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Metro UK – April 10, 2018

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Syria is to head UN
panel on chemical
war disarmament
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Tuesday, April 10, 2018
Loved by some:
Tributes are left in
memory of Henry
Vincent yesterday
Flowers for raider stabbed by victim – who’s forced into hiding
n How Peppa Pig has conquered China
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n Funding cuts lead to closure of 1,000 Sure Start centres
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Neighbours back pensioner who ‘killed burglar’
Suspected murder: Richard Osborn-Brooks was arrested
A PENSIONER arrested on suspicion
of murdering an intruder should not be
punished for defending his home,
neighbours said last night.
Richard Osborn-Brooks, 78, is said
to have stabbed the burglar, 38, as they
struggled in the kitchen of the house
he shares with his disabled wife in
south-east London.
Another intruder tried to carry the
injured man – said to have been armed
with a screwdriver – to a white van in
the street outside but gave up and drove
off before police arrived.
Clem Williams, 58, a martial arts
instructor who has lived on the street
for two decades, said yesterday: ‘Why
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Fighting back: Our report last Thursday
A SHRINE to a career criminal has
been created outside a home where he
was stabbed to death during one of his
burglaries – as the elderly couple he targeted are forced out in fear of reprisals.
Floral tributes and messages have
been left near the spot where Henry
Vincent was found after being wounded
by Richard Osborn-Brooks, 78. The
homeowner – cleared by police after
being arrested on suspicion of murder
– is in hiding elsewhere with his disabled wife Maureen, 76, fearing associates of the burglar will target them.
Vincent came from a family of
offenders and, after two of his cousins
n Rudd’s £40m crime plan fails to mention police cuts
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were jailed for stealing a war hero’s
medals, another relative commented
on Facebook: ‘The old b******s
deserve everything they get. An OAP a
day will keep ur bank balance at bay.’
After the floral tributes appeared, Mr
Osborn-Brooks’s neighbour Kayleigh
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Killed: Career criminal Henry Vincent
n Holidaymakers fly home to car park misery
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2 METRO Tuesday, April 10, 2018
A VOTE tonight could create the first
buffer zone in the UK outside an
abortion clinic.
Backers of the move are urging
councillors in Ealing, west London,
to prevent ‘intimidation, harassment
and distress’ for women using the
Marie Stopes centre.
Supporters include the capital’s
mayor Sadiq Khan, who said the
deliberate targeting of women ‘should
not be tolerated’. The call for a public
Protest: Rival groups at the clinic
spaces protection order follows a petition set up by local women.
A log book of entries by patients
and staff at the clinic catalogues some
of the encounters with anti-abortion
campaigners outside. One patient
was asked ‘Are you sure you want to
kill your baby?’ as she was going
into the centre.
Alithea Williams, of the Society for
the Protection of Unborn Children,
said creating a safe zone would be
‘authoritarian’. She said: ‘What we
are talking about is stopping peaceful, prayerful people from offering
help to women outside clinics.’
The clinic provides around 7,000
abortions a year.
£75m to fund trials in prostate cancer fight
THERESA MAY has pledged
£75million to help prevent deaths
from prostate cancer.
The prime minister said the cash
would fund clinical trials that will
focus on diagnosing the disease at
an earlier stage.
It is hoped 40,000 volunteers
will be recruited, particularly from
at-risk groups such as black men,
men over 50 and men with a
family history of the disease.
Mrs May said: ‘Our cancer
treatments are world class and
survival rates are at a record high,
but prostate cancer still claims
thousands of lives every year. I
know we can do more.’
Brit boys hurt as two die in Malta bus crash
TWO British boys, aged six and
eight, were fighting for their lives
last night after a packed opentop double-decker tourist bus
crashed into a tree branch in
Malta, killing a Spanish woman
and a Belgian man.
Forty-five others, including a
44-year-old British man and 10
more children, were injured in the
accident at Zurrieq, famous for
its ruins and blue grotto, near the
capital Valletta. The boys were
among five passengers said to be
critical. Most of the victims had
been on the top deck.
pals Lily James
(right) and Jessica
Brown Findlay, 28,
are together again
in World War II film
The Guernsey
Literary And Potato
Peel Pie Society.
The pair cuddled up
at the London
premiere of the
movie in which
James, 29, plays a
writer who forms a
bond with islanders.
Abortion clinic calls
for safe buffer zone
Record UK nationals want EU passports
THE number of UK nationals
granted citizenship of another EU
country more than doubled in
2016, figures show.
A total of 6,555 applications
were approved in the year of the
Brexit vote, up from 2,478 in 2015,
the highest since records began in
2002, says Eurostat. About four in
ten were for German citizenship,
15 per cent for Sweden and ten per
cent for the Netherlands.
Economics professor Jonathan
Portes, of King’s College, London,
said the rise ‘was obviously driven
by the prospect of Brexit’.
Apple co-founder quits Facebook
THE co-founder of Apple,
Steve Wozniak, is quitting
Facebook as the social
media giant struggles
with the worst privacy
crisis in its history.
Mr Wozniak, 67, said its
profits were ‘all based on
the user’s info, but the
’views’ to 65700
(Standard network charge)
Web edition
020 361 50600
020 361 52604
020 361 54000
020 361 50660
Download our tablet editions and
mobile apps from the App Store,
Google Play and the
Amazon Appstore
users get none of the
profits back’. He would
rather pay for access.
Facebook chief executive
Mark Zuckerburg will
start giving evidence
before US politicians
today about the privacy
Pulling the plug:
Steve Wozniak AP
In yesterday’s paper, we stated Harry Styles performed at
the Birmingham Arena on Saturday. In fact he was at the
Genting Arena in Birmingham.
We also said rugby player Reece Marshall plays for Saracens
when in fact he plays for Northampton.
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Tuesday, April 10, 2018 METRO 3
‘Good television’: Parkinson clashes with Dame Helen (left) in 1975, and with a monosyllabic Meg Ryan in 2003 PICTURES: BBC
Awkward GMB chat
sees Parky rekindle
TV feud with Mirren
Well red: Alesha
Dixon (left) and
Amanda Holden
(below) ITV
his decades-old feud with Helen Mirren
in an awkward live TV mix-up.
The veteran chat show host, 83, resurrected the row after getting his wires
crossed with Good Morning Britain
host Eamonn Holmes yesterday.
‘Your researcher raised the issue of
my favourite actress, the one that I was
supposed to be very rude to,’ Sir
Michael began.
Holmes presumed Parky was bringing up his awkward one-word answer
interview in 2003 with actress Meg
Ryan with whom he has also had runins. ‘Yes, but you and I had that in
common. She was rude to me before
she was rude to you,’ Holmes replied.
‘Precisely,’ said Sir Michael, to
which Holmes responded: ‘The trouble is no one believed me until she
went on your show.’
The penny dropped for the GMB
host when Parky said: ‘But that show
was done 50 years ago’, causing the
Crossed wires: Eamonn Holmes interviews Parkinson on ITV yesterday REX
ITV favourite to declare: ‘Oh no, I’m
talking about Meg Ryan.’ Parkinson
and Dame Helen, now 72, clashed
when he interviewed her in 1975.
He introduced her as the ‘sex queen’
of the Royal Shakespeare Company
before asking if her figure – or ‘equipment’ – would undermine her credibil-
ity. She exclaimed: ‘Serious actresses
can’t have big bosoms, is that what
you mean?’
She has since dismissed Parkinson as
a ‘f***ing sexist old fart’, while he has
refused to apologise, saying: ‘I don’t
regard what happened there as being
anything other than good television.’
A GIGGLING Good Morning
Britain star Kate Garraway,
50, admitted to co-host
Eamonn Holmes (both left)
that she had left a roller
(right) in her hair. She said: ‘I
wondered what was itching
me. I am genuinely blushing.’
Viewers tweeted about the
incident just after 6am
yesterday. She added: ‘It
could be a bird’s nest. It could
have been anything.’ RUCKAS/ITV
THE judges showed they are all fired up
for the new series of Britain’s Got Talent.
Both Alesha Dixon, 39, and Amanda
Holden, 47, posed in stunning scarlet
frocks when they joined fellow judges
Simon Cowell and David Walliams ahead
of Saturday’s ITV opener.
Cowell, 58, said he was left inspired
after a victim of the Manchester Arena
bombings called Hollie auditioned for
this year’s show in her wheelchair.
Fellow judge Walliams, 46, told the
Radio Times: ‘She did a dance
routine, and because she used a
wheelchair, all her friends did too,
so that was beautiful.’
Cowell said that to come back
to a Manchester theatre ‘after
everything she’s been through
… you just have to go “Respect”’.
That noise? Must be Trump,
Queen tells Attenborough...
THE Queen has poked fun
at the ‘noisy’ aircraft used
by US president Donald
Trump as she chats to Sir
David Attenborough during
filming for a documentary.
Strolling through
Buckingham Palace’s
gardens, Her Majesty says
‘sounds like president
Trump, or president
Obama’, when the peace is
shattered by a loud aircraft.
Her light-hearted remark
was made in The Queen’s
Green Planet, screening on
ITV at 9pm on Monday.
Mr Trump is yet to make
an official trip to the UK,
although the Obamas
struck up a long-lasting
friendship with the royals.
Olivier Awards ‘sorry’ after
missing Sir Peter’s curtain call
THE Olivier Awards has
said it is ‘hugely sorry’
for leaving out theatre
great Sir Peter Hall from
its in memoriam segment
at Sunday’s ceremony.
Sir Peter, founder of the
Royal Shakespeare
Company and director of
the National Theatre,
died in September aged
86. The Olivier Awards
said he ‘was a wonderful
and inspiring figure in
the UK theatre industry
and is sorely missed’.
Producer Emma Hall
said it was ‘painful to see
someone you loved being
so casually forgotten by
an industry to which he
gave so much’.
4 METRO Tuesday, April 10, 2018
Burglar’s killer ‘may never feel able to go home’
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Kerfuffle: Rochelle is stopped as
she approached Bill Cosby AP
Topless protester
arrested as Cosby
arrives for retrial
Taylor said: ‘It is a disgraceful
display.’ The NHS worker, 23,
added: ‘It is sad he lost his life but
they should not have this display
outside the victim’s house – they
are just antagonising them.’
Neighbour Theresa Webb said
Mr Osborn-Brooks and his wife
‘might never move back to the
area again’. The nutritional
therapist, 43, added: ‘Our first
thoughts are with Richard and his
wife, and to make sure they are
being cared for and looked after.’
Police yesterday released a photo
(below) of a man they suspect was
Vincent’s accomplice in the
burglary. Officers want help from
the public to find Billy Jeeves, 28,
who is said to have links to
Orpington and Swanley in Kent
and Cambridge.
The accomplice attempted to
carry Vincent to a van after
the stabbing at about 1am
last Wednesday but gave up
and drove off in Hither
Green, south-east London.
Heart-shaped balloons
and more than 20 floral
bouquets have been left
near the spot where the
dying burglar was found,
across the road from Mr
home. One tribute,
‘Disgraceful display’: Flowers with cards and messages (inset) line a
fence near the house Vincent burgled. Right, a message from an uncle
thought to have been
left by the dad-offour’s young
daughter, said:
‘Strangers can say
what they like about
you they don’t no
who you was so I don’t
care. I will never
be ashamed to
call you my
daddy.’ Another read: ‘I’m gonna
miss you Henry Boy, more than
anything in this world. There
won’t be 1 minute of the day or
night that I won’t be thinking of
you. Love your Daddy.’
Vincent, 37, had served several
jail terms for crimes including
fraud and burglary. He was named
in a police appeal in January over
raids in Kent.
Minister: ‘Idiot’ taunts by
Boris are not at all helpful
‘Different rules’: Tory Mark Field GETTY
BORIS JOHNSON’S labelling of
Jeremy Corbyn as the Kremlin’s ‘useful idiot’ is ‘not helpful at all’, a minister in his own department has said.
The foreign secretary’s combative
approach does not follow the ‘ordinary
rules of political gravity’, Mark Field
told the BBC.
‘I would always try and play the ball
and not the man when it comes to
these things,’ the minister for Asia
and the Pacific said.
‘I think to get personal about it
is not helpful at all.’
Mr Johnson accused the
Labour leader at
the weekend of
lending ‘false
credibility’ to
Moscow by failing to blame Russia
unequivocally for last month’s nerve
agent attack in Salisbury.
He said Mr Corbyn was playing
president Vladimir Putin’s game over
the poisoning, which left former KGB
double-agent Sergei Skripal and
his daughter Yulia critically
ill in hospital.
But a Labour spokesman claimed Mr Johnson
(pictured) ‘made a fool of
himself and undermined the
government’ when he
said that experts at
the Porton Down
defence laboratory
had identified that the nerve agent used
was made in Russia.
The lab later clarified that the agent
was novichok – known to have been
developed in Russia – but tests did not
show where it was made.
Mr Skripal, 66, and Yulia, 33, were
found unconscious on a bench on
March 4. Their conditions are now said
to be improving in hospital.
The Kremlin, which denies involvement in the poisoning, has requested
face-to-face talks between Mr Johnson
and Alexander Yakovenko, its ambassador to Britain.
The Russian embassy has claimed
the attitude of the foreign office, which
has branded the request a ‘diversionary
tactic’, is ‘utterly unsatisfactory’.
FBI raid on Trump lawyer who paid porn star
THE FBI last night raided the
offices of Donald Trump’s
lawyer, who paid porn star
Stormy Daniels $130,000 to
keep quiet about an alleged
affair with the US president.
Officials seized records
from the Manhattan premises
of Michael Cohen that are
believed to relate to a payment
in 2016, days before the
presidential election.
Ms Daniels claims she had
an affair with Mr Trump in
2006. The president has
denied any such affair.
Last night’s raid came as
part of an investigation
referred by special counsel
Robert Mueller to federal
prosecutors in New York.
Mr Cohen’s own lawyer
Stephen Ryan said privileged
communications between Mr
Cohen and his clients were
seized after the US Attorney’s
Office for the Southern
District of New York executed
‘a series of search warrants’.
He condemned the approach
as ‘inappropriate and
unnecessary’ and insisted Mr
Cohen had ‘co-operated
completely with all
government entities, including
providing thousands of nonprivileged documents to the
Congress and sitting for
depositions under oath’.
Mr Cohen has previously
said he paid Ms Daniels
with his own money.
$130,000 payment:
Stormy Daniels and
Michael Cohen (inset)
AN ACTRESS protested with
Women’s Lives Matter written
on her body as Bill Cosby
walked to court for a retrial
into sexual assault.
Topless Nicolle Rochelle, 39,
who appeared
in four
episodes of
TV’s The Cosby
Show was
led away in
handcuffs in
(pictured) is
charged with drugging and
molesting a woman in 2004,
plus two other counts of
aggravated indecent assault.
He denies all of them.
At the start of proceedings,
the prosecutor said Cosby,
80, had paid the alleged
victim nearly $3.4million –
money he would not have
handed over if the claims
against him were false.
Lawyers for Cosby signalled
they intend to argue that the
alleged victim is hoping for an
even bigger payout.
Cosby’s first trial ended
without a unanimous verdict.
Denials: Deborah Lowe, 53
Teacher accused of
sex with boy ‘sent
him a smutty card’
A TEACHER accused of having
sex with a pupil sent him a
card asking ‘who else can I be
a slut with?’, a court heard.
Deborah Lowe was arrested
after the boy’s mum found the
message, the jury was told.
The 53-year-old teacher,
from Poynton, Cheshire,
allegedly sent it after they had
sex at her house and he later
blocked her on social media.
The card depicted a woman
lying face down with a short
skirt on, showing her knickers.
Lowe, who denies sexual
offences, admits a fling with
the boy but claims it began
when he was 17 and after he
had left school.
Prosecutors say it started
when he was 15. The trial at
Manchester Minshull Street
crown court continues.
Tuesday, April 10, 2018 METRO 5
Mockery: Vasily Nebenzya, Russian
ambassador to the UN, last night
THE United Nations was last night
accused of placing a ‘rapist in charge of
a women’s shelter’ as it emerged Syria
is to be handed the chairmanship of its
body for tackling chemical weapons.
It came as Donald Trump hinted at a
fresh US missile strike on Syria – while
Russia again threatened to veto a UN
investigation into Saturday’s alleged
chemical attack near Damascus.
Critics hit out at the UN for allowing
Syria to chair its Conference on Disarmament when it stands accused of
repeatedly using chemical weapons in
its seven-year civil war.
‘Having the regime of Bashar al-
What’s your opinion?
Text the word VIEWS followed by
your comment, name and where
you live to 65700.
Standard network charges apply.
Assad preside over global chemical
and nuclear weapons disarmament
will be like putting a serial rapist in
charge of a women’s shelter,’ said
Hillel Neuer of the United Nations
Watch monitoring group.
‘Syria holding the president’s gavel
is liable to seriously undermine the
UN’s credibility, and will send absolutely the worst message.’
Former British Army colonel Richard
Kemp said the UN had become a ‘sick
joke’, adding: ‘Any decent nation
should boycott and defund this body.’
Theresa May warned both Syria and
Russia they will be held to account if
they are responsible for the latest ‘truly
barbaric’ attack. She said she had been
‘horrified’ by videos showing the
Horror: A Syrian
child is treated
after the
chemical attack.
Right, our report
yesterday GETTY
Fury as children die in ‘chemical attack’
DONALD TRUMP has threatened
Bashar al-Assad with retribution after
a suspected chemical attack killed
dozens of people.
The furious US
president called his
Syrian counterpart
(also pictured) an
‘animal’ as footage
emerged of babies and
children foaming
at the mouth. And
he warned there would be a ‘big
price’ to pay over the deaths
in a rebel-held area on the
outskirts of Damascus.
Mr Assad’s ally Russia
warned that a military
intervention by the US
could ‘trigger the gravest
Mr Trump last
night tweeted: ‘Many dead, including
women and children, in mindless
CHEMICAL attack in Syria.
‘Area of atrocity is in lockdown
and encircled by Syrian Army, making
it completely inaccessible to outside
world. President Putin, Russia and Iran
are responsible for backing Animal
Assad. Big price to pay.
‘Open area immediately for medical
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‘Mindless atrocity’: A young victim is treated by doctors
Outrage as Syria to head
UN chemical arms panel
apparent aftermath of the attack on the
suburb of Douma which left at least 70
dead. ‘If confirmed it provides further
evidence of the Assad regime’s appalling cruelty against its own people,’ the
prime minister said.
‘Russia’s vetoes at the UN have
enabled the regime to breach global
rules and removed mechanisms which
have enabled us to investigate chemical weapons attacks in Syria.’
Video footage from the scene showed
bodies foaming at the mouth and
children gasping for breath as they
were treated in hospital – but Russia
suggested it had all been faked as a
pretext for Western intervention.
‘Our military experts and the Syrian
Red Crescent have not found any trace
of chlorine or any other chemical substances against civilians,’ said foreign
minister Sergei Lavrov.
And last night Vasily Nebenzya,
Russian ambassador to the UN,
Attack: Nikki Haley,
the US ambassador
to the UN, last night
called president
Assad ‘a monster’ AP
mocked the West, not only denying
Russian backing for the alleged chemical attack but accusing Britain and its
allies of unleashing ‘chaos’. He told an
emergency UN security council meeting: ‘The leadership of the US, the UK
and France, without any justification
and without considering the conse-
quences, have engaged in a confrontational policy. ‘Whatever you touch,
chaos is left behind,’ he added.
But the US ambassador to the UN
Nikki Haley hit back, branding president Assad ‘a monster’ and accusing
Russia of having blood on its hands.
She spoke of ‘women and children
hiding in basements from a renewed
assault by Bashar al-Assad – families
that were hiding underground to escape
Assad’s conventional bombs and artillery’. Then she added: ‘But the basements that Syrian families thought
would shelter them became their
tombs. The monster responsible for
these attacks has no conscience.’
Ms Haley condemned ‘the Russian
regime whose hands are all covered by
the blood of Syrian children.’
Meanwhile, Israel has not commented on claims it was responsible
for a missile attack on a Syrian military airport that killed 14 yesterday.
6 METRO Tuesday, April 10, 2018
Amber Rudd’s £40m crime plan fails to mention police cuts
AMBER RUDD came under fire
yesterday for publishing new plans to
tackle violent crime which failed to
make any mention of police cuts.
The home secretary’s Serious Violence Strategy blamed gangs, drugs
and social media for a rise in knife and
gun offences since 2014.
But it ignored how during the same
period the number of bobbies on the
beat has fallen to its lowest level since
comparable records began in 1996.
The Police Federation said
the drop in numbers made
her plans ‘redundant’.
It came as a leaked
Home Office document
said that cuts in police
numbers are likely to
have ‘encouraged’
offenders to commit crimes because
they know they
are less likely to
LONDON’S murder rate last
month was not higher than
New York’s, despite reports. There
were 20 killings in March compared
with 21 in New York, according to
revised figures obtained by
Channel 4 News FactCheck. But in
February there were 16 London
murders to New York’s 14.
get caught. Last year there were
121,929 police officers working in
England and Wales – a fall of 16 per
cent from a high of 144,353 in 2009,
according to government figures.
But Ms Rudd (pictured), who commissioned the leaked report, claimed
she had not read it and denied that
cuts to resources had any impact on
crime rates. She added: ‘I think
you do a disservice to the
communities and the families by making this a political tit-for-tat about police
numbers.’ At a press con-
Drug dealers ‘offer buy 5 get 1 free’
DRUG dealers have set up a
coffee shop-style loyalty
scheme giving discounts on
cocaine to customers.
They have been using a card –
emblazoned with a smiley face –
that has blank circles on it to be
stamped after each purchase.
‘One freebie for every five
stamps that you collect!’ the
‘Loyal-T’ coupon reads.
Information service DrugWise
said the cards, reported by The
Daily Telegraph to have been
ference to launch the £40million strategy, Ms Rudd said proposals for
putting pressure on social media companies to delete gang content, restrictions on online knife sales and a ban
on possessing corrosive substances in
public would help tackle the problem.
But Calum Macleod, chair of the
handed out to wealthy users,
were probably a response to
growing competition among
drug gangs.
‘That competition results in
violence on the streets,’ said the
charity’s Harry Shapiro.
It comes after David Lammy,
MP for Tottenham in north
London, blamed drugs for recent
murders in his constituency.
He said it was easier to buy
cocaine there than to order a
pizza via Deliveroo.
Police Federation of England and
Wales, said: ‘I find it astonishing that
in an 111-page document there is not
one mention of the dwindling numbers
of officers. It’s all well and good bringing in new legislation but if you don’t
have the boots on the ground to enforce
it then it’s as good as redundant.’
Murdered: Stephen Lawrence
Met ‘is still
racist’ says
lawyer for
A LEADING lawyer has claimed
institutional racism is ‘thriving’ in
the Metropolitan police, nearly 25
years on from the murder of
Stephen Lawrence.
Imran Khan, who represented the
18-year-old’s mother, said a new
documentary series on the 1993
killing and its aftermath had left
him feeling betrayed by the police.
The murder and botched initial
investigation led to a public inquiry
that in 1999 branded the Met
institutionally racist. Stephen’s
campaigning mother Doreen was
made a life peer in 2013. Met
commissioner Cressida Dick
insists in the three-part BBC
Campaign launch: Sadiq Khan and Jeremy Corbyn in London PA
Jezza: You can’t have
security on the cheap
launched Labour’s local election
campaign with a scathing attack
on cuts in policing.
The Labour leader said leaked
Home Office documents linking
rising crime with shrinking
police numbers exposed home
secretary Amber Rudd’s claims
that the issues were unrelated as
‘absolute nonsense’.
At the launch he joined
London mayor Sadiq Khan as
the capital struggles with a
surge in knife violence.
Labour hopes to make gains at
the expense of the Tories in
London, where there are
elections in all 32 boroughs.
On knife crime, he said: ‘As
political leaders we must act. We
have to tackle full-on the reasons
so many of our young people are
having their lives extinguished.’
Since 2010, he continued, the
Conservatives have ‘decimated
local services, the core services
that are an essential part of
holding our communities
POLICE shot a man dead
near a petrol station.
Officers had been sent to
investigate after receiving a
call from a man making threats
and claiming to have a gun. A
man in his 40s, thought to be
the caller, was shot at 4.45am
yesterday and pronounced
dead half an hour later in
Romford, east London. The
Independent Office for Police
Conduct will investigate.
together. The Tory record on
policing and crime is one of
reckless failure.
‘Plain and simple – you can’t
have security on the cheap and
cuts have consequences. Too
many communities are living
with those consequences.’
Mr Corbyn also said attending
funerals of knife and gun crime
victims, was ‘deeply moving’.
Before the last election,
Labour pledged 10,000 more
police for England and Wales.
‘Lip service’: Lawyer Imran Khan
with Baroness Lawrence
documentary that the force has
moved on, but Mr Khan said he
believes officers only paid ‘lipservice’ to progress. Speaking at a
screening, he said: ‘The sense of
progress that I [thought] had been
made with police officers
understanding racism and
institutional racism goes back to
simply lip service. I think it’s now
hidden far better than it was but it
exists and it’s thriving.’
Former detective Clive Driscoll,
who led the inquiry that saw two of
Stephen’s killers convicted, said the
police need to come down on
discriminatory behaviour ‘like a
tonne of bricks’, adding: ‘Otherwise
nobody will ever have confidence
in the system or the police.’
The Met said it hadn't viewed the
series so could not comment on its
content, but added: ‘Our officers’
response, when a small minority of
their colleagues are found to be
guilty of racist behaviour, can
leave others in no doubt there is no
place for racism within the MPS.’
Tuesday, April 10, 2018 METRO 7
Patch ‘could end’
diabetes prick test
‘Left in a right state’: The 'meet and greet' Absolutely Secure Airport Parking’s offices (left) and part of a site where some vehicles were stored while people went on holiday
Families stranded at airport
as firm failed to return cars
Not responsible: Bristol Airport, which is not connected to Absolutely Secure
HOLIDAYMAKERS were stranded at
an airport for more than a day after a
‘meet and greet’ car-parking company
failed to return with their vehicles.
Families with young children were
stuck at Bristol Airport when Absolutely Secure Airport Parking failed to
show up with their cars, which were
found hours later on countryside roads,
lay-bys, in a pub car park and on a
farm ‘in the middle of nowhere’.
They say a member of staff eventually arrived and told them that workers
at the company had gone on strike.
Karen Middlemore, from Cornwall,
and her sons, aged two and five, landed
on Friday morning but did not get their
car back until midday Saturday.
The 48-year-old said: ‘It was parked
at a farm with no locked gates or
CCTV cameras. It was absolutely
filthy. They had left an interior light on
so our battery was flat.
‘The farm was in the middle of
nowhere and we luckily found a farmer
with some jump leads.
‘The police retrieved the keys for us
on the Friday from the Absolutely
Secure Airport Parking office. I use the
word ‘office’ very loosely, as it is just
a caravan with the door wide open and
just boxes of keys all over the place,
none of them locked away in a safe.’
Ms Middlemore’s family, stayed
with a relative in Gloucester overnight
before being reunited with their car. ‘It
was a terrible ordeal,’ she said.
Royal Marine Lee Drinkwater, who
waited nine hours to get his Mercedes
C250 back, said: ‘The vehicles were in
a right state.
‘It’s absolutely shocking. Some of
these cars were left in lay-bys – they
could easily have been towed away.’
Affected passengers are thought to
have booked with meet and greet
companies online who sub-contracted
to Absolutely Secure, which was
approached for comment.
BristolAirport said it was not responsible for ‘an independent business’.
children keep
warm as a
crowd of
wait at the
airport for
their cars to
be returned
What’s your opinion?
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Vet gave gang fake papers for thousands of puppies
Puppy farms: The gang passed off dogs as family pets
BBC broke rules in
climate interview
broken during a BBC Radio 4
interview with climate change
sceptic Lord Lawson.
The Today programme’s
presenters failed to
‘sufficiently challenge’
inaccurate comments made
by the former chancellor last
August, Ofcom found.
Lord Lawson said average
world temperate had slightly
declined in the last decade
and ‘all the experts say there
hasn’t been’ an increase in
extreme weather. It was the
first breach identified since
Ofcom took over regulation of
the BBC last April.
Driver who killed
peer avoids prison
Text the word VIEWS followed by
your comment, name and where
you live to 65700.
A VET falsified paperwork for
more than 4,500 puppies who
had been imported or came
from puppy farms.
Daniel Doherty claimed the
puppies were from a litter
born to family pets and signed
vaccination cards that stated
they had been immunised
against diseases and were free
of worms or fleas.
But many of the new owners
said their puppies contracted
diseases they were meant to be
protected from – and some
A NON-invasive patch that
measures glucose levels
through the skin could remove
the need for millions of
diabetics to carry out fingerprick tests.
The patch, developed at
the University of Bath, draws
out glucose from fluid
between cells.
It uses miniature sensors
with an electric current that
operate on a small area over
an individual hair follicle and
do not pierce the skin.
It is hoped the patch will
become a low-cost wearable
sensor that alerts patients on
their phone or a smartwatch
when they need to take action.
had died. Doherty, 49, opened
two My Vets surgeries in
Uxbridge, west London,
where he charged a gang £16
a puppy for the fake papers,
pocketing more than £75,000.
Doherty was found guilty of
conspiring to commit fraud
between December 2013 and
February 2017 after a trial at
Isleworth crown court.
Rebecca Reed, from West
Sussex, paid £470 for Max – a
cross cavalier King Charles
spaniel and poodle known as a
cavapoo – in November 2015.
Within hours, he collapsed
with megaesophagus – a
hereditary condition affecting
the oesophagus.
Ms Reed said: ‘The breeder
couldn’t find the vaccination
paperwork so said he’d send it
on.’ Max later recovered.
Doherty, of Iver Heath, will
be sentenced next month with
four men and one woman,
aged 25 to 35, from Hayes,
west London, who admit fraud
and animal welfare offences.
A LORRY driver has been
given a 24-week suspended
jail sentence for knocking a
Labour peer off his mobility
scooter and killing him.
Ex-Gurkha Kul Pandey, 56,
struck 87-year-old Lord Taylor
of Blackburn on a zebra
crossing outside the House of
Lords in November 2016.
The peer’s family suffered a
‘sudden and irreplaceable
loss’, the Old Bailey was told.
Pandey, of Feltham, west
London, admitted causing
death by careless driving. He
was banned from driving for
three years and ordered to do
200 hours of unpaid work.
Sir Roger’s brows
‘saved humanity’
SIR Roger Moore’s famously
mobile eyebrows were the
result of thousands of years of
evolution that may have
contributed to early human
survival, scientists believe.
The quizzically raised brow
was a trademark of the Bond
actor, who died last year.
Now scientists think such
eyebrow activity evolved to
transmit subtle signals of
emotions and empathy that
helped prehistoric humans
establish the large social
networks needed for survival.
‘Eyebrows are the missing
part of the puzzle,’ said York
university’s Dr Penny Spikins.
Tuesday, April 10, 2018 METRO 9
26 years for
who killed
ex’s lover in
branch of Tui
Romance: Laura Williams
with victim Cassie Hayes
(on the right) and
(below left) murderer Burke
Gove hints at ban
on live exports
A BAN on live animal exports
could be in sight as ministers
called for evidence from
industry and campaigners.
Environment secretary
Michael Gove said ‘all options’
for improving the welfare of
livestock during transport will
be considered, including a
potential ban on live exports
for slaughter. It comes after
the government promised
action as Britain quits the EU.
The British Veterinary
Association said meat should
be transported ‘on the hook,
not on the hoof’. More than
4,000 sheep are exported
from the UK to continental
Europe for slaughter each year.
A VENGEFUL man who ‘executed’ a
travel agent in front of customers after
she began dating his former girlfriend
has been jailed for at least 26 years.
Andrew Burke admitted slitting the
throat of Cassie Hayes as she served a
family at a branch of Tui in January.
He had been harassing the victim,
28, for months because he blamed her
for the end of his relationship with
Laura Williams, 29.
Ms Hayes’s mother Tracy told him
in a statement she read in court: ‘You
took the most precious gift I ever had
in my life, my beautiful daughter, my
baby, in the most horrific way ever.
‘You are the most evil, evil monster
walking on this whole earth. You do
not deserve to breathe fresh air.’
Burke, 31, had threatened to kill Ms
Hayes or himself in threatening phone
calls to her a year before the murder.
His mother Louise McConnell
alerted police and he was issued with
an information notice last May, telling
him contact must stop.
The day before the killing he was
convicted of harassing Ms Williams
and bailed ahead of sentencing.
Burke attacked Ms Hayes at the shop
in Southport, Merseyside, after telling
a cashier: ‘I just want to apologise for
what I am about to do.’
He lowered the hood he was wearing
and walked up behind the victim.
Gordon Cole QC, prosecuting, told
Liverpool crown court: ‘He lifted her
head, exposing her neck with his left
Drivers in the dark
about traffic lights
Mother’s tears: Tracy
Hayes at court yesterday
and (left) police at Tui
after the murder
arm and then ran his right hand across
her throat. It was immediately apparent
that Cassie Hayes had had her throat
After wounding Ms Hayes, who died
later in hospital, Burke lay down on
the shop floor until police arrived on
the scene.
He told a firearms officer: ‘Can you
tell the family that was in here I’m
sorry, I thought I’d waited till there
were no kids in there. I was in court
yesterday and I lost. It was either kill
me or kill her, so I killed her.’
Sentencing Burke, from St Helens,
judge David Aubrey told him he had
‘perpetrated a cold-blooded execution
in public for the purpose of revenge’.
He added: ‘In my judgment the killing was an act of unspeakable savagery. It was a cowardly act of revenge
that was designed to kill, and did kill, a
totally innocent person.’
Ms Hayes’s mother stood arm in arm
with her daughter Nadine as she told
Burke from the witness box: ‘You are
a sick, disturbed man and you do not
deserve to walk the streets. You should
spend the rest of your life behind bars.
I just want my baby back and I hope
you rot in hell you evil coward.’
Kate expectations as road set for royal birth
A FLURRY of activity has been
taking place at the hospital where
the Duchess of Cambridge is due to
give birth.
Crowd barriers were put in place
outside the private Lindo Wing of
St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington,
London, yesterday, along with signs
suspending parking for an ‘event’
due between April 9 and April 30.
Kate gave birth to George, four,
and Charlotte, two, in the wing,
where the price of a ‘normal’
birth in a standard room
starts at £5,900.
Kensington Palace
confirmed earlier this
year the birth was
expected in April, but the
exact date is secret.
Ringo Starr claimed the
Duke of Cambridge let slip
Markle have asked for
donations to charity instead of
wedding presents. The couple
have invited guests coming to
next month’s ceremony to give to
organisations whose work they are
‘passionate about’. Kensington
Palace said: ‘They have chosen
charities which represent a range
of issues, including sport for social
change, women’s empowerment,
conservation, homelessness, HIV
and the armed forces.’
Due soon: The
Lindo yesterday.
Left, Charlotte
leaving with
mum and dad
in 2015 PA/GETTY
his child was due ‘any minute now’
as he knighted the ex-Beatles
drummer on March 21.
But both older children were said
to be born later than their due
dates and this could happen again.
The child will be fifth in line to the
throne, bumping Prince Harry into
sixth position.
Bookmaker Ladbrokes said Alice
and Philip were favourites for the
baby’s name.
MANY motorists are clueless
about the sequence of traffic
lights, research shows.
Nearly 13 per cent of drivers
who took an online quiz
thought a single amber light
was followed by a green one.
A similar proportion thought
it was followed by red and
amber together.
Just under three-quarters
had the right answer – it leads
to a red light.
Ignorance of the law was
also exposed by the Jardine
Motors Group quiz, taken by
1,558 drivers. Half had no clue
cursing a fellow motorist
could lead to a hefty fine.
Waitrose to ban
throw-away cups
DISPOSABLE coffee cups will
no longer be used in Waitrose
by this autumn as the chain
cuts plastics and packaging.
Members of the myWaitrose
loyalty scheme will still get
free tea or coffee from
machines, but will be asked to
use a reusable ‘keep cup’.
The removal of the
disposable cups will take
place in nine stores from
April 30, as a trial for
managing the changeover,
before it is rolled out
nationwide by the autumn.
Waitrose said the move
would save more than
52million cups a year.
Fugitive drug boss
jailed for 11 years
A ONE-LEGGED drug kingpin
is still on the run after being
convicted of trying to import
£8million of amphetamines.
Richard Wakeling, 51, of
Brentwood, Essex, fled to
Belfast in January before a
trial which found him guilty of
drug offences alongside three
other men. He was jailed at
Chelmsford crown court
yesterday for 11 years. Drums
of the liquefied amphetamine
were found in a lorry at the
Channel Tunnel in April 2016.
The National Crime Agency
fears Wakeling has now fled
to Thailand, where he has
family connections.
10 METRO Tuesday, April 10, 2018
You put a diva in this dive?
happy when she was
booked into a £30-anight hostel.
But she lightened
up after learning
her arrival was
being filmed for an
ad for Hostelworld.
And the pop diva,
48, was delighted the
Casa Gracia hostel, in
Barcelona, offered perks
such as free wi-fi and a
cocktail bar. Staff also
put her in a private,
en suite room.
And Mimi was so
impressed, she is
encouraging fans
to slum it.
thought it would be
funny to book me in a
hostel,’ she said. ‘It was
fabulous. Give hostels a go!’
Kylie is the Golden girl again
KYLIE MINOGUE is to reclaim her pop
princess crown by dethroning The
reatest Showman soundtrack’s recordreaking run at No.1 in the album charts.
The 49-year-old’s feverish promotion of
4th album Golden has put her on course
or her first No.1 album since 2010.
Her Nashville-inspired songs have out-sold
rivals by three to one and look certain to end
the soundtrack’s 11-week run at No.1.
Kev muscles in on Ed’s fame
ED SHEERAN’S not one to hog the limelight
all to himself – and is on a mission to make
his security guard a star in his own right.
Dubbing beefy Kevin Myers his ‘bae’, Ed, 27, hass
created an Instagram account for his bouncer –
under the handle ‘securitykev’.
It has amassed more than 157,000 followers,
and shows the pair sharing some tender
moments on the road. One snap of the pair
hugging is crudely captioned #bareback.
MORETZ let the
music do the talking
after snaps of on-off lover
Brooklyn Beckham kissing
model Lexi Wood, 20, emerged
on Sunday. The Kick-Ass star,
21, shared a screenshot
of her phone as she
listened to Cardi B’s
track about cheating
called Be Careful,
captioning it ‘the
A N D R E I H A R M S W O RT H ’ S
Ruti’s got The Voice
to break show curse
But first test victor must pass... is finishing school
HE VOICE UK champ Ruti
Olajugbagbe says she can
break the show’s ‘curse’ and
land a No.1 single... once her
A-level studies are over.
The 18-year-old, whose cover of The
Cranberries’ track Dreams leads the
midweek singles chart, hopes to
aavoid the fate of former victors
whose careers failed to take off.
‘I was aware of that [the
‘‘curse’] but it didn’t worry me,’
sshe told Guilty Pleasures. ‘Maybe
tthey (ex winners) didn’t top the
ccharts but people from The Voice
explained why she paid tribute to The
have been successful in their own way
Cranberries singer Dolores O’Riordan,
as musicians,’ she added.
who died – aged 46 – in January.
Ruti, mentored by Sir Tom Jones,
‘Her voice is so unique. I
revealed she had previously turned
wanted to do her justice,’
down two chances to take part in
she added.
the ITV show. ‘I was like, “I
Having signed a record
don’t want to do it”, but when it
deal with Polydor, Ruti goes
came round again, I thought,
back to reality on Monday,
“What’s the worst that can
when she returns to school.
happen?”’ she said.
But she will put university
And Ruti, of Essex, has
plans on hold to pursue a
big plans. ‘I’d love to have
pop career. ‘When I’m
a No.1, perform at
Big Dreams: Ruti
free I’ll be taking a gap
Glastonbury and sell out
year,’ she said.
shows.’ She also
sell out shows and
play Glastonbury REX
Tuesday, April 10, 2018 METRO 11
ith Tom
Sti hb
LILY ALLEN has leapt
to pal Olly
Murs’s defence after
he hinted that
last year’s terror scare
Circus Tube station was London’s Oxford
The Voice UK judge Olly ered up’.
after tweeting from ins was mocked
on Black Friday, claimin
g he had
heard gunshots.
In a panicked post sen
t on November
24, Murs wrote: ‘F
everyone get out
of Selfridges now, ***
gun shots!’
The 33-year-old addres
sed the
incident in a new inte
saying: ‘Something hap w this week,
ed that
day. Whether it was cov
ered up, I
don’t know.’
And he has found a sup
conspiracy theory. Bef porter for his
Paris yesterday, The Fea jetting off to
tweeted: ‘I believe Olly r singer, 32,
But British Transport
Police quickly
slapped down the sta
there were no shots fire – insisting
d that day.
It is understood that
of a terror scare starte false rumours
on the station’s platfor d after a scuffle
case of ‘Chinese whisp m sparked a
In a statement follow
interview and Lily’s twe ing Murs’s latest
et, the
‘A full and methodica BTP said:
l sea
the station and Oxford rch of
was conducted by spe eet
trained firearms officer ly
During the search, offi s.
did not find any evidenc s
gunfire at the station e of
They added: ‘During the
station evacuation, one
woman is believed
to have sustained
a minor injury.
We understand
incidents like
this cause
panic and
‘It’s no F-Olly’: Lily
tweeted support for
Olly’s terror scare
‘cover up’ claims
Drake’s party is
one for ladies...
Vinnie’s now a
music vid star
Bacon’s battle to
cope with ADHD
In the club... &
out of festival!
DRAKE marked
the release of
new single Nice For
What with a night out
at the Playboy Casino
club in London on
Sunday, joined by a
female entourage. He
also hit up Japanese
haunt Sumosan Twiga.
acting career
has moved on to
music videos. The
former Wimbledon
and Leeds footballer,
53, vies for a girl’s
attention in guitarpop band The 27’s
new video Tell Me.
shared the issues
he faces as an ADHD
sufferer. The former
Blue Peter host, 42,
said: ‘You lose your
credit card, your
passport, your keys. I
once left a passport
on a urinal in Italy.’
has pulled out of
Wireless festival after
revealing she is having
a baby. Organisers last
night confirmed the
news, and means she
will no longer be able
to perform at London’s
Finsbury Park on July 8.
holiday break-up, Kodaline’s
teve feels lucky in love again
KODALINE frontman Steve
Garrigan was left heartbroken
en his girlfriend returned from
iday with an unexpected
uvenir… a new lover.
he Big Bad World singer raised
the bar for worst-ever break-up
stories during an exclusive
chat with GP.
‘I was in a relationship and
my then-girlfriend said, “I’m
going on holiday, I think
we should have a
break”,’ he recalled.
‘She came back
two weeks later
with a boyfriend,’
he added, quipping:
‘I kind of knew it
was over’. The Irishman admitted
it took a while to get over the
split: ‘It was pretty harsh but it
obviously wasn’t meant to be.’
And fans will be pleased to hear
Steve, 29, has since found love
with TV presenter Diana
Bunici. ‘She is beautiful and
I love her a lot,’ he said.
The band – completed by
drummer Vinny May, bassist
James Boland and guitarist
Mark Prendergast – have
just released new single
Follow Your Fire and are
working with Ed
Sheeran’s producer
Steve Mac on their
third album.
Zlatan: I was Bourne for Hollywood
AFTER a dazzling debut for LA Galaxy, Zlatan
Ibrahimovic now plans to conquer Hollywood.
The 36-year-old scored twice in a 4-3 win and is
aiming to tackle showbiz like former Paris SaintGermain team-mate David Beckham.
The Swedish international, who has been
hanging out with Becks in Tinseltown, admits he
is ‘curious’ about a career in acting and sees
himself as the next Jason Bourne.
12 METRO Tuesday, April 10, 2018
THANK you to the kind guy
(and his girlfriend who
prompted him) who saved me
from a very uncomfortable
situation outside Liverpool
Street station on Saturday
night by pretending they knew
me. I was a bit shaken and it
was only afterwards that felt
I hadn’t thanked you enough!
Jennifer, London
THANK you to the lovely lady
at Rayleigh station last Friday
at 7.30am who asked if I was
OK as I was looking quite upset
having left my train ticket at
home! Sorry I didn’t say much,
it had been a rather stressful
Girl In Black Coat, Rayleigh
MASSIVE thanks to Richard M
who works for Virgin Trains for
finding my wallet on the
streets of Leeds. He tracked
me down and managed to
return it to me. Top man!
Roland, Keighley
MANY thanks to the two Bank
station staff who gave me
water and the two police
officers who helped me at St
Pancras station when I became
ill. I was able to safely get on
the high-speed train home.
Michael, Kent
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on Metro is a
member of the Independent Press
Standards Organisation
BBC radio stars are
paid way too much
£133k Sarah Montague should stop whining
n So former Today programme presenter
Sarah Montague was ‘incandescent’
and ‘felt a sap’ when she learned she
was paid much less than her co-stars
(Metro, Mon).
It is not that she should have pay parity
with her male colleagues but that her
male colleagues should have pay parity
with her. Her £133,000 is an insanely
high salary for what isn’t the most
difficult, dangerous or time-consuming
job in the world. The BBC should be
fostering new talent and not paying
outrageous salaries to retain existing
Pete, Essex
n BBC pay is obscene – £200,000£249,000 to sit and talk. Come on! And
most of the work is done by researchers,
production teams, etc. And this doesn’t
even include people like Chris Evans
(£2.2million-£2.25million). But I blame
the apathetic public for putting up with it
all. Society is sick to its financial core,
while the rest are being ruled by elite
power holders.
Michael, Brighton
n Ms Montague should thank her lucky
stars and stop whining. As a presenter of
the Today programme, she was paid
£133,000 per annum for 15 hours a week
or £170.51 an hour. Not exactly
minimum wage is it? Colin, Wendover
n The BBC is a beacon of standards in
a world of fake news and Facebook/
Twitter echo chambers. Yes, it may seem
dated and living in a bygone pre-Google
age but what makes Britain great is that
we keep tried and tested institutions in
the most difficult circumstances.
People like Ms Montague may seem
overpaid but the Today programme still
sets the news agenda each day and its
presenters still hold our politicians to
account. The pressure on these stars is
immense; they deserve a good salary.
MJ, Hove
n Why are we paying these people so
much money? No public employee
should be paid more than the prime
Tony, Holt
Why so scared about feeding?
n In the debate about McDonald’s
telling a young mum to breastfeed
in a toilet (MetroTalk, Mon), isn’t it
convenient that the people
offended all posted as Anon.
I mix-fed but when breastfeeding in
public I just did it. If you don’t like it,
move away or don’t look! Also,
some babies don’t take to feeding
from bottles. Some people
shouldn’t comment on what they
know nothing about. May, Charlton
n Four of those texting in to
Monday’s MetroTalk about public
breastfeeding signed themselves
as Anon. Come on people. Own it.
P, Tyne and Wear
n I find it so amusing that all the
readers hitting out against the
woman breastfeeding in
McDonald’s did so anonymously.
Seems they are so indignant and
repulsed by the action but not
enough to supply even just a first
name. Keyboard warriors! Or
perhaps they are just too
embarrassed that they eat in
Jon West, Midlands
LOVE is all around us, as shown
by the messages left by our
commuter cupids. Are they
talking about you? Don’t forget
to tell us if you get together!
TO the young lady with amazingly
big frizzy hair on the escalator at
Moorgate last Wednesday at 8pm,
get in touch! We caught gazes!
Ben, Balham
TO the gorgeous bearded guy with
amazing green eyes who got off the
Peterborough-King’s Cross train at
8.55am. I’m still kicking myself that
I didn’t pluck up the courage to
speak to you when you walked past.
Drink sometime?
Blonde Girl In The White Dress
TO the cute guy with all the bags on
the No.3 bus last Wednesday at
11pm-ish: hope you get to enjoy your
time off between jobs. I should have
taken your hand. Fancy another bus
ride? Dorchester Court Girl, London
RED-HEADED lady in red trainers and
black bomber jacket on the Northern
line to High Barnet at 7.15am
yesterday. Put the phone away and
share a coffee?
Nick, Kingston
TO the tall dark handsome guy who
Tuesday, April 10, 2018 METRO 13
Rachelle Ann
Go and Jamael
Westman in
the hit West
End production
of Hamilton
n The gender pay gap is not
about male and female
counterparts earning the
same (MetroTalk, Mon), it’s
about the highest-paid jobs in
companies being held by men
and the lowest by women. As
a 23-year-old mechanical
engineer, I know that, if I were
to start having children now,
I can wave goodbye to a
senior engineer position
as I lose up to a year of
work experience per child
(compared with my male
counterparts). I then face
either escalating childcare
costs or working part-time.
n Well done Hamilton for doing so well at the Olivier awards (Metro, Mon).
Let’s hope this superb hip-hop musical about America’s founding fathers
can inspire similar original takes on British history. Anyone for a grime
take on Henry VIII? The Wives And Grimes Of Henry VIII? Ben, East London
No excuse for animal cruelty
n Countrylover defends the fox
hunting done by a falconer for
keeping rural ‘pests’ at bay
(MetroTalk, Mon). What arrogance
to label some animals as pets, some
as vermin and some as food. This
to me is perverse. They do not
understand that all animals are
living, feeling beings. They mention
hens and lambs being slaughtered
by foxes – but this was going on
long before humans starting
breeding them for the dinner table.
One is nature, another is barbarism.
ALL-Animals Lover, Kent
got on the 8.35am at Apsley last
Wednesday. You saw me and the
empty seat next to me and, I’d like to
think, switched doors to sit next to
me. I smiled and said a quiet thanks
as I got off at Kings Langley. Drink?
Brunette With Grey Coat
And Silver Nose Stud
GIRL with blonde hair at Rotherham
bus station, I was the lad glancing at
you with green joggers on. I should
have asked for your number.
Joe, Rotherham
TO the beautiful girl on the Piccadilly
line towards Heathrow on Saturday
night at about 10.30pm. Long black
n Countrylover, I think you’ll find
the biggest vermin problem on the
planet is the human race!
Shuffles, Airdrie
n These maniacs who attempt to
justify their sick addiction to animal
cruelty are both disturbing and
pathetic; they deserve our pity.
Patricia, Ayrshire
n Townies, lay off the timeless
rituals of the countryside! You really
don’t understand. Farms feed us
and need protecting.
A, Hertford
hair, Asian looks in blue jeans and a
black felt beret cap. Fancy a coffee?
The Asian, Hounslow
TO the girl cracking her neck on the
No.29 to Tunbridge Wells in pink
shorts, Hawaiian shirt and flip-flops.
Fancy cracking my neck sometime?
Isaac, Kent
HANDSOME man at London Bridge
station last Friday around 5.20pm.
We exchanged a few looks. I had to
catch my train. Drink? Pete, London
Text CRUSH followed by your Rush-Hour
Crush, name and where you live to 65700.
Standard network charge applies
My husband feels the pressure
to remain the breadwinner
and support his family as
dictated by society. It’s about
deep-seated inequality.
Vicky, Mechanical Engineer
n The real mystery concerning
the current BBC TV version of
Agatha Christie’s Ordeal By
Innocence, is not who is the
murderer, but why did the
Agatha Christie estate allow
writer Sara Phelps to change
the murderer?
Colin Bower, Sherwood
n Why doesn’t TfL maintain
bus indicators at bus stops?
The police tell us not to use
smartphones to deter moped
muggers but TfL tells us to
text for updates, leaving us
vulnerable when using
mobiles. Please replace the
Anna Sanchez, Kensal Rise
n By calling Prince Charles a
freeloader (MetroTalk, Mon),
Bill from Edinburgh has
missed the target. He is not
state-funded. He gets his
income from the Duchy of
Cornwall, on which he
pays tax.
HG, Kent
14 METRO Tuesday, April 10, 2018
Do people from
Yorkshire have a
know how to spend their money
distinct identity?
properly – they’ve got that in
common with the Scots. They
Oh yes. It’s about
want value for money. And
their humour, which
they love where they live and
you can see in the
Strictly not: Prescott you can tell that from how
show. They banter
won’t copy Ed Balls they talk about the place.
with you. And they
The Night Tube is
running Fridays and
lines, perfect for the
Search TfL Improvements
The veteran Labour
politician on avoiding
Strictly, tweeting at the
age of 79 and his new TV
show Made In Yorkshire
What’s the show about?
It’s a look at food manufacturing
companies in Yorkshire – one
chocolate, one sausages, one dealing
with pork pies and then Wensleydale
cheese. They’re all in small villages
in the Yorkshire Dales and they all
sell their products in millions. It was
great to see small companies that
have turned themselves into big
companies, maintaining good quality
and employing hundreds of people.
Were you surprised or
impressed by anything?
Both. They’re family firms that adjusted
to the massive changes in retailing.
They’ve become highly successful and
they’ve become tourist destinations.
Will Brexit affect all this?
They’re from farming areas and their
materials are locally sourced, so Brexit
won’t make a massive change for them
and the market they’re serving is largely
domestic as well. The EU provides
protection for products that come from
a specific area – such as Wensleydale
cheese – and we’ve already seen things
like the Americans attempting to sell
us Cornish pasties, which is protected
under the same legislation.
Have you worked in a factory?
No, and it’s a good job I didn’t after
trying to put the chocolates in the
packaging in this programme! My first
job was at 16 as a commis chef, then
I spent ten years on cruise liners as a
waiter and steward and then I got a job
where you don’t have to work for a
living – it’s called being an MP.
Yorkshire people know
how to spend their
money properly –
they’ve got that in
common with the Scots
You’re a prolific Tweeter – is it
all your own work?
I do it when it’s necessary but I work
with my son on that. Politicians should
look less at social media than they do
now. You hear MPs complaining but
I say just switch it off because I never
listen to it. They complain about a few
nasty people but those people aren’t
engaged in debate – just turn it
off if you feel threatened by it.
Running on the Victoria line, Jubilee line and Central line
between Loughton/Hainault via Newbury Park and Ealing
Broadway. Northern line Charing Cross branch excluding
Mill Hill East. Piccadilly line between Cockfosters and
Heathrow Terminal 5, but not Terminal 4.
Why are you doing a show
like Made In Yorkshire
instead of, say, Strictly?
I’ve turned those down. I don’t
watch it but they’ve had those
people on such as Ed Balls and
that woman, the MP, who was
flying around in the air. I wasn’t
prepared to do it. You become the
clown of it. I did this because I want
to help anything in Yorkshire and
show how well northern businesses
can do. It shows there’s more
to Yorkshire than cricket.
What’s been your proudest
political achievement?
Kyoto – getting that climate change
legislation through. When we came
into power in 1997 the climate
change negotiations were on and
they needed international consensus.
Bill Clinton phoned Tony Blair and
said, ‘We’re worried about climate
change – can you get us a tough
negotiator?’ So I ended up leading
the negotiations with the European
Union and establishing the first
steps towards dealing with climate
change. Now the science is
recognised but it wasn’t by a lot of
people at the beginning, and next
we need to do work on achieving
targets. It is going in the right
direction, but not fast enough.
What do you make of Jeremy
Corbyn’s leadership of
the Labour Party?
I didn’t vote for Jeremy but
he’s a remarkable leader.
He’s our leader and I believe
you support your leader
and get on with the job.
Do you enjoy being in
the House of Lords?
I work 18 hours a day, that
hasn’t changed. I continue to
work on climate change and
I’m working on getting more ‘Remarkable’: Labour What lessons has
devolved power for the north. leader Jeremy Corbyn your career in
politics taught you?
We got devolution for Wales
and Scotland and London with the
That it’s a blessing to have a job you
mayor. We were working on the regional love doing – especially if you get to
development agencies in the north but
do it all the time. I don’t do much to
the Tories scrapped that and brought in
relax, my relaxation is my work, but
what they call northern devolution but
I’m a great advocate of hard work.
that’s controlled by the treasury. It’s not
enough. Yorkshire is the biggest county
and we need to correct this imbalance
Made In Yorkshire starts tonight on
of resources in our infrastructure.
Channel 5 at 9pm
16 METRO Tuesday, April 10, 2018
Hugo home saved from Les
Mis-ery by tycoon’s £2.6m
A RETAIL billionaire has stepped in to
save the home where Victor Hugo
wrote Les Misérables.
Hauteville House in Guernsey –
where the author lived between 1856
and 1870 after being exiled from his
native France – has suffered extensive
damage from damp.
But François Pinault, whose son
François-Henri is married to
Hollywood actress Salma Hayek
(both pictured), has donated
£2.6million for the repairs.
The businessman, 81, whose Kering
group owns Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent
and Puma, said of the house: ‘It is itself
a work of art. I am pleased to support
its full restoration to a state worthy of
the original and to renewing the décor
that formed the backdrop for the
creation of so many masterpieces.’
After Hugo’s death the house
was gifted to the city of Paris and
turned into a museum. But there
has been doubt over whether it
would ever be restored.
Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo
said the city could not afford
the repair bill and the project
was put on hold.
Hugo bought Hauteville
House in St Peter Port with his
earnings from Contemplations
and it became a source of
inspiration for several of his
future works.
House, in
where Victor
Hugo lived
during his 15year exile GETTY
Shake-up at
Deutsche as
Brit banker
is forced out
DEUTSCHE BANK has ousted its British chief executive John Cryan after less
than three years in the post.
The German giant’s supervisory board
said it wanted a ‘new execution dynamic’
in the top team as they announced Mr
Cryan will be replaced by retail arm
chief Christian Sewing.
Board chairman Paul Achleitner said,
despite his ‘relatively short tenure’, Mr
Cryan had played a ‘critical role’.
The outgoing chief will leave at the
end of April after being at the top
of the bank since July 2015, when
he replaced co-chief executive
Anshu Jain.
A month later, Germany’s
largest bank shook the financial
world as it posted multibillion euro losses
due to a series of
writedowns and
litigation charges. The £4.3billion hit led
to a huge cost-slashing effort that saw
the company cut thousands of jobs.
Later, Mr Cryan was promoted to sole
chief executive and steered the bank
through uncertainty surrounding Brexit,
plummeting share prices, ultra-low
interest rates and hefty fines from US
regulators over the financial crisis.
Mr Achleitner said Mr Cryan (pictured)
had ‘laid the groundwork’ for a rosier
future, but the board ‘came to the
conclusion that we need a new
execution dynamic in the leadership of our bank’.
An employee for more than 25
years, Mr Sewing was promoted to ‘lead Deutsche
Bank into a new era’,
the chairman said.
lifestyle brand Toast to Danish
firm Bestseller in a £23.3million
deal. The chain’s shares soared by
20 per cent after the agreement
was revealed yesterday. Toast
founders Jamie and Jessica
Seaton, who retain a 25 per cent
stake, will also cash in.
winning streak after revenues
grew 9.3 per cent in the six
months to March 31. Britain’s
biggest ten-pin bowling company
also rolled out two new centres,
which took its total to 59. Chief
executive Stephen Burns said:
‘The group had another very
successful Christmas.’
n HOUSE prices recorded a
‘surprise’ 1.5 per cent jump in
March to an average of £227,871.
It was the biggest monthly rise
since August last year and
means prices were 2.7 per cent
higher than a year earlier.
Mortgage payments accounted
for 29 per cent of disposable
income in the final quarter of
2017, compared with 48 per cent
in 2007, Halifax figures show.
Australia (A$)............................................................ 1.74
Canada (C$) ............................................................... 1.71
Euro (€).......................................................................1.10
New Zealand (N$) ................................................... 1.80
Poland (zloty) ..........................................................4.24
Singapore ($) ............................................................ 1.73
South Africa (rand) ............................................... 15.89
US ($)..........................................................................1.35
r u rban g
Jay Blades on why he’s
inspiring youngsters in
the art of restoration
Page 19 »
Packed with floor-to-ceiling vinyl, CDs and
books – the professor of pop’s home is a
living library, says Andrew Williams
Tuesday, April 10, 2018 METRO 17
- vi g roo
gulfs t
st getting
twop t ouse flat i
office block – a
an unexpecte
‘The estate
who lives wi
18 METRO Tuesday, April 10, 2018
Interiors | Inspiration | Food
From Page 17 »
Wall of sound: The shelves, built to CD
dimensions, in the living room where
Paul’s Sony Lifetime Achievement
Award, inset, is on display
CDs. Since CDs have fallen out of
favour the shelves, which were built
to CD dimensions, host Paul’s large
collection of books – including many
volumes of vintage comic books.
While Paul is best known for his
music expertise and career as a radio
DJ he is also a comic book enthusiast
– reflected in his taste in artwork,
which includes several lithographs by
Disney artist Carl Barks. ‘He was in
charge of Disney’s duck unit and
worked on the duck comic books for
25 years,’ says Paul.
‘He created characters including
Scrooge McDuck. My grandmother
helped me learn how to read from the
Carl Barks duck comics so they have
sentimental value. I also like how
much character is in them.
‘With simple drawings a character
is brought to life – and he has a
beautiful use of colour.’
Paul says he will neveer part
with a smaller and simp
piece of art – a personaal
sketch done for him as a
child by Superman
artist Curt Swan.
‘Curt’s son was in my
brother’s class at
school which is how I
came to have that. I’ll
always keep it,’ he addss.
The living room is allso
home to Paul’s 1911
Steinway piano. ‘It’s my most
important possession. I can’t
believe they managed to get it in here!
I’ve played the piano since I was a
child and I only play classical. I’m
good at reading classical music but I
can’t improvise, which you need for
pop and jazz.’
Paul’s collection of trophies,
including a Sony Lifetime
Achievement Award, sits on top.
The living room is in the downstairs
part of the flat – so the removal team
had to take the piano down a tight
stairway. The flat’s entrance is on the
upper floor along with both bedrooms
‘I cannot imagine living
anywhere more convenient’
and bathrooms. Another of
Paul’s collections dominates the
entrance hall and stairs – his
assortment of movie posters.
‘Each one has a story,’ says Paul,
who reviewed films on TV-am for
more than a decade. He points to a
poster for 1983 film The Right Stuff,
about the beginnings of the US space
programme. ‘I saw that film with
Sting in New Orleans,’ he says. ‘We
had dinner and we got to the dessert
stage and he said, “I don’t eat dessert
anymore.” I immediately felt like the
fattest person on Earth. It changed my
eating habits – dessert and cakes left
my life at that point.’
Nearly 20 years on and Paul is still
happy he bought his flat. ‘I won’t
need to move again because the
neighbourhood is changing all the
time. It feels like an entire new village
has sprung up. Waterloo station is
nearby so I can get in to the BBC to
do my show very quickly.
‘I can’t imagine living anywhere
more convenient.’
Room with a view: Paul
has watched the South
Bank evolve since 2000
n Paul Gambaccini presents Pick Of
The Pops on Radio 2 on Saturdays at 1pm
Poster boy:
Paul’s flat is
adorned with
his collection
of movie
posters and
comic art in
books and CDs
1 Tjena Storage Box, £35, 2 Geometric Wooden Box, £26, 3 Vintage Metal Storage Box, £35, 4 Lego Storage Brick, £12.50,
5 Spindle Storage Box, £35 6 Karena 4-Tier Stacking Storage Box, £35,
Tuesday, April 10, 2018 METRO 19
Interiors | Inspiration | Food
My restoration drama
Andrew Williams chats to Jay Blades about upcycling versus restoring
how they can fix up a broken-down chair and
HEN TV’s Jay Blades took
if they sell it to the right people they can
up restoration eight years
make £150.
ago, it wasn’t just about
‘And it’s all above board and they haven’t
bringing furniture back to
had to look over their shoulder or worry
life, but about giving
about the police catching them. Some of
disadvantaged youngsters a chance, too.
the young people I work with can’t
‘I ran a charity doing community
read or write, but are good with
work but by 2010 funding was
their hands – restoring
drying up,’ he explains.
furniture is perfect for that.
‘I was looking at ways of
Get some furniture and play
‘We started in 2010 and
raising revenue so we
around with the paints and
we’ve sold our stuff in
could continue working
techniques. You’ll make a lot of
Heal’s and John Lewis.’
with young people –
rubbish stuff to begin with.
Jay and his young
doing up old furniture
You can find cheap furniture
on websites or at your local
team enjoyed almost
was one of those ways.’
charity shop. Jay recommends
immediate success.
After receiving
undertaking a course or being
‘I thought I’d have to
training from master
taught by master craftsmen.
do 50 chairs the same, but
craftsmen, Jay set up a
the customers were happy
social enterprise, restoring
but that would be a
we were doing one-offs.
unloved items with young
brilliant start.
If they liked them, they would
people. These days the 48-yearhave to buy them then and there.’
old one-time builder has a nice
Jay fondly remembers his very first lesson
sideline in TV, including The Repair Shop
from master craftsmen – how to clean his
and Money For Nothing. But for him, it’s all
brushes and sharpen tools.
about the youngsters.
‘A lot of the people who taught me were
‘Young people are being sold the message
they need to get on social media, get on Love old-school and when they started as
apprentices they weren’t allowed to touch
Island and become famous,’ he says. ‘I teach
anything for six months,’ he says.
them how to make money from nothing –
‘One of the first things I was taught was
painting, by a French polisher. He knew the
sort of work I was planning to do with
young people and said I wouldn’t need to
know how to do French polishing to
begin with, but he showed me how to
paint really smoothly without leaving
brush strokes. Then I learned tapestry,
upholstery, how to restore different
types of wood and I’m still learning.’
It is this dedication to learning
traditional skills that Jay believes is the
fundamental difference between an
‘upcycler’ and a restorer.
‘Some people describe themselves as
a professional upcycler, but I don’t
think there is such a thing,’ he says.
‘I can give my daughter a toilet roll;
she can draw a face on it and put
feathers in the back and she’s turned
it into an owl. She’s just upcycled that
toilet roll. I call myself a modern restorer and
people understand that term. You get
trained to be a restorer, a French polisher,
an upholsterer – but there isn’t a qualification to be an upcycler.’
You can watch the two series of
The Repair Shop on
BBC iPlayer;
Crafty: Jay says he was taught
by ‘old school’ craftsmen
20 METRO Tuesday, April 10, 2018
Interiors | Inspiration | Food
Make the
The Ebb & Flow
range’s pretty,
jewel-like shades
and vintage vibes
are worth knowing
about. Horizon, from
£146.75, moonbeam
ea iful
i low.
Basket case
T he
Sweet scents
If you love Ladurée’s pretty, pastel macarons,
get ready to be obsessed by its scented candles,
especially the Paeva (violet), Caprice (rose) and
Orange Blossom-fragranced candles for spring in
a box. £40 each,
Moth cause
Pack up your woollies
and keep moths at
bay with this new
environmentally friendly
Chrysanthemum Moth
Spray – a fresh and
fragrant alternative
to harsh, chemical
insecticides. £22,
An apple
a day…
Spice up your life
with great shutters
and bold bedding...
Spice trail
Hott List loves a simple yet
effective ga
adget and Microplane’s
new 2-in-1 Spice Mill will precisely
nd grind your cinnamon
grate an
and nutmeg and store it in a
small airtight compartment.
£24.95, hartso
Going potty
S l watering
is how to do
r ot
pla t
In fashion
What a scoop!
America’ss cult, guilt-free, Halo Top ice
cream has arrived in the UK and the
high-protein, low-calorie dessert in
flavours including sea salt caramel,
chocolate and peanut butter cup is too
exciting not to buy. £5 each,
It’s a twister
With a hint of fairytale
magic, this resin and
marble Distortion
Candlestick is an
unusual twist on a
classic design.
£35, shop.national
Tuesday, April 10, 2018 METRO 21
Interiors | Inspiration | Food
C U S H I O N T H E B L O W. . .
My velvet cushions
look heavy in spring.
Shall I change them?
Definitely! After all, we
change our clothes with the
seasons so why not our soft
furnishings? Swap velvet or
wool cushion covers for cotton
and linen. And don’t stop there!
Change dark rugs for light,
colourful ones and, if you can,
heavy winter curtains for lighter
drapes. The spares can easily be
stored away under a bed or
sofa. You don’t need to buy new
Interiors blogger Kate Watson-Smyth on
pimping up your thermostats and more
Computer and media cables
are taking over my small flat –
any tips for a tidy solution?
Cables are such a frustration. We
seem to have arrived at the
paperless office, but not at the
cordless home. It’s impossible to get
rid of them but try to make the best
of the situation by untangling cables
and clipping them together or
feeding them through cable tidy
tubes so they are always there and
ready to go but don’t get in the way.
Ikea sells a neat cable
management box called
Kvissle which costs £10.
It’s a small change
but can make a
massive difference
to the look and feel
of a room –
especially around
bedside tables. And
it’s safer too.
I hate the look of
thermostats and
smoke alarms – are
there any alternatives?
Absolutely! Just because a home
appliance is a necessity, doesn’t
mean it should be overlooked
aesthetically. Smart thermostats like
the Nest Learning Thermostat (£219, have modern, sleek
designs available in different colours
to suit every room, including copper
and carbon black. However, they
don’t just look good, they’re also a
delight to live with – they can learn
your heating habits after just one
week, turning themselves on to
warm the house before you get out
of bed and switching off
automatically when you leave. Your
smoke alarm also doesn’t need to be
an unsightly, yellowing plastic box.
Nest does a gorgeous smoke and
carbon monoxide alarm that uses
motion sensors to gently light up in
the dark, so you can even see your
way to the loo at 3am (Nest Protect,
pictured inset, £109,
I want to replace my switches
and sockets with black
versions – what do you think?
It’s so important to consider the
touch points. Light switches, door
handles and sockets are the first
things we touch but are often the
last things we think about. A goodlooking switch will really
change how you feel about
a room when you enter
– after all, the devil is
in the detail. Black is
a classic colour
that’s less faddy
than brass but still
looks sleek and can
be combined with
other metallics –
so go for it! Head to
com for a great and
varied selection.
Where can I find a 1970sstyle raffia mat for my
Many kitchens don’t get soft
furnishings like cushions, so a rug is
a great way of breathing life into
what can be a cold space. A hemp or
jute version is a good choice as it’s
durable. I love the Rozza Round
Tapestry Rug, £149 from laredoute. – it’s slightly rustic and a little
bit retro and doubles as an amazing
wall hanging if you want to change
things up.
n Read Kate Watson-Smyth’s blog at; her
new book is Mad About The House:
How To Decorate Your Home With Style’
every year either – just
bringing out your spring/
summer cushions
after months of
winter will feel like
redecorated, but all
it will cost you is
time. H&M has
great cushions in
light, spring colours
(patterned cover
pictured right,
£3.99 each, hm.
22 METRO Tuesday, April 10, 2018
Reader Promotion
Make space for guests
n A GUEST bedroom
is a luxury for most
in the city. But there
is an easy way to
provide friends and
family with a
comfortable place
to sleep without
needing another
bedroom. The Good
Sleep Company
specialises in
innovative beds that
hide away when you
don’t need them,
maximising space in
your home. Take the
Memphis Guest Bed:
the set comes
complete with bed
frame, trundle bed
underneath and two
3ft bonnell sprung
mattresses. This
versatile piece of
furniture is as
comfortable as a
conventional bed
and can also be
used as a sofa,
separated as two
twin beds, or sat
together as a large
double bed. Usually
£480, the set has
been reduced to just
£329.99 and is
available in ivory or
black. Stocks are
very limited so
move fast. Visit
goodsleepcompany. or call 020
7481 2098.
Transform your home with Appeal window shutters
n WITH the days getting longer, there is
one way of making the most of the extra
daylight. Shutters will allow natural light in
whilst still giving privacy as well as cutting
road noise on street-facing properties.
Plus they can be painted in either colour
matching hues or banging block colours to
really make a room take off. Handcrafted
shutters from Appeal are the ultimate
spring addition for any room; stylish,
elegant and easy to use. Plus, during the
warmer months, they’ll give shade and
keep things cool while in the colder winter
months they will keep your rooms feeling
snug and warm. To get your free brochure
and details of Appeal’s Special Spring
Offer – ten per cent off and buy-now-payin-12-months, go to
metroshuttersoffer or call 0800 975 5757
quoting ‘Metro Offer’. Offer ends on
April 30, 2018.
What’s on offer...
A sucker for a bargain? Then we’ve got some great Metro deals for you...
A window of
Save with ScaleGuard
n WANT to save
cash and be kinder
to the environment?
ScaleGuard is a tried
and tested
electronic water
guaranteed to
control hard water
scale, reduce scale,
cut costs and save
energy and money.
Just 1mm of
limescale in your
system increases
energy use by seven
per cent, costing an
extra £150 to £200
per year. One unit
fitted to the
incoming main will
de-scale and
protect the house
for £5 per year. It is
suitable for all
pipework and there
are no chemical
changes to water.
Brightwork will look
brighter and boilers
and appliances will
last longer. Metro
readers get a £23
discount, reducing
the price from £118
to £95. Call 0800
528 3278 or see,
quoting MT by
April 18, 2018.
n CHANGING the windows on a
period property is a big decision
that you have to get right first
time. The windows need to look
right, protect you from the
elements and last a very long time.
Ayrton Bespoke will ensure you
get the right windows for your
home. This trusted specialist
accurately replicates original
windows for a traditional look with
modern sound-proofing and
insulation. Made-to measure
windows are fitted by Ayrton’s
own qualified installers with a
guarantee of up to 30 years.
Replacement windows and doors
are a big investment and can add
to the value of your home – it pays
to fit high quality products that
you know will stand the test of
time. All of Ayrton’s windows are
designed specifically for your
home and fitted by their own
expert installers. The company
uses only high-quality glazing,
timber and paint and has
guarantees of up to 30 years.
For a free design visit, go to, call 020 8877
8920 or visit its Wandsworth or
Crouch End showrooms. There is a
ten per cent discount for Metro
readers until April 30, when
quoting AYRM1014.
Tuesday, April 10, 2018 METRO 23
by Patrick Arundell
Aries Mar 21 – Apr 20
Honesty and sensitivity can
work well if you want to
discuss an important idea.
Tempting though it may be
to make your point quite
firmly, it might be better to
be as relaxed and positive
as you can. You may have
a hidden advantage.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0410 (60p/min)
Libra Sep 24 – Oct 23
A new approach to winning
someone over could be
worthwhile, as
a willingness to take an
interest in them can work
well. If you try to resist
another’s ideas, it could be
some time before they’re
willing to compromise.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0416 (60p/min)
Taurus Apr 21 – May 21
There can be much that is
hidden beneath the
surface. And although you
may be looking for
answers, they may not
show up right away. You
might need to be content
with intuitive nudges
for now.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0411 (60p/min)
Scorpio Oct 24 – Nov 22
It helps to be realistic
about how much you can
get done. Setting priorities
and delegating tasks could
see you forge ahead. But if
you set your sights too
high and avoid planning,
you could end up feeling
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0417 (60p/min)
Gemini May 22 – Jun 21
You could ignore feelings
that are telling you to look
after yourself or to take
a break. However, if you
can tune into your body
a little more deeply, you
might sense that some
self-care could leave you
more upbeat.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0412 (60p/min)
Nov 23 – Dec 21
You may wonder whether it
is better to gently
persuade someone of
something or to adopt
a stronger approach. If you
attempt to be pushier, you
could find that a person,
seems to resist.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0418 (60p/min)
Cancer Jun 22 – Jul 23
A meeting or social event
could leave you feeling
very upbeat. You may feel
drawn to someone who
you can work with or
collaborate with, or you
could have romantic
inclinations towards
this person.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0413 (60p/min)
Capricorn Dec 22 – Jan 20
If someone invites you to
link up with them,
consider doing so, as it
could be a memorable and
pleasant occasion. There
may be a temptation to
let your work or other
issues prevent you from
going ahead.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0419 (60p/min)
Leo Jul 24 – Aug 23
You may decide to
challenge something that
has become the accepted
way of doing things. With
the Sun in your sector of
beliefs angling towards
potent Pluto in your work
and lifestyle zone, you
might need to persist.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0414 (60p/min)
Aquarius Jan 21 – Feb 19
You may be pushing hard
to get more done and
could be harsh on yourself
for not being as efficient as
you’d like. Even so, there’s
a strong possibility that
adopting a more nurturing
attitude could help you
accomplish so much more.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0420 (60p/min)
Virgo Aug 24 – Sep 23
If you are ready to enhance
your social image or make
an impression, then this
can be the time to do so.
A sterling aspect involving
attractive Venus and
dynamic Mars suggests
that you can appeal to
others because of your
practical outlook and your
willingness to help.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0415 (60p/min)
Pisces Feb 20 – Mar 20
As lively Mars in your
social zone makes
a harmonious tie with
dreamy Neptune, you may
feel moved to take part in
a charity event or do
something for your
community. This aspect
can also see you linking
with artists or creative
people in general.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0421 (60p/min)
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1. Rings a doctor about the way to
come in (4)
8. Thus I like to get in new men of
great zeal (10)
9. Mountain pass to subside and
give way (8)
10. Talent for the present (4)
12. Architectural high-light (6)
14. Goes off for the booty (6)
15. He was a very fair man (6)
17. Square sort of bench (6)
18. Flower girl (4)
19. You may win one on
points (8)
21. He should know one port from
another (4,6)
22. A resounding comeback (4)
2. Unable to work after leaving the
fraternity? (3,2,5)
3. Spanish coin that’s not
counterfeit (4)
4. Puts up with an alternative
coma (6)
5. Governors help pupils with their
lines (6)
6. Press the bell and run away to
get a fastener (8)
7. Time to come up for discharge (4)
11. One is all in when such a portrait
is painted (4,6)
13. Attend to a priest (8)
16. Main road? (3-3)
17. Landmarks could be eyesores (6)
18. State of some radio-waves (4)
20. Mother about to find a horse (4)
Yesterday’s solutions
Across: 7 Noted; 8 Flatter; 9 Modiste; 10
Totem; 12 Conductors; 15 Transposed; 18 Ruler;
19 Bedroom; 21 Dearest; 22 Stern. Down: 1
Anemometer; 2 Study; 3 Ides; 4 Offend; 5
Pastiche; 6 Station; 11 Mastermind; 13 Observed;
14 Railway; 16 Orbits; 17 Poles; 20 Dish.
Chewy sweet (6)
Wide or complete view (8)
Keep in order (6)
Rubbish, informally (5)
Visage (4)
Prophet (4)
Stratagem (4)
Hardly any (3)
Heroic (4)
Burden (4)
Person living next door (9)
Croon (4)
Badger’s burrow (4)
Sports trophy (3)
Revise (4)
Dutch cheese (4)
American state (4)
Pickling solution (5)
Monarch’s seat (6)
Tear jaggedly (8)
Assault (6)
3 5 1 8 9
Across: 1 Plinth; 7 Acerbate; 8 Meal; 10 Credit; 11 Echoes;
14 Elm; 16 Early; 17 Date; 19 Poppy; 21 Gives; 22 Paper; 23 4 8 9 5 7
6 7 2 4 3
Gate; 26 Feral; 28 Paw; 29 Really; 30 Tirade; 31 Ugly; 32
8 2 5 3 6
Arsonist; 33 Uncool. Down: 1 Placed; 2 Needle; 3 Halt; 4
9 3 6 7 1
Triceps; 5 Major; 6 Messy; 8 Meet; 9 Aim; 12 Hay; 13 Elect; 7 1 4 2 8
15 Coven; 18 Agree; 19 Pip; 20 Per; 21 Gallant; 22 Pal; 23
5 4 7 9 2
2 6 8 1 5
Garlic; 24 Away; 25 Eyeful; 26 Freak; 27 Raise; 28 Pig;
1 9 3 6 4
30 Tutu.
Pimples (5)
Unfasten (5)
Strong impulse (4)
Spanish snacks (5)
Rasp (4)
Go beyond (6)
Feline mammal (6)
Colour (3)
Clean feathers (5)
Shrub (7)
Manipulate fraudulently (3)
Distant (3)
Bird (6)
External (5)
Pinch (3)
Wager (3)
For example (4,2)
Shade of brown (3)
Reside (5)
Iraqi currency (5)
Noisy riotous brawl (5)
Greek letter (4)
Red meat (4)
Difficulty rating: Easy
The bitterness of a family break-up
is hardly new territory but Danny
Brocklehurst’s story has brought
something messier and more
believable to the table. There are no
heroes and villains as, by way of an
achingly sad finale, Marie and Greg
(Paula Malcomson and Christopher
Eccleston, both excellent) are in
court fighting for custody of their
two youngest children. You’ll want to
knock their heads together.
5 6 7
9 3 6
9 6
5 2 8
Difficulty rating: Moderate
1 8 9
Come Home BBC1, 9pm
Custody battle finale: Come Home
NEW This Time Next Year
ITV, 8pm
It’s hard to resist the reveal in Davina
McCall’s life transformation show
where volunteers are filmed in before
and afters 12 months apart. A mother
and daughter pledging to shed
Difficulty rating: Challenging
2 3
5 2
a combined 15 stone is par for the
course but you’ll choke up at the
moving story of a woman with a rare
condition battling to rebuild her nose.
NEW Class Of Mum And Dad
C4, 8pm
Whether your schooldays were the
best or the worst of your life, not
many of us would fancy our chances
going back. So fair play to the parents
who have submitted themselves to
the classroom humiliation on offer
8 6
8 5
here as they get a kid’s eye view of
schooling circa 2018.
This Country BBC1, 10.45pm
(Wales 11.10pm, Scot 11.45pm)
A couple of Bafta nominations have
raised the profile of this
mockumentary-style comedy built
around the loafing lives of country
cousins Kerry and Kurtan. It’s a bit
daft but deftly observed and ends
on BBC1 tonight. Go back to the
beginning on iPlayer. KEITH WATSON
26 METRO Tuesday, April 10, 2018
McIlroy is
certain he
can still be
the Master
RORY McILROY believes he will
win the Masters title he needs to
complete the career Grand Slam
despite letting another great
chance slip away.
His disappointing final round
was nothing like the collapse of
2011, when he enjoyed a four-shot
lead after 54 holes before crashing
to a closing 80, but McIlroy’s
challenge again faded
disappointingly on Sunday.
‘Whether it be mindset or
whatever, I just didn’t quite have
it,’ the 28-year-old Northern
Irishman said.
‘When you’re playing in the
final group in a major there’s
always going to be pressure but
when I parred the first that
settled me down, so it wasn’t as if
nerves got to me. I just didn’t
quite have it.
Years in a row McIlroy has finished
in the top ten at Augusta after his
tie for fifth place on Sunday
‘Of course it’s frustrating and
it’s hard to take any positives
from it right now, but at least I
put myself in a position.
‘I think 100 per cent I can come
back and win here. I play this golf
course well. I just haven’t played
it well enough at the right times.’
However, former world No.1
David Duval believes McIlroy
should have performed better.
‘I expected a lot more from
Rory,’ Duval said. ‘This is going
to be tough for Rory to handle
and it’s going to keep stacking on
as the years go by as he doesn’t
win the Masters.
‘We all believe Rory will win the
Grand Slam. He can play this golf
course, and I believe he will one
day win on this golf course, but it
doesn’t mean he will.’
The sky’s the limit:
Reed left crowd
favourites such as
McIlroy (inset) in his
wake as he secured
the green jacket
and his first major
at Augusta
Patrick is out to win tournaments, not popularity contests
PATRICK REED claims he is not
bothered about his apparent unpopularity among golf fans, insisting their
greater support for his rivals simply
served to ‘fuel my fire’ as he claimed
his first major at Augusta.
The American carded a final round
of 71 to hold off the challenge of Rickie Fowler and Jordan Spieth. But his
triumph was not universally popular
and he was asked afterwards why so
many fans are ‘rooting against you’.
Reed replied: ‘I don’t know. Why
don’t you ask them? I have no idea and
don’t really care what people say on
Twitter or what they say if they are
cheering for me or not. I’m out here to
do my job, and that’s to play golf.’
But he admitted he used the popular-
ity of playing partner Rory McIlroy –
who started the day three behind but
whose challenged faded as he posted a
closing 74 – with the Augusta galleries
to his advantage.
‘I walked up to the first tee and had a
really welcoming cheer but then when
Rory walked up to the tee his cheer
was a little louder,’ Reed said.
‘That’s another thing that just kind
of played into my hand. Not only did it
fuel my fire a little bit but, also, it takes
the pressure off of me and adds it back
to him. For me trying to win my first
major, for him trying to win the career
Grand Slam, it’s [about] who is going
to handle the pressure. Listening to the
analysts, every single one of them except [one] would pick Rory. It just
seemed the pressure at that point was
lifted off. No one expects me to win.’
Reed, 27, is a polarising figure, even
in Augusta, where he went to university. His parents still live in the area but
‘I don’t ever regret
anything I really say’
he has been estranged from them for
several years and was described by his
sister Hannah as a ‘selfish, horrible
stranger’ in 2016. Asked if his win was
bittersweet because he would not be
He let his golf do the talking. A
lesson for McIlroy perhaps.
Nick Metcalfe reflects on the unbreakable spirit of the new
Masters champion and a final day to forget for Rory McIlroy
Patrick Reed has some courage,
doesn’t he? If you wanted a
golfer to win a match for your
life, you would surely consider
picking him. With Rickie Fowler
and Jordan Spieth both
producing brilliant charges from
behind, I could give you a pretty
long list of players who would
likely have wilted under the
pressure. Not Reed, not a bit of
it. Yes, there were those little
fortunate moments that crop up
time and again in majors – one
day on a replay, that ball will slip
from the bank on 13 and down
into Rae’s Creek – but Reed
earned this, by always putting
himself on the front foot and
never once forgetting to be
brave. Bravo. This was a mighty
way to win a first major.
Rory McIlroy has been a titan of
European golf for the best part
of a decade, and he’s still only
28. So it would seem churlish to
be too harsh on the Northern
sharing it with them, Reed responded:
‘I’m just out here to play golf and try
to win tournaments.’
Reed, whose college years were also
marred by accusations of cheating,
bust-ups and even theft – all of which
he denies – has also been criticised for
his brash style at the Ryder Cup and
for claiming he was a ‘top-five player’
in the world after his third tour title in
2014, when he was ranked just 20th.
But he does not appear to care, and
the world No.11 has now set his sights
even higher. ‘I don’t ever regret anything I really say,’ he added. ‘I stand by
my comments. I feel like I’ve played
some golf I need to play in order to get
to where I want to be, and that’s to be
the best golfer in the world.’
Irishman for what happened on
Sunday. That said, it was just a
horrible day for him. From the
moment he missed that tiddler
for eagle on the second green,
McIlroy seemed to lack the belief
needed to complete the career
Grand Slam. I wasn’t that
convinced by McIlroy’s talk of
‘spoiling the party’ for Reed
after the third round. I notice
Reed kept pretty quiet himself.
Is there ever an ordinary
Masters? We may at times laugh
at the well-worn cliche of the
tournament only really starting
on the back nine on Sunday but
there it was again, in all its
glory. A final two hours of
gripping drama kept millions of
viewers tuning in until the
witching hour. With a small, elite
field it’s perhaps no surprise we
usually see the world’s very best
battling it out for the green
jacket. But Augusta just has that
magic formula, which puts it
right up there as one of sport’s
most treasured events.
Tuesday, April 10, 2018 METRO 27
Adam Hay-Nicholls
with all the news from
the Bahrain pitlane
HE Bahrain Grand Prix
brought one of the more
fascinating strategic
battles we have seen in
a while.
Mercedes forced leader Sebastian
Vettel to switch to Plan B, a onestopper, which the German
considered might be ‘checkmate’.
Yet on ancient tyres he stayed out
and defended from Valtteri Bottas
until the chequered flag. When it
crossed the line, the Ferrari had
barely a shred of rubber left.
It marked Vettel’s second win on
the bounce, his first back-to-back
victory since 2013, and the first
time he has won both opening
rounds of the season since 2011.
Lewis Hamilton faced a tough
job starting P9 due to a gearbox
change and a fairly uninspiring
Saturday. He did well to finish on
the podium but may have sacrificed
a shot at the win when the team
T H E Y S A I D I T. . .
‘Surgery ok. I have to thank all
of the people worried. Nothing
else, just a big thanks.’
Ferrari mechanic Francesco Cigarini,
accidentally mown down by Kimi Raikkonen
in the Bahrain Grand Prix, posted a picture
on Instagram giving the thumbs-up
following an operation on his broken leg.
The post was liked by Raikkonen
‘Max did not need to
squeeze Lewis as
much as he did’
ordered him to stay out a lap longer
than he wanted to ahead of his first
stop to back Vettel into Bottas.
Things could have been a lot
worse for the Briton, though. Max
Verstappen did his best to take the
world champion out one lap into
the race when he chopped across
the Mercedes’ bow and made
contact. It put the Dutchman out of
the race with a puncture, while
Hamilton continued unharmed.
Verstappen blamed Lewis for the
incident but it was clear who was at
fault. Max did not need to squeeze
Lewis as much as he did. Lewis
had nowhere to go. This was
Verstappen’s third self-inflicted
wound in two races. It was a
nightmare day for Red Bull, with
Daniel Ricciardo retiring minutes
into the race as well due to an
electrics issue. It was the team’s
first double DNF since Korea 2010.
And while it was a triumphant
evening for Ferrari, celebrations
were tempered as a mechanic lay
in hospital with a badly broken leg,
sustained during a botched pit-stop
for Kimi Raikkonen. Ferrari have
been slapped with a £43,500 fine.
While Raikkonen was blameless
for the accident (the light had, after
all, gone green) he has been
criticised by fans for barely
acknowledging the chaos in his
wake as he trudged back to the
garage from his stricken car.
The man of the race was Pierre
Gasly, who crossed the line in
fourth place in his Toro Rosso
Honda (that’s right, Honda!) to
score his first F1 points.
Who would have thought that
car, that engine and a 22-year-old
rookie could achieve that result on
merit. Ricciardo and Verstappen
will have left Bahrain not only
ruing their misfortunes but fearing
for their seats after Gasly’s
performance in the sister car.
Max-ed out: Hamilton (right), in the Mercedes, tussles with Red Bull rival Verstappen in Bahrain
Hamilton tells
Verstappen to
show respect
LEWIS HAMILTON fired a fresh
shot in his row with Max Verstappen
by declaring his immaturity is
costing Red Bull valuable points.
The British driver branded 20year-old Verstappen a ‘d***head’
after the Dutchman collided with
Hamilton in Bahrain after a gung-ho
attempt at overtaking.
Red Bull team principal Christian
Horner cited the coming-together as
‘hard racing’ but Hamilton said: ‘It
is interesting to hear Christian has
said that because they have a car
which should be getting good results
but through inexperience, or not
mature decisions, they are not.
‘Max should have had a decent
race. If I was in their car, I would
have got points for Red Bull. I hope
he is learning. It is easy to get ahead
of yourself and forget to respect the
other guys you are racing against.’
28 METRO Tuesday, April 10, 2018
Five-star Games ends
in the Nile-high club
NILE WILSON completed his
five-medal gymnastics haul with
gold and silver in the high bar
and parallel bars respectively.
Wilson (pictured) was edged
out in the parallel bars by
Marios Georgiou, of Cyprus, but
the 22-year-old from Leeds won
the high bar, with James Hall taking silver.
Essex-born Alice Kinsella, 17, held her nerve
to win her first major title on the women’s beam,
with team-mate Kelly Simm taking bronze.
Asha fans the flames
as she misses medal
ENGLAND’S Asha Philip was devastated after
finishing fourth in the 100metres.
After Trinidad’s Michelle-Lee Ahye triumphed,
Philip said: ‘I’m gutted, it was horrible. I don’t
know if the fire is lit at the moment.’
South Africa’s Akani Simbine won the men’s
100m ahead of team-mate Henricho Bruintjies,
with favourite Yohan Blake of Jamaica third.
England’s medal hope Adam Gemili had earlier
pulled out with an abductor injury.
Incredible: Willstrop on his way
to claiming the Commonwealth
Games gold medal (below)
James finally has his golden moment
the best performances of his career
to end his long wait for Commonwealth gold by beating New Zealand’s Paul Coll 3-0 in the men’s
singles final on the Gold Coast.
Willstrop twice had to settle for
silver behind Nick Matthew in
Delhi and Glasgow over the last
eight years but the 34-year-old is at
last on top of the podium.
If the Englishman has been waiting all his career to claim this title,
Willstrop certainly looked like a
man short on patience as he dispatched Coll in less than 50 minutes, winning 11-9, 11-4, 11-6.
‘It just clicked,’ he said. ‘It’s the
stuff you dream of. You wake up
and think “if only” [after you’ve
lost]. It’s one of the brilliant performances [of my career].
‘The hours of solo work I’ve put
in on my own, it just clicks together
and it’s incredible to make it happen
on a big day like that. That’s one of
ADAM PEATY suffered a rare defeat as
the Commonwealth Games 50metres
breaststroke title again proved elusive.
The 23-year-old, from Uttoxeter, is
world-record holder and world champion in
the event but, like in Glasgow four years
ago, he was beaten into silver by South
Africa’s Cameron van der Burgh.
Peaty (pictured) said: ‘It gives me a
reality check. Even if you are the best in
the world, world-record holder, you can
still be beaten. Some people have down
days and today was a down day for me.’
Loughborough’s James Wilby was third.
my best.’ In the women’s final,
Sarah-Jane Perry had to settle for
silver as New Zealander Joelle King
triumphed 3-2.
The Englishwoman battled back
to 2-2 from 2-0 down in a feisty
match in which she clashed with the
referee and crashed heavily into the
side of the court but could not stop
King taking the decider 11-8.
‘I’d have taken a silver medal
before I got here, so I’m really
pleased with that but at the same
time massively gutted after being
so, so close,’ Perry admitted.
‘I was three points away from
gold. That’s what I kept telling
myself at the end. One game to
make all this hard work you’ve been
doing pay off. I kept pushing. I
threw the kitchen sink at her and she
just threw it back.’
Wales’ Tesni Evans beat Malaysia
great Nicol David to bronze.
Champions line up to pay
tribute to tragic Goolaerts
TRIBUTES have been paid to Michael
Goolaerts who died after suffering a cardiac
arrest in Sunday’s Paris-Roubaix race.
The 23-year-old Belgian had been airlifted
to hospital in Lille following a crash during
the 257-kilometre race.
Former Giro d’Italia and Vuelta winner
Nairo Quintana, three-time Paris-Roubaix
champion Fabian Cancellara and double
Tour de France winner Alberto Contador
were among those to tweet.
‘My heartfelt condolences to the family
and friends of Michael Goolaerts, since the
end of the race I have not stopped thinking
about him,’ wrote Contador.
Kingston is set
to leave Quins
after 17 years
Crash: Goolaerts
Wicket win for England Women in their second one-day
international against India in Nagpur as career-best bowling from
spinners Sophie Ecclestone and Danielle Hazell, who took four wickets
each, saw the hosts dismissed for 113. Danni Wyatt top-scored with 47
as England easily knocked off the runs to level the three-match series
he will leave Harlequins
with a ‘heavy heart’ at
the end of the season.
The rugby director,
promoted from head
coach two years ago,
saw ninth-placed Quins
lose 35-5 at home to
rock-bottom London
Irish on Saturday.
Kingston leaves the
Twickenham Stoop by
mutual agreement and
said: ‘I have been at
Harlequins for 17 years
in differing roles and
have grown to love the
club almost as if it were
part of my family.’
Tuesday, April 10, 2018 METRO 29
Sam lining up
Rooney talks
over sub strop
EVERTON boss Sam Allardyce will sit down
with Wayne Rooney this week to discuss the
striker’s furious reaction to being substituted
during the Merseyside derby.
Former England skipper Rooney was less
than impressed when Allardyce chose to
replace him with Idrissa Gueye 57 minutes
into Saturday’s goalless draw with Liverpool
at Goodison Park and made his feelings
abundantly clear as he left the pitch.
However, Allardyce played down the
32-year-old’s response, which he attributed to
his passion for the club.
He said: ‘Wayne’s disappointment was
frustration at the fact of being an Evertonian
through and through – he’s been an Evertonian all his life.
‘He made his debut for Everton when he
was 16, he was playing in a great big derby
match against Liverpool on his own park and
he got substituted by the manager.
‘That was too much for him to take and he
reportedly appealed
to the Premier League for
Harry Kane to be credited
with their second goal in
Saturday’s 2-1 win over
Stoke. Kane (pictured),
who has scored 35 goals this term, says
he got a touch as Christian Eriksen’s
free-kick found its way into the net.
had to show his frustration. We’ll sit down in
the next week and we’ll talk it through, and
we’ll see how he feels. I’m sure he’s calmed
down a little bit now.
‘The most important thing for me on the day
was how could I improve the team and we had
to make these changes.
‘That, as a manager, is what you have to do.
The player will, at times, show frustration.’
Asked if Rooney still had a future at Everton, Allardyce replied: ‘Oh yes, there’s no
doubt about that.’
JOE HART insists West Ham’s
Premier League survival fight is
a more pressing priority than
regaining his England place.
The goalkeeper’s heroics, with
fine saves from Willian, Marcos
Alonso and Olivier Giroud, helped
to ease the Hammers’ relegation
fears as they claimed a 1-1 draw
at Chelsea on Sunday.
It also furthered his claims
to make this summer’s World
Cup squad but Hart remains
focused on ensuring his club
side steer clear of danger.
‘We’re moving in the right
direction,’ said 30-year-old Hart
(pictured). ‘Next Monday against
Stoke is our game of the season
now. But that’s the future.
‘In the present we have
34 points, six ahead of the
relegation zone and that’s
great for us.
‘I’m very focused on
West Ham at the moment,
that’s my job and that’s
what I’m here to do, to fight
for this team.’
30 METRO Tuesday, April 10, 2018
A mission too
far for Pep and
his miracle men
(pictured) to hit
top form after his
brilliant last round
at the Masters and
finish the year at
the top of the PGA
money list (Bet365)
Dutch of class:
Holland defender
Van Dijk helped
shut out Kevin De
Bruyne (right) and
City last week
Year old former Liverpool
star Fernando Torres has
announced his second
spell at Atletico Madrid
will end in the summer.
The striker is struggling
for game time, with just
seven goals from 34
appearances this season
IT’S not quite mission impossible
but Manchester City are in a huge
hole and need a minor miracle to
avoid Champions League
elimination at the Etihad Stadium.
which they are well capable of
Liverpool produced the perfect
despite Saturday’s blank. City are
plan in the quarter-final, first leg
brittle in defence, as their 3-2
at Anfield last week and the
Manchester derby defeat
3-0 thrashing and the lack
showed. However, they
of an away goal made a
have won 14 of 16 home
mockery of City claims
league games this term
to be among the
on their first-leg
and are as short as 4/9
European elite.
lead with a win
to win in 90 minutes and
An early goal isn’t vital
at Roma
5/1 to qualify with Hills.
– remember Barcelona’s
Take the 5/4 City to lead
breathtaking fightback
HT/FT while a heartbreaking
against Paris Saint-Germain
(for them) 3-1 correct score is
last season? But the writing will
10/1 with the same firm.
be on the wall if the Reds score,
■ ASTON Villa to draw with Cardiff and wins for Bristol City, Hull, Millwall,
Charlton, Wigan and Swindon form tonight’s acca.
Virgil wants Reds to go on the attack
VIRGIL VAN DIJK believes the
best way for Liverpool to defend
their Champions League advantage
against Manchester City is by
attacking them again.
The Reds travel to the Etihad
Stadium tonight for the second leg
of their quarter-final tie after last
week’s remarkable first encounter
at Anfield.
Mohamed Salah, Alex OxladeChamberlain and Sadio Mane
scored to give Liverpool a 3-0 advantage heading to Manchester.
And defender Van Dijk is concerned sitting back in the hope of
protecting the lead will play into the
hands of City.
‘It is pretty clear defending a 3-0
lead is going to be a bit of a strange
situation,’ he said. ‘We need to
come here with the mindset it is still
0-0 and we want to win the game.
‘We know we are capable of scoring goals, we know as a team we
(7.45pm unless stated)
Champions League quarter-finals, second leg
Man City (0) v Liverpool (3) ................................BT Sport 2
Roma (1) v Barcelona (4).....................................BT Sport 3
Sky Bet Championship
Aston Villa v Cardiff .......Sky Sports Football/Main Event
Bolton v Millwall ..........................................................(8pm)
Bristol City v Birmingham ...................................................
JURGEN KLOPP insists Liverpool’s
greater European pedigree will count
for nothing at the Etihad Stadium tonight.
The Reds have won the European Cup five
times and lost to Sevilla in the Europa
League final two years ago, while City have
only reached two European semi-finals since
lifting the 1970 Cup Winners’ Cup.
But Liverpool manager Klopp (pictured)
said: ‘Experience I don’t think really helps.
You can ask if the experience of your
grandfather helps much in your life. You
have to make your own experience.’
can defend pretty well, but the main
thing is we definitely need to keep
the mindset of winning the game
instead of defending a lead.’
The Reds scored all of their goals
in a whirlwind first half at Anfield
and City may need to produce a
similarly powerful start.
Van Dijk added: ‘We need to stay
calm. We are not going to think we
are going to concede early. That is
not the mindset we want going into
the game. We are full of confidence
but we know it is going to be
a different game. They need to
come and we need to be prepared
for everything.
‘As a team we feel like we are in a
great moment at the moment and
we can make it difficult for any
team in the world but we need to
show it.
‘We need to be ready for a fight,
for a good game – and we will be.’
Burton Albion v Hull .............................................................
Fulham v Reading .................................................................
Ipswich v Barnsley ................................................................
Nottm Forest v Brentford ....................................................
Preston v Leeds .....................................................................
QPR v Sheff Wed ...................................................................
Sheff Utd v Middlesbrough .................................................
Sunderland v Norwich ..........................................................
Sky Bet League One
AFC Wimbledon v Charlton .................................................
Blackpool v Northampton ...................................................
Gillingham v Blackburn ........................................................
Oxford v Fleetwood ..............................................................
Rochdale v Wigan .................................................................
Sky Bet League Two
Morecambe v Chesterfield ..................................................
Stevenage v Mansfield .........................................................
Swindon v Yeovil ...................................................................
Women’s World Cup qualifier
Bosnia-Herzegovina v England....(3pm) BBC Red Button
Tuesday, April 10, 2018 METRO 31
Senior Citizens ‘need to
stand up and be counted’
FERNANDINHO has urged Manchester City’s experienced players to
‘take charge’ tonight as they look to
produce an improbable Champions
League turnaround.
The Brazil international is adamant
City’s players have already consigned
their nightmarish last week – the loss
at Liverpool and painful derby defeat
to Manchester United – as they look
to overturn a 3-0 quarter-final deficit
to the Reds in tonight’s second leg.
It is the first time in Pep Guardiola’s
managerial career he has conceded
three times in back-to-back matches
and holding midfielder Fernandinho
says it is up to the more experienced
S A I D I T. . .
‘He was
City boss Pep Guariola’s
sarcastic response when
asked if Sergio Aguero –
set for his first start in a
month after injury tonight
– suffered any problems
after Ashley Young’s
controversial, unpunished
tackle in Saturday’s derby
Herrera spit at rivals’
badge ‘unintentional’
did not
deliberately spit
on Manchester
City’s badge
during Saturday’s
derby, according
to sources close
to the player.
Although a video showed the
United midfielder spitting as he
walked over a large crest at halftime, before his side came back
from 2-0 down to win 3-2, City do
not intend to make a complaint.
And a source close to Spaniard
Herrera (pictured) said: ‘It was 100
per cent unintentional, he had no
idea the badge was there.
‘As a person who respects
football and its traditions he would
never do something like that.’
WEST Brom say the refusal of
the government to sanction a
safe-standing section at The
Hawthorns is ‘short-sighted’. The
club had hoped to install 3,600
rail seats in the Smethwick End.
‘Now is the time for
experienced players
to take charge’
players to pull things together.
‘It was a tough week for us, two
defeats in a week, but that’s in the
past already,’ he said.
‘Our focus is on the second leg
against Liverpool and the only way to
play good football is to be positive.
‘Of course we know two defeats are
not easy but that happens to the best
teams in the world. Now’s the time
for experienced players to take over
and take charge.
‘What we have done this season is amazing and we have a
chance to go through in the
Champions League. It won’t
be easy. [Liverpool] are a
team who fight for the
ball and try to keep
the players in the
middle but we
will be ready
Neville hoping clubs
can lead by example
for the game.’ Fernandinho (left) admits City – who
won 5-0 when
the Reds visited in the
Premier League in September – cannot afford to forget their defensive
responsibilities after blowing their
2-0 lead against United to lose 3-2.
‘We start 3-0 down and we have to
go forward,’ the 32-year-old added.
‘The most important thing for us is a
clean sheet because if they score we
have to score five. We will go from
the first minute for that.
‘The most important thing is going
to be the first goal.’
PHIL NEVILLE is willing Chelsea
and Manchester City to reach the
women’s Champions League final
to boost the national side.
Chelsea play Wolfsburg with City
up against Lyon in the semi-finals
later this month and Lionesses
boss Neville said: ‘Do you know
what? It wouldn’t surprise me if we
have an all-England final.
‘That’s what we need because
the Women’s Super League is
getting better and better.’
Arsenal striker Beth Mead, who
impressed as a substitute in the
Lionesses’ 0-0 draw with Wales on
Friday, could win her second
England cap in their World Cup
qualifier against BosniaHerzegovina in Zeneca today.
Reed: Support for Rory
helped to inspire my
Masters triumph
Allardyce to hold
discussions with
‘frustrated’ Wayne
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Football: Page 29 »
n Salah set to shake off
injury and take on City
n Jurgen warns Pep his
‘perfect’ plan is impossible
handed Liverpool a major
boost ahead of tonight’s showdown with Manchester City.
The Reds’ top scorer seems
set to return for the second leg
of their Champions League
quarter-final at the Etihad Stadium after training yesterday.
He showed no sign of the
groin problem which forced
him off during the first leg and
saw him miss Saturday’s
Merseyside derby, with Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp planning a final decision today on
whether he will play.
Salah’s inclusion would provide an obstacle to Pep Guardiola’s wish for his side to
produce a ‘perfect game’
as they City try to overturn a 3-0 deficit.
The City boss insists
his side will not give
up, even though
they followed
that first-leg loss
by surrendering
a two-goal lead
to lose Saturday’s Manchester
derby 3-2 to United.
‘My team is extraordinary,’
said Guardiola (below). ‘My
team is not comparable to
many others. It is top. It is exceptional. Of course to go
through you have to make
almost the perfect game.’
Klopp warned perfection
was impossible, saying: ‘They
had a fantastic season but they
are human beings, thank God.
‘The game doesn’t give you
the chance to be perfect.’
Guardiola does not expect a
repeat of the crowd trouble
which saw the City’s team
bus attacked by Liverpool
fans before the first leg.
He said: ‘Since I have
been here it has never happened in the Etihad Stadium. People and
opponents arrive in
the bus in the right
way. It is not going to happen.’
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Eti-glad: Salah
(right) looks
relaxed as he
trains with
Virgil van Dijk
ahead of the
trip to City
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