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Metro UK – April 17, 2018

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018
insid y
The wo rl d ’ s m o sT p o pu l ar fre e n e wspap e r
interiors | inspiration | food
ant in dock
Star’s drink-drive shame as he’s fined £86,000 and banned for 20 months
i am not
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BarloW: i’ll
never Quit
take that
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60 seConds
With katie
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may: Syria air strikes protect Britain
theresa May
bombing of
n Could this be the answer to plastic pollution?
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thErESA MAY last night denied
attacking Syria at the whim of Donald
trump as she explained to MPs why
she ordered air strikes.
the prime minister said joining
forces with the US and France to
destroy suspected chemical weapons
bases was in the national interest. She
by aidan radnedge
said it helped prevent such weapons
becoming ‘normalised’ and reduced
the risk of them being used on Britain’s
streets. labour leader Jeremy Corbyn
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tWins on
the Way for
evans, 52
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n Rudd sorry for ‘appalling’ Windrush scandal
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2 METRO Tuesday, April 17, 2018
pollution solution?
protein eats plastic
AN ENZYME that gobbles up
plastic could be the answer to the
world’s recycling headache, say
British scientists.
researchers created the plasticdigesting protein accidentally while
investigating its natural counterpart.
tests showed the lab-made mutant
had a supercharged ability to break
down polyethylene terephthalate
(PEt), one of the most popular
forms of plastic which is used in 70
per cent of bottles for soft drinks,
by John von radoWitz
fruit juices and mineral waters.
Although said to be highly recyclable, PEt persists for hundreds of
the new research sprang from the
discovery of bacteria in a Japanese
waste recycling centre that had
evolved the ability to feed on plastic
with a natural enzyme called
PEtase. Using intense X-rays at the
Diamond light Source synchrotron
facility in harwell, Oxfordshire, the
team inadvertently created a powerful new version of the protein.
lead scientist prof John McGeehan, from Portsmouth university,
said: ‘Serendipity often plays a significant role in fundamental scientific research, and our discovery is
no exception. this suggests there is
room to further improve these
enzymes, moving us closer to a
recycling solution for the ever-growing mountain of discarded plastics.’
in brief
Women’s lifestyles ‘harming baby prospects’
manY British women of childbearing age are living unhealthy
lives that make them woefully
unprepared for pregnancy, research
Large numbers of young women
smoke, drink too much alcohol, are
overweight or obese and eat
inadequate amounts of fruit and
vegetables. they also lack the levels
of vitamins and minerals needed
for healthy babies, the uk national
Diet and nutrition Survey found.
Lead author prof Judith
Stephenson, from university
College London, said it is ‘crucial’
that more support is given to
parents to prepare nutritionally for
pregnancy. researchers analysed
data on 509 women aged 18 to 42.
resurgent Manics set for first no.1 in 20 years
maniC Street
Preachers are set to
claim their first no.1
album in 20 years.
the Welsh band’s 13th
offering, resistance is
Futile, had sold 4,000
more copies than the
greatest Showman
soundtrack by yesterday,
according to the official
Charts Company.
it would be the rockers’
first no.1 album since
1998’s this is my truth
tell me Yours.
Third of millennials could be ‘retiree renters’
up to half of millennials could still
be renting in their 40s – and a
third could be ‘retiree renters’, a
report warns.
If home ownership growth in
Britain follows the ‘weak pattern’
of the 2000s, many of those born
between 1981 and 2000 ‘face the
prospect of never owning a home’,
the resolution Foundation think
tank reports.
a record 1.8million families with
children rent privately, up from
600,000 15 years ago, it adds.
ConChita: i’ve lived With hiv for years
winner Conchita
Wurst is hiV
positive and has
been living with
the virus for
years. the
austrian drag
queen, who won
in 2014, made
the disclosure
after a former
friend tried to
blackmail her.
Wurst, 29,
posted on
instagram that
‘coming out is
better than
being outed by a
third party’. She
was fighting the
of people who
through their
own behaviour
or through no
fault of their
own were
infected with
hiV’. pICture: reX
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Tuesday, April 17, 2018 METRO 3
by daniel Binns
ANt McPArtliN said he is ‘shamed
and mortified’ after admitting crashing
into two cars – both carrying child passengers – while twice over the limit.
the tV star escaped a jail sentence
but was banned from driving for 20
months and fined £86,000 – short of
his weekly wage of £130,000 – after
pleading guilty to drink-driving.
it is believed to be the highest such
fine in British legal history.
McPartlin was driving his mother
Christine in his Mini on a Sunday
afternoon in Mortlake, west london,
last month when he ‘lost control’ on a
sharp bend, Wimbledon magistrates’
court heard yesterday. he collided
with a green Mini coming the other
way and then swerved into the path of
a BMW, smashing into it head-on.
A nine-year-old boy in the back of
the BMW was so traumatised he
screamed, ‘i’m dying mummy’, while
a four-year-old girl in the other car was
taken to hospital for checks amid fears
about her condition.
Witnesses said it was a miracle no
one was seriously hurt.
in a statement read
to the court, McPartlin, 42, said: ‘i’m
shamed and mortified
that it happened and i
fully accept what i did
and i wish to apologise to all concerned.
i’m incredibly disappointed i have let
myself and many others down with my
he added: ‘i’m addressing what i
recognise are problems with alcohol
and i am seeking specialist help.’
later, outside court, the presenter
said he was ‘truly sorry for letting his
fans down’.
McPartlin stepped aside from his tV
commitments after the crash, including hosting itV’s Saturday Night
takeaway, leaving his tV partner of
30 years, Declan Donnelly, 42, to
present it without him.
the court heard McPartlin had 75
microgrammes of alcohol in 100 millitres of breath. the legal limit is 35
McPartlin’s barrister liam Walker
described the crash as a ‘brief relapse’
and claimed his mother was not aware
help’: ant
court in
the defendAnT
record penalty for TV host as he apologises for letting down his fans
double the limit: ant appears dazed after the crash last month
he was over the drink-drive limit. he
said his client had been seeking help
for ‘alcohol and emotional issues’ at
the time of the accident, which came
in the wake of headlines about his
divorce. Faheem Vanoo, the driver of
the green Mini, said he feared
his wife and daughter could have
died if he hadn’t taken evasive
action. he said: ‘We were hit
with considerable force… My
wife’s face hit the car seat caus-
fear: faheem Vanoo and wife
Partners: ant with
co-host Declan Donnelly reX
ing injury to her face.’ the driver of
the BMW, named as Dr Ng, said in a
statement: ‘it has been distressing
for myself and son, both have been
in shock. it greatly affected my
private and work life.’
4 METRO Tuesday, April 17, 2018
russian hackers ‘already
targeting UK for revenge’
Britain is braced for cyber
warfare attacks by russia that
could send services such as
healthcare, transport and utilities
into meltdown.
it comes as the uK and us last
night issued an unprecedented
joint warning about ‘malicious
cyber activity’ by the Kremlin.
in a statement, the uK’s
national Cyber security Centre,
the FBi and the us department of
homeland security said the
russian campaign ‘threatens our
respective safety, security and
economic well-being’.
it said that ‘multiple sources’ –
including cyber security research
organisations – had reported the
activity, which follows a surge in
russian propaganda after last
week’s air-strikes on syria.
intelligence experts warned that
the uK’s ‘critical infrastructure’
could be endangered in the same
way that hackers previously
brought down hospital systems
across Britain.
Ciaran Martin, director-general
for cyber security at gChQ, said
russia could try to bring down
water, gas and electricity systems,
as well as banks, hospitals and
transport. the pentagon reported
a 2,000 per cent surge in activity
by russian ‘troll’ accounts.
Russian journalist
dies in balcony fall
a ruSSIan journalist who
wrote about mercenaries from
the country being killed in
clashes with uS troops in Syria
has died after a mystery fall.
maxim Borodin (pictured),
who worked for
website novy
Den, died in
hospital on
Sunday following
a plunge from the
balcony of his
fifth-floor flat in
Yekaterinburg on thursday.
the cause was unclear but a
friend said his home was
surrounded by security men
days earlier.
only assad
has barrel
bombs and
says the pm
need for speed: Mrs May told Mps she couldn’t wait for a vote on air strikes getty
bombs,’ she said. She argued seeking
UN approval for the strikes would have
told her she should have called a vote handed Syria’s ally russia a veto. And
before taking the action because she was she said international inspectors sent to
‘accountable to this Parliament, not to Douma to investigate had been denied
the whims of the US president’.
entry by Syrian and russian troops.
But Mrs May said in the Commons:
the prime minister stressed the strikes
‘We’ve not done this because president were not the start of an attempt to topple
trump asked us to. We’ve done it Mr Assad or interfere in the bloody civil
because we believed it was the right war that has raged in Syria since 2011.
thing to do and we are not alone.’
She added: ‘it was not just morally
the prime minister said she ordered right but legally right to take military
the attack without waiting for a vote action and to alleviate further humanibecause a speedy response was needed tarian suffering.’
after a chemical attack killed up to 75
Mr Corbyn was greeted with cries of
people in Douma, near Damascus.
‘shame’ from the Conservative benches
She said she would have been unable when he accused Mrs May of being led
to disclose to MPs the secret intelligence blindly by Mr trump.
reports that helped make up her mind.
But Mrs May’s decision not to call a
the strikes at 2am on Saturday were vote was criticised by tory Sir Ken
‘strictly limited in timing and scope’, Clarke, who pointed out that Mr trump
targeting chemical bases away from had tweeted a warning about air strikes.
populated areas, she pointed out.
he said: ‘Once the president had
Mr Corbyn said the government announced to the world what he was
should have waited for an international proposing, a debate was taking place
investigation into the chemical attack everywhere, including many MPs in the
and argued taking action without UN media, but no debate in Parliament.’
backing was ‘legally questionable’.
labour ‘moderates’ who tend to
he insisted Syrian president Bashar oppose Mr Corbyn, such as Yvette
al-Assad might not have been behind Cooper and hilary Benn, were also critthe April 7 outrage in Douma,
ical of the prime minister. But several
which came hours before rebels
backbenchers from the party, includsurrendered.
ing Nottingham East MP Chris
Mrs May said Mr Assad must
leslie, supported her.
Mr leslie seemed to take aim
because the chemicals
at Mr Corbyn, saying:
that left children foam‘those who would
ing at the mouth and
turn a blind eye, who
gasping were dropped
would do nothing
in barrel bombs from
doubts: Mr corbyn
some moral high
said Mr assad might
opposition does not
ground, should
be innocent
operate helicopters
also be held
» continued from Page 1
Tuesday, April 17, 2018 METRO 5
bomb site: a pro-assad
syrian soldier flashes a
victory sign in Douma, the
scene of the latest chemical
weapons attack afp
honest’’: picture was doctored
Abbott slammed for
fake bombing photo
DiANE ABBOtt has been criticised
for including a ‘dishonest’ photo of a
bombing raid in a social media post
about Syrian air strikes.
the shadow home secretary used the
picture with comments condemning
tory minister Penny Mordaunt, who
had defended theresa May’s decision
to fire missiles without calling a vote.
twitter users pointed out that it was
pIerS morGan branded tory
and Labour politicians ‘gutless
snivelling little wretches’ for failing
to come on his Itv programme to
answer questions about Syria. the
Good morning Britain host wrote on
twitter: ‘on a massively important
day, neither the government nor
opposition would put a front bench
spokesman up for interview.’ Some
viewers pointed out that mps from
both parties did appear on rival
media outlets, such as the BBC.
weapons inspectors ‘barred entry to Douma’
independent investigators are
still being prevented by syrian and
russian officials from reaching the
scene of the latest chemical attack.
Lack of access to douma for
organisation for the prohibition of
Chemical Weapons (opCW)
investigators leaves questions over
the april 7 atrocity unanswered.
opCW director-general ahmet
uzumcu said syrian and russian
officials cited ‘pending security
issues’ as the reason for keeping
inspectors away from the area two
days after they flew in.
‘the team has not yet deployed
to douma,’ he said at the opCW’s
headquarters in the hague.
syrian authorities have instead
offered 22 ‘witnesses’ for the team
to interview, he said.
Mr uzumcu added he hoped his
team would be allowed to deploy to
douma ‘as soon as possible’.
deputy russian foreign minister
sergei ryabkov blamed Western
air strikes carried out on saturday
for holding up the opCW mission.
he claimed inspectors cannot
allowed access to the site without
permission from un security
a composite image created by a
website in 2012 to show what a
notional israeli air strike on iran
might look like.
Ms Abbott retorted: ‘Yes, UK goes
to war without UN approval or even
parliamentary debate. But the most
important news is what pics i use in a
tweet. Pathetic.’
tory MP James Cleverly said she
had undermined her case by using a
‘deeply dishonest image’.
he said the photo was a ‘vile
misrepresentation’ because it gave the
impression the rAF had targeted
people’s homes rather than suspected
chemical weapons facilities.
6 METRO Tuesday, April 17, 2018
BBC’s reporter ‘branded
sir Cliff a celebrity paedo’
by daniel Binns
A BBC journalist branded Sir Cliff
richard a ‘celebrity paedo’ as he tried
to persuade police to co-operate with
him for a story, a court heard.
Correspondent Dan Johnson made
the comments during a meeting with
South Yorkshire Police after finding
out about its investigation into the pop
singer, it was claimed.
the force says it agreed to give him
an exclusive tip-off before raiding the
Berkshire home of Sir Cliff, 77, if he
would hold back on reporting the
probe until then.
Former Det Supt Matthew Fenwick
(pictured) told the high Court he felt
he had to make a deal as he feared the
investigation would be wrecked if it
was made public too soon.
he said he pleaded with Mr
Johnson not to run a report
but the journalist said ‘he
could and he would’.
‘We came to an arrangement that he wouldn’t publish it then but that we
would notify him when we
were ready to take further
action,’ Mr Fenwick said.
Police raided Sir Cliff’s
home in August 2014,
in brief
Warning on cabs
after ‘sex attack’
a woman was allegedly
seriously sexually assaulted
after being picked up by what
she thought was a taxi.
the passenger, in her 20s,
got into the vehicle in the early
hours of Sunday in norwich.
norfolk police officers are
working with her to get a fuller
account of the incident.
Det Supt katie elliott said: ‘I
would urge members of the
public, particularly those on
nights out, to always check
before getting into an
unfamiliar vehicle.’ witnesses
should call 0800 555 111.
Drive to give jobs
to modern slaves
Raid: BBc reporter
Dan Johnson was
outside property
pictures: lnp/pa
Court: sir cliff richard is suing Beeb
following an allegation
that the star had sexually
assaulted a child in 1985.
the case was later dropped
due to lack of evidence.
Sir Cliff, who is suing the
BBC, listened in court as Mr
Fenwick also claimed Mr
Johnson called him a
‘celebrity paedo’ at the meeting. the
officer, now retired, said he was later
furious to see a BBC website article
that suggested the corporation was
invited to cover the raid to ‘maximise
publicity for the investigation’.
he said the force refused the BBC’s
request to speak to Sir Cliff’s alleged
victim and to accompany officers on
the raid. Mr Johnson was outside, with
a news helicopter hovering above.
the Beeb denies Sir Cliff’s claim
that it breached his privacy.
Bosses say coverage of the search
was accurate and in good faith – and
that the star’s denials were mentioned
in every report. the trial, expected to
last ten days, continues.
up to 300 jobs for victims of
modern slavery are to be
created by 2020.
about 20 large firms are
expected to sign up to a
programme devised by the
Co-op and charity City hearts
to provide work for people
rescued from enslavement.
Steve murrells, boss of the
Co-op, said slavery was still ‘a
blight on our society’ that left
people ‘stripped of their
dignity’. he said victims were
‘hidden in plain sight working
in nail bars, car washes and in
private homes’.
Tuesday, April 17, 2018 METRO 7
it’s been appalling:
‘sorry’ rudd to act
on Windrush fiasco
by Joel taylor
AMBEr rUDD has apologised to the
Windrush generation who have been
subjected to ‘inhumane and cruel’
treatment by the government with
some facing the threat of deportation.
Ms rudd announced the creation of
a new home Office taskforce to speed
up the regularisation of the immigrarrived
in the
tion status of people who arr
UK as long ago as the 1940s.
But the home secretary was forced to
admit she didn’t know if anyone had
r after a junior
been deported in err
minister suggested it had occurr
Ms rudd was responding to an
urgent question from labour’s David
lammy who said it was ‘inhumane
and cruel’ for so many in the Windrush
generation ‘to have suffered so long’.
he told MPs: ‘this is a day of national
shame and it has come about because
of a hostile environment policy that
was begun under her prime minister.’
And communities secretary Sajid
Javid said he was ‘deeply concerned’
at challenges to the immigration status
of people who were ‘long-standing
pillars of our community’.
Ms rudd told the house of Commons: ‘i am concerned that the
home Office has become too concerned with policy and strategy,
and sometimes loses sight of
the individual.
‘We have seen the individual stories, and they
have been, some of them,
to hear, and that
is why i have acted.’ She
was challenged over an
interview in which
Caroline Nokes appeared
what’s your opinion?
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where you live to 65700.
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new home: the ss
Windrush docks at
tilbury in June 1948 with
(below) some of the first
migrants from Jamaica.
left, amber rudd
pictures: getty
to confirm that some Windrush
migrants had been wrongly deported.
Ms rudd said: ‘i do not want any of
the Commonwealth citizens who are
here legally to be impacted in the way
they have. Frankly, some of the ways
they have been treated has been wrong,
has been appalling, and i am sorr
r it
came after a cross-party group of 140
MPs wrote to theresa May calling for
an ‘imm
and effective’ response.
So grateful to have Meghan at
my side in new role, beams Harry
‘excited’: Harry with theresa May at the commonwealth youth forum pa/reX
prinCe harry has revealed
Meghan Markle is ‘hugely excited’
to be joining him in his role as youth
ambassador to the Commonwealth.
harry said his bride-to-be will be
by his side in the new post, as he
paid tribute to the Queen’s service
to the ‘family of nations’.
during his speech, the prince got
cheers and whoops from the
audience when he mentioned Ms
Markle, 36, who will join him
tomorrow at a Commonwealth
youth forum reception.
‘in my new role, i will work to
support the Queen, my father the
prince of Wales, and my brother
William, all of whom know that
young people are the answer to the
challenges of today,’ said harry, 33.
‘i am also incredibly grateful
that the woman i am about to
marry, Meghan, will be joining me
in this work, of which she too is
hugely excited to take part in.’
it is widely anticipated that
Meghan and harry
will go on a
tour after their
wedding on May
the prince said
he looked for
from the
her famous
21st birthday
speech in
Cape town in
1947. ‘she made a commitment,’
said harry. ‘she said that whether
her life be long or short, it would
be dedicated to the service of the
people of the Commonwealth.’
speaking at the Queen elizabeth
ii conference centre in central
London, the prince told the young
delegates: ‘You care. You want
your nations to be cleaner, your
planet to be greener, your friends
and neighbours to be treated
fairly and with respect, no
matter their ethnicity, their
religion or their status.’
earlier he was joined
by theresa May at a
discussion with young
leaders, where both
expressed their faith in
the youth of the
Tuesday, April 17, 2018 METRO 9
‘he’s morally
unfit to be
Sacked fBi
boss lays into
Trump in TV
speaks to
aBc news
picture: aBc/ap
by Catherine luCey
FOrMEr FBi director James
Comey has called Donald trump
‘morally unfit’ to be president and
said the US leader treats women
like ‘pieces of meat’.
in an explosive tV interview
ahead of the release of his book, Mr
Comey offered his version of events
surrounding his sacking last May
and the investigations into russian
election meddling.
‘i don’t buy this stuff about him
being mentally incompetent or early
stages of dementia,’ Mr Comey told
ABC News. ‘he strikes me as a person of above average intelligence
who’s tracking conversations and
knows what’s going on.
‘i don’t think he’s medically unfit
to be president.’
Mr Comey said he would describe
Mr trump as ‘morally unfit’.
hours before the interview was
aired, the president unleashed a
twitter outburst that labelled Mr
Comey, who he sacked in May last
year, as ‘slippery’, suggested he
should be put in jail and branded
him ‘the WOrSt FBi Director in
history, by far!’.
During the interview Mr Comey
said: ‘A person who sees moral
equivalence in Charlottesville, who
talks about and treats women like
trump with
Mr comey
in January
picture: getty
they’re pieces of meat, who lies
constantly about matters big and
small and insists the American people believe it – that person’s not fit
to be president of the United States,
on moral grounds.’
he said it was ‘stunning’ to think
russia could hold damaging information on an American president
but could not discount Mr trump
had been compromised. ‘these are
more words i never thought i’d utter
about a president of the United
States, but it’s possible,’ he said.
During Sunday’s interview, he
also said it was possible the president had tried to obstruct justice by
encouraging him to close the investigation into former White house
national security adviser Michael
Flynn, who later admitted lying to
the FBi about his russian contacts.
Mr trump’s adviser Kellyanne
Conway accused Mr Comey of a
‘revisionist version of history’ and
sinking into the ‘gutter’ with comments about the size of Mr trump’s
hands and the length of his tie.
Mr trump also rejected Mr
Comey’s assertion the president had
sought his loyalty at a dinner in
January 2017, saying: ‘i hardly even
knew this guy. Just another of his
many lies.’
Cub is a boy! Keepers
check bear necessities
on the a-gender: Health check revealed sex of bear cub in scotland sWns
ZookeePerS have finally found
out that a four-month-old polar
bear cub is a boy.
the discovery was made at the
cub’s first health check, said the
royal Zoological Society Scotland,
which is now calling on the public
to choose a name. born to mum
Victoria at highland Wildlife Park,
the cub is the Uk’s first in 25 years.
keeper Una richardson said: ‘it
was very exciting to find out we
have a little boy.’ She said social
media will be used to find a name
and ‘raise awareness of the
threats polar bears are facing’.
10 METRO Tuesday, April 17, 2018
Thandie: My Star wars
role is a really big deal
star Wars newcomer thandie
newton has said she is the first
woman of colour to have a
prominent role in the space saga.
the British actress (pictured),
45, is in the forthcoming han solo
spin-off film, although little is
known about her part or
the plot.
however, she has now
revealed her role will be a
significant one, telling the
radio times: ‘i’m the
first woman of colour to
have a prominent role in
the star Wars legacy.
‘there have been
others with one line
and Lupita nyong’o was a
computer-generated character
[the Force awakens and the Last
Jedi], but you didn’t get to see the
colour of her skin.
‘i’m the first. i’m going to have
a toy and everything.
‘it’s exciting, but that’s all i
can say. it is a big deal.’
the Line of duty star will
join alden ehrenreich,
Woody harrelson, donald
glover and emilia Clarke in
solo: a star Wars
story, due out in May.
newton also stars
in sci-fi western tv
series Westworld.
METRO bites
n a SurFer mauled by a shark
in australia swam to safety
despite serious injuries to
both legs. alejandro travaglini,
37, was bitten at Gracetown,
about 160miles from perth.
n a mYSterY artist who
painted yellow penises around
all the potholes in a Suffolk
town has been hailed by locals.
‘never been more proud to be
from haverhill,’ tweeted one.
n two 11,000-year-old wooden
structures are Britain’s oldest
homes, say York university
experts. Finds at the north
Yorkshire Star Carr site include
a domestic dog and jewellery.
man stabbed,
scalded and
starved by
his girlfriend
by Joel taylor
A CONtrOlliNG girlfriend whose
violent outbursts included stabbing her
vulnerable boyfriend and scalding him
with boiling water has been jailed for
seven and a half years.
Jordan Worth, 22, is believed to be the
first woman convicted under new
domestic abuse laws. She banned her
partner from their bed for nine months,
kept food from him, decided what he
could wear, isolated him from friends
and family and even took over his Facebook account, luton crown court heard.
the couple met at college in 2012
when they were both 16. Worth came
from a loving and supportive family,
gained a 2:1 honours degree in fine arts
from the University of hertfordshire,
raised money for children in Africa and
wanted to become a teacher. But at their
home in the village of Stewartby in Bedfordshire, she controlled every aspect of
her partner’s life.
Worth, whose boyfriend suffered from
hydrocephalus – a build up of fluid
inside the skull – was arrested in June
last year after neighbours heard shouting in the early hours and called police.
it was the latest of many bust-ups after
which he had been seen limping, or with
black eyes and burns.
the ambulance crew noticed he had
injuries to his hand and burns to his arms
and legs which were being treated with
cling film. Five per cent of his body had
been scalded by boiling water. he had
second and third degree burns which
will leave permanent scarring. hospital
tests also showed stab marks.
in court, Worth admitted controlling or
coercive behaviour in an intimate relationship, wounding with intent and caus-
Jail: Worth controlled ex’s life fairleys
ing grievous bodily harm with intent
from April 2016 to June last year. Judge
Nic Madge said custody was ‘inevitable’, pointing out that as well as belittling her ‘vulnerable’ partner, stabbing
him and burning him, she had refused
him adequate bedding and food. Worth,
who is now in a new relationship, was
barred from contacting her ex.
broker ‘relentlessly’ beat
his wife and her boyfriend
and i got bruising to my back, arms
a CitY broker has been convicted
and hands. he hit the television
of beating his wife and her lover.
twice and punched me in the face
Fergus Clarkson, 30, launched a
‘relentless’ attack lasting up to 15
and i fell to the floor.’
Mr slattery said he was sitting in
minutes when he found rebecca
Clarkson at their home at 4am in
the kitchen of the house in Fulham,
south-west London, when Clarkson
Fulham, south-west London, with
arrived on January 27. he hid
thomas slattery.
the couple’s two-year
behind a fence in the garden for ‘up
to 40 minutes’. he said that when he
marriage had run into
trouble and they were
emerged, because his
position had ‘become
sleeping in separate beds,
hendon magistrates heard.
farcical’, Clarkson
Mrs Clarkson, who
punched him at least
three times.
works for Jp
Morgan, said:
Clarkson, who had
denied assault by
‘Fergus was
beating, was
Problems: fergus
thomas. Fergus
bailed for
and rebecca clarkson
sentencing next
pushed me
against the wall
Tuesday, April 17, 2018 METRO 11
i only popped out
for some milk...
breaking moos: cows eye ruth Brown’s shrubs
a grandmother returned home from the
shops yesterday to find a herd of cows
chomping on her front garden.
ruth brown had popped out when council
staff drove the animals – escaped from a
field – onto her property in darlington, Co.
durham. She said: ‘i was out shopping and
my neighbour phoned me and said you have
got ten cows in your garden. it was a bit of a
shock to see them all.’
mrs brown, 65, said the cows chewed her
shrubs and her lawn was ‘in a state’. but she
added most of the mess was on paving
stones and the animals were soon herded
into a lorry. darlington council said her
garden was chosen because it was the first
staff saw with a gate to pen the cows in.
Pull the udder one:
a group of cows
herded into a front
garden in
Darlington by council
workers pictures: nnp
steak-out: a lorry ready to remove the herd
12 METRO Tuesday, April 17, 2018
Gwyn hints star-studded
bash was secret wedding
second time lucky?:
Brad and gwyneth
shared this snap
from their party
GwYneth paLtrow has
dropped the biggest hint
yet that her a-list gathering on
Saturday was in fact her secret
wedding to fiancé Brad Falchuk.
the actress yesterday thanked
guests, including Julia roberts
and Jennifer aniston, for helping
the couple ‘celebrate our love’.
when the oscar winner turned
up at the bash in a maroon
gown, it was reported the La do
was an engagement party.
But Gwynnie’s comments add
fuel to rumours it was, in fact,
the moment she and producer
Brad, 47, tied-the-knot. posting
a snap of their ‘incredible evening’
on Instagram, she said: ‘there will
never be adequate words to express
our gratitude. I will never get over
my gorgeous dress. thank you to
all of our amazing, true and dear
friends who came to support us.
we feel like the luckiest people on
the planet because we have you in
our lives. and most of all thank you
@bradfalchuk for true happiness.’
the couple have been together
for three years.
Gwyneth, 45, has two children –
daughter apple, 13, and 12-year-old
son moses – with first husband,
Coldplay frontman Chris martin, 41.
a n d r e i H a r m s w o rt H ’ s
Barlow: Quit
take that? i’d
never do that
But he’s happy to be solo... for now
who has been on a stage since the age
ArY BArlOW yesterday
of 11, to not tour for years... that’s not
admitted he would be
enough for me. i want to go out and do
‘devastated’ if he was ever
more,’ he said.
forced to wave farewell to
‘it is the same with records. twelve
take that – as he set off on
songs every three years... i write all the
a fresh bout of solo stardom.
time. i’m a really prolific songwriter,
the love Won’t Wait singer was on
so the solo career satisfies me to work
stage in Edinburgh last night, as his
more. i love what i do,’ he added
debut album Open road soared back
in fact, Barlow can’t envisage ever
in to the top 10, nearly 21 years after it
walking away from the Greatest Day
was released.
Explaining the significance of his
‘if there was a reason that i couldn’t
surge in popularity, the 47-year-old
do it anymore i would be devastated
told Guilty Pleasures: ‘it makes me
because i enjoy it so much,’ he said.
think of so many things. Obviously
But he did hint his days as a reality
that was a tricky time. it wasn’t the
nicest time when that record came out. tV show judge are numbered.
the former X Factor and let it Shine
‘the fact that we are here
mentor admitted: ‘What records and
now talking about it
touring do is it takes you back to the
merging into the charts
heart of why you do what you do.
again – it is just lovely,’
‘As a musician you can lose focus
he added.
of what got you into newspapers and
Assuring fans his solo
on to tV,’ he admitted.
hiatus does not mean the
‘i’ve lost track in the past and lost
end is nigh for take that,
focus and you’ve just got to remind
Barlow promised the band
yourself the reason that you
will always come first.
are special to people. it’s
‘i always say, i’ll
you write songs
move anything to do
on the road again: because
and you sing. i’m
things with the
gary kicked off his
celebrating coming off
band. We usually do
talent shows and
latest tour in
a record and tour
going back to my
edinburgh last night
every three years.
As someone
We ink saint will love tatt, kanye
kanYe WeSt marked
his return to twitter
by sharing his plan to get
his son’s name tattooed
on his neck.
the rapper, 40, wrote: ‘i
asked my friend to design
this tat for me,’ alongside
a snap of the words
‘Saint West’ and ‘Saint’, in
different fonts. Saint, two,
is kanye’s son with wife
kim kardashian. they also
have daughters north,
four, and three-month-old
kanye reactived his
twitter account on Friday,
a year after closing all of
his social media accounts.
taylor jilts her latest break-up hit
taYLor SwIFt has
penned another song
about an ex – but can’t
be bothered to sing it.
Instead, she’s gifted
the break-up ditty to
country music duo
Sugarland, aka Jennifer
nettles and kristian Bush.
asked if track Babe was about
one of tay’s old flames, nettles
teased: ‘It might be,’ adding:
‘I’m going to close my mouth
and let her tell that story.’
Swift, 27, has a reputation
for turning her love splits into
chart hits. She kicks off the uk
leg of her world tour in June.
Tuesday, April 17, 2018 METRO 13
ith tom
sti hb
Cara fights back after being
accused of double standards
Cara DeLevInGne hit back when she was
criticised for praising Beyoncé’s show, despite
boycotting Coachella over an LGBtQ storm.
the model-turned-actress snubbed the bash
over claims owner phillip anschutz funded
mUm-tomultiple anti-LGBt hate groups.
be Cardi b gave
But after calling Bey’s set ‘iconic’,
‘bump and grind’ a
she was slammed on social media.
new meaning at Coachella
Cara, 25, tweeted: ‘I am
on Sunday. the 25-year-old
allowed to shame that
twerked up a storm during her
man (anschutz) and
set. but the rapper, expecting a
show appreciation of
child with fiancé offset, soon
an artist at the same
had to stop. ‘i’m out of
time.’ She later wrote: ‘I
will let nothing get in
of them sharing
she told fans. her debut
the way of me
pulled one
Leonardo diCaPrio move at
bar at the music extrav , 43, and Camila
album invasion of
showing my love
insiders revealed Leo
helluva-ella-ella brazen a pretty model
or hate for
ce december, not
have been dating sin
Coachella – when he nd rihanna’s party.
to the actor thr
riri - who was linked she is still with her
at rumoured ex-girlfrie pictured busting
ago - will mind as
the oscar winner was
entinian mo
Saudi billionaire lover
some moves with arg
ly dressed to
FentyxPuma bash.
bralass rihanna certainsee-through nude
morrone, 20, at riri’s
impress, wearing a
the hollywood star trie and disco
boots, at her
It waS a case of scream
after tweeting: ‘Coachella
frock and thigh high
radar by wearing a hoo n being fed snacks
if you wanna go pasta for Stans, catch us across
star-studded bash.
glasses – but he was to his shoulders
ger, 30,
from the Do Lab stage
by morrone, wh
k as
later described the loo her
the rapper plugged pop-up
at the music extravaga said to be ‘old
‘extra. af’ in a
restaurant mom’s Spaghetti,
the 45-year-old was later
and the pair, who are to move out
inspired by a lyric in 2002 hit
joined on stage by Bebe
family friends’, appear pictures
e as
Lose Yourself, at the festival.
rexha, 28, to perform their
of the friendship zon
he sold the dish for £6 a pop track the monster.
e girl
eminem’s making a pretty penne...
Rita cherry picks
a festival outfit
rIta ora gave
fans a couple of
bites at the cherry with
her outfit. the singer,
27, paraded about in a
thigh-high, cherry print
swimsuit at Coachella.
lean on me: leo and
camila at coachella
as his ex, riri, shows
off threads WireiMage
Beck to party...
with new model
beyoncé fizzing
back up charts
BeCkham, 19,
partied with meredith
mickelson, 18, at
Coachella. Lexi wood, 19,
his last squeeze, was
also at the festival.
beYonCÉ received a
big chart boost after
her Coachella set. her
most recent album,
Lemonade, fizzed
back into the top 10
on the itunes chart.
14 METRO Tuesday, April 17, 2018
good deed feed
thankS so much to paula,
the nurse who saved my uncle’s
life and continued Cpr after
paramedics gave up. he’s
recovering well.
Mary, Lightwater, Surrey
thankS to the absolute gent
who stood up for my ‘stunned’
partner at the entrance to
Fenchurch Street station on
thursday evening around 6pm.
She was too shocked to thank
you herself. I’d like to buy you a
beer and say thanks in person.
Pete, Chalkwell
thank you to the young lady
who picked me up and took
me to casualty when I fell in
Barton Lane near the trafford
Centre in manchester. I am
much better now.
Paul Brady, Manchester
thank you to the young man
who chased down the man who
stole my purse and gave it back
to me. Jackie, Tunbridge Wells
thankS to all who came to my
aid when I fell down the
escalator in newcastle Central
station at 9.30am on Saturday.
I’m sorry to the lassie who
I knocked over.
John Braid, South Shields
Start your text with the word DEED
followed by your comment, name
and where you live to 65700.
Standard network charge applies
and another thing...
n amazon staff reportedly
peeing into bottles is disgusting
and unhygienic (metro, mon). It
must be against the health and
Safety at work act 1974. and
since when have employees
been called ‘associates’? It
must be wording in the contract
so they don’t have to provide
adequate facilities. another
reason not to use amazon.
linda, Pinner
n BBC tv’s ordeal By
Innocence was worth the wait.
Dame agatha Christie would
have approved. what a twist at
the end.
J, glasgow
n regarding the pay gap
debate, does Ivana (metrotalk,
mon) have the same job as
her ex? I am happy with what
I receive based on my ability,
contribution and experience,
and don’t care how much my
male colleague receive.
It is pointless to compare,
regardless of gender.
fumi, west sussex
Start a text with vieWs followed
by your comment, name and where
you live to 65700. Standard
network charge applies. or email helpline for
views, rush-hour Crush and Good
Deed Feed: 020 3615 0600. Full t&Cs
on metro is a
member of the Independent press
Standards organisation
We should boldly
go beyond the eu
But picard and pals are right on a second poll
n Sir Patrick Stewart reckons Star
trek’s Jean-luc Picard (pictured)
would have voted remain along with
his Professor X from the X-Men
(Metro, Mon). What next – Bagpuss?
Sir Patrick should wake up to the fact
that leave voters are not anti-Europe
and that we will all continue to be
friends and trade. the EU is not
Europe and not what many of
us voted for in 1975. Next out
France and Austria?
Mike, West Sussex
n What other
fictional characters
are we now
expected to believe hold views more
important than actual voters? how
would Buck rogers have voted in the
US presidential election? What about
Star Wars’ Jar Jar Binks in the
Dunny-on-the-Wold by-election? As
asinine as it is elitist.
Eddy, Hemel Hempstead
n We voted Leave so get over it.
Maybe Sir Patrick should treat
this like the prime directive in
Star trek and not interfere.
Robert, Liverpool
n i voted for Brexit
assuming that the
government knew how to deal with it
but clearly they don’t. it’s now such
an embarrassing shambles that i wish
i’d voted remain. i would welcome a
new vote.
Michael Setchell, West Drayton
n A new referendum with all the facts
laid out is the only sensible option
before we leave the EU. We must look
like fools in the eyes of Europe. it is
embarrassing to be British!
n Parliament can vote on the final
deal. Job done! We do not need to be
influenced by a small minority to
have another vote.
TM, Sheffield
Tuesday, April 17, 2018 METRO 15
rush-hou r c ru sh
Love is all around us, as shown by the messages left by our commuter cupids.
are they talking about you? don’t forget to tell us if you get together!
Cute redhead with the grey
fluffy coat. You were on a
street in the Jewellery Quarter
with headphones in and a
black bag on your back. You
have a cute smile. I think you
work in a coffee shop so let’s
go for something stronger.
Katie, Blonde With
Yellow Coat, Jewellery
Quarter Birmingham
LoveLY lass on the Bury
tram who studies foreign
languages and works in tesco.
I enjoyed chatting to you on
my way home from work. It
would be nice to get to know
you better.
Lad With The Friendly
Accent, Manchester
.last-gasp win: tracey neville (right).
.celebrates as her england netball.
.team wins gold on the gold coast pa.
the only neville With england glory
n great to see tracey neville’s
england netballers have a late win
at the Commonwealth games. as
metro Sport (mon) pointed out, it
conjured up manchester United’s
Champions League comeback
victory in 1999 featuring brothers
gary and Phil. but she is actually
the only one of the nevilles to win
something with england. oneupwomanship!
JT, Salford
n Shame on games officials for
leaving it so long to help Scottish
marathon runner Callum hawkins
(metro Sport, mon). his collapse
near the end of the marathon was
distressing and he was in no state
to decide about his medical needs.
if it were rugby or boxing, the
decision would be made for him.
Such a delay could have had dire
John, Plymouth
to the cheeky, bearded hot
wing on the 7.22am to hull
from Leeds, you blow my
mind. Let me buy you a coffee
sometime! Mature, Young At
Heart With Red Shoes
to the gorgeous tanned hunk
on the piccadilly line in
dungarees, headed towards
Cockfosters. I looked over at
you, you winked and then you
rolled your hood back. how
about a hot coffee sometime
and can I show you a new hat?
Man With The Big
Hat, Woodford
lights up my world! Fancy a
Costa? New Glasses, London
to the cute council officer in
blue on the early halifax to
preston train. Your smile and
friendly hello make my day
and send my heart fluttering.
Girl With The Long
Pink Hair, Hebden Bridge
to no.1 Fan (Crush, thu), we’re
still trying to find out who the
driver is. where did you get
off the bus? thanks.
Curious Bus Driver
to the beauty who gets on
the early morning no.172 bus
at old kent road, your smile
Text CRUSH followed by your
Rush-Hour Crush, name and
where you live to 65700.
Standard network charge applies
bus delay payouts are a non-starter
n Stephen complained about the
lack of compensation if you’re on
a delayed bus (metrotalk, mon).
when trains are late it’s due to
other trains or rail problems.
when buses are late, it could be
due to bus problems, traffic,
roadworks, an accident… who
should pay compensation?
lizzie, dudley
n Stephen, buses do offer
compensation if they terminate
early. You need to ask the driver
for a transfer ticket which allows
you to get on another bus with
no charge. also, bus operators
have no control what happens on
the road.
n with regard to the passengers
versus customers debate
(metrotalk, Fri), this also applies
to applicants for state benefits,
who are called ‘customers’. the
oxford english Dictionary says a
customer is a ‘person who buys
goods or services from a shop or
business’, not someone applying
for benefits. this is change for no
sandra, liverpool
good reason.
16 METRO Tuesday, April 17, 2018
what gave you the
idea to include your
own mum’s diaries?
interviewed. instead, she decided
We appeared on loose
to read an extract from her own
Women together this time
diaries. i didn’t even know she
last year and, because my
had written a diary during the
mum Diane is a nervous,
time i was in hospital after
.strong: Katie’s.
shy person, she didn’t
i became a victim of an acid
.mum Diane piper. attack back in 2008. So the
really want to be
katie PiPer
The 34-year-old talks about
terrible teens, selfies in
hospital gowns and the toughtalking mum who helped
her survive her acid attack
first time i heard her diary entries
from that time was on live tV and it
was so emotional.
did it bring you both closer?
Undoubtedly it changed the bond
between us forever. Some people
might think they don’t get on with
their mothers but my book talks about
how your relationship changes over
time. My mum is the strong, silent type.
i remember, when i was in hospital, she
said things like, ‘Well, you’ve just got
to get on with it.’ it sounds harsh but
she was so right. Sometimes in life you
really do just have to get on with it!
did you rebel as a teenager?
Oh, loads. i was a horrendous teenager,
always rebelling. i pierced my own ears
with ice cubes and a safety pin, and got
an infection in return. We lived in a
small village but i wanted to live in a
city. i was always rebelling, striving for
independence and staying out late. Now
i’m a mother myself with two girls, i can
see how much i terrified my mum!
are you extra protective of your
own daughters because of the
acid attack?
i don’t want to bring my past into the
present and i don’t want to push it on to
my children. i don’t want to pass on my
anxiety to them. i’m still in danger of
losing moments and entire days because
of those bad memories but i’m learning
how to recognise the triggers.
You’ve published a new
book – what’s it about?
When i was pregnant with my
second daughter i started thinking
about the things i really wanted to
read about. i wanted to know how to
raise a daughter in today’s society,
with the pressures of social media,
cyberbullying, Photoshopping,
#Metoo. i thought there was a
market out there for something that
would be a tougher, grittier guide
than your average parenting book.
i thought there was a
market for something
that would be a tougher,
grittier guide than your
average parenting book
You’re doing a live tour too. is
that nerve-racking?
i am nervous, don’t get me wrong, but
the whole project has got the adrenaline
pumping massively. We started the
skeleton of the script before i was
pregnant. then i had major baby brain
when i was expecting. Next i had the
baby, and rehearsals and dress
rehearsals were done with the producer
coming to my house with the script
while i breast-fed on demand, or at the
theatre with my daughter in the
bouncy chair. in a way, it didn’t
give me too much time to
worry about it!
what advice do you give to
teenage girls who lack
confidence in their looks?
i would say that to constantly compare
yourself to others is such a waste of a
brilliant person. You’ve got one chance at
youth so don’t blow it! i often talk about
turning my flaws into a positive thing.
if it wasn’t for these scars, these flaws,
i wouldn’t have written this book.
Your mother was diagnosed
with cancer…
Since my acid attack, my mum has
dedicated herself to giving me my
existence back. i owe everything to her.
then she phoned me one day, out of the
blue, and told me she had cancer. i was
shocked and angry but i was determined
to help my mum the way she has helped
me. She’s had surgery and chemo and
she’s been through the mill. Now,
compared to me, she’s winning
in the hospital stakes!
are you recognised
when you go back
simon Cowell is
into hospital?
a patron of your
Yes, i’m always asked for
selfies when i go back.
Yes, he got in touch after
.Caring: patron. recently i had surgery and as
the tV documentary that
told my story and said how
.simon cowell. i was lying there afterwards
in an oxygen mask and gown,
angry he was over what had
the nurses asked if they could have a
happened to me. he’s supported my
selfie! So i had my picture taken. it’s
foundation for nine years now. i saw
actually very difficult to smile when
him in person at a dinner a few months
you’re coming round from a general
ago and i can call on him for anything.
anaesthetic! amanda CaBle
When i first met him i was really
nervous and star-struck but he’s such a
Katie Piper’s From Mother
caring person, and much of his work for
To Daughter: The Things I’d Tell
our charity and others is done quietly
My Child (Quercus) is out now
behind the scenes.
Tuesday, April 17, 2018 METRO 17
Appeal to raiders who stole a queen’s heart
thieves have stolen a golden case
containing the heart of a woman
twice crowned queen of France.
the raiders smashed a window
at the thomas-dobrée museum in
nantes over the weekend and
escaped with the 6in oval casket
made to honour anne of Brittany,
despite triggering an alarm.
philippe grosvalet, president of
France’s western Loire-atlantique
region, said they had ‘attacked our
common heritage’ and taken an
item ‘of inestimable value’.
Councillor Catherine touchefeu
said: ‘if the thieves were motivated
by the fact that it is shiny and
made of gold, they should
understand that its historical and
symbolic value far outweighs its
100 grams of gold.’
the case, which has been at the
museum for more than 130 years,
narrowly escaped being melted
down following the French
revolution of 1789.
anne, who died in 1514 aged 36,
first became queen in 1491, when
she married Charles viii.
after Charles died in 1498 the
crown passed to his cousin Louis
Xii and she married him the
following year as part of a political
deal over control of Brittany.
she was buried at saint denis
near paris but her heart was
stored in her family tomb in
nantes, Brittany.
aged just 12, anne was married
to Maximilian i, the holy roman
emperor, before Charles forced
her to renounce the union because
he saw it as a threat.
she had previously been engaged
to edward v of england – one of
the ‘princes in the tower’ – before
his disappearance in 1483.
n one in five people who
have bought a reusable water
bottle have either lost it or
forget to use it, a poll by keep
britain tidy and brita shows.
brita said the ‘hassle factor’
can outweigh waste concerns.
n DrInkInG three cups of
coffee a day cuts the risk of
heart palpitations by 13 per
cent, a study of 340,000
people in australia shows.
Caffeine protects against atrial
fibrillation, researchers found.
Royal relic: anne
(left) and the stolen
casket getty/afp
by thieves:
museum in
was raided
over the
good evans... it’s
going to be twins
for us, says Chris
ChriS EVANS said he was braced for
‘double trouble’ as he revealed his
wife is pregnant with twins.
the 52-year-old, who broke the
news during a chat with a fertility
expert on his BBC radio 2 breakfast
show, said Natasha Shishmanian, 38,
had received iVF treatment.
‘Mrs Evans is... she is now, yeah.
twins,’ the DJ announced.
he added: ‘Double trouble.
twin turbo. We’ve known for
a while, obviously. She’s definitely the mother. there’s
no doubt about that.’
the couple already have
boys Noah, nine, and Eli,
five, while Evans is dad to
Jade, 32, by his ex-fiancée
Alison Ward.
the former top Gear
host said the couple’s
younger son hasn’t quite
grasped the enormity of his
METRO bites
n a CInema that stimulates
the senses is opening in
London’s west end this week.
Cineworld’s immersive 4DX
venue uses motion seats and
special effects to simulate
weather and on-screen smells.
‘double trouble’: chris
evans revealed to listeners
wife natasha is expecting pa
by andrei harmsWorth
mum and dad’s news, explaining: ‘he
has got a shock and a half coming,
he’s got a double shock coming.’
Evans added: ‘We tried to tell him,
he doesn’t quite get it yet.
‘Eli is mum’s best mate. that is
going to change, my friend.’
looking to the upsides of his wife’s
pregnancy, he said: ‘i’m looking forward to lots of curries and cravings.’
he told listeners: ‘When you buy
a Mini for the first time you see
more Minis on the road.
‘When you begin to be involved
in the world of twins you see
twins everywhere, they are not
as rare as you think.’
the ginger-haired star was
previously married to loose
McGiffin, 58, and singer and
actress Billie Piper, 35.
n trainS missed a scheduled
stop once every nine minutes
in the last financial year.
Worst offender govia
thameslink said skipping
stations was a ‘last resort’ to
limit disruption after delays.
18 METRO Tuesday, April 17, 2018
WPP shares tumble
after Sorrell quits
ShareS in advertising giant
wpp dipped five per cent
yesterday after the shock
resignation of chief executive
Sir martin Sorrell.
Sir martin (pictured), boss for
33 years, quit on Saturday
amid allegations he misused
company funds.
an internal inquiry found the
amounts involved were not
material, and he will be
treated as having retired.
Sir martin, who has
denied wrongdoing, said
the allegations were
‘putting too much
unnecessary pressure on
the business’.
Foodies flock to
the town that
junked big Mac
a toWn that turned away a Mcdonald’s
restaurant more than a decade ago has gone
on to become a haven for food lovers.
tavistock hit the headlines in 2006 when
the fast food giant closed due to lack of trade.
now boasting 136 restaurants and an
award-winning farmers’ market, the devon
town has become a foodie destination.
‘people don’t want chicken nuggets and
chips,’ said Matt smith, 38, owner of
gastro-pub the trout and tipple. ‘there
are more places than when Mcdonald’s
shut – it’s been very positive.’
Bob Finbow, 25, of the Cornish
arms, added: ‘people here expect
a certain quality and service.’
burger off: fish
man Dan
garnett at his
stall in tavistock
market. the
town saw off
(inset) in 2006
closes all its
social media
over trolling
by alan Jones
JD WEthErSPOON is axing all its
twitter, instagram and Facebook
accounts, citing the trolling of MPs and
social media addiction for the move.
the pub chain said the decision, which
covers all its 900 pubs plus the head
office, was being made ‘with immediate
effect’ and takes account of ‘concerns
over the misuse of personal data and the
addictive nature of social media’.
Chairman tim Martin said: ‘We are
going against conventional wisdom that
these platforms are a vital component of
a successful business.
‘i don’t believe that closing these
accounts will affect our business whatsoever, and this is the overwhelming
view of our pub managers.
‘it’s becoming increasingly obvious
that people spend too much time on
anti-social: pub chain
boss tim Martin
twitter, instagram and Facebook, and
struggle to control the compulsion.’
Mr Martin said the chain would still
communicate through its Wetherspoon
News magazine and would maintain it
website and app. he said customers
would be encouraged to communicate
via the website ‘or by speaking with the
manager at their local pub’.
Wetherspoon has more than 44,000
twitter followers and 100,000 followers on Facebook. its most popular posts
have had more than 500,000 views.
n two-FIFthS of Brits get cold
feet about web purchases,
leaving an average of £29.37 in
an online basket each month,
says a Barclays survey. the habit,
known as surf and turf, hits sales
by around £18bn a year. the most
ditched items include sportswear,
lingerie and headphones.
n a bike is stolen in the Uk every
six seconds, new figures show.
thefts surged 17 per cent from
80,309 in 2015 to 93,561 in 2017,
reports the department for
transport. the true figure may be
higher as many go unreported.
Claims for stolen bikes average
£7.5million a year, says direct
Line home Plus insurance.
n ChanneL 4 has started
looking for cities to host its new
national headquarters and two
creative hubs. the broadcaster
plans to move 300 of its 800
staff – who will be decisionmakers and commissioners –
into three new sites outside the
capital. it will also increase
spending on productions outside
London by more than
£250million by 2023.
tourist rates
australia (a$).............................................................1.74
Canada (C$)................................................................1.71
euro (€).......................................................................1.10
new Zealand (n$)....................................................1.80
poland (zloty)............................................................4.23
Singapore ($) ............................................................1.74
South africa (rand).................................................16.16
uS ($)..........................................................................1.36
r u rban g
pHOtO: JOHn gODWin
Tuesday, April 17, 2018 METRO 19
the pineapple is
having its moment
in the sun
Page 22 »
a social eating
connecting 25,000
people in 130
countries is
introducing foodies
to a whole world of
local cuisine, says
Claire Coleman
NE of the joys of
exploring a foreign city is
eating out, discovering the
tastes and culture of
somewhere new. But
increasingly it seems we’re less
enamoured by the idea of trawling
through online portals only to end up
with what is often an unreliable review,
or tasting small plates at the latest
must-try hotspot – and are in search of
something more authentic, more
connected to the locals behind the
And in an era of pop-ups, supper
clubs and sharing platforms, it’s never
been easier to invite yourself round to
a stranger’s home and tuck into
whatever they’re cooking for dinner
that night. Eatwith, which calls itself a
‘social eating platform’, connects
travellers to ‘hand-selected local hosts’
and was born in France in 2014 after
co-founder Camille rumani found that
family tradition: carine
Ottou passes on the
cameroon recipes that she
learnt from her mother
travelling – and dining – abroad left
her feeling dissatisfied.
‘We travel more than ever to places
where millions of people live, yet we
don’t meet them and we feel
disconnected,’ she explains. She
recalls a time when she was living in
Beijing and was invited to spend
Chinese New Year with a friend’s
family. ‘it gave me the opportunity to
ask all these questions about their
culture and food. it made me feel like a
traveller rather than a tourist.’
Now Eatwith has more than 25,000
Continued on Page 20 »
20 METRO Tuesday, April 17, 2018
interiors | inspiration | food
Carine’s Candied Peanuts
■ 150g sugar
■ 100g water
■ 250g raw shelled red
peanuts (skin on)
1. preheat oven to 190C
(fan), gas mark 5.
2. Line up a large baking
tray and pour in the red
3. roast the
peanuts for ten
minutes or
until the skin
start to split.
the peanuts
should be
mildly roasted
but not overall
‘dark brown’. Leave
the oven on.
4. In a medium saucepan,
combine the roasted
peanuts, 75g of sugar and
water. place over medium
heat and stir gently until
sugar dissolves. Stir gently
every five minutes.
bite-size delights: the
banana puff puffs
5. Let simmer and let water
evaporate completely until
a thick red syrup forms.
Stir again to ensure the
peanuts are coated with
the sugared syrup.
6. add the remaining 75g
sugar and stir gently. then
leave it for five minutes.
7. the mixture should turn
from crystallised to
melting darkened
syrup again. Stir
quickly to avoid
burning the
sugar and pour
your mixture
back on the tray.
8. use a fork
to separate your
peanuts and bake for
five more minutes or until
the coated peanuts have a
shiny outer robe.
9. Leave to rest until
completely cooled down.
10. Your candied peanuts
are ready to be eaten once
cooled and crispy.
from Page 19 »
hosts in 130 countries, allowing
you to have dinner in someone’s
home, take a cooking class or
arrange a food tour.
‘Food is a great way of
building bridges between
cultures,’ says Camille, who
assures me they have a very strict
process for vetting and testing
their hosts so there’s a certain
level of quality control.
She points out that in big cities
where there are people from
many different backgrounds, it
can be a great opportunity to
explore and get to know cuisines
and environments that you might
live right next door to, but don’t
often come into contact with.
Carine Ottou’s cosy dining
room, less than ten minutes from
my home in south london, is a
case in point.
Carine grew up in Cameroon
and France before moving to the
UK and, while she and her
husband loved eating out, a few
years ago she found herself
disillusioned with the sterility of
the restaurant experience. ‘it
‘Food can build
cultural bridges’
lacked soul,’ she explains, over a
glass of palm wine, a traditional
drink from Cameroon.
And so Carine started her own
supper clubs and Cameroonian
cooking classes, joined Eatwith
and now regularly teaches a mix
of locals and visitors the sort of
cooking skills she learned from
her grandmother and auntie.
On the night i join her class, i
learn how to cook banana puff
puffs – little doughnuts that are a
traditional street food made from
cassava, banana and a little oil –
as well as nfian owondo, a
traditional Cameroonian
stew made from peanuts and
smoked chicken.
As we follow her instructions,
peeling and grating the cassava
root, Carine talks about the origin
of ingredients such as palm oil,
to her roots. the food, it goes
and how the peanut paste we use
without saying, is delicious – the
in the stew is different from
banana puff puffs even converted
peanut butter.
me, a lifelong banana hater – and
She explains to us how it is
i leave with a bag of her
traditional to use two stones
homemade caramelised
to crush the tomatoes,
peanuts and some of her
ginger, garlic and onions
amazing homemade sauces.
that make the base of
the ginger and garlic
the stew – and then
#blondesauce is my
admits that it’s quicker
favourite but chilli lovers
and easier to do it in a
mixer, even if you don’t
swear by #hotchilli.
You can find them
get quite the same
at marielittlejar.
depth of flavour.
And as we go,
Carine shares her
But i also take
away a unique
experiences of
insight into a
growing up in
culture that is,
Cameroon and
very nearly,
talks about how,
new banana fan:
like many people,
found on my
claire gets to work on doorstep.
she uses cuisine
the puff puffs
as a way to connect
Carine’s nFian OWOndO (traditiOnal smOked ChiCken and Peanut steW)
SerVe 4-6
■ 2 tsp oil (peanut or sunflower)
■ 2-3 kg chicken (preferably smoked)
■ half a can of plum tomatoes
■ 1 medium onion
■ 2 large garlic cloves
■ 20g fresh ginger (peeled)
■ 4 tsp peanut paste (not peanut butter)
■ 500g water
■ Salt and pepper to taste
■ handful of african basil (or
regular basil)
■ half a habanero chilli, seeded
1. Season the chicken with salt and
pepper, add to water in a pan and bring
to boil for 20 minutes at medium heat.
2. Blend half an onion, garlic, ginger and
tomatoes and set aside.
3. In a large pot, heat oil over low heat.
Slice half an onion, add it in and sauté,
stirring for five to ten minutes.
4. add tomato mixture and stir every
five minutes until water has evaporated.
5. add in boiled chicken and stir gently,
at low heat.
6. meanwhile, using the chicken stock
add in the peanut paste and stir.
7. pour the chicken/peanut stock in
the tomato mix and add the chilli. Let
it simmer for ten to 15 minutes or until
it has reached the desired thickness. I
like mine more like a thai green curry
consistency (a soup). But it can also be
eaten much thicker (similar to an Indian
curry consistency).
8. Five minutes before it is ready,
remove the chilli, adjust seasoning (salt
and pepper), add in the basil and stir.
this dish is best served with steamed
fragrant rice and fried yellow plantain as
a side dish.
Tuesday, April 17, 2018 METRO 21
interiors | inspiration | food
pHOtO: cHristian HilleBranD / fOtalia
Smells so good
Freshly brewed coffee, washing powder
and cherry lip balm – we adore the new
anya Smells scented candles from anya
hindmarch for their funky fragrances and
cool designs. From £50,
Bunny stuff
Travel hotspots
True blue
visit the globe’s most recognisable
monuments in one fell swoop (and without
stepping outside the front door) with this
travel the world monuments mural.
From £399,
too beautiful to be kept
simply for picnics, unC’s
indigo, tie-dye effect,
bamboo plates will be used
all year round for every
type of soirée.
From £5.50,
T he
Sorbet crush
In the prettiest, pastel hues, the
new iridescent balloon glasses
from LSa’s Sorbet collection
are just the excuse we need for
another G&t with friends. £28 for
a pair,
Top teas, monumental
murals, a VERY pricey
basin and more...
by lara sargent
as lilac takes the
fashion world by
storm, view the
world through
glass with
window film.
From £11.50 for
50cm x 25cm
Big kids will love the new
miffy range at primark,
as much as the younger
members of the family.
From £5 for a cushion
Beauty and the basin
Brace yourself for bathroom envy: the
flower-shaped, Zeina basin in
velvety-smooth, taupe porcelain is
strewn with delicate butterflies and
sparkly rose gold accents. time to save
Hot to knot
hot List is willing the sun to come out,
so we can relax in the garden on this
1970s-style acacia macramé folding
chair. Cinzano and lemonade optional…
Floral tribute
Spring is definitely in the air thanks to
Firefly’s new botanical bottle designs and
refreshing juices such as kiwi, Lime & mint.
Crowning glory
we’re celebrating national tea Day on Saturday by
swapping our usual mug of builder’s brew for newby’s posh
Black tea Crown assortment of 36 individually wrapped
tea bags. £15,
22 METRO Tuesday, April 17, 2018
piration | food
Pool rules
Pineapple crush
Our favourite way
to do pineapples
this season will
involve lying
back on this
float with the
sun on our
face. £30,
these big, beautiful
pineapple murals will
create the coolest,
most kitsch, tropical vibe.
from £27 per sq m,
Light fantastic
this distressed, metal pineapple
chandelier will add tongue-in-cheek
opulence to your room.
of our eye...
Get fruity
you’ll easily get your five a day using
this pineapple-print, 12-piece dinner
set by georgee Home.
drink it in
sip on the
trendiest tipple
with a
large glug of
pineapple gin
from that
conjuring up exotic climes, pineapples
are taking over our homes. Lara Sargent
chooses the pick of the season’s crop...
Mat attack
Welcome guests
with this
pineapple door mat
in high-quality
coconut fibre.
£25, amara.
this gold
pineapple tea bag
tidy is a snip at
it’s a wrap
We want this
giant-sized, pineapple
beach blanket right now
– for the bathroom,
beach and boudoir.
tea time
shake it up
cute, metallic pineapple salt and
pepper shakers. What’s not to
love? £17 a set,
nfuse your hom
me with
he smelll of sum
with this pineap
pplescented cand
dle in a
glasss jar..
pineapples can be
purple, pink, green
and red, thanks to
this colour-changing
pineapple night light.
fruit cocktail
snap up the emporium pineapple ice
bucket (£35) and gold pineapple cup
(£5.50) for non-stop piña coladas. al
fresco cool at its very best…
t i n n e d , f r e s h o r i n a b o t t l e w i t h v o d k a . . . ta k e y o u r p i c k
Raw goodness
pineapples are an excellent source
of vitamin c,
potassium and
they also
contain the
enzyme which can
break down proteins,
so pineapple juice in
marinades is a great way
to tenderise tough meat.
not to be sneezed at
Hay fever season is upon us and the
bromelain enzyme also has natural
anti-inflammatory properties that
might help with sneezes and runny
eyes. if you’re struggling to eat your
pineapple quota, try Holland &
Barrett’s bromelain tablets,
£12.99 for 60 (take one
tablet three times daily).
dough goodeR
a squeeze of
pineapple juice
works wonders
for dough, says
the team behind
Modernist Bread, a
five-volume work on the art of bread
making (£353, it’s down
to the enzyme that dissolves protein,
which makes braiding bread like
Jewish challah a doddle.
MoVe oVeR aVo
smashed avocado on toast
is so last season. layer
pineapple and
on sourdough
slices) and
put under a
hot grill until
the cheese is
CoRe bliMey
if it has to be fresh,
this easy-to-use
pineapple corer, slicer
and wedger will take the
hard work out of prepping.
lakeland has seen sales of
the gadget shoot up by over
90 per cent recently. the
result: rings, slices or
chunks in no time at
all. £9.79, lakeland.
tastes like suMMeR
no mixology skills
necessary for whipping
up a piña colada. pour
50ml cÎrOc summer colada (a
limited-edition vodka infused
with pineapple and coconut,
£29.99 from drinksupermarket.
com) in a tall glass filled with ice,
add 50ml pineapple juice and
garnish with a wedge of fresh
pineapple. summer in a glass…
Can fan
Don’t diss the tinned stuff,
as canned pineapple can
count towards one of your fivea-day and is a good
source of fibre, says lucy Jones,
tV dietician and nutritionist,
who is working with
princes fruit.
Tuesday, April 17, 2018 METRO 23
pHOtO: getty
interiors | inspiration | food
so to
I T ’ S O N LY NAT U R A L . . .
i need new sheets – what
fabric and fit would you
Choose organic cotton or linen
– both are lovely fabrics but also
better for the environment than
regular cotton, which uses lots
of chemicals to be produced
and is bad for everyone who
farms it and weaves it. Sadly,
the uk hasn’t quite caught up
with the uSa with regards to
manufacturing organic cotton
bedding, but west elm do a
lovely range.
Linen is more readily available
interior designer
Phoebe Oldrey
on how creating
the right look
for your
bedroom can
help you get
more shut-eye
How can i stop myself waking
up at the crack of dawn with
the lighter mornings?
our circadian rhythm, also known as
our natural body clock, is designed
for us to fall asleep at dusk and wake
with dawn. the only way to stop
being woken at a ridiculous hour
in the summer is to have blackout
lined curtains or blinds to minimise
the light coming into the room. I
personally don’t like waking up in a
pitch-black room, so I don’t seal every
edge – this still allows some morning
light to creep in slowly to wake you
up at the right time. If you love the
feeling of luxury, have them interlined
as well – it’s a thicker layer that sits
between the fabric and the lining,
and acts as a thermal insulator (great
for winter). picking a curtain fabric
is such a personal thing, it’s almost
like picking art – you have to fall in
love with it, to live with it. I use a
professional curtain maker, which can
be pricey but the quality of curtains is
amazing so it’s a real investment (and
it’s nice to know you are supporting a
small business). John Lewis also has a
bespoke curtain-making service with
many of the main fabric company
designs to pick from.
should i change my pillow
more often than my
mattress – what filling
and firmness should i
Some people love down
and others like foam or
microfibre. It’s all about
making sure you are as
comfortable as possible
when you lay your head
down each night, and
just like all things that
you rest on, you have
to try them. always
go with the best
you can afford and
what feels right.
mattresses need
changing every
sleep easy:
eight years and
pillows between
phoebe Oldrey
one and three
years. Foam pillows need replacing
more than feather as they can
break down and become lumpy, but
both will survive longer with pillow
protectors that get a regular hot
wash. Check instructions, as each
filling is different. use dryer balls
to stop the filling clumping and not
drying properly.
i want a calm bedroom but
don’t like blue – what other
colours work well?
today’s on-trend dark green is a
great colour for a holistic bedroom
interior as it will make the room
darker at night. Biophilic design is
a really interesting area of research
that talks about how we are happy
when in contact with nature. Certain
colours give us that happy buzz we
feel when outside, so the trend for
dark greens is perfect for this as it
simulates leafy plants. hunter Dunn
523 (£48.50 for 2.5L of flat emulsion,
from is
an amazing bottle green statement
shade that works well with yellows
and reds, as well as brass. If dark and
bold isn’t for you, but serene is, then
choose a light, fresh scheme. keep
the walls white and crisp – marble
II 362 from paint & paper Library
is lovely, and can be inviting when
layered with pastel accessories.
one of my favourite bedroom
bits is Design house
Stockholm’s knot Cushion
(£91, madeindesign. It’s pink but the
shape and texture
make it interesting.
Do be aware that
pastels often need
to be balanced with
wooden furniture.
n Interior
designer Phoebe
Oldrey is founder
of Smartstyle
inTerview by
lara sargent
and is great for a casual look
as it gets better with every
wash. I love the linen bedding
at ada & Ina (from £54.99 for a
single duvet cover, linenfabrics. and do
a gorgeous Belgian linen range
called Brunswick. unless you are
very good at making hospital
corners, I would suggest a
fitted sheet for the base and a
flat sheet between you and the
duvet. this means your duvet,
which is the most expensive
item of bedding to replace, lasts
a little longer.
keep it casual:
ada & ina linens
24 METRO Tuesday, April 17, 2018
reader promotion
appeal window shutters
n SprInG is the
best time to invest
in window shutters.
Stylish, elegant and
easy to use, they
allow sunlight into
the room while still
giving privacy –
essential for urban
homes. appeal’s
wide range of
styles, wood
finishes and colours
suit every room,
with the option to
colour match if
these aren’t
enough. and they
don’t just look
exceptional – in the
winter months
shutters will
insulate your home,
save energy and will
even reduce outside
noise on streetfacing properties.
to get your free
brochure and details
of appeal’s special
spring offer – ten
per cent off and
buy-now-pay-in-12months simply go to
offer or call 0800
975 5757 quoting
‘metro offer’. offer
ends april 30, 2018.
elegant Madrid eight-seater dining set – £500 off
n Get ready for summer with a chic
outdoor dining set. out and out original is
a master of luxury outdoor living and the
impressive madrid eight-seater is no
exception. this set is a brand new addition
to the out and out garden collection, and
is bang on trend with rattan chairs and a
grey table top. the dining set is ideal for
entertaining and because it is
maintenance free, you can spend more
time enjoying your designer garden
furniture and less time having to take care
of it. the country classic table is two
metres long and made from solid uv
stabilised resin. the eight dining chairs
come with cushions and are stackable for
storage during the winter months.
normally £999, the set is now available to
readers at a tantalising £499. to receive
your incredible £500 discount please
quote code me17apr at checkout before
may 17, 2018. to order visit or call
02037 728752 to claim.
what’s on offer...
a sucker for a bargain? Then we’ve got some great metro deals for you...
sofas, sofa beds
and beds
welcome summer guests
n moSt urban
spaces are just too
small for a spare
bedroom – a
headache when
guests come to
stay. But there is an
easy way to provide
friends and family
with a comfortable
place to sleep
without needing
another bedroom.
the Good Sleep
specialises in
innovative beds that
hide away when you
don’t need them,
maximising space in
your home. take the
memphis Guest Bed:
the set comes with
bed frame, trundle
bed underneath and
two 3ft Bonnell
sprung mattresses.
this versatile piece
of furniture is as
comfortable as a
conventional bed
and can also be
used as a sofa,
separated as two
twin beds, or sat
together as a large
double bed. usually
sold for £480, the
set has been
reduced to £329.99
in ivory or black.
Stocks are limited
so move fast. visit
goodsleepcompany. or call 020
7481 2098.
n IF You are looking for high
quality British furniture without an
eye-watering price tag, there is
one place that should be top of
your list: willow and hall. In a
short time, this London-based
brand has become a trusted, go-to
furniture specialist, with a range of
quality handmade items such as
the stylish sofa beds with 14cm
deep mattress options. all items
are made by skilled craftsmen in
Britain with more than 35 years’
experience. Founder Sarah
massouh says that part of its
ethos was to support traditional
British manufacturing. ‘If you look
at the craftsmanship and
upholstery skills we have in the
uk, it really is incredible. to not
support and nourish British talent
is unimaginable to me.’ willow and
hall’s Spring Sale is now on with
ten per cent off sofas and sofa
beds, but the company is offering
metro readers an exclusive ten per
cent off all items. use code
mm25418 by april 25. plus, take
advantage of free nationwide
delivery and free recycling of your
old item. Designs are available in
130 fabrics and delivered in four to
five weeks. visit
uk or call 020 8939 3800.
Tuesday, April 17, 2018 METRO 25
by patrick arundell
aries Mar 21 – Apr 20
Steadying influences might
help offset a desire to
make an impulsive move or
to opt for a change of plan.
In fact, if you can hold back
from doing anything on the
spur of the moment, there
are positive gains to be
made from your situation.
for your forecast, call
0906 474 0410 (60p/min)
libra Sep 24 – Oct 23
Circumstances can have
a pleasing flow about them
in relation to finances and
family affairs. If there are
celebrations or other
reasons to get together
with close ones, then this
can be a very positive and
memorable time for all.
for your forecast, call
0906 474 0416 (60p/min)
taurus Apr 21 – May 21
If you’ve set a course over
recent days, then it is wise
to continue with it. a
dynamic blend of energies
can see you making
confident strides forward.
and something you feel
intensely about may come
to fruition as a result.
for your forecast, call
0906 474 0411 (60p/min)
Scorpio Oct 24 – Nov 22
Something good seems to
be happening that may be
having a positive impact on
your relationships. this can
be a time to celebrate your
partnership, friendships
and other associations. It
may be wise not to turn
down a special invite.
for your forecast, call
0906 474 0417 (60p/min)
gemini May 22 – Jun 21
while friends may have
exciting opportunities for
you, this may not be the
best time to indulge them.
It may be better to spend
time on an idea that could
bring rewards. time alone
may be helpful so you can
hear your inner wisdom.
for your forecast, call
0906 474 0412 (60p/min)
Nov 23 – Dec 21
while it can be tempting to
follow the path that leads
to excitement, there may
be more benefit from
impressing someone by
following through on
a promise or doing a job
for them.
for your forecast, call
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Cancer Jun 22 – Jul 23
the more you’re willing to
involve others in your
plans, the more you can
take advantage of what is
on offer. It is also possible
that one relationship will
be emphasised, and that
connecting with this person
can be joyful.
for your forecast, call
0906 474 0413 (60p/min)
Capricorn Dec 22 – Jan 20
although there can be
a compulsive quality
regarding a relationship,
following your heart can be
beneficial. Someone you
care about may have
feelings for you too and
discussing this might be
positive for your bond.
for your forecast, call
0906 474 0419 (60p/min)
leo Jul 24 – Aug 23
a restless excitement can
vie with more ambitious
influences, pulling you in
different directions. You
may benefit more if you
focus on personal or career
goals. this can coincide
with events that take you
into a new league.
for your forecast, call
0906 474 0414 (60p/min)
aquarius Jan 21 – Feb 19
trusting your intuition can
go a long way towards
producing sound decisions
you’re content with. You
may find that following
your own guidance puts
you in the spotlight in a
positive way, and this could
see you gain advantages.
for your forecast, call
0906 474 0420 (60p/min)
virgo Aug 24 – Sep 23
the idea of being a free
spirit can feel good.
Bearing in mind the
present outlook, though, it
may be better not to
indulge such feelings for
now. there are too many
good things going on,
including wonderful
opportunities that could be
your making.
for your forecast, call
0906 474 0415 (60p/min)
pisces Feb 20 – Mar 20
there is much to be
gained from spending
time in good company,
attending social events
and generally getting out
and about. and if there
is someone you are
keen to know better, then
the coming days
encourage you to connect
more often.
for your forecast, call
0906 474 0421 (60p/min)
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cryPtic crossword
1. sufferers find it painful in the
extreme (4)
3. sort of residence that’s desirable,
being without tears (4-4)
9. falls back again on the royal
artillery (7)
10. Has to provide promises (5)
11. fail to understand decimals
correctly? (4,3,5)
13. repast, perhaps, comes to a fine
end (6)
15. a selfish characteristic, no
argument about that (6)
17. But it’s not what pyromaniacs
suffer from! (7,5)
20. shoot nothing before the rise,
perhaps (5)
21. some skyscraper turbulence to
disturb you (7)
22. reserve currency keeps one’s
place perhaps (8)
23. something afoot when she holds
a ring (4)
1. He may warn his customers
about overcharging! (8)
2. Mountain range in rural
surroundings (5)
4. cancels part of an order as
essentially unjust (6)
5. complete with food for the
road (12)
6. possibly reunite a train (7)
7. point the seat-out (4)
8. gate-crasher (9,3)
12. it’s lovely wandering abroad with
the french (8)
14. Disease one itches strongly to
have! (7)
16. His aim is to reduce the
opposition one by one (6)
18. guarantee a number will get over
a painful sound (5)
19. grave outcome of the atom
bomb (4)
Yesterday’s solutions
across: 6 Fall out; 7 wheat; 9 Flour; 10 Sea
mist; 12 Sharp answer; 14 man in charge;
18 proffer; 19 moths; 21 nears; 22 tornado.
Down: 1 early; 2 plough; 3 Cue; 4 rhymes;
5 oarsmen; 8 Get-away; 11 proceed; 13 hairnet;
15 Infirm; 16 Ground; 17 Shade; 20 Cow.
across: 1 harps; 6 asset; 9 outcast; 10 abode; 11 tunic;
12 argon; 13 Divulge; 15 Lit; 17 Item; 18 enmity; 19 Bland;
20 toupee; 22 Shoe; 24 ore; 25 Forceps; 26 Lowly; 27 haven;
28 ambit; 29 airship; 30 henna; 31 Lions.
Down: 2 albeit; 3 podium; 4 Sue; 5 Score; 6 astound;
7 Stun; 8 elicit; 12 agile; 13 Ditto; 14 venue; 15 Lithe; 16 tyres;
18 enjoy; 19 Begonia; 21 ornate; 22 Scampi; 23 option;
25 Flush; 26 Lean; 28 ail.
Metroku more pUZZleS iN oUr TaBleT aNd phoNe ediTioNS
2 8 1
3 7
6 7
5 8
3 4
3 2 5
this three-part series is a detailed
investigation of the 1993 murder of
18-year-old stephen lawrence, a case
that thrust british attitudes to race,
as embodied by the police, into a
harsh spotlight. the killing sent shock
waves through society as stephen’s
parents despaired of police efforts to
catch the (white) culprits – a process
that may be subjected to another
inquiry by the national Crime agency.
difficulty rating: Moderate
8 2 6
3 5 6
tv ChoiCe
horror shows come and go,
supernatural has shown staying
power that’s little short of…
supernatural. as we return, the lads
are grieving their mother.
neW supernatural e4, 10pm
paradise hunters C4, 10pm
it’s a fair bet that back in 2005 when
they signed up to play the
winchester brothers, Jared Padalecki
and Jensen ackles didn’t expect to be
still on the demon-hunting trail 13
years later. but while other fantasy
floor covering (6)
until this time (8)
fish (4)
Dolour (6)
Kidnap (6)
Wheat spike (3)
soup server (5)
spool (4)
Quick (5)
traitor (5)
nun’s costume (5)
Bygone (4)
as a joke (2,3)
facial twitch (3)
rank (6)
pugilism (6)
among (4)
unusual (8)
thing thrown by athletes (6)
difficulty rating: Easy
stephen: the murder that
Changed a nation bbC1, 9pm
fight for justice: Doreen lawrence
quick crossword
another spin on the tried-and-tested
life-swap theme, this one gives a
bored call-centre worker the chance
to become a salmon farmer while
an office worker tries her hand
at ranching in Mexico. now, why
One who engraves (6)
not singular (6)
Melt (4)
french wine (7)
Haughty (5)
strong point (5)
elm, for example (4)
and not (3)
father (3)
talons (5)
lowest point (5)
Happening (5)
chafe (3)
Hit lightly (3)
Month (7)
cabin (3)
fairies or elves (6)
corrosive substance (4)
pantihose (6)
Muslim religion (5)
swoon (5)
Male cat (3)
Hairless (4)
difficulty rating: Challenging
5 1
9 5 8
4 2
4 8
7 9 2
4 9
aren’t those advertised down at
the Jobcentre?
neW top of the shop With
tom kerridge bbC2, 8pm
Cheery chef tom kerridge is on
hand to calm nerves and offer
encouragement as aspiring food
producers try to turn their homegrown products into a viable brand.
a quartet of preserves is the first to
get the taste test – that filipino
pickle looks fiery. keith Watson
26 METRO Tuesday, April 17, 2018
c o m m o n w e a lt h g a m e s
picture: getty
the British fighter writes for METRO
AheAd of his remAtch with tony Bellew
ith less than three weeks to go until my
rematch with tony Bellew, this really is
the tough bit. May 5 will be the first time
my trainer ismael Salas will be heading
my corner and in many ways the camp has had a
technical focus more than being about emptying the
tank every session – at least up until now, as it’s
suddenly become pretty brutal.
Salas has focused on the minute details i believe
will make the difference in this fight. it’s about finetuning and he is the guy who can get the best out of
me. But i will only know on fight night whether these
changes will give me the marginal gains i need to beat
Bellew and avenge his win last March.
i am well aware there is a huge amount riding on
the outcome. there is no room for error and as a team
we are leaving no stone unturned.
i firmly believe it will be a better tony Bellew that
steps in the ring on May 5. But it will also be a better
version of the hayemaker. last time, all three judges
had me losing the first round but winning two, three,
four and five before i lost the sixth and the remainder
until my corner threw the towel in.
Bellew is about to step into the ring to face a boxer
he has never faced before. it will be a shock for which
he will need to prepare himself.
I’m thrilled to be
able to confirm
‘the Juggernaut’ Joe
Joyce’s opponent for
may 5 is awkward
southpaw Lenroy
thomas, who has a
22-4-1 record. now, Joe
has quickly become
one of the most
avoided heavyweights
on the planet. I fully
anticipate people will
perceive this as a huge
risk and question my
judgement as a
promoter. But I have
always said I would
fast-track Joe’s career
and, at the age of 32,
we have no time to
waste. I want to see
him collecting titles
Fate and Fury all part
of the sport’s intrigue
it’s good for boxing tyson
Fury has announced his
comeback. it’s almost three
years since he last fought and
nobody really knows what will
happen on his return. But that
is often what adds interest and
intrigue to sport.
at one stage, he was
considered the best in the
business. he never lost his
world titles in the ring so he’ll believe this is the
opportunity to go and get them back. technically
Fury (pictured) is still lineal world heavyweight
champion – if that actually matters to anybody.
We were due to face each other five years ago
but that fell through and i don’t see us ever going
head-to-head now – fate seemed to intervene at
the time and decide that was a no-go.
Haye-Bellew 2 The Rematch is taking place on Saturday, May 5
at London’s O2 Arena and is available on Sky Box Office
Roses bloom:
celebrate their
52-51 victory
over australia
adventures in
england netball coach Tracey Neville reveals to Matthew nash just what happened
after striking gold down Under, from party-pooping drug-testers to tweets from Becks
trACEY NEVillE felt like she had
been ‘blended in a Nutribullet’ in the
wake of England’s Commonwealth
Games triumph, joking that their golden moment had been followed by ‘the
worst celebration ever’.
the England head coach presided
over a last-gasp victory in the final
against hosts Australia on the Gold
Coast where helen housby netted the
winning goal with just one second left
on the clock.
the 52-51 victory was the first
against the Aussies of Neville’s
three-year reign.
it was the circumstances
surrounding it which made
the win so special. Jo harten
had also scored a last-ditch winner
against Jamaica in Saturday’s semifinal to send the roses into the goldmedal decider.
But, after housby’s big moment
Down Under, Neville revealed there
had been little time to celebrate.
‘it’s the worst celebration i’ve ever
had!’ she told Metro, her voice no
more than a whisper after little sleep
for 48 hours and plenty of interviews.
‘i waited 41 years for a moment like
this and then the drug-testers arrive,
some of the senior board arrive, we
have to go and do loads of media and
Victories for
then it was the closing ceremony.
england over
‘i felt like i’d been in a Nutribullet.
australia in their history
By 11pm i was ready for bed.’
– this was the first at a
global tournament
Neville, whose brothers Gary and
Phil played for Manchester United and
won the Champions league in similarly dramatic style in 1999, had to remind match-winner housby of the importance of England’s achievements.
‘She said that Gary and Becks (David Beckham) were tweeting her and
that was better than gold. i had
something to say about that,’
joked the coach.
‘i also asked her if, in the future, we could win it a bit earlier.
i managed helen at Manchester
thunder and she did the same
thing playing for me then to win
the Netball Superleague four
years ago, scoring a very late
wins out of seven
for neville’s side
at the Commonwealth
games as england won
their first major title
winner.’ England had the backing of
the Neville brothers throughout and
tracey added: ‘All three of us absolutely love sport. if anyone can succeed, it’s me or one of my brothers.’
Despite her family’s rich sporting
heritage, the 41-year-old claimed what
had occurred in Australia at the weekend was scarcely believable.
Gary tweeted it was ‘the most amazing thing’ he had ever seen and his sister admitted: ‘Who could have written
the script for the semi-final and the
final, and those endings?
‘We’ve broken the glass ceiling for
the first time and it breaks my heart
that we’ve never had such a positive
response from people before.
‘As a player, i dreamed of winning
gold but i wasn’t good enough but i
said to the players “follow the gameplan and we’ll win this match”.’
Neville will take a holiday rather
than return to the UK straight away.
‘i can’t wait,’ she said. ‘i feel like
i’ve not slept for two weeks. i might
allow myself a few gins.’
Hawkins gets the all-clear after feeling the heat
CaLLum hawkInS has been
discharged from hospital a day
after collapsing while leading the
Commonwealth marathon with
just a mile and a half to go.
after an initial delay in receiving
treatment in the 28C heat, the
Scot was taken to hospital, where
he stayed overnight.
hawkins (pictured), who was
bidding for his first major title,
has now been released and he
said: ‘I’d like to say a huge thanks
to all the medical staff at Gold
Coast university hospital for their
care over the last 24 hours – and
it’s great to now be back with my
Tuesday, April 17, 2018 METRO 27
and another one’s
gurn as notts Win
LanCaShire lost their last eight wickets
for 15 runs on their way to a six-wicket
defeat to nottinghamshire, who suffered a
scare themselves as they briefly struggled
to reach a victory target of just ten runs.
the red rose were bowled out for a
second-innings 73 as left-arm seamer
harry gurney (right) took six for 25 and
Jake ball claimed four for 14.
requiring only ten to win, the visitors still
managed to lose four wickets in the first
25 balls of their innings before Samit Patel
and riki Wessels calmed matters and
wrapped up the victory at old trafford.
F1 deBRieF
adam Hay-nicholls with the news from the Shanghai pitlane
hO would have thought
Daniel ricciardo, who
made it into qualifying
by a hair’s breadth after
his turbo blew in third
practice, would win the Chinese Grand
Prix from sixth on the grid?
‘this sport’s crazy,’ said the Australian, who had retired in Bahrain with another technical issue. ‘A week ago i was
with my head down after two laps.
Frustrated at the sport, frustrated at
all the variables involved.
‘Sometimes i questioned why i
chose this sport – there are so
many things out of your control. it does get you down a
lot. But when you have a
day like this, it’s worth 50
of the bad ones.’
it was a stunning effort
to rebuild the red Bull’s
engine on Sunday morning
and perform two seamless
‘double-stack’ pit-stops in the race, reacting instantly to the safety car with
fresh rubber that would see ricciardo
(pictured) and Max Verstappen stay out
until the chequered flag.
it should have been a one-two but just
as Verstappen, in the leading red Bull
and on fresh tyres, needed to keep a cool
head he thwacked into Sebastian Vettel.
With the likes of helmut Marko and
Niki lauda piling on the Dutchman for
another avoidable accident, all i’ll
say is he deserves credit for apologising promptly this time. Vettel
agrees. ‘he realised he did a mistake,’ said the four-times champion. ‘[he] was quite composed
and realised he had messed up.
‘i appreciate the fact he came
to me straight away. i told him
that was the way to solve it,
face to face and not through
the media or something blowing up.’
Hamilton shows even the best
aren’t always on their game
BeLoW-par Lewis hamilton still
gained points on championship
leader sebastian vettel.
the Briton occasionally has offweekends and he admitted: ‘i was in
no-man’s land. i had no pace.
‘obviously we’ve got a tough
battle ahead of us, particularly on
my side. also as a team, we’ve been
‘Like the car, he was maybe not in
the best place this weekend,’ said
Mercedes boss toto Wolff.
‘he’s the best driver but [even] the
best ones have days when it’s just
not 100 per cent.’
valtteri Bottas did much better in
the other silver arrow and, had the
safety car not come when it did, may
have won the race.
‘valtteri would have deserved to
win,’ agreed Wolff. ‘he had a great
day. But luck has been against us.’
Bottas finished second, as he did in
Bahrain. again, the variables could
have changed because the Finn’s
quick reactions avoided an accident
with ricciardo.
dan is known for being the latest
braker in F1 and snatching the lead
from Bottas at turn six was the most
dramatic pass of the day.
asked about the move afterwards,
the red Bull racer was succinct:
‘opportunity be knockin’, that’s
what i would say.’
picture: getty
before lunch for
fidel edwards as
bowled out
for 127 to secure a
196-run win at
the ageas bowl.
travis head
provided the only
resistance with
45 not out as kyle
abbott finished
as the pick of the
bowlers with four
for 45
Champions bemused by a
soggy start to the season
esseX were left frustrated
after their defence of the
County Championship
began with a four-day
wash-out against Yorkshire
play at headingley was
abandoned for the fourth
day running yesterday
morning due to a wet
outfield. it is the first time
since 1967 play on every
day of a Championship
match was lost in Leeds.
essex coach anthony
Mcgrath, formerly of
Yorkshire, said: ‘i’m no
expert but they’re saying
there’s nothing they can do
to improve the state of the
outfield. We have to go on
what they say.
‘But, from mine and my
players’ point of view, we’d
have liked to see some
work going on out there.
‘it was almost conceding
we weren’t going to play
without doing anything.
it’s the start of the season
and everyone is frustrated.’
28 METRO Tuesday, April 17, 2018
in brief
evans to return in Glasgow as
he completes drug suspension
dan eVanS will make his comeback from a drugs
ban in glasgow next week after being handed a
wild-card entry by the Lawn tennis association.
having served a one-year ban after testing
positive for cocaine at last year’s barcelona
open, the 27-year-old englishman is set to play
in the qualifying draw for the glasgow trophy.
evans, who reached no.41 in the world last year, lesson
said: ‘i have learned a lot about myself in my
time away from the game, a sport i love dearly.
i’m grateful to those who have stood by me.’
minutes novak Djokovic needed to reach the second round of the
monte Carlo masters, beating Dusan Lajovic 6-0, 6-1. It was the
injury-plagued former world no.1’s first win since January’s australian open
Linden blows rivals away in boston triumph
deSiree Linden defied icy rain
and a strong headwind to become
the first american woman to win
the boston marathon since 1985.
Linden pulled away at the end of
heartbreak hill to win in two hours,
39 minutes, 54 seconds.
Japan’s Yuki kawauchi passed
defending champion geoffrey kirui
with a mile to go to win the men’s
race in 2hr 15:58min.
picture: reX
The olympic hockey gold medalliST wriTeS for METRO
ReDs ARe
back to basics: salah
(right) with defensive
linchpin Van Dijk
t’S BEEN a cracking week of
sport, yet despite a thrilling
Grand National, the England
netball team’s heroics and the
final chapters of this year’s
Premier league being written,
liverpool’s Champions league
campaign has been ever-present in
my mind’s eye.
Since drawing roma in the semifinals, my social media has been
crammed with fellow reds fans
believing the attacking brilliance of
Mohamed Salah and roberto
Firmino will see us through the tie.
however, while Mo and Bobby,
as us fans lovingly refer to them,
have been brilliant throughout the
season, it should not be forgotten
how the improvement in
liverpool’s defence has coincided
with our upturn in form.
Back in September, liverpool’s
defensive frailties were laid bare for
all to see – six matches, no clean
sheets, 13 goals conceded.
Manchester City had put five past
us, we were dumped out of the
Carabao Cup by leicester, drew
with Sevilla and Burnley at home
and Spartak Moscow away. the
only win that month was at
leicester in the Premier league.
For me, the problem in those six
games was liverpool had wildly
inconsistent team selections. We
had used three different goalkeepers
– Simon Mignolet, loris Karius
and Danny Ward, none of whom
played two consecutive games.
the selection of our defence was
equally unpredictable with the back
four not being kept the same for
successive matches and only Joel
Matip and Alberto Moreno playing
in more than three of the six games
Netball gains are hard to beat
even if Liverpool win the
Champions League, when BBC
Sports personality of the Year
rolls around, there’s only one
candidate to be named team
of the Year – england netball.
the Commonwealth Games
are often seen by the public as
a bit of a ‘mickey mouse’ event
and indeed among my hockey
that month. Fast forward to our last
six matches, which included both
Champions league legs versus
Manchester City, and we have only
conceded two goals (one being a
penalty) and kept four clean sheets.
During this run, Karius has been
ever-present in goal, as has
defensive linchpin Virgil van Dijk.
Excluding the game at Everton,
where Jurgen Klopp rotated his side
ahead of the second Champions
league tie, Andrew robertson has
also been in every line-up and 19year-old trent Alexander-Arnold
has started all but one game.
it is easy to say the addition of a
£75million defender should sort out
any backline but Van Dijk has
delivered not only on an individual
level but also instilled a calm that
has transformed the confidence and
abilities of those around him.
Our back four has a leader and
thanks to the consistency in
selection, he is now leading the
same people into each game.
there are two types of reaction
when it comes to what managers
call squad rotation but players think
of as competition for places.
While some players step up and
achievements, winning silver
at the Games ranks well below
my european gold and miles
behind the olympic gold.
But netball is different. the
competing teams on the Gold
Coast were the top-ranked 12
in the world. this was netball’s
olympics, so england deserve
full credit for their success.
rise to the challenge, others will go
into themselves and flounder,
feeling they don’t have the
manager’s confidence.
When representing Great Britain,
i never found competition for
places a reason to up my game. in
fact i found it a distraction. i
remember at times over-playing in
matches as i tried to impress the
manager and after a mistake i was
liable to get nervous and more
error-prone as opposed to playing a
natural, confident and simple game.
When i watched liverpool earlier
in the season, i saw a group of
players who reacted the same way
as i did and poor results followed.
Now, with the manager’s
confidence and a consistent Xi,
there is not such a heavy reliance
on Mo and Bobby to perform
against roma. Fingers crossed they
do, though!
Health is in your genes. Discover and exploit
your genetic gifts and buy a MUHDO DNA
health kit today ( MUHDO
can help you achieve your health and fitness
goals. Lose weight sustainably, build muscle
faster, get fitter and be healthier.
Tuesday, April 17, 2018 METRO 29
fo otball
picture: getty
fo otball in brief
unhappy Monday:
Mata knows united
have plenty to play
for this week despite
losing to West Brom
Rodriguez wants to leave race row behind
JaY roDrIGueZ wants to move
on after a Football association
charge of racially abusing
Brighton’s Gaetan Bong was
found not to be not proven, with
the west Brom forward saying
‘the truth always comes out’.
the 28-year-old, who grabbed
the winner in albion’s 1-0 win at
manchester united on Sunday,
said of the incident in January: ‘I
am always a great believer that
the truth always comes out and
it has. now we can move on and
I can just carry on working hard
for the team.’
t h e y s a i d i t. . .
‘It’s probably too little, too late, but it is a positive.’
West Brom’s chris Brunt admits sunday’s win over Manchester united,
sealed by Jay rodriguez’s goal, is unlikely to keep the Baggies up
How united react really Matas
Juan mata says manchester united
must quickly get over their shock
defeat to rock-bottom west Brom.
after Sunday’s loss confirmed
fierce rivals manchester City as
champions, mata admitted
yesterday was ‘not a happy monday’.
with a swift return to action away
to Bournemouth tomorrow and the
Fa Cup semi-final against
tottenham on Saturday, united have
little time to lick their wounds.
mata congratulated City and wrote
in his blog: ‘we will keep focusing on
two goals from here to the end of
the season: keeping the second
place and trying to get to the Fa Cup
final and to win the [cup].
‘In order to do that, this new week
is really important.’
diame: toon
don’t want to
slow up now
MOhAMED DiAME is adamant Newcastle are not done for the season after
effectively securing their Premier league
status for another year.
the Magpies, who at one stage appeared to be set for a relegation battle
following promotion last term, are tenth
in the table after beating Arsenal 2-1.
Sunday’s win at St James’ Park was
their fourth in succession but midfielder
Diame has insisted he and his teammates are looking to push on.
he said: ‘We’re still going to try to finish as high as possible in the table.
‘We have to enjoy winning for a few
days but, after that, focus on the next
task in hand. We have to start work again
this week and look to Everton (away
from home next Monday).’
Magpies manager rafael Benitez was
always confident his team would improve as the season wore on and his faith
has been fully justified in recent weeks.
Boosted by the January loan additions
of goalkeeper Martin Dubravka, Chelsea
midfielder Kenedy and leicester striker
(7.45pm unless stated)
Premier league
Brighton v tottenham .......................... TV
Sky Sports Premier League/Main Event
by mattheW nash
islam Slimani, they have lost only three
of their last 15 league games, two of
them to new champions Manchester City
and the other against Champions league
semi-finalists liverpool.
Diame’s central-midfield partnership
with Jonjo Shelvey has proved crucial,
although former Senegal star Diame
‘we have to work again
and look to everton’
played down his own contribution, adding: ‘it’s not only me, the team has been
working really hard.
‘We’ve all done brilliantly and it’s a
massive achievement for everybody at
the football club.
‘Not just that, for the fans, the people
of the city and everybody connected
with Newcastle itself. it’s just brilliant.’
sky bet league one
Bradford v portsmouth.............................
Doncaster v Bury........................................
gillingham v rotherham...........................
rochdale v Oldham ...................................
shrewsbury v charlton .............................
Wigan v Oxford utd ...................................
sky bet league two
accrington stanley v yeovil......................
exeter v chesterfield.................................
lincoln city v Wycombe............................
injured batshuayi
given russia hope
miChY batShUaYi could still
make the World Cup despite a
season-ending ankle injury.
the 24-year-old Chelsea
loanee was stretchered off in
dortmund’s derby defeat to
Schalke on Sunday.
While confirming batshuayi
is set to miss their final four
bundesliga games, dortmund
tweeted: ‘Playing for the
belgian national team at the
World Cup in russia is possible. get well soon, michy!’
30 METRO Tuesday, April 17, 2018
f o o t b a l l p r e m i e r l e ag u e
Poch’s not worried as he
looks to a bright future
Manager Mauricio pochettino will
take tottenham to Brighton in high
spirits tonight despite suffering their
first defeat of 2018.
a 3-1 loss to Manchester City at
Wembley on saturday was spurs’
first since losing to the newly crowned
champions in december.
‘after 14 games unbeaten, it was a
massive, massive run for us,’ said
pochettino. ‘We played Liverpool,
united, arsenal, Chelsea and 14
games unbeaten – i think the players
deserve full credit.
‘When we increased our level and
showed our real quality we showed
we can compete against Manchester
City – the best team in england.
‘i am not worried because i think
the team competed really well.’
spurs are well placed to reach the
Champions League and can stretch
their lead over fifth-placed Chelsea to
ten points by winning at Brighton
tonight. pochettino said: ‘to finish
could come in from
the cold to feature
for Spurs against
Brighton tonight.
the defender
(pictured) has
not played in
the league
since october
– including a
spell out
injured – with
speculation he
will move this summer.
top four and provide the club next
season with the Champions League in
the new stadium, that is our target.’
danny rose is still out with a calf
injury while harry Winks is recovering from an ankle problem in Qatar.
fit-again striker off the bench
with a bitter blow for Stoke
West Ham
Carroll 90
Stoke City
Crouch 79
by John payne
andY CarroLL dealt a hammer blow to
stoke’s hopes of staying up with a stunning lastminute strike after peter Crouch looked to have
thrown the visitors a premier League lifeline.
playing his first game since January, West
ham striker Carroll produced a lovely finish
after being teed up by aaron Cresswell and a
point was the very least the hosts deserved.
Crouch’s 79th-minute goal had looked like
giving the potters a smash-and-grab victory
when hammers goalkeeper Joe hart, in front of
watching england manager gareth southgate,
spilled Xherdan shaqiri’s fierce shot.
Considering stoke boss paul Lambert had
said pre-match his side needed to win three of
their final five games to stay up it was surprising they seemed to show little attacking intent
for much of the game and Jack Butland was by
far the busier goalkeeper.
and while hart floundered, Butland did his
World Cup hopes no harm with a string of
saves, including one with his face from ex-stoke
man Marko arnautovic’s close-range shot.
the hammers also had two goals correctly
chalked off for offside while the only time stoke
really threatened before they scored came when
opener: crouch, on as a substitute, celebrates his
goal after pouncing on Hart’s mistake
Moritz Bauer broke down the right but Mame
diouf blazed hopelessly over the bar.
after finding the net, Crouch was pressed into
stoke’s rearguard action but Carroll’s fine volley leaves them staring relegation in the face.
hammers boss david Moyes said: ‘We certainly didn’t deserve to lose. if we did, the football gods really would be against us.’
Lambert reflected afterwards: ‘it is a blow
because we were so close to winning. i thought
we were excellent. i couldn’t ask for any more
from my players.’
leaving no Stone unturned
For belleW rematCH
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sam quek
team building tHe key
to liverpool’S SuCCeSS
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Tuesday, April 17, 2018 METRO 31
f o o t b a l l p r e m i e r l e ag u e
picture: getty
t h e y s a i d i t. . .
‘Their goal killed us... it
would have been vital
three points, a lifeline. A
draw still a good result
but three would have
done us a world of good.’
stoke goalscorer peter crouch
laments West Ham’s last-gasp leveller
‘I didn’t feel sharp, the ball
came in and it was right
on the path of my left foot
so i just whacked it!’
andy carroll says he does not feel at
his best after just five days’ training
following injury
Premier League
(c) Man city
Man utd
Bournemouth 34
West Ham
Huddersfield 34
crystal palace 34
southampton 33
West Brom
poliCe Warn
of ref JustiCe
PoLiCe have
warned social
media trolls
they could be
committing a
offence by
referee michael
oliver and his wife
ife Lucy
the couple have been targeted
since the northumberland official,
who was on duty at West ham last
night (right), gave real madrid a
disputed penalty from which they
knocked out Juventus in last week’s
Champions League quarter-final.
a police spokesperson said: ‘this
type of behaviour is unacceptable
and those writing the messages
need to be aware they could be
committing a criminal offence.’
late show: carroll wheels
away after salvaging a
point for David Moyes’ men
the tipster
Oh, Spurs do like to be beside the seaside
tottenham will love a day out at the
by cementing a top-four finish. and the
seaside today when they visit
added bonus of grounding the Seagulls
brighton at the amex.
is that arsenal’s ‘St totteringham
Spurs were put in their place
day’ will be scrapped once again.
by manchester City at
tottenham are a bit short at 1/2
toronto -7 points
Wembley as Pep guardiola’s
to win but they are 8/11 with
to beat washington
team enjoyed their very own
bet365 to return to form in a
in tonight’s nba
Saturday night takeaway.
match featuring over 2.5 goals.
(sky bet)
but London’s top team
harry kane is 5/2 with betfair to
should move to the brink of
score the first goal and 5/7 with
next season’s Champions League
Unibet to hit the net at any time.
hit the
at monte Carlo
today by backing
kyle edmund (left)
to beat andreas
Seppi by over 2.5
games (Ladbrokes)
■ pompeY, rotherham, Shrewsbury
and wycombe are tonight’s yankee.
also back them as singles and enjoy
the winnings.
last-gasp drama: aguero celebrates in 2012
Sergio is so
pleased title
didn’t go to
Aguero time
by mattheW nash
sergio aguero has admitted it is a relief
Manchester City have secured the premier
League title without the need for any finalgame drama this season.
the striker famously scored the remarkable
injury-time goal against Qpr that saw City
clinch their first premier League crown on
the last day of the campaign in 2012.
City’s victory in 2014 was also not made
certain until the final game of the season.
their latest triumph has come with plenty
to spare after West Brom’s win at Manchester united on sunday ensured the job was
completed with five matches remaining.
aguero (pictured), City’s top scorer with 30
goals, said: ‘this is my third title with City
‘this season
has been
with the best
and it’s just a relief not to have to wait to the
final day this time! this season has been
incredible and the football we’ve played has
been the best i’ve been involved with here.
‘it’s been a pleasure to play with this team
and be part of everything we’ve achieved this
season. For players like david silva, vincent
Kompany and Yaya toure, who have been
here a long time, it’s even more special
because it’s another title we’ve won together.’
aguero, who moved to Manchester in 2011,
became City’s record goalscorer earlier in the
campaign and now has 199 strikes for the
club. ‘We have scored great goals, played
fantastic football and learned together under
pep,’ added the argentina striker, who missed
saturday’s victory for pep guardiola’s side at
tottenham with a knee injury.
‘now the trick is making sure we kick on
again next season and come back even stronger. But for now, let’s enjoy the moment
together with our fans and finish strongly.’
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