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The Sunday Post English Edition – February 11, 2018 part 1

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February 11, 2018 £1.80
On the menopause
Ten ways to wear
and finding her new
love on a blind date
MSP Mark
pictured in
recent days
No. 5860 - E
polka dots with style
IN PrObe
SP Mark McDonald
is at the centre of a new inquiry
– after a young woman claimed
she woke in his hotel bed with
no idea how she got there.
The woman’s complaint is being
probed by private investigators
called in by the SNP.
Two other women have also
claimed he sent them lewd text
McDonald is understood to
deny any impropriety over the
new claim.
l Suspended sex-text MSP in new controversy
l SNP calls in private detectives over complaints
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Tragedy sTrikes again on scoTTish mounTains afTer broThers vanish on walk
February 11, 2018
Liam, 36,
adrian lester on starring in new
show from doctor Foster writer
page 7
How Peaky
was Press
Race-row Labour
MP’s branch tried
to censure Sarwar
page 9
red hair
Fresh revelation piles pressure on Gaffney and his party
By Kieran Andrews
pageS 14 & 15
ace-row MP Hugh
Gaffney’s local Labour branch
tried to pass a motion condemning the party’s only Asian
MSP, The Sunday Post can
A regal
way to
page 20
Members of the Uddingston
and Belshill Constituency Labour
Party (CLP) brought forward the
censure against Anas Sarwar just
hours after Scottish leader Richard
Leonard reprimanded Mr Gaffney
over his behaviour.
The 54-year-old sparked a furious row when he made jokes
about Robert Burns not being
“bent” and referred to a Chinese
meal as a “C****y” at a Burns
Supper last Saturday.
He later apologised and agreed
to undergo diversity and equality
But the decision to reprimand,
rather than suspend Mr Gaffney,
the MP for Coatbridge, Chryston
and Bellshill, sparked a further
row, with Mr Sarwar, the party’s
health spokesman, refusing to sit
beside Mr Leonard at last week’s
First Minister’s Questions.
He claimed he been placed
there as a “token gesture” by the
leadership team.
The race row first flared up
when Mr Sarwar publicly claimed
a party colleague told him that
some voters were not ready for a
“brown, Muslim Paki” during the
leadership campaign.
The claim was denied by Davie
McLachlan, Labour group leader
on South Lanarkshire Council. He
has been suspended while an
investigation is held. Mr Sarwar
then published an eight-point
plan to tackle racism in Scotland.
But critics at Thursday night’s
CLP meeting accused Mr Sarwar
of tr ying to undermine Mr
Leonard, who beat him to the
leadership last year, as well as UK
boss Jeremy Corbyn, by making
his claims public.
Sources said that MSP Mark
Griffin “talked down” the motion
during the meeting by pointing
out that Mr Sarwar’s plans have
the support of MSPs.
Third time lucky for Luther
The Sunday Post is committed to journalism of the
highest standards, producing our newspaper with
accuracy, honesty and fairness. Our journalists adhere to
the Society of Editors’ Code of Practice, administered by
the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO). It
is our policy to publish clarifications and corrections as
quickly as possible. To make a complaint, please email
us at or write to The Editor, The
Sunday Post, 2 Albert Square, Dundee, DD1 9QJ or call
01382 575541. If we cannot resolve your complaint, IPSO
can be contacted at, by emailing or calling 0300 1232220.
One insider said: “Richard’s
supporters are so ideologically
obsessed they are putting the
Corbyn project ahead of the right
thing to do every time.
“The party has a problem with
casual racism and homophobia.
“It must strain every sinew trying to fix that, not waste another
moment trying to pretend there’s
nothing to see here.”
A Scottish Labour spokesman
said: “Labour has a zero tolerance
approach to racism. We want to
tackle all forms of discrimination.
No one should be criticised for
speaking against intolerance.”
Late last night, the party
announced new plans to promote
diversity and stamp out intolerance within its ranks.
Mr Leonard has charged a committee in the party’s ruling
Scottish Executive with developing an anti-discrimination and
harassment policy.
It will consider Mr Sarwar’s
eight-point plan; recommendations agreed by the Executive on
tackling sexual harassment; and a
report on breaking down for disabled people. Mr Leonard said:
“There is no place for racial, gender or other forms of discrimination or harassment in our party.”
Mr Sarwar added: “This is an
important first step forward for
the Labour party in challenging
everyday racism.”
Idris and Sabrina
Just six months ago, he vowed he
would never get married again.
But after two failed relationships,
Luther star Idris Elba has changed
his mind in a very public way –
dropping to one knee to propose to
girlfriend Sabrina Dhowre at a
screening of his new film.
Idris, 45, was greated with cheers
from the movie audience yesterday
morning as he popped the question
at the Rio Cinema in Dalston, east
London, before a preview of his
directorial debut, Yardie.
A video shot by an audience
member inside the cinema showed
Idris popping the question as
Dhowre, 29, appears to answer “Yes”
and plant a kiss on her future
husband to applause from the
Rio Cinema confirmed the news
on their Twitter account, saying:
“Another @riocinema first! Still
5 days to Valentines Day but
@idriselba went down on one knee
and proposed to his girlfriend live
on stage this morning before a
preview of his film.”
Elba and Dhowre, a model and
Sara weighs
in with gym
for strong
Kenny Dalglish: SFA’s
silence speaks volumes
Find oot
No 1
February 11, 2018
pages of
hero who
saved lives
is mourned
Graffiti artist Shaun Deveney, right, created the mural in Paisley in tribute to ATM inventor James Goodfellow, left
Picture: Andrew Cawley
Mural for man who made £10 from inventing chip and pin
His invention revolutionised the
way we all handle money.
But “humble genius” James
Goodfellow, 80, made just £10
for patenting the first ATM and
PIN code and lives in “an
ordinary house in Paisley”.
Now his neighbour has made
a stunning mural for the man
whose invention is used
somewhere in the world, every
moment of every day.
Shaun Deveney, 22, said: “The
mural is the least I can do to
honour James.
“I cannot imagine our world
without cash machines. Very
few people won’t have used
“But James is such a humble
genius, he doesn’t boast about
his incredible achievement.”
James is delighted about the
mural, on the side of a Spar
Rat race escape plan is sunk
star as he pops the question
former Miss Vancouver, have
reportedly been dating since early
The wedding bells may come as a
surprise to many as Idris got down on
bended knee just six months after he
vowed he would never walk down the
aisle again.
In a magazine interview last year,
he said: “Am I ever gonna get
remarried? I don’t think so. Yeah, I
don’t think so. Marriage is an
institution of sorts. And I’ve done it.
“It’s not for everybody. It’s not my
life’s calling.”
The director gave a rare glimpse
into his private life when he
confessed falling in love while
making a movie was “pretty special”.
He was filming The Mountain
Between Us alongside Titanic’s Kate
Winslet in Canada when he found
himself smitten with beauty queen
The 45-year-old actor has a
daughter Isan, aged 15, with ex-wife
Kim Norgaard and little Winston,
aged three, with former girlfriend
Naiyana Garth.
He said: “I’m a very doting father.”
convenience store in a Paisley
housing scheme.
He said: “It’s very flattering
that a lovely young man could
think of doing such a thing.
“I’m very pleased. I lost my
wife Helen last year and she
would have been delighted.”
Hundreds of mourners have
attended the funeral of a
former Royal Navy medical
officer who saved the lives
of British and Argentine
troops during the Falklands
Surgeon Captain Rick
Jolly OBE became known
during the conflict for the
success of his “red and green
life machine” medical
station in an old
refrigeration compartment
at Ajax Bay on East Falkland
in 1982.
550 people
his funeral
service at
Raleigh in
Surg Capt
Rick Jolly
his death
last month,
aged 71.
The mourners included
his wife Susie, along with
other family members,
friends, neighbours and
former colleagues.
Nine former members of
the Medical Squadron of the
Commando Logistic
Regiment Royal Marines –
the squadron that Surg Capt
Jolly headed up during the
Falklands conflict – acted as
John Thurlow, a former
Royal Marine, said: “We
worked under Rick’s
direction at Ajax Bay. He was
a fabulous boss.”
Tanner Broadwell
A couple who packed in
the rat race and their jobs
to sail around the world
had their dreams dashed
– when their boat
capsized after just two
American couple
Tanner Broadwell, 26, and
Nikki Walsh, 24, from
Colorado, sold everything
they had to buy the vessel
that they hoped would
give them an adventure of
a lifetime.
But their ship tipped
over off the coast of
Florida within just two
days of setting sail.
Local newspapers in
Florida say the
heartbroken couple lost
everything in just 20
minutes when the
houseboat sank near
Reports say the keel
was ripped from the base
of the boat.
Tanner and Nikki were
forced to jump overboard
and were left with just £65
to their name as well as
their two-year-old dog – a
pug named Remy.
Speaking in an
interview yesterday,
Tanner said: “I sold
everything I had to do this
and I lost everything in a
matter of 20 minutes.”
The pair face paying
£7200 to get the vessel –
which had no insurance –
out of the water.
February 11, 2018
SNP bring in private investigators to probe new
By Kieran Andrews,
Hannah Rodger and
Andrew Picken
Jasmine Forrester
tribute to
The father of an 11-year-old
schoolgirl who was stabbed
to death has said: “We are
utterly devastated.”
Detectives are quizzing a
51-year-old relative of
Jasmine Forrester over her
alleged murder.
She lost her fight for life in
hospital on Friday afternoon
after she was found
seriously injured at a
property in Wolverhampton,
police said.
Jasmine’s father, Simeon
Forrester said: “This is a
hugely tragic time for our
family and the loss we feel is
unexplainable. We are
utterly devastated.
“Jasmine was a shining
star and a huge part of us.
We would really like to be
left alone at this time while
we come to terms with what
has happened.”
The youngster was found
just before 1am with injuries
including a serious head
wound after a neighbour
heard a disturbance.
A post-mortem
examination is expected to
be held on Sunday.
A woman in her 80s also
suffered a dislocated
shoulder during the
The house remains
cordoned off to allow
forensic experts to conduct
an examination.
Superintendent Harvi
Khatkar said: “This is an
extremely distressing
incident and our sympathies
go out to everyone affected.
“But we do believe this is
an isolated incident.”
for whisky
Two drinks industry bodies
have joined forces to better
protect “authentic” Scottish
The Scottish Craft
Distillers Association (SCDA)
and Scotland Food and
Drink have formed an
alliance, which they say
signifies the growth potential
of the distilling sector.
Members of SCDA will
now automatically become
members of the
organisation, which aims to
boost the food and drink
industry by £30 billion
by 2030.
leaze probe MSP Mark
McDonald is under further
investigation after a young
woman claimed she woke up
in his hotel bed – with no idea
how she got there.
The allegation is the third
complaint made against the
former Childcare Minister, who
is currently suspended from his
Now The Sunday Post has
learned that SNP bosses have
brought in a firm of private
investigators – including a former police officer – to look into
the claims.
The firm is expected to submit its report in the next few
days. Party bosses will then
decide what action, if any, to
take against the MSP.
Mr McDonald, aged 37, who
represents Aberdeen Donside,
resigned his ministerial brief
last November, admitting
“inappropriate” behaviour. It
emerged in the following days
that this related to text messages he had sent to a woman.
Two weeks later he was
Mark still has a job
to do and is being
paid by taxpayers
suspended by the party after
“new information” arose about
his conduct, also relating to
Now it can be revealed that a
third complaint relates to the
aftermath of a boozy night out
where a woman woke in Mr
McDonald’s hotel bed, with no
idea how she got there. He is
said to have told her he would
“look after her”.
There is no suggestion of any
criminal activity.
The complainant declined to
comment when approached by
The Sunday Post.
The other two complaints
relate to lewd text messages Mr
McDonald is alleged to have
sent to women.
Mr McDonald, who is married with two children, declined
to comment.
However, it is understood that
he has told party bosses that he
vehemently denies any wrongdoing over the new complaint.
An SNP spokesman said: “An
external investigation remains
Mr McDonald has not been
seen at Holyrood since he
resigned as a minister – 100 days
ago today. Constituents asking
to meet him at his Aberdeen
constituency office are invited
to make an appointment to see
Colleagues of Mr McDonald
say they are frustrated with the
lack of information the SNP has
given them on the status of the
investigation. One said: “Mark
Mark has gone to
ground, virtually
disappeared. Most
people have cut
ties with him. HQ
know what is
happening but
won’t tell us
– An SNP insider
McDonald is
sworn in as
MSP for
Donside in
2013 but
insiders say
he has
after claims of
has basically gone to ground.
He deleted a load of his colleagues from social media,
hasn’t spoken to many people at
all. We don’t know if he’s actually working, and at the end of
the day he still has a job to do
and is being paid by taxpayers
to do that.
“Most people in the party
have cut off contact with him,
and those who are still talking
to him don’t really want anyone
to know that they are.
“It is time the party actually
told us what is going on, it’s 100
days since this all happened
and we’ve been left in the dark.
“It’s really upsetting because
this is someone we all know and
work with closely, and he’s practically just disappeared.”
MSPs said Mr McDonald’s
situation has not been mentioned at any Holyrood group
meetings, despite the fact he
has been given an office by the
entrance to the SNP corridor in
the Scottish Parliament.
It was reported that Mr
McDonald was expected to vote
on the controversial Offensive
Behaviour at Football Act and
the Budget, although he failed
to appear for either. One politician said: “Obviously HQ will
know what’s happening but
nobody has mentioned him (to
the MSP group).
“You would have thought it
would have been brought up.”
Mr McDonald, who currently
sits as an Independent MSP, has
been missing from Holyrood
since he quit his ministerial
post on November 4.
He stepped down after a
woman formally complained to
the SNP about a sexually suggestive text message.
He apologised for “inappropriate” behaviour, though he
said it was a misguided
attempt at humour and
suggested he might in
the future return to
First Minister Nicola
Sturgeon initially said his
behaviour was “of a kind that
some others may well have
thought was not serious enough
to resign”.
But a week later Mr
McDonald said his action had
caused “considerable distress
and upset” and, after a second
claim, he was suspended by the
party on November 16 and lost
the parliamentary whip.
The Scottish Government’s
ministerial code of conduct
has now been updated to
include a specific clause on
harassment or bullying by
ministers, following Mr
McDonald’s resignation.
It reads: “Harassing,
February 11, 2018
claim against sex-text MSP as party insiders are left in the dark
Minister Mark
left, and
arriving at his
office in
bullying or other
inappropriate or
behaviour, wherever
it takes place, is not
consistent with the
Ministerial Code and will
not be tolerated.”
It was revealed last week
that MPs and peers could face
recall or expulsion under new
sanctions for bullying and
abuse recommended in a
report that found evidence of
widespread allegations of
sexual harassment at
A survey of 1377 parliamentary workers found
that 19% said they had
exper ienced or witnessed sexual harassment or inappropriate
behaviour over the
past year – with twice
as many female as
Some of my
previous actions
have been
considered to be
inappropriate –
where I have
believed myself
to have been
humorous or
attempting to
be friendly, my
behaviour might
have made
or led them to
question my
– What MSP said at
time of text scandal
male complainants. The report,
by a cross-party working group
chaired by Leader of the
Commons Andrea Leadsom,
recommended the establishment of a binding Parliamentwide Behaviour Code.
MPs, peers and staff will have
compulsory training sessions in
understanding and preventing
harassment. And a new independent sexual violence adviser
will be appointed to support
anyone making a complaint.
Meanwhile, the SNP has said
that Parliamentary staff members may be put off making harassment complaints against
MSPs because the politicians
are their employers.
In a written submission to
Holyrood’s Inquiry into sexual
harassment and inappropriate
conduct at the Scottish
Parliament, the party’s compliance officer Ian McCann raised
a number of issues around the
process for reporting misdemeanours. These included
potential sanctions and concern over a complainant’s
employment situation.
He suggested a central body
could employ MSPs’ staff to give
them better protection.
In the submission, made on
behalf of the SNP, he wrote:
“One other issue worthy of
exploration is around the contractual position of MSP staff.
“If staff were employed centrally, either by a parliamentary
group, or the Corporate Body,
and allocated to an MSP, then
anyone in a situation involving
sexual harassment or inappropriate conduct could move to
another role, with another MSP,
rather than have to continue
working with an alleged harasser, or else having to leave
their position.”
February 11, 2018
Police Scotland in crisis Gormley’s likely successor in force’s top job faces probe
Watchdogs set to investigate
chief constable-in-waiting
By Gordon Blackstock
he hot favourite to be the
next chief constable of Police
Scotland is already facing a
watchdog probe.
The Scottish Police Authority
launched an investigation last week
following a complaint about Acting
Chief Constable Iain Livingstone.
The official complaint was made
by a serving police officer seven
months ago but was shelved while
an employment tr ibunal was
But after that finished earlier this
month, it has now gone “live”.
It’s the latest row to rock the
embattled force, which has been
caught in a furore in recent months.
Last week, Chief Constable Phil
Gormley quit amid investigations
into several allegations of gross misconduct – pushing ACC Livingstone
into becoming favourite to succeed
his former boss.
He had been on special leave since
September 2017 while inquiries were
conducted into seven complaints
made against him, some of which
related to bullying. He has denied
any wrongdoing.
ACC Livingstone failed to land the
job in 2015 when Mr Gormley was
selected instead.
The complaint against ACC
Livingstone centres on claims he
failed to deal properly with criminal
allegations about officers in the
force’s Counter Corruption Unit
The complaint was made by
Detective Constable Andrew Reid
last July.
Until earlier this month, DC Reid
had been fighting the force at an
employment tribunal where, he
alleged, he had been victimised by
his force’s own anti-corruption
An internal probe into DC Reid
saw him and his ex-partner Amanda
Daly, who was also a serving police
Acting chief constable Iain Livingstone, seen giving evidence to
Holyrood’s justice committee last month, faces an SPA probe
officer, up in court and charged over
claims they looked at police computer records after being attacked
while off duty in 2009.
But the criminal case was thrown
out in 2015 – after five years, 35 hearings and £500,000 in legal costs.
DC Reid then launched legal
action against the force, including
his £900,000 employment tribunal.
He claimed he was harassed by the
CCU during the internal probe and
their actions were criminal. The
employment tribunal heard evidence over five months last year
from Reid, CCU officers, Deputy
Chief Constable Livingstone and former deputy Neil Richardson.
ACC Livingstone’s evidence was
heard in Glasgow last June.
DC Reid accused Mr Livingstone
of breaking the law by snubbing his
criminal gripe about the CCU.
Mr Reid said: “You have actively
suppressed a criminal complaint.”
Mr Livingstone replied: “This is
utterly false. There is no evidence to
support your assertion of
The original letter to the SPA last
July, which The Sunday Post has
seen, claimed ACC Livingstone had
“failed in his duty” in handling DC
Reid’s complaint.
DC Reid wrote: “Mr Livingstone
was in receipt of information that
amounted to a complaint against
the police, potentially criminal. He
has no authority to treat it as a matter of internal grievance.”
Last night, DC Reid said: “Police
regulation is clear. All allegations of
criminality about police officers
should be put to the Crown Office to
decide and not up to senior officers
to make a call.”
An employment tribunal judgement on February 2 threw out Reid’s
It found no
fault with the
police actions
against him.
The Glasgow
tribunal also
most of Reid’s
complaints in
t h e i r v e rd i c t ,
while others
were dismissed. Departing chief
But DC Reid Phil Gormley
has vowed to
fight the decision and has appointed
a QC to handle the appeal.
A s p o k e s w o m a n f o r Po l i c e
Scotland said not all allegations of
criminality about officers were automatically passed to the Crown
A spokesman said: “We would
investigate a potential criminal
complaint and if there was a reasonable inference of criminality we
would refer it to the Crown Office.”
A spokesperson for the Crown
Office said: “We can confirm that the
Crown Office are considering correspondence from Mr Reid, and a
response will be issued in due
A spokeswoman for the Scottish
Police Authority said: “Complaint
and conduct matters are confidential and we would not comment on
individual cases.”
SPA head slams predecessors for basic errors
Susan Deacon
The new head of the
Scottish Police Authority
has criticised her
predecessors for not taking
basic steps to sort out how
the dysfunctional
watchdog was run.
Susan Deacon became
the third SPA chair in just
five years last November
amid another series of
controversies surrounding
the public body.
Andrew Flanagan
vacated the role after he
was criticised for
conducting proceedings
behind closed doors. He
was also accused of
bullying former board
member Moi Ali after she
disagreed with his
The first post holder, Vic
Emery, did not renew his
contract after a power
struggle with Police
Scotland’s first Chief
Constable Sir Stephen
Asked about the
problems, Professor
Deacon said: “What’s the
point of looking back? I
don’t want people playing
the blame game. That said,
I do find it quite difficult to
comprehend a number of
things I would regard as
basics just in terms of
good practice were not
embedded in the
organisation, particularly
around governance and
The former Labour
Health Minister also
pledged to make the SPA
more transparent as she
attempts to turn its
fortunes around and
restore its battered
She added: “It’s about
how we reconnect and
project to the wider world.
It’s a public authority.
“It has to be an
externally facing
Protesters in Glasgow
march over
equal pay
for women
Hundreds of women took
part in a march yesterday to
put pressure on Glasgow
City Council over equal pay.
The public service union,
Unison, organised the
demonstration at Glasgow
Green to urge the authority
to honour a pledge to settle
equal pay issues.
The Equal Pay – Or We
Walk Away protesters
marched to George Square,
led by women dressed as
It coincided with the
centenary of some women
getting the vote in 1918,
which was celebrated last
Glasgow City Council is
currently considering how
to settle 11,000 claims for
past discrimination against
female workers.
The city council has
agreed not to appeal against
a court decision last year
over the grading system and
will now discuss a
settlement with trade
Having won their legal
case, the council employees
are now demanding a fair
and transparent pay and
grading scheme as well as
Glasgow City Council has
agreed to “negotiation not
litigation” and to discuss a
settlement with unions.
Unison Glasgow city
branch chairwoman Carol
Ball said: “This is not about
robbing Peter to pay
“It’s about equality and
shop raid
A man has escaped with
cash from the till at a shop
in Dundee after threatening
an assistant with a knife.
The robbery at Blackness
News took place on Friday
at 8.15pm.
The man suspected of
carrying out the raid was
last seen running away from
the shop.
Detectives investigating
the robbery have issued a
description of the suspect.
He is described as black,
of slim build, 5ft 11in tall,
aged 25-30, with facial hair
and was wearing a parka
jacket with a fur hood.
An Israeli F-16 fighter jet has
crashed after coming under
Syrian anti-aircraft fire
during an offensive against
Iranian targets in Syria.
The two crew parachuted
to safety before the crash in
northern Israel. It is believed
to be the first time Israel has
lost a jet in the Syrian
Israel was carrying out
strikes following the launch
of an Iranian drone into
Israel. It was shot down.
After coming under Syrian
anti-aircraft fire, the F-16’s
two crew ejected and were
later taken to hospital.
One of them was “severely
injured as a result of an
emergency evacuation”, the
Israeli Defence Force said.
Israeli strikes in Syria are
not unusual but the loss of
an Israeli fighter jet marks a
serious escalation.
In Switzerland, it is
illegal to keep just
one guinea pig, as
the animals can be
prone to loneliness
and need each
other’s company
Oops, the
virus is in
the post
Safety breaches at UK
laboratories have spread
infections to scientists and
exposed others to
potentially deadly diseases,
it has been reported.
The Health and Safety
Executive launched
investigations into more
than 40 incidents at
specialist labs between June
2015 and July 2017.
They included the dengue
virus being posted by
mistake and staff handling
lethal bacteria without
Mistakes led to staff
falling ill at labs run by
hospitals, private companies
and Public Health England.
One scientist contracted
the infectious disease
Shigella, while another
was hospitalised after falling
ill with salmonella
February 11, 2018
Friends and former team-mates line up to pay tribute to cancer victim Liam Miller
By Mark Guidi
ohn Hartson last night paid
an emotional tribute to Liam
Miller after the 36-year-old lost
his battle with pancreatic cancer.
The former Celtic, Manchester
United, Hibernian and Republic of
Ireland star was diagnosed with the
illness last year and had been receiving extensive treatment in the
United States and Ireland. He passed
away on Friday.
Hartson – who was diagnosed
with testicular and brain cancer in
2009 – was a team-mate of Miller’s at
Celtic and told The Sunday Post: “It’s
such sad, sad news. It’s really horrific. I’m genuinely devastated for his
wife, children and parents.
“I spoke to young Liam around
November time and he was just back
from America. He had been over
there seeing doctors and he knew he
had a big fight on his hands.
“However, he
s o u n d e d re l a tively positive
about the struggles that were
ahead of him and
was determined
to beat it.
Unfor tunately,
cancer got the
better of him. It’s
just not fair. He John Hartson
was a lovely kid.
“I was told
around three weeks ago that it was
terminal and that Liam only had a
few weeks to live. I kept that news
very private.
“And then I found out the tragic
news about him very early on
Saturday morning. I woke up to text
messages from lots of the lads about
Liam. We have already shared some
nice memories of him together.
“But he is no longer with us and
that will take a long, long time to sink
“I was just 33 when I was diagnosed with cancer. It was only with
lots of luck that I managed to pull
“My heart goes out to Liam’s family. He leaves behind three young
children and that should never happen. It’s just horrible news and they
are all very much in my thoughts.”
Sunday Post columnist Kenny
Dalglish has recalled giving Miller
his Celtic debut while caretaker
manager in May 2000. He writes in
today’s Post Match: “It was the final
league game of the season, at home
to Dundee United.
“Liam came on as a sub and
he deserved his opportunity.
He worked hard in the
A poignant dedication to Miller outside Celtic Park before yesterday’s Scottish Cup clash against Partick
It’s horrific news.
My heart goes out
to Liam’s family.
He leaves behind
three young kids
and that should
never happen
- Former Celtic team-mate John Hartson
reserves, his ability and dedication
caught the eye. He went on to play
many times for Celtic and then for
Manchester United and Republic of
Ireland. He had a fine career.
“But he has been taken far too
young. I’m saddened to hear of his
passing. It’s horrible news.”
Paul Lambert was in the team
when Miller made his debut.
The Stoke City manager told
The Sunday Post: “I can’t believe
Liam is no longer with us. It’s
Liam in action for Celtic
Israeli jet
crashes in
Syrian raid
horrific news. He was a humble
young man. I really liked him as a
person. He had an infectious smile.
“It only seems like yesterday he
was a young lad at Celtic making his
way in the game. Liam quickly
earned himself a really good reputation as a kid at Celtic. He was tipped
as the next big thing.
“Liam was a talented footballer
with a great attitude. He wanted to
learn and he was willing to listen. He
took advice from the senior professionals and never took anything for
“It leaves you with an empty feeling to know he has left behind his
wife and young family.”
Miller spent his final weeks in a
hospice in Cork, finally succumbing
to an illness that afflicts just one man
under 40 in the UK every year.
Former Celtic manager and current Irish boss Martin O’Neill said:
“Liam was a fine young man and he
will be sorely missed. My thoughts
and prayers are with his family. They
are wonderful people and they do
not deserve to have Liam taken from
them at just 36.
“I had respect for Liam as a person. He was warm and genuine.
“As a footballer, he was talented
and could play, make no mistake
about that. I gave him his European
debut for Celtic and he lit the game
up one particular evening when we
defeated Lyon. Liam made a massive
impact that night.
“He signed for Manchester United
and we were disappointed to see him
go. I felt he could have really made a
name for himself at Celtic and been
a major player in the team for years
to come.
“He was a really good kid and will
be very badly missed.”
Only one case of pancreatic cancer in men under 40 a year
Just one man under 40 is
diagnosed with pancreatic
cancer in the UK each year.
Caused by the abnormal
and uncontrolled growth of
cells in the pancreas, part
of the digestive system, it is
almost unknown in people
under 35.
Cancer Research UK say,
on average, only one new
case is found annually in
men aged between 35 and
39, and only three cases in
44 to 49-year-olds,
compared to 791 in men
aged between 75 and 79.
Around half of all new
cases are people aged 75 or
over, due to cell damage
accumulating over time.
It can be difficult to
diagnose as, in the early
stages, a tumour in the
pancreas does not usually
cause any symptoms. Later
it can cause nausea, weight
loss, jaundice and difficulty
Age is the main cause
but the risk is increased by
smoking, diabetes,
stomach ulcers or
In around one in 10
cases, pancreatic cancer is
inherited as certain genes
increase the chance of
pancreatitis, which
increases the chance of
developing cancer.
It is the 12th most
common cancer in UK
males but has the fifth
highest death rates.
February 11, 2018
Real-life gangster waged war over an article – and lost
Roland van Hauwermeiren
review of its
with Oxfam
The Government is
reviewing its relationship
with Oxfam amid growing
criticism of the charity’s
handling of sexual
misconduct allegations
against some of its staff.
The Department for
International Development
took the decision after the
charity denied claims it had
covered up the use of
prostitutes by aid workers in
Haiti in 2011.
Oxfam said it publicly
announced an investigation
when the allegations
originally surfaced and kept
the Charity Commission
But the charity regulator
said Oxfam’s original report
failed to mention any fears it
had that minors could have
been involved in the
“Our approach to this
matter would have been
different had the full details
that have been reported
been disclosed to us at the
time,” the Charity
Commission said in a
statement yesterday.
Four members of staff
were dismissed in the
scandal, which is
threatening to bring the
British charity to its knees.
Three others, including
the country director, Roland
van Hauwermeiren, 68,
resigned before the end of
the original investigation.
According to accounts,
more than a third of Oxfam’s
£408m income in 2016/17
came via the government
and public authorities.
Tribute cup
to war dead
Scotland and France’s rugby
game today in the Six
Nations championship isn’t
just about points – it will
also mark the first time the
teams have competed for
the Auld Alliance trophy.
The new cup has been
brought in to honour the
war dead from both
countries’ rugby
communities on the 100th
anniversary of the end of the
First World War.
Thirty-one Scottish
international rugby players
were killed in the conflict,
along with 21 of their French
Paul Anderson, Joe Cole and Cillian Murphy in hit series Peaky Blinders as the Shelby gang who were involved in a turf war with Darby Sabini
By Tim Knowles
e is the rival gang
leader locked in a violent
s t r u g g l e w i t h Pe a k y
Bl i n d e r s h e ro T h o m a s
But in real life, London
gangster Darby Sabini’s downfall came at the hands of a
more surprising opponent – a
weekly newspaper owned by
the DC Thomson group.
The TV baddie’s character is
based on a real person –
Charles “Derby” Sabini.
The hit TV series is named
after a Birmingham gang of
the late 19th Century, who
used to sew razor blades into
the peaks of their caps.
Now, Birmingham historian
Carl Chinn, author of The Real
Peaky Blinders, who runs a
Peaky Blinders historical tour,
has revealed the sequence of
events which lead to Sabini’s
He said: “Darby Sabini was
born in north London. He had
an Italian immigrant father
and an English mother. He
grew up in Clerkenwell Green,
the Little Italy of nor th
“He was one of the leading
gangsters of the time when
there was lot of money to be
made from extortion rackets at
the race courses.”
Carl said the gangs began as
pickpockets, but then moved
into extorting money from
race course bookies.
Birmingham gangs
led by Billy Kimber
The newspaper
that played a
Sabini, right,
is played by
Noah Taylor
in the show,
Far right, the
front page of
the Topical
Times edition
that took him
– a character in the TV series
– clashed with the London
gangs which were attempting to control the same
“Darby Sabini was involved
in a vicious race course war in
the spring and summer of
1921. A truce was declared
and the Birmingham
gang kept the
Midlands and the north, while
Darby Sabini took over the
The gang war flared up
again, including a shooting,
which brought Sabini to the
attention of the Topical Times,
a weekly newspaper, owned by
DC Thomson, which carried a
high sports content.
“In 1924 the Topical Times
published an article calling
Sabini a gang leader. That lead
him to sue them, which was a
big mistake.
“They said he was the main
leader of a race course gang
which threatened bookies with
The paper revealed Sabini’s
activities in a first person piece
by a gang member, under the
headline How We Outwitted A
Rival Gang.
On the day of the action
Sabini failed to appear because
he could not afford the £75
cost of a solicitor, and costs of
£775 were awarded against
He did not pay and bankruptcy proceedings were
Mr Chinn added: “In my
opinion, after that, he had to
take a back seat. The leadership was taken over by his
brother Harry Boy.”
It was an extraordinary
humiliation for a man whose
gangs had once held a grip
over the racecourses of southern England.
Sabini moved to Brighton
and became a bookie himself.
When Italy entered the
Second World War in 1940 he
and his brother were interred
as enemy aliens, but were subsequently released because
they had an English mother.
Sabini’s own son died in the
war, fighting in the RAF.
In the hit BBC series, Darby
was played by actor Noah
The fifth season, starring
Cillian Murphy as Thomas
Shelby, will be shown next
The Topical Times was a
weekly newspaper, published
in Fleet Street, London, from
1919 to 1940 by DC Thomson,
owners of The Sunday Post.
February 11, 2018
Why were dozens
microchipped for
Minister: UK
jihadists must
face war trial
Two British jihadists accused of
murdering Scottish aid worker David
Haines should face trial in an
international war crimes court, a UK
Government minister has insisted.
Calls have been made to send
Alexanda Kotey, 34, and 29-year-old El
Shafee Elsheikh – part of a four-man kill
squad dubbed “The Beatles” by
hostages because of their English
accents – to the notorious Guantánamo
Bay detention centre in Cuba.
But Defence Minister Tobias Ellwood
said: “We have robust rules of
engagement which legitimise the killing
of terrorists in theatres of operations,
but once captured they must answer
and be judged to a legitimate authority.”
He added: “Given the scale of foreign
fighters we should consider an agreed
international process involving The
Hague, which ensures terrorists from
any origin are transparently and fairly
held account for their actions.”
The pair were captured by the
US-backed Syrian Democratic
Forces as they tried to flee over the
Turkish border while disguised as
Mohammed Emwazi – known as
Jihadi John – was the group’s chief
executioner. He was killed in a US drone
strike in 2015.
Meanwhile, Mr Haines’ daughter
Bethany said the best option would be
for the captured pair to be “locked up”
and the key thrown away.
She said: “They should never be
allowed back in society because they
will just recruit people and they will do
this again.”
Kim Cattrall
in net feud
Kim Cattrall has lashed out
at her former Sex And The
City co-star Sarah Jessica
Parker over her response to
Cattrall’s brother’s death.
The actress, 61, previously
announced that her “one of
a kind” brother Christopher
Cattrall had died
Now the Liverpool-born
star has posted on social
media a swipe at Sarah.
She wrote: “I don’t need
your love or support at this
tragic time. My Mom asked
me today ‘when will that
Sarah Jessica Parker, that
hypocrite, leave you alone?’
“Your continuous
reaching out is a painful
reminder of how cruel you
really were then and now.
“Let me make this VERY
clear (if I haven’t already).
You are not my family. You
are not my friend.
“So I’m writing to tell you
one last time to stop
exploiting our tragedy.”
slam officials
who visited
banned family
By Gordon Blackstock
and Jim Lawson
ouncil officials microchipped scores of dogs at a farm
which had previously been
r a i d e d by a n i m a l we l f a re
Aberdeenshire council officials
carried out the service for free,
despite the premises having been
repeatedly involved in puppy
Without a microchip and the
appropriate paperwork, puppies
can be difficult to sell.
The East Mains of Ardlogie farm
near Fyvie in Aberdeenshire –
which animal welfare officers say is
the biggest illegal puppy farm in
the country – has never held a
licence for breeding dogs despite
applications by the James family
who use the site.
Members of the family were
banned from keeping dogs in 2014
after a raid rescued more than 70
from the farm.
Many of the animals rescued suffered from lice, skin sores and matted hair and some had to be put
down when they were taken into
care by the Scottish SPCA.
The court case saw Frank James,
his brother Edward and 18-yearold son Sean, all plead guilty to animal welfare offences.
Aberdeen Sheriff Court heard
that when the Scottish SPCA visited
the farm in March 2013, the floor
was so dirty with animal faeces
some of the dogs had developed
cysts on their paws.
All three men were forbidden
from running a pet shop for one
year, while the two brothers
were banned from keeping
more than two dogs for the
next three years.
Despite the ban, authorities
fear the family continued to run
Right, the
Above, dogs
found after
a raid on
the premises
Licensed breeder who fed her
at court
in 2016
Council licences for
breeding do not always
ensure good standards in
the puppy industry.
In 2016, Morag Jackson,
who had a licence from
South Lanarkshire as a
commercial dog breeder
and seller, was found
guilty of four offences
under the Animal Health
and Welfare (Scotland)
The breeder, from the
village of Stonehouse near
Larkhall, Lanarkshire, fed
February 11, 2018
of dogs at illegal puppy farm
free by cash-strapped council?
need an
‘ Weincrease
the maximum
penalty for
animal cruelty
By Kirsteen Campbell
Chief exeCutive of the
Edward and Frank James
outside court in 2014. Above
right, officers raiding the farm
near Fyvie last year
an illegal business at the site and
even built kennels there.
And we can now reveal
Aberdeenshire Council have been
accused of inadvertantly assisting
Paperwork released using freedom of information laws shows
council officials visited the site
dozens of times since the 2014
court case.
The trips included officials visiting to discuss a retrospective planning application to build kennels.
That application was turned
down by the council after they had
originally given temporary consent
to it. The released paperwork also
shows vets visited to check the dogs
over on two separate occasions at
the farm for free.
And it shows the council microchipped dogs on behalf of the
In 2016, the law changed to make
it compulsory for all of Scotland’s
estimated 700,000 dogs to be
Dog breeders and traders were
ordered to ensure puppies were
microchipped by the time they
were eight weeks old. Without the
new paperwork puppies can be difficult to sell. Council officials are
understood to have microchipped
43 dogs for the James family in 2016.
The dog breeds include soughtafter pugs and miniature schnauzers that sell for around £1000
The average cost of getting your
dog microchipped and registered is
£10.90 but Aberdeenshire Council
charges £15.50.
Aberdeenshire Council say they
never charged a penny for the work
they carried out at the Fyvie farm
and for the James family.
Last night, campaigners
slammed the revelations.
John Robins, of pressure group
Animal Concern, said: “This is a
strange situation.
“All local authorities are strapped
for cash and I see no good reason
for Aberdeenshire Council spending public money providing a
legally required service to people
with a controversial history when it
comes to dogs. The local council
should not be providing services
like this to people with a dubious
history when it comes to animals.”
Last November nearly 90 dogs
and puppies were seized during a
raid at the site.
Scottish SPCA officers executed a
warrant at the farm with two members of Aberdeenshire Council’s
trading standards team in
Puppies, claimed to be as young
as five days old, were taken to a rescue centre in Glasgow amid concern for their welfare.
However, no one has ever admitted owning the dogs that were
found on the site.
A spokesman for Aberdeenshire
Council said: “No payment was
asked or made to the council. Chips
had been provided to the council
free of charge by the Dogs Trust.
“At that time the premises were
subject to a Breeding of Dogs Act
licence application. The premises
were inspected by a vet as part of
this process.”
Last week there was no sign of a
puppy farm at the site.
We spoke with Frank James who
denied being involved in the puppy
trade. He said someone else had
been running the business and the
dogs had been well looked after
before they were seized.
dogs mouldy food and kept them in cramped, filthy conditions
dogs mouldy, maggotinfested food and kept
them in dark spaces too
small for them to turn
The 54-year-old was
banned from keeping dogs
for 15 years after being
found guilty on four neglect
charges at Hamilton Sheriff
The court heard 36 dogs
were found in “cramped,
dirty, unhygienic”
conditions after police
received a call from a
member of the
When Scottish SPCA
officials arrived at the
property they found two
wooden sheds with at least
eight dogs, and a separate
garage which housed
nursing bitches with young
The dogs were removed
to Scottish SPCA centres
and rehomed.
Procurator fiscal Gary
Aitken said: “These dogs
were caused terrible and
unnecessary suffering and
Jackson failed to provide a
suitable environment.”
Despite the state of the
seized animals, Jackson
attempted to overturn the
long ban. But that bid was
kicked out.
One of the main
priorities of the Scottish
SPCA is to put an end to
the multimillion pound
puppy industry.
We’ve been raising
awareness of the
barbaric puppy industry
in Scotland through our
Our Special
Investigations Unit
spearhead a mutliagency taskforce to
bring puppy traders to
justice through Operation
Delphin which includes
support from Dumfries &
Galloway Council, ISPCA,
HMRC Trading Standards,
Stena Line, APHA and
Police Scotland Port Unit.
We have a
commitment to having
a positive impact on the
illegal importation and
sale of puppies from
puppy farms and stand
ready to support a
modern system of
registration and licensing.
We were also delighted
to see our calls for an
increase in the maximum
penalty for the most
serious animal cruelty
offences to five years
imprisonment addressed
with the Scottish
Government’s ambition
to amend the Animal
Health and Welfare
(Scotland) Act 2006.
This will provide sheriffs
with more options when
passing sentencing with
the aim of acting as a
stronger deterrent to
animal cruelty offences.
We have also been
looking at the prospects
of a national database
which would list those
who have been banned
from owning animals.
That would
allow other
agencies to
ensure they
are not
rehoming or
selling to
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February 11, 2018
Tragedy as body of Alan found in area with high avalanche risk
Rachel Weisz
Double O-no
for Rachel
The rescue team at Sgorr Ruadh, near Achnashellach. The hunt for Neil Gibson resumes today
Hillwalker dead and
brother still missing
after Highland hike
By Hannah Rodger
walker was found
dead and his brother is still
missing after a trip into the
Highland hills went tragically
Neil and Alan Gibson left to go
walking on Thursday, but the
alarm was raised when they
failed to return that evening as
The brothers were both said to
be experienced hillwalkers and
set off from Neil’s home early on
Thursday morning, along with a
black Pointer dog called Archie.
They had been expected back
by 7pm the same evening but
were reported missing when
they did not return.
Yesterday rescuers found the
body of 56-year-old Alan, who
lived in County Durham, following an extensive search of
Achnashellach in Strathcarron.
Torridon, Kintail, Dundonnel
Alan Gibson, left, and brother
Neil, who remains missing
and RAF mountain rescue teams
are expected to resume the
search for Neil, 63, this morning.
The search yesterday focused on
three hills – Fuar Tholl, Sgorr
Ruadh and Beinn Liath Mhor.
A warning over considerable
risk of avalanches had been
issued in the area between
Monday and today.
The pair grew up in Nairn and
are two of four sons of former
Nairn Old Parish Church minister, the late Reverend Alexander
Cameron Gibson, who died in
2004, and 88-year-old Janet
Gibson, who still lives in the seaside town.
Rev Gibson was the minister in
Lockerbie at the time of the
Lockerbie disaster in 1988, and
helped locals deal with the tragedy, while Janet won a humanitarian award for her work in the
aftermath of the incident.
Neil, who lives in the Auldearn
area, is a senior church elder at
Auldearn and Dalmore Parish
Church and a keen sportsman.
He plays golf, is the former
captain of Nairn County Cricket
Club and played with Nairn
County Football Club in his
younger days.
Auldearn church minister
Reverend Thomas Bryson said
residents have been left devastated by the news of Alan’s death.
He said: “Neil is one of the senior elders at the church and everyone is praying for him.”
Police confirmed Alan’s body
had been found and the search
for his sibling had been stopped
for the night.
A spokesman said: “Mountain
rescue teams have sadly recovered the body of a man. He has
been formally identified as Alan
Gibson who was reported missing with his brother after failing
to return from a walk in the area
on Thursday.”
Picture: Ryan MacLean, Torridon rescue team
Hollywood star Rachel
Weisz, who is married to 007
actor Daniel Craig, is not
keen on the idea of a female
James Bond.
There have been calls for
a woman to play the famous
spy after Craig, 49, quits.
But in an interview
yesterday, Weisz, 47, said
creator Ian Fleming had
“devoted an awful lot of
time to writing this
particular character, who is
particularly male and relates
in a particular way to
She added: “Why not
create your own story rather
than jumping on to the
shoulders and being
compared to all those other
male predecessors?
“Women are really
fascinating and interesting
and should get their own
e lipse
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Fri 16 Mar
a natural
blonde but red
‘ I’m
hair makes
me feel daring
and confident
– Eleanor Tomlinson
ong derided for the
colour of their hair, redheads
are now proving it pays to be
Despite just 2% of the world’s
population having crimson
locks, they are over-represented
in high-profile public roles.
But it might be too soon for
them to have the last laugh, as
it’s feared the redhead gene
could die out by 2060.
A new book, Ginger Pride – A
Red-Headed History Of The
World, examines what makes red
hair so special – and confirms
they really are a unique breed.
“It started off as a look at
historical figures with red hair, as
I noticed there was a bit of a
trend,” explained author and
“proud ginger” Tobias Anthony.
“But I decided to widen it to
look at other topics.
“One aspect I was really
intrigued by was the mythmaking, like accusations of
being vampires and witches
centuries ago.
“Redheads play a hand in
almost every aspect of the world
as we know it, from Vikings to
royalty (by the time Queen
Elizabeth I passed, Britain had
seen 138 consecutive years of
redheads on the throne)
to medicine.
“I think once you
have this type of
myth and aura
connected to
ginger hair, there’s
some attraction to
it. There is
something that
makes you stand
out and seems
to captivate people in a certain
way and it makes sense to want
to ride on the coat-tails of that.”
To that end, there are famous
redheads who weren’t naturally
red, stars like Lucille Ball, Oscar
nominee Amy Adams and Mad
Men star Christina Hendricks. In
America, red hair dye sells more
than any other, generating
$200m in sales per year.
But those bottle reds won’t
experience the unique side
effects that come from being
naturally flame-haired.
“I had a couple of operations
on a broken arm as a teenager
and every time I went under
with the anaesthetic I came
around too quickly,” continued
29-year-old Tobias, who is also a
lecturer in fiction and
screenwriting at the University
of Melbourne.
“I looked into it and
discovered people with red
hair require 20% more
“We have different
and examines what it really means to have crimson locks
Tobias’s book
explores all
things ginger
levels of sensitivity to pain
compared to other people, and
we bruise easier, feel cold
weather more acutely and run a
higher risk of conditions like
Parkinson’s and Tourette’s.”
People with red hair also
produce higher levels of Vitamin
D, something many Scots are
deficient in.
Tobias continued: “When I
heard the rumour about the red
hair gene dying out, supposedly
due to global warming, I
thought it was a joke.
“The more I looked into the
science, it seems to be more to
do with fair skin, and
obviously there is a
correlation between
the two.
“But in my
opinion, if there is any
reduction in red-haired people
in the future it will be due to
multi-culturalism rather than
anything else, because to
produce a child with red hair
you require two copies of MC1R,
which is a recessive gene.”
Around 25% of American
Caucasians carry the gene, but
that shoots up to 40% in Ireland.
In Scotland, Ireland and Wales,
10% of the population is ginger.
With such famous redheads
as Prince Harry, Vincent Van
Gogh and Elizabeth I
throughout the ages, Tobias says
people with ginger hair should
be proud of their follicles.
“Their scent and pheromone
output, their intelligence and
good looks and their innate
ability to produce Vitamin D all
make gingers attractive to
the world. But beyond the
scientific and biological,
redheads are just really
great,” he said.
Ginger Pride is
released by Smith
Street Books on
March 1.
in his
life, a man is
‘ Once
entitled to fall
madly in love
with a redhead
February 11, 2018
Half of our
firms fear
Brexit bust
Half of Scots businesses
think they will be financially
worse off as a result of
Brexit, according to a survey.
The research, by
accountants HLB
International, also found
64% of Scots surveyed
believe the UK economy will
do worse over the next
decade as a result of Brexit.
HLB carried out the
survey of UK clients and
contacts to see what
business people thought of
Brexit and its current
They discovered that the
majority of respondents
have a “broadly anti-Brexit
view”, held more strongly in
Scotland than in the rest of
the UK. Half of Scottish
clients surveyed believe they
will be worse off, with only
14% predicting they will be
financially better off.
– Lucille Ball
Ed Sheeran,
‘ Prince
Lily Cole, me...
The redhead
stock is high
– Damian Lewis
As a kid, I’d
blame my
‘ temper
my hair
– Isla Fisher
There’s an
aura around
ginger hair.
It captivates
people. You
stand out
– Author Tobias
Winston Churchill’s
mother Jennie was
born in Brooklyn,
New York
Virus fears
for exposed
lab workers
Safety breaches at UK labs
that handle harmful
bacteria and viruses have
spread infections to staff
and exposed others to
potentially lethal diseases,
it’s been claimed.
The Health and Safety
Executive has investigated a
series of mistakes over the
past two years that led to
scientists falling ill at
specialist labs.
The labs are run by
hospitals, private
companies, and even
government agencies.
One scientist at a
laboratory became sick after
contracting Shigella, a
highly contagious bacterial
infection that causes most
cases of dysentery in Britain.
The incident led to the
HSE to demand the lab
improved its health and
safety practices.
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February 11, 2018
Extra security and £10 parking charge for a derelict castle?
That’s Outlandish
Boris Johnson
Boris leads
calls for
Foreign Secretary Boris
Johnson has called for
Rohingya Muslim refugees
to be able to return to
Burma safely and with
Mr Johnson made the
intervention as he visited a
refugee camp at Cox’s Bazar
in Bangladesh.
It came ahead of talks
with Burma’s de facto leader
Aung San Suu Kyi today.
The Foreign Secretary
said: “I have seen for my
own eyes the horrendous
living conditions the
Rohingya people are having
to endure and it has only
further strengthened my
commitment to working
with international partners
to improve the lives of these
people in 2018.
“I pay tribute to the
hospitality and compassion
shown by the government of
Bangladesh, who are facing
an enormous challenge in
providing humanitarian
“While I welcome steps by
both the Burmese and
Bangladeshi governments
towards ensuring that these
people can return home, it
is vital that the Rohingya
refugees must be allowed to
their homes in Rakhine
voluntarily, in safety and
with dignity, under
international oversight, and
when the conditions in
Burma are right.”
More than 600,000
Rohingya men, women and
children are estimated to
have fled their homes in the
last year.
Robbery in
Four men in balaclavas have
carried out a late-night
robbery at a property in
The men targeted the
address in the Saughton
area of the city late on
Friday night.
No-one was injured but
police said it was a
“distressing experience” for
the victims.
The suspects were white,
of large build, around 6ft tall
and spoke with Scottish
Police urged anyone with
information to contact
By Hannah Rodger
osses at a historic estate
f e a t u re d i n h i t T V s e r i e s
Outlander have drafted in security squads to deal with rampaging fans of the show.
Staff have had to cope with vandalism, anti-social behaviour and
even people defecating at Midhope
Castle in South Queensferry, the
ancestral home of character Jamie
Fraser, played by Sam Heughan in
the hit American programme.
The castle lies on the same estate
as Hopetoun House, which also features, making it a top destination for
hoards of so-called “set-jetters” desperate to see the real-life locations
of their favourite fictional dramas.
Known on screen as Lallybroch,
Midhope is derelict inside but the
exterior is used as a backdrop in
series 1 and 2.
Since it was chosen as a filming
location in 2013, it has become a
staple of many Outlander-themed
tours, prompting estate managers to
bring in security guards to protect
the 15th Century castle and nearby
farm, as well as the property of tenants who use buildings on the estate.
They have also had to charge visitors for parking at the site – £10 for
Left, Sam Heughan as Outlander hunk Jamie. Above, Culloden moor
where fans of the show have been warned to respect the surroundings
cars, £40 for minibuses – to offset
their security costs, which has upset
some Outlander fans.
Fan Christine Howard, 35, from
Ayrshire, is an avid fan of the show
and has visited numerous filming
locations throughout Scotland.
She said: “It’s quite expensive just
to pay to park somewhere that you
can’t even go inside.
“I’ve visited loads of places with
my kids and my husband, and we’ve
never had to pay something like that
unless it has been an actual attraction in itself.
“I can see why they might have
brought in this charge though, particularly if a small number of visitors
are causing problems and damaging
things. That is just not acceptable.”
A spokeswoman from Hopetoun
Estate said: “Over recent months we
have had to deal with inconsiderate
parking, dangerous driving, and
damage to property and incidents of
lewd behaviour, even defecation.
“Hopetoun Estate welcomes visitors. However, Midhope Castle is not
an attraction such as Hopetoun
House and therefore doesn’t have
the infrastructure in place to support the numbers of fans descending upon what is essentially a working farm, timber yard and tenanted
“The introduction of security is to
accommodate visitors safely while
protecting the historic castle, the
privacy of residents and the livelihood of the people who work at the
The Sunday Post has previously
revealed that Finnich Glen, near
Killearn, Stirlingshire, has suffered
congestion, fly tipping and parking
problems due to the number of
visiting fans. Specialists have also
been called out to rescue fans
trapped down the gorge, known
locally as the Devil’s Pulpit, and unable to climb out.
The picturesque spot has featured
in both Outlander and King Arthur:
Legend of the Sword.
More recently, Outlander fans
were told to respect the Cullodden
war graves after they were seen
snapping selfies at the historic site
which features in the show.
Malcolm Roughead, Chief
Executive of VisitScotland, said:
“Outlander has been a phenomenal
success and locations all over the
country that feature in the series
have seen a significant rise in visitor
numbers as a result.”
He added that businesses have
had to “look to balance demand
with safeguarding their property”.
Midhope Castle or, as its known in Outlander below, Lallybroch
February 11, 2018
the issues
I’m not sure if, like
me, these celebs
have seen one
side of the spatula
from the other
Scottish Tory leader Ruth
Davidson, on donning her
Bake Off apron for charity
Police Scotland is looking for its third chief constable in five years following the resignation
of governmental interference but crime rates remain relatively low. KIERAN ANDREWS
the ex chief
Colin MCKerraCher, forMer GraMpian poliCe Chief Constable
The Conservatives
are intellectually
Shadow Chancellor John
McDonnell announcing
Labour’s plans for
“irreversible” public ownership
RBS branches have been
given a stay of execution
shortfall in
seasonal workers
reported by horticulture
farms last year
on petition demanding
answers over James
Bulger killer Jon
Venables’ release
I admire Donald
Trump’s tenacity.
As a survivor in the
wild you need that.
But I’m not sure his
hair would cope
TV adventurer Bear Grylls on
the US President
A bold, thriving
Press is what
makes Britain
Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall
attending a reception
celebrating women working
in journalism
It is absolutely
wrong to say
immigration is
good for the
economy. It isn’t
Independent cross-bencher
Lord Green of Deddington,
chairman of Migration Watch
New boss has to develop a
national strategy...and learn
to stand up to government
I still have a passion for policing.
I can see a way forward within the
“one force” structure... I would build it
into something that really touches
communities again.
The new chief has to be someone
whose priority it is to introduce a
national strategy – one that gives
officers the confidence to use their
initiative, innovation and experience
to develop that strategy locally.
The chief constable also needs to
change the focus of other chief
officers from their own self-interest to
serving the staff of PS and the
communities of Scotland.
It looks to the outsider as if the
hierarchy is very much at the centre
of it all. Based in Stirling, or Tulliallan,
they don’t take a great interest in
other areas. If there is a fresh start,
whoever is in charge needs to get
these officers back across the country
to see the strategy delivered locally.
They need accountability devolved
locally. The remit of the Scottish Police
Authority (SPA) is too narrow.
When we took away the local
police boards, an accountability gap
emerged. The Government will say
the SPA was intended to fill that gap.
But they are not there representing
any geographical part of Scotland.
So where is the accountability?
You need a representative group
for different parts of the country.
Maybe five natural areas in the
country with boards.
Members should not go as party
political representatives, instead go
as police board members looking
after the interests of their community.
Operational commanders at chief
officer level should be giving answers.
Finally, they need to be confident in
their understanding of leading the
organisation to the point where they
can stand their ground with politicians.
Strength of character, humility and
experience are key attributes.
Can a chief constable stand up to
the politicians? Absolutely. I have in
the past, with central government
and the Scottish Government over a
number of things.
Colin McKerracher
hit out at Police
Scotland in last
week’s Sunday Post
February 11, 2018
of Phil Gormley. The single force has been dogged by controversy and claims
asks three experts what should be top of the country’s new top officer’s to-do list.
What next
the frOntline
Next chief constable
needs empathy and
to be inspirational
The next chief constable of Police Scotland
will command an organisation of nearly
18,000 highly-skilled and dedicated police
Officers who deliver one of the best
policing services on the planet, who in the
most austere of times are adapting to
organisational change on an unprecedented
scale and who have become the biggest
political football in the country.
Police officers are looking to their next chief
to give them breathing space, to shield them
from the incessant attacks on their service,
efforts and profession. They want the public to
hear about the successes,
they want a leader to
show communities they
should be proud of what
their officers deliver.
And officers need to
know what is expected of
them. We see new
demands on our service
rising exponentially while
we work with ageing cars,
collapsing buildings and
ancient IT – damning
legacies of former police
boards that amnesiacs
David Hamilton
speak so fondly of.
Counter-terrorism capability, historic sexual
abuse inquiries and cyber-investigations don’t
just need new equipment, they need police
officers too. Enough is enough, the cupboard
is bare and officers are running on empty.
More work requires more funding. The chief
constable needs to be given more than duct
tape to create a sustainable policing model.
The service is beginning to tackle its
problems but the pace is slow. As an
emergency service we have to react,
dynamically and decisively – to be
where we are after five years simply
isn’t good enough.
Most importantly, with
responsibility for a £1 billion budget
and liability for risks and
challenges few can comprehend,
our next chief constable needs to
take his or her people with them,
show empathy, be inspirational
and ensure improving their
wellbeing becomes a culture,
not just a project.
the pOlitician
the issues
By Mandy
The so-called Tory dream
team that could prove a
nightmare for Davidson
people want to see
officers on patrol in
their community
Policing is clearly a vital service and one
most people won’t want to use. But if they do
have cause to call upon the service, they
want a swift and positive response.
The value of local policing cannot be
There is nothing wrong with the existing
single service model – it is appropriate that
the likes of organised crime and human
trafficking are dealt with at a strategic level.
That is not the things people encounter
day-to-day, though. They want to see officers
on patrol, in uniform, in their community.
Policing has become a very hot topic but
in my dealings with the
public I still encounter
warmth and affection for
As someone who has
policed both urban and
rural areas, people aren’t
interested in terms such
as “community planning
If something goes
wrong, they want to
know the police, fire and
ambulance services are
going to be available.
John Finnie MSP
All policing is local and I
would hope to see a very clear
understanding that communities get the
policing they want.
Often, many of the debates are around
buildings and counter opening times. What
the public should get is a police service.
That may not always require a building as
we know the service is changing and most
communication now comes via phone or
email, but the concerns of the most
vulnerable require response across public
I would also encourage councillors to
assert themselves. I haven’t met a single
officer yet who is adverse to being scrutinised
about their area.
There is no reason why you shouldn’t have
national campaigns around the likes of drinkdriving but, outwith that, the local policing
model should be determined by the local
divisional commander.
There’s no reason why anyone in Tulliallan,
Edinburgh or Glasgow should be directing
Last week, it was reported
that Scottish Tory leader,
Ruth Davidson had
banned arch-Brexiteers,
Boris Johnson and Michael
Gove from attending her
party conference in
Aberdeen next month – on
the grounds they are too
And while the lady
herself denies they were
barred, they certainly
weren’t invited.
The fact is, in a country
that voted overwhelmingly
to stay in the EU (62% to
38%) Scots saw through
their Brexit lies and
Davidson knows this duo
of snake oil salesmen
would not be appreciated
in the Granite City, even by
their own party.
Davidson has done a
good job of disassociating
herself from the more
poisonous elements of her
party. She has avoided real
criticism about the more
socially damaging policies
emanating from
Westminster but, as
Theresa May’s government
tears itself apart over
Europe, Davidson – an
ardent remainer – has a
difficult balancing act to
pull off.
She has set herself apart
from hard-line Brexiteers,
but it is a farrago.
And with the true cost of
leaving the EU now
painfully revealed it would
be folly for her to offer the
red carpet to Brexit
cheerleaders who tricked a
nation with their
braggadocious claims of
freedom and, more
damagingly, remind Scots
which party she actually
With each day we seem
to fall deeper and deeper
down the Brexit rabbit
hole where our new
normal is a constantly
moving mosaic of
madness in which the only
thing that is certain is the
On Thursday, MSPs were
told they could read the
Government’s Brexit
economic impact analysis
– papers they were
originally told didn’t exist.
But with the details
leaked all over the media,
the invitation to view – by
appointment, under strict
supervision and within
restricted times – the
exercise seemed futile.
And that was before
MSPs discovered a “clerical
error” which meant they
were handed only evennumbered pages.
However, the missing
pages couldn’t disguise the
reality that under all
economic modelling,
Scotland would be much
poorer following a
withdrawal from Europe.
More tellingly, the
devastating forecasts
mirrored almost exactly
figures released by the
Scottish Government
weeks earlier, and which
the Tories had slammed as
SNP scaremongering.
So, who to believe?
Enter, Jacob Rees-Mogg,
Brexiteer, and a man
tipped to be a future PM,
who simply dismissed the
economics as civil service
fiddling. In any other time,
the idea of Rees-Mogg as
the leader of our country
would be dismissed as a
joke but he is now the
perfect analogy of the
chaotic state of politics.
A no-deal Brexiteer
whose wrecking-ball
approach to a withdrawal
from Europe has been
exposed as a sham.
An anti-abortionist –
even in the case of rape –
and against gay marriage.
A politician out of step
with the modern world
who says he is guided by
God rather than politics.
And, incredibly, he is
tipped to be part of our
future – as a Tory
leadership “dream team”
along with Johnson and
Gove. No wonder
Davidson isn’t rolling out
the welcome mat in
February 11, 2018
New police chief
must lead a
force for change
Since Police Scotland came into being
it has been mired in controversy.
Internal investigations, call centre
mistakes that ended in tragedy, and a
chief constable’s position that no one
seems to be able to keep.
In the meantime, rank and file officers
have carried on policing the streets
while, somehow, keeping crime levels
at a record low.
Now the force faces its most critical
time as it searches for a new leader to
take on a job that has become about
as attractive as that of Scotland
football manager.
The first challenge will be to find
someone, of the right calibre, who
wants to risk taking such a controversial
The second will be to repair the
image of an organisation that has
suffered huge damage, externally and
The experts we quote today on
pages 18 and 19 talk sense. Yes, there is
an acceptance that a single force was
an inevitability given the argument for
efficiencies in public spending.
However, the politicians and senior
officers simply didn’t do enough to
ensure local accountability when Police
Scotland came into being.
Major crimes can – and should – be
tackled in a uniform way across the
However, local differences, concerns
and voices should also be recognised.
At the moment it doesn’t feel like they
What might be right for an urban
community in the likes of Glasgow,
might not be right for a community in
rural Aberdeenshire.
We all want the police to succeed,
and grab the headlines for the right
The Scottish Police Authority must get
the next appointment right.
It, and the country, cannot afford
another debacle.
Working 9 to 5...
after you reach 65
In years gone by, once you hit your 60s,
life changed dramatically.
After years at work, it was time to plan
for your retirement, which some people
did with great excitement while others
met it with some trepidation.
Trepidation because they were
moving from a time when their role in
life was often clearly defined by their
Working kept you stimulated, it gave
them a purpose and, perhaps, authority.
But in retirement there was the
danger such driving factors would
disappear, leaving a worrying void.
But today it’s different with many
pensioners now working well into their
70s and 80s as our feature on
pages 32 and 33 show.
Some do it simply for the stimulation
and enjoyment. And do you know
what? They are doing a fine job!
Josh Littlejohn will brief the royal couple on his campaign to end homelessness over a cuppa at his Edinburgh cafe
e’re delighted that Prince
Harry and Meghan Markle will visit
Social Bite during their trip to
Even though we’ve already welcomed
superstars George Clooney and Leonardo
DiCaprio, we weren’t expecting a royal visit.
Their office contacted us out of the blue,
saying Harry and Meghan wanted to visit
during their time in the capital.
On Tuesday, the royal couple will meet
our staff and some of our homeless
customers who come in for free food.
They’ll chat about their experiences,
which is really important, as homeless
people have historically been ignored.
Myself and co-founder Alice Thompson
will also be there to speak about Social Bite
and our mission to end homelessness in
We opened our first Social Bite café on
Rose Street five years ago and now have
five across Edinburgh, Glasgow and
Aberdeen as well as a restaurant, Home.
Each year we distribute 100,000 items of
food and hot drinks to homeless people
and one in four of Social Bite’s staff has
experienced homelessness.
But this will be a fantastic opportunity to
speak to Harry and Meghan about our new
Housing First campaign to get hundreds of
people across Scotland off the streets and
into homes of their own.
Social Bite will pledge a third of the £4m
we raised through our Sleep In The Park
event in December towards providing
support to get homeless people into
The charity Crisis estimates that last
year, 11,800 people were homeless in
We aim to provide 500 homes in
Edinburgh and Glasgow within the next
18 months, coupled with support services
to help people stay in those homes.
At Sleep In The Park, 8000 people slept
overnight in Princes Street Gardens in
freezing conditions.
What struck me was that I couldn’t
imagine doing it for another night, and
then another. It wouldn’t take long
for your mental health to
deteriorate and for you to turn to
alcohol or drugs for an escape or
comfort from the cold.
I’d challenge any of us to cope
without having a stable place to
call home. To make people
Harry and fiancée Meghan
Homeless people
feel ignored. I’m
giving them an
audience with
Harry and Meghan
jump through hoops to qualify for a home
is ridiculous.
The fault lies in the structures and
systems, but that can be changed.
Housing First turns the traditional
response to homelessness on its head.
When someone becomes homeless,
they are rapidly rehoused in a mainstream
tenancy and they receive support.
We want to invest in the support services
required for people to live independently.
These would be provided
through charities and
could be mental health
support, or counselling
for alcohol and drug addiction. Tenants
would also get employment opportunities
and health care. And there would be
practical support, making sure people
manage their money and pay rent on time.
Housing First has had phenomenal
success throughout the world including
Scotland. In Glasgow, an organisation
called Turning Point has housed 43
people in permanent accommodation.
These are formerly chronically
homeless people who you would not
expect to hold down a home.
Before the fundraiser, Edindex, a
partnership between Housing
Associations and Edinburgh Council,
committed 275 homes in Edinburgh while
the Wheatley Group in Glasgow has
pledged 200 homes.
So, over the next 18 months, nearly 500
homes will be made available for people
who are homeless or sleeping rough.
Of course, the Scottish Government is
doing a lot to tackle the issue. Alongside a
pledge to provide 50,000 affordable
homes by 2021, it has committed £50m
towards homelessness intervention.
If we all put our heads together,
there’s no reason why we can’t eradicate
homelessness in Scotland within five
February 11, 2018
judy murray
passing shot
Follow me on TwITTeR @JudyMurrAy
Tragic Daniel, 15, took his own life
due to exam stress. Schools must
ensure children have someone
they can turn to when they feel low
he sad story of Daniel Long hit the headlines
last week. He was just 15 when he took his own life
due to the stress of exams.
Daniel Long
© 2018 Judy Murray, all rights reserved
It’s a huge
help that
the young
Royals have
mental health
Isn’t that heartbreaking?
We’re hearing more and more about the mental health
of young people and the difficulty some of them have
coping with the world.
In one way that’s worrying, but isn’t there a good
chance that these issues have always been there? In the
past, they just weren’t talked about.
Anything to do with mental health was stigmatised
and swept under the carpet because nobody knew how
to handle it. So the fact we’re hearing more about it now
is a good thing. And there are many more people trained
to understand it, raise awareness of it and find solutions.
It has to be a huge help that the young Royals – Princes
William and Harry and the Duchess of Cambridge – have
championed more openness around mental health.
Even Prince William and Prince Harry talking about
the challenges they faced when they lost their mum has
been a help. It has got people talking.
Still, there’s more that we could do. That stigma isn’t
extinct yet.
There’s so much pressure around our young people.
Exam pressure has always been there, but now there’s
also the stresses of being judged on social media, the
New data has revealed that facelifts for
women have fallen by almost half in a
Isn’t it about time we all accepted
and celebrated being the age we are?
There are so many things we can do
now to look and feel good about
ourselves. Plastic surgery isn’t necessarily
one of them.
We all love a bit of pampering, but it
can go too far. When a saleswoman
tried to persuade me to part with £410
recently for some skin caviar to give my
features “a fresh, young look” I had two
words for her: “I’m Scottish!”
Our ideas of beauty are becoming
more diverse. Not so long ago, all
models were stick thin and flawless.
But I love seeing models like Daphne
Selfe – she’s 89 and the world’s oldest
supermodel. She was “rediscovered”
aged 70 and says she’d never get Botox.
Yoga, a healthy diet, a positive outlook
on life and lots of laughing are every bit
as good as an expensive face cream.
Let’s hope she keeps strutting her stuff
for years to come.
Daphne Selfe, still a catwalk queen at 89
difficulty young people can have finding jobs, leaving
university with debt and not being able to get on the
housing ladder.
Sometimes it must feel that life is tough and the list of
problems is endless. But we must try to prepare our
young people to deal with both success and failure.
So I’d love to see every school have a mental health
counsellor attached to it.
We don’t always want to speak to friends or family.
They’re too close, we don’t want to worry them. Being
able to speak to someone who is slightly more removed
is an option that should be freely available.
I have a good friend who had depression which was
work-related. She was put in a position she wasn’t
properly trained for and was in charge of a lot of people.
It engulfed her for many years.
Now? You’d never know. She’s come out of the other
side. She gets up and speaks in front of big groups of
people, leads teams and is like a different person. There
is life after depression.
But having access to mental health experts and the
support of your friends and family is crucial.
Daniel Long was an A-star student. Perhaps he felt the
pressure to hold on to those top grades was immense.
Daniel’s mum, Emma, is campaigning for a counsellor in
every English school.
Let’s see it in Scotland, too.
Doritos plan “quiet” crisps
When it comes
to the crunch...
Did you see the huge fuss
around the plan to launch
Lady Doritos?
Doritos announced they
intend to release a
quieter-crunching variety.
Is that even possible?
They’ll be smaller – for
women’s petite mouths.
(What about those of us
who have quite big gobs?)
And the packets will be
small enough to fit into our
handbags. Marvellous.
Lady crisps won’t work for
me. But if they said they
were “cinema crisps”, I’d
have been all for it.
Nothing worse than
sitting watching a movie
near a noisy crisp cruncher.
Big day, big spend
A bit of bride
and gloom
Is the cost of weddings
getting out of hand? I mean
for guests, not the bride and
One disgruntled guest
took to the internet to voice
her frustration at the fact
the wedding she’d been
invited to – abroad – was
going to cost her £1600.
I suppose it depends on
your personal situation and
how much you actually like
the couple getting married.
Maybe those choosing to
get married abroad should
consider the logistical and
financial impact on their
guests and have a huge
party for friends and family
when they get home.
email judy your thoughts at
February 11, 2018
Hear the one about
the four-piece suit?
£25 star letter
When we were young and trendy in the late ’50s, we
used to have our suits made to measure in
Crawfords, Claythorn Street, in Glasgow.
One day, my friend Colin was there to get
measured for a suit.
In front of him was an elderly gent.
“I want a four-piece suit,” said the old man.
“A four-piece suit?” said the assistant. “There’s no
such thing.”
“Yes, there is – jacket, trousers, waistcoat... and
George Murray, Willenhall
Forced back
I am sure many people
will share former Chief
Constable Colin
McKerracher’s concerns
about the effect that an
unwanted, unnecessary
and unworkable single
police force in Scotland
has had.
The previous system
of eight police forces
worked reasonably well
and had local
accountability. A move
to four forces might
have been feasible but
Police Scotland is a step
too far. It’s now a
dysfunctional structure
supposedly meant to
save money and be
more efficient. It has
achieved neither of
these objectives.
Those politicians of
all parties who
supported the single
force should hang their
heads in shame.
Bob MacDougall,
via email
Fairy tale
You had a headline in
last week’s Sunday Post
which featured the term
“Fairy nuff”.
Is this the same Fairy
nuff, the tackety-booted
fairy fiancee of Rid
Skwerr, haunter of the
Calton Creek cemetery?
You brought back
very happy memories of
Rank Bajin and Big
Chief Toffee Teeth, not
to mention Lobey
Dosser and Elfideldo.
William Thompson
Hole truth
The proliferation of
large heavy lorries using
a road network not
constructed for such
loads must surely be a
considerable factor in
the increasing number
and depth of the
straIGHt FrOm tHe Heart
readers’ letters
FOLLOw mE ON TwITTER @reallorraine
Punishing a little boy for
playing in the park is a
step closer to creating a
generation obsessed with
social media and selfies
potholes which are
causing damage to all
types of wheeled
Sheila Booth, Hayfield
Lock it down
A criminal in Aberdeen
was recently jailed for
what were utterly
despicable crimes –
stealing charity cans
from various places.
He totally deserved to
go to prison for the
26 months the judge
sentenced him to.
However, I have lost
count of the number of
times I have pointed out
to shopkeepers and
people in offices
and clinics that their
charity donation cans
are not secure, and not
attached or chained to
anything to prevent
them from being stolen.
Maybe all those who
have charity tins on
their premises will make
sure they are as secure
as possible now.
Judi Martin,
How could an
innocent toy car
cause so much
Our kids have to
be given the
chance to go
outside and
learn by their
In the bag
Am I being unduly
cynical at the support
from retailers for
compulsory plastic bag
Apart from the few
companies who claim
to donate this income
to charity, the rest will
be laughing all the way
to the bank.
Also, my local
supermarket used to
have piles of boxes
freely available at the
checkout and plastic
bag use was minimal as
a result. Nowadays,
there are none. Surely
it’s far better for them to
be taken home and then
disposed of by
John Hein, via email
Write to: Readers’ Page, The Sunday Post, 2 Albert Square,
Dundee, DD1 9QJ. Email:
em@il Jury
I really liked The Krypton Factor, as it
combined physical and mental
challenges. It was a real test of
ability. Liz Kelly, Glasgow
Para Handy was a great
programme, but too many
modern-day programmes are not
everyone’s cup of tea. Robbie
Russell, Elgin
Bring back Criss Cross Quiz. It was a
quiz show many years ago and it
ho remembers common
I think it disappeared around the
same time as the introduction of
Facebook, selfies, Twitter and social
media in general.
Since then, everyone appears to have
grown more dense and less able to
make sensible decisions and act in a
reasonable way.
This week a dad and his little boy
were playing with a remote control car
in a London park.
It was one of those dinky little things
that runs on batteries.
Out of blue two police officers
appeared and told Hariz Waiyasil and
his three-year-old son Idrees to stop
playing with the toy.
The father and son were accused of
breaking bylaws in London’s Battersea
Park because they were using
“mechanically propelled vehicles”.
The baffled dad was told that
protesting would see him cautioned.
Talk about taking a sledgehammer to
crack a nut.
First of all, this father should be
congratulated for taking a little boy to
the park and playing with his toys,
rather than sticking him in front of a
computer screen.
Second, what real harm were they
both doing?
The three-year-old’s car is powered
by a couple of AA batteries and is a
small version of his dad’s.
Hariz said he would stop using his
bigger car and they would just play
with his son’s little one.
This was not acceptable.
They were both on a road in the park
used by joggers and cyclists, who have
eyes in their heads to easily avoid a
little car on the path.
The whole thing appears to have
been very heavy handed.
Dad Hariz said his little boy was in
tears and really upset.
It is the latest in a seemingly neverending series of events where common
sense has completely disappeared.
We see it all the time.
We can’t take pictures of children’s
school plays, kids aren’t allowed to
explore the great outdoors and get
scrapes and bruises thanks to health
and safety laws that have taken most of
the fun out of swing parks and paddling
Obviously, we need to protect our
kids but they have to be given the
chance to play outside, enjoy
themselves and learn by their mistakes.
Otherwise we will have a whole
generation who do nothing but stare
into their mobiles “liking” pictures of
cats falling over and never actually
have an interaction or conversation
with other human beings.
I think this ban on that little boy
playing with his car is completely
ridiculous and over the top and makes
no sense at all.
A revival of The Generation Game has been a flop, but
was excellent. Remakes seldom
equal the originals, though. Allison
Scotland, Roxburghshire
I don’t think there is any show I
would like to see remade. The
shows back in the day were good
for those eras but time moves on
and our opinions, likes and dislikes
change. There are plenty of
channels now and lots of choice.
Margaret Gibb, Fife
I’d like to see Ask The Family return.
Anne Hegerty’s Britain’s Brightest
Family is similar, but not as good.
Judi Martin, Aberdeenshire
Some classic shows such as The
Likely Lads and On The Buses just
cannot be remade. They were
made to represent the culture and
society of the time and would just
look out of place these days. I’ve
I felt desperately sorry for Paul
Cattermole, former member of S
Club 7 who has fallen on such
hard times he put up his Brit award
for sale on eBay.
Paul, 40, had massive success
with the band but was declared
bankrupt in 2015 and now lives on
packet noodles.
He says he asked to go on I’m A
Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here and
Strictly Come Dancing but claims
producers weren’t interested. He
appeared on Loose Women
during the week and they had to
give him a shirt to wear. The poor
soul left it behind in his dressing
room as he was worried they
would think he had stolen it.
The producers of Celebrity Big
Brother must surely want him for
the next series, and if it goes well
the show could solve his money
problems at a single stroke.
there can be only one
Space for
three more
A pair of dogged mps
show our pussycat pm
how to take on the fat cats
t’s not often that I
praise the efforts of MPs.
for Natalie
It’s murder, polis
without Taggart
Earlier this week I met the
gorgeous Natalie
Imbruglia, who had a
global smash with Torn in
1993, when she appeared
on my show to talk about
her new tour.
Like most people who
have made a “comeback”
she is enjoying fame
much more second time
While we all believe
famous people are living
the dream, it can often be
more of a nightmare.
Looking for something to watch the other
night, I discovered an old episode of Taggart.
Not the vintage Taggart starring Mark
McManus, the more recent incarnation with
Alex Norton, John Michie, Colin McCredie and
Blythe Duff.
Yes, the story was a bit far-fetched and some
of the dialogue a wee bit clunky, but I was
hooked until the very end.
It does beg the question as to why this show
was bumped off in its prime when there was
still a lot of mileage in characters we came to
know and love.
We need more home-grown drama to follow
the likes of River City and Shetland, and I
reckon it’s time to bring back the Taggart gang.
are there any other shows you’d like to see remade?
never seen a remake that’s a
patch on the original. Gary
Hopton, Fife
One of the best programmes ever
was Callan and it could still stand
the test of time. It’s so sad that the
main actors Edward Woodward
and Russell Hunter are no longer
with us. Blind Date should have
stayed in the archives! Irene
Thomson, Perth
One of the game shows I liked was
3-2-1, because the audience at
home could participate. It also
had little sketches and Ted Rogers
was a good host. James Brown,
A lot of boring programmes are
being remade. But I would love to
see The Aff Its Heid Show with Tiger
Tim Stevens return. It was brilliant
and Tiger Tim is from Glasgow.
Graham D’arcy, Glasgow
Frank Field, above, and Ian Blackford deserve our respect
The S Club 7 gang back in 2000 with Paul, bottom row second from left
February 11, 2018
In fact, it’s as rare as the
BBC getting the weather
forecast right.
However, this week there
are two MPs who deserve a
special mention.
Labour’s Frank Ernest Field
and the SNP’s Ian Blackford.
Frank is old-school Labour.
Polite and quietly spoken, but
a determined champion of
the working class and a vocal
critic of big-business greed.
And he was at his earnest
best this week when he
co-chaired the parliamentary
business select committee
and mercilessly grilled the fat
cat bosses of Carillion, the
construction company which
went bust last month with
debts of £3.2 billion.
I doubt you’d find a shadier
looking bunch in the Old
They squirmed so much
under Frank’s glare, Carillion’s
chairman Philip Green
apologised for his part in the
company’s shameful demise.
However, he was the only
The other execs, branded
delusional characters by the
committee, did not.
This enquiry has got a long
way to go, but in Frank Field,
I’m satisfied we have the right
man in place to see justice
A different matter but one
which also has greed, excess
and callous indifference to
the plight of others at its
heart, is the disgraceful RBS
branch closures.
The SNP’s Ian Blackford
MP deserves special praise
for his dogged efforts to open
dialogue with the bank.
After a series of meetings
with Ian, the RBS will now
allow 10 of the 62 branches
facing closure to remain
open, if only until the end of
the year when a final decision
on their future will be made.
It was rare piece of good
news, but this is a cynical
face-saving exercise from a
bank, owned by the tax payer,
which spends millions more
on sponsoring international
rugby than it does on keeping
branches open, and who are
given carte blanche to do
what they want by a Tory
Government which refuses to
Still, Ian Blackford should
be given a huge amount of
credit for his efforts. He put
his head above the parapet,
and possibly his political
career on the line, with his
decision to speak to the RBS.
But 52 branches still face
imminent closure.
And if we are to stop that
happening then it will need
more than just the valiant
efforts of Ian Blackford, it will
need all of our MPs.
Especially Theresa May.
How she can condone
these closures, and show
indifference to the slow
death of the rural
communities when she
holds the tax payer’s keys to
the RBS safe and could stop
their purge of our High
Streets beats me.
As for the rest, especially
the very vocal opposition
benches, I wish they would
stop their greeting and join
Then they could direct
their venom and vitriol at
where it belongs, the RBS.
If MPs unite and fight these
closures they will win the war
– and the nation’s respect.
From carman . . . to
That’s multi-billionaire
owner of SpaceX and
Tesla, Elon Musk.
The successful launch
of his Falcon Heavy space
rocket, designed to carry
massive payloads into
space and fitted with
reusable boosters, has
surely opened up an
affordable gateway to the
Its first payload, a red
Tesla Roadster car, has
what looks like Top Gear’s,
petrolhead The Stig sitting
in this tin can.
We could even hear
David Bowie’s classic
song, Space Oddity,
blasting out while it
zooms off towards Mars
and the Asteroid Belt at a
whopping 22,000mph.
That’s a speed that
would appeal to a few
petrolheads, which gives
me an idea . . .
Ground Control to
Major Musk, is there any
room on board for The
Stig’s three old mates –
Clarkson, May and
Cheddar Man
Hard cheese,
Mr President
I thought I was from
Viking stock – after all,
MacLeod means “ugly
wolf” in Old Norse.
But now I’m not so sure.
Some of my friends
reckon that when I come
back from holiday I’m the
spitting image of Cheddar
Man, the 10,000-year-old
Mesolithic Briton found
in Cheddar Gorge,
Large, hairy and burnt
to a crisp.
And, apart from the
hair colour, it might also
explain the genealogy of
the big cheese himself,
Donald J. Trump.
He’s also a MacLeod
with an orange Cheddar
Man tan.
February 11, 2018
Hunt for your heroes: choose
Scotland’s Team Of The Year
how you can help
The prestigious NRS Scottish
Sporting Awards take place
on March 23 at Prestonfield
House in Edinburgh and we’d
love to see you there. For
ticket and table info, email or call
0131 629 6363
Help change lives by giving
just a £5 donation. Text
MMCL17 5 to 70070, visit to donate
online or send a cheque
payable to Nordoff Robbins
Scotland to its office at
4 Logie Mill, Beaverbank
Business Park, Edinburgh
EH7 4HG.
The yeAR
By Sean Hamilton
celtic Fc
It was the year Celtic
celebrated the 50th
anniversary of the
Lisbon Lions.
But the Hoops didn’t
just bask in former
With Brendan Rodgers
at the helm, Celtic
added a new chapter
to their history books,
sweeping all before
them to finish last
season as undefeated,
Their record-breaking
unbeaten run
continued into this
season, eventually
stretching to 69 games.
Hailed as an
achievement” by their
manager, it is unlikely
ever to be bettered.
scotland Men’s hockey Team
Scotland’s footballers
have struggled to claim
a space at their sport’s
top table for two
However, the men’s
hockey team showed
them how it’s done by
clinching promotion to
the top tier of the
European game for the
first time since 2005.
The Scots beat Russia
3-2 in August to seal
their place in the
continent’s premier
Next up for our
stick-wielding stars is
April’s Commonwealth
Games, which should
stand them in good
stead to once again
mix it with Europe’s big
sporting history is
peppered with heroic
team performances.
From the Lisbon Lions’
stunning European Cup
win in 1967, to the
Scottish rugby team’s
unforgettable Grand
Slam of 1990, the spirit of
togetherness has defined
some of our greatest
The Sunday Post has
once again teamed up
with music therapy
charity Nordoff Robbins
Scotland to celebrate the
Scottish Sporting Awards.
This week, it’s time to
hail the top Scots teams
of the last year.
These are the men and
women who have banded
together to become more
than the sum of their
parts, then achieved
Our nominees in the
category of Team
Performance Of The Year
will head for the glitzy
Prestonfield House Hotel
in Edinburgh for a
star-studded bash on
Friday, March 23.
And next week, we will
reveal who will be joining
them as nominees for our
Unsung Sporting Hero
The Warriors kicked off
their year with a record
43-0 mauling of
Leicester Tigers.
It took them to the
European Champions
Cup quarter-finals for
the first time in their
But when inspirational
coach Gregor
Townsend left to lead
Scotland, the Scotstoun
men faced a huge test
of character.
Lesser outfits might
have crumbled.
Instead, they passed
with flying colours under
new Australian coach,
Dave Rennie.
The Warriors have
soared to the top of
their Pro 14 conference
– proving that Scottish
rugby is on the up.
scotland Women’s curling Team
“Team Muirhead” will
this week kick off their
Winter Olympics bid for
Team GB.
But the Scots curlers
are already champions
after a stellar year.
Scotland’s women,
led by skip Eve
Muirhead, brushed
Sweden aside in
November to win the
Championships for only
the third time ever.
Trailing 2-1 after three
ends, Muirhead inspired
her rink to a 6-3 victory
over the 19-time
European champions.
It was Scotland’s first
Euro gold since 2011 –
and marked them as
serious medal
contenders in
(Please attach additional paper if needed)
Nordoff Robbins Scotland
wants you to chose
nominees for two categories.
We’re looking for names for
the Coach Of The Year
category and the individual
you think has made the
Sporting Breakthrough Of The
Year. It doesn’t matter if
they’re professional or
amateur – it’s any person you
believe has had an incredible
2017 who is eligible.
Use the forms on these
pages to nominate your
heroes before February 18 –
and we’ll reveal the names
next month.
Send your nominations to
NRS Scottish Sporting Awards,
DC Thomson, Skypark, 8 Elliot
Place, Glasgow, G3 8EP.
glasgow Warriors
(Please attach additional paper if needed)
You can also vote for the
Male Parasport Personality Of
The Year and the Female
Parasport Personality Of The
Get involved by voting for
your Parasport winners at
The Sunday Post has teamed
up with Nordoff Robbins
Scotland to promote the NRS
Scottish Sporting Awards,
which were launched last
year to much acclaim.
NRS is the largest
independent music therapy
charity in the country,
dedicated to changing the
lives of vulnerable and
isolated people.
Music therapy helps those
who find it difficult to express
themselves in words, such as
those with autism or
dementia, to communicate.
Therapists use singing,
musical instruments, dance
and listening to music as a
type of treatment.
Studies have shown it can
help physically rehabilitate,
motivate and provide
emotional support.
February 11, 2018
call to book
0844 576 6110
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glenton Palmer
Party break
A member of the samba school Grupo Especial Mancha Verde participates in a
carnival celebration at the Anhembi Sambodrome in Sao Paulo, Brazil
Rural lovers pay
more for delivery
of Cupid’s arrow
Residents up north facing rip-off Valentine’s Day charges
By Kieran Andrews
ural romantics are
having their hearts broken by
h i g h e r d e l i ve r y c h a r g e s
slapped on Valentine’s Day
Residents in the north of
Scotland will be forced to pay an
extra £15.99 if they want to order
flowers and fizz from one company, despite it being advertised
as free courier delivery.
Moray MSP Richard Lochhead
said: “Rural residents are some of
the most loyal online shoppers in
the UK, yet time after time get
stung by unfair higher parcel
delivery charges.
“Despite widespread outrage,
retailers are still at it and imposing heartbreaking surcharges.
“The case for action by the UK
Government gets stronger with
each new case.
“Only this week Scottish Rural
Action backed my fair Delivery
Charges campaign and hopefully this will be the last
Valentine’s day when these ridiculous surcharges are imposed
without any rhyme or reason.”
The UK Government’s department for business, energy and
industrial strategy has told the
Sunday Post that delivery fees
should remain a “commercial
matter” without regulation.
Mr Lochhead’s Fair Delivery
Charges website gives examples
of homes in mainland Scotland
being categorised as “offshore”
and incurring substantial unexpected costs.
Valentine’s cases highlighted
by M r L o c h h e a d i n c l u d e slapping a £15.99
delivery surcharge to Moray for
12 red corvette roses and a bottle
of Prosecco. has a
£14.95 delivery charge to Moray,
with standard delivery £4.95.
That means people in the North
East are having to pay an extra
And Clintons has a £9.55 delivery charge to Moray, while standard delivery is £3.99. People then
pay an additional £5.56 for items
such as a £3.49 Valentine’s Day
key chain sold with a 30% discount promotion.
Last year, Citizens Advice
Scotland said a million Scots live
in areas charged extra for
The Scottish Parliament
Information Centre estimates
that higher delivery surcharges
cost consumers in Scotland £36
million a year. Mr Lochhead
recently sent a dossier of 124
companies he identified for
unfair delivery practices to the
Advertising Standards Agency.
Join the Glenton PAlmer staff for a party
break which includes dinner, B&B with
entertainment at a mystery destination.
Fri 9 Mar
3 days only £119
caledonian canal
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February 11, 2018
no to return
of the wolf
A Scottish Government
minister has told farmers
that wolves, bears and lynx
will be reintroduced to
Scotland “over my dead
The SNP’S Rural Economy
Minister Fergus Ewing is
under pressure over other
reintroduced species such
as beavers and white tailed
sea eagles and the alleged
damage they are doing to
farmers’ livelihoods.
Mr Ewing told the NFU
Scotland AGM that the
reintroduction of any
species that makes farming
more difficult “won’t happen
in Scotland as long as I’m
Millionaire Paul Lister
wants a 50,000 acre reserve
for two packs of wolves in
Sutherland. He believes that
bears could be brought in to
transform tourism.
The Queen is a
trained mechanic.
She learned the trade
as a member of the
Women’s Auxiliary
Territorial Service
during World War Two
fling for
one in four
More than one in four Scots
has had a holiday romance,
according to a survey.
The poll found that 29%
of Scots holidaymakers
said they’d had a fling
One in 10 (11%) said they
had remained friends
afterwards and one in five
(19%) admitted they are still
in the relationship.
A quarter of those who
had enjoyed some fun in the
sun said they wish they had
kept in touch.
The survey of 1000
holidaymakers found that of
those who have not had a
holiday romance, 11%
would like to.
Alistair Daly, of holiday
firm On The Beach, said:
“Our survey shows that
many people have had a
holiday romance at one
time or another.”
Simon says:
“Waverley is a
breakdown’ of a
The most
feature remains
its only real work
of architecture,
which is the
waiting-hall and
“Central is
custodian of the
city’s soul. For over
a century, its
sweeping roof has
looked down on
moments of
departure, whether
via the docks to the
outside world, or to
seek fame and
fortune down south
in England.”
The inside track on
Once unloved,
Wemyss Bay is
a rail charmer
for enthusiasts
By Bill Gibb
ts heyday was a time before
low-cost airlines, when hopping on
a cheap flight to foreign parts
couldn’t have been imagined.
Instead, a packed-like-a-sardine
train trip to catch a ferry “Doon the
Watter” was holiday heaven.
But now Wemyss Bay station, the
gateway to the Isle of Bute, is being
lauded as one of the nation’s greatest
gems. It takes pride of place in a new
book, Britain’s 100 Best Railway
Stations, not only being given a
five-star rating but being chosen for
the all-important front cover.
And for author Simon Jenkins,
seeing it in all its glory has a special
significance as he helped save it from
ignominious ruin.
Simon’s involvement with the Clyde
coast beauty dates back over 30 years.
“I founded the Railway Heritage
Trust in 1983 and Wemyss Bay was one
of the early recipients of one of our
grants,” said Simon, a former board
member of British Rail.
“It was in a terrible state but when I
went back to see it in its resplendent
restored state, it was just one of the
most charming, most complete works
of art of any station in Britain.”
The Caledonian Railway station
was built in 1903, when steam ruled
the tracks, and was a collaboration
between two of the pre-eminent
figures of the Scottish railways
Architect James Miller, formerly of
the Caledonian, was responsible for
many of the country’s finest station
designs and he had the closest of
relationships with the company’s
engineer Donald Matheson.
Matheson had just been to America
studying large crowds, and he put
what he’d witnessed into play to cope
with the eager travellers heading from
Glasgow to the Rothesay ferry.
“They had to move a trainload of people in five
minutes to beat the
rival ferries,”
Left, Simon Jenkins, author of Britain’s 100 Best Railways Stations, which
explained Simon. “He’d worked out
that they moved faster in a curve than
a straight line. Then he had to get the
luggage separately – as that would
slow passengers down – so it went
down a ramp behind the station
straight to the boat. It was an
exercise in people
movement and efficiency.
“And Miller was a
remarkable architect
who had the most extraordinary
approach to engineering. He had an
eye for drama and magic.”
Like many stations, Wemyss Bay fell
on the hardest of times as the crowds
dried up. But grants and the tireless
efforts of those who refused to see it
wither and die in the shape of the
volunteers of the Friends of Wemyss
Bay Station have helped transform its
appearance. Hanging baskets and a
February 11, 2018
“It was
restored in
2014 when the
course hosted
the Ryder
Cup. Although
much of the
time, it still
has an
of expecting
the arrival of
“The station
has acquired
celebrity for
its careful
and its railway
which tells
the dramatic
story of the
building of
the line at
the turn of
the 20th
“This is a
glorious mess
of a station,
much battered
by history and
not yet back to
its old self.
Even from the
forecourt, we
can sense
grandeur. Its
station badly
our most super stations
Warm and sunny...
what a wonderful
send-off for a holiday
Wemyss bay
“This is one of the few stations that,
in my opinion, qualify as a
coherent work of art.
“From the outside we see an
L-shaped building, with offices in
one wing and, in the other, an
entrance façade with a prominent
clock tower on its corner.
“Rising from a red sandstone
base, the walls are of cream
render with sandstone dressings.
The red-tiled roof is punctuated
with gables of different sizes, as if
to maintain balance.
“The clock tower is white and
Italianate, with vertical stone
strips and a large bellcote on top,
giving it the appearance of a
“The whole composition is sunny,
warm and welcoming. None of this
prepares us for the interior,
reached through an entrance
arch with art nouveau ironwork.
“At the hub is a semi-circular
ticket office, its windows separated
by pilasters and flower pots. Rising
from the pilasters are ribs splaying
outwards to an encircling apex
ridge, like the chapter house of
Wells cathedral.
“The eye is led onwards to the
curving roofs, of the platforms in
one direction and the ramp down
to the pier in another.
“Since these all bend out of
sight, they create a delicious sense
of infinity. Wemyss Bay is no longer
busy as of old. Yet if not much
patronised, it is clearly much loved,
indicated by its fresh paint and
effervescence of flowers.
“They burst from every ledge,
bowl and urn. What a wonderful
send-off for a holiday.”
Wemyss Bay station, above, is now featured in
garden brought colour and a secondhand bookshop and gallery have
provided an additional reason to visit.
Although lacking the vibrant bustle of
yesteryear, Wemyss Bay was a very
different entity when Simon paid a visit
for his book.
“The sun was shining and it was like a
station out of a magic story.
“The only other people there, were
two delightful ladies in the bookshop
Picture: ALAMY
discussing the British Empire. It was a
wonderful scene. It’s a splendid station.”
Train travel is once again booming in
the UK with over well over 1.5 billion
journeys annually, an increase of some
50% in just over a decade.
And unloved stations are now being
cherished all over again.
“They are part of our heritage and we
do value them more than we did
before,” added Simon. “The most
encouraging thing about doing the book
was discovering that, compared to the
really desperate state of them 30 years
ago, they were well looked-after.
“I was particularly charmed by the
Scottish ones.
“We are beginning to appreciate that
these are works of architecture which is
a really good thing.”
Britain’s 100 Best Railway Stations by
Simon Jenkins (Viking £25) is out now.
“On the up
platform is a
baronial villa
in stone, on
the down
platform is a
chalet. Each
determined to
outdo the
other in
“The manager,
James Renton,
had such faith
in the project
he paid the
workers out
of his own
pocket when
threatened. A
head sculpted
on the platform
honours his
“At first it
has the
of an
hunting lodge.
The interior is
The canopies
carry the
decorative of
“This is an
case of station
rescue. Today
it could be a
winter sports
musical set.
Roofs ensure
that not a
single flake of
snow descends
on alighting
February 11, 2018
Mum Denise wins £25,000 after
slipping...on way into hospital
Clinic foots the bill after bone-breaking accident
By Russell Blackstock
hen Denise Bowie
visited a private clinic for a
check-up after having a bunion
removed, she never thought
she would end up with a string
of health problems.
The mum-of-one was on
crutches when she entered the
Spire Murrayfield Hospital in
Edinburgh for her appointment.
However, she was unaware the
floor of the clinic was wet and she
tumbled – landing on her alreadyinjured foot, breaking it in two
The 2013 incident led to a fouryear nightmare for Denise.
It recently concluded with a
court awarding her £25,000 in
compensation for the ordeal, and
its aftermath.
Denise said: “I went into the
hospital and my crutches went
flying. My non weight-bearing foot
went down.
“My foot broke in two places
and had to be re-broken and re-set
in plaster.”
The tumble left Denise suffering
stiffness and loss of function and
she now walks with a limp.
She also needed surgery and
additional healing time which
forced her to stay off work as a
receptionist for eight months.
Medication she was prescribed
also led to Denise developing
bowel and liver problems.
Denise was also restricted to the
ground floor of her house and
became dependent on family, and
friends for help with tasks such as
housework and shopping.
She added: “It was a nightmare.
I couldn’t manage the steps so I
had to move downstairs.
“I couldn’t even make a cup of
tea or take my daughter to school,
and sleeping was terrible.
“Thankfully I have terrific
neighbours, family and friends
who stepped in to help, taking my
daughter to school, walking the
dog and so on.
“It was a hellish time. It took
four years to heal and there’s even
talk about a fourth surgery.”
Denise contacted law firm
Digby Brown which pursued Spire
Healthcare for compensation on
the grounds the clinic did not have
appropriate signs in place to warn
of the wet floor.
Denise’s solicitors secured a
final settlement from Spire
Healthcare for £25,000.
Denise said: “I’m very happy –
the compensation won’t change
my recovery but it did mean Spire
took responsibility for their
Ken Hay, hospital director of
Spire Edinburgh Hospitals said:
“We would like to reaffirm that our
top priority is always the welfare
and safety of our patients.
“We take this responsibility
seriously and set high standards.
“We act quickly and thoroughly
if these standards have not been
Afia the gorilla
Afia’s ape-y
Denise’s foot was broken in two places
A miracle gorilla is enjoying
her birthday celebrations as
she turns two tomorrow.
Afia was born by
emergency C-section at
Bristol Zoo in February 2016
after her mother, Kera,
showed symptoms of
potentially life-threatening
The operation was carried
out by surgeons from Bristol
University along with the
zoo’s own vet team.
They delivered the tiny
western lowland gorilla
weighing just over 1kg a few
weeks premature.
She needed help from vets
before she was able to
breathe independently.
It was the first time a
gorilla had been born by
Caesarean at Bristol Zoo,
and one of only a handful of
times worldwide.
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RBS action
February 11, 2018
Rare weather event could see those winter blues go on and on
The SNP has called on
Scottish Tory MPs to pile
pressure on the UK
Government over RBS bank
In a letter the party’s
consumer affairs
spokeswoman Patricia
Gibson MP urged the
13-strong Scottish
Conservative group at
Westminster to “start acting”
on the issue.
RBS bosses have granted a
reprieve to 10 closurethreatened banks in rural
The RBS group plans to
shut a further 52 branches.
SNP Westminster leader
Ian Blackford has faced
some criticism amid claims
he was taking the credit for
the announcement and
bypassing the cross-party
Scottish Affairs Committee.
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Police hunt
tree fellers
It sounds like a job for
Special Branch... after a
popular Angus country park
was targeted by tree thieves.
Crooks armed with
cutting equipment are
thought to have made
several trips to Crombie
Country Park in recent
A spokesman said an
unspecified number of trees
were felled some time
between December 12 and
January 14.
“It is understood those
responsible have visited the
park several times to carry
out these thefts,” he
The Crombie incident
comes almost exactly a year
after Angus Council
condemned vandals who
used a chainsaw to cut
down trees in a Brechin
public park.
These motorists were caught out badly by the late winter at Edinburgh Airport in 2010
By Gordon Blackstock
cotland’s long, cold
winter could be set to get
worse – with a rare North
Pole phenomenon sparking weeks of snow and
freezing temperatures.
Meteorologists are predicting Sudden Stratospheric
Warming – an event that
could rock the country by
the end of February.
It could plunge Scotland
into the sort of below freezing temperatures and snow
we last saw in 2010 and 2013
– our coldest March for
The rare weather phenomenon could last as long
as two weeks, taking us into
the rec o rd b o o ks w i t h
another bitter March.
Last night experts at the
Met Office warned Scots to
brace themselves for a freezing end to February.
Met Office forecaster Oli
Claydon said: “This is a relatively rare weather phenomenon that happens a few
times every decade.
“The last time was in 2013
and before that it was 2010.
“It could cause lots of
clear, dry weather with
night-time frosts.
“There are a number of
global factors that affect our
weather at this time of year
and this is one of them.
“It blocks milder conditions from the west heading
across the Atlantic.
“We could be heading for
a prolonged period of cold
weather due to Sudden
Stratospheric Warming.”
The phenomenon is
Bitter. Biting. Baltic.
Prepare for March
Freezing conditions caused chaos
on the roads and had us shivering in
our homes back in March 2010
caused by the polar vortex –
a mass of cold air moving
anti-clockwise 90,000 ft
above the North Pole – splitting and pushing south.
When the vortex splits the
temperature in the stratosphere rise.
The warming extends
downwards into the atmosphere causing a blockage of
the milder air that sweeps
here from the west.
The last Sudden
St ra t o s p h e r i c Wa r m i n g
event occurred five years
ago, according to official
data. It brought the coldest
March for 51 years to
Scotland, with snow and
-12.5C lows as late as
Ma rc h 3 1 i n Bra e m a r,
But it got worse in 2010
when a temperature of
-16.1C was recorded in
Altnaharra in the Scottish
Highlands in November,
again caused by SSW.
Forecaster Oli added: “It’s
not nailed-on but there is a
strong chance we could
experience Sudden
Stratospheric Warming.
“It’s one we are actively
keeping an eye on.”
The SSW warning is
contained in the UK government official February to
April forecast being briefed
t o t h e Ca b i n e t O f f i c e,
transport bosses, councils
and emergency services, it’s
been claimed.
The February to April
contingency outlook is
re p o r t e d t o s a y : “ T h e
p r o b a b i l i t y o f Su d d e n
Stratospheric Warming is
h i g h e r- t h a n - n o r m a l i n
Februar y. These events
disrupt the stratospheric
polar vortex and, more often
than not, bring cold weather
to the UK.”
Last month, we told how
the cold winter so far had
brought a plague of rats into
our homes.
Temperatures saw rodents
fleeing the cold to sneak
Pest control experts have
reported increasing
numbers of homeowners
and restaurants calling
a b o u t i n f e s t a t i o n s, we
Turning a new LEAF
The new Nissan LEAF is the next
generation of the world's best-selling
zero-emissions electric vehicle.
More than 283,000 customers have chosen the
first-generation LEAF since it went on sale in 2010 –
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driver assistance technologies and enhanced
For some, the limited driving range between
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electric cars. But the brand new LEAF boasts a range
of 235-miles from the standard model, with more
distance offered on other versions.
The car’s e-Pedal technology lets drivers accelerate
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New Nissan LEAF
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February 11, 2018
TV’s Mr Murderer thrilled to be back on home turf playing strait-laced cop
Uma Thurman
Stunt boss
not on set
for crash
The stunt co-ordinator for
the Kill Bill movies has said
his team were not called on
set on the day of Uma
Thurman’s car crash.
Uma, 47, was injured
when her car hit a tree on
the set of 2003 film Kill Bill.
The film’s director Quentin
Tarantino apologised for the
accident earlier this week.
In an interview yesterday,
stunt co-ordinator Keith
Adams said: “No stunts of
any kind were scheduled for
the day of Ms Thurman’s
“All of the stunt
department was put on
“Had I been involved, I
would have insisted not only
on putting a professional
driver behind the wheel but
also ensuring that the car
itself was road-worthy and
Steven Robertson, as DC Wilson in the new series of Shetland, stays in Hertfordshire, but only feels “100% me” when he returns to his home islands
By Bill Gibb
hetland star Steven
Robertson says the hit BBC
Scotland series has saved him
from being telly’s resident killer.
Noel and Mr Blobby
Mr Blobby
hit annoyed
star Gary
TV presenter Noel Edmonds
has spoken of how Gary
Barlow was annoyed when
Mr Blobby denied Take That
their first Christmas number
Mr Blobby’s self-titled
track had already spent
three weeks in the charts| in
December 1993 and rose
two places as the boy band’s
single Babe was pipped at
the post.
Edmonds, 69, said: “Mr B
was hugely successful with
his number one record –
that really annoyed Gary
Barlow, I tell you.”
Speaking about Noel’s
House Party – a staple of
Saturday night TV between
1991 and 1999 – he said: “It
is impossible for me to
exaggerate my happiness
at having been able to
make that kind of
Steven, 41, is the only native
Shetlander in the main cast of the
drama that starts a new run on
BBC1 on Tuesday.
But he’s told The Sunday Post how
he had to ditch his heavy accent to
make it as an actor – after being
mistaken for a Romanian!
Steven, who is DC Sandy Wilson,
played murderous twins in Luther
and took on the part of another sick,
creepy killer in The Bletchley Circle.
“With Sandy I get to play a normal
person,” says Steven.
“He doesn’t want to kill lots of
people, he wants to protect people.
“It’s a really big gift after playing
the maniac to be the voice of sanity
in the room.
“He’s the one saying, ‘Maybe we
shouldn’t trust this guy . . .’
“That’s brilliant after years of
being some very flawed
Away from the screen, Steven’s
Shetland twang is as strong as ever
but he worked tirelessly on other
accents after leaving drama school
and moving down south.
And it paid off with major roles in
a host of big shows including Ashes
To Ashes, Luther, New Tricks, Doctor
Who, Harlots and most recently,
The actor’s staple English accent,
Received Pronunciation or RP, came
in useful away from work, too.
“I spent so long in London not
being understood,” confides Steven.
After years of
taking on killer
roles, it’s a real
gift to finally
get to play a
normal person
– Shetland star Steven Robertson
as one
half of
the evil
twins in
“I got asked if I was Dutch,
Romanian, just about any foreign
country you can think of.
“Even now I get asked where I’m
from about seven times a day.
“I suppose it is an odd accent so
it’s just easier to go into a shop or
pick up a phone and talk in RP to
people. They get it right away.”
And although he now lives in
Hertfordshire with actress wife
Charlotte and their daughter, home
is always in his heart.
“I think I live most of my life at
90% capacity. But when I’m back in
Shetland I feel more like 100% me.
“It’s not that I don’t feel all right
away from it, but something there
switches me fully on.
“My best friends are still on
Shetland, people I went to school
with and grew up with.
“I may have been away for 20 or
so years but most of my
conversations and catching up are
still with people on Shetland.
“I’ve never felt I’ve lost
connection although I have, at
times, been incredibly homesick.
“I was never one of those people
who couldn’t wait to leave. It was
just that opportunities happened
and I would have been silly not to
try them.”
This is now the fourth series of
the show based on the books by Ann
Douglas Henshall is back as
DI Jimmy Perez with Alison
O’Donnell, Mark Bonnar and Julie
Graham also returning.
This time round it’s a six-part
investigation centred around the
release from prison and return to
the island of a local man whose
murder conviction has been
overturned after 23 years.
Once again the island is a major
part of the story, providing a unique
and integral backdrop.
“When that camera swings
around and you see that seafront or
that view, it couldn’t be anywhere
else,” said Steven.
“I’m so proud to see it on screen
and if it means that a few more
people want to get on the boat or
plane and visit as a result, then
that’s brilliant.”
Steven couldn’t be happier
playing the old-fashioned, decent
copper in the show. Not landing the
part, he says, would have been
desperately disappointing and he
can see similarities with the
“I really identify with him,”
admits Steven.
“Sandy’s a guy who wants to do
the right things for his community
and be as good as he can be at his
job, and that’s exactly how I feel
when I’m working on Shetland.
“Whenever there’s a bit of local
knowledge needed then I’m more
than happy to do that as I feel the
responsibility of getting things
Shetland, BBC1, Tuesday, 9pm.
February 11, 2018
Data security
in Whitehall
By Kieran Andrews
Lost confidential
papers, leaked email
addresses and the
release of sensitive
personal information
were just some of the
4000 “data security
incidences” recorded
by the UK Government
recorded last year.
Data uncovered by
the SNP has revealed
that in one case an
assault victim’s new
name and address was
inadvertently sent to
the perpetrator of the
crime as part of an
amended restraining
The Ministry of
Justice said the
affected individual and
the Information
Commissioner’s Office
were notified and an
investigation was
launched. It did not
disclose a conclusion.
Whitehall’s Education
mistakenly sent full
application forms from
14 teachers containing
personal data to a
contractor, left official
papers in taxis, and
published actual
grammar tests online
instead of practice
SNP MSP George
Adam, who sits on
Holyrood’s Justice
Committee, said:
“Theresa May’s Tory
Government has been
defined by mishaps
and incompetence and
these data security
failures only add insult
to injury.
“Some of the
information that has
tom swan, 81
The kids come in on their way
home. I remember when their
mums and dads did the same
George Adam MSP
been carelessly
compromised is
extremely sensitive,
including giving the
names of assault
victims to their
perpetrators, and the
Tory Government
must thoroughly
review its working
practices to ensure
these types of breaches
are never repeated.
“The public needs to
be able to trust the
Government to protect
their data – but it looks
like Tory ministers are
asleep at the wheel.”
Other Ministry of
Justice errors included
the address of a
domestic violence
victim’s new partner
being included in a
summons document
posted to the
defendant and the
address of harassment
victim’s parents being
included in restraining
order sent to offenders.
departments refused
to release any
information and
others refused to
release all the
information requested.
Thousands of NHS
staff register fears
NHS workers reported
concerns about
staffing shortages on
more than 16,600
occasions over the
past four years,
according to new
figures gathered by the
Scottish Lib Dems.
Data uncovered by
the party shows across
11 Scottish health
boards, doctors,
nurses and other NHS
workers registered
16,635 reports of
concerns over staffing
levels between
2013/14 and 2016/17.
A total of 4120
reports were received
From hospital theatres to sweet shops, we meet the
in 2016/17, down from
4548 in 2014/15.
The Lib Dems said
the statistics reflected
“the failure of the SNP
Government to get to
grips with the
challenges facing our
health service”.
Lib Dem health
spokesman Alex
Cole-Hamilton said:
“No one knows the
condition of our NHS
better than frontline
staff and these new
figures show they have
been driven to register
their concerns on
thousands of
Swans’s Sweet Shop in Renton,
Dunbartonshire, is known all over the
world. Ex pats on a visit home from
America, Canada, New Zealand and
other far flung places make a beeline for
the olde worlde candy emporium to
stock up on their sugary favourites –
and enjoy a catch up chat with owner
Tom Swan.
After more than 60 years at the helm,
Tom, 81, has seen generations come
and go and Tom’s popularity has never
waned. He even has his own Tom Swan
Appreciation Society online.
He said: “The appreciation society is
nothing to do with me but I do know
everyone that comes in the shop and
they know me.
“I’ve seen changes come and go, but
everyone loves the old traditional
sweets in big glass jars. The most
popular are cinnamon balls and wine
gums, but I love chocolate gingers.
“I come to work at 11am and shut up
shop at 8pm, with an hour for lunch.
And I love it. The kids come in on their
way home from school and I remember
their mums and dads did the same
when they were wee.”
Tom’s other passions include
gardening and musicals.
He said: “My wife Mary and I often
travel to London to see a show. But the
shop takes up most of my time. I’ll keep
on going for as long as I can. I’m not
interested in retiring.”
morag macKellar, 65
I don’t want to retire – I love my job
When Morag MacKellar left uni
and began her first job with
the NHS as a dietician, she
never dreamed that 43 years
later she’d still be there!
Morag, 65, from Doune, near
Stirling, has no plans to retire
despite her role changing as
the NHS has evolved.
She said: “Instead of working
within our own departments,
we now work in mixed teams
of professionals all providing
different expertise for the same
goal. I did think, ‘Do I want
this new way of working, or is
it time for me to go?”
She stayed, embraced the
challenge and is now the Allied
Health Professional Manager
for Children’s Services at NHS
Forth Valley with a staff of 100.
She said: “I didn’t want to
retire because I love my job.”
jacK marshall, 82
I’m planning to retire five years after I die
Jack Marshall’s plans to open a zoological
bird park took flight when he got chatting
about coffee machines.
But when Jack decided to invest and
open Tapside Coffee Rentals in Bo’ness,
he had no idea that the coffee industry
was about to take off.
Fast forward 36 years, and Jack, 82, is
still at the helm of his thriving empire.
He said: “I work with a great bunch of
people. If I want a day off I take it. I don’t
sleep very well so if I wake at 5am, I get
dressed and go to the office and get some
work done when it’s peaceful.
“I love music and travelling and this
year I’d like to take my wife to Andre
Rieu’s concert in Maastricht. I plan to
retire five years after I die.”
Tapside Coffee Machine Rentals
specialise in supplying bespoke
machines to more than 120 clients and
also provide installation and training.
We’re just not
The number of men and women working beyond their 65th birthday has
on. So what is it like to enjoy your job so much that you just can’t give it up?
February 11, 2018
Scots who love their work so much, they refuse to give it up
LiLy Hendry, 79
The surgeon’s
scalpel fell on my
foot. He stitched
it and we just got
on with the job
She’s probably the oldest scrub
nurse in Scotland, but that
doesn’t stop Lily Hendry rolling
up her sleeves and getting
stuck in.
At 79, Lily, from Glasgow, has
no intentions of retiring and
reckons that in a career
spanning half a century, she’s
been the lucky one.
The mum-of-five, who was
awarded the BEM – British
Empire Medal – in recognition
of her 15 years service to
Glasgow’s Golden Jubilee
National Hospital, said:
“Nursing has done more for
me than I’ve done for nursing.
It’s a wonderful job.
“I worked as an auxiliary. I
had five children at home and
thought I was too old at 36 to
train for nursing. But I went
ahead and never looked back.
“We used to have to do
everything from cleaning the
toilets to serving dinners.
“And on my first day in
theatre assisting the surgeon,
another nurse commented on
the amount of blood being
lost. I couldn’t see where it was
coming from ‘til I looked down.
“The surgeon’s scalpel had
fallen off the trolley and sliced
into my foot. He hurriedly gave
me two stitches in the wound
without anaesthetic, and we
got on with the job.”
But her most memorable
times are helping others who
are new to the job.
She said: “One young nurse
was waiting with a patient who
was due in theatre. She was
standing at the end of his bed
and I called her over and asked
why she wasn’t talking to him
“She said she didn’t know
what to say. You just have to
make your patients feel
When she’s not working or
spending time with her seven
grandchildren and seven great
grandchildren, Lily goes
She said: “I love rock ‘n roll
and I go dancing three nights a
week. I just enjoy lfe.”
joHn reiLLy, 71
I like to be busy and I like people.
The banter keeps me going
John Reilly, 71, retired six years
ago. But he missed working.
Now at the Daycare Surgery
Unit at Dundee’s Ninewells
Hospital, John is a healthcare
assistant whose clinical duties
include taking temperatures
and pulses, patient’s personal
care and hygiene needs and
the safety, reassurance and
comfort of those going into
day surgery.
John said: “I love my work.
I’ve been at Ninewells Hospital
for 19 years and the staff are
great. The banter keeps me
John admits he found it
hard to put his feet up when
he first retired.
He said: “At lunchtime you
could go to the pub for a pint.
Then what? Two pints, three
pints – you see what happens?
“Or you can sit and watch
television, it becomes a rut
and you barely leave the
“That’s not me. I like to be
busy and I like people.”
spills and
jingling tills
with Danny
John is called on to cover
sickness absences, holidays
and short staff issues.
“And the money pays for a
wee weekend away, a meal
out or a wee treat for me and
my wife, Jeanette, who also
works as a secretary as
ALAn minster, 75
We have an international clientele
and we sell a lot online and abroad
Furniture boss Alan Minster
would miss his friends too
much if he retired.
He opened Allan’s Furniture
Warehouse in Glasgow in 1972
after moving from smaller
premises, and as his business
grew so did the demand for
quality at affordable prices.
He said: “We’ve got more
than 40 years of experience
and generations of the same
families have been furnishing
their homes from us.
“I have a lot of Asian clients
who are now friends and I’ve
been invited to their children’s
weddings and all sorts of
celebrations. I’ve watched their
children grow up marry, have
their own children.”
Alan, 75, added: “It’s always
so good to see them.
“And it’s not just houses we
“Chinese, Indian and
European restaurants, temples,
the list goes on. It’s a really
Danny MacAskill
international clientele, and we
sell a lot online and abroad.
“Nowadays people tend to
shop on the internet and come
to us with a photo on their
phone, saying ‘This is what we
want. Can you get it?’ and we
usually can.”
the retiring type
more than quadrupled in the last two decades with a record 1.2 million over-65s still clocking
Here, YVONNE BOLOURI spoke to some of Scotland’s oldest workers to find out.
Top stunt cyclist Danny
MacAskill is offering the
chance to ride with him in
Austria – at more than £2500
a day!
The Tirol’s top bike hotel
is staging the event with the
hefty price tag – leaving fans
stunned at its cost.
Prices for the three-day
event at Hotel Seppl start at
a staggering Euro 2890
(£2525) per day half-board.
MacAskill, who has just
returned from injury, will
ride on two of the days of
the event which begins on
July 13.
The break – which does
not include flights – starts
with a meeting and dinner
with the daredevil from
Dunvegan on Skye.
The next days see
MacAskill give tips on
technique, special tricks at
Bikepark Innsbruck,
overcome obstacles “Easy
like Danny” at the pond of
the Muttereralm and rides
around Innsbruck.
“Fancy spending a couple
of days mountain biking and
learning some new skills
with me in Innsbruck?
Stoked to have teamed up
with Hotel Seppl to offer just
that!” wrote MacAskill on
But some followers were
less than impressed with the
Andy Currie wrote: “For
that price you’d be wakening
me up with breakfast,
pedalling my bike up any
hills, feeding me and
tucking me in at night... with
a story.”
Island fuel
Fears have been raised that
islanders in the Outer
Hebrides face running out
of fuel.
Uist and Barra could be
heading for a supply crisis
following a major
breakdown in the usual
system of delivery.
Pipes which run from the
pier at Loch Carnan to the
nearby storage depot have
corroded and are currently
out of use, meaning petrol
and diesel has to be
delivered by road tankers
using a ferry which has a
limited capacity for large
Victory win for timeshare owners
£14,000 in compensation. I would recommend
your services to other timeshare owners.’
‘...we received £14,000
in compensation. I would
recommend your services
to other timeshare
European legislation means timeshare owners can now apply for compensation
Via their expert in-house
legal team, Timeshare
Compensation have
succeeded in not only
breaking the contract
for thousands of similar
cases but, more recently,
winning compensation
under the new
legislation. Jodi Beard
continues ‘ The issues are
often complex and each
case can be different, however
all our initial case reviews are
completely free of charge
and it is entirely at the
customer’s discretion
whether to proceed.’
Another customer,
Mr Harris, who signed
up to the service had this
to say: ‘I can say that the
experience has been very
professional. I have received
Timeshare maintenance.
Were you told that your purchase was
Were you originally told that exchanges
were easily obtainable but since found out
Was it explained that your family could
become liable to take over the contract if
Did you sign a purchase agreement that
Were promises made to you, that you later
Were you forced into upgrading your
We decided to exit and
claim because when
we wanted to book a
holiday through our
Seek advice now!
Have your management fees increased
To obtain a free review guide
FREEPHONE 0800 066 3044 or visit
Have you just paid ever increasing bills?
Were you mis-sold?
The reality is that today, timeshare
ownership can quickly turn from a dream into a
nightmare. To avoid the pitfalls, the best advice
is to seek expert professional help. Deploying
over 100 personnel on standby, Timeshare
Compensation are a specialist organisation,
perfectly positioned to achieve redress for
any unhappy timeshare owner. Testimony to
their success can be found in their recent 204
page free review guide. Discovering whether
you are eligible for a claim is simply a matter
of calling their freephone number where you
will be asked a series of questions to help
evaluate your claim and the potential level of
compensation. Claims can also be made even
after timeshare ownership has ceased.
Many timeshare owners are unaware that they NOW could be entitled
to LARGE amounts of compensation from resorts due to a recent court
ruling made in early 2016. Understandably, resorts are highly unlikely
to give this information to timeshare owners. Since early 2016 more
and more owners are having their contracts deemed null and void,
due to Illegal purchase agreements. At Timeshare Compensation,
our in-house legal team are here to help with your enquiry.
T LONG last, the tide is finally
turning for Timeshare owners.
After years of dancing to the tune
of rip-off organisations, changes in
legislation mean the tables are about to be
reversed. With many onerous contracts now
decreed illegal, thousands of people can break
free and claim compensation for being missold to.
Jodi Beard, a spokesperson for Timeshare
Compensation said: “Frequently, it is not until
an owner sees exorbitant hikes in maintenance
fees, poor availability or attempts to exit that
they understand how one-sided the contract is.
Quite unreasonably, the obligation to continue
payment can pass to the next generation of
an owner’s family upon their demise with no
apparent leave to appeal. In addition, a new
company can take over and increase fees
or devalue your entitlement by means of a
spurious points exchange scheme.”
For too long owners have been at
the mercy of unscrupulous management
companies intent on maximising income with
no regard to the distress and hardship they
might cause.
One couple, Mr & Mrs Millar, that
Timeshare Compensation have helped,
summed their problem up as follows: ‘We have
not used it (the timeshare) much because we
cannot get what we want, and now not only
do we have to pay maintenance fees but also a
charge for each point that we use, so in effect
paying twice’.
– Mrs Gratrick
You could now be entitled to
timeshare compensation
Timeshare owners have been awarded
compensation of the full purchase price,
plus maintenance costs, plus legal fees
running into thousands of pounds.
to get your FREE £30
HIGH STREET voucher†
Call now for your TIMESHARE
Read the views of
We received back £21,160
in compensation...
Mrs Gratrick
Our claim was accepted
and we received £14,000 in
Mr Harris
0800 066 3044
or try our Compensation Calculator at
*Client received £21,160 directly into their bank and then paid us 30% plus VAT in commission, case handling and legal fees. We are not solicitors.
ABC Lawyers Ltd acts as an agent for Lansdown Financial Ltd who are regulated by the Claims Management Regulator in respect of regulated claims management activities under CRM42153. †Terms & Conditions apply.
February 11, 2018
Notorious murderer changes name and asks to live as a woman at male prison
By Gordon Blackstock
of domestic
abuse rock
A White House speechwriter
has become the second aide
to resign amid allegations of
domestic abuse within a
David Sorensen denies his
former wife’s allegations he
was violent and emotionally
His departure, announced
yesterday, comes just days
after another Trump official,
Rob Porter, quit over
allegations of abuse from
two ex-wives.
He also denies the claims
and was defended by
President Trump who
praised his work.
Questions have now been
raised over how long it took
the White House to act on
the claims facing Mr Porter.
Mr Sorensen’s ex-wife
Jessica Corbett told the
Washington Post newspaper
in the US that he was
physically abusive to her
while they were married.
She said that on separate
occasions her former
husband ran a car over her
foot, threw her against a wall
and extinguished a cigarette
on her hand.
In response, Mr Sorensen
released a statement in
which he said he had “never
committed violence of any
kind against any woman in
my entire life” and that
instead it was he who had
been physically abused.
He said he was
considering legal action, but
said he quit because he
“didn’t want the White
House to have to deal with
this distraction”.
£6m cuts
in Moray
Moray Council has unveiled
a draft budget to press
ahead with more than
£6 million worth of cuts.
Last night the leader of
the authority, George
Alexander, stressed the
proposals were as “fair as
possible”. But union bosses
have branded the plans,
which will be debated on
Wednesday, as a “Valentine’s
Day massacre” due to nearly
90 jobs being cut.
The opposition SNP
group said the savings,
which target education staff,
were “damaging and
notorious killer who
strangled his cellmate with shoelaces is living behind bars as a
Daniel Eastwood, 32, has asked
bosses at Scotland’s maximum security jail to call him “Sophie” from
now on.
But the move has provoked chaos
with staff at Shotts prison in
Lanarkshire unsure over whether
female or male guards should be
searching Eastwood during routine
It is understood the killer – previously dubbed Hannibal Lecter Jnr –
has not requested gender realignment surgery or a move to Scotland’s
only female prison, Cornton Vale in
Stirling, as yet.
An insider said: “Eastwood has
asked to be called Sophie from now
on and has changed appearance.
“Prison staff are concerned about
who should be doing the daily ‘rubdowns’, which is when prisoners are
searched when they come into
another area and can take place several times a day.
“Prison bosses have said it could
mean Sophie is shipped out to
Cornton Vale if there is a row over
whether male or female guards have
responsibility for it but the problem
won’t go away for staff at Cornton
Vale either.
“It’s a safety issue for wardens.”
Eastwood – who has been hospitalised repeatedly for deliberately
eating razor blades – has a history of
unstable behaviour behind bars and
is known for having a hair-trigger
The organisation which represents prison officers admitted it had
“concerns” about the implications of
the growing number of prisoners
who are changing sex.
Phil Fairley of the Prison Officers
Association said: “While a small
number, more and more prisoners
and undergoing gender changes.
“It makes our officers’ jobs more
difficult and there have been issues
raised by guards who have to do
things like searches.
“It has the potential to be misused
by people as a way of getting moved
Last year it was revealed murderer
Eastwood, from England, terrified a
security guard so much that she quit
her job.
The 22-year-old said she resigned
following a chilling encounter with
Eastwood who told her seemingly
above, is led
away from
Perth Sheriff
Court in 2008
after admitting
attacking a
prison officer.
Left, HMP
impossible-to-know facts about her
private life while escorting him to
hospital in Wishaw, Lanarkshire.
Essex-born Eastwood told the
guard her home address, model of
car she drove and even what her dad
did for a living.
As well as being accused of using
mind games on prison officers,
Eastwood has also attacked guards.
In 2008, Eastwood was given 10
months on top of the 15-year
minimum-term life sentence for
In a bloody assault, Eastwood
attacked officer Mark Brownsmith at
Perth Prison.
Perth Sheriff Court heard the
unprovoked attack happened while
M r Br ow n s m i t h w a s l e a d i n g
Eastwood to a cell.
Eastwood was originally jailed for
dangerous driving and sentenced to
12 months at Dumfries Young
Offenders’ Institution.
But during the brief sentence in
2004 he strangled cell-mate Paul
Algie, 22, with a pair of shoelaces.
A spokeswoman for the Scottish
Prison Service said recent figures
showed there were 15 transgender
women and fewer than five transgender men in Scottish jails.
She added: “We do not comment
on individual prisoners. In line with
our gender identity and gender reassignment policy, the Scottish Prison
Service treats individuals according
to the gender they choose.
“Individuals are managed in line
with the policy and regular case conferences are held to ensure that they
are fully supported.
“Risk assessments help to determine how individuals are managed
and decisions can be reviewed at
monthly case conferences.
“The safety and security of those
who live and work in prisons is a
priority for the SPS and, as such, our
policy also recognises that there may
be times when, for reasons of safety
and risk management, decisions
must be taken which differ from the
individual’s gender identity or gender reassignment.”
Transitioning in custody is a very slow process
in my view
David Sorensen
Sophie’s choice: now
shoelace strangler has
a new life behind bars
By James Morton
ScottiSh tranS alliance
James Morton
For over a decade, the
Scottish Trans Alliance has
been working closely with
the Scottish Prison Service
and Violence Against
Women organisations to
ensure progress on
transgender equality is
never at the expense of
women’s safety.
One of our Scottish Trans
Alliance staff has more than
20 years’ experience as a
prison officer so we’re not
naive about the complexities involved in managing
trans people in custody.
Comprehensive individualised risk assessment
rightly forms the core of
Scottish Prison Service
decision-making about
transgender prisoners.
Transitioning in custody
is a very slow process where
even a request for different
clothes requires a risk
assessment and case
Searching and housing
decisions are made
extremely carefully and the
safety of all prisoners and
staff is the highest priority.
Searches are a stressful
part of a prison officer’s job
but staff are never on their
own and have the power to
place the prisoner on
report for any inappropriate behaviour.
Most trans women in
custody are safely held in
single cells in the female
estate, where they are
closely monitored and
shower separately.
However, if necessary to
manage risk, a trans
woman could be held in the
male estate even if she has
received legal gender
Since 2010, the majority
of trans women in Scottish
Prison Service custody have
been held in the female
estate and none have
harmed female prisoners.
February 11, 2018
As we
see it
Our quirky take On the week’s news
Rage at
the garage
Our pet
A student who took
her car to a garage
was quoted nearly
£700 to fix air
conditioning the
vehicle didn’t even
Stevie Stowell, 19,
visited the garage in
Brighton, West Sussex,
after a warning light
began to flash.
A second opinion
from another garage
revealed the air
conditioning system
didn’t even exist. It
sounds like hot air…
A new survey revealed
that we’ll spend at
least £200 million
buying Valentine’s
Day gifts for our pets
this week.
Almost half of those
quizzed will fork out
as much as £30 for the
pooch, moggie or
other much-loved
animal in their life.
But half said they
wouldn’t actually be
splashing out on their
Well, they do call it
puppy love!
Nut so rare any more
Scotland’s red squirrel population
is on the rise.
Conversation workers say the
animal’s population has “risen
significantly” in the north-east,
especially in Aberdeen.
And numbers have stopped
shrinking across the country.
So for once it’s a good thing
we’re seeing red!
Magic on
the wall
Ring in
bright water
An “intelligent”
mirror has been
developed which
connects to the
internet and acts as a
personal beauty
The HiMirror Plus
costs £210 and is a
smart device which
can be used with
Amazon’s Alexa
voice recognition
A magic mirror that
you can ask questions
– can it tell us who’s
the fairest of them all?
A holidaymaker Scot
reunited a lost ring
with its owner after
nearly 30 years.
Shetlander Stuart
Inkster found the high
school graduation
ring in Majorca while
It belonged to US
Navy airman Charles
Holmes, who lost the
gift from his mum
while rescuing a man
from the sea in 1989.
This sunken
treasure really was
Around the w
f the w
Above, suffragette
Charlotte Despard
campaigns in London
on June 1, 1910; left,
PM Theresa May
gives a speech in
Manchester last week
marking the centenary
of women’s suffrage
Stencil art duo SNIK’s 10-metre mur
If you’re a neat freak who breaks out in a cold sweat
at messy house visitors, help is at hand.
If you get stressed when guests messily kick their
shoes off at the front door or toss your cushions
into disarray, the forward-thinking Japanese have
come up with a solution: self-driving shoes and
self-adjusting cushions.
Nissan has developed the high-tech slip-ons that
park themselves neatly at the front door, thanks to
two wheels, a motor and parking sensors.
They are currently available to try at an inn near
Mount Fuji which also has seating pillows and tables
capable of driving themselves back into position.
It is part of a gimmick by the car manufacturer to
show the capabilities of their cars’ auto-parking.
The future is here. Humans need not apply.
Suffragette leader Emmeline Pankhurst is arrested outside Buckingham
Palace after trying to present a petition to King George V on May 21, 1914
Labour MP Stella Creasy, wearing a
last week; above right, a campaig
100 years after women won the right to vote, people have been celebrating
the campaigners who pushed for change. We look at the tributes and cast an
eye back more than a century to shine a light on the suffragettes themselves
ral Serenity, symbolising women who stand tall in the face of injustice, adorns a wall in Manchester’s Northern Quarter
a Daughter Of Pankhurst jumper in tribute to political activist Emmeline, marks 100 years of women’s suffrage outside Westminster
gner is restrained by police in 1914, four years before some British women were finally granted the right to vote
February 11, 2018
Claire McFall
Picture: Nick Mailer
China in her
hands: Author’s
By Murray scougall
It started with a vivid dream and a couple
of notes on a sheet of paper.
Now it’s a million-selling book on the
other side of the world and soon to be
made into a film by one of Hollywood’s
biggest movie companies.
Scots author Claire McFall is relatively
unknown in the UK but in China her level
of fandom has been described as similar
to Beatlemania.
The mum-of-one’s incredible
popularity has changed her life, allowing
Claire and husband Christopher to buy
their first house. She’ll even give up her
part-time job as an English teacher at
Peebles High to become a full-time
Her debut young adult novel,
Ferryman, has become a phenomenon in
the world’s most populated country, but
35-year-old Claire
was completely
unaware until she
Googled herself
one evening.
“Four months
after Ferryman was
released over there
I came across a
Chinese book
review website,”
Claire explained.
There were 46,000
reviews for
Ferryman but I
thought it was a
Claire’s book is to
mistake – surely
hit the big screen
that many people
couldn’t have read it?”
Claire then discovered it was in the
country’s top 10 book chart. More than
two years on that is where it remains,
alongside its sequel, Trespassers.
When she visited China last January
Claire was shocked by the response.
“A book signing had been organised
and there were hundreds of people
queued out the door, hyperventilating
girls who were so excited. I couldn’t
believe it.”
Its far-flung success has led to
Legendary Entertainment, makers of
blockbusters Godzilla and King Kong, to
sign up Ferryman in a movie deal.
Claire, who lives near Galashiels,
explained: “I have a really strange
imagination and crazy dreams, so I
always keep a notebook at my bedside.
Quite a few ideas have come that way.
“I feel very lucky.
“Ferryman started as a couple of lines
written in my old flat, now it’s grown into
“I like to describe it as the little book
that could.”
February 11, 2018
Raw Deal
turns up
the heat
over meter
see page 40
Health &
How Sara
fought back
from rock
see pages 42 & 43
June Field
helps you
see page 45
M ney
One in four adults
don’t think that they
will be able to save or
invest any money in
2018, a survey has
Consider switching your mortgage
Many home owners are still sitting on
their lenders’ standard variable rate –
which the mortgage reverts to when a
particular deal comes to an end.
Despite the Bank of England base
rate rise in November, there are still
many low-rate mortgage deals
Switching could provide you with an
instant win and potentially save huge
amounts of cash.
Yorkshire Building
society: 1.53% fixed
until February 28,
2021; maximum
loan-to-value: 65%;
fee: £995; no
HsBC: 1.59% fixed
until May 31, 2021;
loan-to-value: 75%;
fee: £999; includes
Nationwide Building
society: 1.69% fixed
for three years;
loan-to-value: 80%;
fee: £999; includes
Sunday PoSt
(all rates subject to change)
Bank of England
figures show 61,039 UK
mortgages were
approved for house
purchase in December
2017, marking the
lowest total since
January 2015.
However, the
number of first-time
buyers has increased
by 6% in the past 12
months, and this
group now accounts
for half of all house
(all rates subject to change)
This week: fixed-rate, one-year bonds
atom Bank gross rate: 1.95%; min investment: £50.
al Rayan Bank gross rate: 1.90%; min investment: £1000.
Fidor Bank gross rate: 1.90%; min investment: £100.
Worried saving will always
be a strain? Think again...
Of those who feel
able to put some cash
aside, most (40%) will
save using a bank or
building account or
cash Isa (38%),
according to the
research from
GoCompare Money.
One in 10 (10%) say
they would put money
in stocks and shares.
This week: our pick
of three-year
fixed-rate deals
ired of skimping on all the
little luxuries you love?
Cutting back your spending and
staying out of the red doesn’t always
have to be painful.
Here are eight suggestions for how to
do it – which might even mean you
don’t need to give up making the
purchases you enjoy...
Check you’re not doubling up
Are you paying twice for a particular
service? As many as 10% of adults may
be paying twice to protect their
personal gadgets, simply by not
checking their contents insurance
terms and conditions.
In a survey
of more than 2000 adults, one in 10
admitted they’ve taken out separate
insurance on items already covered by
their contents policy.
Chris King, head of home insurance
at the price comparison site, says: “It’s
always worth checking your contents
insurance before making any big
purchases, as you may find that you do
not need to take out separate insurance
to cover your must-have gizmo.”
save on your energy bills
More than 100 fixed energy tariff
deals end in the first quarter of 2018, has also found.
Its analysis found the average
increase to energy bills could
potentially be £192 per household.
Peter Earl, head of energy at
comparethemarket, says: “When fixed
tariffs are coming to an end, it is
essential to engage with your supplier,
shop around and switch on to the best
deal to avoid being rolled on to these
expensive default tariffs.”
Ditch unwanted subscriptions
If you’re paying for something you
don’t use, it’s money down the drain.
Check your regular outgoings and cull
anything you’re not getting value from.
For example, if you’ve got a gym
subscription but you don’t make trips
there very often, work out whether it
might be cheaper to pay for individual
classes. Make sure you’re aware of
cancellation policies, though.
Have a spring clear-out
Boost your income and by selling
items you don’t use on websites such as
eBay and Gumtree.
Beware online scam vultures
People are being warned to watch out for
investment fraudsters approaching them
online and via social media.
The Financial Conduct Authority said these
crooks often promote themselves online and
through social media channels, typically
promising high returns and using images of
luxury items, like expensive watches and cars,
to entice people to invest in their scams.
After someone has invested, fraudsters will
tie people in with extreme pay-out clauses and
refuse to pay back their money.
Use cashback and discount sites
Before you make a purchase, see if
you can find a cheaper deal by using a
website with a discount code, or one
offering cashback on your purchase.
Cut the cost of your debts
See if you can reduce the cost of
paying off any debts, such as by making
a credit card balance transfer.
Make a ppI claim
If you’ve been meaning to make a
claim for mis-sold PPI, now’s the time –
as the deadline for claims is August 29,
As well as complaining about
mis-selling, you can also now claim
about the commission a provider
earned from the sale of PPI – even if you
had a previous complaint about
mis-selling of PPI rejected. For more
information, visit
Some holiday help
Co-op Insurance has entered the travel
insurance market, offering “cashless medical
The features of its new product mean
customers do not have to pay out themselves
for any medical treatment.
A study by Co-op found two-thirds (62%) of
holidaymakers who have claimed on their
travel insurance said they had to cover the
costs up-front themselves and then claim
these costs back at a later date from their
your questions answered
Last week, you said that
the record attendance
for a Super Bowl was
just over 100,000. But
what is the record
soccer attendance in
the States – the 1994
World Cup Final? –K.
Brazil defeated Italy
on penalties after a 0-0
draw in the ’94 Final at
the Pasadena Rose Bowl,
California, in front of
94,194 spectators.
However, the record
for a soccer match was a
friendly between Real
Madrid and Manchester
United, played in front
of 109,318 people in Ann
Arbor, Michigan.
I know that there must
be thousands of lochs,
but how many lakes do
we have in Scotland? – I.
There is only one
natural body of water
known as a lake, the
Lake Of Menteith, near
However, there are at
least seven artificial
bodies of water referred
to as lakes, such as
Pressmennan Lake in
East Lothian
There are more than
31,000 freshwater lochs
and lochans in Scotland.
If you have a question,
write to The Queries Man,
The Sunday Post,
2 Albert Square, Dundee,
DD1 9QJ or email
I was given a gift of an
electric tin opener at
Christmas, and it has
been a revelation! Can
you tell me the genius
who invented it, as it
has made my life so
much easier. – E.
Preston C. West of
Chicago is the guy to
thank as he patented
the first design in 1931.
However, his
invention failed to take
off and it wasn’t until the
mid-1950s that sales of
two new designs caught
the public imagination.
The very first tin
opener was patented in
the UK in 1855.
The first man to
be wanted by the
FBI was a Bishop
hen did the FBI start its
10 Most Wanted list?
I ask because I have just watched
Zero Dark Thirty again, the movie
(pictured above) about the USA’s
attempts to hunt down Osama Bin
Laden, who was at the top of the list
at the time.
And how many people have been
on the list? – J.
The FBI issued its first wanted
poster in 1919.
A 23-year-old soldier named
William N. Bishop slipped out of the
stockade at Camp A. A. Humphreys
in northern Virginia.
Shortly after Bishop’s getaway, the
Military Intelligence Division of the
Army requested the FBI’s help in
finding him.
An assistant director, Frank Burke,
responded by sending a letter to “All
Special Agents, Special Employees
Any tales you can tell me about
the making of King Arthur:
Legend Of The Sword? – S.
Director Guy Ritchie’s instinct
told him that Charlie Hunnam
had lost too much weight to play
the bulked-up action hero he
But the slimline Sons Of
Anarchy star fought his corner
almost literally, offering to go fist
to fist with other auditionees to
answer any doubts about his
physical prowess.
The Geordie actor told
Ritchie: “Whoever walks out of
the room gets the role.”
Hunnam used Irish mixed
martial arts featherweight Conor
McGregor as the inspiration for
his portrayal of the legendary
February 11, 2018
■ I am knitting
beanies for Annan
Army Cadets. We
were given Kirkton
House Aran Aldi
wool, Shade 077
Khaki, but we have
run out. Could
anyone with any
spare wool of that
brand and colour
help us?
C. S. Hastings, email
■ I’d like to find out
where to buy a oldstyle barometer
where a man or
woman comes out
of the house with a
brolly when it’s
H. Syme, 38 Lime
Grove, Methil,
■ Does anyone have
a knitting pattern for
a D. K. shoulder
cape or bed jacket. I
could copy it and
return the original.
Mrs McCardle,
47 Laggan Road,
Burnfoot, Airdrie,
■ Does anyone
know how to get
glue off of Formica?
Pam E. Taylor,
Hillcrest, Blackburn
Old Road, Great
Harwood, Blackburn,
and Local Officers” asking them to
“make every effort” to capture
It was “Identification Order No.1.”
but soon became known as an IO
and it put the organisation squarely
in the fugitive-catching business.
By the 1930s, IOs were sent to
police stations around the nation,
enlisting the eyes of the public in the
search for fugitives.
In 1950, the FBI created its 10 Most
Wanted Fugitives list.
Since then 517 fugitives have been
on the list, and 483 have been
apprehended or located.
Bin Laden, No. 456, was shot and
killed during a US Military operation
in Pakistan on May 1, 2011.
The latest addition to the list is Jesus
Roberto Munguia, a gang member,
with a reward of up to $100,000 for
information leading to his arrest.
Settle a pub discussion,
please. How many
Grace Jones singles
reached the Top 10?
– C.
Surprisingly, Grace
hasn’t had a Top 10 hit
in the UK.
Her biggest success
has been with Slave To
The Rhythm and Pull
Up To The Bumper,
both of which reached
No. 12 in 1985.
Both tracks appeared
on the album Island
Life, which reached
No. 4, also in 1985.
What can you tell me about
Hollywood Nights by Bob Seger
and the Silver Bullet Band? – L.
The much-loved
singer-songwriter hails from
Detroit, about as far as you can
get from the bright lights of LA.
In 1977 Seger’s career was in
the ascendancy, and the idea for
another hit came one night as
he drove through the Hollywood
here to help
hills, reflecting on the glitz and
glamour of the showbiz
neighbourhood. He recalled:
“The chorus just came into my
head. I started singing
‘Hollywood Nights, Hollywood
hills, above all the lights’.”
Parent album Stranger In
Town also included We’ve Got
Tonight, a hit for Sheena Easton
and Kenny Rogers in 1983.
■ Can anyone help
me trace my
long-lost cousin Iain
Hamilton? His last
known address was
Fenwick in Ayrshire.
Phone 07561861363
■ My thanks to the
numerous replies for
the Scottish dumping
recipe. I was overwhelmed with your
response many
Mrs P. Proud
If you’d like to ask
readers a favour, write
to Favours, The Sunday
Post, 2 Albert Square,
Dundee, DD1 9QJ, or
email favours@
the page that gets things done
February 11, 2018
athleen Hardie
wanted to go green with
her new home heating
system – but she was
soon seeing red when
she couldn’t afford to
run it.
How a call
could end
with a con
Fraudsters have been
calling people at home
pretending to represent
popular broadband
provider TalkTalk.
The scammers – who
appear to be based in
call centres in the Far
East – often make a
number of bogus claims,
l There is a problem with
your Internet reception
l There is a problem with
your router
l Files downloaded to
your computer need to
be “cleaned”
l There is a virus on your
computer that needs
l You are experiencing
“technical issues”
They then ask you a
series of questions before
requesting you to carry
out a number of tasks on
your computer. These
tasks are designed to
provide them with
remote access to your
They can then steal
personal and financial
information, including
usernames and
They can be quite
persuasive and
sometimes aggressive on
the phone.
Always put the phone
down. Never provide
remote computer access
to any cold-caller.
If you have been
affected by this, report it
to Action Fraud by
calling 0300 123 2040.
In November the
pensioner had five new
panel heaters installed by
the Greener Energy Group
at her house in Inverurie,
Her old electric storage
heaters were inefficient
and on their last legs. It
was time for an upgrade
before the worst of winter
set in.
She took a bank
loan out to pay the
£7700 cost of the
system and was
delighted when the
heaters were fitted.
It was then that
Kathleen noticed the
alarming speed that
the meter seemed to
be turning at.
“I soon discovered I
was using more than
60 units of electricity a
day,” she said.
“I called my supplier
SSE and was shocked
when told I had used
£124 worth of power in
two weeks.
“There is no way I
would be using that
much electricity.”
Kathleen then
turned the
temperature of the
heaters down to see if
that made any
But the meter kept
spinning at the same
Kathleen said SSE
looked into the matter.
They told her they
could find nothing
wrong with the meter
but they would
monitor it for a month.
“There is no way I
could have afforded to
pay the power so I had
to switch off the new
heaters, right at the
coldest time of year.
“I ended up using a
coal fire and plug-in
radiators instead.”
When Kathleen called
Greener Energy she was
told there was nothing
wrong with the heaters
I was red with
rage as bid to go
green cost me a
small fortune
Kathleen was unaware that her new £7700 panel
heaters were incompatible with her electric meter
and that the problem
was with the power
Kathleen tried to
cancel the order and
asked for her money
Instead she was
informed it would cost a
further £500 to have the
heaters removed and she
would still have to pay
the original £7700 cost
of supplying and
installing them.
In frustration,
Kathleen contacted
Raw Deal and the matter
was soon sorted.
It emerged that the
problem was the new
heaters were
incompatible with her
old type of meter.
SSE installed a new
meter last week and also
refunded Kathleen £94.
An SSE spokesperson
said: “We take seriously
any customer complaint
and work hard to put
things right.
“In this instance, a
customer had new panel
heaters installed by
another company,
which did not make
her aware that they
were incompatible
with her current
meter type.
“SSE has since
visited the property to change the
customer’s meter.
“However, owing
to the delay in
offering the
customer an
appointment, as a
gesture of goodwill
SSE has voluntarily
credited the difference
in price between the
previous meter standard rate and her
current standard
rate to ensure the
customer is in no
way financially
Kathleen is
now looking
forward to
energy at her
“Thank you,
Raw Deal, for
getting this fixed,” she
“I was getting
nowhere and you
certainly hurried things
Do you have a pRoblem?
email your address and daytime/mobile number to or write to Raw Deal, sunday post, 2 albert square, Dundee, DD1 9QJ. (please include sae).
n Briefly outline the problem and how you would like it resolved. n Include contact details of the other party and any customer ref/order numbers.
n By requesting Raw Deal’s assistance you agree for your name, location and a photo to be published.
February 11, 2018
Shiatsu Neck and
Shoulder Massager
Thank you
JTA Travel Group has refunded all
monies in relation to my flights in
September 2017 to Florida, when
flights were cancelled due to a
hurricane. I can’t thank you enough.
James Anderson, Aberdeenshire
The Raw Deal team did it for me
over a refund for an unsatisfactory
holiday in Las Vegas. We will
receive £284. I’m so glad you took
the pressure off me.
Anne Bucknall, via email.
Annie, 86, loses £699 after
firm suffers cash troubles
Annie Howe wants to send
out a warning after finding
herself £699 out of pocket
when her deposit for new
windows vanished into
thin air.
The 86-year-old from
Elgin ordered the £5000
windows from Cheshirebased St Andrews Home
Improvements in July last
year. The deposit was
taken from her bank
account in two
However, Annie’s son
believed the windows to be
overpriced so Annie wrote
to the company within two
days of placing the order
to cancel it.
She said that after her
son also spoke to the
company he was told the
deposit would be refunded
on August 23.
She did not receive the
refund and subsequently
found the company
impossible to contact.
After five months of
frustration, Annie contacted
Raw Deal to investigate.
It did not take long to
discover that Entu (UK) Plc,
the parent company of
St Andrews Home
Improvements, had gone into
administration in August.
Insolvency giant KPMG is
handling the case and said
they were “unable to advise
why the deposit refund was
not processed by the previous
KPMG advised filling in a
proof of debt form and
sending it to them, which
Annie said she will do in the
slim hope she will see
some of her money back.
Annie said she wanted
to speak out to remind
other people about the
importance staying on top
of a large order and
keeping an eye on the
company it was ordered
“It is a lot of money for
me to lose but at least Raw
Deal was able to find out
what has happened and I
will send off the proof of
debt letter in the hope I get
something back at some
stage,” she said.
“I feel a bit silly for
handing over all that cash
but it could have been a lot
“I want others to know
what can happen through
no fault of your own and to
be very careful when
ordering big items like new
What to do if you are owed money…
Use a mediation service, go to court,
send a statutory demand or make
someone bankrupt if a person or
business owes you money.
Mediation is when an impartial
person – trained in dealing with difficult
discussions between opposing sides –
acts like a referee in a dispute.
There can be a fee for mediation but
it is cheaper than hiring a solicitor and
taking court action. The fee is based on
how much is owed.
You can find a mediation process
online to start the process.
Use the Scottish Mediation Network if
you’re in Scotland.
Court action:
You can make a court claim for your
money if mediation doesn’t work.
You can make a claim online if the
money owed is less than £100,000 and
owed by no more than two people or
two organisations.
The court can order the money to be
Make an official demand for money
you’re owed:
You can use a statutory demand to
Effectively target muscle aches or stiffness in your neck
and shoulders with this powerful massager, which even
includes a gentle infrared heat option to help further
ease those aching muscles. It uses rotating heads that will
knead your neck and shoulders and can reverse direction
PLUS £4.95 P&P
to give you a deep shiatsu massage. It can be powered
either through a mains socket or via the 12V car adaptor.
Wipe clean only. Measures L53.2 x W40.5 x H18cm. Was £99.99.
D8927 Cream
G0933 Black
Thermal Joint
These elasticated therapeutic
thermal joint supports provide
insulation to the joint for
gentle warmth and comfort.
For additional benefit they are
manufactured with real copper
thread, which for centuries has
been used to stimulate circulation
and ease stiffness and pain.
PLUS £3.95 P&P
Can be handwashed at a low
temperature. Each support is
D2409 Knee
available in two sizes: M (small/
medium) or L (large/extra large).
Please include size letter code required on order form. Was £14.99.
ask for money you’re owed from a
person or business.
If they ignore the statutory demand or
can’t repay the money, you can apply
to a court to:
l Make someone bankrupt – if you are
owed £5000 or more by an individual,
including a sole trader or a member of
a partnership
l Get a company wound up
(liquidated) – if you and any other
creditors are owed £750 or more
However, the costs are high and you
may not get any of your money back.
Take legal advice before doing this if
you’re unsure.
Get money you’re owed from a
bankrupt person or a company that’s
being liquidated:
You must register your claim to money
from a bankrupt person or a company
so that if there’s any money available
to pay debts, you can get a share.
for more help
n Get further advice:
n Take your complaint further:
n Trading standards:
D2410 Ankle
D2407 Mitten
CALL: 0871 911 7011 quoting 80973
Lines open 8am-8pm 7 days a week. Please have your credit/debit card details to hand.
Calls cost 13p/min plus your phone company’s access charge.
BY POST: Sunday Post Offer 80973,
PO Box 87, Brecon LD3 3BE
Name........................................................ ITEM
Address ....................................................
.................................................................. Postage & Packing
Postcode ..................................................
Telephone ................................................
£3.95 / £4.95
Total Cost Of Order
Email Address ..........................................
I enclose a cheque/postal order, made payable to BVG Group for the total amount of £ ....................
(Please write your name and address on the back of your cheque.)
If you wish to return an unwanted product, then you may do so at your own cost within 30 days. All returned products must be in mint, re-saleable condition and in the original
packaging. Please note delivery to Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, BFPO address and Scottish Highlands and Islands is £6.95. Delivery to the Channel Islands, Scilly Isles and Eire is
£10.95. BVG Group do not refund postage on unsuitable items or cancelled orders. Your contract for supply of goods is with BVG Group. BVG’s ‘was’ pricing refers to the original
selling prices offered on our website, and in our retail store between 30th October 2017 and 30th January 2018. Please allow 7 days for delivery. Offer subject
to availability and open to UK readers only. DC Thomson & Co. Ltd and its group companies would like to contact you about new products, services and offers we think may be of
interest to you. If you’d like to hear from us by post, please tick here telephone, please tick here or email, please tick here .
From time to time, carefully chosen partner businesses would like to contact you with relevant offers. If you’d like to hear from partner businesses for this purpose please tick here .
February 11, 2018
Health and
your concerns
by The Doc
Guess what they call a disease
affecting hand, foot and mouth?
We had a bit of a virus outbreak in our
practice area a week or two ago.
Several parents brought their
young children in boasting a clutch of
similar symptoms.
They had been a bit unwell for a
day or so, often with a fever, then a
sore throat.
After that some little spots
appeared on the inside of the mouth,
which turned into rather painful wee
mouth ulcers.
Not long after that some more
spots popped up on their skin, these
ones more like little lumps.
Specifically they appeared on their
hands and feet – although some had
them on their legs and bottom too.
Spots on the hand, foot and mouth?
It was the creatively named hand, foot
and mouth disease, you’ll be stunned
to learn.
It tends to be children that get this
virus, although babies and adults can
get it, too.
It’s usually caused by something
called the coxsackie A16 virus, but
occasionally other viruses, and is
mainly transmitted via coughing and
The virus can also be present in
stools so can be passed on by not
washing hands following visits to the
The symptoms aren’t usually very
serious – although we need to be
careful with young babies.
In most cases the worst it will cause
is a sore mouth for up to a week.
Painkillers – paracetamol and
ibuprofen for those who can take
them – help, and these can come in
liquid form for those struggling with a
sore mouth.
If there’s a temperature, aim to keep
the child cool and give plenty to
There are a host of mouth gels that
can soothe the pain in the mouth –
ask your pharmacist for advice and
check the labels for suitable age
I often recommend a warm, salty
mouthwash, although the child needs
to be old enough to be trusted to not
swallow the salty water.
As hand, foot and mouth disease
can be contagious, any affected
children shouldn’t share towels, cups,
forks and that sort of thing.
Get them to wash their hands and
teach them to cover their mouth
when coughing and sneezing, but
they don’t have to stay off school if
well enough to go.
Generally, you should try to avoid
piercing the blisters – as the fluid
within is infectious.
The Doc Replies
I swim a lot but am
very prone to
verrucas. What are
Verrucas are simply
warts which occur on
the soles of the feet.
They are generally
picked up at swimming
pools and are a bit of a
nuisance. There are
topical treatments that
can be used to treat
them. These are
available over the
counter at the
pharmacy. Sometimes
liquid nitrogen is used
but there is no evidence
that this is superior to
the topical paints which
are used.
What is skin glue?
Can I use household
glue as a substitute?
Absolutely not. For
minor injuries that
break the skin we often
use a clinical glue
nowadays rather than
stitches or other sticky
products such as
steristrips. It is not the
same as household glue
which would be
harmful to the skin.
Last year I had
shingles. Can I give
other people chicken
You can only get
shingles if you have had
chickenpox earlier in
life. Shingles is not
usually a contagious
disease. Normal,
healthy people do not
catch shingles from
somebody with
shingles. There is no
danger in your passing
on shingles if you have
a history of having had
it in the past or of
having had the
What’s the best way
to check my pulse?
That depends on
whether you want to do
it manually or
electronically. With the
advent of SMART
technology there are
many apps which can
read your pulse, and
there are also gadgets
such as Fitbits. If you
are doing it manually
then you should gently
press your second and
third fingers into the
space below the base of
the thumb until you feel
the pulsation.
Unfortunately the Doc can’t directly respond to each query, or guarantee a reply.
When in doubt contact your own GP
Sara digs herself
a one-of-a-kind
Founder overcame
trauma to now help
others hit their goals
By Laura Smith
xercising your body can also
have a powerful effect on your mind.
Sara Hawkins, founder of Projekt 42,
a non-profit community gym in
Edinburgh, knows this better than
Five years ago, the 33-year-old from
Leith could barely leave her house,
never mind exercise in public.
Following a horrific assault in 2012,
Sara’s mental health deteriorated and
she was diagnosed with post-traumatic
stress disorder.
She was forced to quit her job as a
financial analyst, languishing on a
never-ending NHS waiting list for
“PTSD affects people in different
ways. For me it created a huge barrier. I
couldn’t do the kind of things I could do
before,” explained Sara.
“I hit rock bottom. I was housebound
for four months.”
Going to her local gym, sometimes
three times a day, coupled with regular
counselling helped turn her life around
in just six months.
“To start it was a struggle but the
personal achievement of getting out the
house and doing something positive
changed how I felt about myself and
the world around me,” she added.
“I would set a personal goal and by
achieving that each day I felt I’d had a
personal success – it really helped boost
my confidence and self-esteem and
helped me cope with failure too.”
Sara went on to complete the
Edinburgh Marathon and earned a
Masters in finance and banking before
landing a high-earning financial
consultancy role.
She left her job early last year but this
time for a far more positive reason.
Now Sara is making exercise
affordable and accessible to people in
her local community.
Her class-based gym has welcomed
more than 1800 members since it
opened in Newkirkgate Shopping
Centre in May 2017.
Membership fee profits provide 40
free passes a month for people who
wouldn’t normally be able to afford to
visit a gym. “I saw the benefits of what I
Projekt 42 founder Sara Hawkins at
was doing but realised that not
everyone has the income to access the
services they need in the way that I
did,” added Sara.
Alongside group classes that focus on
strength, cardio and mindfulness, the
community project also offers
counselling, life coaching and
Membership ages range from people
in their 70s to three-year-olds, thanks to
a small children’s area with imitation
gym equipment and toys.
Sara said: “We have members who
were signed off work when they first
joined and have learned a lot of new
coping mechanisms through engaging
with our meditation courses and fitness
“I’ve seen a lot of men join our
classes and they feel comfortable
opening up about their mental health.
“We even had one woman who
brought in a pack of Paracetamol she’d
been saving for the day when things got
too much. She said through engaging
The Doc Replies, The sunDay posT, 2 albeRT squaRe, DunDee DD1 9qJ oR email us aT
out a hole to set up
gym for fit minds
the not-for-profit gym which provides 40 free passes a month for people in need
with services she felt things would
never get that bad again.”
Building on that success, Sara now
has plans to expand Projekt 42 with a
new health and wellbeing centre on
Halmyre Street, Leith.
The project will quadruple in size,
creating room for football, basketball
and tennis facilities.
There will be more studio space
for therapies and classes, including a
new yoga studio with built-in light
Sara added: “We talk about mental
health a lot in the studio and explain
how fitness is good for things like
anxiety and depression, and that
setting and achieving small goals can
boost your confidence and
“Instead of seeing mental health as
something that separates you from
the rest of the community, we say
everyone has mental health. We are
all on the spectrum and that
spectrum is fluid.”
Jenny Watson, 41, is a stay-at-home
mum and full-time carer for a close
family member.
In less than a year she’s gone from
never setting foot in a gym to
attending multiple classes a week.
As a volunteer community coach,
Jenny, from Leith, also teaches her
own fitness class.
She said: “I bring my kids
along and they love it. I think
it’s important for kids to see
their parents think
positively about their
fitness and mental
“I feel a lot more
energised and positive
since attending Projekt
42. It’s made me more
sociable and confident.
“There’s no judgment. Everyone
is welcome.”
February 11, 2018
Looking for practical advice, relationship help or emotional
support? As a mum-of-four, grandmother-of-eight and dear
friend to many, Margaret’s years of experience make her
the ideal person to turn to with your worries
How can I make things right
between my partner and sister,
two women I love so dearly?
Dear Maggie I have been
Maggie says You are facing
Dear Maggie I travelled
Maggie says Yes, I think you
courting a lady for the past two
years and could not be happier.
My whole family like her, but
my oldest sister, who sees herself
as the head of the family, has had
a few spats with me as my partner
will not do as my sister wants.
There have been various
examples of my sister being
upset because things haven’t
gone as she wanted, from gifts
given to non-family members to
days away which the wider
family weren’t included in, or
invitations we’ve declined.
I’m used to this but my partner
finds it hard to put up with as she
has a very demanding job and
helps look after her elderly
father. She was widowed years
ago and was alone until we
started courting so she’s well
used to managing by herself.
She’s capable and hardworking but isn’t a people person
and keeps herself to herself.
Recently, things came to a
head and my sister said she
wants nothing more to do with
my partner.
My partner just shrugged her
shoulders and said it was her loss
and she hasn’t the time to
pander to every whim. She hasn’t
mentioned it since.
It’s my 65th birthday soon and
we’ve organised a big family
My sister is, of course,
welcome, but she’s refusing to
come along. I really want my
family there for my special night
but I don’t know what to do or
say to persuade her.
home from a Burns supper by
taxi, but I found the driver quite
inquisitive and annoying.
I’m not sure if he was just trying
to be friendly, but he kept asking
what I was wearing under my kilt,
almost laughing while talking.
However when I jokingly told
him it was a secret, he just kept
going on about it.
I found his behaviour
unacceptable and asked to be
dropped off a bit from my home
so he didn’t see where I lived.
I am considering reporting him
to his boss or the council or even
the police. What do you think?
a very difficult situation.
Your sister is a controlling
person who has always been
able to get her own way within
the family situation by stating
what she wants to happen.
The fact is, your partner does
not need or want to accept this
and I can understand why.
Yes, you are caught between
your sister and your girlfriend, but
it is time for your sister to stop
pulling the strings.
You need to be strong and
calm and end this control.
Do what you want to do and
end this controlling behaviour.
Tell your sister you have
decided on a course of action
and are going to see it through.
Hopefully, she will understand
that her days of ruling the roost
are over.
Do it kindly and gently if you
can and explain that you have
valued her help and advice over
the years, but it is now time for
you to make your own decisions.
I’m sure she will accept this
and your relationship will not be
Yes, the situation over your
birthday next month is a tricky
one but if your sister doesn’t
want to attend, just let it go and
enjoy the day.
Show your partner that you are
supporting her – this will be
important to her and hopefully
over time the situation will resolve
itself and the three of you will
come to have a calm, loving
and supportive relationship. I do
hope so.
should phone the taxi company
and say you felt uncomfortable
with the way the driver spoke to
He may not have meant
anything by it and his comments
may have been intended as
banter, but if it made you feel
uncomfortable, that is not
I wouldn’t go as far as
reporting him to the police –
perhaps a gentle but firm
comment to the taxi company
will help him to understand what
the boundaries are with
wRiTe To Maggie listens, The sunday post, 2 albert square, Dundee, DD1 9qJ
oR eMail
Margaret reads all letters but cannot enter into personal correspondence. Names will be changed if you wish
no c No
fu om ong
rth m oi
er itm ng
sh en
ip t,
225th Anniversary of French Revolutionary Wars
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February 11, 2018
The world’s greatest psychic
Death is merely
a new chapter
Dear June I lost my
mother nearly 22 years
I then lost my father 12
years later and my older
brother passed away
eight years on from that.
I wish I could have
done more as I never
had the chance to say
goodbye to any of them.
Are they reunited?
Iain, Hamilton.
June Says
I am sure
we have all undergone
extremely busy periods in
our jobs or family life,
when we have found
ourselves so wrapped up
in what was going on
that we didn’t take the
time to look in on family
members as often as we
Their love was always
there for us and it’s not
until that love is no longer
a part of our lives that we
truly understand how
valuable and
irreplaceable it was.
We then undergo
feelings of guilt and
chastise ourselves for
missing numerous
opportunities when we
could have visited or
spent some quality time
with those no longer with
These feelings are very
normal and we have all
experienced similar
thoughts after a loved
one has passed away.
Your family will be
safely reunited and each
one in turn would have
been met and greeted
by those familiar smiling
faces, filled with love and
compassion, that they at
one time thought they
would never see again.
There was no need for
goodbyes because, in
time, each and every
one of us will realise that
death is not the end, but
rather it is merely the
beginning of a new
Dear June My youngest
sister died unexpectedly last
The coroner could only
provide a possible explanation
but was able to confirm it
was natural and there were
no suspicious circumstances.
Our mum died three years
earlier and my sister struggled
to get over her loss.
We worry her distress may
Is our grandson
talking to his
deceased twin?
Luxury Reclining
Massage Chair and
Foot Stool
Dear June When our daughter married she decided to
start a family immediately as, at 38, she knew her biological
clock was ticking.
The following year she gave birth to twin boys.
Their first born had a heart defect and only survived for a
few days. That was nearly five years ago.
Our youngest grandchild is healthy and happy, but
occasionally says he speaks to a little boy in his room at
night. He is not frightened. Could this be his brother?
Doreen, Glasgow.
June Says
It’s not unusual
for young children to be
aware of spirit around them
and also to see and hear
them quite clearly.
Children are very open,
trusting and accepting.
Your grandson would not
yet understand what is
normal and what is not, as he
has nothing to compare it to,
so he would think that seeing
and talking to people in his
room at night is what
happens to everyone.
I always saw people at
night when I was young and
thought it was normal until I
went to school to discover
not everyone is the same!
Try asking him a few
questions when he mentions
the little boy again, such as
“What did he talk about?”
“What was his name?” and
“What did he look like?”
This will allow you to build a
picture of the boy and
talking about him will also
make your grandson think it’s
a natural thing to sometimes
see people.
Try not to be pushy as this
might frighten him and make
him feel he is doing wrong.
When a young sibling is
lost, it’s likely the surviving
sibling will be aware of their
brother or sister, especially
when they were twins, as the
bond is stronger.
I am shown a double silver
frame with photographs of
have resulted in her death.
Her daughter is now also
struggling to cope. Are you
able to offer her any solace?
Jacqueline, via email.
June Says
The loss of a
mum is one of the most
difficult griefs to bear.
She is the one you turn to
when you need support, love
and advice. After her loss you
feel very much alone and
two babies, one in each
frame. I feel this might be of
some significance? Does this
picture sit in his room?
I have the impression these
are your grandsons.
A G has been held up and
I hear Margo being called.
As I hear this name I am also
aware of a small white dog
coming forward. Can the
two be connected?
Your grandson in spirit will
walk close by his twin
throughout his physical life
and will greet him when he,
too, eventually crosses over.
The double-connected
silver frames hold pictures
of the two boys just after
they were born.
Close relations were all
given the photos in the
frames so we all have the
same. One is placed in his
My mother-in-law was
called Margaret and she
had a white West Highland
terrier that meant the world
to her. Family and close
friends used to call her
The capital G could be
my husband’s name and
also their second name.
We had all thought and
hoped it was his brother
and that he would be
looking after him.
vulnerable as you adapt to
her not being here physically.
The bond between a mum
and her kids is one of the
strongest and cannot be
broken, even in death.
Your mum will have your
sister safely by her side and
their combined love will be
surrounding all of those
struggling to cope with their
absence, supporting them
through their grief.
WoulD you lIkE a REaDIng fRom JunE? Email or write to June Field, The Sunday
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February 11, 2018
honest truth
In praise
of a royal
rock band
see page 49
Oor wullie &
the broons
Looking back
at what made
the news in
years gone by
february 13, 1978
this week
By Lisa Hunter
february 11, 1938
Wee Harry
takes the
see pages 52 & 53
Your week
ahead in
the stars
orty years ago,
under a black cloud, Anna
Ford arrived at ITN in her
role as newsreader.
As she looked forward to a
new career as the first female
newsreader on the station,
on February 13, 1978, the
BBC argued she had
breached her contract with
them, and so they were
launching legal action.
Born in Tewkesbury,
Gloucestershire, in 1943,
Anna had to obtain security
clearance from MI5 before
beginning employment with
the BBC as she was living
with a former Communist.
She then worked on Man
Alive and Tomorrow’s World
before the opportunity
arrived for her to “change
Although Anna still had
10 months left on her BBC
contract, the company
decided to release her from it
and dropped their legal
A spokesperson said: “We
are sorry to lose her, but we
will do nothing to stop her.”
She would certainly have
been pleased to be receiving
a £4000 pay rise from the
£10,000 salary she had been
“I have never been averse
to working with ladies,” said
ITN newsreader Reginald
Bosanquet on Anna’s
“But I judge my colleagues
on professionalism. I do not
know Anna, but I have heard
that she is a very competent
and professional lady.”
see page 56
The BBC produced the
world’s first-ever
science-fiction TV show.
The programme was
an adaptation of a
section of the Karel
Capek play R.U.R.,
which first coined the
term “robot”.
february 12, 1909
Anna Ford after the announcement she would be joining ITN
‘Angry Anna’ was a
female first for ITN
Anna was to find herself in
direct competition with
Angela Rippon, who was
presenting the news on the
BBC, having become the first
female presenter there in
Within two months, Anna
began presenting News At
Although her ITN career
initially went from strength
to strength, she would
eventually return to the BBC
in 1986 after being sacked.
This was due to the fact
she was leaving ITN to join
TV-am. Her bosses had seen
her in the role of anchor and
when they discovered she
was planning to leave,
accused her of being disloyal
and dishonest.
Anna later threw some
wine over Jonathan Aitken,
disgusted at his involvement
in her sacking – this would
lead to her being labelled
“Angry Anna”.
Anna, who was at one
point engaged to her former
ITN colleague Jon Snow,
married magazine editor
Mark Boxer, who passed
away as the result of a brain
tumour, in 1988.
She has interviewed
presidents and prime
ministers, but even Anna
wasn’t immune to the BBC
ageism controversy, when in
2006, she retired.
“I don’t think the people
you see on our screens reflect
the people out there and I’m
sure the public would like
that – people with character,
with lines on their faces,
people who have had
experiences of life,” she said
as she bid farewell.
Sunday PoSt
february 11 , 1534
Ask anyone what they know
about Henry VIII and they’ll tell
you he was married six times.
On February 11, 1534, Henry
was recognised as supreme head
of the Church of England.
Bizarrely, his six wives are
connected with the creation of
the church, as Henry had been
brought up in the Catholic faith,
which did not allow divorce.
Henry had met and fallen in
love with Anne Boleyn, but he was
still married to Catherine of
Aragon. What to do?
Well, he create a new church,
and then married wife No 2.
Well, almost, as the Archbishop
of Canterbury annulled Henry
and Catherine’s marriage.
Once married to Anne Boleyn,
he had her executed, claiming she
was cheating on him.
Such is the history of Henry
and his many wives that a rhyme
was concocted as a memory aid –
Divorced, beheaded, died.
Divorced, beheaded, survived.
Jane Seymour married Henry
13 days after Anne’s execution,
but died shortly after giving birth
to a son.
His next marriage, to Anne of
Cleves, ended in divorce.
Wife No 5, Catherine Howard,
however, was executed after
having been unfaithful.
Henry died in 1547, and left a
widow, Catherine Parr.
The National
Association for the
Advancement of
Coloured People
(NAACP) was founded.
The US-based civil
rights organisation
wanted to advance
justice for African
Its mission is “to
ensure the political,
educational, social
and economic equality
of all persons” and to
eliminate race-based
february 13, 1972
The musical Grease
opened on Broadway.
The show was a
massive success,
leading to the movie
adaptation which
starred John Travolta
and Olivia NewtonJohn in 1978.
A sequel starring
Michelle Pfeiffer was
released in 1982, but it
couldn’t match the
successes of the earlier
february 14, 1852
Great Ormond Street
Hospital for Sick
Children was founded
in London.
It was the first
hospital in England to
provide in-patient
beds specifically for
The centre is the
largest for child heart
surgery in the UK, and
developed the first
heart and lung bypass
machine for children.
february 15, 1936
Adolf Hitler announced
the manufacture of
the Volkswagen Beetle,
also known as The
People’s Car. Known
affectionately by some
as the Bug, it is still a
popular car to this
February 11, 2018
Naomie Harris, who starred in Skyfall, the latest
James Bond film, with a train named after the movie
Francis Gay
Villagers of Walberswick in Suffolk form a human
“Save Our Shoreline” to protest at coastal erosion
Whatever way you look at it,
home will always be special
onnie took a notion to visit the
house he lived in until he was five.
The trouble was – he hadn’t been anywhere
near it in the following 45 years.
But, guided by a memory he didn’t know
he had, he found the old street quite easily.
Trying not to look too like a burglar “casing
the joint”, he stood across the road, gazing at
his first home.
He recognised it, but… there was no real
Coronation Street serial killer Richard Hillman is
filmed driving his family into a Manchester
canal. But is it the end for Tricky Dicky?
I was at the funeral
of a local GP
He had served
the town faithfully
for 40 years so,
there was a large
turn-out for the
occasion. I say
but, actually, those
years alone might
not have earned
another doctor the
same love and
Every person I
spoke to told how
Doctor Robert
visited them when
they had some
childhood illness.
Many said that just
hearing he was on
the way made
them feel better. He
would have
prescribed the
same medicines as
any other doctor,
but they always
seemed to do more
good coming from
him. He himself, it
seems, was a tonic.
Devotion to a
decades spent
healing the sick,
leaving behind the
love of a whole
town… what better
prescription could
there be for a life
well lived?
Write to:
connection. About to give up and walk away,
he had another crazy notion. He sat on the
kerb, effectively becoming the same height he
was when he was five.
“And there it was,” he told me. “Home. The
old connection.”
A reminder, if one were needed, we never
really understand a person (or their situation)
until we see the world from their point of
view. Even if that person is our younger self!
The teenage girl was chiding
her younger sister for being
She seemed to think the
younger girl was too
dependent on her siblings.
“She might have a point,” I
thought. “But, life changes
I thought about Tricia, who
used to be a regular attender
at one of our clubs but now we
rarely see her. You see, she was
the spoiled baby of the family
once upon a time. Now, in her
retirement, she spends all her
time caring for three older
siblings who would otherwise
have no one looking in on
“I can’t complain,” Tricia told
me. “They did the same for
me, way back then.”
I thought of telling the girls
about my “spoiled” friend. But
life teaches its lessons in the
proper season.
Instead, I prayed they would
be kind, and look after each
other – whenever their turn
It’s all thanks to StValentine,
So many years ago,
That we send cards and roses red,
To set loved ones hearts aglow.
Send Cupid’s arrow flying,
Speedily on its way,
To your sweetheart, young or old,
OnValentine’s special day.
Alicia’s mum bought
so much stuff.
packages filled
every corner of her
house. She knew her
mother was
compensating for
past hurts – but that
didn’t help. She
kept encouraging
Mum to have a
clear-out, but it
never happened.
Until, she suggested
they sell some stuff.
In turn, Mum
suggested they give
any money raised to
charity. Well, they
sold a lot (and Alicia
quietly binned a lot).
Mum was delighted
with the difference
in her house. And
they raised £400.
Mum suggested
they give it to a
local mental health
charity. When Alicia
asked why, Mum
replied: “Because,
then I won’t be a
burden when I ask
them for help.”
“The help was
given for free,”
Alicia told me. “But
the notion of
helping made it
easier for her to
accept it.”
Different things
get us to that point.
What’s important is
we get there.
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a sit down with phil chapman
February 11, 2018
Honest Truth
It is 45 years since Queen released their first album, beginning their journey to become one of the most popular bands of all time. Phil
Chapman, author of new book The Dead Straight Guide To Queen, told Murray Scougall the Honest Truth about Freddie and Co.
What’s your
I’m a researcher
and writer for
website This Day
in Music. In 2012, I
wrote the content
for the This Day In Queen app
and the Queen Song By Song
album reviews. In 2016, I was
approached to write The Dead
Straight Guide to Queen.
The right royal rock band that will be
entertaining fans for years to come
Rodgers’ voice, I didn’t feel the
line-up quite gelled live. In Adam
Lambert I believe Brian and
Roger have found a frontman
who is able to deliver their songs
in the right way.
What’s your earliest memory of
I first heard them on BBC
Radio 1’s Sounds Of The Seventies
in early 1973. I wouldn’t say I was
hooked, but they certainly piqued
my interest.
Did Freddie always have that
legendary singing voice?
In the pre-Queen bands Ibex
and Sour Milk Sea, Freddie
demonstrated he already had the
superstar stage presence.
However, the voice for which he
became famous was untrained
and lacked control. Freddie
obviously devoted a lot of time
and effort to refining his
stagecraft and honing his vocal
skills and he’d clearly succeeded
by the time Queen recorded their
original demo in 1971.
Do you feel the band was
given the critical credit they
were due?
The music press was largely
hostile to Queen from the start.
As the band became more
famous the popular press jumped
on the bandwagon, hounding
Left, Queen’s John Deacon,
Freddie Mercury, Roger
Taylor and Brian May in 1976.
Above, guitarist May
performing in the same year
them increasingly as rumours of
Freddie’s illness began to
circulate in the late 1980s. These
days Queen are portrayed more
as respected elder statesmen of
the music business.
Where did the band name
come from?
Freddie argued it would give
the band a regal air. His
ex-bandmates from Ibex claimed
to have had a hand in the name –
guitarist Mike Bersin had
introduced Freddie to an
audience with “Here comes the
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old Queen” and bassist John
“Tupp” Taylor told Freddie that if
he ever had a band of his own it
should be called Queen.
Did you ever see Queen live?
I saw them at Bournemouth
Winter Gardens in 1975 and again
at Wembley in 1986. Their ability
to deliver their unique sound live
on stage was impressive. I’ve seen
the post-Freddie Queen in
Manchester three times – with
Paul Rodgers in 2005 and with
Adam Lambert in 2015 and
Any little-known facts you
Queen’s crew referred to
Freddie’s famous short
microphone stand as “the wand”
and “Fred’s prancing stick”.
During the 1981 Queen and
David Bowie Under Pressure
sessions, they jammed versions
of All the Young Dudes and All the
Way From Memphis.
Were the band right to carry
on after Freddie’s death?
While I’m a fan of Queen, Free
and Bad Company, and love Paul
Do you see them touring, and
possibly recording, for some
time to come?
I suspect Brian and Roger will
keep going as long as their health
holds out, but I’m not so sure
they’d consider writing and
recording new Queen material.
What do you believe will be
Queen’s legacy?
In the sporting world it will be
We Will Rock You and We Are the
Champions. All four members of
Queen wrote timeless, classic
songs which keep finding new
legions of fans around the world.
I believe Queen will be, along
with The Beatles and possibly a
couple of others, a band whose
music will remain popular and
mainstream, and will continue to
find new fans.
The Dead Straight Guide To
Queen is out now from Red Planet
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