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Metro UK – April 26, 2018

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Thursday, April 26, 2018
Meghan’s stylish hat trick
as she joins Harry to pay
tribute to Anzac heroes
Royals on parade: Page 6 »
n The Simpsons star who could soon be silenced
Terminally ill:
Alfie Evans has
a degenerative
condition PA/GETTY
Page 3 »
n So just how good is the new Avengers film?
Page 8 »
lfie’s dad
d tries to sue doctors at children’s hospital
E father of Alfie Evaans has launched
rivate prosecution acccusing doctors
ating his terminally--ill son of conacy to murder.
om Evans has servved summonses
ainst three members of staff caring
r the boy at Alder Hey Children’s
spital in Liverppooll who recom-
mended switching off life support. The
legal action was revealed yesterday as
Alfie’s parents lost an appeal against a
ruling banning them from taking the
23-month-old to Rome for treatment.
Mr Evans’ barrister Paul Diamond, of
the Christian Legal Centre, told the
Court of Appeal there were ‘tensions’
but ‘no hostility’ against the NHS.
But Lord Justice McFarlane said
‘there are rather more than tensions’
and the accusation related to ‘the most
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Filed papers: Tom Evans
2 METRO Thursday, April 26, 2018
Union chief’s blast at MPs
for anti-Semitism ‘smears’
LABOUR MPs escorted a Jewish colleague through protesters to an antiSemitism hearing yesterday as the row
in the party deepened.
Dozens of MPs and peers formed a
circle around Ruth Smeeth on the day
that Len McCluskey, head of the Unite
union and the party’s most powerful
backer, warned ‘Corbyn-hater’ Labour
MPs they face deselection.
Ms Smeeth was giving evidence
against activist Marc Wadsworth, who
accused her of ‘working hand-in-hand’
with a national newspaper at the launch
of the party’s report into anti-Semitism
in July 2016. As she entered the hearing in Westminster, protesters chanted:
‘Reinstate Marc Wadsworth.’
MP Wes Streeting said: ‘I’m proud of
Labour MPs and peers who stood by
Ruth Smeeth. That it was necessary to
accompany her through a protest is an
appalling state of affairs.’
The hearing – which could see Mr
Wadsworth expelled from the party –
came a day after Jewish leaders
accused the Labour leader of ‘shrugging’ off calls to take action against
anti-Semitism in the party.
Last month, Jeremy Corbyn apologised for anti-Semitism in ‘pockets of
the party’. But in the New Statesman,
Mr McCluskey made accusations of
Guard: MPs and peers
escort Ruth Smeeth (in
sunglasses) past the
protest PA
serious offence possible.’ The
judge, one of three hearing the
appeal, added: ‘That simply
doesn’t square with there being no
hostility to the NHS. As my
children would say, “end of”.’
A court order bans naming the
people involved in Alfie’s care. The
boy, who suffers from an
undiagnosed degenerative
neurological condition, was said by
Comcast launches
rival bid for Sky
US MEDIA giant Comcast has
unveiled a £22billion rival bid
for Sky that threatens Rupert
Murdoch’s deal to take full
control of the pay-TV group.
Comcast said its cash offer
is worth £12.50 a share – 16
per cent up on the £10.75 a
share 21st Century Fox is
willing to pay for the 61 per
cent stake it does not own.
Sky’s recommendation for
the Fox deal was withdrawn
and 21st Century Fox said it
was ‘considering its options’.
Sky shares rose 3.9 per cent
yesterday to close at £13.59.
Tweets chime in
to political bias
‘sustained smearing’. ‘I have fought
anti-Semitism and anti-Semites all my
life,’ he said. ‘I look with disgust at the
behaviour of the Corbyn-hater MPs
and understand why there is growing
demand for mandatory reselection.’
Labour MP Neil Coyle tweeted: ‘Jeremy says anti-Semitism must be tack-
led. Len claims it doesn’t exist.’ Mr
Wadsworth said he was ‘utterly opposed
to anti-Semitism’ and was confident he
would be cleared.
Alder Hey staff face ‘shocking threats and abuse’
» Continued from Page 1
his father to be ‘struggling’ last
night and was revived for a third
time after his life support was
withdrawn on Monday.
Michael Mylonas QC, acting for
the hospital, told the court doctors
had never said his death would be
Mr Diamond said Alfie’s father
accepted he was dying but warned,
because Alfie was made an Italian
citizen after Mr Evans met the
Pope, doctors may be liable for
prosecution there. Alfie’s mother
Kate James was represented by a
separate legal team at the hearing.
In an open letter last night, Alder
Hey’s chairman Sir David
Henshaw and the hospital’s chief
executive Louise Shepherd said
staff ‘deeply affected’ by Alfie’s
plight had been subjected to ‘a
barrage of highly abusive and
threatening language and
behaviour that has shocked us all’.
They thanked Merseyside Police
for their support that has ‘helped
us maintain our focus on
safeguarding Alfie’s comfort,
dignity and privacy, which remains
our first priority’.
Police have also warned they
were monitoring social media for
‘threatening behaviour’ towards
medical staff.
Meanwhile, two people believed
to be a German air ambulance
crew ready to fly Alfie to Italy were
escorted from the hospital.
A STUDY of 2.7billion tweets
has shown that Twitter is an
‘echo chamber’ with users
exposed to political opinions
that agree with their own.
Analysis of posts from 2009
to 2016 show ‘partisan’ users
– who produce and share data
with one-sided political
leanings – were rewarded with
more retweets. Users whose
content bridges ideologies
were less valued.
Prof Aristides Gionis, of
Aalto University, in Finland,
said the findings show echo
chambers exist.
LGBT people ‘hide
sexuality at work’
MORE than a third of lesbian,
gay and bisexual people have
hidden their identity at work
for fear of discrimination, a
report finds.
Among transgender staff the
figure stands at more than
half, according to LGBT charity
Stonewall. Almost one in five
have been the target of
negative comments and a
similar number said they were
discriminated against while
looking for work.
Stonewall chief executive
Ruth Hunt said the findings
show ‘there’s still lots to do’.
Thursday, April 26, 2018 METRO 3
Makeover: Lewis used prosthetics and a mask
FAT chance you’d recognise
Damian Lewis these days…
The British actor has
undergone an extreme
makeover after sizing up
his most ambitious screen
role to date.
Lewis, best known for his
TV roles in Homeland and
Billions, piled on the
prosthetic pounds to
play Toronto’s former
mayor Rob Ford.
The Golden Globe
winner (pictured), who
also wore a face mask,
shot scenes in the
Canadian city this week.
Described as
‘historical fiction’,
the film, titled
Run This
Town, is
inspired by a string of
scandals that rocked the
disgraced politician.
In 2014, Ford was caught on
camera smoking crack and
then took leave from office to
enter rehab.
The thriller is set against the
backdrop of his final mayoral
term, following the efforts
of a young reporter
attempting to expose
Ford as his aides help
him weather the storm.
Former businessman
Ford died aged 46 from
cancer in 2016.
The movie, which is
directed by Ricky
Tollman, also
stars Nina
Dobrev and
Ben Platt.
D’oh! I’ll silence Apu
if he causes offence,
says Simpsons star
THE SIMPSONS voice actor Hank
Azaria has said he is willing to stop
voicing the Indian character Apu in the
show as it has upset so many people.
Azaria was the first cast member to
break the silence over racial issues on
the long-running animated series.
Concerns were raised over the depiction of the Kwik-E-Mart clerk Apu
Nahasapeemapetilon in the documentary The Problem With Apu. Filmmaker Hari Kondabolu criticised his
over-the-top accent and mannerisms.
Azaria, 54, told US chat show host
Stephen Colbert: ‘The idea that anyone young or old, past or present,
being bullied based on Apu really
makes me sad.’ The Simpsons’ pro-
Controversy: Hank Azaria and Apu
ducers stayed silent about the controversy for almost five months until a
controversial episode earlier this
month in which Lisa comments about
how ‘something that started decades
ago and was applauded and inoffensive is now politically incorrect’.
Azaria said he had ‘nothing to do
with the writing or the voicing’ in that
episode. ‘I think if anyone came away
from that segment thinking they need
to lighten up... That’s definitely not the
message that I want to send,’ he said.
‘I think the most important thing is
to listen to Indian people and their
experience with it.
‘I really want to see Indian, South,
Asian writers in the writers room
including how Apu is voiced or not
voiced. I’m perfectly willing to step
aside. It just feels like the right thing to
do to me.’
What’s your opinion?
Text the word VIEWS followed by
your comment, name and where
you live to 65700.
Standard network charges apply.
Damian Lewis
filming in
Toronto and
(inset) Rob Ford
4 METRO Thursday, April 26, 2018
I failed to spot Windrush
fiasco coming, says Rudd
AMBER RUDD has admitted she
failed to realise there was a widespread
problem of Windrush generation immigrants being unfairly targeted by Home
Office officials.
The home secretary said she became
aware of the issue ‘over the past few
months’ but added: ‘I bitterly, deeply
regret that I didn’t see it as more than
individual cases that had gone wrong
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and need addressing. I didn’t see it as a
systemic issue until very recently.’
Ms Rudd’s comments to the Commons home affairs committee came as
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn stepped
up demands for her to resign.
She said the Home Office had not
found any Windrush migrants who had
been deported.
But she admitted it didn’t know how
many people had been wrongly detained
– such as grandmother Paulette Wilson,
Accusations: Yvette Cooper (left) accused the prime minister as Amber Rudd (right) admitted ‘bitter regrets’ over the issue
who was held for a week after she was
told she was in Britain illegally.
And she denied that the target to bring
down net migration to below 100,000
had fuelled the fiasco. She said: ‘The
problem here is that people were not
properly documented.’
Earlier, at prime minister’s ques-
tions, Mr Corbyn said Theresa May
had been warned by her own officials
that the ‘hostile environment’ policy
was likely to lead to discrimination.
Ms Rudd ‘inherited a failing policy
and made it worse’, he said, asking her
to ‘take responsibility and resign’.
Former shadow home secretary
Yvette Cooper accused the prime minister of ‘hiding’ behind ministers and
officials in the wake of the debacle.
Mrs May told MPs the government
was committed to ensuring those entitled to be in the UK were able to
remain but it was right to clamp down
on illegal immigration.
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Thursday, April 26, 2018 METRO 5
Encore! Macron brings Congress to its feet
THE transatlantic love-in
continued yesterday as US
lawmakers gave Emmanuel
Macron more than a dozen
standing ovations.
They even gave one to the French
president’s wife Brigitte as she
took a seat to watch her husband’s
speech to Congress.
US president Donald Trump has
Smitten: House
speaker Paul Ryan
applauds Mr
Macron, while
(inset) the French
president’s wife
Brigitte also gets a
standing ovation AP
KANYE WEST has said Donald
Trump is his ‘brother’ and that
the ‘mob’ cannot make him ‘not
love him’. The rapper, who is
married to Kim Kardashian, said
on Twitter: ‘We are both dragon
energy,’ adding: ‘I don’t agree with
everything anyone does. That’s
what makes us individuals.’
appeared smitten by the ‘very
special relationship’ he has struck
up with Mr Macron, the first
foreign leader to be afforded a state
visit by the Trump administration.
He repeatedly hugged, kissed
and held hands with the guest he
described as ‘perfect’.
Mr Macron compared the
relationship with the one between
US founding father Benjamin
Novichok scientist
is struck by a car
ONE of the developers of the
nerve agent used to poison
Sergei and Yulia Skripal in
Salisbury last month is in
hospital after being hit by a car.
Former Soviet scientist
Vladimir Uglev, 70, was struck
while crossing a street close
to his home near the Black
Sea resort of Anapa.
Mr Uglev, said to have
helped develop novichok, was
treated for head and foot
injuries and was said to be
recovering well. Local media
said the unnamed driver was
a 70-year-old from the town.
Coma mum told of
kids’ death in fire
Franklin and French philosopher
Voltaire, who were always ‘kissing
each other’. But that did not stop
him attacking some of Mr Trump’s
key policies. He warned the deal
on Iran’s nuclear programme
should not be ditched ‘without
having something more substantial
instead’. He also urged the US not
to abandon the Paris climate change
accord, demanding ‘a planet that’s
still inhabitable in 25 years’.
Dad who murdered girl
‘throttled a former wife’
A WEALTHY antiques dealer has
admitted the murder of his seven-yearold daughter, dramatically changing
his plea on the third day of his trial.
Robert Peters, 56, throttled Sophia
with a dressing gown cord at the
£1million family home in Wimbledon,
south west London, last November.
His guilty plea meant the Old Bailey
jury could be told about a claim from
one of Peters’ ex-wives that he tried to
throttle her 20 years earlier.
Francine Peters had made a state-
Guilty: Peters killed daughter Sophia
ment revealing incidents of alleged
violence after the death of Sophia,
daughter of Peters’ third wife Krittiya.
She said that during their 1994 to
2009 marriage, her then-husband
head-butted her, slapped her around
the face and strangled her.
She said: ‘He grabbed me around the
neck, was strangling me. I had marks
on my neck. This incident had almost
been wiped from my memory as I
blocked it out. I do not remember why
it happened or when.’
She said she was reminded of it by
her sister, who had noticed she was
wearing a turtleneck top in summer
and asked her what had happened.
Jim Sturman QC, defending, said
Peters maintained the claim was false.
He had previously admitted man-
slaughter but not murder, claiming he
suffered a ‘breakdown’ after ending a
two-year affair and feared his shop in
west London was going bust. But an
examination of his finances revealed
he was not in debt.
The court heard he woke Sophia up
in bed by tying a cord around her neck
and throttling her for up to half an
hour. When she asked what he was
doing, Peters said ‘sorry’ but carried
on. She died later in hospital.
Mr Justice Edis adjourned sentencing until Monday, when he will set a
minimum term of life imprisonment.
A MOTHER whose four
children were killed in a
suspected arson attack at
their home four months ago
has woken from a coma to be
told of their deaths.
Michelle Pearson, 35, was
critically injured in the blaze
that killed siblings Demi, 15,
Brandon, eight, Lacie, seven,
and Lia, three, in Walkden,
Greater Manchester on
December 11.
Three people, aged 20 to 25,
deny eight offences including
murder and attempted murder.
Their trial starts on Monday.
Van attack suspect
‘resented women’
THE Toronto van attack
suspect could have resented
women and people with active
sex lives, a post on Facebook
before the incident suggests.
Alek Minassian declared ‘the
Incel Rebellion has begun’ and
added: ‘We will overthrow all
the Chads and Stacys!’ On
internet forums ‘incel’ refers
to involuntary celibate men,
while Chads and Stacys are
those with active sex lives.
Minassian, 25, has been
charged with murder after ten
pedestrians were killed and 14
injured by a van on Monday.
6 METRO Thursday, April 26, 2018
Director is cleared
over yacht deaths
A COMPANY director has been
cleared of the manslaughter of
four sailors who died when the
Cheeki Rafiki yacht capsized
Douglas Innes, 43, of
Southampton, was found not
guilty by a jury at Winchester
Crown Court.
Innes and his company
Stormforce Coaching Limited
will be sentenced on May 11
after previously being
convicted on safety charges.
The 40ft yacht lost its keel
when it got into trouble in bad
weather as the crew were
returning it from Antigua to
the UK in May 2014.
Two held as Liverpool fan
fights for life after attack
TWO men from Rome were held on
suspicion of attempted murder yesterday after Liverpool fan Sean
Cox suffered serious head injuries before the Champions
League semi-final at Anfield.
Irishman Mr Cox (pictured),
a 53-year-old businessman, was
fighting for his life last
night at Walton Neurological Centre. His wife
Disorder: Fans let off flares PA
has reportedly travelled
from County Meath to
be at his hospital bed-
side. ‘Everyone is in shock,’ said friend
Damien O’Reilly.
The arrests of the pair, aged 25 and
26, followed scenes of violent disorder
ahead of Liverpool’s 5-2 victory over
Roma on Tuesday. Seven others were
arrested for various offences including
affray, assault and possession of drugs.
In a post on Instagram, Liverpool
captain Jordan Henderson said: ‘The
thoughts and prayers of all the players
are with the fan who is currently very
poorly in hospital. He came to watch a
close to tears yesterday as
she joined Prince Harry for
her last official
engagements before they
get married.
The American actress was
caught up by the emotion
as thousands gathered for
a service at the New
Zealand war memorial at
Hyde Park Corner in London
and sang Abide With Me.
Ms Markle, 36, wearing a
grey coat and large black
hat, and the prince were at
the dawn event to mark
Anzac Day, the anniversary
of the start of the World
War One Gallipoli landings.
She is now expected to
concentrate full-time on
preparing for the wedding.
Kensington Palace said she
had no more official events
planned before May 19.
Later Ms Markle, who had
changed into a black suit
and straw beret, and Harry
were joined by the Duke of
Cambridge at a service at
Westminster Abbey.
William, whose third child,
a son, was born on Monday,
said: ‘Sleeping’s going
reasonably well so far, so
he’s behaving himself,
which is good news.’
football match and support our team.
The only result that matters to us now
is that he recovers and can return home
to be with his family and loved ones.’
Social media images showed Mr
Cox, who had travelled to the game
with his brother, lying on the ground
outside the Albert pub as fans fought
nearby. It is thought he was hit with a
belt. Liverpool FC said it was ‘shocked
and appalled’ by the incident and
urged fans to help Merseyside Police
with their appeal for information.
Thursday, April 26, 2018 METRO 7
Fan stuns band with
amazing cover of hit
FOO FIGHTERS frontman Dave Grohl forgot the words
to his own hit song after being blown away by the skills
of a fan invited on stage to play with them.
The US rocker laughed with amazement after Yayo
Sanchez grabbed his guitar and played a blistering version of the group’s 1997 smash Monkey Wrench.
Now a clip of the 25-year-old’s show-stealing performance in Austin, Texas, has gone viral and been viewed
more than 2.5million times on YouTube.
It came after Sanchez (pictured) – wearing makeup in
the style of US band Kiss – held up a sign pleading ‘Let
me play Monkey Wrench’. Grohl
invited him up and handed his guitar
to Sanchez – who promptly wowed
the crowd. Stunned,
Grohl shouted: ‘I can’t
even remember the
words!’ He mock-prayed
to Sanchez at the end of the
song, adding: ‘I swear to God,
Kiss Guy was the f***ing best.’
Later, Sanchez said: ‘It was nuts,
man, the best day of my life.’
Grohl lotta
love: Sanchez
– in Kiss lippy
– plays guitar
as amazed
Foo Fighters
singer Dave
Grohl mockprays to him
8 METRO Thursday, April 26, 2018
Marvel at this madly entertaining comic book mash-up
Avengers: Infinity War (12A)
In cinemas nationwide
Infinity and
Danai Gurira,
Chris Evans,
VER ten years and 18
movies Marvel has
redefined the
blockbuster franchise
and the aptly named
Infinity War is its apotheosis.
Conceived as one of the biggest
films of all time, it’s a madly
ambitious, madly entertaining
comic book mash-up that
combines (almost) all the Marvel
movie superheroes so far into a
breathlessly exciting 160 minutes.
Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr) is
there, as are Thor (Chris
Hemsworth), Spider-Man (Tom
Holland), Hulk (Mark Ruffalo),
Captain America (Chris Evans),
Doctor Strange (Benedict
Cumberbatch), Okoye (Danai
Gurira), Black Panther (Chadwick
Boseman), Black Widow (Scarlett
Johansson) and Winter Soldier
(Sebastian Stan).
Plus all the Guardians Of The
Galaxy and many more.
The Russo Brothers, who
directed the superior Captain
America: Winter Soldier and Civil
War movies, pull off a nigh
impossible task with ease and
lightness of touch.
The plot is childishly simple. A
baddie called Thanos (Josh Brolin)
– a kind of big mad purple toddler
with a Desperate Dan chin – is
after six ‘infinity stones’ that will
enable him to destroy half the
universe to solve the overpopulation crisis.
The goodies try to stop him. Such
is Thanos’s might that the stakes
are genuinely high for our
previously indestructible chums.
Marvel’s always been a selfdeprecating wit-fest, puncturing
the inherent silliness of superhero
shenanigans – here the alpha male
joshing between Stephen Strange/
Tony Stark and Peter Quill/Thor is
particularly hilarious.
Fans will be in heaven, though if
you’ve never seen a Marvel film
you won’t have a clue what’s
going on.
Love is in the
air! Mystery
of proposal
on hill solved
ploughs: Ben
Wolfe with his
fianceé Lacey
Jordan (left)
and photo of
his proposal
snapped by
Spitfire pilot
Dave Ratcliffe
IT’S mission accomplished for a Spitfire
pilot who flew into detective mode after
spotting a giant marriage proposal
carved into a hillside.
As reported in Metro on Monday,
Dave Ratcliffe took a photo of the
romantic gesture – giant letters spelling
out ‘marry me’ – while flying his World
War II fighter plane.
He posted the picture online in his
quest to know the outcome. Now he has
an answer after Lacey Jordan commented: ‘That was my fiancé Ben Wolfe
and I, of course, said yes to the man of
my dreams.’
The veterinary nurse, 24, said farmer
Mr Wolfe had spent weeks planning the
proposal and carried out the work ‘in the
dark’ above the South Downs National
Park in West Sussex so ‘no one would
see it and spoil the surprise’.
She said Ben, 29, popped the question
on a romantic walk on the anniversary
of the day they met. ‘When I saw it I was
amazed – completely surprised,’ she said.
‘He’s such a romantic. I said “yes”
immediately, we’re 100 per cent soul-
mates.’ And Miss Jordan, of Hindhead,
in Surrey, is delighted Mr Ratcliffe, 56,
took the photo. ‘Ben’s got to plough the
field soon, so we’re very pleased he got
a picture of it just in time,’ she said. ‘It’s
great so many people have seen the proposal and love it as much as I did.’
The couple will wed in May next year,
and hold a reception at the family farm
in Alton, Hampshire. Mr Ratcliffe, who
flies for Boultbee Flight Academy at
Goodwood Aerodome, said: ‘I’m
delighted she said yes.’
Thursday, April 26, 2018 METRO 9
Pencil in the best
holiday memories
e fre
SKETCHING holiday scenes
instead of taking photos or
videos is the secret to making
memories last, experts say.
The time memories linger
depends on the number of
senses used to create them,
said Oxford university sensory
expert Prof Charles Spence.
Photos need only sight, while
drawing uses sight, touch,
sound and proprioception
(position sense). More than half
of Britons suffer from ‘digital
amnesia’, a reliance on devices
to store memories, according
to a study by TUI Sensatori.
Library checks out
1am booze licence
A LIBRARY has applied for a
1am liquor licence so it can
hold ‘adult-themed cabarets’.
Upper Norwood Library in
south London also wants to
host stand-up comedy shows,
live music and discos.
An application to Lambeth
Council stated the ‘isolated
events’ would not be open to
people under 18.
Resident Colin Davis said:
‘Sounds like they want to turn
the library into a pub,
although I’m not complaining.’
The council said locals can
give their views before May 4.
‘Idiocy’ of pair in leap from helter skelter into sea
Thursday, April 26, 2018 METRO 11
Down to the bare bones as Roman bodies are found under pool
MORE than 70 Roman skeletons have
been discovered in a burial site under a
hotel swimming pool.
The bones were found while builders were part-demolishing the Newington Hotel in York to make way for
seven homes.
The find included large copper head
pieces that had eroded to leave a green
mark on the foreheads of some of the
A FIRE exit sign propped up
on the tomb of England’s first
king sparked hilarity on Twitter.
Adam Koszary snapped a photo of
the sign at the resting place of King
Athelstan at Malmesbury Abbey,
Wiltshire. His tweet, shared more
than 300 times, said: ‘Where shall
we put the fire exit sign? I know.
On the tomb of one of the oldest
Kings of England.’ A warden said it
was the only place to point out fire
doors when the abbey is full.
‘well-off’ Romans. The burial site predates the Romans, with other discoveries dating as far back as 50BC.
Renovation of the old hotel has been
time-consuming due to the archaeological discovery. Developer John
Reeves said: ‘The refurb has not been
without its issues. All the skeletons
Submarine killer
gets jailed for life
DANISH inventor Peter
Madsen has been jailed for life
for torturing and murdering a
Swedish journalist on his
hand-built submarine.
Madsen, 47, lured 30-yearold Kim Wall on to the vessel
in August with the promise of
an interview. Days later her
dismembered torso was found
at sea off Copenhagen and
other body parts were found
in plastic bags in October.
Madsen was also convicted
of sexual assault after a 12day trial in Copenhagen. His
lawyers said he will appeal.
Gang arrested over
bank cyber attacks
had to be painstakingly removed, catalogued and investigated by the archaeological trust.’
David Scott, from the York Archaeological Trust, said the excavations took
three months and 75 graves were
recorded. He said the cemetery
included ‘individuals of all ages from
infants to elderly adults broadly of the
same social class’.
Grave findings:
A Roman
skeleton is
examined by an
at York’s old
Hotel (left) SWNS
A WEBSITE linked to millions of
global cyber attacks, including
some of the UK’s biggest
banks, has been shut down.
Six members of a gang
behind were
targeted as an address in
Bradford was searched, the
National Crime Agency said.
Arrests were made yesterday
in Scotland, Croatia, Canada
and Serbia.
The NCA said the site could
be rented ‘to launch crippling
denial of service attacks’. It is
thought to have attacked
seven UK banks in November.
12 METRO Thursday, April 26, 2018
Westwick’s girlfriend in a show
of support after ‘rape’ claims
ED WESTWICK’S loyal girlfriend Jessica Serfaty
copped plenty of flak after she posted an Instagram
nap of herself kissing the former Gossip Girl star.
Serfaty showed she is standing by the 30-yearRAPPER
ld British actor, whose scenes were cut from
he BBC drama Ordeal By Innocence
five-month prison
ollowing a string of rape and sexual
‘nightmare’ is over – he
ssault allegations, which he
is out on bail. Mill, 30,
ttrenuously denies.
The 27-year-old former contestant on was detained last
year for reckless
America’s Next Top Model captioned
driving, when a
her shot: ‘New York just ain’t the
judge ruled the
same without...
arrest was a
But some of Serfaty’s 620,000
breach of his
followers were shocked, with one
commenting: ‘How can you even look at
for drug
such a person (can’t call him a man)?’ It
is not known when the picture was taken.
A N D R E I H A R M S W O RT H ’ S
Troye’s story:
I’m not afraid
to follow my
raunchy side
‘Straight artists sing about sex’
ROYE SIVAN is standing by
his steamy new sound – the
openly gay pop star points out
that no one complains when
straight singers warble about
their sex lives.
Turning up the heat as he embraces his
sexuality in his songs, Troye argued: ‘If
anybody ever tries to say I’m shoving
anything in anyone’s face, I’m just
doing the same thing all the straight
pop stars are doing.’
The My My My! singer teased the
‘intimate’ follow-up album to his 2015
debut, Blue Neighbourhood. ‘I thought,
“I have to be honest about what’s going
on in my life”,’ he explained. ‘I want it
to feel grimy and sexy.’
Currently loved-up with US model
boyfriend and ‘best friend’ Jacob
Bixenman, 23, Troye hasn’t always felt
so comfortable in his own skin.
The 22-year-old still remembers being
in tears over his first proper crush, Zac
Efron. ‘I cried when I realised that I
thought Zac Efron was hot… and felt
really sick,’ he recalls.
‘It wasn’t, “This is just a little crush
on a boy or something like that. I’m not
just interested in this boy, I think that
he’s hot”. And that was weird.’ Troye,
who was born in South Africa but
brought up in Australia, also admits to
being ‘creeped-out’ as a teenager by his
encounters with older men via online
dating apps.
They inspired a track called 17. He
explained: ‘Originally, the chorus of the
song was, “Here he comes/Like he just
walked out of a dream/Doesn’t care that
you’re 17”.
‘I was like, “Uh, it sounds a little bit
predatory”, and maybe it was a little
bit… I’m not looking back on
those experiences in a
negative light or a positive
light,’ Troye tells the newly
(out now in
print and
Mad about the
Troye: Sivan aims to
be grimy and sexy
Doors to manual? Scarlett’s
blunder led to airline flash
SCARLETT JOHANSSON really did loo-se her decorum
when she failed to lock the toilet door on a plane and
accidentally flashed a fellow passenger.
In a major overshare on a US TV chat show, ScarJo, 33,
shuddered: ‘I went to grab the toilet paper and my entire
engaged: ScarJo
vagina was splayed out. The guy opens the door, he
looks down, and he’s like, “Uh… oh! Oh!” I was like,
was caught with her
“Close the f***ing door!”’
knickers down REX
Scarily close to the Chic-bone, Nile
POOR Nile Rodgers has
broken his nose after
falling down stairs.
Chic’s frontman posted a
video of the bloody
incident yesterday, saying
he had tripped on the top
step of his studio.
But 62-year-old Nile
didn’t want to (Le) Freak
out fans. Showing himself
holding tissues to his nose
as he huddled over a pool
of blood, he tweeted:
‘When I arrived at the
hospital the Dr. said I did
everything right.
‘The human body is a
magnificent machine and
I’m healing well.’
Thursday, April 26, 2018 METRO 13
ith Tom
Sti hb
Nobody does it better! 007
could take tips from Rachel
PERHAPS Daniel Craig should take
note... his wife Rachel Weisz can
handle a sex scene better than any man,
according to her co-star Rachel McAdams.
Both Rachels turned out to
promote their new movie
Disobedience at New York’s
SMITH has an
Tribeca Film Festival on
A-list admirer – Barbra
Tuesday night, where
Streisand. The US
pregnant Weisz, 48, showed
superstar sent flowers
off her baby bump.
to Sheridan, 36, ahead
But McAdams was keen
of her performance at
to praise her bedroom
the Royal Albert Hall
skills after their on-screen
on Tuesday. A source
lesbian romp. ‘There was
told GP that
Weisz words: The
energy to that scene that I
Streisand is ‘a big
haven’t experienced in any
two Rachels
fan’ of her fellow
other sex scenes [with
at Tribeca
Funny Girl
men] in my career,’
gushed the 39-year-old.
Don the draper:
Hamm with his arm
around Annabelle’s
shoulders REX
Football game with Enrique’s dribblers
shared the first picture
of his twins with Anna
Kournikova – and it appears
they are football fans.
The babies, Nicholas and
Lucy, were born in December,
and this is the first time both
the launch of their
encore on Tuesday at
p smiling
, in Sin City’s
JON HAMM couldn’t sto h his old
after being reunited wit
Caesars Palace.
y suit and white
Hamm, 47, wore a gre ld Peaky
flame Annabelle Wallis. antically linked
the 33-year-o
The pair, who wer
in December, prompted e more as they Blinders star teamed
red top.
trousers with a sparkly erm
that they are an item
After spl
hit the red
playing ad exec
ldt in 2015,
Hamm, best known for certainly
partner Jennifer Westfe r to have made
Shades Of Grey’s
in British actress
seemed wrapped up
some moves on Fifty
his arm around
Annabelle as he draped
Dakota Johnson.
ng wooed by
Dakota, 28, is now bei Martin, who, of
her shoulders.
spotted on a
The couple were first as they caught
Coldplay frontman Chr Annabelle. It’s
‘date’ before Christm in London’s
course, previously dat
theatre show Hamilto eared to be an
a small world...
West End. And there
RiRi too busy for
Ocean’s 8 date
and Sandra
Bullock promoted
Ocean’s 8 in Vegas –
but without co-star
Rihanna, busy plugging
her new undies range.
Sad over Charlize
and onion crisps
Fans waited for
Years & Years
to pile on 50lb
for Tully left Charlize
Theron depressed. She
said she ‘wasn’t
prepared’ for how they
would affect her mood.
surprised fans by
unveiling their new LP,
Palo Santo. It is the
follow-up to their
album debut,
Communion, in 2015.
have appeared in the
same photo.
Sitting on the sofa
with Iglesias, 42, as he
watches a football
game, Lucy is in a pink
bib while her brother’s
bib has a bee print.
14 METRO Thursday, April 26, 2018
THANKS to the amazing triage
support team who looked after
my mate, who collapsed at the
end of the London Marathon.
Class act!
John, Andover
THANK you to Maria, Rebecca
and all who helped when I
tripped and fell into the gutter
near the O2 Centre, Finchley
Road. You were wonderful to
stay until the ambulance came.
THANK you to the person who
handed in my son’s wallet on
the No.126/127 to Dewsbury on
Tuesday. Emmeline, Dewsbury
THANK you to the lady in
Eastcote who found my wallet
and delivered it to my house!
I forgot to thank you properly
so please get in touch.
THANK you to the homeless
man at Piccadilly Circus on
Monday who donated all his
spare change to YoungMinds
charity collectors.
THANK you to the person who
handed my mobile to the No.185
bus driver to Victoria. Grateful
to you both. Waiting for a call
to go into hospital for an op.
Ann, East Dulwich
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Standards Organisation
Cretinous to leave
a vast trading bloc
But we should walk away from a bad EU deal
n Jacob Rees-Mogg has attacked
Theresa May’s customs partnership plan
as being ‘cretinous’ (Metro, Wed). What
is truly cretinous is for our country to
leave the largest trading power in the
world, which represents 45 per cent of
our exports, through which we can exert
leverage in trade negotiations with thirdparty countries that would otherwise be
A Menzies, London
n It’s sad to see that almost two years
since the EU referendum the same lies
are being told by the same people to
justify why Britain should do something
so stupid as to leave the single market
and customs union. They are separate to
the EU, so we didn’t vote to leave them,
and they don’t prevent us from trading
with any other countries. This is nothing
more than Brexiteers who hate the idea
of staying in a group with a bunch of
Annoyed, Reigate
n It amazes me how many Brexiteers
don’t understand global economics and
international trade deals. It’s now
becoming very clear that their lack
of knowledge in these subjects,
along with a dislike of ‘foreigners’,
is what got us into this mess and
will now be negatively affecting this
country for generations.
Nammu, Glasgow
n More rich Brexiteers like
Anon and Brexit Backer
(MetroTalk, Wed) are
living in their own fantasy worlds. Sadly,
they’ll be OK while normal people
suffer. Oh, and stop using ‘Remoaners’
for a change and grow up. Simon, Luton
n The EU states need us more than we
need them. That is why they are using
anything they can find against us,
including the Irish border.
They will never agree to anything we
propose. Therefore we should tell them:
‘This is what we want. If you are not
prepared to accept it, we will walk away.’
Bob, Worcester
n I totally agree with Mr Rees-Mogg
(pictured). Rosilyn Bullock, Hounslow
n If the Remainers think they’ll get a
second referendum asking people to
accept the deal or remain, they’d better
wake up. It’ll be accept the deal or leave
on World Trade Organization terms. No
deal is better than a bad deal!
Jim, London
n Leave means leave all parts of the EU.
n We don’t want a watered-down,
half-hearted Brexit but one
where we can control our own
destiny. Politicians should settle
their differences, otherwise
the EU will take advantage of
our disunited front.
Stephen Derek,
Thai brides and Windrush
n Will from Sheffield wondered
why the Windrush generation
should stay when he can’t bring in
his Thai wife (MetroTalk, Wed).
Caribbeans were invited to the UK
to help rebuild the country and now
they are being kicked out, even
though they have worked and paid
taxes. There are different rules
governing your situation, one
being: are you able to support her
financially? Will, you really need to
get your facts right.
Paul, London
n The Windrush people have been
working hard for 50 years so no,
Will, they shouldn’t have to pay for
your wife to be here. If you can’t
afford her, you shouldn’t have got
n Appalled at the trolling of Labour
MP David Lammy over his Windrush
campaign (Metro, Tue). Mr Lammy
certainly doesn’t need to be
accepted in Britain. His ancestors
helped build this country. Do
these trolls know how stupid they
sound and look? Maybe Britain
needs to be re-educated by this
wonderful black man.
Kira McKenzie, Dudley
n Those affected by Windrush
were the unintended consequence
of a policy to weed out illegal
immigrants and relieve pressure on
the NHS, schools and housing. Will
Mr Lammy come up with an
alternative solution?
John, Essex
n Great that Theresa May can
memorialise Millicent Fawcett
(Metro, Wed). Pity, then, that she
couldn’t recall the 1948 British
Nationality Act dealing with
Commonwealth citizens.
Terry Booth, Halifax
Thursday, April 26, 2018 METRO 15
LOVE is all around us, as
shown by our commuter
cupids. Are they talking
about you? Tell us if you
get together!
YOUNG lady opposite in black
coat and pink bag (Crush, Fri).
I’m sure there was fur. Was it a
lining? We were at the front of
the train at a table. If it is you,
name a place and time on the
weekend and I’ll see you. Jake
REDHEAD with grey jacket and
beautiful eyes holding a Metro
on the Metrolink to Eccles at
about 8.20am last Friday. You
brightened up my morning.
Drink? Blond Guy In Glasses
And Blue Rucksack
.Hand in hand: Donald Trump and
Emmanuel Macron at the White House
n The photos of Emmanuel Macron and Donald Trump at the White House
are enough to make one vomit (yesterday’s Metro)! I feel sorry for the
French people.
Robert Bromley, West Sussex
n For decades American companies formed partnerships with British
ones to access the European market. President Macron is smart enough
to step in to fill the gap.
Nick, Southampton
TO Fiona on the 10.37am
ScotRail from Hawkhead to
Glasgow Central, maybe we
can exchange opinions about
healthy eating over a tea/
coffee. What do you think?
The Guy In Front Of You,
Your Secret Admirer
BEAUTIFUL part-time bank
worker on the train from East
Kilbride to Glasgow Central.
I want to see you seven days.
Besotted Fella, East Kilbride
TO the bus driver in
Bournemouth with glasses
and brownish-black hair, your
blue eyes just make me melt.
You make me smile.
Red-Haired Girl,
TO the lady from Florence with
the soft hands here for the
Liverpool game, wish I could
have escorted you to the
Driver Of Your Bus
TO No.1 fan (Crush, Fri), we
found the driver but
unfortunately he’s not single.
Curious Driver, Livingstone
YOU’RE a large ginger bear,
I’m a short Humpty Dumpty
lookalike. We shared a grin on
the Norwich-to-Ely train. Be
my king’s horses?
Aaron, Norwich
Text CRUSH followed by your
Rush-Hour Crush, name and
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n Fiona Shea (MetroTalk, Tue)
does have ‘the option to opt out
of all adverts and spam’ on
Facebook – by deleting her
account. How do you think it’s
financed? Facebook is a
commercial enterprise, not a
human right.
Dave Degen, meanwhile,
doesn’t believe it is possible to
police every ad. If Facebook can’t,
then it needs to scale back its
operation until it can – that’s how
the rest of publishing works.
Besides, Facebook can monitor
its 2 billion members.
Julian Self, Milton Keynes
n Graham of Hume (MetroTalk,
Tue), Marvel films don’t get many
awards because they are moronic
garbage fit for cretins.
Victoria, London
n Anon, if you found the films
Unforgiven and Philadelphia
boring (MetroTalk, Wed), I assume
you are about 11 years old.
Michael, Birmingham
n Didn’t see any St George’s Day
celebrations yet the whole of the
UK celebrates St Patrick’s Day!
Clarke, Kent
n Didn’t the ‘butterfly’ house
(Metro Property, Tue) look more
like the Teletubby House?
Fred, Hampshire
16 METRO Thursday, April 26, 2018
Do you drive the bus?
Did you pass your test
first time?
Yes, I’m driving the bus.
I passed my test second
You started in showbiz
time – I failed first
when you were very
time because I left
my indicator on
I started when I was three.
and I had wrong
I was always singing and
positioning in
dancing and copying people
First job:
the road.
on Top Of The Pops, and
Ray in Brookside
The actor/singer, 29, ponders
his Brookside childhood, his
swing comeback and his
lead role in the new Summer
Holiday musical tour
my mum decided to take me to
dance lessons. I started doing disco,
then it was Latin and ballroom, then
tap, jazz, street dance and salsa. The
first time I went, I screamed the
place down as it was full of girls.
I was the only boy for five years. As
I got older I went to acting lessons.
I’ve done every type of dancing,
including morris dancing. That was
for a BBC drama. I was playing
a troubled teenager who was
embarrassed his dad was a morris
dancer. At the end I did a morris
dance to show him I loved him.
Should Brookside come
One hundred per cent yes. Why
shouldn’t it? It was my first job. I was
eight years old. I learned some tricks of
the trade from some fantastic actors and
actresses – and I won four awards. One
was the British Soap Award for best
dramatic performance. Back then there
was no separate category for young
actors so I was competing against adults.
I was only ten and I won – that was for
the storyline where I killed the person
who was bullying my character. It was
quite dark. They got my mum to come
in and they talked through the storyline
because I was only young. It was a big
achievement to win that.
What are you up to in Summer
I play Don, which is the Cliff
Richard role – I’m all-singing and
dancing. It’s like the film but we’re
going all out with the dancing. It’ll
be a big production. There’s
romance, they’re on the bus, they’re
trying to get work. It’s all about
friendship and love and things
people can relate to.
At ten, I won an award
for the plot where I killed
the person who was
bullying my character.
It was quite dark
Were you there when the flesheating virus hit the Close?
No, I think that must have been before
me. I was there for the last five years of
the show. I still see people from the
show: Dean Sullivan, Jennifer Ellison –
she’s running her own dance studio
now – Philip Olivier, Claire Sweeney.
I’m back living in Liverpool so I see
them all quite regularly, which is nice.
all because I’ve just done
the Dancing On Ice tour
then I’ve gone straight into
rehearsals for Summer
Holiday. Hopefully the
skating has kept me fit. Normally
I go three times a week minimum and
I watch what I eat but that doesn’t
happen when I’m on tour because you
have to eat when you can.
Your stint on The X Factor
launched you as a swing singer.
Would you want to do another
Absolutely. I want to do another swing
album and I’m getting a band together
for a small UK tour. I’d love to get an
album out for Christmas. I want to go
back to swing and do what I do best and
feel comfortable doing.
Who have you learned the most
from in your career?
Neil Caple, who played my dad on
Brookside. He told me acting is all about You self-financed your last
reacting. Bernie Nolan played my mum
album. Would you do that again?
– unfortunately she’s no longer
I would. If you believe in
with us. She was like a second
something enough, you’ll do
mum to me. I’m best mates
whatever it takes. The last
with her nephew Shane. I
album was a pop album. It
worked with them more or
was an idea at the time, I
less every day for five years
went for it and loved doing
and they were unbelievable –
it. With this one, we shall
I loved working on that show.
see what happens.
.Like a second mum:.
Did you ever consider
What lessons has your
.Bernie Nolan.
career taught you?
giving up showbiz?
No. I can’t do anything else. I did a
barbering course when I was studying
musical theatre at college. That comes
in useful. I was cutting people’s hair on
the Dancing On Ice tour.
You do photo shoots without
your top on. How often do you
go the gym?
At the moment I haven’t been going at
Take work whenever you can, enjoy it,
always put 110 per cent in and if you
fail to prepare, then prepare to fail. If
you put all your concentration and
effort into something you will usually
get good results. ANDREW WILLIAMS
The Summer Holiday UK tour starts
at the Liverpool Empire on May 8.
April 26, 2018
18 METRO Thursday, April 26, 2018
in association with
Insex secrets of the very fruity male flies
MALE fruit flies enjoy having orgasms even if no
females are present. Sound familiar, guys?
Galit Shohat-Ophir of Bar-Ilan University in
Israel and her colleagues modified male
flies so they could be made to
ejaculate when exposed to red light.
The team placed engineered and
normal flies in a series of lanes. Half
of each lane was fitted with red
lights, which triggered ejaculation
Based on stories in the
latest issue of New
Scientist, which is
available in the shops
now. For more cool
science and technology
stories go to
in the doctored flies, but had no effect on the
normal ones. When the lanes were unlit, the flies
distributed themselves randomly. But when the
lights were turned on, so were the
engineered flies. They preferred
the red-light zone, suggesting they
enjoyed the automatic climaxing.
One question remains: do female
fruit flies also enjoy sex? ‘We’re
studying it,’ said Dr Shohat-Ophir.
It’s a virtual call of duty as US
troops train on replica of Earth
he US Army is creating a virtual replica of Earth for
troops to practise in – meaning they could drop into a
country such as North Korea
and already be familiar with the terrain. The Synthetic Training Environment can make a virtual reality version of almost anywhere.
The user draws a rectangle on a digital map, and the tool trawls publicly
available data sources, such as Open
Street Map and Google Earth, to build
the terrain. Mike Enloe, chief engineer
on the project at Fort Leavenworth
military base in Kansas, said: ‘We did
the whole Korean peninsula this way,
all from public sources.’
The software added topographical
data and satellite photos to make the
environment as lifelike as possible,
including larger cities and the demilitarised zone between North and South
Korea. It took three days to create – it
would previously have taken months.
Mr Enloe’s team has also built a virtual San Francisco and New York,
each with millions of buildings, and a
Las Vegas that incorporates street
view imagery and 3D models directly
from Microsoft’s Bing Maps.
‘It really feels like you’re down there
in the strip. It’s pretty amazing,’ he
said. The army is also looking at adding drone images.
Realism is important, so driving
between two points on the virtual
Earth takes as long as the real world.
According to an official document, the
project will allow soldiers to ‘train as
Hearts of oak... the nightly
TREES aren’t as sedate as they seem.
Even when there’s no wind, many move
their branches up and down at night.
The findings suggest that they have a
‘pulse’ – like a heartbeat – and are
pumping water upwards.
‘We’ve discovered that most trees
have regular periodic changes in
shape, synchronised across the whole
plant,’ said Dr András Zlinszky of
Aarhus University, Denmark.
Each shape-shift – shorter than a
day-night cycle – hints at changes in
water pressure, he said. He used lasers
Also in New Scientist this week: n Re-thinking dinosaurs n The
Thursday, April 26, 2018 METRO 19
Digital DIY... no bickering as robots build Ikea chair
Just a little prick will tell if it’s a boy or a girl...
MOVE away from the flatpack – a pair of
robot arms can now assemble an Ikea
chair in minutes, without any arguing.
The robots, whose arms have grips
and sensors, are watched by a 3D
camera that relays each piece’s location.
PREGNANT women will be able to tell
their baby’s sex with a finger-prick test.
Currently, tests involve either a midpregnancy ultrasound scan or collecting
about 20ml of blood with a needle and
syringe in the first trimester. But
It takes 20 minutes to – almost – build a
Stefan chair. ‘There are a few steps that
we have not completed, such as putting
in the screws,’ says assistant professor
Quang-Cuong Pham at Nanyang
Technological University in Singapore.
they will fight, on the terrain they will
fight on’. It adds that it is an attempt to
keep pace with gaming technology and
other simulation software ‘where we
currently lag’.
Peter Quentin at the Royal United
Services Institute, a defence and security think-tank based in London, said
gaming technology is increasingly common in military training toolkits.
There are UK Ministry of Defence
sites ‘where there are vast rows of desk
spaces with effectively civilian gaming
kits – steering wheels and all the rest of
it – and they are playing refitted civilian games,’ said Mr Quentin.
Gaming technology can help train
soldiers cheaply and gather performance data. But physical endurance cannot be tested virtually, he said.
Locked and loaded:
US soldiers can use
VR goggles to get
familiar with areas
such as the zone
between North and
South Korea ALAMY
‘beat’ that keeps trees alive
to scan 22 species in windless, lightless
conditions to see if their canopies
changed shape at night.
In seven tree species, branches
moved up and down by about 1cm
every three to four hours.
A possible explanation, said Dr
Zlinsky and colleague Anders Barfod,
is that trees have a ‘heartbeat’, and
pump water up from their roots in
pulses that last hours.
Previously it was thought that trees
just waited for evaporation from leaves
to ‘pull’ the water up. Moving the
water up in stages may save energy. ‘If
water is pumped between sections,
only the hydrostatic pressure of an
individual section would need to be
overcome by transport, not the full
pressure resulting from the height of
the tree,’ he said.
How a tree might pump water
upwards isn’t clear. The trunk might
gently push it up through the xylem, a
column of dead cells through which
most water moves up the trunk.
‘We suggest a so-far-unknown
pumping mechanism,’ said Mr Barfod.
shape of numbers n Complex life started earlier than we thought
researchers at Sabin Laboratory, a
medical diagnostics company in Brazil,
have found that fingertip blood can be
used to predict fetal sex with 100 per
cent accuracy from eight weeks’
gestation onwards.
Tiny terrors hidden in hell holes
TROPICAL ants build and set a trap to
catch insect prey nearly 50 times
heavier than themselves.
The tiny ants dig a Swiss cheese-like
contraption of galleries and tunnels in a
tree trunk, dotted with holes in which
they hide. When a grasshopper or a
leafcutter (Atta) ant steps on to the
trap, an attacker will clamp on to a leg
and start pulling. Markus Schmidt,
founder of research and
communication firm Biofaction in
Vienna, who has studied the traps, said:
‘By trying to set itself free, the Atta ant
would then step in another hole where
the same process was repeated, until
the legs and antennae of the Atta were
all fixed and the intruder was spreadeagled.’ The victim is then carved up on
the spot.
20 METRO Thursday, April 26, 2018
IT woes are over, TSB boss tells un-appy customers
TSB boss Paul Pester
yesterday said its mobile
app and online banking
was ‘up and running’ after
customers were unable to
use their accounts for days
Chief: Paul Pester – but it was still limiting
access. He thanked savers
for their patience after a
major IT upgrade that was
to end on Sunday overran.
One customer could
access other people’s
accounts worth £20,000
and another was credited
with £13,000. Nicky
Morgan, who chairs the
Treasury committee, wants
answers for ‘another litany
of failures of banking IT
‘Sexist’ builder’s
head on block
company has said sorry
after a builder reportedly
yelled: ‘What’s the time?
Bedtime’ at a woman.
The builder, working for
Vinci Construction UK and
CityHeart in Gloucester, is
under investigation. Both
companies said they ‘do
not tolerate sexism’.
has produced a new
line of children’s
clothes featuring
Beano and Dandy
favourites Minnie The
Minx and Dinah Mo.
The fashion
designer also
included Korky The
Cat and Cuddles and
Her father, Sir Paul
McCartney, had a
cameo in The Dandy’s
final issue in 2012.
Lloyds profits up
6% to £2billion
LLOYDS Banking Group
reported a six per cent rise
in underlying pre-tax
profits to £2billion for the
three months to March 31.
Bottom line profits rose
23 per cent to £1.6 billion.
But the group added
£90million in costs for PPI
mis-selling claims.
Whitbread’s Costa divorce
WHITBREAD is to spin off Costa Coffee into
a separate business following shareholder
pressure. It comes as the group – which also
owns Premier Inn – reported annual sales
growth of 6.1 per cent to £3.3billion.
Australia (A$)......................... 1.75
Canada (C$) ............................1.71
Euro (€)...................................1.09
New Zealand (NZ$)...............1.83
Poland (zloty) .......................4.23
Singapore ($) ......................... 1.73
South Africa (rand) ............ 16.25
US ($).......................................1.33
Barclays error put
us £1.5m in the red
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puzzles, games, news
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A FAMILY of five have been living
on hand-outs after Barclays froze
their accounts because a bank error
left them £1.5million overdrawn.
Paul and Kayleigh Livermore have
had to call on family and friends for
help and visit food banks since April
2, when their accounts – all in credit
– each went £500,000 into the red.
The couple, from Worthing, West
and Paul’s
were frozen
on April 2 SWNS
Sussex, have struggled to provide for
their three children, aged 11, eight
and seven, and have also defaulted
on car, tax, rent and phone bills.
Mr Livermore, 31, a facilities
manager, said: ‘I cried when I saw
the figure. Initially the account was
suspended for ten working days and
then they told me the accounts were
going to be held indefinitely under
Barclays, which said it was investigating the matter, yesterday waived
the debt. But it has still left the
couple’s current account £39 in the
red – fees racked up from being
Thursday, April 26, 2018 METRO 21
Style | Wellbeing | Celebrity
r u rban g
ADING thiis on th
us o
f dm
f al a i
d .
e hat you m
d j y, or even mo
ea e and i i b
s o
coas , ha
n new book, she
n l
‘S often w
– t
ith i ,’ s e
e nis t
irt , eo
Meet the US aristo
who’s walked
Meghan’s journey
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22 METRO Thursday, April 26, 2018
Style | Wellbeing | Celebrity
Eternal sunshine of the city mind
Continued from: Page 21 »
rude, there’s no nature, no peace. But
actually there is – you just have to
look for it.’
Lucy Anna Scott explains how…
Master the art of looking
Public transport allows us the freedom
to look that I sorely missed in the
country, where a set of wheels was
fundamental. Always at the
wheel, stunning scenery passed
me by as I tried to navigate
single-track lanes. But when
someone else is driving
your eyes are free to roam,
whether it’s the streets, your
fellow commuters or small
details of your journey.
Embrace the noise
Noise is inevitable in a city
but the trick is to cultivate
a positive attachment to
it and to avoid taking it personally –
perceiving noise as being sent to
disrupt you personally makes you first
angry, then furious. But it’s also worth
seeking out the noises you might
think would be drowned out in a city.
Waterfalls, rivers, birds – they’re there
if you listen.
recently appeared near your home or
workplace. Water it occasionally,
loosen the straps that tether it to its
stakes as it gains strength as a service
to horticulture – but also to ensure the
enduring wellbeing of your city.
Let the weather soothe
Let the moment happen
Observing public places can be
a wonderful way to connect
with your city and just take
in the rhythm of comings
and goings. The tour
group, the couple, the
teenagers on their
bikes, the woman
feeding the pigeons.
Notice how the scene
effortlessly changes
and how these
presences emerge
then evaporate.
Spin city: Urbanite
Notice how tuning
.Lucy Anna Scott
Public life: Taking time to savour the urban environment can pay dividends
in to this makes you see a pace in the
city that is the opposite of hurried.
This pace is more akin to a poem, in
which each character you observe
possesses its own line, its own shape
on the page.
It’s all too easy to feel angry about the
rain or the wind. But a city offers so
many options when the weather isn’t
good, whether it’s seeking shelter in
a gallery or using it as an excuse to go
to the cinema. It’s worth finding ways
to view the weather positively: seeing
rain as giving life to the plants of the
urban jungle or making us grateful for
our homes, listening
to the wind outside.
Adopt a tree
Applying a touch of humanity to one
square metre of the city can be a
powerful action that is fulfilling and
beneficial for your neighbourhood.
Take a newly planted sapling that’s
Best foot forward
THE dad trainer trend shows no
signs of slowing down so why
not embrace it with a pair of
Fila’s Disruptors in baby blue?
T he
Mindful Thoughts
For City Dwellers
by Lucy Anna Scott
(Leaping Hare
Press) is out now
The box bag’s back
EDIT 58’s circular box bag
was the Instagram bag of
the summer last year, selling
out quicker than you can say
‘wicker’. Happily, the small
brand has a new shipment in
time for this summer.
The latest beauty
and fashion news
compiled by NICOLE MOWBRAY
Spring into stripes
HERITAGE brand Saint James
has collaborated with French
label Rivieras in a capsule
collection perfect for
spring. Loafers, Breton
tops and striped T-shirts
feature a sunset over
the Atlantic or a diver
in the Calanques. Roll
on summer!
Long-sleeved top,
A body fit for a
Rio summmer
IF last year was all about
the Bum Bum – Brazilian
Bum Bum Cream, that is –
this is the year of Bod Buff,
a smoothing body scrub and
mask made from exfoliating
crushed quartz and purifying
yellow clay. Infused with the
signature Bum Bum scent (salted
caramel and pistachio), this is another
surefire winner for Sol de Janeiro.
£21 (launches Tue),
Locking good!
THE Manta brush glides
responsively through
your hair for minimum
breakage and maximum
shine. Made from silicone,
it’s the first brush to
mould to the shape of your
hand and scalp while
massaging to promote
healthy hair growth.
Thursday, April 26, 2018 METRO 23
Style | Wellbeing | Celebrity
New ways to
wear the blues
Calling all utility fans,
the jumpsuit trend has
stuck and the outfit-inone is still a hot-ticket
item. Choose slightly
cropped, form-fitting
styles and pair with
everything from
trainers to mules and
ankle boots.
Alexa Chung
jumpsuit, £375,
All things indigo
According to the style set, 1990s-style
indigo tones are also top of the wash
list. The good news? Darker denim is
universally flattering. Stick to one key
piece or match your indigo skirt with a
boxy denim jacket for maximum impact.
Raey soft denim skirt,
Barbara McMillan the new-seasons
denim trends – and the best buys
The shirt dress
Subtle but stylish contrast
topstitching transforms
the simplest denim piece
into something far cooler.
Tibi cocoon-sleeve
dress, £550,
Elegant and versatile, the
shirt dress could solve all
our sartorial dilemmas.
Style with trainers or
knee-high boots.
Denim shirt dress,
Straight fit
It’s the jean shape that’s
reigning supreme now
and we have it on good
authority that Re/Done is
the destination for a
flattering straight fit.
Re/Done cropped straight
jeans, £280,
Nina Ricci
Lightweight and
somewhere between a
shirt and jacket – meet
your new spring cover-up,
the shacket. Best worn
over a printed midi dress
with trainers.
H&M tie-belt shirt,
The shacket
If you’re not big into
blue, why not try the
colour of the season and
invest in lilac? It’s one of
the most unexpected
trends to emerge but it’s
also one of the most fun.
Team relaxed jeans with
a checked blazer and
ankle boots.
Isabel Marant Étoile
Fliff boyfriend jeans,
24 METRO Thursday, April 26, 2018
Style | Wellbeing | Celebrity
…what sandwiches she would
serve for Meghan and Harry’s
reception buffet
A mixture of good with the bad –
all good would be no fun. I think
you have to have your typical
cream-tea sandwiches: the
cucumber, the smoked
salmon. But I’m sure she
would like things like
beetroot, or my quinoa
and chia seed wrap.
She’s going to
need energy
all day.
her four
kids have
about healthy
sandwiches in
their lunch
No! Because I’m
like, you can
Lettuce eat it:
The healthy
ingredients in Julie
Montagu’s antiageing sandwich
have whatever you want at your
friend’s house. I’ve got the healthy
sandwiches and my husband has
the ones that date back 300 years.
And is feeding them to our kids.
…whether she thinks Meghan
will have a hard time as a royal
No, I don’t. She’s marrying
Harry. She will have
much more leeway than
Kate does because
there are a few in
front of him in line
to the throne.
She’s going to
be able to do
things Princess
Diana wasn’t
allowed to do
but wanted
to do. You
can tell Harry
and Meghan
are a team and
Fortunate: Harry and Meghan
that they’re
will have much more leeway
having fun.
Julie Montagu is a BBC correspondent for the Royal
Wedding – and inventor of ‘the world’s first anti-ageing
sandwich’. A bemused Sharon Lougher digs for goss
from somebody who didn’t even
ELL, this is surreal. Sandwich, so one day she will be
know the Earl of Sandwich
a Sandwich countess. But far from
I’m about to bite
existed,’ she says sweetly. ‘I had no
all this being a shameless
into a sandwich so
idea – I just thought the sandwich
marketing hook, exploiting the
good for me it’s
thing was a myth.’
name of a family that popularised
promising to make
Those insights will include how
the notion of stuffing meat between
the years fall off – and guess what,
to adjust to the strict formalities of
bits of bread when the fourth earl
folks? It’s not cheese and pickle.
the upper classes. ‘I found not
couldn’t be bothered to leave the
Instead, there’s beta-carotenebeing able to go down to breakfast
gaming table in the 18th century,
filled sweet potatoes, antioxidantin my pyjamas quite difficult,’ she
the aristocratic serendipity is
stuffed spinach and vitamin Cconfesses. ‘And the formality of the
rammed bell peppers, all surrounded entirely incidental to her sandwich
dinner parties.’ She also had her
cause, says Montagu.
by a so-healthy-it-hurts gluten-free
own version of the Pretty Woman
‘Listen, I’m American, so we
buckwheat wrap. It’s called Roll
scene where Julia Roberts had to
Back The Clock, and it’s part of the don’t really care about titles,’ she
master the knives and forks.
says in her Midwestern drawl.
latest healthy eating initiative from
‘I’m going to be honest with you,
‘I actually forget that this is part of
nutritionist and vinyasa yoga
I was learning how to put the fork
teacher Julie Montagu, a 46-year-old the family history. I haven’t even
in my left hand and the knife in my
tried the fourth earl’s sandwich
American who looks so chiselledright hand,’ she says. ‘In America
because his were made with roast
cheekbone good she redefines the
we just eat with a fork in our right
beef and I don’t eat meat.’
word glow. Mercifully, she has a
hand. I also had to really understand
Where the title has helped,
sense of humour too.
however, is with her next endeavour. how to use extraordinary silverware
‘You can absolutely put crisps in
that dates back about 300 years and
it,’ laughs Montagu. Even though
She’ll be a BBC correspondent for
how to set a table properly. I still
Harry and Meghan’s wedding,
it’s colourful, zingy and sweet, I’m
don’t really know how to do it.’
providing insight into what it’s like
still dreaming about Wotsits.
She’s clearly excited about the
for an American to marry into
‘There’s a whole bunch of
wedding and empowering local
British aristocracy – she’s had 14
healthy crisps now – lentil,
women: she knows the outfit she’ll
years’ experience.
hummus, quinoa crisps…’
wear when she reports from
‘I think for the BBC it was
That’s 30 seconds that have
Windsor on May 19 – a hat from
a good opportunity to get insight
passed and I’m not feeling any
‘amazing’ Notting Hill mum Just
Collette and a colourful dress made
‘Well, listen, you don’t have to
by Wandsworth mum Anna Mason.
eat an anti-ageing sandwich every
So what nutritional advice would
single day,’ Montagu reassures me.
she give Meghan for her big day?
‘Just try to get one green leafy
‘I would just say, stay away from
vegetable into your diet every day.’
the Yorkshire puddings,’ she says.
If I’m going to listen to any
‘I still don’t understand why
nutritionist hawking healthy
they’re called puddings.’
sandwiches, it’s
And… that’s a wrap.
Montagu. That’s because
in a twist of fate she’s
Julie Montagu is an
actually Sandwich
ambassador for wheat/
aristocracy. Her
gluten-free brand
husband is Luke
Roll with it: Julie Montagu and Sharon tuck
BFree. For details, see
Timothy Charles
into the Roll Back The Clock sandwich and
Montagu, eldest son of
the 11th Earl of
Thursday, April 26, 2018 METRO 25
Style | Wellbeing | Celebrity
The mother of
L E T ’ S TA L K A B O U T S E X L E S S O N S
all problems
Y wife and I are
in our midTHE
thirties and have
been married for
five years, together about
eight. We both decided in
our twenties that we
wouldn’t have children. This
surprises our friends but my
wife has never felt maternal,
even when they all started
having children. We have
enjoyed our freedom and
travel frequently, which has
Rupert Smith
been great until recently.
is the author
Fatherhood has been on my
of Interlude
mind. I keep thinking, what
if we regret not having
children? I confessed my
feelings to my wife and she
was shocked I felt this way.
She still feels the same and
listed all the reasons we’ve
discussed. I agreed and we
put it to bed. But it hasn’t
McConnachie is
gone away. I don’t know
the author of Sex
what to do…
(Rough Guides)
Plenty of people decide
breeding isn’t for them.
Even those with wombs.
‘I find it incredible that
some still believe all women
want to have children,’ says
Rupert Smith. ‘Have you
time-travelled your friends in
from the 1950s?’
Those couples and
individuals that choose a
child-free life give hugely and
work brilliantly, says James
McConnachie. ‘And they
spend lavishly on far more
enjoyable things than baby
wipes and school dinners.’
But parenthood has a way
Dr Angharad
Rudkin is
a clinical
of sneaking up on some of
us, says Smith.
‘I never imagined I’d be
a father and here I am in my
fifties writing this column
while my son plays with his
toys on my desk,’ he says.
It’s also very natural that a
decision made a decade ago
no longer seems so absolute.
But unfortunately, your issue
is complicated because there
is no middle ground.
‘You either have children or
you don’t,’ says Dr Angharad
Rudkin. ‘People decide not to
have children based on
ideological beliefs. What was
the basis for this decision?’
For this will give you a
clue as to how to attempt to
resolve the impasse.
‘Some decide the world is
not a nice place, that there are
too many people already or
they have anxieties left over
from childhood,’ she
continues. ‘They include not
being a good enough parent
or fear about recreating their
own miserable one.’
Still, McConnachie says he
hasn’t yet met any man or
woman who has children and
wishes they didn’t.
‘She might not be
persuadable but she might
choose to take a gamble, for
your sake,’ he says. ‘It’s a
big, big ask – but do ask it.
Only then will you know how
you feel about being a father.’
Send your dilemmas to
THINK you know everything
about doing the nasty? Chances
are you’ve still got stuff to learn,
which is why condom company
Hanx launched the UK’s first sex
education classes for adults
(#sexedforadults), covering
everything from foreplay to
communication, intercourse and
condom use.
The first class earlier this
month – run in conjunction with
Covent Garden lingerie store
Coco De Mer and Cosmo
‘sexpert’ Paisley Gilmour – was
packed out but a spokesperson
says more are on the way.
‘Not only do we have a huge
gap in our sex education, and
a complete absence in sex ed
after school, often our education
is from friends or porn,’ says
Hanx. ‘This is not always the
most accurate or safe way to
learn. It can also encourage
violence and demeaning acts,
which then some people regard
as “normal”. To stay connected
to our sexual wellbeing, we need
to keep learning.’
Sounds like one lesson you
won’t mind taking homework
26 METRO Thursday, April 26, 2018
by Patrick Arundell
1. Children take to the back
street (4)
3. A drop of water (8)
8. Praise a nobleman, we hear (4)
9. A game involving more of us (8)
11. Getting into deep water? (7,5)
13. One’s double in figures (6)
14. One of eight requires medical
attention (6)
17. He may have stacks of work to
do! (7,5)
20. Though he’s not there, he’s
proverbially conspicuous! (8)
21. A way to raise money from a
chess set (4)
22. All in the very one-sided event (8)
23. No charge is made, so get
release (4)
1. No more to discuss? (4,4)
2. He cares for others (7)
4. Refrains from being so avid,
perhaps (6)
5. An entertaining job for a woman
who likes to travel (3,7)
6. Ornament held by an
ambassador naturally (5)
7. A growing source of fuel (4)
10. What journalists earn? (5,5)
12. Possibly press one for an
answer (8)
15. Begin with a tune outside (4,3)
16. A fellow takes me in and gets
lower (6)
18. Hates having to change in a
hurry (5)
19. One gets right in front - to win
it! (4)
Yesterday’s solutions
Across: 1 Appropriate; 9 Unravel; 10 Lynch;
11 Talon; 12 Sprouts; 13 On view; 15 Warsaw;
18 Enchant; 20 Alibi; 22 Rains; 23 Compere;
24 Tennis balls.
Down: 2 Peril; 3 Revenue; 4 Polish; 5 Idler;
6 Tongues; 7 Auctioneers; 8 Ghost writer;
14 Vaccine; 16 Anaemia; 17 Stocks; 19 Arson; 21 Ideal.
Across: 1 Compel; 7 Abundant; 8 Odin; 10 Reward; 11 Litter; 14
Elk; 16 Veers; 17 So-so; 19 Basin; 21 Hotel; 22 Rupee; 23 Crew;
26 Salon; 28 Moo; 29 On edge; 30 Salami; 31 Atom; 32 Abstract;
33 Egress.
Down: 1 Charms; 2 Pedalo; 3 Land; 4 Uncivil; 5 Paste; 6 Stirs; 8
Owes; 9 Irk; 12 Ten; 13 Erode; 15 Later; 18 Ocean; 19 Bop; 20 See;
21 Hungary; 22 Rod; 23 Colour; 24 Roam; 25 Writes; 26 Solar; 27
Lease; 28 Mat; 30 Sate.
Difficulty rating: Moderate
6 5
1 7
5 8
NEW Paul O’Grady: For
The Love Of Dogs: India
Canine rescue: For The Love Of Dogs
ITV, 8.30pm
Paul O’Grady is an upbeat kind of
soul but even his ever-wagging tail
flags a touch when confronted by the
sheer scale of the dog problems in
Delhi – an estimated 400,000
abandoned canines wander the city’s
streets. Undaunted, O’Grady joins
the volunteers on a rescue mission to
save some. His reward? Saving a
litter of puppies from certain death.
Difficulty rating: Challenging
8 7
Clergyman (5)
Picture within another (5)
Rabbit’s tail (4)
Circular coral reef (5)
Very keen (4)
Star sign (6)
Monetary unit (6)
Deity (3)
Of the nose (5)
City fortress (7)
Faint (3)
Golf peg (3)
Favour (6)
Perfect (5)
Orienteering aid (3)
Cover (3)
Putty-like substance (6)
Pallid (3)
Artist’s stand (5)
Provincial (5)
Religious groups (5)
Nought (4)
Duplicate (4)
9 4
3 2
7 1
6 9
9 3
7 4
8 1
9 7
2 4
9 8
6 1
5 9
Difficulty rating: Easy
Adjusts (6)
Blameless (8)
Offensive (6)
Representative (5)
Lump of earth (4)
Roster (4)
Herb (4)
Towboat (3)
Rotisserie (4)
Fibs (4)
Type of preserve (9)
Masculine (4)
Dreadful (4)
Faucet (3)
Give food to (4)
Unfortunately (4)
Fervour (4)
Genetic copy (5)
Guides (6)
Large mammal (8)
Place of learning (6)
4 2
1 9
2 3
4 1
9 5
6 1
Aries Mar 21 – Apr 20
Feelings can be intense
over the next day or so
and could see you ready
for a radical change to
take place, especially in
connection with major
goals. With the Moon in
Virgo making powerful ties,
you may be filled with a
strong sense of purpose.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0410 (60p/min)
Libra Sep 24 – Oct 23
Although an issue
demands your attention,
you may prefer to reflect
on it first. This might
be just as well because
handling it requires the
utmost care. Taking time
out to mull it over might
enable you to get a greater
sense of peace.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0416 (60p/min)
Taurus Apr 21 – May 21
You may feel moved to do
something that transforms
your life. It might be
something you have been
thinking about recently
that greatly excites you.
The difference is that a
new urgency may arise
that could see you making
your move.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0411 (60p/min)
Scorpio Oct 24 – Nov 22
It could be helpful to avoid
making snap decisions,
especially as you do not
have all the facts at your
disposal. However, with a
powerful aspect involving
feisty Mars and powerful
Pluto, both of which are
guiding planets, you could
find it hard to detach.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0417 (60p/min)
Gemini May 22 – Jun 21
Even if you believe a
misunderstanding was not
your fault and you have
nothing to apologise for, it
can pay to make amends.
However, while the person
involved may be keen to see
an end to this, they may
feel unable to do anything
to resolve matters. It may
be down to you.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0412 (60p/min)
Nov 23 – Dec 21
As Venus makes a positive
angle with a sensitive
point in your leisure zone,
you may wonder what
someone really thinks
of you. Whether this
relates to a friendship or
a budding romance, you
can feel irked if someone
doesn’t respond properly.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0418 (60p/min)
Cancer Jun 22 – Jul 23
It may be difficult to gauge
whether someone is
being critical or just holds
intense views. The coming
days could see some edgy
conversations that leave
you wondering how you
should respond. The key is
not to take offence.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0413 (60p/min)
Capricorn Dec 22 – Jan 20
There may be no easy way
to do what you feel you
have to do. And perhaps
only persistent effort and
determination can be
counted on to help you
accomplish your plan. But
it might mean putting
other issues to one side.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0419 (60p/min)
Leo Jul 24 – Aug 23
You may have great
determination to get
something done, which can
make you appear aloof,
when in fact you are simply
very focused. Someone
might think you are playing
hard to get.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0414 (60p/min)
Aquarius Jan 21 – Feb 19
You could find yourself
intensely focused on a
situation that is playing on
your mind in a vivid way.
If so, this may be a sign
that it is time to process
through this and so allow it
to dissipate.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0420 (60p/min)
Virgo Aug 24 – Sep 23
Try not to take what
someone says too
seriously, as with the
Moon aligning with Mars
and Pluto, you may be
tempted to respond in
kind. The coming days
could prove intense.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0415 (60p/min)
Pisces Feb 20 – Mar 20
However much you may
feel moved to share a
brilliant idea, it might be
wise to keep it to yourself
for now. Once you have
proved to yourself that it
can work, then it will be
fine to tell key associates.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0421 (60p/min)
For a live one-to-one consultation with one of my
gifted psychics, call 0906 176 4747 or 0800 067 4747
to book using credit card. Too busy to call? Then text a
psychic: Text STARS to 84155 (£1.50 per text plus SNC)
Astrology calls cost 60p per min, Live calls £1.50 per min. Calls subject to the addition of your
telephone company’s network access charge. Live text costs £1.50 per message plus standard
network rate and you will receive max two messages back. 18+ only, with bill payer’s permission.
Entertainment purposes only. PhonePayPlus regulated. All calls recorded. SP: Stream Live Ltd
SE1 1JA, 0800 0673 330
We’re back in the West Midlands
for series three of this one, as new
call assessor Shanie tries to talk a
woman through childbirth – over
the phone.
NEW Ambulance BBC1, 9pm
True Horror C4, 10pm
Grandads are meant to be warm
and cuddly Werther’s Originals types,
right? Not Jimmy, the dark heart of
this odd but diverting docudrama.
Jimmy is a haunting presence, his
malign spirit setting off a sinister
TV loves a bit of ambulance (and fire
engine and police car) chasing –
scarcely a week goes by without
a documentary crew trying to keep
out of the way while emergencies
unfold in front of their cameras.
series of events from beyond the
grave. Sleep well.
In The Long Run Sky 1, 10pm
Idris Elba will soon be back on toughguy duty in Luther but it’s been fun
watching him play around with that
image in this deftly nostalgic comedy
based around his own 1980s London
childhood. As the series closes,
tough times are taking hold as
redundancies loom at the factory.
Plus ça change. KEITH WATSON
Thursday, April 26, 2018 METRO 27
by Jack Fox
Strike one: Bellew (left) on his way to winning last year’s first heavyweight showdown against Haye
Bellew: Haye should’ve
stayed well clear of me
TONY BELLEW believes he
would beat David Haye even if his
great rival was at the peak of his
career, and predicts he will win
their rematch within eight rounds.
The heavyweight pair meet again
in a second grudge match at London’s O2 a week on Saturday week,
14 months on from Bellew’s win.
He was victorious after 11 gruelling rounds when Haye’s corner
threw in the towel for a third career
loss, with their fighter struggling
badly with an ruptured Achilles.
Former two-weight world champion Haye wants the chance to
avenge that result but says he will
retire if he loses, or does not win in
the necessary style to convince him
he can claim global titles again.
However, Liverpudlian Bellew
believes he has what it takes to beat
the Londoner, 37, for a second time
and end any talk it was merely injury that led to Haye’s downfall in
their initial fight. ‘I’ll beat David
‘I’ll beat him, I’m
faster than anyone
he’s ever faced’
Haye no matter what day of the
year it is. Ten years ago or right
now, it doesn’t matter,’ said the
‘I’m faster than anyone he’s ever
faced, I am someone who can dictate, I’m someone who can make
him miss.
‘I’m someone who’s got enough
pop in his punch to make him think
twice about engaging.
‘My style is just wrong for David
Haye and he should have stayed
well clear of me.
‘Any version of David Haye
that comes in, I will adapt and I
will adjust accordingly and I will
defeat him again.’ Bellew, who has
held the WBC cruiserweight belt,
intends to end Haye’s career in the
capital next week – something he
claims he would have done first
time around had his rival not sustained an injury.
‘I can go into this fight and barely
take a shot but I’m not coming into
this fight with that frame of mind
because I’m coming in to win, so
I’m going to have to take some
stick on the way,’ he added.
‘I’ve got a good boxing brain and
I can adapt and adjust to any situation. If I use my brain and I make
the right adjustments at the right
times, I’ll have rid of David Haye
before the eighth round.’
Gower: 100’s not too little, but too late
DAVID GOWER believes the
England & Wales Cricket
Board’s proposed 100-ball
competition is being launched a
decade too late.
The former England captain
welcomes the innovative format,
due to start in 2020, but reckons
the ECB may have acted too late
to rival the success of the T20
Indian Premier League, which
launched in 2008.
‘In many ways you could say
that this new competition is
going to be 12 years out of date
before it starts,’ said Gower.
‘The ECB had the opportunity
to be at the forefront of Twen-
T H E Y S A I D I T. . .
‘It would be good for them to carry on
playing because they have paid a big
price already.’
Former Australia coach Mickey Arthur, preparing Pakistan for their
Test series in England, says disgraced Aussie trio Steve Smith, David
Warner and Cameron Bancroft – banned after the ball-tampering
scandal – should be allowed to play county cricket this season
ty20. This competition could
have started and been competing
with the IPL from the outset.
‘But for various reasons,
which you have to respect, it’s
taken this long to get under way.
The idea of making this different
has validity, because another
T20 competition added to the
world’s crowded schedule, and
the English summer’s crowded
schedule, would have been just
that. The shorter the game, the
likelihood is you’ll have close
games, so it will be interesting.’
The Professional Cricketers’
Association, though, has voiced
some reservations.
‘The major concern of players
is around the lack of information
and clarity regarding the new
tournament,’ said a statement.
‘While members are very
positive about the influx of extra
money coming into the game,
players are concerned about the
uncertainty on signing county
contracts beyond 2019.’
PCA chairman Daryl Mitchell,
said: ‘A lot of questions remain
unanswered. This is a concern.’
HANNEL Five bosses, even those who
don’t hold an Arsenal season ticket,
must have been beaming with the news
last Friday that Arsene Wenger is to
finally leave the Emirates Stadium hotseat at the
end of the season.
Having already scheduled the excellent
documentary ‘Feud’ – looking at Wenger’s topflight battles with Sir Alex Ferguson – for
Monday night, the Frenchman’s impending
departure could only have boosted ratings as
fans tuned in to relive those brutal comingtogethers of the late nighties and early to midnoughties, when Manchester United and Arsenal
were the Premier League powerhouses.
Paul Scholes and Phil Neville were among
those offering the United perspective, while Lee
Dixon and Martin Keown gave an Arsenal
insight into such classics as the The Battle of
‘Watching Feud, you couldn’t
help but feel the Premier
League has gone a bit soft’
Old Trafford, The Battle of the Buffet and The
Battle of the Highbury Tunnel, a full-bodied
warring trilogy that Dickie Attenbrough of
which would have been proud.
Referee Graham Poll and national treasure and
commentating legend John Motson were also on
hand to offer their particular views on these
most salty of showdowns. An early clip of Sir
Alex roaring ‘you f****** know the rules here’
at Match of the Day’s finest was a particular
hightlight, the fiery Scot leaving the crestfallen
Motty looking as if a vet had just told him his
beloved sheepskin would have to be put down.
Watching Feud, you can’t help but feel the
Premier League has gone a bit soft. Arsenal
travel to Old Trafford on Sunday [Sky Sports
4.30pm] but it is a fixture that no longer holds
the fascination it once did.
To his credit, current United boss Jose
Mourinho does his best to pick fights with
almost all of his top-flight rivals, but compared
to Sir Alex and Arsene, it’s lower-league stuff.
28 METRO Thursday, April 26, 2018
the horse’s mouth
racing news, views and top tips
in association with
i’ll be on front
foot, says jacob
DaRyl JaCOB is relishing the prospect
of being reunited with Footpad in today’s
Ryanair novice Chase at Punchestown.
Footpad has carried all before him over
fences for trainer willie Mullins this
season, winning each of his four starts
including three grade One victories.
he was a brilliant winner of the arkle
trophy at last month’s Cheltenham
Festival under Ruby walsh but, with the
leading Irish rider sidelined by injury,
Jacob will get back on board for the first
time since steering Footpad to success on
his chasing debut at navan in november.
tip of tHe Day
alfa mcguire
2.35 BeVerLeY
Jacob, who is the retained rider for
owners simon Munir and Isaac souede,
said: ‘with Ruby not being available I
get the chance to sit on him again and
obviously I’m looking forward to it.
‘I rode him at the start of the year, so
let’s hope he rounds off the season in
good style. he’s very good, he’s a very
talented horse, he’s a good jumper and a
good traveller.
‘he’s uncomplicated and I think he
could go all the way to the top.’ Footpad
(pictured) will be a long odds-on
favourite to see off six rivals, with Petit
Mouchoir, a long way behind his rival at
Cheltenham, the best of the rest.
another Cheltenham winner, Penhill,
spearheads a seven-strong challenge
from Mullins for the ladbrokes
Champion stayers hurdle.
the reigning champion trainer claimed
this grade One prize in four consecutive
years with the brilliant mare Quevega,
but has not struck gold since the last of
her triumphs in 2013.
Per cent strike rate at Warwick for trainer alan King. he runs mystical
clouds (1.40), second time around (2.45) and chato (2.45) today
n headWay pleased connections
in a racecourse gallop at
newmarket ahead of next week’s
2,000 guineas. ‘it was exactly
what i hoped it would be – a nice
blowout,’ said trainer William
haggas. ‘the horse was in pretty
good shape and he’s pretty fit.’
headway is 25/1 with coral for the
opening classic of the season.
n John gosden’s crossed Baton
was cut to 20/1 from 33/1 by coral
for the derby after winning the
Blue riband trial at epsom
yesterday in the hands of Frankie
dettori. ‘it’s wonderful to win a
listed race here at epsom,’ said
gosden. ‘obviously there is the
derby but it is a step at a time at
this time of year. if we have a hot
summer he might be back here.’
n Paul toWnend bounced back
from a bad day at Punchestown
on tuesday by riding a treble at
the track yesterday. townend was
earlier hit with a 21-day ban for
dangerous riding, the jockey
causing mayhem by swerving
after mistakenly thinking he had
to bypass the final fence in a race.
mile round-trip for trainer alan Jones, who sends tiquer from his
somerset base to contest the 4.05 handicap chase at Perth today
novak woes continue in barcelona
novaK dJoKovic
suffered another early
defeat as world no.140
martin Klizan won their
second-round match at
the Barcelona open.
making his return
from an elbow injury,
djokovic (pictured) has
now won just two of
five matches since the
australian open, after
a 6-2, 1-6, 6-3 loss.
top seed rafael nadal
and second seed grigor
dimitrov both
advanced with
straight-sets wins.
PiCturE: aFP/gEtty
Available to new Online, Mobile & Telephone customers
BET £5 GET £20 IN FREE BETS: &/0NK0*K; +F 5;- 'G #5KN5;= AF*NK; @ ,;K;("F5; )JH+F6;!H: &((KN;H +F +"; >!H+ !;0K 6F5;D
*;+ FL 7.< F5 05D H(F!+H 60!M;+ 0+ F??H FL 423 F! C!;0+;! (K0);? -N+"N5 41 ?0DH FL !;CNH+!0$F5: ,F+; @ 9FFKH ;E)KJ?;?: 1
E 7. L!;; *;+H NHHJ;? F5 %J0KNLDN5C *;+ (K0);6;5+: 8!;; *;+H /0KN? LF! 1 ?0DH: 8!;; *;+ H+0M; 5F+ !;+J!5;?: #I;! 5F+ /0KN?
-N+" B0H"FJ+: 8JKK +;!6H 0+ )F!0K:)F:JM: #&4 9<E+SE BET RES9:NSIB<( /,>%)/$,%8%*,3.*> 7 N,,1 5,$-0 2%$$ ;!, N%6.'%$
G%)/$='> 5,$-$=', .' 0&0& &02 0#""
tennIs is engulfed in a ‘tsunami’
of corruption at some lower levels
and is responsible for more suspicious gambling than any other
sport, according to a new report.
the Independent Review of Integrity in tennis was set up in February 2016 following allegations
made by the BBC and Buzzfeed
that leading players, including
grand- slam winners, were involved
in suspected match-fixing and that
evidence had been suppressed.
In publishing its interim report
yesterday, the panel, claimed tennis
faces a ‘serious integrity problem’,
particularly at the lower levels of
the men’s game caused by insufficient earnings, coupled with the
rise of online betting.
adam lewis QC, who chaired
the panel, said: ‘Player-incentive
structure and remuneration creates
a lamentably fertile breeding ground
by david gurney
for breaches of integrity. Only those
playing principally at tour level
make a decent living. Only the top
250 female players and the top 350
men break even before coaching
costs, yet there are around 15,000
‘tennis faces a serious
integrity problem’
professional players. according to
experts, since 2015 tennis has been
responsible for more suspicious
betting than any other sport.’
One betting operator said ‘the
situation in tennis is grimmer than
grim’. the panel found ‘evidence
of some issues’ at grand slams and
tour events, although it did not see a
Andy to go Dutch
after putting off
return to action
ANDy MURRAy looks
set to wait until the grasscourt season starts before
making his comeback
from injury.
The former world No.1,
who has not played since
Wimbledon last July
and had hip surgery in
January, was hoping to
appear at the new ATP
Challenger in Glasgow next week.
But those plans have been ditched and now
the 30-year-old may return on the grass at the
Libema Open in Holland next month. The
three-time grand-slam winner will hope that is
good preparation for the Fever-Tree
Championships at Queen’s before heading
to Wimbledon.
Murray (pictured) has officially entered the
French Open but is not expected to play at all in
the current clay season.
widespread problem at those levels,
with no top-level players implicated. But it did claim ‘tanking’ – players giving up in matches – has too
often been tolerated by bosses.
there was no evidence of a cover-up by the tennis Integrity Unit
or the International tennis Federation and the association of tennis
Professionals. some actions taken
by the ItF and atP were seen to be
‘inappropriate or ineffective’.
One of its recommendations is a
significant reduction in tournaments deemed ‘professional’.
It also suggested stopping the
sale of live scoring data at low-level
events to betting firms, eliminating
betting sponsorship and disclosing
appearance fees.
a joint atP, ItF, women’s tennis association and grand slam
Board statement said they ‘agreed
in principle’ with the proposals.
Thursday, April 26, 2018 METRO 29
Simeone: I haven’t spoken with Arsenal
DIEGO SIMEONE paid tribute to
Arsene Wenger last night but denied
he had been approached to replace
the Arsenal manager.
Wenger announced last week he
will leave in the summer after 22
years at the helm, with Atletico
Madrid boss Simeone among those
Arsene: I’m
not ready
to consider
linked with the job. The two clubs
meet in the first leg of their Europa
League semi-final in north London
tonight but Simeone insisted he was
not here to talk about Wenger’s job.
‘No, I haven’t spoken with anyone
at Arsenal,’ said the Argentine
(pictured), who admitted his rival
manager remained an inspiration.
‘The first thing that comes to mind is
admiration,’ he said. ‘He is a fantastic
coach and professional.
‘He has amazing ability and that he
has been able to remain at helm of a
club like Arsenal means he has had to
reinvent himself many times.’
Tweet sp t
‘It’s called banter.’
@HectorBellerin (right) responds to claims he had a bust-up with
Arsenal team-mate Alexandre Lacazette after pictures showing the
pair appearing to square up in training yesterday
Robertson stunned
as Milkman delivers
latest former champion to be sent
packing from this year’s world
championship when Rob Milkins
sealed a fine 10-5 first-round win.
Qualifier Milkins resumed with a
6-3 lead but Robertson closed to
6-5. The Australian, who said
afterwards he needed to replace
his cue tip before the final session,
then missed far too many simple
pots and Milkins won four
successive frames for victory.
‘Qualifying is good practice,’
Milkins (pictured) said. ‘I feel sorry
for the top 16. In a way it’s easier
for us. They’re not sharp.’
ARSENE WENGER insists he will
continue to work in football after he
leaves Arsenal and then revealed his
admiration for Luis Enrique, one of
the front-runners to succeed him.
Former vice-chairman David
Dein was the man behind Wenger’s
shock appointment as Arsenal manager in 1996 and revealed he has
received calls from potential suitors
ready to offer the 68-year-old
Frenchman a new challenge.
Wenger said after Sunday’s 4-1
win over West Ham he is ‘too attached’ to Arsenal to think about
going anywhere else.
But he changed that stance when
questioned about it yesterday and
said: ‘Honestly, I don’t know what I
will do.
‘Will I take a little rest? I will continue to work, that’s for sure.
‘My pride has always been to give
my best to where I’m employed until the last day of my contract. At the
moment I’m just focused on that.’
Wenger said he would not have a
say in the next Arsenal boss but did
admit he respected Enrique.
Asked what he thought about the
former Barcelona manager’s coaching style, Wenger added: ‘I have a
high opinion of him.’
Wenger is now focused on tonight’s Europa League semi-final,
first leg, at home to Atletico Madrid
but questioned whether a ‘perfect
■ MARK WILLIAMS reached round
two yesterday, completing a 10-5
win over Jimmy Robertson. Judd
Trump moved into a 6-3 lead over
qualifier Chris Wakelin.
Video gaming closes in
on Olympic acceptance
ESPORTS have moved closer to a
place in the Olympics after it was
claimed organisers of the Paris
2024 Games are ‘deep in talks’
about including them as a
demonstration sport.
The International e-Sports
Federation said discussions were
taking place, with its acting
secretary general Leopold Chung
saying: ‘It won’t be possible to be
an official discipline but to be a
demonstration title.’
Video gaming will be a medal
event at the 2022 Asian Games.
The International Olympic
Committee has said esports ‘could
be considered a sporting activity’.
Admired: Enrique
goodbye’ exists in football. Instead
he would prefer Europa League
success for his players rather than
his own personal glory.
‘Is there a perfect goodbye? I
don’t know. I just want to do as well
as I can,’ Wenger said.
‘At the moment I do not look after
myself, I just want to do well as I
can because this team has quality.
‘I’ve seen them this season be
challenged mentally. I have always
seen them respond in a positive
way and this group deserves something special.’
Wenger will go into his final European home game as Arsenal boss
boosted by having Mesut Ozil, Jack
Wilshere and Petr Cech available.
Years at Northampton for
Wales wing George North, who
has confirmed he will join Ospreys
under the terms of his national
dual contract with the Welsh
Rugby Union
Justin and Henrik can jazz it up in the Big Easy
GOLFERS at this week’s Zurich Classic of
before settling on Thunderstruck by AC/
New Orleans have been squabbling
DC, while two pairs went for Tupac’s
with each other before a ball has
California Love and three bunkerbeen hit down the fairway.
loving duos wanted Enter
Players pair up for one of the
Sandman by Metallica.
PGA Tour’s few team events
It was easier making our picks
Under 2.5 goals
and this year they have their
– Justin Rose and Henrik
when Marseille
own walk-on music on the first
Stenson are worthy favourites
host RB Salzburg
tee. Zak Johnson and Jonathan
at 9/1 with Coral, while Jimmy
Byrd, though, couldn’t decide
Walker and Sean O’Hair appeal
between Pearl Jam and Eminem
at 25/1 with Bet365.
Rob Cross
to beat Raymond van
Barneveld in tonight’s
Premier League darts
are no better than
8/15 to qualify for
the Europa League
final but Arsenal can
make them fight all
the way and it is
23/10 with Betway
for there to be a
draw tonight at the
Emirates Stadium. A
1-1 stalemate is 11/2
with William Hill.
Lo dropped to ‘help
police with inquiry’
CASTLEFORD have dropped Papua
New Guinea winger Garry Lo after
revealing yesterday he was
helping police with an inquiry.
The 24-year-old made his Super
League debut in the Tigers’ 28-12
defeat at Wigan last Friday and
would have been in line to make
his home bow against Wakefield
tomorrow night.
Castleford say they have stood
the player down but did not go
into any further details.
30 METRO Thursday, April 26, 2018
f o o t b a l l c h a m p i o n s l e ag u e
season over for aleX
PiCturE: aP
Agony for Oxlade-Chamberlain as knee
injury cruelly ends his World Cup dream
lIVeRPOOl midfielder alex
Oxlade-Chamberlain has kneeligament damage which has ended
his season and hopes of featuring
for england at the world Cup.
the former arsenal man was
carried off on a stretcher in the
first half of the 5-2 Champions
league semi-final, first-leg victory
over Roma on tuesday.
a scan yesterday revealed ligament damage, although liverpool
are not putting a time-frame on
how long he is likely to be out for,
beyond saying his world Cup
dream is over for this year.
Oxlade-Chamberlain last night
expressed his dismay at the news
but also said his thoughts were
with the fan whose condition has
by gavin brown
been described as critical after being attacked outside anfield shortly before the game against Roma.
‘absolutely devastated to have
picked up that injury at such a crucial time in the season,’ he wrote
in a post on twitter.
‘gutted I won’t be able to play
any further part now in our Champions league run for liverpool,
and also the world Cup with eng-
‘devastated to have
picked up that injury
at such a crucial time’
land. however, this all pales in
comparison to how the family of
the liverpool fan badly hurt before last night’s game must be
feeling. My thoughts are with him
and his loved ones.’
It is understood the 24-year-old
called england manager gareth
southgate to speak to him personally about the injury.
It is another major tournament
blow for Oxlade-Chamberlain
who played at euro 2012 as an
he was in the 2014 world Cup
squad but a knee injury prevented
him from making an appearance
in Brazil. another knee injury kept
him out of Roy hodgson’s squad
for euro 2016.
england caps
for oxladechamberlain
since making
his debut in
may 2012
oxladeChamberlain is
stretchered off
the pitch at
georginio WiJnaLdUm
insists Liverpool are happy
with their 5-2 win over roma
despite failing to finish off the
tie by conceding two late goals.
Cruising at 5-0 with nine
minutes remaining, a trip to
next month’s Champions
League final in kiev looked a
certainty for Jurgen klopp’s side.
But lapses in concentration
have given their serie a rivals a
glimmer of hope. in their
quarter-final, roma turned
around a three-goal deficit at
the stadio olimpico to
knock out Barcelona
with the benefit of
one away goal in
the nou Camp.
But Wijnaldum
(right) believes
Liverpool have
enough quality to
finish things off
next week in rome.
‘it’s a great result,’ the holland
midfielder said. ‘of course the
last ten minutes we didn’t do
it well but if someone had
said before the game
‘‘Would you be happy
with a 5-2?’’, everyone
would have been
happy with the result.
‘We know we can
score but we have to
do it there, and we
must try not to concede.’
We lost concentration and gave
Roma outside chance, says Trent
LIVERPOOL let their concentration slip in the closing stages
of their sensational 5-2 win over
Roma, admitted defender Trent
The Italians scored twice late
on at Anfield to give themselves a
glimmer of hope for the return
leg, although Jurgen Klopp’s
men remain overwhelming
favourites for a place in the final.
Alexander-Arnold (pictured)
was left to rue the late lapses.
‘I wouldn’t say [we were]
complacent,’ he said. ‘I would
just say we lost a bit of concentration. I think it was hard for us
in the last 15 minutes, they came
out on the attack and had a lot of
confidence. It just shows a goal or
two can change a tie.
‘We will be thinking that going
into the next game. I still think
it’s a good result for us. We can’t
complain about scoring five goals
in a Champions
League semi-final, so
I’m looking forward
to the game next
week and we’ll be
looking to finish the
tie off.’
AlexanderArnold is well
aware Roma
around their quarter-final
against Barcelona, losing the first
leg 4-1 at the Nou Camp but
winning 3-0 in Italy.
‘We can’t rule them out – they
did a miracle against Barcelona
in the last round,’ he added.
‘I think Barca might have been
thinking they were already
through to the semis a few weeks
ago. Looking at it now, we’ve got
to finish the job off.
‘We are excited but can’t get
too excited. We’ve still got
another 90 minutes to
get there (to the
final) and it will
be tough.’
Thursday, April 26, 2018 METRO 31
f o o t b a l l c h a m p i o n s l e ag u e
PiCturE: aFP
in brief
Turning the
tables: asensio
(far left) fires past
Bayern keeper
ulreich to give
Madrid the lead
Football League says
no issue with Mendes
The english Football League is
satisfied the relationship between
Championship winners Wolves and
agent Jorge mendes has not
breached its regulations.
a number of Championship clubs
urged the eFL to investigate the
influence at molineux of mendes,
whose clients include Jose
mourinho and Cristiano ronaldo.
mendes has a number of clients
at Wolves, including head coach
nuno espirito santo.
an eFL statement said: ‘it has
been determined mr mendes holds
no role at the club and, as such,
should not be categorised as a
“relevant person” as defined by
league regulations. There is no
requirement for him to submit to
the owners’ and directors’ test.’
on an
online petiition calling for safe
standing in english football’s top
two divisions, a figure that usually
prompts a parliamentary debate
semi-final, first leg
bayern munich
Kimmich 28
real madrid
Marcelo 44, Asensio 57
by danny griffiths
hOlDeRs Real Madrid showed they
have no intention of releasing their
iron grip on the Champions league
after Marco asensio came off the
bench to hit a winner in germany.
Bundesliga champions Bayern took
the lead in the 28th minute when goalkeeper Keylor navas allowed rightback Joshua Kimmich to beat him at
the near post with a thumping shot
when a cross looked more likely.
Real, who have won the european
Cup for the past two years and three
of the last four, were outplayed by
their hosts but levelled a minute be-
blow for bayern
as asensio seals
comeback win
fore the break thanks to an inspired
piece of skill from left-back Marcelo.
he found the far bottom corner from
the edge of the area to inspire Real,
goals as a substitute for
marco asensio in this
season’s champions league,
joint-highest in the tournament
who went in front just before the hour
after a huge mistake by Rafinha.
his square pass on halfway allowed
Dani Carvajal to surge forward before
unselfishly finding substitute asensio
to clip home.
Robert lewandowski, expected to
be a summer target for Real, saw his
header saved by navas and the Real
keeper twice foiled Franck Ribery,
while thomas Muller wasted two big
chances from close in.
Cristiano Ronaldo, who had scored
in all ten of Real’s european games
this term, had a goal ruled out for
handball, while lewandowski missed
a late sitter for the hosts.
gareth Bale was left on the bench
by Real who are in control of the tie
ahead of tuesday’s return leg.
Radrizzani defends
Leeds’ Myanmar tour
leeds owner andrea radrizzani
insists the club’s decision to tour
myanmar can be ‘positive’.
they are to play an all-star Xi in
yangon on may 9 and the national
team in mandalay on may 11.
But dr rosena allin-Khan, the
shadow sports minister, amnesty
international and large numbers
of leeds supporters have urged
the club to cancel the trip.
myanmar’s rulers have been
accused of ethnic cleansing but
radrizzani said: ‘if the tour
further highlights the serious
issues in certain areas of the
country, that’s a positive thing.’
Europa League Semi-Final, First Leg
arsenal v atletico Madrid .......................................(8.05pm) TV
BT Sport 2
Marseille v red Bull Salzburg ............................... (8.05pm) TV
BT Sport 3
champions league
emi-final, first leg
bayern munich
real madrid
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real chance
of hat-trick
The Marc of
champions: real
players celebrate
with Marcelo after
his equaliser for
real Madrid at
Bayern Munich
last night
PiCturE: gEtty
real madrid came from behind to
beat Bayern munich 2-1 in germany
last night and leave themselves in
pole position to reach yet another
champions league final.
Bayern started strongly and Joshua
Kimmich put them in front, but the
hosts missed other decent chances
and marcelo hit back with an
equaliser just before half-time.
the real winner in the second half
came when rafinha needlessly gave
the ball away, and dani carvajal fed
marco asensio to finish in style.
Bayern will need a special
comeback at the Bernabeu next
tuesday night, or it will be
madrid with a chance to make
it three european cups in a
row against liverpool or
roma in the Kiev final.
PiCturE: rEX
Arsene: I did not have any problem
with announcement of resignation
oX left ‘devastated’
aleX oXlade-chamBerlain will not be
going to the World cup with england this
summer after a scan revealed the
midfielder sustained knee-ligament
damage in liverpool’s champions
league victory over roma. oxladechamberlain said he was ‘absolutely
devastated’ by the news.
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aRsene wengeR insisted last night he had
no problem with the timing of the announcement of his departure from arsenal.
the club revealed last Friday that wenger
will step down in the summer after nearly 22
years as manager.
the news came as a surprise, especially with
the gunners facing a europa league semi-final
against atletico Madrid. ahead of tonight’s first
leg, wenger was asked why he was ‘quitting at
this moment, before a big game’.
‘the timing was not really my decision,’ he
replied. ‘I do my job, keep my routine and
by nick metcalfe
focus on what I have to do every day. I prepare
well for the game. I think it will be surreal for
me when I don’t work.’
however, in a statement released by the club
last night, wenger clarified his remarks.
‘after reaching agreement about my departure, I was happy for the club to decide when to
announce,’ he said. ‘I wish to make it clear the
timing of the announcement was right.’
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tennis is battling a ‘tsunami’ of corruption
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