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Metro UK – April 16, 2018

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EvEr rEad a book and thought you could do bEttEr? Page 30 »
Monday, April 16, 2018
Beyoncé rule
The wo rl d ’ s m o sT p o pu l ar fre e n e wspap e r
in the desert
Page 3 »
goes to
war ...
the pm
Syria attack is policy by Trump Twitter, he says
JeremY CorBYn will confront
theresa may in the Commons
today after claiming Donald
trump’s tweets convinced her to
join in the bombing raid on syria.
the labour leader (pictured) will
tell the prime minister she should
have given mps a vote before
ordering military action. He said
on BBC1’s the andrew marr show
n War of the posies: Family of dead burglar’s new tribute
Page 2 »
by dominic yeatman
yesterday: ‘the pm was more
interested in following Donald
trump’s lead than anything else.
this is policy made up by twitter.’
mrs may will today tell mps
her reasons for joining with
ready for
battle: may
and corbyn
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n Stephen Lawrence’s dad: I forgive killers
Page 10 »
2 METRO Monday, April 16, 2018
Dead raider’s
family mark
birthday for
‘final’ tribute
Woman stabbed
‘after family row’
A WOMAN in her 30s has been
stabbed to death in London.
Police arrested a man in his
20s on suspicion of murder in
a residential street in Brixton
after the incident yesterday
Neighbour Cristo Foufas
tweeted that he had heard the
stabbing was related to a
‘family argument that went
tragically wrong’.
It is believed the victim knew
her alleged attacker.
It comes amid growing
concern about crime in the
capital after the murder rate
topped 50 earlier this month,
including 35 stabbings.
Tributes: A woman
carries a placard with
Vincent’s picture PA
RELATIVES of a burglar yesterday
returned to the street where he was
fatally stabbed by an intended victim,
saying they wanted to leave a last tribute
to him on his birthday.
A group of about 20 women tied cards,
flowers and balloons to a lamppost about
200 yards from the spot where Henry
Vincent was found collapsed after targeting Richard Osborn-Brooks, 78.
They created the new shrine after one
on a fence nearer to the home of the
pensioner and wife Maureen was repeatedly torn down by incensed locals in
Hither Green, south-east London. Vincent’s aunt told reporters: ‘Just leave the
ooming angry: Man
amps on flowers for
urglar killed by victim,
fter cutting them off
Flowers for dead raider torn down and put back
by dAniEl binns
A SHRINE to a serial criminal killed
by an elderly homeowner during a
break-in has turned into a battlebetween the burglar’s family
and pe
Confrontation: Metro last Wednesday
flowers alone, we are not coming back
any more to this s*** road.’ The group,
followed by five young men, tried to put
flowers on the fence they had used before
but were moved on by police officers.
One woman also brought a placard
with a picture of Vincent, which was not
left at the shrine. Later Lewisham Council workers came and moved the tributes
to a ‘community garden’. It said it was
working with police ‘to reduce the
impact on the local community’.
A woman who said she was Vincent’s
aunt described him as a drug addict but
added: ‘He was not a killer. The bombers don’t get as much publicity as this.’
She said death threats had been made
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‘Missed’: A woman with a balloon PA
against his children and added: ‘Henry
got a death sentence. I would not care if
he got 50 years in prison as long as I
could see him every day.’ Another relative said: ‘He was a great dad.’
Mr Osborn-Brooks was released without charge after stabbing serial offender
Vincent, who died in hospital aged 37.
He and his disabled wife do not plan to
return to the house, a friend has said.
Vincent’s suspected accomplice Billy
Jeeves, 28, remains at large.
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Monday, April 16, 2018 METRO 3
Queen of the
desert: Bey
opens the
show in a
Beyoncé reigns at desert fest... and has a few surprises
ALL hail Queen Beyoncé. The pop star
made history by becoming the first black
woman to headline Coachella – and it
was certainly worth the wait.
Fans playfully nicknamed this year’s
event ‘Beychella’ in anticipation of her
performance – and their idol delivered.
‘Y’all ready, Coachella?’ she asked as
she kicked off a set in Indio, California,
on Saturday, before launching into hit
Run The World (Girls). Accompanied
by a marching band and hundreds of
dancers, she raced through multiple
outfit changes during a two-hour
show at the festival in the desert.
There was a surprise reunion with
former Destiny’s Child bandmates
Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams – and she was briefly joined
by rapper husband JAY-Z for duet,
Déjà vu, as well as dancing on
stage with younger sibling
Politics flowed through her gig
as she paid tribute to late singer
Nina Simone and activist Malcolm X. Bey, 36, also wore a
crest emblazoned with a Nubian
Bey face cheek: The superstar thrills on stage with husband JAY-Z and Destiny’s Child
queen, a black panther, a black power
fist and a black bee. Closing her 26-song
set, she said: ‘I’m so happy I am here. I
was supposed to perform [last year] but I
ended up getting pregnant. Thank God!
So I had time to dream and dream and
dream with two beautiful souls in my
belly. I hope y’all enjoyed the show.’
Afterwards fans heaped her with praise.
One tweeted: ‘The greatest living entertainer is a black woman named Beyoncé.
This is not up for debate.’
SUPERFAN Adele was so bowled over by Beyoncé
she put on an un-Bey-lievable show of her own.
The Hello singer, 29, paid tribute to her idol while
watching the spectacle on TV from her home.
In Instagram videos (pictured), she flips her hair
around, twerks and leaps about with a trumpet.
The mum-of-one famously gave an emotional
shout-out to Beyoncé after beating her to album of
the year at the 2017 Grammys.
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4 METRO Monday, April 16, 2018
» Continued from Page 1
America and France to destroy three
suspected chemical weapons facilities
with 105 missiles fired from planes
and ships at 2am on Saturday.
Mrs May will today call for an emergency debate in the Commons on Syria
to give MPs the chance to discuss the
military action.
She has said Britain’s involvement
was ‘right and legal’ after dozens of
Syrian civilians died in a suspected
chemical attack by the forces of the
country’s president Bashar al-Assad.
But Mr Corbyn will call for a new
war powers act to prevent any British
government ordering military action
without Parliament’s agreement. The
SNP said it would back this.
Mr Corbyn said it was wrong to conclude a chemical attack caused the
deaths before investigators began their
search for evidence in the Damascus
We should have waited for proof of guilt, says Labour leader – as PM
Lift-off: A missile is
launched from the
USS Monterey and
(main pictures) how
one of the three
facilities targeted
was wiped out
RUSSIA is believed to be
engaging in a ‘disinformation
campaign’ after the strikes in Syria,
using bots and trolls on sites such
as Twitter. There has been a ‘20fold increase’ in online bots, the
Daily Telegraph reports. Hackers
were feared to be getting set for a
‘cyber war’ against the UK,
targeting hospitals, airports and
energy suppliers, the Daily Express
adds. The US reports a ‘2,000 per
cent’ rise in trolls since the strikes.
suburb of Douma yesterday. And he
said Mr Assad should only be ‘confronted’ if evidence is found.
He said the right course of action
would have been for the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical
Weapons to destroy stockpiles of
toxins, ‘as they did in 2013
and 2015’. Mr
Corbyn added
he could only
He’s done it
before: Mr Assad
ever agree to military intervention if it
was backed by the UN.
‘No one would ever say
never, but the object has to be a
process which brings about
peace,’ he said. ‘It’s hard work
and it takes patience but surely
that is better than the danger of the escalation of
this conflict into a
proxy war between
the US and Russia over
the skies of Syria.’ Mrs
May will tell MPs that
Britain acted to stop Mr Assad carrying
out future chemical weapons attacks.
No.10 said she would highlight the
‘strong international backing’ Britain
and its allies received after the air
strikes. UN security council inspectors
have found Mr Assad’s regime responsible for four previous chemical
attacks, Mrs May will also say.
She will add the UK was confident
Assad ‘was highly likely responsible
for this attack’.
METROTalk : Pages 16-17 » Rubble: A suspected chemical facility near Damascus after being bombed EYEVINE
Monday, April 16, 2018 METRO 5
insists strikes were needed and calls for emergency Commons debate
Safe: Masa, 7, who survived Douma
Two bangs, a
hissing sound,
then the gas...
Mission Accomplished? Such a great term
DONALD TRUMP has defended his
use of the phrase ‘Mission
Accomplished’ to describe the USled allied missile attack on Syria’s
chemical weapons programme.
The US president (pictured) said in
a tweet ‘it is such a great military
term, it should be brought back’.
And he accused the ‘fake news
media’ of seizing on the words as the
only way to demean him after the air
strike was ‘perfectly carried out’. Mr
Trump, who spent yesterday
playing golf, tweeted
‘Mission Accomplished’ on
Saturday after US, French
and British planes and ships
launched more than 100
missiles nearly unopposed
by Syria.
His choice of
words was
criticised because it echoed a similar
claim made by president George W
Bush in the Iraq war when the
fight was far from over.
Despite Mr Trump hailing the
success, the Pentagon said the
bombing of three chemicalrelated facilities left enough
others intact to allow Bashar alAssad’s government to use
banned weapons on civilians.
Tee off: Trump’s golf motorcade GETTY
SURVIVORS of Syria’s recent
chemical weapons attack have told
of their escape as friends and
relatives died around them.
About 3,000 people have fled
Douma since the April 7 strike on
the Damascus suburb. At least 40
were killed.
‘The bombs were really strong,’
said Amani, 34, who clutched her
seven-year-old twins Masa and
Malaz in a basement during the
attack. ‘Then we heard two bangs,
like something fell, and a hissing
sound.’ Two young men went out
to investigate before returning and
shouting: ‘Gas, everybody out.’
Speaking from a refugee camp
near the Turkish border, Amani
said Masa was foaming at the
mouth as the family scrambled
into the street.
‘The gas was spicy in my throat
like chilli. I was vomiting and
coughing,’ she told the Sunday
Times. ‘Around me, people were
just falling to the ground. The
basement next door didn’t hear
the gas. They all died where they
Rescuer Ibrahim Reyhani said
the symptoms he saw suggested a
mix of chlorine and the nerve
agent sarin.
6 METRO Monday, April 16, 2018
Sir Patrick: Captain Picard
would have voted Remain
Star Trek’s Jean-Luc Picard would
have voted Remain as he launched a
campaign yesterday for a referendum
on the final Brexit deal.
The actor (pictured), who played the
captain of the Star Ship Enterprise, said
his X-Men character Professor X would
also have wanted to stay in the EU.
He told BBC1’s The Andrew Marr
show: ‘They were excellent, admirable
individuals. Yes, intellectuals, but also
compassionate and concerned for the
wellbeing of everyone.’
Brexiteer Boris Johnson continued
the Star Trek theme when he told Mr
Marr leaving the EU would
allow Britain to strike its
own trade deals.
‘We will be able to
boldly go again to
areas that perhaps
we’ve neglected over
the last 45 years,’ the
foreign secretary said.
Sir Patrick, 77,
was joined
from across
the political
What’s your opinion?
Text the word VIEWS followed by
your comment, name and where
you live to 65700.
Standard network charges apply.
Scout leader who
abused boys jailed
A SCOUT leader who preyed on
boys as young as eight has
been jailed for 11 years.
Anthony Allen, 27, of
Plaistow, east London, was
convicted of six counts of
sexual assault of a child under
the age of 13, and six counts
of sexual activity with a child
under 15.
Snaresbrook crown court
heard he abused eight boys
between 2013 and last year.
His victims, aged eight to 16,
were targeted in their own
homes and at camps in Essex,
Kent and Wales.
Grumpy? It’s sign
you’re groan old...
Backers: Lib Dem MP Layla Moran (on the left), Labour’s Chuka Umunna and Green MP Caroline Lucas in London GETTY
spectrum as he opened a People’s
Vote rally attended by more
than 1,200 people in
London. ‘Our country’s future is at stake
and we will not stand
idly by,’ he said.
were held nationwide to launch an
advertising campaign backed by nine
groups including Open Britain.
Supporters say the parliamentary
vote Theresa May has offered on the
Brexit deal is not enough and citizens
deserve another say before the UK
leaves the EU next March. Tory
Remainer Anna Soubry told the crowd
in London that, whatever deal is done,
‘you and your grandchildren will be
less prosperous than you are now’.
The former minister added: ‘I think
the best and right thing to do is to put it
back to the people and say, you can
have a vote on this deal.’
COMPLAINING more often,
talking about your ailments
and forgetting people’s names
are among the signs you’re
getting old, a study has found.
Groaning when you bend
down, saying ‘in my day’ and
hating noisy pubs are also
indicators you’re over the hill.
Other warnings include finding
it tricky to sit cross-legged,
found the Future You poll for
Turmeric+ tablets.
A spokesman said: ‘Nearly
half the nation considers joint
pain and stiffness a sign of
growing age.’
Monday, April 16, 2018 METRO 7
England’s netballers celebrate thrilling Games victory over Aussie favourites
Coming up Roses: England’s netballers
fall to the floor as they celebrate their win
before claiming their Commonwealth
Games gold medals (below) GETTY
IT WAS a last-second victory so
dramatic it left viewers poleaxed. And
when England’s netballers pulled off
their greatest-ever victory, the jubilant
team was floored too.
The Roses celebrated their 52-51win
against Commonwealth Games hosts
Australia in a mass bundle of bodies as
player Kadeen Corbin performed backflips on court to show her joy.
Head coach Tracey Neville, the sister
of former England and Manchester
United stars Phil and Gary Neville, said
the win had been a ‘dream come true’.
Callum Hawkins lies
in the road as he is
passed by Michael
She added: ‘Australia are the renowned,
world number ones and to beat them at
that time, I’m really, really proud – the
feeling of that is amazing.’
Until the match every Commonwealth
Games final had been between Australia
and New Zealand. This one went right
to the wire, with shooter Helen Housby
netting the vital penalty at the end.
‘To score the winning goal in the final
against Australia in the last second
– every single box is ticked,’ she said.
The team continued their crazy celebrations by jokingly threatening BBC
presenter Mike Bushell – who earlier in
the tournament fell in a pool during an
interview – with a second soaking.
During a beach-side interview the
players picked him up and dragged him
towards the sea, before eventually letting him go at the water’s edge.
The win has already prompted calls
for The Roses to be named ‘team of the
year’ at the BBC sports awards.
Sport Page 34 »
Marathon leader collapses in heat
MARATHON runner Callum
Hawkins was taken to hospital
after collapsing while in the lead at
the Commonwealth Games with
just over a mile to go.
The Scot, 25, had a two-minute
lead over Australian Michael
Shelley when he first became
disorientated in the humidity on
the Gold Coast.
He briefly clung to a race barrier
and carried on for just over a mile
– despite having difficulty running
in a straight line – before falling. He
was receiving medical attention as
Shelley ran past him to win.
Scottish team officials
later said there were
‘no major concerns’
for his welfare.
said in a
message: ‘Thanks for all
your messages of support
today and to the Gold
Coast University Hospital
staff. I am now feeling
much better.’ There was a
backlash on TV and social
media over delays getting
help to Hawkins after a
security official tried to move
spectators coming to his
aid. Shelley said: ‘I
wasn’t sure what was
going on. I had a couple
of mates in the crowd
who said Callum was
in a bit of trouble.
They told me to keep
8 METRO Monday, April 16, 2018
Hotter than Bondi
Plume of air from Africa will see UK sizzle after Easter snow
Getting warmer: Two
sunseekers enjoy the
weather in Hyde Park,
London, over the
weekend PICTURE: REX
a big chill
WANING consumer confidence
coupled with the beast from the
east saw UK spending at its
weakest for more than five years.
Household spending in the first
three months of 2018 fell by 1.4
per cent year-on-year – the worst
performance since the fourth
quarter of 2012, Visa’s UK
Consumer Spending Index found.
High street spending in March
was down by three per cent yearon-year. Online spending also fell
A THIRD of children aged 10
and under have used their
parents’ contactless bank cards
or phone payment apps – with
some as young as two, a poll of
1,000 UK parents by loans firm
Progressive Money found.
BRITAIN is tipped to be hotter than
Bondi beach and Malibu this week
after rain and snow blighted the Easter
break for many.
An ‘African air plume’ 1,500 miles
wide will cover Britain on Wednesday
and forecasters say it could push temperatures as high as 27C – 13C above
average – by the end of the week.
After a weekend of sunny spells
which reached 19.5C, tomorrow is
forecast to hit 21C, rising to 23C on
That’s hotter than Bondi beach in
Sydney, which is due to enjoy 21C
highs, and the 20C expected in Malibu,
near Los Angeles.
Met Office forecaster Charlie Powell
said: ‘It will feel summery for parts of
Britain and we’ll be hotter than loads
of places including Athens, Rome and
lots of holiday destinations. Air will
come in from the Mediterranean over
the continent, and from north Africa.
‘But it’s bad timing for school holidays and a shame it didn’t arrive while
people were still off work for Easter.’
The Weather Outlook’s Brian Grave
said the ‘continental blowtorch’ effect
would see African air heat up over the
continent before arriving here with
27C possible in the south from Thursday. ‘The first barbecue conditions of
the year are expected only two weeks
after Easter snow,’ he said.
Highs above 25.6C would be Britain’s hottest April day for seven years,
according to Met Office records.
A temperature of 27.8C on April 23,
2011, was the month’s highest for 62
years. The record was set in 1949 when
London basked in 29.4C.
by 1.2 per cent – the first fall in
10 months. Visa’s Mark Antipof
said the cold weather ‘doesn’t
entirely explain’ the lacklustre
results. ‘We are in the midst of a
dip in consumer confidence and
this – coupled with other economic
factors – is causing shoppers to
restrain themselves,’ he said.
Annabel Fiddes, of IHS Markit,
which compiles the report, said
the outlook remains ‘weak’.
April 16, 2018
10 METRO Monday, April 16, 2018
I forgive Stephen’s
killers, says father,
but I will never heal
THE father of teenager Stephen Lawrence has made the humbling decision
to forgive his son’s murderers nearly
25 years after the racist killling.
Neville Lawrence, 76, said the decision was the ‘hardest I will ever make’
and that he struggles to put into words
the grief caused by his son’s death.
Stephen was murdered by a gang of
racists in Eltham, south-east London,
on April 22, 1993, at the age of 18.
His father said: ‘The fact that I had
to lose my first child has been devastating. I can’t begin to explain the pain
and the anguish my family and I have
suffered over the past 25 years.’
He said he plans to spend the anniversary of his son’s death in church.
Two of the group of up to six thugs
who attacked the teenager and his
friend Duwayne Brooks
because they were
black have been
convicted of murder. David Norris and Gary
Uproar: Five
suspects leave
1998 inquiry into
the murder of
Stephen (left).
David Norris and
Gary Dobson
in 2012
Dobson are both serving life sentences,
while three others who have been consistently accused of the killing but
never convicted are Jamie Acourt, 41,
his brother Neil Acourt, 42, who uses
his mother’s maiden name Stuart, and
Luke Knight, 41.
The initial investigation into
Stephen’s death was hampered by
incompetence, racism and alleged cor-
ruption. A key moment for Mr Lawrence and his ex-wife Doreen, who is
now Baroness Lawrence, was meeting
Nelson Mandela two weeks after
Stephen died. Mr Lawrence said: ‘I
was so inspired by his persona and the
way he talked to people. Meeting him
gave me the courage to do some of the
things I have done over the years. I
also decided that I would go into
schools and universities and talk to the
younger generation.’
The father-of-three said it was ‘even
more urgent’ to talk to young people
now, with a surge in knife crime. He
said he wanted to ‘explain to them the
pain and suffering they inflict’.
‘It is a life sentence,’ he said. ‘I’ve
been serving a life sentence and I will
go on serving that until the day I die.’
Monday, April 16, 2018 METRO 11
Bride’s besties: Demi Moore, Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts, Kate Hudson, Reese Witherspoon and Cameron Diaz dazzle at A-list Hollywood do for Gwyneth Paltrow PICTURES: BACKGRID/SPLASH NEWS/X17ONLINE.COM
Rumours over ‘secret’
wedding as stars turn
out for mega party
GWYNETH PALTROW sparked frenzied
speculation that she has secretly wed after being
thrown a star-studded party.
Gwynnie and fiancé Brad Falchuk were joined
by a host of A-listers at the black tie bash.
Among the 400 guests were Hollywood actress
pals Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and
Cameron Diaz. Also snapping up the hottest
ticket in Tinseltown were Julia Roberts, Kate
Hudson and film director Steven Spielberg.
Saturday’s lavish do at the Los Angeles Theatre is believed to have been a rehearsal for
Gwynnie’s big day. But fuel was added to
rumours that the Oscar winner may have actually
tied the knot by her mother Blythe Danner. The
75-year-old was pictured carrying a dress bag
from bridal designer Monique Lhuillier.
One person notable by his absence was Gwynnie’s ex-husband Chris Martin. Paltrow, 45, and
47-year-old Falchuk, a TV producer, announced
their engagement earlier this year.
Maroon landing:
Paltrow arrives at
the party in a
thigh-split frock
Something clue: Blythe Danner and dress bag
12 METRO Monday, April 16, 2018
‘Worthless’ rings destined for charity
shop are £70,000 hidden treasures
A PAIR of riings th
he owner
thought were so worthless they
ought to be given to a charity
shop havee sold for £70,000.
neer Gareth Wasp,
35, spotteed a four carat
diamond C tier ring
and a blu
ue sapphire
ring (righ
ht) among
other ‘aveerage’
items bro
by a wom n
selling her late
nlaw’s effe
Mr Wa
works forr o
and Tann
k, Somerset, said:
‘The lady kept telling me
to get rid of it and
givee it to charity
– thinking they
weren’t worth
‘I told her: “I
this needs a
orre research.”’
sp said he
e Cartier box
ay and found
ing at a ‘great
e ve where for the
tur on the ring
ec e i s nor allly on the
inside, but this was in fact signed
on the outside, which is really
rare,’ he said.
Next he spotted the ‘stunning’
sapphire ring and insisted they be
professionally valued.
Mr Wasp said the sale of the
Cartier ring for £42,000 and the
sapphire ring for £28,000 was the
highlight of his career – especially
as he got to pass on the good news.
‘The strange thing is she didn’t
have a clue,’ the auctioneer said. ‘I
told her the rings had just sold
and she said: “Oh brilliant. What
have they made?” When I told her
she couldn’t believe it. She was
absolutely gobsmacked.’
Precious: Gareth
Wasp spotted a
Cartier diamond
ring (pictured) and
a sapphire ring
among goods the
seller thought
should be given away
Painkillers in
‘harm fertility
of the unborn’
MOTHERS-to-be who take painkillers
during pregnancy could harm the fertility of their unborn child, a study finds.
Paracetamol and ibuprofen reduce the
number of cells which later become
eggs or sperm in babies, according to
research published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives.
Painkillers may also affect the fertility
of future generations by triggering
changes in the structure of DNA which
can be inherited, it adds.
Dr Rod Mitchell, who led the research
at the University of Edinburgh, said:
‘We would encourage women to think
carefully before taking painkillers in
pregnancy and to follow existing guidelines – taking the lowest possible dose
for the shortest time possible.’
Tissue samples of ovaries exposed to
paracetamol for one week had more
than 40 per cent fewer egg-producing
cells, the research found, and after ibuprofen exposure the number of cells was
almost halved. As girls produce all their
eggs in the womb, those born with a
reduced number of cells could experience an early menopause.
Testicular tissues exposed to paracetamol or ibuprofen in a culture dish had
around a quarter fewer sperm-producing
A NASAL spray form of the
illegal party drug Ketamine
could revolutionise treatment for
mental health problems. The
notorious horse tranquilliser can be
used as a remedy for depression
and suicidal thoughts, research
shows. It works faster than antidepressants that typically take up to
six weeks to become fully effective,
say experts from the Yale School of
Medicine and drug company
Janssen. But they warn in the
American Journal of Psychiatry that
more research is needed to ensure
the nasal treatment does not fuel
misuse of the substance.
cells. Mice carrying grafts of human
foetal testicular tissue showed a 17 per
cent drop in the number of sperm-producing cells after a day and were down
by almost a third after a week.
Dr Patrick O’Brien, of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, said further research was needed.
‘Women should not be alarmed by the
results. Paracetamol is widely accepted
as a safe painkiller for pregnant women
to take, and can be very beneficial when
a pregnant woman is suffering with a
migraine, for example,’ he added.
Monday, April 16, 2018 METRO 13
lawyer burns himself to
death in climate protest
a HiGH-proFile gay rights lawyer
has burned himself to death in new York
in a protest against environmental destruction caused by fossil fuels.
the remains of 60-year-old David
Buckel were found by passers-by in
Brooklyn’s prospect park on saturday.
mr Buckel reportedly left a suicide note
in a shopping cart near his body that said
he hoped his death was ‘honourable’ and
‘might serve others’.
the new York times revealed it had
received an emailed copy of the note,
by aidan radnedge
which also said: ‘most humans on the
planet now breathe air made unhealthy by
fossil fuels, and many die early deaths as
a result – my early death by fossil fuel
reflects what we are doing to ourselves.’
mr Buckel was the leading lawyer in a
case involving Brandon teena, a transgender man who was murdered in
nebraska. Hilary swank won an oscar
for her portrayal of teena in the 1999
movie Boys Don’t Cry. mr Buckel also
Facing years in jail:
science teacher
stephanie peterson
on a fishing trip and,
inset, her police
Science teacher ‘had fling and
sent nude selfies’ to pupil, 14
a SCiEnCE teacher who sent nude
selfies to a student aged 14 could
face up to 45 years in jail.
Stephanie Peterson is accused of
having sex and performing a sex act
with the teenager at new Smyrna
Beach Middle School in Florida
between november and January.
the 26-year-old has also been
charged with sending the boy nude
images of herself. Each charge
carries a maximum 15 years in jail.
Her alleged victim said she began by
sending him images of herself in a
state of undress, according to
Volusia County Sheriff’s Office.
He said Peterson then started to
drive over to his home to take him
out at night, returning him in the
early hours. She also supplied him
with marijuana, he claims, and his
grades began to suffer.
Peterson resigned from the school
after her arrest at the end of
February, the gainsville Sun
reported. She was bailed after
paying an £8,800 bond before her
next court appearance on May 22.
served as marriage project director at
lambda legal, a national organisation
that fights for lGBt rights. He was the
strategist for same-sex marriage cases in
new Jersey and iowa.
susan sommer, a former lambda legal
lawyer who is now the general counsel for
the mayor’s office of criminal justice in
new York City, told the times mr Buckel
‘was a very smart and methodical lawyer’.
she said he ‘was all about justice, but he
was also all about what it means to be
wORld bites
n A PlAnE was diverted after
a ‘mentally ill’ passenger held a
flight attendant hostage with a
pen. The Air china flight landed
safely yesterday in Zhengzhou.
A man, 41, was arrested.
n a familY of five rohingya
refugees have returned to
myanmar – starting a process
that could see thousands sent
back from Bangladesh, where
they fled from persecution.
n IsrAElI soldiers claim to
have destroyed a gaza attack
tunnel built by hamas
militants. A spokesman said it
was the fifth such tunnel to be
destroyed in as many months.
‘honour’: David Buckel
14 METRO Monday, April 16, 2018
Packing a punch! biebs ‘hit’ man
who grabbed girl at Coachella
a n d r e i H a r m s w o rt H ’ s
by the throat at a
JusTIn BIEBEr allegedly punched a man who had grabbed a woman
coachella party, it was claimed last night.
to release his grip.
Biebs is said to have jumped to her defence when the culprit refused
‘Justin and his friend screamed at the guy to let her go, but he screamedthe
And the
man in
“go f*** yourself”,’ a source told TMZ. ‘At that point, Justin hit the
best picture from
face allowing the woman to break free.’
belongs to…
The incident took place on saturday. A day earlier, Justin,
nicki Minaj and unlikely
posed for a selfie with 11-year-old internet sensation Mason
new pal shania Twain. The
ramsey – known as ‘yodelling kid’.
pair struck up a friendship
Meanwhile, another of Bieber’s exes has been
backstage. ‘@shaniatwain is
romantically linked to The Weeknd.
so dope,’ Minaj gushed. Also in
The Earned It singer, 28, was spied getting
the Instagram snap, which
cosy with model and dJ chantel Jeffries at
received over a million ‘likes’,
the music bash. The Weeknd recently
were singer The Weeknd and
broke up with selena
calm before storm:
call Me By your name
gomez, 25, who went on
actor Timothée
to reignite her romance
Bieber poses with
with Bieber.
‘yodelling kid’ mason
ramsey getty
riri taking the
plunge to stand
out from crowd
It’s all goin
y: riri in
d pants
all white
and lookin
rihaNNa must have
hoping to make a spl
ash with
her latest look…
and she certainly sto
the crowd at Coachella out from
festival – where she appmusic
eared to be
wearing a swimsuit.
the pop star tucked her
down one-piece – em zippedbla
with the word ‘drown zoned
pair of baggy trousers. ’ – into a
all eyes were on riri,
30, as
she hosted her fenty
x Puma
party at the annual bas
h in
indio, California.
the only Girl in the Wo
singer later switched rld
into a
white shirt, tied into
makeshift crop top, and
matching pants.
She was also spotted
cheering on Beyoncé
Saturday after scoring
row seats to her
spectacular set. Jealou
It took a long
time to get hair...
BoN Jovi were
finally inducted
into the rock and roll
hall of fame at the
weekend. accepting
the gong, frontman
Jon, 56, said: ‘it took a
lot of people to get us
here… not all of them
were hairstylists.’
Kanye’s project
is so write on...
Gigi: Let Me ‘like’
your work, Zayn
KAnyE WEsT isn’t
taking it yeezy...
with plans to write a
philosophy book. The
rapper says Break The
simulation is about
‘being obsessed with
photographs’. Maybe
his missus, Kim,
should read it.
ZaYN and Gigi
hadid could be in
the running for
showbiz’s ‘friendliest
exes’ title. the model,
22, recently ‘liked’ an
instagram post
shared by Zayn, 25,
plugging his latest
track let me.
Monday, April 16, 2018 METRO 15
ith tom
sti hb
frock star dan’s got
a hollywood dream
turbulence times as Nic warns
p’ with Liam
Lily over ‘jet romp
lIly AllEn has been issued
with a warning from nicole
Appleton amid claims she
romped with her then-husband
liam gallagher on a plane.
The hard out here singer may
have to watch her back after All
saints star nicole took to Twitter
yesterday. ‘one day our paths
will cross @lilyallen!’ she wrote.
It comes amid reports lily
plots to tell all about a mid-air
encounter she shared with exoasis star liam in upcoming
book My Thoughts Exactly.
The pair reportedly got very
bumpy ride?: liam, nicole
and lily in 2007 Xposure
personal during a boozy bender
while flying to Japan in 2009.
lily, 32, dismissed the rumour
as ‘speculation’. she was not
available for comment last night.
nicole, 43, and liam, 45, were
married from 2008 to 2014.
is on track
Singer has a Feeling his stage hit is set for big screen kelsea’s heartbreak
ill-fated fling inspired new
an Gillespie sells,
of the Feeling, has high
hopes he’ll take musical
everybody’s talking about
Jamie to Hollywood.
the singer has confirmed negotiations
are under way for a film adaptation of
the west end smash, which he wrote the
score for. He told Guilty pleasures:
‘there is lots of exciting talk about that.
i think it would make a lovely movie.’
the acclaimed show, inspired by the
true story of a 16-year-old boy from
sheffield who wanted to go to his
school prom in a dress, is wowing
audiences at london’s apollo theatre.
and a move across the pond for a spot
on Broadway isn’t out of the question,
enough i never did it when i was young,
teased Dan. ‘it has found its
only recently, working on Jamie.’
Busy Dan hasn’t forgotten about his
audience and people have fallen
in love with it,’ he said. ‘it’s an
band and will soon reunite with
exciting couple of years ahead.’
guitarist Kevin Jeremiah, keyboardist
But has the never Be lonely
Ciaran Jeremiah, drummer paul
chart-topper ever dragged up?
stewart and bassist richard Jones.
‘i have. i’m quite fierce
they last released a song in
when i drag up – as in
2016 but new material is on
its way and they’ll start a uK
terrifying,’ laughed the
39-year-old, whose
tour in october.
mother’s female partner
tickets go on sale Friday
helped bring him up.
at if
you can’t wait till then, the
He added: ‘i grew up
life’s a drag: Dan is
around drag queens
lads support michael Bublé
because of my gay
at British summertime
working on a movie
parents. Funnily
Hyde park on July 13.
adaption of his west
end hit show reX
counTry music star
Kelsea Ballerini has
warned against mixing
business with pleasure
after dating, and later
dumping, a former
band member.
she told gP: ‘It was
super messy.’ At least the
album unapologetically
(out now). Indeed the
24-year-old told her
old flame their split
helped her pen tracks.
‘I said, “hey, you’re part
of this record.” he was
cool about it,’ she added.
emma’s rise to the top....
emma WilliS has revealed her worst-ever job
– but it sounds pretty sweet to us.
‘i worked in a cake shop,’ the voice UK host
told GP at Cosmopolitan magazine’s Self-made
Summit. ‘it wasn’t hard graft, but it was tricky
being surrounded by cake and not eating it!’
emma, 42, will put in a shift on a maternity ward
in new series Delivering Babies.
16 METRO Monday, April 16, 2018
good deed feed
ThAnK you to the kind
neighbour who found me on
his roof and let my humans
rescue me with their ladder.
A Very Embarrassed Lenny
The Ginger Cat, Tooting
ThAnK you so much to the
security guard who offered to
charge my phone at the 02 last
Wednesday night when no one
else would help. I hope
someone repays your kindness
to you.
Sam, Croydon
I Would like to say a big thank
you to doctors, nurses and
paramedics at Basingstoke
hospital after my motorcycle
accident on March 23. And a
massive thanks to the people
who looked after me until the
ambulance arrived.
ThAnK you to the person on
the northern line on March 14
who handed in my handbag
which contained all my worldly
Marianne, Barnet
lAsT Tuesday, l was on my way
to sheffield but missed my at
st Pancras train. The gent at
the barrier noted l was
disabled and got in touch with
the guard of the next train out.
l got home oK. lan, Sheffield
Start your text with the word DEED
followed by your comment, name
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Start a text with views followed by
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rush-hour crush and good deed
Feed: 020 3615 0600. Full T&cs
on Metro is a
member of the Independent Press
standards organisation
assad cannot hide
behind un charter
His terrible crimes warrant a strong response
n so will podmore of wanstead speaks
of withholding military strikes on
president Bashar al-assad and syria
because the united nations Charter
forbids interference in the internal affairs
of states on any grounds (metrotalk,
thu). Does he not recall the masses of
innocent children foaming at the mouth
through mr assad’s attempted genocide?
Jon, Kent
n in response to will podmore’s
comment, how could anybody possibly
value state sovereignty over blatant
violations of human rights? we have
a duty to stand up for those subject to
such abhorrent state violence. Dan, Essex
n Cruise missiles won’t help the syrian
people but the us would get rid of some
dangerous materials nearing their use-by
date; again.
Duncan, Glasgow
n when will this country recognise that
it is no longer a ‘great power’? the
present government acts like this country
has the same imperial power as in the
19th century. the reality is that Britain is
a small isolated country in north-west
europe, seemingly intent on isolating
itself ever further from our european
neighbours. it is a country still caught up
in a post-imperial identity crisis. why
else would Britain continue to seek to
intervene militarily in other people’s
Paul Donovan, Wanstead
n is Donald trump’s warmongering
over syria and therefore russia about
distracting attention from his alleged
affair with an american porn star? is he
willing to risk the destruction of the
entire western hemisphere just to protect
his reputation?
Alan Meadowcroft, Oldham
n instead of bombs i would suggest we
get the world Cup moved to the uK and
stop all trade and flights from russia into
the eu and the us; complete economic
sanctions. we could destroy the russian
economy but they can’t destroy ours.
this is the only way to beat Vladimir
putin. Hit them hard in the pocket and
keep the weapons at home.
Richard Farrar, London
Gender and getting ahead
n As Kate from cambridge states,
the pay gap ‘is a gender issue’
(MetroTalk, Thu). I have worked so
hard and with so much passion and
done great work over years and
each time I had to fight my corner
against men. Even now at 36,
without kids, I am only paid close to
what my ex-boyfriend was at 28
and I can assure you I now have
better grades, higher education,
knowledge and experience than he
Ivana, merton
did at the time.
n At the risk of sounding sexist and
disgruntled, I have often seen that
being female (and mediocre) can do
wonders for promotion prospects.
Meanwhile, male colleagues doing a
better job are overlooked. Probably
says more about the firms involved.
m, london
rush-hou r c ru sh
love is all around us, as shown
by the messages left by our
commuter cupids. are they
talking about you? Don’t forget
to tell us if you get together!
APologIEs but I couldn’t take my
eyes off you – the stunning nhs lady
on the train from liverpool on
Monday. Slightly Older Man In Blue
Coat, Warrington
you were on the northern line to
Edgware via Bank, we kept looking at
each other. I think I heard your mate
say your name was steve – get in
touch. drink?
Patricia, Morden
To the pale-skinned, tall man with
a lisp who fainted on the northern
line. I helped you sit down and
removed your jumper! Just want to
check you’re oK and see if you fancy
grabbing a drink sometime.
Northern Nurse, London
To the lovely Asian girl next to me
when I got on at northwick Park, you
looked incredible, I think we had
some sort of chemistry, fancy
a date? Asian, Blue Coat On Phone,
To the short curvy brunette who got
on at Bede Metro station on the
newcastle line at 4.20pm. you spilt
Monday, April 16, 2018 METRO 17
In his pomp: younger
fans could enjoy a
hologram version of
David Bowie as
Ziggy stardust as
they can now of
roy orbison reX
and another thing...
n so A&E departments are
facing an ‘eternal winter’ with
long waits (Metro, Fri). What is
the govenment playing at? We
need more hospitals. There are
hundreds of thousands more
people now living in the uK
and previous governments
pulled down local hospitals.
We also need to look at raising
income tax to fund the nhs
and ensure that people who
haven’t paid into the system
do so.
Irene, manchester
n regarding the jealous
ex-girlfriend in the sex
column who shouted and
let Bowie also have a hi-tech afterlife
n Great to see roy orbison has hit the road again despite the
inconvenience of being dead (metro Connect, fri). Could we also have
a hologram version of David Bowie doing Ziggy Stardust? Not all of us
were around to see him in his pomp.
NJ, Harrow
n instead of shelling out squillions to watch the rolling Stones go
through the motions, i’d rather pay to see holograms of their younger
selves perform ruby tuesday and Satisfaction!
Stung By The Stones
Bus drivers do a great job
n Bus driver Mike (MetroTalk, Fri),
most of us appreciate all you do
dealing with annoying passengers
who complain at the slightest thing
while remaining calm, not getting
road rage and driving us all safely.
love it when a bus flashes its hazards
to thank a car for letting it pull out.
Makes me smile!
Steph, london
n how come buses don’t give out
your coffee on my legs, I said it was
fine. It wasn’t. I still think you’re cute
Rory, The Tall Ginger Lad,
South Shields
loVEly girl eating strawberries on
the Edinburgh train. you noticed me
too, sweetheart.
Skinhead Guy, Stirling
To the young lady with blue eyes
and black headscarf, we said hello at
King’s cross station. I was wearing
blue jogging trousers. I didn’t have
the courage to ask for your number.
Tea or coffee?
Mohammed, Kent
To the cute guy carrying the Amazon
compensation? My no.453 to Baker
street took nearly two hours and
then dumped me at oxford circus
where it terminated. not the first
Stephen, new cross
time either.
n I really wish people would not put
their dirty shoes on train seats!
somebody has to sit there in nice
clean work clothes. have some
respect guys!
matt, colchester
parcels, coming up the escalator
at Waterloo at 10.20pm last
Wednesday. We glanced back at each
other a few times but unfortunately
I was on the other escalator. Maybe
I could learn what was in your parcel
over coffee?
Guy (On Down Escalator) With
Specs, Beige Jacket And Backpack
BlondE girl on the no.59 bus to
shaw most evenings. you are
beautiful, you really are. coffee?
Andrew, Oldham
Text CRUSH followed by your Rush-Hour
Crush, name and where you live to 65700.
Standard network charge applies
demanded email passwords
(Metro Trends, Thu). This could
be seen as domestic abuse
under the ‘coercive control
offence’ recently introduced.
Anyone suffering in a similar
way can call upon this
legislation. michael, Southgate
n Why was British Airways
flight attendant Patricia casey
required to pay a ‘victim
surcharge’ as well as her fine
and prosecution costs for
being drunk at work (Metro,
Fri)? Just who was the ‘victim’?
Perhaps her supervisor for the
inconvenience of going to
the police? (yes, I’m being
sarcastic!) oK, casey broke
the law but there was no
suggestion she failed to
discharge her duty of care.
It’s regrettable BA could not
have dealt with this without
involving the police, given the
degree of personal distress
she was going through at the
time and her hitherto faultless
21 years of service. Sian, bristol
n so living in cities makes birds
more aggressive than their rural
cousins (Metro, Fri). That might
explain why londoners are so
Paul, Essex
18 METRO Monday, April 16, 2018
karren brady
The Apprentice star and
baroness, 49, talks about the
legacy of a boarding school
childhood and the real secret
of business success
a success. alan sugar is one
of the greatest entrepreneurs this
country has ever produced and
he’s still passionate about
business and everything that he
does and he does everything
exceptionally well.
what are the signs you’re
working for a bad boss?
Good leadership is all about
communication – where we’re going,
how we’re going to get there, what’s
everyone’s individual role in the
journey. true success is achieved
when everybody works together.
people should have the confidence
and work in an environment where
they can ask questions and know how
decisions are made that affect their
company, brand and customers. those
are the type of companies people want
to work for – where they’re respected,
they feel passionate and where they
want to come to work.
what are the highs and lows of
being a baroness?
it gives me the opportunity to promote
the things in parliament i’m passionate
about – equality, fighting the gender
pay gap, small business, sport.
How often do you make it into
the House of lords?
at least twice a week. i rarely miss
a vote and i don’t take any fees or
expenses or the daily allowance.
How often do you get to wear
the ermine robe?
You only wear that once, when you get
into the lords – and then if you go to
never be afraid to be
ambitious and to
champion your career
because no one else will
do it for you
the Queen’s state opening, which i’ve
never attended. You can own one but
i borrowed mine.
what lessons has your career in
business taught you?
Be true to yourself, never be afraid to be
ambitious and to champion your career
because no one else will do it for
you. if you find a career you
love it will enrich your life –
and always give your best.
what’s motivated you
the most?
i went to boarding school. and at
boarding school nothing is your
own. You wear what you’re told, eat
what you’re told, go to bed when
you’re told, you do what you’re told
and at 18 i decided i’d had enough
of being told what to do and craved
independence. i wanted to be able
to make my own decisions, do
things when i wanted to do them,
how i wanted to do them. i went
to work at 18 and i’ve never
given up. You don’t want to
get to the age of 49 and look
back on your life and say,
what business skills
‘i wish i would have
have you learned
done this…’ You’ll
from alan sugar?
never know if you’re
that the toughest
good at anything unless
thing about being
you try it. and don’t let top entrepreneur: a success is that you’ve
alan sugar
fear hold you back.
got to keep on being
did you see any unusual
in episode one, we meet a man who has
invented a mug that will keep tea warm.
there’s an element in it. the problem is
his mugs are between £150 and £1,000
– that might tell you what happened.
there are food businesses, holiday
businesses, hair salons, all sorts. we
meet people who don’t have the
confidence to start a business, people
who are driven to prove everyone
wrong. it’s an interesting mix. there
are some that have some success, some
that have incredible success and some
that have no success but won’t give up.
But people on business shows
always say they’ll never give up…
Determination is a key
element for success – but
you also need to be offering
a product or service
people want. But the
person needs to have that
what’s your new tV
moment of realisation and
show all about?
you have to tell them
we meet people who have
they’re banging their heads
an idea for a business then
against a brick wall if it
we follow them for a year to
Queen in the lords really isn’t going to work
find out if that business is
out for them.
a success or not. every year
30,000 start-ups fail in the uK. it’s
Have you given up at anything?
a broad range of people with
not that i can think of. i’m the sort of
a broad range of ideas.
person who never hears the word ‘no’.
there’s usually a different way to get
why do so many start-ups fail?
what you want.
andrew williams
it tends to be finance-related, so cashflow issues, not being able to control
Give It A Year starts tonight on
costs or simply providing a product or
ITV at 8pm
service the public don’t want.
Monday, April 16, 2018 METRO 19
Odd couple should have
just cut a summer single
Flatpack family: Jane
horrocks (right) plays
max, who orders an
replacement for her son
Sting & Shaggy, 44/876 (Polydor)
by malcolm jack
picture: Johan persson
S laugh-out-loud
preposterous as this
collaboration might seem
at first glance, it’s not
entirely without explanation.
Sting has long channelled the
sounds of Shaggy’s homeland
through his music and dodgy
Geordie-Jamaican patois.
and mr Boombastic’s a&r rep
during his 1990s hit-making days
was martin Kierszenbaum – now
Sting’s manager and the
matchmaker behind the project.
the song that apparently first got
earnest eco-rocker Sting excited
about the partnership, Don’t make
me Wait, shows there is at least
some merit in the unlikely idea.
featuring Shaggy toasting in his
distinctive lover-man fashion over
a pulsing groove, it’s a laid-back
track that is aptly timed for
barbecue season.
the pair would have been well
Off-the-shelf hilarity in satire
that thinks outside the box
Ill a certain,
highly popular ondemand delivery
service prove the
downfall of
civilisation? It might certainly
help the process along. In
Thomas Eccleshare’s very funny
new satire on today’s instant
gratification consumer culture,
hari and Max, the latter played
with a near permanent stepford
Wife rictus grin by Jane horrocks,
are able to order themselves a
flat pack replacement for their
first child, nick, who went
disastrously off the rails. Jan
arrives via premium delivery
with assembly instructions and
his very own remote control,
meaning that hari and Max
don’t only construct his physical
shape, they can construct his
instructions for Correct
assembly, royal Court, london
by claire allfree
personality, too. When Jan fails
to give the right response to the
lovingly curated new bedroom
hari and Max have put together
for him, hari keeps pushing
buttons until he does.
Eccleshare has a lot of fun
using the Ikea formula for living
that suggests that happiness
lies in identikit soft furnishings
and a self assembly shelving
unit to skewer complacent
attitudes towards AI. The more
easy and friction-free we try to
make our environment, be it via
a nice beige cushion or a next-
day delivery robot son who only
ever says or does the right thing,
the more dissatisfied we will be.
hamish Pirie’s super slick,
beautifully-acted production
uses a factory line aesthetic to
channel that curious sinister
quality lurking beneath the
conformist surfaces of suburbia,
and the laughs, of which there
are many, come shaded in
unease. But for all the seeping
horror of Eccleshare’s quirkily
presented dystopia, I wonder: do
you ever really feel it? The
problem with a play about
characters who have no
meaningful human connection
with each other is that it risks
lacking a meaningful connection
with its audience. And for all the
many sharp pleasures on offer,
so it proves here.
Opera house tale misses the high notes
nobs on the lawn. in this
new play by playwright
David hare – also the
man behind Collateral –
this is how one newspaper
describes Glyndebourne,
Britain’s first private opera
house, where you can consume
grand opera and picnics.
it’s a superbly acted evening
led by roger allam (pictured)
who plays opera buff John
Christie. But as we glide
through Glyndebourne’s
history, it mostly fails to find
much dramatic about the story.
it’s 1934 and Christie is
compelled by his love for
Wagner’s music and his much
younger wife audrey (the
the moderate Soprano
Duke of York’s, london
by john nathan
soprano of the title,
played by Nancy
Carroll) to build
an opera house
at his Sussex
hitler’s rise
to power
means he can
recruit three
refugees from
Nazi Germany
who are
leading opera experts:
conductor fritz Busch, director
Carl ebert, and his assistant
rudolf Bing. the best of the
play is the clash between
German professionalism
and Christie’s amateurism,
but elsewhere there is little
tension. the play dwells
on audrey’s illness as
if hare sensed a
dramatic deficit.
her voice is said to
be moderate as in
gentle, not second
rate, but, next to
hare’s finest
works, this is
moderate in both
advised to leave it there, however,
rather than ploughing ahead with
an entire album.
the rest of 44/876 – a combo of
the country codes for their
homelands – isn’t all bad, but when
it’s terrible, it’s toe-curlingly so.
Crooked tree is just plain odd and
Sting’s playful whinge Sad
trombone, coloured by the
incessant mewing of a surly horn,
is frankly cringeworthy.
‘it wasn’t me,’ Shaggy might be
tempted to excuse himself – and
who could blame him?
20 METRO Monday, April 16, 2018
stop your Bellowing!
Fruit and veg trader told his
patter is ‘too loud’ for market
Stalled: wayne Bellows at his fruit and vegetable stand at lymington town market in the new Forest solent news
a marKet trader called wayne
Bellows has been told to pipe down
after complaints about the noise he
mr Bellows uses traditional patter to
attract trade at the new Forest market
in Hampshire. But now the fourthgeneration fruit and veg stallholder
says town council officials have
slapped him with a gagging
order. ‘the whole thing is
absolutely ridiculous – not
to mention ironic because
of my name,’ said the 53year-old (pictured with
noise meter).
‘there has been a
market in lymington
for 800 years. i have
been doing this since
i was a kid, and i
never had any complaints. the council
told me to stop shout-
by flora thompson
ing in the morning and only do it in the
afternoon. then they called again to
say i was still too loud. they more or
less said they didn’t want me to shout
at all.’ mr Bellows said his patter is
part of the ‘great atmosphere’. ‘all i
say is the usual things like “strawberries for a pound”,’ he said,
‘and i’m not the only one who
lymington and pennington
mayor Barry Dunning
said: ‘we only asked
him to tone it down a
little. Calling out is
part of the market,
and to me it wasn’t
a problem. But we
had a noise nuisance complaint
and we have to
follow that up.’
£1bn Rockefeller art collection
to be sold... and all for charity
naked beauty:
matisse’s odalisque
couchée aux
magnolias pictures: swns
art and antiques owned by one
of america’s most famous
families is tipped to fetch
£1billion at auction – with all the
proceeds going to charity.
Peggy and David rockefeller,
who have both died, owned
works by the likes of Claude
Monet and Henri Matisse.
now 1,550 pieces are to be
offered by Christie’s in new York
next month, dubbed the most
significant philanthropic auction
ever presented. the money will
go to causes the couple backed
during their lives, including the
arts, education and land
conservation. among the lots are
Matisse’s Odalisque Couchée
aux Magnolias, which is poised
to set a record high for the artist
Pomme de flair: picasso’s apple
at auction of more than
£65million. Pablo Picasso’s
Pomme could fetch up to
£1million and Claude Monet’s
nymphéas en fleur is expected to
sell for around £50million. US
In the monet: the artist’s water lilies
banker David, who died aged 101
last year, was the last surviving
grandson of John D rockefeller,
the industrialist who was one of
america’s first billionaires.
David’s wife Peggy died in 1996.
Monday, April 16, 2018 METRO 21
it’s a polar-coaster ride as BaBy Bear goes for swim with mum
cub scout: mother
Victoria watches her
polar bear cub take to the
water as they
play together at
highland wildlife park
near aviemore pictures: swns
Come on in, the water’s ice and
cold! this little polar bear, the
first born in the UK for 25 years, is
just loving having a dip.
mother bear victoria is shown
guiding her three-month-old
infant through the water as they
splash around together.
they both live at the royal
Zoological Society of Scotland’s
highland Wildlife Park near
victoria is also special to the
park as she is the only female
polar bear in the country.
a spokesman for the attraction
said: ‘We are proud to have some
of the most naturalistic polar bear
facilities anywhere in the world.’
need the toilet at
monster amazon?
urine trouble now
by david jarvis
worKers at a giant amazon
warehouse have resorted to peeing
in bottles because the toilets are too
far away, says a former employee.
undercover investigator James
Bloodworth said staff took the
‘toilet bottle’ option at the huge
depot in rugeley, staffordshire because they feared losing their job if they took too
long spending a penny.
‘i had to go down four
flights of stairs, walk over 400
yards and go through airport
style security just to take a
leak,’ said mr Bloodworth,
author of Hired: six months
under Cover in low-wage Britain.
‘You don’t want to do a big walk
and go through security four or five
Wee bit far: staff said to
pee in bottles because of
amazon depot size alamy
times a day to use the loo
and then get disciplined.
people peed in bottles.’
the 700,000 square foot
warehouse is the same size as 10
football pitches and employs 1,200
people. workers can face a 10-
minute walk to the toilet, plus
around five minutes going through a
security scanner, the book claims.
mr Bloodworth, who worked 10hour shifts picking up items for despatch, said: ‘supervisors would say:
“You need to get your productivity
up, guys. You’re clocking up too
much idle time.”
‘rather than complaining when
people had the temerity to go to the
toilet, productivity-obsessed amazon might instead have installed
more toilets,’ he said.
amazon replied that it ‘ensures all
of its associates have easy access to
toilet facilities which are just a short
walk from where they are working.
the firm said it ‘provides a safe
and positive workplace for thousands of people across the uK with
competitive pay and benefits’.
22 METRO Monday, April 16, 2018
Music | Film | TV | Comedy
is david morrissey
the most underrated
actor in the country?
Keith Watson thinks he is. He meets one of the very few men capable of holding
together The City And The City – one of television’s most mind-boggling shows
e last saw him putting
the wind up ancient
Celts as roman general
aulus plautius in the
bonkers historical drama
Britannia. now David morrissey has
returned to our screens in the equally
baffling but possibly brilliant the City
and the City. You never know quite
where he’s going to turn up next.
though he’s flown under the awards
radar (the only notable gong he’s won in
his rada-trained, 35-year career is a
royal television society programme
award for 2003’s the Deal), morrissey,
53, has a fair claim to being Britain’s
most underrated tV actor, certainly in
terms of his versatility. it takes some
acting chops to jump from Britannia’s
woozy past to the unsettling future of
the City and the City’s dystopian
mystery without pausing for breath.
‘Yes, i went straight from Britannia to
the City and the City,’ he says. ‘it took
a bit of adjusting. But i was a big fan of
China miéville’s book, on which the
City and the City is based, and i was
intrigued to see how writer tony Grisoni
would turn it into a tV adaptation.’
if you’ve yet to catch it, be warned: the
City and the City is a bit of a headscratcher. set in two fictional cities that
border each other without interacting,
episode one was like entering a labyrinth
with no clues to an exit. But as the
smoke has cleared, what has emerged
is an intriguing and timely study of an
issue central to life, circa 2018: our
divided world.
morrissey plays the grizzled, seen-it-all
inspector Borlú, whose beat is the grubby
streets of Beszel. He’s got a lot on his
plate: a murder mystery to solve, a wife
who’s gone missing and a world in
danger of collapsing in on itself.
‘the idea of a divided world is not
a new one,’ says morrissey. ‘But it’s one
pertinent to what’s g
g on now.
that’s p
david tennant
and i looked at
each other and
said, ‘we’re
never going
to work again!’
‘that idea of being in a city where you
don’t know the half of what is going on,
where you can be totally blinded to the
plight of other people. this show pushes
that to the p
point where people are literally
visible to each other.
‘it’s tV that pushes
peeople, we need that
on’t we? and yes, it’s
assking a lot for people
o get their heads around
it.. But i get sent a lot of
sccripts which are all so
siimilar – and this is
reeally different.’
Given the impressive
raange of his credits,
aasking what he most
gets recognised for
ccould produce a list
aas long as your arm.
But he skips over
big hits the missing,
tough job: with and mandeep Dhillon in the city and the city s
state of play, the
Monday, April 16, 2018 METRO 23
Music | Film | T
Ve r sati le
car e e r
from playing future prime
minister Gordon Brown (1) in
the Deal in 2003, David
morrissey has shown his
acting versatility with
a wide variety of
characters. he took
the roles of aulus
Plautius in Britannia
(2); ripley holden
in Blackpool (3);
Sam Webster in the
missing (4); and the
Governor in the
Walking Dead (5).
Deal and red riding and gets straight to
the point.
‘that depends where i am. if i’m in
liverpool, where i’m from, it’s still one
summer, the first thing i was in on tV,
which was set there. i was in italy not long
ago and there it was all, “You’re that guy
from the walking Dead”.’
He long ago gave up trying to predict
which shows would strike a major chord
– he’s had his fair share of highs
(nowhere Boy) and lows (Basic instinct
2) on film – and rolls with the punches.
‘i did a show called Blackpool and they
showed us a reel of scenes we’d shot and
i remember getting into an elevator with
David tennant afterwards and we looked
at each other and said, “we’re never
going to work again!” But the finished
version turned out to be one of the shows
i’m most proud of. so you never can tell
– you just have to do it for yourself.’
He’s delighted to be getting another
crack at aulus plautius, as Britannia’s
mix of romans, Druids, warrior women
and historical mayhem proved a hit for
sky atlantic – it got the green light for a
second series.
‘Jez Butterworth is a writer i’d wanted
to work with for a long, long time’, says
morrissey. ‘we had great fun doing it. Jez
has got a real respect for that time, the
pre-Christian era in Britain, he really
knows his stuff. But he’s got a very
modern take on it, which is what i loved.’
Hang on a minute – by ‘had great fun’
would that be a reference to, how to put
it, enjoying the odd ‘druidical’ moment?
the mystical mischief-makers were
much given to the odd trip?
‘i know where you’re going with that –
but no,’ he says. ‘i wouldn’t have been
able to get the lines out properly. But
i think Jez may well have had a few of
those moments while he was writing it!’
The City And The City is on BBC2
on Fridays at 9pm
24 METRO Monday, April 16, 2018
sorrell quits
ad giant over
assets probe
tHe chief executive of the world’s
largest advertising agency wpp has
stepped down following allegations of
personal misconduct through the misuse
of company assets.
sir martin sorrell, who had denied
wrong-doing, said the claims had been
putting ‘too much pressure’ on the company and its employees.
wpp said it had finished its investigation, adding ‘the allegation did not
involve amounts that are material’.
sir martin, 73, said in a statement: ‘as i look ahead, i see
that the current disruption is
simply putting too much
unnecessary pressure on the
business, our over 200,000
people and their 500,000 or so
dependants, and the clients we
serve in 112 countries.
‘that is why i have
decided that in your interest, in the interest of our
by joel taylor
clients, in the interest of all shareowners,
both big and small, and in the interest of
all our other stakeholders, it is best for
me to step aside.’
wpp said sir martin, who has been at
the helm of the firm for 33 years, will be
treated as having retired. Chairman
roberto Quarta will step in until a new
chief executive has been appointed.
sir martin (pictured) said he understood the company had to investigate
the allegations, which surfaced earlier this month. He previously
worked at saatchi & saatchi, and
was knighted in the Queen’s new
Year honours list in 2000.
in 2017 he was the highest
paid Ftse 100 boss for
although his total pay
fell from £70.4million
to £48.1million.
n ThE number of coffee shops in
Britain will overtake the number
of pubs by 2030, research claims.
Three cafés open every day while
pubs are in a downward spiral,
with 40 per cent shutting since
the 1970s, found The london
coffee Festival. coffee shops are
worth £10billion to the economy.
n Car insurance prices have
fallen for the first time in three
years but the savings are not
being passed on to customers,
says a report.
found 70 per cent of drivers who
renewed deals from January to
march were quoted a higher
price, yet 59 per cent kept the
insurer rather than shop around.
n aSKiNG prices for homes have
reached a record high, says
rightmove. the average amount
new sellers are demanding this
month is £305,732, up by £1,228
on march. Sellers typically
receive 96.7 per cent of the
asking price, compared with 97.2
per cent two years ago. Some
may have unrealistic
expectations, said the property
tourist rates
Australia (A$)............................................................1.73
canada (c$)...............................................................1.71
Euro (€)......................................................................1.10
new Zealand (n$).....................................................1.79
Poland (zloty)............................................................5.13
singapore ($) ............................................................1.74
south Africa (rand)..................................................16.11
us ($)..........................................................................1.36
Monday Apr
April 16, 2018 METRO 25
Travel | Culture | Adventure
r u rban g
new stop-off
Page 28 »
travel section of the year
for vocal house heads:
With no Glasto this
year, you’d better
think outside the
box (or field) if you
want to party hard.
Johnny lee picks
his top ten European
festivals this summer
feeling suffocated by the
black-clad uniformity of the
techno scene? then loosen up
on the adriatic coast with DJs
todd terry and Derrick Carter,
who will be on hand to deliver
a fun yet credible house
music soundtrack befitting
the picture-perfect setting in
tisno, Croatia.
£199, August 9-14,
get down
for free Party vibes:
for live instrumentation: parklife
Boasting 16 uniquely dressed arenas at
Manchester’s heaton Park, Parklife’s
gigantic programme accommodates
every musical persuasion. liam gallagher
(right) will perform, likewise hip-hop
specialists n.E.r.d, with apex dJ support
coming from diynamic label boss solomun.
£145, June 9-10,
Powered by a slew of obscure
german dJs and a handful
of respected names like
Israeli dJ-producer Maayan
nidam (above), this underthe-radar alternative techno
stompathon takes place in
leipzig. Its hidden spot in the
german countryside brings
an underground atmosphere.
£118, August 3-5,
for Music enthusiasts: sónar
not the most daring choice in our list but Barcelona’s sónar is such an
essential rite of passage for music enthusiasts that we felt obliged to
include it. Explore the futuristic art and music tech exhibitions by day,
then head over to the night zone to catch dJ harvey and John Talabot
£160, June 14-16,
dropping extended sets.
Continued on Page 26 »
26 METRO Monday, April 16, 2018
Travel | Culture | Adventure
» Continued from Page 25
for District line Disciples:
we are fstVl
The perfect pre-Ibiza season warm-up
requires travelling just a few miles outside
of Essex. The fat FsTVl line-up will appeal to
garage, house, techno and bass fans alike,
with dJ EZ, Jamie Jones, carl cox, Eric Prydz
and sigma your genre headliners.
£179.50, May 25-27,
for nice People: pohoda festival
It may have capacity for 30,000 revellers but
this top slovak festival, which fuses music,
art, good food and plenty of topical debate,
feels unashamedly intimate. on the sonic
front, electro fans can salivate over big-beat
heavyweights The chemical Brothers, with
reggae icon Ziggy Marley bearing summertime
treats for those who prefer a touch more
melody with their music.
£105, July 5-7,
A summer festival for everyone
for communitarians: lowlands
for consciousness
the Netherlands’ most colourful outdoor event is a bona fide
carnival of film, theatre, science and alternative music, delivered
over three days within the boundaries of a neon, pop-up style
town in a little place called Biddinghuizen. the jaw-dropping
line-up includes DJs richie hawtin, Âme and the always diverse
Ben Ufo, with Stormzy, Dua lipa and Gorillaz performing live.
£175.00, August 17-19,
the gardens
of babylon
This dutch dance brand
are known for fusing
art and astrology
with electronic
music. Expect
aplenty, with
Blond:ish and
their lush psychedelic
beats taking over the
german town of goch.
£105, July 27-29,
for serious
for avid
i explorers:
secret solstice
Jump into a hot spring and
rave inside a giant glacier
at Iceland’s mega-festival
in reykjavik. Funk legend
george clinton (top) will
supply the grooves, Bonnie
Tyler the Eighties melancholy,
clean Bandit (above) the
pop-star harmonies, which
leaves esteemed techno dJs
like rhadoo and charlotte de
Witte catering for the fringe.
£203, June 21-24,
Abstract art
installations and
desert camping make
this eccentric Burning
Man-style festival
the perfect getaway
for conscientious
objectors. Take some
food with you to
northern spain –
somewhere between
Zaragoza and lleida
– but leave your evil
cash habits at home
as nowhere is strictly
a no-commerce zone.
£140, July 3-8,
Monday, April 16, 2018 METRO 27
Travel | Culture | Adventure
T he
a beautiful public
loo, high-end safari
and a BBc makeover
A luxury safari package in Kenya
VEnTurE to Kenya between July and september and you
can see the great wildebeest crossing the Maasai Mara
before you fly south to coastal town Watamu in search of
migrating humpback whales. This seven-night double
Migration safari package from the hemingways collection
includes three nights in the ol seki Mara luxury safari
tents and four at the group’s seaside outpost set within
the Watamu Marine national Park and reserve.
£2,242, including excursions and domestic flights,
The other Brooklyn
ThE town of Montclair, dubbed by some
‘the Brooklyn of new Jersey’, has a new
boutique hotel owned and designed
by makeup mogul Bobbi Brown. The
george Inn, a private home that was
built in 1902, has 32 rooms with tartan
bedheads, dyson supersonic hair dryers,
industrial-finished bathrooms, and
a panelled library for rainy days.
From £170 per night,
compiled by lisa scott
Doughnut try this at home
Norway’s convenience is making waves
norWAy’s Kystriksveien coastal route is a picturesque road trip.
The 400-mile road has mountain ranges, ferry crossings to
hundreds of magical islands and the world’s most beautiful public
toilet, no less. shaped like a wave, the new £1.4million, concreteand-glass convenience can be found in a spot called ureddplassen,
directly in front of sparkling fjords.
soho house is taking overnight bookings
for its new 1960s-inspired White city
house. West london’s former BBc Television
centre – or ‘The doughnut’ for its circular
design – has been transformed into
a 45-room hotel and members’ space with
a terrazzo tiled-rooftop pool and bar, a huge
gym, and a two-screen Electric cinema
complete with velvet armchairs.
From £128 per night,
28 METRO Monday, April 16, 2018
Travel | Culture | Adventure
ossip Van DuiVenBoDe
The new Eurostar
route stops first at
Rotterdam. Here
richard Mellor
finds speedboat
taxis, ace bars and
ingenious pizzas...
oKos are small Dutch
shops that sell exotic
ingredients from former
colonies like indonesia,
Cape Verde or surinam,
many of whose natives have moved to
the netherlands. toko trash, a new
rotterdam joint raid these general
stores to make street-food plates
of jerk-sauce hot dogs (£11) and
bacalhau croquettes (£5) in order to
represent this port city’s multi-ethnic
population (
toko trash also epitomises
rotterdam’s penchant for innovation.
the restaurant is located within a
small brewery, which itself occupies
one arch of an abandoned railway.
From it, crowdfunded and yellowpainted elevated walkways lead to the
once-abandoned schieblock building,
complete with a rooftop farm-cafe.
Below that is a bar called Bar,
where anyone with the stamina –
but no smug shoreditchians – jives
to eBm or synthwave until 5am, and
sometimes all weekend (
and still further along this yellow-lick
road is white-walled gallery
mono (,
which at night morphs into
remarkable buildings here. Having
a smoke-machined club with an
suffered bombing in world war ii,
equally progressive music policy.
the port has taken advantage of its
none of which is remotely obvious
unfortunate clean slate to become an
when i first sight the plain-looking
Hofbogen district. But that’s precisely architectural a-lister. i marvel at both
conjoined skyscrapers and 1970s cube
what makes rotterdam great: unlike
houses, some peculiarly tilted
the cobbled, canal-tastic
forward at 54 degrees.
quaintness of amsterdam,
opposite them, its glass
Holland’s second
glistening, is the huge,
city proves more
markthal (markthal.
more beguiling.
it’s also more stalls inside
sell rambutans, Kinder
reachable. as of this
Bueno ice cream, coconut
month, eurostar trains
cakes and garlicky cheeses.
now run direct from st
boss baby: mueck’s there’s a Jamie’s italian
pancras to rotterdam
Centraal (and then on to
huge tot at Kunsthal and, more temptingly, an
elevated pintxos bar.
amsterdam) in just three
i’ve stuffed myself full, though –
hours – although, until security
ten minutes ago, back across
measures are agreed, one must
pannekoekstraat’s indie fashion
faffingly change in Brussels on the
way home.
stores, at old scuola, which made
the finals of a unesco-run pizzeria
Hovering below huge steel slabs,
contest last year. its fluffy ‘padron’
rotterdam Centraal is one of many
bustling: the huge.
markthal, rotterdam.
centraal station (below).
and a thrilling water taxi.
a great time to go dutch
(mozzarella, cherry tomatoes,
pimientos and pecorino,
makes me want to return on may 3031, when chefs from all the remaining
nine entrants will come and cook.
Feasts are permanently available
at the magnificent Kunsthal (£12, – feasts for the eyes and
t h r e e m o r e a m sT e r d a m a LT e r naT i V e s
This pretty medieval city, 40
minutes from rotterdam, is
characterised by its wharves
– canal-level cellars filled with
restaurants and small hotels.
Trudge up the 465-step dom
Tower for a real workout.
The Hague
yes it’s home to the un’s
International court of Justice,
but palatial den haag also
promises sandy beaches
and the rembrandt-filled
Mauritshuis gallery and is just
30 minutes from rotterdam.
up in the remote north west,
this year’s co-European capital
of culture is surrealist artist
Mc Escher’s birthplace.
Exhibitions of his work run all
year, while there’s also a leaning
tower, The oldehove.
mind, that is – where i now explore.
Designed by rotterdam’s ‘starchitect’
rem Koolhaas, this five-space
museum shows all disciplines of art.
Hyperrealist sculpture – including
uncomfortably erotic nudes and ron
mueck’s grotesque 16ft baby (a Girl)
– is on display until July 1.
that titanic tot leaves me badly
needing a drink. Deciding against the
central ‘Cool District’ (no, really), and
narrow, bar-lined witte de withstraat,
i head south and order a water taxi
(from £4,
these are the best way to travel:
phone the switchboard, state your
location, and in minutes a speedboat
will be bouncing you across the maas
river at thrilling velocity.
my watertaxi docks by Katendrecht
– a peninsula previously habituated
by seedy sailors. at first glance it
seems unpromising: peeling
warehouses and little else. But i’m
wise to rotterdam’s tricks by now.
one of those warehouses, an ex-grain
silo, turns out to host the Fenix Food
Factory ( more
gastro kicks, plus a breezeblock-seat
riverside terrace where hipsters clink
beers. Just as pleasant is the artisan
Kopi soesoe coffee shop nearby
(from £2.50,
Best of all is De matroos en Het
meisje (three courses £32, Despite a
homely vibe, exacerbated by redcheckered napkins and clustered
tables, this small restaurant’s cooking
is daring: i devour a ceviche of
mackerel, pumpkin and guanabara,
then pork fillets under black mole
sauce and, oh yes, chunks of popcorn.
once again, first impressions prove
wonderfully useless. remember that
catchy Beautiful south song? ‘this
could be rotterdam, or anywhere…’
wrong: when it comes to confounding
places like De matroos, this could
only ever be rotterdam.
Rtn from London to Rotterdam from
£86.50, We stayed at
The CitizenM, from £70,
30 METRO Monday, April 16, 2018
Travel | Culture | Adventure
in association with
Snake eyes: David leadbeater is
a huge fan of blockbuster romps
such as the indiana Jones films
coal black mornings
keep up with the joneses
Hen David
leadbeater won last
year’s inaugural
Kindle uK storyteller
award, with his
indiana Jones-inspired romp the
relic Hunters, it was the culmination
of three decades of hard graf. the
52-year-old, who had been writing
feverishly since he was 15,
already had 29 self-published
books under his belt, one of
which hit number 12 in the
amazon chart. and he shows
no sign of slowing down.
What books
inspired you
growing up?
i read every
genre, from
the Famous
Five and
seven to,
later, the
fantasy of
claire allfree talks industry myths
with self-publishing blockbuster fan
David Leadbeater a year after he won
the first Kindle UK Storyteller Award
Jrr tolkien and the horror of
stephen King. these days i read
self-published authors too –
mainly thriller and crime
authors such as Keith
Houghton, alan mcDermott
and lJ ross, whose DCi
ryan mysteries have been
a massive hit.
You’re clearly a
movie buff, too...
Yes – nearly all
my books are
thrillers as that’s the
book and movie
genre i love the
most. i love the
escapism offered
by a big blockbuster movie so i try to
include the same kind of feeling and
atmosphere in my books. i want it to
be an experience that you can lose
yourself in, where you can escape
from everyday problems for just a
little while and have a great time.
Bust some myths about
the worst myth is that there’s no
talent out there, which is completely
false. But there are several more,
including that self-published books
mean a low-quality product and
that if you publish your book
yourself, you won’t then get a
traditional publishing deal. i have
turned down two such deals
because of the other big myth –
that there’s no money in selfpublishing. most traditional authors
make far less than independents.
What advice would you
give people who might be
thinking about entering this
year’s competition?
Be as professional as possible in your
approach to editing, proofreading and
cover design. it’s very important the
books are well written, well edited
and polished to the highest standards.
Your success will be measured not
just by your first book but by all the
succeeding books. if sales remain
consistent with sequels, then you
must be doing something right.
latest book, Chasing
Gold, is out now.
See below for
details on how
to enter this
year’s Kindle UK
Storyteller Award
By Brett Anderson
(Little, Brown) ★★★★✩
ThE brilliance of
this memoir by
suede’s lead
singer is startling.
Because while
suede made
some fairly
wondrous music in the first
half-decade of their existence,
Anderson’s lyrics were
generally garbled clichés.
his coal Black Mornings,
however, is wonderful – and
Anderson’s descriptions of his
childhood are especially lovely.
his mum was an art-school
graduate who bathed nude in
their back garden in grim
haywards heath. his father
was a classical music
aficionado who drifted from
job to job. one line on his
father will give you an idea of
the quality of writing here:
‘There was a sense that
through kindness to me, he
was passing on kindness to a
childhood spectre of himself.’
gorgeous. paul connolly
the overstory
By Richard Powers (William
Heinemann) ★★★★✩
PoWErs tends
to be left out of
about great
probably because
he isn’t afraid to get stuck into
heavy-duty science. his new
book is an ecological epic
involving nine strangers who
each have a life-defining
experience related to trees.
under the influence of a 1960s
botanist who reckons trees can
communicate with each other,
some of them are spurred to
militancy to ward off the
destruction of the world’s
forests. Intense and eyeopening. anthony cummins
Monday, April 16, 2018 METRO 31
Travel | Culture | Adventure
opposites attract: the
iguazu Falls waterfall as
seen from argentina (left)
and Brazil (right)
stuck in the
Devil’s throat
The mesmerising waterfalls at Iguazu
Falls inspired shelan rodger’s new novel
slipped, eager, snake-like... into hell.
aterFalls are like
i visited the Falls several times over the
fire; there is something
nine years i lived in argentina and each
mesmerising about
time i was mesmerised by la Garganta
them that makes us
del Diablo. it seemed to exert a
want to stare and never
supernatural pull. it was like watching
let go. iguazu Falls, on the border of
Brazil and argentina, comprise more
the same play over and over again, a
drama that never lost its power. the last
than 250 individual waterfalls and are
time i was there, i was in the raw centre
classed as one of the seven natural
of my own personal drama. i was in a
wonders of the world. the first time
wheelchair with a vaguely diagnosed
i saw them, i was stunned by the
illness and my nine-month-old
difference between photographs
marriage was about to
and the reality of being in
disappear like the water in
their presence.
those Falls.
a picture always limits.
the Falls are so incredibly
it cannot stretch from one
evocative, a living metaphor
blurred extreme of your
for the ebb and flow of real
range of vision to the other.
lives, and for me they were
it cannot encapsulate the
literally emotionally charged.
sound and smell that engulfs
you. it is, after all, a symbol, a .Slippery: rodger so, it was easy and inevitable
has a new thriller to give them a pivotal role
metaphor for something that
in my novel.
cannot be translated. i faced
twin truths is a psychological
the panorama of the Falls, felt the
suspense novel about a young woman,
continuous rain of gentle spray and
Jenny, who goes to argentina to retrace
listened to the incessant crescendo of
her twin sister’s last steps and confronts
falling water, in awe of the masterly
monotony of this living, breathing view. the slippery reality of truth.
it opens with a flashback of a fit in a
this was from the Brazilian side,
swimming pool. Jenny’s journey takes
where you face the panorama of the
her to iguazu Falls, where the impact of
Falls. on the argentinian side, you get
closer. and the most dramatic encounter her encounter with them unravels the
is at la Garganta del Diablo (the
first twist of the book.
the Falls are more than just a setting,
Devil’s throat), where you stand on a
they are a metaphor for truth. we try
platform, drenched in spray, and stare
and capture it, hold it with our eyes
into a bottomless crush of water.
but we can’t. truth, like a waterfall,
the waters approached the vacuum
is always changing, always just
from three sides of a square in gullible
beyond reach.
readiness, swept by an invisible will,
undeterred by the unfamiliar thunder
Twin Truths by Shelan Rodger
that filled the air. Caressing the curved
(The Dome Press) is out now
lip of the edge of the vacuum, they
32 METRO Monday, April 16, 2018
by Patrick Arundell
cryptic crossword
6. not to agree to a full
distribution (4,3)
7. point inside what must be
grain (5)
9. it’s a bit of a grind obtaining
this meal (5)
10. cuts down visibility on the main
routes (3,4)
12. not a natural response! (5,6)
14. male responsible is arrested,
apparently (3,2,6)
18. hold out a small pair on
tender (7)
19. Fly-by-nights (5)
21. comes closer in linear size (5)
22. possibly it’s too darn awkward for
most sailors! (7)
1. not late, but nearly lost a
point (5)
2. turn up in the fields? (6)
3. it’s used to make one kind of
pot (3)
4. pronounced similarities (6)
5. they have to exert some pull to
make headway (7)
8. obtain a method of escape (3-4)
11. go on! take legal action! (7)
13. it keeps locks in order (7)
15. not well employed by a
company? (6)
16. earth reduced to dust? (6)
17. a ghostly colour? (5)
20. a lower stock unit (3)
Friday’s solutions
quick crossword
Across: 1 First-class; 7 Pains; 8 refusal; 10
landlady; 11 Zinc; 13 cooler; 15 shanty; 17
nods; 18 left over; 21 strides; 22 Erica; 23 In
bad taste. down: 1 Feign; 2 resolved; 3 Tirade;
4 left; 5 session; 6 Applicants; 9 lucky break;
12 chatters; 14 old iron; 16 Tea set; 19 Voice;
20 Idea.
Across: 3 stars; 8 salad; 10 Ewers; 11 May; 12 Trace; 13
Abdomen; 15 Admit; 18 Pad; 19 sleuth; 21 Medical; 22 Plan;
23 Apse; 24 cumulus; 26 cigars; 29 roc; 31 scope; 32
Battery; 34 hanoi; 35 Ire; 36 unlit; 37 Koran; 38 delta.
down: 1 samba; 2 lay open; 4 Turn; 5 recall; 6 swede;
7 Trait; 9 lad; 12 Tedious; 14 Mad; 16 Mumps; 17 Thief; 19
samurai; 20 specs; 21 Mango; 23 Auction; 24 create; 25
lot; 27 Icons; 28 Aphid; 30 Bread; 32 Boot; 33 Err.
Difficulty rating: easy
4 6 3
9 4
6 8
4 1
5 6
7 2 6
Difficulty rating: Moderate
9 8
3 7
even though (6)
Dais (6)
prosecute (3)
group of twenty (5)
Bewilder (7)
Knock senseless (4)
evoke (6)
nimble (5)
the same (5)
meeting place (5)
Flexible or supple (5)
wheel surrounds (5)
take pleasure from (5)
plant type (7)
heavily decorated (6)
large prawns (6)
choice (6)
poker hand (5)
lacking fat (4)
afflict (3)
5 1
6 2
1 6 4
2 4
6 2
itv, 9pm
When was the last time two 91-yearolds chatting in a garden was the
day’s tv highlight? that’s right,
never. but there’s a great cause at
the root of this amiable walk and
talk starring her majesty and Sir
david attenborough: the Queen’s
commonwealth canopy. the idea
is to create a ribbon of protected
national forest parks linking all
commonwealth nations.
Difficulty rating: challenging
8 1
the Queen’s green planet
chatty: attenborough with the Queen
stringed musical instruments (5)
Valuable thing (5)
pariah (7)
one’s home (5)
soldier’s jacket (5)
colourless gas (5)
Disclose (7)
illuminated (3)
article (4)
antagonism (6)
uninteresting (5)
hairpiece (6)
clog, for example (4)
mineral (3)
surgical instrument (7)
humble (5)
place of safety (5)
scope or extent (5)
Blimp (7)
reddish dye (5)
Big cats (5)
4 3 9
4 3
8 5
tv choice
give it a year
itv, 8pm
karren brady takes a break from
scowling knowingly at apprentice
idiots and annoying West ham fans
to front this business spin on davina
mccall’s this time next year. brady
aries Mar 21 – Apr 20
Today’s new Moon is
excellent for beginning key
projects. This lunar phase
also ties in with the
restless energies of
uranus, which hints that
something exciting could
happen out of the blue to
encourage you forward.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0410 (60p/min)
libra Sep 24 – Oct 23
Expect the unexpected
libra, but welcome it
too, as events over the
coming days could kickstart a friendship or a
budding romance. An
encounter could sparkle
with promise, although
you may need to work at it.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0416 (60p/min)
taurus Apr 21 – May 21
This can be a day of deep
insights that could
encourage you to turn over
a new leaf. A powerful
influence in a subtle sector
of your chart can gift you
with enough clarity to know
what needs to change.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0411 (60p/min)
scorpio Oct 24 – Nov 22
Although you may
experience unexpected
events, they could have a
positive outcome. In fact,
they might encourage you
to take a step forward that
you had been thinking
about for some time.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0417 (60p/min)
gemini May 22 – Jun 21
An upbeat encounter could
coincide with an offer or
provide you with news or
an opportunity. This may
be a relationship brimming
with promise or it could be
a chance to work with
others on an imaginative
project that might benefit
you and your community.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0412 (60p/min)
Nov 23 – Dec 21
This could be an actionpacked time when a bright
idea can inspire you to do
something different. on a
worldly level, you may be
drawn to a scheme that
can bring in extra cash or
perhaps a job that offers
something substantial.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0418 (60p/min)
cancer Jun 22 – Jul 23
Friends and loved ones
may be in a generous
mood and keen for you
to take advantage of
something they sense
might be good for you.
There could also be doors
opening regarding
personal ambitions.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0413 (60p/min)
capricorn Dec 22 – Jan 20
Today’s new Moon
could coincide with a
decision that might see
you striking out in a new
direction. Whatever you
have been considering
may be disregarded to
make way for something
quite innovative.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0419 (60p/min)
leo Jul 24 – Aug 23
Today, with a new Moon
linking to the restless
qualities of uranus in your
sector of far horizons, new
adventures can beckon.
you may spot an
opportunity or be alerted
by someone with a futureorientated grasp.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0414 (60p/min)
aquarius Jan 21 – Feb 19
A bit of news could act as a
catalyst that inspires a new
beginning or encourages
you to get moving on an
idea or plan. A potent lunar
phase in your sector of
communication may see
you ready to share your
message with the world.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0420 (60p/min)
Virgo Aug 24 – Sep 23
Intense feelings could
bubble up concerning a
relationship. It could be
romantic, although not
automatically. It’s also
possible that you could be
enthused by a discussion
that leads to a good
friendship. Passionate
emotions can add spice
to long-term bonds.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0415 (60p/min)
pisces Feb 20 – Mar 20
you may be tempted by a
new gadget or another
item that could add
something exciting to your
life. If it gives you more
scope to do other things
that are important to you,
then acquiring it might
even be a breakthrough.
In addition, there can be
extra income potential.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0421 (60p/min)
For a live one-to-one consultation with one of my gifted
psychics, call 0906 176 4747 or 0800 067 4747 to book
using credit card. Too busy to call? Then text a psychic:
Text sTArs to 84155 (£1.50 per text plus snc)
Astrology calls cost 60p per min, Live calls £1.50 per min. Calls subject to the addition of your
telephone company’s network access charge. Live text costs £1.50 per message plus standard
network rate and you will receive max two messages back. 18+ only, with bill payer’s permission.
Entertainment purposes only. PhonePayPlus regulated. All calls recorded. SP: Stream Live Ltd
SE1 1JA, 0800 0673 330
scowls knowingly at entrepreneurs
who talk up their ideas – and then we
check in again a year later to see if
they’ve boomed… or busted.
somewhat sedate but ayoade and
Webb discover there’s a lot of fun to
be had in Funchal. and a lot of cake.
travel man: 48 hours
in madeira
fox, 9pm
It’s the season eight finale and,
though we’re diehard fans, it has to
be said this zombie epic has been
showing signs of weariness. maybe a
shock death of a major character will
shake things up – but if it’s Sheriff
rick, we’re outta here. keith watson
C4, 8.30pm
the combination of cake, wine and
robert Webb is more than enough to
have us hitching a ride with richard
ayoade on his latest weekend break.
madeira has a reputation for being
the walking dead
Monday, April 16, 2018 METRO 33
formula one chinese grand prix
picture: ap
final standings: 1 daniel ricciardo (Aus) red
Bull 1hr 35mins 36.380secs, 2 Valtteri Bottas
(Fin) Mercedes gP 1:35:45.274, 3 Kimi
raikkonen (Fin) Ferrari 1:35:46.017, 4 lewis
hamilton (gbr) Mercedes gP 1:35:53.365,
5 Max Verstappen (ned) red Bull 1:35:56.816,
6 nico hulkenberg (ger) renault 1:35:57.432,
7 Fernando Alonso (spa) Mclaren 1:36:07.019,
8 sebastian Vettel (ger) Ferrari 1:36:11.666,
9 carlos sainz (spa) renault 1:36:11.666,
10 Kevin Magnussen (den) haas F1
1:36:15.974, 11 Esteban ocon (Fra) Force India
1:36:20.430, 12 sergio Perez (Mex) Force India
1:36:21.105, 13 stoffel Vandoorne (Bel)
Mclaren 1:36:25.753, 14 lance stroll (can)
Williams 1:36:31.870, 15 sergey sirotkin (rus)
Williams 1:36:34.621, 16 Marcus Ericsson
(swe) sauber-Ferrari 1:36:38.984, 17 romain
grosjean (Fra) haas F1 1:36:41.676, 18 Pierre
gasly (Fra) scuderia Toro rosso 1:36:42.710,
19 charles leclerc (Mon) sauber-Ferrari
1:36:58.955, 20 Brendon hartley (nzl)
scuderia Toro rosso at 5 laps
‘sometimes you just have
to lick the stamp and
send it. i don’t seem to
win boring races. they
are all pretty fun but that
was unexpected.’
Daniel ricciardo, who passed both
mercedes in typically thrilling style as
he carved his way through the field,
after winning in shanghai
Joseph injury blow
ahead of Boks tour
rugby union
JonAThAn JosEPh’s presence on
England’s summer tour to south
Africa is under threat because of a
sprained ankle sustained in Bath’s
41-6 Premiership loss at saracens.
Joseph (pictured) had his left
ankle caught during a tackle by
schalk Burger in the 29th minute
and he left the field on crutches.
‘Jonathan looks like he’s given his
ankle a really good tweak,’ director
of rugby Todd Blackadder said. ‘We
are not sure how long he’ll be out
for, he’s got next week off anyway.
hopefully it won’t be too serious.’
1 sebastian Vettel (ger) Ferrari ...............54pts
2 lewis hamilton (gbr) Mercedes gP............45
3 Valtteri Bottas (Fin) Mercedes gP ............. 40
4 daniel ricciardo (Aus) red Bull .................. 37
5 Kimi raikkonen (Fin) Ferrari ....................... 30
6 Fernando Alonso (spa) Mclaren ................22
7 nico hulkenberg (ger) renault ...................22
8 Max Verstappen (ned) red Bull ................. 18
9 Pierre gasly (Fra) scuderia Toro rosso..... 12
10 Kevin Magnussen (den) haas F1................ 11
1 Mercedes gP .............................................85pts
2 Ferrari ............................................................. 84
3 red Bull ...........................................................55
4 Mclaren...........................................................28
5 renault ............................................................25
rivals lining up to give
brash max chinese burn
by adam hay-nicholls
tHe great and good of Formula one
have rounded on max Verstappen after the Dutchman’s careless driving
took centre stage again following a
dramatic Chinese Grand prix.
Despite Daniel ricciardo converting a red Bull tactical masterstroke to
secure a fine win, it was the aggressive tactics deployed by his hot-headed team-mate which again dominated
the paddock debrief.
in Bahrain, Verstappen collided
with lewis Hamilton but in shanghai
it was championship leader sebastian
Vettel who felt the force of the brilliant, yet exuberant Dutchman.
Hamilton escaped without damage
to his mercedes last week but the
same could not be said for Vettel’s
Ferrari here. the German, who was
second at the time of the coming to-
Title a tough ask this year, warns Lewis
lEWIs hAMIlTon has admitted
his hopes of winning a fifth
world title are in grave danger
as his winless start to the new
season continued.
The Briton was fourth in china
to reduce the deficit to leader
sebastian Vettel to nine points
but was well off the pace at a
circuit where Mercedes have
ruled in recent seasons.
hamilton, 33, now believes his
gether during a frenetic finale, limped
over the line in eighth.
it enabled Hamilton, fourth after a
self-proclaimed disastrous weekend,
to unexpectedly reduce the gap in the
championship from 17 to nine points.
Verstappen and ricciardo had
w e e k e n d by n u m b e r s
year old Imam-ul-haq, the
left-handed batsman and
nephew of former captain
Inzamam, has been named in the
Pakistan Test squad to tour
Ireland and England.
run win for middlesex
as they kicked off
their County Championship
campaign with a two-and-ahalf day Division two win over
Northamptonshire. tim murtagh
and James harris grabbed four
wickets apiece at lord’s.
successive days without play
at headingley, where
yorkshire’s curtain-raiser against
in brief
licking his lips:
ricciardo relished
the chance to win in
thrilling fashion
t h e y s a i d i t. . .
once-dominant team are behind
Ferrari and red Bull in the F1
pecking order.
‘If it continues this way it is
going to be very tough to win
the championship,’ hamilton
said. ‘We underperformed in
qualifying and the race was a
disaster on my side of the
garage. I need to try and rectify
that and get myself back into a
normal performance.’
carved their way into contention after
an inspired gamble by red Bull team
principal Christian Horner to haul his
drivers in for fresh, soft tyres when
the safety car was sent out.
it provided both men with the advantage of quicker rubber but while
Games was all Kyle
edmund could win
yesterday as the
British No.1’s first
atP tour final
ended in a 6-2, 6-2
defeat. the second
seed (pictured) will
move up to a
career-high 23 in
the rankings today
but was outplayed
by world No.355
Pablo andujar on
the clay in
marrakech in a
one-sided final of
the Grand Prix
hassan ii.
ricciardo produced an overtaking
masterclass, Verstappen’s hairpin
lunge on Vettel was desperate. late
on the brakes, he thudded into the
Ferrari and sent both into a spin.
‘i don’t need to say anything here,’
said Vettel on the radio as he pointed
the blame at Verstappen. the stewards
agreed, hitting the red Bull driver
with a ten-second penalty which
would demote him to fifth.
‘it was completely max’s fault,’
said niki lauda, mercedes’ non-executive chairman.
‘when you compete in more races
you should get more clever – especially when you want to win or challenge for the championship – but he is
going the other way. He needs to sort
himself out. nobody can help him.’
Verstappen apologised to Vettel,
who warned: ‘He has to change his
style otherwise it will happen again,’
Essex has yet to see a ball
bowled because of a wet outfield.
league one defeats
for Bury, who became
the first team in the top four
divisions to be relegated after
losing 3-2 to Northampton.
successive super league
wins for Warrington, with Jack
hughes scoring two of six tries in
a 40-26 victory over hull Kr.
tries in the last ten minutes
for Gloucester as they
beat harlequins 37-9 to keep
their hopes of finishing in the
Premiership’s top six alive.
Tries for sam simmonds sealed
Exeter a home Premiership
semi-final as the league leaders
and champions thumped london
Irish 45-5 to push the Exiles ever
closer to relegation
Wakefield hold on to
see off battling Saints
rugby league
SUPer league
leaders St helens
suffered only a
second defeat of
the season as
Wakefield halted
their own fivematch losing run
in a nail-biting contest yesterday.
mark Percival (pictured) scored
two tries as Saints hit back from
22-6 down to close to within two
points but Wakefield clung on for
a 24-20 victory, their first at
home to St helens for six years.
elsewhere, struggling
huddersfield – who had Danny
Brough sent off for dissent late
on – were beaten 30-12 at home
by five-try Salford. Castleford
made light work of bottom-placed
Catalans, winning 19-0.
■ cricket eNGlaND hopeful
haseeb hameed was dismissed
for 19 in lancashire’s County
Championship opener against
Nottinghamshire. the opener has
contributed just 22 runs across
two innings. lancs ended the day
on 58 for two to trail by six runs.
Chaz cuts into Rea’s
lead with Spain win
chAZ dAVIEs avenged saturday’s
defeat to Jonathan rea in Aragon
to close the gap at the top of the
world championship standings.
Welshman davies secured a
narrow victory in sunday’s second
race on the spanish circuit.
World champion rea’s advantage
was cut to 12 points, with davies
replacing Italian Marco Melandri in
second place.
34 METRO Monday, April 16, 2018
c o m m o n w e a lt h g a m e s
nevilles unite again
to hail stunning win
by matthew nash
nev-er give up: neville and natalie haythornthwaite celebrate
picture: pa
traCeY neVille admitted it was a
dream come true to see her england
netball team claim a Commonwealth
gold and follow in the footsteps of her
famous footballing brothers with the
most dramatic of last-gasp triumphs.
Helen Housby’s goal with one second
left on the clock earned a 52-51 win
over hosts and world champions australia, sparking jubilant scenes.
‘Bloomin’ heck,’ said the head coach,
twin sister of england women’s football boss phil.
‘i actually said to them, “can you win
by a few more goals because this isn’t
pleasurable on the bench?”.’
the late drama was reminiscent of
brothers Gary and phil’s Champions
final medal table
1 australia
2 england
3 india
4 canada
5 new Zealand
6 south africa
7 wales
8 scotland
league win in 1999, when manchester
united came back late on against Bayern munich to win the european Cup
and complete the treble in Barcelona.
Gary was cheering on from his living
room in the early hours of the morning,
uK time, tracey revealed. ‘His wife
sent me a video,’ she added. ‘He was
literally at the telly going “c’mon,
Helen, go on”.
‘i remember the treble in Barcelona
when they put that [winning] goal in. i
was on tour at the time and was screaming in a room at 4am. everyone says
what does it mean to the neville family? we just live, eat and breathe sport.’
neville, who won bronze at the 1998
Games, added: ‘it was a dream as a
player and i’m living it as a coach
through these players.’
it was england’s first appearance in a
final at the Games. Housby said: ‘it’s a
blur. i remember having the ball in my
hands and then running away screaming. this is the best day of my life.’
Golden girls: Page 7 »
picture: getty
Sad sight: hawkins
receives treatment on
the road after his
dramatic collapse on
the gold coast, where
temperatures were
around 28c
callum on the mend after collapse
cAlluM hAWKIns was feeling ‘much better’ in
hospital last night after his dramatic collapse
while leading the men’s marathon.
The scotland star had less than two miles to run
when he weaved across the road and fell against
the curb. he got back to his feet but collapsed
again soon afterwards, banging his head on a
roadside barrier. BBc sport commentator steve
cram was highly critical of the two minutes it took
officials to bring medical assistance to the 25year-old, although gold coast organisers said
they were satisfied with the treatment provided.
In a statement, hawkins said: ‘Thanks for your
messages of support and to gold coast university
hospital staff. I am now feeling much better.’
Australia’s Michael shelley overtook hawkins
while he was on the ground to claim back-to-back
titles. hawkins’ team-mate robbie simpson took
bronze behind uganda’s Munyo solomon Mutai.
Asked about running past hawkins, simpson
said: ‘It was pretty horrible. To see someone who I
respect so much just lying there, it was awful.’
it ads up to glory
GaBBY aDCoCK overcame torn ankle
ligaments to defend her mixed-doubles
badminton title alongside husband Chris.
the adcocks (right) rallied to beat english
team-mates marcus ellis and lauren Smith
19-21, 21-17, 21-16. ‘i was just so happy i
could play again,’ said the 27-year-old. ‘i
thought there was no way i would make it
but i had an injection and it freed up a bit.’
EnglAnd’s daryl selby and Adrian Waller had to settle for silver as
they lost to Australia in the doubles squash final, losing 11-9, 3-11, 11-6
to Zac Alexander and david Palmer. James Willstrop and declan James took
bronze with an 11-9, 11-9 win over scotland’s Alan clyne and greg lobban.
Bronze medals
for England’s
men and women in
the rugby sevens.
The men came from
14-0 down to beat
south Africa 21-14,
while the women
held on to defeat
canada 24-19
golds for
beaten only at an
overseas games
by the 46 won in
Auckland in 1990
Monday, April 16, 2018 METRO 35
r a c i n g g r a n d naT i o na L
Poulter slips as Kodaira claims Heritage
ian POULtEr fell away on the final
day of the rBC Heritage in South
Carolina as Japan’s Satoshi Kodaira
claimed the title in a play-off.
Poulter (pictured), who has been in
fine form in recent weeks, went into
the final day with a one-shot lead, but
five bogeys on his back nine saw him
post a 75 to slip down the field to tiedseventh, on nine-under par.
the Englishman was looking to add
to his Houston Open title of two
weeks ago, which saw him qualify for
the Masters, where he made the cut.
Kodaira shot a superb 66 to finish
on 12-under, alongside Korea’s Si
cheers! elliott (far left) and tiger roll outside shaw’s pub in summerhill
picture: pa
gordon just
soaking up
the ‘buzz’ of
tiger’s feat
GorDon elliott was still pinching
himself after claiming his second Grand
national with tiger roll.
eleven years on from saddling silver
Birch to win the aintree spectacular, the
irish trainer struck gold for a second
time as three-times Cheltenham Festival
winner tiger roll clung on grimly in the
hands of Davy russell.
elliott, who caught the ferry home to
ireland on saturday night, was back in
his yard in longwood, County meath,
yesterday morning and said: ‘when you
see everyone and there’s a bit of a buzz
about the place, it starts to sink in a bit.
‘i was very, very lucky (with silver
Birch). it was my first year of training
and i hadn’t even a winner trained in ireland at the time. to win a national, i
probably thought it was all very easy.
‘But now, with all the water that has
gone under the bridge and all the ups
and downs of the game, to win another
one is unbelievable.
‘He (tiger roll) has come home and
he’s a bit tired, but he’s okay.’ elliott was
by justin palmer
keen to pay tribute to russell, winning
the race for the first time at the age of 38,
as well as tiger roll’s regular partner
Keith Donoghue.
He added: ‘it’s a shame for Keith
Donoghue as he’s done a lot of work on
him and he’s Keith’s ride. He just
‘davy’s a brilliant man
and a good horseman’
couldn’t do the weight on him. But i’m
delighted that Davy rode him.
‘i’ve been friends with Davy since i
was 15 or 16, so it’s nice that he’s won a
national for me.
‘Davy’s a brilliant man and such a
good horseman. He’s ridden for me
throughout my career but sometimes we
talk about anything else but horses. we
lie on the couch and drink tea.’
Mullins is so proud of National runner-up
PATrIcK MullIns reflected on
the ‘extraordinary’ late charge by
Pleasant company following his
narrow grand national defeat.
The 25/1 chance lost out in a
photo finish to 10/1 shot Tiger roll
and Mullins, who is assistant
trainer to his father Willie Mullins,
said: ‘Pleasant company ran an
extraordinary race. he jumped
fantastically all the way.
‘he ran on incredibly well to the
line. All the way up the run-in I
thought he wasn’t going to get
there and then right on the line I
thought we had a shout.
‘It wasn’t to be but he ran a
fantastic race.’
Jon rAhM spoke of his ‘hardest
sunday’ after firing a closing
five-under-par 67 to win the spanish
open in Madrid. spain’s world no.4
finished on 20 under overall, two
shots clear of Ireland’s Paul dunne.
‘I’m just happy to play the way I did
and to get it done,’ rahm said. ‘It’s
probably the hardest sunday I’ve
ever had to play because the amount
of crowds I was carrying. They were
pushing so hard and I felt that.’
woo Kim. Both men parred 18 on the
first two holes of sudden death, before
a birdie two on 17 won it for Kodaira.
36 METRO Monday, April 16, 2018
fo otball
giroud: Blues can’t give up
EVErTon hero Tim cahill
believes his former club are
‘confused’ and have lost their
identity under sam Allardyce.
cahill’s criticism comes after
Everton fans turned on their
manager during the 1-1 Premier
league draw at swansea.
some visiting supporters sang
‘We’re s*** and we’re one-nil up’
at half-time before singing ‘f***
off sam Allardyce’.
‘It’s confusing and I think [the
fans] are confused too,’ said
cahill, who made nearly 300
appearances for Everton and is
now back with Millwall.
‘I feel we’ve lost our identity as
a club. I feel like there’s nothing
that we’re really stamping and
building around. It seems that
we’re just making signings and
the chemistry is not there.’
comeback: giroud celebrates at southampton
oliVier GirouD is refusing to
let Chelsea give up on even the
slightest chance of Champions
league qualification.
the substitute struck twice as
Chelsea scored three times in eight
minutes for a dramatic 3-2 comeback victory at southampton.
the France striker then channelled that never-say-die spirit again
when insisting the Blues cannot
admit defeat in their top-four quest,
despite still trailing fourth-placed
tottenham by seven points, with
only five games remaining.
‘as long as mathematically it is
going to be possible, we are going
to believe,’ said Giroud.
‘so we take the games one by one
and we have maybe five or six finals
to play. let’s do the job and we will
see what the other teams do.’
Goals from Dusan tadic and Jan
Bednarek put the saints 2-0 up on
by nick metcalfe
saturday, but Giroud’s smart brace
– his first league goals since moving
from arsenal – and another neat finish from eden Hazard meant the
three points going to west london.
‘obviously i was waiting for that,’
Giroud added. ‘i have tried so many
‘i say football is an
everlasting beginning’
times to put it in the back of the net.
when you are a striker you need to
keep going and keep your confidence high, even if i have been
playing a bit less in recent weeks.
‘i always used to say that football
is an everlasting beginning, so you
always need to question yourself
and in those moments the most important thing is to show character.
‘i have been through some difficult periods in my career and all the
time i try to come back stronger and
it has happened again in this game,
and i am very pleased for me and
for the team.’
these two clubs will meet again
next sunday in an Fa Cup semifinal, where Chelsea will start as big
favourites. as for southampton,
they are now five points adrift of
safety after this latest defeat.
‘they’ve taken blows all year,
they can’t start feeling sorry for
themselves now, it’s gone beyond
that,’ manager mark Hughes said of
his players.
‘we’ve got to stick our chests out,
start being men and take responsibility. i thought they did that today,
and against arsenal. i think we’ve
still got enough to get out of this.’
Premier, in: conor coady
leads the celebrations,
while nuno (inset) gets a
lift from his squad
pictures: pa
nuno salutes his promoted wolves
WolveS manager Nuno espirito Santo paid
tribute to his players after they marked their
promotion to the Premier league with a 2-0
win against ten-man Birmingham at molineux.
the hosts cruised to victory thanks to Diogo
Jota’s 17th of the season and Benik afobe’s
chip. Nuno said: ‘the players have been
fantastic from day one. it was a very hard
season but the players deserved [to be
promoted]. they believed in something that
was changing. it is the best reward you can
have when someone believes the same as you.
‘We now have 95 points. let’s get more and
achieve some kind of glory.’
Anger helps drive Liverpool forward
SaDiO ManE believed staying
‘angry’ had helped in-form Liverpool
beat Bournemouth.
the reds suffered no hangover from
their progression to the Champions
League semi-finals with a 3-0 victory
over the Cherries on Saturday at
anfield, a day before the 29th anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster.
any sense Liverpool would be
distracted by the looming continental
clashes with roma was banished by
Mane’s early goal, with Mohamed
Salah then netting his 40th of the
campaign and roberto Firmino’s late
strike ensuring Jurgen Klopp’s side
remain on course for a top-four finish.
‘[Klopp] said we have to [show] our
quality and be angry because every
game is important,’ Mane (right) said.
‘after the [Manchester] City game,
you have to concentrate more because
you usually know how it [can go].
‘He tried to motivate us and in the
end everybody was in the right place at
the right time to win every ball.’
Monday, April 16, 2018 METRO 37
f o o t b a l l p r e m i e r L e ag u e
picture: getty
matt’s my boy:
Deandre yedlin
(left) celebrates
with newcastle
ritchie at st
James’ park
Points arsenal
have taken
from five
Premier league
away games
in 2018
years since
newcastle had
come from
behind to win
a top-flight
home game
rafa revels
in his toon
dream team
raFael BeniteZ admitted he could
not have dreamt newcastle would smash
through the premier league’s 40-point
barrier with five games to spare.
the magpies cemented their unlikely
place in the top ten with a 2-1 comeback
victory over arsenal at st James’ park
yesterday to ease themselves to 41 points
and 13 clear of the drop-zone.
that seemed highly unlikely back in
December when a 1-0 defeat at arsenal
saw newcastle complete a run of nine
games which yielded just a single point.
Benitez, who celebrates his 58th birthday today, said: ‘we were not expecting
to be in the top ten but at the same time i
said we were dreaming, but we were
awake and thinking that we could do it.
‘if you see the way the players were
working for every single ball, everybody
was pushing in the same direction and
that’s key when you want to succeed.’
alexandre lacazette had fired the visitors, whose season now rests on their
(7.45pm unless stated)
Premier league
west ham v stoke......................(8pm) TV
Sky Sports Premier League/Main Event
Premier league
Brighton v tottenham ...............................
Sky bet league one
Bradford v portsmouth.............................
Doncaster v Bury........................................
gillingham v rotherham...........................
rochdale v oldham ...................................
shrewsbury v charlton .............................
wigan v oxford utd ...................................
Sky bet league two
accrington stanley v yeovil......................
exeter v chesterfield.................................
lincoln city v wycombe............................
Premier league
Bournemouth v man utd ..........................
Fa Women’s Super league 1
arsenal v reading ..................... (7.30pm)
Bristol city v liverpool ................... (7pm)
everton v chelsea ........................... (7pm)
man city v sunderland ................... (7pm)
yeovil v Birmingham..................................
Premier league
Burnley v chelsea ......................................
leicester v southampton .........................
Perez 29, ritchie 68
lacazette 14
by gavin Brown
europa league fortunes, into a 14thminute lead, only for ayoze perez to
level against the run of play. newcastle’s
first victory in 12 against arsenal was
secured by matt ritchie’s strike.
the win effectively guaranteed the
magpies’ top-flight status and, asked
where that ranked in his career, Benitez
said: ‘You want me to say that it’s like
the Champions league (win with liverpool) in 2005! it’s a great achievement.’
exasperated boss arsene wenger said
defeat was ‘the story of arsenal’s season’, adding: ‘we had 70 per cent of the
ball and you wonder how you can lose.’
Sky bet league one
Blackburn v peterborough .......................
Sky bet championship
millwall v Fulham........................................
Sky bet league two
coventry v stevenage...............................
Saturday (3pm unless stated)
the Emirates Fa cup semi-final
man utd v tottenham ................ (5.15pm)
Premier league
watford v crystal palace ..........................
west Brom v liverpool............ (12.30pm)
Sky bet championship
Birmingham v sheff utd ...........................
Bolton v wolves..........................................
Brentford v Qpr .........................................
Bristol city v hull........................................
cardiff v nottm Forest ...............(7.45pm)
Derby v middlesbrough.............................
ipswich v aston Villa .................................
leeds v Barnsley........................................
preston v norwich .....................................
sheff wed v reading .................................
sunderland v Burton albion.....................
Sky bet league one
aFc wimbledon v oldham........................
Doncaster v oxford utd ............................
Fleetwood town v wigan..........................
gillingham v Blackpool .............................
northampton v plymouth.........................
portsmouth v charlton .............................
rochdale v Bradford..................................
rotherham v Bristol rovers.....................
scunthorpe v walsall.................................
shrewsbury v Bury.....................................
southend v mK Dons.................................
Sky bet league two
Barnet v newport county.........................
cambridge utd v cheltenham .................
carlisle v luton...........................................
crewe v morecambe..................................
exeter v crawley town..............................
Forest green v chesterfield .....................
lincoln city v colchester ..........................
mansfield v port Vale ................................
notts county v yeovil ................................
swindon v grimsby....................................
wycombe v accrington stanley ..............
ladbrokes Scottish Premiership
Dundee v st Johnstone .............................
partick v hamilton .....................................
ross county v motherwell........................
hibernian v celtic..................... (12.30pm)
Kilmarnock v aberdeen.............................
Fa Women’s Super league 1
sunderland v Bristol city ...............(6pm)
yeovil v arsenal ..........................................
Sunday (3pm unless stated)
the Emirates Fa cup semi-final
chelsea v southampton ...........................
Premier league
arsenal v west ham ...................(1.30pm)
man city v swansea...................(4.30pm)
stoke v Burnley ...........................(1.30pm)
ladbrokes Scottish Premiership
rangers v hearts ..................... (12.30pm)
Fa Women’s Super league 1
reading v everton ..........................(2pm)
the tipster
Hammers can put drop fears to bed
WeSt ham supporters can start
although they have improved
dreaming about summer holidays under Paul lambert they lack the
tonight safe in the knowledge
quality to climb out of trouble.
their club has retained its Premier this seems like the last roll of the
league status after a long,
dice. fail to take advantage
tough season.
of a six-pointer like this
victory over fellow
and they are doomed.
Back the hammers to
strugglers Stoke will
win at evens with
put the hammers on to
rafael nadal, the
37 points and that
king of clay, will win William hill and by
more than one goal at
should be more than
the monte carlo
14/5 with Coral. Stoke
enough to stay up.
could be pounded if
the Potters are rooted
they concede early.
in the bottom three and
(pictured) to stop
Nonito Donaire in
next Saturday’s
fight in Belfast (Betfair)
■ no nEEd to count
sheep if you have trouble
sleeping at the moment,
count your grand national
winnings on Tiger roll –
tipped to triumph here at
12/1 on Friday.
38 METRO Monday, April 16, 2018
f o o t b a l l p r e m i e r L e ag u e
it’s in
england net gold
West Brom
victory seals
title for City,
and now
wants more
Soggy bottom:
mourinho in the rain
as his united team
went down to
defeat against
the league’s
basement boys
Nevilles unite after stunning last-gasp triumph: Page 34 »
Max under fire again as
leWis rues ‘disaster’
Ricciardo wins but Verstappen faces more criticism: Page 33 »
league defeats this
season for manchester
city, to liverpool in
January and
manchester united
a week ago
sloppy united were
punished, says jose
Manchester utd 0
West Brom
rodriguez 73
by justin palmer
Jose mourinHo branded his
manchester united side ‘masters in
complication’ who were ‘deservedly
punished’ by their surprise loss to
west Brom yesterday.
Jay rodriguez headed home to secure rock-bottom west Brom a win at
old trafford that was as remarkable
as it had looked unlikely.
an unimpressed united boss suggested some of his players got carried
away by their 3-2 win over manchester City last weekend and lost focus.
Winner: rodriguez
‘we were deservedly punished,’ he
said. ‘we were masters in complication. players didn’t play simple. everyone was one more touch, one more
trick, one more flick, one more turn.’
mourinho claimed he could tell in
training his players had taken their
eye off the ball after the City game,
saying: ‘i know them, i smell, i’ve lots
of experience and that’s not me because i won eight titles and i’m not on
the moon because i won against City.
‘i saw lots of people on the moon
because we won against manchester
City. During the week i was trying to
fight that because i was feeling it.’
mourinho revealed paul pogba’s
booking contributed to his substitution, adding: ‘paul had a yellow card
and before that situation not for a second yellow but you never know. and
paul’s game was complicated like
others, always one more touch.’
albion caretaker boss Darren
moore said: ‘there’s a wonderful belief in the club and i think we showed
that. things have gone a little by the
wayside this year but it’s important to
show that fighting spirit.’
Monday, April 16, 2018 METRO 39
f o o t b a l l p r e m i e r L e ag u e
the Bag
picture: getty/eamonn anD James clarKe
in brief
■ CeltiC captain Scott Brown put
the boot into rangers after the
hoops thumped their rivals 4-0 in
the Scottish Cup semi-final. ‘We
knew from start to finish we were
going to dominate it,’ he said. on
the fact rangers players cheered
the draw, he added: ‘they can
cheer as much as they want, i
don’t think they will be cheering
tonight.’ Celtic (above), who will
play motherwell in the final, won it
with goals from tom rogic, Callum
mcGregor, moussa Dembele and
olivier Ntcham. rangers had ross
mcCrorie sent off.
by david gurney
ManCHEStEr City captain Vincent Kompany
has already set his sights on next year’s Premier
League title after his team were confirmed as
champions yesterday, following second-placed
Manchester United’s loss to west Brom.
Pep guardiola’s side put themselves on the brink
of title glory with Saturday’s 3-1 victory at tottenham and United’s failure to take points off the bottom side left City beyond mathematical reach.
Jay rodriguez headed the only goal at Old trafford, giving the Baggies an unlikely 1-0 win. the
result leaves City 16 points clear with five games
left. By completing the job after 33 matches, City
have emulated United, who secured the crown with
the same number of games to spare in 2001.
‘it’s the same feeling as the first time, you can’t
describe it,’ Kompany said. ‘the first time you win
it, you think you’re going to win all of them. the
first time you lose you think you’re never going to
win it again, so we want to hold on to this feeling.
‘i’ve been lucky to win three [titles] but so many
i’ve missed as well. today i’m happy, i suppose my
team-mates will roll their eyes a bit when i say this
but i’ve never been able to retain a title and i want
to see if this team’s got it [in them] to carry on and
be even more successful.’
Kompany indicated he spoke with
th the same voice
as guardiola, who has now won
24 trophies in a ten-year coaching career. ‘i think we share one
thing maybe, the hunger and desire to never be satisfied. this is
not a dynasty, it is one title we’ve
won. there is so much to do before we unlock our full potential.’
United boss Jose Mourinho paid
tribute to City, saying: ‘they won
the title because they were thee
best team, because they won a
great amount of points.’
We can’t make the
top six, says Dyche
guard of honour:
city boss guardiola
arrives home last
night after his team
were confirmed as
title winners, a
moment the club
celebrated by
tweeting about ‘our
time, our city’ (inset,
left) and which was
eenjoyed by Kompany
(inset, right) at his inlaws in manchester,
where he got in touch
with Kevin de Bruyne
picture: aFp/getty
no way
through: Ben
Foster saves
from romelu
up for cup
Zlatan IbrahImovIc has
dropped a huge hint he is to
come out of international
retirement to play for
Sweden at the World cup,
the striker saying the
chances were
‘sky high’.
premier league
(c) man city
man utd
west ham
crystal palace
west Brom
W d l
28 3 2
22 5 6
20 10 4
20 7 6
18 6 9
16 6 11
14 10 9
11 10 12
11 9 14
11 8 14
9 11 14
10 7 17
8 11 14
9 8 17
8 10 14
8 10 16
8 9 16
5 13 15
6 9 18
4 12 18
a Pts
25 87
26 71
35 70
30 67
33 60
45 54
29 52
47 43
54 42
42 41
56 38
60 37
46 35
54 35
58 34
54 34
46 33
53 28
63 27
52 24
Burnley .................2
crystal palace .....3
huddersfield ........1
liverpool ..............3
man utd ................0
newcastle ............2
southampton ......2
swansea ...............1
tottenham ...........1
leicester .............. 1
Brighton ..............2
watford ............... 0
Bournemouth .... 0
west Brom .......... 1
arsenal ................ 1
chelsea ................3
everton ................ 1
man city ..............3
©associated newspapers ltd, 2010. metro® the mark metro is a registered trade mark of associated newspapers ltd.
sEAn dychE has welcomed the
prospect of European football at
Burnley next season but accepts
breaking into the Premier league’s
top six is unlikely to happen.
Burnley are nine points clear of
nearest rivals leicester, who they
beat on saturday, and two behind
Arsenal in sixth. If southampton
don’t win the FA cup, seventh will
see Burnley into Europe for the
first time since 1967.
‘There’s a reality to clubs like
Burnley,’ dyche said. ‘It’s unlikely
you can get so powerful financially
that you can become top six. I
don’t think the top six can be in
relegation trouble, the rest can.’
Late Quinn goal gives
Gunners final chance
pursuit of a 15th
Women’s fa Cup
remains on
course after they
booked a place in
the final by
beating everton.
the semi-final
was heading for extra-time until
louise Quinn (pictured) stepped
up in injury-time to send the
Gunners through as 2-1 winners.
they had taken the lead through
Danielle Carter before Chloe Kelly
hauled the toffees level.
Chelsea will be their opponents
at Wembley on may 5 after fran
Kirby’s double downed WSl1 title
rivals manchester City 2-0.
Lambert keeps faith
sToKE manager Paul lambert
refuses to consider the prospect of
relegation despite the club sitting
in the Premier league’s bottom
two with five games to play.
‘I’ve just thought about staying
in the league and that is still my
aim – stay in the league and we
can look at next season from
there,’ he said. ‘We have to come
away (from West ham tonight)
with something, without a doubt.’
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