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Metro UK – April 12, 2018

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Thursday, April 12, 2018
But is women-only membership just sexist? Trends Page 21 »
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n The family who have lived in a Premier Inn for three years
get ready
n trump threatens air strikes after ‘gas attack’
n Moscow says it will shoot down Us planes
Angry tweet:
Donald trump
picture: ap
the Us and russia were on the brink of a direct
military confrontation last night as both sides
ratcheted up their threats over syria.
Donald trump announced air strikes ‘will
be coming’ to the middle-eastern nation following the alleged gas attack on civilians by
president Bashar al-Assad’s Moscowbacked troops.
it came after russia’s ambassador to syria’s neigh-
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n Child stabbing victims up 63%
carey: i’ve
got bipolar
Page 3 »
so Just
how good
is cuba
Page 7 »
by daniel binns
bour Lebanon warned that missiles – and Us
jets firing them – would be shot down by the
forces of president Vladimir Putin (pictured).
Mr trump tweeted: ‘russia vows to shoot
down any and all missiles fired at syria.
‘Get ready russia, because they will be
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rock’s not
ready for
the white
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2 METRO Thursday, April 12, 2018
Child knifings rise
63% in five years
THE number of children aged 16 and
under treated for stab wounds in
England has risen 63 per cent in five
years as youth knife crime surges.
The huge jump compares with an
overall rise in stabbings of 14 per
cent in that time, according to NHS
data reported by The Independent.
Stabbings of 15-year-olds saw the
biggest increase, with the number
being treated for knife wounds in
2016/17 up 85 per cent on 2011/12.
The figures showed 285 under-17-
year-olds were treated for ‘assaults
with a sharp object’ in 2016/17 compared with 175 five years before.
More than 50 people have been
shot or stabbed to death in London
since the start of the year.
Late on Tuesday a man and woman,
both aged 20, were taken to hospital
on Merseyside after being shot in the
This week home secretary Amber
Rudd published a strategy for tackling violent crime, including a crackdown on possessing acid and buying
knives online.
But she has faced criticism over her
denial that reductions in frontline
police have played a role in the rise
of offences.
A leaked report from her department reportedly suggested cuts to the
police ‘may have encouraged’ violent offenders and ‘likely contributed’ to a rise in violent crime.
chief Mark
prepares to
give evidence
for a second
Zuckerberg: My personal
data was harvested too
MARK ZUCKERBERG has told the
US Congress his data was among
that harvested in a privacy breach.
The Facebook founder made the
disclosure while giving evidence for a
second day over the data leak which
saw 87million Facebook users –
including 1million Brits – have their
personal information harvested.
The data was snatched via a
personality quiz app and sold on to
Cambridge Analytica, a data-mining
firm affiliated with Donald Trump’s
US presidential campaign.
When asked if his details were
‘included in the data sold to the
malicious third parties’, Mr
Zuckerberg, 33, answered ‘yes’. He
did not reveal any more details.
Quizzed about alleged Russian
meddling in the 2016 US presidential
election, he said it would be difficult
to wipe out any such behaviour for
‘as long as Russia employs people for
the activity’, but added: ‘I think
we’re making ground.’
Shares in Facebook surged 4.5 per
cent yesterday, potentially adding
£2.3billion to Mr Zuckerberg’s
estimated £45billion fortune.
Bag a bargain – if you’ve no luggage
BRITISH Airways has launched a new
long-haul ‘basic’ fare for passengers
who don’t want to check in luggage or
choose their own seat.
And the cost will be up to £60 cheaper
than standard return fares.
The new fare option is available on
flights from London to Austin, Boston,
Delhi, Denver, Dubai, Hong Kong,
Oakland, Philadelphia, Punta Cana and
Singapore. It includes two items of hand
luggage, free on-board food and drink,
in-flight entertainment, blankets and
’views’ to 65700
(Standard network charge)
Web edition
020 361 50600
020 361 52604
020 361 54000
020 361 50660
Download our tablet editions and
mobile apps from the App Store,
Google Play and the
Amazon Appstore
headphones. However, checking in a
bag will cost from £80 return, and
reserving a seat will start at £20 each
way, said the airline.
BA’s chief commercial officer Adam
Daniels said: ‘We know that customers’
needs vary from trip to trip.
‘Someone travelling for a short
meeting or leisure break, who isn’t
planning to check in a bag and is
happy for us to allocate them a seat,
will appreciate the option to secure a
lower fare.’
Metro strives for complete accuracy but mistakes do
sometimes slip in. If you spot anything, please email with the article and date as the
subject line.
Metro is a member of the Independent Press Standards
Organisation, the regulatory body for the Press. IPSO
members must have effective mechanisms for dealing with
complaints and correcting errors as promptly as possible.
If you wish to make a formal complaint about a story in
Metro, visit or
contact IPSO directly at
THE recycled paper content of UK newspapers in 2014 was
78.5%. Please keep public transport tidy by taking your
Metro with you and recycling it.
independent of LUL
and views expressed
are not those of LUL
or TfL unless
otherwise stated.
Thursday, April 12, 2018 METRO 3
Husband of
diver Tom
‘treated like
thief in Oz’
No more denial
as Mariah Carey
says: I’m bipolar
MARIAH CAREY has revealed she
has sought treatment for her bipolar
The US superstar told for the first
time how she was diagnosed with the
condition in 2001 when she was treated
in hospital for a mental breakdown.
The 48-year-old told People magazine in the US: ‘I didn’t want to believe
it. Until recently, I lived in denial and
isolation and in constant fear someone
would expose me.
‘It was too heavy a burden to carry
and I simply couldn’t do that any more.
I sought and received treatment, I put
positive people around me and I got
back to doing what I love – writing
songs and making music.’
She said it gave her
sleepless nights. ‘I was
irritable and in constant fear of letting
people down.
‘It turns out that I
was experiencing
a form of mania.
Eventually, I would
just hit a wall. I
guess my depressive episodes were
characterised by having very low
energy. I would feel so lonely and sad
– even guilty that I wasn’t doing what I
needed to be doing for my career.’
The singer, who often jokes on stage
about her reputation as a diva, explained
why she has come forward.
‘I’m hopeful we can get to a place
where the stigma is lifted from people
going through anything alone.
‘It can be incredibly isolating. It
does not have to define you and I
refuse to allow it to define me or
control me.’
The condition could have
contributed to the collapse
of Carey’s engagement
to Australian billionaire James Packer
(pictured) in 2016.
Packer, 50, is
himself having
treatment at a
psychiatric clinic
after he stepped
down as head of a
casino empire.
claimed he was wrongly
accused of shoplifting while
supporting his husband Tom
Daley at the Commonwealth
Games in Australia yesterday.
The screenwriter said he was
stopped as he left a branch of
Woolworths on the Gold Coast.
He said staff behaved as if he
was a criminal and called it a
‘vile way to treat people’.
The American, who penned
acclaimed biopic Milk, said he
Struggle: Mariah
Carey was diagnosed
with the disorder
17 years ago REX
Expecting: Daly (left) and Black
got ‘no apology at all’ when
guards found he was innocent.
‘There was just an accusatory
zombie-like look in their eyes,’
he tweeted. ‘I got a refund for
the drink I’d just PURCHASED
and went elsewhere.’
Black’s mood didn’t improve
during an interview on BBC
Radio 5 Live when his decision
to have a child with diving star
Daly, 23, was criticised.
‘I don’t think two blokes can
bring a baby up,’ a caller said
of the couple, who are expecting
a son via a surrogate mum.
Black, 43, said the boy would
have women in his life and it
would be ‘frankly bizarre’ to
deprive him of female contact.
Woolworths had not
commented last night.
It’s not fine and Thandie! Line
Of Duty star fumes at BA delay
Cabin pressure: Thandie
in the BA safety video
THANDIE NEWTON erupted in a bout of
air rage when her British Airways flight back
from Ibiza was delayed for six hours – with
no information relayed to passengers.
The incident proved awkward because the
Line Of Duty star appears in the in-flight
safety video for BA.
Despite this, Newton, 45, angrily tweeted:
‘A horrible end to a vacation. 6 hour delay
with no information. Flight cancelled? Next
availability??? Still waiting.’
She later added: ‘Flight finally cancelled at
10pm!?? Thank God my friends at
#CanTalaias hotel had rooms ’cause no help
from staff at airport. WOW.’
However, Thandie cheered up when the
delay meant she bumped into one of her
heroes, DJ Nightmares on Wax.
Dream team: Thandie with DJ
Sport Page 30 »
4 METRO Thursday, April 12, 2018
the allied and russian firepower lined up for conflict
ohio-Class subMarines
base: eastern Mediterranean
Capability: 154 toMahawk
Cruise Missiles, 24 trident iCbMs
(interContinental ballistiC
Value: £1.41billion
raF tornados
base: Cyprus Capability: sCalp/storM
shadow, Gbu-24 paVeway iii boMbs, taurus
Cruise Missile Value: £23Million
uss donald Cook
base: eastern Mediterranean
Capability: 90 toMahawk Cruise
Missiles, harpoon anti-ship
Value: £1.27billion
us and uk speCial ForCes
base: al-tanF, syria Capability: Mh-60l
blaCkhawk heliCopters, MQ-9 reaper
drones, silenCed sMall arMs, niGht
Vision GoGGles Value: £700,000 per troop
(FrenCh FriGate)
base: eastern Mediterranean
Capability: 32 aster 30 Missiles
Value: £583Million
b22 ‘spirit’ stealth boMbers
base: whiteMan airbase, Missouri, usa
Capability: b83 nuClear boMbs, aGM-129
CM Cruise Missile, MassiVe ordnanCe
enetrator (Mop) anti-bunker boMb
Value: £519Million
russian s-400 Missile
base: huMayMiM airbase and
MasyaF, syria
Capability: anti-airCraFt lonGranGe Missile weapon systeM
Value: £281Million per unit
uss harry truMan
Carrier battle Group
base: headinG towards the
Middle east Capability: 90 Fixed
winG and rotary airCraFt, suCh
as F/a-18 hornets, e-2C
hawkeyes and ea-6b prowlers
Value: £4.36billion
F-22 raptors
base: al-udeid airbase,
oMan Capability: Gbu-32
JdaM (Joint direCt
attaCk Munition), M61a
VulCan 20MM rotary
Value: £106Million
Thursday, April 12, 2018 METRO 5
» Continued from Page 1
coming, nice and new and “smart!”.
you shouldn’t be partners with a Gas
Killing Animal who kills his people
and enjoys it!’
As speculation grew that the Us and
its allies would join forces to punish
Mr Assad, theresa May refused to be
drawn over whether Britain would take
part in any bombing.
the prime minister said all available
evidence suggested a chemical attack
was behind the deaths of at least 40
people, including children, in a rebelheld area near Damascus on saturday.
she added: ‘We are working with our
allies on how we can ensure those who
are responsible are held to account.’
she declined to say if MPs would get
a vote on any military action.
the war of words between russia
and the Us began when Alexander
Zasypkin, the ambassador to Lebanon,
Still suffering: yulia and sergei skripal
Panic station: news
channel russia 24 uses a
mushroom cloud image in
coverage of the syria row
top british general warns:
russia is threatening war
gave a tV interview. he said: ‘if there
is a strike by the Americans, then the
missiles will be downed and even the
sources from which they were fired.’
he added that military confrontation
should be ruled out ‘and therefore we
are ready to hold negotiations’.
But retired russian general Vladimir
shamanov, who heads a parliamentary
defence committee, also said Us ships
and aircraft could be targeted.
General sir richard Barrons, who
headed Britain’s joint forces command
from 2013 and 2016, said such actions
would be seen as an act of war.
he told BBC radio 4: ‘What the
ambassador is actually saying is that
they’re going to try to sink ships, sink
submarines, and shoot aircraft out of
the sky – that’s war.’
After Mr trump’s tweet, russia
repeated its suggestions that the West
had staged the chemical attack as a
pretext for military intervention.
Foreign ministry spokeswoman
Maria Zakharova said air strikes could
stop investigators entering the affected
Change of tune: president Donald trump’s tweet yesterday and his advice to his predecessor Barack obama in 2013
area of Douma to find out what took
place. she asked: ‘is it the idea to use
the smart missiles to sweep the traces
of the provocation under the rug?’
state-funded news channel russia
24 used an image of a mushroom
cloud as a backdrop for a light-hearted
segment offering advice on preparing
for a war with America.
But the presenter claimed the public
in the Us were more fearful, adding:
‘it should be noted that real panic isn’t
here but across the ocean.’ turkey’s
prime minister Binali yildirim was
among world leaders appealing for
calm between the Us and russia.
he said: ‘they are fighting like
street bullies. the time is not one for
competing. it is time to heal the
wounds of the region.’
Both russia and a coalition that
includes the Us, Britain and France
have been carrying out numerous air
strikes in syria in separate operations
targeting rebel groups and Daesh.
But the action Mr trump threatened
would probably be aimed at military
targets such as Mr Assad’s airbases.
the president’s tweet contrasted
with messages sent before he took
power. he wrote of his predecessor
Barack Obama in 2013: ‘to our very
foolish leader, do not attack syria.’
the Organisation for the Prohibition
of Chemical Weapons is expected to
embark within days on a fact-finding
mission over the suspected attack.
METROTalk : Pages 14-15 »
Yulia: I don’t
want help
from Russia
NerVe-ageNT victim Yulia
Skripal last night rejected help
from the russian embassy which
had requested access to her.
Yulia, 33, the daughter of ex-kgb
spy Sergei Skripal is in a safe house
after being discharged from
Salisbury hospital on Monday.
In a statement, she praised staff
for their ‘clinical expertise’ and
‘kindness’ after she and her 66year-old father were targeted with
GChQ is to open a new base
in manchester as it expands
Britain’s defences against threats
in the digital age. Jeremy fleming,
head of the intelligence agency
referred to as the uk’s listening
post, said the base opens ‘a huge
new pool of highly talented, techsavvy recruits vital to our future
success’. GChQ, which has its
headquarters in Cheltenham, also
has sites in Cornwall and Yorkshire.
novichok on March 4. Yulia said
her father remained seriously ill
and she was ‘still suffering with the
effects of the nerve agent used
against us’.
She was aware of the russian
embassy’s offer of assistance but
said: ‘at the moment I do not wish
to avail myself of their services. I
want to stress that no one speaks for
me, or for my father but ourselves.’
Meanwhile, the hospital hit out at
the ‘appalling behaviour’ of a
russian TV news crew who roamed
the corridors and mistranslated a
‘caution, slippery floor’ sign on a
door as ‘do not enter, keep away’ –
guessing that Mr Skripal was on
the other side.
6 METRO Thursday, April 12, 2018
in brief
All the flowers gone:
iain gordon carries off
blooms yesterday
CCTV: man police want to speak to
Man hunted after
Tube worker is
pushed on tracks
Undaunted: Vincent’s relatives replace bouquets on tuesday pictures: pa/swns
Torn down again...
battle rages on over
burglar bouquets
flowers for dead raider torn down and put back
by dAniEl binns
A shriNe to a serial criminal killed
by an elderly homeowner during a
break-in has turned into a battleground between the burglar’s family
and people who want it torn down.
Flowers, balloons and cards near
the home targeted by henry Vincent
– stabbed to death while armed with
a screwdriver – were ripped from a
fence after dark on Monday.
relatives put them back yesterday
before they were removed a second
time and the shrine was reassembled
er i
)3*2/! (.
%%% .'()2"!
.$-&) 3.0!
Loved by some:
tributes are left in
memory of Henry
Vincent yesterday
picture: i-images
#1-(6,+ 5-, ,"286, +*"!!68 !& )29*20 % (3-$+ 5-,968 2/*- 3282/4
" !"-4/-1 5"$& .364 $, 5.,&"(3 ,2 %*''' 7"(3 7$6($ 53-$(3&
('%& )$
" 9,: 83++6 8/1 06& 5,-)"3(34 #0/-6 ('%& "!$
(,!$0 .'/
/,! %*.,
The ‘war of the posies’ carried on
yesterday over flowers left in
memory of a burglar near the
house where he was stabbed to
death by a homeowner.
Iain gordon became the latest
member of the public to rip down
bouquets attached to a fence by
relatives of henry Vincent, 37.
Mr gordon, a member of a
group called Fair Society, said the
career criminal didn’t deserve a
shrine after entering the home of
richard Osborn-brooks, 78, while
armed with a screwdriver.
‘These people are scumbags,
scumbags, scumbags,’ he told
reporters in hither green, southeast London.
‘If you don’t know why I pulled
the flowers down then you aren’t a
human being. Would you go
around allowing someone to stab
your parents? Would you allow
someone to come round with a
Vincent was stabbed last
Wednesday by Mr Osborn-brooks,
who has gone into hiding with
Blooming angry: man
stamps on flowers for
burglar killed by victim,
after cutting them off
fence pictures: lnp
by izzy lyons
a london underground
worker was pushed on to the
tracks at Victoria station.
the customer service
assistant was on a district
line platform shortly after
10am on tuesday. the victim
was not injured but was
‘understandably shaken’,
according to British transport
Police, who released a CCtV
image of a man they want to
speak to.
lu managing director mark
Wild said: ‘this was an
appalling attack. everyone has
the right to go about their day
without fear or intimidation.’
insp Paula Jones from BtP
said: ‘this was a very serious
incident. i would like to hear
from anyone who was at
Victoria and saw what
happened.’ anyone with
information is asked to
contact BtP on 0800 405040
or contact Crimestoppers
anonymously on 0800 555111.
.)'#/0 #/
A shriNe to a career criminal has
been creat d outside a home where
d h
on of
by $2" / *
!" !
ar her
Controversy: our report yesterday
who was burgled.’ But Vincent’s
cousin elvina Lee said: ‘this is the
best place for these flowers to be. i
don’t know wh t’s wrong with these
cu ’
Trampled: our report yesterday
disabled wife Maureen, 76 –
fearing reprisals – after being
freed without charge.
Flowers left by the burglar’s
relatives were first removed on
Monday night before being put
back by relatives. Tributes were
torn down twice on Tuesday but
replaced each time.
One addressed to ‘daddy’ read:
‘These people won’t put us down.’
Mounted police have patrolled
the area and one man said he had
been threatened with arrest if he
took any bouquets down. he told
The Sun: ‘You’d think the coppers
would have better things to do.’
The Metropolitan Police said it
was there ‘to provide reassurance’.
Date set for Alfie’s
life support to end
tragedy of mum ‘caught
in acid attack crossfire’
Innocent victim: Joanne rand
A MOther died after being splashed
head to toe in acid when she was
unwittingly caught up in a dispute after
visiting her daughter’s grave, a court
Joanne rand, 47, was sitting on a
bench when she was allegedly hit with
the high-strength sulphuric acid by
Xeneral Webster.
screaming in pain, she ran to a KFC
in high Wycombe, Buckinghamshire,
and splashed water on herself. she was
treated for burns to five per cent of her
body, but died of multi-organ failure
following septicaemia 11 days later,
reading crown court heard.
Prosecutor Alison hunter QC said
Webster, 19, was in a dispute with saqib
by aidan radnedge
hussain, from whom he was trying to
grab a bicycle, on June 3 last year.
Ms hunter said CCtV footage
showed Webster reaching into his
satchel for a bottle of acid.
she said: ‘What he produced next is
an open-topped bottle of acid and he
makes to throw it towards Mr hussain.
he said to Mr hussain, “this is acid”.
‘At this moment Mr hussain, panicking, knocks the acid out of Mr Webster’s hand.’ the bottle rolled and hit
Ms rand, sitting a few metres away,
Ms hunter said. she ‘instantly noticed
her hair was wet and her face had
begun to burn’, Ms hunter added.
Webster was seen putting on a balaclava before cycling back to the bench to
pick up the acid bottle, which he later
discarded, the court heard.
Ms hunter said the fact that Ms rand
was not the intended victim ‘makes no
difference in law’ and Webster knew
the consequences of acid in a public
place, having been the victim of an
Webster, of Westway, west London,
denies murder and an alternative count
of manslaughter, possession of a bottle
of acid, possession of a bottle of
ammonia, attempted GBh with intent
and robbery of a bicycle, all between
April and June last year.
the trial continues.
a JudGe has set a date for
toddler alfie evans’ life
support to be switched off.
alder hay hospital in
liverpool asked the high Court
to determine when treatment
should officially be withdrawn.
his parents wanted to take
him to italy for treatment and
produced a video claiming he
was ‘improving’.
Yesterday they said their 23month-old son’s life could end
‘within hours’. mr Justice
hayden ruled that the date of
when it will happen ‘must
remain private’. alfie, who has
a degenerative brain disease,
has been at alder hey since
december 2016.
‘Castration’ drugs
may cut abuse
ministers have received
advice on making ‘chemical
castration’ more available to
sex offenders, it is
ministry of Justice chiefs
have been shown research on
giving libido-suppressing
drugs to more abusers on a
voluntary basis in an effort to
cut reoffending.
at present, sex offenders
are more likely to be offered
psychiatric help.
the fact-finding exercise
emerged following an outcry
over plans to release black
cab rapist John Worboys from
Thursday, April 12, 2018 METRO 7
our hell living in premier
inn for past three years
by laura elvin
A COUNCiL has been ordered to pay
£9,000 to a family of five forced to
move between 12 Premier inns for
three years due to housing wrangles.
Luke Burns and his wife Olga
thought they would be in a hotel for
just one week after being turfed out of
a flood-damaged flat they rented privately in April 2014.
But a series of Bristol city council
bungles left them on the move for three
years – racking up an £88,000 bill in
£60 to £100-a-night Premier inns.
the couple, both teachers who
home-schooled their children throughout their ordeal, had their youngest
child while living in a hotel.
Mr Burns, 43, said they quickly ran
through their £588 weekly benefits
and needed loans from family as they
On standby: sir elton
Royal wedding?
I’m still waiting
says Elton John
sir elton John said he has
not received an invitation to
the royal wedding... yet.
in the wake of revelations
that politicians were not
being asked to Prince harry
and meghan markle’s
nuptials, the i’m still standing
singer was asked if he would
be playing at the celebration.
sir elton, who cancelled las
Vegas shows that clash with
the may 19 wedding, told CBs
in the us: ‘if they asked me
to, but i haven’t been asked
to the wedding yet.
‘i would love to be at the
wedding to see them because
i know they are so happy.’
sir elton, 71, said he has a
strong connection to the
royals since he sang Candle in
the Wind at the funeral of
harry’s mother, Princess
diana, in 1997.
he said she would be proud
of harry and William, adding:
‘i am proud of them. they are
fabulous human beings.’
what’s your opinion?
text the word VIEWS followed by
your comment, name and where
you live to 65700.
standard network charges apply.
lived in constant fear their daughters
Lolita, 12, Alina, 11, and son Nicolas,
two, would be taken into care.
they were finally given a council
house after the Local Government
Ombudsman stepped in and said Bristol had broken the law.
in a report today, the regulator said
the council should pay the family
£9,000 for ‘injustice caused’.
it also criticised the authority for
illegally blocking large numbers of
families – including the Burns – from
registering for housing for 22 months.
the report said the council ignored
the family’s ‘appalling housing conditions’ for years, failed to accept applications for help and wrongly threatening to dump their belongings.
Mr Burns said: ‘We were repeatedly
ignored or blocked. it’s hard not to see
the actions as a personal vendetta.
‘the difference – to be able to just
stop and rest, to be able to put down
roots as a family – is beyond words.
‘For the girls to be able to go to
school, have friends and spend birthdays in a home, it’s incredible. But we
were robbed of that for three years and
the £9,000 doesn’t cover half of it.’
City councillors apologised and said
the council has already addressed most
issues and learned ‘valuable lessons’.
stay: the
family lived
in hotel
rooms and
the two
girls were
there as
they waited
for a home
CCTV: mr Jeal just before he died
Cuba and Co are right on the money
chicago, Phoenix theatre, london
by John nathan
uBa GoodinG Jr won an
oscar after drawing cries
of ‘show me the money’
from tom Cruise’s
character in Jerry maguire
more than 20 years ago.
now he has become the latest
star to play smooth-as-silk lawyer
Billy flynn – whose first impulse
when deciding whether to take a
case is, well, show me the money.
flynn specialises in getting
murderesses off scot-free and his
latest client is roxie hart, who is
as guilty, and as sexy, as sin.
arriving in the West end to star in
kander and ebb’s steamy 1920sset musical, Gooding hasn’t
changed much.
the body is slimmer than the
face. the default expression more
mischievous than malign. he’s
Sexiest musical ever: gooding (right) struts his stuff with his fellow troupers as the classic show returns tristram kenton
good, although he is a much better
mover than he is a singer.
his flynn has stacks of charm but
the 50-year-old – who played the
title role in tV’s acclaimed the
People v oJ simpson – gets fewer
opportunities than he might like to
try his hand at following Bob
fosse’s incomparable
choreography. this is probably the
sexiest musical ever and remains
the great, smouldering show that
first arrived in london from new
York in 1997.
Josefina Gabrielle (a former roxie
in the production) returns as
femme fatale Velma kelly, while
roxie is terrifically played by sarah
soetaert as a kind of raunchy dolly
Parton. first she started to ‘fool
around’, roxie tells us, then she
started ‘screwing around, which is
fooling around without dinner’.
With ruthie henshall as mama
morton, ultimately it is not
Gooding but the women in this
show who will keep the longest
running american musical, now
back in the West end after a fiveyear absence, running even longer.
Riddle of naked
surfer, 64, found
dead on beach
the death of a retired surfer
found naked on a Cornish
beach remains a mystery
after a coroner returned an
open verdict.
the body of alan Jeal, 64,
from Wadebridge, was found
in Perranport,
Cornwall, in
2014. he had
a sock and
in his mouth.
his family
identified him after a police
reconstruction of his face,
pictured, was released.
Cornwall coroner dr emma
Carlyon told an inquest she
accepted the cause of death
was drowning. the former lab
technician had also suffered
‘significant chest and head
she said: ‘i find it is not
possible to exclude an
intentional death, an
accidental death or the
involvement of others.’
Thursday, April 12, 2018 METRO 9
WORLD bites
n eiGht Cameroon athletes
have been reported missing at
the Commonwealth Games on
australia’s Gold Coast. three
weightlifters and five boxers –
a third of the team – vanished
from the athletes’ village.
n a nePaleSe sherpa is
climbing mt everest for a
record 22nd time. kami rita,
48, who first scaled the peak
at the age of 24, said: ‘my
goal is to reach the summit at
least 25 times.’
heck, it’s
n siX people are missing after
a landslide destroyed homes
in oita prefecture on kyushu,
Japan’s southernmost island,
yesterday. four houses were
buried but a family in one of
the properties is safe.
BritiSh photographer Steve
Woods was straight in at the
deep end for a close
encounter with humpbacks.
the marine snapper came
face to face with a pod in
tonga – including a calf that
liked to show off while its
mother was sleeping.
‘the calf would take a good
look at the weird humans
and play with us,’ he said.
‘once it got hungry it would
nudge its mother, and the
pair would slowly sink so it
could feed.’
n three members of the
body that awards the nobel
Prize for literature have quit
in protest over a sex scandal.
Sweden’s king carl xvi Gustav
said the resignations were
‘deeply unfortunate’.
257 die as aircraft
carrying soldiers
crashes into field
by aomar ouali
At LeAst 257 people were killed
when a military plane carrying soldiers
and their families crashed soon after
take off in northern Algeria yesterday.
the russian-built aircraft plunged
into a field next to Boufarik airbase, 20
miles from the capital Algiers.
Footage showed thick black smoke
billowing from the site as rescue vehicles arrived.
Most of the victims were soldiers
and family members. their bodies
were taken to the Algerian army’s central hospital in Ain Naadja for identification.
Algeria’s defence ministry said the
dead included 247 passengers and ten
crew members.
it was described as the worst plane
disaster in the north African nation’s
the cause of the crash was unclear
Blackened: the
wreckage of the
plane in a field
near algiers getty
and an investigation has been
opened, the ministry added.
Algerian president Abdelaziz
Bouteflika declared three days of
national mourning.
the plane had just taken off from
Boufarik and was heading south to
a military base in Béchar. it was
due to make a stopover in tindouf,
home to many refugees from neigh-
bouring Western sahara, a disputed
territory annexed by Morocco.
the soviet-designed il-76 army
transport plane has been in production since the 1970s and is said to
have a good safety record. it is
widely used for both commercial
freight and transporting troops. the
Algerian military operates several
of the aircraft.
Billionaire skier goes missing in the Alps
reScuerS in the alps are
searching for a german
billionaire who has been
missing since the weekend.
karl-erivan haub
(pictured), heir to the
Tengelmann retail empire,
failed to return after
training for a ski race on
the Matterhorn on the Swiss
border with Italy.
relatives of the 58-
year-old, an experienced skier
and mountaineer, raised the
alarm on Saturday.
The head of mountain
rescue services in Italy’s
aosta valley, adriano
Favre, told Swiss
newspaper blick that the
risk of bad weather and
avalanches forced the
search to stop on
Tuesday. he said Mr
haub was skiing on his own in an
area known for glaciers so he
might have fallen into a crevasse.
Swiss rescue service air Zermatt
said its search was continuing.
uS-born Mr haub and his
brother christian have led the
company, whose main businesses
are the hardware store Obi and
clothing retailer kik, since 2000.
The family’s fortune is estimated
at more than £2.6billion.
Thursday, April 12, 2018 METRO 11
tycoon’s ex
fails to grab
share of his
future cash
in brief
A letter from PM?
You must be joking
a CounCil worker was left
‘insulted’ after receiving a
letter from prime minister
theresa may addressed to
raja habib, 67, was sent a
memo from the Conservative
party asking for donations
and thought it was a ‘scam’
after reading the first line.
‘it was a complete shock to
my system,’ said mr habib, of
Brixton, south london.
‘this is the woman we are
trusting with our country, yet
her party can’t even send out
letters correctly,’ he added.
the party has apologised for
the ‘unacceptable’ error and is
investigating the incident.
by brian farmer
A WOMAN has lost her legal battle
for a share of the money her multi-millionaire estranged husband has made
in the years following the breakdown
of their marriage.
Kim Waggott walked away with
nearly £10million after her 21-year
relationship with travel industry boss
William Waggott ended.
But she said Mr Waggott built his
career from scratch with her support
during the time they were together so
she was entitled to a share of the ‘postseparation’ fruits of his career.
Mr Waggott, a boss at travel firm
tUi – formerly thomson – said Mrs
Waggott’s claim should be rejected.
Court of Appeal judges sir James
Munby, Lord Justice Moylan and Mr
Justice MacDonald yesterday ruled in
his favour.
earlier the judges heard Mr and Mrs
Waggott – aged 54 and 49 at the time
of the October hearing – met in 1990,
married in 2000 and lived near Great
Missenden, Buckinghamshire.
they separated about six years ago
after Mr Waggott twice had affairs.
Judges heard Mrs Waggott and the
couple’s teenage daughter remained in
Great Missenden while Mr Waggott,
who had become chief financial officer
at tUi travel in late 2010, moved to
Markyate, hertfordshire.
Neither were in court yesterday to
hear the ruling, which lawyers said
may have implications for others making similar claims. Mrs Waggott
Driver,89, punched
over ‘eff off’ row
a Pensioner aged 89 was
punched in the face in a row.
the unnamed victim had left
his car outside a tailor’s shop
in Cambridge for three minutes
while he picked up a jacket.
When he walked out, he was
confronted by ifitkhar ahmed,
who thought the pensioner had
told him to ‘eff off’. ahmed, 56,
opened the pensioner’s car
door and punched him. ‘my
face was a mess,’ said the man.
dad-of-two ahmed admitted
assault and was sentenced to
50 hours community service
by the city’s magistrates and
ordered to pay £920 – with
£750 going to his victim.
Old bag of crisps
will be well salty
a BoY doing a litter pick found
a packet of Walkers crisps
washed up on a beach –
dating back 30 years.
laurence miller, ten, was
part of a group of volunteers
when he spotted the largely
intact cheese and onion bag
in treyarnon Bay, Cornwall.
‘he was really excited about
it,’ said rob stevenson, who
runs the beach cleaning
group in Padstow.
‘We think it dates from the
1980s as on the back it says
the Valuation Game, which
was a football promotion.’ he
added that the find ‘shows
how long plastic waste lasts’.
Drug dealer had a
1m-volt stun gun
a druG dealer caught with a
stun gun 20 times more
powerful than a police taser
has been jailed for five years.
Police found the device –
disguised as a mobile phone –
when they raided the home of
scott ritchie, 25, in larkhall,
the Chinese makers of the
kelin k95 gun claim it can fire
out 1.2million volts. Police
tasers discharge 50,000.
ritchie appeared at
hamilton sheriff court and
admitted possessing the
illegal stun gun in april last
year, as well as supplying
Dwayne’s world: the rock on the red carpet in london last night with his
rampage co-stars naomie Harris and malin akerman (below) karwai tang/getty
is he ready to rock the
white house? not yet
dWaYne JohnSon has ruled
out running for US president
in two years’ time... but he
hasn’t given up on the White
house entirely.
there had been speculation
that ‘the rock’ would be
throwing his hat into the ring
but last night he said: ‘right
now i am just learning as
much as i can.
‘i do not have any delusions
that it’s easy. and i have a
tremendous respect, so
2020 is not going to happen.
maybe 2024, maybe 2028, i
don’t know.’
the 45-year-old ex-wrestler
was speaking at the european
premiere of his mega monster
movie rampage, about an ape
involved in a genetic experiment
that goes wrong. Johnson hit the
d carpett in lond
don’’s leiicestter
Square with his co-stars naomie
harris, 41 – aka miss
moneypenny in the Bond films –
and Billions star malin akerman,
39. rampage swings into
cinemas tomorrow.
Break-up: kim waggott fought for
more from ex william (below) cHampion
mounted the appeal after a family
court judge made rulings on the division of money at a hearing in London.
recorder Andrew tidbury rejected
Mrs Waggott’s claim to a share of
future earnings.
he also said Mrs Waggott, who is an
accountant but stopped work around
the time the couple’s daughter was
born, should take steps to return to the
job market once she had started to
rebuild her life.
Husband forged cancer-hit
wife’s name to get divorce
a huSbaNd who admitted forging
his wife’s signature on divorce
while she was having cancer
has been jailed.
Nicky Jones applied to end his 18y
marriage to Lucy McdonnellJ
(pictured with him) before
s found out and had the
She believes it was an
to deny her a share
o their two homes and
after Jones, 44,
w jailed for eight
by Swansea
she said:
person I
married, I didn’t
really know.’
The couple, who
wed in 1998, hit
problems and Ms
Mcdonnell-Jones left
their home in Neath, south Wales,
in 2014. Jones later turned up with
divorce papers while she was at
work but she refused to sign as she
had not had time to read them.
In 2015, she was diagnosed with
stage 3 non-hodgkin’s lymphoma
in her groin, back and stomach.
She said she didn’t care
about the divorce
because she feared
she would die.
In 2016, the 41year-old found a
letter from a divorce
court while collecting
possessions from
their home.
She went to a
solicitor, who halted
proceedings and
involved police. The
couple divorced,
with her consent,
last October.
12 METRO Thursday, April 12, 2018
so is brooklyn the sock-er
star having a pop at chloë?
BrooklYn BeCkham has socked it to his ex-girlfriend
Chloë moretz as the pair signalled they will fight out
their reported break-up through fashion.
a day after Chloë, 21, stepped out without her
Beckham could
‘B’ ring on her engagement finger – following
save on hairdos with
snaps of him snogging 20-year-old model lexi
his new stylist – six
xWood – Brooklyn wore his own apparent
year-old daughter
response while hanging with friends in
his arm in a sling after a skiing
shared an instagram
Pulled up: the 19-year-old was wearing socks with
story of harper
Brooklyn in his the slogan, ‘f*** you’.
washing his locks,
With impeccable timing, his parents sang
rude-word Brooklyn’s praises online. Posh, 43, posted
throwing in a head
massage when he
socks BackgriD a pic of him with his brothers, writing ‘love
said: ‘nice. do i
my boys so much’ while 42-year-old Becks
get a massage
put up a snap of him and Brooklyn
as well?’
‘lotta love in this picture’.
a n d r e i H a r m s w o rt H ’ s
schumer has
it that adele
offered to
marry her...
But singer backed out, adds Amy
yet. ‘the next day she’s like, “hey,
DeLe was wed-dy for it
we’re not really friends”,’ Amy added.
once again when she
‘she got ordained to marry her good
drunkenly agreed to
friend, so i think she was like, “they’ll
‘marry’ Amy schumer – a
be annoyed if i just start marrying
month after officiating at
random basic bitches”.’
best pal Alan Carr’s big day.
earlier this month, 29-year-old Adele
the superstar came close to dusting
confirmed that she became ordained to
off her ministerial robes for a second
oversee the nuptials of Chatty Man
time, but then had a change of heart.
Carr, 41, and his partner Paul Drayton
Comic Amy recalled: ‘i was staying
at the beginning of the year.
in LA in a house near Jennifer
Amy, 36, went on to marry chef
Lawrence, who lives right by Adele
Chris Fischer in February, and
and they’re really good friends.
admitted she slept with him on
‘i’d never met her before so we
their first date. ‘there was no
hung out a little bit. then we were
nonsense. it was just, “Let’s
really drunk one night and
go”, and it was sweet, it was
talking about how we
really nice,’ she said. ‘i said
wanted to get married.
in the morning, “i don’t
‘Adele was like, “Well, i
want you to go”, and he
can marry you”. We were
said, “i don’t want you to
making a whole plan,
goo eith
like tuesday at noon
thee trainwreck star
because she takes care
teassed that motherhood
of her kid.’
coould be next.
Awkwardly, once
Maybe,’ Amy told
the rumour has it
siriusXM radio. ‘i got
chart-topper sobered Ministering angel:
a little dog and i really
adele in her robes,
up she decided they
lovve her, so that’s the
weren’t good
and amy with chris
first step.’
enough chums
Janet to the rescue in drug scare
Janet JaCkson came to
the rescue when
rapper eve allegedly had
spiked at a
music industry party.
recalling the
incident, which
happened a few years
ago, 39-year-old eve
said: ‘i was walking
around, putting my drink
down, talking to people, coming
back, picking my drink up.
‘i knew immediately
something was different. it
was weird because i was
there but i wasn’t there.
then i started hysterically
crying. i’m like snot crying,
y’all, and i turn around. it’s
Janet Jackson. and she’s like, “i
got this. don’t worry. relax”.’
Back to Carrie
on after injury
Kendrick joins
Glasgow line-up
Soul music for
Armani revamp
UnderWood is
back after a fall last
year in which her face
needed 50 stitches.
the country singing
star returns with new
single cry Pretty.
lamar, kings of
leon and Catfish and
the Bottlemen
headline this year’s
Glasgow summer
sessions, over three
nights in august.
hiP hop trio de
la Soul will be
out to prove they are
still in fashion when
they play at the
reopening of the
Giorgio armani stores
in london tonight.
Thursday, April 12, 2018 METRO 13
ith tom
sti hb
does Janelle
want us to
blush pynk?
Janelle monÁe has
unveiled a rather fruity
ck Pynk.
video for her new tra
the track, featuring cult h
star Grimes, is packed ld
innuendo and 32-yea
d to
Janelle has attempte
explain her eye-wateri
the singer/actres
starred in moonlight
hidden Figures – exp
‘Pynk is the colour tha
unites us all, for pink
the colour found in the ks
deepest and darkest
and crannies of
taylor keeps busy as fan finds
bank (space) to make his name
it Was a case of look
What You made me do
when a taylor swift fan was
accused of robbing a bank to
attract her attention.
Bruce rowley, 26, was
arrested in Connecticut last
week for allegedly robbing a
bank and throwing cash over
swifty’s wall in the hope of
impressing her, according to
a police report.
meanwhile, the 28-year-old
shook off the attention-seeker
by posting snaps of herself
and her dancers rehearsing
for her us tour next month.
tayllor wrotte: ‘the reputation
stadium tour dancers!! Been
spending my days rehearsing
with these overwhelmingly
talented people.’
chris’s mum is thor-some
there’S yet another new
star in the hemsworth
clan, thanks to thor actor chris
posting a picture of himself
with his mum leonie.
retired english teacher
leonie, snapped with her
family at the commonwealth
Games in australia, was
described as ‘a babe’ by some
of chris’s 15million
followers. one
admirer said: ‘Your
mum can pass as
your sister.’ leonie
and hubby craig are
parents to three hollywood
stars – luke, 37, chris, 34, and
28-year-old liam.
don’t get collared again, amber
she must be barking – amber
heard has been up to her dogsmuggling tricks again.
Johnny depp’s ex-missus shared
snaps of herself pretending to sneak
a pooch into a syrian refugee camp,
where she is helping volunteers.
‘some old habits die hard,’ she
posted on instagram, alongside a
picture of a suspiciously furry
bundle. ‘What dog?’ she added.
three years ago, depp and
amber, 31, had to apologise
for secretly ferrying their
two Yorkies into australia.
even liam’s lost for words
liam GallaGher has admitted he needs
his trusty autocue to perform live – even
for old oasis hits such as Wonderwall.
liam, 45, told the Streets’ mike Skinner on his
Spotify podcast that he would sing whatever
was put on the prompter, adding: ‘if they put
f***ing “fish and chips” i’d sing that as well. it’s
terrible, leaving my f***ing s*** in other people’s
hands, but yeah, i need the autocue.’
14 METRO Thursday, April 12, 2018
good deed feed
thank you to the kind old man
who told me that the bus stop
i had been waiting at for 20
minutes had been out of
service for two years. if you
hadn’t, i would have just
waited and waited. sorry
i jumped and cursed when you
tapped my shoulder.
Girl In Brown Coat, Bristol
thank you to the person who
handed in my season ticket at
foregate street station and to
staff who bought it up to shrub
hill on friday morning. You’re
Maria, Worcester
all great.
huGe thanks to the girl who
helped me to retrieve my
shopping from being crushed
under the wheels of the traffic
in kingston on april 3. the
handle of my shopping bag on
my handlebars broke. thanks
also to the young man who
picked up my bike and the lady
who gave me a new bag.
J Altman, Kingston
thank you to whoever found
my Pandora bracelet on the
Waterloo and City line.
i reported it lost but never
imagined that it would be
returned. i am amazed lost
property got in touch.
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and another thing...
n regarding the Good friday
agreement and the conference
to mark its 20th anniversary
(metro, Wed), i see mo mowlam
(below) is missing from the roll
call of credits, despite her
working through the brain
tumour that eventually
killed her. another
example of a woman
being airbrushed
from history. Anon
n is anyone else
alarmed by drivers
and cleaning staff wearing
masks on Great northern
trains? is what they are
breathing in that dangerous?
and what about the
n holly from essex says
she’s had to turn the
heating back on
because it’s so cold
(metrotalk, Wed). she’s
lucky, we’ve not been
able to turn ours off
Chris, Sheffield
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rush-hour Crush and Good deed
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on metro is a
member of the independent Press
standards organisation
bombs aren’t the
solution for syria
innocent people are already suffering enough
n it seems that in a matter of days
the Us, France and Britain will
launch an assault on syria to punish
Bashar al-Assad (Metro, Wed).
this despite the fact that it has not
been established he is responsible for
the chemical attacks in the Damascus
suburb of Douma.
Attacking Mr Assad without proof
and no idea of the consequences, will
be a war crime, particularly heinous
after Afghanistan, iraq and Libya.
Will launching more cruise missiles
really improve the situation?
Brendan O’Brien, London
n Why is killing someone with gas
worse than killing them with a bomb
or bullet? if we get involved in syria,
it should be because of the
inhumanities happening, full stop.
Martin, London
n some who want to interfere in
syria talk of upholding international
law. But international law is quite
clear: Article 2 (4) of the United
Nations Charter expressly forbids
interference in the internal affairs of
states on any grounds.
it says: ‘All members shall refrain
in their international relations from
the threat or use of force against the
territorial integrity or political
independence of any state.’
Will Podmore, Wanstead
n innocent syrians don’t deserve to
be attacked with air strikes when they
already have Mr Assad gassing them.
As someone who works with
refugees, these people do not deserve
what they are getting. readers should
watch Cries From syria on Netflix.
Anon, Newcastle
n Vladimir Putin is provoking the
West by encouraging Mr Assad to use
chemical weapons to see how far we
can be pushed. A decisive response is
Jeff, Newport
n Get an experienced arbitrator
before we let Donald trump take
decisions for us. Maureen, Martock
Thursday, April 12, 2018 METRO 15
Invite only: prince Harry
and meghan markle have
invited 600 people to their
wedding ceremony but not
theresa may or Donald trump getty
rush-hou r c ru sh
love is all around us, as shown by the messages left by our commuter cupids. are
they talking about you? don’t forget to tell us if you get together!
Girl with auburn fringe,
white scarf, white earphones,
silver rings and red bag on
sidcup line, second carriage
at 9pm-ish. You are wow!
Coffee? Dan The Latino With
White Glasses, Mottingham
Curious Bus driver (Crush,
mon), i got the no.27 first Bus
at dalry primary school,
edinburgh. also, what is your
name, Curious Bus driver?
Your No.1 Fan
the girl with the brown bag,
i was the lad glancing at you
last friday at rotherham
bus station wearing the red
purple-ish jacket.
Joseph, Rotherham
to the short, asian girl on the
train to sittingbourne
watching Gilmore Girls on her
phone. Your organised,
controlled mania made my
day. i would like to play
noughts and crosses with you
over dinner in silence.
Tall, Dark And Beautiful
handsome scotrail
conductor with the love
tattoo on his hand. do you
have a love right now?
kicking myself i didn’t have
the courage to ask; maybe on
another train ride.
Kirsty, Glasgow
to the gorgeous nurse
wearing dungarees on the
no.X19 bus to the Queen
elizabeth hospital – we smiled
at each other from across the
bus. fancy a drink?
Pink Lipstick And Scrubs,
to the guy on the no.88 who
always wears shorts no
matter the weather and gets
off at sheffield hospital. With
legs like that i’m sure i could
do with you checking my
blood pressure and pulse
rate. fancy sharing your baps
sometime? Girl With Nice Hair
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Rush-Hour Crush, name and
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Shouldn’t have to choose kids over a job
n as debbie from hertfordshire
no wedding snub for world leaders
n Well, i for one am relieved that theresa may and donald trump will not
be invited to Prince harry and meghan markle’s wedding (metro, Wed).
this should not be seen as some kind of ‘snub’. it was announced right
from the word go that the wedding would not be a state event. Since
these politicians have no real relationship with either the bride or groom,
there really is no reason why they should be invited.
says, it is not compulsory to have
children (metrotalk, Wed), but it
should be possible to have
children and a career. to solve
work gender inequality we need
to solve inequality in the
heterosexual home. equal
parental leave would be a good
start. it works in scandinavia.
having childcare costs taking an
entire year’s wage is completely
Nyika, Bristol
n as a childless woman in her
forties and good at her job, i can
say male colleagues progress
faster and are paid more, so this
is a gender issue. until this is
rebalanced and parental leave is
shared, there will be
Kate, Cambridge
n maybe if women want to give
their all to their children, they
should leave some jobs to others
willing to give it their full
attention. By all means ask for
equal pay for the same job but
all-in-all, women in the west are
doing better than we think.
nature is unfair – let men get
pregnant and it may level things
out a bit.
16 METRO Thursday, April 12, 2018
do you need to wear specs
or are you just trying to
look clever?
i love my glasses! i am
short-sighted but yeah,
when you’re blonde it
does help sometimes to
You must be excited
make you look slightly
about your summer
intelligent. And i feel
tour after last year’s
like you can hide
massive comeback…
behind them a
it’s going to be good! And
In the audience:
bit. i go for big,
completely different from
pete waterman
out-there frames.
the arena tour. every time
claire richards
the singer and presenter,
40, on breaking up and
getting back together with
steps, Big Brother and
Abba’s Benny and Björn
we do something there’s always a bit
of apprehension as to whether
people are still going to be bothered,
especially with the new album last
year. i think it was because it was
the 20th anniversary, the nostalgia
really kicked in.
and the album was, to be fair,
amazing! we played it until we
were threatened…
Well, that’s what i like to hear. We
didn’t know where it would fit in the
market 20 years on but we wanted to
keep the essence of what steps is, in
terms of melodies, proper key changes,
the harmonies and stuff. We tried to
keep all that.
does this mean you’ve fallen
out with pete waterman, who
did all your earlier albums?
With Pete? Not at all! i think he came
to see our show at the O2.
and you did a song on that last
album that Benny and Björn
from abba co-wrote for you…
that was the song that really kicked off
the whole idea of us doing a brand new
album. We always had that comparison
with Abba from the start. that’s what
Pete saw in us: he described us as Abba
on speed.
when steps split up back in the
day, it sounded acrimonious.
are you all mates again?
i guess it was and it wasn’t great for
a few years. it was a bit of a ‘them and
us’ situation for a while but it’s been
years and we’ve mended a lot of fences,
a lot of water under the bridge, all the
we always had that
comparison with abba…
pete waterman
described us as
abba on speed
clichés you can think of. And we’re
proper adults now with other lives and
other priorities. All the little things that
bugged us back in the day are just small
stuff now. We now just have a laugh
when we’re together.
so, you have a party and
prize money to offer?
yes, we’re looking for people to
enter the specsavers spectacle
Wearer Of the year Awards in
October. We’re doing it with
Kidscape, which is an anti-bullying
organization, so it’s all for a really
good cause.
thing i noticed last year was that a lot of
those kind of comments about us being
cheesy weren’t really there. everybody
was much more positive. We’ve come
full circle.
You all brought your kids on
stage last time, didn’t you?
yeah, we did it at Wembley and that
was the only time on the whole tour that
all seven kids were together. Wembley
is a pretty special venue for us anyway
because we played it so many times
back in the day. Last time we did the
O2 twice but this time we wanted to go
back to Wembley again. i thought my
two would be really nervous about it
but they absolutely loved it.
did you ever mind that people
thought it was just camp fun?
what made you want to go
We definitely resisted it. For us,
into Celebrity Big Brother
it’s always been serious.
in 2013?
Obviously 5, 6, 7, 8 was
there was a lot of money,
a novelty song but beyond
probably [laughs].
that we were a proper pop
group. People did sometimes
why have steps never
consider us a bit of a joke and
done eurovision? we
it was hard. We wouldn’t
need you!
Dancing queens:
get nominated for certain
We were asked a few
abba in 1977
awards and we wouldn’t
times and i know it’s a
get invited to the cool stuff
massive thing in europe
because we weren’t cool, which was
but it’s never felt right. We’d like to
hard when you’re 23. Now we really
continue with a decent career and not
don’t care. We embrace it.
be hated by everyone in Britain when
we come last.
simon gage
You’ve had the last laugh...
For us now, 20 years down the line, over
To enter the £10,000 Spectacle Wearer
22million records sold, concert tickets
Of The Year Award, visit
and stuff, that’s not a joke and i think
people have started to realise that. One
For Steps info, see
Thursday, April 12, 2018 METRO 17
sex-note warder
fired after thief
stole her heart...
A PrisON officer was sacked
after developing a ‘strong sexual
attraction’ for a career burglar and
exchanging steamy love letters
with him.
Abigail Matthews, 27, fell for
inmate Mark rhodes when he
was transferred to her open prison.
she dreamed of running away
with him upon his release.
But she was fired when
her obsession was uncovered, along with a male
colleague who had agreed
to cover up for her.
Matthews and sam
Flowers, 33, were
by adam hale
sentenced at Cardiff crown court
yesterday, having admitted charges
of misconduct in public office at
an earlier hearing.
Prosecutor sam shepherd said
Matthews began a year-long relationship with rhodes (pictured),
32, after being assigned as
his ‘personal officer’ at Usk
Prison in Monmouthshire.
she developed a ‘strong
sexual attraction’ for him and
between 30 and 40 letters
were exchanged.
‘there was talk of
physical actions – not ones that
happened but ones that Matthews
wanted to happen,’ he said.
Matthews revealed the relationship to rhodes’s brother, Chris, in
a drunken Facebook post on holiday in italy. When he reported the
affair to the prison, Matthews convinced Flowers to help her out.
Flowers gave rhodes access to
a secure prison phone to plead with
his brother to retract his statement.
Matthews and Flowers, both of
Pontypool, Gwent, were given
eight-month jail terms, suspended
for two years, and ordered to do
150 hours unpaid work.
in brief
Magistrate guilty
of cruelty to dogs
a maGistrate and her
daughter caused unnecessary
suffering to two dogs.
Gail Bradshaw, 64, treated
her terrier Poppy for a skin
condition by putting her in a
filthy jumper that stuck to her
‘weeping skin’.
When her other terrier holly
had the same problem,
Bradshaw and her daughter
nicola, 29, did not take the
dog to a vet.
the pair, from leigh, in
lancashire, were convicted by
Preston magistrates and will
be sentenced on may 8.
Bell End saved as
bid to axe it fails
Dreams: warder abigail matthews
wales news serVice
Boxing champion Nicola’s fianceé to wed a man
bOXINg champion Nicola
adams is said to be
heartbroken after her
fiancée left her for a man.
The double Olympic gold
medallist, 35, got engaged to
fellow boxer Marlen
esparza at London’s Shard
in 2016 (both pictured). but
16 months on, the wedding
is off and uS boxer esparza,
28, has declared her love for
her personal trainer, a man
named only as Frank in an
Instagram post. She wrote:
‘I have had the most difficult
time of my entire life but
god always has his way!
You saved my life and I
can’t wait to spend forever
with you.’ The couple plan
to marry this summer,
reports The Sun. esparza
won a bronze medal in the
women’s flyweight division
in London 2012. adams won
the gold and retained the
title at rio 2016.
a street with the ‘rude’ name
of Bell end has been saved
after a bid to change it failed.
the road was at the centre of
a row after locals in rowley
regis, West midlands, said it
made them a laughing stock.
But linda George started a
petition resisting calls for it to
be renamed – attracting
nearly 4,800 signatures. ‘i’m
pleased that this nonsense
has blown over,’ she said. ‘it’s
a historic name linked to king
John. We had a lot of support.’
sandwell council said it had
no plans to change the name.
18 METRO Thursday, April 12, 2018
Based on stories in the
latest issue of New
Scientist, which is
available in the shops
now. for more cool
science and technology
stories go to
in association with
Wasps hit the beat when it’s time to eat
WaSPS drum up interest in food by banging their
abdomens against the walls of their nest to inform
others that food is available.
researchers at the city univerrsity of
New York took six colonies of german
yellowjacket wasps and housed them in
artificial nests.
The wasps were allowed to
freely forage for a day, but the
next day they were shut in and
given only water or a sucrose solution. On the third
day, the exit was opened again.
umming declined when the wasps
weree given only water, suggesting it
was not a signal of hunger. The wasps
med more when sucrose was
offered,, and the levels of drumming
consistenttly returned to a baseline level on
the third day
y. This suggests that wasps drum
to alert eacch other to the presence of food.
Gene code
d may h
l us rewrite
eMOries have a
unique genetic signature in the brain – a
code that has only just
been discovered and
unlocked. the findings, seen in mice,
suggest we may be able to read people’s
memories by examining the patterns in
their brains and even one day alter or
repair them to treat psychiatric disorders or memory loss.
the brain seems to store memories in
new connections between neurons. to
do this, the neurons need to make new
proteins – a process that is thought to be
controlled by hundreds of genes.
A team at hebrew University in Jerusalem led by Dr Ami Citri discovered
that various experiences led to different
changes in gene activity in the brains of
mice. the mice were given positive or
negative experiences – electric shocks, a
sugar treat, a chemical that made them
feel ill or cocaine. An hour later, they
were euthanised and the team looked at
which genes had been active in the seven
areas of the brain involved in memory.
Dr Citri found that all mice given a
particular experience showed the same
general pattern of gene activity. Patterns
were so clear that the team could guess
what experience a mouse had with over
90 per cent accuracy. While each experience had its own pattern, the signatures
of the more positive experiences were
relatively similar, as were the negative
ones, suggesting bad memories and good
memories are recorded differently. Previous events also had an effect. the
memory of sugar had a different signature if it was a mouse’s first taste, compared to if it already had a sweet tooth.
the pattern of gene activity seemed to
peak about an hour after the experience.
Dr Citri hopes it will be possible to
detect genetic memory signatures in
blood samples so the code could be read
in live animals or people. the findings
may give deeper insights into conditions such post-traumatic stress disorder, and even lead to new treatments
that alter memories. instead of changing how patients respond to past traumas or phobias, their genetic signature
could be altered – turning a painful
memory into a positive one.
the memory code might even reveal
the most recent experiences of a murder
victim. For example, it might be possible
to reveal if they saw someone they knew
before they died. ‘you would have to get
in there extremely quickly,’ said Prof
Clea Warburton of the University of
Bristol. ‘it probably wouldn’t give you
more information than a good forensic
scientist, but i wouldn’t be surprised if
we end up with a film about this.’
she says treating memory loss may
be a better application of the findings.
‘if we can identify the brain regions and
proteins necessary for memory formation, we can manipulate the neurons.
When people have brain damage, we
could help restore memory.’
A sudden rush of blood to mini heads
gIVINg miniature human brains their
own blood vessels could let researchers
grow bigger ‘organoids’ and better
understand how the brain works.
Organoids are small 3d clumps of
tissue that behave more naturally in a
lab than cells in a dish.
They rarely reach more than 2mm in
width because they have to be kept alive
in a liquid containing nutrients and die
if they get too big as not enough
nutrients get through.
To overcome this, dr ben Waldau at
the university of california at davis
coated mini brains grown from donated
cells with a gel containing blood vessel
cells. after a month, blood vessels had
grown into the centre of the organoids.
The next step is to see if this will
enable brain organoids to grow bigger.
Thursday, April 12, 2018 METRO 19
Finger points to earlier human exodus from Africa
Silicon sheets conjure water out of foggy air
a SinGle finger bone found at al
Wusta in the Saudi arabian desert is
helping rewrite the story of when
modern humans left africa.
the bone, found by a University of
oxford team led by dr huw Groucutt, is
a stiCkY, slippery material can boost
the collection of water from fog in dry
the silicon sheet developed by
Pennsylvania state university is coated
with a liquid hydrophilic lubricant that
the oldest confirmed remnant of a
modern human found outside africa
and the levant. tests show it is at
least 85,000 years old – challenging
the widely held view that humans left
africa only around 70,000 years ago.
chemically bonds with water molecules
to collect more, larger droplets.
a square metre can collect more than
100 litres a day – up to ten times more
than other materials. designer dr taksing Wong said: ‘this is way better.’
Chanel meets her match in AI
cOcO chaNeL (pictured) had
it; Yves Saint Laurent and gianni
Versace too. Originality made
these designers famous. Now a
team at Facebook is using
artificial intelligence to take
fashion in bold new directions.
researchers coaxed aIs into
designing about 1,000 items of
clothing, from jumpers to Tshirts. They used algorithms
known as generative adversarial
networks (gaNs) to create designs.
but gaNs usually produce close
imitations of the images they were
trained on. To inspire creativity,
the team introduced two disruptive
functions, forcing them towards
more original content.
almost two out of three designs
were judged as being created by
humans, and were considered
original. however, one aI designed
trousers with an extra pair of legs.
robot takeover ‘creates jobs’
i or even find a murderer
rOBOts are the bogeymen of the 21st
century. With their superhuman
strength and tireless work ethic, many
feel they will put us out of a job. But
these fears may be overblown.
the first comprehensive look at
automation on the German economy
shows robots have created more jobs
than they have destroyed.
even though they were found to have
replaced five per cent of the workforce
from 2011 to 2016, this was shown to
have prompted an overall increase in
human roles of at least 1.5 per cent.
the study, by the Centre of european
economic research in Mannheim, was
based on a survey of 2,000 bosses at a
broad range of firms. the centre’s Dr
Melanie Arntz said a robot might
replace 100 workers, allowing the firm
to cut prices. ‘Demand goes up and
they need to hire people,’ she added.
Also in New Scientist this week: n Are we ready to make life from scratch? n the future of armed conflict in space n your shallow mind
20 METRO Thursday, April 12, 2018
We’re losing our
taste for dining out
eatinG out is proving less
appetising than it was 20
years ago.
fewer diners are happy with
the value of restaurant meals,
down from 69 per cent to 56
per cent, and also with the
quality of the food, down from
81 per cent to 72 per cent.
they are also less satisfied with
the conversation and company,
so perhaps it’s no surprise the
number of people dining alone
has doubled in two decades.
Just 26 per cent bother to dress
up to eat out, compared with
39 per cent in 1995, found
researchers at the university
of manchester.
Humble café
is frying high
on TripAdvisor
a caFÉ that offers a full english breakfast
for £3.95 has beaten dozens of top
restaurants to become No.1 on Tripadvisor.
The Lounge, part of a community centre
in Wembley, is the highest-rated eating spot
in London after winning glowing reviews.
The two friends who run it, Maria kuehn,
59, and Zina Manda, 55, were high-flying
city professionals but grew tired of the rat
race and decided to earn a living from their
love of cooking. They pride themselves on
knowing most customers by name.
Out of the café’s 66 reviews, 63 are
‘excellent’ and three are ‘very good’. Sarah
M wrote: ‘Just delicious and scrummy and
very good value.’
maria kuehn
and Zina
the lounge’s
triangle news
IN THIs sATURDAY’s tesco rings up
£1.3bn profits
as boss hails
‘strong’ year
18+ only. Terms apply
2,30 AT
sHO 0
tesCO has posted a surge in profits as
it hailed a year of ‘strong progress’.
in notching up like-for-like growth of
2.2 per cent, the UK’s biggest supermarket chain reported annual pre-tax profits
of £1.3billion after one-off costs hit last
year’s £145million results.
Chief executive Dave Lewis said the
group was on track for at least £200million of annual cost savings after its
takeover of wholesaler Booker for
‘this has been another year of
strong progress, with the ninth
consecutive quarter of growth,’
he added.
‘i am delighted to
have completed our
merger with Booker,
and we are moving
quickly to deliver
synergiesand access
by holly williams
new growth.’ tesco confirmed it had
started offering Booker catering supply
ranges in its stores.
Mr Lewis (pictured) refused to comment on reports it was looking at launching a discount chain to face off the threat
from German players Aldi and Lidl.
Non-food sales fell 0.4 per cent
but food was up 2.9 per cent.
there was also a hit from the
‘beast from the east’ snow storms
after the group’s financial year
end, which saw some stores close
and deliveries affected.
But Mr Lewis said the
company ‘recovered
Analyst Laith Khalaf
said: ‘tesco is enjoying a renaissance.’
n the london offices of 21st
Century fox were raided in an eu
inquiry into the distribution of
media rights for sporting events.
the european Commission fears
some firms may have violated eu
antitrust rules but said inspections
do not mean they are guilty of
anti-competitive behaviour.
n online retailer Shop direct is
closing three sites in Greater
manchester, putting close to
2,000 jobs at risk. the owner will shut
bases in Shaw, little hulton and
raven from mid-2020 as it
moves to an automated
warehouse in the east midlands.
n the £126.7million trinity mirror
deal to buy a string of titles from
richard desmond’s media empire
is being investigated. the
competition and markets
authority said it would weigh up
whether the purchase of
newspapers such as the daily
express and daily Star would
substantially lessen competition
in the Uk media industry.
tourist rates
australia (a$)............................................................1.74
Canada (C$) .............................................................. 1.71
euro (€)......................................................................1.10
new Zealand (n$) ...................................................1.80
Poland (zloty) ......................................................... 4.23
singapore ($) ...........................................................1.73
south africa (rand) ...............................................16.09
us ($)......................................................................... 1.36
style | Wellbeing | Celebrity
r u rban g
Thursday, April 12, 2018 METRO 21
spring wreaths
are getting
the natural look
Page 25 »
Join the club:
lauren kassan (left)
and audrey gelman
founded the wing
are women-only
members’ clubs sexist?
he billboards went up overnight last
week. From shoreditch to Kensington,
against a backdrop of millennial pink,
they proclaimed ‘the Wing is Coming’.
A phenomenon in the Us, the
Wing is a private members’ club for women; a
co-working space dedicated to women-only
networking and helping to further careers
through a kind of informal sisterhood. it was the
brainchild of thirtysomethings Audrey Gelman
the coming of the Wing – dubbed ‘a throne
away from home’ – means the phenomenon has
well and truly arrived, says Nicole Mowbray
(longtime best friend of Lena Dunham) and tech
star Lauren Kassan.
since the club’s launch in New york in 2016,
it’s had more than 13,000 applications for just a
few thousand spaces across its four clubs (three
in New york and the newest outpost, which
opens today in Georgetown, Washington DC)
and in January, the waiting list to join was 8,000
strong. But it has also been investigated by the
New york City Commission on human rights
for possible discrimination violations, prompting
social media support via #istandWiththeWing.
Nonetheless, that hasn’t stopped it from
coming to the UK – it’s due to open here at the
end of this year. And the Wing is not the only
women-only members’ club to open on these
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22 METRO Thursday, April 12, 2018
style | Wellbeing | Celebrity
Founders: Debbie
wosskow and anna Jones
(right) started the
allBright club (left)
‘it’s our respite
from the world’
bigger premises in London to cope with demand and
are in discussions about opening other clubs in cities
such as Manchester and Birmingham.
shores but it’s probably the most famous (and most
From the art on the walls to the hand wash in the
expensive, at $215, or £150, a month). events include
bathroom, the AllBright champions female talent and
talks by hillary Clinton and ex-Vanity Fair and New
female-led businesses. Beth Greenacre (who curated
yorker editor tina Brown. Celebrities, politicians and
David Bowie’s art collection) selected pieces by
media figures (uber blogger tavi Gevinson, Glossier
notable British female artists for the club. And as well
founder emily Weiss, activist Chelsea Manning and
as places to hold meetings, work stations, a blow-dry
transgender model hari Nef) are all regulars.
bar, yoga studio and a bar and kitchen on the premises,
so where did the idea come from?
there will be a calendar of social events, talks,
‘in 2016, i was never chained to a desk, i was
exhibitions, debates and networking meet-ups.
nomadic, running around from meeting to meeting,’
so why open the AllBright now? Wosskow refers to
says Gelman. ‘i really had a need for a flexible space
issues such as sex discrimination,
to use as a base for the different
under-representation of women in
things in my day. i don’t really
‘i don’t really care if
senior positions, the gender pay gap
care if men moan that these small
clubs are “sexist”. the whole
men moan that these and a 2016 report by the tUC that
world is a men’s club. it’s
small clubs are ‘sexist’. showed that more than half of all
British women have been harassed
important for women to be able to
the whole world is a at work as being reasons why
carve out their own space, as men
spaces like hers are needed.
have done for centuries and still
men’s club
thirty-year-old Layla rivelino
continue to do. the Wing is so
agrees. she and business partner
much more than just people
Andre sinclair, 29, opened the
turning up, plugging in their
women-only London workspace We
phones or switching on their
heart Mondays last November. With a background in
computers and working on their own things. Our
events and social media, rivelino wanted to create an
spaces feel like a respite from the world. events such
affordable space (monthly membership starts from
as the Weinstein scandal and #Metoo has really
£25) for the people she most enjoyed working with
reinforced the need for places like this.’
throughout her career – women.
it’s a need also being filled by clubs such as
the club now has 126 members, who, like rivelino,
the sorority in London’s Farringdon (Katie Derham,
believe that single-sex working environments are more
Gurinder Chadha and international royalty are among
productive and have a better atmosphere.
its members), the Grace Belgravia and the mega
‘Women who come into our space feel more
successful AllBright Club, launched last month in
comfortable,’ she says. ‘they know things that can
Fitzrovia, by Debbie Wosskow and Anna Jones.
‘it’s named after Madeleine Albright [the first female occur within a mixed office won’t occur here. the idea
of having a “safe space” has become a talking point
Us secretary Of state], because one of her quotes
only recently but been needed for such a long time.’
really inspired us,’ Wosskow tells me. ‘“there is a
special place in hell for women who don’t help each
other.” those words really resonate with us.’
do you think there’s a need for
the AllBright costs members £50 per month
women-only members’ clubs?
and counts Naomie harris, ruth Wilson, Martha Lane
text the word VIEWS followed by your
Fox and campaigner sarah Brown among its number.
comment, name and where you live to 65700.
As its waiting list is hundreds of women strong,
standard network charges apply.
Wosskow and Jones are already planning a second,
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No men allowed:
the wing club in
Brooklyn, new york
Thursday, April 12, 2018 METRO 23
style | Wellbeing | Celebrity
Lightweight from
a heavyweight
We love this lightweight
Barbour durham jacket in
olive or navy, which comes
with a hood and is perfect to
see you through april’s
showers and into festival
season. an ideal investment
T he
compiled by nicole mowbray
The latest fashion
and style news
G these hoops
up side your head
oin us as we swoon over these
arge baroque hoop earrings,
which are strung with freshwater
pearls. at an inch-and-a-half in
diameter, they’re the perfect size
to make a statement, too.
Float on a
harleY Vieranewton’s designs
have been worn by
the likes of alexa
Chung. now the
model/dJ has
collaborated with
British shoe brand
Butterfly twists on
a range of printed
ballet pumps and
espadrilles that are
as funky as they are
cute. From £50,
Womenswear from
Tacchini (finally…)
serGio tacchini has launched
its first ever womenswear
range at urban outfitters. the
14-piece collection includes
logo t-shirts, sporty zip-up
crops, track pants and track
jackets. this black taped
jumper (£55) is ideal for the
ongoing leisurewear trend.
From £28,
Boots to rock your world
there’S nothing more rock chic
than a pair of Western-style
cowboy boots and these Wellins
from replay are on trend,
yet still wearable. they look
equally awesome with
skinny jeans or shorts.
Sun protection from
the Australian masters
if anyone knows how to do sunscreen
it’s the australians and the new uV
Protector from aussie brand Jurlique
proves it. oil free and containing
antioxidants, this lightweight product is
a must all year around, worn alone or
under make-up.
24 METRO Thursday, April 12, 2018
style | Wellbeing | Celebrity
the weiGhtinG GaMe try this on for size
from breadcrumbing to ghosting,
love in 2018 is more confusing
than ever. and now there’s a new
piece of coupledom jargon trending
– mixed-weight relationships. the
term is pretty self-explanatory, a
mixed-weight relationship is one
where the couples are of differing
body weights, usually with one
considered heavier
than average.
While the term is
happily used by many
others are speaking
out. ‘the term
is essentially
another way of
labelling people
based on the
differences in their
appearance,’ says
liam Preston, head
of the Be real
campaign for body
confidence. ‘it only
seeks to highlight the differences in
a couple’s shape and size.’
and differences are all too often
negatively pointed out on social
media, as wedding photographer
and body positive instagram star
Jenna kutcher can testify. Jenna is
married to drew, aka mr six Pack
(pictured with Jenna), and has
been targeted on social media
by people commenting
on the dynamics of her
relationship. ‘someone
once slid into my dms
and told me they
couldn’t believe i had
managed to land a guy
as good looking as @
kickingitwithkutch,’ she
told her followers back in
march. ‘i’ll be honest...
i was taken aback.’
Because while we’ve
all heard that old
adage ‘size matters’ in
relationships, we’re fairly
sure it wasn’t meant in
this way. nicole mowbray
mum’s furious i’ve
gone back to my ex
Or about a year I had a
girlfriend who was incredibly
jealous. She demanded my
Facebook login and the password
for my old email account.
She told me to delete all the numbers of
the girls I had slept with and had regular
outbursts in front of my friends and
family. She even walked out of a meal
that I had prepaid a lot of money for.
My mum said she was not welcome in
her house and my girlfriend said she
didn’t like my family because they made
her feel unwelcome. That was a year ago.
She got in touch recently to let me know
she had been through therapy and
that she wanted to meet to apologise.
She seemed so different. We kissed and
are going on a date soon. My mum is
furious and says my ex doesn’t deserve
a second chance. I still have feelings for
her but how can I have a girlfriend my
family doesn’t like?
iF we all worried about our families liking
our partners we would be celibate.
‘Prince Charles married a girl his parents
approved of and look how that turned out,’
says rupert smith. ‘Never mind your mum.
What actually matters here is whether you
trust that your ex has really changed.’
your family will give her a second
chance when they are reassured that you
aren’t suffering – because extreme
jealousy is a form of abuse, says
James McConnachie.
‘you don’t mention the anger you’d
weathered, the stress you’d suffered or the
controlling behaviour that slowly bent you
rupert Smith
is the author
of interlude
mcconnachie is
the author of sex
(rough Guides)
dr angharad
rudkin is
a clinical
down – but i bet you’ve been through it all,’
he says. ‘And i bet that seeing you so
abused – rather than those public outbursts
– is what made your family so hostile.’
your ex could, of course, apologise to
your mother. ‘And not in a “just say sorry”
way but an open-hearted acknowledgment
of where, how and why she went wrong,’
says McConnachie.
‘the kind of apology that shows honesty,
humility and respect – old-fashioned
qualities that are valuable in families.’
she could try to offer you some
explanation about her debilitating distrust,
which is likely to have its gnarly roots in
a difficult childhood.
‘she clearly felt as if she didn’t deserve
you and that you didn’t like her as much as
you did others,’ says Dr Angharad rudkin.
‘so in an attempt to manage these
overwhelming insecurities, she became
demanding and dictating so she could feel
more in control.’
Of course, such controlling behaviour
brought about the very thing she was
frightened of: ‘you rejecting her and
eventually choosing others over her,’
she adds.
Finally she can show you, every day, that
she is reformed by behaving with dignity
and respect – and you can show your
family that you have also changed.
‘they need to be confident that if she
mistreats you again, the relationship stops
again,’ says McConnachie. ‘And your
girlfriend needs to know it too.’ lisa scott
Send your dilemma to
Thursday, April 12, 2018 METRO 25
style | Wellbeing | Celebrity
Tricks of the trade:
seeds and stitches
hosts workshops
in wales
Branching out: The book Wreaths
features a variety of wreath ideas
turn over a new
wreath for spring
As temperatures improve,
there’s a growing demand
for homemade, wild
garlands to celebrate all
types of occasion. Meghan,
take note! By Nell Card
e’re not big on the rules of
floristry,’ says Katie smyth, one
half of Worm London. together
with her business partner terri
Chandler, she is demonstrating how
to make a spring wreath, binding a layer of silvery
spanish moss to a circular base of twisted tree vine.
it’s a tuesday evening in March, and for the next two
hours, the Worm girls are hosting a wreath-making
workshop in spitalfields, east London. the woodburner is lit, prosecco has been poured and the central
says co-founder Wendy Jefferson. ‘Our spring wreath
retreats allow you to be more mindful of what’s around
table has been set with an array of dried flowers and
you: birdsong, emerging buds, the warmth of the sun
grasses: sea lavender, nigella, delicate bunches of pink
on your back, spring scents… they are really
peppercorns, heather, poppy pods and branches
of the shimmering seed pod honesty.
a celebration of new beginnings after the
dark winter nights and days.’
‘think of this as an ever-changing art
Likewise, the stylist hannah Bullivant
project,’ says smyth, holding the wreath
( hosts wreath
aloft. ‘every time you go for a walk, you
workshops in Wales and has her own
can bring something home with you and
seasonal wreath at home in Kent.
add it to your wreath.’
‘i’ve always loved wreaths at any time
smyth and Chandler are the creatives
of year,’ she says. ‘they look beautiful
behind a new book, Wreaths: Fresh,
on a door, but also above a fireplace or
Foraged & Dried Floral Arrangements.
hung on the wall like a piece of art. i try to
they set up Worm ( two
years ago with a shared love of wild garden
Foliage fun: terri use whatever is in season.’
Alongside home brewing, preserving,
flowers, asymmetrical arrangements and a
chandler (right)
natural dyeing and ceramics, wreath‘messy, free-flowing aesthetic’ – a style that
making can be seen as a component of
is increasingly in demand.
‘We’ve seen a lot of spring wreaths around our
neighbourhood, which is really great,’ says smyth.
‘they are definitely becoming more popular and being
adapted for different ceremonies [for weddings, they
represent unity] and occasions – not just Christmas.’
in fact, the chapter on festive wreaths is the last, and
shortest, in their book. ‘What’s great about wreaths,’
Chandler says, ‘is that they are there for all to see on
your front door. they feel like a representation of who
lives in that house. you can really tell someone’s
personality by the wreath they make.’
the yorkshire-based floral designers holme
Flowers ( offer bespoke ‘walking
workshops’, where small groups of friends meet for
coffee and pastries before heading out across the farm
fields to forage for seasonal blooms to bind into their
designs. ‘spring wreaths are becoming more popular,’
the home-craft movement. it embraces seasonality,
creativity and frugality.
‘Perfect flowers are just not in style any more,’ says
smyth. ‘the look now is much more wild and from the
garden. it feels much more natural and accessible.’
Chandler agrees: ‘there’s
nothing complicated about
wreath-making. you don’t
have to be super-arty –
anyone can go out for a walk
or into the garden and
collect flowers and foliage.’
Wreaths: Fresh,
Foraged & Dried Floral
Arrangements (Quadrille
Publishing) is out now
Easy access:
terri and katie
suggest getting
plants from
the garden
26 METRO Thursday, April 12, 2018
Going Out
th r e e m o r e ban d s
to catc h o n to u r
the Vaccines
Specialising in guitar-based indie
rackets, the vaccines and their
lead singer Justin hayward-Young
(pictured) are still trying to distance
themselves from a 2011 debut that
delivered an easily digestible set of
tracks. Seven years on their new
album is, well, more of the same.
With a declaration that they ‘don’t
want to be an indie band any
more’, a riveting night beckons.
next date: tonight, o2
academy, Glasgow,
this snarling Bristolian
quintet are the postpunk band Britain
has been waiting for.
last year’s debut
release, the aptly
titled Brutalism,
earned the group
rave reviews and
was characterised by an urgent
rage, frenzied riffs and
a surprisingly large dollop of lyrical
wit. expect an incendiary live show.
next date: tonight, ramsgate
music hall,
everything everything
Bursting on to the scene with
a jittery juxtaposition of
synths, guitars and
falsettos, everything
everything turned heads
with a genre-defying sound
and tongue-twisting vocal
delivery. their latest album, a
Fever dream, is their best
– more commercially
minded but no
less ambitious.
next date:
tonight, o2
Knockout: arcade
Fire, led by win
Butler, performed in
a huge boxing ring
pic: getty
champions return
arcade Fire
on nationwide tour
by bryan o’hanlon
rCADe Fire were once
widely regarded as the
most exciting band in
the world. Lately,
though, their output has
been something of a mixed bag,
with last year’s everything Now
particularly hard to warm to,
despite it being dotted with
moments of brilliance. With its
gimmicky song titles and oddly
cynical promo campaign,
everything Now lacked the
sincerity of previous records and
struggled critically.
however, on the evidence of
their 3Arena Dublin date of their
infinite Content tour, which
included a tribute to the late
Cranberries singer Dolores
O’riordan, rumours of their
demise have been greatly
exaggerated. From start to finish
before here Comes the Night
this was a triumph of a show and a
time saw the band revolve around
night where the Montreal group
the stage, amid tropical beats and
reaffirmed their status as one of
a flurry of rainbow strobe lights. it
the most enthralling and essential
was a mesmerising audio-visual
live acts around.
experience, perfectly
the band performed
choreographed and
in the round, with an
over-sized boxing
ring placed in the
One minute
middle of the
phones were aloft
crowd. A soulless
for the gentle
arena was
waltz of Neightransformed. Four
borhood #4 (7
gigantic screens
Kettles), the next
relayed dramatic
a buoyant régine
visuals throughout,
Chassagne was
Moving: arcade Fire parading handfuls of
with glittering disco
balls hinting at the
performed a tribute streamers during
party to come.
to Dolores o’riordan sprawl ii (Mountains
the group milked
Beyond Mountains).
a champion’s entrance, too,
the crowd took a while to
eventually entering the ring to the
respond fully, slightly bamboozled
instantly recognisable piano-line of perhaps by the genre-hopping
everything Now’s title track. the
spectacle on display, but by the
venue erupted. the thunderous
time the seminal strains of Wake
percussion of No Cars Go gave
Up rang out all were truly convertway to the anthemic one-two of
ed. All hail the heavyweight
the suburbs and ready to start,
champions of the music world.
o n e to Watc h B l ac k fox x e s
iF you’ve ever wondered what would happen if
radiohead, the Waterboys and coldplay had a love
child, look no further than this exciting devon
trio, who have featured on daniel P carter’s radio 1
rock show and who will be blasting on to the stage
at the download Festival this summer.
as evidenced by their new album reiði, this is a
band whose stock in trade is clever, catchy material:
single manic in me is a screaming anthem; Sæla sees
guitars overlaid by haunting lyrics; while JoY is, erm,
a joy if you prefer your guitars laid bare.
they’re best caught live, though – in a feverish
festival setting, their rock-fuelled emotion and
elation is sure to thrill. amanda cable
Black Foxxes play Download, Donington Park, on
June 10,
Thursday, April 12, 2018 METRO 27
by patrick Arundell
aries Mar 21 – Apr 20
You may appear confident
but there can be times
over the coming days
when you can feel more
vulnerable and not as
self-assured as usual. if
so, then don’t feel you
have to conceal it to
those who count.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0410 (60p/min)
libra Sep 24 – Oct 23
You may be inspired to get
back on track regarding a
home project that requires
an investment of cash. if
the idea had been shelved
for being too expensive,
you might find that
detailed research can yield
better prices this time.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0416 (60p/min)
taurus Apr 21 – May 21
there is the possibility of
mixed messages at this
time, as mercury slows
prior to turning direct in a
few days. and with other
aspects causing further
impact, it may be just as
well to take what others
say with a pinch of salt.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0411 (60p/min)
scorpio Oct 24 – Nov 22
if you and someone don’t
see eye-to-eye, be open
to how you can resolve
this. an uncomfortable
influence could cause
you to overreact but
a mellower blend of
energies might inspire you
to settle your differences.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0417 (60p/min)
Gemini May 22 – Jun 21
if you become aware of
something that seems
intolerable to you, this
could inspire you to do
something by speaking
out or joining a group or
cause associated with
this matter. if you want
to make a difference, this
could be your chance.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0412 (60p/min)
Nov 23 – Dec 21
if you began a project
some weeks ago then it
may be reaching a critical
stage and it might not
resemble your initial
plans at all. it could
change again, too, which
is why it might be best
to go with the flow.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0418 (60p/min)
Cancer Jun 22 – Jul 23
You’re putting in a lot
more work. is it because
you want to, or because
others expect you to? if it’s
the latter, then you might
start by slowing down.
if you do feel pressured,
this can be a chance to
nip this in the bud.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0413 (60p/min)
Capricorn Dec 22 – Jan 20
if you have put off
handling a family issue
this might be a good
thing, especially if
powerful emotions have
been stirred up. With a
calmer blend of energies
now in focus, your mood
may well shift.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0419 (60p/min)
leo Jul 24 – Aug 23
an idea or opportunity
might catch your attention
over the coming days and
you could become quite
entranced by it. is it what
you think though? it might
appear to be perfect but
with mixed influences in
the air, it may be wise not
to get too involved yet.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0414 (60p/min)
aquarius Jan 21 – Feb 19
if you’ve desired
something so much that
you’ve been thinking
about it all the time, then
you might be thinking
about making it a reality.
You’re often a dreamer,
but this endows you
with the determination
to make a start.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0420 (60p/min)
Virgo Aug 24 – Sep 23
if someone seems critical
of you, it may be that they
don’t have a full grasp
of what you’re hoping to
accomplish. there is no
need to take it personally
– you may find that
reaching out to them is
the last thing they expect.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0415 (60p/min)
pisces Feb 20 – Mar 20
someone in your
social circle may seem
changeable, which could
be down to the positive
tie between pushy mars
and the nebulous vibe of
neptune. their attitude
towards you might
soften soon, however.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0421 (60p/min)
for a live one-to-one consultation with one of my gifted
psychics, call 0906 176 4747 or 0800 067 4747 to book
using credit card. too busy to call? then text a psychic:
text stars to 84155 (£1.50 per text plus snC)
Astrology calls cost 60p per min, Live calls £1.50 per min. Calls subject to the addition of your
telephone company’s network access charge. Live text costs £1.50 per message plus standard
network rate and you will receive max two messages back. 18+ only, with bill payer’s permission.
Entertainment purposes only. PhonePayPlus regulated. All calls recorded. SP: Stream Live Ltd
SE1 1JA, 0800 0673 330
6. Beat a doctor in the final (7)
7. kind of spirit found in petrol
lighters (5)
9. consumed stirred tea (3)
10. ring tuner about paying another
visit (9)
12. Flees by air? (5,6)
15. Quartet of mailing clerks may
provide the rest (4-7)
17. sunny reflections (9)
19. pull two out of shape (3)
21. poetic feature of the river
severn (5)
22. made allowances? (7)
1 and 5 Dn. it will give you full
power (5,7)
2. main departure? (3)
3. lies about a piece of land (4)
4. countries may share them
between them (9)
5. see 1 Down
8. a bit of a blow for those wanting
refreshments (6)
11. kindly support (9)
13. runs away from penelope
smith (6)
14. He sits on the body (7)
16. not the best man (5)
18. teachers do it for money (4)
20. number in the phone book (3)
across: 5 idle; 7 tablespoon; 8 nest; 10 near; 12 Boa;
13 Cradle; 16 taboo; 18 roe; 20 Void; 21 ogle; 22 Van;
across: 7 senior partner; 8 timeless; 9 Yo-yo; 10
strain; 12 turner; 14 idling; 16 opener; 18 fled; 20 24 Padre; 25 remote; 26 nod; 27 road; 29 riga; 33
Celebrated; 34 Gnat. down: 1 fat; 2 else; 3 tsar; 4 Boy; 5
timorous; 22 after a fashion. down: 1 resisted;
inn; 6 lisle; 9 above; 10 native; 11 Jar; 13 Coupe; 14 door;
2 Cinema; 3 true; 4 falsetto; 5 stayer; 6 Very; 11
nightcap; 13 executor; 15 indeed; 17 earthy; 19
15 legend; 17 adam; 19 Weeds; 23 now; 25 reign; 27
lift; 21 mead.
ruby; 28 arab; 30 act; 31 sly; 32 fez.
metroku More pUzzLes in oUr tABLet AnD phone eDitions
Difficulty rating: Easy
6 3
4 8
8 4
6 1
9 4
Sky arts, 9pm
There’s impressive star power at play
in this clever spin on a film moment.
Gemma Arterton is Marilyn Monroe
struggling with a line in comedy gem
Some Like It Hot, and she’s driving
James Purefoy’s Billy Wilder bananas.
Add Dougray Scott as Monroe’s
hubby Arthur Miller and you’ll be
wishing this was more than a halfhour sketch. The real thing follows
with Some Like It Hot at 9.30pm.
9 7
1 3
9 1
4 9
3 2
Difficulty rating: Moderate
tv choice
living with
the brainy bunch
BBc2, 8pm
Does anyone still say ‘brainy’? That
time warp aside, this is an interesting
educational experiment as one
struggling 15-year old (Hollie) goes
to live with an A-star peer (Holly) to
see if a supportive home background
is all she needs to make her grades.
deep state
Fox, 9pm
Paranoia, suspicion and white chaps
trekking across the desert wearing
headscarves and speaking in
subtitles – this secret agent thriller
is cranking up the tension nicely as
Mark Strong’s undercover operative
Max tries to figure out who’s lying to
Fragment (5)
military trainee (5)
gave food to (3)
suitable for crops (6)
needlecase (4)
Fiendish (7)
natural ability (5)
Bring up (5)
model of excellence (7)
spanish man (5)
Blissful state (7)
archery missile (5)
Deserves (5)
of the side (7)
Deep narrow valley (6)
iron, for example (5)
truncheon (5)
cake decoration (5)
gluttony (5)
expanse of water (4)
Belonging to us (3)
Difficulty rating: Challenging
4 3
2 8
3 6
7 4
3 7
3 9
Destined (5)
Bomb hole (6)
narrator (6)
Fact (5)
primates (4)
non-metallic element (6)
kneecap (7)
Free (3)
mr els, golfer (5)
christmas hymn (5)
slice meat (5)
shaving implement (5)
angry crowd (3)
advance notice (7)
tooth covering (6)
wound mark (4)
wireless (5)
waterproof jacket (6)
subtle difference (6)
ignored or despised person (5)
Yesterday’s solutions
new urban myths
The heat is on: arterton and purefoy
Quick crossword
cryPtic crossword
1 7
4 8
9 6
4 5
3 2
6 9
3 7
8 5
whom – answer: everyone – in
downtown Beirut. The plot is
twisted, the action top drawer.
commonwealth games
BBc1, 11.45pm
Tom Daley and Dan Goodfellow’s
shocked looks followed by an
ecstatic hug and tumble into the pool
is one of the enduring images of Rio
2016. They’ve got a shot at a medal
tonight as they start as favourites
in the 10m synchro. keith watson
28 METRO Thursday, April 12, 2018
r a c i n g g r a n d naT i o na l
April showers
could attract
big tea-time
ITV audience
itV may be forgiven for hoping
for more inclement weather
on saturday.
a year ago, a scorching hot
april afternoon was suggested
as a major reason for a fall in
viewing figures.
Just over eight million tuned
in to see one for arthur claim
victory in the aintree
spectacular, a number well
down on the ten million that
watched the 2016 race on
Channel 4.
if we’re not boiling ourselves
in the sunshine
again this
(which looks
unlikely), a
start time of
should ensure
a huge tV
the itV team will again be
fronted by ed Chamberlin,
backed up by betting man
matt Chapman and former
jockeys sir tony mcCoy
(pictured) and luke harvey.
the preview programme the
opening show will be on itV4
at 10am, with itV’s main
programme starting at 2pm.
if you’re not able to watch
the action, radio 5 live will
have their usual
comprehensive live coverage
of Grand national day.
But it won’t be regular
commentator John hunt
calling them home. With hunt
at the Commonwealth Games,
5 live have hired top
australian commentator
matthew hill.
mark Chapman will present
the station’s regular sport
programme from the course,
which is on air at 11am.
on a roll and
chasing total
by Justin palmer
GOrDON eLLiOtt and Willie Mullins
led ireland’s domination at last month’s
Cheltenham Festival and the pair have
leading contenders for saturday’s Grand
National at Aintree.
elliott, who saddled eight winners at
the Prestbury Park showpiece to be top
Festival trainer for a second successive
year, won the National in 2007 with
silver Birch.
he just missed out last year when
Cause of Causes was collared by One
For Arthur and the County Meath-based
handler has strong claims again this time
with tiger roll.
Mullins won the famous old race with
hedgehunter back in 2005 and his total
recall is vying with tiger roll to start as
favourite this weekend.
tony Martin’s Anibale Fly completes a
treble of irish raiders in the top four of
the betting with Blaklion, fourth for twice
National winner Nigel twiston-Davies
last year, the leading home challenger.
A maximum of 40 horses will line up
in the four-and-a-quarter-mile feature on
Merseyside, with Minella rocco at the
head of the weights.
tiger roll became a strong National
contender for elliott after winning the
Year the current aintree course
was used for the Grand liverpool
steeplechase, the race eventually
known as the Grand national
Ready to pounce:
tiger roll has a big
chance at aintree
Cross Country Chase at Cheltenham.
stamina will be no issue for the eightyear-old but the expected sticky conditions are a concern, with elliott having
said soft ground ‘wouldn’t suit him’.
the going on all three courses at
Aintree has been officially changed to
soft and clerk of the course Andrew tulloch said: ‘it’s still a bit soggy down at
the Canal turn. that’s always the wettest
bit on the course.’
Mullins inherited total recall from the
late Dessie hughes last year and the
nine-year-old won three successive races
that infamous devon loch
moment with the Queen mother’s
horse sprawled on the floor when
running clear, yards from the line
before falling three fences from home in
the Gold Cup last month.
‘What happened at Cheltenham was
unfortunate but i suppose the positive is
it was far enough out that he didn’t have
a hard race and as a result we’re going to
Aintree with a fresh horse,’ said owner
Lar Byrne. ‘he was running a great race.
he had more to give but it didn’t work
out on the day, but roll on Aintree.’
Anibale Fly, as a 33/1 outsider, took
third place behind Native river and
Might Bite in the Gold Cup four weeks
ago and Martin said: ‘if he gets his
own little bit of luck, he could run
a really good race.’
Blaklion looked the winner
for a long way last year before
fading and assistant trainer Carl
Llewellyn said: ‘he used too
much energy from the
fourth-last to the final
fence. if sam
(twiston-Davies) holds
on to him
for a lot
longer in
this year’s
race, then we
would be hopeful of a big run.’
red rum rewrote the record
books with his historic third
win – the legendary horse
was also runner-up twice
Cancer survivor Bob Champion
won on aldaniti, a horse that was
three times nursed back from
career-threatening injuries
Thursday, April 12, 2018 METRO 29
r a c i n g g r a n d naT i o na l
picture: getty
flashback: last year’s race
Grand designs: total recall
will bid to hand mullins
inset, left) a second
national victory, while
elliott (inset, right) also has
high hopes for another success
one for fox
to remember
for a lifetime
Corbiere, ridden by Ben de
haan, claimed victory for
Jenny Pitman, the first woman
to train a national winner
the race that never was. most of the
field carried on after a second false
start, only for ‘winner’ esha ness to
see the result declared void
a bomb hoax saw the
race put back two days,
to be won in spectacular
fashion by lord Gyllene
tony mcCoy finally
claimed victory at the
15th attempt, winning
on don’t Push it
one for arthur stormed to Grand national
glory at aintree 12 months ago, giving jockey
derek fox and trainer lucinda russell a
landmark triumph.
fox was riding in the race for the first time
and had only recently returned to the saddle
after breaking his left wrist and right
collarbone in a fall.
But he struck gold on merseyside, with the
14/1 shot (above) holding off the challenge of
Cause of Causes for victory, with saint are
third and favourite Blaklion fourth.
‘Winning is the best feeling i’ve ever had
and probably ever will have,’ fox said.
it was only the second time the national
had gone to a scottish-trained winner.
‘he’s done us proud and he’s done scotland
proud,’ said a delighted russell.
meanwhile, owners Belinda mcClung and
deborah thomson revealed they bought the
horse to enjoy their own sporting interests,
with both having partners that spent
weekends playing golf. the pair registered
their ownership as ‘the two Golf Widows’.
one for arthur has not raced since that
wonderful aintree win. the nine-year-old
was ruled out of this current jumps season in
october after sustaining a tendon injury.
nick metcalfe
30 METRO Thursday, April 12, 2018
c o m m o n W e a lt h g a m e s
racing news, views and top tips
picture: rex
for a
in association with
it will be a case of third time lucky
today for My tent Or yours after
successive second-place finishes in the
Betway Aintree hurdle (3.25).
the sprightly 11-year-old missed out
on another attempt at the Champion
hurdle, in which he has also finished
second three times, after being ruled out
on the morning of the race at the
Cheltenham Festival last month on
veterinary advice.
My tent Or yours followed home
Annie Power in 2016 and stable-mate
Buveur D’Air at the Liverpool course
Water star: laugher
on his way to diving
gold for england in
australia yesterday
tiP of the day
we haVe a dreaM
2.20 Aintree
last year and Frank Berry, racing
manager for owner JP McManus, said:
‘everything is fine after Cheltenham. We
couldn’t be happier.’
My tent Or yours, trained by Nicky
henderson, will face eight rivals,
including race favourite supersundae,
the New One and L’Ami serge.
Meanwhile, Baie Des iles continues to
attract support for the Grand National
and is now 16-1 (from 20-1) with Coral,
n CraCksman and enable feature
among 25 entries for the
having been 40-1 at the start of the week.
Baie Des iles will be ridden by Katie
Walsh (pictured), who was third on
seabass in 2012. the horse is trained by
Walsh’s husband, ross O’sullivan.
No female rider has ever won the
famous steeplechase but Coral’s David
stevens said: ‘Baie Des iles remains the
most popular ante-post selection for
National glory, and with plenty of focus
sure to be on the mare and her rider
Katie Walsh in the coming days, her
odds are sure to tumble further.’
aintree wins for colin tizzard from 41 runners since 2013. he has
chances today with Finian’s oscar (1.45) and Grand vision (4.05)
n iriSh challengers Balko des
Flos and min star in a six-strong
field declared for the melling
chase at aintree tomorrow. henry
de Bromhead’s Balko des Flos
provided ryanair and Gigginstown
house Stud supremo michael
o’leary with a long-awaited first
victory in the ryanair chase at
last month’s cheltenham Festival,
flooring defending champion Un
de Sceaux in the process.
one down and two
to go Down Under
for confident Jack
Coronation Cup at epsom. the John
Gosden-trained pair were the two
star middle-distance performers in
europe last season and have been
given the option of returning to
epsom on June 1. frankel colt
Cracksman produced a brilliant
display in the Champion stakes at
ascot in october, while the
incredible enable landed five
straight Group one triumphs,
including Prix de l’arc de triomphe
glory at Chantilly.
n tomorroW’S meeting at
leicester has been called off due
to waterlogging and false ground.
entries from ireland’s aidan o’Brien for the oaks at epsom on June 1.
his top hopes include happily, September, clemmie and magical
Jack Laugher achieved the
first part of a possible hat-trick
with a brilliant one-metre
springboard gold at the commonwealth games.
The 23-year-old harrogate
diver dominated to successfully
defend the title he won four
years ago. The 3m springboard
takes place today, when Laugher will bid to upgrade the silver
he won in glasgow 2014.
Laugher is Olympic 3m synchronised springboard champion, with chris Mears, and the
pair are due to compete tomorrow on the gold coast.
‘The commonwealth games
mean a lot to me. I’ve watched
them since I was a kid and
they’ve always been a huge
highlight in my four-year cycle,’
said Laugher.
‘It was difficult to come here
as defending champion but I
trusted myself and felt strong
by dave filmer
and confident.’ Laugher led
throughout the six-round competition and won with a score of
438.00. australia’s James connor claimed silver with 412.45.
James heatly (399.25) took
bronze to become Scotland’s
second-ever diving medallist –
his grandfather, Sir Peter heatly, won three golds in the 1950s.
heatly, 20, was emotional
afterwards, thinking about his
In sync: Blagg (left) and torrance
Whiteside ready to
seize her moment
booked a place in the
boxing semi-finals after
scraping a split decision
over India’s Pinki rani in
their flyweight bout.
Whiteside (pictured) is
a two-time world
medallist but has been
forced to wait for her
chance on the big stage
due to her former rivalry
with Nicola adams.
The english fighter, 32, said: ‘all I have been
saying to myself in the gym and in the ring is
that it’s definitely, finally my time. all I intend
to do now is claim that gold.’
Wins out of five for england’s netballers,
who claimed a first commonwealths
victory over new Zealand, winning 54-45, to
advance to the semi-finals, where they will
face australia or Jamaica, as Pool B winners
grandfather, who died in 2015
after watching his grandson
compete at the 2014 games.
‘It means everything, to bring
another medal back and be the
first Scottish diver to do it since
him is incredible,’ heatly said.
england’s alicia blagg and
katherine Torrance took silver
in the synchronised three-metres springboard behind australian duo esther Qin and
georgia Sheehan.
blagg who won gold in 2014
with the now retired rebecca
gallantree, was only partnered
with Torrance after their arrival in australia two weeks ago.
Torrance said: ‘We’ve only
trained together for the time
we’ve been here, so we thought
“we’ll just wing it” and it went
pretty well. I’m crazy pleased.’
Daley’s husband in
shoplifting row: Page 3 »
Thursday, April 12, 2018 METRO 31
picture: getty
trio take
anYa shruBsole
hopes being named
alongside heather
knight and natalie
sciver in Wisden’s five
Cricketers of the Year
proves a watershed
moment for cricket.
Claire taylor, in
2009, and Charlotte
edwards, knight’s
predecessor as
england captain, in
2014, are the only
women selected in
the previous 129
years of the award.
But england’s
dramatic World Cup
triumph lifted their
profile to such an
extent three of their
players have been
seamer shrubsole
has also become the
first women’s cover
star of Wisden’s 155th
edition and said: ‘this
is about as good as it
gets for a cricketer.
‘hopefully this paves
the way and many
women’s cricketers
receive this accolade
in the future.’
s p o rt i n b r i e f
Konta to lead Britain as they
aim for a return to the elite
Johanna konta will lead Great
Britain’s bid to reach the elite
level of the fed Cup when they
take on Japan in the World Group
ii play-offs later this month.
Wimbledon semi-finalist konta
(pictured) and heather Watson
will be the singles players for the tie on hard
courts at the Bourbon Beans dome in miki, while
doubles specialist anna smith and Gabi taylor,
making her debut, complete the team. Britain
have not played in the World Group since 1993.
Japan’s leading player is world no.22 naomi osaka.
Accolade: shrubsole (above), knight (below left) and
sciver were recognised by wisden for their success
low-key dina
hoping to lift
team’s spirits
eNGLAND’s Dina Asher-smith denied
she is under extra pressure after powering into today’s 200metres final.
the 22-year-old (pictured) qualified
easily for the final and the england team
will be willing her on after a number of
high-profile failures in Australia.
track-and-field athletes Andy Pozzi and Asha Philip, and triathlon’s Brownlee brothers
have missed out on medals, while gymnast Max
Whitlock and swimmer
Adam Peaty have not done
as well as expected.
But, after finishing second in her semi-final, Asher-smith insisted that does not
place more expectation on her
shoulders in the Carrara stadium.
‘i don’t pay attention to what’s
happening outside the bubble,’ said
Asher-smith, who clocked 22.44
seconds behind Jamaica’s shericka Jackson and also faces stiff
competition from shaunae
Miller-Uibo of the Bahamas.
‘i don’t know what’s been
said. We all want each other do
well because we’re a team, there’s
commonwealth games
by matthew nash
no individual pressure. i’m
happy to have put down that
time. you can ease off because you can get into a
tear-up if you want to but
something in the back of
my mind reminded me
it was the semi-final.
i’ve qualified in a decent time and i didn’t
feel too bad doing it.’
team-mate Bianca
Williams joins her in
the final, while Zharnel hughes will race for gold in the
men’s 200m.
he said: ‘i am just looking
at my execution, i’m not looking at getting any medals. they
will come as long as the execution
is right.’
robbie Grabarz, who won Olympic
bronze in 2012, struggled in the highjump final but Jazmin sawyers, Lorraine Ugen and shara Proctor made today’s long-jump final. scotland’s Maria
Lyle took t35 100m silver.
Betts knows Widnes need win
rugby league
WidneS coach denis Betts is hoping Super
league victory against hull tonight can remove
the anxiety that is creeping into his team.
the vikings have lost seven of their first ten
games and Betts said: ‘We’re not playing badly
but we’re not picking up wins. that’s created a
little bit of anxiety so we need to start winning.’
Butler out to regain world title
PaUl BUtler is to fight Puerto rico’s emmanuel
rodriguez for the vacant iBF world bantamweight
title he once held, on the undercard of tony
Bellew’s may 5 rematch with david haye.
32 METRO Thursday, April 12, 2018
fo otball
barca warning for wenger
by danny griffiths
Rome and hosed: wenger’s warning
ArseNe WeNGer says Barcelona’s shock
Champions League exit at the hands of roma
should act as a warning to Arsenal tonight.
the Gunners visit CsKA Moscow for the second leg of their europa League quarter-final,
holding a commanding 4-1 lead from the first leg
at the emirates stadium last week. While that
result leaves Arsenal favourites to reach the final
four, Barcelona surrendered the same advantage
as they lost 3-0 at roma to crash out of the
Champions League on away goals on tuesday.
CsKA defender Aleksei Berezutski believes
arSenal manager arsene Wenger
believes football can play a role in
helping to ‘facilitate relations’ amid the
heightened tension between Britain and
russia. ‘Sport can always play a positive
role in life and between countries as well,’
he said. ‘that is why football is a good
opportunity always to facilitate relations.’
the hosts need a ‘miracle’ to replicate roma’s
heroics but Wenger said: ‘it can happen in the
game, that is why we love football, it is unpredictable. We are in a position where i don’t think
we are under threat of complacency, it is an important target for us to go as far as possible.
‘[roma’s comeback] may be a warning for us
but let us not go overboard as well. yes, we have
a big job to do but we are in a strong position.’
Wenger also conceded the europa League has
taken priority over the Premier League.
Arsenal must win it to play Champions League
football next season as they are 13 points adrift
of the top-flight’s top four. Wenger, who confirmed Granit Xhaka was out with illness, said:
‘the europa League is important for us. We focus on it because in the Premier League we have
a very, very slim chance to move further up.’
Carried away: rickie Fowler with girlfriend, and occasional caddie, allison stokke
picture: rex
who was on the american’s bag for the par-three contest at augusta
augusta would
be wise to pitch
and putt it away
he MAsters, as expected,
delivered four days of the finest
sporting entertainment, with the
lush green surroundings of
Augusta National once again providing
enthralling drama.
Champion Patrick reed may not be
everybody’s first choice as a golfing
hero but there is no denying the
controversial American richly deserved
his first major victory.
Organisers of the Georgia showpiece
should give themselves a pat on the
back for another faultless hosting of the
first golf major of the year, and they
undoubtedly will, for if there is one
thing that this tournament doesn’t suffer
from it is low self-esteem.
the Masters features many fine
traditions such as the awarding of the
iconic green jacket and the hosting of
the Champions Dinner.
however, one ritual, the par-three
contest, is less endearing. this
tournament curtain-raiser sees players
including former champions take to
Augusta’s nine-hole course alongside
family and friends, who act as caddies.
Fans, who seemingly could not get
tickets for the main event, are allowed
in, as are the cameras, which means
those of us who really should know
On the bOX
by Jack fox
better spend the best part of three hours
watching boiler-suited in-laws and
putter-wielding Wags play up to the
galleries as they whoop and wind their
way around the course.
Billed as a ‘stress reliever’ but more
of a wind-up, this self-indulgence is one
tradition Augusta provides that is well
below par. surely the first rule for any
‘Boiler-suited in-laws
and putter-wielding
wags play to the crowd’
sport or sporting event on television is
to engage its audience, not exclude it?
No one would deny that, for four days
Augusta National hosts a near-perfect
sporting experience, but sometimes less
is more and even organisers here find
that approach difficult to master.
Thursday, April 12, 2018 METRO 33
fo otball
picture: getty
the tipster
Harbour hopes
Harman avoids
Heritage horror
harBoUr town sounds like the
sleepy village in a Stephen king
novel where old-timers sit on the
porch drinking a cold beer while
chatting about events at the
bomb the ball off the tee and that
masters. and reasons not to take
means backing Brian harman
dead pets to the cemetery.
each-way at 30/1 with William
it does not have the same
hill and Bet365.
ring as augusta national
the same applies to
but this week’s heritage
Webb Simpson (pictured),
will ease the pain at the
Arsenal to win
who seems to have cured
thought there are
his putter problems, at
their Europa
another 51 weeks until
28/1 with Betfair while
League match at
we can once again
adam hadwin (33/1
savour the best four
CSKA Moscow
and Paul
days in the golf calendar.
casey (16/1 coral) fill our
accuracy is more
final two each-way slots.
important than being able to
Marcos Alonso
admits Chelsea
have not had the
consistency needed
this season for a
top-four finish.
By danny griffiths
■ and they’re off! the three-day aintree festival starts this afternoon and
my tent or Yours (11/2 William hill) in the aintree hurdle and Grand Vision
(9/2 Betfair) in the foxhunters can get us off to a winning start.
we’ve blown
hot & cold
getting the wins as soon as we can.’
Chelsea visit relegation strugglers
southampton on saturday, seeking
just a fourth victory in 12 league
games since the turn of the year.
it is the first of two matches
between the clubs in eight days as
they meet at Wembley the following
sunday in an FA Cup semi-final.
‘We have to win every game from
here onwards, starting with southampton,’ said Alonso.
‘the team knows we have to get
back to winning ways. We will have
MArCOs ALONsO admits a ‘lack
of consistency and concentration’
are set to cost Chelsea a place in
next season’s Champions League.
the Blues only lost five times last
term as they brilliantly charged to
the Premier League title but they
have already suffered nine top-flight
defeats this time around.
And Alonso, who won his first
spain cap last month, admitted: ‘it
is difficult for us to finish in the top
four now.
‘i cannot say i am happy because
obviously at the moment we are not
in the top four.
‘in some of the defeats we have
been unlucky but our concentration
has not always been 100 per cent.
‘it is always a big motivation for
other teams when they play against
Chelsea but we have also lacked a
bit of consistency.
‘We have played very well, like in
the games against Atletico [Madrid]
and also against Barcelona, and if
we always have this consistency we
would be fighting for every trophy.
‘We have played good football
but in some games we have missed
chances to score and in others we
have conceded easy goals.
‘these are the small details we
have to change.
‘We have to learn and improve
this for next season but there is the
quality in the dressing room to win
[against] any team in the world.’
Chelsea are ten points behind
third-placed Liverpool and tottenham in fourth, with just six games
remaining and the 27-year-old
defender (pictured) added: ‘the
draw with West ham last sunday
means we missed the chance to get
closer to the top four. We are not
getting enough wins.
‘if it is mathematically possible,
we have to fight but we must start
Marcos Alonso (left), alongside Willy
Caballero (centre) and Gary Cahill, was
appearing as part of William Hill’s
partnership with Chelsea FC. For all the
latest odds, visit
to prepare the same for both games.
‘the semi-final will be amazing
for the players and the fans, and it is
very important for us. the FA Cup
is a great tournament, the oldest in
the world, and the team wants to
reach the final and win it.’
While Chelsea have dipped below
last term’s standards, Alonso’s own
form has him targeting a place in
spain’s World Cup plans.
he added: ‘to be in the squad i
must keep playing well and help
Chelsea win games.’
Chelsea will participate in
the international
Champions Cup in america as
part of their preparations for
next season. the Blues will do
so for the fifth time and they
will be joined by teams
including arsenal, tottenham,
manchester united, inter milan,
aC milan, Benfica, atletico
madrid, Bayern munich and
Borussia dortmund.
‘if we had played well consistently, we would
still be fighting for every trophy’
34 METRO Thursday, April 12, 2018
Page 33 »
barCa Fate
is warninG
Page 32 »
f o o t b a l l c h a m p i o n s l e ag u e
Dejan: Liverpool answered
my half-time wake-up call
deJaN LOVreN has lifted the lid on
the dressing-room exchanges which
sparked Liverpool’s dramatic
champions League comeback
against Manchester city.
Liverpool recovered from 1-0
down to beat city 2-1, 5-1 on
aggregate, for a semi-final place.
‘To be honest I was shouting a bit
at half-time,’ said Lovren (pictured).
‘I told the lads to wake up because it
was not good enough and I said we were
sitting too deep. [Jurgen] klopp said,
“Yes, you are sitting too deep because
you are not pushing up”. he wanted me
and Virg (Virgil van dijk) to be
more compact and push the team
up, but it was quite difficult to
push up when city had the ball.
‘It was all positive, there was
nothing negative, but I needed to
remind the guys that we had 50
minutes to be in the semi-finals of
the champions League and we needed
to give more. The first 10-15 minutes
wasn’t good enough. When you see the
second half, again they had a couple of
chances but nothing too serious.’
pep ban
for euro
ref rant
by gavin brown
PeP GUArDiOLA was dealt another blow
yesterday when he was hit with two Uefa
charges relating to his red card in
Manchester City’s Champions League
defeat to Liverpool.
Guardiola was sent to the stands at halftime by referee Antonio Mateu Lahoz after
confronting the spanish official, who disallowed a Leroy sane goal which would have
given City a 2-0 interval lead in a quarterfinal tie in which they trailed 3-0 after
the first leg.
City eventually lost 2-1 on the
night and 5-1 on aggregate,
crashing out of europe just
three days after a home defeat to Manchester United
stalled their charge towards
the league title.
Guardiola faces an automatic one-match touchline
ban for being dismissed but
could also be hit with a
suspension of a further
two games if he is
deemed to have insulted the official.
the City boss felt
his team should have
had a penalty and spanish media yesterday reported tV footage of
Guardiola protesting to
Mateu Lahoz on the pitch
allegedly showed him
GaBriel Jesus admitted
manchester City’s Champions
league exit was tough to take.
Jesus struck in the second minute
but City’s comeback bid ultimately
proved beyond them. ‘it’s difficult to
take,’ said Jesus. ‘it wasn’t what we
wanted but this is part of football.
‘We didn’t play great in the two
games but we congratulate liverpool
and focus on the six games we have
until the end of the season to wrap up
the [Premier league] title.’
shouting: ‘it’s a penalty. Look at
it on the tV. it’s a goal and a penalty. shut your mouth. it’s a goal
and a penalty.’
Uefa has also charged Guardiola (pictured) with improper conduct
relating to his actions once he took
a seat in the stands. Under Uefa
regulations, any manager banished from the touchlines would
then have been forbidden from
communicating with the technical area but the governing
body believes there may
have been a breach.
Uefa has also charged
Liverpool over the behaviour of their fans at
the etihad on tuesday, for letting
off fireworks and
throwing objects.
fo otball in brief
United’s results my main
concern, insists Rashford
marCus rashford has insisted he is not
fixated on his game-time at manchester
united, amid rumours he is unhappy with
his role under manager Jose mourinho.
there was speculation this week
rashford was concerned at his seemingly
peripheral role, and felt particularly
aggrieved to have been left out of the
team for last week’s manchester derby.
But, in an interview with inside united,
the 20-year-old suggested the club’s
results were the most important thing.
rashford (right), who has made 97
appearances under mourinho – more than
any other united player – said: ‘i wasn’t
aware of (that statistic) before i saw it and
it’s something to be proud of. But we
always want more, and we always want to
show progression individually and as a
team, so the numbers don’t really matter
as much as the results do to me.’
Thursday, April 12, 2018 METRO 35
f o o t b a l l c h a m p i o n s l e ag u e
ronaldo to the rescue after Juve stun real
real Madrid
(Real Madrid win 4-3 on aggregate)
criStiano ronaldo’S controversial
stoppage-time penalty last night
spared real madrid from champions
league humiliation at the Bernabeu.
the defending champions, without
suspended captain Sergio ramos, led
3-0 from the first leg in turin.
But Juve got back on terms thanks to
two mario mandzukic headers in the
second and 37th minutes before Blaise
matuidi levelled on aggregate when he
scrambled in a third after keylor navas
fumbled a 61st-minute cross.
Gareth Bale was replaced at the
break and real struggled until english
referee michael oliver decided mehdi
Benatia had fouled lucas vazquez.
Gianluigi Buffon was sent off for
protesting before ronaldo fired real
into the semi-finals from the spot.
bore draw
sees bayern
into seMis
Late show:
ronaldo is pumped
up after scoring the
winning penalty
BaYern munich sealed their
place in the semi-finals with a
0-0 draw at home to Sevilla, for a
2-1 aggregate win. Bayern had the
better of few chances, with arjen
robben shooting just wide late
on. Sevilla’s angel correa
was sent off for a late
challenge in the final
picture: getty
Evans won’t take Mick
with new Town boss
iPSWich owner marcus evans does
not expect to name a new manager
until the summer, after mick
mccarthy walked away from the job.
mccarthy was due to leave at the
end of the season but quit following
town’s 1-0 home victory over
Barnsley on tuesday.
the irishman was unhappy at fans’
negative response to Barry cotter’s
substitution, saying ‘that was a
disgraceful reaction but i won’t have
to listen to it again because that’s
my last game, i’m out of here.’
evans said: ‘i will take all the time i
need to find the right person. i can’t
rule it out completely but i don’t
envisage confirming our next
manager until the season is over.’
Harry’s gain as panel gives him goal
harrY kane has been awarded tottenham’s second
goal in saturday’s 2-1 win at stoke.
the club and player successfully appealed
to the Premier league after the winner was
originally awarded to Christian eriksen.
kane (left) insisted he had the final touch
and, after reviewing the match footage,
the three-person panel agreed the ball
had glanced off his shoulder.
the england striker’s tally for the
league season now stands at 25 goals.
tweet sp t
‘Wooooooow really ?’
mohamed salah, who now leads
kane by four goals in the race for
the golden boot, tweeted shortly
after yesterday’s verdict
©Associated Newspapers Ltd, 2010. Metro® the mark MetrO is a registered trade mark of Associated Newspapers Ltd.
volley scored by
ruben neves
(pictured) moved
leaders Wolves
closer to a
Premier league place after they
beat play-off hopefuls derby
county 2-0 at molineux last night.
diogo Jota netted the opener
Uefa Champions League quarter-final, second leg
Bayern munich.............. 0 sevilla............................... 0
(Bayern win 2-1 on aggregate)
real madrid .................... 1 Juventus............................3
(madrid win 4-3 on aggregate)
Sky Bet Championship
wolves .............................2 Derby................................ 0
Sky Bet League One
oldham............................ 1 walsall............................... 1
fixtures (8.05pm unless stated)
Uefa Europa League quarter-finals, second leg
cska moscow (1) v arsenal (4) ..............................................TV
BT Sport 2
marseille (0) v rB leipzig (1) ........................................................
red Bull salzburg (2) v lazio (4) .................................................
sporting lisbon (0) v atletico madrid (2)...................................
Sky Bet League One
Bradford v shrewsbury .......................................... (7.45pm) TV
Sky Sports Football/Main Event
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