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Metro UK – May 03, 2018

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Thursday, May 3, 2018
Has Kanye
gone too far
tHis time?
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error with breast screening letters cost up to 270 lives, hunt admits
uP to 270 women may have died of
breast cancer because of a computer
glitch that went unnoticed for almost a
decade, the health secretary admitted
to MPs yesterday.
About 450,000 older women were
not sent their invitations
for routine nHS screening
by daniel binns
because of the computer error, Jeremy
Hunt (pictured) said.
He said his ‘best estimate’ was that
between 135 and 270 of them have
had their lives shortened
because the opportunity to
n Javid: Corbyn must condemn the race-haters
spot and treat tumours was missed. ‘I
am advised that it is unlikely to be
more than this range and may be considerably less,’ he added.
‘However, tragically, there are likely
to be some people in this group who
would have been alive today if the failure had not happened.’ Mr Hunt said
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families may be eligible for compensation if ‘the missed scan is a likely
cause of death’ – raising the prospect
of multi-million-pound payouts.
the ‘algorithm failure’ dated back
to 2009 but was only discovered this
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is cHess
wortH a
KnigHt out?
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n Teen in clown make-up knifed lover in bed
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rsday, May 3, 2018 METRO 3 Kanye’s
‘ignorant’ slavery
talk broke my
y heart
Controversy: kanye,
here with wife kim,
was accused of using
shock tactics to
promote his brand ap
by andrei HarmswortH
KAnYe weSt swung into damage
limitation mode yesterday after calling
slavery a ‘choice’.
He back-pedalled feverishly as stars
including mauled the rapper
for his controversial comments.
they came during an interview with
tMZ, when he turned his attention to
the history of black slavery.
west said: ‘when you hear about
slavery for 400 years... for 400 years?
that sounds like a choice. we’re mentally imprisoned.’
Following a wave of outrage, he
turned to twitter ‘to make myself
clear’, insisting: ‘of course I know
that slaves did not get shackled and put
on a boat by free will.
‘My point is for us to have stayed in
that position, even though the numbers
were on our side, means that we were
mentally enslaved. we can’t be mentally imprisoned for another 400 years.
we need free thought now.’
An emotional response to his words
came from, 43, on ItV’s
Good Morning Britain, where he
accused west, who is married to
Kim Kardashian, of ‘ignorance’
and trying to use shock factor to
sell his brand.
the Voice star (pictured) said
Silent: donald
trump had nothing
to say about his
pal kanye getty
he comments ‘brok
ke my heart’’, as
he remembered ‘my grandmother’s
grandma, who was a slave’.
He added: ‘when you’re a slave, you
don’t choose if you’re owned. So I
understand the need to have free
thought but, if your thoughts aren’t
researched, that is just going to hurt.’
even donald trump seemed to
abandon west, 40, as the president fell
silent on the issue. others pouncing
on the rapper included dJ trevor
nelson, 54, who tweeted:
‘dude, never put the words
“slavery” and “choice” in the
same sentence.’
trump’s health letter boast: Pages 16-17 »
West blames ‘Taylor moment’ for breakdown
Moment of
chaos: kanye
storming the
stage during
taylor’s speech
at the 2009
Vmas reuters
tHe ‘taylor swift moment’ was
responsible for the breakdown that
led to Kanye west ending up in
hospital, he claimed yesterday.
radio stations blacklisted his
music, west claims, after he upset
the 28-year-old. ‘ever since that
taylor swift moment, it never had
been the same, the connection with
radio,’ he said. that ‘moment’
appeared to be when Kanye
interrupted swift on stage at the
Mtv video Music awards in 2009.
west also said he felt ‘helpless’
when his wife Kim fell victim to an
armed robbery in paris. ‘it felt like
all these things were almost set up
to put me on meds, to break me
down,’ he told radio interviewer
Charlamagne tha God. Moving on
to his mentor JaY-Z, west
admitted he was offended when he
and his wife Beyoncé failed to
attend his nuptials four years ago.
He said: ‘i was hurt about them
not coming to the wedding.’
in a separate interview, with
tMZ, west revealed his admission
to hospital two years ago was for
opioid addiction, not exhaustion.
4 METRO Thursday, May 3, 2018
Health chiefs kept cancer error secret
» Continued from Page 1
year. about 141,000 of the women
affected, who should have been
invited for a scan when aged 68 to
71, are now dead.
the estimate of how many lives
were shortened due to the glitch
was based on statistical models
rather than patient records, Mr
Hunt said. He has ordered an
independent review to find out
the true extent of the impact.
the error that stopped
invitations being automatically
sent out by public Health
england was discovered in
January – but the impact was
initially thought to be small.
pHe realised the problem was
Vital tool: consultant views a scan
serious in March but kept quiet
until now so it could implement
plans to meet demand for
screening from the women
affected. all women who missed
scans will be invited for one.
letters will also go to next-ofkin of patients who did not get
their invitation and have died. Mr
Hunt apologised ‘wholeheartedly
and unreservedly for the suffering
Brian Gough, whose wife
trixie died of breast cancer aged
76 in 2015, said she was among
the women not invited for a scan.
He believes she could have lived
longer if the disease had been
spotted earlier. the norfolk
widower told Mail online: ‘there
are thousands of real people
involved in this, like trixie, who
didn’t deserve to lose their lives.’
labour’s Jonathan ashworth,
the shadow health secretary, said
the revelations were ‘terrifying
for hundreds of thousands of
women across the country’.
stand up and
disown your
racists, javid
urges corbyn
by dominic yeatman
SAJId JAVId challenged Jeremy
Corbyn yesterday to condemn left-wing
supporters for racially abusing him.
Britain’s first ethnic minority home
secretary was hit with a wave of online
trolling from left and right within hours
of his appointment on Monday.
Mr Javid, the son of Pakistani immigrants, was branded a ‘coconut’ and an
‘uncle tom’ on social media. others
said the job should ‘never have gone to a
As he answered questions on the windrush scandal, he told MPs: ‘Members
of the hard left have created a hostile
environment in their own party. And
people like that welcomed my appointa PenSioner who sent a
racially abusive letter to Diane
abbott has been given a 12-month
community order. roy Brown sent a
rambling rant to the shadow home
secretary’s office last august that
referred to ‘black vermin’ and
threatened to ‘burn her house and her
car with abbott trapped inside’. the
69-year-old also referred to ‘the
blacks who murdered Pc Blakelock’,
who died during a riot in tottenham,
north london, in 1985. Brown, of ilford,
essex, admitted sending an indecent
or offensive letter. District judge Gary
lucie said the offence was
‘aggravated by the mention of race’.
ment by calling me a coconut and an
uncle tom. If that is something the
leader of the opposition thinks is wrong
why doesn’t he get up at the dispatch
box right now and denounce them?’
london mayor Sadiq Khan and
shadow home secretary diane Abbott
were abused online after tweeting
Metro’s front page story yesterday about
the racist attacks on Mr Javid.
labour’s Mr Khan, whose father – like
Mr Javid’s – worked as a bus driver after
arriving from Pakistan, tweeted: ‘Sajid
day’’s mettro frontt
Online abusse: yessterd
page was tweeted by labour politicians
Javid has been the target of vile abuse
online. Britain’s diversity is part of what
makes us great. we must not allow ourselves to be divided by hate speech.’
His message was attacked. ‘How does
Britain’s diversity make it great exactly?’
asked @PaulGP2, ‘I see lots of terrorists, gang rapers and stabbers.’ @Keithtpearce2 said: ‘Amazing how Khan puts
his politics aside to back anyone against
the white man.’ ‘Muslims should not be
able to work within our government,’
tweeted @Jamie28925331.
Ms Abbott told the home secretary she
had already condemned the abuse. ‘I
know what racist abuse is so everyone
on this side of the House without exception condemns the names he has been
called,’ she said.
Meanwhile ukip member Michelle
Brown has been suspended from the
welsh Assembly for referring to labour
MP Chuka umunna as a ‘coconut’ in
2016. She denied racist intent, insisting
she was making a ‘socio-political point’.
METRO Talk: Pages 20-21 »
MPs vote against disclosing
8 years of Windrush papers
Mps last night rejected a labour
motion which sought to force the
government to disclose eight years
of internal documents about the
windrush generation.
shadow home secretary diane
abbott said the tories’ 316 to 221
win after a three-line whip was ‘a
betrayal of the windrush
generation’ and flew in the face of
sajid Javid’s pledge to make things
right. But the new home secretary
said the ‘disproportionate and
distracting’ motion did not warrant
an ‘open-ended fishing expedition’.
tottenham Mp david lammy
was applauded as he compared the
Home office’s so-called ‘compliant
environment’ to slavery.
the labour ex minister, whose
father came to Britain from Guyana
in 1956, said the belief in a compliant
environment goes back to the
slavery abolition act of 1833. He
said: ‘twelve million people
transported as slaves to the colonies
is a compliant environment.’
Meanwhile, 3,000 potential
windrush cases have been reported
to a specialist Home office unit.
Thursday, May 3, 2018 METRO 5
Sprawling: the
40-acre farm
was bought from
a pensioner who
is now thought
to be living in a
static mobile
home (inset) on
the land
Opera lover: dudley
wright at his wedding
by joel taylor
tHe parents of burglar Henry Vincent,
who was killed by a homeowner
during a break-in, are living at a
£1.7million farm which they bought
from a pensioner for a fifth of its true
value, it is alleged.
Henry Vincent Snr and his wife
Rosemary, 59, are preparing for the
funeral today of their 37-year-old son.
A report on Mailonline claims
Henry Jnr was living with them at the
Grade II listed detached farmhouse
before he died. land registry documents show Mrs Vincent bought Snagbrook in Hollingbourne, Kent, on April
12, for just £325,000.
the five-bedroom house and 40
acres of land were sold in five separate
titles with each valued at £65,000, the
documents show. they were bought
from dudley wright, 72, who is now
believed to be living in a static mobile
home in the grounds while the Vincents are thought to be
staying in the caravan
parked beside the
house. local estate
agents have valued the
sprawling site in the
region of £1.7million.
Vincent Jnr was
stabbed with his own
screwdriver as he tried
to rob the home of
Richard osborn-Brooks, 78, in Hither
Green, south-east london, on April 4.
In the following days there was a
stand-off as flower tributes left by his
relatives were repeatedly removed by
others who found them distasteful.
It is unclear how his father, 59-yearold career criminal Vincent Snr – who
has served time for being part of a
gang who preyed on pensioners to
carry out unnecessary building work –
came to be living on the property with
opera-loving Mr wright.
A former neighbour said Vincent Snr
began working there three years ago
and slept in his caravan on the land.
two years ago, Mr wright wrote to
his ex-wife to say he was writing their
41-year-old daughter out of his will.
winifred wright, 72, said: ‘that was a
big shock.’ She was so concerned for
his health and safety that she contacted
Jail: Henry Vincent
snr preyed on oaps
riddle of burglar’s family and
£1.7m farm bought for £325k
Wednesday, April 11, 2018
The worl d’ s m o sT p o p u l ar fre e n ewspap e r
trump and May are left off Meghan’s guest list Page 9 »
Blooming angry: man
stamps on flowers for
burglar killed by victim,
after cutting them off
fence pictures: lnp
Flowers for dead raider torn down and put back
)2*1.! (#'*30$*
%%% -'()1"!
-$,&) 2-/!
Loved by some:
tributes are left in
memory of Henry
Vincent yesterday
picture: i-images
#2-(7,+ 6-, ,"397, +*"!!79 !& )3:*31 % (4-$+ 6-,:79 30*- 439305
" !"-4/-1 5"$& .364 $, 5.,&"(3 ,2 %*''' 7"(3 7$6($ 53-$(3& '&$% (# " 9,: 83++6 8/1 06& 5,-)"3(34 #0/-6 '&$% "!#
(,!$0 .'/
/,! %*.,
by dAniEl binns
A SHRIne to a serial criminal killed
by an elderly homeowner during a
break-in has turned into a battleground between the burglar’s family
and people who want it torn down.
Flowers, balloons and cards near
the home targeted by Henry Vincent
– stabbed to death while armed with
a screwdriver – were ripped from
n M ndayy
.)'#/0 #/
A SHRIne to a career criminal has
been crea d outside a home where
d h
on of
by $1" . *
!" !
a war her
Controversyy: our report yesterday
Vi cent’s
Flower wars: metro report on april 11
police. ‘they told me that as we were
divorced they could not tell me anything about him so as not to interfere in
his privacy,’ she said.
locals in Hollingbourne have also
raised concerns over the wellbeing of
Mr wright, who was once a vocal
member of the community. Fears were
voiced at a parish council meeting in
october 2016 about the fact he had not
been seen in the area. Council member
John Cobbett recalled: ‘we did feel
uncomfortable about the situation
regarding Mr wright.’
Parish council leader Mike Bedwell
said: ‘He appears not to have a vehicle
now and hasn’t been seen for months.
‘He used to be seen regularly out and
about doing his shopping in the local
convenience store and the owner was
his friend. But he hasn’t been in there
for a couple of years and his friends
and local residents have a lot of questions about what has happened to him.
we are worried.
‘we have heard he is still living on
the property but there have also been
bought the
property for
just £325k
steVe finn
rumours that he was in a mobile home,
in care or living above a shop in Ashford. there is no sign of him.’
Mailonline reported that when it
rang the house and asked to speak to
Mr wright, a woman slammed down
the phone saying: ‘He’s not available.’
Anyone attempting to visit the farm is
confronted with imposing signs telling
them they are not welcome and warning that CCtV cameras have been
installed. there are also signs proclaiming: ‘Beware! German Shepherd
on Patrol’.
Firm in Facebook data row shuts down
Boasts: ca’s mark turnbull is secretly filmed by channel 4
tHe British company accused
of improperly accessing the
personal data of 87million
Facebook users is shutting
down, it revealed last night.
Cambridge analytica faced
an exodus of clients and legal
action from people claiming
their privacy was breached.
the company insisted its
staff had acted ‘ethically and
lawfully’, using methods
accepted as ‘standard’ in
online advertising.
But it added: ‘the siege of
media coverage has driven
away virtually all of the
company’s customers and
suppliers. as a result, it has
been determined that it is no
longer viable to continue
operating.’ Ca is said to have
used a personality test app to
harvest data from people
taking the quiz and also from
their Facebook friends.
it allegedly used the data to
create psychological profiles of
voters that enabled it to target
them with highly effective ads.
the company worked for, before the Brexit
vote, and on donald trump’s
election campaign. Ca’s Mark
turnbull was secretly filmed
by Channel 4 in March as he
boasted about targeting
voters on Mr trump’s behalf.
He said: ‘the brand was
“defeat Crooked Hillary”.
the oo of crooked were a
pair of handcuffs. we made
hundreds of different kinds of
creative, and we put it online.’
6 METRO Thursday, May 3, 2018
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by dominic yeatman
A CRunCH meeting of theresa
May’s ‘Brexit war cabinet’ last night
failed to agree over plans on the future
of the customs union.
the prime minister’s spokesman
said her views were ‘evolving’ after 60
MPs signed a letter condemning proposals for a customs partnership as
‘Brexit in name only’.
last night the BBC reported that
Mrs May had asked officials to draw
up revised plans for post-Brexit customs arrangements.
It came as the government suffered
its tenth defeat in the lords on its
european union (withdrawal) Bill as
peers backed a move to prevent a hard
border between northern Ireland and
the Republic by 309 to 242.
their cross-party amendment also
seeks to enshrine support for the Good
Friday peace agreement and continued
‘north-south’ co-operation.
Meanwhile, Brexiteer plans for a
looser customs arrangement were said
to be gaining support despite warnings
they were ‘playing with fire’.
tory peer lord Patten, a staunch
Remainer, had said their proposal to
abandon trade alignment with the eu
would make a hard border in northern
Ireland inevitable.
‘Playing with fire is blundering into
the politics of northern Ireland with a
policy that is sometimes clueless, and
sometimes delinquent, with a can of
petrol and a box of matches in the
other hand,’ the former Conservative
Party chairman said.
‘there are a number of Conservative
brexit war cabinet
mired in trenches
over customs plan lords inflict 10th defeat over eU withdrawal
(l-r) liam
fox, Boris
and michael
gove arrive
at no.10
pictures: getty
MPs who are very keen to drive over
the cliffs on to the rocks.’
International trade secretary liam
Fox has hinted he could quit if Mrs
May tries to keep Britain in a customs
union. Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg
denied he was prepared to bring the
government down, but said a customs
partnership would betray the Conservatives’ election promises.
‘there is no question of there being
an ultimatum,’ he told the BBC. ‘this
policy would leave us de facto in both
the customs union and in the single
market and not get us out of the eu,
which is what people voted for.’
the Remainers’ preferred option of
a ‘new customs partnership’ would
involve mirroring eu tariffs on imports
to avoid the need for customs posts.
the Brexiteers’ ‘maximum facilita-
Thursday, May 3, 2018 METRO 7
in brief
Man dies, another
hurt, in shooting
one man was killed and
another is in hospital after a
double shooting, say police.
the victim, believed to be in
his 30s, was found outside
Queensbury tube station in
north-west london at 9pm on
tuesday. He died at the scene.
the other man, in his 20s,
attended a hospital at 9.10pm
and is in a stable condition. He
also suffered a gunshot wound.
the met Police said no
arrests have been made. the
death brings the number of
suspected murders in the
capital so far this year to 63.
Criminal inquiry
into Zafira fires
Weighing up the
options: theresa may
and Brexit secretary
david davis
pictures: epa
tion’ option – maxfac – would be an
‘arrangement’ with the eu involving
electronic tracking of goods with tariffs
paid later. Housing minister dominic
Raab said ‘maxfac’ appeared to be
winning ‘in terms of delivering the
two things that we need, which is to
stay out of the customs union, but also
avoid the hard border, as a matter of
principle but also workability’. Shadow
Brexit minister Jenny Chapman urged
the government to back labour’s plan
for ‘a new comprehensive customs
union with the eu’. She said the lords
vote ‘sends a clear signal that they
must urgently find a solution to the
northern Ireland border.
‘Ill-conceived compromises and
unrealistic technological solutions are
simply not good enough.’
Mrs May told MPs: ‘we are com-
mitted to having no hard border
between northern Ireland and Ireland,
and as frictionless trade as possible
with the european union.’
no.10 hinted at a third option, saying:
‘there are a number of ways of taking
this forward.’
a criminal investigation is
being carried out into Vauxhall
Zafira fires, a government
agency has confirmed.
the Driver and Vehicle
Standards agency (DVSa) is
investigating Vauxhall in
partnership with trading
standards officers in luton,
where the firm is based.
campaigners claim more
than 300 Zafiras have caught
fire in recent years. the DVSa
wants to know who in the firm
knew of the problem – first
raised at Vauxhall in 2014 –
and when they found out.
Thursday, May 3, 2018 METRO 9
Life on the
edge: drone
footage shows
dangling over
cliff edge after
recent storms
swns/mike page
Balmy bank holiday
sunshine on its way
by racHel burnett
BRItonS will bask in balmy bank holiday weather
this weekend with temperatures set to soar to 25C.
the three-day warm spell will be a welcome relief
after a chilly start to the week as torrential rain and
strong winds battered the uK.
Met forecaster Sophie Yeomans said: ‘there is an
area of warm air pushing up from the south. Many
places in the south of england could see 19C or 20C,
most places will be in the low 20s and we could see
25C in london and the south-east.
‘Heading into Monday we could see the high 20s.’
However, northern Ireland and Scotland are forecast to reach only 13C or 14C
with a weather front bringing
clouds and a chance of
the average uK temperature is 15C at this
time of year and the hottest ever recorded was
33C in 1944.
earlier this week
the mercury plunged
to minus 4.6C in
Aboyne, Aberdeenshire
and a month’s worth of rain
fell in a day in Kent.
swept away
cLiFFTOP homes on the verge of
toppling into the sea are being
razed to the ground.
Drone footage shows the
bungalows hanging over the
cliff edge after coastal erosion
left them uninhabitable.
Demolition work on seven
homes started yesterday after
high tides washed away the cliff
face in hemsby, norfolk, on
sunday. The chalets are being
destroyed to ‘preserve public
safety’, said Great yarmouth
council. ex-soldier Lance
Martin, 60, hoped something
could be saved from a chalet he
bought as a retirement home.
he said he understood the
safety aspect but added: ‘it was
my dream. if i can salvage
anything from it i will.’
Thursday, May 3, 2018 METRO 11
pm calls for
probe into
Speaker denies yelling at his
secretary and throwing phone
by david HugHes
against Commons speaker John
Bercow should be ‘properly investigated’, no.10 said yesterday.
Mr Bercow is facing calls to quit
after Angus Sinclair, a former private secretary in his office, said the
speaker mimicked, swore and
shouted at him. He denies the allegations.
theresa May’s spokesman said:
‘the prime minister has been very
clear from the start that there is no
place for bullying or harassment of
any kind in the workplace, including Parliament.
‘It is a matter for Parliament to
decide how to proceed, but the latest allegations are concerning and
should be properly investigated.’
Mr Sinclair told BBC2’s newsnight Mr Bercow attempted to
physically intimidate him and was
prone to ‘over-the-top anger’.
He added: ‘I’m not sure he was
completely in control of it. the
arms would wave around.’
Mr Sinclair went on: ‘there was
one afternoon I was working at my
desk and he came in and was absolutely furious about something.
‘there was a lot of bad language
and suddenly his mobile phone,
which he’d been holding, was flung
Parliamentary business: mr Bercow and angus sinclair (circled) in 2010 getty
on the desk in front of me and broke
into a lot of bits.’ After the 2010 general election, he said he was given
‘compulsory early retirement’, with
an £86,250 pay-off dependent on a
non-disclosure agreement that he
called ‘a cover-up’.
newsnight previously reported
allegations that Mr Sinclair’s successor, Kate emms, was bullied by
the speaker, which Mr Bercow also
denies. His office said in a statement: ‘Mr Speaker strenuously
denies that there is any substance to
any of these allegations.
‘Mr Speaker has a superb team of
dedicated, effective and long-serving staff – five of whom have
worked for him very happily for a
combined total of over 40 years.’
Soldier’s family get WWI medal after 100yrs
Great find: carol griffiths thrilled with medal
a world war one medal
found buried in a garden
has been returned to the
granddaughter of the
soldier who won it
– 101 years after
he died in battle.
Mike iacovelli,
38, dug up the
medal near his
worcester home
when he was nine.
He took it to a
museum and was told it
was a Freedom Medal
awarded posthumously. Mr
iacovelli put it away and
forgot about it. But after
finding it recently he posted
on Facebook and found
it had been awarded
to arthur George
(pictured) a
gunner killed
aged 24. He then
tracked down his
Carol Griffiths, 75.
‘it is a one in a million
find and i am thrilled to
have it back,’ she said.
Students are
kicked out
over racism
John Bercow
keeps order
in the
SeVeral exeter university
students have been given
punishments, including
expulsion, over racist
comments they made in a
whatsapp group.
comments by members of
the Bracton law Society
referred to P***s and n*****s
and called for a race war.
the university said it had
responded with ‘expulsions,
suspensions and other
significant sanctions’.
Vice-chancellor Sir Steve
Smith condemned the
‘completely unacceptable
bigoted behaviour’.
concerned student arsalan
motavali exposed the racism
by posting many of the
messages on twitter. one
student, matthew Bell, is
believed to have had a job
offer from a law firm rescinded.
He has apologised for his
‘undeniably wrong’ comments.
14 METRO Thursday, May 3, 2018
Diana car is a wedding day gift for someone
prinCess diana’s famous
green audi is up for sale on the
same day her son prince Harry is
getting married.
the convertible became one of
the most photographed vehicles of
its era when diana was loaned it
in the summer of 1994.
she used it to ferry around
young william and Harry and
also for trips to the gym. Her
choice of a German car was
controversial as the royals tended
to stick to British models.
it was sold after diana
returned it to the london
dealer but has only had four
owners since and has just 22,000
miles on the clock.
auctioneer Historics at
Brooklands expects it to fetch
Plan B: the
state coach
is the wet
option for
the couple
Royal runabout: diana drives princes triangle
between £49,000 and £62,000. it
goes under the hammer on May
19 at iver, Buckinghamshire, just
nine miles from windsor, where
Harry will wed Meghan Markle.
a spokesman for Historics said:
‘it really is an amazing piece of
motoring history.’
royal couple to ride off in true
fairy tale style after tying knot
Plan A:
the ascot
landau and
BarnardBrown with
one of the
horses that
will pull it pa
Thursday, May 3, 2018 METRO 15
ROYAL bites
n He may be only days old –
but Prince louis already has
his own pub. the mcmullen’s
Brewery inn in Great notley,
essex, is to be named after
the royal baby.
n Princess charlotte, who is
likely to be a bridesmaid at her
uncle harry’s wedding, turned
three yesterday. Kensington
Palace tweeted: ‘Thank you
all for your lovely messages!’
n arGoS is selling a ‘meghan
Sparkle’ replica engagement
ring for £14.99. Jewellery buyer
clair albone said it was a
‘classic choice that doesn’t
require a royal budget’.
PRInCe HARRY may not have been a
talking frog when he first met Meghan
Markle – but their wedding plans certainly
do fit the script of a fairy tale.
the couple will wave to well-wishers
from an open-top horse-drawn carriage
after they tie the knot at windsor Castle.
they will ride into windsor town centre
so the crowds lining the route can join in the
excitement of their big day on May 19.
Kensington Palace said: ‘they are very
much looking forward to this short journey, which they hope will be a memorable
moment for everyone.’
Harry and Meghan visited the royal
mews at Buckingham Palace to select the
Ascot landau carriage. two of the vehicles were used when the duke and duchess of Cambridge married in 2011. Crown
equerry Col toby Browne, who runs the
by tony jones
mews, said: ‘It’s a wonderfully bright,
small, lovely carriage. Very easy for people to see, the passengers can sit up quite
high – so there’s lots of visibility.
‘Harry was best man at his brother’s
wedding so he rode in one of these with
the bridesmaids and pages.’
If it rains, the newlyweds will switch to
the Scottish State Coach, which has large
windows and a partially glass roof to give
onlookers a good view of them.
Meanwhile it emerged that aircraft and
drones have been banned from flying over
windsor during the wedding as security is
stepped up. the ban does not affect commercial aircraft using nearby Heathrow.
red carpet to hrh : Page 43 »
Pez be upstanding for the bride and groom
This should come in
candy... Pez has
produced a set of
dispensers in the image
of Prince harry and
Meghan Markle.
The austrian sweet
manufacturer will
auction the one-off
creation on eBay next
week in aid of the Makea-Wish charity. Pez’s
Gabriele hofinger said:
‘Pez and Make-a-Wish
have been dedicated to
bringing smiles to
children’s faces for
Pez auctioned a set of
William and Kate
dispensers for their
wedding in 2011, raising
more than £8,000.
16 METRO Thursday, May 3, 2018
George’s fans
are told: Take
down shrines
GeOrGe MichaeL’s family have
asked fans to remove tributes
from outside the late singer’s
homes for the sake of neighbours.
Memorials filled with flowers,
messages and candles have
sprung up outside properties in
highgate, north London, and
Goring-on-Thames, Oxfordshire,
since the death of the former
Wham! star (pictured) in 2016.
now his sisters Mel and yioda,
father Jack and friend David
austin have asked fans to remove
them by May 27.
Writing on the star’s official
website, and referring to him by
his nickname, they said they had
been ‘touched by your many
tributes celebrating and
remembering yog’. They said they
could not expect neighbours to
‘continue to accept’ the fans’
shrines as ‘normality’.
They said: ‘yog liked his privacy
and would not want to disturb the
quiet neighbourhoods
he so loved.’
Michael was found
dead aged 53 on
christmas Day 2016
at his Goring home.
he died from
heart disease
and fat in his
liver, which
can be linked
to alcohol and
drug abuse.
METRO bites
n mary Berry hopes her new
BBc1 show Britain’s Best Home
cook is a welcome return to
‘proper family cooking’. She
said family meal times were
‘an important part of life that
we mustn’t lose’.
n a MasKeD and hooded
raider waved a knife at
McDonald’s staff and stole
cards for the restaurant’s
Monopoly game. The raid was
in hayes, west London, on
March 23, said police.
n a new blood test could
make it easier and cheaper to
identify children with peanut
allergies. the test looks for
biomarkers in specific white
blood cells and was 98 per
cent correct in a study of 174.
n a 95-year-OLD woman may
have fallen and died after
being splashed with water by
a passing vehicle, police said.
hilda Moore died from head
injuries after stumbling on a
path in sleaford, Lincolnshire.
n a Girl of eight needed a
series of rabies jabs after a
bat bit her on the finger. Honey
Ball had been helping rescue
the bat after it flew into the
kitchen at her family home in
Billingsley, Shropshire.
trump dictated his
own ‘excellent’ bill
of health, says doc
by joel taylor
donAld tRuMP’S former doctor
has said the uS president dictated an
infamous letter boasting about his
‘extraordinary’ health and stamina.
dr Harold Bornstein has admitted he
did not write a letter attributed to him
in december 2015 that described the
then-presidential candidate’s physical
condition. It said: ‘If elected, Mr
trump, I can state unequivocally, will
be the healthiest individual ever elected
to the presidency.’
dr Bornstein’s statement (pictured)
mp’ss cardiovascualso claimed Mr trum
lar health was
‘excellent’ and his
blood pressure was
But Mr trump
‘dictated that whole
letter. I just made it
up as I went along,’
he told the Cnn
news channel. the
medic offered a more
‘Dictated’: mr trump and dr Bornstein
assessment of Mr
trump’s health the folt
cclaiming he had been
‘‘rushed for time.’
He told Cnn: ‘that’s
black humour, that letb
tter. It’s like the movie
Fargo. It takes the truth
aand moves it in a differeent direction.’ Meanwhile, the white House
has said Mr trump’s former bodyguard Keith Schiller did nothing out of
the ordinary when he took the president’s medical records from dr Bornstein’s office in February 2017.
However, the doctor said it felt ‘like
a raid’ and the episode left him feeling
‘raped, frightened and sad’.
It came two days after he had told
the new York times that Mr trump
took Propecia, a drug for enlarged
prostates that is often prescribed to
stimulate hair growth in men.
dr Bornstein also revealed he had
prescribed Mr trump drugs for rosacea and cholesterol.
He told nBC that Mr trump’s personal secretary had called him after the
story ran and said: ‘So you wanted to
be the white House doctor? Forget it,
you’re out.’
But white House press secretary
Sarah Huckabee Sanders disputed the
doctor’s account of the episode.
‘As is standard operating procedure
for a new president, the white House
medical unit took possession of the
president’s medical records,’ she said.
Thursday, May 3, 2018 METRO 17
what’s your opinion?
text the word VIEWS followed
by your comment, name and
where you live to 65700.
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in brief
Angry note is left
on 999 ambulance
SHockeD paramedics returned
after treating an emergency
patient to find a note that said:
‘nice one blocking road.’
the crew had made use of a
grass verge to leave room for
other vehicles – but the gap
was later closed when several
drivers parked opposite in
erdington, Birmingham.
it appeared the note – on the
back of a uPS ‘sorry we missed
you’ slip – may have been left
by one of the delivery firm’s
drivers. west midlands
ambulance Service said the
incident was ‘disappointing’.
Dad faces fine for
101mph delivery
dr Harold
Bornstein says
mr trump’s
medical records
were taken from
his office
a FatHer clocked speeding at
101mph after his pregnant wife
went into labour faces a fine
of up to £2,500.
louis Baker, 30, asked police
for leniency after being caught
by a speed camera on the m5
on april 14. Son ellis was born
two hours later at
worcestershire royal Hospital.
mr Baker, of Birmingham, said
it was a ‘life or death’ situation
amid complications over the
pregnancy for laura, 26.
west mercia Police said
magistrates will take into
account any mitigation.
18 METRO Thursday, May 3, 2018
oh baby! now we ‘know’
who got sexyback then
Framed? emma
with melanie and Jt
in 2003, and our
story yesterday getty
it now appears it was
Baby Spice who landed
erself a little trousersnake
acction following Justin
mberlake’s brag this week that
e once pulled a Spice Girl.
an archive photo from
2003 gave the game
away for emma Bunton –
so, justin
which of the it shows her partying with
girls spiced tthe 37-year-old SexyBack
life? ssinger alongside all
up youp’pur
with a Spice
Saints’ melanie Blatt.
JJt ‘hooked
But it was Baby’s
comments to Jonathan
ross in 2004 that put
her in the frame. the
what took you So long?
Anything to declare?
spice girls
(circled) with the
in 1996, and reunited
singer, 42, confessed to wossy
that they ‘partied a bit’ when the
cheeky host told her he heard
that she’d had a ‘one nighter’
with Jt.
‘Jonathan!’ she squealed, but
then admitted: ‘we hung out and
partied a bit and he was very
sweet. He spoke about this first,
’cause otherwise i would not
have said a word.’
timberlake, now married to
Jessica Biel, breathed new life
into the rumours on the ellen
DeGeneres chat show this week.
He admitted ‘i Have’ when
asked if he’d pulled a Spice Girl
in a game of i Have never.
a n d r e i H a r m s w o rt H ’ s
Quite a lipa
faith! why
dua dives in
for ro
a firm believer love’
‘i’m such
uA lIPA says that
whether or not she has a
fella in tow, the best way
to approach the dating
game is 100 per cent.
the pop siren may be sitting pretty at
the top of the charts with her Calvin
Harris duet one Kiss but she has
romance on the brain.
For her, dating is a win-win situation,
explaining: ‘there’s so much fun in
being single. when I’m single, I end
up having so much more time to do a
ink you learn so
lot of other stuff… I think
much more about
yourself when you’re
completely alone and
you have no one to
go to for help for
certain things.
‘You learn to rely
on yourself in a
different way.’
the 22-year-old
new Rules singer is
currently the subject
of speculation that she
is back with her
model-turned-tV cheff
boyfriend Isaac Carew, 32, following
her break-up from 29-year-old lAnY
frontman Paul Klein in January.
now the Brit Award winner
confesses that, when it comes to
romance, she normally dives right in.
Posing for elle magazine, dua said:
‘As much as I tell myself not to rush
into things or be careful to say I love
you too fast without really knowing if
there’s any substance in the
relationship, I think it’s really
important to go with your gut. life is
too short not to say, “I love you”.’
She further explains that
heer romantic streak is
dua concluded: ‘I’m
suuch a firm believer in
lovve. I blame my
paarents for that,
beecause they have
a rreally good
reelationship and I think
thhey’ve set my standards
Read the full interview
inn the June issue of elle,
onn sale wednesday.
depp sued by bodyguards who claim
they had to ‘wipe drugs off his
court, the new
california Superior
JoHnny DePP is being sued by
york Post reports the pair alleged they
two former bodyguards who
were ‘forced to protect [Depp] from
claim they were forced to work in
himself and his vices while in
‘toxic’ situations – including
public, becoming caretakers for
times when they had to wipe
him’. this included a nightclub
drugs off his face in public.
incident in which the duo alerted
the 54-year-old is facing
Depp ‘of illegal substances visible
legal action from eugene
on his face and person while
arreola and miguel Sanchez,
preventing onlookers from
suing for, among other things,
noticing Depp’s condition’.
unpaid wages and
they also allege they were
wrongful termination.
‘asked repeatedly to drive
the security
vehicles that contained
professionals said
illegal substances, open
that, between 2016
containers and minors’.
and 2018, ‘things
and, despite the
began to spiral toward
lawsuit, the minders
Sued: depp had to
chaos’, and they found
insist they bear no ‘ill
themselves ‘in
be protected from
will’ towards the Pirates
situations that required
of the caribbean star.
himself, say his
more than what a
Depp’s team are yet to
bodyguard would be
ex-minders getty
reply to metro’s request for
expected to do’.
in papers filed in
Thursday, May 3, 2018 METRO 19
ith Tom
Sti hb
her first Tv
interview since the
Manchester terror attack
which claimed 22 lives
last May, ariana
GranDe unveiled the
title of her upcoming
album – sweetener. ‘it’s
about bringing light
to a situation, or
someone’s life,’ the
24-year-old told
y Fallon.
SuitcaSeS ready? we’re
giving away the ultimate jetset festival prize!
one lucky reader and a pal
will be flown to norway’s
prestigious Øya festival to
see arctic monkeys, kendrick
lamar and Jorja Smith,
among many others. it takes
place in tøyenparken, oslo,
from august 7-11. Flights and
four nights in a hotel are
included. to win, follow
@Metro_showbiz and tweet
us with #MetroOya by 4pm
today. terms
apply. over
18s only.
more surprises in the mix
aFTer bagging stormzy for a duet, Little Mix star
Perrie edwards teased the girls have lined up some
more surprising collaborations for their fifth album.
‘i can’t give too much away,’ said the 24-year-old,
posing for 1883 magazine. ‘it’s always better having
some surprises up our sleeves. But i can say we’re
excited about some potential collabs!’
as for working with the grime star on last year’s Power,
Perrie said: ‘he’s such a nice guy and so talented.’
Dua personalities:
lipa mixes it up for
her elle photoshoot
liz collins/elle
Miley’s love life
is going to pot...
Whoopi! She’s
coming to UK
miley cyruS
loves something
more than fiancé liam
Hemsworth. ‘[weed is]
the most magical thing,
my first and true love,’
said miley, 24.
Oscar winner
Whoopi Goldberg
is heading to London
and Leeds in October
to perform ‘an evening
of unique observations
on current events’.
It Sounds Like a
treat for Flo fans
Did that include
a tip(ple), Sarah?
Florence + the
machine fans will
have a first taste of
their new tunes on BBc
one’s Sounds like
Friday night this week.
kylie is also on the bill.
sarah Jessica
ParKer picked up
the bill when she saw a
sex and The city fan
order carrie’s favourite
cosmopolitan cocktail
at a new york bar.
20 METRO Thursday, May 3, 2018
good deed feed
many thanks to the crooked
cafe, crookes, and Sheffield
Hallam’s minor injury unit for
their help and care after i took
a nasty fall and broke my wrist
while out walking my dog with
my daughter.
tHankS to the two staff at
Seven Sisters tube on Saturday
for looking after my wife when
she suddenly became ill while
travelling to london. She is
feeling better.
Philip, Bishops Stortford
tHank you to the taxi driver
who drove me and my two tired
little girls to euston last
Sunday after the younger one
had a meltdown when leaving
regent’s Park. you waived the
fare and we made our train
back home with no more tears!
Christina, Watford
aFter losing my wallet in the
mall at cribbs causeway,
Bristol, thank you to the kind
person who spent an hour and
a half searching for me to
return it. i really feared i would
suffer from identity theft. Anon
many thanks to andrew for
handing in the bag i left on the
ramsgate train on tuesday
morning. i now have it back!
Clive, Whitstable
Start your text with the word DEED
followed by your comment, name
and where you live to 65700.
Standard network charge applies
and another thing...
n if the Supreme court finds
that Daniel and amy mcarthur
discriminated for refusing to do
a ‘gay cake’ (metro, wed), does
this mean halal butchers can
be forced to provide pork to
customers if asked?
n it isn’t a ‘gay cake’, it’s a
cake, which is the nature of the
couple’s business. religious
and personal beliefs need to
remain separate from business.
Chris, Kent
n unmarried widow Siobhan
mclaughlin is in the Supreme
court after being denied the
widowed parent’s allowance
(metro, tue). a widow is
defined as ‘a woman who
has lost her spouse or partner
and has not remarried’. this
raises questions about the
Department of work and
Pensions’ interpretation. losing
a partner is tough; the rules do
not help. High time they did!
Gary Martin, London
sTarT a text with views followed
by your comment, name and where
you live to 65700. standard
network charge applies. Or email Helpline for
Views, rush-Hour crush and Good
Deed Feed: 020 3615 0600. Full t&cs
on metro is a
member of the independent Press
Standards organisation
don’t let the racists
get to you, mr javid
trolls called out for abusing home secretary
n that new home secretary Sajid
Javid has been trolled by racists from
both left and right (Metro, wed) was
completely unsurprising to me.
there are too many pig-headed
morons out there who will use any
excuse to belittle someone, especially
if the person, such as Mr Javid, comes
from a minority group. All these
idiots do is make the rest of us look
intolerant as they try to hold on to
their outdated, archaic views. I for
one wish Mr Javid luck and hope he
doesn’t let the bigots get to him.
Matthew, Birmingham
n unfortunately, the twitter
generation now has a platform to
openly display racist and Islamophobic
thoughts. If they are so offended by the
fact a man from a Muslim background,
brought up in this country, can
become home secretary, maybe they
should come out from behind the
keyboard, get an education, work
hard and try to get ahead in life like
he did.
Rej, Beckenham
n Mr Javid getting racist abuse is
the greatest example of British
hypocrisy. Your great country has
been built on the blood, sweat and
tears of other nations, just shut up and
let us continue.
n All Mr Javid has to do when it
comes to trolls is ignore them or, as
some celebrities do, laugh at them.
Lewis, Manchester
n where are all the nice people?
Disheartened, Ayr
n Margaret from lancashire
(Metrotalk, wed), as a feminist
myself, I find it appalling that your
main focus was on Mr Javid’s gender
rather than his achievement as the
first person from a minority to hold
this office. More work needs to be
done for gender equality but the same
goes for equality as a whole.
Thursday, May 3, 2018 METRO 21
rush-hou r C rU sh
Love is all around us, as shown by the messages left by our commuter cupids.
are they talking about you? Don’t forget to tell us if you get together!
tall, dark and handsome
with a leather jacket, a cane
and a broken ankle in a boot.
we got the bus from Stoke
newington to Hoxton on
Sunday. i was going to say
you can ring my bell any time.
Long-Legged Blonde In
Fishnets, South London
you, the wild-haired blonde
with blue eyes on the 7am X26
every morning. me, the shy
geeky guy. we smiled and you
winked as you got off. Drink?
Boy In Grey Suit, Edinburgh
.Said and done:.
.abba during the
.1980s – but would
.they disappoint in.
.their dotage? rex.
abba, don’t taKe a cHance on touring
n it’s great to hear that abba have recorded two new songs for a hologram
tour sometime in the next couple of years (Metro scene, Wed). i really
doubt these ‘abbatars’ will cut the mustard but it would be dreadful for
them to follow veterans such as the rolling stones and do it for real.
even in their prime, the band were not great dancers but with added
arthritis and dodgy joints? Thank you for the music – and, so far, for not
ruining the memories.
Jim, Walthamstow
to the cute dark-haired guy
with the stubble, sat on the
grey wall at St andrew Square
with the Sainsbury’s bag
(i think?) on the ground, i was
too shy to talk to you but
thought you were rather nice!
Claire, Edinburgh
Black coat lady (crush, tue),
how about Friday at 6pm
where we first saw each other?
i’ll have on that t-shirt so you
recognise me. Sorry, Frances,
the train was at 6pm.
Saucy minx (crush, tue), i’d
prefer a curry – the hotter,
the better!
Super Stud In Blue
Shirt On No.575, Wigan
to the guy in the yellowy coat
with a bag on the no.3a on
monday morning, you gave me
a cheeky smile as you got on,
sat across from me and we
made eye contact after you’d
got off round the corner from
meadowhall. Fancy a drink?
Girl With Glasses
And Piercings
you have lovely auburn hair
and had just had lunch at
wagamama with a friend when
i told you you were gorgeous.
i had a brown leather jacket.
Please meet me on Saturday
at noon where i approached
D, Wimbledon
Text CRUSH followed by your
Rush-Hour Crush, name and
where you live to 65700.
Standard network charge applies
Put the mobile away and read to kids
n toddlers these days need to
be aware of more pressing issues
than knowing nursery rhymes
(metrotalk, tue), like wandering
off near roads while their mother
is ‘sliding’ her mobile. twice last
week i stopped mums to say
something and twice i was told
to mind my own business.
Kevin, Walsall
n working mums also need to
cook, bathe the kids and get
school uniform ready for the next
day. let them work part-time or
from home a couple of days a
week. and yes, please keep our
Irene, Essex
libraries open.
n many parents are illiterate ’cos
school is deemed uncool, so their
kids are also against education,
ergo illiteracy ad infinitum.
C Ruscoe, Northamptonshire
n i agree with mattie (metrotalk,
tue), mobile use in cinemas is
extremely annoying. Surely
people can manage a couple of
hours away from their phone?
Steve Nicholson, Bath
22 METRO Thursday, May 3, 2018
You’ve done 12 series – you
must love it.
You’d think such a simple format
might get a bit boring but it
never does. I never know what
the answers are and most of
the time the reason I look so
surprised is that I have no idea
if they’re right!
What are you like
under pressure?
usually pretty good. If
there’s an accident I go straight
into serious mode. on MtV
we used to make live
programmes on the hoof
and I love that drama.
But I’d rather stick hot
.Holly willoughby. needles in my eyes
davina mccall
the tv presenter, 50,
spills the beans on her
celebrity whatsapp
pals and her latest
game-show antics
than go on a quiz show. they’re way
too stressful.
You’ve become such a fitness
role model. Has your life
changed because of that?
It’s mad that’s happened. I always
say follow your passions. Mine
was music and that led me to
MtV and a career in television.
Fitness wasn’t really on my radar,
either. In my twenties, exercise was
clubbing for five hours every Friday
and Saturday night, while in my thirties
it was a necessity, not something
I enjoyed. Meeting Jackie and Mark
wren, who I did my first dVds with,
ignited my love of exercise. It’s grown
from there. I’ve realised how good
exercise makes you feel and how
important it is as we’re all becoming
more sedentary.
Do you get your kids working
Yeah. I like training in the morning
and getting them up before 10am
on the weekend is hard but they work
out to my dVds, which makes me
really proud!
Are you doing a mummy DVD?
Yup! I work out to them too. My latest
one is with Sarah Gorman and just
looking at her bottom in a class inspires
me to work out harder. I’m training to
become a personal trainer and you
appreciate how much teaching is a skill.
I’d rather stick hot
needles in my eyes
than go on a quiz
show. They’re way
too stressful.
What made you decide to do
It seemed weird after so many dVds
that I didn’t have a qualification. So I’ve
put my money where my mouth is,
although I’m realising I know nothing
now I’m studying!
Do you feel at your fittest ever?
no, because I’m 50 and physiologically
your body changes. In my mid-thirties
I was pretty fit but I have amazing
stamina now and definitely feel better
about myself. And that isn’t
an outside thing, I feel better
on the inside. even though
your skin’s a bit saggier,
you’re more comfortable
in it.
You’re back with The Million
Pound Drop, which is now
The £100k Drop!
Yes, the major change, which we
must address immediately, is that it’s
gone from £1 million to £100,000.
we’re actually going daily so it’s not
feasible to be offering £1m every
day. It’s still a ton of money to win.
How do you balance work with
the kids now?
I’m really rigid about taking all school
holidays off. now they’re a bit older
I do a four-day week and I do as many
school runs as I can. It’s a balance and
I’m lucky because I can work around
important school days. My kids are
pretty proud of what I do now so they’re
cool. And it’s good that they see their
mum working.
There are a lot of celeb mums on
Twitter, aren’t there?
Yes, I have lots of lovely girlfriends
and most of them are a bit younger
than me with little ones. I love Angela
Scanlon, we have top bants. Fearne
Cotton is one of the most thoughtful
girls you could ever meet, I have a deep
connection with her, and Holly
willoughby is hilarious. we’ve
all set up a whatsApp group
and I love it. I’m born for
social media, I’ll spend
hours on it. I just love a
Did turning 50 have
What other goals have
.MTV days: davina. you set yourself for
a big effect on you?
.back in the 1990s 2018?
A lot less than turning 40.
I had three little kids and was
I did the Great north Run
a working mum, so was absolutely
last year in two hours six minutes but
shattered. now I’m 50, I feel like I’m
I had a wee break and I thought if I
coming up for air. After the menopause, hadn’t gone to the loo, I would have
you realise you’re not going to have any done it in under two hours. So I’m a
more children so you think, what is the
keen to go back and give that another
next phase of my life going to be when
go! racHel corcoran
the kids leave home? who am I going
The £100k Drop starts
to be? that’s quite exciting as it’s a bit
on Monday at 4pm on C4
of a blank canvas!
Thursday, May 3, 2018 METRO 23
in brief
Child’s first word
is magic moment
HearinG your child’s first
word is the most magical
moment in life – ahead of
getting married and having a
baby, according to a poll of
2,000 adults.
Buying your first home,
passing your driving test and
falling in love for the first time
also made the list of life’s
lasting landmarks.
a first kiss, hearing someone
say ‘i love you’ back and your
first pay packet were also
picked as highlights by those
polled for high street hearing
specialist Hidden Hearing.
‘Pass new laws’ to
fight air pollution
camPaiGnerS have called for
a new clean air act after a
report found dozens of uk
towns and cities suffer from
‘unsafe’ levels of air pollution.
Port talbot in south wales is
the most polluted town – 32
areas exceeded fine particle
limits deemed safe by the
world Health organization.
environmental law charity
clientearth urged ministers to
commit to setting a legal limit
on pollution levels, adding:
‘without it, people across the
uk will continue to pay with
their health.’
Checkered ’80s revival is showing its age
Comes a-cropper:
singer michael Ball is
let down by his acting
any people will
know Tim rice,
Benny andersson
and Björn ulvaeus’s
1986 musical
behemoth chess for two
outstanding songs – One night in
Bangkok and the elaine Paige/
Barbara Dickson 1980s classic i
Know him so Well.
Far fewer will have actually seen
it – it last played in the West end
32 years ago and, in the
intervening years, it has been
considerably tinkered with.
yet everything about it screams
1980s excess, including a
global-sized plot in which two
world chess champions (from the
us and the ussr) square up
against a background of cold War
sabre-rattling, and a ramped-tothe max score that, at times,
makes Bat Out Of hell sound
almost subtle.
still, politically it couldn’t be
more relevant, or so you’d think.
instead, in this semi-staged
revival (part of an ongoing
enO tradition that has
previously included sunset
Boulevard), the use of the
fathomless intricacies of
chess as a metaphor for
world politics feels
constantly at odds
with a narrative that is
crude and convoluted.
Despite being
coliseum, London
by claire allfree
crammed with event, there is
precious little actual momentum.
The power ballad-heavy score
allows for a lot of emoting but
you are never shown how people
feel, only told. and let’s not start
on the racial politics: one scene
set in Thailand features writhing
women in glass boxes.
as ever with these enO shows,
there is an eye-catching cast.
alexandra Burke (pictured) has a
thankless task as a cuckolded
wife whose sole narrative
purpose is to keep on loving her
man regardless (that’s how they
characterised women in the
1980s) but she has terrific grace
and her singing is tremendous.
Tim howar oozes louche
recklessness as the american
Freddie, but Michael Ball
comes a cropper as his soviet
counterpart anatoly: he can
sing, for sure, but he can’t
act. The enO orchestra
and chorus are superb
and there are moments
of real beauty in the
score. But the question
remains: why have
they revived it?
Thursday, May 3, 2018 METRO 25
scary clown
teen knifed
lover during
sex session
Terror: zoe
adams wore
clown make-up
and told her
lover ‘trust me’
before the
attack picture:
cascade news
A teenAGeR obsessed with gruesome by joHn jeffay
murder videos has been jailed for 11 and
a half years after stabbing her on-off she planned it. It wasn’t personal. She
was going to do it to someone and it just
boyfriend during sex.
Before the attack Zoe Adams had con- happened to be me. Strangely, that
fronted Kieran Bewick, then 17, in makes it easier to deal with.’
Mr Bewick said he was mentally and
clown make-up, which she knew was
emotionally scarred for life, adding: ‘I
his greatest fear.
the 19-year-old, who had been drink- have always had a fear of clowns and
ing and smoking cannabis, put a pillow Zoe knew this. this will now only
increase my fear of clowns.’
over Mr Bewick’s head after he
Adams, who admitted causing grievrefused to be tied up and told him
ous bodily harm with intent after origi‘trust me’ before launching the
nally being charged with attempted
frenzied onslaught, Carlisle
murder, had gory images on her phone
crown court had heard.
and a message about men being used as
‘human sacrifice’. She and Mr Bewick
Bewick was left with two
were members of a Facebook group
stab wounds to his chest,
called Murder Files for Curious [Peoalong with cuts to a leg,
ple]. the court heard she had been
arm, and hand.
through a traumatic experience
now 18, he told the court
as a child.
he had struggled to sleep
Adams had said she could
since the attack on July
not remember the attack
29 last year in wigton,
but had ‘overreacted’.
Cumbria, which left him
Judge Adkin told
with a collapsed lung
her she had
and pneumonia.
He added: ‘I struggle
cause serious
with the knowledge
harm to Mr
that someone I genuBewick during
inely cared about
Scarred for life:
would do this to me.
He said: ‘You had
‘Just after I got out
kieran Bewick,
become disinhibited by
who is terrified
drink and drugs and the
thought played on my
more sadistic side of your
mind a lot. But having
had time to think about
it, I am convinced that
personality had come to
Century-old whisky found in cupboard
a Drink to your
shelf... a centuryold bottle of whisky
is to be put on show
after being found in
a laundry cupboard.
Bottled in 1920,
the Glenfarclas malt
was forgotten
about for decades
until a descendant
of the owner found
it in ayrshire.
now it will go on
display at the
distillery in moray.
John Grant, the
fifth generation of
his family to run
Glenfarclas, said: ‘i
am delighted to
bring it back to its
spiritual home.’
METRO bites
n a Daily sauna may reduce
your risk of suffering a stroke
by 60 per cent, a study claims.
it appears to lower blood
pressure, which cuts stroke
risks, said Finnish scientists.
n a LiMiTeD edition allfemale subbuteo set has
been launched by the Fa and
the game’s maker, hasbro, to
reflect the ‘rapid growth’ of
women’s football in the uK.
n naSa is sending a robotic
geologist to mars to dig deep
beneath the planet’s surface.
it is hoped the mars inSight
mission will solve the mystery
of how the red Planet formed.
26 METRO Thursday, May 3, 2018
Based on stories in the latest
issue of New Scientist, which is
available in the shops now. For
more cool science and technology
stories go to
in association with
Rhythm and news! Drums are tribal ‘telephone’
Talking tools: set of manguaré drums
it MaKes you want to tap
your foot or get up and dance.
and in one amazon tribe,
rhythm also lets you swap
messages with someone 12 miles
away, just by hitting drums.
the Bora people can transmit
every word in their language via
pairs of manguaré instruments.
each drum makes two notes
but the key to interpreting the
sounds is the beat, found
researchers from the university
of Grenoble alpes in France.
the rhythm mirrors the
tribe’s language, with the
number of beats matching the
number of syllables and the
pauses between them reflecting
the spaces in words.
It’s all in the
genius: research
indicates that
brilliant people
such as albert
einstein have
bigger brain cells
than others getty
Surgery hits the spot to
bring back lost orgasms
tHree women have received surgery
intended to improve G spot sensitivity.
the procedure tightens tissue in the
vaginal wall around the so-called G
spot, an area reputed to produce
intense orgasms when stimulated.
dubbed a G-spotplasty, the surgery
was performed on women who’d lost
the ability to orgasm through vaginal
stimulation alone following childbirth.
For each woman, prof adam
ostrzenski, a gynaecologist in Florida,
removed a small piece of vaginal
wall from the supposed location of
the G spot. He then stitched the wall
back together, causing it to tighten.
after the procedures, all three
women said that they had regained
the ability to reach vaginal orgasm –
without stimulation of the clitoris –
and had sex more frequently. But
there was no placebo in the study.
in 2012, prof ostrzenski claimed to
have identified the G spot as a welldefined sac within the front vaginal
wall. But dr devan stahl, of
Michigan state university, said:
Climactic: meg ryan faking it on film rex
‘there are researchers who think it
absolutely does not exist, others who
think that it may exist but not every
woman has it, and others who think it
is not a single “spot” but a complex of
varied anatomical structures.’
she said that the G-spotplasty
reinforces the message that some
women have a problem. ‘what is
actually statistically normal –
difficulty achieving orgasms through
penetrative vaginal intercourse – is
now considered pathological.’
Thursday, May 3, 2018 METRO 27
Why u-rine trouble if you let your dog lick you
Smarten up your walls with special Disney paint
iF WaLKies to the toilet gives you a
problem, your dog could be to blame.
Dogs are a source of urinary tract
infections (uTis), mainly caused by
bacteria from a person’s faeces –
usually e.coli – infecting the bladder,
no more fumbling for light switches in
the dark. the Disney research lab and
carnegie mellon university, Pennsylvania,
have created a conducting paint which
converts walls into surfaces that sense
taps or swipes. wall++ can replace light
wHo do you tHinK
you are... einstein?
Clever people ‘found to have bigger, faster brain cells’
HAt makes some people smarter than others? the answer may
be the size of brain
cells – the bigger and
faster the neurons, the higher the IQ. If
confirmed, the finding could lead to new
ways to boost intelligence.
Most intelligence research has identified brain regions involved in certain
skills, or pinpointed hundreds of genes
that each play a tiny role in IQ. A team
at the Free university Amsterdam in the
netherlands studied tissue from 35 people requiring surgery for brain tumours
or severe epilepsy. each took an IQ test
before healthy tissue from the temporal
lobe – which helps us make sense of
what we see, recognise language and
form memories – was removed.
the results revealed brain cells are
significantly bigger in people with high
IQ scores. Bigger cells have more dendrites – projections that connect to other
neurons – and the dendrites are longer,
suggesting they may be able to receive
and process more information. Pushing
currents of electricity through neurons
also showed those with the highest IQ
coped better with higher frequency –
suggesting they have faster reaction
times. Researchers believe brain cells
explain about a quarter of the differences in IQ, and genes account for up to
seven per cent.
Prof Richard Haier at the university
of California, Irvine, said: ‘what they
did is extraordinary neuroscience. this
could lead to ways to enhance human
intelligence – perhaps dramatically.’
However, it is unclear why some people have bigger brain cells, and whether
this is a cause or a consequence of high
IQ. Prof wendy Johnson of the university of edinburgh says to establish a
clear link between brain-cell properties
and intelligence, you would need to
study thousands of brain samples.
or volume switches and thermostats. if
a film or video game is projected on to
the wall, it could be controlled by
sensory buttons. it also picks up
electromagnetic signals from devices
such as hairdryers or food blenders.
Hearing aid that knows
what you’re listening to
users of hearing aids can often
struggle with the cocktail party
effect – the inability of the brain
to follow one conversation in a
room full of chatter.
now a device that listens to the
brain’s activity can help
pinpoint which voice the wearer
is trying to focus on.
Most hearing aids have
microphones that amplify the
voices coming from in front of
you – but conversations don’t
just happen face to face.
the new behind-the-ear device
samples the user’s brainwaves as
well as the audio signals in the
room to work out which sound
needs to be turned up.
the prototype gadget, designed
by Florian denk and his
colleagues at the university of
oldenburg in Germany, would
need to be made much smaller to
florian denk/uniVersity of oldenBurg
urethra or kidneys. Dr Peter Damborg,
of the university of copenhagen,
screened 19 pet owners with uTis and
found two had dogs carrying e.coli that
matched their infection. he suggests
people avoid being licked by their pets.
Big idear: pioneering device needs
shrinking to make it more practical
be useful. another drawback is
that the brain signals it records
have to be decoded using a
desktop computer.
But with many high-end
hearing aids now coming with
Bluetooth, it is possible that a
smartphone or a remote server
could do the job. such a system
could allow the device to function
with only a fractional delay.
Also in NS this week: n Can burgers made from plants fool you? n everything you need to know about palm oil n no one agrees what a dinosaur is
28 METRO Thursday, May 3, 2018
Men arrested in Starbucks settle for
$1... and $200,000 for entrepreneurs
two black men arrested for
sitting at a philadelphia
starbucks without ordering
anything have settled with the
city for a symbolic $1 each – and
the promise of a $200,000
(£140,000) programme for young
the arrest of 23-year-olds
rashon nelson and donte
robinson at the coffee shop on
april 12 sparked a us-wide
furore over racial profiling.
the pair, who said they were
waiting for a business meeting
about a potential property deal,
were led away in handcuffs after
the manager called police. they
starbucks is
paying $1
to rashon
nelson (left)
and donte
robinson but
will invest
in young
people ap
spent hours in jail before being
being released without charge.
Yesterday, starbucks chief
executive Kevin Johnson went to
philadelphia to apologise
personally to the men and reveal
the settlement deal. He also
announced that more than 8,000
starbucks stores in the us would
close on the afternoon of May 29
so 175,000 employees can get
training in unconscious bias.
not a
window shatters on SeConD Southwe
by aidan radnedge
PASSenGeRS had to be rescued when a
window shattered on a Southwest Airlines
plane for the second time in a fortnight.
Flight 957 from Chicago to newark was
forced into an emergency landing in
Cleveland, ohio, two hours after take-off.
the incident comes after Jennifer
Riordan, 43, died when the engine on a
dallas-bound Southwest plane exploded
mid-air and smashed a window, almost
sucking her out of the aircraft.
Passengers posted photos online of yesterday’s emergency, displaying a gaping
hole in the Boeing 737-700 window.
A video also showed the 76 travellers
being escorted off the plane, with a crew
member heard saying: ‘we’re going to
walk you right on to the plane next door
and we’re going to get you taken care of.’
According to tracking website FlightAware, the jet was 26,000ft above lake erie
and travelling at 514mph when diverted.
Southwest said the diversion was
ordered ‘for maintenance review of one of
the multiple layers of a window pane’.
It added: ‘the flight landed uneventfully
in Cleveland. the aircraft has been taken
out of service.’
the passengers were put on another air-
Flight horror:
mum Jennifer
riordan died
on southwest
airlines plane
in april after
almost being
sucked out of
window. top,
our report of
that incident
craft to newark, it said. one of them, Alejandro Aguina, tweeted: ‘on my way to
nJ for work and #Southwest957 gets a
window crack. on our way to nJ in new
plane. thanks to the @SouthwestAir crew
and pilots for handling it professionally.’
Another passenger, linda Holley, texted
her son Ryan with a picture of the damaged
window, telling him: ‘window on plane
cracked during flight. landing in Cleveland to be safe. everything ok but scary.’
Mother-of-two Mrs Riordan died after
the April 17 incident on the Southwest Airlines plane from dallas to new York City,
while seven people were injured. on tuesday donald trump praised the ‘tremendous bravery’ of the crew and passengers
aboard the flight, which was forced into an
emergency landing in Philadelphia.
Hero pilot:
donald trump
shakes hands
with captain
tammie Jo
shults while
and crew of
flight rex
Heads down... band says sorry
one of Japan’s top pop bands has
been rocked by scandal after a
member quit over the sexual
harassment of a teenage girl.
tokio’s bassist and singer tatsuya
Yamaguchi, 46, admitted that, in
February, he forced a kiss on a
high school pupil who then reported
it to police.
authorities did not pursue charges
and the parties settled out of court.
Band leader and guitarist shigeru
Joshima told a press conference
with the remaining four members
yesterday that Yamaguchi got on his
knees, apologised and offered to
Humblest apologies: the remaining members
resign on Monday. the rest will
continue as a band, seeing it as their
duty ‘as professionals’, he said.
after the four bowed deeply before
est plane weeks after passenger killed
Crack habit: gaping hole in jet window after yesterday’s emergency landing in ohio
after engine
blew on
flight on
april 17
y over singer’s schoolgirl kiss
of the band bow before cameras in tokyo ap
the cameras, in a live broadcast on
national tv, Joshima said: ‘we have
a responsibility first as tokio.’
dressed in dark suits and ties, they
appeared solemn and tense in a
packed tokyo hotel.
drummer Masahiro Matsuoka
said Yamaguchi had personal
problems, including with alcohol,
and had urged him to seek help.
‘i’ve told him, “You are sick”,’ a
tearful Matsuoka said.
tokio had been tipped as ‘special
ambassadors’ for the 2020 tokyo
the scandal is one of the most
high-profile #Metoo cases in Japan
and comes after a finance ministry
official accused of making lewd
remarks to a reporter resigned.
Thursday, May 3, 2018 METRO 29
Vet ‘stitched heroin packets into dogs’
a vet has denied stitching
packets of liquid heroin into
puppies smuggled into the us.
andres lopez elorza became
a fugitive in 2005 when two
dozen suspected drug traffickers
in Colombia were arrested.
the 38-year-old, who was
extradited to the us on
Monday after being
arrested in spain in
2015, ‘gained some
notoriety’ for
turning puppies and
dogs into ‘animal
couriers’, a court in
new York heard.
it is believed the dogs
were sent on flights to new
York City, where the drugs
one of
the dogs
rescued and
packets of
heroin afp
were cut out and the animals likely
died. ten puppies were found
during the raid on a Colombian
farm in 2005. three died from
infection and one became a drugsniffing dog for Colombian police.
prosecutor richard donoghue
said: ‘dogs are man’s best friend
and, as the defendant is about to
learn, we are drug dealers’ worst
enemy.’ elorza was remanded in
30 METRO Thursday, May 3, 2018
How £500k Bitcoin hacker gave the
game away to cops sitting on a train
a selF-tauGHt computer geek
who made millions as an international
cyber hacker was dramatically seized
by police as he made dark web sales
on a train, it emerged yesterday.
Grant west, 26, harvested bank
details from the websites of major
retailers such as Justeat, uber,
asda and sainsbury’s.
Calling himself Courvoisier,
west spent 18 hours a day
selling 78million individual
usernames and passwords to
criminals on the dark web.
now CCtv images have
been released of him
being snared by the
Metropolitan police Cyber Crime
unit. He was arrested by undercover
officers who watched him make illegal
sales on a train from wales to london
in september.
det sgt iggy azad said: ‘the team
had him basically using a laptop,
being dirty with his fingertips.’
west (pictured) had no chance
to hide the heavily encrypted
software. police seized £500,000
worth of Bitcoin from his
accounts but said his profits
‘could easily have been millions’.
they uncovered evidence of
west’s cyber attacks on
the websites of 17
major companies. the Met were
first alerted to west’s offending in
2015 when Justeat customers
complained about phishing emails
being sent to them.
He was caught after his girlfriend
rachael Brooks, 26, of denbigh, north
wales, was spared jail for buying a
bikini using bank details he gave to her.
det Ch supt Mick Gallagher said:
‘these people generally think they are
operating with impunity. they trade
in Bitcoin because it’s not governed.’
west, of sheerness, Kent, has
admitted a string of fraud offences
and will be sentenced at southwark
crown court later this month.
Caught: grant west is
held using the dark web
for illegal sales. He has
admitted fraud swns
mps are left
by attitude
of tsb boss
by josie clarKe
tSB boss Paul Pester was blasted by
MPs yesterday over his bank’s It fiasco.
they accused him of ‘the most staggering example of a chief executive who
seems unwilling to realise the scale of
the problem’.
Mr Pester was appearing before the
treasury select committee as thousands
of customers were still without full access
to accounts after more than a week.
when told by tory nicky Morgan that
two members of staff were unable to
access tSB’s mobile app as the hearing
was going on, Mr Pester struck a sour
note by joking: ‘It’s nice to know there
are so many customers in the room.’
Asked when the ‘shambles’ would be
over, he said: ‘I can’t give you a fixed
date. we expect to see the service
improve but I can’t give you a date.’ the
Shambles: mr pester is grilled by mps
chaos started when a switch to a new It
system on April 21 left up to 1.9million
customers locked out of their accounts
on tSB’s digital and mobile services.
Mr Pester said the bank had received
40,000 complaints in ten days.
tSB chairman Richard Meddings said
it was ‘wholly appropriate’ that Mr Pester would not be taking his bonus for the
It integration, but said his overall bonus
would be assessed at the end of the year
after an independent review.
n talktalk has the worst rating
for customer service among
broadband providers, while
Vodafone and Virgin mobile have
below-average scores for mobile
companies, says an ofcom survey.
Virgin media was the only provider
with above-average satisfaction
for broadband speeds.
n haMLeys’ chinese owner
plans to take a 51 per cent stake
in struggling department store
chain house of Fraser – on
condition some stores are shut.
house of Fraser boss Frank
slevin welcomed the c.banner
bid but said the deal ‘creates
uncertainty’ for 6,000 workers
and 11,500 concession staff.
n The construction industry
bounced back in april after it
took a battering from the
Beast from the east weather
system in March. The Markit/
ciPs uK construction
purchasing managers’ index
rose to 52.5, up from 47 in
March, with strong growth in
residential housing but only
small gains in the commercial
building sector.
tourist rates
australia (a$)............................................................ 1.72
canada (c$) ..............................................................1.66
euro (€)......................................................................1.08
new Zealand (n$) ................................................... 1.80
Poland (zloty) ..........................................................4.24
Singapore ($) ............................................................1.69
South africa (rand) ................................................ 16.10
uS ($)..........................................................................1.30
Thursday, May 3, 2018 METRO 31
Style | wellbeing | Celebrity
r u rban g
should i worry
about his s&m fix?
the Sex Column: Page 35 »
plunging necklines
may be out but
Meghan Markle
is still breaking
style boundaries.
Nicole Mowbray
charts her evolution
Royal aScent e
V Gu
Hott List
xperts often warn of the
impact of historical social media
postings on future career
prospects – that comedy outfit
worn to Bestival circa 2013 may
not appear so entertaining when you’re
explaining it away at a job interview five
years later.
spare a thought, then, for Meghan
Markle, 36, whose sartorial history is
widely available for all to trawl and
reveals the extent of the fashion
transformation undergone by the
while her @meghanmarkle instagram
account may be no longer and her
popular blog the tig (which detailed
her love of hot sauce, Michael
ondaatje’s the english patient and how
she organised a hen do for her best
friend, lindsay roth, on the Greek
island of Hydra) has been closed, we
can follow the suits actress’s trajectory
from red-carpet regular to Her royal
Continued on: Page 32 »
32 METRO Thursday, May 3, 2018
Style | wellbeing | Celebrity
the $200m meghan effect
» Continued from Page 31
Highness Princess Henry of wales,
starting with a Golden Globes
appearance in 2007.
For that event, Meghan chose a
short, strapless baby-doll dress with a
crossover bodice and the look – short,
fitted, often strapless dresses (ideally
Hervé léger bandage styles) paired
with vertiginous heels – quickly
became her trademark. So far, so glam.
But post-Harry, the plunging necklines
and minis have all but disappeared.
the pair are thought to have been
set up in July 2016 by British fashion
designer Misha nonoo, who designed
the metallic minidress Meghan wore
to the Vogue Fashion Fund in 2015.
the actress also chose one of nonoo’s
‘husband shirts’ for her first public
appearance with Harry at the 2017
Invictus Games.
Becoming ‘royal’ doubtless involves
a wardrobe life change that could
wobble even the most conservative of
women, yet Kensington Palace-era
Meghan has been sartorially
unphased. one could even argue
she’s staging a quiet royal fashion
revolution all of her own.
Royal women rarely wear trousers
but Meghan dons them often (see the
black Alexander McQueen trouser
suit she wore to the endeavour Fund
Awards in london in February). with
a deep passion for sustainability, she
often wears pieces from the likes of
Stella McCartney and jeans from small
eco-conscious brand Hiut denim,
based in Cardigan, whose mission is to
revive industry in its small welsh town.
Meghan’s love of independent
brands – the couple’s wedding cake
will be made by small east london
bakery Violet Cakes and their
wedding flowers are being created by
self-taught florist Philippa Craddock –
extends to her wardrobe choices too.
the opal earrings worn to announce
her engagement last november were
from Canadian brand Maison Birks
and, at £850, promptly sold out. the
oxblood-coloured handbag she wore
to the terrence Higgins trust in
nottingham the following month was
from Strathberry, a young Scottish
brand that specialises in luxury
handbags at affordable prices. It too
quickly went out of stock.
Similarly, the Jackie o dress from
American label Black Halo ($375),
which has been worn by everyone
from Blake lively to Kim Kardashian
west, sold out less than ten hours
after she wore it to attend a female
empowerment reception at the
Commonwealth Heads of Government
meeting last month.
this ‘Meghan effect’ is a very real
phenomenon, according to london
consulting business Brand Finance.
The Mid
Midas ttouch:
the earrings meghan
wore at the photocall
to announce her
promptly sold out
david Haigh told women’s
wear daily the net value to the brands
Markle endorses is around $212million.
A sales uplift was certainly noticed
by British jewellery designer Shaun
leane, best known for his creations for
Alexander McQueen. Meghan wore
tthree of his pieces to the Queen’s
Birthday party in late April.
‘the beautiful thing for me is that
sshe recognised my style,’ he says. ‘All
of the pieces are elegant, chic but with
tthat edge of daring. She champions
British independent brands, which has
been lovely to see.’
the Meghan effect was experienced
first-hand by deMellier founder
Mireia l
llusia-lindh, whose forestgreen
n Mini Venice bag Meghan
worre to a Cardiff visit in January.
he brand supports the A Bag,
A life initiative, providing
medical help for orphans in
ollaboration with the SoS
hildren’s Villages charity.
Visits to the site increased by
2,000 per cent on the day she wore
iit,’’ says llusia-lindh says. ‘It is very
thoughtful of her to support smaller
British brands with a social conscience.’
All of which only adds to the
intrigue about what Meghan will wear
on May 19. watch this space.
Thursday, May 3, 2018 METRO 33
Style | wellbeing | Celebrity
Royal visit
to Brixton,
visit to
34 METRO Thursday, May 3, 2018
Style | wellbeing | Celebrity
Dive in for some
trim swimwear
Jacket that’s
one of a kind
We’re currently harbouring
a huge style crush on the
swimwear and lingerie
from La nouvelle over on
smallable. happily, gold
lurex features heavily, from
trims to full one-piece
swimming costumes.
From £41,
Find the formula
for glowing skin
Step back in time
with Greek sandals
Skinceuticals has
launched Glycolic
10. it’s formulated
with the optimum
amount of glycolic
acid to remove
dead skin without
causing irritation.
£80, skin
there’s always a need
for a jacket in Blighty,
for which we are rather
grateful when the
jacket in question is
the kantha Quilted ikat
from toast. made from
ikat fabric and recycled
saris, and available in
four colourways, each
is unique. you need
this in your wardrobe.
as summer nears, it’s time to pop
your toes into something a little
more breezy. ancient Greek has an
exclusive collection with net a
Porter, and we love this tan Dinami
woven leather and raffia pair.
Satisfy your sweet tooth
with the low-sugar, lowcalorie Jaffa Quake carb killa
chocolate protein spread.
think of it as a healthier
version of
your favourite
orange snack.
The latest beauty,
fashion and style news
compiled by nicole mowbray
Go for gold with
blendable blush
Benefit’s new Gold rush
golden-nectar blush gives
any face a natural-looking
warm glow. Blendable and
scented with citrus, vanilla
and sandalwood, the blush
is infused with delicate
golden flecks throughout.
Pukka’s seven-day turmeric
brainwave kit is the stuff
dreams are made of.
Designed to bring clarity and
focus to your day, the kit
contains seven tea bags
and 14 turmeric capsules. it’s
the perfect caffeine-free
Spread the word
about Jaffa snack
T he
Dreamy week of
turmeric treats
Body and soul of
fashion photography
Posturing showcases the
work of 21 contemporary
fashion photographers – Vogue
favourites coco capitan and
tyrone lebon among them –
who use the body and its
position to tell stories. created
in conjunction with the outnet,
this little book features 59
photographs, as well as interviews.
required reading.
Good hair day
in sun and sea
if you’re jetting away
for the bank holiday,
don’t forget to pack
products to protect
your hair from the sun,
salt and chlorine.
L’Oréal’s serie expert
solar sublime is just
the ticket, stopping
chemical nasties and
harmful rays from
penetrating your hair.
From £15,
Thursday, May 3, 2018 METRO 35
Style | wellbeing | Celebrity
my guy pays
for s&m visits
’ve been dating a guy
who is into s&M. He told
me that every few months
he visits a dominatrix,
who comes in from
america to see clients, and
has an hour session with
her. He says they don’t kiss
or have sex, she does what
she does, he pays her and
leaves. He said it feels like
a form of therapy. He was so
matter-of-fact, it was almost
amusing. i asked what she
does and he described it as
though he was recalling the
most ordinary thing in the
world. He didn’t ask how
i felt about it and he hasn’t
suggested anything kinky
when we have sex but
i feel uncomfortable about
the whole thing. am i being
asks Rupert Smith. ‘Is it,
perhaps, because his
emotions are so shut down
expertS that he can only come alive
in this way?’
‘For most people, fetishes
address something they don’t
have in their lives or believe
they don’t deserve,’ says dr
Angharad Rudkin. ‘If you
haven’t been cared for in life,
you may sexualise dominance
in others. If he is rather
passive in general, you may
rupert smith
find this could be linked to his
is the author
need to be taken control of.’
of interlude
His openness suggests this
is something he is dependent
on for sexual satisfaction.
‘So make the most of his
honesty and find out how he
got to this position,’ she adds.
‘then you are more able to
make a decision about the
role, if any, this fetish will
His desire for S&M isn’t the
take in your relationship.’
the author of Sex
while you’re on this honest
issue. ‘He can have crocodile
(rough Guides)
frequency, McConnachie
clips attached to his nipples
suggests you ask him a few
while the opening batswoman
of the england women’s
more questions.
‘If it isn’t sex, why doesn’t
cricket team belabours him
he ask his mum to do it?’ he
with a linseed-oiled bat if
he wants,’ says James
says. ‘If it’s all so very
ordinary, why doesn’t he ask
McConnachie. ‘But what he
you to do it? And how would
cannot do is pay for a sexual
Dr angharad
he feel if you paid a man to
service while he’s dating you
rudkin is
pleasure you and you then
and think it isn’t a big deal.’
a clinical
expressed astonishment that
either he is so far into his
he was bothered?’
niche that he doesn’t
So let him get himself
understand that others may
spanked silly, if you can
find it unusual or he finds it
handle it – but don’t let him
hard to understand other
walk all over you.
people’s feelings in general.
‘why does he need the pain
Send your dilemmas to
and humiliation of being
spanked and dominated?’
a r e t U b e l i a i s o n s c o m m o n p l ac e ?
woulD you get frisky on public
transport? a straw poll of
colleagues and acquaintances
answered with a resounding ‘no’
but according to ka mckeagney,
author of erotic thriller tubing
(out on may 10), underground
liaisons are more common than
we’ve been led to believe.
tubing was inspired by
something author kerry
witnessed on the central line.
‘i thought i saw an anonymous
sexual encounter between
a man and a woman,’ she says.
Thrill ride: where do you get off?
‘it happened silently in the
middle of a crowded carriage.
the guy put his hand behind
him, feeling for her thigh, then
ran his hand under her skirt. She
didn’t move a muscle. on the
platform at oxford circus they
started chatting, at which point
i realised they were probably a
couple. But it got me thinking.’
kerry told her friends this and
was stunned when they claimed
‘everyone knows someone
who’s had sex on the tube’.
Perhaps we shouldn’t be
surprised. last year, tfl found
35 sex toys on the tube – and 15
passengers claimed theirs back.
nicole mowbray
36 METRO Thursday, May 3, 2018
Style | wellbeing | Celebrity
wild swim kit
Changing robe
Kayenne ladies polarized
lens goggles
Swimmer hoodie
from £40, outdoor
swimming cap
crawl in
it together
HATE plAsTic
with summer on its way, Amy Dawson
joins the new wild swimming disciples
GREAT plAsTic picK Up
11-13th MAY
ou’Ve got your wetsuit on
inside out!’ It’s a raw spring
day and I’m preparing to
jump into the murky thames
in walton, Surrey. the water
sits at around 7C. But first, it seems,
I need to dress myself properly…
I’m here to meet Calum and Jack
Hudson, two thirds of the wild
Swimming Brothers (big bro Robbie
lives in Berlin). these down-to-earth
northern boys share their exploits – from
swimming across norway’s Saltstraumen
and Moskstraumen, the world’s
strongest whirlpools, to paddling the 90
miles of the River eden in Cumbria –
with their 12.3k Instagram followers.
Jack, the youngest, has just written
their first book, Swim wild, which is
part adventure story and part ecological
manifesto, as well as an insightful and
inspiring look into why people ‘swim
wild’. It comes at a time when outdoor
swimming is booming in popularity.
I’m here, slithering into neoprene on
a muddy riverbank, to investigate further.
And while the water doesn’t exactly
look inviting (though I’m assured it’s
clean), their enthusiasm is infectious.
‘we’ve never swum here before,’ says
Jack, ‘so this is new for us too!’
the boys find a safe location for a dip
using the outdoor Swimming Society’s
invaluable online map (,
which can help you find your nearest
crowd-approved wild swimming spot.
they also show me how to choose
easily accessible points for entry and
exit, avoiding high banks or anywhere
with too much vegetation.
‘Keep that willow tree in your sight,’
says Calum, pointing towards the tree
that will act as our finishing line, ‘but
don’t panic if you miss it, just stay calm
and get out downstream. unless you
carry on and end up in France…’
the cold shocks me like an electrical
current as I ease in but I spare a thought
for Calum, whose wetsuit is ripped –
not only under his armpits but right
across his backside. ‘It’s a little bit
uncomfortable!’ he yelps. the hardcore
Jack, meanwhile, is just wearing trunks.
Shore thing: amy and calum, post-swim
with the current pushing us along, it
becomes apparent this is going to be
more pleasurable float than exhausting
swim. Swerving to avoid swans, I scull
on my back, watching the reeds on the
riverbank flash by. unbelievably
quickly, we’re done.
warming up in a café with a coffee,
I’m buzzing. I can’t believe how easy it
was to find a – free! – wild adventure
so near to my london home. In this
claustrophobic, technology-obsessed
world we could all do with more nature
and excitement in our lives that doesn’t
involve big, expensive trips.
‘You’re woken by a little machine,
you get in a tin and travel to another big
tin, you sit in that and look at screens,
you go home and look at more screens,’
says Calum. ‘outdoor swimming is one
of the easiest and cheapest ways to
re-wild yourself a little.’
‘the outdoor swimming community
is really nice and swimming’s a real
leveller,’ says Jack, ‘Anyone of any age
or weight can swim. In fact, a bit of
extra weight is often a real
So what are you waiting
for? It’s time to leap in.
Swim Wild (Yellow
Kite) is out now
Thursday, May 3, 2018 METRO 37
by patrick arundell
aries Mar 21 – Apr 20
if you need advice, be
sure it comes from a
good source, especially
over money matters.
even though an offer or
suggestion sounds good,
there could be aspects to it
that won’t be in your best
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0410 (60p/min)
libra Sep 24 – Oct 23
if you have to put your
point across, do so in a
way that means others
won’t take offence.
with the moon in bold
Sagittarius and your sector
of communication, you
could be tempted to be
very honest.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0416 (60p/min)
taurus Apr 21 – May 21
it’s possible that your
imagination could override
your logic. if you are
inspired by an encounter
with a certain person, they
may seem to have ideal
qualities. keep your feet on
the ground, though!
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0411 (60p/min)
scorpio Oct 24 – Nov 22
this may not be the best
of times to get involved in
anything without thinking
it through. However, a
suggestion from someone
does seem tempting – just
take other people’s advice
with a pinch of salt!
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0417 (60p/min)
gemini May 22 – Jun 21
no matter how sure you
are of the facts, others
may seem to skirt around
them. try not to take
it personally, as those
involved simply may not
realise their importance.
in a few days it could be
a different story.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0412 (60p/min)
Nov 23 – Dec 21
try not to jump to
conclusions, as even if
everything seems great,
it is possible you will not
be able to complete a task
in time. if you’re hoping
everything will work out,
this might not be the case.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0418 (60p/min)
cancer Jun 22 – Jul 23
you may be ready for
a lively start but other
factors suggest you might
not have a clear plan. if
you can take some time
out to consider your
options then the days
ahead can be productive in
so many ways.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0413 (60p/min)
capricorn Dec 22 – Jan 20
your best-laid plans can
be subject to unexpected
change, so it may be just
as well to avoid making
any promises. when it
comes to unleashing your
creative side, this can be a
good time to channel your
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0419 (60p/min)
leo Jul 24 – Aug 23
you may be content to
take an opportunity at face
value but is this wise? with
the Sun your ruler linking
to neptune in a more
sensitive zone, hoping
for the best may not work
out as well as becoming
better acquainted with
the details.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0414 (60p/min)
aquarius Jan 21 – Feb 19
it’s possible your common
sense could be overruled
by your emotions, which
might be the reason you’re
tempted to splurge on
an item for the home,
whether a wise purchase
or not. look around at
other options as you may
get a better deal.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0420 (60p/min)
virgo Aug 24 – Sep 23
a very idealistic blend
of energies can see you
yearning for a break in
a beautiful place where
you can recharge your
batteries. this may not
only be about feeling
better physically, it can
also be an opportunity to
spend quality time with a
loved one.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0415 (60p/min)
pisces Feb 20 – Mar 20
if you’re in need of some
inspiration to give you an
uplifting perspective on
life, then a book or movie
could give you more hope
and perhaps even courage.
you may also find that
connecting with a life
coach, teacher or friend
enables you to move out of
your comfort zone.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0421 (60p/min)
For a live one-to-one consultation with one of my
gifted psychics, call 0906 176 4747 or 0800 067 4747
to book using credit card. too busy to call? then text a
psychic: text StarS to 84155 (£1.50 per text plus Snc)
Astrology calls cost 60p per min, Live calls £1.50 per min. Calls subject to the addition of your
telephone company’s network access charge. Live text costs £1.50 per message plus standard
network rate and you will receive max two messages back. 18+ only, with bill payer’s permission.
Entertainment purposes only. PhonePayPlus regulated. All calls recorded. SP: Stream Live Ltd
SE1 1JA, 0800 0673 330
cryptic crossword
7. He broke all the
commandments (5)
8. a measure of space and time (7)
9. to economise is of no avail (7)
10. medicine balls? (5)
12. agree to keep in touch (10)
15. a beauty ultimately recognised
after years of relative neglect (10)
18. country gives a pole
discomfort (5)
19. result of converting sea into
land (7)
21. Hide in the south-eastern part of
a mediterranean isle (7)
22. shares the soup (5)
1. they call for patient driving (10)
2. requested a different desk (5)
3. is the french description of
Britain (4)
4. possibly cares about a famous
roman (6)
5. suggestion to give a hand? (8)
6. necessitate being collected? (4,3)
11. crate skids badly and turns
aside (10)
13. it would be a bloomer to ring
Hero’s boyfriend! (8)
14. looking out for a situation for the
hands? (2,5)
16. side number? (6)
17. this Jack has three crosses to
bear! (5)
20. one may win it by a head (4)
Yesterday’s solutions
across: 1 testament; 8 roc; 9 lacked drive;
11 Gathers; 12 treat; 13 ensign; 15 crutch; 17 tarot;
18 chaired; 20 Paperchases; 22 ash; 23 treasurer.
Down: 2 era; 3 anele; 4 eldest; 5 twister;
6 Present arms; 7 Scratched; 10 catastrophe;
11 Great Bear; 14 Go to pot; 16 accrue; 19 aphis;
21 ere.
5 1 7
5 1
6 9
5 8
6 4
4 6 5
What do you do with Claudia
Winkleman during the Strictly offseason and Mary Berry now she’s no
longer Baking Off? Serve them up in
this cooking contest, which takes a
pinch of MasterChef here, a soupçon
of The Apprentice there and ends up
a… what’s the phrase we’re looking
for… dog’s dinner? No, that’s mean.
It’s a ‘fusion’ – though you’ll wonder
how some of this lot made the cut.
Difficulty rating: Moderate
Vegetable (6)
twofold (6)
romantic appointment (4)
Hand over (7)
small twig (5)
employment (5)
Hoodwink (4)
cunning (3)
--- kilmer, actor (3)
Hospital worker (5)
prise (5)
not smooth (5)
fish eggs (3)
female swan (3)
narrow fissure (7)
congeal (3)
excludes (6)
paper quantity (4)
wilt (6)
stage whisper (5)
Brings up (5)
signal agreement (3)
german man (4)
tv cHoice
favourite ginger through the
weddings that have marked key
times in his life and steers well clear
of his, er, more colourful moments.
prince Harry’s story: four
royal weddings iTv, 9pm
BBc2, 9pm
Reporter Lyse Doucet looks beyond
the horror headlines generated by
the conflict in Syria over the past
seven years and gets to the heart of
the root causes of a civil war that has
sent shock waves around the world.
syria: the world’s war
Difficulty rating: Challenging
5 7 4
4 2
2 8
6 5 7
You have to admire the way TV
commissioners are rooting out every
possible angle from the Harry and
Meghan story. This one playfully
looks at the life of the nation’s
plain-spoken (6)
tries (8)
earth particles (4)
russian monetary unit (6)
not dead (6)
layer (3)
indistinct (5)
elm, e.g. (4)
ward off (5)
lid (5)
colour (5)
sketched (4)
concur (5)
Born as (3)
postpone (6)
capital of tasmania (6)
dutch cheese (4)
film-maker (8)
rota (6)
metroku More pUZZleS in oUr taBlet anD phone eDitionS
4 9 1 6 8
across: 1 canal; 6 Ditty; 9 Founder; 10 abort; 11 movie;
12 Set in; 13 lurcher; 15 Sou; 17 area; 18 mopeds; 19 Braid; 8 7 5 3 4
6 2 3 1 5
20 erases; 22 Spar; 24 rap; 25 Gives up; 26 Swarm;
7 4 9 2 1
27 Pixie; 28 revue; 29 regular; 30 Seven; 31 means.
1 3 2 5 9
Down: 2 arbour; 3 africa; 4 lot; 5 Sneer; 6 Demigod;
5 6 8 7 3
9 5 7 8 2
7 iron; 8 tripod; 12 Seers; 13 layer; 14 recap; 15 Seeps;
2 1 4 9 6
16 usurp; 18 minim; 19 Between; 21 ravine; 22 Severe;
3 8 6 4 7
23 autumn; 25 Grout; 26 Sire; 28 ram.
Difficulty rating: Easy
new britain’s best Home
cook BBc1, 8pm
Cook-off: claudia and mary are hosts
quick crossword
4 6
9 3
sky atlantic, 10.45pm
If you like your comedy as dry as a
bone and with its tongue planted
sardonically in its cheek, then this
tale of a hitman attempting a career
gear shift into the acting profession
is a parched treat. Bill Hader is
pitch-perfect as the titular Barry, a
rival for our own Derek in the list of
names you never thought a show
would take its title from.
KeitH watson
May 3, 2018
Thursday, May 3, 2018 METRO 39
a platform
for success
On the bOX
by Jack Fox
DaviD haye’s trainer went to great
lengths yesterday as he prepared his
man to hit the heights against Tony
Bellew this weekend, donning an
enormous pair of platform boots.
The 6ft 3in haye normally towers
over ismael salas, so the coach made
sure he rose to the occasion during
their public workout (pictured).
and haye, 37, intensified his mind
games by claiming saturday’s
rematch will be ‘dragged out for as
long as Bellew can stand’.
The former two-weight champion is
under pressure to revive his career at
London’s O2 arena. he ruptured his
achilles during an 11th-round defeat
to Bellew last year.
‘normally i look to close the show
quickly but, this time, i will drag it
out for as long as Tony can stand up,’
haye said. ‘he will not hear the final
bell. i will break him down and stop
him. i will bring the heat way more
last time. Last time it wasn’t
educated pressure, it was reckless.
This time it will be educated.’
Bellew said: ‘i’m fighting for my life
on saturday night and i’m under no
illusions. if i make one mistake, i’ll
end up in st John’s [hospital].’
by gavin brown
CHRIS FRooMe and Sir dave
Brailsford were given a grilling
yesterday as team Sky’s two main
men were forced to defend their
presence at the Giro d’Italia.
Brailsford has come under pressure yet again after a recent select
committee report strongly criticising his time in charge of cycling’s
most successful outfit.
At a tense press conference in Jerusalem, Brailsford was asked
if he had considered his position since the digital, Culture, Media and Sport
(dCMS) committee published
its assessment of the infamous ‘Jiffy bag’ affair.
‘Anybody in this
game considers their
position every day,’
he said, speaking
about the report for
the first time.
‘Regardless of
the dCMS or anything else there’s a
froome and boss
brailsford shrug
off controversies
constant sense of self-questioning
about whether I’m appropriately
placed or have the right skills to
be able to do that.
‘I’m here because I think I am
still in the position where I
can help these guys be the
best they can be.’
Meanwhile, Froome
(left) was repeatedly
asked about the adverse finding he
returned while winning the Vuelta a
espana last September.
world cycling’s anti-doping authority has not decided if it will
prosecute him, so he has been free
to race, despite many rivals believing he should have suspended himself until the case is resolved.
Froome, who denies any wrongdo-
‘We are here to respect the race – we
should be concentrated on the race’
ing and says he expects to be cleared,
is bidding to become the first man to
hold all three grand tours at the same
time since eddy Merckx.
‘I need to demonstrate I’ve done
nothing wrong and that’s what I
intend to do,’ Froome said. ‘It’s not
something I’m going to give a
running commentary on.’
Asked if, because of Sky’s
zero-tolerance rules on doping, he
would sack Froome if he was
suspended, Brailsford said: ‘It’s not
to answer now. we are here to respect to the race. For us, we should
be concentrated on the race now.’
the tipster
Many happy returns to Wells Fargo for Rory
iF rOry Mcilroy was a stars Wars
the weapons to win the Wells Fargo
character he would probably be
championship on a course restructured
Luke skywalker.
for the 2017 PGa championship at
it’s Big Mac’s birthday
8/1 with coral.
tomorrow – May the fourth be
Justin Thomas won the major
with you sir, and may your
on this track last year and is
putter sink more fear into
10/1 with the same firm,
(Paddy Power)
your rivals at Quail hollow
while Jason Day is 20/1 with
Gary Anderson to
than a lightsaber ripping
hill. Our final eachbeat Raymond van
apart the empire’s
way selection is Tony Finau at
stormtroopers. Mcilroy has
35/1 with Bet365.
BTTs to
with hills when arsenal
visit atletico tonight.
Diego costa (above) to
score is 17/10 (Betfair)
■ oi oi
uPenalty is
40/1 with coral
to win the
Derby which
starts today at
Bombers Bullet
is another
shout at 80/1
haye aims
to talk in
the ring
t’S Been a little over a year since an
unraveling of david Haye’s Achilles
signalled the beginning of the end for the
former world heavyweight champion in his
first fight with tony Bellew.
now, following a december postponement,
when Haye had surgery on his bicep, the pair
are ready to share a ring again and will once
more climb onto the canvas beneath the
spotlights of the o2 Arena on Saturday night
[Sky Box office, from 6pm].
After an excess of pre-fight hostilities, the last
meeting between the two more than lived up to
expectations, reaching its climax in round 11
when Haye’s corner threw the towel in the ring
with their man not so much on the ropes as
halfway through them.
this time, however, things have taken a
slightly different turn. those who tuned in to
‘The Miami yacht is scuppered
and he’s gone cold on the
cocktails in the hot tub’
watch Sky’s pre-fight appetisers Behind the
Ropes and the Gloves Are off would have
noticed a marked difference in the 37-year-old
Haye’s demeanour.
Gone are the threats and jibes that dominated
the build-up last time. the Miami yacht has
been scuppered and Haye has gone cold on
cocktails in the hot tub after switching his
training camp from South Beach to south
london. when the pair sat down with host
Johnny nelson around the aforementioned
Gloves Are off table, the nearest they came to
blows was over naming rights – whether it
should be Bellew v Haye or Haye v Bellew – as
opposed to landing rights or even lefts.
Haye’s tongue-holding, more humble
approach has, as with their first contest, left
Bellew well ahead on points when it comes to
the pre-fight chat.
this time Haye appears to have dropped all
the needle outside of the ring in favour of
making his point in it, hoping to have the last
word come that final bell.
40 METRO Thursday, May 3, 2018
racing news, views and top tips
picture: epa
a minaur
blip but
ed’s safe
in association with
mick can hit the
net with maksab
KyLe eDMunD overcame
rising australian star alex
de Minaur to reach the
quarter-finals of the
estoril Open in Portugal.
The British no.1, seeded
third, looked in complete
control at a set and 4-2 up
only for De Minaur, 19, to
win the next three games.
But edmund broke again
to lead 6-5 and served out
a 6-2, 7-5 victory after an
hour and 37 minutes.
The world no.23 (left),
who recently reached his
first tour final on clay in
Marrakesh, faces Joao
sousa in the last eight.
tRAIneR Mick Channon, just like in
his footballing heyday, has been firing in
the winners on the flat this season.
It is fair to assume the prolific former
Southampton and england striker
(pictured) would probably swap one or
two if it meant Premier league survival
for his beloved Saints.
But his good form should not be
ignored and Maksab, with two wins from
eight career starts, appears to have a
decent chance of landing a handicap at
Redcar today (3.40).
Maksab, who will again be ridden by
tip of the day
cristal spirit
4.40 reDCar
champion jockey Silvestre de Sousa,
was beaten a length and three-quarters
on his seasonal bow at newmarket last
month, making the early running from
his low draw before those efforts perhaps
told a bit at the finish.
He was beaten by a seemingly
progressive rival that day and this onemile contest appears to be an easier task.
over at Southwell, Victory wave will
be a popular choice in the 3.20 after
elarqam to win the 2,000 Guineas on saturday after good support
for the unbeaten son of Frankel. Gustav Klimt is favourite at 2/1
n cLive cOX’s filly heartache,
winner of the Queen Mary at royal
ascot last year, is likely to begin
her season in the sandy Lane
stakes at haydock later this
month. ‘she has blossomed again,’
said the trainer. ‘i’m delighted
with the way she has thrived over
the winter. she has got a lovely,
laid-back approach to life but she
has really strengthened up.’
n SeamuS HeFFernan is in the
frame for the plum ride on
ante-post favourite Gustav klimt in
winning by six lengths at the track last
month. that was only an average maiden
at best but her manner of victory was
impressive and she likely would not have
to be too good to follow up.
Andrew Balding’s Mercury Rising
disappointed on his only two-year-old
outing but can compensate his followers
in the 2.30 at lingfield.
tried over six furlongs last September,
he fluffed the start before eventually
running on. He never looked likely to get
on terms that day but the experience
should have done him good.
Saturday’s 2,000 Guineas at
newmarket. with ryan moore
committed to riding mendelssohn
in the kentucky Derby at churchill
Downs on the same day, trainer
aidan o’Brien has to shuffle his
pack of jockeys and the Ballydoyle
handler has given a strong hint
Heffernan could team up with last
month’s leopardstown 2,000
Guineas trial winner.
n invinciBLe arMy could be
royal ascot-bound for trainer
James Tate after an impressive
win in yesterday’s Pavilion stakes
in the hands of ryan Moore.
Winners at Wolverhampton yesterday for jockey James Doyle – Queen Of
connaught (9/4), raashdy (7/4), summerseat Mist (11/4), Derrymore (7/2)
no missing cru cut
this time as Kyren
joins barry in semis
BARRY HAwKInS and Kyren
wilson sealed their places in the
world championship semi-finals at
the Crucible yesterday.
Both men had already done the
hard work on tuesday night, with
Hawkins and wilson moving into
11-5 leads over ding Junhui and
Mark Allen respectively.
Crucible specialist Hawkins (pictured) wasted little time in wrapping up a 13-5 win over ding,
reaching his fifth semi-final in six
years and ending the Chinese player’s dreams of a first world title.
wilson then made sure of his
place in the last four for the first
by nicK metcalfe
time, completing a 13-6 victory
over Allen, gaining revenge
for his defeat to the
northern Irishman in
January’s Masters final.
‘I’m in the semis but
there’s still such a long
way to go and there’s
still some great players
in,’ Hawkins said.
‘I’ve been here before and
know what it’s like to go out and
play terrible, so it can happen at any
time. I’m obviously over the moon.
Miami nice as F1
attempts to make
inroads in States
formula one
tHe streets of downtown
Miami could play host to
a grand prix as early as
next season.
the City of Miami
Commission has announced it will put Formula one’s proposal to race there to a vote next
thursday and, if approved, will provide the
green light for a grand prix in october 2019.
liberty Media, F1’s american owner, is keen
to add further races in the united states beyond
the one staged in austin, where lewis Hamilton
(pictured) has won for the past four years.
F1’s managing director, commercial operations, sean Bratches said: ‘Miami’s status as
one of the world’s most iconic and glamorous
cities, combined with its robust tourism
infrastructure, makes Miami the perfect
destination for Formula one and its fans.’
I felt like he gave up at the end there.
there’s a lot on his shoulders.’
wilson could not hide his relief at
finally making it past this
stage, saying: ‘I’d have
been gutted to have lost
in the quarter-finals
three years in a row.
It’s been a goal of
mine to make the
one-table set-up.’
last night, John Higgins dramatically beat
Judd trump 13-12 to set up
a meeting with wilson. Mark williams saw off Ali Carter 13-8 and
now faces Hawkins in the last four.
Thursday, May 3, 2018 METRO 41
f o o t b a l l e u r o pa l e ag u e
wenger wants happy ending
ARSene wenGeR is seeking the best
possible end to his Arsenal ‘love story’ as he
takes his side to Atletico Madrid tonight
looking to reach the europa league final.
their semi-final tie is locked at 1-1 after a
first-leg draw at the emirates Stadium last
week, with the visitors equalising late on
having played for 80 minutes with ten men.
wenger will bring the curtain down on a
tenure lasting more than 21 years when he
departs Arsenal in the summer.
Following another disappointing Premier
league campaign and with the Gunners set
to finish sixth, their worst position under the
‘When my
job is
finished I
will see
where I go
but I want
to finish
this love
story well’
Reign fall:
wenger will
leave arsenal at
the end of the
season picture: afp
Arsene fears old foe Costa
may give Arsenal the blues
arsenal will need to keep a
familiar foe in check tonight as they
bid for a first european final appearance since 2006, when they
reached the Champions
league showpiece.
Having been pegged
back late on by atletico
Madrid last week, the
Gunners know they must
score – something no team
has done against diego
simeone’s men at the wanda
Metropolitano in 11 games.
But they must also be wary of the
threat posed by atleti’s attackers,
and none more so than former
Chelsea man diego Costa. He proved
a scourge of arsenal during his time
at Chelsea, scoring three times in six
games and often proving more than a
thorn in the side of the defence.
Costa (left) was an unused
substitute in london last
week as he recovered from a
thigh injury but played
more than an hour in
sunday’s win over alaves.
‘in history he has shown
he can make the difference,’
said Gunners boss arsene
wenger. ‘He played in england
and was very successful. it is our job
to keep him quiet. Maybe the way is
not to play too much in our half and
more in the half of atletico Madrid.’
andy makes up with moyes
premier league
weSt Ham striker Andy Carroll
has apologised to manager david
Moyes and returned to
training following a row
over his behaviour during
the Premier league game
against champions
Manchester City.
Carroll, an unused
substitute on Sunday,
headed down the tunnel
at the london Stadium
before the end of the
match, which the
Hammers lost 4-1.
It is understood the striker
refused to apologise for the incident
during training on Monday, and was
subsequently sent home.
the squad were given tuesday
off but Carroll returned to
training yesterday, reportedly
after apologising to Moyes.
It is understood everyone
at the club now considers
the matter settled, with the
focus now on Saturday’s
Premier league trip to
leicester when the
Hammers will resume
their relegation battle –
they are just three points
clear of the drop-zone.
by dave filmer
Frenchman, the europa league has taken on
huge significance in recent weeks.
not only is it a chance for wenger to end
his reign with a maiden piece of european
silverware but it would mean securing a
return to the Champions league next season
for the new manager.
wenger said: ‘I don’t know what I will do
next season. I believe a man has to give his
best as long as he is somewhere, with all my
commitment and energy I would like to
walk out of Arsenal one day and think until
the last day I focused only on Arsenal. when
my job is finished at Arsenal I will see where
I go from there, but I want to finish this love
story well.’
to achieve the cup-winning finale he
dreams of, wenger must find a way for his
team to deliver away from home.
the Gunners have only won seven times
on the road – although four of those have
been in europe – and are yet to take an away
point in the Premier league in 2018.
Asked if he had concerns over his team’s
away form, wenger added: ‘In the Premier
league yes, in europe no.’
42 METRO Thursday, May 3, 2018
roma 4
f o o t b a l l c h a m p i o n s l e ag u e
liverpool win
Fellaini: United wrong not
to offer new deal sooner
Marouane Fellaini believes
Manchester united made a mistake
in not offering him a contract
extension sooner, leaving the
midfielder in a ‘strong position’.
a divisive figure since swapping
everton for old trafford in 2013, the
30-year-old has become an important
member of Jose Mourinho’s squad.
But despite the united manager
expressing his public desire for
Fellaini to stay, and suggesting on
sunday there had been a
breakthrough in negotiations, his
future may lie elsewhere given his
deal is up this summer.
‘the entire staff is doing everything
i can to stay,’ Fellaini told Belgian
magazine sport voetbal.
‘the club did not renew my
contract last year. now i am in a
strong position, especially since
Mourinho has stated he wants to
keep me. last year i went to the
coach and i said i wanted a new
Milner 15 (og), Dzeko 52, Nainggolan
Goals across the two
legs make this the
Champions League
semi-final ever
Deal or no deal? fellaini
contract. i then had a second meeting
but i will not ask ten times.
afterwards i became important for
the team, and a good player costs at
least €50million. the club knows they
went wrong there.’
now tHe dr
reds set sights on Madrid in Kiev after
lIVeRPool can dream of becoming european champions for a sixth
time after ensuring they did not become a modern-day Roman ruin in
the eternal City last night.
Although Jurgen Klopp’s side fell
to a 4-2 defeat on the night – their first
in europe this season – after two late
goals, the Reds still went through 7-6
on aggregate.
Holders Real Madrid now await in
the May 26 final in Kiev, liverpool’s
first appearance in the Champions
by justin palmer
league showpiece since 2007 when
they lost 2-1 to AC Milan in Athens.
It was a night for the Reds to again
show their growing maturity as they
set out to protect their 5-2 first-leg
Anfield advantage.
thanks to Sadio Mane’s early goal
at a raucous Stadio olimpico they
drew the sting out of the hosts, who
had conjured an unlikely three-goal
comeback against Barcelona in the
quarter-finals. the leading scorers in
the competition, liverpool went in
front when Roberto Firmino seized
on Radja nainggolan’s wayward pass
to run at the Roma defence and slide
in Mane to beat Alisson.
It was liverpool’s 39th Champions
league goal of the campaign and the
first Roma had conceded at home.
the Serie A side, now needing to
score four without reply to go through,
were handed a fortuitous equaliser
just a few minutes later. James Milner
s p o rt i n b r i e f
Sarries play down fears
over Billy’s latest setback
Injured Gale out
for three months
rugby union
Billy VuniPola has suffered yet another
injury setback but is expected to be fit for
england’s summer tour to South africa.
Vunipola withdrew from training with
Saracens yesterday because of a tight
hamstring which has ruled him out of
Saturday’s game with Gloucester.
the number eight has suffered shoulder,
knee and arm injuries during the past year.
Sarries director of rugby mark mccall
played down fears saying: ‘nothing
happened, he just felt some tightness. the
hamstring hasn’t pulled or anything.’
rugby league
casTLeFOrD Tigers halfback Luke Gale has been
ruled out for up to three
months after suffering a
fractured kneecap.
assistant coach ryan
sheridan confirmed the news
ahead of the Tigers’ trip to
hull on saturday.
The injury is expected to
keep Gale out of the england
side due to play new Zealand
in Denver next month.
New blow: Vunipola
second leg
Thursday, May 3, 2018 METRO 43
liverpool 2
86, 90 (pen)
f o o t b a l l c h a m p i o n s l e ag u e
Mane 9, Wijnaldum 25
7-6 on aggregate
picture: Bpi/rex
In it to Wijn it:
wijnaldum heads
his first away goal
for liverpool to
leave roma a
mountain to climb
team in
of sean
roma.................. 4 liverpool...........2
Europa League semi-finals,
second leg (both 8.05pm)
atletico madrid (1) v arsenal (1) ....
BT Sport 2
rB salzburg (0) v marseille (2) .....
Champions League semi-final, second leg
(liverpool win 7-6 on aggregate)
Vanarama National League play-offs
qualifying round
aldershot............ 1 ebbsfleet .......... 1
(after extra-time, ebbsfleet win 5-4 on pens)
eam is real
holding off battling roma
was the unlucky Red as Virgil van
dijk’s clearance cannoned into the
side of his head and flew past goalkeeper loris Karius.
Alisson was beaten again on 25
minutes, Georginio wijnaldum heading in to put liverpool back in front
after Roma failed to clear a corner,
the Italians, to their credit, refused
to throw in the towel. Stephan el
Shaarawy struck the post before halftime and edin dzeko made it 2-2 on
the night on 52 minutes after Karius
had palmed el Shaarawy’s shot
straight to him. the hosts then
thought they should have been
awarded a penalty after Patrik
Schick’s shot hit the hand of trent
But time was against Roma.
nainggolan scored from 25 yards
with four minutes left and the same
player slotted in a stoppage-time
spot-kick awarded for handball
against Ragnar Klavan.
But it proved too little, too late.
t h e y s a i d i t. . .
‘We can confirm there is no substance
to the rumours circulating.’
year deal
la liga has
agreed with
eleven Sports
for uk rights
to show the
likes of lionel
messi (above),
ending more
than 20 years of
coverage on Sky
sale sharks dismiss reports they may sign paddy
Jackson and stuart olding, the ireland internationals
acquitted of rape in march who were axed by ulster
Subbuteo launch female set
tHe first all-female Subbuteo set has been
launched to reflect the rapid growth of women’s
football in the uk.
the set is not available to buy but fans will have
the opportunity to win one via Fa social channels.
Beam spirit: klopp (right) celebrates
with Henderson after the game
Losing losses helps
England reach No.1
enGLanD have moved to top
spot in the international cricket
council’s one-day rankings.
after a successful ODi winter
in australia and new Zealand,
eoin Morgan’s men have
overtaken india to reach no.1.
The 2014-15 season – when
england won seven of 25 ODis –
is removed form the latest
rankings to boost england.
■ JusTin LanGer was last night
named australia coach.
liVerPool players stand with a banner unveiled by
fans in rome last night for Sean cox, who was
attacked outside anfield ahead of the first leg.
there was a huge security presence ahead of the
return fixture, with reds supporters brought to the
stadium on buses after the authorities urged them
not to walk there amid fears of more violence.
Vanarama National League
play-offs qualifying round
(both 7pm)
Boreham wood v afc fylde..........
BT Sport 1
Women’s Super League 1
Bristol city v man city....................
champions league
semi-final, 2nd leg
roma 4 liverpool 2
liverpool win 7
6 on aggregate
by nicK metcalfe
liverpool last night survived a late
roma fightback to reach their eighth european Cup final.
in a city where liverpool have previously enjoyed great success – they lifted
europe’s top prize there in 1977 and
1984 – the reds went down 4-2 to roma,
but won 7-6 on aggregate.
the Merseysiders can now look forward to a showdown with spanish giants
real Madrid in Kiev on May 26.
the visitors struck first after nine minutes, with roberto Firmino setting up
sadio Mane. roma were level six minutes later after an unlikely own goal –
virgil van dijk blasted the ball at James
Milner and it flew in off his head.
But Jurgen Klopp’s men scored again
after 25 minutes through Georginio wijnaldum. seven minutes after half-time,
edin dzeko scored to give roma a glimmer of hope. with four minutes left,
radja nainggolan fired home another
and he then scored from the penalty spot
late in stoppage-time.
But it was not enough to deny liverpool, who will now aim to become kings
of europe for the sixth time and first
since 2005.
Klopp said: ‘the game was wild.
they took all the risks and we punished it with the counter-attack
but then we gave away a goal.
‘it was a little bit exciting, more
exciting than i actually wanted.
on aggregate it’s – i forgot it –
7-6, it was unbelievable.’
Flying high: mane
celebrates after
scoring liverpool’s
first goal last night,
as klopp (below)
urges his team on
report: Pages 42-43 »
Mane and wijnaldum strike as liverpool reach final
picture: getty
wenger: i want happy ending to arsenal ‘love story’ Page 41 »
Dumoulin: I wouldn’t race if I was Froome
Under scrutiny: froome
CHris FrooMe’s main rival for
the Giro d’italia has claimed he
would not be on the startline
tomorrow if he faced the same
accusations as the Briton.
the team sky leader is fighting
to clear his name after an adverse
finding for elevated levels of
asthma medication salbutamol at
last year’s vuelta and will start the
Giro as he is still free to race.
However, defending champion
tom dumoulin claims he would
not be taking part in the race had
he found himself in Froome’s
position. ‘My team (sunweb) is
part of the MpCC (Movement for
Credible Cycling), so if it was my
team i wouldn’t be here,’ said
dumoulin. ‘that’s his decision, it’s
not up to me to moan about it.’
the MpCC is a voluntary group
that has tougher anti-doping rules
than wada (the world anti-doping
authority) and the uCi (international Cycling union). an MpCC
team would automatically suspend
a rider in Froome’s position but
team sky are not members.
the dutchman added: ‘it’s not
good for cycling. everybody would
like this not to happen, including
Chris Froome, to be starting with
doubts or uncertainty.
‘Maybe he is winning this Giro
and a few weeks later they say he
©Associated newspapers ltd, 2010. Metro® the mark MetRo is a registered trade mark of Associated newspapers ltd.
loses the title, and that’s not good
for him. it’s not good for anyone.’
ahead of tomorrow’s first stage,
Froome – who insists he has done
nothing wrong – said: ‘everyone is
entitled to their opinion.
‘a lot of people are frustrated by
the lack of information but it’s a
process that was meant to be
confidential. i’m confident people
will see it from my point of view
when all the details are out there.’
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