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The Daily Telegraph Sport - April 24, 2018

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Tuesday 24 April 2018
Hartley out England captain to miss
South Africa tour with concussion
Harry’s pain
nt off
Why treatment
Kane is a disgrace
Rugby Union, pages 10-11
Jason Burt, page 6
Beware the
Italian job
Klopp warns Salah that his former Roma
team-mates will take no prisoners at Anfield
Walcott strikes Winger hits winner but doubts remain over Allardyce
Everton 1-0 Newcastle, match report page 8
Tuesday 24 April 2018 The Daily Telegraph
Sport Champions League
Salah urged to
‘strike back’ and
seize advantage
Chris Bascombe
Klopp backs talisman to
thrive against old club
Henderson warns Roma
will pose huge challenge
Jurgen Klopp says Mohamed Salah
must bury old friendships and fight
fire with fire against his former club
Roma to prolong Liverpool’s dreams
of European glory.
Sentimentality will be cast aside
when the new Professional Footballers’ Association Player of the
Year faces players with whom he
shared a dressing room for two
years at the Stadio Olimpico.
As Liverpool seek a significant
first-leg advantage, Klopp reminded
his superstar goalscorer of Italian
defenders’ mean reputation.
“I’m pretty sure Italian defenders
are famous for not having friendly
games, so I think Mo will feel pretty
early in the game they are not his
team-mates any more,” said Klopp.
“Then he can strike back in a football way.”
The personal accolades are
mounting for Salah since his
£39 million move from the Italian
capital, but Klopp says only team
honours will elevate the Egyptian’s
career. This is Liverpool’s first
opportunity in nine years to reach
the final of Europe’s most prized
“He knows that. I don’t need to
tell him,” said Klopp. “It is absolutely clear he sees what the boys
are doing for him. You can’t score
without seeing the gap and making
the pass. It does not work. Mo has
scored an outstanding number of
goals, which is the main reason for
being PFA Player of the Year because the players know how special
it is and how difficult it is to score.
That’s why we are so hot on strikers.
It is really special that he knows.”
The eve of major European ties at
Anfield are dominated by similar
themes – the weight of history, the
importance of seizing the moment
and the role of fans recreating the
noise that inspired past glories.
There is also a point in cup runs
of this nature when satisfaction at
unforeseen progress yields to a
demand to deliver. For Klopp’s
Liverpool, the mood has shifted
through every stage of their Champions League journey, especially
since the knockout rounds.
“Porto, at Porto, was a massive
statement,” said the German. “Did
we expect that before the game? Of
course not. Who can expect 5-0 at
Porto? It doesn’t happen too often.
Then you play City and win again
3-0. It was so massive so it felt like,
‘Wow!’ Not that we are surprised,
but it was such a big step for us, in
the manner that we played the
games. That was all brilliant and
that’s what we have to deliver again.”
Despite those statement victories,
and Liverpool scoring more and
conceding fewer than any other
Champions League team this season,
Klopp sounds more comfortable
with the perception that his side are
defying expectations rather than
meeting them.
“People ask me if I feel pressure.
No. I only feel opportunity,” he said.
“There is no pressure. We are in the
semi-final. We are not the team that
At home in Rome How Egyptian thrived in Serie A
Salah’s career
when Chelsea
loaned him to
AS Roma in
August 2015.
An earlier
loan spell at
had shown his
potential and
the goals again
flowed in
Rome. By the
summer, when
Roma finished
third, Salah
(above) was
the club’s top
scorer, player
of the season
and then star
signing as
Chelsea let
him go
Under coach
Spalletti, Salah
from fleetfooted winger
to intelligent
creator and
scorer. A
display against
Bologna was
capped by a
hat-trick and
Spalletti was
praise. “Salah
is the best
player I’ve
coached,” he
said. In his two
seasons at
Rome, Salah
scored 29
league goals
and provided
17 assists
before the
club warded
off the threat
of Financial
Fair Play
penalties by
selling to
has to win. We are the team that can
win. We always have wanted to win
the next game and we have. Very
often. Most people in the football
world thought the last four was
Bayern, Barcelona, Real Madrid
and City, so Barcelona are not here
because of Roma and City because
of us. We both deserve to be here.
“Maybe a lot of people think the
real final should be Real Madrid v
Bayern Munich. That will not happen because they are in a semi, so
one of us will go through. That is a
big chance for both of us but a big
job to do.”
Captain Jordan Henderson feels
Liverpool remain the least-fancied
among the last four. “I still see us as
going into this as the underdog,
with them beating Barcelona, who
were probably favourites before the
last round,” said Henderson. “They
have really laid down a marker for
the Champions League. They are
the team to beat.”
Can that really be the case when
you have beaten Manchester City
5-1 over two legs? “Yes, but that’s
just us going out and doing what we
are capable of,” said Henderson.
“We need to keep doing that and
doing it again and again and again.
This is a huge challenge. A huge
test. We need the perfect performance to get the result.
“Of course, the expectation will
come, but we expect big things
from ourselves with the players we
have, the squad we have and the
manager we have. We expect to go
out there and perform to the levels
we have.
“That’s what you have to focus
on – performance. A lot of things
can happen in football but if you
perform to the best of your ability,
give everything, and do what the
manager wants, then it gives you a
better chance of winning.”
Inevitably, Klopp and Henderson
faced the perennial “history” question. “Our focus is for people to be
looking back at this team in 20 or
30 years and saying how good we
were and how special this year was
or the next few years will be,” said
Whichever corner Klopp turns at
Anfield, there is always a classic
photograph or quote decorating a
wall. He thinks his team have
already done enough to be remembered similarly. “It is long ago Liverpool were last in the semifinals. If in 10 years we don’t come
to the semis again, then we’ll say,
‘Last time, semis, that’s history,
2018 … that’s already history’.”
Tellingly Klopp does not believe
this particular chapter is near to a
conclusion. “This is not a once-in-alifetime chance,” he insisted. “It’s
another step.”
Vital statistics How
the rivals square up
The Daily Telegraph Tuesday 24 April 2018
Liverpool have a glorious
chance to use power of
Anfield to step up a level
Jason Burt
Stopping the dangerous
visitors from scoring an
away goal may be just as
important as winning
nfield. Under the
lights. A big European
night. A Champions
League semi-final.
Some football fans
may scoff at the depth,
the emotion, the intensity of such
an occasion and what it can
provoke, but it only has to be
witnessed once to be believed; to
be converted.
Then, even the most myopic of
sceptics changes; for it is real and it
is tangible and it can overwhelm
the most formidable of opponents,
as Pep Guardiola discovered most
recently, and Jose Mourinho in the
There is no doubt that Jurgen
Klopp has harnessed that, the first
Liverpool manager to do so with its
full power since Rafa Benitez in
2005 … and we all know what
happened then.
Liverpool reached the final
again, in 2007, again overcoming
Chelsea at this stage, but this time
it is not a domestic opponent who
stands in their way but Roma, a
club and a name who in themselves
evoke glorious European
memories for Liverpool, not least
the victory over the Italians in 1984
in their Olympic Stadium and
Bruce Grobbelaar’s “spaghetti legs”
in the first European Cup final
decided on a penalty shoot-out.
Alan Kennedy sealed Liverpool’s
fourth European title with his spot
kick, a fourth title in just seven
years, with Benitez adding that
fifth 21 years later.
Thirteen years on from then and
there is again a growing sense of
destiny about Liverpool’s
Champions League campaign and,
increasingly, this epic competition
is evolving into one in which
mental strength, belief and that
power of emotion become preeminent, as Real Madrid have
proved in winning it three times in
four years.
Roma are dangerous, they have
to be to have reached this stage.
Only the serious teams survive this
far. Barcelona, Juventus,
Manchester City, Paris St-Germain,
Manchester United and Chelsea are
among those who have fallen by
the wayside.
To reach the last four is an
astonishing achievement in itself
and there is a thirst for revenge
from I Giallorossi after 1984, which
is the closest they have come to
Ready for battle: Jordan Henderson leads Liverpool’s preparations for Roma
winning the trophy with the big
Just as Liverpool would have
wanted Roma, then Roma would
have wanted Liverpool, ahead of
either Real or Bayern Munich. And
just as Liverpool produced their
calling card, their warning shot, by
so impressively beating City 5-1 on
aggregate, so did Roma by
remarkably overturning the 4-1
deficit they suffered away to
Barcelona in the first leg of their
last-16 tie.
Beating Barcelona, even a
Barcelona not as awesome as in
recent years, by any margin is
some feat. They have Lionel Messi,
after all.
To have to win 3-0 and then to
win 3-0 is historic and, to do that,
Roma again kept a clean sheet at
their own stadium in which an
As the Champions
League top scorers,
Liverpool will be
confident – and they
will be favourites
extraordinary atmosphere can also
be whipped up. It means that
having topped a group that,
included Chelsea and Atletico
Madrid – as with Liverpool, Roma
were seeded in Pot Three when the
draw took place last August – they
have not conceded a goal at home
in Europe this season, with
Shakhtar Donetsk also having
failed to score in Rome.
That Barcelona result also
suggests that even what would
have been regarded as an emphatic
first-leg advantage is no longer
seen as that in the Champions
League, especially if the away team
score, as Roma did at the Nou
But then again, no one would
back against Liverpool scoring in
the second leg, although the way
Roma nullified Shakhtar and
Barcelona is a warning.
As the competition’s top scorers
– with 33 goals in just 10 matches
– and with their formidable
attacking armoury and a defence
galvanised around Virgil van Dijk,
Liverpool will believe – and they
will be favourites to reach the final
in Kiev on May 26.
Can Roma stop their former
player, Mohamed Salah? That has
been the most obvious theme of
the build-up and, as familiar as
they are with the Egyptian who left
them last summer for a snip of
£37 million, that is easier said than
done. Salah has moved to a whole
different level and Liverpool will
attempt to target the cumbersome
former Tottenham Hotspur
defender Federico Fazio.
Possibly Roma coach Eusebio Di
Francesco, known for his boldness,
may switch to a back three,
flooding his midfield in a 3-5-2
formation as he did against
Barcelona to deal with Messi. And
Salah is Liverpool’s Messi.
But can Liverpool stop the man
for whom Salah provided so many
assists, Roma’s lead striker, Edin
Dzeko, who has again proved to be
one of the most accomplished
No 9s in European football?
Stopping Roma from claiming an
away goal may be as important to
Liverpool’s prospects as winning
the match and achieving a
substantial advantage. Van Dijk’s
role is therefore clear.
What the quarter-final against
City proved is that the
redevelopment of Anfield, with its
impressive new Main Stand,
opening up the stadium, does not
mean the atmosphere has been
Just as impressively, Klopp has
rebuilt on the pitch and stirred the
emotions. Liverpool have thrust
themselves among Europe’s elite
once more. Can they now take the
next step?
Tuesday 24 April 2018 The Daily Telegraph
Sport Champions League
Paul Hayward
Club have suffered since
final defeat by Liverpool
and need success now
to fund their recovery
oma’s whole story is
wrapped round the
European Cup, from
the defeat on penalties
by Liverpool in the
1984 final at the Stadio
Olimpico to the need now to be
Champions League heavyweights
to fund the club’s transformation.
With a billionaire Bostonian
owner, James Pallotta, and plans
for their own stadium in 2021,
Roma are locked in combat both
with the ghosts of 34 years ago and
Italy’s bigger names: Juventus,
Napoli, and the two Milans.
“It was like discovering Santa
doesn’t exist,” says Luca
d’Alessandro, a director of the
Vocegiallorossa website and Roma
scout, of the 1984 defeat, from
which captain Agostino Di
Bartolomei’s descent towards
suicide 10 years to the day after the
final is viewed as the ultimate
symbol of the club’s distress.
At Roma’s training ground, an
all-weather practice pitch (Campo
A) with bleachers memorialises Di
Bartolomei as idol and lost son. “Di
Bartolomei – ‘Ago’ for fans – was
the last great AS Roma captain
until Francesco Totti’s rise,”
D’Alessandro says. “He was a
humble person outside the pitch.
He was a great playmaker with a
great long pass and long shot. It’s a
sad story.
“If you ask a Roma fan the
question about how damaged the
club was after 1984, their first
answer will be: look what
happened to Di Bartolomei.”
In their Tyrian purple-and-gold
shirts, Roma have won three
league titles, in 1942, 1983 and
2001, and have fielded many Serie
Fluid formation
Liverpool must be
ready for more
than one Roma to
turn up tonight
by JJ Bull
How Roma play
Eusebio Di Francesco was a
hard-working, clever and
determined midfielder. His
Roma team reflect those
qualities and are full of energy,
neat on the ball and tactically
A legends: Totti, Aldair, Cafu,
Gabriel Batistuta, Bruno Conti,
Falcao, Carlo Ancelotti and Franco
Tancredi among them. But the
current quest is to move into the
front rank of European powers at a
time when operating losses have
been softened by player sales.
As the respected Swiss Ramble
financial analyst pointed out on the
eve of the first leg, Roma’s TV,
match-day and commercial income
fell sharply last season on the back
of their absence from the
Champions League, and “their
€36 million [£31.5 million] loss
before tax was the second-highest
in Serie A” behind Milan’s
€70 million. Juventus, Napoli and
Roma’s rivals Lazio were all in
Settling in:
Edin Dzeko walks
on the Anfield
pitch last night
with his Roma
Capital haul Rome’s European Cup wait
European Cups
by capital cities
Biggest capital
cities with no
European Cups
profit. Swiss Ramble says Roma’s
“loss would have been even higher
without [a] €95 million profit on
player sales, mainly Mohamed
Salah to Liverpool, Antonio
Rudiger to Chelsea and Leandro
Paredes to Zenit St Petersburg”.
Under these financial pressures,
Roma acquired Aleksandar
Kolarov, Cengiz Under, Gregoire
Defrel, and Lorenzo Pellegrini and
have been rewarded with a
storming run to the semi-finals, via
a 3-0 home victory over Barcelona
that reversed a 4-1 first-leg defeat.
Until the new stadium arrives, only
regular Champions League action
makes the sums add up. Edin
Dzeko, their star player,
meanwhile, articulates the
flexible. If the opposition build
from the back, as Chelsea did in
their 3-0 loss to them this season,
Roma press high and try to
capitalise on mistakes by
hounding players on the ball.
If the opposition get past their
press, they fall back, get tight
and force the ball wide, trusting
the centre-backs to head away
crosses. Roma like to hold on to
the ball and have a 56 per cent
average share of possession in
Serie A. Like Klopp, Di Francesco
prefers a 4-3-3.
What Liverpool might face
Roma very nearly did not make it
this far. At 4-1 down from the
sporting reasons for always
wanting to go far in Europe. “In
Serie A, we’re not doing the best
we can do, but we’re still fighting
for the Champions League,” Dzeko
says. “As you’ve seen this year, the
Champions League is very
important. It’s the best competition
in the world.”
The 1984 final will be a relic to
most young Roma fans, but such
traumas have a way of permeating
club culture. D’Alessandro says:
“That match was a point of no
return. Yes, Roma won a few
Coppa Italias and reached [and
lost] the 1991 Uefa Cup final, but
that [’84] final signalled the
moment in the club’s storyline
where it could go up a level and
failed to do so.
“Di Bartolomei and [Nils]
Liedholm [the manager] left.
Sven-Goran Eriksson came in as
the coach. But the season after that
final was poor: we finished in
seventh position in Serie A. For a
great victory we had to wait until
2001. This means 17 years of
purgatory after being so close to
reaching heaven.
“For AS Roma, a sort of
Cinderella in the competition, to
come so far is a sort of victory. It’s a
good team. The stars are captain
Daniele De Rossi, born and raised
at AS Roma, like Totti; Dzeko was
criticised in his first season but
now is an idol. This year we bought
Kolarov, who has given the team
the international experience
needed. Radja Nainggolan and
Kevin Strootman are potentially
world-class players. This year, we
discovered Alisson, one of the best
goalkeepers in the world. And
Cengiz Under’s star has risen.”
According to D’Alessandro,
“Liverpool means two things to
Roma: Mohamed Salah and the
1984 final”. Exactly 10 years after
that night, Di Bartolomei, who, at
Roma, carried a gun in a bag after
being mugged in a restaurant,
walked on to the balcony of his
villa in San Marco di Castellabate
and shot himself through the heart.
He called the 1984 final “the game
of my life”. It was also the game of
his death.
quarter-final opening leg against
Barcelona, Di Francesco
switched to a 3-5-2 for the first
time this season. The formation
changed during the game
(above), becoming a 5-4-1
defensive shape and 3-2-5/3-4-2-1
attacking shape against
Roma haunted by 1984
loss and captain’s tragedy
Barcelona’s 4-4-2 diamond. One
of the keys to the system was the
movement of Radja Nainggolan
(No 4 in the graphic far left).
Depending on the phase of play,
he would either add midfield
steel alongside Kevin Strootman
and Daniele De Rossi, help out
the left of midfield or attack the
left half-space behind Edin
Dzeko. With Aleksandar Kolarov
providing width on the left, and
Alessandro Florenzi the right,
Dzeko and Patrik Schick could
attack in central areas.
The threat of Liverpool’s
forward three will concern Di
Francesco, who may adopt a
more defensive version of his
The Daily Telegraph Tuesday 24 April 2018
Klopp pleads with supporters
for no repeat of City bus attack
By Chris Bascombe
Liverpool manager Jurgen
Klopp issued a video appeal
to supporters not to replicate
the ugly scenes that greeted
the Manchester City team
bus prior to Anfield’s last
Champions League game.
After Uefa charged the
club for the damage caused
to the City coach, Klopp
made an address via Liverpool’s website demanding
respect for the Roma visitors.
Liverpool are anticipating
another strong turnout of
fans as the coaches arrive
along Anfield Road and
barriers were being erected
along the road yesterday in
readiness – as they were
before the City game.
Now it is hoped Klopp’s
intervention will have the
required impact. “You have a
preferred 4-3-3 at Anfield,
shifting to a deep 4-5-1 when
Liverpool have the ball.
Going direct
Although Roma prefer a short
passing, patient build-up, in the
second leg against Barcelona
they mixed this up with long
direct balls for Dzeko to take
down or chase. They did this to
great effect in the sixth minute
(left) when De Rossi spotted the
forward run and knocked it into
Dzeko’s path. Nainggolan and
Schick lurked behind him, with
the wing-backs high up the
pitch. Barca were outnumbered
and Dzeko did the rest.
Liverpool will push higher up
the pitch than Barca did here and
must be alert to Dzeko’s
movement off the ball.
Roma could target Dejan Lovren
with crosses from wide.
Red mist: The Manchester City
coach under fire outside Anfield
reputation in world football
for being world class,” said
the German. “Passion. Spirit.
Humour. But most of all
warm and welcoming. We
should make this special for
all the right reasons.
“We respect AS Roma as
people and professionals and
I know all true Liverpool
supporters feel exactly the
same. We want to beat them
on the football field but, off
it, show respect.
“So, let’s channel all our
passion, all our support
towards our team, our club.
Anfield has been the true star
of the European campaign.”
It was a message Klopp
reiterated in his Uefa press
conference. After the scenes
greeting City he had branded
those responsible “idiotic”,
saying he felt embarrassed.
“In the stadium, do it
again, outside the stadium
please show the respect we
have to show,” he said.
“This is such a fantastic
club, known for a fantastic
atmosphere all over the
world, so we don’t need to
throw whatever at the bus of
the opponent.”
Tuesday 24 April 2018 The Daily Telegraph
This all
from the
of him
a goal.
Moment of
Harry Kane
insisted that he
got a faint
touch on the ball
before Christian
Eriksen’s cross
reached the net
against Stoke
FA scores an
own goal by
making fun of
talisman Kane
Both the
ruling body
and players’
union show
by mocking
striker just
weeks from
the World
t has been a strange couple
of weeks for Harry Kane. He
has returned early from a
bad ankle injury, has been
lampooned for claiming a
goal against Stoke City,
mocked by the Football
Association’s Twitter account and
was even the butt of a joke by Ben
Purkiss, the chairman of the
Professional Footballers’
Association, in front of his peers at
their awards evening on Sunday.
Kane could be forgiven, along
with the rest of us, for having to
Google exactly who Purkiss is after
he “quipped”: “Harry Kane is so
prolific that he is able to score
without touching the ball.” A
search will have shown the
34-year-old is a journeyman
defender whose career started at
Sheffield United but slid down
from there. He is currently at
League Two club Swindon Town.
Nothing wrong with that,
although quite why, as chairman of
the players’ union which is there to
support its members, he felt it
necessary to take the mickey out of
Kane is another matter.
But that is the “bantz”, as the
football world cringingly puts it,
and Kane would
ved far
have received
bing –
worse ribbing
n the
not least in
Spurs dressing
ce he
room – since
appealed against the
Premier League’s
o award his
decision to
nd goal
side’s second
oke to
against Stoke
Christian Eriksen. But
at stayed
at least that
within the four walls. It
n attempt to
was not an
m in public by
ridicule him
the FA or his own union.
What was their point,
ht wonder?
Kane might
He was adamant he had
touched Eriksen’s
free-kick and the goal was
y awarded to
him as he attempted to
wn Liverpool’s
chase down
Mohamed Salah and
he Premier
become the
League’s leading
goalscorerr for a third
e season. So
driven is Kane that it did
not occur to him his
behaviour would cause a
fuss. He is fuelled by scoring goals,
by winning and by making himself
the best he can possibly be. Spend
any time in his company and it is
quickly apparent that whenever
his career ends, no one will accuse
him of not trying to wring out
every last ounce of his talent:
whether that is through employing
a personal chef, taking advice on
sleep patterns, examining sports
such as American football, for
which he has a passion, or working
with a sprint coach.
Kane is aware of the statistics,
the comparisons with the greats,
the career landmarks and that,
alone, is rare among British
footballers. He is unabashed in his
desire to be the best and wants to
be bracketed in the elite. That is
part of his competitive instinct and
there are not enough like him.
Kane wants to win personal and
team honours. One dream is to win
the Ballon d’Or; to be voted the
world’s best player. And why not?
If he does, then his club and
country will profit. Salah
deservedly won the PFA Player of
the Year award on Sunday. An
Englishman has not won it since
Wayne Rooney in 2010 and Kane is
his country’s best hope of
eventually ending that run.
Those close to Kane say he is
unmoved by the ridicule that
followed him claiming Eriksen’s
goal although that does not quite
tally with Spurs manager M
24Pochettino claiming the 24-yearFo Kane
old had been “hurt” by it. For
it was a black and white issu
issue. He
was adamant the ball came o
off him
and, therefore, it was his go
attemp to
For the FA then to attempt
cash in on that theme was c
stupid and immature. A twe
tweet went
out after Tottenham’s defea
defeat by
Manchester United in the FA Cup
semi-final on Saturday, during
which Kane was superbly shackled
by United’s defence. The me
asked “What’s in your pocket,
Chris?” with a vi
video of
defender Chris
Smalling saying:
“Harry Kane.”
It was
retweeted more
than 20,0
provoking a
much of it
before it
was taken
down. On
the scale
of ga
gaffes by
the FA – and
it is quite an
extensive sscale
– it is hardly hug
huge, but
what does it say ab
the organisation that
th it is
so desperate to cu
favour or be part o
of the
zeitgeist that who
was managing its social
media account on
Sunday thought it would
be funny to ridicu
ridicule the
man expected to c
England at the Wo
Cup in a few week
The FA has sent a written
apology to Spurs and United,
who were not impressed by the
tweet either, which was the
correct response, but what an
idiotic, avoidable episode it was. I
wonder what the reaction would
have been in Portugal had the
Portuguese Football Federation
done that to Cristiano Ronaldo?
Kane would be perfectly within
his rights to question the FA’s
motives and, maybe, tell it where
to go the next time it asks him to
promote a commercial venture
for England.
Kane has been the golden boy
of English football. He has not
courted controversy; there is no
juicy backstory to his success. In
fact, this is the first piece of
negativity around him and it all
stemmed from the heinous crime
of him claiming a goal. Nothing
more. It has, therefore, fuelled
social media, which can be such a
cesspit, with memes and gifs that
have gone way beyond attempts
at humour – not least in the case
of the FA. The ridicule has been
almost gleeful.
But why? It now seems to be
open season on Kane and,
however thick his skin, however
impervious he is to criticism –
and no one ultimately is – it does
not help England. Ask Gareth
Southgate. His squad will go to
the World Cup with the
acceptance that the biggest
barrier to success at major
tournaments is the pressure the
players feel and how it prompts
them to freeze on the big stage.
Yet here are the FA and the PFA
messing with England’s biggest
hope of not being humiliated for
once by taking the mickey out of
him. Maybe I am being too
po-faced. But that is not funny.
Wenger stands
chance of final
rsene Wenger has said
every defeat is like a scar
on his heart, but few
setbacks have hurt him as much
as what he referred to as the most
difficult period of his professional
life: when, as Monaco coach in
the Nineties, he was denied the
French title while suspicious that
rivals were match-fixing.
Marseille were proven to have
cheated their way to the league,
with their owner Bernard Tapie
having bought off opponents.
Wenger has never forgotten.
Why would he? How incredible it
would be, then, should Arsenal
get through their Europa League
semi-final against Atletico Madrid
and face Marseille in the final.
The French club take on Salzburg
in the other tie.
It would be some send-off if, in
his last act as Arsenal manager,
Wenger could achieve a victory
that would both take the club
back into the Champions League
and, hopefully, provide personal
The Daily Telegraph Tuesday 24 April 2018
Sport Football
Ruling body apologises for mocking Spurs striker
FA writes to Tottenham
and United over tweet
PFA chairman makes
joke at player’s expense
By Matt Law
The Football Association has apologised for mocking England striker
Harry Kane after Tottenham Hot-
spur’s FA Cup semi-final defeat
against Manchester United.
Both clubs were astonished to
find that a message poking fun at
Kane was posted on the official FA
Cup Twitter account.
The message asked the United
defender Chris Smalling, “What’s
in your pocket?” and included a
short video clip of him saying,
“Harry Kane.”
It is understood that Tottenham
and United were unimpressed. An
FA spokesman said: “We have writ-
Arsenal’s transfer
budget is only £50m
By Jeremy Wilson
Arsene Wenger’s successor
as Arsenal manager will have
to work with a restricted
summer budget of around
£50 million following two
club-record transfers and
three major new contracts in
the past 12 months.
Unlike new managers over
recent seasons at the two
Manchester clubs, Arsenal’s
new appointment will not be
able to transform the squad
with a large spending spree
without first making bigmoney sales himself.
Arsenal have begun sounding out some of Wenger’s
potential replacements, with
former Barcelona manager
Luis Enrique emerging as a
strong candidate and understood to be keen, but chief
executive Ivan Gazidis is
committed to a thorough
process. Max Allegri, Mikel
Arteta, Leonardo Jardim,
Joachim Loew are among the
other leading options.
As well as a manager who
will continue to play attacking football and give young
players their chance, Arsenal
also want high standards of
discipline. One criticism of
Wenger has been that he has
been too easy-going with his
first-team squad.
Arsenal spent more than
£100 million on Alexandre
Lacazette and Pierre-Emerick
Aubameyang during the past
two transfer windows alone,
but also hugely significant is
how they committed themselves to three huge contracts
in January for Aubameyang,
Mesut Ozil and Henrikh
The summer before, in
2016, was also the biggest
total spend in Arsenal’s history following the signings
of Shkodran Mustafi, Granit
Xhaka, Rob Holding and
Lucas Perez.
It suggests that, although
the new manager should be
able to make one major signing this summer, other significant additions are likely
to come down to a choice
between sales or working to
improve the existing group.
Results and fixtures
Premier League
Everton (0) 1
Newcastle (0) 0
Walcott 51
Wealdstone 3 East Thurrock 0.
Mickleover Sports 1 Stalybridge 0.
EVO-STIK SOUTHERN.-Prem: Hitchin 0
Dorchester 0.
BOSTIK.-Prem: Kingstonian 3 Staines Town 1.
EA SPORTS CUP.-2nd rd: Waterford 1 Cork City
1 (AET; Score at 90 mins 0-0. Waterford win 4-3
on penalties).
PREMIER LGE 2.-Div 1: Leicester 3 Derby
1-Swansea 1 Sunderland 0. Div 2: Aston Villa 0
Norwich 1-Newcastle 1 Fulham 1-Reading 3 Stoke
1-Southampton 2 Middlesbrough 1-West Brom 1
Blackburn 4-Wolverhampton 0 Brighton 5.
ITALY: Genoa 3 Verona 1.
SPAIN: Athletic Bilbao 1 Levante 3.
Fixtures 7.45 unless stated
Liverpool v Roma
Derby v Cardiff
Nottingham Forest v Barnsley
Bradford v Milton Keynes Dons
Bristol Rovers v Wigan
Doncaster v Blackburn
Oldham v Southend
Rochdale v Plymouth
Shrewsbury v Peterborough
Coventry v Lincoln City
Morecambe v Cambridge Utd
Newport Co v Accrington
Yeovil v Forest Green
Livingston v Inverness CT
Berwick v Stenhousemuir
VANARAMA NATIONAL: Bromley v Barrow,
Gateshead v Ebbsfleet Utd, Leyton Orient v
Maidenhead Utd, Torquay v Guiseley, Tranmere v
Solihull Moors. North: Blyth Spartans v Curzon
Ashton, Nuneaton v Boston Utd, Spennymoor Tn v
AFC Telford. South: Bognor Regis Tn v
Chelmsford, Braintree Tn v Oxford City, Concord
Rangers v Hungerford Tn, Poole Tn v Whitehawk,
Welling v Bath City, Weston-S-Mare v Truro City.
Altrincham v Marine, Barwell v Stourbridge,
Grantham v Warrington Tn, Lancaster City v
Buxton, Matlock Tn v Ashton Utd, Nantwich Tn v
Shaw Lane, Stalybridge v Workington, Whitby v
Rushall Olympic, Witton Albion v Farsley Celtic.
EVO-STIK SOUTHERN.-Prem: Biggleswade v
Dunstable, Bishop’s Stortford v Merthyr, Kettering
v Tiverton, Royston v Slough, St Ives v Chesham.
BOSTIK.-Prem: Billericay v Harlow, Dorking
Wanderers v Harrow Borough, Leiston v Needham.
JD WELSH PREMIER: Prestatyn Tn v Barry Tn.
Nairn County (8), Strathspey Thistle v
Fraserburgh (8).
Welfare v Hawick Royal Albert (7).
EA SPORTS CUP.-2nd rd: Shamrock Rovers v
Longford Tn, Shelbourne v Drogheda Utd.
Arsenal v Liverpool (7.30)
P W D L F A GD Pts
14 9 5 0 34 9 25 32
Man City
12 8 2 2 33 13 20 26
15 7 4 4 34 17 17 25
13 7 4 2 25 13 12 25
13 8 0 5 26 17 9 24
World Cup focus:
Gareth Southgate
will be unhappy
with the ridicule of
England’s forward
ten to both clubs to apologise for
any offence caused.”
Gareth Southgate was at Wembley to see Kane suffer a rare off-day.
The England manager, too, is likely
to have been unhappy with the
tweet. Kane will be his key player at
the World Cup and is likely to be
captain, which made the tweet
even more surprising.
It had more than 20,000 retweets
and provoked jibes at Kane, who
has recently returned from an ankle injury.
The FA Cup Twitter account was
not alone in making Kane the butt
of its jokes over the weekend, as he
was again mocked for claiming
Tottenham’s second goal at Stoke
City recently – which was initially
given to Christian Eriksen. The Professional Footballers’ Association
chairman Ben Purkiss, at the organisation’s player-of-the-year awards,
said: “Harry Kane is so prolific that
he is able to score without touching
the ball.”
Liverpool forward Mo Salah, who
is leading the race with Kane for the
golden boot, was named PFA Player
of the Year. Salah’s team-mate Simon Mignolet reacted by telling the
Egyptian to “take care” as “someone else might claim it”.
Tuesday 24 April 2018 The Daily Telegraph
Sport Premier League
Everton heading in right direction,
Walcott 51
Newcastle United
Att: 39,061
By Luke Edwards
at Goodison Park
Welcome to the Premier League’s
battle for eighth place, a fight not
really worth bruising your knuckles for, as the expensively assembled, established team beat the
promoted one by a solitary goal in a
mistake-ridden contest that failed
to enhance the reputations of anyone involved.
The goal was scored by Everton’s
Theo Walcott, early in the second
half, with his team’s only shot on
target. Everton just about deserved
the win, but the three points will
only muffle the animosity towards
manager Sam Allardyce, rather
than silence it.
Even after taking the lead, Everton were far from convincing and it
was Newcastle who finished strongest. The visitors should have equalised when substitute Dwight Gayle
fired over from six yards and only a
magnificent defensive header from
Seamus Coleman in stoppage time
denied them a draw.
“What was wrong with our style
today?” asked Allardyce. “We completely dominated the game, outpassed the opposition and found it
Manchester City (C)
Manchester Utd
34 29
34 23
98 25 90
65 26 74
35 20 11
34 20 8
80 37
66 31
34 19
34 17
6 9
6 11
59 34
66 46
35 14 11 10
35 32
35 12 9 14
34 11 11 12
40 54
49 47
34 11
8 15
35 43
9 11 15
41 58
35 10 8 17
34 8 12 14
42 60
32 47
Crystal Palace
8 11 16
36 54
West Ham
8 11 15
9 8 17
8 9 17
42 63
27 54
27 51
West Brom
5 14 15
6 11 18
4 13 18
33 53
32 65
29 54
difficult to break them down because of their negative tactics.
“Up to 75 minutes we were excellent. But we had to do a bit more
frantic defending after that and we
lost our rhythm when Morgan
Schneiderlin went off. I’m pleased
for the team. I think the whole team
suffered a loss of confidence at the
start of the season, but we are going
in the right direction again.”
It is comments like these for
which Allardyce is so often criticised. Everton did not dominate
and there was plenty wrong with
their display. Performances like
these can be excused when all that
matters is avoiding relegation, but
Everton did not anticipate scrapping with Newcastle and Leicester
for eighth place back in August and
there are too many supporters who
fail to see how they can be anything
more with Allardyce in charge.
A banner appeared in the
Gwladys Street End before kick-off
urging him to leave at the earliest
opportunity and Newcastle’s travelling contingent taunted their hosts
with chants of “you’ve got Sam Allardyce” midway through a dreary
first half. The silence that followed
from the home fans spoke volumes.
Even those who have some appreciation for the job Allardyce has
done in guiding the team away
from the bottom three are unwilling to offer their support.
Regardless of the mess he found
them in and no matter how efficiently he has cleared it up, eighth
or ninth is not where Everton perceive they should be. With the malcontents also resentful of the
cautious, safety-first football served
up, Allardyce is swimming against a
ferocious tide on Merseyside.
In contrast, a top-10 place would
represent a fine finish for Newcastle under the popular Rafa Benitez.
Their attention has also turned to
what comes next and Benitez has
warned he will commit his longterm future to the club only if they
share his ambition. The feeling is
the Spaniard will stay for at least the
remaining year on his contract.
Benitez will target a top-eight
finish next season and will have the
momentum of this campaign behind him. Newcastle have been superb since the start of the year and,
although this was not a repeat of
their swashbuckling display against
Arsenal, it was further proof of how
much they have improved.
Solo strike: Theo Walcott evades the
Newcastle defence to score the winner
Not that this will make the highlights reel come the end of the season. Everton created the first
chance after two minutes, a rapid,
direct run from Walcott leading to a
shot from Cenk Tosun, which went
wide. There was not another real
effort on goal for more than half an
hour, when Phil Jagielka could not
turn in Michael Keane’s header.
Newcastle should have made far
more of the one opportunity that
came their way before half-time, a
poor clearance from Jordan Pick-
ford falling to Ayoze Perez, but he
overhit a simple through ball to the
unmarked Islam Slimani.
Perez’s poor night continued after the break when he failed to hit
the target when sent in on goal by
Kenedy. That was a let off for Everton, which they punished minutes
later when DeAndre Yedlin failed to
clear Yannick Bolasie’s cross and
Walcott was able to fire a closerange shot into the roof of the net.
Newcastle exerted plenty of
pressure after that, as the home
crowd’s pleasure turned back into
frustration, but there was not
enough quality in the final third.
“Neither team had many chances
and we did not take ours,” said Benitez. “When the referee allows the
home team to be so physical, it is
hard. We battled. We had chances
to draw, but we have lost against a
good team. Look at the numbers
[cost] of their players.”
Everton (4-3-3) Pickford 6; Coleman 6, Jagielka 6,
Keane 6, Baines 6; Rooney 5, Gueye 6; Schneiderlin 6
(Davies 52); Walcott 7, Tosun 6 (Niasse 85), Bolasie 6
(Calvert-Lewin 59). Subs Robles (g), Martina, Funes Mori,
Baningime. Booked Keane, Gueye.
Newcastle United (4-2-3-1) Dubravka 6; Yedlin 5,
Lascelles 6, Lejeune 6, Dummett 6; Diame 7, Shelvey 6
(Merino 83); Ritchie 5 (Murphy 79), Perez 4, Kennedy 5;
Slimani 5 (Gayle 63). Subs Darlow (g), Clark, Hayden,
Manquillo. Booked Kennedy.
Referee Robert Madley (West Yorkshire).
The Daily Telegraph Tuesday 24 April 2018
Sport Football
says Allardyce
Pogba ‘accepts’ Mourinho’s criticism
and rules out summer exit from United
By James Ducker
Paul Pogba has insisted he has “no
problem” with Jose Mourinho and
claimed the prospect of leaving
Manchester United this summer
was “not on my mind”.
Pogba’s relationship with Mourinho has come under severe strain
and doubts have been cast over his
future at Old Trafford.
Pep Guardiola, the Manchester
City manager, claimed this month
that Pogba’s agent, Mino Raiola, had
offered them the player in January
and there have also been reports of
Raiola offering his client to Paris StGermain.
The France midfielder has been
dropped for a series of big matches
and substituted in others, with
Mourinho demanding greater consistency from his club-record
£89 million signing, whom he has
accused of following up good performances with too many “bad” or
“so-so” displays.
Pogba recovered from a dismal
showing in the 1-0 defeat by bottom
club West Bromwich Albion to help
Tough season:
Paul Pogba’s
relationship with
his manager has
been strained
inspire United to victories against
Bournemouth in the Premier
League last Wednesday and Tottenham in the FA Cup semi-final at
Wembley on Saturday, when he
provided a fine cross for Alexis
Sanchez to score.
And Pogba said in the aftermath
of the win over Spurs that he had to
accept Mourinho’s reasons for not
playing him and that it was up to
him to convince the manager.
“He is the coach, he makes the
decisions,” Pogba, 25, told French
TV channel Canal+. “Me, I am a
player. I accept it and I have to respond on the pitch.
“Mourinho has made me captain.
He gave me the keys, the responsibilities at a great club like Manchester United.
“You know, if I was to listen to
everyone, then I would be going to
Marseille, Amiens or Rennes, Manchester City, Real Madrid, I would
be everywhere. For the time being,
I am at Manchester United and I am
only thinking about the present.
We are in the FA Cup final and then
the World Cup is coming. Transfers, all that sort of thing, are not on
my mind.”
Ederson wants to end season with a goal
By James Ducker
Ederson, the Manchester City goalkeeper, has revealed his determination to score before the end of the
season and hopes manager Pep
Guardiola will entrust him to take a
penalty or free-kick.
The Brazilian has widely impressed since his £35 million move
from Benfica last summer, not least
for the range and quality of his
passing during City’s march to the
title. Fans chanted his name when
Raheem Sterling won a penalty in
Sunday’s 5-0 win over Swansea City
in the hope that the goalkeeper
Remote mascot Robot enables fan to lead out team
Everton became the first club in
the world to have a “remote”
match-day mascot last night.
Jack McLinden, a 14-year-old
fan with multiple health
on on
conditions, “led” Everton
to the pitch thanks to the
telepresence robot AV1.
The AV1 unit was carried
by Everton captain Phil
Jagielka, and Jack was
in contact from home
via a microphone,
camera and speaker.
could take the spot-kick. Gabriel Jesus missed the penalty before Bernardo Silva scored from the
Ederson’s idol growing up was
Rogerio Ceni, the former Brazil No 1
who is the top-scoring goalkeeper
of all time with 131 goals in a 25-year
career with Sao Paulo.
“I heard them [the fans] chanting
my name, asking me to take the
penalty,” Ederson said. “If the manager had asked me to go, I would
have definitely scored. I’m not sure
if I would be able to do set-pieces,
but I’m good at penalties, either using power or technique. If Pep asks
me to take it, I’m there. Hopefully it
will happen [before the end of the
season]. I’d like to score.”
Ederson – who is in line for a significant pay rise – believes he has
won over those who questioned the
fee City paid. “I arrived with a
heavy weight because my transfer
was very expensive and there were
a lot of doubts, but I was able to
show my value,” he said.
City will escape punishment for
supporters invading the pitch at the
end of Sunday’s 5-0 victory over
Swansea City. It is understood the
celebratory nature of the invasion
and lack of threat to stewards or officials has persuaded the Football
Association not to press charges.
Cahill admits fight for starting spot is ‘tiring’
By Jason Burt
Gary Cahill has spoken of the “roller
coaster” of having to fight for his
place for club and country after a
frustrating season in which he has
been dropped by both.
The 32-year-old defender has returned to the Chelsea team and captained them to their FA Cup
semi-final victory over Southamp-
ton on Sunday. His up-and-down
season has put his World Cup place
in jeopardy, however, and Gareth
Southgate left Cahill out of his recent England squad. Cahill remains
optimistic that he can make the
final 23 for Russia.
“Everything is a possibility when
you’re playing,” he said. “Football is
a bit of a roller coaster. It is not always going to go amazingly well,
but the majority of my career I have
played 30-plus games every season.” His experience has stood
Cahill in good stead but he added:
“It gets tiring after a bit, if I’m honest. Almost like you have to keep
doing it again and again.
“I don’t go out there with nerves
thinking I have to prove things to
everybody. I think I have done that
before. I am fit and ready to go and
don’t really feel like I need to
prove myself.”
Tuesday 24 April 2018 The Daily Telegraph
Sport Rugby Union
Concussion rules Hartley
out of South Africa tour
Gavin Mairs
Farrell could step in to
vacant captaincy role
Hooker to rest following
third serious head injury
Owen Farrell is in line to captain
England on the three-Test tour of
South Africa in June after it was
confirmed that Dylan Hartley
would not play again this season
because of another long-term concussion injury that has raised fresh
doubts about his future.
hooker who has been England
captain throughout Eddie Jones’s
two-year tenure as head coach, has
not played a game since sustaining
a concussion injury in the NatWest
Six Nations defeat by Ireland at
Twickenham on March 17.
His club issued a statement yesterday saying that, following medical advice, Hartley would not play
again this season and would also
miss England’s tour. He would
instead take an “extended period of
rest over the summer” with a view
to returning for Northampton’s
pre-season training.
“I’m very disappointed I will not
be available for selection for Saints’
remaining Premiership games, as
well as England’s tour to South
Africa,” Hartley said yesterday.
“It has been recommended by
specialists that I take a break this
summer and, while I find that decision hard to accept, it’s important I
listen to that advice. I intend to use
this time to recover fully from my
injury, so I can be ready to hit the
ground running when pre-season
training starts later this summer.”
It can only be hoped the 32-yearold makes a full recovery, but this
latest setback is the third serious
concussion injury of his career.
Speaking in May 2016, when he
missed a total of 14 weeks after
being twice knocked unconscious,
Hartley had said that another concussion would make him at least
consider taking a long break away
from the game.
“If I got another one now, I would
be worried,” said Hartley, who went
on to captain England to a 3-0 Test
series victory over Australia that
summer. “I would probably start
looking at other careers or stuff like
that, or maybe a long lay-off. Maybe
I [need to] look at my tackling technique, too.
“It’s not something I fear. It is
something you deal with when it
happens. I won’t go into the weekend worrying about it and I feel
strong and fit. I feel confident in my
head and have tested it out a few
Hartley, who admitted to not remembering lifting the Six Nations
trophy at the Stade de France when
England won the Grand Slam in
Jones’s first season in charge, said
at the time that his concern about a
potential third head injury was
based on medical advice, as well as
discussions with his family.
“I just had a constant reminder
every time that you see your kid
and you think, ‘If I hit my head
again, what’s that going to mean?’”
Hartley added. “Three in one season would warrant a bit of time off,
take a step back and have a minute.”
Hartley’s fresh lay-off is another
blow to Jones, who has already seen
Bath backs Anthony Watson and
Jonathan Joseph ruled out of the
Up and running Tuilagi fit for Tigers’ key match
Manu Tuilagi will return to
action in Leicester’s crucial
match against Newcastle
Falcons on Friday.
The centre has been out since
straining a pectoral muscle
against Wasps on March 25, but
the injury has cleared up
relatively quickly.
His return could not be better
timed for Leicester, whose
season hangs in the balance.
Defeat against Newcastle at
Welford Road would spell the
end of their proud record of
qualifying for every edition of
the Premiership play-offs,
dating back 14 years.
With what lies at stake, head
coach Matt O’Connor confirmed
there would be no thought of
easing Tuilagi into action.
“Thankfully, with the nature of
the injury being a pec issue, he
has been able to do a lot of
lower-body work and he has
done a hell of a lot of running,”
O’Connor said. “From that
perspective, he is looking really
sharp. He has not missed out on
any skill work. The only stuff he
has struggled to do is contact
stuff, but he was back into that
last week. He should take his
place at the weekend and will be
involved in some capacity.
“It is a massive game, it is
winner takes all and all that
matters is the result. The reality
is there is no tomorrow if you
don’t win on Friday.”
Daniel Schofield
Jones is entitled to pick Shields.
Anything else is emotive twaddle
ddie Jones is
absolutely within his
rights right to pick
Brad Shields for the
tour to South Africa.
International rugby
has never been about principle. It
has always been about results.
Never mind trying to occupy the
high moral ground. Jones’s only
concern is scaling the peak that is
the Rugby World Cup in Japan
next year.
All other considerations fall by
the wayside. Jones is on course to
take the Hurricanes flanker to
South Africa for the three-Test tour
in June and has set that process in
motion. The approach to Shields
has caused a storm in New
Zealand, where there are
mutterings about fighting the
switch of putative allegiance in the
courts. Jones should take no heed.
He should pick whomever he
wants. And the reason is simple.
You win or you lose (or
occasionally draw) at Test level.
That is how Jones and this England
generation are judged. Their stock
soared as they ratcheted up a
record-equalling 18 successive
victories before being felled by
Ireland in Dublin last year. And
now they are on their comparative
uppers after three defeats in the
NatWest Six Nations and a fifthplace finish in the championship,
their worst-ever return.
From cock of the walk to feather
duster in one tournament, Jones is
well aware of how fickle sporting
life can be. As he put it: “I used to
be referred to as the England head
coach. Now it’s the Australian in
charge of England.”
In the wake of England’s
miserable World Cup in 2015,
Jones was hired to raise the
Blood and thunder: Dylan Hartley
has not played since the Six Nations
tour. Watson has an Achilles injury,
while Joseph requires surgery on
his left foot.
Courtney Lawes and Nathan
Hughes, who were starters during
England’s Six Nations campaign,
were also ruled out of the tour last
month with knee-ligament injuries, while Billy Vunipola has not
played since January because of a
broken arm.
Jones, in the aftermath of England’s third successive defeat in the
Six Nations as Ireland clinched the
Grand Slam at Twickenham, had
suggested he was considering resting his British and Irish Lions players, many of whom looked jaded
during the campaign that culminated in a fifth-place finish.
With Hartley now ruled out,
however, Jones may feel he has to
bring Farrell to captain the tour,
given the number of experienced
players who have already been
ruled out.
Farrell took over the leadership
role for the defeat by France in Paris
after Hartley was ruled out of the
match with a calf strain, and has
captaincy when Hartley has been
substituted in the second half.
Jones’s only other obvious
choices would be to hand the captaincy to Chris Robshaw, another of
his “glue” players who has twice led
the side in a joint role with George
Ford and was captain for the four
years of Stuart Lancaster’s regime,
or Joe Launchbury.
Maro Itoje is another possibility,
but he falls into the same Lions category as Farrell.
Jamie George is the obvious
choice to deputise at hooker in
Hartley’s absence.
national team in the rankings. He
has done just that by having a clear
focus – getting results on the field.
Stuart Lancaster had a much
broader brief, taking over in late
2011 when the Rugby Football
Union was in meltdown. The repair
job entailed a complete makeover;
of image, identity and culture. In
that regard, Lancaster did a fine
job. Yet he is remembered as the
man who failed to get the hosts out
of their World Cup pool, the first
time that has ever happened. That
has been a tough reputational blow
to bear for Lancaster. But that is
the way it was and is.
As the 2018 nosedive in
England’s fortunes has shown, the
only thing that anyone cares about
is the scoreboard. Anyone who
pretends otherwise is a hypocrite.
Just ask Lancaster, thrashed in the
public domain, despite all the
advances made.
So, if Jones wants Shields to tour
South Africa, then that is what he
should do. Any other action would
be a betrayal of his contract. He
was hired to deliver. If Shields is to
be part of that winning jigsaw then
best to get that piece slotted in as
soon as possible.
Of course, there is unease in
some quarters about Shields being
fast-tracked. Guff, too, about his
supposedly strained eligibility. The
27-year-old is English-qualified
through his parents. Yes, they
themselves emigrated when they
were youngsters, Kiwi-reared as is
their son. And, yes, Shields, part of
the New Zealand Under-20 squad
who won the World Cup in 2011, is
having a tilt at English honours
because the All Blacks have not
come calling until very recently.
So what? As with a host of those
who have gone before him –
Bundee Aki in Ireland this season,
likewise Hadleigh Parkes in Wales
– rules are rules. Anything else is
emotive twaddle.
Shields joins Wasps in
September. That contract was
signed last November, so enabling
Jones to argue that the back-row
forward meets the RFU
The Daily Telegraph Tuesday 24 April 2018
knocks Possible
Owen Farrell
Filled in when Hartley
missed England’s defeat
against France and has
been a regular vicecaptain under Stuart
Lancaster and Eddie
Chris Robshaw
The Harlequins flanker
was captain for four
years under Stuart
Lancaster and has twice
led the team under
Jones in a co-captaincy
role with George Ford.
Joe Launchbury
The lock is an
experienced captain at
Wasps and now a
regular starter for
England, even though
he was dropped for the
defeat by Ireland.
Jamie George
Made his first England
start against France in
Paris with Hartley
sidelined, having
started all three Tests
for the British and Irish
Lions last summer.
Luke Cowan-Dickie
Returned from an ankle
ligament injury to
feature for England
toward the end of the
Six Nations. In good
form recently for
Premiership leaders
Tom Dunn
Part of the England
training squad this
season, although still
uncapped at Test level.
The Bath man ranks
inside the top 10 for
making the most tackles
in the Aviva
Premiership this season.
requirement to be playing in the
domestic game.
As to pondering what sort of
message Shields’s swift elevation to
the Test ranks sends to those
players toiling away in the
Premiership without being
selected, there is a simple riposte
– play better and you, too, will be
selected. On a practical level, Jones
would wait to see how Shields
performs for Wasps, but the World
Cup would be only 12 months away
once he starts playing here.
A tour, replete with training
sessions, is the perfect opportunity
to run the rule over him and, if he
cuts the mustard (and there are
legitimate doubts as to whether he
might), for him to get used to
England’s patterns of play.
Is Shields a mercenary? What
does that actually mean? Playing
for money? Well, then, Shields is
no different than any of the
hundreds of others plying their
trade and hoping to get noticed.
Jones has noticed him and that is
why he should go to South Africa.
Weber shows the way by taking a
stance against Folau’s comments
srael Folau’s comments that
gay people “should repent of
their ways or face damnation
in hell” were abhorrent. The
three-code Wallaby full-back
ought to have been dealt with far
more severely by his employers
at the Australian union, who
have tip-toed around the issue,
fearing either some sort of legal
riposte under freedom-ofexpression rulings or rebuke in
that it was religious belief that
underscored Folau’s social-media
If the authorities have been
lily-livered, then no such
charge can be laid at two
New Zealand players,
Chiefs’ Brad Weber or
Honest: Brad Weber
Hurricanes’ TJ Perenara. Weber, in
particular, should be held up as a
role model for young
professionals, many
of whom are scared
to voice what might
be construed as an
Sport is not at a
remove from society,
it is an integral part
of it. Weber stated
that he was “kinda
sick of us players
staying quiet”.
Bravo. Too many refrain
from speaking, as if having a
view might somehow damage
team spirit, break the bond of
squad omerta.
Not any more. Weber has shown
the way.
Jones stuns Murphy
in final-frame drama
By Nick Purewal
Jamie Jones, the world No 51,
stunned former champion
Shaun Murphy with a 10-9
victory in the Betfred World
Jones beat the 2005 winner at the Crucible, holding
his nerve to seal the deciding
frame 72-1. The Welshman
had turned the tide with a 124
break in the penultimate
frame to take the match the
distance, then booked a second-round match against
Kyren Wilson.
Jones rallied from 8-5
down to complete a remarkable comeback, adding another
having already beaten Liang
Wenbo 10-0 in qualifying.
“I think this is my best victory,” said Jones. “I’ve never
faced pressure like I felt today. I’ve played plenty of deciders, but there’s pressure at
the Crucible in frame one,
never mind the decider.
“So to come through having held myself together is
very pleasing. It’s all about
momentum. Maybe it was
meant to be. I always enjoy
playing Shaun, he plays the
game in the right way.”
Mark Allen saw off Crucible debutant Liam Highfield
10-5 to move into the second
round. The Masters champion turned his 6-3 overnight
lead into a relatively straightforward victory. The 32-yearold will now meet Joe Perry.
Barry Hawkins beat Stuart
Carrington 10-7, emerging
victorious in an evening session in which Ding Junhui
built up a 6-3 lead over Xiao
Guodong, and Ricky Walden
moved 6-3 ahead of Luca
Sport in brief
Rugby League
Former Saint Helens and
Great Britain forward Roy
Haggerty has died at the age
of 58. Haggerty made 363
appearances for his
hometown club after
making his debut in 1979.
The England and Wales
Cricket Board will try to
quell growing player unrest
over its new tournament
when officials meet with the
Professional Cricketers’
Association on May 8.
Players are keen to
understand the playing
regulations such as how the
10-ball over will be
delivered, power plays and
when negotiations will begin
for those picked by the eight
teams. Meanwhile,
Mohammad Amir’s arrival in
England has been hit by a
visa delay and the bowler did
not leave with the rest of the
Pakistan squad for their tour
to Ireland and England
Former Sutton manager
Barrie Williams, who
masterminded the famous
FA Cup victory over
Coventry in 1989, has died in
Spain, where he had retired.
Williams also managed
England Women.
Rugby Union
Former England flanker
Steffon Armitage has
ruptured his Achilles tendon
and will be out of action for
up to nine months, his club
Pau said yesterday.
Tuesday 24 April 2018 The Daily Telegraph
Sport Specsavers County Championship
Northeast century
proves a vain effort
At the Oval Surrey (211 & 407-9) bt
Hampshire (147 & 332) by 139 runs
Sam Northeast could not prevent
Hampshire from losing to Surrey in
the Specsavers County Championship Division One at the Kia Oval
but, with England’s selectors casting round, the 28-year-old will be
pleased with his first century since
leaving Kent.
Surrey’s teenage spinner Amar
Virdi took four for 79 as the home
side winkled out the visitors for 332
at 4.46pm, when Northeast was last
out, edging seamer Matt Dunn to
wicketkeeper Ben Foakes, who
took a brilliant diving right-handed
catch an inch from the turf.
It was a fine effort from Northeast, who left Kent in search of
wider recognition earlier this year,
and a pleasing end for Rory Burns
in his first match as Surrey captain.
Virdi made the initial breakthrough on the final morning, trapping Rilee Rossouw leg-before for
29 as he aimed a sweep. Virdi followed up by having Kyle Abbott
caught at short mid-on.
“It was a tough win in the end.
We really had to grind out today,”
said Virdi, who described his
wicket of Hashim Amla on Sunday
as “definitely the best I have taken
so far”.
Virdi, who is not 20 until midJuly, was making just his fourth
first-class appearance and only
played as a late replacement for
40-year-old former captain Gareth
Batty, who suffered a back spasm in
the warm-ups on Friday.
With Ollie Pope, 20, scoring 145
on the third day and Sam Curran,
19, snapping up a first-innings four
for 39 in Hampshire’s slide to 147 all
out, this was an excellent match for
the club’s academy graduates.
Three’s a crowd: Surrey tried everything, including multiple midwickets, to trap Sam Northeast, but he still made a century
Coad polishes off the tail to put Yorkshire top of early table
Yorkshire’s emerging seamer Ben
Coad snapped up Nottinghamshire’s final two wickets inside an
hour yesterday to complete a
10-wicket match haul and secure
his side a 139-run victory to go top
of the Specsavers County Championship Division One.
The 24-year-old bowled Jake Ball
and had Harry Gurney caught at
slip to finish with six for 81 in the innings and 10 for 130 in the match.
In Division Two, Derbyshire
beat Middlesex by 101 runs for
their first home championship win
since 2014. It came when Duanne
Olivier bowled Tim Murtagh for his
eighth wicket in the game.
Specsavers County Championship
Division One
Surrey v Hampshire
At The Kia Oval
Surrey won toss
Surrey — First Innings 211
(Dawson 4-30, Edwards 4-38)
Hampshire — First Innings 147
(Amla 55, Clarke 4-39, Curran 4-39)
Surrey — Second Innings 407-9 dec.
(Pope 145, Foakes 81, Borthwick 74)
Hampshire — Second Innings
(Overnight 116-4)
S A Northeast c Foakes b Dunn
R R Rossouw lbw b Virdi
L A Dawson b Dernbach
K J Abbott c Burns b Virdi
C P Wood lbw b Curran
B Wheal lbw b Dernbach
F H Edwards not out
Extras (b12 lb6 nb4)
Total (115.3 overs)
Fall of wickets: 1-29, 2-29, 3-83, 4-84, 5-150,
6-163, 7-206, 8-245, 9-313.
Bowling: J W Dernbach 27-6-86-2, S M Curran
16-5-44-1, A Virdi 33-7-79-4, R Clarke 21-7-46-1,
M P Dunn 11.3-3-41-2, S G Borthwick 7-1-18-0.
Umpires: R K Illingworth and D J Millns.
Surrey (20pts) beat Hants (3pts) by 139 runs
Yorkshire v Nottinghamshire
At Emerald Headingley
Notts chose to bowl
Yorkshire — First Innings 256
(Hodd 62, Fletcher 4-47)
Nottinghamshire — First Innings 188
(Taylor 57, Coad 4-49)
Yorkshire — Second Innings 334
(Ballance 82, Bresnan 68no)
Nottinghamshire — Second Innings
(Overnight 181-8 (Coad 4-55))
†T J Moores not out
J T Ball b Coad
H F Gurney c Lyth b Coad
Extras (b1 lb10 w1)
Total (58.4 overs)
Fall of wickets: 1-21, 2-59, 3-81, 4-101, 5-135,
6-143, 7-151, 8-172, 9-238.
Bowling: J A Brooks 18-2-77-2, B O Coad 19.4-681-6, J Shaw 10-0-46-1, T T Bresnan 8-2-19-1, A
Lyth 3-2-4-0.
Umpires: N G B Cook and M A Gough.
Yorks (21pts) beat Notts (3pts) by 164 runs
FRIDAY'S FIXTURES (day 1 of 4, 11am)
The Ageas Bowl: Hampshire v Essex.
Emirates Old Trafford: Lancashire v Surrey.
Taunton: Somerset v Yorkshire.
New Road: Worcestershire v Nottinghamshire.
Division Two
Derbyshire v Middlesex
At Derby
Middlesex chose to bowl
Derbyshire — First Innings 265
(Viljoen 60no, Harris 4-68)
Middlesex — First Innings 157 (Olivier 4-26)
Derbyshire — Second Innings 333-3 dec.
(Reece 157no, Slater 99, Madsen 52)
Middlesex — Second Innings
(Overnight 86-3)
M D E Holden c Wilson b Viljoen
O P Rayner c Madsen b Olivier
P R Stirling c & b Reece
†J A Simpson lbw b Madsen
J A R Harris not out
T S Roland-Jones c Slater b Critchley
T G Helm lbw b Critchley
T J Murtagh b Olivier
Extras (lb6 w1 nb10)
Total (111.3 overs)
Fall of wickets: 1-28, 2-36, 3-69, 4-95, 5-95,
6-160, 7-166, 8-223, 9-329.
Bowling: R Rampaul 22-5-64-0, G C Viljoen 21-562-2, D Olivier 23.3-2-82-4, A P Palladino 9-427-0, W L Madsen 13-7-26-1, L M Reece 7-1-221, M J J Critchley 16-2-51-2.
Umpires: M J Saggers and I D Blackwell.
Derby (21pts) beat Middlesex (3pts) by 101 runs
Gloucestershire v Glamorgan
At Bristol
Glamorgan chose to bowl
Gloucs — First Innings 236 (de Lange 5-62)
Glamorgan — First Innings 526-9 dec. (Lloyd
119, Marsh 111, de Lange 50no)
Gloucestershire — Second Innings
(Overnight 133-5)
J R Bracey not out
R F Higgins lbw b Hogan
K Noema-Barnett b Carey
D J Worrall b Carey
M D Taylor c Cooke b Salter
L C Norwell c Cooke b Hogan
Extras (b5 lb6 w1 nb12)
Total (118 overs)
Fall of wickets: 1-14, 2-18, 3-28, 4-74, 5-84,
6-184, 7-205, 8-285, 9-362.
Bowling: M de Lange 31-4-98-3, L J Carey 28-4105-4, M G Hogan 27-7-74-2, A G Salter 23-362-1, D L Lloyd 9-2-22-0.
Glamorgan — Second Innings
N J Selman c Bracey b M D Taylor
J R Murphy c Roderick b M D Taylor
S E Marsh c Roderick b Worrall
K S Carlson c Dent b M D Taylor
A H T Donald not out
D L Lloyd not out
Extras (b1 lb5 w1 nb4)
Total (for 4, 12.5 overs)
Fall of wickets: 1-51, 2-56, 3-67, 4-67.
Did Not Bat: †C B Cooke, A G Salter, M de Lange,
*M G Hogan, L J Carey.
Bowling: D J Worrall 6.5-0-54-1, M D Taylor 6-025-3.
Umpires: J H Evans and P R Pollard.
Glamorgan (22pts) beat Gloucs (2pts) by 6 wickets
Leicestershire v Sussex
At Grace Road
Sussex won toss
Sussex — First Innings 438-8 dec.
(Burgess 101no, Wright 88, Sharma 66, Brown 64)
Leicestershire — First Innings 422-9 dec.
(Ackermann 186, Cosgrove 64, Wells 4-81)
Sussex — Second Innings
(Overnight 11-0)
L W P Wells not out
P D Salt b Abbas
S van Zyl lbw b Griffiths
H Z Finch lbw b Raine
L J Wright b Javid
*†B C Brown not out
Extras (b8 lb10 nb4)
Total (for 4 dec, 83 overs)
Fall of wickets: 1-27, 2-63, 3-119, 4-179.
Did Not Bat: M G K Burgess, O E Robinson, D
Wiese, I Sharma, W A T Beer.
Bowling: Mohammad Abbas 17-8-37-1, B A Raine
18-6-42-1, C F Parkinson 26-5-73-0, G T Griffiths
D Bt Bl Ded Pts
1 2 3 0.00 26
1 0 3 0.00 24
0 2 6 0.00 24
0 1 6 0.00 23
0 1 3 0.00 20
0 1 3 0.00 20
0 1 6 0.00
0 0 6 0.00
D Bt Bl Ded Pts
1 5 6 0.00 32
0 1 6 0.00 23
0 3 3 0.00 22
0 0 6 0.00 22
0 2 3 0.00 21
0 1 4 0.00 21
2 7 4 0.00 21
1 3 2 0.00 10
0 0 5 0.00
0 0 3 0.00
6.50 (1m2f nov): Rock Eagle (L Steward 10-1) 1;
Fajjaj (15-8F) 2; Loyal Promise (3-1) 3. 14 ran.
11/2l, 3/4l. (R Beckett). NRs: Fabianski, Laughing
7.20 (1m3f99yds h’cap): The Detainee (A Kirby
13-2JF) 1; Amuletum (10-1) 2; Pretty Jewel (132JF) 3; Betsalottie (16-1) 4. 16 ran. nk, 11/2l, hd.
(N Mulholland).
7.50 (1m31yds h’cap): Bombshell Bay (S Levey
5-1F) 1; He’s Our Star (8-1) 2; Hateya (8-1) 3. 14
ran. hd, 1/2l. (R Hannon).
Following a stewards’ inquiry, He’s Our Star who finished 1st was disqualified and placed 2nd.
Placepot: £60.30. Quadpot: £3.70.
Moore 68 67 70 72; 278—C Kirk 73 66 68 71;
A Putnam 73 68 68 69; K Streelman74 68 69
67; 279—R Werenski 72 68 68 71; B Crane 72
66 74 67; M Laird (GB)73 65 69 72; B Horschel
68 71 70 70; 280—B Snedeker 70 72 68 70;
281—A Baddeley (Australia) 71 71 68 71; G
Murray 67 69 72 73; V Taylor 72 68 69 72; D
Hearn (Canada)70 68 73 70; 283—N Watney 70
72 70 71; D McCarthy 72 67 74 70; R Goosen
(S Africa)73 71 70 69; C Hadley 68 71 71 73; J
Wagner 72 72 70 69; D Frittelli (S Africa)72 71
68 72.
WOMEN'S HUGEL-JTBC CH'SHIP (Los Angeles).Leading final scores (US unless stated): 272—M
Jutanugarn (Thailand) 68 66 70 68; 274—I
Park (S Korea) 66 71 69 68; 275—J Y Ko (S
Korea) 71 67 67 70; 277—S Y Ryu (S Korea) 71
65 73 68; 278—E Talley 68 72 71 67; E-H Ji (S
Korea) 68 69 70 71; 279—M Pressel 71 68 73
67; M Lee (Australia) 69 73 66 71.
10-1-41-1, Ateeq Javid 12-3-30-1.
Umpires: A G Wharf and P K Baldwin.
Leics (10pts) drew with Sussex (9pts)
FRIDAY'S FIXTURES (day 1 of 4, 11am)
Grace Road: Leicestershire v Derbyshire.
Lord’s: Middlesex v Glamorgan.
Northampton: Northamptonshire v Durham.
Hove: Sussex v Gloucestershire.
Horse Racing results
Going: Soft-good to soft in places
1.50 (2m48yds nov hdle): Crixus’s Escape (B
Hughes 2-1) 1; Whoshotwho (11-10F) 2; Indian
Harbour (66-1) 3. 9 ran. nk, 41/2l. (G Boanas).
2.20 (1m7f133yds h’cap ch): Miss Mackie (D
Irving 15-2) 1; Sky Full Of Stars (7-2JF) 2;
Notonebuttwo (11-1) 3. Cooper’s Friend 7-2JF. 9
ran. 21/4l, 3l. (R M Smith). NRs: Kilcullen Lady,
Suprise Vendor.
2.50 (2m4f28yds nov hdle): Pineapple Rush (R
Johnson 10-11F) 1; Champagne To Go (33-1) 2;
Ardean Lass (2-1) 3. 7 ran. 6l, 6l. (P Hobbs). NR:
Millrose Bell.
3.20 (2m4f28yds h’cap hdle): Randy Pike (Mr W
Easterby 7-2) 1; Only Orsenfoolsies (20-1) 2;
Ryedale Racer (15-2) 3. Don Lami 5-2F. 11 ran.
31/4l, 10l. (T Easterby).
3.50 (3m41yds h’cap ch): Chicago Outfit (J
Bewley 40-1) 1; Gibbstown (14-1) 2;
Orioninverness (13-2) 3. Purple Harry 7-2F. 14
ran. 41/2l, 9l. (L Kerr).
4.20 (2m48yds nh flat): Melekhov (R Johnson
5-2JF) 1; Penny Blak (8-1) 2; Lough Legend (201) 3. Urca De Lima 5-2JF. 9 ran. 11/2l, 7l. (P Hobbs).
NR: Bluefortytwo.
4.55 (3m41yds ch): Mendip Express (Mr D
Maxwell evs F) 1; Shantou Magic (13-8) 2; Kings
Lodge (9-2) 3. 4 ran. 64l, 31l. (P Hobbs). NRs:
Midnight Appeal, Thats Digby.
Placepot: £76.30. Quadpot: £35.30.
Newton Abbot
Going: Soft-good to soft in places
1.30 (2m2f110yds h’cap nov hdle): Goldslinger
(Jamie Moore 9-4F) 1; Iniesta (5-1) 2; Geni
Johnson (50-1) 3. 12 ran. 6l, 8l. (G L Moore).
2.00 (2m5f122yds nov hdle): With Discretion (N
De Boinville 11-4) 1; Sensulano (5-4F) 2; Dinos
Benefit (11-4) 3. 11 ran. 11l, 23l. (N Henderson).
NR: Audora.
2.30 (2m4f216yds h’cap ch): Some Buckle (N Fehily
5-1) 1; Dream Bolt (8-1) 2; Vibrato Valtat (10-3JF)
3. Marracudja 10-3JF. 6 ran. 9l, 5l. (T R George).
3.00 (2m167yds nov hdle): Higgs (D Bass 7-2) 1;
Sao (6-5F) 2; General Allenby (16-1) 3. 9 ran.
33/4l, 27l. (S-J Davies).
3.30 (2m4f216yds h’cap ch): For Carmel (P
Brennan 7-2F) 1; General Girling (5-1) 2; Monet
Moor (22-1) 3. 10 ran. 8l, 19l. (P Henderson).
4.00 (2m5f122yds h’cap hdle): Kalmbeforethestorm
(Paul O’Brien 14-1) 1; Quiz Master (5-1) 2; Bold
Image (10-1) 3. Dessinateur 9-2F. 14 ran. nk, 3l.
(Mrs H Nelmes). NR: Here’s Herbie.
4.30 (3m1f170yds ch): Strumble Head (Mr P
Bryan 9-1) 1; O Maonlai (3-1) 2; Virak (2-5F) 3. 5
ran. 31/4l, 15l. (M Bowen).
Placepot: £146.30. Quadpot: £87.50.
Going: Good to soft-soft in places
2.10 (5f3yds nov): Carey Street (J Hart 10-3F) 1;
Bengali Spirit (7-2) 2; Five Amarones (7-2) 3. 11
ran. 1l, 11/2l. (J J Quinn).
2.40 (1m6yds h’cap): Gulf Of Poets (Nathan Evans
6-1) 1; Society Red (4-1F) 2; Dawaaleeb (9-2) 3.
15 ran. 21/2l, 1l. (M W Easterby).
3.10 (5f3yds h’cap): Foolaad (K O’Neill 16-1) 1; El
Astronaute (20-1) 2; Orion’s Bow (15-2) 3.
Atletico 4-1F. 14 ran. hd, 3/4l. (S Bowring).
3.40 (2m5f139yds h’cap): Wemyss Point (P Aspell
6-1) 1; Becky The Thatcher (5-1) 2; Bodacious
Name (5-1) 3. Uptown Funk 9-2F. 11 ran. hd, 2l. (P
Kirby). NR: Argante.
4.10 (6f nov): Three Saints Bay (D Nolan 9-4JF) 1;
Bella Ferrari (15-2) 2; Our Oystercatcher (8-1) 3.
Super D J 9-4JF. 9 ran. 11/4l, 23/4l. (D O’Meara). NR:
It’s Never Enough.
4.40 (6f nov): Alhawdaj (D O’Neill 5-1) 1; Lucky
Lucky Man (7-2) 2; Ingenuity (9-4F) 3. 9 ran.
31/4l, 11/4l. (M Johnston). NR: Pacific Fleet.
5.15 (5f3yds h’cap): B Fifty Two (H Shaw 7-2) 1;
Dragstone Rock (6-1) 2; Amazing Grazing (10-1)
3. Crosse Fire 11-4F. 9 ran. 3/4l, 3/4l. (Mrs M Fife).
5.45 (1m6yds h’cap): Jo’s Girl (P J McDonald 8-1)
1; Dalawyna (25-1) 2; Admiral Rooke (33-1) 3.
Starboy 9-2F. 15 ran. 1/2l, 2l. (M Hammond). NR:
Canadian George.
Jackpot: Not won, pool of £15,859.98 carried
over. Placepot: £188.30. Quadpot: £61.40.
Going: Good-good to soft in places
5.10 (2m178yds h’cap hdle): Rockliffe (F O’Toole
8-1) 1; Fort Jefferson (5-1) 2; Hes Our Robin
(28-1) 3. Derrynane 4-1F. 14 ran. 11/2l, 13/4l. (M
5.40 (2m3f65yds h’cap ch): Justforjames (Miss
Becky Smith 13-8F) 1; Just Minded (9-2) 2; Rear
Admiral (11-2) 3. 7 ran. 21/4l, nk. (M Hammond).
6.10 (2m3f188yds mdn hdle): Hurricane Dylan (A
Coleman 4-5F) 1; Stay In Touch (5-1) 2; Colby
(14-1) 3. 10 ran. 5l, 33/4l. (Kevin Frost). NRs:
Investigation, Teals Lad.
6.40 (2m77yds h’cap ch): Oak Vintage (Ross
Chapman 7-4F) 1; Chain Of Beacons (9-2) 2;
Midnight Walk (9-2) 3. 6 ran. 6l, 3/4l. (Mrs A
Hamilton). NR: Frankie Ballou.
7.10 (2m5f34yds h’cap hdle): Ever So Much (R
McLernon 7-1) 1; Rock Of Leon (20-1) 2;
Newstart (4-1) 3. Local Show 10-3F. 12 ran. nk,
33/4l. (B Haslam).
7.40 (2m3f65yds nov ch): Mantou (Mr Ed
Glassonbury 16-1) 1; Shantou Prince (7-2) 2;
Diplomate Sivola (11-10F) 3. 11 ran. 8l, 33/4l. (S
8.10 (2m178yds nh flat): It’s O Kay (R Johnson
8-11F) 1; Dollys Destination (9-4) 2; Whiteoak
Fleur (6-1) 3. 8 ran. nk, 3/4l. (Olly Murphy). NRs:
Danced Every Dance, Jumbo Davis.
Placepot: £42.70. Quadpot: £5.40.
Going: Good-good to soft in places
4.50 (6f12yds h’cap): Air Of York (W Cox 16-1) 1;
Porto Ferro (12-1) 2; Incentive (15-2) 3;
Mooroverthebridge (50-1) 4. Ubla 5-1F. 16 ran.
nk, 11/4l, 1/2l. (J Flint).
5.20 (5f21yds nov): Gypsy Spirit (Josephine
Gordon 14-1) 1; Mayfair Madame (12-1) 2;
Karalini (11-10F) 3. 9 ran. nk, 1l. (Tom Clover).
5.50 (5f21yds h’cap): Rebecca Rocks (H Bentley
5-2F) 1; Bellevarde (9-2) 2; Leo Minor (8-1) 3. 8
ran. 33/4l, 1/2l. (H Candy).
6.20 (1m2f h’cap): Stream Song (R Havlin evs F)
1; Double Reflection (20-1) 2; Time Change (9-2)
3. 8 ran. nk, 31/4l. (J Gosden).
MLB: Arizona 4 San Diego 2-Atlanta P New York
Mets P-Baltimore 3 Cleveland 7-Chicago White
Sox 1 Houston 7-Colorado 7 Chicago Cubs
9-Detroit 5 Kansas City 8-LA Angels 2 San
Francisco 4-LA Dodgers 4 Washington
3-Milwaukee 4 Miami 2-New York Yankees 5
Toronto 1-Oakland 4 Boston 1-Philadelphia 3
Pittsburgh 2-St Louis 9 Cincinnati 2-Tampa Bay 8
Minnesota 6-Texas 7 Seattle 4.
NBA.-Play-offs 1st rd (best-of-7 series),
Eastern Conf: Indiana 100 Cleveland 104 (Series
level 2-2)-Milwaukee 104 Boston 102 (Series
level 2-2)-Washington 106 Toronto 98 (Series
level 2-2). Western Conf: San Antonio 103
Golden State 90 (Golden State lead series 3-1).
INDIAN PREMIER LGE.-Delhi: Kings XI Punjab
143-8 (20 overs, Plunkett 3-17); Delhi
Daredevils 139-8 (20 overs, Iyer 57).
Kings XI Punjab win by 4 runs.
VALERO TEXAS OPEN (San Antonio).-Leading
final scores (US unless stated, par 72): 271—A
Landry 69 67 67 68; 273—T Mullinax 74 68 62
69; S O’Hair 72 70 65 66; 274—J Walker 71 69
67 67; 275—Z Johnson 70 65 68 72; 276—J
Niemann (a) (Colombia) 72 70 67 67; 277—R
NHL.-Play-offs 1st rd (best-of-7 series), Eastern
Conf: Philadelphia 5 Pittsburgh 8 (Pittsburgh win
4-2). Western Conf: Colorado 0 Nashville 5
(Nashville win series 4-2).
ATP T’MENT (Barcelona).-1st rd: G Garcia-Lopez
(Spain) bt Y Sugita (Japan) 7-6 (7-5) 7-6 (7-5); D
Lajovic (Serbia) bt P Martinez Portero (Spain) 6-4
6-7 (5-7) 6-3; M Granollers (Spain) bt M
Kukushkin (Kazakhstan) 6-2 6-2; L Mayer
(Argentina) bt M Zverev (Germany) 6-3 6-0; I
Karlovic (Croatia) bt T Robredo (Spain) 6-7 (5-7)
7-6 (10-8) 6-4; S Tsitsipas (Greece) bt C Moutet
(France) 6-4 6-1; R Dutra Silva (Brazil) bt J
Donaldson (US) 6-3 6-1; B Paire (France) bt N
Jarry (Chile) 7-6 (7-4) 6-7 (3-7) 6-4; P Cuevas
(Uruguay) bt R Ojeda Lara (Spain) 6-0 6-4; M
Jaziri (Tunisia) bt T Sandgren (US) 6-4 6-4.
ATP T’MENT (Budapest).-1st rd: J Millman
(Australia) bt R Albot (Moldova) 6-4 7-5; L Sonego
(Italy) bt H Hurkacz (Poland) 6-7 (2-7) 7-6 (10-8)
6-4; A Bedene (Slovenia) bt M Copil (Romania) 6-7
(3-7) 7-5 6-3; M Cecchinato (Italy) bt M Basic
(Bosnia and Herzegovina) 6-3 6-4.
WTA T’MENT (Stuttgart).-1st rd: M Rybarikova
(Slovakia) bt D Kasatkina (Russia) 6-2 6-2.
WTA T’MENT (Istanbul).-1st rd: C McHale (US) bt
M Barthel (Germany) 7-6 (7-4) 4-6 6-3; S
Kuznetsova (Russia) bt Q Wang (China) 6-3 6-3.
Ice Hockey
BETFRED WORLD CH'SHIP (Crucible Theatre,
Sheffield).-1st rd: M Allen (N Ireland) bt L
Highfield (England) 10-5. Frame scores (Allen
first) 119-0 (88) 0-104 (99) 79-27 (56) 65-22
31-84 92-35 (80) 70-8 (52) 89-1(89) 52-60 (51
allen) 0-99 (99) 72-62 68-3 65-8 (50) 35-54 70-1.
J Jones (Wales) bt S Murphy (England) 10-9.
Frame scores (Jones first): 72-9 (56) 34-86 (75)
4-137 (137) 46-59; 52-70; 68-59 (59 Murphy)
11-69; 95-0 (94) 115-0 (114) 72-37 (67) 37-82
(59) 0-102 (102) 0-101 (101) 71-10 (58) 86-40
(57) 70-9; 26-63; 137-0 (124) 72-1.
R Walden (England) leads L Brecel (Belgium) 6-3.
PREMIERSHIP: Belle Vue 59 Rye House
31-Leicester 44 Swindon 46-Wolverhampton 54
Poole 36.
Indians v Sunrisers Hyderabad (3.30pm).
Rugby Union
Bedford (7pm).
Sport on TV
FOOTBALL: Champions League Semi-final,
Liverpool v Roma - BT Sport 2 6.30; Ch'ship,
Derby v Cardiff - Sky Sports Football 7.30
CYCLING: Tour of Romandy - Eurosport 2 3pm.
SNOOKER: World Championship - BBC Two 10am,
1pm and Eurosport 1 10am, 2.30, 6.30.
TENNIS: Barcelona Open - Sky Sports Main Event
10am; Porsche Grand Prix - BT Sport 1 10.30am.
The Daily Telegraph Tuesday 24 April 2018
Tuesday 24 April 2018 The Daily Telegraph
Sport Racing
Beardsall shows progress on the big screen
Actor Hebe’s array of
characters has included
a prostitute, a princess
and now a ‘funny cow’
leanor Tomlinson,
daughter of the
Malcolm, is by some
way the best-known
actor with what
might be termed a “racing parent”.
But, while we are not expecting
Hebe Beardsall to close the gap on
Poldark’s Tomlinson quite like
Pleasant Company did on Tiger
Roll at the end of this year’s Grand
National, her career on the big
screen is, to take a term from the
Form Book, “progressive”.
Beardsall’s father, Jonny, was the
military-amateur jockey best
known for his partnership, or lack
of it, with Quixall Crossett,
generally regarded as the losingmost jumper of all time. Now a mad
hatter, he and his hats will be much
in evidence in the shopping area at
Punchestown this week.
Early on, after appearing as the
half-blood Ariana Dumbledore in
the last Harry Potter film, Hebe
seemed in danger of becoming
typecast as a hooker, so much so
that when she landed the role of
one of the Queen’s German nieces
in Victoria, her father proudly
remarked how nice it was for her
to play a princess rather than a
Her latest film is Funny Cow,
starring the excellent Maxine
Peake, which has just opened to
good reviews. Comediennes are
two a penny these days, but that
was not so in the 1970s and 80s and
the film follows the life a woman
trying to make a name for herself
in the stand-up scene of northern
working-men’s clubs in that
period. Hebe plays the main
character as a young woman.
Hebe still has a day job that helps
to make ends meet. She works as
an entertainer for popular
children’s party planners Sharky &
George, so, until Hollywood comes
calling, it remains jelly, cake and
gummy bears for a little while
eaten but unbowed – that is
about the best way to
describe Oli Bell’s first bout
in the boxing ring, which took
place last week. Even though one
of his so-called mates offered
another 1,000,000-1 about Bell
winning when they saw the
opposition climb into the ring at
the Clapham Grand.
Bell reckons he won the first
Second best: Oli Bell suffered a heavy
defeat in his recent charity fight
round then lost the second before
becoming a human punch bag in
the final round.
The reaction of his supporters
summed up his fight; noisy
cheering in the first round, quiet
thoughtfulness in the second,
wincing, grimacing, and plenty of
“oohs and groans” in the third.
“I was more nervous delivering a
best-man’s speech on Saturday,”
said Bell. “But it gave me a good
introduction because Matt, who
was getting married, had three
rounds on a sun bed on Thursday,
while I had three rounds in a
boxing ring.”
Bell has raised £3,500 for
WellChild and though his
challenge to Sir Anthony McCoy to
face him in the ring was met with a
“ha-ha”, ITV’s golden boy, in true
pugilist fashion, is convinced that
having sown a seed, the idea is now
“bubbling under in that square
head of his”.
Interest in his fight has also
raised the possibility of a racingthemed charity white-collar
boxing evening being staged in the
next year. As one Newmarketbased handler told me: “If it’s
trainers versus racing managers,
we’ll all want to do it.”
1.40 188Bet Handicap Hurdle (Div 1) (5) 2m 7f £3,249
1 893 Solstice Twilight (43) A Honeyball 6 11 12
H Cobden
R Hawker (5)
2 000 Mauna Kea (10) P Gundry 6 11 10
3 P14 Gonnabegood [P] (16) (C) J Scott 7 11 9
N Scholfield
4 PPP Ambion Lane [B,T] (27) V Dartnall 8 11 9 T Scudamore
5 70P Tis What It Is [P] (104) D Pipe 5 11 7 Mr R Dingle (7)
6 U55 Breaking Ground [B,T] (15) Mrs R Ford 6 11 3 D G Noonan
7 -79 Gaelic Flow (131) C Down 7 11 1
K Edgar (3)
8 P5P Ring Minella [T] (27) P Henderson 7 10 13 T J O’Brien
9 72F Admiral Blake [T] (29) (C) Mrs L Young 11 10 13 H Reed (5)
1062P Georgina Joy [T] (43) N Hawke 5 10 9
T Buckley (10)
S.P. f’cast: 2-1 Admiral Blake, 5-1 Gonnabegood, 6-1 Breaking
Ground, 7-1 Solstice Twilight, 8-1 Georgina Joy, 12-1 Others.
2.15 188Bet Handicap Hurdle (Div 2) (5) 2m 7f £3,249
1 328 Fearsome Fred (43) Dr J Naylor 9 11 12
D Sansom (5)
2 232 Point N Shoot [B,T] (7) (D) N Hawke 7 11 11 T Buckley (10)
3 665 Hally’s Kitchen [T] (18) Mrs F M Shaw 6 11 10 Mr M Legg (5)
4 769 Willie Mclovin (72) C J Gray 6 11 8
M G Nolan
J Nixon (7)
5 482 Tara Well [P,T] (38) R Dickin 8 11 6
6 976 Bermeo [B] (69) (D) J Farrelly 7 11 4
T Cannon
H Cobden
7 77P Findusatgorcombe (66) J Frost 6 11 1
A Johns
8 564 Fled Or Pled [H] (195) T Vaughan 6 11 0
T J O’Brien
9 -44 Dropzone [B] (293) (BF) B Forsey 9 10 12
S.P. f’cast: 5-2 Point N Shoot, 7-2 Dropzone, 4-1 Tara Well, 5-1
Fled Or Pled, 8-1 Fearsome Fred, 10-1 Bermeo, 20-1 Hally’s Kitchen,
33-1 Willie Mclovin, Findusatgorcombe.
Going: Soft-good to soft in places TV: Sky 432 & Virgin 536
[B] Blinkers [V] Visor [E] Eyeshield [T] Tongue Strap [P] Cheekpieces
1.40 - Gonnabegood
2.15 - Point N Shoot
2.45 - L’Auberge Du Bois (nb)
3.15 - Dancing Shadow
3.50 - Dontminddboys
4.25 - Gustav
5.00 - Kootenay River
5.35 - Master Baker
2.45 Maiden Hurdle (4) 2m 2f 111yds £4,094
1 2-5 Amzac Magic [H] (29) Jack Barber 6 11 2 N Scholfield
2 3F9 Darling Maltaix [H,T] (118) P Nicholls 5 11 2 H Cobden
R Hawker (5)
3 682 L’Auberge Du Bois (27) J Scott 6 11 2
4 60- Whitley Neill [T] (399) D Pipe 6 11 2
T Scudamore
T J O’Brien
5 123 Illtellmema [H] (18) Miss S Smith 6 10 9
T Cannon
6 78 R Bren (111) Mrs T Barfoot-Saunt 5 10 9
D G Noonan
7 7 Sienna Royale (43) N Hawke 4 10 3
S.P. f’cast: 7-4 Darling Maltaix, 2-1 L’Auberge Du Bois, 7-2
Illtellmema, 8-1 Amzac Magic, 14-1 Whitley Neill, 33-1 Others.
3.15 Punchestown At 188Bet Novices’ Hurdle (4) 2m 7f £4,094
1 0P4 Dancing Shadow [B] (72) (C) V Dartnall 9 11 6
T Scudamore
2 413 Golden Sunrise [T] (48) (C) C Tizzard 5 11 6 H Cobden
3 -P0 Beyond Supremacy (128) Jack Barber 6 11 0
Mr M McIntyre (7)
4 15 Stradivarius Davis [T,WS] (130) P Nicholls 5 11 0 N Scholfield
5 822 Vodka All The Way (16) P Hobbs 6 11 0
T J O’Brien
S.P. f’cast: 7-4 Vodka All The Way, 9-4 Golden Sunrise, 11-4
Dancing Shadow, 6-1 Stradivarius Davis, 33-1 Beyond Supremacy.
5.00 Bumper Maiden NH Flat Race (4) 2m 1f £3,249
1 P51 Leith Hill Lad (15) (D) C Longsdon 8 11 8
T J O’Brien
2 P13 Cadeau Du Bresil (27) (D) J G Cann 6 11 2 N Scholfield
A P Cawley
3 658 Royal Tara (29) (D) Miss V Williams 9 11 1
4 433 Jepeck (29) (D) (BF) Kayley Woollacott 9 11 0 M G Nolan
5 54P Blackmill [P,T] (27) (D) David Dennis 7 10 13 C Deutsch
J Nixon (7)
6 121 Dontminddboys (26) (D) R Dickin 9 10 7
S.P. f’cast: 9-4 Jepeck, 11-4 Dontminddboys, 4-1 Leith Hill Lad,
13-2 Cadeau Du Bresil, 8-1 Royal Tara, Blackmill.
Billygwyn Too (45) J W Tudor 5 11 12
C Brace (7)
Clondaw Bunny (58) D Summersby 5 11 12 Mr D Edwards
Doctor Wong (9) T R George 6 11 12
Mr N George (5)
Shaman Du Berlais (31) (BF) Mrs A Vaughan 5 11 12
Mr C Price (7)
5 1 Kootenay River (44) A King 4 11 7 Mr Thomas O’Brien
Mr L Drowne (7)
6 1 The Roestone (58) R Chanin 4 11 7
7 81 Hot Ryan (58) Chris Honour 5 11 5
Mr B Carver (7)
8 1 Control Me (65) Francesca Nimmo 4 11 0 Mr Alex Edwards
S.P. f’cast: 6-4 Kootenay River, 5-1 Billygwyn Too, 6-1 Control Me,
8-1 Doctor Wong, Shaman Du Berlais, 10-1 Others.
4.25 188Bet Casino Handicap Chase (5) 2m 1f 109yds £3,899
5.35 Novices’ Hunters’ Chase (6) 3m £1,872
3.50 Daily Racing Specials At 188Bet Chase (4) 3m £7,148
1 -PP Beni Light [H] (29) T R George 7 12 2
T Bellamy
2 6P0 Holeinthewall Bar (103) Mrs T Barfoot-Saunt 10 11 12
Mr G B-Saunt
D G Noonan
3 PP7 Scrupuleux (16) C Down 7 11 9
4 335 Trojan Star [P,T] (46) (BF) K Bailey 8 11 9
H Cobden
N Scholfield
5 -33 Gustav [P] (10) Miss Z Davison 8 11 1
6 U24 Denny Kerrell (47) J W Mullins 7 10 9
D Sansom (5)
7 93P St Merryn [T] (58) B Summers 7 10 8
T J O’Brien
8 562 Millen Dollar Man [P] (9) A Dunn 9 10 0 T Scudamore
Mr B R Jones (7)
9 0P5 Moontripper (28) P C Dando 9 10 0
S.P. f’cast: 7-4 Millen Dollar Man, 3-1 Denny Kerrell, 9-2 Gustav,
5-1 Trojan Star, 12-1 Beni Light, 20-1 Scrupuleux, 25-1 Moontripper,
33-1 St Merryn, Holeinthewall Bar.
1 111 Master Baker (12) (D) Mrs L Jefford 9 12 0
Miss Juanna Buck (5)
2 245 Bathwick Scanno [P,T] (311) (D) Mrs Teresa Clark 10 11 10
Mr B Carver (7)
3 B11 Blue Mountain Boy (44) (D) T Ellis 6 11 10 Miss G Andrews
4 -41 Herbert Park (58) (C)(D) R J Alford 8 11 10 Mr R Dingle (7)
5 4-2 Its All Or Nothing (16) (D) C Rowe 9 11 10 Mr M Hampton (5)
6 -21 Knockan Run (36) (D) Mrs J Ackner 7 11 10 Mr D Edwards
S.P. f’cast: 7-4 Master Baker, 5-2 Herbert Park, 7-2 Blue Mountain
Boy, 5-1 Knockan Run, 16-1 Its All Or Nothing, 33-1 Bathwick Scanno.
Whistler’s Nap
Hatcher (4.35 Huntingdon) is today’s nap for Whistler (Marcus
Armytage) of The Sunday Telegraph.
Elliott and
Mullins go
By Marcus Armytage
The riveting Irish jump trainers’
title race between Gordon Elliott,
who has never won it, and Willie
Mullins, the 11-times champion, is
distilled into the five days of the
Punchestown Festival this week.
Between the first event today
and the last on Saturday evening,
there will be 37 races run – 12 of
them Grade Ones – and more than
€3 million (£2.6 million) in prizemoney to be won.
Elliott, who wants his first title
more than any of his Cheltenham or
Grand National winners, has a
healthy lead going into the meeting, just as he did last year, when he
was finally collared by Mullins on
the Friday, the penultimate day of
the season,
This year he has won €521,413
more than Mullins, but a year ago
Elliott led by €380,000 at this stage.
By the time Patrick Mullins had ridden a Friday treble for his father,
including the Champion Hurdle on
Wicklow Brave, Elliott had been
While a bird in the hand is always
worth two in the bush, Elliott’s bigger advantage this time still may
not be enough to hold on. In 2017,
Mullins won €900,000 at this Festival compared to Elliott’s tally of
just over €300,000 and Mullins is
always a strong finisher.
Today the pair have 42 runners
on the card between them. The
main action centres on the BoyleSports Champion Chase, in which
Mullins fields Douvan, Min, Un De
Sceaux and Ballycasey. Elliott also
runs four – A Toi Phil, Doctor Phoenix, Tell Us More and the aptly
named The Game Changer – but all
of them are, on the face of it, lesser
If Mullins can fill the first three
spots he will very nearly halve Elliott’s lead in one shot, but the only
thing for sure is that there will be
many twists and turns before the
week is out.
The Daily Telegraph Tuesday 24 April 2018
Sport Racing
4.15 - Everkyllachy
4.50 - Al Manhalah
5.25 - Art Echo
5.55 - Limerick Lord
6.30 - Arctic Sea
7.05 - Rocksette
7.40 - Shifting Star
2.00 - Gumball
2.35 - Poker School
3.05 - Hey Bill
3.35 - Galactic Power
4.05 - Schnabel
4.40 - Mr Mercurial
5.15 - Imperial Aura
Going: Good to firm TV: Sky 415
Draw: In sprint races low numbers tend to have an advantage over
Going: Good-good to firm in places TV: Sky 432 & Virgin 536
five furlongs, high best over six furlongs.
[B] Blinkers [V] Visor [E] Eyeshield [T] Tongue Strap [P] Cheekpieces
2.00 Novices’ Hurdle (4) 2m £4,874
4.15 toteplacepot Handicap (5) 6f £3,752
1 14- Ocean Temptress (172) (C)(D) J Ryan 4 9 11 J Osborn (7) 1
2 58- Swiss Cross [P,T] (231) (C)(D9) P McEntee 11 9 6
Nicola Currie (5) 6
E J Walsh (3) 4
3 371 Tigerwolf (6) D Loughnane 5 9 6(6ex)
4 623 Baltic Prince (17) (C)(D) A Carroll 8 9 5 Poppy Bridgwater (7) 3
5 3-8 Whitecrest (13) (CD)(C)(D) J Spearing 10 9 3 L Morris 5
6 -75 Everkyllachy [B] (4) (D) J S Moore 4 9 2 Hollie Doyle 2
S.P. f’cast: 2-1 Tigerwolf, 11-4 Baltic Prince, 5-1 Ocean Temptress,
6-1 Whitecrest, 8-1 Swiss Cross, Everkyllachy.
4.50 toteexacta Maiden Stakes (5) 2YO 5f £3,752
Dark Panther Ed Walker 9 5
L Keniry 3
Hard Taskmaster J Tate 9 5
L Morris 1
Its The Only Way R Hannon 9 5
S Levey 6
Pageant Master M Tompkins 9 5
S W Kelly 4
Pocket Dynamo [H] R Cowell 9 5
E J Walsh (3) 5
Al Manhalah M Johnston 9 0
F Norton 7
C Bishop 2
7 8 Knockabout Queen (10) M Channon 9 0
Pinctada J Bridger 9 0
K O’Neill 8
S.P. f’cast: 2-1 Al Manhalah, 9-4 Its The Only Way, 6-1 Hard
Taskmaster, 15-2 Knockabout Queen, 8-1 Others.
5.25 totequadpot Handicap (4) 7f £5,531
1 429 Sayesse (6) (C)(D) M Channon 4 9 7
S Levey 7
2 -07 Black Caesar (20) (CD)(C)(D) P Hide 7 9 5 S Woods (7) 1
L Morris 6
3 2-8 Art Echo [P,T] (30) (CD)(D) J Mackie 5 9 5
F Norton 2
4 58- Hemingway (196) J Long 4 9 3
5 331 Madrinho (17) A Carroll 5 9 2 Poppy Bridgwater (7) 5
6 56- Hedging [P] (183) (D) Eve J-Houghton 4 9 0 C Bishop 4
7 -81 Andalusite [V] (18) (CD)(C) J Gallagher 5 8 9 D Probert 3
S.P. f’cast: 2-1 Madrinho, 4-1 Andalusite, 5-1 Hedging, 6-1
Sayesse, Art Echo, 10-1 Black Caesar, 14-1 Hemingway.
5.55 totetrifecta Handicap (6) 7f £3,105
Harry Beau [V] (18) P Evans 4 9 8
C Bishop 4
Yogiyogiyogi [V] (18) D Coakley 4 9 7
Violet’s Lads (32) B Johnson 4 9 6
Rossa Ryan (5) 2
Corporal Maddox [H,P] (69) (CD)(D) R Harris 11 9 5
S Hitchcott 5
5 811 Limerick Lord [P] (20) (D) Miss J Feilden 6 9 4 A Kirby 7
L Morris 9
6 628 Prince Jai [P] (22) (D) I Williams 5 9 1
7 080 Hidden Stash [P] (13) (C)(D) W Stone 4 8 13 Hollie Doyle 11
8 -04 Higgy’s Heartbeat [P] (18) D Ivory 4 8 12 J Duern (3) 3
W Carson 1
9 575 Sea Tea Dea (18) (D) A Carson 4 8 11
S Levey 13
10444 Joyful Dream [V] (27) J Butler 4 8 10
11 0-9 Indus Valley [B] (90) (CD)(C)(D) D Steele 11 8 8
Jane Elliott (5) 10
12 -99 Live Dangerously [P] (13) (CD)(C)(D) J Bridger 8 8 7
K O’Neill 6
13 08- Lutine Charlie (131) (CD)(C)(D) Emma Owen 11 8 7
M Dwyer 12
14 -06 Ettie Hart (97) (CD) M Channon 5 8 7
F Norton 14
S.P. f’cast: 3-1 Harry Beau, 4-1 Limerick Lord, 8-1 Joyful Dream,
10-1 Prince Jai, 12-1 Higgy’s Heartbeat, Violet’s Lads, Sea Tea Dea,
16-1 Others.
6.30 Handicap (5) 1m 2f £3,752
Eltezam (67) Mrs A Perrett 5 9 9
J Haynes 3
Derek Duval [H,T] (17) S C Williams 4 9 8 D Muscutt 5
Arctic Sea [T] (10) P Cole 4 9 7
R Da Silva 6
Dr Julius No (18) M McGrath 4 9 5
S W Kelly 7
Stormingin (31) (BF) G L Moore 5 9 5
A Kirby 4
Poetic Force (34) (D) A Carroll 4 9 3
G Downing 2
Becca Campbell [V] (62) (CD)(D) Eve J-Houghton 5 9 2
C Bishop 8
8 534 Let’s Be Happy [P] (J47) (CD) Ali Stronge 4 8 8
Hollie Doyle 1
S.P. f’cast: 3-1 Stormingin, 7-2 Derek Duval, 4-1 Poetic Force, 5-1
Arctic Sea, 6-1 Eltezam, 10-1 Let’s Be Happy, 16-1 Others.
7.05 Classified Stakes (6) 1m 2f £3,105
1 -09 Brave Tart (66) Martin Smith 4 10 0
T Marquand 13
2 46- Hint Of Grey (124) (CD)(D) G L Moore 5 10 0 A Kirby 15
3 /00 Katie’s Surprise [P] (48) J Butler 4 10 0
Darragh Keenan (7) 1
C Bishop 8
4 7-0 Ladofash [V] (J30) C Gordon 4 10 0
L Keniry 4
5 908 Maraakib (10) (D) A Dunn 6 10 0
S Levey 11
6 90- Mount Cleshar (343) J Butler 4 10 0
7 -78 Rocksette (20) P Hide 4 10 0
L Morris 5
8 332 Sharp Operator [H] (19) (D) C Wallis 5 10 0 W Carson 6
9 9-2 Solveig’s Song [P] (88) (CD)(D) S Woodman 6 10 0
J Watson (5) 10
10 4-5 The Secrets Out [H] (36) L Dace 4 10 0
K O’Neill 9
11 5-3 With Approval [P] (13) (C) Mrs L Mongan 6 10 0 G Downing 2
H Crouch 3
12 -80 Goodbye Lulu [B] (26) G Baker 3 8 11
13 -64 Happy Ending (11) J W Mullins 3 8 11 Hollie Doyle 7
14131 Miniature Daffodil [P] (18) (D) P Evans 3 8 11
Nicola Currie (5) 12
15 0-0 Saint Anthony [B] (11) M Tompkins 3 8 11 S W Kelly 14
16 -65 Valerie’s Memory (36) P Hide 3 8 11
D Probert 16
S.P. f’cast: 5-1 Solveig’s Song, 11-2 Miniature Daffodil, 6-1 Sharp
Operator, 13-2 Hint Of Grey, 8-1 The Secrets Out, With Approval,
12-1 Ladofash, 14-1 Others.
7.40 Handicap (6) 1m £3,105
1 -87 Spirit Of Sarwan (43) (C) Miss J Feilden 4 9 10
Hollie Doyle 10
2 -72 Mansfield [B,H] (57) (C) M Wigham 5 9 10 F Norton 1
L Morris 6
3 7-5 Fair Selene (26) (D) Mrs H Main 4 9 9
H Crouch 5
4 752 Barrsbrook (13) G L Moore 4 9 7
5 352 Pour La Victoire [P] (36) (CD)(C) A Carroll 8 9 7 G Downing 3
D Probert 11
6 5-6 Buzz Lightyere (13) (CD) P Hide 5 9 5
7 000 Shifting Star [T,V] (32) (CD)(D) J Bridger 13 8 13
Nicola Currie (5) 9
8 -05 Robert The Painter [B] (13) (D) D Steele 10 8 12
Jane Elliott (5) 7
9 123 Big Amigo (36) (D) D Loughnane 5 8 12 E J Walsh (3) 13
10337 Rivers Of Asia [P] (26) Martin Smith 5 8 11 T Marquand 2
11313 Mossy’s Lodge [B,T] (59) A Carson 5 8 10 W Carson 12
C Bennett (3) 8
12426 De Little Engine (13) A Dunn 4 8 9
13075 Exspectation (20) M Blanshard 4 8 7
R Hornby 4
S.P. f’cast: 9-2 Mansfield, 5-1 Barrsbrook, 6-1 Pour La Victoire,
7-1 Big Amigo, 8-1 Mossy’s Lodge, 10-1 Others.
Going: Good-good to soft in places TV: Sky 432 & Virgin 536
[B] Blinkers [V] Visor [E] Eyeshield [T] Tongue Strap [P] Cheekpieces
1 2P2 Gumball (12) (D) P Hobbs 4 11 5
R Johnson
2 500 Saxo Jack [T] (6) Mrs S Leech 8 11 4
P Brennan
3 217 Zalvados [P,T] (73) (CD) Oliver Greenall 5 11 4 Ross Turner (7)
4 R08 Blackjacktennessee (28) S Flook 4 10 7
J M Davies
Daily Trader (F8) P Evans 4 10 7
D Crosse
6 860 Involve (15) K Bailey 4 10 7
D Bass
7 52 Veiled Secret [T] (33) David Dennis 4 10 7
B Hughes
Katebird (F189) Oliver Greenall 4 10 0
D England
S.P. f’cast: 4-11 Gumball, 6-1 Veiled Secret, 13-2 Zalvados, 12-1
Katebird, 25-1 Saxo Jack, 33-1 Daily Trader, 66-1 Involve, 200-1
2.35 ‘Confined’ Handicap Chase (3) 2m £8,187
1 2U4 Poker School (122) (D) I Williams 8 12 5
Edward Austin (10)
2 344 Ut Majeur Aulmes [T] (31) (D) V Dartnall 10 11 12
R Johnson
3 5P2 Little Jon [P] (27) (D) N Twiston-Davies 10 11 10
S Twiston-Davies
4 557 Valseur Du Granval [T] (59) (D) T R George 9 11 9 P Brennan
5 952 Today Please (58) (D) Henry Oliver 8 11 2
D Crosse
6 636 Walden Prince [P,T] (138) (D) Mrs S Leech 11 10 1
Sean Houlihan (5)
S.P. f’cast: 9-4 Poker School, 11-4 Little Jon, 7-2 Today Please,
4-1 Ut Majeur Aulmes, 10-1 Valseur Du Granval, 25-1 Walden Prince.
3.05 H R Smith Group Ltd Handicap Chase (3) 3m £12,086
1 104 Beggars Cross [P,T] (151) (D) Jonjo O’Neill 8 11 12
W Hutchinson
2 6UP Moss On The Mill [P] (24) (C)(D) T R George 10 11 12
P Brennan
3 624 Muckle Roe (24) (D) N Twiston-Davies 9 11 12
S Twiston-Davies
4 554 According To Harry (15) (CD)(D) Nicky Martin 9 11 9
Sean Houlihan (5)
5 7P2 Goodtoknow [B] (26) (D) Kerry Lee 10 11 9 R Johnson
6 -5P Ravished [T] (96) (D) C Longsdon 10 11 9
B Hughes
7 1B2 Hey Bill (29) (C)(D) G McPherson 8 11 8 Kielan Woods
8 118 The Happy Chappy [T] (136) (C)(D) Mrs S Humphrey 7 11 8
J Bowen (3)
9 356 Rise Of An Empire [T] (277) H Fry 8 11 6 N P Madden
10 1P- Victor Leudorum [P,T] (468) S Flook 11 11 5 J M Davies
11334 Vivaccio (14) (C) Miss V Williams 9 11 0
A Coleman
S.P. f’cast: 4-1 Goodtoknow, 5-1 Rise Of An Empire, 11-2 Hey Bill,
6-1 The Happy Chappy, 8-1 Muckle Roe, 10-1 Ravished, Vivaccio,
12-1 Moss On The Mill, Beggars Cross, 14-1 Others.
3.35 April Handicap Hurdle (3) 3m £7,538
1 550 Skipthecuddles [P] (44) G McPherson 7 11 12 Kielan Woods
2 25F Souriyan [B] (31) P Bowen 7 11 11
J Bowen (3)
3 -26 Theatrebar [T] (17) (C) D Skelton 10 11 11
Bridget Andrews (3)
4 -28 Call To Order [P,WS] (207) (D) (BF) Jonjo O’Neill 8 11 10
A Coleman
5 333 The Devils Drop (62) (BF) A King 5 11 7 W Hutchinson
6 96P Will O’The West (63) H Daly 7 11 6
R Johnson
7 105 Muthabir (46) (D) R Phillips 8 11 4
D Hiskett (5)
8 F35 Apple Of Our Eye [B] (29) (C) C Longsdon 8 11 4
B Hughes
9 252 Lord Topper (210) J Snowden 5 11 1 S Twiston-Davies
J M Davies
10P74 Max Forte [P] (30) C Down 8 11 1
11413 Galactic Power (27) (C) R Dickin 8 10 4
J Quinlan
S.P. f’cast: 4-1 The Devils Drop, 6-1 Lord Topper, 7-1 Call To Order,
8-1 Souriyan, Theatrebar, Will O’The West, 10-1 Apple Of Our Eye,
Muthabir, Max Forte, Galactic Power, 14-1 Skipthecuddles.
4.05 Novices’ Handicap Hurdle (4) 2m 5f £4,938
1 213 Schnabel (130) (CD) David Dennis 6 12 0
B Hughes
2 564 Itsamanslife (98) Katy Price 5 12 0
B Poste
3 29P Atlantic Grey (119) N Twiston-Davies 5 11 12
S Twiston-Davies
4 556 Cheer’s Delboy (137) R Dickin 5 11 12
C Poste
R Johnson
5 0F4 Pyrios (66) P Hobbs 5 11 9
6 44- Bishop Of Bling [P] (F257) (BF) A Ralph 5 11 9 L Edwards
7 790 Earth Storm (74) Jack Barber 6 11 7
N P Madden
8 908 Eau De Nile (88) H Daly 5 11 7
A Tinkler
9 -45 Third Estate (214) N King 6 11 7
W Hutchinson
10 -22 Cheltenam De Vaige (161) (BF) F O’Brien 6 11 7
P Brennan
11772 Pershing Missile (14) (BF) G McPherson 6 11 4
Kielan Woods
D Crosse
120P8 Predict A Riot (60) I Williams 7 11 2
13PPP Samson’s Reach (45) R J Price 5 11 2
J Bowen (3)
14745 Zoltan Varga (12) (BF) M Channon 4 10 4
Bryony Frost (3)
158P5 Lincoln County [B,T] (44) Oliver Greenall 7 10 3
Ross Turner (7)
S.P. f’cast: 4-1 Cheltenam De Vaige, 6-1 Pershing Missile, 7-1
Pyrios, Zoltan Varga, 8-1 Schnabel, 10-1 Bishop Of Bling, 12-1 Third
Estate, Atlantic Grey, 14-1 Others.
4.40 Grassroots Hunters’ Chase (5) 3m £3,120
1 11U Monsieur Gibraltar [T] (30) (D) (BF) Mrs R Loxton 7 12 4
Mr L Williams (3)
2 P31 Mr Mercurial [T] (33) (CD)(D) Mrs S Crow 10 12 4
Mr H Crow (7)
3 1P7 Bay Sly (15) (D) Miss H Brookshaw 11 12 0 Mr J Andrews (5)
4 1P2 Queen Olivia [H] (15) (D) Miss V Collins 10 11 7
Miss L Tickle (7)
S.P. f’cast: 10-11 Monsieur Gibraltar, 2-1 Mr Mercurial, 13-2 Bay
Sly, 10-1 Queen Olivia.
5.15 Intermediate Open NH Flat Race (4) 2m £3,899
1 3 Imperial Aura (74) K Bailey 5 11 2
D Bass
2 2 Out For Justice [T] (345) Katy Price 5 11 2
B Poste
3 24 Rhythm Is A Dancer [T] (38) P Nicholls 5 11 2
S Twiston-Davies
Dontcounturchikens [T] David Dennis 4 10 11 B Hughes
Ferrobin D Skelton 4 10 11
Bridget Andrews (3)
Presentedwithwings T Symonds 4 10 11
J M Davies
7 5 Scappato (31) Oliver Greenall 4 10 11 Ross Turner (7)
8 8 Terezaz Nimrod (33) R Brotherton 4 10 11 N P Madden
9 80 Fifty Peach Way (87) Alex Swinswood 6 10 9 C O’Farrell
Peanutsponypetite Mike Hammond 5 10 9 C Ring (3)
S.P. f’cast: 7-4 Rhythm Is A Dancer, 9-4 Imperial Aura, 5-1
Ferrobin, 6-1 Dontcounturchikens, 16-1 Out For Justice,
Presentedwithwings, 25-1 Others.
4.35 - Hatcher
5.10 - Jet Set
5.45 - Darebin
6.20 - Amberjam
[B] Blinkers [V] Visor [E] Eyeshield [T] Tongue Strap [P] Cheekpieces
6.55 - Ratify (nap)
7.30 - Silent Man
8.00 - The Blue Bomber
4.35 Enhanced Odds At 188Bet Maiden Hurdle (5) 2m £3,249
2 064
3 332
4 7
5 255
6 F
7 358
8 3F4
9 008
10 P-2
12 0P/
Blazing Glen (61) A Jessop 10 11 2
T Garner (3)
El Scorpio (14) J Groucott 6 11 2
L Heard
Eskendash (29) (BF) Mrs P Sly 5 11 2
H Brooke
Gothic Empire (15) R Rowe 6 11 2
A Glassonbury
Hatcher [H,WS] (171) (CD)(D) D Skelton 5 11 2 H Skelton
Movie Set (147) Richard Spencer 6 11 2
B J Powell
Royal Marskell (29) Miss G Kelleway 9 11 2 Jamie Moore
St Patrick’s Day [P] (F28) J R Jenkins 6 11 2 A Wedge
Talk Of Monty (41) Mrs L Wadham 5 11 2
D Jacob
The Captain (114) Mrs C Bailey 5 11 2
S Bowen
Working Class (15) O Sherwood 4 10 11 H Beswick (7)
Dont Call Me Doris (949) Miss S Robinson 8 10 9
R T Dunne
13 77- Golden Cannon (F64) Miss S West 7 10 9 M Goldstein
14 -99 Min Tiky [T] (119) M Bradstock 6 10 9
N De Boinville
15777 No No Legend (29) C Longsdon 5 10 9 Jonathan Burke
165P3 Run For Eva [H] (13) Laura Morgan 5 10 9 P Cowley (5)
S.P. f’cast: 10-11 Eskendash, 9-2 Working Class, 5-1 Hatcher, 10-1
Movie Set, 12-1 St Patrick’s Day, 20-1 Others.
5.10 188Bet Mares’ ‘NH’ Novices’ Hurdle (4) 2m 5f £4,224
1 137
2 008
3 146
4 335 807
6 2F0
7 00
8 63P
9 -38
10 6P
Oscar Star (40) J Snowden 5 11 4 Miss Page Fuller (5)
Cadeaux’s Fire (50) C Longsdon 5 10 12 Paul O’Brien (5)
Cloone Lady (13) K Bailey 6 10 12
M Hamill (5)
Elegant [WS] (532) M Roberts 7 10 12
Joshua Moore
Huntress (50) Miss S Smith 6 10 12
J Sherwood (3)
Jet Set [T] (31) C Longsdon 6 10 12
Jonathan Burke
Maggies Legend [T] (124) A Hales 5 10 12 C Shoemark
Megaboost [P] (26) B Case 5 10 12
M Kendrick (5)
Mythical Legend (102) Emma Lavelle 7 10 12 A Wedge
Remember Me Well (106) R Rowe 5 10 12
A Glassonbury
11187 Rose Of Cimarron (140) W Greatrex 5 10 12
H Bannister
124P4 Shazzamataz (29) A Hales 6 10 12
Will Kennedy
13 48 Shoreline [H] (154) Jack Barber 5 10 12
R T Dunne
14603 Simonia (15) N Henderson 5 10 12
N De Boinville
15 2-2 Swatow [H] (350) (BF) Emma Lavelle 6 10 12 P Cowley (5)
16 57F Dancecraft [B] (4) G L Moore 4 10 6
Jamie Moore
S.P. f’cast: 6-4 Swatow, 4-1 Simonia, 8-1 Oscar Star, 10-1 Mythical
Legend, Jet Set, 12-1 Rose Of Cimarron, 16-1 Others.
5.45 Best Odds At 188Bet Chase (4) 2m 104yds £4,614
1 513 Darebin [V] (30) (D) G L Moore 6 11 8
Jamie Moore
S Bowen
2 3-5 No Dice (114) F O’Brien 9 11 6
3 3U4 San Pedro De Senam [B] (26) G L Moore 5 11 5 Joshua Moore
4 60U Capitoul (17) (D) Dr R Newland 6 11 5
H Brooke
5 0PP Hargam (87) (D) J J Quinn 7 11 5
6 P12 Nightfly [T] (111) (D) C Longsdon 7 11 4 Jonathan Burke
7 -42 Ballycamp (13) C Pogson 9 11 4
A Pogson
8 UF3 Its A Sting [H] (50) O Sherwood 9 10 9
C Shoemark
9 873 Shininstar [H] (29) J Groucott 9 10 3 Miss L Brooke (7)
S.P. f’cast: 7-2 Nightfly, 4-1 Capitoul, 5-1 Darebin, 6-1 No Dice,
Ballycamp, 13-2 Its A Sting, 8-1 Others.
6.20 188Bet Handicap Hurdle (4) 3m 1f £5,848
Lough Salt (26) R C Guest 7 11 13
H Skelton
Innisfree Lad (27) (BF) David Dennis 6 11 12 R T Dunne
Reckless Behavior (13) Mrs C Bailey 6 11 11 S Bowen
One Forty Seven [V] (123) N Twiston-Davies 6 11 10
J Bargary
5 P16 Hoke Colburn (75) H Whittington 6 11 9
H Bannister
6 357 Coeur Pensif [P] (46) B Pauling 6 11 9
D Jacob
7 150 Dreamsoftheatre [P,T] (88) (CD)(D) Jonjo O’Neill 10 11 8
C Shoemark
8 215 Amberjam [P] (43) (CD)(C) Mrs L Wadham 8 11 8
T Cheesman (5)
9 4P4 Thisonetime (44) Andrew Martin 7 11 7 Mr J Martin (7)
10533 Scooby (126) G McPherson 7 11 7
Mr J Nailor (7)
11677 Milord [P] (29) K Bailey 9 11 7
M Hamill (5)
12645 Frozen Flame (88) Jonjo O’Neill 5 11 6
R McLernon
13212 Sackett (17) N King 7 11 5
H Teal (7)
14814 Tzar De L’elfe (27) R Rowe 8 11 3
A Glassonbury
15049 Ballintara (74) Mrs D Grissell 6 11 3
M Goldstein
16188 Occasionally Yours (18) (C) A Blackmore 14 11 2
Mr A R Ferguson (7)
17084 Argent Knight [P] (41) C Kellett 8 11 1
M Grant
188P4 Arthur’s Reuben [P,T] (61) Jennie Candlish 5 10 0
R Patrick (5)
S.P. f’cast: 9-2 Innisfree Lad, 6-1 Lough Salt, Scooby, 15-2 Sackett,
8-1 Reckless Behavior, 10-1 Hoke Colburn, 14-1 Others.
6.55 188Bet Handicap Chase (4) 2m 4f £4,614
Ratify (46) (CD)(D) F O’Brien 14 11 12
R T Dunne
Bendomingo (104) N Twiston-Davies 7 11 10 J Bargary
Chateau Robin (138) (BF) K Bailey 7 11 5 M Hamill (5)
Border Breaker [T] (192) (D) Sam England 9 11 5 C Bewley (3)
Glengra (161) I Williams 9 11 1
S Bowen
Oakidoaki [P,T] (58) B Powell 6 10 6
B J Powell
7 46P That’s The Deal (119) (C)(D) J Cornwall 14 10 5 A Wedge
8 342 Pembroke House [P] (14) S-J Davies 11 10 5
C Hammond (7)
9 -0P Rising Tide (147) Laura Morgan 7 10 3
P Cowley (5)
S.P. f’cast: 5-2 Ratify, 3-1 Pembroke House, 9-2 Chateau Robin,
6-1 Glengra, 8-1 Oakidoaki, 10-1 Bendomingo, 14-1 Others.
7.30 188Bet App Handicap Chase (5) 3m £3,899
1 233 Baron Du Plessis (98) (BF) I Williams 7 12 1 R T Dunne
2 P13 Silent Man [T] (119) (CD) (BF) T H Weston 8 12 1 S Bowen
3 26P Midnight Gem (128) (C) C Longsdon 8 12 1
Paul O’Brien (5)
4 -UP What A Laugh (320) (D10) G Hanmer 13 12 1 J McGrath
5 232 Mondo Cane [P] (46) (C) C Pogson 11 11 12 A Pogson
6 31/ Derryfadda (901) (D) Sam England 9 11 10 D England
7 646 Like Sully (119) R Rowe 10 11 4
A Glassonbury
M Grant
8 6/U Chill In The Wood (57) D F Davis 9 10 12
9 6PP The Jugopolist [B] (128) (CD) J Cornwall 11 10 7
A Wedge
10 -33 Midnight Mustang (26) (D) Andrew Martin 11 10 5
M Hamill (5)
11024 Heurtevent (23) A Carroll 9 10 0
L Edwards
S.P. f’cast: 9-4 Silent Man, 4-1 Mondo Cane, 6-1 Baron Du Plessis,
8-1 Midnight Mustang, Midnight Gem, 12-1 Others.
8.00 188Bet Casino Handicap Hurdle (4) 2m £4,094
1 276 Londonia [H,T] (234) (D) G McPherson 6 11 12
Kielan Woods
2 P83 Dream Baie [T] (41) M Roberts 5 11 12 Joshua Moore
H Brooke
3 574 Secret Melody (91) T Easterby 5 11 12
4 6-P Church Leap [P,WS] (74) (D) P Chamings 7 11 11
N De Boinville
5 283 Character Onesie (39) D McCain 6 11 11 Will Kennedy
S Bowen
6 553 Dyliev [T] (61) Mrs C Bailey 5 11 10
7 779 Stonecoldsoba (61) (D) D P Quinn 5 11 10 A Coleman
8 234 Spirit Of Rome (81) (BF) H Whittington 4 11 7
H Bannister
9 857 Laketour Leader (61) R Rowe 6 11 7
A Glassonbury
10068 Charlie Chaplin [B] (F26) R Eddery 4 11 7 C Shoemark
Bryony Frost (3)
11202 Cubswin (5) (D) N King 4 11 7
120U7 Thames Knight (64) J Boyle 6 11 6
M Goldstein
13 4/P Candyman Can (26) Miss L Hurley 8 11 5
Miss Page Fuller (5)
144P8 Fleur Du Pommier (15) G C Maundrell 5 11 4
Mr Z Baker (5)
15621 The Blue Bomber (29) C Fryer 6 11 3 Fergus Gregory (5)
16 5-1 Bay Fortuna (313) M Usher 9 11 2
D Crosse
17904 D’waterside (33) David Loughnane 4 11 1
A P Cawley
18886 Magic Of Milan (16) Sam England 5 10 11 C Bewley (3)
S.P. f’cast: 4-1 Cubswin, 5-1 Spirit Of Rome, Bay Fortuna, 13-2 The
Blue Bomber, 10-1 Dyliev, Character Onesie, 14-1 Others.
1.50 Maiden Fillies’ Stakes (5) 2YO 5f £3,752
Blame Roberta R Cowell 9 0
J Fanning 6
Carrie’s Vision W Haggas 9 0
James Doyle 5
Equiano Perle M Appleby 9 0
K Lundie (5) 7
Islay Mist Miss Amy Murphy 9 0
R Da Silva 4
O Murphy 1
5 4 Luchador (17) Archie Watson 9 0
A Atzeni 2
6 4 Solesmes (8) M Channon 9 0
The Last Party C Dwyer 9 0
L Edmunds (3) 3
Willow Brook G Scott 9 0
S De Sousa 8
S.P. f’cast: 15-8 Carrie’s Vision, 7-2 Luchador, 5-1 Willow Brook,
6-1 Blame Roberta, 8-1 Solesmes, 12-1 Islay Mist, 16-1 Others.
2.25 John Kemp 4x4 Novice Stakes (Div 1) (5) 3YO 1m £3,752
1 51- Corrosive (209) H Palmer 9 9
Josephine Gordon 2
S De Sousa 6
2 1-7 Mewtow [H] (66) (D) G Scott 9 9
Al Reef S bin Suroor 9 2
P Cosgrave 8
Beat The Judge E Vaughan 9 2
H Bentley 4
J P Spencer 5
5 8- Drill (284) L Cumani 9 2
Lord Guest G Margarson 9 2
T Queally 11
Magical Sight W Haggas 9 2
James Doyle 3
Narynkol R Varian 9 2
A Atzeni 1
J Fanning 10
9 9- Rapier (202) Sir M Stoute 9 2
Soar Above J Butler 9 2
T Clark (3) 9
W Buick 12
11 03- Stylehunter [B] (132) J Gosden 9 2
Tawheed R Varian 9 2
J Crowley 7
S.P. f’cast: 11-4 Stylehunter, 5-1 Corrosive, 6-1 Tawheed, Magical
Sight, 13-2 Al Reef, 8-1 Narynkol, 12-1 Rapier, 14-1 Others.
2.55 John Kemp 4x4 Novice Stakes (Div 2) (5) 3YO 1m £3,752
1 1- Without Parole (129) (D) J Gosden 9 9
L Dettori 11
Cheer The Title Tom Clover 9 2
P Cosgrave 10
Cohen [T] W Haggas 9 2
James Doyle 6
S De Sousa 3
4 0-0 Dark Side Jazz (13) J Ryan 9 2
Das Kapital J Berry 9 2
Fran Berry 7
Elusive Show J Butler 9 2
T Clark (3) 5
Killdeer S bin Suroor 9 2
G Mosse 2
J Crowley 4
8 6- Muraadef (291) E Dunlop 9 2
A Atzeni 9
9 2-2 Ostilio [T] (21) (BF) S Crisford 9 2
Space Bandit M Bell 9 2
O Murphy 1
David Egan (3) 8
11 0- Zamandas (167) R Varian 9 2
S.P. f’cast: 9-4 Without Parole, 5-2 Ostilio, 5-1 Killdeer, 13-2
Cohen, 12-1 Muraadef, 14-1 Space Bandit, Zamandas, 20-1 Cheer
The Title, 25-1 Others.
3.25 Burlington Palm Hotel Handicap (5) 3YO 1m 2f £3,752
1 223 Dawn Dancer (25) A Balding 9 10
O Murphy 2
T Eaves 6
2 642 Finisher (18) K Ryan 9 7
S De Sousa 1
3 63- Baasha (196) E Dunlop 9 7
J P Spencer 11
4 3-6 Immortal Romance (69) M Bell 9 6
A Atzeni 3
5 554 Banksy’s Art (27) M Channon 9 5
G Mosse 10
6 30- Queen Adelaide (199) J Ryan 9 4
S Donohoe 13
7 -83 Atticus Boy (89) D Lanigan 9 4
Fran Berry 8
8 4-8 Sigrid Nansen [P] (26) G Scott 9 3
G Malune (5) 9
9 0-5 Houlton [T] (12) M Botti 9 3
James Doyle 5
10 79- Cristal Spirit (169) W Haggas 9 2
G Wood (3) 12
11 05- Pentland Hills (181) C Wall 9 0
J Crowley 4
12 88- King Athelstan (203) J Best 9 0
Shelley Birkett (3) 14
13837 Sir Fred (21) Miss J Feilden 8 8
David Egan (3) 7
14 -46 Golden Guide (13) K Burke 8 8
S.P. f’cast: 4-1 Baasha, 9-2 Cristal Spirit, 5-1 Finisher, 8-1 Dawn
Dancer, 10-1 Immortal Romance, Atticus Boy, 12-1 Others.
4.00 Pleasurewood Hills Handicap (4) 1m 2f £5,531
1 1-1 Mordin (20) S Crisford 4 9 7
James Doyle 8
2 7-6 Swilly Sunset (18) (C)(D) A Carson 5 9 7 S De Sousa 2
G Mosse 7
3 61- Ciaoadiosimdone (155) J Ryan 4 9 4
4 11- Crimson Rosette [H] (158) (D) C Fellowes 4 9 2 S Donohoe 1
5 16- Giveaway Glance [H] (J29) (D) A King 5 9 2 M Harley 3
T Queally 4
6 158 Shamrokh [P,T] (30) (D) M Appleby 4 8 12
A Atzeni 5
7 4-3 Voi [T] (19) (C) C Allen 4 8 10
W Cox (5) 6
8 553 Bluff Crag (43) P McBride 5 8 8
S.P. f’cast: 15-8 Mordin, 9-2 Crimson Rosette, 5-1 Ciaoadiosimdone,
Bluff Crag, 8-1 Voi, 12-1 Giveaway Glance, 14-1 Others.
4.30 Eastern Power Systems Handicap (5) 1m £3,752
1 122 Oud Metha Bridge (11) (D) Miss J Feilden 4 9 12
Shelley Birkett (3) 2
Jacob Mitchell (7) 7
2 926 Interlink (20) (BF) M Bell 5 9 7
R Tate 1
3 10- Buskin River (196) (D) (BF) J Eustace 4 9 5
P Mathers 5
4 468 Baz [P] (8) (D) D Shaw 8 9 5
5 66- Castle Talbot [P] (182) Tom Clover 6 9 3 David Egan (3) 9
6 455 Luna Magic [H] (39) (D) Mrs L Pearce 4 9 0 J Mitchell 8
7 -80 Right About Now [B] (11) C Dwyer 4 8 13 L Edmunds (3) 6
S De Sousa 3
8 0-3 Cryptonite [P] (6) M Appleby 4 8 12
H Bentley 4
9 66- Marilyn (190) (C) (BF) C Wall 4 8 11
S.P. f’cast: 3-1 Oud Metha Bridge, 5-1 Buskin River, Cryptonite, 6-1
Castle Talbot, Interlink, 8-1 Luna Magic, 12-1 Marilyn, 14-1 Others.
1.50 - Luchador
2.25 - Corrosive
2.55 - Without Parole
3.25 - Finisher
4.00 - Crimson Rosette
4.30 - Oud Metha Bridge
5.05 - Roman Spinner
5.40 - Mighty Zip
Going: Good to firm-good in places TV: Sky 415
Draw: High numbers best on the straight course, especially in large fields.
[B] Blinkers [V] Visor [E] Eyeshield [T] Tongue Strap [P] Cheekpieces
5.05 Injured Jockey’s Fund Handicap (5) 3YO 6f £3,752
1 9-2 Kalagia (20) (BF) M Johnston 9 7
J Fanning 5
2 439 Cloud Eight [H,T] (14) M Botti 9 4
A Atzeni 2
3 13- Roman Spinner [T] (114) (D) R Guest 9 4
M Harley 4
4 35- Indian Warrior (166) E Dunlop 9 4
James Doyle 1
G Mosse 8
5 6-3 Global Excel (33) (BF) Ed Walker 9 1
6 -46 Enzo’s Lad [P] (18) K Burke 9 1
C Lee (3) 3
7 30- Priscilla’s Dream (199) P McBride 9 0
S Donohoe 6
8 33- Spenny’s Lass (182) J Ryan 8 11 Josephine Gordon 7
S.P. f’cast: 5-2 Kalagia, 3-1 Global Excel, 6-1 Roman Spinner, 7-1
Spenny’s Lass, 8-1 Indian Warrior, 10-1 Others.
5.40 Annual Badges On Sale Handicap (6) 5f £3,105
1 163 Ask The Guru [B] (32) (D9) M Attwater 8 9 10
K Fox 5
2 410 Mighty Zip [P] (19) (D) (BF) Mrs L Williamson 6 9 7
G Malune (5) 12
S De Sousa 9
3 654 Who Told Jo Jo (4) (D) J Tuite 4 9 7
4 863 Nag’s Wag (14) (D) C Dore 5 9 3
Hayley Turner 8
5 433 Hurricane Alert (26) (CD) M Hoad 6 8 13 David Egan (3) 7
6 667 Toolatetodelegate [P,T] (14) (D) B Barr 4 8 12 T Whelan 2
7 540 Tina Teaspoon [H] (12) D Shaw 4 8 12
P Mathers 11
8 76- Dollywaggon Pike (162) J R Jenkins 4 8 12 Gina Mangan (7) 3
9 660 Drop Kick Murphi (33) Mrs C Dunnett 4 8 12 S Donohoe 4
10469 Celerity [P] (3) Mrs L Williamson 4 8 12
K Lundie (5) 6
11390 Give Us A Belle [B,H,T] (12) (D) Mrs C Dunnett 9 8 12
J Quinn 13
12670 Popsilca (26) (D) M Quinn 4 8 12 Josephine Gordon 1
13 78- Eye Burner [V] (124) J R Jenkins 4 8 12
Liam Jones 10
S.P. f’cast: 7-2 Who Told Jo Jo, 4-1 Ask The Guru, 5-1 Nag’s Wag,
6-1 Hurricane Alert, 8-1 Toolatetodelegate, Mighty Zip, 14-1 Others.
Tomorrow's Meetings
Catterick 1.50 to 5.40 (RUK); Epsom 2.10 to 5.00 (RUK); Lingfield
Park 4.50 to 7.55 (ATR); Perth 1.30 to 4.45 (RUK); Taunton 5.15 to
8.10 (RUK).
Major races at Punchestown
Going: Yielding TV: Sky 415
[B] Blinkers [V] Visor [E] Eyeshield [T] Tongue Strap [P] Cheekpieces
4.20 Champion Novice Hurdle (Grade 1) (1) 2m 100yds €52,212
Beyond The Law [T] (39) M F Morris 6 11 12 B J Cooper
Cartwright (32) (D) G Elliott 5 11 12
M P Walsh
Draconien (22) W P Mullins 5 11 12
N Fehily
Getabird (22) (CD)(C)(D) W P Mullins 6 11 12 P Townend
Hardline [H] (22) (CD)(D) G Elliott 6 11 12 S W Flanagan
Mengli Khan [T] (42) (D) G Elliott 5 11 12 Jack Kennedy
Paloma Blue (42) (D) H de Bromhead 6 11 12 D N Russell
Sharjah [T] (22) (D) W P Mullins 5 11 12 Mr P W Mullins
Vision Des Flos [T] (11) (CD) C Tizzard (Uk) 5 11 12
R M Power
10143 Whiskey Sour (39) (D) W P Mullins 5 11 12 D J Mullins
S.P. f’cast: 10-11 Getabird, 4-1 Mengli Khan, 9-2 Paloma Blue,
14-1 Vision Des Flos, 16-1 Whiskey Sour, Sharjah, 25-1 Cartwright,
Draconien, 33-1 Others.
5.30 Champion Chase (Grade 1) (1) 2m €143,584
6.40 Champion Novice Chase (Grade 1) (1) 3m 120yds €52,212
1 142 A Toi Phil [T] (22) (C) G Elliott 8 11 12
Jack Kennedy
2 533 Ballycasey (22) W P Mullins 11 11 12
D E Mullins
3 12F Doctor Phoenix [P,T] (22) (D) G Elliott 10 11 12
M P Walsh
4 7-F Douvan (41) (CD)(D) W P Mullins 8 11 12
P Townend
5 122 Min (11) (CD)(C) (BF) W P Mullins 7 11 12
D J Mullins
6 345 Ordinary World (41) (D) H de Bromhead 8 11 12
D N Russell
7 F3P Special Tiara (41) (D) H de Bromhead 11 11 12 N Fehily
8 45P Tell Us More [B] (22) (D) G Elliott 9 11 12 K M Donoghue
9 447 The Game Changer [T] (F27) (CD)(C)(D) G Elliott 9 11 12
M Enright
10121 Un De Sceaux (22) (CD)(D) W P Mullins 10 11 12
Mr P W Mullins
S.P. f’cast: 5-4 Douvan, 9-4 Min, 5-1 Un De Sceaux, 13-2 Doctor
Phoenix, 16-1 Special Tiara, 33-1 A Toi Phil, Ordinary World, 66-1 The
Game Changer, Ballycasey, 100-1 Tell Us More.
Al Boum Photo (23) W P Mullins 6 11 10
P Townend
Dounikos (22) (C) G Elliott 7 11 10
K M Donoghue
Finian’s Oscar [P] (12) C Tizzard (Uk) 6 11 10 R M Power
Invitation Only (23) (C) W P Mullins 7 11 10 D J Mullins
Jury Duty [T] (42) (C) (BF) G Elliott 7 11 10 M P Walsh
Monalee (41) (C) H de Bromhead 7 11 10
N Fehily
Monbeg Notorious [V] (22) (C)(D) G Elliott 7 11 10
D O’Regan
8 BU1 Rathvinden (42) (D) W P Mullins 10 11 10
Mr P W Mullins
9 715 The Storyteller (23) G Elliott 7 11 10
D N Russell
10112 Shattered Love [T] (23) (BF) G Elliott 7 11 3
Jack Kennedy
11111 Youcantcallherthat (7) Denis Hogan 7 11 3 D G Hogan
S.P. f’cast: 13-8 Monalee, 7-2 Al Boum Photo, 11-2 Shattered Love,
7-1 Finian’s Oscar, 10-1 Rathvinden, 14-1 Invitation Only, 16-1 Jury
Duty, 20-1 The Storyteller, 33-1 Others.
Tuesday 24 April 2018 The Daily Telegraph
Final whistle
Comic-book hero
has been lured
out of retirement,
writes Jim White,
and is ready to
thrill a new
generation of fans
This novel
is proper
Roy of the
Rovers stuff
e is back. No,
not Paul
more significant. Sound
a fanfare, roll out the
red carpet: Roy of the
Rovers is returning this
September in a series of
graphic novels. And after
an absence of some 17
years, for us fans of a
certain vintage, it is
about time.
Roy Race first
appeared in print in the
Tiger comic in 1954. A
promising young player
with Melchester Rovers,
he quickly established
himself as the epitome of
the assumed English
footballing character:
hard but fair, tough but
honourable, with an
undrainable reservoir of
grit, determination and
commitment. Think Dele
Alli, but able to stay on
his feet.
His adventures
followed the rhythms of
the football season: every
week there was a stirring
against-the-odds victory,
or cataclysmic defeat
(in Roy’s footballing
universe, there was no
such thing as a dull
goalless draw). After
winning the league or
being relegated,
Melchester would spend
the summer touring
dodgy foreign territories,
where Roy would almost
invariably be kidnapped.
Indeed, in a career
encompassing nine
league titles, eight FA
Cup wins and three
European Cup triumphs,
he was kidnapped no
fewer than four times, as
well as being shot by a
disappointed actor who
had just lost his job
playing him in a TV soap
after Roy’s very public
marriage breakdown had
caused the cancellation
of the series.
There was nothing
routine about Roy. Being
shot though was by no
means the least of his
indignities. In the early
Eighties, he was obliged
to play in the Melchester
midfield with Steven
Norman and Martin
Kemp of Spandau Ballet,
after the New Romantics
were drafted into the
team by the chairman in
a desperate bid to get
down with the kids.
Given the breathless
drama of his life, it was
He was
four times and
shot by an
actor who
played him in
a TV soap
no surprise that Roy – by
then the owner/manager
of Melchester, with his
son Roy Jr (aka Rocky)
the club captain –
eventually ran out of
steam, appearing for the
last time in Match of the
Day magazine in 2001.
But, sensing that his
spirit lingers in the
collective footballing
imagination, there in
every commentator’s
suggestion that a
last-minute turnaround
constitutes “real Roy of
the Rovers stuff ”, a
publisher called Rebellion
has commissioned a
series of graphic books.
The writer Rob Williams
tells me that this will be a
totally new, 21st-century
incarnation of Roy.
“We wanted him back
on the pitch,” he explains.
“And I think the old Roy
may have lost both his
legs, which would make
it hard for him to score a
last-minute winner.”
In Williams’s opening
story, we will meet the
new Roy as a young
player, making his way in
a modern Melchester.
Intriguingly tuning in to
current sensibilities, the
club is down on its luck
after a collection of venal
owners have sent it
spiralling into decline.
Meanwhile, across town,
local rivals Tynecaster
have been bought by an
emirate and, with a
sparkling new stadium
and magnificent
collection of foreign
stars, are busy hoovering
up all available trophies.
Roy gets his chance at
Melchester simply
because they cannot
afford to buy in talent.
It has a nice whiff of
the contemporary. This
is how we cast the
footballing underdog
today: in financial terms.
We root for the poor
against the monied, crave
the overturning of the
established fiscal order.
And for those who long to
see Roy back in action,
who yearn to see him
lead the rebirth of proper
football, Williams offers
reassurance that some of
the more unlikely byways
of his previous life will
not be revisited.
“One thing I can
guarantee is that there’s
no plans to have Ed
Sheeran at No 10 for
Melchester,” he says. “At
least, not yet.”
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