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The Daily Telegraph Sport - May 2, 2018

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Wednesday 2 May 2018
No one remembers
losers, warns Klopp
Liverpool manager tells players they must seize the moment in Rome tonight
R E A L M A D R I D 2- 2 BAY E R N M U N I C H
Real’s final relief
Spaniards ride out Bayern storm to reach
third successive Champions League final
Page 5
Exclusive Sale Sharks risk backlash by
signing rape trial fly-half Jackson
Revealed Kafelnikov was ‘Player B’ in
tennis betting corruption report
Rugby Union, page 13
Exclusive, pages 10-11
Wednesday 2 May 2018 The Daily Telegraph
Sport Champions League
Bullish Klopp urges Liverpool
Chris Bascombe
in Rome
Another near-miss is not
an option, squad told
Players are at ‘best age
to do something special’
Jurgen Klopp has warned his players that “no one remembers losers”
as he backed Liverpool to end a
painful era of narrow failure and
seize their Champions League
chance in Rome.
Liverpool head to the Stadio Olimpico for their 11th major semifinal in 11 years. During that period,
they have won just one trophy – the
2012 League Cup. There was also a
near-miss when they came close to
winning the Premier League under
Brendan Rodgers.
The trend must be reversed, not
only by protecting the 5-2 first-leg
lead over Roma, for the club to
complete the ultimate triumph in
Kiev this May.
“I don’t think people are interested in semi-final losers, same as
final losers,” said Klopp. “In football, as in life, if you are not ready to
lose, you cannot win.
“If this team goes to the final it
would be an outstanding achievement already. It is not the prize we
want because if you go to a final
then of course you have to think a
little bit bigger, but it would be
something we could not have expected at the start of the season.
“We were not even qualified for
the Champions League, we had to
play a qualifier, and I don’t know
who else reached the semis having
been a qualifier at the start. The
boys really stepped up.
“In the end, there will be a team
at Liverpool at one point that wins
Roma (2) v Liverpool (5)
Probable teams, 7.45pm, BT Sport 2
De Rossi
El Shaarawy
Van Dijk
Referee Damir Skomina (Slovenia)
silverware and we all hope that we
are involved in that.”
Klopp knows his reign will be
judged accordingly, but believes
the quality is there to succeed.
“From the first minute I came in,
you are confronted straight away
by the history,” he said. “Did you
ever hear a player who just signed a
new contract not say, ‘I want to win
silverware?’ They always say that.
You cannot come to Liverpool and
say, ‘Obviously it’s quite a comfortable situation so I’ll have a few nice
years of my career here’.
“It is not possible in this club to
stand still. We need to deliver and
the good news is we have now a real
group of players. I really think it is
difficult to improve it a lot.
“They are at the best football age.
Too young to say they are really experienced, but already that good
that you think, ‘OK, we could do
something special’. We have already done some special things –
not really historical that we can put
in any cupboard – but still good.”
Klopp has never led a team in
Rome, but he is in familiar territory.
For Roma 2018, read Madrid 2013.
Borussia Dortmund led 4-1 against
Real Madrid heading to the Bernabeu for their semi-final, second leg.
The Spaniards scored two in the last
10 minutes, but Dortmund held on.
“I think I would take the same
again. We played a really good
game,” recalled Klopp. “We were
not that experienced in Champions
League terms at that time and winning 4-1 against Real Madrid in the
first leg is a pretty good result. It
was not expected for us.
“They told us immediately, ‘It
will be completely different in Madrid’. They pointed to the atmosphere. We pretty much killed the
atmosphere at the beginning of the
game, and then, before the end,
Real scored the first one and it got
quite exciting.”
The experience tells us how little
Klopp’s style has changed, with
games seemingly won suddenly in
the balance.
“Nothing we have done so far has
put us in a position where we can
relax and take a deep breath,” Klopp
“The group is outstanding with
how they deal with all the things
that happened over the year. I could
not ask for one per cent more. I like
the fact that we grew together,
that’s really nice.
“The crowd expects a lot, but if
we deliver that, it’s a match. They
know we will go [in] there and try
everything. Nobody doubts our
attitude. Not even quality. That’s
good. But it’s football. It can work
or it cannot work. We have to do it.
The boys are really on fire and looking forward to this opportunity.”
Like his club, Klopp has his own
sob stories in the latter stages of
major tournaments. The defeat by
Sevilla in the 2016 Europa League
showpiece was the fifth successive
final that he has lost. “I could write
a book about that – we all know,” he
Curiously, he will hope to be
reminded of this after the final
whistle. It will mean he is preparing
for his next final.
Totti and Fowler
call for calm as
police patrol city
By Andrea Vogt and
Chris Bascombe in Rome
Liverpool and Roma legends Robbie Fowler and Francesco Totti
have led the calls for calm as the
Italian capital goes into lockdown
ahead of tonight’s Champions
League semi-final second leg.
Some 5,000 Liverpool fans are
expected in Rome today with 1,000
police officers around the Stadio Olimpico and several hundred more
patrolling the city in an attempt to
minimise the threat of violence.
The Foreign Office has issued instructions on safety to travelling
supporters and there will be an alcohol ban in the city amid fears of
confrontations following the attack
on Liverpool supporter Sean Cox,
who was left in a critical condition
after the first leg at Anfield.
“The world is watching and we
want to show Rome in its smartest
suit: we are its ambassadors and we
carry a great responsibility, both inside and outside the Stadio Olimpico,” said Totti.
“On Wednesday, in every part of
Rome, we must demonstrate once
again the values that we all stand
for: those of fair play, hospitality
and respect for our opponents.”
Fowler added: “I would ask Liverpool fans to remember Sean Cox,
and conduct themselves as they
have all season in Europe. They
have been brilliant.”
The two city mayors also called
for calm.
Joe Anderson, of Liverpool, and
his Roman counterpart Virginia
Raggi, who are reportedly planning
to attend the match together,
released a joint statement saying
“the best result on Wednesday is a
vibrant, passionate, celebration of
The Daily Telegraph Wednesday 2 May 2018
to take final step
Call to arms:
manager Jurgen
Klop addresses
his Liverpool
squad during
training at the
Stadio Olimpico
Forget the brakes,
now is the time
to go full-throttle
Jason Burt
in Rome
Bravery is required
tonight as visitors face
ultimate test of their
strength under pressure
Building bridges Rival clubs pay tribute to injured fan
Roma have
worn training
tops in support
of injured
Liverpool fan
Sean Cox
(left), while
Henderson has
sent a letter
of support to
Cox’s Gaelic
football club,
St Peter’s
revealing that
the side’s shirt
hung in their
dressing room
against Stoke
last weekend.
our teams and a safe, violence-free
Jurgen Klopp, the Liverpool
manager, also expressed concern.
“I really trust, because I want to
trust, in the police. I prepare a football game and that makes it quite
special because it is a semi-final,” he
said. “I really hope everyone understood that tomorrow in this
wonderful city in good weather
people can walk to the stadium and
look forward to a fantastic football
Roma and their players have
tried to ease tension by wearing
T-shirts with the slogan ‘Forza
Sean’ in a show of support for the
stricken Liverpool fan.
The match is only one of three,
separate, large events here, with
Pope Francis making a pilgrimage
to pray for peace in Syria yesterday
when a large May Day concert also
took place.
iverpool may have lost
their “brains” but must
not lose their heads in
the inferno of the
Champions League
semi-final against
Roma. The departure of Zeljko
Buvac, Jurgen Klopp’s trusted
long-time assistant, has disrupted
preparations ahead of Liverpool’s
biggest European game in a
decade. But the manager batted
away an attempt to discuss what is
going on.
“We gave a club statement and
that is all what we say at the
moment,” Klopp said. He needs his
on-field defence to be as tight.
Buvac worked with Klopp for 17
years and is referred to as the
“brain”, the key component of the
coaching team and the one who
had the most influence.
The timing could not have been
worse for Liverpool, who have to
deal with conceding two late goals
at Anfield last week when they
were 5-0 up. That has a potential
psychological impact. Having
effectively won this tie once, they
may feel they have to win it again,
which supports the theory that, at
this stage of the competition, it is
the team who can manage
emotions and have the greater
mental strength who go through.
Klopp addressed the issue. “The
closer this game comes, they will
realise they need three goals,” he
said. “People think Roma have to
only win 3-0, but that is quite a
result.” Roma did win 3-0, of
course, to knock out Barcelona in
the quarter-finals, after losing the
first leg 4-1. Klopp added: “If the
warning was needed – and I didn’t
need a warning – then that was the
warning. We are in a much better
situation than I could have
imagined. Much better.”
Against any opponent and under
any conditions, and despite the
number of wild score-swings in the
Champions League, that lead is
some advantage. And that has to be
the message from Klopp as
Liverpool prepare to weather
Roma’s intensity, fired on by the
yellow and red cauldron of the
Stadio Olimpico.
Roma have promised a climate
inside the stadium even more
scorching than that which greeted
Barcelona and, as the hours have
passed, so the belief has grown.
Liverpool had another warning in
the previous round after their 3-0
first-leg win over Manchester City,
who then scored, hit a post and had
a legitimate goal disallowed before
half-time in the return fixture.
“It’s not that we needed that
game to know about it. It can turn
any minute,” Klopp said. “It is all
about us being active because we
are difficult to play [against]. There
is no perfect plan for it. If you
really want to win, you have to
accept first that you could lose. We
need to be brave and use their
situation more than they use their
situation because they have to win
against us and they have to take
risks. We have to use that.”
Is that the tactical key? Be
active? To apply the brake on
Roma, Liverpool will have to be
brave enough to go full-throttle
with the brilliant attacking football
that has got them here. They face a
side who have not conceded a goal
at home in this competition so far,
which is even more impressive,
given that Atletico Madrid, Chelsea
and Barcelona have all played here.
Conversely, Liverpool arrive one
goal short of equalling the all-time
record for a Champions League
campaign. They have scored 44
times, just one behind Barcelona’s
total for 1999-2000, having so far
played three games fewer. But
Liverpool do not need to score.
Eusebio Di Francesco, Roma’s
coach, talked of his team needing a
“miracle”, a deliberate use of the
word that was used to describe the
Barcelona victory. “We must have
belief and with this mentality, with
these fans and this passion around
the team, try to perform another
miracle – and saying miracle is
perfectly fine,” Di Francesco said.
‘It can turn any
minute. If you really
want to win, you
have to accept that
you could lose. ’
Team selection appears obvious
for Liverpool, with Georginio
Wijnaldum retaining his place.
While the midfield is stretched –
Adam Lallana trained but will not
be involved – Roma are also
depleted, with Kevin Strootman
expected to miss out. It will be
interesting to see what tactics Di
Francesco, who called for Edin
Dzeko to give a Mohamed Salahtype performance, deploys. Will he
persist with the 3-4-3 system that
played into Liverpool’s hands? Will
he go for a back four and expose
Aleksandar Kolarov to Salah?
Klopp will formulate his own
plan, without Buvac, and amid the
logic of his arguments, there was
finally a true Klopp-rallying cry.
“We are here to fight for our
dreams and that’s how it is because
we want to go to the final,” he
declared. But they must do so in
control of their emotions.
Wednesday 2 May 2018 The Daily Telegraph
Sport Champions League
Klopp living the dream as he
calls on side to ‘create history’
Paul Hayward
in Rome
Manager embraces past
Liverpool glory but is
focused on the next step
into an exciting future
ver two decades
predictions of
Liverpool’s demise
have been numerous.
They were a gently
fading institution
that would go the way of red phone
The only dawns they knew were
false ones. So here they are in
Rome with the world’s most
expensive defender and a chief
goalscorer who would probably
fetch £200 million.
And a 5-2 first-leg lead over
Roma, which followed the 5-1
aggregate win over Manchester
City, the new Premier League
champions who have scored 102
times and amassed 93 points from
35 fixtures. A mini-exodus has
struck the Champions League
semi-finalists here, with Jurgen
Klopp’s assistant, Zeljko Buvac,
now detached from the operation
and Steven Gerrard reportedly on
the verge of taking over at Rangers.
Any other club would be in shock,
but Liverpool continue along their
gilded path to Kiev.
Their 100th game in the
Champions League returns them to
the ground where they won this
competition for the fourth time in
eight years, with a team of
Grobbelaar, Neal, Lawrenson,
Hansen, Kennedy, Johnston (Nicol
69), Lee, Souness, Whelan, Dalglish
(Robinson 93) and Rush. They also
seek to end a comparative barren
spell in club football’s marquee
event that stretches back to the
2008 defeat by Chelsea, which
ended a run of seven successive
semi-final wins.
In the intervening years, City
and Manchester United especially
have created an age of
stratospheric spending, and
Liverpool’s mission was seen by
many as a grim struggle just to
keep up. The departures of Luis
Suarez, Javier Mascherano, Xabi
Alonso and most recently Philippe
Coutinho seemed to mark them
out as a stepping-stone club living
off history.
Now, Klopp can walk into a
Stadio Olimpico press room (with a
“wow’ to denote surprise at the
size of the audience) not as the
manager of a side finagling its way
through Europe but as the boss of a
lopsided second leg.
“We are here to fight for our
dreams,” he can say, knowing that
Liverpool hold this tie by the
throat, and that anotherr diligent
m through
display will see his team
to the finale in Ukraine..
verpool be
By no stretch can Liverpool
p run’. They
said to be on a ‘good cup
are the leading scorers in this
They are uniting
around a grand
idea and seeing
how far it can
take them
year’s Champions
League with 38, a
record for an English
club, with 28 of those
going to their lethal front
‘Boring’ James Milner,
dismissed as a journeyman,
and prompter of groanss when
his name appears on an
England team-sheet, has
ndelivered a competitionrecord nine assists.
This is a side with chemistry,
m. In
identity and momentum.
g to do
one sense it has nothing
with 1984, the miracle of
Istanbul (2005) or any other
great tradition, except
perhaps the Anfield decibel
count. There is no scientific
evidence to show that
experience or ‘history’ passes
through a club’s water supply
from one generation to the
Jurgen Klopp’s
Liverpool are
the leading
League scorers
next. Yes, players can read and
hear about past heroics, but they
are no use when Kevin De Bruyne
or David Silva is coming at you. Or
Edin Dzeko.
Klopp knows this better than
anyone. “The story of Liverpool in
Rome is fantastic but nobody
thinks it helps that our
grandfathers won here. It’s about
creating history,” he said.
All the questions were about
“nights like tomorrow”, and “big
European nights” but there is
nothing to gain for Klopp from
adding to this mysticism (the
questions are fair). “I don’t think it
helps a lot,” he said. And: “We don’t
have to make it bigger than it is.”
True. It could hardly be bigger
– even w
without history’s train
This E
European flowering comes
year after Klopp’s first
two years
Liverpoo team were taken to
b Sevilla in a Europa
school by
League fi
final in Basel. The progress
h been dramatic. This is a
since has
club, remember,
that has not
t English league title for
won the
28 years,
but could end up
three Champions
Leag finals in 13 years (2005,
200 and now).
A 3-0 Roma victory would
sen the praise up in flames.
would sit with
in the gallery of
club who came to Rome
a big lead and blew
it. Equally
goalscoring record in Europe
render it unthinkable that Roma
shu them out. The
will shut
irresistible style of Liverpool’s
attackin protects them from all
by fans of other clubs.
Nobody can question their
presence in Rome as hot favourites
to reach Kiev. No one can accuse
them of fiddling their way through.
Klopp’s m
men are uniting around a
grand idea,
an animating spirit,
seei how far it can take
and seeing
must be careful. On
pitch Liverpool’s back-line. Off
the pitch:
it, the supporters
crossing the
Tiber. Th
This is not a march back to
1984 but a step into a potentially
vibrant future.
The Daily Telegraph Wednesday 2 May 2018
Shaky Real seal place in final
after keeper Ulreich’s howler
Real Madrid
Benzema 11, 46
Bayern Munich
Kimmich 3, Rodriguez 63
Real win 4-3 on aggregate
Att: 77,459
By Jeremy Wilson DEPUTY
at the Bernabeu
Real Madrid have the aura, the formidable history and they will be
shooting for immortality when they
go for an unprecedented hat-trick
of Champions League wins but, beneath that cloak of invincibility,
Liverpool really have nothing to
fear if they do reach the final.
Yes, manager Zinedine Zidane is
still yet to lose a knockout tie over
three seasons in club football’s
most prestigious competition and,
yes, Cristiano Ronaldo remains a
goalscoring phenomenon but Real
wobbled badly before somehow
prevailing 4-3 over Bayern Munich
in an epic semi-final. The final
whistle felt less like the end of a
football match and more the last
bell for an ageing boxing champion
who, while ahead on points, was
out on his feet.
“The white DNA pushes you to
fight – let people talk, we do it on
the field,” said captain Sergio Ramos. Real will have recovered physically by the time of the final in Kiev
later this month but the frailties
that have led to a 15-point gap to
Barcelona in La Liga – and were evident here in allowing Bayern 20
shots – cannot be so easily eradicated. The sort of goalkeeping
howler by Sven Ulreich that would
make a Sunday league footballer
cringe had gifted Karim Benzema
one of his two goals, but this was
otherwise all about Real’s streetwise qualities. Ronaldo can rarely
have been more anonymous.
“It was a crazy game and a
spectacular show,” said Zidane. “It
was tough on the heart but you
can’t achieve anything without suffering.”
Knowing that at least two goals
were needed, Bayern were certainly set up to attack and began
with Thomas Muller, James Rodriguez and Franck Ribery all roaming
in the space behind Robert Lewandowski in an adventurous 4-2-3-1
Gift: Karim Benzema scores Real Madrid’s second goal after Sven Ulreich’s error
pinned Real back and, after Muller’s cross was not cleared by Sergio
Ramos, Joshua Kimmich pounced
to underline his goalscorer’s instinct even from the right-back position. As well as three assists, it was
League goal already this season.
The goal did seem to awaken
Real and, for nine minutes at least,
they passed the ball with conviction. A long passage of possession
was also rewarded when, after a
move involving 28 passes, Marcelo
crossed to find Benzema in space
on the edge of the six-yard box to
head what was his first goal from
open play since February.
It was a significant setback but
the wider task for Bayern had only
changed marginally and they
spurned three further chances to
level the tie shortly before halftime. First, Lewandowski had a shot
saved by Keylor Navas and then
Muller’s header was blocked by
Marcelo before Rodriguez – who is
on loan from Real – steered over the
crossbar from six yards.
Having been let down by poor
finishing, Bayern then self-destructed quite spectacularly defensively. A most routine back pass was
rolled towards Ulreich and, somehow forgetting momentarily that
he could not use his hands, he
reached for the ball. The Bayern
goalkeeper then suddenly remembered what he was doing but, amid
the panic, lost his footing. Benzema
had been following up and gratefully steered the simplest of finishes
into the empty net. “It was a gift at a
delicate moment,” said Bayern
manager Jupp Heynckes. “He had a
little blackout, he got confused.”
Lewandowski had another penalty appeal rejected and then Mats
Hummels and Niklas Sule each had
shots smothered. Real then look
primed to put the match beyond
Bayern on the counter-attack but
Ronaldo just failed to get his body
over a simple volley.
Bayern regained hope and, after
more excellent passing, Rodriguez
partially made amends for his earlier miss by guiding the ball beyond
Navas. It left Bayern fully 27 minutes to pour forward. Zidane tried
himself to stretch Bayern further
on the counter-attack with the introduction of Gareth Bale and,
while he did overrun one good
chance, he was largely also required to join the extraordinary
rearguard action.
“If we have a look at both games,
it is quite apparent that we were the
best team,” said Heynckes, before
confirming that, after one previous
comeback, this really would be his
last season in football management.
“My decision is now permanent,”
he said. “I’m disappointed, but I
don’t think there are too many people who, at 72, can live such adventures. It was a beautiful match.”
Real Madrid (4-4-2) Navas 8; Vazquez 6, Varane 6,
Ramos 8, Marcelo 7; Modric 7, Kovacic 6 (Casemiro 73),
Asensio 7 (Nacho 86), Kroos 6; Ronaldo 5, Benzema 6
(Bale 72). Subs Casilla (g), Hernandez, Mayoral, Ceballos.
Booked Modric, Vazquez, Casemiro, Varane.
Bayern Munich (4-2-3-1) Ulreich 5; Kimmich 7, Sule 7,
Hummels 6, Alaba 6; Tolisso 8 (Wagner 75), Thiago 8;
Muller 6, Rodriguez 7 (Martinez 84), Ribery 7;
Lewandowski 6.
Subs Starke (g), Rafinha, Mai, Rudy, Dorsch.
Referee Cuneyt Cakir (Turkey).
Wednesday 2 May 2018 The Daily Telegraph
Bong abuse is a
sad reflection
on those fans
and our society
about racial
player was
found ‘not
proven’ but
that is no
excuse for
vilifying the
man who
made it in
good faith
he average white
football fan can have
no idea how it would
feel for a black player
to make a complaint
about racial language
and then be booed for 90 minutes
for doing so, despite the Footballl
Association stressing the complaint
was “made in absolute good faith”.
All of us can read about the
torments inflicted on Cyrille Regis
or John Barnes and shake our
heads in shared disgust. We can all
retweet posts by Kick it Out to
indicate our 100 per cent rejection
of racism and prejudice. But then
very few of us will have to motorr
back from Burnley to Brighton
with the jeers of thousands of
people in our ears from every time
we touched the ball. At Turf Moor
on Saturday, you see, Brighton’s
Gaetan Bong was demonised for
having the temerity to report an
alleged comment by West Brom’ss
Jay Rodriguez that he remains sure
he heard.
There is no wish here to reopen
the legal argument about whether
against another” has often been
the verdict in high-profile cases
involving young England players
such as Rhian Brewster.
Corroboration is difficult to
attain, especially if match officials
claim not to have heard
potentially law-breaking
The Bong-Rodriguez case was
on its way to a dusty legal file
before Burnley fans revived it by
deciding Bong had committed
some kind of moral crime against
one of the town’s sons, despite
the FA saying categorically this
was not the case. Perhaps they
were upset by Bong sticking by
his original claim, which begs
the question: what was he meant
to do, change his mind and say it
had all been a terrible mistake
on his part?
The disrespect shown to him at
Burnley must have been noted by
other black footballers, who may
be tempted to ask: is it worth
reporting, is it our fate to be
turned on by crowds when we
speak out? Certainly, many must
have heard the boos and listened
to Hughton’s reaction and
recalled a dread phrase currently
everywhere in the news. Hostile
Khan making
a lifestyle
choice with
Wembley bid
Bong said it was the first
time he had encountered
the issue of racism on an
English playing field
Rodriguez, from behind a hand
raised to his mouth, said what
Bong thinks he said (“You’re black
and you stink”). A three-strong FA
panel decided the allegation was
“not proven”. Therefore there
should be no stain on Rodriguez’s
record. An accusation was made,
there was insufficient evidence to
support it, so no sanction was
issued and no mark of shame made
against Rodriguez’s name.
This we know. But what we
could not have guessed was that
many Burnley supporters were
also on the field that day and are
apparently certain that Bong’s
claims were fabricated. Those who
booed Bong for the full 90 minutes
either chose not to read or
preferred to ignore the official
statement: “The FA wishes to stress
that there has been no suggestion
by any party involved in this case
that this was a malicious or
fabricated complaint.
“The FA is completely satisfied
that this was a complaint made in
absolute good faith. The FA takess
all allegations of discrimination
extremely seriously and continues
to encourage all participants who
believe they have been the subject
of or witness to discriminatory
abuse to report this through the
appropriate channels.”
This last part became doubly
important after Bong was hounded
by the Burnley crowd, for a crime
they cannot possibly know he
committed: that of invention – for
what purpose, exactly? The sheer
hell of it? Bong has no history of
such conduct and says this was the
first time he had encountered the
issue on an English playing field.
Which, again, in no way points
to Rodriguez’s guilt, if the
evidence was not there to prove
it, but nor does it entitle fans
up and down the country to
vilify those who report
what they believe they
have heard, on the
basis that the victim
happened to have
been born in their
town and spent
Victim: Brighton’s
Gaetan Bong was
targeted by a
section of
Burnley fans
five years at their club.
Rodriguez left Burnley in 2012
but on social media at least one
supporter signalled an intention
to have a go at Bong when
Brighton came to town.
During the game, some sang:
“Jay Rodriguez, he’s one of our
own”. There are also claims, so far
unsubstantiated, that Bong was
racially abused by members of the
crowd, which, if correct, would not
necessarily indicate a racism
problem at Burnley, any more than
at any other club. There are still
bigots in every football stadium.
But we can say without fear of
contradiction that Chris Hughton,
the Brighton manager, was already
furious by half-time about the
booing of Bong. A controversyavoider by nature, Hughton
said: “I thought the reaction of
the Burnley supporters towards
Gaetan was shameful. He’s an
incredibly disciplined and straight
individual – as honest a person as
you will meet.” The FA, to its
credit, also called the booing
“unacceptable” while Kick It Out
defended the right of players to
report alleged incidents and allow
the legal process to take its course.
No leap of the imagination is
needed to see the potential
consequences of black and ethnic
minority players being demonised
for speaking up, whether the claim
is proven or not. More broadly,
whistle-blowing about the alleged
use of racial language is not in a
good state. “One person’s word
embley, the area, is
morphing into a small
Canary Wharf – one of
those mini-cities with blocks of
new-build flats, a shopping
centre, chain hotels and High
Street restaurants clustered
around an architectural
Instinct tells me Shahid Khan is
trying to buy into that world of
lifestyle and leisure as much as
Wembley itself, which, as he
points out, is not worth
£600 million solely as a pile of
concrete and girders.
Anyone who visits Wembley
regularly will have seen the
transformation from stadium to
entertainment complex, which
Khan clearly hopes to build on.
The days of us football writers
gathering in an Italian trattoria
up the road for pre-match pasta
beneath hanging wicker Chianti
bottles are long gone.
And if the vision is to be
realised, Wembley absolutely
does need a roof, so Anthony
Joshua can fight in the dry.
In this scenario the FA are
property developers selling an
asset that has acquired a new
purpose in a changed commercial
landscape. This was not the
original purpose, yet the original
purpose was flawed. Fifa
corruption was always going to
rule out a World Cup in England,
and a team who have not reached
a final since 1966 have no need to
own a palace.
The Daily Telegraph Wednesday 2 May 2018
Sport Football
Dyke sees the
benefits of
Wembley sale
My critics have
weak mentality,
claims Kane
By Matt Law
Harry Kane has broken his silence
over the jokes made at his expense
in recent weeks and claimed that
his critics are just waiting for him
and his England team-mates to fail
at the World Cup this summer.
The Tottenham Hotspur striker
was targeted on social media by
Liverpool players, England teammate Jamie Vardy, a number of
former professionals and fans after
Hitting back:
Harry Kane called
a mocking FA
tweet ‘silly’ and
said he is over it
claiming his side’s second goal
against Stoke despite it being given
to team-mate Christian Eriksen.
The official FA Cup Twitter account then poked fun at him for his
performance against Manchester
United in the semi-final, while
Professional Footballers’ Association
chairman Ben Purkiss also mocked
him in public.
Spurs coach Mauricio Pochettino
has defended Kane, describing the
FA tweet as “embarrassing”.
Kane, who made up for a sluggish
performance against Watford by
scoring Tottenham’s vital second
goal on Monday, addressed the subject afterwards for the first time.
“The FA tweet was a silly tweet,
we all know that,” said Kane. “I
talked to the gaffer about it and all
we said was, ‘Would other countries
do that to their players?’ Probably
not. It is something that has gone.
Two weeks ago now or whatever – I
am over it.
“The gaffer may have said that I
am sad, but I am focused. I am a guy
that gets over things. If it happened,
it happened. I move on and look
forward to the next game and that is
all I worry about – getting out on
the pitch and trying to do my job.”
Asked whether the way in which
people have jumped on the opportunity to make fun of him points to
a wider problem regarding England
players ahead of the World Cup,
Kane replied: “It’s strange. Maybe
it’s a mentality thing.
“It is easier nowadays maybe to
‘banter’ England players or take the
mickey out of the England players.
So if we don’t do well in the World
Cup, then people can say ‘We told
you so.’ But that is maybe a weaker
“But as a team, it is what it is. We
are focusing on what we have got to
do. We have got to go with the
mindset and belief that we can do it.
We try to win everything we go into
– the World Cup is no different.
“People are going to have their
opinions. When you are not doing
well or the team are not doing well,
people are going to look for certain
individuals to dig out. It is what it is.
It is part of the game.
“I try not to get too high or get
too low because you never know
what is around the corner. I’m trying
to stay focused on what I need to do
and that is to perform on the pitch.”
Striker breaks silence
over social media trolls
Abuse ‘strange’ ahead of
England’s World Cup bid
By Sam Wallace
Farewell Ray
England manager Gareth
Southgate (above, with
Chelsea’s Antonio Conte)
led the mourners at the
funeral of Ray Wilkins
yesterday. Frank
Lampard and Christine
Bleakley (left) also
attended. Wilkins, the
celebrated midfielder,
died suddenly on April 4.
Former Football Association chairman Greg Dyke says that the governing body should sell Wembley
Stadium if the deal is right and that
the £600 million that is proposed
could be better used in the grassroots project that he began in 2014
to lay 600 new 3G pitches.
Dyke, 70, who was FA chairman
from March 2013 to August 2016,
was leading the FA when the board
first discussed whether to sell an
option to Shahid Khan in 2015,
which would have allowed the
American billionaire preferential
negotiating rights should it ever
have been put up for sale.
Under Dyke, the stadium was refinanced, saving the FA around
£15 million a year, and later the separate Wembley board and management was abolished and brought
under the leadership of current
chief executive Martin Glenn.
Asked whether he would now
back a deal to sell Wembley, Dyke
told The Daily Telegraph, “Why
not? I haven’t seen the deal but if
you can seriously take £500 million
and use it for improving grass-roots
facilities in this country I would
probably say ‘Yes’.
“I produced a report during my
time asking how you change facilities in this country in an era when
the local authorities have no money
[in 2014 the FA proposed a £230 million investment in 150 football hubs
in 30 English towns and cities] and
we came up with a pilot project in
Sheffield. I don’t know how much
£500 million would pay for now.
“The value of Wembley is totally
dependent on what the FA pays for
matches, it wasn’t proper accounting. The debt on Wembley is down
to £140 million and what everyone
seems to have forgotten is that prior
to the new Wembley being built it
was never owned by the FA at all.”
Wednesday 2 May 2018 The Daily Telegraph
Arsenal weigh up younger
head coach as cheaper option
By Jeremy Wilson
Arsenal are continuing to explore a
range of younger head-coach-style
options to replace Arsene Wenger
and do not simply want to be drawn
into paying huge wages for one of
the highest-profile candidates.
With the structure surrounding
the manager having already evolved
and a transfer budget before sales
this summer of around £50 million,
the priority is a manager with the
coaching track record to bring out
the best in the squad while also
Well paid: Luis
Enrique’s wage
demands could
prevent him
moving to Arsenal
progressing the younger players.
Arsenal have not yet made any final
decisions – and chief executive Ivan
Gazidis is committed to a proper
recruitment process – but Luis
Enrique was reportedly earning
£16.5 million a year at Barcelona,
almost double what Wenger is paid
at the Emirates.
Enrique’s likely wage expectations have already put off Chelsea,
and Arsenal are also considering
other options. Former captains
Mikel Arteta and Patrick Vieira,
Monaco manager Leonardo Jardim,
Juventus coach Max Allegri and
Hoffenheim’s Julian Nagelsmann
are also on Arsenal’s shortlist.
Zeljko Buvac, Jurgen Klopp’s
Liverpool assistant, was yesterday
reported in Bosnia to be under consideration by Arsenal, but he has
not managed since 2001. He would
be well known to Arsenal’s head of
recruitment Sven Mislintat following their time together at Borussia
Dortmund and is highly regarded
for his work on the training ground.
Raul Sanllehi, Arsenal’s new
head of football relations, worked
closely with Enrique at Barcelona.
Gazidis holds Arteta, who is Pep
Guardiola’s assistant at Manchester
City, in high regard.
The new manager will not be allpowerful in the transfer market – as
Wenger was – and his budget will
have limitations following record
spending over the past two years on
both transfer fees and wages.
Aaron Ramsey, Petr Cech and
Danny Welbeck are all out of contract next year and are expected to
wait until the manager is appointed
before making any final decision on
extending their deals. Jack Wilshere
is out of contract in June and has so
far refused the offer of a new deal.
There will be other off-field
changes, with fitness coach Tony
Colbert, first-team coach Boro
Primorac and goalkeeping coach
Gerry Peyton all expected to leave.
Club captain Per Mertesacker will
head up the club’s academy and
current assistant manager Steve
Bould may stay on.
Gerrard closer to Rangers
By Chris Bascombe
Steven Gerrard will tell Rangers if
he will become their manager in
the next 48 hours after admitting
for the first time that he is interested in the job. There is [interest],”
he said on BT Sport last night.
“I’ve held positive talks with
them. I will pick it up on Thursday
and we’ll see if we can progress it.”
Yesterday Rangers interim manager Graeme Murty was relieved of
his duties after meeting managing
director Stewart Robertson.
Assistant coaches Jimmy Nicholl
and Jonatan Johansson will take
over dugout responsibilities for Saturday’s home game with Kilmarnock if Gerrard is not in charge.
The former Liverpool midfielder
was in Glasgow earlier this week to
discuss plans, assessing how he
could take the club forward. Those
conversations are thought to have
been encouraging, edging Gerrard
ever closer to the role.
Gerrard is ambitious, but has
sought assurances before making
what would be a huge leap from
Academy football as the Liverpool
Under-18 coach.
It would be a coup for Rangers to
tempt the 37-year-old from Anfield.
He must weigh up the potential of
the Ibrox job with the resources
Tonight Gerrard will be in Rome
to work as a pundit for BT Sport on
Liverpool’s Champions League
In brief
Chelsea eye Martial move
Chelsea are among the clubs
interested in Anthony Martial’s
situation at Manchester United.
Juventus and Tottenham Hotspur
have already shown an interest,
with the Italians thought to be
ready to pay £44 million for the
striker, a figure which would fit
Chelsea’s budget.
Scunthorpe in play-offs
Scunthorpe confirmed their place
in the League One play-offs after
their 2-0 win at Plymouth, who can
still qualify. At the bottom, AFC
Wimbledon and Walsall both drew
last night to ensure safety.
Mancini close to Italy job
Roberto Mancini is willing to
become the next Italy coach but
has not agreed a deal and talks are
FA charges Albrighton
Leicester winger Marc Albrighton
has been charged with misconduct
following his red card at Crystal
Palace on Saturday.
Jese leaves Stoke
Jese Rodriguez has been given
compassionate leave until the end
of the season by Stoke, effectively
ending his season-long loan from
Paris St-Germain.
Cycling rides into a
political storm ahead
of Israel’s Big Start
Security will be tight
as the Giro d’Italia
begins in Jerusalem
on Friday,
Tom Cary
ycling is no
stranger to
This is a sport
dealing in
doping scandals
and deaths,
politics and
polemics. Even by its standards,
though, the decision to stage the
start of the 101st Giro d’Italia in
Jerusalem, one of the most bitterly
contested territories on earth, is
hugely contentious. The grande
partenza, which begins in the holy
city on Friday with a 10km time
trial, the first of three stages to be
held in Israel before the race
moves to Italy, may well pass off
smoothly. Indeed, given the
security resources being thrown at
it by Israel’s government, it is likely
to. But on paper at least, this Big
Start feels like a big risk.
Rarely has the sport found itself
at the epicentre of such sensitive,
politically charged issues. It took
less than 24 hours from the
unveiling of the route last
November to the first major
ructions; Israel’s government
threatening to withdraw its
support for the race entirely unless
organisers RCS Sport altered the
wording of a press release in which
it referred to the race starting in
“West Jerusalem” rather than
simply “Jerusalem”.
The episode was quickly
resolved, Giro director Mauro
Vegni insisting his team had made
a “mistake”, adding – rather
hopefully – that the sport was in
Israel to “do sport, not politics”.
The damage, though, had been
done. Israel’s insistence that
Jerusalem was the “capital [where]
there is no east or west”, and the
Giro’s apparent acquiescence, had
opened Pandora’s Box, giving the
lie to the pretence that this race
was simply about sport.
Not that Sylvan Adams, the
billionaire behind this project
– the first grand tour to start
outside of Europe – sees it that
way. A 59-year-old Canadian who
inherited his property company
from his father, a Romanian-born
Holocaust survivor, Adams
emigrated to Israel two years ago
and speaks evangelically about
what he calls “Normal Israel”, a
term he uses to describe the
country he says he sees daily; one
in which Arabs make up 21 per cent
of the population. “I could tell you
stories about how we actually all
kind of get along here,” Adams
The Daily Telegraph Wednesday 2 May 2018
Off to Israel
three stages
Stage 1
Distance 9.7km ITT
Stage 2
Shlomo ha-Melekh
Stage 1
Stage 2
Distance 167km
Stage 3
T Time trial
Stage 3
Be’er Sheva
Distance 229km
Dead Sea
Sde Boker
Zikhron Ya’aqov 91km
Caesarea 105.3km
City sights: Jerusalem will provide a
stunning backdrop to the Giro d’Italia
way, and admits to a “budget for
the entire project of about
€20 million [£17.6 million]”. Up to
20,000 tourists will descend on
Jerusalem on Friday.
The question is: at what cost? In
accepting a reported €10 million
staging fee and allowing Israel to
dictate terms, the Giro has been
accused by critics of “sportwashing”. After the route was
announced, the European
Coordination of Committees and
Associations for Palestine, a
Brussels-based group which claims
to be formed of 120 different
Ramon Crater
Tel Aviv
says, speaking from offices next to
Israel’s first velodrome, which he
has built and which will open later
this year. When people come here,
they are almost universally
pleasantly surprised because it
doesn’t look like all of the reports
they’ve been getting.”
Adams, whose Israel Cycling
Academy team will make its grand
tour debut in the race, believes you
would need “a fertile imagination”
to call the grande partenza
“anything than a purely positive
story”. “Look, some people are
going to bring it up,” he says of
Israel’s conflict with Palestine and
allegations of human-rights abuses.
“It’s a free world. You look at
Formula One [with Bahrain, China,
Azerbaijan], or football with the
World Cups in Qatar and Russia.
That’s really above my pay grade.
“I’ll tell you how I see it, though.
The Tour de France and the Giro
are tremendous vehicles for France
and Italy, and the Vuelta for Spain
of course. When you think of the
viewers … up to a billion viewers
will see that Israel is a beautiful
country. I see that as a tremendous
boon for tourism here.”
Adams says countries hostile to
Israel would be “foolish” to try
anything, given “the entire air force
will be on alert protecting the race”,
adding the chief of Italian police
laughed when the issue of security
was brought up, saying the race
would be “safer than it is in Italy”.
Nobody doubts the race – and
particularly the opening stage – will
provide spectacular backdrops.
Adams has a team of “about 600
people who are working flat out” to
prepare for Friday, when Chris
Froome’s challenge for a third
consecutive grand tour gets under
human-rights groups, sent a letter
to teams, sponsors, journalists,
even to Pope Francis, accusing the
Giro of “whitewashing Israel’s
military occupation and grave
human-rights violations”.
Those concerns have only grown
since. Demonstrations have taken
place around the globe, many
using the social-media hashtag
#RelocateTheRace, as tensions in
the region have steadily ratcheted
up, particularly after the recent
shootings on the Gaza border.
It is against this backdrop that
David Lappartient, the president of
cycling’s world governing body the
UCI, was recently sent a letter –
seen by The Daily Telegraph
‘If you are always
focusing on conflict
and terrorism, you
are delivering a
negative message’
– signed by 29 members of the
European Parliament, expressing
concerns over the Jerusalem start.
Lappartient’s reply, also seen by
this newspaper, stressed the UCI
would be “extremely attentive to
ensure the race is not used for
political means”. The trouble is, as
the Italian MEP, Eleonora Forenza,
Strange route Path to the race starting in Jerusalem by Tom Cary
How has the Giro d’Italia wound
up in Israel?
Sylvan Adams, a 59-year-old
Canadian billionaire property
developer and two-time Masters
cycling champion, emigrated to
Israel and co-owns the Israel
Cycling Academy team.
He first proposed it to Giro
director Mauro Vegni in 2016.
“I think he thought I was joking,”
Adams says. “But eventually we
managed to convince him to pay
a visit to Israel. He was a bit
reticent at first. But he saw that
the country was open, safe,
democratic. Whatever
impression he had before, he
warmed very much to the idea.”
Has anything like this happened
The Jerusalem start is far from
the first time a grand tour [the
name given to the three-week
tours of Italy, France and Spain]
has gone on the road. In fact, this
will be the 12th time the Giro
alone has started outside of Italy.
In 2014 the Giro started in
Belfast, the same year the Tour
started in Yorkshire. This will,
however, be the first grand tour
to start outside of Europe.
Why are they doing it?
Money is obviously a key factor,
but so too the chance to access a
new market. Israel – and the
Middle East – has become a
player in international cycling in
recent years. “I think they [the
Giro organisers] started to be
intrigued by the idea of
expanding the Giro brand
outside of Europe,” Adams says.
“And not only the Giro brand
but the sport of cycling too. We
had competition – Wales, Poland,
and even Japan at one point.
They [the Giro] were locked in
with Japan but the UCI wouldn’t
commit to the travel times.”
How much is it costing?
Israel is reportedly paying
€10 million (£8.8 million) for the
rights to stage the grande
partenza. Adams claims the
budget for the entire project is
“about €20 million”.
Are there security concerns?
Adams says not. “I didn’t want to
spend a lot of time doing all this
and then find out they were
going to have a problem, so I
asked out front ‘Are you OK with
the situation in Israel?’ And they
smiled and said ‘We went to the
chief of Italian police and he said:
‘You’re going to be safer in Israel
than you would be in Italy’. I have
great confidence. I think Israel is
pretty good at defending itself.”
pointed out in her subsequent
reply to Lappartient, it already has.
Gilad Erdan, Israel’s Strategic
Affairs Minister, has called the start
“a huge achievement in and of
itself that strengthens Israel’s
Should the sport be going
anywhere near such issues? Does it
understand what it has let itself in
for? Some have already chosen to
vote with their feet [or their
remote control] by boycotting.
Most, though, particularly from
within cycling, have said nothing.
UAE Team Emirates and
Bahrain-Merida, two Arab teams
on the World Tour, did not even
reply to a request for comment.
Kate Allen, Amnesty
International’s UK director,
believes that is not good enough.
“The Jerusalem launch inevitably
means Israel’s dismal human-rights
record is going to be in the
spotlight,” she told The Daily
Telegraph. “We’d advise all the
cyclists and their support teams to
consult our reports on the situation
in Israel and the Occupied
Palestinian Territories, and be
prepared to field questions about
the human-rights situation.”
Adams insists that to focus on
such issues is unfair, possibly even
irresponsible. “If you are always
focusing on conflict and terrorism
you’re kind of delivering a negative
message,” he says. “We want to use
sport to encourage cohesion in
Israel. But I don’t want to lecture.
We’re just inviting people to come
and see for themselves. I think they
– and the millions of viewers at
home – will be fascinated.”
That at least is true, although
many others will simply be
Wednesday 2 May 2018 The Daily Telegraph
Sport Tennis
Kafelnikov was
‘Player B’ who
retired amid
betting scandal
Simon Briggs
Ex-world No 1 quit after
notorious loss in 2003
Russian denies trying to
avoid disciplinary action
Yevgeny Kafelnikov, the Russian
former world No 1 and double
grand-slam winner, can be revealed
as the player whose retirement was
deemed “concerning” by last
week’s Independent Review of
Integrity in Tennis.
The report, delivered by Adam
Lewis QC at a press conference in
London, found no evidence of internal cover-ups by tennis authorities over historic match-fixing
allegations. But it did raise one note
of doubt, surrounding the retirement of the unnamed “Player B” in
2003. Lewis and his panel suspected that this player – whom The
Daily Telegraph can now identify as
Kafelnikov – might have retired in
order to avoid disciplinary proceedings following a notorious
match in Lyon in October 2003.
The Daily Telegraph has seen the
Report into Corruption Allegations
in Men’s Professional Tennis, circulated to the ATP in 2005, which reveals that “Player B” is Kafelnikov.
In two conversations with The
Telegraph over the past week, Kafelnikov has repeatedly insisted he
did not retire to escape disciplinary
action. The match in question was
Kafelnikov’s 6-2, 6-3 defeat by Fernando Vicente – then the world
No 68 – in the first round in Lyon.
‘Bond villain’
known as
Dr No plays
a mean hand
of poker
fears over
Lyon match
The 2003
match in Lyon
Kafelnikov and
Vicente drew
attention after
closed their
markets before
the match had
even started.
Vicente –
who was then
ranked 68th
in the world
– had lost his
previous 12
dating back
four months.
He won 6-2, 6-3
then was
by Arnaud
Clement in the
next round.
played just two
more events,
winning only
one more
match, before
away from
Simon Briggs
Bookmakers suspended their betting markets before the match had
even started, and the case provoked
enough of a furore to be responsible for a tightening of the ATP’s
anti-gambling protocols.
Kafelnikov played his final professional match a fortnight later,
shortly after he had received a letter stating the ATP was conducting
a “Major Offence Investigation”
into the Lyon match. Kafelnikov
was interviewed by the ATP over
the case, but he never faced charges
as there was no evidence of his
complicity in the betting.
The explanation is that the suspicious bets being placed on the
match had come not from Kafelnikov, but from one of his business
associates, Michael Commandeur.
The ATP’s Code of Conduct at the
time only prohibited betting by a
“player, player’s coach or immediate family member of a player”.
Other friends and associates were
not mentioned.
l graph ask
When The Daily Telegraph
Kafelnikov aboutt his
r, he rreeCommandeur,
plied: “He wass never
my agent. He was my
friend. He would
uld boo
tel rooms
flights and hotel
for me. I still speak to
him sometimes
es now.””
e oAs for his other memories of the case,
se, Kafelnikov
said: “It was 15 years ago. I
spoke to Mark
k Miles [then
ef executive]
the ATP’s chief
about it and that
hat was all.”
The detailss provided
ndent Rein the Independent
view Panel’ss report
show Kafelnikov
kov was
closely watched
hed by
the on-site supervisor, who had
d been
alerted to the
e unusual
Champion never made
the tennis Hall of Fame
despite stellar career,
writes Simon Briggs
n an interview published the
year after his retirement,
Yevgeny Kafelnikov was
described as having
“something of the Bond
villain about him, an aura
intensified by his polo-neck top
and bad haircut, not to mention his
friendship with some decidedly
shady characters”. Unlike today’s
major champions, who mostly play
the PR game, Kafelnikov rarely
gave such interviews during his
playing days. His nickname
among the Association of Tennis
Professionals’ publicity team was
“Dr No” – another Bond reference
– because he tended not to do
anything unless contractually
obliged to.
This attitude may help to explain
his absence from tennis’s Hall of
Fame, despite a superb career that
included six weeks as world No 1
in the summer of 1999. For
purposes of comparison, Andy
Roddick has been inducted, even
levels of backing for Vicente. According to the report, the supervisor stated that, in his opinion,
Kafelnikov had performed “a
professional tank” – tennis jargon for giving up easily. But
no fine was imposed under
the Code of Conduct clause that
required players to produce their
“best efforts”.
As for gambling offences, the
way the code was worded at that
time made it extremely difficult to
bring disciplinary action. Nevertheless, according to the IRP’s evidence, a letter was drafted
informing Kafelnikov that he
was being fined $100,000
(£60,250) and suspended for
three years. But after a discussion of their legal position, the letter was
For a case to be brought, it would
have been necessary to show that
Kafelnikov had both known about
Commandeur’s bets – which are
understood to have run to several
thousand euros – and actually directed them to be placed. The Russian denied both points and there
was no evidence to contradict him.
When interviewed by the ATP,
Commandeur admitted placing
bets on Kafelnikov to lose. For these
bets, he used two credit cards that
were linked to accounts in other
names – one belonging to one of
Commandeur’s relatives and the
other to a different, low-profile
player who worked with Commandeur’s management company. He
told the investigators that he placed
the bets based on his own judgment
that Kafelnikov was not match fit.
Commandeur also placed bets on
though Kafelnikov – who is 44 –
won more slams, roughly the same
number of matches, and a gold
medal in the singles event at the
Sydney Olympics in 2000.
Would this bother Kafelnikov? It
seems unlikely. He tends to go his
own way. Since retirement, he has
competed from time to time as a
professional poker player. An
excellent golfer, he has also
entered the Russian amateur
championships on numerous
occasions. Kafelnikov says that he
tries to get out on the course for
four to six hours every day and has
served as vice-president of the
Russian Golf Federation, a position
matched by his more recent
appointment to the same role at the
Russian Tennis Federation.
However, unlike many other
players of his generation, he rarely
surfaces at senior tennis events.
On the court, Kafelnikov
finished with a stellar record. Most
people remember him as a
baseliner, but he also volleyed well
enough to collect 27 doubles titles
including four majors.
Very few people have a winning
record against Roger Federer but
Kafelnikov claimed four out of six
meetings against the Swiss
The Daily Telegraph Wednesday 2 May 2018
Wimbledon changes prize rules
after spate of early withdrawals
By Simon Briggs
three other matches at Lyon – these
included Vicente’s next match
against Arnaud Clement, but not
Vicente’s meeting with Kafelnikov
– using Kafelnikov’s credit card. But
Commandeur insisted Kafelnikov
had no knowledge of the bets.
Kafelnikov ended his career as
one of the game’s greats – a twotime slam-winner who claimed the
French Open title in 1996, the Australian Open in 1999, and won the
singles gold medal at the Sydney
Olympics in 2000.
As a direct result of the investigation, the gambling sections of the
ATP Code of Conduct were separated out and redrafted into the
Tennis Anti-Corruption Program,
which came into force on Jan 1,
2005. From then on, gambling on a
player’s matches was prohibited for
a wider group of people, including
No evidence:
Kafelnikov has
insisted he was
unaware of bets
placed on him to
lose his match
against Fernando
Vicente (left)
Old hand: Kafelnikov playing in a 2016 tennis legends show
managers, agents, guests and associates. As for Commandeur, he lost
his ATP accreditation, but no further action could be taken against
him because he had not technically
broken the Code of Conduct.
To return to the Independent
Review of Integrity in Tennis, the
2,000-page report mentions an
“assertion of confidentiality” surrounding “Player B”. It was for this
reason, the report says, that “the
panel is concerned about the circumstances of the player’s retirement”. Yet during last week’s press
conference, Lewis acknowledged
that, “It’s now clear … that there’s
no question of them [the ATP] asserting confidentiality in relation to
their evidence”. When the final report is delivered in the autumn,
“Player B” is expected to fade into
the background.
superstar. Only 24 men in the Open
era can better his final total of 609
singles victories. And at the French
Open of 1996, he performed a feat
that has not been achieved at any
slam since: victory in both the
men’s singles and men’s doubles
“I was lucky that I caught
different eras,” Kafelnikov said in
2015, “playing with [Boris] Becker
and [Stefan] Edberg, then with
[Andre] Agassi and [Pete] Sampras,
and Federer after that. I competed
with three generations of top
players, so I’m very satisfied with
my career and what I achieved.”
Wimbledon yesterday announced a
ormula to pre
new prize-money formula
prevent a repeat of last year’s multiple
h caused deep
withdrawals, which
wo successive
frustration when two
first-round matchess on Centre
ndoned after
Court were abandoned
around 40 minutes each.
bledon chamDefending Wimbledon
pion Roger Federer,, whose match
with Alexandr Dolgopolov
polov ended in
the second set, wass among those
calling for reform last
st summer, and
the All England Club
ub has now responded. This year,
r, any players
who report on site,, but then declares themselves unfit to play,
will receive £19,500
0 – or half the
first-round prize money. The
idea is to prevent half-fit
lf-fit players
going on court because
use it is the
et paid.
only way they can get
In addition, players
rs who declare themselves ready to
play, but then are deemed
emed to
have produced a disappointing performance
nce because of fitness issues,
es, will
be fined 100 per cent
ent of
their winnings.
In January, the Australian Open became
the first major to use
Exit: Alexandr
retired in his
Centre Court
opener against
Roger Federer
similar system, and Mischa Zverev
– who was suffering from a virus
rather than an injury – was fined
£32,200 of his £34,000 prize
money after retiring
during the
second set of his opening match.
The new rule
rules are likely to mean
that more “luck
“lucky losers” – players
who have won tw
two rounds in qualifying but fallen at the final hurdle –
get the chance to enter the main
draw, with a minimum prizepackage of £19,500. This
money packag
make a substantial
can m
difference to those outthe top 100, who ofside th
fund their careers.
ten struggle to fu
the All England Club
Meanwhile, th
will have the discretion to give
Serena Wilseven-time champion
seeding for this year’s
liams a seedin
interview with the New
In an intervi
York Timess last week, the world
No 449 argued that tennis should
offer more mat
maternity-leave benefits. “If you want to have a baby and
months off or a year off
take a few mont
back, you shouldn’t
and then come b
penalised for that,” she
have to be pena
said. “Pregnancy is not an injury.”
Prize money at Wimbledon this
year will total £
£34 million – an increase of almost eight per cent on
figure. The singles chamlast year’s figure
£2.25 million each.
pions will earn £
Wednesday 2 May 2018 The Daily Telegraph
Sport Cricket
Ashes series
to kick off
maiden Test
ECB should no
longer run the
first-class game
Ruling body must not be
allowed to strangle long
version of cricket with
its 100-ball competition
hat a shame
that the
phrase “It’s
not cricket”
is such a
cliche; because it aptly describes
the 100-ball per innings
competition the England and
Wales Cricket Board has devised as
its latest marketing stunt, and
which so far has had a decidedly
cool reception from most
connected with the game. The
players are annoyed because they
were not consulted; the members
are annoyed because, well, it is not
cricket; and quite a few club
officials are cheesed off because
they were not consulted either.
The secrecy that preceded the
announcement last month of this
new circus almost suggests that the
ECB and its myrmidons were afraid
some might not like it.
In fact, only two small and select
groups do seem to feel good about
it: those whose understandable
keenness to keep earning a living
as administrators means they will
swallow any garbage the ECB
concocts to “attract a new
audience”, and some commentators
who, likewise, hope the change
would trigger the ker-ching of
their cash registers. Otherwise,
there is disbelief, contempt and
ridicule. Given how little
resemblance this proposed circus
bears to what the laws define as
“cricket”, the ECB might as well
encourage clubs to “attract a new
audience” by proposing rock
concerts (as some already do) or car
boot sales on their grounds.
Unintentionally, one suspects,
the ECB has also performed the
exceptional feat of making
traditionalists feel good about T20.
Everybody wants more people to
watch cricket. But it should be
obvious that anyone with the
limited attention span and
defective comprehension required
to enjoy a 100-ball “match” will
translate with great difficulty to the
more thoughtful, complex and
slow game that is genuine cricket:
and, indeed, probably will not. One
could probably pack into a Mini the
numbers who, after a few matches,
would decide to become lifetime
converts to the first-class game.
But then one suspects the ECB
would not mind if the first-class
game evaporated, provided cricket
grounds could stage the circus
instead. It is for me final proof that
the ECB should be relieved of
running first-class cricket. It
should hand that responsibility
over to those who understand it,
support it and cherish it. As I have
said before, MCC would be best
equipped to do this, provided some
in its upper reaches who appear to
have conflicts of interest with the
ECB choose which side they are on.
MCC is currently – as usual –
entirely obedient to the desires of
the ECB, and told its members that
“changes to the game which attract
a new audience to cricket are
certainly worthy of MCC’s
attention and consideration”. That
is a dangerous road to head down.
It talks of creating “a welcoming
environment for families”, as if
children and indeed their mothers
By Nick Hoult
Circus: James Vince walks out to bat in a T20 Blast quarter-final in 2015
There are ways to
make families
welcome. They do
not include turning
game into a travesty
are never spotted at existing
matches, or are repelled with
water cannon if they heave into
view. There are more ways to make
“families” welcome at cricket
matches, and they do not include
turning the game into a travesty.
In the new Wisden Cricketers’
Almanack, Lawrence Booth, the
editor, in criticising the myopia of
the ECB in what he calls “a
make-or-break era for English
cricket”, adds that, once, “Test
cricket was part of the national
debate. Now, it sounded like an
inconvenience”. It will become
more of an inconvenience if the
ECB does not realise that the way
to entice people to first-class
cricket is not to saturate them with
cricket’s equivalent of drivel,
which is what the 100-ball “game”
will be, but to make the first-class
game more appealing.
It has been much noted that
championship cricket is pushed to
the fringes of the season, outside
the long summer holidays, which
for a start rules out children
attending most of it. It also
encourages seam bowling and does
nothing to develop fast or spin
bowlers, which hardly assists our
Test team. Championship matches
should be properly marketed; and
they should run throughout the
summer. There is a strong case for
cutting them to three days – as
used to happen – and insisting on a
higher over-rate, with serious
penalties for not meeting it.
It used to be routine to bowl 120
overs in a six-hour day; 110 overs a
day would be easily manageable
and would speed the game up,
creating greater interest. But above
all a bigger programme would
allow more chance for Test players
to represent their counties, which,
if marketed properly, would
encourage more spectators.
It seems the ECB has tried
everything except the obvious. The
ECB’s attitude is increasingly
desperate. If it wants to set up a
whole separate game, and bleed it
to death, then I would have no
objection to its being allowed to do
so. But it must not be allowed to
strangle English first-class cricket,
and with it the future of Test
cricket, in the process.
The next Ashes series will kick off
cricket’s long-awaited first World
Test Championship next year as
attempts to revitalise the game’s
oldest format begin in earnest.
The Ashes, which will be played
later next summer after the World
Cup, will begin a two-year cycle
that will culminate in a final,
expected to be played at Lord’s.
Last week, the ICC confirmed the
Test championship will begin in
2019 and the Ashes will be the first
series that counts towards final
standings. The points system is still
under discussion at the ICC, but all
series will be given the same
weighting. Nine teams will play six
series over a two-year period that
count towards the championship
table. Series will comprise of twoto-five Test matches and countries
Ethics role: Pat
Cummins will join
Australia’s panel
looking at their
team culture
will play three home series, and
three away. James Sutherland, the
chief executive of Cricket Australia,
confirmed last night the Ashes series in England will be the first fixture of the new league structure.
Sutherland also revealed that Pat
Cummins and Tim Paine have been
appointed to the ethics committee
looking into the culture of the Australian side after the ball-tampering
scandal. Rising star Cummins is set
to be named as vice-captain to
Paine. Shane Watson and George
Bailey have also been drafted on to
the ethics committee.
The ball-tampering scandal culminated in year-long bans for captain Steve Smith and David Warner.
Cameron Bancroft was suspended
for nine months and head coach
Darren Lehmann resigned.
The search for a coach to replace
Lehmann has started.
Champions League
Semi-final 2nd leg
Real Madrid (1) 2
Benzema 11 46
B Munich (1) 2
Kimmich 3
Rodriguez 63
Real Madrid win 4-3 on agg.
45 8 6 9 31 33 3 10 9 25 40 -17 49
45 5 12 5 23 24 5 6 12 25 33 -9 48
Bury (R)
AFC Wimbledon (0) 0
Scunthorpe (1) 2
Plymouth (0) 0
Adelakun 32
Toney 60
P W D L F A W D L F A GD Pts
Wigan (P)
MK Dons (R) 45 6 8 9 24 30 4 4 14 18 39 -27 42
Walsall (1) 1
Oztumer 22
Doncaster (0) 0
AFC W'don 45 8 5 9 23 28 5 8 10 22 28 -11 52
Northamptn 45 7 4 11 18 33 5 6 12 23 42 -34 46
Sky Bet League One
Bradford City (1) 1
Lund 45
P W D L F A W D L F A GD Pts
45 9 6 8 30 31 4 7 11 23 33 -11 52
45 13 8 2 37 11 15 3 4 51 18 59 95
Blackburn (P) 45 14 6 2 44 19 13 6 4 36 20 41 93
Shrewsbury 45 14 4 4 32 16 11 8 4 28 22 22 87
Rotherham 45 14 3 5 44 23 9 4 10 28 30 19 76
Scunthorpe 45 9 7 6 27 22 10 9 4 37 27 15 73
45 11 6 6 31 24 9 5 8 27 26 8 71
45 13 3 7 37 30 6 8 8 19 24 2 68
45 7 4 12 20 30 1 7 14 19 39 -30 35
Sky Bet League Two
Chesterfield (0) 1
Dennis 71
Newport Co (0) 0
Ladbrokes Scottish Premiership
Play-off Quarter-final 1st leg
Dunfermline (0) 0
Dundee Utd (0) 0
Ladbrokes Scottish League One
Play-off Semi-final 1st leg
Stenhousemuir (1) 1
Queen’s Park (0) 1
Scott 27
Leitch 47
LADBROKES SCOTTISH LGE 2.-Play-off semifinal 2nd leg: Spartans 2 Cove Rangers 1 (Cove
Rangers win 5-2 on agg).
EVO-STIK NORTH.-Prem play-off semi-finals:
Ashton Utd 2 Farsley Celtic 1-Warrington Town 0
Grantham 3.
BARCLAYS U21 PREMIER.-Div 2, Play-off semifinal: Aston Villa 4 Reading 3.
NBA.-Play-offs (best-of-7 series), Eastern Conf
semi-final: Boston 117 Philadelphia 101 (Boston
lead series 1-0).
TOUR MATCH.-Canterbury: Pakistan 168 (55.2
overs; Imam-ul-Haq 61; W R S Gidman 5-47);
Kent 209-4 (64.0 overs; J L Denly 113no; S R
Dickson 74). No play Monday due to rain,
Match drawn.
INDIAN PREMIER LGE.-Bangalore: Royal
Challengers Bangalore 167-7 (20 overs, H
Pandya 3-28); Mumbai Indians 153-7 (20 overs,
H Pandya 50). Royal Challengers Bangalore win
by 14 runs.
(Germany): 1 A Kristoff (Norway) UAE Team
Emirates 5h 13m 25s; 2 M Matthews (Australia)
Team Sunweb; 3 O Naesen (Belgium) AG2R La
Mondiale; 4 A Pasqualon (Italy) Wanty-Groupe
Gobert all at same.
Horse Racing results
Going: Good to soft-good in places
2.20 (5f60yds nov): James Watt (Hayley Turner
6-4F) 1; Wedding Date (3-1) 2; Kapono (13-2) 3.
5 ran. 2l, 21/4l. (M Bell).
2.50 (1m3f198yds h’cap): Sassie (L Morris 12-1)
1; Rocky Shores (3-1) 2; Diocletian (2-1F) 3. 7
ran. hd, 31/4l. (S Kirk).
3.25 (5f60yds h’cap): Mr Pocket (F Norton 9-4) 1;
Super Julius (13-8F) 2; Rose Berry (7-2) 3. 5 ran.
shd, 21/4l. (R Cowell).
3.55 (1m1f207yds h’cap): Precious Ramotswe (R
Havlin 15-8F) 1; Canberra Cliffs (8-1) 2; White
Chocolate (9-4) 3. 7 ran. 2l, 11/4l. (J Gosden).
4.25 (7f211yds h’cap): Kaaber (M Godwin 20-1) 1;
With Approval (7-1) 2; Sir Jamie (7-1) 3. False Id
7-2F. 12 ran. nk, nk. (M Blake). NRs: Lady
Gwhinnyvere, Tarseekh.
4.55 (6f210yds h’cap): Black Caesar (J Watson
7-2JF) 1; Duke Of North (15-2) 2; Bounty Pursuit
(5-1) 3. Zlatan 7-2JF. 7 ran. shd, 11/2l. (P Hide). NR:
5.25 (1m1f207yds h’cap): Archimento (J Watson
5-1) 1; Ashazuri (10-1) 2; Stringybark Creek (141) 3. Mulsanne Chase 5-2F. 11 ran. ns, 5l. (P Hide).
Placepot: £159.60. Quadpot: £18.50.
Going: Standard
Going: Standard
5.45 (5f nov): Its The Only Way (T Marquand
11-10F) 1; Um Shama (16-1) 2; Dolly Dupree
(25-1) 3. 10 ran. 21/4l, 11/2l. (R Hannon).
6.15 (5f nov): On The Stage (L Keniry 3-1) 1;
Thegreyvtrain (80-1) 2; Chynna (9-4F) 3. 8 ran.
13/4l, hd. (Ed Walker). NRs: Kodinar, Nananita.
6.45 (7f h’cap): Fortune And Glory (O Murphy
7-2) 1; Dear Bruin (14-1) 2; Masquerade Bling
(3-1F) 3. 13 ran. nk, nk. (J Tuite). NR: Peggie Sue.
7.15 (7f): Jallota (James Doyle 7-2) 1; Arod (9-4)
2; Chessman (2-1F) 3. 5 ran. hd, 1/2l. (C Hills).
7.45 (1m7f218yds h’cap): Amazing Red (James
Doyle 5-1) 1; Gavlar (7-1) 2; Haines (7-1) 3.
Chocolate Box 4-1JF, Regicide 4-1JF. 12 ran. 13/4l,
ns. (E Dunlop).
8.15 (1m h’cap): Balletomane (T Marquand 10-3F)
1; Brexitmeansbrexit (6-1) 2; Verstappen (4-1)
3. 11 ran. 11/2l, nk. (R Hannon).
8.45 (1m h’cap): Connemera Queen (A Kirby 5-1)
1; Dark Freedom (9-1) 2; Desert Trip (11-2) 3.
Chetan 4-1F. 14 ran. 1l, shd. (J Butler). Tote: Win
£6.20; places £2.40, £1.50, £2.60. Exacta:
£59.20. Tricast: £258.66. Trifecta: £378.50. CSF:
Jackpot: £6,666.60. Placepot: £24.90.
Quadpot: £10.30.
5.20 (7f14yds h’cap): Portledge (K Stott 12-1) 1;
Chaplin Bay (15-2) 2; Fast Landing (5-4F) 3. 10
ran. 3/4l, 3/4l. (J Bethell).
5.55 (6f h’cap): Citron Major (T Eaves 16-1) 1;
Tember (12-1) 2; Snaffled (7-1) 3. Gowanbuster
7-2F. 9 ran. 23/4l, nk. (N Tinkler).
6.25 (6f nov): Walk On Walter (T Eaves 5-2F) 1;
Saisons D’or (11-2) 2; He’s One Of R Own (33-1)
3. 9 ran. nk, 11/2l. (D M Simcock). NR: Bustam.
6.55 (2m56yds h’cap): Bal De Rio (Ben Robinson
7-4) 1; Archibelle (16-1) 2; Cray (10-1) 3.
Hediddodinthe 11-10F. 8 ran. 1/2l, hd. (B Ellison).
7.25 (1m2f42yds h’cap): Shanghai Silver (P
Hanagan 11-4) 1; Jamacho (18-1) 2; Tom’s Rock
(15-8F) 3. 6 ran. 13/4l, shd. (C Hills).
7.55 (1m2f42yds h’cap): Orobas (Paula Muir 33-1)
1; Champagne Rules (8-1) 2; Pickett’s Charge
(5-1F) 3. 12 ran. 41/2l, 1/2l. (Lucinda Egerton).
8.25 (5f h’cap): Novabridge (C Beasley 16-1) 1;
Star Cracker (4-1JF) 2; Monsieur Mel (9-1) 3.
Hisar 4-1JF. 10 ran. nk, 13/4l. (Mrs K Tutty). Tote:
Win £14.50; places £2.80, £1.40, £3.40. Exacta:
£98.60. Tricast: £488.84. Trifecta: £336.70. CSF:
£78.36. NR: Griffin Street.
Placepot: £142.80.
Quadpot: £23.30.
The Daily Telegraph Wednesday 2 May 2018
Sport Rugby Union
Sale to sign Jackson despite rape case
he has brought in Australian bad
boy James O’Connor, who was arrested last year on suspicion of
buying cocaine, and England wing
Marland Yarde, who was driven out
of Harlequins last year. Handling
the fallout that will follow Jackson’s
arrival may prove to be his biggest
challenge yet.
Meanwhile, Bath have warned
Eddie Jones not to consider selecting flanker Sam Underhill for the
summer tour to South Africa after
returning to the club “broken”
from the last England training
camp. Underhill is inching his way
back to full fitness after tearing tendons in his toe at an England training camp in March after a debut
season in which he has made just
four Premiership starts.
England have already lost at least
six leading players, including back-
row options Nathan Hughes and
Courtney Lawes, while head coach
Jones has previously hinted that he
intends to rest some of his Lions
Yet, with the squad to face South
Africa in a three-Test series due to
be announced a week tomorrow,
Bath first-team coach Toby Booth
says rushing Underhill back into action would be an unnecessary risk.
“Sam hasn’t even started training
yet,” Booth said. “He’s still got a lot
of work to do. He returned to us
broken and he’s not set one foot on
the training pitch. He’s still at the
rehab stage, so I’d imagine he’s got a
long way to go yet.
“Everyone knows what international rugby is like and going away
to South Africa is certainly not
going to be for the faint-hearted
and the under-prepared. You need
to be at your best for those sorts of
tours, so hopefully common sense
prevails and they do what is right
for England, for us and for Sam.”
Booth also played down speculation that the club are about to sign
London Irish wing Joe Cokanasiga
and Cipriani, the out-of-contract
Wasps fly-half. The Daily Telegraph
understands that, while there has
been contact between Bath and
Cipriani, it is far from a done deal,
with strong interest from clubs in
France and Japan.
In all likelihood, Bath would
have to offload either of their established fly-halves, Rhys Priestland
and Freddie Burns, to facilitate the
signing of Cipriani, a prospect
Booth described as highly unlikely.
“We do not have any interest in
moving the two we have got. I
would be very surprised from Danny’s point of view,” he said.
“I don’t know what the situation
is with Joe in relation to relegation.
As far as I understand he is a contracted player at London Irish.”
capped England woman of all time
on 82 appearances, having made
her debut as an 18-year-old in 2003.
Waterman, known by her nickname “Nolli”, has played in four
World Cups and was part of the
Team GB women’s sevens squad at
the Rio Olympics in 2016.
“It has been an incredible journey and a true honour to be a Red
Rose for 15 years,” said Waterman.
“It’s been a privilege to play
alongside and against some of the
best players in the world, but also to
have been part of the development
of women’s international rugby.”
Waterman’s father, Jim, was also
a full-back and played more than
400 games for Bath.
After spells playing club rugby
for Team Northumbria, Henley,
Worcester and Bristol, she joined
Wasps FC Ladies last September.
She was one of the standout players
in the inaugural Premier 15s season
and will continue to play for the
Acton-based club.
Women’s head coach, said of Waterman: “She’s incredibly skilful but
more than anything she’s probably
the bravest player I’ve ever seen on
a rugby field, men’s or women’s.
“Nolli’s been an inspiration to
coach and she’s an inspiration for
anybody who has watched her.”
Ulster fly-half to join
Sharks in cut-price deal
Olding also in talks as
club prepare for storm
Sale Sharks have agreed a cut-price
deal to sign controversial Irish flyhalf Paddy Jackson, The Daily Telegraph can reveal. The Aviva
Premiership club are also close to
agreeing terms with centre Stuart
Jackson, 26, and Olding, 25, had
their contracts terminated by their
club Ulster last month, despite being
acquitted of rape after a nine-week
trial. The pair had been accused of
raping a woman at a party at Jackson’s home in June 2016.
Jackson, who won 25 caps for
Ireland, later apologised for what
he described as “degrading and
offensive” WhatsApp messages
regarding the woman in the case.
The verdict attracted massive
protests in Ireland, while Ulster’s
leading sponsor, the Bank of Ireland, declared itself “highly concerned” by their conduct before the
province cut ties with the pair.
Sale would not publicly comment last night and will delay the
announcement until after the end
of the rugby season. Jackson was on
a contract worth around £250,000
with the Irish Rugby Union, but is
believed to have accepted terms of
less than £200,000 with Sale.
Olding is likely to sign a similar cutprice deal.
Their signings, however, are
likely to reignite protests by women’s rights groups. Yet if any direc-
hailed bravest
of all as she
retires at 33
By Daniel Schofield
Controversial: Although Paddy Jackson was found not guilty of rape, his recruitment will almost certainly be criticised
tor of rugby is prepared to deal with
the firestorm that signing Jackson
and Olding will create, then it is
Steve Diamond. Sale’s director of
rugby believes that their innocence
in the court of law, rather than
public opinion, is all that matters.
He has previously put his neck
on the line to defend Denny Solomona, who was found guilty by an
RFU disciplinary panel of directing
homophobic abuse towards Jamie
Shillcock, the Worcester Warriors
fly-half, in a Premiership match on
March 24.
Indeed, Diamond specialises in
rehabilitating players considered
toxic by other clubs. He signed
By Kate Rowan
Danielle Waterman, England’s
player, has announced her retirement from international rugby.
The 33-year-old was an instrumental part of the Red Roses’ 2014
Rugby World Cup-winning squad,
scoring in the final against Canada.
The full-back is the sixth most-
2.00 (5f8yds nov): Delft Dancer (J Crowley 2-1) 1;
Skeetah (11-10F) 2; Red Handed (7-2) 3. 4 ran.
nk, 5l. (M Johnston). NR: Spell.
2.30 (1m75yds nov): M C Muldoon (D Allan 10-1)
1; Giovanni (9-2) 2; Mushtaq (11-4F) 3. 8 ran. 3l,
2l. (P Chapple-Hyam).
3.00 (1m75yds h’cap): Last Enchantment (E
Greatrex 4-1) 1; Lady Alavesa (3-1F) 2; Tig Tog
(6-1) 3. 7 ran. 1l, 1/2l. (Eve J-Houghton). NR:
3.35 (1m75yds h’cap): Red Tea (Finley Marsh 7-4F)
1; Feathery (8-1) 2; Prying Pandora (5-1) 3. 6
ran. hd, 2l. (P Hiatt). NR: Pattie. Pattie| Rule 4
applies to All Bets, deduct 10p in the pound.
4.05 (1m2f50yds h’cap): Hyanna (D Allan 7-1) 1;
Double Reflection (3-1F) 2; Apache Blaze (7-2) 3.
9 ran. 3/4l, 1/2l. (T Easterby). NRs: Calling Rio, Maid
4.35 (1m6f h’cap): Slunovrat (J Crowley 9-4) 1;
Thistimenextyear (2-1F) 2; Roman Flight (25-1)
3. 5 ran. ns, 7l. (D Menuisier).
5.05 (5f8yds h’cap): Dotted Swiss (S Levey 7-2) 1;
Little Boy Blue (10-3F) 2; The Golden Cue (6-1)
3. 8 ran. 1/2l, 1l. (R Hannon). Tote: Win £3.50; places £1.40, £1.60, £1.40. Exacta: £14.40. Tricast:
£60.95. Trifecta: £53.60. CSF: £14.37. NR: Dahik.
Placepot: £17.60. Quadpot: £5.10.
2.10 (5f42yds mdn): Artair (J P Spencer 11-10F)
1; Usain Boat (9-2) 2; Adam Tiler (8-1) 3. 5 ran.
21/4l, 1/2l. (M Bell). NR: Revich.
2.40 (1m3f104yds nov): Corelli (L Dettori 1-3F) 1;
Kittileo (10-1) 2; Blame Culture (3-1) 3. 3 ran.
21/2l, 16l. (J Gosden). NRs: Antonian, Jetstream.
3.15 (1m2f23yds h’cap): Oceanus (Shelley Birkett
4-1) 1; Raven Banner (13-8F) 2; Tyrsal (7-2) 3. 6
ran. nk, 41/2l. (Miss J Feilden). NR: Hard Toffee.
3.45 (7f3yds h’cap): Salt Whistle Bay (M Harley
11-4) 1; Ripp Orf (7-4F) 2; Suzi’s Connoisseur
(6-1) 3. 7 ran. 1l, 3/4l. (R Guest).
4.15 (7f3yds h’cap): Seyasah (T Queally 7-1) 1;
How’s Lucy (8-1) 2; Sonnet Rose (7-1) 3. The
Lacemaker 11-4F. 8 ran. 1l, 1/2l. (C Wall). NR:
Tallulah’s Quest.
4.45 (1m3yds h’cap): Rosedale Topping (P J
McDonald 5-1) 1; Patty Patch (9-2) 2; Jazzy Girl
(6-1) 3. Gainsay 4-1F. 8 ran. 21/4l, 3/4l. (E Vaughan).
NR: Lulu Star.
5.15 (1m3yds h’cap): Choral Music (R Hornby
9-4F) 1; Ahfad (4-1) 2; Spring Praise (5-1) 3. 8
ran. nk, 11/4l. (J Portman). NR: Miss Mollie.
5.50 (1m3yds h’cap): Misu Pete (S De Sousa 2-1F)
1; Dor’s Law (7-2) 2; Screaming Gemini (7-1) 3.
6 ran. 13/4l, 1/2l. (M Usher). NRs: Channel Packet,
King Oswald.
Placepot: £43.60. Quadpot: £24.70.
Going: Soft-good to soft in places
Going: Soft-good to soft in places
Danny Cipriani in 2012 when his
reputation was at an all-time low
following a controversial spell with
the Melbourne Rebels. This season
Fresh start: Stuart
Olding is also
likely to sign with
Sale to try to
rebuild his career
Ice Hockey
NHL.-Play-offs (best-of-7 series), Eastern Conf
semi-final: Tampa Bay 4 Boston 2 (Series level
1-1). Western Conf semi-final: San Jose 3 Vegas
Golden 4 (OT) (Vegas lead series 2-1).
Rugby Union
PREMIERSHIP: Bedwas 29 Newport 28-Cross
Keys 7 Bridgend 13.
BETFRED WORLD CH'SHIP (Crucible Theatre,
Sheffield).-Qtr-finals: J Trump (England) leads J
Higgins (Scotland) 5-3; M J Williams (Wales) is
tied with A Carter (England) 4-4; B Hawkins
(England) leads J Ding Junhui (China) 11-5; K
Wilson (England) leads M Allen (N Ireland) 11-5.
BRITISH UNDER-21 FINAL ( Berwick): 1 R
Lambert (King’s Lynn); 2 C Mountain (Ipswich/
Coventry); 3 N Greaves (Wolverhampton); 4 D
Bewley (Belle Vue/Workington).
ATP T’MENT (Estoril, Portugal).-1st rd: S
Tsitsipas (Greece) bt P Andujar (Spain) 7-6 (7-2)
6-3; R Carballes Baena (Spain) bt B Fratangelo
(US) 7-6 (7-1) 6-3; C Norrie (GB) bt R Haase
(Holland) 6-4 3-6 6-3; J Sousa (Portugal) bt D
Medvedev (Russia) 7-6 (7-1) 7-5; F Debonis
(Argentina) bt A Ramos-Vinolas (Spain) 6-2 6-4; S
Bolelli (Italy) bt J Domingues (Portugal) 6-3 6-2;
N Jarry (Chile) bt L Mayer (Argentina) 3-6 7-6
(9-7) 6-4; R Ojeda Lara (Spain) bt F Ferreira Silva
(Portugal) 6-4 7-5; N Kicker (Argentina) bt T
Smyczek (US) 6-2 6-2.
ATP T’MENT (Munich).-1st rd: J Struff (Germany)
bt D Masur (Germany) 7-6 (7-1) 6-4; Y Maden
(Germany) bt Y Sugita (Japan) 4-6 7-6 (11-9) 6-2;
M Basic (Bih) bt G Monfils (France) 6-2 3-6 6-3; M
Cecchinato (Italy) bt F Fognini (Italy) 5-7 6-3 6-2;
M Fucsovics (Hungary) bt G Pella (Argentina) 6-4
7-5; M Marterer (Germany) bt D Brown (Germany)
5-6 ret; P Kohlschreiber (Germany) bt I Karlovic
(Croatia) 7-5 6-4; M Zverev (Germany) bt A
Haider-Maurer (Austria) 6-4 6-3; C Ruud (Norway)
bt M Copil (Romania) 7-6 (7-3) 6-3.
ATP T’MENT (Istanbul).-1st rd: M Jaziri (Tunisia)
bt M Ilhan (Turkey) 6-1 6-2; T Moura Monteiro
(Brazil) bt G Melzer (Austria) 6-2 3-6 6-1; J Vesely
(Czech Rep) bt D Gimeno-Traver (Spain) 6-3 6-1; R
Dutra Silva (Brazil) bt R Albot (Moldova) 6-4 6-4;
J Chardy (France) bt N Basilashvili (Georgia) 7-5
6-3; D Lajovic (Serbia) bt J Millman (Australia) 6-4
6-0; T Fabbiano (Italy) bt M Youzhny (Russia) 6-1
WTA T’MENT (Prague).-1st rd: Kristyna Pliskova
(Czech Rep) bt A Sasnovich (Belarus) 7-6 (7-5) 6-3;
A Lottner (Germany) bt M Barthel (Germany) 6-0
7-5; M Buzarnescu (Romania) bt B Haddad Maia
(Brazil) 6-1 7-5; D Allertova (Czech Rep) bt P
Schnyder (Switzerland) 6-4 6-4; C Giorgi (Italy) bt
B Zahlavova Strycova (Czech Rep) 6-0 2-6 6-2; S
Zhang (China) bt S Voegele (Switzerland) 6-4 7-5;
E Gabriela Ruse (Romania) bt B Pera (US) 2-6 6-1
7-5; J Paolini (Italy) bt D Kasatkina (Russia) 7-6
(8-6) 6-3; P Kvitova (Czech Rep) bt T Smitkova
(Czech Rep) 6-1 6-3.
rd: Aldershot v Ebbsfleet Utd (7).
North: Kidderminster v Bradford P A, Stockport
Co v Chorley. South: Hampton & Richmond v
Truro City, Hemel Hempstead v Braintree Tn.
EVO-STIK SOUTHERN.-Prem play-off semi-finals:
King’s Lynn v Weymouth, Slough v Kettering.
PREMIER LGE 2.-Div 1: Tottenham v Man City (7).
FA WOMEN’S SUPER LGE 2: Tottenham v Millwall
Fixtures 7.45 unless stated
PREMIERSHIP: Llanelli v Swansea (7.30).
WRU NATIONAL LGE.-Div One, East: Blaenavon
v Dowlais (7.15). West: Tycroes v Felinfoel (7).
INDIAN PREMIER LGE.-Delhi: Delhi Daredevils v
Rajasthan Royals (3.30pm).
Roma (2) v Liverpool (5)
Alloa v Raith
Arbroath v Dumbarton
Stirling v Peterhead
Rugby Union
Sport on TV
BASKETBALL: NBA play-offs, Houston v Utah - BT
Sport 1 1am (Thurs).
CRICKET: Indian Premier League, Delhi Daredevils
v Rajasthan Royals - Sky Sports Main Event & Sky
Sports Cricket 3pm.
FOOTBALL: Champions League, Roma v Liverpool
- BT Sport 2 7pm; National League play-offs,
Aldershot v Ebbsfleet - BT Sport 1 6.30.
SNOOKER: World Championship - BBC Two 10am,
1pm & 7pm/Eurosport 1 10am, 2.30 & 6.30.
TENNIS: WTA, Prague Open - BT Sport 1 10am.
Wednesday 2 May 2018 The Daily Telegraph
Sport Racing
Dettori free to ride James
Garfield in 2,000 Guineas
Stakes disappointment Roaring
Lion in the Guineas and said: “We
are going to do a little breeze [today] and then make our minds up. I
think he has come on a lot for his
last race.”
Dettori was on board James
Garfield when George Scott’s colt
won the Greenham at Newbury last
month, and when the colt took last
season’s Mill Reef Stakes at the
same track.
The jockey said: “He has won a
Greenham, which is one of the
main Guineas trials. George is very
happy with him and we’ve got to
give it a go. He is a bonny little horse
and he really tries. He wears his
heart on his sleeve and he should
give it his best.”
Scott said: “I felt it was hugely
important to have Frankie on
1.50 - Tasaaboq
2.25 - Sarvi
3.00 - Costa Percy
3.35 - Jaalboot
[B] Blinkers [V] Visor [E] Eyeshield [T] Tongue Strap [P] Cheekpieces
1.50 Handicap (6) 6f £3,105
Winning team: Frankie Dettori and his Qipco Guineas mount James Garfield
board. He knows the horse so well
and he has a lot of confidence in the
Ryan Moore will miss the 2,000
Guineas as he will be in Kentucky
to ride Mendelssohn in the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs.
The colt, who is attempting to become the first European-trained
horse to win the ‘Run for the Roses’,
has been allotted stall 14. Trainer
Aidan O’Brien will be delighted, as
nine of the winners since 2000
started from stall 13 or higher.
Mendelssohn disputes favouritism at 4-1 with the Bob Bafferttrained Justify, who is drawn in stall
3.10 Longines Sagaro Stakes (Group 3) (1) 2m £34,026
3.45 - Invincible Army
4.20 - Accidental Agent
4.55 - Mountain Angel
2.00 Sodexo Conditions Stakes (Plus 10) (2) 2YO 5f £9,057
Getchagetchagetcha C Cox 9 2
2 3 The Irish Rover (21) A P O’Brien (Ire) 9 2
Spell R Hannon 8 11
4 4 Vikivaki (33) R Cowell 8 11
S.P. f’cast: 8-11 The Irish Rover, 10-3 Vikivaki, 6-1
Getchagetchagetcha, 13-2 Spell.
A Kirby 1
R L Moore 3
S Levey 2
L Morris 4
2.35 EBF Fillies’ Conditions Stakes (Plus 10) (3) 3YO 1m £9,704
1 2-1 Dathanna (25) (D) C Appleby 9 6
W Buick 1
2 1 Golden Iris (21) J Portman 9 3
R Hornby 4
3 61- Red Starlight (186) (D) R Hannon 9 3
R L Moore 2
4 6- Agrotera (179) Ed Walker 9 0
P Cosgrave 3
S.P. f’cast: 4-6 Dathanna, 11-4 Red Starlight, 7-1 Golden Iris, 10-1
1 19- Desert Skyline (193) D Elsworth 4 9 6
S De Sousa 4
J Garritty 5
2 -73 Clever Cookie [P] (11) P Niven 10 9 2
3 67- Montaly (192) (D) A Balding 7 9 2
W Buick 6
4 2-0 Torcedor [P] (32) Mrs J Harrington (Ire) 6 9 2 C O’Donoghue 3
5 12- Raheen House (186) (C) B Meehan 4 9 1 J P Spencer 1
6 1-2 Time To Study (32) (BF) M Johnston 4 9 1 R L Moore 2
S.P. f’cast: 9-4 Torcedor, 5-2 Raheen House, 4-1 Desert Skyline, 6-1
Montaly, 8-1 Time To Study, 12-1 Clever Cookie.
3.45 Pavilion Stakes (Group 3) (1) 3YO 6f £45,368
Fighting Irish (11) (D) H Dunlop 9 5
S Donohoe 3
Abel Handy (201) D Carroll 9 1
T Eaves 6
Enjazaat [WS] (221) (D) Owen Burrows 9 1 J Crowley 8
Eqtidaar (235) (D) Sir M Stoute 9 1
D O’Neill 4
Invincible Army (221) (D) (BF) J Tate 9 1 R L Moore 5
Laugh A Minute (230) R Varian 9 1
A Atzeni 2
Sound And Silence [P,T] (144) (C)(D) (BF) C Appleby 9 1
W Buick 7
R Winston 1
8 6-3 Eirene (14) (D) D Ivory 8 12
S.P. f’cast: 9-4 Invincible Army, 10-3 Sound And Silence, 11-2
Laugh A Minute, 6-1 Abel Handy, 8-1 Enjazaat, 10-1 Others.
Going: Good to soft
TV: Sky 432 & Virgin 536
Draw: No significant advantage
[B] Blinkers [V] Visor [E] Eyeshield [T] Tongue Strap [P] Cheekpieces
4.20 Paradise Stakes (Listed) (1) 1m £20,983
1 48- Accidental Agent (161) (C) (BF) Eve J-Houghton 4 9 0
C Bishop 4
H Bentley 6
2 -00 Ballard Down [V] (11) (D) W Knight 5 9 0
3 1-0 Century Dream [T] (24) (D) S Crisford 4 9 0 W Buick 8
4 7-1 Circus Couture (59) (D) J Chapple-Hyam 6 9 0 S Donohoe 3
J Crowley 7
5 8-5 Crazy Horse (39) G Baker 5 9 0
A Atzeni 1
6 -31 Hors De Combat (76) (D) D Coakley 7 9 0
R L Moore 5
7 121 Victory Bond (33) W Haggas 5 9 0
8 157 Star Quality (38) David Loughnane 4 8 9 S De Sousa 2
S.P. f’cast: 2-1 Victory Bond, 3-1 Accidental Agent, 9-2 Century
Dream, 5-1 Hors De Combat, 10-1 Circus Couture, 16-1 Crazy Horse,
Ballard Down, 50-1 Star Quality.
4.55 Manny Mercer Apprentice Handicap (4) 1m £6,728
1 -80 Apex King [P] (39) (C) E Dunlop 4 9 8
L Edmunds 5
J Watson (5) 2
2 7-5 Berkshire Boy [B] (26) A Balding 4 9 8
3 3-2 Abareeq (20) (D) M Johnston 5 9 7
O Stammers (7) 3
4 850
5 256 636
7 348 079 7810 0811718
12 0-0
13 13-
Pastime [P,T] (15) Miss G Kelleway 4 9 6 Aaron Jones 6
Mountain Angel (215) R Varian 4 9 5
David Egan 8
Mr Minerals [T] (14) (D) R Hughes 4 9 5 Finley Marsh (3) 15
Sayem (191) (D) Ed Walker 4 9 5
M Godwin 1
Sir Titan (162) (D) M Tregoning 4 9 4 T Saunders (5) 14
Saluti (245) Mrs A Perrett 4 9 3
Georgia Cox 16
Balmoral Castle (222) (CD)(D) J Portman 9 9 2 P Pilley 17
In The Red [B] (18) (D) M Smith 5 9 2 Milly Naseb (5) 11
Fire Tree [T,V] (19) (CD)(D) C Fellowes 5 9 0 A Beech (5) 10
Glenn Coco (136) (D) (BF) S C Williams 4 8 13
Jessica Cooley (7) 13
14 -58 Sans Souci Bay (7) S Dixon 4 8 13
T Ladd (7) 9
15 34- Gerry The Glover [P] (190) (D) L Carter 6 8 11 H Burns (5) 4
16 8-7 Hemingway [P] (8) J Long 4 8 10 R J Fitzpatrick (3) 12
17 2-4 Peace Terms (101) David Loughnane 4 8 9 E J Walsh 20
18314 Secret Return (18) (D) Miss K George 5 8 8 R Ingram (5) 7
19 11- Love And Be Loved (191) (D) J Flint 4 8 7 W Cox (3) 18
20 -96 Professor (40) (C) W Knight 8 8 7
Shelley Birkett 19
S.P. f’cast: 11-2 Mountain Angel, 6-1 Abareeq, 8-1 Sayem, Glenn
Coco, 10-1 Love And Be Loved, 12-1 Mr Minerals, Berkshire Boy, 16-1
Sans Souci Bay, Apex King, Sir Titan, Pastime, Saluti, 20-1 Others.
6.20 Fillies’ Handicap (5) 6f £3,752
5.45 - High Horse
6.20 - Poet’s Princess
6.50 - Grandma Tilly
7.20 - Jaganory
7.50 - Major Valentine
8.20 - Who Told Jo Jo
5.45 Brake Group Maiden Stakes (Plus 10) (4) 2YO 5f £4,663
Big Boots M Channon 9 5
C Shepherd 3
W Carson 2
2 5 Greeley (16) B Millman 9 5
3 6 Greenback Boogie (12) B Meehan 9 5
M Dwyer 1
Headland M Meade 9 5
Fran Berry 8
High Horse C Cox 9 5
A Kirby 5
Irene’s Prince P Evans 9 5
J F Egan 6
Jaayiz R Hannon 9 5
S Levey 12
8 4 Raskolnikov (12) R Beckett 9 5
L Steward 9
9 4 North Korea (31) P Evans 9 0
D Probert 11
Ower Magic [H] R Hannon 9 0
Thore Hansen (7) 4
R Kingscote 7
11 5 Sesame (18) T Dascombe 9 0
12 5 Wye Bother (12) J Bradley 9 0
J Quinn 10
S.P. f’cast: 10-3 High Horse, 4-1 Jaayiz, 13-2 Raskolnikov, 8-1
Sesame, 10-1 Headland, Greenback Boogie, Big Boots, 14-1 Wye
Bother, Ower Magic, 16-1 Others.
1 4-5 Poet’s Princess (16) (D) H Morrison 4 9 7 C Bennett (3) 3
2 74- Peace Dreamer (247) (D) R Cowell 4 9 5 J Fisher (7) 7
3 313 Powerful Dream [P] (11) (CD)(C) R Harris 5 9 4 D Probert 5
4 57- Coronation Cottage (196) (CD)(C) M Saunders 4 9 2 L Keniry 2
5 113 La Fortuna [T] (7) (C)(D) C Wallis 5 9 0
W Carson 4
6 -22 Bellevarde (9) R J Price 4 8 13
Fran Berry 1
J F Egan 6
7 77- Sweet Pursuit (205) (D) B Millman 4 8 11
8 -19 Evening Starlight (26) (CD)(D) R Hodges 5 8 9 R Kingscote 8
S.P. f’cast: 11-4 La Fortuna, 9-2 Bellevarde, 5-1 Powerful Dream,
11-2 Poet’s Princess, 6-1 Peace Dreamer, 8-1 Others.
6.50 SIS Handicap (6) 3YO 6f £3,105
1 620 Duba Plains [H] (14) M Channon 9 7
C Shepherd 6
2 -24 Grandma Tilly (12) Steph Hollinshead 9 6 Toby Eley (7) 5
A Kirby 4
3 532 Give Em A Clump [V] (16) (D) P Evans 9 5
4 746 Pranceabootthetoon (39) (D) J Bradley 9 5 D Probert 7
J Osborn (7) 2
5 40- Pas De Blanc (134) B Barr 9 2
6 75- Achianna (236) B Millman 8 11
J F Egan 8
7 40- Cent Flying [WS] (230) W Muir 8 11
M Dwyer 3
J Fahy 9
8 97- Mocead Cappall [WS] (158) J Holt 8 8
D Brock 1
9 00- Spirit Of Ishy (198) W Kittow 8 3
S.P. f’cast: 5-2 Give Em A Clump, 4-1 Achianna, 5-1 Grandma Tilly,
Duba Plains, 8-1 Pranceabootthetoon, 12-1 Cent Flying, 14-1 Others.
Going: Good to soft-good in places TV: Sky 415
Draw: Low numbers are favoured in races up to a mile.
[B] Blinkers [V] Visor [E] Eyeshield [T] Tongue Strap [P] Cheekpieces
7.20 Strakers Handicap (6) 6f £3,105
Athassel (34) (D) P Evans 9 9 10
Fran Berry 5
Jaganory [P] (212) (CD)(C)(D) C Mason 6 9 7 David Egan (3) 8
Majorette (225) B Barr 4 9 7
Joshua Bryan (5) 2
De Vegas Kid (67) A Carroll 4 9 2
R Winston 4
Dalness Express [P,T] (23) (D) J G O’Shea 5 8 13
Ben Robinson (5) 3
6 003 Bonjour Steve [P] (28) (D) R J Price 7 8 11 D Probert 6
7 106 Ambitious Boy [P] (39) (D) J G O’Shea 9 8 7 J F Egan 7
8 232 Black Truffle [P] (23) (D) M Usher 8 8 4 Thore Hansen (7) 9
9 -00 Hit The Lights [B] (12) (D) Adam West 8 8 4 J Quinn 1
S.P. f’cast: 9-4 De Vegas Kid, 7-2 Black Truffle, 4-1 Dalness Express,
13-2 Jaganory, 10-1 Bonjour Steve, 12-1 Majorette, 14-1 Athassel,
20-1 Ambitious Boy, 25-1 Hit The Lights.
7.50 Brake Group Handicap (4) 6f £5,531
The Daley Express (12) (C)(D) R Harris 4 9 8 D Probert 7
Handytalk (214) (CD) B Millman 5 9 7
A Kirby 6
Our Lord (210) (CD) M Attwater 6 9 7 David Egan (3) 2
Titan Goddess (16) Mike Murphy 6 9 6
Fran Berry 1
5 -48 Belledesert [P] (12) (CD)(D) Steph Hollinshead 5 9 1
R Winston 3
6 4-0 Pastfact (12) (CD)(D) M Saunders 4 8 11
L Keniry 4
R Kingscote 5
7 9-4 War Whisper (30) P Midgley 5 8 9
8 287 Major Valentine (27) (C)(D) J G O’Shea 6 8 8
Ben Robinson (5) 8
S.P. f’cast: 11-4 The Daley Express, 7-2 Belledesert, 5-1 Handytalk,
11-2 Our Lord, 8-1 War Whisper, Titan Goddess, 10-1 Others.
8.20 Drive Vauxhall Handicap (6) 5f £3,105
1 363 Monumental Man [P] (12) (D9) M Attwater 9 9 10
P Bradley (5) 10
2 541 Who Told Jo Jo (8) (D) J Tuite 4 9 9(6ex) Finley Marsh (5) 6
3 34- Frank Cool (203) A Carroll 5 9 7
D Probert 2
4 622 David’s Beauty [B] (12) (D) B Baugh 5 9 4 W Carson 7
5 87- Dilinger (165) W Kittow 4 9 2
K Shoemark 8
6 055 Burauq [V] (12) (C) J Bradley 6 8 13
David Egan (3) 4
7 672 Toolatetodelegate [P,T] (8) (D) B Barr 4 8 9 J Osborn (7) 5
8 -87 Coral Caye [P] (3) Steph Hollinshead 4 8 9 Toby Eley (7) 9
9 -08 Mostashreqah [P] (34) J Bradley 5 8 9
J Quinn 3
10 0-0 Val’s Magic Touch (12) J G O’Shea 4 8 9
J F Egan 1
S.P. f’cast: 10-3 David’s Beauty, 4-1 Monumental Man, 9-2 Who
Told Jo Jo, 6-1 Frank Cool, 13-2 Toolatetodelegate, 15-2 Burauq,
10-1 Dilinger, 16-1 Coral Caye, 33-1 Others.
5.35 totequadpot Handicap (5) 3YO 7f £3,752
4.25 - Three Little Birds
5.00 - Tin Hat
5.35 - Shrewd Approach
6.10 - Live Dangerously
1 9-4 Cruise Tothelimit (22) (C)(D) P Morris 10 9 9
C Rodriguez (3) 7
2 176 Malaysian Boleh [B,E] (26) (C)(D) P McEntee 8 9 7
Nicola Currie (5) 6
3 035 Bop It [B,T] (9) (D) M W Easterby 9 9 7 Nathan Evans 4
J Fanning 10
4 446 Napping (51) Olly Murphy 5 9 4
M Harley 5
5 45- Spitfire Limited [H] (146) G Baker 4 9 1
D Brock 2
6 494 Tasaaboq [P,T] (32) (CD) P McEntee 7 8 12
T Marquand 9
7 -88 Beaming (57) P Hiatt 4 8 12
8 365 Caledonian Gold (92) Mrs L Williamson 5 8 12
K Lundie (5) 11
J Mitchell 3
9 0-6 Asheena (14) P D’Arcy 3 8 9
10 -47 Working Together [H] (91) A Brittain 3 8 3 C Hardie 1
G Malune (5) 8
11067 Kheleyf’s Girl (2) Clare Ellam 3 8 2
S.P. f’cast: 10-3 Bop It, 5-1 Cruise Tothelimit, 11-2 Spitfire
Limited, 6-1 Napping, 7-1 Tasaaboq, Malaysian Boleh, 8-1 Others.
2.25 EBF Fillies’ Novice Stakes (Plus 10) (5) 3YO 1m 4f £3,752
1 0-6 Enchanting Enya (13) Steph Hollinshead 9 0 Toby Eley (7) 5
Kehal [H] D M Simcock 9 0
T Marquand 1
O Murphy 4
3 0- Phantasmic (167) Sir M Stoute 9 0
4 44 Queen Of Connaught [H] (34) M Bell 9 0 James Doyle 7
D Muscutt 6
5 4 Sarvi (26) M Botti 9 0
6 22- Sea Youmzain (184) (BF) M Johnston 9 0 J Fanning 2
M Harley 3
7 75 Strictly Magic (42) D M Simcock 9 0
S.P. f’cast: 5-4 Sea Youmzain, 10-3 Phantasmic, 9-2 Queen Of
Connaught, 13-2 Sarvi, 12-1 Strictly Magic, 14-1 Others.
3.00 Corin Crane Stud Handicap (6) 1m 4f £3,105
2.00 - The Irish Rover
2.35 - Dathanna
3.10 - Torcedor (nb)
4.10 - Leader’s Legacy
4.45 - Desert Diamond
5.20 - Asoof
5.55 - Stringybark Creek
Going: Standard TV: Sky 415
Draw: No advantage in the draw
Frankie Dettori will attempt to win
his fourth Qipco 2,000 Guineas at
Newmarket on Saturday when he
partners recent Greenham Stakes
winner James Garfield.
Dettori had been due to ride
Without Parole for John Gosden,
but that colt will miss the race after
suffering a foot injury this week.
Gosden told Press Association
Sport: “I spoke to the owners in
America. He has got a little bruise in
his right front foot, just in the heel.
There is a bit of heat and a little bit
of tenderness. It’s not a big thing,
but he ain’t going to be running in a
“It’s early in the year and there is
no need to panic. He is a very nice
type of horse and we will treat him
with respect.”
Gosden could still saddle Craven
6.40 - Carraigin Aonair
7.10 - Morning Skye (nap)
7.40 - Kafeel
8.10 - Krazy Paving
4.25 toteplacepot Handicap (5) 3YO 5f £3,752
1 7-6 Palmer [H] (11) P Midgley 9 10
P Dobbs 3
2 21- Three Little Birds (196) (D) S Kirk 9 9 Renato Souza 4
L Morris 6
3 44- Forever In Love (197) R Cowell 9 7
4 6-5 Princess Keira (29) M Quinn 9 5
T Queally 2
5 3-0 Crystal Deauville [P,T] (12) (D) Miss G Kelleway 9 1 S W Kelly 5
6 355 Hornby (56) M Attwater 8 4
Josephine Gordon 1
S.P. f’cast: 2-1 Three Little Birds, 11-4 Palmer, 3-1 Forever In Love,
7-1 Crystal Deauville, 12-1 Princess Keira, Hornby.
5.00 EBF Novice Median Auction Stakes (5) 2YO 5f £4,140
1 3 Kapono (1) Miss Amy Murphy 9 2
P Dobbs 2
One One Seven Miss Amy Murphy 9 2
L De Souza 4
E Greatrex 5
3 2 Tin Hat (12) Eve J-Houghton 9 2
Coach Trip W G M Turner 8 11
L Morris 3
5 4 Swiss Chime (9) R Hannon 8 11
Hollie Doyle 1
S.P. f’cast: 13-8 Tin Hat, 2-1 Swiss Chime, 11-2 Coach Trip, 7-1
One One Seven, 8-1 Kapono.
1 264 Rastacap (27) M Johnston 9 9
L Morris 1
T Whelan 6
2 -47 Chess Move (28) G Baker 9 8
Jamie Parkes (7) 4
3 353 Sociologist (49) M Meade 9 7
R Hornby 5
4 13- Groundnut [P] (204) (CD) J Portman 9 5
5 0-8 Shrewd Approach [P] (13) (D) S Crisford 9 3 P Dobbs 7
6 4-5 Downtown Mombasa (81) Eve J-Houghton 9 0 E Greatrex 2
J Haynes 3
7 -49 Rivas Rob Roy (14) J Gallagher 8 8
S.P. f’cast: 2-1 Sociologist, 7-2 Groundnut, 5-1 Shrewd Approach,
6-1 Rastacap, 7-1 Downtown Mombasa, 10-1 Others.
6.10 Handicap (6) 7f £3,105
Robert The Painter [B] (8) D Steele 10 9 7
K Fox 6
Locommotion (7) (D) Mat Salaman 6 9 7
L Morris 2
Aye Aye Skipper [B] (28) (D) K C-Brown 8 9 5 H Crouch 7
Live Dangerously [P] (8) (CD)(C)(D) J Bridger 8 9 4(6ex)
K O’Neill 1
R Tate 9
5 975 Wild Acclaim [V] (34) M Appleby 4 9 2
Hollie Doyle 5
6 -94 Three C’s [P] (41) A Wintle 4 8 12
7 937 General Gerrard [T] (44) M Madgwick 4 8 12 T Queally 11
S W Kelly 8
8 975 Kath’s Boy [T] (47) A Carroll 4 8 12
G Downing 10
9 063 Ettie Hart (8) (CD) M Channon 5 8 12
S Hitchcott 4
10006 Trust Me Boy (57) (D) J Long 10 8 12
P Dobbs 3
11 7-0 Gifted Lady (35) D P Dunne (Ire) 4 8 12
S.P. f’cast: 7-2 Ettie Hart, 4-1 Locommotion, 6-1 Live Dangerously,
7-1 Aye Aye Skipper, 8-1 Three C’s, 10-1 Others.
6.40 Handicap (6) 1m 4f £3,105
1 128 Iley Boy [P] (14) (D) (BF) J Gallagher 4 9 10 H Crouch 2
2 -00 Takeitfromalady [B] (J17) D Steele 9 9 7
K Fox 3
3 0-3 Carraigin Aonair (18) (D) (BF) Olly Murphy 6 9 5 L Morris 11
4 213 Tilsworth Lukey (27) J R Jenkins 5 9 4
L Jones 7
5 70- Lady Of Steel (147) M Madgwick 4 9 4
T Queally 8
6 34- Penny Poet (252) N Mulholland 5 9 4
T Whelan 12
7 48- All About The Pace [WS] (289) M Usher 4 9 3 J Watson (5) 5
8 /12 Outrath [V] (23) Suzi Best 8 9 3
Josephine Gordon 9
9 -78 Navajo Grey [P] (39) R Brisland 4 9 2
E Greatrex 6
10987 Royal Hall [V] (64) G L Moore 6 8 12
S W Kelly 4
11858 Nouvelle Ere [B,T] (18) A Carroll 7 8 12 G Downing 10
12 57/ Black Widow (1216) Suzi Best 7 8 12
S Hitchcott 1
S.P. f’cast: 7-2 Carraigin Aonair, 4-1 Tilsworth Lukey, 5-1 Iley Boy,
6-1 Penny Poet, 7-1 Outrath, 12-1 Others.
7.10 Novice Auction Stakes (6) 3YO 1m 2f £3,105
1 13 Morning Skye (16) (D) H Palmer 9 5 Josephine Gordon 1
2 1- Fayrouz Rose (210) R Hughes 9 4
S W Kelly 3
3 87- Stockings Lane (273) Steph Hollinshead 9 1 K O’Neill 6
4 5-8 Rainbow Jazz [V] (16) M Usher 9 0
K Fox 2
5 -50 Tesorina (9) W Knight 8 7
L Morris 5
Warmhearted Archie Watson 8 6
Hollie Doyle 4
S.P. f’cast: Evens Morning Skye, 9-4 Fayrouz Rose, 7-1 Rainbow
Jazz, 10-1 Warmhearted, 12-1 Tesorina, 50-1 Stockings Lane.
Going: Good to soft-good in places TV: Sky 415
Draw: In sprint races low numbers tend to have an advantage over five
furlongs, high best over six furlongs.
[B] Blinkers [V] Visor [E] Eyeshield [T] Tongue Strap [P] Cheekpieces
7.40 Handicap (5) 1m £3,752
1 -21 Kafeel [B] (56) (D) G L Moore 7 9 7
H Crouch 5
S W Kelly 3
2 -64 Buzz Lightyere (8) (CD) (BF) P Hide 5 9 0
3 08- Duke Of North (191) (CD) J Boyle 6 8 13 Isobel Francis (7) 4
4 733 No Approval (32) (D) (BF) D Bridgwater 5 8 12 Hayley Turner 1
5 005 Shifting Star [P,T] (8) (CD)(D) J Bridger 13 8 8 K O’Neill 6
6 -33 Muthraab Aldaar (84) (BF) J Boyle 5 8 7 Hollie Doyle 2
S.P. f’cast: 2-1 Kafeel, 7-2 Buzz Lightyere, 4-1 No Approval, 5-1
Shifting Star, 7-1 Muthraab Aldaar, 12-1 Duke Of North.
8.10 Injured Jockeys Fund Handicap (6) 6f £3,105
1 808 Mercers [P] (7) (D) P Butler 4 9 8
J Watson (5) 5
2 234 Krazy Paving [B] (51) (D) Olly Murphy 6 9 7 L Morris 6
3 609 Beau Mistral (85) (CD)(C)(D) A Carroll 9 9 4 G Downing 3
4 320 Silver Penny [P] (48) (D) J Boyle 4 9 0 Josephine Gordon 4
K O’Neill 1
5 384 Pharoh Jake (40) (C)(D) J Bridger 10 9 0
6 7-9 Hangman Jury [H] (35) D Bridgwater 5 8 13 Hayley Turner 7
K Fox 2
7 750 Chip Or Pellet (12) Mark Pattinson 5 8 13
Renato Souza 8
8 -59 Jakeboy (69) S Kirk 4 8 12
S.P. f’cast: 11-8 Krazy Paving, 5-1 Silver Penny, 11-2 Pharoh Jake,
8-1 Mercers, 10-1 Beau Mistral, 12-1 Hangman Jury, Jakeboy, 14-1
Chip Or Pellet.
Retrieve [B,T] (J9) (C)(D) J Farrelly 11 9 11 M Harley 3
Costa Percy (187) (D) Jennie Candlish 4 9 7 J Fanning 6
Raashdy [P] (126) (CD)(C)(D) P Hiatt 5 9 7 James Doyle 4
Cool Music [P] (63) (D) A Brittain 8 8 7
C Hardie 1
Flying Power [P] (18) (CD)(D) J Norton 10 8 7
J Gormley (5) 5
6 -70 Simmo’s Partytrick (23) G Harker 5 8 7 D Fentiman 2
S.P. f’cast: 5-4 Raashdy, 3-1 Costa Percy, 5-1 Retrieve, 11-2 Cool
Music, 14-1 Flying Power, 20-1 Simmo’s Partytrick.
3.35 It’s Gonna Be Bostin’! Handicap (6) 3YO 7f £3,105
1 066 Sopranos Rock (20) R Hannon 9 9
Rossa Ryan (5) 2
J Fanning 1
2 4-4 Jaalboot (41) M Johnston 9 9
O Murphy 7
3 30- Peace Prevails (204) E Vaughan 9 7
C Noble (5) 4
4 113 Geetanjali (21) (CD)(D) (BF) M Bell 9 6
R Da Silva 9
5 -70 Formiga (14) J Santos 9 6
6 328 Going Native (72) Olly Williams 9 5 Connor Murtagh (5) 6
7 00- Summerseat Mist [T] (138) H Palmer 9 3 James Doyle 5
T Marquand 3
8 479 Straight Ash [B] (28) R Hannon 9 3
9 646 Madame Jo Jo [P] (27) Sarah Hollinshead 8 8 G Malune (5) 8
S.P. f’cast: 15-8 Geetanjali, 10-3 Jaalboot, 7-1 Sopranos Rock, 8-1
Summerseat Mist, 10-1 Going Native, Straight Ash, 12-1 Others.
4.10 Handicap (3) 1m 1f 104yds £7,246
1 208 Battalion (20) J Osborne 8 9 8
D Costello 3
Joshua Bryan (5) 4
2 55- Twin Star (248) A Balding 4 9 7
3 17- Leader’s Legacy (314) S bin Suroor 4 9 6 O Murphy 5
James Doyle 6
4 23- Valcartier (284) J Gosden 4 9 2
5 -40 Swift Emperor (13) (CD) T D Barron 6 9 2 Ben Curtis 2
R Havlin 1
6 18- Celebration Day (261) S Crisford 5 9 1
S.P. f’cast: 7-4 Leader’s Legacy, 2-1 Valcartier, 6-1 Twin Star, 7-1
Celebration Day, 8-1 Swift Emperor, 16-1 Battalion.
4.45 Novice Stakes (Plus 10) (Div 1) (5) 3YO 1m 1f £3,752
1 1-0 Nawassi (14) J Gosden 9 7
R Havlin 7
Captivating Light J Ryan 9 0
Nicola Currie (5) 3
3 90- Club Tropicana (201) Richard Spencer 9 0 T Marquand 6
O Murphy 8
4 85- Desert Diamond (167) Sir M Stoute 9 0
Dolcissimo J Gosden 9 0
James Doyle 4
Inpromptu R Varian 9 0
D Muscutt 1
J Mitchell 5
7 5- Sary Arqa (179) R Varian 9 0
M Harley 9
8 38 Skirrid Hill (47) D M Simcock 9 0
G Wood (3) 2
9 0- Voluminous (196) J Fanshawe 9 0
S.P. f’cast: 6-4 Nawassi, 3-1 Dolcissimo, 13-2 Sary Arqa, 15-2
Desert Diamond, 10-1 Club Tropicana, 12-1 Others.
5.20 Novice Stakes (Plus 10) (Div 2) (5) 3YO 1m 1f £3,752
1 1- Homeopathic (219) Sir M Stoute 9 7
O Murphy 6
J Fanning 3
2 12- Revalue (179) C Hills 9 7
M Harley 2
3 97- Alacritas [H] (196) D M Simcock 9 0
P Cosgrave 9
4 3 Asoof (14) S bin Suroor 9 0
Derrymore J Gosden 9 0
James Doyle 5
R Havlin 8
6 4 Mythical Queen (14) J Gosden 9 0
Nadine M Herrington 9 0
Phil Dennis (3) 4
Space Talk H Dunlop 9 0
Nicola Currie (5) 7
J Mitchell 1
9 5 Tamaara (27) R Varian 9 0
S.P. f’cast: 5-2 Homeopathic, 7-2 Asoof, 4-1 Revalue, 9-2
Derrymore, 5-1 Mythical Queen, 16-1 Tamaara, 33-1 Others.
5.55 Apprentice Handicap (6) 1m 1f £3,105
1 69- New Delhi [T] (296) P Evans 4 9 7
Rossa Ryan 7
2 114 Stringybark Creek (34) (CD) (BF) J Farrelly 4 9 6
Darragh Keenan (3) 4
3 483 Misu Pete [P] (23) (C) M Usher 6 9 6
Pierre-Louis Jamin (5) 1
4 675 Outlaw Torn [E] (27) (CD) R C Guest 9 9 6
Connor Murtagh (3) 12
5 440 Bertie Blu Boy [B] (21) (CD) Mrs L Williamson 10 9 5
K Lundie (3) 5
6 -04 Cabal [B] (41) (CD) G Harker 11 9 4 Andrew Breslin (5) 13
7 8-2 Caribbean Spring (21) (CD) (BF) G Margarson 5 9 3
Jane Elliott 11
8 047 Filament Of Gold [B] (11) (CD)(C) R Brotherton 7 9 2
G Mahon 2
9 143 Jeremy’s Jet (35) (CD) (BF) A Carroll 7 9 1
Poppy Bridgwater (5) 3
Nicola Currie 10
10237 Noneedtotellme (2) J Unett 5 8 12
11 /60 Red Sniper (21) R Brisland 4 8 12
G Malune (3) 9
12 -09 Pivotal Dream (2) (CD) K Wingrove 5 8 12 DOUBTFUL 6
13761 Shamonix [P] (2) (CD) M Usher 4 9 3(6ex) J Gormley 8
S.P. f’cast: 3-1 Caribbean Spring, 9-2 Stringybark Creek, 11-2
Jeremy’s Jet, 6-1 Shamonix, 15-2 Others.
Whistler’s Nap
Lamloom (3.55 Pontefract) is today's nap for Whistler (Marcus
Armytage), of The Sunday Telegraph.
The Daily Telegraph Wednesday 2 May 2018
2.10 EBF Novice Stakes (Plus 10) (4) 2YO 5f £5,175
1 4 Azor Ahai (12) M Channon 9 2
G Lee 2
Celebrity Dancer K Ryan 9 2
K Stott 6
Cemetry Wall T Easterby 9 2
D Allan 8
4 06 Geography Teacher (14) Roger Fell 9 2 T Hamilton 7
D Nolan 5
5 0 House Deposit [T] (9) D Carroll 9 2
Port of Leith M Johnston 9 2
F Norton 1
Zimazamazoom K Dalgleish 9 2
P Mulrennan 4
Zip R Fahey 9 2
P Hanagan 9
J Hart 3
9 2 Skeetah (1) (BF) J J Quinn 8 11
S.P. f’cast: 9-4 Port of Leith, 4-1 Zip, 5-1 Celebrity Dancer, 6-1
Azor Ahai, 8-1 Skeetah, 10-1 Zimazamazoom, 12-1 Others.
2.45 EBF Maiden Stakes (5) 3YO 1m 2f £5,175
1 5- Allieyf (175) W Haggas 9 5
P Mulrennan 4
Charlie Dove Kevin Frost 9 5
T Hamilton 3
N Garbutt (3) 1
3 60 Flat Out Eric [P] (11) L McJannet 9 5
S Gray 2
4 4-3 Kings Full (82) K Ryan 9 5
F Norton 5
5 25- Making Miracles (174) M Johnston 9 5
S.P. f’cast: 6-4 Allieyf, 13-8 Making Miracles, 3-1 Kings Full, 16-1
Charlie Dove, 66-1 Flat Out Eric.
3.20 Fillies’ Handicap (5) 1m 2f £4,528
1 41- Rayaa (166) (D) M Appleby 5 10 1
Mark Crehan (7) 1
C Lee (3) 6
2 462 Daisy Bere [V] (2) (D) K Burke 5 10 1
B McHugh 2
3 00/ Flower Power (509) T Coyle 7 10 1
4 453 Vigee Le Brun [V] (6) D O’Meara 4 9 7 Daniel Tudhope 7
A Mullen 5
5 18- Savannah Moon (225) K Ryan 4 9 6
P Mulrennan 4
6 737 Stosur [B] (28) Miss G Kelleway 7 9 6
F Norton 8
7 -40 Arcane Dancer [P] (7) L Mullaney 5 9 0
8 57- Diana Lady [H] (131) L McJannet 6 8 13 N Garbutt (3) 3
S.P. f’cast: 2-1 Vigee Le Brun, 9-4 Rayaa, 5-1 Savannah Moon, 6-1
Stosur, 12-1 Daisy Bere, 14-1 Arcane Dancer, 20-1 Others.
3.55 Handicap (4) 1m £7,763
1 7-1
2 523 504 602
5 676 507 -72
8 973
9 2-5
10 4811 2-7
12 5213 1-4
14 3015 42-
Lamloom (11) (D) D O’Meara 4 9 9 Daniel Tudhope 9
Redgrave (187) (D) J Tuite 4 9 7
K Stott 16
Dasheen (186) Mrs K Tutty 5 9 7
Gemma Tutty (5) 1
Mutarakez (11) (D) Mrs R Carr 6 9 6
J P Sullivan 3
Ghayyar (251) (D) T Easterby 4 9 6 Rachel Richardson (3) 4
Remember The Days (222) (D) J O’Keeffe 4 9 5 G Lee 6
Music Seeker [T] (11) (D) D Carroll 4 9 4 Ger O’Neill (5) 11
Intense Style (4) J L Eyre 6 9 4 Faye McManoman (7) 2
Imperial Focus (36) S Waugh 5 9 3
C Beasley 15
Michele Strogoff (142) (D) M Appleby 5 9 2 A Rawlinson 8
Give It Some Teddy (9) T Easterby 4 9 1
D Allan 13
Valentino Boy (215) (D) Harriet Bethell 4 9 0 J Hart 10
Frankster [P] (9) (CD) M Hammond 5 8 13 P J McDonald 5
Im Dapper Too (217) (CD)(D) J J Davies 7 8 11 S James 7
Trinity Star [B] (205) (CD)(D) K McLintock 7 8 8
P Hanagan 12
16 6-5 Beverley Bullet [P] (6) (C) L Mullaney 5 8 7 F Norton 14
S.P. f’cast: 11-2 Frankster, 13-2 Lamloom, 15-2 Mutarakez, 8-1
Music Seeker, Intense Style, 10-1 Trinity Star, 12-1 Valentino Boy,
Give It Some Teddy, Beverley Bullet, 14-1 Others.
Fury wants five fights this year
2.10 - Celebrity Dancer
2.45 - Allieyf
3.20 - Savannah Moon
3.55 - Frankster
4.30 - Cosmic Chatter
5.05 - The Right Choice
5.40 - Foxy Boy
Going: Soft-good to soft in places TV: Sky 432 & Virgin 536
Draw: Low numbers best in sprints.
[B] Blinkers [V] Visor [E] Eyeshield [T] Tongue Strap [P] Cheekpieces
4.30 Handicap (4) 6f £7,763
1 -80 Dandy Highwayman (13) (D) O Pears 4 9 9 A Mullen 8
2 8-0 Short Work [B] (13) (CD)(D) D O’Meara 5 9 9
Daniel Tudhope 4
P Mulrennan 2
3 0-6 Tawny Port (16) (D) J Given 4 9 7
T Hamilton 6
4 0-2 Inner Circle (7) Roger Fell 4 9 6
D Allan 1
5 -80 Van Gerwen (13) (C)(D) J L Eyre 5 9 5
6 660 Lexington Times [P] (13) (D) Mrs R Carr 6 9 5 J P Sullivan 5
R Scott (3) 12
7 14- Kaeso (247) (D) (BF) N Tinkler 4 9 3
G Lee 11
8 0-0 Araqeel (38) P Midgley 5 9 2
9 -91 Mr Orange [V] (11) (CD)(D) P Midgley 5 9 0 H Shaw (5) 7
J Hart 3
10 28- Storm Melody (204) (D) Jonjo O’Neill 5 8 13
11 -70 Cosmic Chatter [P] (11) (CD)(C)(D) Mrs R Carr 8 8 11
K Stott 10
P Hanagan 9
12 -37 Geoff Potts (12) (D) R Fahey 5 8 9
S.P. f’cast: 3-1 Mr Orange, 5-1 Inner Circle, 7-1 Geoff Potts, Kaeso,
8-1 Storm Melody, 10-1 Tawny Port, 14-1 Araqeel, Short Work,
Lexington Times, 16-1 Others.
5.05 Northern Racing College Handicap (5) 3YO 6f £3,881
1 1-5 Northern Angel (23) (D) J J Quinn 9 8
J Hart 2
D Allan 6
2 455 Queen Of Kalahari (26) (D) J L Eyre 9 7
C Lee (3) 3
3 -26 Magic Mark (95) K Burke 9 6
P Hanagan 7
4 93- The Right Choice (291) R Fahey 9 5
P Makin 4
5 -55 Leeshaan (13) Rebecca Bastiman 9 3
J P Sullivan 5
6 06- Cardaw Lily (146) Mrs R Carr 9 2
7 537 Shortbackandsides (47) S Dixon 9 1 P J McDonald 1
S.P. f’cast: 2-1 The Right Choice, 3-1 Northern Angel, 5-1 Queen Of
Kalahari, 6-1 Leeshaan, 7-1 Magic Mark, 12-1 Cardaw Lily, 20-1
5.40 Apprentice Handicap (5) 5f £3,881
1 78- Zapper Cass (144) M Appleby 5 9 7 Mark Crehan (7) 7
2 8-0 Suitcase ‘n’ Taxi (11) (C) T Easterby 4 9 7
Hannah Worrall (5) 1
S Woods 3
3 462 Foxtrot Knight (11) (D) Mrs R Carr 6 9 5
4 6-5 Mr Strutter (107) (D) Ronald Thompson 4 9 1 Josh Quinn 4
5 476 Foxy Boy (57) (D) Rebecca Bastiman 4 9 1 R Dodsworth (3) 5
6 00- Barron’s Lad (380) Adrian Nicholls 5 8 13 B Sanderson 6
7 9-0 Kodimoor [H,T] (20) (D) C Kellett 5 8 10
Faye McManoman (5) 8
8 325 Coiste Bodhar [P] (2) (CD)(D) S Dixon 7 8 7
William Carver (5) 2
S.P. f’cast: 5-2 Foxtrot Knight, 3-1 Coiste Bodhar, 6-1 Zapper Cass,
13-2 Kodimoor, 7-1 Suitcase ‘n’ Taxi, 10-1 Foxy Boy, Mr Strutter,
20-1 Barron’s Lad.
tember and then December, “by
which time he will be ready to challenge for bigger things”.
Fury is central to new plans by
BT Sport to create pay-per-view
events and was one of a number of
boxers who attended a launch by
the broadcaster at BT Tower in London yesterday. “Frank Warren has
told me umpteen times I will be
busy,” he said. “I’m going to have
four or five fights this year. Maybe
six, who knows? I can’t get enough,
I love boxing that much. If anyone
can do it, the magic man can do it.
“I don’t feel depressed, I feel happiness. People feel depressed for a
reason. You need to find it and sort
it out. But boxing is my medicine.”
It has not been lost on Fury that
many fans appear to crave his re-
turn. “I believe I am more popular
now than when I was world champion. A lot of people can relate to
the problems I’ve been through.
I’m a bit of an inspiration because
they know that, if I can come
through it, anyone can. I box for
those people. I’m living proof you
can get over it.”
Nor will he go all out for title
fights with Joshua or Wilder. “This
is the Tyson Fury roadshow – it’s
not about anyone else. Wilder or
Joshua don’t possess anything I
need. I have the best belt you can
get – the lineal belt. To be considered world champion of their era
they have to beat me.”
Australia’s scrum-half Nick Phipps
has apologised for urinating on a
bar while wearing a cow costume
during his stag night at a Sydney
venue. “I’m a goose, if I’m going to
do the crime, I’ll pay the time,” the
29-year-old said.
deemed to be legal by the
International Cricket Council
following reassessment. Hafeez,
who has been suspended three
times over his bowling, has been
out for six months and undertook
remedial work at Loughborough
he said on Twitter last night.
Woods has been trying out the
TaylorMade clubs for a while and
wants to test them in competition.
By Gareth A Davies
Tyson Fury believes staying active
is the best antidote to his depression, insisting “boxing is my medicine” as he prepares for his return
to action in Manchester on June 9.
The 29-year-old, who has been
out of the ring for 30 months, said
yesterday he wants to fight “five
times this year”, with title shots
against incumbent champions
Anthony Joshua and Deontay
Wilder not his priority. Frank Warren, Fury’s promoter, favoured a
more cautious return, suggesting
the former world heavyweight
champion would fight in June, Sep-
Tyson Fury’s comeback is live on
BT Sport on June 9. Sport in brief
Rugby Union
Pakistan off-spinner Mohammad
Hafeez has been cleared to resume
bowling after his action was
Tiger Woods will use a new set of
irons at this week’s Wells Fargo
Championship in North Carolina,
Rugby League
Zimbabwe-born Titus Tendei
Gwaze has moved closer to joining
fellow countryman Masimbaashe
Matongo in Super League after
signing for Wakefield. The
19-year-old has joined on a
one-year contract.
Wednesday 2 May 2018 The Daily Telegraph
Final whistle
Programmes risk
being consigned
to history, but
Daniel Schofield
says revitalising
the staid content
can still save them
must adapt
to survive
have been
hiding a dirty
secret from
my wife for
about three
years now. It lies in a dark
cupboard, hidden in a
suitcase we never use.
I promised to throw
them out. I promised I
was through with them.
I knew it was illogical to
keep them, that they
were taking up space we
needed, but in the end I
could not bring myself to
throw away my collection
of 300-odd Gillingham
programmes from 19962002 (the glory years).
I even researched
online if there was
someone willing to take
them off my hands for
free, like trying to
re-home an unwanted
kitten. Unsurprisingly
there were no takers. And
so I said I had thrown
them in the recycling, but
stashed them, deferring a
painful conversation for
another day.
I never consciously
started a collection, but
for mine and previous
generations, programmes
were an essential part
of match day. Away
programmes were badges
of honour and one of my
proudest possessions
was a Bristol Rovers
programme from a
Boxing Day fixture that
was postponed an hour
before kick-off. It was the
only memento of a
nine-hour round trip.
So the news that the
Football League is voting
on whether their
production should
continue to be
compulsory instinctively
filled me with sadness.
Along with the extinction
of black boots and the
advent of half and half
scarves, it feeds my
growing disconnect with
modern football.
Then I remembered
how vapid and generic
today’s programmes
actually are. With some
honourable exceptions,
w the same
they all follow
formula: Manager
notes – definitely
not written by
the manager –
explaining his
at the seven-game
losing run, but
with the
Running out off time:
ace a
Programmes face
vote on their future
I could not
bring myself
to throw away
my collection
of 300-odd
backing we will
definitely get back on
track; chairman notes,
echoing this same
disappointment and a
potshot at scurrilous
press reports that he is
about to sack said
manager; a look back at
some of the high points
from our last game, a 5-0
shellacking; a profile of
the opposition who are
about to administer
another shellacking; a
powder-puff interview
with the record signing
who says he has barely
even paid attention to his
20-game goal drought; a
fixture list containing a
lot more red than green;
and if you are lucky
maybe two players
answering the same set
of questions about
squad member has the
haircut That is
worst haircut.
48 glossy pages
nothing. All yours
for £4.
Twent years
ago, programmes
served a purpose.
P e-interne
opposition profiles
were genuinely
informative Maybe it
is my imagi
imagination but
the player interviews
were also occasionally
revealing. It was also the
club’s only means of
direct communication
with the supporters.
So can programmes
continue to survive in the
21st century? Yes, but
only if they adapt from
their staid formula.
Certain clubs have
already broken the
mould, pioneered by
non-league Lewes FC.
Last season, West
Bromwich Albion
produced an excellent
series of pastiche album
covers, including Jonas
Olsson as Ziggy Stardust.
The content too can be
revitalised. How about
producing oral histories
of famous matches or
providing an uncensored
crossover to the writer
of a club’s fanzines? Or
simply introduce a sense
of humour that is so
desperately lacking in
virtually all official club
Producing unique,
original artwork and
content would hopefully
make programmes worth
buying once more and
then, in 20 years,
someone else will have to
explain to their partner
what is lurking in that
disused suitcase.
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