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The Daily Telegraph Sport - April 26, 2018

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Thursday 26 April 2018
Tennis battling against a
?tsunami of match-fixing?
Corruption is rife at lower levels of the game with ?two or three matches a day? rigged, claims �m report
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BAY E R N M U N I C H 1- 2 R E A L M A D R I D
Ronaldo heading for
final clash with Salah
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Heartbreak Oxlade-Chamberlain ruled out of World Cup with injury
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Thursday 26 April 2018 The Daily Telegraph
Sport Tennis
?Two or three
matches are
fixed every day?
Simon Briggs
Sport shown to be beset
by betting corruption
Report calls on ITF to
cancel scoring data deal
Tennis is battling a ?tsunami? of
corruption, according to a �?million report released yesterday in
London which revealed a teeming
match-fixing scene at the lower
levels of the sport.
Adam Lewis QC told reporters
that the game provided ?a lamentably fertile breeding ground for
breaches of integrity? ? a problem
so deep-rooted that, according to
the European Sports Security
Agency, tennis was responsible for
three times as many suspicious
betting alerts as all other sports put
The report quoted one betting
operator, who addressed the state
of play at the lower levels of the
game by saying ?the situation in
tennis is grimmer than grim?, and
identified a ?match-fixing ?season??
that runs from October to the end of
the year. During this period, the operator had detected ?traces of up to
two to three fixed matches a day in
various ITF [International Tennis
Federation] tournaments?.
Meanwhile, an experienced Tennis Integrity Unit investigator reported that ?hundreds of matches
at Futures level [both singles and
doubles] are not being played fairly,
with the numbers reducing as you
move upwards through the ranks?.
Lewis?s Independent Review
Panel was convened in February
2016, in response to a joint investigation by BBC and the Buzzfeed
website, which had claimed to reveal ?match-fixing evidence that
tennis has kept secret for years?.
Tennis authorities insisted at the
time that there was no deliberate
cover-up, and the IRP report states:
?The panel has not seen any evidence that the TIU acted to cover
up breaches of integrity.?
However, one area of doubt will
remain, after Lewis revealed that
his panel had reached an impasse
over the retirement of an unnamed
player from the Association of Tennis Professionals Tour in 2003.
The IRP suspected that this
player might have retired rather
than undergo investigation by the
TIU. Lewis said that they had seen a
memorandum suggesting that such
deals might have been available in
the past. However, the IRP found
no confirmed cases, and their inquiries into the 2003 retiree ran
into an ?assertion of confidentiality? ? in Lewis?s words ? which
blocked their progress.
If such a case emerged ? and
involved a well-known player ? it
would stand as an exception to the
rule that most match-fixers have
been small-time scrappers on the
fringes of the game. The IRP report
stated ?integrity issues have not
reached a significant level at grand
slam events, ATP or WTA tour
events, WTA $125k events, or ITF
women?s $60k and $100k events?.
Instead, suspicious betting patterns are usually restricted to the
shadowy world of the Futures
?Was I being investigated? Maybe I was. Maybe I wasn?t?
report said
there was a
player who
was under
and who
retired in
2003. Adam
Lewis QC,
the report?s
suggested in
his press
that the
player mightt
have agreed
to retire in
return for
the case being
ATP figures
show that 78
players retired
in 2003. The
tracked down
several of them
yesterday, and
asked whether
they could
shed any light
on the case.
Few went into
detail but o
who did
to speak was
who won the
French Open
in 1996, the
Open in 1999
and Olympics
gold at Sydney
in 2000 before
retiring in
00 at the
age of 29.
Asked who
the player
might have
((left) said: ?I
have no idea.?
At the same
time, the
Russian made
it clear that
his own
was for ?other
When asked
whether he
was under
by the Tennis
Integrity Unit
in 2003,
said: ?Maybe I
was, maybe I
wasn?t. You
have to ask the
people who
were in
charge. I don?t
circuit. These humble events account for three-quarters of tennis?s
so-called professional game ? in
terms of matches played ? and one
of the IRP?s most urgent recommendations is that their scoring
data should no longer be sold to online betting companies.
Others include, that:
�The ITF should cancel its data
deal with Sportradar, the sportsdata company that enables betting
on low-level tournaments. The ITF
should then be compensated for its
resulting financial loss by other
tennis bodies, who will benefit
from a cleaner sport.
�The TIU should increase its staffing ? its director of integrity Nigel
Willerton has told the IRP he wants
12 investigators rather than six as at
present ? and move out of the building in Roehampton that it currently
shares with the ITF.
�The TIU should be more geographically diverse, with broader
linguistic skills, rather than a
largely anglophone body based in
London. ?It should also recruit more
specialists in online betting.
�Players who regularly crop up in
suspicious betting alerts should be
subject to provisional suspensions.
�All players who deliberately do
not perform at their best should be
more harshly treated, even if they
are burned out or have personal
reasons to want to leave an event.
�The pathway for emerging players should be improved to prevent
the development of a large body of
demoralised individuals who might
fall prey to fixers.
�A new supervisory board should
be constituted to oversee the TIU.
�Betting companies should no
longer sponsor tournaments.
�Appearance fees, which subvert
the competitive environment by
giving players other reasons to turn
up to an event apart from rankings
points and prize-money, should be
made public.
�Tennis should cooperate more
deeply with other sports in its
efforts to eradicate corruption.
The IRP report enjoyed broad
support yesterday from tennis?s
stakeholders, including the All
England Club. But there was criticism from Sportradar, the Swiss
sports-data company which has
bought the rights to low-level tournament scores from the ITF for
around �?million per year.
In a statement, Alexander Inglot,
Sportradar?s director of communications, described the IRP?s decision to call an end to the deal as
?unrealistic [and] potentially unlawful?. Inglot added: ?This will not
stop betting on these matches [and]
will almost certainly encourage
black-market activity.?
Tennis players who
have been investigated
for suspicious
betting practices
We cannot allow our
sporting bodies to
regulate themselves
By Chris Eaton
Report makes admirable
recommendations but
will have little impact
on gambling industry
eading the Independent
Review Panel?s report on
match-fixing in tennis, I
cannot say I was surprised. I would
not go so far as to call it an
expensive waste of time, because
some of the recommendations
made by the panel were sound;
restricting the sale of live data,
reorganising the Tennis Integrity
Unit and so on. They promote good
values of ethics and governance.
But the truth is, these
recommendations have all been
around for some time. At least a
decade. Why you would need to
spend two years and �?million to
arrive at them is regrettable.
But then this is what global
businesses do whenever they are
faced with a crisis: they set up an
inquiry and play for time.
And sport is a global business
The Daily Telegraph Thursday 26 April 2018
Sport Cricket
The Russian former
world No 3 was involved
in perhaps the most
notorious match in the
history of tennis
integrity: a 2007
meeting with Martin
Vassallo Arguello, which
attracted millions of
pounds in bets.
London Stadium
ruled out for 2019
World Cup games
Venue viewed as gamble
for cricket showpiece
India v Pakistan to be
staged at Old Trafford
With a highest ranking
of No 55 in the world,
the Austrian is the most
eminent player to have
been banned for
match-fixing. He
received a lifetime
sentence in 2011.
By Nick Hoult
The London Stadium is likely to
miss out on hosting matches at next
year?s World Cup.
The fixtures and venues will be
announced today, with Old Trafford
landing the plum tie between India
and Pakistan on June 16.
The London Stadium had been
earmarked for two matches. Organisers had hoped to attract record
crowds of 60,000 for a cricket
fixture in this country. Multi-use
stadiums brought in huge crowds at
the last World Cup in Australia and
New Zealand, so the venue built for
the Olympics was an obvious choice.
But it would have involved huge
cost in converting the football pitch
to a cricket outfield, as well as the
instillation of drop-in pitches in
England for the first time.
The International Cricket Council
had given the green light for the
ground to be used as a venue and
the England and Wales Cricket
Board was planning to hold test
events this summer. But the small
boundary and the fact floodlights
would have to be angled differently
was set up to combat money
laundering and implement basic
financial integrity standards.
Within 10 years, international
banking was transformed.
This is the only action I can see
having any effect. Either the
mandate of the FATF could be
extended to include sport betting
globally, as it does with casinos, or
some sort of mirror system set up.
Basically, sports
betting is now
vastly bigger
than sport itself
Because, as it stands, it does not
matter what these sport bodies do
or how many inquiries they
launch, they will not change the
root cause.
You can regulate sport as much
as you like, change your policies
and set up your inquiries. But in no
The Ukrainian, who has
been ranked as high as
No 13, grew incensed
last year when
challenged by reporters
over unusual betting
patterns that
surrounded his match
against Thiago
Monteiro at the
Winston-Salem Open.
like any other. The issue is that the
underlying problems here are not
sporting. They are criminal. And it
is not within sport?s power to get
on top of them.
The governments of the world
are collectively sitting on their
Gambling on sports is a
$1.5?trillion (�.1?trillion) per year
business, 80 per cent of which is
either under-regulated or illegal.
Tennis alone has a $50?billion
(�?million) a year betting
industry leeching off it, of which
roughly 50 per cent is illegal.
Basically, sports betting is vastly
bigger economically than sport
itself. It is also more globalised; an
instantaneous money-exchange
trade, algorithm to algorithm. The
closest comparison is with
international banking.
In fact, 30 years ago,
international banking was in
exactly the same place the betting
industry is in now. Many global
banking transactions were
unregulated by banking systems.
The Financial Action Task Force
circumstance does more money
on the table correlate to less
corruption. You have to regulate
the table. And regulation has to be
independent. You cannot have
these task forces set up by
professional sports regulating their
own sports. You do not have the
pharmaceutical industry
regulating itself or the banking
system regulating itself.
The important thing to stress is
that it is in everyone?s interests for
this to happen. Betting companies
can make a lot more money by
doing it legally, just as banks now
do. International governments
have been hoping for too long that
sport will sort this mess out but it
cannot. As the money grows, so,
too, the corruption. Sport has a
huge impact on national identity,
on society, on health and fitness,
on how we act and interact.
If governments continue to sit
on their collective hands, the
blame will be on them.
Chris Eaton has formerly worked
for Interpol and Fifa.
for cricket meant it would have
been a gamble to use the ground.
Instead matches will remain at the
traditional cricket venues.
The ICC is due to sign off on the
fixtures today in Calcutta and tickets
are due to go on sale next month.
The MCC has already warned its
members they will have to pay up
to �0 for a ticket for the final,
which will be the highest price ever
for a match in England.
England will open the tournament against South Africa at the
Oval on May 30 and 46 matches will
be played across 48 days. After the
London Stadium
would require
costly changes
to stage cricket
World Cup, England play Australia
in the Ashes.
The tournament returns to the
1992 format of a league. The top
four will qualify for the knockout
stage. The ICC has faced a large
amount of criticism for cutting the
number of teams to 10, isolating the
associates who have upset bigger
teams at recent tournaments.
For the ECB, the challenge now is
to sell tickets and, despite the high
price of the best seats at the final, it
is promising there will be cheap
alternatives for all other matches.
Players want ?more of a say?
over 100-ball tournament
By Nick Hoult
The Professional Cricketers? Association and the MCC will put pressure on the England and Wales
Cricket Board to reveal more details
of its planned new tournament
after complaints from their respective members.
The PCA will meet the ECB next
Thursday. Players are concerned
over the make-up of the tournament and angry they have been
kept in the dark. ?We are the ones
who have to deliver this competition if it happens. We need detail,
such as how things are going to
work,? Daryl Mitchell, the Worcestershire batsman and co-chairman
of the PCA said.
?Two years sounds like a long
time but it will come round quickly.
Players want to know why we are
going down the 100-ball route and
away from the T20 format that has
been so successful around the
world for something untried and
untested. How will it work from a
When is this 10-ball over going to
be bowled?
?The consultation is the biggest
issue. The players would like to
have had more of a say. There was
initial shock over the competition.
But I think a couple have warmed
to it in the Worcestershire dressing
room. There is not too much animosity to the idea, but the meeting
with the ECB is paramount to
shaping what people?s opinions are
going to be and our stance as a
union and our role of shaping the
Meanwhile, the MCC are expecting members to raise the issue at
the club?s AGM next week, as anger
grows over the ECB decision to
abandon Twenty20.
The club were expected to release a statement supporting the
competition hours after it was announced by the ECB last Thursday.
But senior figures within the MCC
put a stop to it in order to gauge the
mood of members. The only public
comment so far has been a statement to the Cricketer magazine
about how the competition will
require a change to the laws of the
game to allow the 10-ball over.
?There is a lot of unhappiness in
the club about it,? said one source.
?This goes to the heart of the
relationship between the MCC and
ECB. This is bound to be raised at
the AGM. This tournament is the
wrong answer to a problem that
does not exist.?
Thursday 26 April 2018 The Daily Telegraph
Sport Football
Oxlade-Chamberlain Russia dream over
Midfielder ruled out of
World Cup with injury
Liverpool?s fitness crisis
for return leg at Roma
Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is devastated his World Cup dream has
been ended by knee-ligament damage sustained during Liverpool?s
Champions League semi-final.
The midfielder spoke to England
manager Gareth Southgate yesterday to deliver his heartbreaking
news. It is not clear precisely for
how long the midfielder will be out,
but it is long enough to end his season and chances of going to Russia.
Liverpool have yet to confirm if
the damage is a cruciate knee injury
? which would normally take
around eight months from which to
recover ? or a less-serious setback
enabling Oxlade-Chamberlain to
target a return at the start of next
season. The midfielder spoke of his
disappointment, but said the events
outside the stadium on Tuesday,
which left a Liverpool fan in a critical condition having been attacked
by Roma fans, gave him a sense of
?Absolutely devastated to have
picked up this injury at such a crucial time in the season,? the midfielder wrote on Instagram. ?Gutted
I won?t be able to play any further
part now in our Champions League
run for Liverpool, and also the
World Cup with England.
?But now it?s all about supporting
the boys and getting behind them. I
know we have what it takes to do
something special in this tournament. I?m going to give everything I
have to make sure I?m back as
quickly as possible. However, this
all pales in comparison to how the
family of the Liverpool fan badly
hurt before last night?s game must
be feeling. My thoughts are with
him and his loved ones. Thank you
for all your kind words, messages
and support. I?ll see you soon.?
A club statement offered no specific recovery time. ?We can confirm Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain?s
2017-18 season is over for both club
By Chris Bascombe
Deja vu: Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain lies in agony after suffering his knee injury on Tuesday, while a similar problem (right) ruled him out of the 2014 World Cup
and country,? it said. ?The extent of
the injury means Oxlade-Chamberlain is set to miss the remainder of
the campaign for Liverpool, as well
as the World Cup finals in Russia.
?The 24-year-old was assessed by
the club?s medical team at Melwood
on Wednesday morning and no
specific timescale is being placed
upon his return.
?However, Oxlade-Chamberlain
will now begin a rehabilitation programme to enable him to reach full
fitness again as soon as possible, returning to action next season.?
It is a cruel blow for a player who
has been rejuvenated since his
move to Anfield from Arsenal last
summer. He was injured making a
sliding tackle on Roma wing-back
Aleksandar Kolarov.
Oxlade-Chamberlain will feel a
sorrowful sense of deja vu as he was
also injured on the eve of the last
World Cup in Brazil in 2014. Having
been named in Roy Hodgson?s
squad, he jarred his knee in one of
the build-up games.
Southgate must now reconsider
his options. Although he had left
the Liverpool midfielder out earlier
in the season, his recent form was
such he was in line to be a starter in
the England manager?s reshaped
He is the second Liverpool player
to have forced the England manager to reconsider plans. At the
start of Southgate?s reign, Adam
Lallana?s technical expertise looked
to be pivotal to the direction of the
national team. He has endured his
worst season with injuries and
must also be rated doubtful for Russia given his lack of game time.
Jurgen Klopp?s headache is more
immediate. Liverpool?s Champions
League euphoria has been severely
Oh no, not again... Knee
issue ended Rio hopes
Lightning has
struck twice
in the same
place for the
Alex OxladeChamberlain,
who has had
his World Cup
wrecked for a
second time.
Four years
ago, as
prepared for
the Brazilhosted
tournament at
a training
camp in the
United States,
suffered a
medial knee
injury during
a friendly with
Ecuador in
He travelled
to Brazil with
the squad
but failed to
sufficiently to
play any part
in England?s
diminished by Oxlade-Chamberlain?s setback and Klopp faces a
midfield crisis.
Emre Can is already absent with
a bad back, and Lallana is still
recovering from his most recent
hamstring strain.
Klopp still needs two wins from
the last three Premier League
games to guarantee a top-four finish, with Chelsea eight points back
and a game in hand.
Liverpool face Stoke on Saturday,
and Klopp has a dilemma given the
importance of the return leg in
Rome next Wednesday.
The midfield three who ended
Tuesday?s first leg are the only senior options. Klopp could change
formation or promote youngsters,
but his shortage of personnel went
some way to explaining why he was
not at his most ebullient, despite
the excellence of the 5-2 win.
Roma condemn ?abhorrent? attack as Liverpool fan fights for his life
By Sam Dean
Roma have condemned the ?abhorrent behaviour? of some of their
supporters after five Italians were
arrested following violence outside
Anfield that left a 53-year-old man
fighting for his life.
The Liverpool fan, named as
Sean Cox, from Ireland, was attacked by Roma supporters around
10 minutes before kick-off in Tuesday?s Champions League semi-final
first leg. Merseyside Police believe
Cox, who was in Liverpool with his
brother, fell to the ground after he
was struck by a belt near the Albert
pub at around 7.35pm.
The Spirit of Shankly supporters?
group said the incident ?raised
questions about the policing and
safety of Liverpool fans travelling
to Rome next week?, adding that it
was in conversation with both the
club and Merseyside Police.
Jordan Henderson, the Liverpool
captain, said the ?only result that
matters to us now is that he recovers and can return home to be with
his family and loved ones?.
In a statement, Uefa added it was
?deeply shocked by the vile attack?,
saying it was waiting to receive full
reports before making decisions on
potential disciplinary charges.
Police revealed yesterday that a
total of nine men had been arrested.
Among them were two from Rome,
who were arrested on suspicion
of attempted murder, and two
Italians who were arrested on
Unrest: Rival fans
outside Anfield
just before
League semi-final
first leg
suspicion of possession of an
offensive weapon.
This was the latest in a series of
clashes between Roma supporters
and fans of English clubs. In November, Chelsea fans were attacked
by Italian supporters in Rome,
while two Roma fans were banned
from grounds for five years in 2012
after an attack on Tottenham fans.
There were also fights between
Manchester United and Roma fans
in 2007, when five United fans were
stabbed in Rome before a Champions League game. Four United fans
were later jailed by an Italian court.
In a statement, Roma said: ?AS
Roma condemns in the strongest
possible terms the abhorrent behaviour of a small minority of travelling fans, who brought shame on
the club and the vast majority of
Roma?s well-behaved supporters at
Anfield after getting involved in
clashes with Liverpool supporters.
?There is no place for this type of
vile behaviour in football and the
club is now cooperating with Liverpool, Uefa and the authorities.?
A Uefa spokesman said: ?We trust
the perpetrators will be dealt with
utmost severity by the authorities.?
Mr Cox?s wife yesterday flew
from Ireland to be at his bedside at
Walton Hall Neurological Centre,
where he is being treated for a head
The Daily Telegraph Thursday 26 April 2018
Tuesday?s attack outside Anfield was just latest
example of appalling violence by Roma fans
rancesco Ianari and
Mauro Pinnelli would
still be in jail now
but the sentences of
the two Roma fans
convicted in October
2013 of being part of a group who
had attacked Tottenham Hotspur
supporters in the city one year
earlier were significantly reduced
on appeal around eight months
They had been convicted of
grievous bodily harm for their
part in the assault in the Drunken
Ship, a pub in the Campo de? Fiori
piazza in Rome, but on appeal
had their charges downgraded.
The prosecution could not prove
that the injuries inflicted on the
Spurs fans who had been most
seriously hurt met the threshold
for the original charge and so
those two veterans of a notorious
attack on English fans are now
free men.
It is worth bearing in mind that
when the Spurs fans were
attacked, leaving one, Ashley
Mills, with a gash to his head and
a femoral artery requiring
reconstruction, their club were
not even playing Roma that night.
The game in question, in
November 2012, was against
Lazio, with their own zeal for
banners, but
for the Roma
supporters in
question, a group of
otball fans in
English football
their own city was just too
o pass up.
tempting to
fore Liverpool
Even before
n against
were drawn
e Champions
Roma in the
mi-finals, their
League semi-finals,
elling the
fans were telling
heir own
stories of their
experiencess in Rome?s
mpico, where
Stadio Olimpico,
ve twice
the club have
won the European
Cup. In February 2001, in the
first-leg win over Roma in the Uefa
Cup round of 16, Liverpool fans?
coaches were attacked on the way
to the stadium and many recall the
police car set ablaze that greeted
them on arrival.
Inside they were pelted with
anything that came to hand for the
Roma fans, including memorably,
according to one account, a
washbasin tap with some of the
sink still attached. The official
stabbing count was six Liverpool
fans, two of them Norwegian,
although unofficial counts were in
double figures. Those fans of an
older vintage say that coming out
the Stadio Olimpico in 1984 after
the victorious penalty shoot-out
was hell itself, in a hostile city that
had fully expected the European
Cup to be staying in town.
All that before the attack on
Tuesday night on Liverpool fan
Sean Cox, a father of three from
Dunboyne, Co Meath, in the
Republic of Ireland, who was
assaulted outside the Albert pub
near the Kop end at Anfield, and is
currently being treated for serious
head injuries. While his family
wait at his bedside at the Walton
Centre, thoughts
naturally turn to what might
happen in the second lleg in Rome.
There was no prosp
prospect of
sanctions from Uefa la
last night
th the
other than to say that
bod was
governing body
?deeply shocked?
by the
a is
?vile attack?, and
its report.
will tell you th
that unless it
happens in the stadium
or in proximity
it really
is none of its business.
t attack on
Perhaps the
Cox, for which
men have been
arrested, will be
judged clo
close enough
to meet th
the criteria for
action agai
against Roma, or
w be added
perhaps it will
to a long charge
Uefa have d
decided is not
its problem.
It had got so bad for
Italian club
have a history
of fan trouble
? but Uefa has
failed to act
travelling fans in Rome that by
2009 there were campaigns to
have the Champions League final,
staged in the Stadio Olimpico that
season, moved elsewhere for fear
of trouble between the native
Roma fans and Manchester United
and Barcelona supporters. The
citywide ban on alcohol sales had
United fans bribing bars to lock
their doors, and even trying to get
a drink in Vatican City in the hope
that it fell under a different
In April 2007, 10 United fans had
been stabbed at a Roma tie and
those who managed to escape the
ultras took their chances with the
Italian police and their flailing
batons. Less than three months
before the final in 2009, an Arsenal
supporter aboard a bus to the
club?s Champions League tie with
Roma was stabbed when it was
ambushed and boarded by Roma
fans. In 2006, Middlesbrough fans
were attacked in the Drunken Ship
?Ox? in right place
to stage fightback
and target 2022
t has been 12 months in the life
of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain
that must have felt like a
whirlwind at times and as he looks
down at his stricken right knee
there will be moments when he
wonders how long before he is
back out there. He took the big
decision to leave Arsenal having
seen other promising careers turn
to mediocrity there and he was not
prepared to do the same himself.
At Liverpool he had a long fight
for his place but once he won it,
the Englishman played some of the
best football of his career for club
and country. Now his season and
his World Cup finals are over in the
blink of an eye, but OxladeChamberlain has made the right
calls and at 24, has put himself in
the best possible position to be
around for World Cup 2022.
Intimidating: Roma fans gesture to the
Liverpool crowd, and (below) to Lazio
fans in the Rome derby this month
where, six years later, Spurs fans
would meet a similar fate.
Even when Chelsea played Roma
in the group stages last October,
Roma fans attacked travelling
supporters while they drank in the
Shamrock pub just east of the
Coliseum. For the return fixture in
London, Metropolitan police had
to deal with disorder from the
Roma fans on High Street
Kensington, a road that has about
as much of an association with
football hooliganism as Green
Street has with antiques shops and
gentlemen?s outfitters.
Despite Uefa?s aversion to
intervention it is evident that
whatever deterrent has been used
so far is not working. Merseyside
police made nine arrests on
Tuesday and it seems that in many
places they go, Roma ultras lose a
few to the local criminal justice
system. That has not discouraged
the rest and the same old official
line from the club about the
actions of a ?small minority? is
the tired excuse of an institution
that is not looking at the problem.
It matters not that this is a
minority, rather that it is a
persistent and determined one,
with a pervading culture
undeterred by arrests. They find
new ways of attacking, this week
with belts, more commonly
hit-and-run stabbings from pairs
on mopeds which then disappear
into the Rome traffic.
Uefa have not even tried to see
whether sporting sanctions might
make a difference. At some point
the Uefa president Aleksander
Ceferin may decide that enough
is enough, but that will not be
soon enough for Sean Cox, or his
family, and another terrible
casualty we all could have
Thursday 26 April 2018 The Daily Telegraph
Sport Football
We call Guardiola a genius ? now we
Chris Bascombe
With Salah leading the
way, Liverpool are
playing football that is a
tribute to their coach
o you know how
difficult it is to
play like that?
Seriously. Do
people realise??
These were the
words of a Liverpool legend ahead
of Anfield?s latest thrill-seekers?
convention against Roma. ?To get
your players to show such bravery
against the best teams in Europe??
he continued. ?To get into their
heads they can go anywhere and
keep going forward?
?Guardiola is doing it and he is
regarded as a genius but Klopp is
the same. If it was so easy to do
what Liverpool are doing tactically,
why isn?t everyone else doing it??
There was justifiable incredulity
that amid all the rightful acclaim
for Jurgen Klopp?s work ? and a
season in which Mohamed Salah is
now being tipped by team-mates to
add the Ballon d?Or to his
Professional Footballers?
Association Player of the Year ? it is
still often misunderstood.
While Pep Guardiola and Jose
Mourinho are portrayed as
strategists, Klopp?s attacking
How the Egyptian is having the season of his life
How he compares to the elite
Top scorers in Europe?s top five leagues
All competitions
Mohamed Salah (Liverpool), 47 games
Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid), 39 games
Ciro Immobile (Lazio), 45 games
Lionel Messi (Barcelona), 50 games
Robert Lewandowski (Bayern Munich), 43 games
Salah iss the top
scorer inn Europe?s
top fivee leagues
ahead of a stellar
cast list.
t. Tracking his
hrough the
goals through
season against
Lionel Messi and
no Ronaldo
(below)) shows how
ent he has
been, with his line of
er week going
goals per
ently up and
emaining still
never remaining
g. Messi, in
for long.
st, started
tly before
fading slightly while
Ronaldoo has done
the opposite.
How he has overtaken Messi and Ronaldo
Salah can break
Ronaldo and
Messi?s hold on
the Ballon d?Or
Egyptian has proved himself one of
world?s best players, writes Jason Burt
aggression is somehow regarded as
less sophisticated, built around
emotion rather than control.
The German coach is perceived
in some quarters as a manic
cheerleader, confounding logic by
ordering players to surge forward
frenziedly in a zigzag formation.
How comforting for future
generations of Liverpool managers
to know such a basic blueprint has
been designed. Turn up, order the
Kop to sing louder, treat the
players like friends and deliver
funny one-liners in press
conferences. Why has no one else
since Bill Shankly thought of that?
Klopp is partially responsible for
this sluggish misreading, of course.
It was he who coined the phrase
?heavy-metal football?, thus
perpetuating the image his gang of
metalheads are smashing up the
If Klopp was passionate about
classical music, there may have
been more inclination to depict
him as a conductor.
Equally, he might argue there is
as much artistic merit in the
opening riff of AC/DC?s Back in
Black as Beethoven?s Moonlight
Liverpool?s success to date is an
amalgamation of finely tuned
choreography on the training pitch
stirring the masses on match day.
Training drills are a repeat
prescription. It demands highly
technical and tactical attacking
football to move the ball at speed
from Loris Karius to Salah to tear
through opponents, and the
harrying of the opponents from
Roberto Firmino back to Karius to
ensure Liverpool are more difficult
to create chances against than their
set-piece frailties and inexplicable
late lapses in concentration
Porto, City and ? after one leg of
the semi-final ? Roma barely had a
shot on target against Klopp?s side.
There is more studiousness and
His goals come when the scores are...
More than two-thirds
of Salah?s goals have
come with the game
in the balance, with
the scores either
level or just one goal
in the game.
When Liverpool
are at least two
goals behind
When Liverpool are
at least two goals
When there is
one goal in it
Goals by month
Salah actually
started relatively
slowly, with three
goals in each of
August, September
and October. He now
w only
an injury
slowingg his
progress. SSince
Dec 30 he hhas
started 18 games
and scored in 16 of
them, with 22 goals
coming in that time.
fter a performance of
which Lionel Messi
and Cristiano Ronaldo
would have been
proud, the question
can be asked: is
Mohamed Salah moving into a
sphere in which he can be
discussed as their possible
successor? Is the Liverpool
forward already a genuine Ballon
d?Or contender?
Ronaldo is now 33; Messi is 30.
Salah is 25 and coming into his
prime years.
It had long been assumed that
Neymar, who is 26, would
eventually be taking the mantle as
the world?s best player, and part of
the Brazilian striker?s motivation
for his world-record �8?million
move to Paris St-Germain was to
step away from Messi; to be No?1 in
his own right. He still has a lot of
work to do.
Salah?s season has changed the
debate. It has been either Messi or
Ronaldo since Kaka won the Ballon
d?Or in 2007. Ronaldo was second
that year, Messi third.
Since then, the pair have been
either first or second ? apart from
2010 when Andres Iniesta was
runner-up to Messi ? winning the
trophy 10 times between them (five
times each).
No player from an English club
has even made the final three since
It is not
and the
Ronaldo won it in 2008 while still
at Manchester United. Before that
Thierry Henry was runner-up with
Arsenal in 2006, Chelsea?s Frank
Lampard finished second in 2005
and Liverpool?s Steven Gerrard
third in the same year.
The Anfield men won the
Champions League that year, of
course, and now Salah has taken
them to the brink of another final
with his unforgettable display
against his former club, Roma,
when he became the first player to
score twice and, selflessly, provide
two assists in a semi-final of the
The comparison with Gerrard is
a worthy one, and that comparison
The Daily Telegraph Thursday 26 April 2018
Chelsea hope
to cut cost of
Conte?s exit
must do the same for Klopp
theory to the work of Klopp and his
back-room team ? and, indeed,
those recruiting on their behalf ?
than has been credited.
It is comparable to Guardiola in
that both managers see more risk
and zero pleasure in cautious
What separates the greatest from
the waves of imitators is the
methodology, courage of their
convictions, access to the
personnel capable of executing
their plan and, yes, charismatic
The most evocative symphony
or guitar solo ever written is
nothing more than an instruction
on a sheet of paper without the
talent to perform it. But anyone
who believes there are not as many
emerging coaches seeking to copy
Klopp as much as Guardiola
ola is
Many will presume they
ge a
are never going to manage
club with Lionel Messi orr
backed by an Arab state, so
will find the Liverpool
manager a more realistic
character study.
Football historians willl be
fascinated in what Klopp,, his
coaches and his scouts saw
in Salah that Mourinho did
not. Mourinho may even
want to ask himself, as Dejan
Lovren predicted more
personal accolades for the
?Forty-three goals!? said
Lovren, ssumming up the
disbeli as much as
at Salah?s
?I don?t know if this is
the right
time to put
on him but I
he should be
as one of the best
three in the world at the end
of the year. He deserves it
how h
he is doing right now.
?He deserves
to be
mentioned for the Ballon
d?Or ? w
when people talk
about Messi and Ronaldo,
they sshould also talk about
Salah. He deserves the
credit, but I think he
deserves even more, to be
honest. He is becoming the
superstar. It looks easy what
Entertainer: Jurgen Klopp?s team
play thrilling football
he does but it is very difficult. We
help him, the manager helps and
this style of play helps him a lot. He
didn?t play that style before at
Basel, Chelsea and Roma.
?They had different styles and
this style suits him perfectly.
Hopefully, he will stay injury free.?
Klopp, his back-room team and
recruitment staff deserve eulogies
for facilitating such rapid
progression. There is more to it
than hugs and persuasion.
After a prolonged era where
tedious pragmatism has dominated
tactical approaches domestically,
in Europe and, especially,
internationally, we must hope
Klopp, like Guardiola, inspires an
enlightened age of progressive,
entertaining and, most thrillingly
of all, daring football.
By Matt Law
Chelsea are hoping a summer
merry-go-round of managers will
avoid them having to pay a huge bill
to replace Antonio Conte.
The Italian manager is expected
to leave at the end of the season,
and the club have an A-list and
B-list of possible replacements.
Many of the top targets, such as
Mauricio Pochettino, Maurizio
Sarri, Max Allegri and Leonardo
Jardim would be expensive to prise
away from their clubs, and even
free-agent Luis Enrique wants a
salary of around �?million a year.
Chelsea face a potential bill of
�million to sack Conte if he does
not walk straight into another job.
Napoli?s Sarri would cost around
�million to hire, while Allegri is
contracted to Juventus until 2020.
Pochettino has one year more on
his Tottenham Hotspur contract
and his chairman, Daniel Levy,
wants him to sign a lucrative new
deal this summer.
One possible post for Conte
appears to have gone, with Paris StGermain poised to replace Unai
Emery with Thomas Tuchel, but
should Chelsea go for either Sarri or
Allegri, then there is every chance
that Conte would feature high on
the lists of both Napoli and Juve as
they looked for a replacement.
Similarly, if they managed to
tempt Enrique then Arsenal would
have to look elsewhere and possibly
open up another potential vacancy
for Conte.
It is believed that Chelsea?s B-list
features fewer big names and
would entail the club taking a different direction, as owner Roman
Abramovich has been urged to do
by some of his key allies.
He is no flat-track bully
FA Cup
Where Salah has scored from this season
of play
Left foot
Right foot
A plot map of Salah?s
goals shows how
deadly he is inside
the box or on the
edge of the area. He
is less dangerous
from long range,
with the exception
of his effort against
Manchester City in
January, when
Ederson?s clearance
went straight to
him, but otherwise
he has proven a
brilliant finisher. The
vast majority of his
goals have come
with his left foot,
but notably only one
of his 43 goals has
been from the
penalty spot.
Ronaldo propel Real Madrid to yet
another Champions League
triumph of their own, then he
would be the favourite.
Going into last night?s semi-final
against Bayern Munich, it must
also be remembered that Ronaldo
had 42 goals ? one fewer than Salah
? but in 39 games.
It is not just about the numbers
and the trophies, though. I voted
for David Silva for the Football
Writers? Footballer of the Year
award and did so because of his
enduring brilliance, how he is the
oil in the footballing machine of
this magnificent Manchester City
But I was wrong. The award
Goals per game
v the rest
When he scores
FFirst half
Second half
Mins 0-15
stretches back even further to
Kenny Dalglish: two brilliant
individuals within the collective.
Salah is moving into that company,
he is earning that status, and it
goes way beyond the numbers as
he collected goals No??42 and No??43
(in 47 matches) at Anfield on
Tuesday night.
There can be no doubt that
should Liverpool win the
Champions League again, in Kiev
on May 26, then Salah will at least
be on the Ballon d?Or shortlist.
After that, it is a question of
whether what he has done can
dislodge the huge global block
votes that Messi and Ronaldo enjoy
year after year. In fairness, should
Goals per game v top six
or CL knockout matches
should go ? and will, no doubt ? to
Salah, who has already won the
Professional Footballers?
Association award. He has surged
way beyond what any other player
in England has achieved and has
that aura about him that only the
very best can create.
The Ballon d?Or criteria were
changed in 2016, with Fifa
breaking away to nominate its own
world player of the year, but still
covers ?on-field performance and
overall behaviour on and off the
pitch?. Salah is a strong candidate
on all those points; his all-round
behaviour has been impeccable.
There is another dimension to
Salah, the African player of the
Salah scores at vital
moments ? the key
periods before
half-time and
full-time that
change the
complexion of
games. Of his 44
goals, 21 have been
scored in the last 15
minutes of each
half, showing that
Salah makes the
difference when his
team are most in
year, and that is what he means to
Egypt, where he is such an iconic
role model and who he will lead to
the World Cup.
In a group with hosts Russia,
Uruguay and Saudi Arabia, it is
certainly possible to see them
progressing to the last 16 this
summer, which would enhance his
global status even more.
Salah?s two goals against Roma
were wonderful. The second was a
trademark dink after a surging run
in a move that he helped instigate,
but the first was just perfect as his
curling left-foot shot kissed the
crossbar on its way into the goal.
A perfect goal in a perfect season
for Salah.
Wolves in the clear
over agent Mendes
By John Percy
How he scores and where from
Salah does it in the
big ggames. He has
scored 12 goals in
14 games
either the top six or
in th
the knockout
stages of the
Champions League,
or 0.
0.86 goals per
game. That is very
similar to his record
against lesser sides,
with the other
top-scoring players
in England
? with
the exception
Jamie Vardy ? failing
to m
match his
Wolverhampton Wanderers have
been cleared by the Football League
over their relationship with ?superagent? Jorge Mendes.
The EFL has concluded that
Wolves have not broken any regulations through their link with
Mendes, insisting he does not hold
any official role at the Championship title winners.
The Daily Telegraph revealed last
month how a number of Wolves?s
promotion rivals, including Leeds,
Aston Villa and Derby, had voiced
concerns to the EFL over Mendes?s
association with the club, claiming
they breached regulations on thirdparty ownership.
Mendes is the agent of head
coach Nuno Espirito Santo, �?million signing Ruben Neves, Diogo
Jota and Ivan Cavaleiro, and also
has a long association with Wolves?s
owners, Fosun International.
But the EFL has now finished its
investigation and is satisfied that
Mendes does not have to complete
the owners-and-directors test.
Thursday 26 April 2018 The Daily Telegraph
Sport Football
I could face Arsenal in
Europe, hints Wenger
Manager still motivated
to coach at elite level
Frenchman says timing
of exit ?not his decision?
Arsene Wenger has opened the
door on the extraordinary prospect
of returning to Arsenal?s Emirates
Stadium with another team, after
admitting that he hopes to continue
in elite European club competition.
?I hope these are not my last
European cup games ? my target is
to play in Europe again,? said
Wenger, ahead of tonight?s
ht s Europa
League semi-final first leg against
Atletico Madrid.
Having taken the unusual
usual step
last night of releasing a statement
g of his deto clarify that the timing
parture announcement was ?not
really my decision?, Wenger
also revealed uncertainty
y about
the prospect of ending
ing his
record-breaking 22-yearr tenure
in north London.
He had earlier replied
ied that
?the timing was not really
ally my
decision? in response to a direct
question about why he was
leaving a year before his
is contract ends.
?I?ve had no break [from
football management] for 35
years,? said Wenger. ?You
u can
look around, and that doesn?t
exist. I don?t know now how
addicted I am. I am like a guy
who plays Russian roulette
every week and suddenly
has no gun. I will see how
much I miss that gun.
Flash point:
Lacazette (left)
and Hector
Bellerin square
up to each other
in training
?When I started at 33, I thought I
would never survive, but you learn
to dominate your emotions. You are
never sure if you do the right thing.
It will be surreal when I don?t work.
At the moment I work.?
So, might he take as much as a
year out, like Pep Guardiola did
between his jobs at Barcelona and
Bayern Munich? ?It?s long ? 365
days,? said Wenger, frowning at the
thought. Speaking more expansively than he generally has inrecent years, Wenger urged Arsenal
to be bold in hiring his successor if
they judge him right for the job.
?I wish that all goes well,? said
Wenger, who famously arrived in
1996 to the headline: ?Arsene
Who?? ?You do not give 22 years of
your life for something, go away
and want things to collapse. Maybe
when you have a big ego at 40, you
think the w
world cannot live without
you. At m
my age you understand
the world
worl continues and you
wish that it continues better.
?This team
has quality. Two
years ago, we finished second [in
the Prem
Premier League]. Last year,
we had 75 points and won the
FA Cup and Charity Shield. We
reached the final of the League
Cup and a European semi-final.
?I am c
convinced with two or
three addit
additions this team has the
quality to fight for the championship. You w
will not be short of candidates. Gr
Green outside, nice trees,
good gras
grass. Fantastic. No pollution. Unti
Until the press conference
Wenger rocked back grinning
at himself with that final remark,
but he aalso made no attempt to
disguise how, for the first time,
he has not been dictating the
club direction. He admitclub?s
ted the timing of his departur
ture announcement ?was
not really my decision?
Talking tactics Why Arsenal may struggle tonight By JJ Bull
Arsenal v Atletico Madrid
8.05pm. Probable teams. BT Spt 2
Atletico Madrid
13 Ospina
24 Bellerin
20 Mustafi
6 Koscielny
18 Monreal
8 Ramsey
29 Xhaka
11 Ozil
10 Wilshere
23 Welbeck
9 Lacazette
13 Oblak
16 Vrsaljko
2 Godin
15 Savic
19 Hernandez
5 Thomas
14 Gabi
8 Saul
6 Koke
21 Gameiro
7 Griezmann
Referee Clement Turpin (France)
and again referenced those fans
who have been campaigning for
his exit.
The Daily Telegraph reported on
Friday that he was facing the prospect of being told to leave this summer anyway and, with Wenger also
concerned at how fan disunity was
harming the club?s image, the decision was made. ?When some people
are unhappy it is not always a majority, but they get the attention and
they look like a majority,? he said.
?I think people are intelligent and
can make the difference between
moments of unhappiness and global
satisfaction for what I brought to
the club. People will realise that to
qualify for the Champions League
for 20 consecutive years is not as
easy it looks.?
Of reports that other clubs were
already trying to contact him,
Wenger said: ?They will find my
phone number, don?t worry. At the
moment, I?m not ready to commit
to anything else but Arsenal.?
For all his evident sadness at
leaving, Wenger spoke positively
about former Barcelona manager
Luis Enrique and also his former
captains, Patrick Vieira and Mikel
?They need to make the right decision, even if you have to be bold,?
he said. ?Is it former people who
worked here? That is even better.
But there are many players who had
qualities.? Atletico manager Diego
Simeone last night distanced himself from suggestions he could be
Wenger?s successor.
Wenger knows that the mood of
his departure will be defined entirely by the Europa League and his
quest for a first European trophy.
Wenger has taken Arsenal to the
final of both the Champions League
and Uefa Cup. The Champions
League final defeat by Barcelona,
when Arsenal went down to 10 men
and led until the 76th minute, is the
biggest regret of his career.
?We played that year against
Juventus, who had Ibrahimovic,
Trezeguet and Vieira ? and Madrid
who had Zidane, Beckham, Figo
and Ronaldo,? he said. ?It would
have been the greatest achievement.?
Although Petr Cech is fit, Wenger
is expected to make the surprise selection of continuing with David
Ospina as his Europa League goalkeeper tonight.
Jeremy Wilson
Asensio strike pu
Bayern Munich
Kimmich 28
Real Madrid
Marcelo 44, Asensio 57
Att: 70,000
By Jason Burt
at the Allianz Arena
It looks like Cristiano is heading for
a meeting with Mo as Real Madrid
took a lead, and two away goals,
with them to the second leg of their
against Bayern Munich in Spain
next week.
Given the wildly fluctuating
scorelines that this competition can
provoke, and given Juventus went
so close in scoring three times at
the Bernabeu in the previous
round, Bayern cannot be ruled out.
But it does seem to be set for Real
Top mark:
Marco Asensio
slots in the goal
that gives Real
Madrid a lead for
the second leg
(top) but fans
then invade the
pitch and
confront players
from both teams
after the final
The Daily Telegraph Thursday 26 April 2018
What the
tell us
Cristiano Ronaldo
failed to score in
a Champions
League match for
the first time
since May 2017,
ending a run of 11
scoring matches
in the
competition ? it
was also the first
time he had failed
to attempt a shot
on target in a
League match
since February
2017 against
Cristiano Ronaldo
has now won 96
League games,
more than any
other player.
Ronaldo 96,
Casillas 95, Xavi
91, Iniesta 79,
Raul 79
Real Madrid have
now won six
League matches
against Bayern
Munich, their
joint-longest run
against an
opponent in the
history, also
winning six in a
row against Ajax
between 2010
and 2012.
uts Real in driving seat for likely date with Liverpool
Madrid versus Liverpool, Cristiano
Ronaldo, who was quiet on this
occasion, failing to score for the
first time in 12 games, against Mohamed Salah, whose exploits were
played on the big screen prior to
kick-off and whose name was on
everyone?s lips.
Liverpool should fancy their
chances against this Real defence
and goalkeeper Keylor Navas, but
they will also know the threat posed
by the most successful team in European history and their talisman in
what would be a re-run of the 1981
European Cup final. A Kenny Dalglish-inspired Liverpool won then.
Now they have his heir, Salah.
But this Real always seem to find
a way and that is their greatest
strength. They inflicted Bayern?s
first home defeat of the season and
how bitter it was for the Germans
that they should succumb to these
opponents. Again. This is the most
recurring match-up in Europe, a
25th meeting of these super-clubs,
but Real have won the past six, including winning here last season,
by the same scoreline, in the
Bayern were deeply unfortunate
in the second leg and they will have
believed that the gods conspired
against them once more. Not only
did they lose, but they lost Arjen
Robben, Jerome Boateng and Javi
Martinez to injury.
Their evening was summed up
when Thomas Muller and Robert
Lewandowski got in each other?s
way as one of them had to score,
with the Bayern captain then claiming a penalty after he kicked Raphael Varane with an air-shot. It was
that kind of night for Bayern, with
Franck Ribery grabbed by a pitch
invader at the final whistle.
Real did what Real do. They did
not play particularly well, but they
won. ?We will have to fight in the
second leg and in football every-
thing is possible. You can?t say anything is decided,? coach Zinedine
Zidane said. But his team showed
that big-game mentality he boasted
about on the eve of this tie.
With Ronaldo below his best ?
one shot went for a throw-in and he
netted superbly with another, only
to see it rightly ruled out for handball ? others stepped up and not
least captain Sergio Ramos.
Still, it was a record 96th Champions League win for Ronaldo and
Real are on course to win this trophy for a 13th time and for a third
season in a row. In doing so they
would end the run of Bayern coach
Jupp Heynckes, who has won his
last two campaigns in the European
Cup and who is retiring ? again.
These were two heavyweights,
two teams stacked with big names
who, surprisingly, made big mistakes. Each of the goals followed
clear errors. Bayern went ahead
when Marcelo failed to get back in
time and they took a quick goalkick to exploit the space he left,
with James Rodriguez sliding the
ball through to Joshua Kimmich.
The full-back ran on but, even so,
it was a tight angle. Navas gambled
on a cross and was caught out as he
wafted a hand and the ball sailed
between him and his near post.
Then, maybe, there was the game?s
pivotal moment when Ribery was
put clear, but the ball went to Navas
after a woefully heavy touch.
Just as Zidane was pondering a
half-time rethink, Real scored.
Maybe it was Ronaldo shaping for
another bicycle kick that distracted
Bayern, but they did not react as the
ball ran to Marcelo, who drove it
low, first time, across goal and in.
?It was a present to Real Madrid,?
Heynckes said. ?Like the second
goal. We created so many goalscoring chances, but we were not
clinical. I have not seen anything
like that. We will give everything
we have to make up for this result
in the second leg. It?s our duty.?
Bayern paid the price again. As
they pushed in the second half,
Real broke from a corner. Bayern
had the chance to clear, only for
Rafinha to stumble and play the ball
straight to Marco Asensio.
Suddenly it was two against one
and the substitute exchanged
passes with Lucas Vazquez before
coolly steering the ball beyond
goalkeeper Sven Ulreich. There
was one last chance for Bayern,
with substitute Corentin Tolisso
putting Lewandowski through. He
tried a Salah dink. He sent it wide.
Bayern Munich (4-1-4-1) Ulreich 6; Kimmich 7, Boateng
5 (Sule 34), Hummels 6, Rafinha 4; Martinez 6 (Tolisso
75); Robben 5 (Alcantara 8), Muller 7, Rodriguez 8,
Ribery 7; Lewandowski 7. Subs Starke (g), Wagner,
Bernat, Rudy. Booked Alcantara, Ribery.
Real Madrid (4-3-3) Navas 5; Carvajal 6 (Benzema 67),
Varane 8, Ramos 7, Marcelo 7; Modric 8, Casemiro 7
(Kovacic 83), Kroos 7; Vazquez 7, Ronaldo 6, Isco 6
(Asensio 45). Subs Casilla (g), Vallejo, Bale, Hernandez.
Booked Casemiro.
Referee Bjorn Kuipers (Holland).
Thursday 26 April 2018 The Daily Telegraph
Sport Rugby Union
Saints are offered
counselling after
Horne injury shock
Northampton?s players have been
offered counselling in the wake of
Rob Horne?s devastating injury and
retirement, which interim head
coach Alan Dickens says left the
entire club ?dumbfounded?.
The 28-year-old centre was
knocked out in the first minute of
the club?s 27-21 victory against
Leicester on April 14 and immediately taken by ambulance to Leicester Royal Infirmary. Neurological
tests later revealed that Horne had
suffered life-changing nerve damage to his right arm.
While premature retirements are
an unfortunate reality of modern
rugby, it was the terrible toll of
what seemed a relatively innocuous
tackle on Leicester No?8 Sione
Kalamafoni that so shocked the
Northampton squad.
?The one thing the players have
been this year is pretty tight,? Dickens said. ?Rob Horne has been part
of that group. He is one of their
mates and if one of your mates gets
injured in that way, it affects everyone. It has been as tough a period in
my whole professional career and
no doubt for the players as well.
?In terms of how it has affected
individuals, everyone is different
and takes the news differently.
What we need to do as a club is first
and foremost look after the best interests of Rob and his family. How
the players will react, we don?t
know, but we need to provide opportunity for the players to talk
through issues if they have any and
that?s our focus in regards to what
has happened.?
Horne, who won 34 caps for Australia, was a popular member of the
dressing room, having joined from
the Waratahs last summer, and had
started the match against Leicester
as captain.
The Northampton squad were
told of Horne?s fate by head physio
Matt Lee ahead of the Mobbs Memorial Match against the British
Army last Wednesday before the
news was made public on Saturday.
?It was a pretty sombre place,?
Dickens said. ?A lot of players were
By Gavin Mairs
By Daniel Schofield
McCall tips Farrell
to lead England on
South Africa tour
Agony: Rob Horne?s career was ended by an arm injury suffered against Leicester
dumbfounded. There was a lot of
silence. I can?t speak highly enough
of what he did in the build-up to the
Leicester game. The coaches were
unanimous in terms of asking him
to lead the side out. He was privileged and honoured and I think
quite taken aback to be asked.
?He led the team as well as we
could have asked. He was the one
who galvanised them and went
there with the sole purpose of
sticking together as a team.?
In a grim few days for the Saints
following their derby victory, it was
also confirmed that captain Dylan
Hartley would miss the rest of the
season as well as the England tour
to South Africa on medical advice
after sustaining a concussion in the
final NatWest Six Nations match
against Ireland on March 17.
The 32-year-old has not played
since and Dickens said: ?It was
tough news for Dylan to take, but it
was also the sensible decision.?
Meanwhile, Northampton and
Wales wing George North has
confirmed he will join Ospreys in
the summer after previously signing a National Dual Contract with
the Wales Rugby Union.
Owen Farrell is certain to be picked
for England?s tour of South Africa,
according to his Saracens director
of rugby Mark McCall, who believes
his player would make an ?ideal?
captain with Dylan Hartley ruled
out through injury.
McCall is also optimistic that
Billy Vunipola, the England No?8,
will travel to South Africa, although
he may be forced to wait another
week to make his Saracens return
following an arm injury that has
sidelined him since January.
Hartley, who has been England
captain during the two-year tenure
of Eddie Jones, was ruled out of the
tour on Monday after Northampton
confirmed the hooker would not
play again this season as he recovers
from a concussion injury.
Jones will name his squad next
month for the three-Test tour, and
McCall believes that Farrell is the
right man to lead the team.
?He will be a brilliant captain,?
said McCall. ?He is ready to do that
job and has the respect of everybody. He has a fantastic rugby mind
but he is also brilliant at getting the
best out of his team-mates. It is up
to England whether he goes but I
am certain he will go.?
Champions League
Semi-final 1st leg
B Munich (1) 1
Kimmich 28
Real Madrid (1) 2
Marcelo 44
Asensio 57
Darlington 2 Southport 4-Brackley 1 Chorley
2-Nuneaton 1 Boston Utd 1. South: Havant and
W 6 East Thurrock 1.
BOSTIK.-Prem: Leatherhead 1 Hendon 2.
Mickleover Sports 0 Halesowen 0-Altrincham 1
Marine 1-Stalybridge 1 Workington 3.
EVO-STIK SOUTHERN.-Prem: Frome Town 0
Banbury 2-Hitchin 0 Hereford FC 3.
Fort William 0-Rothes 3 Brora 1.
Of Leithen 1.
FRANCE: Caen 0 Toulouse 0.
EUROPEAN CH'SHIPS (Huelva, Spain).-Men,
Singles 2nd rd: S Parsons (England) bt M
Moreels (Belgium) w/o; R Ouseph (England) bt L
Enrique Penalver (Spain) 21-19 21-8; N Nguyen
(Rep Ireland) bt P Abian (Spain) 21-9 21-18.
Doubles 1st rd: N Nguyen & P Reynolds (Rep of
Ireland) bt K Kaljurand & R Kasner (Estonia)
20-22 22-20 21-12; M Ellis & C Landridge
(England) bt L Osele & K Strobl (Italy) 21-12
21-17; B Lane & S Vendy (England) bt M Boe & C
Mogensen (Denmark) w/o; P Briggs & T
Wolfenden (England) bt G Greco & R Maddaloni
21-13 21-8.
Women, Singles 2nd rd: C Birch (England) bt B
Corrales (Spain) 21-16 21-19; K Gilmour
(Scotland) bt M Poulsen (Denmark) 21-18 21-17.
Doubles 1st rd: C Birch & J Pugh (England) bt B
Unlu & E Yazgan (Turkey)21-9 21-9; L Smith & S
Walker (England) bt M Ilyinskaya & Y Zharka
(Ukraine) 21-13 21-16.
MLB: Chicago WS 0 Seattle 1-Cincinnati 9 Atlanta
7-Cleveland 3 Chicago Cubs 10-Colorado 8 San
Diego 0-Houston Astros 7 LA Angels 8-Kansas
City 2 Milwaukee 5-LA Dodgers 2 Miami 3-NY
Yankees 8 Minnesota 3-Philadelphia 4 Arizona
8-San Francisco 4 Washington 3-St Louis 5 NY
Mets 6-Texas 2 Oakland 3-Toronto 4 Boston 3.
NBA.-Play-offs 1st rd (best-of-7 series),
Eastern Conf: Boston 92 Milwaukee 87 (Boston
lead series 3-2)-Philadelphia 104 Miami 91
(Philadelphia win series 4-1).
Western Conf: Golden State 99 San Antonio 91
(Golden State win series 4-1)
INDIAN PREMIER LGE.-Bangalore: Royal
Challengers Bangalore 205-8 (20 overs, de
Villiers 68, de Kock 53); Chennai Super Kings
207-5 (19.4 overs, Rayudu 82, Dhoni 70no).
Chennai Super Kings win by 5 wkts.
TOUR DE ROMANDIE (Switzerland).-Stage 1
(Fribourg to Delemont, 166.6 km): 1 O Fraile
(Spain) Astana Pro Team 4h 3m 42s; 2 S Colbrelli
(Italy) Bahrain-Merida; 3 R Costa (Portugal) UAE
Team Emirates; 15 G Thomas (GB) Team Sky; 30
D Martin (Rep of Ireland) UAE Team Emirates; 51
H Carthy (GB) EF Education First-Drapac p/b
Cannondale; 53 J Knox (GB) Quick-Step Floors at
same all at time. Overall: 1 P Roglic (Slovenia)
LottoNL-Jumbo 4h 9m 16s; 2 R Dennis (Australia)
BMC Racing Team at same time; 3 Thomas +4s;
16 Carthy +16; 21 Martin +18; 41 Knox +26.
BETFRED WORLD CH'SHIP (Crucible Theatre,
Sheffield).-1st rd: M Williams (Wales) bt J
Robertson (England) 10-5. Frame scores
(Williams First): 71-67 (63) 78-50; 0-87 (51)
102-5 (102) 84-0 (84) 95-5; 70-40 (51) 68-33;
38-66 (59) 17-57; 54-80 (54,55) 140-0 (140)
100-0 (100) 1-60; 72-23.
R Milkins (England) bt N Robertson (Australia)
10-5. Frame scores (Milkins First): 78-17 (54)
72-1 (72) 7-72; 67-46; 30-57; 73-52 (73 52)
95-0 (91) 72-17; 49-61; 51-65; 15-74; 92-8;
73-18 (69) 69-10 (55) 77-0 (54).
J Higgins (Scotland) bt T Un-Nooh (Thailand)
10-7. Frame scores (Higgins First): 67-32 (62)
63-15; 70-4; 14-87; 71-0 (51) 35-77; 51-80
(Un-Nooh 50) 104-0 (104) 86-39 (59) 1-121
(121) 81-39 (81) 0-112 (112) 35-93 (60) 78-6
(77) 67-3; 47-76; 84-0 (54).
R Day (Wales) leads A McGill (Scotland) 6-3.
PREMIERSHIP: Rye House 48 Wolverhampton
42-King?s Lynn v Poole postponed.
EL GOUNA INT'NAL (Egypt).-Qtr-finals, Men:
A Farag (Egypt) bt T Momen (Egypt) 11-4 11-3
11-7; G Gaultier (France) bt M Rodriguez
(Colombia) 11-9 8-11 11-6 11-7.
Women: N El Tayeb (Egypt) bt A Waters
(England) 12-10 11-6 11-7; R El Weleily (Egypt)
bt A Au (Hong Kong) 11-4 11-5 11-8.
ATP T?MENT (Barcelona).-2nd rd: R Nadal (Spain)
bt R Carballes Baena (Spain) 6-4 6-4; G GarciaLopez (Spain) bt K Nishikori (Japan) 6-3 ret; M
Klizan (Slovakia) bt N Djokovic (Serbia) 6-2 1-6
6-3; K Khachanov (Russia) bt L Mayer (Argentina)
6-4 6-3; P Andujar (Spain) bt B Fratangelo (US)
6-4 6-3; S Tsitsipas (Greece) bt D Sebastian
Schwartzman (Argentina) 6-2 6-1; A RamosVinolas (Spain) bt R Dutra Silva (Brazil) 3-6 6-3
6-4; J Kovalik (Slovakia) bt G Pella (Argentina) 6-3
6-3; D Thiem (Austria) bt J Munar (Spain) 7-6 (108) 6-1; P Carreno-Busta (Spain) bt B Paire
(France) 6-3 6-3; G Dimitrov (Bulgaria) bt G
Simon (France) 6-2 6-1.
ATP T?MENT (Budapest).-1st rd: M Youzhny
(Russia) bt Z Piros (Hungary) 6-3 6-3.
2nd rd: L Sonego (Italy) bt R Gasquet (France)
6-4 7-6 (7-4); A Bedene (Slovenia) bt M Berrettini
(Italy) 7-6 (7-2) 4-6 6-4; J Struff (Germany) bt A
Bublik (Kazakhstan) 6-1 6-4; M Cecchinato (Italy)
bt D Dzumhur (Bosnia and Herzegovina) 6-3 6-1.
WTA T?MENT (Stuttgart).-1st rd: C Vandeweghe
(US) bt S Stephens (US) 6-1 6-0; V Kudermetova
(Russia) bt C Suarez Navarro (Spain) 7-6 (7-5) 6-2;
Z Diyas (Kazakhstan) bt C Witthoeft (Germany)
6-3 6-2; A Kerber (Germany) bt P Kvitova (Czech
Rep) 6-3 6-2; A Kontaveit (Estonia) bt K
Mladenovic (France) 5-7 7-6 (7-3) 7-6 (7-5); A
Pavlyuchenkova (Russia) bt M Keys (US) 7-6 (9-7)
5-7 6-4. 2nd rd: S Halep (Romania) bt M
Rybarikova (Slovakia) 4-6 6-2 6-3.
WTA T?MENT (Istanbul).-1st rd: S Errani (Italy)
bt K Flipkens (Belgium) 6-3 6-4; A Tomljanovic
(Australia) bt A Vanuatu Uytvanck (Belgium) 6-3
6-3; A Krunic (Serbia) bt E Makarova (Russia) 1-6
6-1 6-4; K Bondarenko (Ukraine) bt I Oz (Turkey)
4-6 6-4 6-0. 2nd rd: P Parmentier (France) bt Y
Putintseva (Kazakhstan) 6-2 2-6 6-3; I Begu
(Romania) bt C McHale (US) 6-4 6-4; S
Kuznetsova (Russia) bt V Tomova (Bulgaria) 7-5
4-6 6-1.
Fixtures 7.45 unless stated
INDIAN PREMIER LGE.-Hyderabad: Sunrisers
Hyderabad v Kings Xl Punjab (3.30pm).
Arsenal v Atletico Madrid (8.05)
Marseille v Red Bull Salzburg (8.05)
Spennymoor Tn v North Ferriby Utd.
South: Wealdstone v Oxford City.
BOSTIK.-Prem: Kingstonian v Dulwich.
Tn v Workington, Shaw Lane v Barwell,
Stalybridge v Witton Albion, Stourbridge v
Stafford Rangers.
EVO-STIK SOUTHERN.-Prem: Dunstable v
Gosport Borough, St Ives Tn v Basingstoke.
Rugby League
Salford v St Helens
Rugby Union
PREMIERSHIP: Ebbw Vale v Aberavon (7.30),
Llanelli v Bridgend (7.30).
Sport on TV
BASKETBALL: NBA, playoffs Indiana Pacers v
Cleveland Cavaliers - BT Sport 1 1am (Fri).
CYCLING: Tour of Romandy - Eurosport 2 3pm.
DARTS: Premier League Darts - Sky Sports Main
Event, Sky Sports Action 7pm.
FOOTBALL: Europa League Semi-finals, Arsenal v
Atletico Madrid - BT Sport 2 7pm; Marseille v
RB Salzburg - eir Sport 1 8pm.
GOLF: European Tour, China Open - Sky Sports
Main Event, Sky Sports Golf 7.30am, 3.30am
(Fri); PGA Tour, Zurich Classic of New Orleans Sky Sports Golf 1pm.
SNOOKER: World Championship - BBC Two 1pm
and Eurosport 1 1pm, 6.30.
TENNIS: ATP Tour, Barcelona Open - Sky Sports
Main Event 1pm; WTA Tour, Porsche Tennis Grand
Prix in Stuttgart - BT Sport 1 10.30am, 5.30.
The Daily Telegraph Thursday 26 April 2018
Sport Rugby Union
RFU puts Griffin on
world game?s top body
Stalwart of women?s sport comes out
top in historic nomination process
he Rugby Football
Union has taken
the historic
decision to appoint
its first female
representative to
the World Rugby council.
Deborah Griffin, one of the
founding members of the Rugby
Football Union for Women and
who chaired the organising
committee of the first Women?s
World Cup in Cardiff in 1991, is
expected to take her place next
Griffin, who has been a
member of the RFU council as
women and girls? representative
since 2010, is one of three female
representatives on the governing
body?s board of directors. She
beat several other applicants for
the nomination in a confidential
process. Her nomination has been
approved by both the RFU board
and council and will be officially
ratified by a vote at the governing
body?s annual meeting, in June.
ected to attend
Griffin is still expected
by council
the next World Rugby
meeting in Dublin next
month. Members must
nominate at least one
ve as
female representative
part of World Rugby?s
an to
ground-breaking plan
increase the female
representation on itss
council to one-third..
Ready for role: Deborah
Griffin gained OBE in 2012
Two of the three RFU members
have already been appointed ?
Jonathan Webb, the former
England full-back, and Steve
Brown, the RFU chief executive.
Griffin, who was awarded an
OBE in 2012 for services to
women?s rugby, welcomed last
year the decision to increase the
representation of women in the
game?s administration.
?The increased representation at
governance level has been a major
step forward,? she said in June.
?Developing female leaders is
extremely important. It is up to the
next generation of female leaders
to break down more barriers and
expand our sport beyond its
traditional areas.
?We are really focusing our
efforts now on promoting
coaching, refereeing, volunteering
because we want to encourage
more women to get involved in
their clubs.?
Meanwhile, former England
captain Lewis Moody was among a
delegation from th
the RFU to the
Menin Gate in Be
Belgium this week
as part of the RFU?s Great
War commemorations.
Moody laid a wreath
along wi
with RFU
president John Spencer
and Phil Mobbs, a relative
of forme
former England
captain E
Edgar Mobbs,
who w
was killed in
action in the Third
Battle of Ypres
in 1917.
Lions base may move to London
ore change appears to be
on the way at both the Six
Nations and British and
Irish Lions following the departure
last week of their joint chief
executive, John Feehan.
It is understood that a headhunting company will be
appointed to oversee recruitment
of Feehan?s successor, while
sources have indicated that the
administrative base of the Lions
may now be moved from Dublin to
London. The company ? owned by
the four home unions ? which runs
the Lions has been based in
Ballsbridge, Dublin, since it was
formed in 2000 and is run out of
the same office as the Six Nations.
There are also likely to be more
changes to the council of the Six
Nations, including the introduction
of independent non-executive
directors. This column revealed
last October that both the Six
Nations council and Lions were to
undergo a governance review that
was carried out by former RFU
chief executive, Ian Ritchie.
It is understood that Ritchie?s
findings call for a greater degree of
independence on the Six Nations
council, including the appointment
of an independent chairman and
non-executive directors.
There is a pressing need for
Feehan?s replacement to be
appointed, given the discussions
over the title sponsorship for the
Six Nations next season and the
commercial arrangements for the
Lions? tour to South Africa in 2021.
Confusion over Pro14 qualification
spanner could be thrown
into the qualification for
next season?s Champions
Cup tournament from the Pro14 if
Leinster defeat Racing 92 to be
crowned European champions in
Bilbao next month.
A Leinster victory would mean
eight sides qualifying for the
Champions Cup next season from
the Pro14 if the Challenge Cup
losing finalists and semi-finalists
have already qualified, which is
possible if Pau finish in the top six
of the Top 14. The Pro14 has clarity
only about how its top seven sides
qualify ? the top three in each
conference and a play-off between
the two fourth-placed sides. The
most likely option is that the losing
play-off side will qualify.
The agreement for next season?s
tournament is likely to clarify
future qualification.
Thursday 26 April 2018 The Daily Telegraph
Yards riding for a fall over stable
Sam Dean
Industry under threat as
a tough career loses its
appeal and 1,000 more
work riders are needed
ong hours, low pay
and hard work.?
That?s the stereotype
of the racing
industry, James
Savage says, and that
is all he ever hears. ?There is a
negative side being put out there,
and we are not selling racing well
It does not take long for Savage
to grow impassioned about the
crippling shortage of stable staff
that has become one of racing?s
most pressing concerns. He has
spent two decades in the industry,
working his way up to become
head lad to renowned trainer Sir
Michael Stoute in Newmarket, and
each day he sees the benefits of a
life lived among horses.
?I came into this industry at 17,?
he says. ?I wasn?t very good at
school, not very well educated.
But營 have since been all around
the world, and I have had a great
life in racing.?
The worry, for him and so many
others in the sport, is that the
outside world does not see it this
way. For the past six years, at least,
racing has been scrambling to
confront a major shortfall in stable
lads and lasses, or ?racing grooms?
as the sport?s authorities now
prefer to call them.
That change of title is indicative
of how racing is trying to confront
the issue. It is an attempt to
?modernise?, as the British
Horseracing Authority described
it, and also to scrub away the belief
that the job is aimed exclusively at
the specky teenager with an alarm
clock and a shovel.
?If you say ?stable lad?, it conjures
up an image of a 12-year-old
working with a pony,? says George
McGrath, the chief executive of the
National Association of Racing
Staff. The semantics and the
stereotypes feed into a wider
problem that was exacerbated in
2011, when immigration policy
changes meant work riders (more
experienced racing staff who test a
horse at greater speed) were no
longer regarded as highly skilled
As a result, trainers could not
hire the non-European Union
workers who had become such a
vital part of racing due to their
attitude and ability with horses.
?Since then, the industry has
been really struggling with
recruiting,? says McGrath, who
estimates that racing is short of
around 1,000 work riders.
Recruiting British riders who are
skilled enough to fill the gap is a
challenge, not least because of
those assumptions about the
working culture. As one senior
staff member of a stable in
As one
put it:
?No one
wants to
s--- these
Newmarket put it: ?No one wants
to shovel s--- these days.?
That view riles Savage, who
points to improving pay structures
and rising prize money as evidence
of how the life of a stable lad has
changed for the better.
Among the various roles in the
racing staff industry, the issue is
most severe with work riders,
McGrath says. ?People who are
able to ride thoroughbred
racehorses. Can you imagine
learning to drive in a Formula One
car? That?s it in a nutshell. You?ve
got 16-year-olds coming through
and it can be exhilarating, but it?s
b----- dangerous. You are going to
crash, and it is going to hurt.?
There is also a cultural
undercurrent to all this. The idea of
long hours for stable staff may have
Life at
Work riders put
horses through
their paces;
(above) a farrier
attaches a shoe;
(right) trainer Sir
Michael Stoute
understands the
value of his staff
become a cliche, but it still rings
true. A typical day starts between
4.30am and 6am, and goes on until
around midday, before staff return
at 4pm and stay until 6pm. ?You
are doing that 12� days every
fortnight,? says McGrath. ?That is
completely unacceptable when you
are trying to raise a family.?
Much as the terminology has
been modernised, McGrath is
pushing for working patterns to be
brought into the 21st century
through the introduction of
flexible rotas. ?Here is where we
have the Catch 22,? he says. ?The
employers are saying they do not
have enough staff to develop a rota,
but the reason they don?t have
enough staff is because they don?t
have a rota.
?If you went back 100 years, you
would not find working patterns
being all that different to what they
currently are for racing staff. But if
you can address the working hours
and bring them up to modern
patterns, you will have one of the
best occupations you could wish
for if you enjoy being outdoors and
working with animals.?
To visit Newmarket, a town
more intertwined with
thoroughbred racing than any
other, is to see first-hand these
more appealing aspects of the job.
The breeze rolls around the
fields and into the yards, where
staff joke around as they tend to
the horses. They are enmeshed in a
community that runs on
horsepower, and they will be at the
centre of it as it comes alive in
spectacular fashion at next month?s
Qipco Guineas Festival.
The Daily Telegraph Thursday 26 April 2018
Sport Racing
Townend bounces back
to help Mullins clean up
By Marcus Armytage
at Punchestown
staff shortage
?The staff are the backbone,?
says Stoute, who operates from his
two yards in Newmarket. ?In 1972
when I started, there were about
650 horses in training in
Newmarket. Now there are almost
3,000. These are busy times and,
without staff, you have not got an
For smaller trainers than the
esteemed Stoute, the prospect of
not having enough staff to
continue the operation is the prime
concern. The shortage has created
a ?wage war?, says Newmarket
trainer Charlie Fellowes, which
has, in turn, created a high
turnover of staff. ?As a smaller
trainer, I can?t afford to pay top
wages,? Fellowes says. ?The most
experienced staff all go to the
best-paid jobs, and Godolphin
[Sheikh Mohammed?s global racing
operation] is at the top of the tree.
?Everyone is struggling and
there is a wage war going on. To
attract new staff you have to put
staff you
have to
wages. It
? it is a
wages up, and make the job as easy
as possible. It is crippling smaller
trainers, and it is a vicious circle.?
As staff numbers decrease, the
workload increases. ?Whether we
have 40 lads working on a morning
or 50, the same work has got to be
done,? Savage says. ?You can?t cut
the horses short on their work
because you are short on staff.?
In October, the BHA wrote to the
Government?s migration advisory
committee, outlining the ?critical
importance? of having access to
the best talent from abroad. It
argued the rising average weight of
the UK?s adult population meant
that work riders were harder to
find, and that not being able to
recruit international riders posed a
severe financial risk to an industry
which generates �45?billion for
the British economy.
There is also concern that
Britain?s departure from the EU
will worsen the staffing crisis, with
the BHA asking for a post-Brexit
immigration system that once
again recognises work riding as a
highly skilled profession.
While the industry prays for
change, the recruitment efforts
will continue on these shores. ?If
you work hard in this game, it can
be extremely rewarding,? says
Savage. ?Lads get a percentage of
prize money in the yards and if you
are dedicated, you will get on. It
can be the most glorious job, I just
don?t think we sell it. It?s there ? we
just need people to know about it.?
Tickets are available for the
Qipco Guineas Festival at
A day after Paul Townend?s
?brain fade? in Tuesday?s
Champion Novice Chase
when, with the race at his
mercy, he steered Al Boum
Photo around the last fence
instead of over it, the jockey
bounced back to ride a treble
and helped Willie Mullins
sail past Gordon Elliott in the
Irish trainers? championship.
On a day when it was all
one-way traffic for Mullins,
who saddled six of the seven
winners, Pravalaguna soon
restored the smiles to both
the trainer and Townend
when winning the novice
hurdle. Then, needing all his
strength, the jockey got Next
Destination home in a tight
finish to the Irish Daily Mirror Novice Hurdle.
It was fitting in the light of
Tuesday?s events, that it was
Townend?s win on Patrick?s
Park in the handicap chase
that put Mullins, completing
a 9,802-1 six-timer, in front of
Elliott for the first time this
season with a lead of ?48,161
(�,094.88) having begun
the day ?405,838 behind.
Mullins?s other winners
were Bellshill, ridden by
nephew David, who led
home Djakadam for a stable
one-two and the lion?s share
of the ?270,000 prize-money
in the Coral Punchestown
Gold Cup, while Tornado
Flyer spearheaded a Mullins
one-two-three in the Champion Bumper.
After Next Destination?s
victory, Mullins said: ?That
was a great performance
from horse and rider. Paul
has been cool under pressure. I am delighted for him
and the crowd are delighted
for him, which shows how
well thought of he is here.?
Referring to Tuesday?s
drama Mullins said: ?Everyone was disappointed but
that happens in sport and in
racing you get a lot of it. We
insisted Paul came in this
morning good and early, so
we got plenty of slagging into
him and treated it the same
as if it were a day down in
Ballinrobe or some country
race meeting. That?s it. Paul
had to stand and take it and
he took it ? it was just funny!?
Townend, who had earlier
explained that he thought he
had heard a shout telling him
to bypass the last fence on Al
Boum Photo, said: ?That reception meant a lot. I am trying to put yesterday behind
me and move on. We have a
job to do today, which is the
mentality I came with. Racing is good as a lot of people
rally round you.?
Elliott, it seems, has one
last big-race ace to play by
declaring the unbeaten Ballymore Hurdle winner Samcro for tomorrow?s Betdaq
Hurdle instead of the lessvaluable novice hurdle, but
with Mullins fielding 32 runners today he could already
be playing catch-up by then.
?Taking the ground, the
smaller field, the chance to
find out whether he is Champion Hurdle material and
taking the prize money into
consideration, we decided to
go for the Champion,? said
his owner Michael O?Leary.
Thursday 26 April 2018 The Daily Telegraph
Sport Racing
3.30 Novices? Limited Handicap (3) 2m 4f �,137
1.50 - Casa Tall
2.20 - Mixboy
2.55 - Bahrikate
3.30 - Ballyarthur
4.05 - Pain Au Chocolat
4.35 - Skipthescales
5.10 - Loud And Clear
Going: Soft-good to soft in places TV: Sky 432 & Virgin 536
[B] Blinkers [V] Visor [E] Eyeshield [T] Tongue Strap [P] Cheekpieces
1.50 Kinnoull Novices? Hurdle (4) 2m �431
1 110 Casa Tall (43) T R George 4 11 7
P Brennan
2 222 Cornerstone Lad [P] (18) (D) M Hammond 4 11 7 H Brooke
3 -69 Asylo (77) (D) Julia Brooke 6 10 12
J Kington (3)
4 37 Chookie Royale (113) K Dalgleish 10 10 12 C Bewley (3)
5 P-2 Friends In Heaven (360) A Wilson 6 10 12 B Hughes
6 P26 Geordielandgangsta (9) Mrs R Dobbin 5 10 12 Craig Nichol
7 730 Imperial Nemesis (76) N Twiston-Davies 5 10 12 J Bargary
8 P5 J And M Greengairs (41) R M Smith 10 10 12 C O?Farrell
9 438 Macardle (18) P Kirby 5 10 12
T Dowson (3)
10 -0P Mr Sandgate (74) R M Smith 5 10 12 S Mulqueen (3)
1108P That?s Life (33) N Richards 6 10 12
R Day (3)
12 47 Akkadian Empire (F24) I Jardine 4 10 7 Ross Chapman (3)
13 70 Classical Rose (7) G Cromwell (Ire) 6 10 5 J B Kane (5)
S.P. f?cast: 11-8 Casa Tall, 9-4 Cornerstone Lad, 8-1 Imperial
Nemesis, 10-1 Chookie Royale, Akkadian Empire, 14-1 Others.
2.20 Making Memories Handicap Chase (3) 2m �,086
1 F-1 Mixboy (F26) (D) K Dalgleish 8 12 3
B Hughes
2 458 Vosne Romanee [P,T] (14) (CD)(D) Dr R Newland 7 11 12 H Brooke
3 25P Baby King [T] (14) (D) T R George 9 11 11
P Brennan
4 -95 Jolie Crickette [B] (1) (D) N Alexander 6 10 0 Lucy Alexander
S.P. f?cast: Evens Mixboy, 11-4 Vosne Romanee, 3-1 Baby King,
12-1 Jolie Crickette.
2.55 Glenearn Flooring Handicap Hurdle (4) 2m �265
1 2-7 Stags Leap [P] (97) Julia Brooke 11 11 12
H Brooke
B Hughes
2 357 Golden Town (174) (WS) J Moffatt 7 11 11
3 P14 Main Fact [H] (11) Mrs D Sayer 5 11 9 C McCormack (3)
4 342 Bahrikate [T] (121) (CD) S Corbett 5 11 9 T Dowson (3)
5 443 Mick The Poser [P] (16) (BF) Jennie Candlish 4 11 7 S Quinlan
6 B-P The Banastoir (347) (C) Miss L Russell 9 11 7 B Campbell (5)
7 965 Titus Bolt [V] (41) (C)(D) J Goldie 9 11 6
C Bewley (3)
8 123 Pc Dixon (13) (D) V Thompson 5 11 3 Ross Chapman (3)
9 P04 Hey Listen [P] (71) Miss L Russell 6 11 1 S Mulqueen (3)
10 870 Moores Novelty (102) N Alexander 6 11 0 Lucy Alexander
115P7 Peters Grey (41) R M Smith 8 10 10
D Irving (3)
12P72 The Compeller [T] (41) Miss L Russell 6 10 9 Derek Fox
13P8U Read?em And Weep [P] (32) R M Smith 8 10 9
T Willmott (7)
14426 Christmas In Usa [T,V] (37) N Alexander 6 10 7
G Cockburn (3)
S.P. f?cast: 4-1 Bahrikate, 9-2 Mick The Poser, 5-1 Pc Dixon, 11-2
The Compeller, 7-1 Main Fact, Christmas In Usa, 16-1 Titus Bolt,
Golden Town, 25-1 Others.
Ballyarthur [T] (19) (D) N Twiston-Davies 8 11 8 J Bargary
Highland Fling [T] (25) (D) G Cromwell (Ire) 6 11 7 J B Kane (5)
Bollin Ace [P] (26) (D) T Easterby 7 11 6
H Brooke
Some Are Lucky [P] (1) (D) (BF) T R George 7 11 3
P Brennan
5 F29 Fly Rory Fly [T] (266) N Alexander 6 10 12
Lucy Alexander
B Hughes
6 364 Calivigny [V] (1) (D) N Alexander 9 10 3
7 364 Alizee De Janeiro (41) Miss L Russell 8 10 3 Derek Fox
C O?Farrell
8 9P7 Imperial Prince (81) I Duncan 9 10 3
S.P. f?cast: 2-1 Ballyarthur, 4-1 Bollin Ace, 9-2 Some Are Lucky,
11-2 Highland Fling, 7-1 Fly Rory Fly, 12-1 Alizee De Janeiro, 14-1
Calivigny, 33-1 Imperial Prince.
4.05 Handicap Chase (2) 2m 4f �,768
1 251 Pain Au Chocolat (12) (C)(D) Rebecca Menzies 7 11 12
C O?Farrell
B Hughes
2 344 Morning Royalty (73) J Moffatt 11 11 7
3 165 Wadswick Court [B,T] (193) (D) P Bowen 10 11 6 J Bowen (3)
4 -71 Tiquer (33) (D) A Jones 10 11 3
P Brennan
Craig Nichol
5 33P Chidswell (1) (D) (BF) N Richards 9 11 1
S.P. f?cast: 2-1 Tiquer, 9-4 Pain Au Chocolat, 3-1 Chidswell, 13-2
Wadswick Court, 10-1 Morning Royalty.
4.35 Conditional Jockeys? Handicap Hurdle (3) 3m 3f �538
1 16P Sun Cloud [B] (60) (CD)(C)(D) Ruth Jefferson 11 11 12
J Hamilton
J Bowen
2 603 Aengus [P] (18) Jennie Candlish 8 11 6
C Bewley
3 532 Total Assets (70) S Waugh 10 11 4
G Cockburn (3)
4 15P Landecker (19) N Alexander 10 11 2
5 221 My Old Gold (18) N Richards 8 11 0
R Day (3)
6 141 Skipthescales [P] (26) P Kirby 6 10 13
T Dowson (3)
7 UP3 Letemgo (6) A B Hamilton 10 10 13
Ross Chapman
8 421 Rivabodiva [T] (12) Miss L Russell 8 10 8 T Willmott (8)
9 27P Native Optimist (26) (C) Mrs S Walton 11 10 8 Sam Coltherd
10254 Allthegear No Idea [P] (19) (CD) N Twiston-Davies 11 10 5
J Bargary (3)
S.P. f?cast: 3-1 My Old Gold, 4-1 Rivabodiva, 11-2 Skipthescales,
13-2 Total Assets, 7-1 Letemgo, 10-1 Allthegear No Idea, 12-1 Sun
Cloud, 14-1 Aengus, Landecker, 20-1 Native Optimist.
5.10 Novices? Handicap Hurdle (4) 2m 4f �265
1 116 Lord Napier (18) (D) (BF) P Bowen 5 11 13 J Bowen (3)
2 -32 Loud And Clear [H,T] (F198) (BF) I Jardine 7 11 12
Ross Chapman (3)
3 251 Henry?s Joy (34) (D) D McCain 5 11 11
B Hughes
4 358 Mighty Thunder [T] (36) (C) Miss L Russell 5 11 0
B Campbell (5)
5 289 An Fear Ciuin (180) R M Smith 7 11 0
D Irving (3)
6 45P Craiganboy [H,T] (19) N Alexander 9 10 10 G Cockburn (3)
7 405 Reivers Lodge [H,T] (10) S Corbett 6 10 8 F O?Toole (3)
8 356 Royal Mandate [P] (54) Rebecca Menzies 6 10 3 C O?Farrell
S.P. f?cast: 2-1 Henry?s Joy, 9-4 Loud And Clear, 5-1 Lord Napier,
8-1 Mighty Thunder, 12-1 Royal Mandate, Reivers Lodge, 20-1
Craiganboy, An Fear Ciuin.
1.40 - Mystical Clouds
2.10 - Posh Totty
2.45 - Deebaj
3.20 - Ozzie The Oscar (nap)
3.55 - Beneagles
4.25 - Clubs Are Trumps
5.00 - Dream Brother
5.35 - Third Wind
Going: Good to soft-good in places TV: Sky 432 & Virgin 536
[B] Blinkers [V] Visor [E] Eyeshield [T] Tongue Strap [P] Cheekpieces
1.40 Maiden Hurdle (4) 2m 5f �224
1 75 Braddan Head (15) C Longsdon 5 11 2
T J O?Brien
N De Boinville
2 5 Cojack (182) M Bradstock 6 11 2
3 350 Earlshill (61) (WS) Stuart Edmunds 7 11 2 Joshua Moore
J Quinlan
4 P-0 Future Boy (182) R Dickin 6 11 2
H Skelton
5 3-6 Indirocco (32) D Skelton 5 11 2
6 3/P Judge John Deed (170) (WS) P Nicholls 7 11 2 S Twiston-Davies
7 743 Mystical Clouds (64) A King 5 11 2
W Hutchinson
8 048 Powerstown Park [P] (19) Sam Thomas 5 11 2 J M Davies
9 49P Sammylou [T] (29) G McPherson 5 11 2 Kielan Woods
N Scholfield
10329 Scottshill (19) Jonjo O?Neill 6 11 2
M Kendrick (5)
11 68 Sharp Getaway (31) B Case 6 11 2
12 95 Stormy Milan (146) (WS) C Longsdon 5 11 2 A Coleman
C Deutsch
13725 Subcontinent (17) Miss V Williams 6 11 2
R Johnson
14 78 Turangi (115) P Hobbs 6 11 2
Jamie Moore
15 -10 Gortnagirl [T] (31) P Cowley 6 10 9
D Hiskett (5)
16UP8 Her Dream [T] (17) Miss C Dyson 6 10 9
1763P Schap (28) C Fryer 6 10 9
Fergus Gregory (5)
18 0 The Lawley (126) M Appleby 7 10 9
J Sherwood (3)
S.P. f?cast: 15-8 Mystical Clouds, 7-2 Earlshill, 5-1 Subcontinent,
8-1 Turangi, 10-1 Indirocco, 12-1 Judge John Deed, Stormy Milan,
20-1 Scottshill, 33-1 Others.
2.10 188Bet Novices? Handicap Chase (5) 3m �314
I Am Sam [H] (109) Emma Lavelle 7 12 1
A Wedge
Roll The Dough [T] (17) (D) (BF) P Hobbs 9 12 1 R Johnson
Ticket To Ride [H] (59) P Gundry 5 11 12
A Thornton
Goodnight Charlie [V] (31) (C)(D) C Fryer 8 11 8
Mr J Andrews (7)
5 PFP Dancing Conquest (11) J W Mullins 8 11 5
J McGrath
T J O?Brien
6 2-3 Bel Esprit (355) Robert Stephens 9 11 4
7 0P6 Fifty Shades (16) Christian Williams 5 11 0 Jamie Moore
8 P3U Goosen Maverick (95) (C) J G Cann 7 10 13 N Scholfield
9 122 Posh Totty (150) (D1) Jack Barber 11 10 0 Bryony Frost (3)
S.P. f?cast: 11-4 Posh Totty, 5-1 Ticket To Ride, 11-2 Bel Esprit, 6-1
Roll The Dough, 7-1 I Am Sam, 8-1 Goosen Maverick, 10-1 Goodnight
Charlie, 12-1 Fifty Shades, 16-1 Dancing Conquest.
2.45 188Bet Handicap Hurdle (4) 2m 3f �224
1 74- Herminator [T] (460) (WS) Tom Lacey 8 12 0 A Coleman
2 4-5 Affaire D?Honneur (147) (D) (BF) Kevin Frost 7 11 13
N De Boinville
D Bass
3 143 Rhaegar (28) (C) K Bailey 7 11 12
4 323 Awake At Midnight (35) (BF) P Hobbs 6 11 11 R Johnson
5 F13 Gregarious (19) Mrs L Wadham 5 11 8 J Sherwood (3)
6 45P Lissycasey (42) Sheila Lewis 5 11 7
M Hamill (5)
7 243 Lettheriverrundry [P,T] (84) (D) B Powell 8 11 7 B J Powell
8 295 Burst Ya Bubble (60) J W Mullins 6 11 6 D Sansom (5)
9 -48 Chato (76) (WS) A King 6 11 6
T Cannon
10467 Second Time Around (99) A King 6 11 6 W Hutchinson
Joshua Moore
11127 Deebaj (20) G L Moore 6 11 4
12213 Schnabel (132) David Dennis 6 11 4 S Twiston-Davies
13 66F Hazamar [T] (F26) Mrs S Leech 5 11 2 Brodie Hampson (5)
14423 Commodore (19) Miss V Williams 6 11 2
C Deutsch
J Quinlan
15443 La Fille Francaise (90) R Dickin 5 11 1
H Skelton
167P6 Excellent Team [T] (19) D Skelton 6 11 0
S.P. f?cast: 6-1 Awake At Midnight, 7-1 Rhaegar, 8-1 Gregarious,
Affaire D?Honneur, 10-1 Second Time Around, Schnabel, Commodore,
12-1 Chato, La Fille Francaise, Herminator, 14-1 Others.
3.20 Novices? Handicap Chase (2) 2m �,640
1 212 Tree Of Liberty (35) (D) (BF) Kerry Lee 6 11 12 Jamie Moore
2 132 Ozzie The Oscar (131) (CD)(D) (BF) P Hobbs 7 11 9
R Johnson
3 32P Tommy Silver [T] (14) (D) P Nicholls 6 11 9 S Twiston-Davies
4 2U5 Space Oddity [H] (17) (D) (BF) H Fry 7 11 3 K Edgar (3)
5 F21 Sister Sibyl (7) (D) H Morrison 7 10 2(7ex)
T J O?Brien
S.P. f?cast: 9-4 Tree Of Liberty, 3-1 Ozzie The Oscar, 4-1 Tommy
Silver, 9-2 Sister Sibyl, 5-1 Space Oddity.
3.55 Robert Walters Handicap Hurdle (3) 3m 1f �498
1 4-P Kaki De La Pree (153) (D) T Symonds 11 11 12 Jamie Moore
2 15- Forthefunofit (383) Jonjo O?Neill 9 11 10
A Coleman
3 112 Cresswell Legend [T] (81) (BF) K Bailey 7 11 10 D Bass
H Teal (7)
4 620 Oh Land Abloom (8) (D) N King 8 11 9
5 769 Our Kaempfer (61) C Longsdon 9 11 7
R Johnson
6 47P Western Climate [P] (17) T H Weston 9 11 3 H Skelton
J M Davies
7 5F4 Bobo Mac [P] (34) T Symonds 7 11 3
T Cannon
8 354 Beneagles [P] (91) (D) A King 6 11 2
9 184 Perfect Pirate [P] (87) (BF) B Pauling 6 11 1 N De Boinville
10742 Salmanazar (32) A King 10 11 1
W Hutchinson
H Stock (5)
11 0-0 Morning Herald (61) M Keighley 7 10 13
12 -2P Sergeant Brody [T] (29) S Drinkwater 7 10 5 R T Dunne
13342 Frankly Speaking (19) T Symonds 8 10 0 M Hamill (5)
S.P. f?cast: 4-1 Cresswell Legend, 6-1 Salmanazar, 7-1
Forthefunofit, 8-1 Perfect Pirate, Beneagles, Kaki De La Pree, 10-1
Bobo Mac, Frankly Speaking, 12-1 Others.
4.25 188Bet Handicap Chase (4) 3m 5f �198
1 5P6 Grandads Horse [P] (90) Jennie Candlish 12 12 1 R T Dunne
2 314 Clubs Are Trumps [P] (168) Jonjo O?Neill 9 11 12 Will Kennedy
3 24P Crank Em Up [B,T] (20) (C) David Dennis 7 11 10 D Bass
4 P18 Fly Home Harry [P,T] (62) C Longsdon 9 11 10 R Johnson
5 113 Copperfacejack [T] (154) (BF) P Webber 8 11 7 T Scudamore
6 P13 Morney Wing [B,T] (20) (BF) C Mann 9 11 4 A Coleman
N Scholfield
7 44P Kilmurvy [P,T] (18) J Scott 10 10 12
8 723 Phangio [B,T] (36) M Sheppard 9 10 6 S Twiston-Davies
S.P. f?cast: 11-4 Copperfacejack, 9-2 Clubs Are Trumps, 5-1 Fly
Home Harry, Crank Em Up, 6-1 Morney Wing, 10-1 Kilmurvy, 12-1
Phangio, Grandads Horse.
5.00 Standard Open NH Flat Race (Div 1) (5) 2m �599
1 17 Morning Vicar (75) (D) N Henderson 5 11 9 N De Boinville
Debrouillard Oliver Greenall 5 11 2
Will Kennedy
3 1- Dream Brother (382) (WS) W Greatrex 6 11 2 A Tinkler
J Sherwood (3)
4 2 Finalshot (64) H Daly 5 11 2
On Parole T R George 5 11 2
T Scudamore
Reggie B R Brotherton 5 11 2
R T Dunne
7 94 Zaydanides (90) Tim Pinfield 6 11 2 S Twiston-Davies
Colditz Castle A King 4 10 11
W Hutchinson
Despicable Me Henry Oliver 4 10 11
Jason Dixon (10)
Shanty Alley B Case 4 10 11
Kielan Woods
Skandiburg D Skelton 4 10 11
H Skelton
Tedham Jonjo O?Neill 4 10 11
N Scholfield
Umndeni P Hobbs 4 10 11
R Johnson
D Bass
14 0 Champagne Poppy (167) B Pauling 5 10 9
L Edwards
15 7 El Deguello (86) A Carroll 5 10 9
Cupid?s Icon Emma Lavelle 4 10 4
A Wedge
Doyannie Jack Barber 4 10 4
N P Madden
A Coleman
18 2 Easter Gold (19) Mrs L Wadham 4 10 4
S.P. f?cast: 4-1 Easter Gold, 11-2 Morning Vicar, 7-1 Finalshot, 8-1
Umndeni, 10-1 Dream Brother, Skandiburg, 12-1 Colditz Castle, On
Parole, 14-1 Others.
5.35 Standard Open NH Flat Race (Div 2) (5) 2m �599
1 61 Katahdin (60) (D) Mrs L Pearce 5 11 9
J Quinlan
N De Boinville
2 3 Ganache (76) (BF) N Henderson 5 11 2
T Scudamore
3 5-1 Good Man Jim (179) T R George 5 11 2
Kielan Woods
4 2 Kilbrew Boy [H] (158) B Case 5 11 2
R Johnson
5 3 Oakley (40) P Hobbs 5 11 2
Realms Of Fire A King 5 11 2
W Hutchinson
Admiral Anson M Appleby 4 10 11
J Sherwood (3)
Emitom W Greatrex 4 10 11
A Tinkler
Equus Leader P Bowen 4 10 11
A Wedge
Eurkash P Webber 4 10 11
T Cannon
Floki D Skelton 4 10 11
H Skelton
Nearly Perfect N King 4 10 11
H Teal (7)
Some Boy Mccoy Olly Murphy 4 10 11
A Coleman
N Scholfield
14 3 Third Wind (31) H Morrison 4 10 11
15352 Zee Man (49) (BF) David Dennis 4 10 11 S Twiston-Davies
16 5 Blazing Gold (152) R Dickin 5 10 9
Will Kennedy
Moor Freedom P Gundry 5 10 9
A Thornton
Fearnie Lou Christian Williams 4 10 4
C Deutsch
S.P. f?cast: 4-1 Oakley, 5-1 Ganache, 11-2 Good Man Jim, 8-1
Katahdin, 10-1 Zee Man, Floki, 12-1 Third Wind, Realms Of Fire, 14-1
Whistler?s Nap
Colditz Castle (5.00 Warwick) is today?s nap for Whistler (Marcus
Armytage) of The Sunday Telegraph.
Tomorrow's Meeting
Chepstow 4.50 to 8.05 ( ATR); Doncaster 1.40 to 5.35 (ATR); Perth
1.430 to 4.45 (RUK); Sandown Park 1.50 to 5.05 (RUK); Towcester 4.40
to 7.55 (ATR).
The Daily Telegraph Thursday 26 April 2018
1.30 - Raffle King
2.00 - Jensue
2.35 - Placebo Effect
3.10 - Scenic River
3.45 - Metronomic
4.20 - Al Hawraa
4.55 - Dark Devil
5.25 - Wind Storm
Going: Good to soft-good in places TV: Sky 432 & Virgin 536
1.30 Find Bonus Codes At H'cap (5) 5f �033
1 613 Jacob?s Pillow [P] (7) (CD)(D) Rebecca Bastiman 7 10 2 Daniel Tudhope 11
2 -72 Bogart [P] (42) (D) K Ryan 9 10 2
T Eaves 1
3 8-6 Rapid Applause (14) M W Easterby 6 10 1 Nathan Evans 7
4 -60 Desert Ace [P] (14) (D) P Midgley 7 10 0 P Mulrennan 12
5 6-0 Tanasoq (27) P Midgley 5 9 13
P Makin 10
6 -54 Acclaim The Nation [P] (3) (CD)(D) E Alston 5 9 13 J Hart 2
7 8-8 Gamesome [V] (24) P Midgley 7 9 12
D Costello 15
8 29- Grandad?s World (210) (D) R Fahey 6 9 12 P Hanagan 14
9 06- Straightothepoint [P] (169) B Smart 6 9 11 G Lee 17
10 -23 Raffle King (14) (BF) Mrs R Carr 4 9 7
J P Sullivan 3
11 00- Shesthedream (174) T Coyle 5 9 7
B McHugh 9
12 44- Ghayadh [P] (183) (CD) H Palmer 3 9 5
13 52- Bahuta Acha (177) (D) David Loughnane 3 9 4 S De Sousa 13
14544 Crosse Fire (3) (CD)(D) (BF) S Dixon 6 9 4
K O?Neill 5
15 40- Cameo Star (204) (CD) R Fahey 3 9 3
T Hamilton 6
D Allan 16
16 06- Extrasolar (226) (D) G Harker 8 9 1
17 65- Pearl Noir [B] (220) (CD)(D) S Dixon 8 8 11 J Gormley (5) 4
S.P. f?cast: 9-2 Bogart, 6-1 Raffle King, Jacob?s Pillow, 7-1 Bahuta
Acha, 10-1 Others.
2.00 Fillies? Novice Auction Stakes (Plus 10) (5) 2YO 5f �033
Aerosphere B Smart 9 0
G Lee 1
Are You Locking Up T Coyle 9 0
Biscuit Queen B Ellison 9 0
Ben Robinson (5) 13
Fighting Spirit D O?Meara 9 0
Daniel Tudhope 5
Immokalee R Fahey 9 0
P Hanagan 4
Jensue T Dascombe 9 0
R Kingscote 2
Kalissi B Ellison 9 0
D Allan 9
Lexikon O Pears 9 0
A Mullen 11
Maddfourmaggy Steph Hollinshead 9 0 Toby Eley (7) 6
S De Sousa 12
10 2 Piccothepack (14) R Fahey 9 0
Shumookhi Archie Watson 9 0
E Greatrex 8
Signora Cabello J J Quinn 9 0
J Hart 7
Singe Du Nord N Tinkler 9 0
L Edmunds (3) 3
S.P. f?cast: 11-4 Piccothepack, 5-1 Jensue, Shumookhi, 8-1 Fighting
Spirit, Immokalee, 10-1 Signora Cabello, Biscuit Queen, 12-1 Others.
2.35 Handicap (3) 3YO 7f �470
1 70- Alfa McGuire (180) (CD) B Smart 9 7
G Lee 4
2 16- Exhort (208) (D) R Fahey 9 1
P Hanagan 3
3 06- Faithful Promise (233) (BF) M Johnston 8 12 J Fanning 1
T Hamilton 2
4 17- Shazzab (194) R Fahey 8 12
T Eaves 6
5 7-3 Mont Kinabalu (20) (D) K Ryan 8 12
A Mullen 5
6 33- Placebo Effect (219) (D) (BF) O Pears 8 4
S.P. f?cast: 5-2 Exhort, 11-4 Alfa McGuire, 4-1 Placebo Effect, 6-1
Shazzab, 7-1 Faithful Promise, 8-1 Mont Kinabalu.
3.10 Handicap (5) 3YO 7f �033
How Bizarre (22) K Ryan 9 9
S Gray 4
Scenic River (166) T Easterby 9 8
D Fentiman 1
Handsome Bob [P] (153) (BF) K Dalgleish 9 7 Josh Quinn (7) 2
Se You (188) T Easterby 9 7
D Allan 8
Ventura Gold (16) (D) R Fahey 9 6
S De Sousa 13
Arabian Jazz [H] (26) (D) M Bell 9 6
C Noble (5) 9
Kempton Park
4.45 - All Is Good
5.15 - Wallace Spirit
5.45 - Bestwork
6.20 - Dell Oro
6.50 - Remind Me Later
7.25 - Star Foot
7.55 - Tom Barton
Going: Good-good to firm in places TV: Sky 432 & Virgin 536
[B] Blinkers [V] Visor [E] Eyeshield [T] Tongue Strap [P] Cheekpieces
4.45 Conditional Jockeys? Handicap Hurdle (4) 2m �094
1 816 Shining Romeo (41) (D) D P Quinn 6 11 12
R Patrick
T Cheesman
2 143 Alberta [V] (25) (CD) Suzi Best 9 11 11
3 464 Regulation [B] (214) (D) N King 9 11 10 Bryony Frost
J Nixon (6)
4 514 All Is Good (35) (D) R Dickin 6 11 9
5 444 Haafapiece (F96) (CD) Mrs P Sly 5 11 8
C Ring
6 742 Dinsdale [P,T] (19) (D) M Scudamore 5 11 8 R Hawker (3)
7 3P3 Away For Slates [B] (28) (BF) D Skelton 8 11 8 Bridget Andrews (3)
8 355 Polly?s Pursuit [H] (19) (D) (BF) N Henderson 6 11 7 N Curtis (3)
9 333 New Millennium (133) P Hobbs 5 11 5 Sean Houlihan (3)
105P8 Vive Le Roi (31) (D) A Carroll 7 11 4
T Humphries (5)
11 F3F Le Capricieux (40) (D) G L Moore 7 11 3
H Reed
L Murtagh
12435 Celestial Path [P] (F58) D Pipe 6 11 2
13 -4U Monday Club [H] (F96) D F Davis 5 11 2 Alan Doyle (7)
14971 Cassivellaunus (73) (D) D Steele 6 10 7
P Cowley
S.P. f?cast: 11-2 Dinsdale, 13-2 Le Capricieux, 7-1 Polly?s Pursuit,
New Millennium, 8-1 All Is Good, 10-1 Shining Romeo, Alberta, 12-1
Celestial Path, Haafapiece, Away For Slates, 14-1 Others.
5.15 Eco Green Roofs Novices? Hurdle (4) 2m �094
1 21P Joycetick [T] (F54) N Littmoden 4 11 0
H Cobden
2 66 Kloud Gate (17) G L Moore 6 10 12
Joshua Moore
3 77 Rebel Royal (64) D Skelton 5 10 12 Bridget Andrews (3)
4 -P0 Spice Boat [T] (11) P Butler 6 10 12
M Goldstein
J McGrath
5 P7F Wallace Spirit (34) N Henderson 5 10 12
B J Powell
6 45 Delannoy [P] (F59) N Mulholland 4 10 7
D Crosse
7 65 Ray?s The Money [P] (F20) C Mann 4 10 7
Sean Houlihan (5)
8 F5P Mazalto (17) P Phelan 5 10 5
S.P. f?cast: 2-1 Wallace Spirit, 7-2 Ray?s The Money, 4-1 Joycetick,
11-2 Delannoy, 10-1 Rebel Royal, Kloud Gate, 14-1 Others.
5.45 Novices? Limited Handicap (4) 2m 4f 110yds �198
1 315 Vocaliser [P] (32) (C) R Dickin 6 11 9
C Poste
2 31P Compadre [H,T] (121) (D) (BF) Jonjo O?Neill 7 11 8 R McLernon
3 -46 Cajun Fiddle (132) A King 7 11 4
T Bellamy
4 6P5 Bestwork (17) (D) C Longsdon 7 11 2 Paul O?Brien (5)
5 865 Tikken Away (76) R Walford 7 10 9
H Cobden
6 335 Minella Tweet [H,T] (17) (D) P Henderson 10 10 8 T J O?Brien
S.P. f?cast: 11-4 Vocaliser, 7-2 Cajun Fiddle, 4-1 Compadre, 5-1
Bestwork, 6-1 Tikken Away, 7-1 Minella Tweet.
3.45 Rapid Lad Handicap (Div 1) (5) 1m 2f �033
1 47- Liquid Gold (185) (CD) R Fahey 4 9 10
P Hanagan 6
2 40- Detachment (199) J L Eyre 5 9 7
J Fanning 10
3 -41 Framley Garth (33) (D) L Mullaney 6 9 6 Paula Muir (7) 8
4 -30 Swansway (33) M W Easterby 5 9 5
H Shaw (5) 4
5 -75 Rita?s Man (33) (D) K Dalgleish 4 9 4
S De Sousa 1
6 12- Quoteline Direct [H] (129) (D) M Hammond 5 9 3 F Norton 12
7 967 Metronomic (30) (CD)(D) P Niven 4 9 0
A Mullen 9
D Allan 11
8 48- Bollin Ted (188) (CD) T Easterby 4 8 12
9 43- Paddy?s Rock (209) (CD) Miss L Siddall 7 8 12 Nathan Evans 5
10 6-9 Clarabel (30) N Tinkler 5 8 9
Faye McManoman (7) 2
11 395 John Caesar [P,T] (17) (CD)(C) Rebecca Bastiman 7 8 7 Phil Dennis (3) 3
12 4-0 Moccasin [V] (17) (D) G Harker 9 8 7
D Fentiman 7
S.P. f?cast: 4-1 Framley Garth, 5-1 Liquid Gold, 6-1 Paddy?s Rock,
8-1 Rita?s Man, Bollin Ted, Detachment, Quoteline Direct, 12-1 Others.
4.20 Rapid Lad Handicap (Div 2) (5) 1m 2f �033
Bob Maxwell (33) T D Barron 4 9 7 Ben Robinson (5) 11
Kilbaha Lady [T] (29) N Tinkler 4 9 4
L Edmunds (3) 1
Natajack (49) Rebecca Bastiman 4 9 3
P Makin 10
Beverley Bullet [P] (199) (D) L Mullaney 5 9 3J Fanning 8
Vigee Le Brun [P] (29) D O?Meara 4 9 1 Daniel Tudhope 9
6 317 Dose (12) (D) R Fahey 5 8 13
P Hanagan 7
7 13- Al Hawraa (192) K Ryan 5 8 11
K Stott 5
8 8-8 Inflexiball (112) (D) J Mackie 6 8 10
F Norton 4
9 32- Almunther [T] (J139) M Hammond 5 8 8 S De Sousa 6
10 37/ Blue Vision (756) Sally Haynes 5 8 7
Ben Curtis 3
11767 Dream Free [P] (5) M Walford 5 8 7
J Hart 2
S.P. f?cast: 4-1 Bob Maxwell, 9-2 Almunther, 11-2 Dose, 6-1 Vigee
Le Brun, Al Hawraa, 8-1 Beverley Bullet, 12-1 Others.
4.55 Handicap (4) 1m 100yds �419
1 2-0 Dark Devil (33) (D) R Fahey 5 9 7
P Hanagan 6
2 21- Aclimatise (282) (D) M Johnston 4 9 4
J Fanning 4
3 0-4 Jacbequick (115) (CD)(C) D O?Meara 7 9 1 Zak Wheatley (7) 2
4 80- Trading Point (181) (D) (BF) D O?Meara 4 9 0 Daniel Tudhope 1
5 90- Palmerston (182) (CD)(D) Mrs M Fife 5 8 13 D Costello 7
6 065 Zeshov [P] (19) (C)(D) Rebecca Bastiman 7 8 10 Phil Dennis (3) 5
7 -30 Ascot Week (77) J J Quinn 4 8 8
J Hart 3
S.P. f?cast: 2-1 Aclimatise, 9-4 Dark Devil, 5-1 Trading Point, 8-1
Zeshov, 10-1 Ascot Week, 12-1 Jacbequick, 14-1 Palmerston.
5.25 Novice Auction Stakes (5) 3YO 1m 100yds �140
1 12- Trevithick (131) (D) B Smart 9 9
G Lee 9
2 0-0 Bayelsa Boy (5) T Easterby 9 2
D Allan 6
Nautical Mile S Crisford 9 2
J Mitchell 8
4 334 Shakour (89) J Ward 9 2
Ben Curtis 1
The Pinto Kid J Fanshawe 9 2
G Wood (3) 2
6 08- Whatwouldyouknow (162) R C Guest 9 2
P Makin 7
7 00- Hot Off The Press (169) M Bell 8 11 Hayley Turner 5
8 222 I Was Only Joking [P] (19) R Fahey 8 11 S De Sousa 4
9 2 Wind Storm (33) R Beckett 8 11
Daniel Tudhope 3
S.P. f?cast: 5-2 Wind Storm, 11-4 I Was Only Joking, 5-1 Trevithick,
11-2 The Pinto Kid, 13-2 Nautical Mile, 7-1 Shakour, 33-1 Others.
Chelmsford City
6.20 ?National Hunt? Novices? Hurdle (4) 2m 5f �094
7 136 Swiss Belle (19) R Fahey 9 5
P Hanagan 5
8 63- Song Of Summer (190) I Jardine 9 5 J Gormley (5) 11
9 635 Mearing [P] (47) I Jardine 9 4
P Makin 3
10 0-5 Onefootinparadise (19) (BF) P McBride 9 4 Daniel Tudhope 10
11 -39 Puchita (7) A Brittain 9 3
C Hardie 7
Phil Dennis (3) 12
12 -53 Sulafaat (25) (D) C Teague 9 2
A Mullen 6
13 47- Poppy Walton (198) O Pears 9 0
S.P. f?cast: 9-2 Swiss Belle, 5-1 How Bizarre, 13-2 Ventura Gold,
8-1 Handsome Bob, Scenic River, Arabian Jazz, 10-1 Others.
1 243 Dell Oro (8) G L Moore 5 11 7
Joshua Moore
2 123 Kings Ryde (133) N Henderson 6 11 7
3 123 Who?s My Jockey (126) (BF) P Hobbs 5 11 7 T J O?Brien
4 50P Dassett Gold [P] (116) P Webber 5 11 0
T Bellamy
5 51 March Is On (151) Jonjo O?Neill 5 11 0
B J Powell
6 32- Mister Serious (391) R Walford 9 11 0
H Cobden
7 437 Over The Arch (32) R Rowe 6 11 0
A Glassonbury
8 -9P Pontresina (130) O Sherwood 5 11 0
C Shoemark
9 38P You?re So Right (113) Jonjo O?Neill 5 11 0 R McLernon
10690 Miss Malarky (17) Mrs L Jewell 5 10 7
T Garner (3)
S.P. f?cast: 2-1 Who?s My Jockey, 9-4 Dell Oro, 6-1 March Is On,
16-1 Mister Serious, 50-1 Pontresina, You?re So Right, Dassett Gold,
66-1 Others.
6.50 Handicap Chase (3) 3m �447
1 -P0 Stellar Notion [T] (200) (C) T R George 10 11 12 Mr N George (7)
2 3PP Southfield Theatre [B] (82) (D) P Nicholls 10 11 9 H Cobden
3 305 Loose Chips [B] (32) (CD)(C)(D) C Longsdon 12 11 7 Paul O?Brien (5)
4 4PF Mont Royale (141) Jonjo O?Neill 10 11 0
R McLernon
5 132 Remind Me Later (15) (D) G L Moore 9 10 9 Joshua Moore
6 4P4 Bugsie Malone [P] (76) (CD)(D) C Gordon 8 10 0 H Reed (5)
S.P. f?cast: 2-1 Remind Me Later, 4-1 Southfield Theatre, 5-1 Stellar
Notion, 11-2 Loose Chips, 6-1 Bugsie Malone, 7-1 Mont Royale.
7.25 Polyroof Products Handicap Hurdle (3) 2m 5f �498
1 1P7 Braavos (186) P Hobbs 7 11 12
T J O?Brien
2 170 Take To Heart [P] (61) N Henderson 6 11 8 J McGrath
3 628 Coillte Lass [P] (26) (D) P Nicholls 7 11 7 Mr L Williams (7)
4 533 Black Mischief [P,T] (65) (BF) H Fry 6 11 4 Miss A B O?Connor (7)
5 195 Star Foot [T] (31) Miss J Davis 7 11 2 Miss Page Fuller (5)
6 -7F Royal Irish Hussar (64) N Henderson 8 10 12
D Bass
7 755 Backinthesaddle [T] (125) D Steele 10 10 0 C Shoemark
S.P. f?cast: 2-1 Black Mischief, 7-2 Royal Irish Hussar, 9-2 Braavos,
6-1 Coillte Lass, 7-1 Star Foot, Take To Heart, 50-1 Backinthesaddle.
7.55 Hunters? Chase (5) 2m 4f 110yds �120
1 C35 Boher Call [T] (18) (D) (BF) R Bandey 11 12 4 Mr George Bingham (7)
2 PPU Such A Legend (35) (C) Tracey Bailey 10 12 4 Mr Z Baker
3 -23 Starkie [T] (26) (BF) Anthony Ward-Thomas 11 12 0
Mr C Marshall (7)
4 54P Treat Yourself (60) Miss M Bentham 11 12 0 Mr R Collinson (7)
5 4P5 Driftwood Pride [B] (18) (D) Miss J Western 10 11 10
Mr M McIntyre (3)
6 444 No Likey [P,T] (67) Mrs J Mansell 11 11 10 Mr D Mansell
7 46- Port Melon (372) (C)(D) P Nicholls 10 11 10 Mr D Maxwell (3)
8 341 Tom Barton [P] (18) Mrs S Alner 8 11 10 Mr L Williams (3)
S.P. f?cast: 10-11 Port Melon, 5-1 Such A Legend, 11-2 Tom
Barton, 12-1 Boher Call, No Likey, Starkie, 20-1 Treat Yourself,
Driftwood Pride.
Going: Standard TV: Sky 415
[B] Blinkers [V] Visor [E] Eyeshield [T] Tongue Strap [P] Cheekpieces
5.55 Handicap (5) 1m 6f �399
1 668 Luv U Whatever (15) (C) Mrs M Fife 8 9 10S Woods (7) 9
Fran Berry 2
2 311 Oregon Gift [T] (34) (BF) C Mann 6 9 8
R Hornby 6
3 17- Mancini (243) J Portman 4 9 7
4 264 Brigadoon (51) (D) M Appleby 11 9 5
A Rawlinson 5
R Winston 3
5 /69 Planetoid [B] (23) Suzi Best 10 9 4
6 62/ Voice Control (518) (C) Mrs L Mongan 6 9 3 O Murphy 4
7 241 Navajo Star [V] (26) (C) R Brisland 4 9 1 David Egan (3) 8
8 2-2 Ceyhan (20) (C) F Brennan 6 9 1
C Bennett (3) 7
9 422 Marshall Aid (21) (C) M Usher 5 8 8 Nicola Currie (5) 1
S.P. f?cast: 13-8 Oregon Gift, 4-1 Navajo Star, 11-2 Marshall Aid,
15-2 Ceyhan, 10-1 Mancini, 12-1 Brigadoon, Voice Control, 16-1 Luv
U Whatever, 25-1 Planetoid.
6.30 Maiden Stakes (4) 6f �086
1 22- Fakhoor (160) Owen Burrows 3 9 3
J Crowley 4
R Hornby 8
2 4 He?s One Of R Own (15) J Tuite 3 9 3
O Murphy 7
3 4 How Far (21) S Crisford 3 9 3
4 2 Miracle Works (13) Ed Walker 3 9 3
L Keniry 5
J Quinn 2
5 69 Pablow (20) A Bailey 3 9 3
6 37- Rebel Streak (215) A Balding 3 9 3
D Probert 11
J Fahy 13
7 20- Roman River (292) Martin Smith 3 9 3
8 3- Sir Commander (148) (BF) W Haggas 3 9 3 James Doyle 10
9 5- Tadbir [H] (349) B Meehan 3 9 3
D O?Neill 1
10 4-2 Walk On Walter [B,H] (30) D M Simcock 3 9 3 Fran Berry 12
Foxy Locks J Butler 3 8 12
S Donohoe 3
12 3- Lalania (259) S C Williams 3 8 12
D Muscutt 9
Party Dancer S Kirk 3 8 12
L Morris 6
S.P. f?cast: 11-4 Rebel Streak, 7-2 Sir Commander, 5-1 Fakhoor,
7-1 Miracle Works, 10-1 Walk On Walter, 12-1 Tadbir, 14-1 How Far,
16-1 Roman River, 20-1 Others.
7.05 Santander Consumer Handicap (3) 6f �704
Visionary [P] (33) (D) R Cowell 4 9 7
James Doyle 7
Raucous [P,T] (19) (CD)(D) R Cowell 5 9 4
J Crowley 5
Dynamo Walt [V] (14) (C) D Shaw 7 8 13 P Mathers 9
Maakaasib [E] (247) (CD)(D) S Crisford 4 8 12 O Murphy 10
Zac Brown [T] (14) (C)(D) C Wallis 7 8 11 David Egan (3) 6
Excellent George [T] (26) (CD)(D) S C Williams 6 8 11
Milly Naseb (5) 3
L Keniry 1
7 09- Wolowitz (291) Ed Walker 5 8 11
8 -38 Related [B] (21) (D) (BF) P Midgley 8 8 11
L Morris 8
A Atzeni 4
9 517 Tavener [P] (1) (C)(D) D C Griffiths 6 8 9
10 225 Dark Side Dream [P] (21) (C)(D) (BF) C Dwyer 6 8 9 Nicola Currie (5) 2
S.P. f?cast: 4-1 Maakaasib, 9-2 Tavener, 13-2 Raucous, 8-1 Dark
Side Dream, Excellent George, Dynamo Walt, Visionary, 10-1 Zac
Brown, Related, 14-1 Wolowitz.
5.55 - Oregon Gift
6.30 - How Far
7.05 - Raucous
7.35 - Lancelot Du Lac
8.05 - Ower Fly (nb)
8.35 - Ode To Autumn
9.05 - Glory Awaits
7.35 Betsi Conditions Stakes (2) 6f �,407
1 507 Danzeno (33) (D) M Appleby 7 9 6
O Murphy 6
2 782 Double Up [T,V] (17) (D) (BF) R Varian 7 9 6 A Atzeni 5
3 -03 Ice Age (33) (D) Eve J-Houghton 5 9 6
C Bishop 4
4 614 Lancelot Du Lac [H] (33) (C)(D9) D Ivory 8 9 6 R Winston 1
5 6-4 Mazzini [P] (19) (CD)(D) (BF) J Fanshawe 5 9 2 D Muscutt 3
6 70- Mubtasim (244) (D) W Haggas 4 9 2
James Doyle 2
S.P. f?cast: 2-1 Mubtasim, 11-4 Lancelot Du Lac, 3-1 Ice Age, 8-1
Double Up, 10-1 Danzeno, 12-1 Mazzini.
8.05 Handicap (3) 7f �,172
1 117 Eljaddaaf [H] (27) (C)(D) D Ivory 7 9 8
R Winston 2
2 -62 Love Dreams [B] (9) (D) M Johnston 4 9 7 P J McDonald 8
3 535 Lucymai (19) (CD)(D) D Ivory 5 9 6
J Duern (3) 6
4 038 Suzi?s Connoisseur [H,T] (27) (D) S C Williams 7 9 5 O Murphy 9
5 -42 Ower Fly (8) (D) Mrs R Carr 5 9 2
Hollie Doyle 5
6 51- Via Serendipity [T] (174) (D) S C Williams 4 9 1 H Bentley 7
7 550 London (9) (CD)(D) P McEntee 5 9 0 Nicola Currie (5) 4
8 032 Welliesinthewater [V] (27) (CD)(C)(D) D Shaw 8 8 8 P Mathers 1
9 5-4 Atlas [B] (20) Denis Hogan (Ire) 5 8 8
S Foley 3
S.P. f?cast: 7-2 Love Dreams, 4-1 Ower Fly, 11-2 Via Serendipity,
6-1 Lucymai, 13-2 Welliesinthewater, 8-1 Eljaddaaf, 10-1 Others.
8.35 Mayor Of Chelmsford Handicap (4) 3YO 1m �310
1 -11 Ode To Autumn [B] (69) (D) J Gosden 9 12 W Buick 1
2 311 Luna Eclipse (28) (CD)(D) A Balding 9 7
O Murphy 5
3 -11 Image (7) (C)(D) P McBride 9 6(6ex)
Rossa Ryan (5) 3
4 31- Cavatina (195) W Haggas 9 4
James Doyle 2
5 92- Comrade In Arms (177) Sir M Stoute 8 11 A Atzeni 4
S.P. f?cast: 2-1 Luna Eclipse, 5-2 Ode To Autumn, 7-2 Cavatina, 5-1
Comrade In Arms, 8-1 Image.
9.05 Handicap (4) 1m �310
1 -30 Secret Art (9) (D) W Knight 8 9 7
J Crowley 1
2 315 Pearl Spectre [V] (12) (C)(D) P McEntee 7 9 6 Nicola Currie (5) 2
3 214 Lacan (13) (CD)(D) B Johnson 7 9 6
Rossa Ryan (5) 4
4 124 Glory Awaits [B] (9) (CD)(D) D M Simcock 8 9 5 W Cox (5) 6
5 594 Bint Dandy [B] (20) (CD)(D) C Dwyer 7 9 5 S De Sousa 3
6 0-7 Badenscoth [H] (34) (CD)(D) D Ivory 4 9 1 J Duern (3) 7
7 132 Samphire Coast [H,V] (42) (CD)(D) D Shaw 5 8 11
P Mathers 5
S.P. f?cast: 11-4 Glory Awaits, 3-1 Lacan, 7-2 Samphire Coast, 13-2
Bint Dandy, 8-1 Pearl Spectre, 10-1 Secret Art, 12-1 Badenscoth.
Racing results
Going: Good to soft-good in places
1.50 (5f h?cap): Dapper Man (B Sanderson 6-1) 1; Coiste
Bodhar (7-4F) 2; La Fortuna (3-1) 3. 8 ran. 3/4l, 1l. (Roger Fell).
NRs: Endeavour, Kirkby?s Phantom.
2.25 (7f6yds h?cap): Bee Machine (T Eaves 8-1) 1; Drover (132) 2; Christmas Night (15-2) 3. Astraea 4-1F. 12 ran. 1/2l, 11/2l.
(D Carroll). NR: Gorse.
3.00 (7f6yds nov): Talaaqy (D O?Neill evs F) 1; Angels (10-1) 2;
Effervescence (11-8) 3. 11 ran. shd, 2l. (W Haggas). NRs: Club
Tropicana, Dance On The Day.
3.30 (1m4f13yds h?cap): Riviere Argentee (Ben Curtis 20-1) 1;
Snookered (33-1) 2; Clemento (12-1) 3. Tewafeedj 4-1JF, Zig
Zag 4-1JF. 13 ran. 11/2l, shd. (K Burke).
4.05 (1m4f13yds h?cap): New Society (P J McDonald 5-1) 1;
Kings Gold (16-1) 2; Richard Strauss (20-1) 3. Regal Mirage
10-3F. 12 ran. 21/4l, hd. (J Bethell).
4.35 (5f h?cap): Seen The Lyte (L Edmunds 16-1) 1; Carpet
Time (10-1) 2; Rickyroadboy (6-1) 3. The Golden Cue 10-3F. 12
ran. 3l, 1/2l. (N Tinkler).
5.10 (7f6yds h?cap): Right Action (P Hanagan 6-1) 1; Inner
Circle (16-1) 2; Our Charlie Brown (14-1) 3. Fingal?s Cave
11-2F. 15 ran. 21/4l, 3/4l. (R Fahey).
5.40 (7f6yds h?cap): Redrosezorro (R Dodsworth 9-4F) 1;
Spinart (4-1) 2; Uncle Charlie (33-1) 3. 14 ran. 2l, 21/4l. (E
Alston). NR: Coviglia.
Placepot: �0.20. Quadpot: �2.20.
Epsom Downs
Going: Good-good to soft in places on derby course
2.10 (5f h?cap): Bahamian Sunrise (S De Sousa 7-1) 1;
Shamshon (8-1) 2; Just That Lord (7-1) 3. Justanotherbottle
6-1F. 13 ran. hd, shd. (J Gallagher).
Robertson is fifth
former champion
to crash out early
Australia?s Neil Robertson became
the fifth former champion to exit in
the opening round of the Betfred
World Championship, as he lost to
Robert Milkins in Sheffield.
Robertson threatened to stage a
comeback when he won the first
two frames of the second session at
the Crucible Theatre to reduce his
deficit to 6-5.
The off-form left-hander then
scored just 36 points in the next
four frames as Milkins made breaks
of 69, 55 and 54 to secure a 10-5 win
and book his place in the last 16.
Milkins, who also beat Robertson in
the first round in 2013, said: ?This is
the biggest out of the two. I put in a
good performance, especially in
the first session.?
Robertson joins former champions Mark Selby, Stuart Bingham,
Graeme Dott and Shaun Murphy in
making an early exit, a fate avoided
by two-time winner Mark Williams,
who produced a total clearance of
140 on his way to a 10-5 win over
Jimmy Robertson.
Sport in brief
Novak Djokovic, the former world
No?1, suffered a surprise secondround exit at the Barcelona Open
when he went down 6-2, 1-6, 6-3 to
world No?140 Martin Klizan. ?I feel
I haven?t lived up to your
expectations, not even my own,?
Djokovic said after losing to the
Slovakian. Meanwhile favourite
and 10-time champion Rafael Nadal
eased past his fellow Spaniard,
Roberto Carballes-Baena, 6-4, 6-4,
setting a record by winning 38
consecutive sets on clay in the
Deontay Wilder?s team have offered
Anthony Joshua �?million to
meet in a heavyweight unification
bout, with no rematch clause, and
with the American to choose the
venue. Under the terms of the offer,
Wilder would land the rest of the
profits from the contest with
Joshua putting the three other
?major? belts on the line.
2.45 (1m2f17yds): Crossed Baton (L Dettori 11-4) 1; My Lord
And Master (5-1) 2; Dee Ex Bee (15-8F) 3. 8 ran. hd, 11/4l. (J
3.20 (1m4f6yds h?cap): Royal Line (James Doyle 5-1) 1; Golden
Wolf (8-1) 2; Fire Fighting (12-1) 3. Shabeeb 9-2F. 13 ran.
23/4l, 31/4l. (J Gosden).
3.55 (1m2f17yds h?cap): Ajman King (A Atzeni 9-4F) 1; Dash
Of Spice (6-1) 2; Another Touch (20-1) 3. 10 ran. 1l, nk. (R
4.25 (1m113yds nov): Master Of Wine (O Murphy 15-8) 1;
Simoon (10-1) 2; King Of The Sand (11-8F) 3. 8 ran. 21/4l, 5l.
(A Balding).
5.00 (1m113yds h?cap): Corazon Espinado (S De Sousa 14-1) 1;
Cuban Heel (8-1) 2; Warburton (8-1) 3. Christopher Wood
3-1F. 11 ran. nk, 1/2l. (S Dow).
Jackpot: Not won, pool of �,000.00 carried over. Placepot:
�.90. Quadpot: �.60.
Going: Standard
4.50 (7f1yds h?cap): No More Thrills (T Marquand 9-4F) 1;
Great Shot Sam (7-1) 2; Mrs Benson (25-1) 3. 10 ran. 1l, nk.
(R Hannon).
5.20 (7f1yds): Black Sails (Daniel Tudhope 2-7F) 1; Don?t Cry
About It (5-1) 2; Lyford (16-1) 3. 4 ran. 11/2l, 21/2l. (Archie
5.55 (6f1yds h?cap): Tawaafoq (P Cosgrave 10-1) 1; Mad
Endeavour (5-1) 2; Time Stands Still (5-1) 3. Falcao 7-2F. 11
ran. nk, hd. (M Quinn). NR: Remal Dubai.
6.25 (1m2f mdn): Shailene (D Probert 10-1) 1; Caspar The Cub
(4-7F) 2; Metatrons Cube (8-1) 3. 10 ran. nk, 31/2l. (A Balding).
6.55 (1m1yds h?cap): Unforgiving Minute (A Kirby 6-1) 1; First
Selection (8-1) 2; Breden (12-1) 3. Holiday Magic 5-2F. 11 ran.
hd, hd. (J Butler).
7.25 (7f1yds nov): Emblazoned (James Doyle 3-10F) 1;
Georgian Manor (8-1) 2; Your Choice (14-1) 3. 10 ran. ns, 4l.
(J Gosden).
7.55 (1m2f h?cap): Spiritual Man (Fran Berry 8-1) 1;
Bookmaker (20-1) 2; Carvelas (7-1) 3. Speculator 10-3F. 13
ran. 2l, ns. (Jonjo O?Neill). NR: Chelwood Gate.
Placepot: �.10.
Quadpot: �.80.
Going: Soft-heavy in places
1.30 (2m4f35yds mdn hdle): Blue Flight (J Bargary 6-4F) 1;
Skye Chief (28-1) 2; Lovely Schtuff (3-1) 3. 6 ran. 9l, 8l. (N
Twiston-Davies). NRs: Eagle Ridge, Le Frank.
2.00 (2m4f35yds h?cap hdle): Princess Mononoke (Miss A
McCain 3-1) 1; Catchthemoonlight (7-1) 2; Lady London (101) 3. Longhousesignora 6-4F. 8 ran. 2l, 13/4l. (D McCain). NR:
2.35 (2m7f207yds nov hdle): Calett Mad (D Jacob 8-11F) 1;
Scorpion Sid (15-8) 2; 3 ran. 31l. (N Twiston-Davies). NR:
3.10 (2m7f180yds h?cap ch): Allysson Monterg (J Bowen 3-1F)
1; As De Pique (14-1) 2; Seldom Inn (11-1) 3. 11 ran. 41/2l, 5l.
(Richard Hobson).
3.45 (2m7f207yds h?cap hdle): Le Braye (Mr Anthony Fox 9-1)
1; Maraweh (15-2) 2; The Jam Man (2-1F) 3. 11 ran. nk, nk. (G
Cromwell (IRE) ). NR: Dotties Dilema.
4.15 (2m7f180yds h?cap nov ch): Rainy City (Ross Chapman
3-1) 1; Some Are Lucky (11-4F) 2; Teddy Tee (11-2) 3. 6 ran.
11l, 8l. (I Jardine).
4.45 (2m47yds h?cap hdle): Morning With Ivan (T Dowson
2-1F) 1; Monfass (5-1) 2; Elmono (16-1) 3. 6 ran. 21/4l, 5l. (S
Placepot: �0.40.
Quadpot: �.40.
4.55 (3m nov hdle): Next Destination (P Townend 5-4F) 1;
Delta Work (7-1) 2; Kilbricken Storm (5-1) 3. 11 ran. nk, nk.
(W P Mullins).
5.30 (3m120yds ch): Bellshill (D J Mullins 4-1) 1; Djakadam
(5-1) 2; Road To Respect (7-2F) 3. 12 ran. 3/4l, 8l. (W P
Mullins). NR: Alpha Des Obeaux.
6.05 (2m nh flat): Tornado Flyer (Mr R Deegan 12-1) 1;
Blackbow (9-4F) 2; Carefully Selected (4-1) 3. 10 ran. 11/4l,
13/4l. (W P Mullins).
Taunton Going: Good-good to firm in places
5.15 (2m104yds nov hdle): Cockney Wren (N P Madden 8-15F)
1; Blackdown Hills (14-1) 2; Let?s Sway (200-1) 3. 12 ran.
21/4l, 13/4l. (H Fry).
5.45 (2m3f1yds nov hdle): Don?t Ask (R Johnson 4-5F) 1; Darcy
Ward (6-4) 2; Ringa Ding Ding (8-1) 3. 4 ran. 11/4l, 1l. (W
Greatrex). NR: Lungarno Palace.
6.15 (2m2f40yds h?cap nov ch): Tikkinthebox (R Hawker 16-1)
1; Charlie Papa Lima (11-4JF) 2; Brinestine (16-1) 3. Spoilt
Rotten 11-4JF. 10 ran. 13/4l, 10l. (J Scott).
6.45 (2m104yds h?cap hdle): Ice Tres (Miss Page Fuller 7-1) 1;
Bee An Aristocrat (16-1) 2; Borak (20-1) 3;
Jackthejourneyman (14-1) 4. Lubatic 3-1F. 16 ran. 1l, 6l,
11/2l. (C Down). NR: Lady Longshot.
7.10 (2m7f198yds h?cap hdle): Hollow Park (B Poste 9-1) 1;
Anndarrow (9-2F) 2; River Dun (14-1) 3; Tir Dubh (12-1) 4.
16 ran. 1/2l, 31/2l, 10l. (Katy Price). NR: Bonza Girl.
7.40 (2m5f150yds h?cap ch): Bennachie (A Johns 2-1F) 1; Bally
Lagan (16-1) 2; Redmond (5-1) 3. 10 ran. 1l, 41/2l. (T Vaughan).
8.10 (2m104yds nh flat): Anytime Will Do (H Skelton 7-2) 1;
Newtown Boy (11-10F) 2; Colonel Custard (6-1) 3. 10 ran. 3l,
11/4l. (D Skelton). NRs: Diamond Rose, Doyannie, Out For Justice.
Placepot: �9.50. Quadpot: �.10.
5.30 Champion Stayers Hurdle (Grade 1) (1) 3m ?143,584
Bacardys (42) (C)(D) W P Mullins 7 11 10 Mr P W Mullins
Bleu Et Rouge [T] (25) (BF) W P Mullins 7 11 10 M P Walsh
Diamond Cauchois [T] (24) (BF) G Elliott 7 11 10 D N Russell
Faugheen (44) (C)(D) W P Mullins 10 11 10 D J Mullins
Identity Thief (12) (C) H de Bromhead 8 11 10 S W Flanagan
Jezki [B] (24) (CD)(C) Mrs J Harrington 10 11 10 B J Geraghty
Lieutenant Colonel [B,T] (11) (C)(D) G Elliott 9 11 10
Jack Kennedy
P Townend
8 2-1 Penhill (42) (D) W P Mullins 7 11 10
9 24P Shaneshill (137) (C)(D) W P Mullins 9 11 10 D E Mullins
R M Power
1086P Yorkhill (44) (C)(D) W P Mullins 8 11 10
N Fehily
1183P Bapaume (24) (C) W P Mullins 5 11 9
12 117 La Bague Au Roi (44) (D) W Greatrex (Uk) 7 11 3 H Bannister
S.P. f?cast: 7-4 Penhill, 4-1 Bacardys, 9-2 Identity Thief, 8-1
Faugheen, 10-1 Diamond Cauchois, 16-1 La Bague Au Roi, Yorkhill,
Jezki, 20-1 Others.
6.40 Ryanair Novice Chase (Grade 1) (1) 2m ?60,044
Calino D?Airy (14) (D) H de Bromhead 6 11 10 S W Flanagan
Castlegrace Paddy (33) (D) P A Fahy 7 11 10 A E Lynch
Footpad (44) (D) W P Mullins 6 11 10
D Jacob
Optimus Prime [T] (93) (D) D Skelton (Uk) 6 11 10 N Fehily
Petit Mouchoir (12) (CD)(D) (BF) H de Bromhead 7 11 10
D N Russell
6 218 Saturnas [T] (25) (D) W P Mullins 7 11 10
P Townend
7 122 Asthuria [H] (9) (CD)(D) (BF) W P Mullins 7 11 3
D J Mullins
S.P. f?cast: 2-5 Footpad, 6-1 Petit Mouchoir, 8-1 Castlegrace Paddy,
16-1 Asthuria, 20-1 Optimus Prime, Saturnas, 33-1 Calino D?Airy.
Thursday 26 April 2018 The Daily Telegraph
Final whistle
Innovators like
Pipe have set the
benchmark but
racing is always
striving for new
ideas, writes
Marcus Armytage
trip light
to get one
step ahead
et there be
light. Trainers
have always
tried to be
one step
ahead of the competition,
employing the latest
innovations to gain an
edge. For years, horses
were exercised up the
road and on grass gallops,
they were fed oats, bran
mash and hay, and were
kept in small dark stables
which were often poorly
In the 1970s, there was
seismic change when the
all-weather gallop first
came into fashion. The
prototypes were made
from industrial sand.
Then along came
woodchip and various
waxed-sand mixtures,
some bound together by
bits of old carpet or, in
Mick Easterby?s case, pig
hair. Then Willie Mullins
started using Wexford
sand and everyone had to
have it.
How those gallops
were used also changed.
Martin Pipe brought in a
type of interval training
that, for a while, looked
like it might render the
great never-ploughed
turf expanses of
Lambourn and
Newmarket redundant,
though today a mix of old
and new methods is more
widely practised.
Swimming pools,
treadmills, saltwater
treadmills, solariums,
vibrating plates, spas and
salt chambers are almost
standard in all the big
yards, horses are fed on
scientifically balanced
diets, dust-free hay is
imported from Canada
and, at the slightest sign
of a wheeze, a trainer
has the option of five
different types of wind
operation to rectify it.
And, though it may not
quite have been what
Thomas Edison had in
mind when he developed
the first commercial light
bulb in 1878, nearly a
century and a half later
the next big thing in
racehorse training is set
to be the smart
illumination of stables.
Artificial light has been
used in breeding for a
long time to encourage
mares, naturally summer
Easy rider: Martin Pipe
introduced interval
training for his horses
Winters are
shortened by
a mix of blue
and white
LED lights in
the stables
breeding animals, to
come into season and
foal earlier in the year
but its application with
racehorses had largely
been ignored until Dr
Barbara Murphy, head of
equine science at the
University College of
Dublin, began
researching the clock
genes which control the
biological rhythms in
animals. As a result, she
founded Equilume.
As it is light rather than
temperature which tells a
horse what time of day
and year it is, their
summers can be
lengthened and their
winters shortened by
programming the mix of
blue and white LED lights
to stay on longer.
We all know how we
tend to feel better in the
summer, head for the
sun on our holidays or
how at Dublin airport in
the rain we might be a bit
depressed, but our mood
lightens when the
aeroplane bursts through
the cloud into bright
sunlight ? even on
So, as bears and
bunnies are coaxed out of
their holes after one of
the longest winters on
record, thinking it is
about time to shed their
thick coats, there are
some horses out there
whose bodies are telling
them this was actually
the briefest of winters.
Consequently, they are
full of bounce, producing
bucketloads of the happy
hormone serotonin, with
shiny coats and, so the
scientists maintain, with
body fat more readily
converted to muscle
mass, which is
particularly relevant to
two-year-olds. To the
trained eye, they just look
better; that generally
means they feel better
and, in theory, run faster.
Jessica Harrington is
the latest to trial the
lighting on 30 new
stables in which she
houses two and threeyear-old colts. ?After the
hardest, longest of
winters, they are
definitely more forward
in their coats and look
better,? she said.
?Hopefully they will run
It may not be a silver
bullet to training but it is
another piece in a
never-ending jigsaw.
ND: Selkirk 1 Vale
Of Leithen 1.
FRANCE: Caen 0 Toulouse 0.
EUROPEAN CH'SHIPS (Huelva, Spain).-Men,
Singles 2nd rd: S Parsons (England) bt M
Moreels (Belgium) w/o; R Ouseph (England) bt L
Enrique Penalver (Spain) 21-19 21-8; N Nguyen
(Rep Ireland) bt P Abian (Spain) 21-9 21-18.
Doubles 1st rd: N Nguyen & P Reynolds (Rep of
Ireland) bt K Kaljurand & R Kasner (Estonia)
20-22 22-20 21-12; M Ellis & C Landridge
(England) bt L Osele & K Strobl (Italy) 21-12
21-17; B Lane & S Vendy (England) bt M Boe & C
Mogensen (Denmark) w/o; P Briggs & T
Wolfenden (England) bt G Greco & R Maddaloni
21-13 21-8.
Women, Singles 2nd rd: C Birch (England) bt B
Corrales (Spain) 21-16 21-19; K Gilmour
(Scotland) bt M Poulsen (Denmark) 21-18 21-17.
Doubles 1st rd: C Birch & J Pugh (England) bt B
Unlu & E Yazgan (Turkey)21-9 21-9; L Smith & S
Walker (England) bt M Ilyinskaya & Y Zharka
(Ukraine) 21-13 21-16.
MLB: Chicago WS 0 Seattle 1-Cincinnati 9 Atlanta
7-Cleveland 3 Chicago Cubs 10-Colorado 8 San
Diego 0-Houston Astros 7 LA Angels 8-Kansas
City 2 Milwaukee 5-LA Dodgers 2 Miami 3-NY
Yankees 8 Minnesota 3-Philadelphia 4 Arizona
8-San Francisco 4 Washington 3-St Louis 5 NY
Mets 6-Texas 2 Oakland 3-Toronto 4 Boston 3.
NBA.-Play-offs 1st rd (best-of-7 series),
Eastern Conf: Boston 92 Milwaukee 87 (Boston
lead series 3-2)-Philadelphia 104 Miami 91
(Philadelphia win series 4-1).
Western Conf: Golden State 99 San Antonio 91
(Golden State win series 4-1)
INDIAN PREMIER LGE.-Bangalore: Royal
Challengers Bangalore 205-8 (20 overs, de
Villiers 68, de Kock 53); Chennai Super Kings
207-5 (19.4 overs, Rayudu 82, Dhoni 70no).
Chennai Super Kings win by 5 wkts.
TOUR DE ROMANDIE (Switzerland).-Stage 1
(Fribourg to Delemont, 166.6 km): 1 O Fraile
(Spain) Astana Pro Team 4h 3m 42s; 2 S Colbrelli
(Italy) Bahrain-Merida; 3 R Costa (Portugal) UAE
Team Emirates; 15 G Thomas (GB) Team Sky; 30
D Martin (Rep of Ireland) UAE Team Emirates; 51
H Carthy (GB) EF Education First-Drapac p/b
Cannondale; 53 J Knox (GB) Quick-Step Floors at
same all at time. Overall: 1 P Roglic (Slovenia)
LottoNL-Jumbo 4h 9m 16s; 2 R Dennis (Australia)
BMC Racing Team at same time; 3 Thomas +4s;
16 Carthy +16; 21 Martin +18; 41 Knox +26.
BETFRED WORLD CH'SHIP (Crucible Theatre,
Sheffield).-1st rd: M Williams (Wales) bt J
Robertson (England) 10-5. Frame scores
(Williams First): 71-67 (63) 78-50; 0-87 (51)
102-5 (102) 84-0 (84) 95-5; 70-40 (51) 68-33;
38-66 (59) 17-57; 54-80 (54,55) 140-0 (140)
100-0 (100) 1-60; 72-23.
R Milkins (England) bt N Robertson (Australia)
10-5. Frame scores (Milkins First): 78-17 (54)
72-1 (72) 7-72; 67-46; 30-57; 73-52 (73 52)
95-0 (91) 72-17; 49-61; 51-65; 15-74; 92-8;
73-18 (69) 69-10 (55) 77-0 (54).
J Higgins (Scotland) bt T Un-Nooh (Thailand)
10-7. Frame scores (Higgins First): 67-32 (62)
63-15; 70-4; 14-87; 71-0 (51) 35-77; 51-80
(Un-Nooh 50) 104-0 (104) 86-39 (59) 1
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