash.
ith more than 20 years in the beauty business, Shawn K. Tollerson
has been the driving force behind many of the most well-known and
successful brands in the multicultural-hair-care industry. Recognized as
a visionary and image maker for people of African descent, Ms. Tollerson
has led groundbreaking marketing strategies, campaigns and product
development for ethnic hair-care brands at global beauty giants like L’Oréal
(SoftSheen-Carson), Revlon (Multicultural Group) and now Namaste
At Namaste Labs, Ms. Tollerson has been appointed chief executive officer;
she is responsible for driving the global vision of the ORS (formerly Organic
Root Stimulator) brand and overall strategic leadership for the company.
Key brands under the ORS portfolio include Olive Oil, Curls Unleashed and
Most recently, she and her team have led the award-winning #NoStereotypes
campaign, which confronts negative stereotypes in beauty. Also, Ms.
Tollerson has been recognized as part of the 2017 EBONY Power 100
“Women Up” category alongside Issa Rae, Melissa Harris-Perry and Serena
Williams—all of them known for spreading immeasurable #BlackGirlMagic
all over the country. She was also recently honored with the 2017 Vanguard
Award as part of this year’s Beauty Bash.
God has blessed me, and for
this I am thankful. I have been
able to work for several major
multinational companies and with
the most amazing people you
could ever meet in this industry.
Despite the significant number of
changes that have happened in this
industry, it has been my motto to
always remember who we are really
working for: the consumer.
I started out managing advertising
and public relations for Carson
Products, which owned several
of the largest multicultural hair
brands in the world. Subsequently,
I began to manage key brands
within the company and then
progressed to managing brand
portfolios. The company began
to acquire other companies and
brands. At the same time that I was
asked to work on those businesses,
I had just become a new mother.
It did not occur to me that I was
doing anything unusual; however,
looking back, it was quite an
enormous task. I simply brought
my baby with me to the office,
consumer research and photo
shoots! My son literally grew up in
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this industry, with all of his “industry
family, aunts and uncles” all around
him. He was also quite spoiled being
around all the models as a baby; we
once went to a celebrity photo shoot.
and he was like one of the crew, with
no concern about anyone’s celebrity
status. During this time, I grew from
brand manager to director to vice
The company was then acquired by
a multinational corporation, and I
was asked to lead as vice president
of marketing for the merger. This
was an incredible opportunity to
combine the top two companies into
one industry powerhouse. I moved to
Chicago and was about to step into
the office of our No. 1 competitor. I
worked in this role for many years—
and then the company asked me to
move to New York, which was not in
the best interest of my young family at the time. I commuted until I could
transition the business to a new leader.
I think I was unemployed for only a few days. I received a call from an
incredible midsize company that was facing some challenges. I was hired
as vice president of the marketing department and remained there for
nine years. Despite the challenges, it was one of the most memorable
experiences of my career, helping in the turnaround of a major brand and
working with the most amazing team and leader. But I had been traveling
for nine years between Chicago and Florida, balancing my family—which
now included a baby girl.
An opportunity presented itself to work in Chicago with the leading brand
at Namaste Labs, as chief marketing officer. Lightning struck twice: I was
about to step into the office of another leading competitor. Since joining
in 2015, I have had the opportunity to lead as chief operating officer
and now chief executive officer. During this time, the groundbreaking
#NoStereotypes campaign was born, from some of the most dynamic and
brilliant marketing minds around.
Namaste Laboratories, with its main brand, ORS (Original Root Stimulator),
has a very long and rich legacy that started with an incredible family who
created one of the largest, most iconic companies in this industry. Under
the ORS brand, we have a portfolio of products that are recognized for
using the highest-quality nourishing ingredients to address the majority of
hair and scalp concerns experienced by our consumers.
It is an exciting moment for the company, as we are in the midst of the
transformation of the ORS Olive Oil brand. After 20-plus years, the brand
will be given a fresh, new look, with ingredient additives that will enhance
the consumer experience. We are building our brand to make sure that
from packaging to fragrance her experience exceeds her expectations.
As for the longtime user, we believe she will appreciate an upgrade that
maintains the high-quality performance that she knows and loves. We also
recognize that there have been major setbacks with our leading edgecontrol item—and our research-and-development experts have now reengineered it after major consumer input and testing. This next-generation
formula is now ready to deliver at a new level of performance. In the ORS
Olive Oil brand, we are also continuing to innovate in hair straightening
and texture reformation to ensure the healthiest results possible.
We have also refreshed our legacy line with HaiRepair: Now featuring
coconut and baobab oils, it offers the solution to hair concerns related to
dryness, breakage or damage.
Last, but not least, we are expanding into the natural-styling space with
Curls Unleashed and Olive Oil for Naturals, ensuring that we continue to
offer the best products possible for all beautiful curly hair textures.
At Namaste Labs, it is our privilege to create products formulated to
Celebrate and Honor the Beauty of YOU!
My advice to those seeking a career in the black beauty industy is
to genuinely love what you do and do it with love. The consumer is
watching—and voting with her wallet. This industry, after all, is beauty;
so you must not only keep pace with it…you also must strive to invent
beyond it. 81
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iersey Clemons demonstrates the ageold adage that when it comes to hair,
the bigger, the better! Her lioness’s mane
of natural curls is simply beautiful. It’s full
of body and volume and exudes high-end
glamour. Check the technique for how to
re-create her stunning look!
Photo by David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images
• Shampoo and
condition with
products for textured hair.
• Blot the excess
water with a towel.
• Detangle the hair
using a Denman
• Starting at the
nape, create twostrand twists with
small sections of
• Repeat process
until the entire
head of hair is in
• Allow the hair to
dry overnight.
• In the morning,
diffuse twists to
be sure they are
completely dry.
• Apply a light mist
of oil-sheen spray.
• Release the twists
and finger-comb.
• Boost volume
at the crown by
using a lift comb
at the roots to
complete the look.
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Natural Steps
ransform your natural tresses into a beautiful work of art with
Marley Locs! This beautiful technique will last you up to two
months if cared for properly and makes a great protective style.
To get the look, shampoo and condition the hair and then apply
a leave-in conditioner before blow-drying. Part the hair in sections,
depending on how big or small you wish the Marley Locs to be.
Section and braid the hair with Kanekalon Marley Hair.
Wrap the braid with Kanekalon Marley Hair to create a Marley
Repeat the process until the entire head of hair is complete. Once
finished, add a few decorative gold beads to a few of the twists. This
is the perfect accent for the festive season.
Next, sweep the twists to the back and then pin in place. Create a
bang with the locs to frame the face and complete the look.
Perfect for Loced Styles…
BB Tropical Roots
The Tropical Roots collection can be found at your local retailer.
This line is formulated with trusted, quality, natural ingredients.
The Tropical Roots line includes shampoos, conditioners, locking
gel, twist cream, growth oil,
shampoo spray and more.
Designed for locs, braids
and protective styles, this
line is manufactured by a
pioneering leader in the
hair industry. Bronner
Bros. remains a black
family-owned company
dedicated to meeting the
needs of its customers and
has been leading black
hair-care for 75 years. For
more information about the
Tropical Roots brand, visit
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Photos: Alexei Afonin
Hair: Rania, 786-226788, kolebeautyy@
10/23/17 3:06 PM
Natural Hair Buys
Model Photo:
hether you need a hair moisturizer
or the perfect shampoo for your
hair type, the key to any successful
natural-hair journey is choosing the right
products. Here, our editors do the work
for you! We’ve rounded up a quality
batch of products for you to consider
adding to your collection, including the
latest offerings from the Creme of Nature,
Mixed Chicks, My DNA and Soultanicals
Creme of Nature With
Argan Oil From Morocco
Apple Cider Vinegar
Clarifying Rinse
Formulated with argan
oil from Morocco,
the Apple Cider
Vinegar Clarifying
Rinse deeply cleanses
the hair, removing
product buildup
without stripping your
tresses of their natural
moisture. The end
result is hair that is
smoother, softer and
Mixed Chicks Holiday Travel Pack
If you’re a curly girl on the go, this
travel pack is a must! It includes
a shampoo, deep-conditioner
and a leave-in that maintains
and beautifies textured hair. In
mere minutes, the products create
soft, frizz-free, defined curls with
beautiful sheen—and you can even
use it on weaves and extensions.
Mielle Organics
Brazilian Curly
Cocktail Curl
Mielle Organics
Brazilian Curly
Cocktail Curl
Cream is the
perfect addition
to your curly-girl
arsenal for soft,
defined, frizzfree curls. Curly
Cocktail Curl Cream
contains a blend of
organic Brazilian
oils like babassu,
buriti, copaiba and
murumuru. This
formulation absorbs
into the hair shaft,
locking in moisture
and giving the
ultimate definition.
MY DNA Serum
MY DNA Serum blends
nourishing ingredients like shea
butter and monoi de Tahiti
to help repair damaged hair
cuticles, mend split ends and
eliminate frizz. It also adds
extra strength and elasticity to
weak, dull tresses and heightens
hair sheen.
Soultanicals Can’t Believe It’s Knot Butta
This smooth hair butter is on point with a
combination of creamy
butters, nourishing
Jamaican black castor
oil and sweet honey.
It will melt into your
strands for excellent
comb-through, sealing
in moisture and adding
extra softness and shine! 85
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10/23/17 9:22 PM
Photos: Alexei Afonin,
and Eric Von Lockhart,
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10/23/17 3:07 PM
Protective Perfection
et the tone for the season with a
beautiful protective style! Flat twists
are great protective option for natural
hair, whether you’re in the process of
growing it out or just simply want to give
your hair a
break from
heat styling.
This fabulous look is
and here’s
the 411 on
how to rock
the look!
• Shampoo, condition and blow-dry.
•Apply Bronner Bros. Shea Castor
Strengthener to strands and roots to
prevent dryness, itching and flaking as
well as to seal in moisture and shine.
• Next, create flat twists straight
down toward the nape, using added
Kanekelon hair for length and fullness.
• After the flat twists are complete, twist
the ends to create a pin-curled effect at
the bottoms of the twists.
• Pin in place to create a chignon in back
for the finished look. 87
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10/23/17 3:07 PM
inger-curling is a great technique for the
curly girl on the go. Here are two flawless
ways to work your look using this quick and
easy styling method!
These lovely ringlets are everything and the pretty
auburn color lends tons of glamour. Get the look with
these simple steps!
1. Shampoo and condition the hair.
2. Apply KeraCare Twist & Define
Cream and comb through evenly.
3. Take small sections of hair and
twist it around the fingers to
achieve defined curls throughout.
4. Fluff the hair with your fingers to
boost volume.
5. Sweep one side of hair back and
pin in place to complete.
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10/23/17 3:10 PM
Textured hair is nothing short of stunning! If you’re sporting a twist-out, you
can refresh your curls daily with these
easy style moves.
1. Apply Miss Jessie’s Coily Custard for
moisture and manageability.
2. Elongate your curls by stretching out
the length with your fingers to achieve
a fuller, more voluminous look.
3. For a more-defined look, twist the hair
as you stretch it.
4. Use a pick to lift the hair at the roots
to boost volume.
5. Finish the look with a light mist of oilsheen spray.
Photos: Alexei Afonin, 91
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10/23/17 3:10 PM
Serayah McNeill’s Natural Elegance!
oung Hollywood is well-known for its wealth of talent—and
one young lady who continues to shine is Empire star Serayah
McNeill. Her recurring role as Tiana on the hit show has made
her a household name, and her hip, youthful style garners much
praise from her growing fan base. The singer, dancer and actress
constantly showcases beautiful textured styles that serve as the
perfect hairspiration, and this look is no exception. It is pure natural
elegance, with its deep, wavy curl pattern and fashionable bangs.
Style this look by applying a curl-pudding product to the hair and
then wand-curl the hair in sections. Photo: Michael Lavine/FOX
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10/23/17 3:44 PM
Turn Up The
Style This Holiday
Season WIth
’Tis the season to turn up the style! From flawless updos to luscious curls, this festive season
is all about high glamour. This year, head over
to your local Walmart and stock up on all the
quality items for your hair—at prices that won’t
break your Christmas shopping budget.
An Elegant Night Out
Pair your little black dress with the perfect hairstyle.
Silky spiral curls are a great look for the holidays. Hype
Hair suggests a no-lye relaxer, like Profectiv Mega
Growth No Lye Relaxer, for long-lasting, sleek tresses
and then create beautiful flipped curls with a large
barrel thermal curling iron. Photo:Alexei Afonin
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10/23/17 3:44 PM
Lunch With The Girls
Celebrate the holidays in style with a look that boasts
incredible sheen. This classic from the Ultra Sheen
collection is a go-to for healthy, radiant hair. Our
editors sugest using the Original Formula
Conditioner & Hair Dress before curling the hair in
spirals for remarkable shine. Photo:Alexei Afonin 95
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10/23/17 3:44 PM
Serious Hair Care
Retain Your Length
Pin Curl To Protect
Although heat styling may be necessary for you to achieve the look you
want, be sure to exercise caution. In the
evening, try pin-curling your hair with
clips. Using even as few as six can save
you from the curling iron in the morning—not to mention save you time.
Rock a Reconstructor.
A reconstructor is different from a deep-conditioner. Reconstructors contain proteins and are
formulated to help restore the structural integrity
of the hair by strengthening it. They form a bond
to cover the damaged area on the hair shaft to
protect the cortex (the thickest layer, beneath
the hair shaft). Needless to say, the type of
protection a reconstructor can provide could be
helpful for length retention. But remember that
although what reconstructors do is a good thing,
must not overuse them. If you do, you run the risk of
the hair becoming dry and brittle. After using a reconstructor, some stylists use a
moisturizing conditioner to balance the treatment.
Our editors love DOO GRO Mega Long Extreme Reconstructor. Find it at Walmart.
This ultimate hair-strengthening conditioner is enriched with olive oil, avocado
oil and silk protein to help reduce breakage and dryness, helping hair
grow longer naturally. It strengthens the hair shaft and protects
against the harsh effects of chemicals and relaxers, helping
your hair become stronger. DOO GRO Mega Long Extreme Reconstructor is great for all types of hair—
natural, color-treated, bleached, weaved, braided
and relaxed.
Use a wide-tooth comb
to prevent breakage!
Defend the Ends
Apply quality oils and butters not just to your
scalp but also on the ends. Try not to use
excessive heat. The ends are the oldest part of
your hair and need extra care. Consider using
ORS Olive Oil For Naturals Hydrating Hair
Butter to moisturize the hair.
Trim When Necessary
If you are engaged in a healthy hair routine
that involves pampering and protecting your
ends, the less you should need to cut. A trim
involves snipping off approximately ¼ of an
inch. Hopefully your ends will not be damaged beyond that, so you can realize the
growth you are experiencing. Once you have
trimmed the split ends, make a conscious
effort to care for them. Models phtotos:
Get Set And Roll On
Oh, the power of the roller-set! Roller-setting can
create volume and
lasting curls in
naturally textured,
naturally straight
(pressed) or relaxed hair.
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10/23/17 3:44 PM
The Perfect Blend
e all want our weaves and
extensions to look as natural as
possible, which is why many women
opt for leave-out styles. This technique
includes leaving out a portion of your
natural hair to combine with the added
hair. The secret to the natural look is all
about the blend. The better your own
hair blends with added hair, the more
natural the style will look. Check the
technique for getting that perfect blend.
1. Shampoo, detangle and condition with Mane ‘N Tail
products (found at Walmart). Part the hair at the
crown and use a hair clip to separate it from the rest
of the hair.
2. Braid the rest of the hair down toward the nape.
3. Sew in 12-inch wefts of body-wave hair.
4. Cut, shape and layer the hair
with quality shears and a
razor comb.
5. Unclip separated hair
at the crown; apply a
clip-in at the very front
of the hair.
6. Curl the entire head of
hair with a flat iron.
7. Brush the hair at the
crown to cover the clipin track and blend in
with the natural hair to
complete the look. 97
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10/23/17 3:44 PM
Formally Fabulous
or all your formal events, elegance is key.
This chic updo hits the mark, with its
intricate design and fabulous flair. Follow these
easy tips to step out in style!
1. Shampoo the hair with a clarifying shampoo to get
rid of product buildup.
2. Condition thoroughly and blow-dry.
3. Flat-iron the hair until silky.
4. Divide hair in two sections, parting from ear to ear.
5. Apply gel to the edges and then brush each section
up into a ponytail.
6. Using a large-barrel curling iron, bevel the hair in
each section into loose spirals.
7. Let the curls set.
8. Twist the curls, interlocking the top section with
the bottom.
9. Pin the curls in place for the finished look.
Photos: Alexei Afonin
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10/23/17 9:23 PM
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