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Daily Express – May 08, 2018

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EXTRA police officers
supported by armed units
were ordered on to the
streets yesterday after an
unprecedented Bank Holiday weekend of violence.
Five people were killed and
at least six injured as a spate
of shootings and stabbings
swept the country.
Last night, armed officers
were shot at in Oxford and
returned fire at a gunman
before laying siege to a house
in the centre of the university
Yesterday saw one of the
bloodiest three-day spells on
record draw to a close and led
to calls for more armed police
to be deployed in Britain’s
gun crime hotspots. Ex-MP
and anti-knife campaigner
Nick de Bois, who sits on the
antiviolent crime task force,
called for more officers with
weapons in the UK’s high
crime areas.
He said: “We should be
prepared to deploy such
A heavily armed officer patrols Brighton and Hove promenade yesterday
Daily Express Tuesday May 8 2018
Tory civil war over
customs union ‘will
spell the end of May’
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DISAGREEMENTS over our future
customs relationship with the EU
have put the Conservative Party on
the brink of a civil war that “could be
the end of Theresa May” as Prime
Minister, a senior Tory has warned.
As MPs return to Parliament today,
Mrs May is facing a stark warning that
Brexiteers will not put up with her
plans to create a new partnership
with the European Union which could
tie Britain to Brussels rule for years
to come.
That comes after a weekend during
which Mrs May sent Remainer
Business Secretary Greg Clark out to
television studios to defend her plans.
He claimed that thousands of jobs
could be lost at manufacturers such
as car maker Toyota if the customs
partnership does not happen.
But Environment Secretary Michael
Gove, the former leader of Vote Leave,
hit back by backing a Twitter thread
attacking the controversial proposal.
Mr Gove described as “helpful” a
series of posts by former aide Henry
Newman – now director of the Open
Europe think-tank – that described
resurrecting the customs partnership
as “surely misguided”.
Mrs May is understood to support a
plan devised by controversial civil
servant Olly Robbins that would turn
Britain into the EU’s tax collector in
an attempt to sort out customs
problems after Brexit and create a
frictionless border between Northern
Ireland and Ireland.
Many thought the plan was “dead”
after a Brexit “war cabinet” last week
when Home Secretary Sajid Javid
joined Brexiteers to vote down the
Last week, the Daily Express
revealed that if Mrs May ignores them
on this issue, Brexit Secretary David
Davis is likely to resign.
If that happens other ministers are
expected to follow, and senior backbenchers have said there will also
be the 48 signatures needed from
Tory MPs to trigger a vote of no
confidence in Mrs May’s leadership.
Last night a senior Tory MP said:
“That threat [of a vote of no confidence] has not gone away. This could
be the end of Theresa May.
“She may not realise it but we are
on the brink here. She needs to listen
to her parties and her Cabinet who
have given a very strong message.”
Senior Tory Brexiteers have been
lining up to hit back at attempts to tie
Britain to EU customs arrangements
Nigel Pivaro
fears for UK
fishing industry
FORMER Coronation Street star
Nigel Pivaro has joined the crusade
to rescue Britain’s fishing industry
after we leave the EU.
The actor-turned-journalist
– who played Terry Duckworth in
the top-rated soap – is to launch a
publicity campaign for the industry.
His intervention comes nearly a
month after trawlermen protested
against plans to keep the Common
Fisheries Policy in place 21 months
after the UK’s split from Europe.
Mr Pivaro said: “The fishermen
feel they’ve been hard done by.
Politicians will not support them
because they don’t think of the
fishing industry as a vote-catcher.”
He added: “When Brexit came
along, I thought it could be a shot
in the arm for the industry. I looked
into it further and thought, ‘It’s not
going to be as simple as that’.
“Here we are, an island nation
with a great fishing tradition and
we can’t sustain a fishing industry.”
and the single market. Former Tory
leader Iain Duncan Smith, writing on
the ConservativeHome website, said:
“Despite the crucial Cabinet subcommittee on Brexit negotiations and
strategy deciding that the scheme
isn’t fit for purpose, some in Downing
Street are, incredibly, now briefing
that after a few tweaks it can be
presented again.”
Former Brexit minister David Jones
also warned: “They ought to understand the customs partnership is dead
and finished and they should give up.”
Labour, the Lib Dems and Scottish
National Party are hoping to get
together with Tory Remainers including Anna Soubry to vote through an
amendment to the trade bill forcing
Britain to stay under Brussels rule in a
full customs union.
This would turn Britain into a
country like Turkey which has no say
over its trade policy and cannot create
separate free trade agreements with
outside countries.
BRITAIN’S farmers and growers
should be the “number one supplier
of choice” for UK consumers
after Brexit.
The National Farmers’ Union has
outlined its vision of what the future
should look like after the UK leaves
the EU’s much-criticised Common
Agricultural Policy.
It is calling for policies that are fair
to all farm businesses, provide a level
playing field across the UK, and give
time and certainty for farmers to plan,
adapt and invest in the future.
NFU president Minette Batters said:
“We are on the cusp of a pivotal
moment. I want British farmers and
growers to remain the number one
supplier of choice to the UK market,
and I want British people to be able to
enjoy more sustainable, affordable
British food at a range of different
prices that suit all incomes.”
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or at
Daily Express Tuesday May 8 2018
All smiles...
Adele at her
Titanic party
and, far left,
dancing in a
life jacket as
Kate Winslet’s
SINGER Adele pushed the boat
out for her 30th birthday party
– but her Titanic-themed bash
created a backlash with some
fans accusing her of bad taste.
The Grammy award-winning
star went as Kate Winslet’s
character Rose DeWitt Bukater
from the 1997 blockbuster.
And the star looked remarkably
like the actress in the film with
her red curls and replica dress.
As well as family, celebrity
friends at the party in Beverly
Hills on Saturday included comic
Alan Carr, music producer Mark
Ronson, DJ Zane Lowe, Breaking
Bad actor Aaron Paul and
filmmaker Sam Taylor-Johnson.
Adele thanked them all for
attending and confessed that she
had partied a little too hard.
“Dirty 30! I’m not sure what I’m
going to do for the next 30 years
as I’ve been blessed beyond
words in my life so far,” she
wrote on her Instagram account.
“Thank you to everyone for
coming along for the ride the last
11 years with me. My family and
friends for entertaining my super
fandom of the Titanic movie.
“Last night was the best night
of my life. Here’s a couple of pics.
I’m absolutely f*****, not sure I’ll
make it out the house again!”
Chatty Man Alan Carr came
dressed as actress Kathy Bates’s
character from the film. She
played the mining billionaire and
socialite Margaret Brown, who
was known as The Unsinkable
Molly Brown after she survived
the Titanic, which sank in 1912.
He tweeted: “Most parties you
leave with a goody bag!!! But a
life jacket?!!!! WTF?!! Ha!”
Photos of Adele enjoying her
Titanic-themed party had a mixed
reaction from fans. One wrote on
Twitter: “Why aren’t I friends with
Adele? Her 30th birthday Titanic
Soiree is giving me life”. Another
said: “I’m pretty sure I’ve never
been more jealous of anything
in my life as I am of Adele’s
Titanic-themed birthday party.”
However others were
disgusted. “Isn’t this kinda/very
inappropriate? Adele’s Titanic
themed birthday party had them
dancing in life jackets...
Thousands of people actually
died,” one person posted.
Another wrote: “Does Adele
realise the Titanic movie was
based on the actual sinking of the
ship where 1,500 people died?
Not exactly a good party theme.”
More than 1,500 people out of
the 2,224 on board died when the
Titanic struck an iceberg in the
north Atlantic on her maiden
voyage from Southampton to
New York City on April 15, 1912.
Alan Carr, left, went as Margaret Brown, played by Kathy Bates, right, in film
Kay’s unscripted Car Share’s a hit
Having fun...Peter Kay and Sian Gibson as John and Kayleigh
FANS paid tribute to comedian Peter
Kay’s eagerly awaited return to TV last
night in an improvised episode of his hit
BBC series Car Share.
The unscripted edition of the Baftawinning comedy was his first appearance since he was forced to cancel a live
tour in December due to “unforseen
family circumstances”.
Kay appeared on screen before it
began and told viewers: “What you’re
going to watch tonight is called Car
Share Unscripted
“You’re about to watch is Sian [Gibson] and myself doing some improvisation. We just wanted to see what would
happen if we filmed a whole journey
without a script, just making it up,
reacting to the radio, chatting and basically seeing what happened. So here is
the result, I hope you enjoy it.”
The episode was well-received with
viewers. One wrote on Twitter: “Just the
facial expressions make me laugh! Have
missed this brilliant series!”
Another wrote: “Peter Kay, Sian Gibson pure comedy gold.”
However, one disappointed fan wrote:
“Ooh, Peter Kay has missed the spot
here with his ‘unscripted’ idea! I am a
big fan but this is worse than awful.” In
the show Kay plays supermarket
assistant manager John Redmond who
gives a lift to work to promotions rep
Kayleigh Kitson (Gibson).
During the journey they chat and sing
along to songs on Forever FM on the car
radio. Fans were left disappointed last
year when the second series finished
without a happy ending after John
rejected Kayleigh’s advances.
Ahead of their TV premiere this
month, the show’s final two episodes
were shown at a charity screening at
Blackpool Opera House in April. The
finale will be broadcast on May 28.
Daily Express Tuesday May 8 2018
Sir Alex ‘awake
and talking to
doctors’ after
brain surgery
SIR Alex Ferguson last night appeared
to be making a recovery and was reportedly awake and talking two days after
undergoing emergency brain surgery.
The 76-year-old had been in an
induced coma in intensive care after
suffering a brain haemorrhage at the
But while there was no official update
on his condition yesterday, friends said
Sir Alex had been “sitting up talking
and asking about his results”.
The next couple of days are described
as “crucial”.
Manchester United stars yesterday
vowed to win the FA Cup in honour of
their stricken former manager when
they face Chelsea in the showpiece final
on May 19.
Armed police attempt to hunt down a suspect after a
fatal stabbing incident while, inset, air support arrives
The club’s Spanish star Juan Mata
led the rallying cry and told how he
wanted the Old Trafford giants to dedicate a trophy victory to Sir Alex.
Former Chelsea star Mata, 30, said:
“This has had a huge impact on Manchester United, as you can imagine.
“All of us are united right now, wishing Sir Alex a speedy recovery. He has
been a unique and fundamental figure
in the football world over the past
few decades.
“I know well his incomparable legacy
on this club, that winning mentality
and fighting gene that we must honour
in the last three games of the season,
especially in the FA Cup final.
“To achieve that, we are going to
work hard while we eagerly
await good news about Sir
Alex’s recovery.”
Fellow United star Phil
Jones told how Sir Alex was
“like a father” to him and
said he was “absolutely devastated”.
Jones, brought to the club
by Sir Alex in 2011, said: “He
is such a legend in my eyes.
He is the one who brought me
to the club and gave
me that opportu-
Juan Mata
wants United
to win FA Cup
for Sir Alex
Sir Alex, 76, is awake and talking
nity to play for one of the biggest clubs
in the world.
“He’s taken me under his wing like a
father. Hopefully, he’ll recover well.”
United legend Ryan Giggs, 44, echoed the players’ sentiments as he spoke
of his “huge shock”.
Giggs said: “Now is the time to pray
and hope he can make a full recovery.
He has been the biggest influence in
my career, both on and off the pitch.
“It was a huge shock as the news
filtered in but I gather the operation
has been a success.”
Sir Alex, who won 38 trophies during his time at Old Trafford, was
struck down on Friday. He is
believed to have suffered a
subarachnoid haemorrhage,
which kills about one in five
sufferers instantly.
A third are left so disabled
that they need permanent
between a third and half of sufferers make a full recovery,
returning to a normal quality of
life in just a few months.
Yesterday, Sir Alex’s
remained at his
bedside at Salford
Royal Hospital,
Gtr Manchester.
Hawaii’s erupting volcano
sees 1,700 residents flee
MORE than 1,700 residents have been
evacuated in Hawaii as a volcanic
eruption continued to devastate
homes last night.
Some residents have been allowed
to briefly return to their homes to
gather supplies, personal belongings
and collect their pets.
Big Island’s Kilauea volcano
erupted on Thursday, spewing molten
rock and high levels of sulfur dioxide
into the atmosphere.
It was followed by a 6.9 magnitude
earthquake, Hawaii’s largest in more
than 40 years, on Friday morning.
Wendy Stovall, a US Geological
Survey volcanologist, said: “There’s
more magma in the system to be
erupted. As long as that supply is
there, the eruption will continue.”
Authorities revealed that 26 homes
have been lost to the volcano so far,
and residents have been left in the
dark as to how long they might be
homeless. The ruined homes are in
Leilani Estates neighbourhood, in the
island’s eastern Puna district.
Kilauea has been continuously
erupting since 1983, and is one of the
world’s most active volcanoes.
resources in hotspots where gun
crime is prevalent.”
The Tory politician added that
priority should be given to tackling drugs and the gangs pushing
them – reportedly the source of
much of the violence.
The calls came after six shootings and six stabbings took place
in London, Liverpool, Luton,
Macclesfield and Oxford between
Saturday and las night.
Yesterday there were more
armed police patrols mingling
with Bank Holiday crowds at seaside resorts like Brighton.
And the distraught mother of a
youngster gunned down and
killed in Southwark, south London, called for an end to the
17-year-old son Rhyhiem Ainsworth Barton was shot dead on
Saturday, said: “Let my son be
the last and be an example to
everyone. Just let it stop. What
must be, must be.”
She added: “It’s not about race,
it’s not about nation, it’s not
about culture.
“Nothing. It’s just a human
“Just one human race. So
children, please let my son be
the last.”
Her words were echoed by Tottenham MP David Lammy, who
said: “Enough, enough.
“My heart goes out to families
grieving children and teenagers.
So many shattered lives, families
and communities.”
Across the city, a 43-year-old
man was stabbed in Ealing, west
London, after a motoring dispute
on a residential street on Saturday night.
Scotland Yard said the victim,
who was in a stable condition in
hospital yesterday, was believed
to have been attacked after criticising the driving of the suspect,
who then drove away.
The violence continued with a
22-year-old man shot on Sunday
night in south-east London.
He suffered non-life-threatening wounds in the shooting in
New Cross Road, Lewisham, at
about 6.30pm and no arrests have
been made.
Two stabbings took place in
Luton on Sunday, with a 20-yearold man knifed to death and
another man left with serious but
non-life-threatening leg injuries
after an unconnected incident.
Two teenage boys, one aged
just 13, were shot in broad daylight in Harrow, north-west London.
It emerged yesterday that the
13-year-old, who had been at a
wedding, was hit in the head
when a drug deal on a busy suburban street went wrong.
Police said the “innocent
bystander” was walking with his
parents when he was hit on the
back of the head by stray shotgun
A gunman had unleashed two
shots as he fired across the street
at a 15-year-old boy he had
met for a Sunday lunchtime
drug deal.
The 13-year-old was tended to
by shocked passers-by outside
Specsavers on Wealdstone High
Street in north-west London
before armed police arrived.
Both boys are being treated in
Harrow Borough Commander
Detective Chief Superintendent
Simon Rose said: “This was a callous, reckless and brazen act,
without any thought by those
responsible for the fact that there
were families with children and
people in the high street enjoying
their weekend. This was quite
simply appalling.”
A 39-year-old man was arrested
on Sunday and has now been
released under investigation.
Fatah Warsame, 20, was killed
Fatah Warsame, 20, from Cardiff, died after being stabbed in
Liverpool city centre early on
Sunday morning. And 53-year-old
known gangland fixer John Kinsella was also gunned down in St
Helens, Merseyside.
A man aged 37 was stabbed to
death in Macclesfield, Cheshire,
BRITAIN’S biggest police force
spent more than £8.5million on
flights for officers in under three
years, figures showed yesterday.
The Metropolitan Police
splashed out almost £5million
on non-economy seats,
including premium business and
first class.
Scotland Yard booked 114 first
class seats costing £407,952,
according to figures released by
the TaxPayers’ Alliance. The
Daily Express Tuesday May 8 2018
Heavily armed officers were on patrol in
streets up and down the country yesterday
Shootout in Oxford as
man fires at officers
ARMED police were locked in a stand-off with a
gunman last night after a shootout in Oxford
city centre.
One person was hurt in the incident and was
treated by paramedics for non-life threatening
One witness said: “I heard about five
gunshots and there was an armed response.”
Officers, some carrying automatic rifles, right,
raced to the scene at about 1.15pm after reports
of gunshots from a flat.
Last night, specially trained negotiators were
in contact with the suspected shooter.
on Sunday night. A 15-year-old
boy and a 29-year-old man have
been arrested. In Leytonstone,
east London, a man aged in his
late teens or early 20s was stabbed
but his condition is not known.
Detective Chief Superintendent Simon Messinger added officers were using search powers to
seize knives.Mr Messinger, the
Southwark Borough Commander,
covering the area where Rhyhiem
was gunned down, said the violence had “rightly caused concern” and said the “fast-paced”
investigation was “progressing all
the time”.
He said additional officers
would be on patrol, supported by
armed response officers on
motorcycles, along with dog units
and air support.
London Mayor Sadiq Khan also
said his thoughts went out to the
“loved ones of the teenager who
was tragically killed”.
He refused to take any blame
for the violence, claiming it was
the fault of the Government after
cuts to police funding.
Mr Khan said: “Keeping Londoners safe is my top priority.
“I remain in constant contact
with the Metropolitan Police and
am reassured that they are doing
everything they can to bring
those responsible to justice and
to keep us all safe.Violent crime
has been rising across the country since 2014 and the Government is failing in their basic duty
to keep people safe.”
Official statistics released in
April showed the number of
homicides in London had surged
by 44 per cent in the past year.
In the first 100 days of 2018
alone, 52 people were killed in
London, raising serious concerns
about how to tackle violent crime
on the city’s streets.
Stabbing was the main cause,
though many also died from gunshot wounds.
Eleven of those killed were
teenagers, but almost as many
were in their 40s.
The majority of victims were
men, and while the borough of
Haringey had the most incidents
with five, people have been killed
right across the city.
data, obtained by a Freedom of
Information Act request, covers
April 2015 to December last year.
Officers flew on 13,763 flights
– about 14 trips a day – as the
force suffered budget cuts and
£1billion savings demands.
The flights bill could fund 283
extra police officers for a year.
The alliance said it was
“inappropriate” to spend so
much on premium flights when
Londoners were hit by a rise in
violent crime. Duncan Simpson,
a policy analyst with the group,
said: “It is completely
unacceptable that we are taxed
to pay for luxury flights that few
of us could ever enjoy ourselves.
“Police will have to take flights
occasionally, but it is difficult to
understand why they should be
travelling so expensively,
especially at a time of budget
constraints. Of course taxpayers
appreciate the dangerous work
the police do, but there are ways
to bring down costs.”
A Scotland Yard spokesman
said the cheapest fare suitable
for the traveller’s needs was
always purchased and business
class seats were usually only for
flights of six hours or longer.
Many of the flights involved
urgent anti-terror investigations
and probes into international
organised crime networks, the
spokesman said, adding: “The
MPs have consistently sought to
reduce the cost of travel in recent
years, in part due to a more
effective booking service and an
even greater emphasis on
obtaining best value for money.”
The Met has around 30,000
police officers and an annual
budget of about £3billion.
SUCCESSIVE governments have got their
approach to violence on the streets of the
UK all wrong.
The latest thinking is approaching
things on county lines – the idea that
drug dealers are leaving cities to move
into rural areas.
But this over-simplified thinking
ignores the fact that most of the
shootings and stabbings are still
happening in London.
And I’m afraid that when it comes to
policy, both the Government and the
police need to go back to the drawing
board and begin with public health-led
education from an early age.
For far too long, as a society we have
been ignoring the fact that we have a big
problem with violence.
We are only now starting to get agitated
by it because the perpetrators are getting
younger. But this is because they are
seeing the acceptance of violence in
older people.
Frontline services have known this
violence has been going on for a long
time. The masses are becoming alarmed
because it is spreading and it’s no longer
just black kids with guns in bad areas.
The Government’s strategy around
gangs over the past eight years has
not been correct and did not have a real
handle, or understanding, of what’s going
on and what to do about it.
Ministers do not want to go back to
the drawing board as this would be an
admission of failure. But to avoid more
bloodshed on our streets, I’m afraid this
really is the only way.
l Dr Anthony Gunter, from the University of
East London, is author of the book Race,
Gangs and Youth Violence
Daily Express Tuesday May 8 2018
Judge locks up
bully after she
turns her back
on him in court
A FURIOUS judge branded a teenager a “bully” and ordered her to
be remanded into custody after she
turned her back on him in the dock.
Xena Randell, 19, was hauled into
court after she shoved frail 70-yearold Marion Ryan to the ground after
a row at an outside market.
Ms Ryan suffered a fractured
pelvis, cracked ribs and a head injury
in the incident.
Randell, who has a string of 49
offences with 13 convictions, was
arrested and admitted assault when
she appeared at Warwick Crown
Court last Friday. Judge Anthony
Potter remanded her into custody
after she deliberately turned her
back on him in the dock and refused
to face him when he offered her the
chance to live with her mother
rather than face prison.
He told the court: “She has to
understand that whatever acts the
juvenile court have taken, she’s in
the Crown Court now, and the Crown
Court will not be bullied.”
Addressing Randell, he said: “In
my judgment you are a bully, and
you have relied on other people’s
concern as justification for your
response to other people in an
aggressive manner.
“I have no doubt that lady was
smaller than you, and you intimi-
Judge Anthony Potter, left,
took a firm stand against
Randell, right, after she
showed disrespect in court
dated her as much by your presence
as by your actions. Pushing with
force a woman old enough to be your
grandmother is disgraceful.
“I am far from convinced you don’t
deserve a prison sentence now.”
Randell attacked Ms Ryan, who
suffers from osteoporosis and
chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, at Wellesbourne Market, near
Stratford-upon-Avon, in Warwickshire, last August.
Prosecutor Caroline Harris said
Ms Ryan, who knew Randell, called
the teenager a “selfish cow” after
she was late meeting her.
Ms Harris said: “The complainant
called the defendant a ‘selfish cow’
for being away so long, and the
defendant pushed her with some
force. It caused her to fall to the
ground, landing on her bottom and
striking her head.”
When Randell was arrested, she
said she had pushed the pensioner
out of the way “because she was in
my space”. The court heard Randell
had a suspended sentence for
assaulting a police officer at the time
of the attack.
Turaj Hodge, defending, said: “She
suffers an inability to cope with
stressful situations because of the
very difficult upbringing she has
had. And when she perceives she is
under threat she reacts violently.
“She felt under threat from [Ms
Ryan] who accepts she called her a
‘selfish cow’, and in response Miss
Randell pushed her because of a
perceived threat.”
The judge adjourned the case and
remanded Randell, from Walsall,
West Midlands, into custody. The
Daily Express – through our Respect
For The Elderly crusade – has
consistently called for tougher
sentences for criminals who attack
Gary FitzGerald, chief executive
of Action on Elder Abuse, said: “This
is an absolutely appalling case.
“As well as terrifying and seriously
injuring her victim, the perpetrator
has shown total disdain for the law
with her disrespectful actions in
“It’s a case that sums up exactly
why we are campaigning for elder
abuse to be classed as an aggravated
offence, similar to hate crimes.
“It’s the only way the lowlifes
like this who prey on older people
are going to get the message
that society won’t tolerate this kind
of criminality. We need a proper
The charity estimates, based on
academic research and independent
polling, there are around one million
victims of elder abuse each year.
This includes physical, financial,
psychological and sexual abuse, and
neglect, the great majority of these
offences being criminal in nature.
Despite this, during 2016/17 there
were just 2,856 successful convictions of crimes against older people,
according to Crown Prosecution
Service figures.
This shows the huge disparity
between the estimated prevalence
of offences and the 0.3 per cent of
actual convictions, the charity said.
Elderly care costs ‘should be capped at £50k’
PENSIONERS should have their
care costs capped at £50,000 and
should not spend more than a
quarter of the value of their
assets on care home bills.
The cap would be paid for by
the introduction of property taxes
worth £2.3billion, according to a
think tank’s final report which is
published today.
Council tax should be
abolished in its current form and
taxes levied on up-to-date
property values, Resolution
Foundation’s Intergenerational
Commission concludes.
This would allow the threshold
at which people with assets
would have to start paying for
their care to be set at £150,000
– but with a £50,000 cost cap.
The elderly would not be forced
to sell their homes and all local
authorities should allow
payments to be made after the
person’s death – potentially
aligned with deferred payments
of the new property tax.
Former pensions minister
Baroness Altmann said: “Social
care funding comes mostly from
those people who need care, in
the form of a draconian meanstest which takes away almost all
their life savings and assets.
“Successive governments have
failed to prepare for the costs of
rising numbers of older people
needing to be looked after.
“Care funding is left to local
authorities whose budgets have
been squeezed for years. They
cannot afford to pay the full cost
of care for those who qualify for
council support, so they pay less
than it costs care providers to
provide the care.
“Those companies then charge
private payers a premium to make
up the shortfall. So not only do
families have to pay for their own
care, they also have to pay for
others too.”
The Commission says a new
intergenerational contract is
needed to tackle the challenges
facing Britons young and old.
Our ageing population is set to
push up public spending by
£24billion by 2030 and £63billion
by 2040.
But the question of who pays is
causing friction between older
people – who say they paid their
taxes so they can be taken care
of in old age – and younger
workers who see themselves
saddled with bigger tax bills.
To readdress the balance, the
Commission is also calling for a
£2.3billion NHS levy on pensioner
earnings and says 25-year-olds
should be offered a £10,000
Citizen’s Inheritance.
David Willetts of Resolution
Foundation, said: “Replacing
council tax with a progressive
property tax will provide the
funding care desperately needs.
“And a system where those
with assets pay for their care,
with strict caps to prevent costs
spiralling, will finally give people
the assurance they need that our
care system is there for them if
they need it.”
Daily Express Tuesday May 8 2018
BRITAIN sizzled on a recordbreaking May Day Bank Holiday
yesterday as temperatures soared to
84F (28.8C).
And millions made the most of the
clear blue skies as they headed to
seaside resorts.
The scorcher put the Spanish sunshine island of Ibiza (61F) in the
shade, with temperatures peaking in
Northolt, west London, yesterday
afternoon where it nudged past the
previous early May Bank Holiday
record from 1995 (83.4F).
The May Day Bank Holiday was
introduced in 1978.
With the thermometer reading
higher than in Miami, around 250,000
headed to the beach in Brighton
over the weekend while more than
100,000 descended on Bournemouth.
Seafront car parks were full by
noon and the majority of the resort’s
3,000 deckchairs were snapped up
by early risers.
Yesterday traffic queued for more
than 15 miles from the south coast
to the A31 in the New Forest.
And that was not the only place
where people baked, as huge tailbacks formed on many roads leading
to popular resorts.
On the railways, furious daytrippers faced horrendous journeys
to Brighton after the mainline from
London was closed due to engineering work. Passengers faced waits of
up to two hours for replacement
buses before extra vehicles were
drafted in.
The scene yesterday
as more than 100,000
enjoyed the beach
over the weekend
Southern Rail, which runs trains
on the main line from London Victoria to Brighton, told passengers: “It
is strongly advised to not travel
towards Brighton today.”
Meanwhile, travellers desperate
to catch flights at Gatwick were horrified to be told: “Some trains running from London to Gatwick Airport will be cancelled to prevent
further overcrowding.”
Airline passengers heading to
southern France also faced delays
and cancellations due to strike
action at Marseille air-traffic control
centre, which covers many Mediterranean destinations.
In Cambridgeshire one paraglider
was killed and another seriously
injured following a mid-air collision
yesterday morning.
The surviving paraglider was airlifted to hospital in Nottingham with
potentially life-changing injuries.
Temperatures are expected to
cool slightly from today as the warm
jet stream moves diagonally south
east across the UK and is replaced
by cooler air.
And the weather is to become
mixed as the May 19 wedding of
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at
Windsor draws near. But Met Office
forecaster Charlie Powell said
warmer spells were expected, most
likely across the south and east of
England. He added: “That bodes
well for wedding locations.”
Grainne Gallanagh, left, and Ruth Chalke lap it up in Hyde Park
A bolt from the blue... the royal steed is startled by gunfire, gallops for the river – and dumps the hapless Charles
Seven-year-old Hollie Roach is tickled pink with a flamingo float
Muddy monarch
sees his rein end
A HISTORICAL re-enactment made
a right royal splash yesterday when
an actor playing King Charles II lost
control of his horse and was
dumped into a river.
The noble steed became spooked
by gunfire and bolted for the water
as the Merry Monarch attempted to
shoot a melon on horseback at
Audley End House, Essex.
But, true to his profession, the
actor emerged from the water with
a big smile and waved to amused
families, who snapped pictures as
he clambered on to dry land.
... but His Majesty comes up smiling
Daily Express Tuesday May 8 2018
The bravest bride of all
Woman marries days after losing arm in crocodile horror
A BRIDE whose arm was bitten off by a crocodile has married her fiance days after the
attack that nearly cost her life.
Zanele Ndlovu and Jamie Fox
were canoeing on the Zambezi
river when the crocodile reared
up out of the water and tore off
her right arm and badly bit her
left hand.
Jamie hauled her back into
the boat and bound what was
left of her arm with a makeshift
tourniquet before his wife-tobe was rushed to hospital.
Zanele, 25, a former national
tennis player for Zimbabwe and
British-born Jamie were planning to get married at Victoria
Despite the horrifying accident, the pair were married on
Sunday at the Mater Dei Hospital in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe,
where Zanele is recovering.
As the left-handed bride
signed the register the congregation broke out in tears and
One guest said: “It is a quite
remarkable love story and it
really does show their love for
each other.
“Their feelings and love for
each other are even stronger
than before if anything”.
A family friend described how
the attack happened. He said:
Zanele and Jamie are all smiles as they are married in hospital
“The crocodile gripped her arm
and ripped it off while her partner made frantic efforts to save
her. They are lucky to be alive
“The boats used in that activity are inflatable and the crocodile attacked their vessel and in
the process deflated it before
attacking her.”
Canoe trips on the Zambezi,
which forms part of the border
between Zimbabwe and Zambia, are popular with tourists
keen to see wildlife.
Holidaymakers paddle their
canoe under the watch of a
guide, who is also on board with
a radio and first aid kit.
Crocodiles were the biggest
killers out of all wild animals in
Zimbabwe last year with 21
fatal attacks on people.
Last month a drunken wedding party guest lost an arm
and was badly bitten when he
jumped into a crocodile pool.
Colin Miller, 21, had climbed
a fence at Victoria Falls’ River
Brewing Company to dive into
a pool that houses three crocodiles. He was rescued when the
reptiles released him to fight
over his severed arm.
Zanele arrives for the service with a bouquet in her left hand
Putin gets
sworn in
for new era
VLADIMIR Putin was
yesterday sworn in for a
fourth term as Russian
president, saying he felt
a “colossal sense of
Putin, 65, began
another six years as the
premier in an elaborate
inauguration ceremony
at the Andreyevsky Hall
of the Kremlin.
He had won the
backing of 70 per cent of
voters in the election
two months ago, but
now faces problems with
the West over Russia’s
involvement in Syria and
the poisoning of former
spy Sergei Skripal.
In his speech, Putin
said he will make Russia
a strong player on the
world stage, backed by a
powerful military, while
pushing hard to improve
life for its citizens at
He told his audience of
Russian officials and
foreign dignitaries:
“Taking up this post, I
feel a colossal sense of
responsibility. The
object of my life and my
work will be to serve the
people and the
He is barred by the
constitution from
seeking another tenure
as president in 2024.
Daily Express Tuesday May 8 2018
New drugs craze and a
deadly game of roulette
Express man Dixon ordered online
THE terrifying lottery facing thrillseeking teenagers who buy the prescription drug Xanax online is today
exposed by the Daily Express.
Our investigation highlights the
potentially deadly risk youngsters
face when trying to obtain the highly
addictive anti-anxiety medication
for recreational use.
One site offering Xanax for sale in
fact supplied us with Tramadol, an
equally controversial opiate painkiller linked to hundreds of deaths.
MP Bambos Charalambous said:
“These young people don’t know
what they are putting into their bodies. They have no control at all.”
Rick Bradley, of the anti-abuse
charity Addaction, said: “Purchases
are either on the clean [legitimate]
or the dark web or on the street.
“The clean web is safer because it
will be dispensed with information
which might enable the user to take
the drug more safely.”
Mr Bradley, who also sits on a new
substances watchdog for Public
Health England, added: “But that
doesn’t make it safe at all.”
The Daily Express set out to
establish how easy it would be to
buy Xanax – trade name for the
tranquiliser alprazolam – amid a
chilling surge in its recreational use.
Because it relaxes brain activity,
the pills induce a feeling of mellow
drowsiness combined with heightened confidence.
UK authorities treat it as a “Class
C” controlled drug, and it can be
obtained legally on private prescription, although not from the NHS.
Worried parents have warned that
their children have become violent
and troubled after Xanax produced
a dramatic change of personality.
Two young women hanged themselves in separate incidents after
taking Xanax and dozens of schoolchildren have needed hospital treatment for its effects.
Our investigator bought a batch
of pills advertised as Xanax on a
legitimate-looking website.
Run by British-registered firm
United Pharmacy, offers a
dazzling array of prescription pills.
Our order of 30 pills was taken
without any questions about age,
medical history or if a prescription
was available. After processing our
XANAX is coming soon to a town
near you.
Drug crime is exploding in UK
cities, rural towns and villages. It
is destroying countless lives and
shadowy internet suppliers make
a fortune from the weakness and
suffering of others.
In 2016, the proportion of
15-year-olds in England who said
they had taken drugs increased by
over 50 per cent in just one year.
NHS figures show that hospital
admissions for illicit drug
poisonings have risen by 40 per
cent in a decade, while the UK
After taking Xanax for exam pressure, Raven Hunt hanged herself
Georgia Jackson killed herself after becoming ‘uncharacteristically angry’
RAVEN Hunt’s family demanded
a criminal investigation after she
hanged herself while suffering
from Xanax withdrawal.
Mother Emmy Hunt, 42,
believes her daughter was
supplied with the anti-anxiety
pills by a member of her student
circle in Bristol.
“We know the withdrawal of
Xanax can lead to suicidal
thoughts,” she said. “This dealer
gives Xanax to the girls to get
them on it and then gets them to
pay for it after.
“We feel he needs to answer for
the role we believe he has played
in Raven’s death.”
Miss Hunt, 21, had taken the
pills for six weeks to help battle
anxiety ahead of her final exams
at the University of the West of
England. After she came off the
drug she struggled with
depression and was found dead
two weeks later in a wooded
nature reserve in Bristol.
Miss Hunt, who had wanted to
be a social worker, was found to
have traces of Xanax in her blood
after the tragedy in April last year.
Her mother, who lives in
Southampton, added: “I will
never get over it or accept it. She
meant the world to
me. As a family,
we will only be
able to really
come to terms
with what has
happened if the
suppliers of
Xanax are
A CORONER attacked the
“pernicious influence” of Xanax
when she heard how bubbly
student Georgia Jackson hanged
herself after taking it.
Veronica Hamilton-Deeley said
the 21-year-old University of
Brighton student had suffered a
dramatic personality change.
Friends found the second year
student dead in
the rented home
they shared last
Blood tests
traces of
Xanax and
ketamine. Miss
payment of $170 (£120), the order
shipped from India and took almost
three weeks to arrive. But analysis
by a Home Office-licensed laboratory found the pills were Tramadol.
The drug is especially dangerous
to those suffering from depression
or addiction which are hitting teens
with increasing frequency. For teenagers who buy Xanax online, the
reality is they face a game of roulette
with no way of knowing what will be
sent their way.
Mr Charalambous, who represents
Enfield Southgate, in north London,
said the craze has been fuelled by
rap music stars and social media.
He said: “Xanax is like Valium but
20 times more powerful. It is highly
addictive and the body craves it.
One of its effects is amnesia, so the
person has no idea where they have
been or what they have done.
“Another is that they become
aggressive in their behaviour. They
can become physically violent.”
Mr Charalambous, who was
alerted by a constituent whose
daughter became a user, added:
“The problem is much more wide-
death rate from drug abuse is now
three times the average for Europe
as a whole.
Now health experts are warning
of a crisis with a drug that has
started to make headlines for all
the wrong reasons.
The only good thing is that we
are at last beginning to tell the
truth about drugs – how cheap
they are, how available they are,
and how dangerous they are.
Xanax is a powerful and
addictive anti-anxiety drug that is
now the fifth-most prescribed
drug in the USA. In a recent
survey of 85,000 people aged
13-24 in the UK, over a third said
they had friends using Xanax.
Only six per cent had not heard
of it. And yet Xanax is not
available on the NHS. So what are
these young people really taking?
Through the internet, young
people can buy fake Xanax,
packaged just like the real thing,
and probably costing less than a
pound per pill.
But it will have been made in
unregulated laboratories in the
Far East and adulterated with
anything that makes users like it
– and crave it.
Often this is the opioid fentanyl,
50 times stronger than heroin and
incredibly cheap to make.
Needless to say, it’s a killer.
This is why I have written to the
parents of pupils at my school to
Hamilton-Deeley, senior coroner
for Brighton and Hove, declined
to give a suicide verdict.
“I cannot record a conclusion
that Georgia took her own life,”
she said. “Because the Georgia
who was found is not the Georgia
that I have come to know.
“It was somebody who was
affected by a pernicious drug –
“Georgia died when she hanged
herself whilst her ability to make
rational decisions was impaired.”
Two days before her death last
December, Miss Jackson had
become uncharacteristically
angry after taking Xanax.
After the narrative verdict, her
parents Martin and Cherry said:
“She was everything to us. She
was just a brilliant girl.”
spread than we thought. We need
more research. If we are not careful
we could have more deaths.”
A Department of Health spokesman said: “Controlled prescriptiononly medicines such as Xanax can
be potent, by their very nature.
“They should only be prescribed
by a doctor or appropriate healthcare professional.”
warn them of the dangers created
by drugs that are cheaper than
tobacco and easier to access, for
minors, than alcohol.
I want us to be open about the
problems we face – as families, as
schools and as society.
We need to educate our young
people; we need to be truthful
about the extent and the dangers
of drug abuse.
And we need to resist the
endless calls for drug
The law may be hard to enforce,
but it is better than no law at all.
Daily Express Tuesday May 8 2018
How high cholesterol can
raise risk of Alzheimer’s
CHOLESTEROL could trigger the
beginning of dementia disease Alzheimer’s, scientists said last night.
British researchers have shown how
the fatty substance commonly linked
with heart disease could also speed
up the progression of the incurable
brain-wasting illness.
Cholesterol, vital for the normal
functioning of the body, is mainly
made by the liver, but can also be
found in some foods. High cholesterol
itself does not usually cause any
symptoms, but it increases the risk of
serious health conditions.
In the brain, it acts as a catalyst
which triggers the formation of toxic
clusters of amyloid, a hallmark of
Experts are unclear whether diet
plays a role in this process, but said
the breakthrough could speed up the
arrival of new treatments.
Professor Michele Vendruscolo of
Cambridge University, which led the
research, said: “The question for us
now is not how to eliminate cholesterol from the brain, but about how to
control cholesterol’s role in Alzheimer’s through the regulation of its
interaction with amyloid-beta.
“We’re not saying cholesterol is the
only trigger for the aggregation process, but it’s certainly one of them.”
Researchers found cholesterol was
the beginning of a toxic chain reaction which culminates in the death of
brain cells. The link between amyloid
and Alzheimer’s is already well estab-
TAKING folic acid can slash high
blood pressure patients’ stroke risk
by three-quarters, research reveals.
The study of almost 11,000
Chinese patients monitored for the
condition found those given a daily
blood pressure pill combined with
the B vitamin were 73 per cent less
likely to suffer a stroke.
Researchers at Peking University
analysed 10,789 men and women
aged 45 to 75 years old who had
hypertension (high blood pressure)
or were on anti-hypertensive
Senior author Dr Yong Huo, said:
“Our analysis has shown we can
remarkably lower stroke risk with
folic acid – a simple, safe and
inexpensive treatment.”
PEOPLE with high blood pressure
could soon be able to monitor their
salt intake via an oral sensor.
US scientists have developed a
wireless model that can be placed in
the mouth, transmitting salt
consumption levels to a smartphone
or tablet.
The current sensor resembles a
dental plate, but future models could
be the size of a tooth.
Assistant Professor Woon-Hong
Yeo, of the Georgia Institute of
Technology, said: “We can
unobtrusively measure the amount
of sodium that people are taking in
over time.”
The findings are published in the
journal Proceedings of the National
Academy of Sciences.
lished, but researchers remain baffled
at how the amyloid starts to aggregate in the brain.
Scientists from Cambridge and
Sweden’s Lund University found cholesterol can act as a trigger.
In Alzheimer’s, amyloid molecules
stick to lipid cell membranes containing cholesterol.
Once fused, amyloid molecules have
a greater chance to come into contact
with each other and start to form
clusters, with cholesterol speeding up
the process by a factor of 20. The find-
Folic acid... ‘simple, safe, cheap’
ings do not relate to cholesterol in
diet – the brain makes its own supply
rather than drawing cholesterol from
the blood.
Trials of cholesterol-busting drugs
like statins have not shown they can
treat or prevent Alzheimer’s.
Dr Tim Shakespeare of the Alzheimer’s Society said: “Previous research
has shown people with high cholesterol levels in mid-life are slightly
more likely to develop dementia, but
until now we didn’t know why.
“This study has demystified the
link. The findings suggest managing
cholesterol levels in the brain could
be a target for future treatments, but
it’s still unclear whether there’s any
effect from our diet.”
Dr David Reynolds of Alzheimer’s
Research UK, said: “Around 20 per
cent of the body’s total cholesterol is
found in the brain.
“Cholesterol in our diet can have a
big impact on heart health and maintaining a healthy blood supply to the
brain can help to keep dementia risk
as low as possible.”
Babies’ eye
reflex ‘an
early clue
to autism’
BABIES whose eyes react
more strongly to sudden
changes in light intensity
are more likely to develop
autism, a study has shown.
Researchers from
Birkbeck, University of
London, said it showed
how sensory processing
plays a key role in the
disorder’s development.
The study, published in
the journal Nature
Communications, looked
at the pupillary light reflex
– a basic mechanism
controlling the amount of
light that reaches the
retina in which the pupil
contracts when the eye is
exposed to sudden
increases in brightness.
Participants, from the
UK and Sweden, were
10 months old when their
responses to light were
first examined with an
eye-tracker measuring
changes in pupil size.
They were followed until
they were three, at which
point they took part in a
diagnostic evaluation.
Babies who went on to
develop autism spectrum
disorder showed a
stronger pupil response
than those who did not.
Team leader Teodora
Gliga said: “Signs of the
condition may lie in more
basic processes of brain
Daily Express Tuesday May 8 2018
Charles’ tribute to terror victims SOMETHING’S
PRINCE Charles met the
relatives of victims of the
Nice terror attack as part
of a five-day trip to France
and Greece yesterday.
Eighty six people were
killed and 450 injured in
July 2016 when an Islamic
fundamentalist drove a
lorry into crowds
celebrating Bastille Day.
Prince Charles and his
wife Camilla signed a book
of condolence and Charles
laid flowers at a memorial
picked from his own
garden at Highgrove.
He also met hero Franck
Terrier, 51, who tried to
stop the attack by climbing
up to the driver’s cab.
He said: “The window
was open and I hit him. He
hit me over the head and I
fell back. I climbed up
again and hit him again.”
Charles shook his hand
vigorously. “Remarkable,”
he said, praising the
airport worker’s courage.
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Charles yesterday at the memorial
to those killed by the lorry (inset)
Rap star Stormzy helps
calm my royal wedding
nerves says Archbishop
Mon-Thurs 8.30am-7pm, Fri till 5pm, Sat 9am-3pm
* Subject to fees and taxes
THE Archbishop of Canterbury
is taking inspiration from a
Stormzy song as he nervously
prepares for Prince Harry and
Meghan Markle’s wedding.
The Most Rev Justin Welby,
62, will officiate at the highlyanticipated ceremony on May
19, but even the Church of England’s top cleric is not safe from
the nerves of the big day.
He told the BBC: “I’m always
nervous at weddings because it
is such an important day for the
couple, whoever they are.
“I’ve made a couple of cackhanded mistakes over the
last couple of weddings I’ve
been involved in and I’m
thinking this is probably not
a good moment to make it a
The Archbishop has previously admitted to fearing he
might drop the ring during the
service and when asked by presenter Lorna Bailey how he was
preparing himself, he said a line
from grime artist Stormzy’s
song Blinded By Your Grace
was helping him in the run-up
to the nuptials.
“There’s a line in that – ‘I stay
prayed up and get the job done’
– I think that sort of sums it
up,” he said.
The Archbishop, the most
senior figure in the Church of
England after the Queen, who
is the supreme governor, has
already had an instrumental
role in preparing Megan for
the wedding.
In March, he officiated as she
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Archbishop Welby says the ‘prayed up’ lyric
by rapper Stormzy, above, helps him as he
prepares for Harry and Meghan’s big day
was baptised and confirmed
into the Church in a secret ceremony at the Chapel Royal at
St James’s Palace. The Archbishop described it as “beautiful” and “very special”.
Preparations are well under
way for the wedding, with
renovation work being
carried out at Kensington Palace to allow Harry
and Meghan to move
into Apartment 1A,
next to Prince William and the
Work origi-
nally began last November on
the 21-room wing of the palace
and Harry has taken an eager
interest in the development.
A source said: “He keeps popping round and asking when it
will be ready.
“He seems in a real hurry to
move in with Meghan.”
The couple currently live
at Nottingham Cottage, in
the palace grounds.
Queen’s cousin Richard, Duke of Gloucester, 73, whose three
children are now
grown up, offered to vacate his
splendid Apartment 1 at the
palace so Harry and Meghan
could have it.
The Gloucesters will move
into a smaller apartment soon
to be vacated by the Queen’s
private secretary Sir Christopher Geidt.
A hint Harry and Meghan had
set their hearts on the apartment came as a line of fir trees
was planted earlier this year to
screen its entrance from the
public walking up and down
Kensington Palace Gardens.
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Daily Express Tuesday May 8 2018
TEENAGE girl, who admitted at
Warwick Crown Court shoving
over a 70-year-old woman during
a row in the street, made the
mistake of deliberately turning her back
on Judge Anthony Potter while she was
in the dock.
Xena Randell already has a string of
some 50 offences to her name so she
had probably become used to the softly,
softly approach which is the usual way
with young offenders.
But this time her luck had run out
and the judge, understandably furious
about her lack of respect and manners,
sent her into custody to consider what
she had done. He said: “She has to
understand that whatever acts the
juvenile court have taken she’s in the
crown court now and the crown court
will not be bullied.”
Until that moment it seems he had
been considering a non-custodial
sentence because she could have gone
to live with her mother and therefore
possibly deserved another chance.
When this unpleasant young woman
has had a chance to cool her heels it
may well be that she does receive a noncustodial sentence – no more than a rap
on the knuckles. But good for Judge
Potter in reminding her of the respect
due to a court of law.
In the past the respect and fear
engendered by a brush with the law
were often enough to deter young
tearaways who mended their ways as
a result. But authority is on the run
now, handicapped by political
correctness and the strange reversal
whereby the rights of the victims of
crimes seem to be deemed lesser than
the rights of the perpetrators.
Judge Potter’s intervention was most
likely the result of sheer exasperation at
this girl’s behaviour. But good for him.
HY are Scotland Yard’s top
brass flying premium economy,
business or first class? New
figures have revealed that these
most senior coppers have been enjoying
£5million worth of luxury air travel in
a period of just under three years.
This really won’t do, especially at
a time when the public is so concerned
about a seemingly unstoppable rise in
violent crime. A sum like that could
surely pay for some much-needed
bobbies on the beat.
VEN archbishops can suffer from
nerves and Justin Welby, the
Archbishop of Canterbury, is
no exception, confessing to
prenuptial jitters ahead of the wedding
of Harry and Meghan. He takes comfort
from (of all things) a Stormzy song with
the line, “I stay prayed up and get the
job done”. Good advice for us all surely,
in most situations.
Picture: JEFF OVERS / PA
T’S said that what separates human beings from
animals is that we learn
not to repeat our mistakes.
Well there are exceptions
to every rule. Remember
Project Fear?
In the Brexit referendum
campaign the key message of
the Remain camp was that if
we dared to vote Leave the roof
would fall in on us. The country
would be plunged into recession. Jobs would go overnight.
Investment would dry up. And
the City would decamp en
masse to Frankfurt.
The then chancellor George
Osborne even unveiled a draft
budget that he said he would
have to implement within days
of a Leave vote. Public spending – especially on the NHS –
would have to be slashed and
taxes increased to plug a supposed £30billion “black hole”.
It was all of course – every
dot and comma of it – utter
rubbish. It was political campaigning at its worst: using
entirely spurious suppositions
to engender as much fear as
possible in the hope that supine
voters would be cowed into
supporting Remain.
But 17.4 million voters told
Mr Osborne and the rest of the
Remain campaign what they
could do with Project Fear.
You’d think, wouldn’t you, that
the Remainers would have
learned their lesson? You’d
think that they’d have learned
we won’t be bullied by scare
tactics into submitting to their
Euro-fanaticism. But no.
HE Remainers appear
to have ignored every
lesson from their own,
awful, referendum campaign
and instead adopted as their
strategy a playbook of the
world’s worst political advice,
beginning by adhering to the
motto: “If it hasn’t worked
once, try again.”
Because Project Fear is back.
This weekend Business Secretary Greg Clark said that we
have to have a customs union
with the EU – or a “partnership” as the Remainers call it
because they think the word is
less objectionable to the
17.4 million who voted for Brexit
– because thousands of jobs
would be lost if we negotiated
our own trade agreements.
He went on to say that the
so-called transition period, due
to end in 2021, could be
extended, again because it
might be the only way to save
jobs. In a classic piece of political double-speak he said that
ALARMIST: Business Secretary Greg Clark appearing on the Andrew Marr Show
of course he wasn’t talking
about extending the transition.
No, no, no. How could anyone
think that?
“It wouldn’t be a question of
extending the transition. It
would be, as it were, implementing as soon as you can do.
There will be different parts
that can be done immediately.
There will be things that will
take more time.” In other
words, extending the transition. This is what we are up
against: Remainers who will
say the very opposite of what
they mean because they know
they can’t be open about how
hard they are fighting Brexit.
Last week, for example, a
majority of the so-called Brexit
War Cabinet made clear to
Theresa May that her preferred
option of the UK remaining in a
customs union with the EU
should be dropped.
Quite right too. The worst
possible outcome of Brexit
would be to notionally leave
but to nonetheless remain in a
customs union. That way we
would have zero influence on
the EU’s trade policy but would
be forced to abide by it – and be
completely unable to make any
deals of our own.
Making our own trade deals
was a crucial part of the Leave
campaign. The slogan “take
back control” goes to the heart
of the debate. And it is sophistry of the very worst kind to
pretend, as the Remainers do,
that this is all an entirely separate argument from the argument over leaving. The two are
But despite the Brexit War
Cabinet adopting the only sensible stance – that leaving the
EU means leaving the EU’s customs union too – Remainers
simply won’t accept Brexit. So
they have turned again to
Project Fear.
Mr Clark is a decent man but
like so many Remainers he
cannot abide the prospect of
Brexit. And so on Sunday he
said that a customs union is
“still on the table, still a live
option”. He went on to talk
employed by Toyota, implying
that if we were outside a customs union those jobs would
vanish. In one sense this is all
very odd. That is the very
definition of Project Fear:
attempting to put the fear of
God into us that the economy
will grind to a halt outside a
customs union.
In public Mrs May has
apparently been unambiguous.
This weekend she repeated
her pledge that we would
leave the single market and
customs union.
HE spoke of her “determination to make a
success of Brexit by
leaving the customs union and
building a new relationship
with the EU that takes back
control of our borders, our laws
and our money”. But read those
words carefully. If we leave
“the” existing customs union
only to join “a” newly agreed
customs union then we have
supposedly fulfilled Mrs May’s
This is the kind of game playing that has led to politicians
being held in contempt. The
referendum was clear. Pretending it was about the difference
between “the” and “a” customs
union fools no one but does
take us all for fools.
You might have thought the
battle for Brexit was won when
17.4 million of us said we wanted
to leave. As we’ve seen this
week, however – and the House
of Lords has shown – that was
the first in a long series of
battles. The revival of Project
Fear is the latest attempt of the
Remainers to stop Brexit.
Daily Express Tuesday May 8 2018
N 1817 an actor known as Mr
Cummins was working at the
Leeds Theatre in Hunslet. He
was in a play called The
Tragedy Of Jane Shore, in
which a noble husband generously forgives his wife her sins after
she repents. The audience loved it.
But just after Mr Cummins uttered
his very last line he dropped dead
centre stage. The medical verdict
was “ossification of the heart.”
Those were the days! There’s
every chance that Mr Cummins felt
unwell before he went on. He might
even have had several heart attacks
during previous shows. But he
wasn’t going to miss a performance. The show must go on even if
it meant his corpse got the
I thought of
him when I read
about Dr Foster
Jones, who has
just pulled out
of the last four
performances of
West End play
Frozen due to a
mystery illness.
She was playing
a mother whose
abducted and
killed by a paedophile. Not a
nice subject but
her reviews were
her a speedy
recovery and all
that. But claiming, as she did,
that the part is
emotionally too “draining” is
surely no excuse. It’s just a
part like any other. Moreover
people had paid a whopping
ticket price to see her performance. This sort of dismal
bailing out is now routine in
the theatre.
Jones in the
play Frozen,
and inset,
Smith in the
production of
Funny Girl;
Stephen Fry
and Rik
Mayall in
Simon Gray’s
play Cell
LEAD actor in the
new revival of Chess,
the Tim Rice/Abba
musical, Tim Howar, missed a
preview because his wife had
gone into labour. The story was
widely reported as though
being with his partner while
she gave birth was right and
natural. But look at it another
way: people had paid to see
him do his job. Babies appearing inconveniently are no
excuse. He had a show to do.
Why was he rushing to hospital to
sit mopping his partner’s brow?
That’s what midwives are for.
The proper response would be to
send a good luck text, finish the
show, take a bow, then hurtle round
to the hospital with a gift for his
missus and a cigar for himself. Late
for the baby or not, Tim would have
had a wonderful anecdote for the
rest of his life.
If you’re absent in the lead part
then the offence is all the worse.
The most famous example of this is
Daniel Day-Lewis, who in 1989 fled
the stage as Hamlet because when
the ghost came on Daniel saw his
own father’s ghost – or something.
He has never returned to the stage.
His performance was actually
quite boring so it was no great
loss and anyway he was replaced
by Chariots Of Fire actor Ian
a matinee.” The generation that
grew up during the war inherited
from their parents a spirit of
“get on with it”. That spirit was in
every walk of life, including showbusiness. Now it’s gone, possibly
thanks to namby EU workplace
directives and a new creed of
me-first spinelessness.
Congratulations are due to Alex
Reid, Katie Price’s ex, who went
onstage (as the Genie) in panto in
Wrexham 30 minutes after his
adored father died. “I know how
proud my father would have been
of me on stage, I felt his strength
flow through me. Every second of
that performance, every cheer from
the crowd, every laugh, every round
of applause was, in my heart, loud
enough to let him know I honoured
him,” he touchingly blogged.
Sheridan Smith could have taken
a leaf out of his book since she went
absent for weeks from Funny Girl,
due in part to her father’s illness,
and stress. Honouring his commitment, Reid was doing the right
thing by his dear old dad. Actors
often deal with bereavement by
going on tour. “Dr Theatre” they
luvvie-ishly call it.
Charleson who was a sensation in
the role.
He valiantly performed Hamlet
while fighting full-blown Aids. He
got through the entire run of the
most gruelling of roles. Eight weeks
later at the age of 40 he died and
the theatre lost one of its best
It’s not always a question of bravery but often a matter of manners.
Martine McCutcheon was endlessly
not appearing in My Fair Lady to
the chronic disappointment of her
fans. Compare and contrast her
with actress Barbara Windsor. Babs
is a trouper of the old school – like
the aforementioned Mr Cummins,
She’d rather die than not appear.
She was schooled by legendary
director Joan Littlewood, a ferocious woman in a beret who ran a
theatre in the East End of London
that trained, among a legion of others, Harry H Corbett (of Steptoe
fame) and Brian Murphy from
George And Mildred. A committed
socialist Joan ran a very tight ship.
Anyone late for rehearsal was
roasted alive. When one young
actor wanted to attend his grandmother’s funeral the next day the
answer was a curt: “No, you’ve got
HE most spectacular bunk
was done by Stephen Fry in
a play called Cell Mates
about British spy George Blake
who, ironically, also did a bunk – to
Moscow. Fry, who was suffering
from depression, faxed apologies
to the cast, hopped on a ferry to
Bruges, never to return to the show.
Not since Agatha Christie went
missing for a week has there been
such a famous disappearance.
The night that Fry went AWOL
his understudy arrived at the theatre 45 minutes before curtain up.
Expecting another evening playing
patience he was told he would be
appearing in a few minutes.
The play, however, never recovered. Fry’s co-star Rik Mayall was
livid, the producer lost a mint and
the author Simon Gray was so
angry he publicly accused Fry of
leaving in “the most cowardly
Some things you can’t control –
and chronic stage fright is one of
them. Mind you Laurence Olivier
never missed shows even though
he would throw up before performances from sheer nerves.
Injury is often cited as a reason
for non-appearance. But not if you
are Sarah Bernhardt. The most
extreme form of trouperism is the
example of this great French
actress who came to grief while
performing Victorien Sardou’s play
Tosca (on which the opera is based)
in which the heroine hurls herself
off a castle wall.
One night it all went horribly
wrong. Her leg was shattered and
her career was seemingly over. The
“Divine Sarah” was, however, nothing if not tough. She made the decision to have her leg amputated, a
dangerous operation back in 1915.
She tried out several wooden legs,
found one she liked and went on
appearing on stage right up to her
death aged 78. She even played
Hamlet to great acclaim.
I am sure theatre producers
smile understandingly and in
private rant furiously at today’s
performers’ drop-of-a-hat absences.
For the real pros, having your leg
off is no reason to miss curtain up.
Daily Express Tuesday May 8 2018
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HE local elections proved
one thing: Jeremy
Corbyn is not the
phenomenon that he and
his supporters believe.
He is just the head of a
relatively small cult composed of
ragtag socialist and Marxist
agitators, single-issue obsessives,
muck stirrers, wishful thinkers
and compulsive demonstrators.
Let’s be generous and say they
amount to half a million or so.
Admittedly they make a lot of
noise and fill a lot of space on
social media but there are more
than 40 million voters in England
and Wales. Most wouldn’t dream
of going on a protest march. They
would never be seen arguing at a
political committee meeting and
the biggest revolution they are
likely to engage in is having rice
instead of spuds occasionally.
What Corbyn and his shouty
mates can’t grasp is that
everyone isn’t like them, thank
heavens. The great majority lead
quiet, busy lives and give hardly a
thought to politics and “issues”
unless something impacts on
them personally.
But ordinary people living
anonymous lives vote from time
to time and although Mr Corbyn
enjoyed a brief wave of popularity
it looks as if the public have
worked out that he’s only an
empty can of musty old ideas who
is living a dream that is not their
Sense is beginning to return to
British politics. Now all that’s
needed is for the Tories to sort
out their squabbles, put together
a cogent, credible set of policies
and get them across to the
voters. Oh and make their minds
up about Brexit. Big job.
BUT does anything matter?
Or to be more precise, is
anything matter? Sir Stephen
Hawking has given us his final
thought and it’s that the universe
is a hologram. I don’t pretend to
understand the maths but
apparently it means that the
cosmos is a two dimensional
entity in a three dimensional
Yes, I’m none the wiser. But it
reminds me of my first tutorial at
university when the professor
asked us: “Does the universe
exist?” We thought he was either
eccentric or it was a trick
question but now I realise that he
was completely serious. And
I doubt if anyone really knows the
answer. Or ever will.
THE waste of life caused by
the NHS failure to call in
thousands of women for breast
scans has brought to the fore a
contradiction that doctors have
known for some time but have
been reluctant to make a noise
about: the test does more harm
than good. For every woman
saved three suffer unnecessary,
excruciating treatment for minor
problems that would never have
turned into cancer.
That is no help to women, for
whom breast cancer is a constant
worry. Do they take the test and
risk going through hell for
nothing, or gamble that it will
save them? A similar dilemma
faces men with the prostate
cancer test, which has resulted in
many painful operations and
ongoing problems where cancer
was not present.
We want to believe that medical
science has all the answers but
research has still miles to go. This
latest scandal has proved
something, however: that
computers can’t be relied on and
traditional back-up of data is vital.
I GOT a strawberry kit for my
birthday, a pot, bag of
compost and a pack of tiny
seeds. Full of rare optimism
I planted up and left the pot in a
sunny window as instructed.
Weeks later a tiny shoot appeared
and to encourage it I put it out on
the windowsill one fine day. But
I had forgotten the handsome jay
who visits us. No sooner was my
back turned than he swooped
down and gobbled up my poor
little shoot. Now I will have to put
up with the tasteless rubbish
from the supermarket. Even in the
city we live among nature in all its
SHOULD pensioners who
continue working pay more
tax in the form of national
insurance? Absolutely not. They
have already paid a lifetime’s NI
and should not be penalised for
getting off their backsides to earn
a few pounds. British taxpayers
are fleeced year after year.
Tax freedom day is June 23 in
the UK. That means you must
work six months for the state
before starting to earn for
yourself. By contrast in the
United States tax freedom arrived
more than two months earlier on
April 19. In Britain the state
simply gobbles up our cash.
Unlike public companies it does
not have to justify expenditure or
show value for money. Pay even
more? They are havin’ a laugh.
MY son has gone off on a
gap year scientific expedition
to a remote part of the
Philippines. Back home the
anxious parents are praying that
he will return safe and hopefully
weaned off computer games. We
have little idea of how he’s doing
apart from rare and minimal
WhatsApp messages. But as my
wife points out, we raise children
to be able to fly. No use moaning
when they actually spread their
wings and break free of the nest.
THE Government threatens
to ban even hybrid electric
cars by 2040, not a problem for me
but is there a plan? In my area
there are just a handful of
charging points but supposing
there will eventually be one
outside every building, it won’t
solve the problem of battery
deterioration. Like mobile phones
electric cars lose 40 per cent of
their range within five years. A
battery breakthrough will have to
happen before every other form of
propulsion can be outlawed.
I HAVE spent hours glued to
the snooker world
championships on TV. It’s been
fascinating and I marvel at the
skills but I wish I had never
bought a telly. It eats time, the
commodity none of us can afford
to waste.
Daily Express Tuesday May 8 2018
What is the Iran nuclear deal?
Iran agreed to rein in its nuclear
programme in a 2015 agreement
struck with the US, UK, Russia,
China, France and Germany. Tehran
agreed to significantly cut its stores of
centrifuges, enriched uranium and
heavy water, all key components for
nuclear weapons.
Why did Iran agree to it?
The country had been hit with
devastating sanctions by the United
Nations, US and the European Union
that are estimated to have cost it tens
Q &A
of billions of pounds a year in lost oil
export revenues. Billions in overseas
assets had also been frozen.
Why is the deal under threat?
It was the key foreign policy
achievement of Barack Obama’s
presidency, making it an immediate
target for successor Donald Trump.
On the presidential campaign trail
Mr Trump made his opposition clear
and has since continued to make
threats about pulling out of the “worst
deal ever” because of its “disastrous
flaws”. The next deadline in the US for
waiving sanctions is Saturday.
time-limited (until 2025) but insists it
is the option with the “fewest
disadvantages”. The priority is
preventing Iran from building a nuclear
weapon, and the UK says it is working
because the state has reduced its
stock of enriched uranium by 95 per
cent. Germany, France and the UN
have all urged America not to withdraw.
Why is Britain urging President
Trump not to pull out?
What happens if the United States
does pull out?
The Government does admit the deal
is not perfect as it fails to cover areas
such as ballistic missiles and is
It would reimpose sanctions, which
Iran has warned effectively amounts to
“killing the deal”.
MPs set to
back law for
right to see
a grandchild
Boris: Why ‘fixer’ Trump
should get a Peace Prize
DONALD Trump could win the
Nobel Peace Prize if he can “fix”
North Korea and Iran, Boris Johnson claimed yesterday.
The Foreign Secretary made his
prediction on the US president’s
favourite TV programme, Fox &
Friends, while in America to convince Mr Trump not to dump the
controversial Iran nuclear deal.
The President said he would be
announcing his decision on the deal
later today.
Comparing Mr Trump favourably
to his predecessor Barack Obama,
who was awarded the prize at the
start of his presidency before he
had achieved anything in office, Mr
Johnson said “of course” he could
win the same award.
He said: “If Trump can fix North
Korea and the Iran nuclear deal,
then I don’t see why he’s any less
of a candidate for the Nobel Peace
Prize than Obama.”
Mr Johnson stressed that the UK
shared Mr Trump’s concerns over
the Iran nuclear deal, which has
seen sanctions ended in exchange
for guarantees that the Middle East
state known as a sponsor of international terrorism stops developing nuclear weapons.
Mr Johnson said: “The President
is right to see flaws in [the deal]
and he set a very reasonable challenge to the world.
“He said, ‘Look, Iran is behaving
badly, has a tendency to develop
intercontinental ballistic missiles.
We’ve got to stop that. We’ve got to
Boris Johnson appears on Fox & Friends yesterday, urging Donald Trump, inset, to retain the Iran nuclear deal
push back on what Iran is doing in
the region. We’ve got to be tougher’.”
But he warned there was “no plan
B” and if Mr Trump scrapped the
deal, he had to ask: “What next?”
Mr Johnson said: “Are we
seriously saying that we will bomb
those facilities, is that really a
realistic possibility?”
The Foreign Secretary, who followed TV medic Dr Oz on the show,
urged Mr Trump not to “throw the
baby out with the bathwater” and
work with him to improve the deal.
Among the many elements that
needed fixing, Mr Johnson con-
ceded, was the “sunset clause” that
means “after 2025, the current deal
allows Iran to go forward fast with
enrichment programmes which
could lead to a nuclear weapon,
and no sanctions go back on”.
He added: “Let me just remind
you, if they do get a nuclear weapon
you’re going to get an arms race in
the Middle East. You’re going to
have the Saudis wanting one, the
Egyptians, the Emiratis.
“It’s already a very, very dangerous state, we don’t want to go down
that road. There doesn’t seem to
me at the moment to be a viable
military solution.” British, French
and German diplomats have been
working with the US behind the
scenes to save the agreement.
Mr Johnson said the current deal
restricted Iran’s nuclear programme and “now that these handcuffs are in place, I see no possible
advantage in casting them aside”.
Sir Kim Darroch, the UK’s
ambassador to the United States,
said the Iran agreement was “a
good deal” but efforts were under
way to “find some language,
produce some action that meets
the President’s concerns”.
GRANDPARENTS could be given
the legal right to see their
grandchildren if the parents split up,
under new plans being considered by
The ruling would allow
grandparents access after a marriage
break-up, death in the family or
another reason that could see their
chances to see their grandchildren
MPs are backing an amendment to
the Children’s Act which would refer
to a youngster’s right to have a
relationship with close members of
their extended family.
This could also include aunts and
uncles having access to their
nephews and nieces.
Currently a relative must apply to a
court for access rights and then for a
child arrangement order to be put
into place, which costs legal fees.
The issue
was debated
in the House
of Commons
last week, with
Tory MP Nigel
saying that he
had heard of
who tried to
send birthday
cards or
gifts to their
Campaigner Rantzen
and found themselves being visited
by the police and accused of
He said: “Divorce and family
breakdown can take an emotional
toll on all involved, but the
family dynamic that is all too often
overlooked is that between
grandparents and their
The move has been backed by
TV presenter and campaigner Dame
Esther Rantzen.
She said: “It’s a relationship that
matters so much and I have heard
tragic stories of grandparents forced
to try to prove there is a relationship.
“The law needs to recognise this
Justice minister Lucy Frazer has
reportedly said she would consider a
change in the law. She said: “It is
clear the system could work better.”
Daily Express Tuesday May 8 2018
THERE’S no smoke or fire for Ed Sheeran
who is celebrating the first anniversary of him
ditching cigarettes.
The hitmaker took to his Instagram account
over the weekend to boast about managing
to kick the unhealthy habit for 365 days.
Alongside a black-and-white photograph of
him on stage, he wrote: “Celebrating one
year being a non-smoker today.”
The 27-year-old has previously blamed his
weight gain on bad habits. He said at the
time: “I chain-smoked. I drank a lot of alcohol
and ate very unhealthy…”
Although he’s had no qualms about binning
the fags, the singer won’t give up the booze
and has even built a home pub! “There’s an
underground tunnel to get there that you can
close off,” he explains.
“So if I have a party everyone goes into the
pub and no one can get in the house so you
get no one raiding the cupboards or
smashing anything.” That’s a relief!
he’ll turn down projects that offer to
pay him more than his female
co-stars and will use his Hollywood
status to fight inequality.
“It’s about implementation,” the
Sherlock star, 41, tells Radio Times.
“Equal pay and a place at the table
are the central tenets of feminism.
Look at your quotas. Ask what
women are being paid and say, ‘If
she’s not paid the same as the men,
I’m not doing it.’”
He has vowed to fight for equality
in his industry using SunnyMarch –
the new production company he has
formed with friend Adam Ackland.
“I’m proud that Adam and I are the
only men in our production
company,” he declares. “Our next
project is a female story with a
female lens about motherhood.
“If it’s centred around my name to
get investors then we can use that
attention for a raft of female projects.
Half the audience is female!”
Currently starring in sci-fi
blockbuster Avengers, Benedict
touches on another superhero
franchise to highlight the need for
more inclusiveness in Hollywood.
“In terms of diversity, Black
Panther [with a predominantly black
cast] is now the third most
successful film of all time! The
audience is there. It’s about facilitating
platforms for talent. If you do that the
combination is combustible.”
Daily Express Tuesday May 8 2018
& Night
Comedian DAVID BADDIEL in St
Albans town centre… Not Going
Out actress SALLY BRETTON on The Strand in London...
email us at
her long legs as
she stepped out
with husband
dinner to
celebrate his 57th
The 40-year-old
human rights
lawyer wore a
short navy satin
playsuit, gold belt
and nude Jimmy
Choo heels while
out with the actor
in New York on
Sunday night.
His casual suit
matched her
outfit in colour, if
not in daring.
The couple
were pictured as
they left the
Laconda Verde
restaurant in
the Tribeca
district of
The dinner
marked the start
of a busy week for
the power couple.
Last night Amal
was co-chair of
the 72nd Met Gala
in the city with
Vogue editor
at which George
was a guest.
Amal has been
in New York to
deliver a lecture
at Columbia
Next month
sees the first
birthday of the
couple’s twins
ELLA and
with bags more
of Co-op
Food vouchers
with a new car or home
combined policy
Ts & Cs apply.*
Home relates to combined buildings
and contents only. When new
customers buy directly from Co-op
Insurance. Offer ends 20/09/18.
STUNNING in scarlet,
octogenarian Jane Fonda
continued to defy the years
at the premiere of her new film
Book Club.
Posing alongside co-star Don
Johnson, 68, and his daughter
Grace, 18, the actress, 80, was
the picture of confidence in her bold
tailored trouser suit. And with her
toned physique it was no wonder!
She plays saucy senior Vivian,
who introduces her three best
friends – played by Diane
Keaton, Candice Bergen and
Mary Steenburgen – to the
erotic novel Fifty Shades Of Grey
as part of their monthly book club.
The steamy S&M story inspires
the quartet to expand their horizons.
Director Bill Holderman
cleverly cast Fifty Shades star
Dakota Johnson’s real-life
father Don as Vivian’s love interest
Arthur in the romantic comedy,
which hits cinemas on June 1.
showed off
SIR TIM RICE reckons that Brexit
won’t affect our chances of winning
Saturday’s Eurovision Song Contest...
because we’re unlikely to succeed anyway!
“Brexit is utterly irrelevant to Eurovision. Why
would it be relevant?” the 73-year-old lyricist
and passionate Brexiteer tells Day & Night.
“I think there are so many groups voting in
Eastern Europe so politically it is very difficult
for us to win whether we are in Brexit or not.”
Despite the odds against it, the music
maestro – who once criticised his former
collaborator Andrew Lloyd Webber for not
joining him in backing Leave – has some hopes
for UK entry Storm from singer SuRie.
“I quite like our song this year to be honest,”
he says. “I watched the show it came from and
was surprised I was able to pick it, since I’m so
ancient. It was the best song.”
Eurovision 2018 airs live on BBC One this
Saturday at 8pm.
WHICH star blamed their odd
appearance on “an allergic
reaction to an organic hand cream” when in fact they
had recently gone under the knife?
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Daily Express Tuesday May 8 2018
Daily Express Tuesday May 8 2018
IS MAIDEN speech to
the House of Commons
silenced the normally
rowdy chamber with the
power and clarity of its
importance of mental health
provision. And now three years
after Johnny Mercer was elected
as a Conservative MP he has followed it up with a deeply personal insight. He was, he admits,
“a pretty disturbed young man”.
The former commando’s commitment to the cause comes not
only from the cases he witnessed
among his comrades while
serving three tours of Afghanistan but also from his first-hand
In a candid interview the
36-year-old former Army officer
has revealed that he had suffered
from mental health problems
before joining the Royal Artillery
after passing out from Sandhurst
in June 2003. His childhood
struggle with a “very nasty case
of OCD” continued throughout
his 20s when he would spend
hours switching lights on and off
and constantly washing his
hands. He also recited prayers.
But at that time, he says, there
was little public talk about
mental health and he had never
heard of obsessive compulsive
disorder. “I just thought I was
mad,” admits the MP for Plymouth Moor View. Tending to his
obsessions, in particular praying
many times a day, left him
The lack of sleep is what “really
starts to bite”. Religion dominated his upbringing
in a devout Baptist
family in Dartford,
Kent when he and his
seven siblings went to
church three times
on Sundays. No longer
a practising Christian
he has spoken of the
connection between
his troubles and his
family background as
a “delicate matter”.
But its legacy has
given the father-oftwo, who is married to
Felicity, whom he has
known since school, an
understanding of how
it feels to have a mental illness.
“One of the things
that really annoys me
is when someone says
‘I’m a bit OCD because
I like my Cokes to line
up in the fridge’,” he
says. “It’s like they want
to wear this OCD
badge. Those of us who
know it is one of the most debilitating illnesses.”
helped Mercer to overcome a mental disorder
which is associated with an
increased risk of suicide. He was
prescribed antidepressant fluoxetine at an Army mental health
hospital and underwent cognitive behavioural therapy. But the
greatest catalyst for recovery
came in Afghanistan where he
served with 29 Commando Regiment Royal Artillery.
Holding a fallen comrade as he
lay dying having been shot in the
face ultimately enabled him to
“press the reset button” on his
moments you think, ‘Well, what
is the point in me wasting my life
doing this stuff?’” he said of his
OCD symptoms. “The overloading of senses you get at war
drove it out of me,” he insists,
referring to this as “posttraumatic growth” [PTG].
War, he asserts, is “terrible at
the time but it can be lifeenhancing”. Although PTG is
WHILE House of Commons Speaker John
Bercow faces mounting pressure over
bullying claims, it seems life in Parliament
is not as thrilling as it
once was for wife Sally,
With Big Ben currently
silenced due to repair
work, Westminster
insiders point out Mrs
Bercow – dubbed “Saucy
Sally” – is missing the
bongs more than most.
Living with her
husband in a nearby apartment she once
admitted: “I never realised how sexy
I would find living under Big Ben with the
bells chiming.”
HAVING long called for Arsène Wenger’s
sacking, Arsenal fan Piers Morgan admits the
French manager’s impending departure from
the club deprives him of a favourite topic.
“Six more days until I can never moan
about Wenger again,” the presenter announced
yesterday. “Weird. I’ll almost miss it.”
CURRENTLY in the US urging Donald
Trump not to tear up the Iran deal –
officially limiting its nuclear activities –
Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has not
always endeared himself to the President.
Three years ago when Trump made
unflattering remarks about security in
London, Boris commented: “The only
reason I wouldn’t go to some parts of New
York is the real risk of meeting Donald
REPORTING on a brief attempt to play bowls,
Environment Secretary Michael Gove
mischievously announces on Twitter:
“Decided to emulate Jeremy Corbyn –
overestimated my strength and missed the
Highlighting Gove’s ill-fated bid for his
party’s top job in 2016, Labour veteran Lord
Prescott fires back: “Bit like when you went
for the Tory leadership then.”
BRITISH boxers David Haye and Tony
Bellew, who had their second fight (won by
Bellew) at the weekend, are both known to
have their sights set on the big screen.
Haye has made no secret of his desire to
break into Hollywood, although the
37-year-old’s bold prediction he would be
known as “an actor who used to do boxing”
by 2017 proved wide of the mark.
Meanwhile Bellew, 35, has already
appeared as a fighter in hit 2015 boxing
movie Creed. He hopes to be cast as a
Bond villain.
Johnny in
uniform and
with his
family, inset
commonplace among a lot of soldiers it is rarely discussed – an
oversight which he believes is
due to the emphasis placed on
post-traumatic stress disorder
(PTSD) by some veterans’ charities as a means of raising funds.
This, he believes, is a problem
because it is “specifically advocating” a narrative that “veterans are mad, bad and dangerous” and results in an inaccurate
public perception of recovering
servicemen: “You’re either a hero
or you’re broken. Ninety-five per
cent of us are in the middle.”
However he says that a “culture of victimhood” has been
created in which veterans are
encouraged to diagnose themselves with PTSD, even if such a
diagnosis is incorrect. He believes
this behaviour is “disingenuous
to those who genuinely have
problems” and urges the impor-
tance of preserving mental
health resources for those who
“genuinely have problems”.
Although his friendship group
from Afghanistan was “ripped
apart by mental illness” he
believes that the mental health
provision on offer at the time
they served was “tokenistic” and
failed to properly identify vulnerable officers.
These issues weighed heavily
on his mind and propelled him to
stand as an MP in 2015, despite
never having voted in his life.
And they have resulted in a mission. Now he wants to change
the name of the Mental Health
Act to the Mental Illness Act –
suggesting that this rebranding
will help to differentiate every
day mental health issues from
clinical cases of mental illness. “I
want people to think very carefully about what mental health
actually is. When we want to
treat our mental health we take
time out, we make sure we sleep
properly. Mental illness is fundamentally different. You go see a
psychiatrist, you get treated by
the state.” His view is informed
by the breakdown suffered by a
military policeman in Afghanistan with whom he worked
closely on “grisly” tasks in 2012.
“My job was to sort of kill them
and his job was to take swabs
and identify the bodies,” he
explains, adding that a neardeath
colleague looking “like he’d
had a lobotomy – a total mental
“There is no point standing at
the bottom of a mountain and
thinking, ‘Wow that is a big
mountain’. You have to think,
‘How are we going to get up
there?’” he insists.
CHIPPER broadcaster Gyles Brandreth
relishes the memory of his brief teenage
meeting with legendary star Marlene Dietrich,
“My close encounter with
Marlene involved a
Rolls-Royce,” recalls
Brandreth, 18 at the time.
Remembering the late
Dietrich – then 64 – signing
autographs while sitting on
the car, he fondly adds in
The Oldie magazine: “It was
1966 – so she was wearing
a miniskirt. I was one of the fans in the right
place at the right time to help her off the roof
of the Rolls. Her legs thrust towards me and,
for a fleeting moment, I held her left thigh in
my hands.”
FAMOUSLY part of the “British Invasion”
of groups who conquered America in the
1960s, Herman’s Hermits frontman Peter
Noone insists the band’s name did not help
their longevity.
“A lot of bands ended up with the wrong
name. The Kinks is a good name, The Who
is a good name... but Herman’s Hermits
was always going to be thought of as a bit
Noone concludes: “We were the Des
O’Connor of rock!”
Daily Express Tuesday May 8 2018
Bath out – Shower in
against the
of grime,
and stains.
Designed to fit in the same space
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Module’s unique construction
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FUSS and NO RE-TILING either!
● Easy clean tile effect – no
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● Optional seat and grab rail
● Assistance pole
● Slip resistant
● Built-in
OVER 40,000
Available with full height sliding doors or
half height hinged door and panel
Shower STANDING UP or SITTING DOWN with the optional fold down seat!
Aquability are a long established, caring, trusted, family-owned business and are one of the country’s
leading walk-in bath and shower companies with literally thousands of installations nationwide every year.
FREEPHONE 0800 316 0110
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Half height hinged door and panel option
*Time based on straightforward fitting.
Daily Express Tuesday May 8 2018
Diet high in
eggs is ‘not
health risk’
EATING a dozen eggs a week
does not raise the risk of
suffering a heart attack or
stroke, a study claims.
Australian researchers found
eating up to 12 eggs per week
for a year did not increase
cardiovascular risk factors in
people with pre-diabetes and
Type 2 diabetes.
The study is an extension
of previous research that
found similar results over a
three-month period.
In the 12-month trial, subjects
aimed to maintain their weight
while embarking on a high-egg
(12 per week) or low-egg (less
than two per week) diet, with no
difference in cardiovascular risk
at the end of the trial.
Study leader Dr Nick Fuller
said: “Our research indicates
people do not need to hold back
from eating eggs as part of a
healthy diet. People on both the
high and low-egg diets lost an
equivalent amount of weight
and continued to lose it after the
weight loss phase had ended.”
The findings were published
in the American Journal of
Clinical Nutrition.
HATS off to this diver for
capturing the perfect shot
of a huge stingray.
Mark Tilley – who looks
like he is wearing a giant
sombrero – took it in the
Cayman Islands.
plus FREE
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Lullaby Star Cube All-Around Chair
We know how
tough it can be
getting to sleep –
let this shining star
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Turn a chair that’s ‘nearly
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Can be a snuggly fleece
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Filled with a mixture of lullaby and nature sounds the cube is
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Daily Express Tuesday May 8 2018
JUST follow the instructions from left to
right, starting with the number given to
reach an answer at the end of the row. Set
your own 30-second challenge: for the very
young or arithmetically rusty, you have 30
ers can
seconds for the BEGINNER task.
be found on
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page 44
INTERMEDIATE in 30 seconds. True mental
gymnasts should try INTERMEDIATE
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@ek\id\[`Xk\ 14
7/11 OF THIS
‘Nudity’ couple hit
out at Peeping Tom
+ - (( (+ +/ 0
- )' )+ )/ ++ */
e\knfibXZZ\jjZ_Xi^\ =fi\okiXZcl\jZXcc1
Saturday May 5
2 9 14 49 52 56 41
T-Ball: 13 23 25 29 30 4
Friday May 4
6 12 23 39 45 9 12
Millionaire maker
T-Ball: 7 10 13 16 19 4
May 2
4 8 10 26 38 48 41
T-Ball: 1 9 20 22 24 1
Tuesday May 1
6 15 17 42 48 4 6
Millionaire maker
T-Ball: 2 4 16 20 21 10
Saturday April 28
3 11 37 38 43 44 20
T-Ball: 2 13 21 25 30 14
Friday April 27
12 24 40 41 46 5 12
Millionaire maker
T-Ball: 7 18 25 29 39 1
Pictures: NORTH NEWS
The society raising money this week through the Health Lottery is HealthWhole in Kent. The society raising money next week
through the Health Lottery is HealthConfirm in Berkshire.
Jay and Karin Stone were shocked by complaint telling them to draw the blinds
A COUPLE responded to a
nasty note from neighbours
complaining of seeing them
naked with a sign saying:
“Stop looking through our
windows you Peeping Tom.”
Karin Stone, 33, and her DJ
husband Jay, 34, were stunned
to receive a letter asking them
to close their blinds as “we
are sick of seeing big bum, big
The Stones’ response to the nasty note, below,
boobs and little willy”.
The misspelt note, which from ‘neighbours’ warning them to cover up
was sent by “neighbours” last
week, read: “Would you please
close your blinds when getting dressed or undressing.
“We are sick of seeing big
bumbs big boobs and little
willy and we will report you
both for indecent exsposer.”
The couple, unsure who
sent the note, yesterday
posted a response in the window of their house in Lemington, Newcastle upon Tyne.
Office manager Karin said:
“On Friday I travelled down
to Norwich and my husband said, ‘You knocked on my door I would have said
will never believe it, we have got a note “I’m sorry” – but if they are that much
of a prude, they have gone into quite a
through the door’.
“He read out the note and I was like,
She added: “I don’t know how the
what the hell? I thought, why have
neighbours will react. I am either
you been peeping in my window anygoing to get a knock on the door or we
way? We don’t stand at the window
might have a war of notes.”
and dance or anything. If they had
Daily Express Tuesday May 8 2018
left, jams with Albert
Lee. Inset – sporting
the look that inspired
Austin Powers – as a
folk-rock duo with
Gordon Waller in 1965
longer be topping the
charts but the 1960s pop
star-turned-producer isn’t
unduly worried. And the
reason is that stashed
secretly away in a vault is the
original handwritten music and
lyrics of a Paul McCartney song,
which Peter admits is his rainy day
fund should he ever need it.
The number is World Without
Love, a discarded Beatles track
written by Macca which he kindly
donated to the then unknown
Peter and his music partner Gordon
Waller, aka harmonising, cut glassaccented British folk rock duo
Peter and Gordon.
The mournful but catchy ditty
became a number one smash hit
for them on both sides of the Atlantic in 1964 as part of the “British
pop invasion” led by The Beatles
and made university student Peter
– older brother of McCartney’s
teenage actress girlfriend Jane
Asher – an overnight star.
“Paul wrote out the words and
the chords of the song for me on a
piece of paper,” recalls Peter. “You’d
better believe I’ve locked it away in
a safe for the time when the music
business goes completely to hell
and I can run to Sotheby’s like the
wind,” chortles the delightfully
humorous and self-deprecating
Peter, 73.
But with an estimated £35million
fortune from his work as a Grammywinning international music producer he is probably never likely to
need the money.
Still, McCartney living as a guest
for two years at the Asher parents’
home in London’s Wimpole Street
– Asher Snr was an eminent medical
consultant – certainly had its
advantages for aspiring musician
“Paul moved into our family
house, although he was often away
a lot on tour. We became friends
and he mentioned to me an
unfinished song of his, World Without Love.
“He explained it was unfinished
because John Lennon didn’t think
it was right for The Beatles. Then
Gordon and I got a record deal
after being spotted in the clubs
and signed by Norman Newell of
EMI records.”
Newell asked the duo if they had
any songs they’d like to record. “I
went back to Paul and said ‘Is that
song still on offer?’ and he said ‘yes’
and that was our first hit. I owe
Paul a huge debt of gratitude and it
changed my life for ever.”
It certainly did. Suddenly the
Ashers’ upper-middle-class and
academic family house (Peter’s
mother was a music professor)
became the home of not just
one but two chart-topping pop
stars – and a shrine for adoring
female fans.
Recalls ex-Westminster public
schoolboy Peter: “People inevitably
found out who lived there and we’d
have all these girls on the doorstep
which undoubtedly stretched the
patience of my father. Some of the
girls were there for me as well as
Paul. We both had fans, no question. Yes, it was fun that era.”
Peter, an unlikely-looking pop
idol – small, ginger and a selfconfessed “nerdy guy in glasses” –
found himself feted here and in the
USA. And as more hits came (some
also written by Macca) he quit
being a philosophy student at
King’s College, London.
As he recalls with still-boyish
enthusiasm: “I enjoyed being a pop
star. It was fantastic. All the music I
fell in love with, such as Buddy Holly’s, was American. To then arrive
in a place you’d been idolising and
be number one and see the New
York skyline and the jazz clubs...
“And then to be chased by
screaming girls who wanted to rip
your clothes off. Life doesn’t get
much better than that!” Peter and
Gordon also visited Los Angeles
where Peter now lives happily “by
the ocean in Malibu” with second
wife Wendy.
Recalling those early heady days
of fame he muses in his – now transatlantic – tones: “It was great. A
year earlier I’d been cycling off to
school in the rain and suddenly I’m
driving a Mustang Convertible
down Sunset Boulevard in the sun
being recognised by beautiful Californian blondes.”
Peter’s appearance later proved
the visual model for retro comedy
movie spy Austin Powers, which he
takes with typical good grace.
“There is a very evident comparison from old photos – the Buddy
Holly glasses, the hairdo and the
bad teeth – all of which I possessed,” he laughs.
But gentlemanly and cerebral
Peter was never a playboy like
Austin. “No not at all, I don’t
see myself as that. I was only mildly
‘shagadelic’. But I enjoyed the
OT that Peter was a
stranger to showbusiness.
Both he and sister Jane
were child actors. “In my first film
my mother was played by
Claudette Colbert and my father
by Jack Hawkins. I remember
kissing Claudette very enthusiastically aged eight.”
Later he played young Prince
Arthur in the popular TV series
Robin Hood starring Richard
Greene. “ I had to have archery lessons and riding lessons. I must
have had a princely air,” he jokes.
“Jane of course is the one who
stuck with acting and has made a
successful career.”
In 1965 Paul moved out of the
Ashers’ house to a St John’s Wood
“mansion” but in 1968 he and Jane
broke up after she discovered him
in bed with another girl.
Does Peter wish his friend and
his sister had stayed together?
(Jane famously refuses to discuss
her ex-romance.)
“I don’t indulge in any such speculation. I stay completely out of
that,” he says diplomatically. By
that time Peter and Gordon’s star
had faded and he was working as
chief A&R man at The Beatles’
company Apple.
“He and Jane did break up but I
still had my job at Apple and Paul
wanted me there.” Was it an awkward time? “I don’t really remember but I guess it all appeared as
separate matters to me.
“Paul and I don’t see each other
very often but when we do it’s very
friendly.” The last time they met,
he recalls, “I said to him ‘Do you
realise it’s 50 years since you gave
us World Without Love? If I’ve forgotten to thank you in the interim,
let me thank you now. Who knows
what my career would be were it
not for that song?’”
Peter discovered US soft rock
troubadour James Taylor in the
late 1960s and relocated to America
to become his manager and
producer of several hit albums.
He also launched the career of
Linda Ronstadt and has produced
many big names including Diana
Ross, Neil Diamond and most
recently Elton John and Ed
Sheeran. He presents a Beatlesthemed radio show.
Peter first revived his performing
career in 2005 when he and Gordon
were invited to reunite for a benefit
concert in the USA. “It was fun.
And I’m so glad I did it as Gordon
died a few years later.”
Since then he’s continued to
perform, now with guitarist Albert
Lee. They play Peter and Gordon,
Buddy Holly and Everly Brothers
numbers interspersed with Peter’s
autobiographical reminiscences.
“I enjoy the storytelling and the
singing and audiences seem to
enjoy it too. It’s fun,” he says.
“I guess I’m just a bit of a ham
but I’ve always thrown myself into
all my opportunities in life.”
¬ Peter Asher is appearing at
the Cornbury Music Festival,
Oxfordshire, July 13-15
Daily Express Tuesday May 8 2018
Daily Express Tuesday May 8 2018
HE WEDDING of Prince
Harry and Meghan Markle
will be the fifth royal
nuptials that former BBC
correspondent Jennie Bond
has attended. On this
occasion the journalist and TV
presenter will be covering the
historic event for Australian
channel ABC and as she dons
her new outfit on May 19 one thing
she won’t forget is to put in her
hearing aid.
After a manic few weeks of
making royal wedding films for
American and Canadian TV, Jennie
is particularly looking forward to
this event because for the first time
in years she knows she will be able
to hear every word.
Seven years ago Jennie, 67, who
lives in a five-acre valley
overlooking the sea in Devon with
her husband Jim, 78, noticed that
her hearing was not what it used to
be. “At first I joked about it with
family and friends but there comes
a time when you start to think, ‘This
is becoming a bit embarrassing’.
“I’d find myself asking people to
repeat themselves more and more.
And I’d sometimes have ‘pretend
conversations’, nodding along to
show I could hear when in reality
I was struggling to follow what was
being said. It could be very draining.
“And it could be very
embarrassing. If I was at a Windsor
Castle reception or Buckingham
Palace and I had my couple of
minutes with the Queen or another
member of the Royal Family then
the last thing I’d want to be doing
is saying ‘Pardon?’ or ‘What?’”
There are about 11 million people
in the UK who suffer from hearing
loss, which equates to around one
in six of us, and more than 40 per
cent of over-50s have some degree
of hearing loss. As with many
people it took Jennie a long time to
address the problem. “It probably
took five or six years which is awful
as you wouldn’t leave your eyesight
to deteriorate that long.”
Since hearing deteriorates
gradually many people are unaware
they have a problem until there is
significant hearing loss. Experts
predict that by 2030 adult-onset
hearing loss will be so common it
will cost the nation more than
diabetes does.
About two million Britons use
hearing aids while another four
million would benefit from their use
but don’t have them.
“I wish I’d done something about
it sooner,” admits Jennie. “But I
was probably in denial, refusing to
accept the natural signs of
age-related wear and tear. All of a
sudden I realised I was lip-reading
more than hearing.”
INSIDE: Are you born to be fat? ¬ÊThe
autistic children who are denied eye tests
Pictures: PA
The former BBC royal correspondent tells
CAROL DAVIS how she finally plucked up
the courage to tackle her hearing loss
ENNIE’S husband Jim
also has hearing loss.
“It would drive our
daughter Emma mad at times and
she’d shout, ‘You’re both deaf as
posts’. It certainly caused irritation
and frustration for those around us.
“Simple things such as watching
TV with my husband became
intolerable as his hearing was worse
than mine so the volume would be
so loud I had to put earplugs in.”
Eventually Jennie had a test at
a Hidden Hearing centre and took
Jim. She now has a hearing aid
in her right ear and Jim has hearing
aids too.
“You can’t even see mine,” she
says. “The first time I wore it I went
to meet friends and it was lovely to
feel included in the conversation.
For my husband it was a complete
revelation. It’s made me feel I can
enjoy life to the fullest again.
“Hearing well is so important.
I can’t imagine, for example, the
birth of my little girl Emma and not
being able to hear that first little
ROYAL REPORTER: Jennie Bond with the Queen at a Buckingham Palace
reception. She will be covering the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan
cry. I can’t imagine being in the I’m
A Celebrity jungle and not enjoying
the sounds of nature all around.
“Or indeed at Buckingham Palace
for the Golden Jubilee and not
hearing Brian May twang out the
national anthem from its roof.”
Recent research has shown
that hearing loss can lead to an
increased risk of other conditions
including dementia, depression and
even diabetes and heart health as
people withdraw from social
situations, become lonely and
possibly depressed too.
Hearing loss can increase the risk
of dementia by up to five times,
although hearing aids may reduce
these risks, according to the charity
Action On Hearing Loss.
“My mother died last year,” says
Jennie. “She had advanced
dementia for many years and I’m
sure part of that acceleration was
that she was losing her hearing.”
After nearly three decades of
covering royal events Jennie was
delighted to hear of the safe arrival
of the Duke and Duchess of
Cambridge’s third child Prince
Louis on St George’s Day.
“Babies are always joyous events
and after many years of reporting
on Charles and Diana and their
troubles it’s wonderful to see two
happy marriages forging ahead,
although it’s early days for Harry
and Meghan,” she says.
“Harry says the stars were
aligned for him and I really believe
they are.” Of Prince Harry and
Meghan’s wedding at Windsor
Castle she says: “There will be
100,000 people there at least so
I need to be on top of my game.
“And thank goodness I’ll be able
to hear what everyone is saying
because I’ll have my hearing aid in.”
¬ Hidden Hearing offers free
hearing tests and is supporting the
Campaign for Better Hearing.
Visit or call
0800 037 2060 for more information
Daily Express Tuesday May 8 2018
Shower & bathe
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beach and, of course,
to do the gardening.
Yet while it’s a time to hone our
day-to-day health, it’s also a time to
look at ourselves in a more wideranging fashion. If we’re doing the
right things for now, we should also
be doing the right things for the
future. We’re all living longer and we
need to stay fitter for longer. We
need to look after our vital faculties,
especially our minds.
We also need to look
after our bodies,
whether it’s simply
keeping our weight
down or whether it’s a
step further and
keeping our
cholesterol down.
Whether it’s the
right food, or giving
our diets a helping hand with food
supplements, we should take charge.
Here’s how to put a spring in your
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years ahead...
baths & wetrooms tailored
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Dr Hilary Jones
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Daily Express Tuesday May 8 2018
HOLESTEROL, the “silent
killer”, is something that so
many of us fight against. We
don’t see it as it attacks our
heart and we don’t feel it
until it can be too late.
There are two types of cholesterol –
HDL, “good cholesterol”, and LDL,
“bad cholesterol”.
Too much LDL can increase the
risk of a heart attack and stroke as
it builds up in the artery wall,
restricting blood flow to the heart,
brain and body.
The body does produce some
cholesterol itself but most of
what affects us comes from eating
fatty foods.
There are a number of other
factors that are involved in how it
affects us: inherited genes, diet,
lifestyle, weight, age and whether
you are male or female.
While cholesterol is a big problem
it’s one that can be sorted.
There are two ways to deal with
it, whether that be by reducing
your high cholesterol levels or
keeping them low in the first place.
Changing your diet and doing more
exercise are recommended by NHS
experts. A balanced diet low in
saturated fats is good – doctors
often advise steering clear of meat,
butter, cream, cheese, cakes and
biscuits. Fats found in oily fish, nuts
and seeds (omega-3 DHA fatty
acids) can also help.
The weather’s improving so now
is the time to help your body help
itself with anything from a simple
stroll to a gym workout, although
any exercise such as swimming,
rowing and, of course, gardening
is important.
The most commonly prescribed
drug, statins, block the enzyme
in the liver that helps to make
Yet for all their positive action,
statins can cause side effects,
notably the depletion of key
nutrients Co-enzyme Q10 (CoQ10),
vitamin E and zinc, often causing
us to feel lifeless and lethargic, with
much “bad” cholesterol
can increase the risk of
heart attacks and stroke
muscle pains. This can be simply
solved with the dietary supplement
Bioglan Stat-Guard which works
alongside the statins, replenishing
the nutrients.
Stat-Guard capsules contain:
CoQ10, found in almost every
cell in the body and highly
concentrated in the energyintensive cells of the heart; vitamin
E, a natural antioxidant that
protects heart cells; zinc, which
helps process fatty acids as well as
helping vitamin E protect the heart
and maintaining overall health and
vitality including boosting the
immune system and supporting our
brain, bones, hair, skin and nails;
vitamin B1 which, by daily
supplementation, can help heart
health and energy production.
The result is a supplement
that not only helps see off any
statin side effects but which is full
of vitamins and nutrients to bolster
you and your body for everyday
life whether you are taking statins
or not.
However cholesterol sneaks up
on you – have regular checks with
your doctor to make sure your
levels are healthy.
@E=FID8K@FE1 Available from
Holland & Barrett, Boots and
Amazon as well as
Statins are most commonly
prescribed in the UK to
lower the level of cholesterol
in your blood but did you
know they could be depleting
key nutrients your body
Bioglan Stat-Guard contains an expertly
blended formula to help replenish these
nutrients including CoQ10, Zinc, Vitamin
E, Vitamin B1 & Magnesium. These key
nutrients help support heart health, muscle
function & energy metabolism. Try Bioglan
Stat-Guard today.
Available at
*British Heart Foundation
treatments/statins (Accessed: 9th Feb 2018)
Daily Express Tuesday May 8 2018
cent. However magnesium from diet
supplement expert FutureYou
contains magnesium lactate which is
derived from lactic acid and is highly
soluble, bringing an absorption rate of
45 per cent, 10 times higher.
Consuming large amounts of
magnesium over a long period of time
can affect our digestive system.
By taking a supplement containing
magnesium lactate it is possible to
absorb greater amounts of
magnesium quicker while actually
consuming less, which is better for
our bodies.
E all feel like we need an
energy boost from time to
time. With the speed of
modern life it is no wonder
we can often feel drained of
energy. The challenge is
how do we overcome this feeling.
We can all help ourselves with
exercise and a sensible dietary regime,
but we really need more than that to
put us back on full power.
Something that can be a big help is
magnesium, an essential mineral that
helps the body turn food into energy.
It is known to reduce tiredness and is
vital for our everyday health,
supporting hundreds of chemical
reactions in our system.
It’s present in everyday items such
as green vegetables along with health
treats such as pumpkin seeds yet
studies show that fewer than half of us
consume the recommended daily
And no matter what we eat, the big
challenge is to absorb enough of it to
do us good.
The best way to guarantee a
regular level of magnesium is with a
daily supplement – yet even that
isn’t as simple as it sounds.
Not all supplements are equal.
Magnesium is difficult to absorb as it
is not water-soluble and must be
bound to another compound for it
to work.
And most supplements use
magnesium oxide, the most common
form of magnesium although it only
has an absorption rate of four per
STANDARD magnesium
supplement contains 375mg
of magnesium oxide; four per
cent absorption rate means absorbing
15mg of magnesium.
Magnesium+ from FutureYou
contains 56mg of magnesium lactate
– a 45 per cent absorption rate means
absorbing 25.2mg of magnesium.
Not only does it mean absorbing 33
per cent more magnesium against a
standard magnesium oxide
supplement, the consumption of
magnesium is 88 per cent less to
achieve that level.
And FutureYou’s Magnesium+ is
simple to take, it just takes one tablet
a day.
Now is the time to light up your
body for the summer.
DAILY ROUTINE: Just one tablet of FutureYou’s Magnesium+ each day will put your energy levels back for good
Contributes towards a reduction in
tiredness and fatigue
 10x more absorbable than standard magnesium
 Contributes to normal muscle function
 Contributes to a reduction
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 Contributes to normal
energy yielding metabolism
Order your supplements from
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Discount valid until 8 September 2018. One use per customer. MAGNESIUM+ from FutureYou should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet or a healthy lifestyle. If you are
pregnant, breastfeeding, taking any medication or under medical supervision, please consult a doctor or pharmacist before taking supplements. If you suffer any adverse reaction whilst using
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esday May 8 2018
Ask the
hearing expert
y easy
a lab
re of
hed in
s had
loss interventions using data
from almost 10,000 participants
of various studies.
They found no relation
between FTO and the ability
to lose weight.
However knowing which
version of this gene you have
could tell you whether you are
one of those people for whom
a high-protein diet will work
(cutting out carbs does not
work for everyone).
Those who have a particular
variant (AA) of the FTO gene
tend to be those who
lose weight quickly on
a high-protein diet.
For others with different
variants of this gene, such
specific diets won’t work as
well. Increasingly my research
is focused on helping people
eat for their gene type.
For some people it is best if
they avoid starch, for others it
is gluten or lactose or even
coffee – it all depends on your
genetic make-up.
The good thing about
genes is that although
they are our blueprints,
we can continue
to modify and
make new ones
and therein
lies hope for all
of us.
¬ Dr Sharad Paul is the
author of The Genetics Of
Health: Understand Your
Genes For Better Health,
published by Simon &
Schuster (£16.99). To order,
please call The Express
Bookshop on 01872 562310,
send a cheque/PO payable to
Express Bookshop to Express
Bookshop, PO Box 200,
Falmouth, TR11 4WJ or
order online at
com. UK delivery is
free. To find out
more about his
work, visit
Audiologist and Training Manager from Amplifon,
the Global Hearing Specialist, has the answers
to your questions
Why isn’t one type of hearing aid system
suitable for everyone?
Each person has different needs from
their hearing aids, which is why a range
of technologies has been developed to ensure
that your personal needs are successfully met.
Are very small hearing aids as helpful
as larger ones?
Apart from more severe forms of hearing
loss, small hearing aids are an option for
most people. There is a wide range of smaller
hearing aids available – and an Amplifon
audiologist can help you choose the right one.
How will I know that Amplifon hearing
aids will help me?
Because an Amplifon hearing test is
personalised, all of the information
gained will be used to ensure the maximum
benefit. Plus there’s the ongoing support of
Amplifon’s professional aftercare services.
Diet and genes can
both influence how
much you weigh
IT IS often treated as a joke but for anyone
who lives in perpetual fear of having a
serious illness, health anxiety is nothing to
laugh about. The most common symptom
of this misunderstood condition (also
known as hypochondria) is excessively
worrying about your health and a study
published in the Journal of the American
Medical Association revealed that this
type of anxiety affects up to five per cent
of outpatients.
Reality TV star Kendall Jenner recently
opened up about having the condition.
“Since I was a kid I’ve always been the
worst hypochondriac,” said the 22-year-old
star of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.
It might be easy to dismiss but the
disorder is actually a mental health
condition which causes worry to the point
where the anxiety is debilitating. Worrying
about health becomes an illness itself.
If you think you might have health
anxiety here are some of the signs to look
out for:
¬ Being preoccupied or perhaps
becoming obsessed about being
physically ill or that you might
become ill.
¬ Worrying about your health is negatively
affecting various aspects of life: work, social
interactions, family life and relationships.
¬ Using “Dr Google” a little too much,
trying to self-diagnose illnesses or
physically examining yourself.
the TV presenter, author
and life coach, explains
how to spot whether you
have health anxiety
¬ Not believing your doctor’s
reassurances that you are actually
fine, healthy and well.
¬ Constantly talking about
your health and seeking
reassurance from family and
friends that you are OK.
¬ Sometimes the anxiety
can cause physical symptoms
such as chest pains/flutters,
feeling dizzy, dry mouth,
swerving, trembling or
a feeling of numbness.
Panic attacks can be
a physical outlet for
your worry.
¬ Interpreting any
bodily sensations
as a serious illness,
even the smallest
flutters or tiniest
ache can create
a very real fear.
¬ Avoidance of anything associated with
illness such as medical TV programmes.
¬ Feeling isolated and becoming
withdrawn and preoccupied.
¬ Avoiding activities or particular places for
fear of becoming ill, perhaps no longer doing
things you used to enjoy.
The key is to try to limit the amount of
worry, gradually easing off the fear
and anxiety of ill-health.
Find some healthy perspective
and ask yourself the question: “Do
I want to keep worrying about
the possibility of becoming ill or
do I want to get on and live my
life?” See your GP or a therapist
for help and support.
¬ Anna Williamson is the
author of the bestselling book
Breaking Mad: The Insider’s
Guide To Conquering
Anxiety. She is a qualified
counsellor, life coach
and NLP Master
alongside being the
resident agony
aunt and
psychology expert
on TV shows
including ITV’s
Good Morning
Britain and
BBC’s Inside Out.
Have hearing aids really changed that
much in the last 20 years?
Hearing aids today have so many
differences and improvements compared
to what was available 20 years or more ago.
Technically, the advent of digital hearing aids
transformed the ability of hearing aids to
overcome all manner of hearing difficulties
even in really challenging
listening conditions. Physically,
hearing aids are available in
more fitting styles and
colours with most people now
being able to use very small
hearing aids without any
compromise in the quality
of hearing improvement.
When ReSound LiNX 3D hearing
aids connect wirelessly to a
smartphone or TV, is the sound quality any
When listening to music or speech by
wireless connection to hearing aids,
the sound quality doesn’t suffer in any way.
In fact, because sounds are received more
directly into hearing aids, the quality
is usually noticeably better and easily
controllable using the smartphone app.
If I don’t use a smartphone, does it mean
that hearing aids like the ReSound LiNX 3D
are not suitable for me?
Not at all. Although wireless connection
is extremely useful to
many people, the
Resound LiNX
hearing aid system
also has all the
most desirable,
At its 200 centres
across the UK, Amplifon
offers free hearing tests
features, which
as well as free trials
are designed to
improve so many
of appropriate
of the difficulties
hearing aids.
which hearing loss
can impact.
Chris would love to answer your hearing-related
questions – email him at
Book your FREE hearing test and
FREE hearing aid trial today!
FREEPHONE 0800 912 7841
quoting DE080518
We’re on a high street near you.
Hearing. It’s all we do.
Daily Express Tuesday May 8 2018
Thousands of children with special
needs are missing out on eye tests,
putting their vision and health at risk.
LAURA MILNE hears one mum’s story
HEN Abigail Spence
was seven years old her
mum Lorraine took her
for what should have
been a routine eye test
at her local hospital in
Greenwich, south-east London.
The clinic was packed and to this
day Lorraine can recall the burning
shame she was made to feel when
Abigail, who has autism and
learning difficulties, began to make
a fuss in the waiting room.
“She was in a wheelchair at the
time and I tried to explain that
because she had
autism it wasn’t her
fault and she didn’t
understand what was
going on,” Lorraine,
56, a full-time carer,
“However at
one point the
optometrist came
out and complained
about the noise she
was making and told
us we were disturbing
other patients.”
When their turn eventually
came Lorraine was bluntly told
that although her daughter was
short-sighted there was no point in
giving her glasses because she
wouldn’t wear them.
Lorraine, from Plumstead,
south-east London, reluctantly
accepted the optometrist’s decision
and the issue wasn’t raised again
until last year... when Abigail was 15.
Through the charity SeeAbility
she was given a sight test at her
special school and her family were
horrified to be told that Abigail,
who cannot speak, was so severely
shortsighted she could only see
a few inches in front of her face.
“I had absolutely no idea how
bad her eyesight was,” says
Lorraine, who has three other
children, Samuel, 21, Hannah, 18,
and 14-year-old Naomi.
“Abigail didn’t walk until she was
nine and she was always a very
timid child who was afraid to try
things out. With hindsight I now
believe it was because she couldn’t
see which must have affected her
balance and her
“If I had been given
any indication how
strong Abigail’s
prescription was
when we went to
the eye clinic I would
have challenged
that advice.”
Sadly this scenario
isn’t an uncommon
one for children with
special needs. Last
week a new report by SeeAbility
revealed that thousands of children
in England who have learning
disabilities are not being provided
with basic eye tests or the glasses
they need, despite being 28 times
more likely to have a serious sight
problem than other children.
About 100,000 children attend
special schools in England,
including the majority of children
with severe learning disabilities or
autism. The report, called Children
In Focus, found that up to half are
likely to have a problem with their
‘I had no
idea just
how bad
sight was’
vision yet alarmingly, an estimated
40,000 children have never had any
eye-care tests at all.
Experts say children with autism
are less likely to be able to tell
someone they have a problem with
their eyes.
It means thousands of youngsters
who desperately need glasses are
going without, many suffering
extremely poor vision without
anyone knowing about it, affecting
their ability to learn, play and
Others with more serious eye
conditions such as congenital
glaucoma, retinal detachment or
keratoconus, a disease which
affects the cornea, are being
deprived of sight-saving treatment.
All children in England are
entitled to have a free annual eye
test on the NHS.
However children with learning
disabilities are often unable to cope
with the standard eye tests
provided in high street opticians or
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to help poor circulation.
Stop struggling…enjoy safe,
comfortable, full depth bathing
Daily Express Tuesday May 8 2018
in hospital clinics. SeeAbility
provides specially adjusted eye
tests that do not involve having
to read from a chart, as well as
extra-strong spectacles that
can withstand being thrown on
the floor.
The charity is now calling on
NHS England to review eye care
for children and adults with
learning disabilities and introduce
adjusted eye tests in all special
schools. It says the failure to
target these high-risk children
with eye care they are able to
access is causing unnecessary
vision impairment and putting
eyesight at risk.
“Our research shows that
thousands of children with
learning disabilities are not getting
the basic eye care they need and
which they have a right to access,”
says Lisa Hopkins of SeeAbility.
“Many are living life in a total
blur, unable to see clearly for want
of a simple pair of glasses. This
RECOGNITION: Abigail being fitted for glasses by SeeAbility’s Lisa Donaldson
plus FREE
Portable Pedal Exerciser
Lose weight while watching TV
3 Speed
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Using a Pedal Exerciser is an ideal way
to help keep active, restore muscle
strength, coordination and improve
circulation to the lower and upper body.
Easily tone muscles and burn off calories
at home, in privacy and comfort. While
sitting in your chair, use it as a bike to
exercise calves, hips and thighs, or on a
table, hand-cranking the pedals to target
forearms, upper arms and shoulders.
And adjusting the resistance helps you
to get stronger and fitter. Its clear LCD
screen shows time, miles cycled, number
of revolutions and calories burned.
Lightweight and foldable, it’s portable to
use anywhere. Lightweight steel frame
with a chrome finish and non-slip rubber
grips. Folds away for easy storage.
For arms
Fold to
For legs
0871 664 1455*
Daily Express Offer FDE11352, Euro House,
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Portable Pedal Exerciser
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goes on to affect their entire lives,
including their ability to learn,
make friends and reach their
full potential.
“In light of this alarming
new evidence we implore
NHS England to stop dragging
its heels and introduce the
reforms needed.”
Abigail’s family and teachers say
that as soon as she was fitted with
her new glasses, which means she
can now recognise her
environment and familiar faces,
her world was transformed.
“She is at her happiest when she
is riding her tricycle with her
glasses on,” laughs Lorraine.
“All children in special schools
should have access to sight tests
and glasses to help them get the
education they need and deserve.”
¬ For more information on
SeeAbility’s Equal Right To Sight
campaign visit
Daily Express Tuesday May 8 2018
SLIDING doors specialist
Spaceslide is offering
one reader the chance to
win a set of Signature
sliding wardrobe doors,
as well as a matching
pair of bedside tables
and a chest of drawers.
Spaceslide offers a
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IS there a non-surgical way
of removing moles? Over the
years my two beauty spots have
been joined by an unwelcome
bulbous mole on the side of my
nose. I’ve looked at adverts for
skin tag removal but this doesn’t
seem suitable at all.
ANY new growth on the face,
particularly if it is bulbous,
should be checked out by your
Call 0905 789 3443 (80ppm)* or text DXWIN5 followed by your email address, name and
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doctor, to make sure it isn’t
anything sinister.
If your GP is unsure of what
it is, or thinks it may be a
slow-growing cancer, then you
will be given a referral to a
dermatologist, who may want to
remove it for medical reasons.
However if your doctor thinks
it is purely a cosmetic problem
then you are unlikely to be able
to have it removed on the NHS,
unless it is causing you severe
psychological distress.
Some moles can be removed
with cryotherapy which involves
spraying the lesion with liquid
nitrogen, and some GPs offer
this service.
The mole will blister, then scab,
then fall off over the course of
about 10 days.
Afterwards you should just be
left with a red flat area which will
gradually fade and eventually
there may be no scar at all.
Other options include shaving
it off with a heated wire or
having it removed with the help
of a laser.
A reputable clinic will always
send off the tissue that has been
removed to a laboratory for
analysis. If you are unsure where
to go then visit your GP.
IS IT possible that after using
the same nasal spray for
20 years or more, it will no longer
work for me?
THERE are two main types
of nasal spray: those
containing steroids and those
containing decongestants.
Steroid sprays are generally
used to treat inflammation
inside the nose caused by allergy.
Most people only need to use
them for a few months each year,
during the spring or summer,
when the pollen count is high.
Yet some have persistent
symptoms which may be due to
an allergy to cats or dust mites,
or even inflammation triggered
by a change in temperature, and
they will need to use a steroid
spray all the year round.
It would be unusual for
a steroid spray to become
ineffective and if this seems
to be case, then you should
speak to your doctor.
Decongestant sprays work by
narrowing the blood vessels
inside the nose, but when the
Excess Acid
Liquid Gel for relief of upper
Gastrointestinal Disorders
silicol binds
with irritants,
toxins and
Stomach pain
Abdominal discomfort
Coats the stomach and upper gastrointestinal
tract with a protective lining of silicic acid gel
The lining acts ‘like a Magnet’ attracting irritants,
toxins and pathogens and binds them to the gel
molecules are
passed through
the body
During this process the silicolgel particles
also adsorb excess acidity and gases
When the stomach empties naturally these
molecules are passed through the body
Certified Medical Device
produced in Germany
Available online, in Health Stores,
Pharmacies and at:
effect wears off, there is often
a rebound effect, with the vessels
widening again, leading to even
worse nasal congestion. For this
reason decongestant sprays
should only ever be used for
a few days at a time, when for
example, you have a bad cold.
If you use them for longer than
this it is easy to get into the
habit of needing to use them
increasingly frequently to
counteract the rebound effect
and eventually they may not
work at all.
Speak to either your local
pharmacist or your GP if you are
unsure what type of spray you
have been using.
WHAT could be causing my
collarbone pain? It has been
hurting for weeks although I don’t
remember injuring it.
THE collarbone, or clavicle,
is just underneath the skin
and this makes it susceptible to
injury, particularly fractures.
These can occur from falling
on your shoulder or from a direct
blow, such as being hit by a
cricket ball. Pain at the shoulder
end of the collar bone can be due
“Silicolgel has made me feel
much better about myself. I
have told lots of people that
they should try it. I take it for
a few weeks, then stop and
if I feel my stomach is upset
again I start taking it again.”
Carla, Suffolk
Daily Express Tuesday May 8 2018
Picture: GETTY
to injury to the ligaments that
surround the joint and this can
occur from lifting a heavy object,
or constantly carrying a heavy
bag on your shoulder.
Pain in this area can also be
caused by arthritis in the
shoulder joint, which may be
made worse by sleeping on the
affected side.
More rarely, pain in the clavicle
can be due to an infection or
tumour in the bone.
As you have had pain for
weeks you should see your GP.
Meanwhile, try to avoid
carrying anything heavy on
the affected side.
BEAUTY SPOT: Not all moles are as attractive as Cindy Crawford’s
Travel Insurance
PACKED with billions of live
gut-friendly bacteria and
high-protein Quark, Bio-tiful
IF YOU think you are too busy to
meditate but want to try the
ancient practice, Buddhify’s
Kefir-Quark (£1.95 for a 170g pot)
makes a satisfying snack that helps
support digestion while boosting
immunity and energy levels.
Available on its own or with a topping
of cranberries and chia seeds.
Stockist: Waitrose
on-the-move meditation app (£4.99)
could be a solution. The shortthemed practices such as “walking”
(encouraging you to be mindful of
every step) and “work break” (a
voiced exercise that helps you to
relax at the office) can easily be
slotted into
your day.
There is
just a
upfront fee
and no
to tie you in.
Stockist: the
App Store
¬ If you have a health question
for Dr Rosemary please write
to her in confidence at
The Northern & Shell Building,
10 Lower Thames Street,
London EC3R 6EN or email
Dr Rosemary’s reply will
appear in this column. She
regrets that she cannot enter
into personal correspondence
and that due to the volume of
letters, she cannot reply to
everyone. Find out more
about Dr Rosemary at
or two for
Copper-lined Thermal
Joint Supports
Offe er
Don’t let the cost of travel
insurance ruin your trip
When you spend years saving up for that special
trip, the last thing you want to find is that your travel
insurance is unaffordable or takes a hefty lump away
from your spending money. That’s what happened to
reader Mr Saw, 72 from Cumbria, who had been saving
for a trip to Malaysia for his 50th wedding anniversary.
Mr Saw said: “After booking the holiday, we decided
to check with SAGA, and I couldn’t believe it when they
told me that my travel insurance would cost almost
£600. After seeing advertised, I
decided to give them a call and spoke to a friendly and
helpful travel insurance team member who went through
the questions with me. I was thrilled to be told that the
policy would only cost £239, over £300 cheaper than
SAGA quoted me.”
Chris Pannell from said: “We
use several travel insurance underwriters that we work
closely with to ensure that our clients receive excellent
value for money.”
Sample quotes*
Age UK
John Lewis
*Quote based on two travellers - one Aged 70, with stroke,
arrhythmia, diabetes, passenger two aged 69 with high blood
pressure & cholesterol. Travelling to Malaysia. Prices accurate as of
11/12/2017. ** Standard geographic call rates apply.
0871 664 3474*
These elasticated therapeutic copper thermal joint
supports provide insulation to the joint for gentle warmth
and comfort. They are manufactured with real copper
thread, which for centuries has been held to stimulate
circulation and ease stiffness and pain. The supports will
not restrict movement as the copper is combined in such
a way that flexibility is not diminished and can be hand
washed at a low temperature so they can be worn again
and again. Sizes available: S/M and L/XL. Mitten: S/M
is suitable for a wrist measurement between 5.5 and 7
inches and L/XL between 7 and 8.5 inches. Knee support:
S/M is suitable for knees between 10 and 13.5 inches and
L/XL between 13.5 and 17.5 inches. Ankle support: S/M
is suitable for ankles between 6 and 10 inches and L/XL
between 10 and 13.5 inches.
Daily Express Offer ROEX1109, Express Reader Offers,
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Verti Steam Pro
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Walk-in, safe, easy bathing!
My Stairlift From
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Mrs. Taylorson, Cumbria
Our safe and stylish stairlifts have already
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No more struggling with the stairs
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“ Be safe with a stairlift; the
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Dr Hilary Jones,
No fees to pay
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Medical Advisor to Acorn Stairlifts
0800 012 6057
Daily Express Tuesday May 8 2018
wasn’t much to smile
about in THE ROAD TO
there was an unexpected
moment as the two
presenters sat on the circular steps
of the famous Syrian monument.
All around were the ruins of an
ancient treasure, smashed to rubble
by modern-day fanatics. Their
journey to this point had been
fraught with checkpoints and the
sound of distant shelling.
The very theatre steps they sat
on had been used not long ago as
part of the Isis travelling atrocity
circus. “Maybe this is all beyond
words,” said historian Dan
Cruickshank. “Maybe we should sit
in silence for a bit.”
His colleague, war photographer
Don McCullin, almost interrupted
him. “Yes. I would welcome that.”
It was impossible to ignore the
differences between the two men,
who were old friends. Dan talked,
constantly, words tripping over
themselves in high emotion, plainly
experiencing Palmyra’s destruction
as a personal wound.
A lover and scholar of ancient
buildings, he picked up carved
lintels and fragments of pillars
from the rubble, veering between
despair at the people who could do
this and hope of some kind of
reconstruction. For him, the
brutality of Isis towards people,
cultures and buildings seemed
It wasn’t clear whether his friend,
who’d been documenting wars for
60 years, felt the same. A man of
fewer words, Don McCullin seemed
As the octogenarian clambered
up fallen walls and squatted on tin
roofs to get the perfect shot, he
kept mentioning his own frailty,
apologising for it, being angered
by it.
Who wouldn’t feel frail when
something as solid and long-lived as
Palmyra has been turned to dust?
As much as this was a film about
Palmyra, it was also about two old
friends taking a last look at a place
There will have been a time when you
have watched a badly behaved child
cause chaos somewhere and wonder
‘did nobody teach that child right from
wrong?’. But there are influences
outside the parental unit that have an
effect on our development. In this
show, a new class, including Freddie
and Xander (left), have to decide
whether it is ever OK to cheat, and
what to do when one makes a big
confession. When the dressing-up box
comes out, it’s not long before Donald
Trump makes an appearance but what
do the children think of him?
Consultant clinical psychologist
Dr Elizabeth Kilbey and educational
neuroscientist Professor Paul
Howard-Jones watch things unfold.
Rylan Clark-Neal and
Scott Mills (left) host the
first semi-final – this event
is becoming more and
more like a football
tournament, albeit a very
ostentatious one – from
Lisbon, Portugal, as 19
acts take to the stage,
performing for one of the
coveted places in
Saturday’s final. Viewers
can vote for their favourite,
and the UK’s entry, SuRie,
will join Scott and Rylan
to discuss all things
Eurovision. Will anyone
end the night with the
dreaded ‘nul points’?
We are fully invested in this drama and tonight
Hannah finds herself caught in the middle when
Nathan and Christie clash on a highly charged
divorce case involving fertility law and the ownership
of frozen embryos. Meanwhile, Ruth continues to
evade questions regarding Oscar’s return and the
concern over Defoe’s finances. Nicola Walker
(above) leads the cast.
Cornwall is the destination for the launch of this new
series as Kate Humble (above) returns to champion the
UK’s most inspirational rural entrepreneurs. Tonight’s
stars are Tim and Caro, who free-dive to pick seaweed.
After a tough few years living in caravans, they meet
Kate at their most crucial point of expansion – they are
about to move to new premises and are embarking on
cultivating their own seaweed for the first time.
Their 2003 album Final
Straw propelled them
to the top of the
mainstream music
industry but Snow Patrol
released Songs For
Polarbears five years
earlier than that, and to
celebrate their 20th
anniversary Gary
Lightbody (right) and his
pals headline tonight,
performing songs from
their seventh studio
album, Wildness. Tower
of Power celebrate their
50th anniversary with
an appearance, along
with rising singersongwriter Jade Bird.
they loved, wondering where love
had gone.
Where there was once LGB, there
was LGBT, then LGBTQ, then
last, but probably not finally,
LGBTQIAPD. This acronym stands
for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans,
Queer/questioning, Intersex,
Asexual/Aromantic, Pansexual/
Polysexual, Demisexual.
You don’t need to be an expert to
see that many of these identities
have little in common with one
another. That might have been the
thinking behind GENDERQUAKE
(C4) in which a group of people
belonging to various parts of
today’s sexual identity spectrum
share a house and get drunk a lot.
Unlike the old blokes who
obligingly provided a bit of outrage
in the pub scenes, I’m not
convinced the sexual spectrum is a
fad. As 22-year-old housemate
Saffron pointed out last night, the
path of being non-binary,
transsexual etc is so tough that no
one would do it as a hobby.
What’s new is the business of
trying to pin down the unpin-downable and turn it into an
us-versus-them situation. Things
got ugly when another member of
the group refused to talk about
having been born as a girl.
He’d had surgery to become a
man which, in his view, made him a
man, not a transsexual. It seemed
that, to some of his fellows, every
personal choice was valid and right,
except that one.
It felt like the cause of all these
healthy, attractive young folk
getting so hot and bothered was
politics rather than sex. If that’s
true, the human race is doomed.
Fragrant Polianthes
Polianthes tuberosa 'The Pearl'
produces double creamy white
flowers formed in fragrant
clusters atop slender stems.
Indigenous to Mexico, they
produce heavily scented
flowers, often used as the
middle note in perfumes.
Reaching a height of 60-90cm,
it is ideal for growing in the
border or in pots on the patio
where its fragrance can be
enjoyed. When added to a
vase, it will fill the room with its
sweet scent. Flowers June to
July. 10-12cm tubers supplied.
Delivery within 14 days.
Buy 20 for
You can buy 5 Polianthes
Tuberosa for £8.99, or
order 20 for just £17.98,
Half Price.
0871 664 1469*
Daily Express Offer EX5117, 14 Hadfield Street, Old Trafford, Manchester, M16 9FG
5 Polianthes Tuberosa
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Please write your name and address on the back of your cheque. Or please debit my…
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Daily Express Tuesday May 8 2018
6.00 Breakfast Latest headlines. (S)
9.15 Rip Off Britain: Food (R) (W)
10.00 Homes Under The Hammer
Featuring properties in Cheshire,
Lanarkshire and Norfolk. (W) (S)
11.00 A1: Britain’s Longest Road
Police have to clear a road after
a bin lorry overturns. (AD) (W) (S)
11.45 The Housing Enforcers (S)
12.15 Bargain Hunt At Wetherby
racecourse, West Yorkshire, antiques
experts Charles Hanson and Kate
Bliss help two teams. (AD) (R) (W) (S)
1.00 BBC News At One, Weather
1.30 Regional News, Weather v
1.45 Doctors Something in the post
has a strange effect on Zara, while
Rob visits a schizophrenic woman
who has a strange obsession. (AD)
2.15 800 Words George tries to warn
everyone not to get too involved in his
brother Terry’s schemes. (AD) (W) (S)
3.00 Escape To The Country
Ginny Buckley helps a couple
hoping to move to Lincolnshire on
a budget of £500,000. (AD) (W) (S)
3.45 Flipping Profit Charles
Hanson, Melissa Downhill and
Anthony Devine look for potentially
lucrative bargains in Kendal. (AD) (W)
4.30 Flog It! Paul Martin takes a look
at the treasures and lavish interiors at
Parham House in West Sussex. (R)
5.15 Pointless Quiz, presented
by Alexander Armstrong. (W) (S)
6.00 BBC News At Six, Weather
6.30 Regional News, Weather v
6.00 Flog It! Trade Secrets (R) (S)
6.30 A1: Britain’s Longest Road
An accident on a wet road leaves a
life hanging in the balance. (AD) (R)
7.15 Flipping Profit (R) (W) (S)
8.00 Sign Zone: Top Of The Shop
With Tom Kerridge Four food
producers with fledgling businesses
test out products in Malhamdale. (R)
9.00 Victoria Derbyshire (W) (S)
11.00 BBC Newsroom Live (W) (S)
11.30 The Week In Parliament
Presented by Mandy Baker. (W) (S)
12.00 Daily Politics Parliamentary
reports, presented by Jo Coburn. (W)
1.00 The Super League Show
Tanya Arnold presents action from the
latest Super League matches. (W) (S)
1.45 Home Away From Home
A mother and daughter from West
Sussex swap homes with a couple
from South Gloucestershire. (R) (S) v
2.30 Going Back, Giving Back
Aled Jones meets a former Land Girl,
who is helping a veteran struggling
with the effects of war. (R) (W) (S) v
3.15 Digging For Britain (R) (S) v
4.15 Tudor Monastery Farm
Ruth Goodman, Peter Ginn and Tom
Pinfold run a farm in 1500. (R) (S) v
5.15 Money For Nothing
Sarah Moore and her team revamp a
collection of 1980s chairs. (R) (W) v
6.00 Eggheads Quiz show. (R) (W)
6.30 Great British Railway
Journeys Michael Portillo travels
from Greenock to Larkhall. (AD) (R)
6.00 Good Morning Britain A lively
mix of news and current affairs, plus
health and lifestyle features. (W) (S)
8.30 Lorraine Entertainment, current
affairs and fashion news, as well as
showbiz stories and celebrity gossip.
9.25 The Jeremy Kyle Show
Guests air their differences. (W) (S)
10.30 This Morning Phillip Schofield
and Holly Willoughby present celebrity
chat and lifestyle features, including
a look at the stories making the
headlines and a recipe in the kitchen.
12.30 Loose Women More celebrity
interviews and topical debate from
a female perspective. (W) (S)
1.30 ITV News, Weather
1.55 Regional News, Weather v
2.00 Judge Rinder Cameras follow
criminal barrister Robert Rinder as
he takes on various real-life cases
in a studio courtroom. (W) (S)
3.00 Tenable The Staff Roomies, five
teachers from Birmingham, answer
questions about top ten lists, then try
to score a perfect ten in the final. (W)
3.59 ITV Local Weather (W) (S) v
4.00 Tipping Point Ben Shephard
hosts the arcade-themed quiz show,
in which contestants drop tokens
down a choice of four chutes. (W) (S)
5.00 The Chase Bradley Walsh
presents as Darren, Brian, Emily and
Jane answer general knowledge
questions and work as a team. (W) (S)
6.00 Regional News, Weather v
6.30 ITV News, Weather
6.00 Countdown Word game. (R) (S)
6.45 3rd Rock From The Sun (R)
7.10 3rd Rock From The Sun (R)
7.35 Everybody Loves Raymond
Katarina Witt guests stars. (R) (S)
8.00 Everybody Loves Raymond
Ray brings home a stray bulldog. (R)
8.30 Frasier John Mahoney stars. (R)
9.00 Frasier A temporary callscreener steals the show. (AD) (R) (S)
9.35 Frasier Mel persuades Niles
to compete against Frasier. (R) (S)
10.05 Ramsay’s Kitchen
Nightmares USA (R) (S)
11.00 Undercover Boss USA
Amit Kleinberger, the CEO of
Menchie’s, goes incognito. (R) (S)
12.00 Channel 4 News Summary
12.05 Coast Vs Country A couple
hoping to move to Essex. (AD) (R)
1.05 Posh Pawnbrokers (R) (W)
2.10 Countdown With guest Dr Phil
Hammond in Dictionary Corner. (S)
3.00 A Place In The Sun:
Summer Sun Two London barristers
seek a holiday home on the Spanish
Costa del Sol with £100,000. (R) (S)
4.00 The £100k Drop (W) (S)
5.00 Four In A Bed The second
visit is to Duxford Lodge, run by
ex-phone salesman Kevin Patel. (R)
5.30 Buy It Now Featuring an
invention so small it can be
hidden behind a human ear. (S)
6.00 The Simpsons (AD) (R) (S)
6.30 Hollyoaks Diane and Tony
prepare to get Dee Dee’s results. (R)
6.00 Milkshake! Fun for youngsters.
9.15 The Wright Stuff
Matthew Wright and guests talk about
the issues of the day, with viewers
calling in to offer their opinions. (S)
11.15 Can’t Pay? We’ll Take It
Away! Paul Bohill and Phil Short
must deal with a negligent tenant
who fled upon their arrival. (R) (S)
12.10 5 News Lunchtime (S)
12.15 GPs: Behind Closed Doors
A man in his 60s who feels exhausted
is encouraged to cut back on the
60-hour weeks he regularly works. (R)
1.10 Access Showbiz news. (S)
1.15 Home And Away (AD) (S)
1.45 Neighbours (AD) (S)
2.15 The Yorkshire Vet
Casebook Favourite stories and
unseen footage from the series,
following vet Julian Norton, his partner
Peter Wright and their team. (R) (S)
3.15 Snatched At Birth 2017 (PG)
Premiere. A grieving woman develops
an unhealthy obsession with having a
child. When her best friend gives birth,
and then dies in a car accident, the
newborn goes missing. Thriller, with
Kaitlyn Black and David Gallagher.
5.00 5 News At 5 Latest headlines.
5.30 Neighbours Elly realises she is
endangering her friendship with Amy
and breaks things off with Liam. (R)
6.00 Home And Away Justin leaves
Ava alone with Willow, but has
cause to regret it. (AD) (R) (S)
6.30 5 News Tonight Headlines. (S)
Gaskell is
forced to take
a massive
7.00 The One Show Another
mix of nationwide reports and live
studio-based chat, hosted by Matt
Baker and Alex Jones. (W) (S)
7.30 EastEnders A suspicious
car is spotted, leaving some
residents feeling anxious, while
Billy gives Honey an ultimatum.
Chef Tom
Kerridge looks
to find the best
food producers,
7.00 Back To The Land With
„ Kate Humble New series.
of the show in which
„ Return
the presenter champions the
UK’s most inspirational rural
entrepreneurs, beginning with two
seaweed farmers in Cornwall.
See Pick Of The Day. (AD) (W)
Davina McCall
presents the
7.00 Emmerdale Charity tries
to move on, while Noah holds a
secret. Elsewhere, Laurel does
her best to stay strong. (AD) (W)
7.30 Devon And Cornwall
Cops Officers are on the tail of a
suspected drug dealer at one of
Cornwall’s biggest days out. (R)
Misbah is
confronted by
an education
welfare officer,
Julian Norton is
forced to treat
his beloved
7.00 Channel 4 News
Including sport and weather. (S)
7.00 MotoGP Highlights
The Spanish Grand Prix. Action
from the fourth round of the
season at Circuito de Jerez in
Andalusia. Andrea Dovizioso
entered this race at the top of
the riders’ championship. (S)
Followed by 5 News Update. (S)
8.00 The Secret Life Of 5
8.00 The Yorkshire Vet
Julian Norton is called out to
Gus, a much-loved trekking
llama, who has an excruciatingly
painful problem and the team also
tries to save an orphaned kitten.
(AD) (S) Followed by 5 News
Update. Latest headlines. (S)
8.00 Holby City As the pressure 8.00 Top Of The Shop With
builds from all sides, Gaskell
Tom Kerridge Producers
takes a huge risk to save his
making baked goods fight it out
trial. An unwelcome discovery
for a place in the final. They
threatens Dom’s career and his
include Phoebe who makes
relationship with Lofty. Elsewhere,
free-from chocolate brownies
an angry relative puts Fletch’s
and Mike who bakes traditional
professionalism to the test. (AD)
sourdough in his spare time. (AD)
8.00 This Time Next Year
Davina McCall meets an 11-yearold meningitis survivor hoping to
have hands, plus a couple with
fertility complications who dream
of starting a family. Also taking
part are parents whose wish is for
their son to take his first steps. (S)
9.00 The Split Hannah finds
9.00 Secret Agent Selection:
WW2 Eight of the 14 students
have fallen, leaving just six
survivors to undertake the Special
Operations Executive’s Final
Scheme – a 24 hour mission
bringing together all the skills they
have learned. Last in the series.
9.00 Who Wants To Be A
Millionaire? Six new
contestants try their luck at
Fastest Finger to win a chance to
sit in the hot seat to answer 15
questions in the hope of winning
£1,000,000. Jeremy Clarkson
hosts the revived quiz. (W) (S)
9.00 Genderquake Part two
9.00 British Airways: 100
of two. As the exploration of
Years In The Sky Part two
gender-fluidity continues, a feud
of two. Charting the airline from
simmers between Markus and
its birth in 1974 to the end of
gender-traditionalist Romario after
Concorde, and its more turbulent
a boozed up night that went too
recent years, including problems
far. Meanwhile, Cambell, Brooke
with Heathrow’s state-of-the-art
and Charlie escape the tension.
baggage system at Terminal 5. (S)
10.00 Later Live – With Jools
10.00 ITV News At Ten
Round-up of the latest national
and international headlines. (W)
10.00 Genderquake: The
Debate A panel of guests
discuss what gender means in
2018. Issues include, “Should it
be easier to change gender” and
“Does gender matter anyway?”.
10.00 Our Secret World: Circus
Kids Documentary following the
lives of children performing in
circuses, offering an honest
insight into their closely guarded
world as they embark on the
gruelling season that runs from
February to November. (R) (S)
11.00 Flight HS13 Alex, who has
stopped taking her medication,
tells Liv that Simon had an affair
with a woman from Iran in the
past. Liv is angry with Haje, but
keeps searching for clues to
Simon’s disappearance. In Dutch.
11.05 Our Secret World: Gypsy
Kids In Birmingham, tensions
are running high for nine-year-old
Margaret and her cousins, who
are being evicted by bailiffs
every seven days. Meanwhile,
14-year-old Jamsey is dreaming
of a place to call home. (R) (S)
caught in the middle when
„ herself
and Christie clash on
„ Nathan
a highly charged divorce case
involving fertility law and the
ownership of frozen embryos.
Meanwhile, Ruth evades more
questions. See Pick Of The Day.
10.00 BBC News At Ten
Round-up of the latest national
and international headlines. (W)
10.30 Regional News (W) (S) v
10.45 Back To School With
Mum And Dad Documentary
filmed over one term following
three children and their families
at the Family School, a place
which gives excluded children
a second chance. (W) (S) v
11.40 Prince Harry & Meghan
Markle – The Engagement
Interview A chat with Mishal
Husain at Kensington Palace. v
„ Holland New series. Return
the live music programme.
„ of
See Pick Of The Day. (W) (S)
10.30 Newsnight
Analysis of the day’s events,
presented by Kirsty Wark. (W) (S)
Followed by Weather. (W) (S)
10.30 Regional News (W) (S) v
11.15 Love In The Countryside
Sara Cox meets eight singletons
living in the countryside as they
begin their journey to find love. In
the first episode, Yorkshireman
Pete and 32-year-old farmer
Christine begin their quest to find
the perfect partner. (AD) (R) (W)
11.15 Prince Harry’s Story:
Four Royal Weddings
Documentary charting Harry’s
journey through turning points in
his life – four other royal weddings
and the death of his mother,
Diana, Princess of Wales. (R) (W)
10.45 Heathrow: Britain’s
Busiest Airport Passenger
experience manager Demi deals
with angry passengers. (R) (S) v
„ Year Olds Part one of two.
children learn the difference
„ How
between right and wrong. Dr
Elizabeth Kilbey and educational
neuroscientist Professor Paul
Howard-Jones offer insight.
See Pick Of The Day. (AD) (S)
12.00 First Dates (AD) (R) (S) 1.00
12.05 Celeb Trolls: We’re Coming
One Born Every Minute (AD) (R) (S)
To Get You Frankie Bridge and
12.10 The Durrells The family meets
her team target a troll. (R) (S) 1.00
1.55 Our Wildest Dreams (AD) (R)
members of a travelling circus and
12.15 Sign Zone: Stephen: The
SuperCasino 3.10 GPs: Behind
gets involved in helping them to
Murder That Changed A
Busiest Waterway (R) (S) 3.45 Gok’s
Closed Doors (R) (S) 4.00 Tribal
drum up business. (AD) (R) (W) (S)
Nation The police investigation
Fill Your House For Free (R) (S) 4.40
Teens – Here Comes Trouble (R)
1.00 Jackpot247. Live gaming. (W)
reveals shocking footage. (AD) (R)
(SL) (S) 4.45 House Doctor (R) (SL)
Steph And Dom’s One Star To Five
3.00 Loose Women (R) (W) 3.45 ITV
(SL) (W) (S) 1.15 Sign Zone: Secret
5.10 Wildlife SOS (R) (SL) (S)
Nightscreen (W) 5.05-6.00 The
Agent Selection: WW2 (AD) (R) (SL)
5.35-6.00 Nick’s Quest (R) (SL) (S)
Sandi Toksvig hosts the quiz. (R) (S)
Jeremy Kyle Show (R) (SL) (W) (S)
2.15-6.00 This Is BBC Two (W) (S)
(S) SUBTITLES (R) REPEAT (AD) AUDIO DESCRIPTION (SL) SIGN LANGUAGE (W) WIDESCREEN v Regional variations opposite „ Recommended „Ê„ Outstanding
12.05-6.00 BBC News Round-up of
the latest national and international
headlines, including weather forecast
updates and sport results. (W) (S) v
Daily Express Tuesday May 8 2018
6.00 Teleshopping Home shopping.
8.00 Dogs Make You Laugh Out
Loud 2 Videos featuring dogs. (S)
8.25 Dance Moms Reality series. (S)
9.10 According To Jim US sitcom.
9.40 According To Jim US sitcom.
10.05 8 Simple Rules US sitcom. (S)
10.40 8 Simple Rules US sitcom. (S)
11.05 On Benefits: Breadline
Brummies Documentary, featuring
a single mum-of-five struggling to
get by on income support. (S)
12.05 Police Interceptors
Rick Edwards and Ortis Deley
join officers on the night shift. (S)
1.05 Can’t Pay? We’ll Take It
Away! Enforcement agents Brian
and Del chase £2,000 worth of debt.
2.05 Can’t Pay? We’ll Take It
Away! Agents Stewart and Elmor
attempt to collect £5,000. (S)
3.00 Neighbours Australian soap. (S)
3.30 Home And Away (AD) (S)
4.00 Will & Grace Hit comedy.
4.30 Will & Grace US sitcom.
5.00 8 Simple Rules Hit comedy. (S)
5.30 8 Simple Rules US sitcom. (S)
6.00 Neighbours Elly realises she is
endangering her friendship with Amy
and breaks things off with Liam. (R)
6.30 Home And Away
Maggie is devastated when she
finds a lump under her arm. (AD) (S)
7.00 Police Interceptors
Liam and police dog Titan take
part in a full-scale manhunt. (S)
8.00 Can’t Pay? We’ll Take It
Away! Stewart and Vic become party
to a fractured family’s school fee woes
in Staffordshire, while Del and Dael
need to reclaim £3,500 after a rental
van was returned badly damaged. (S)
9.00 Rich Kids Go Skint Angelina,
a wealthy 16 year old, goes to live with
Amy, a teenage mum in Hartford near
Manchester, and learns about the
responsibilities of being a mother. (S)
10.00 FILM: Wild Card 2015 (15)
Action thriller, starring Jason
Statham and Michael Angarano. (S)
12.10 ASBO & Proud 1.10 Celebrity
Sex Pod (S) 2.10 Celeb Trolls: We’re
Coming To Get You (S) 3.10 When
Kids Kill (S) 4.00-6.00 Teleshopping
6.00 Teleshopping Home shopping.
9.00 Access Latest showbiz gossip.
9.05 Catch A Contractor A builder
who turned out to be unlicensed.
9.25 Rookie Blue Three severed
heads are found in a car boot.
10.10 Law & Order The police face
a dilemma. Sam Waterston stars. (S)
11.10 NCIS: New Orleans The naval
crime drama spin-off returns. (AD) (S)
12.05 NCIS: New Orleans LaSalle
tries to avoid an old flame. (AD) (S)
1.05 NCIS Gibbs tries to protect one
of his dead daughter’s friends, who is
being stalked by an Iraq war veteran.
2.00 Rookie Blue Gail Peck worries
she has been contaminated.
3.00 Law & Order McCoy tries
to prosecute a pilot accused of
murdering her married lover. (S)
4.00 Law & Order Briscoe and
Curtis investigate a seemingly random
drive-by shooting. Jerry Orbach stars.
5.00 FILM: Drew Peterson:
Untouchable 2012 (12) Fact-based
crime drama, starring Rob Lowe. (S)
6.50 Access Latest showbiz gossip.
7.00 NCIS In the first of a two-part
story, the entire team is put in danger
while hunting for the killer of a former
NCIS agent. Mark Harmon stars. (AD)
8.00 NCIS Part two of two. Vance
sticks to the rules as he investigates
the death of a fellow agent. (AD) (S)
9.00 Law & Order: Special
Victims Unit A female student
claims to have been assaulted by
four men, prompting the team to
investigate the victim’s story. (S)
10.00 Grimm Nick and Hank
investigate the case of a teenager
who was attacked while breaking
into a house. David Giuntoli stars.
11.00 Law & Order: Special
Victims Unit The detectives
are taunted by a serial killer
who leaves clues about his next
targets scattered around the city,
and suspect he is emulating a
murderer active in the 1970s. (S)
11.55 Rookie Blue Andy is forced
to work on a bank robbery case.
12.55 CSI: Miami 1.50 CSI: Miami
2.50 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
3.50 Access 4.00-6.00 Teleshopping
FM: 97.6-99.8 MHz
6.30 The Radio 1 Breakfast Show With Nick Grimshaw.
10.00 Clara Amfo. 12.45 Newsbeat. 1.00 The Matt
Edmondson Show. 4.00 Greg James. 5.45 Newsbeat.
6.00 Greg James. 7.00 Dan From Bastille And
Grimmy. 9.00 The 8th With Charlie Sloth. 11.00 Huw
Stephens. 1.00 Annie Nightingale. 3.00 Movies That
Made Me: Gary Oldman And Steven Speilberg. 4.00
Radio 1’s Early Breakfast Show With Adele Roberts.
FM: 88-90.2 MHz
5.00 Vanessa Feltz. 6.30 Chris Evans. 9.30 Ken
Bruce. 12.00 Jeremy Vine. 2.00 Steve Wright In The
Afternoon. 5.00 Amol Rajan. 7.00 Jamie Cullum.
8.00 Ana Matronic. 10.00 Kylie Minogue From A To Z.
11.00 Nigel Ogden: The Organist Entertains. 11.30
Listen To The Band. 12.00 Sounds Of The 80s. 2.00
Radio 2’s Folk Playlist. 3.00 Radio 2 Playlist: 90s Hits.
4.00-5.00 Radio 2 Playlist: Wednesday Workout.
FM: 90.2-92.4 MHz
6.30 Breakfast. 9.00 Essential Classics. 12.00
Composer Of The Week: Boulanger. 1.00 News. 1.02
Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert. 2.00 Afternoon Concert:
Jonathan Swain introduces music by Bruckner,
Catalani, Tartini, Chausson and a sequence of opera
arias recorded at 2017’s St Gallen and Meiringen music
festivals in Switzerland. 5.00 In Tune: Sean Rafferty
presents music and arts news. 7.00 In Tune Mixtape:
An eclectic non-stop mix of music, featuring old
favourites together with lesser-known gems and a few
surprises. 7.30 Radio 3 In Concert: See Radio Choice.
10.00 Free Thinking: Former army officer Dr Mike
Martin on Why We Fight. Plus, contributions from
Dafydd Mills Daniel. Anne McElvoy presents. 10.45
The Essay: The Migrants: Musician, broadcaster and
birdwatcher Tom McKinney reads Adventure, the next
in his series of essays on bird migration and its
fascination for bird lovers. 11.00 Late Junction. 12.30
Through The Night: Concert music and opera.
FM: 92.4-94.6 MHz LW: 198 kHz
5.30 News Briefing. 5.43 Prayer For The Day. 5.45
Farming Today. 5.58 Tweet Of The Day. 6.00 Today.
9.00 The Life Scientific. 9.30 One To One. 9.45 (LW)
Daily Service. 9.45 (FM) Book of the Week: The
Language Of Kindness. 10.00 Woman’s Hour. 11.00
Is Eating Plants Wrong? 11.30 Instrument Makers.
12.00 News. 12.01 (LW) Shipping Forecast. 12.04
Four Thought. 12.15 Call You And Yours. 12.57
Weather. 1.00 The World At One. 1.45 The
Assassination. 2.00 The Archers: Pat makes a
discovery. 2.15 Drama: Rumpole And The Official
Secret: Horace defends in a dubious espionage trial.
3.00 The Kitchen Cabinet: Jay Rayner presents the
touring culinary panel show from the end of Cromer
Pier, with Annie Gray, Andi Oliver, Jordan Bourke and
Paula McIntyre. 3.30 Costing The Earth: Peter Hadfield
reports on a surprising threat to the Australian outback
– camels. 4.00 Word Of Mouth: Sally Bayley talks
about that words that saved her. 4.30 Great Lives:
Simon Callow tells Matthew Parris why Orson Welles
gets his vote. 5.00 PM: Presented by Carolyn Quinn.
5.54 (LW) Shipping Forecast. 5.57 Weather. 6.00 Six
O’Clock News. 6.30 Thanks A Lot, Milton Jones!
Comedy. 7.00 The Archers: Olwen puts her foot down.
7.15 Front Row: Arts programme. 7.45 Love Henry
James: The Wings Of The Dove: Dramatised by Linda
Marshall Griffiths. 8.00 The Art Of Money: John Wilson
examines rising profits in the art market as paintings
are sold for record breaking prices and considers the
possible impact this will have on the cultural world.
8.40 In Touch: News, views and information for people
who are blind or partially sighted, presented by Peter
White. 9.00 All In The Mind: Programme exploring the
limits and potential of the human mind. 9.30 The Life
Scientific: Carlo Rovelli on why time is not what it
seems. 10.00 The World Tonight: With Chris Mason.
10.45 Book at Bedtime: The Valley At The Centre Of
The World: By Malachy Tallack. 11.00 Talking To
Strangers. 11.30 Today In Parliament. 12.00 News,
Weather. 12.30 Book of the Week: The Language Of
Kindness. 12.48 Shipping Forecast. 1.00 As BBC
World Service. 5.20-5.30 Shipping Forecast.
MW: 909, 693 kHz
5.00 Morning Reports. 5.15 Wake Up To Money: A full
round-up of news, sport and business for the day
ahead, and a look at the morning’s newspapers. 6.00
5 Live Breakfast. 10.00 The Emma Barnett Show With
BBC1 Variations WALES: 10.40 The Wedding Guru
11.10 Back To School With Mum And Dad 12.05 Prince
Harry & Meghan Markle – The Engagement Interview 12.30
Weather For The Week Ahead 12.35-6.00 BBC News
BBC2 Variations WALES: 1.45 First Minister’s Questions
2.35 Home Away From Home 3.20 Digging For Britain
4.20 Tudor Monastery Farm 5.20-6.00 Coast
ITV Variations ITV CHANNEL: 1.00 ITV Nightscreen
S4C 6.00 Cyw: Yr Ysgol 6.15 Cyw: Blero Yn Mynd I Ocido
6.25 Cyw: Halibalw 6.35 Cyw: Igam Ogam 6.50 Cyw:
Sam Tân 7.00 Cyw: Chwedlau Tinga Tinga 7.10 Cyw:
Sbarc 7.25 Cyw: Dip Dap 7.30 Cyw: Patrôl Pawennau
7.45 Cyw: Dona Direidi 8.00 Cyw: Syrcas Deithiol Dewi
8.10 Cyw: Pingu 8.15 Cyw: Boj 8.30 Cyw: Abadas 8.40
Cyw: Bla Bla Blewog 8.55 Cyw: Ben A Mali A’u Byd Bach
O Hud 9.05 Cyw: Sbridiri 9.25 Cyw: Meripwsan 9.30
Cyw: Straeon Ty Pen 9.45 Cyw: Pentre Bach 10.00 Cyw:
Yr Ysgol 10.15 Cyw: Blero Yn Mynd I Ocido 10.25 Cyw:
Halibalw 10.35 Cyw: Igam Ogam 10.50 Cyw: Sam Tân
11.00 Cyw: Chwedlau Tinga Tinga 11.10 Cyw: Sbarc
11.25 Cyw: Dip Dap 11.30 Cyw: Patrôl Pawennau 11.45
Cyw: Dona Direidi 12.00 Newyddion S4C A’r Tywydd
12.05 Y Ty Cymreig 12.30 Cwymp Yr Ymerodraethau
1.30 Only Men Aloud 2.00 Newyddion S4C A’r Tywydd
2.05 Prynhawn Da 3.00 Newyddion S4C A’r Tywydd 3.05
Yr Ocsiwniar 3.30 Gwyllt Ar Grwydr 4.00 Awr Fawr 5.00
Stwnsh: Ffeil 5.05 Stwnsh: Pigo Dy Drwyn 5.30 Stwnsh:
Gwboi A Twm Twm 5.45 Stwnsh: £Fi 6.00 Newyddion S4C
A’r Tywydd. News and weather. 6.05 04 Wal 6.30 Rownd
A Rownd 7.00 Heno 7.30 Pobol Y Cwm 8.00 Ffit Cymru
9.00 Newyddion 9 A’r Tywydd 9.30 Y Ditectif 10.00 Wil
Ac Aeron: Taith Rwmania 10.30 Cyfrinachau’r Meirw
Radio 3 In Concert,
Radio 3, 7.30pm
Violinist Tasmin Little joins the BBC
National Orchestra of Wales for
Bruch’s Violin Concerto No 1.
Plus, Joseph Swensen conducts
the orchestra through a gradual
journey to glory in Bruckner’s
Seventh Symphony.
Anna Foster. 1.00 Afternoon Edition. 4.00 5
Live Drive. 7.00 5 Live Sport: Mark Pougatch
presents football debate, sports news,
interviews and features. Plus, live updates
from Swansea City v Southampton in the
Premier League. 10.30 Phil Williams: Live
news and sport. 1.00-5.00 Up All Night.
MW: 1053, 1089, 1071, 1107 kHz
6.00 The Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast With
Ray Parlour. 10.00 Jim White. 1.00
Hawksbee And Jacobs. 4.00 Adrian Durham
And Darren Gough. 7.00 Kick-off: Swansea
City v Southampton (Kick-off 7.45pm).
Commentary on the Premier League match
from Liberty Stadium. 10.00 Sports Bar.
1.00-6.00 Extra Time With Adam Catterall.
The composer’s epic work
was inspired by the scope and
spirituality of Bach with a simple
idea ascending like a prayer as
the piece opens before being
transfigured in its final bars.
Nicola Heywood Thomas presents
from the Bragwyn Hall, Swansea.
FM: 100-102 MHz
6.00 More Music Breakfast. 9.00 John
Suchet: Music and chat. 1.00 Aled Jones.
5.00 Classic FM Drive. 7.00 Smooth Classics
At Seven. 8.00 The Full Works Concert.
10.00 Smooth Classics. 1.00 Sam Pittis.
on digital only
5.00 News. 5.06 The Newsroom. 5.30
Discovery. 6.00 Newsday. 8.30 Business
Daily. 8.50 Witness. 9.00 News. 9.06 The
Forum. 9.50 Sporting Witness. 10.00 World
Update. 11.00 The Newsroom. 11.30 In The
Studio. 12.00 News. 12.06 Outlook. 1.00
The Newsroom. 1.30 The Documentary. 2.00
Newshour. 3.00 News: Latest headlines.
3.06 BBC World Hacks. 3.30 World Business
Report. 4.00 BBC OS. 6.00 News. 6.06
Outlook. 7.00 The Newsroom. 7.30 Sport
Today. 8.00 News. 8.06 BBC World Hacks.
8.30 Click. 9.00 Newshour. 10.00 News.
10.06 The Documentary. 10.30 In The
Studio. 11.00 News. 11.06 The Newsroom.
MW: 1215, 1197, 1242 kHz
6.00 Christian O’Connell’s Breakfast Show.
10.00 Leona Graham. 1.00 Andy Bush.
4.00 Dave Berry. 7.00 Danielle Perry. 10.00
Pete Donaldson. 1.00-6.00 Chris Martin.
Prague & the Danube
Explorer River Cruise
Flying from a selection of UK airports
MW: 882, 657 kHz FM: 93.9-95.9,
103.7-103.9 MHz
5.00 Mal Pope. 6.30 Good Morning Wales.
9.00 Jason Mohammad: Music and topical
chat. 11.00 Wynne Evans. 1.00 Eleri Siôn.
4.00 Good Evening Wales. 7.00 Janice
Long. 10.00 News. 10.03 Chris Needs.
1.00-5.00 As BBC World Service.
Premium All-inclusive
Cruise plus Prague Stay
11 days from
Cruise Itinerary
4 & 25 April, 16 May, 4 July, 8 August,
5 September, 10 October 2019
Four-star EA Hotel Sonata Prague
& A-ROSA DONNA river cruise ship
ombine a week on the Blue Danube
with three nights in the majestic
capital of the Czech Republic.
Stay in a four-star centrally located
Prague hotel, enjoy an included tour of
the historic city then transfer to Passau
to join gleaming A-ROSA DONNA for a
memorable, Premium All-Inclusive cruise.
Highlights & Inclusions
11.20 Sports News. 11.30 World Business
Report. 12.00 News. 12.06 The Forum.
12.50 Sporting Witness. 1.00 News. 1.06
Business Matters. 2.00 News. 2.06 The
Newsroom. 2.30 The Documentary. 3.00
News. 3.06 HARDtalk. 3.30 The Compass.
4.00 News. 4.06-5.00 Outlook.
Day Location
Prague, Czech Republic
Morning tour of Prague on Day 2
Morning coach transfer from
Prague to Passau, Germany
Vienna, Austria
City tour of Vienna
Vienna, Austria
Visit to Slovak capital Bratislava
Scenic passage through the Wachau Valley and an
afternoon call in Melk, site of the famous Abbey
Seven nights’ Premium All-Inclusive cruise aboard
A-ROSA DONNA, inclusive of accommodation in your
Esztergom, Hungary
Budapest, Hungary
City tour of Budapest
Budapest, Hungary
Bratislava, Slovakia
Melk, Austria
Passau, Germany
Overnight stay and included guided tour of Vienna
Overnight stay and included guided tour of Budapest
Embark A-ROSA DONNA in Engelhartszell (Passau)
Morning call in Hungary’s Esztergom
Arrives Departs
chosen cabin, on-board buffet breakfast, lunch and
dinner, beverages all day long, including top quality
alcoholic drinks, on-board entertainment and activities
Flights to Prague, returning from Munich, and transfers
between Prague and Engelhartszell (Passau) to join
the ship
Three nights’ bed and breakfast accommodation at the
four-star EA Hotel Sonata, Prague
Included walking tour of Prague’s Old Town
The chance to explore the city by day and night
0871 664 3494
These holidays are organised & operated by Newmarket Holidays Ltd. ABTA V7812. ATOL protected 2325. Subject to availability.
Single supplements apply. Calls cost 13p p/min from a BT landline. For customer services call 0330 160 7912. Prices vary depending on
departure airport and date. Prices are correct at time of going to print. Please check online for latest prices and availability.
Daily Express Tuesday May 8 2018
Sky 301
6.00am Happy Birthday, Toby Simpson (2017)
(15) Comedy drama, with Alexander Perkins. 7.35 Diary
Of A Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul (2017) (U) Comedy
sequel, with Jason Drucker. 9.15 Everything, Everything
(2017) (12) Romantic drama, starring Amandla Stenberg
and Nick Robinson. 10.55 Girl Flu (2016) (15) Premiere.
Comedy, with Katee Sackhoff. 12.40pm Dunkirk (2017)
(12) Drama, starring Kenneth Branagh. 2.30 My Cousin
Rachel (2017) (12) Drama, with Rachel Weisz and Sam
Claflin. 4.20 Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul
(2017) (U) Comedy sequel, starring Jason Drucker. 6.10
Everything, Everything (2017) (12) Romantic drama,
with Amandla Stenberg and Nick Robinson. 8.00 Dunkirk
(2017) (12) Allied soldiers surrounded by the German Army
wait for evacuation during the Second World War. Christopher
Nolan’s drama, starring Kenneth Branagh. 9.50 Girl Flu
(2016) (15) Comedy, starring Katee Sackhoff. 11.30 My
Cousin Rachel (2017) (12) Drama, starring Rachel
Weisz and Sam Claflin. 1.20am Brawl In Cell Block
99 (2017) (18) Crime thriller, starring Vince Vaughn. 3.35
Austin Found (2017) (15) Comedy, starring Linda
Cardellini. 5.30 Rampage: Special Preview.
Sky 307
7.15am Get A Job (2016) (15) With Miles Teller.
8.45 Pretty In Pink (1986) (15) With Molly Ringwald.
10.30 Look Who’s Talking Too (1990) (PG) With
John Travolta. 12.00noon The Longest Yard (2005)
(12) With Adam Sandler. 2.00 Bridget Jones’s Baby
(2016) (15) With Renee Zellweger. 4.10 White Chicks
(2004) (15) With Shawn Wayans. 6.10 Big (1988) (12)
With Tom Hanks. 8.00 The Longest Yard (2005) (12)
An imprisoned quarterback is given the job of forming a team
of inmates to play American football against the guards.
Comedy remake, with Adam Sandler and Burt Reynolds.
10.00 Bridget Jones’s Baby (2016) (15) With Renee
Zellweger. 12.10am White Chicks (2004) (15) With
Shawn Wayans. 2.10 The Benchwarmers (2006) (12)
With Rob Schneider. 3.45 Happy Gilmore (1996) (12)
With Adam Sandler. 5.25 Police Academy 7: Mission
To Moscow (1994) (PG) With George Gaynes.
Sky 306
6.00am The Hunter’s Prayer (2017) (15) With Sam
Worthington. 7.40 Robin Hood (2010) (12) With Russell
Crowe. 10.05 Saving Private Ryan (1998) (15) With
Tom Hanks. 1.00pm Operation Chromite (2016) (15)
t Times quoted are BST
7.50 Batman (1966) (U) Comedy adventure, starring
Adam West and Burt Ward. 9.40 Teenage Mutant
Ninja Turtles: Out Of The Shadows (2016) (12)
Action comedy sequel, starring Megan Fox. 11.40 Doctor
Strange (2016) (12) Fantasy adventure, starring Benedict
Cumberbatch. 1.40pm Transformers: Revenge
Of The Fallen (2009) (12) Sci-fi adventure sequel,
starring Shia LaBeouf. 4.10 X-Men Origins: Wolverine
(2009) (12) Superhero adventure prequel, starring Hugh
Jackman. 6.00 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out
Of The Shadows (2016) (12) Action comedy sequel,
starring Megan Fox. 8.00 Doctor Strange (2016) (12)
Fantasy adventure, starring Benedict Cumberbatch. 10.00
Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen (2009) (12)
Sci-fi adventure sequel, starring Shia LaBeouf. 12.35am
Punisher: War Zone (2008) (18) Comic-book thriller,
starring Ray Stevenson. 2.30 Underworld: Blood
Wars (2016) (15) Action-horror, starring Kate Beckinsale.
4.10 Batman (1966) (U) Comedy adventure.
Sky Movies Action, 8pm
Director Ridley Scott’s 2010 version of Robin Hood is
much darker than various other versions before it,
with Russell Crowe taking on the lead role.
Robin is returning to England, after fighting in Richard
the Lionheart’s crusading army in France, when he
encounters high-ranking Robert of Locksley, dying on
the ground. With a French invasion imminent, Robin
is talked into assuming the man’s identity in order
to protect Nottingham and its people.
However, it’s not long before his new status brings a
whole host of trouble with it and draws him into conflict
with members of the newly crowned King John’s court.
With Lee Jung-jae. 3.00 Battle For Moscow (2016)
(12) With Maksim Abrosimov. 5.05 Saving Private Ryan
(1998) (15) With Tom Hanks. 8.00 Robin Hood (2010)
(12) See Today’s Choice. 10.30 Species (1995) (18)
With Ben Kingsley. 12.30am 12 Rounds (2009) (15)
With John Cena. 2.25 Cyborg (1989) (18) With JeanClaude Van Damme. 3.55 The Hunter’s Prayer (2017)
(15) With Sam Worthington. 5.30 Ready Player One:
Special A look at Steven Spielberg’s sci-fi adventure.
Sky 305
6.45am Babe: Pig In The City (1998) (U) Family
comedy sequel, with Magda Szubanski. 8.30 Smurfs:
The Lost Village (2017) (U) Animated adventure.
10.05 The Haunted Mansion (2003) (PG) Comedy,
starring Eddie Murphy. 11.40 The Secret Of Moonacre
(2008) (U) Fantasy adventure, with Dakota Blue Richards.
1.30pm Gulliver’s Travels (2010) (PG) Fantasy
comedy, starring Jack Black. 3.05 Charlotte’s Web
(2006) (U) Family drama. 4.50 Smurfs: The Lost
Village (2017) (U) Animated adventure. 6.25 The
Haunted Mansion (2003) (PG) Comedy, starring Eddie
Murphy. 8.00 Gulliver’s Travels (2010) (PG) Fantasy
comedy, with Jack Black and Emily Blunt. 9.35 Pele:
Birth Of A Legend (2016) (PG) Biopic charting the
rise of Brazilian football great Pele. Starring Kevin de Paula
and Vincent D’Onofrio. 11.25 Paulie (1998) (U) Family
adventure, starring Gena Rowlands. 1.05am Charlotte’s
Web (2006) (U) Family drama. 2.50 Winter Wedding
(2017) (PG) Romantic drama, starring Erin Krakow. 4.30
Top Cat Begins (2015) (U) Animated comedy.
Freeview 6 - Sky 118
Freeview 10 - Sky 119
6.00am Classic Coronation Street 6.55
Heartbeat 8.00 The Royal 9.00 Judge Judy
10.20 A Touch Of Frost 12.30pm The Royal
1.35 Heartbeat 2.40 Classic Coronation
Street 3.45 On The Buses 4.55 You’re Only
Young Twice 5.25 George And Mildred 6.00
Heartbeat 7.00 Murder, She Wrote 8.00
Agatha Christie’s Poirot 10.00 Scott & Bailey
12.05am The Street 2.25 ITV3 Nightscreen
Freeview 24 - Sky 120
6.00am Tommy Cooper 6.25 The Chase
7.10 Pawn Stars 7.30 Ironside 8.30 Quincy
ME 9.35 Minder 10.35 The Saint 11.35 The
Avengers 12.45pm Ironside 1.50 Quincy
ME 2.50 Minder 3.50 The Saint 4.55
The Avengers 6.00 Cash Cowboys 7.00
Pawn Stars 8.00 River Monsters 9.00 Film:
Executive Decision (1996) (15) 10.05 FYI Daily
10.10 Film: Executive Decision (1996) (15)
11.45 Film: Swordfish (2001) (15) 12.45am
FYI Daily 12.50 Film: Swordfish (2001) (15)
1.40 Ax Men 2.30 The Protectors
Sky 106
6.00am Animal 999 7.00 Meerkat Manor
8.00 Monkey Life 9.00 Motorway Patrol 10.00
Road Wars 11.00 Warehouse 13 12.00noon
NCIS: Los Angeles 1.00 Hawaii Five-0 3.00
NCIS: Los Angeles 4.00 Stargate SG-1 5.00
The Simpsons 5.30 Futurama 6.30 The
Simpsons 8.00 The Flash 9.00 The Blacklist
10.00 The Late Late Show With James
Corden: Best Of The Week 11.00 The Force:
Manchester 12.00midnight Brit Cops: Rapid
Response 1.00 Ross Kemp: Extreme World
2.00 Most Shocking 3.00 Duck Quacks Don’t
Echo. Hosted by Lee Mack. 4.00 Highway
Patrol 5.00 It’s Me Or The Dog
Freeview 28 - Sky 135
6.00am Hollyoaks 7.00 Couples Come Dine
With Me 8.00 How I Met Your Mother 9.00
New Girl 10.00 2 Broke Girls 11.00 Brooklyn
Nine-Nine 12.00noon The Goldbergs 1.00
The Big Bang Theory 2.00 How I Met Your
Mother 3.00 New Girl 4.00 Brooklyn NineNine 5.00 The Goldbergs 6.00 The Big Bang
Theory 7.00 Hollyoaks 7.30 Black-ish 8.00
The Big Bang Theory 9.00 Gotham. Starring
Ben McKenzie. 10.00 Supernatural 11.00 The
Big Bang Theory. US sitcom. 12.00midnight
Tattoo Fixers 1.00 Gotham 2.00 Supernatural
2.45 First Dates 3.40 First Dates Abroad
4.05 2 Broke Girls 4.25 How I Met Your Mother
4.50 Couples Come Dine With Me
Freeview 14 - Sky 136
8.55am Food Unwrapped 9.30 A Place In
The Sun: Winter Sun 11.35 Four In A Bed
2.10pm Come Dine With Me 4.50 A Place In
Sky 303
6.00am X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) (12)
Superhero adventure prequel, starring Hugh Jackman.
6.00am The Planet’s Funniest Animals 6.20
Totally Bonkers Guinness World Records 7.10
Who’s Doing The Dishes? 7.55 Emmerdale
8.25 Coronation Street 9.25 The Ellen
DeGeneres Show 10.20 The Bachelorette
12.15pm Emmerdale 12.45 Coronation
Street 1.45 The Ellen DeGeneres Show 2.35
The Jeremy Kyle Show 6.00 Take Me Out
7.30 You’ve Been Framed! Gold 8.00 Two
And A Half Men 8.30 Superstore 9.00 Film:
Hot Fuzz (2007) (15) 10.05 FYI Daily 10.10
Film: Hot Fuzz (2007) (15) 11.25 Family Guy
12.25am American Dad! 1.20 Celebrity Juice
2.00 Two And A Half Men 2.30 Teleshopping
Sky 309
7.00am Away (2016) (15) With Juno Temple. 9.00
Julie & Julia (2009) (12) With Meryl Streep. 11.10
Australia (2008) (12) With Nicole Kidman. 2.00pm
The Beguiled (2017) (15) With Colin Farrell. 3.40
Awakenings (1990) (12) With Robin Williams. 5.45
The Verdict (1982) (15) With Paul Newman. 8.00 The
Beguiled (2017) (15) The arrival of a wounded Civil
War soldier brings jealousy and betrayal to a Southern girls’
school. Period drama, starring Colin Farrell. 9.45 American
Honey (2016) (15) Drama, with Sasha Lane. 12.30am
In Dubious Battle (2016) (15) With James Franco.
2.30 Frost/Nixon (2008) (15) With Frank Langella.
4.35 Sabrina (1954) (U) With Audrey Hepburn.
Sky 315
6.10am Rawhide Western series. 8.20 Escape From
Fort Bravo (1953) (U) Western, starring William Holden.
10.25 Cheyenne Autumn (1964) (U) John Ford’s
Western, with Richard Widmark. 1.30pm Kelly’s Heroes
(1970) (PG) Second World War adventure, starring Clint
Eastwood. 4.30 Fort Worth (1951) (PG) Western
drama, starring Randolph Scott. 6.05 Clear And Present
Danger (1994) (12) Action thriller, with Harrison Ford.
9.00 GoodFellas (1990) (18) Crime drama, starring
Ray Liotta. 11.55 Letters From Iwo Jima (2006)
(15) Second World War drama, starring Ken Watanabe.
2.55am Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura
3.50 Hollywood’s Best Film Directors 4.50 Off
Set 5.00 Hollywood’s Best Film Directors 5.30
Springfield Rifle (1952) (U) Western adventure.
Freeview 15 - Sky 313
11.00am The Black Knight (1954) (U) Swashbuckling
adventure. 12.45pm We’re No Angels (1955) (PG)
Comedy. 2.55 Three Faces West (1940) (U) Drama,
starring John Wayne. 4.30 The War Wagon (1967) (U)
Western, starring John Wayne. 6.35 Iron Man 2 (2010)
(12) Action adventure sequel, with Robert Downey Jr. 9.00
Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) (12)
Superhero adventure, with Chris Evans. 11.25 Killing
Them Softly (2012) (18) Crime thriller, starring Brad
Pitt. 1.15am Nostalgia (1983) (15) Andrei Tarkovsky’s
drama, starring Oleg Yankovskiy. In Russian and Italian.
The Sun: Winter Sun 5.55 A New Life In The
Sun 6.55 The Secret Life Of The Zoo 7.55
Grand Designs 9.00 My Floating Home 10.05
Inside Out Homes 11.05 24 Hours In A&E
12.10am Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA
1.05 My Floating Home 2.10 24 Hours In A&E
3.15 8 Out Of 10 Cats Uncut
Sky 110
7.30am A Sharp Intake Of Breath 8.00
Goodnight Sweetheart 8.40 The Green Green
Grass 9.20 Last Of The Summer Wine 11.20
You Rang, M’Lord? 12.20pm Are You Being
Served? 1.00 Hi-de-Hi! 1.40 Porridge 2.20
The Green Green Grass 3.00 Last Of The
Summer Wine 5.00 Are You Being Served?
5.40 You Rang, M’Lord? 6.45 Dad’s Army
7.20 Hi-de-Hi! 8.00 Dad’s Army 8.40
Porridge 9.20 The Royle Family 10.40 Live At
The Apollo 11.40 The Thick Of It 1.00am Live
At The Apollo 2.00 Parrot Sketch Not Included:
20 Years Of Monty Python 3.25 Nurse
Sky 107
6.00am Motorway Patrol 7.00 Highway Patrol
7.30 Border Patrol 8.00 Border Security:
Canada’s Front Line 9.00 Elementary 10.00
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 11.00 Cold
Case 12.00noon Children’s Hospital 1.00
Medical Emergency 2.00 Send In The Dogs
3.00 Nothing To Declare 5.00 Border Security:
Canada’s Front Line 6.00 Medical Emergency
7.00 Children’s Accident & Emergency 8.00
Elementary 9.00 Chicago Fire 10.00 Law
& Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders
11.00 Criminal Minds 12.00midnight CSI:
Crime Scene Investigation 1.00 Murders
That Shocked The Nation: John Christie – 10
Rillington Place 2.00 Grey’s Anatomy 3.00
Station 19 4.00 Nothing To Declare 5.00
Border Security: Canada’s Front Line
Freeview 39 - Sky 148
Freeview 66 - Sky 146
6.00am Teleshopping 9.00 Diagnosis Murder
11.00 Gunsmoke 1.00pm Bonanza 2.00
Mission: Impossible 3.05 NCIS. Crime drama.
5.00 NCIS: Los Angeles. Crime drama. 6.00
Diagnosis Murder 8.00 Walker, Texas Ranger
9.00 NCIS 11.00 Scorpion 12.00midnight
NCIS 1.55 NCIS: Los Angeles 2.50 MacGyver
3.45 Walker, Texas Ranger 4.35 NCIS
6.00am Teleshopping 9.00 Judge Judy
10.00 Bondi Rescue 11.00 Celebrity Damage
Control 12.00noon Unsolved Mysteries 1.00
Judge Judy 3.00 Bondi Rescue 4.00 Celebrity
Damage Control 5.00 Judge Judy 7.00 Dog
Patrol 8.00 Medical Detectives 9.00 Snapped:
Killer Couples 10.00 Dark Waters Of Crime
11.00 It Takes A Killer 12.00midnight
Forensic Investigators 1.00 Snapped: Killer
Couples 2.00 Dark Waters Of Crime 3.00
Teleshopping 4.00 Cheaters 4.45 Cops 5.35
Urban Legends. Hosted by Mark Dolan.
Freeview 9 - Sky 116
7.00pm Beyond 100 Days; Weather 7.30
Danceworks: Street To Stage 8.00 Eurovision
Song Contest 2018. See Pick Of The Day.
10.00 Extinct: A Horizon Guide To Dinosaurs
11.00 Timeshift: Penny Blacks & Twopenny
Blues – How Britain Got Stuck On Stamps.
Andrew Martin charts the evolution of British
postage stamps. 12.00midnight Crash Test
Dummies: A Smashing History 1.00 Top Of The
Pops: 1983 2.05 Danceworks: Street To Stage
2.35 Extinct: A Horizon Guide To Dinosaurs
Sky 112
Sky 124
8.00am Scrubs 9.00 Friends 10.00 Gilmore
Girls 11.00 Friends 1.00pm Impractical
Jokers 2.00 Friends 4.00 The Fresh Prince
Of Bel-Air 5.00 Friends 8.00 The Middle 8.30
Life In Pieces 9.00 Film: Tower Heist (2011)
(12) Crime comedy, with Ben Stiller. 11.00
The Chris Ramsey Show 11.30 Your Face
Or Mine 12.00midnight 8 Out Of 10 Cats
12.30 Inside Amy Schumer 1.00 South Park
3.00 The Daily Show 3.25 South Park 4.15
Impractical Jokers 5.00 Teleshopping
8.00am Monk 9.00 Bones 11.00 The
Mentalist 1.00pm NCIS 3.00 Bones 5.00
The Mentalist 7.00 NCIS 9.00 Legion 10.00
Wolf Creek 11.10 Family Guy. Cartoon capers.
12.10am American Dad! 1.05 Family Guy
2.00 American Dad! 3.00 Family Guy 4.00
American Dad! 5.00 Teleshopping
Sky 125
6.00am How It’s Made 7.00 Fast N’ Loud
Revved Up 8.00 Overhaulin’ 9.00 Wheeler
Dealers 10.00 Secrets Of The Underground
11.00 America: Facts Vs Fiction 12.00noon
World War II In Colour 1.00 Nasa’s Unexplained
Files 2.00 Alaska: The Last Frontier 3.00
Yukon Men 4.00 Deadliest Catch 5.00 Gold
Rush 6.00 Wheeler Dealers 7.00 Gold Rush:
Parker’s Trail 8.00 Deadliest Catch: The
Bait: Live From The Shipyard 9.00 Deadliest
Catch 10.00 Gold Divers 11.00 Fast N’ Loud
12.00midnight Deadliest Catch 1.00 Fast N’
Loud Revved Up 2.00 Overhaulin’ 3.00 Gold
Divers 3.50 Deadliest Catch 4.40 Wheeler
Dealers 5.30 How It’s Made
6.00am Good Morning Sports Fans Bitesize
7.00 Good Morning Sports Fans 10.00 Premier
League Daily 11.00 Live ATP Masters Tennis.
The Mutua Madrid Open. Day two. 3.00pm Live
Indian Premier League. Rajasthan Royals v Kings
XI Punjab. 7.30 Live Premier League. Swansea
City v Southampton (Kick-off 7.45pm). 10.15
The Debate 11.15 Premier League Highlights
11.45 PL Greatest Games 12.00midnight
Sky Sports News 1.00am Live WWE Late
Night Smackdown 3.00 Sky Sports News
Sky 402
6.00am Premier League Highlights 7.00
Premier League Review 8.00 The Debate 9.00
Premier League Highlights 10.00 Premier
League Daily 11.00 The Debate 12.00noon
Premier League Highlights 1.30 Premier League
100 Club 2.00 PL Best Goals 93/94 3.00
Premier League Review 4.00 Premier League
100 Club 4.30 Premier League Highlights 6.00
Premier League Review 7.00 Premier League
100 Club 7.30 Live Premier League. Swansea
City v Southampton (Kick-off 7.45pm). 10.15
The Debate 11.15 Premier League Highlights
11.45 PL Greatest Games 12.00midnight
Premier League Review 12.30am Premier
League Highlights 1.00 The Debate 2.00
Premier League Highlights 2.30 Best PL
Goals: Manchester Derby 3.00 The Debate
4.00 Premier League Highlights 4.30 Best PL
Goals: Manchester Derby 5.00 Premier League
Legends 5.30 Premier League Legends
Sky 404
6.00am Cricket’s Greatest Games 7.00 Ashes
Greats 7.45 Virat Kohli: IPL King 8.00 Indian
Premier League 12.30pm Cricket’s Greatest
Games 1.00 Michael Holding: Whispering Death
2.00 Best Of England v Pakistan 3.00 Live
Indian Premier League. Rajasthan Royals v Kings
XI Punjab. 7.30 Best Of England v Pakistan 8.15
Best Of Sky Cricket 8.30 Indian Premier League.
Rajasthan Royals v Kings XI Punjab. 1.00am
Michael Holding: Whispering Death 2.00 Cricket’s
Greatest Games 3.00 Battle Of Trent Bridge –
Atherton V Donald 3.10 Best Of The Blast 4.00
Cricket’s Greatest Games
Sky 407
6.00am Sky Sports Boxing Gold 7.00 Sporting
Triumphs 7.30 Sky Sports Boxing Gold 8.30
NFL – Greatest Games 10.00 NFL: America’s
Game 11.00 Racing News 11.30 Sporting
Triumphs 12.00noon NFL – A Football Life
1.00 Sporting Records 2.00 Darts Gold 3.00
NFL – Greatest Games 4.30 Sportswomen 5.00
WWE Smackdown 7.00 Netball Superleague
8.00 Fight Night. Anthony Joshua v Joseph
Parker. 10.00 WWE Late Night Raw. Wrestling
action from the States. 1.00 Super League
Fulltime 1.30 Super League Gold 2.00 NFL –
Greatest Games 3.30 Sky Sports Boxing Gold
Sky 413
5.00am White, Blue And White 6.00 BT Sport
Goals Reload 6.15 Premier League Reload
6.30 Game Of The Week 7.00 Everton V
Southampton 8.30 Premier League Tonight
9.00 Premier League Review 10.00 Hearts
V Celtic 11.30 Fortuna Dusseldorf V Holstein
Kiel 12.30 Premier League Review 1.30
NBA High Tops: Plays Of The Month. A look at
the best plays from the NBA in January. 2.00
NBA: Celtics @ 76ers 3.45 NBA: Raptors @
Cavaliers 5.30 Serie A Show 6.00 Premier
League Reload 6.15 BT Sport Goals Reload
6.30 Inspiring Disabled People Through Sport
6.45 Live WSL: Liverpool V Man City. Liverpool
Ladies v Manchester City Women (Kick-off
7.00pm). 9.15 MotoGP Rewind 9.30 Toyota
AFL Highlights Show 10.00 UEFA Champions
League Magazine 10.30 Serie A Show 11.00
Game Of The Week 11.30 ESPN Films: The
Marinovich Project 1.00am NBA Playoffs
3.30 NBA Reload 4.00 FIM Enduro World
Championship 4.30 Formula E: Street Racers
Sky 410
7.30am Archery World Cup 8.00 Cycling: Giro
D’Italia 9.00 European Rally Championship
9.30 Bennetts British Superbikes 11.00
Cycling: Giro D’Italia 12.00noon Live Cycling:
Giro D’Italia 4.45 Cycling: Tour de Yorkshire
5.45 The Voxwomen Cycling Show 6.15 The
Commissioner Of Football 6.20 WATTS 6.30
Beyond Champions 7.00 Cycling: Giro D’Italia
8.30 Athletics: Diamond League 9.30 Cycling:
Giro D’Italia 11.00 Horse Excellence 11.30
European Rally Championship 12.00midnight
FIA World Endurance Championship 12.30
Blancpain Sprint GT Series. Highlights.
Sky 130
6.00am Pawn Stars 6.30 American Pickers
7.25 Storage Wars 7.55 Pawn Stars 8.20
Counting Cars 9.15 Ancient Aliens 10.10
Doomsday: 10 Ways The World Will End 11.05
Forged In Fire 12.00noon Ultimate Vehicles
1.00 Pawn Stars 2.00 American Pickers 3.00
Counting Cars 4.00 Storage Wars 5.30 Pawn
Stars 6.00 Forged In Fire 7.00 American
Pickers 8.00 Project Impossible 9.00 Kingpin
10.50 Ancient Aliens 11.50 The Curse Of
Civil War Gold 12.50am Project Impossible
1.50 Homicide Hunter 2.50 Ancient Aliens
3.55 Forged In Fire 5.00 Storage Wars
Freeview 19 - Sky 155
Freeview 25 - Sky 158
6.00am Tales Of Irish Castles 7.10 Who
Do You Think You Are? 8.00 Time Team
9.00 Coast 10.00 Medieval Dead 11.00
Abandoned Engineering 12.00noon Time
Team 1.00 Planet Earth 2.00 The Blue
Planet 3.00 Coast 4.00 Medieval Dead
5.00 Abandoned Engineering 6.00 The
World At War 7.00 Impossible Railways 8.00
Abandoned Engineering 9.00 Open All Hours
11.00 Porridge 1.00am The World At War
2.00 Black Ops 3.00 Home Shopping
7.05am Homes Under The Hammer 8.00
Bargain Hunt 9.00 DIY SOS Special 10.00
MasterChef USA 11.00 Fantasy Homes By The
Sea 12.00noon Escape To The Country 1.00
DIY SOS Special 2.00 Escape To The Country
3.00 Bargain Hunt 4.00 Fantasy Homes By
The Sea 5.00 Homes Under The Hammer
6.00 A Place In The Sun: Home Or Away 7.00
MasterChef USA 8.00 Escape To The Country
10.00 Love The Place You’re In 11.00 My FlatPack Home 12.00midnight A Place In The
Sun: Home Or Away 1.00 Homes Under The
Hammer 2.00 Escape To The Country 2.45
Bargain Hunt 3.35 Storage Hunters UK
Sky 129
Sky 133
Sky 113
8.00am Air Crash Investigation 10.00
Supercar Megabuild 11.00 Strippers: Cars
For Cash 12.00noon WW2 Hell Under The
Sea 1.00 War Heroes Of The Skies 2.00 Nazi
Megastructures 3.00 Car SOS 5.00 Air Crash
Investigation 8.00 One Strange Rock 10.00
Genius: Picasso 11.00 Science Of Stupid
2.00am Supercar Megabuild 3.00 Strippers:
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Daily Express Tuesday May 8 2018
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Daily Express Tuesday May 8 2018
WHY is anyone surprised that
there are so may murders and
assaults in our towns and cities?
There is little or no discipline in
the home and schools are banned
from punishing unruly children
who can only be expelled and are
then driven into the arms of gangs.
Kids love to belong and if gangs
are the only place where they can
feel wanted then gangs will prosper
as we no longer have an effective
police service able to tackle them.
Then when such people are put
before a court they are given soft
sentences in cushy jails where they
will only serve half of it. No real
deterrent, is there?
Peter Hyde,
Driffield, E Yorks
I’M not a Manchester United fan
and have little interest in football
but how could anyone fail to have
been moved by the news of Sir Alex
Ferguson being suddenly struck
down by a brain haemorrhage (“Be
strong boss! Football unites for
Fergie after brain surgery”, May 7)?
The name Sir Alex Ferguson is a
national institution and as well
known as The Beatles. You don’t
have to be a football fan to realise
the impact he has made. His
achievements are legendary and it
will be a long time before we see
anyone match his performance.
Beneath the brusque exterior of
a determined manager, Sir Alex is a
kind and caring human being who
unfortunately right now truly needs
the huge number of prayers and
good wishes that are winging their
way to him. Get well soon, Sir.
Jean Norfolk,
Knottingley, W Yorks
IT is great to see the football world
united to support Sir Alex
Ferguson after it was announced
that he had emergency surgery
following a brain haemorrhage.
It is great to see that Manchester
City supporters are also praying
for Fergie, even with the rivalry
that the two teams have had over
the years.
I would like to thank the two City
supporters who held a banner with
“Football Aside Get Well Fergie” on
it at their match against
Huddersfield on Sunday. It feels
great to be part of the game of
football when I see scenes like this.
Daniel Burton,
St Leonards-on-Sea, E Sussex
THIS unfair attack on people who
continue to work past retirement
age has got to stop (“Anger at tax
on working beyond the pension
age”, May 7).
Many of us have to continue to
work to ensure we can keep a roof
over our heads and food on the
table. We have also contributed
national insurance all of our lives to
keep others and now it is our turn.
We are being asked to pay twice.
So can these bright sparks in
government get their act together
and target those who pay nothing
but receive everything and stop
picking on us?
Veronica Hall,
Potters Bar, Herts
HEALTH Secretary Jeremy Hunt is
thinking about making pensioners
pay national insurance to help fund
ONE cannot fail to be moved by the heartache felt by the
mother of Rhyhiem Barton, a young man who was killed
in a senseless gun crime last weekend (“Bloodbath on our
streets”, May 7).
Sadly this is now a common occurrence and the
prevalence of gun and knife crime is spreading from the
capital and major cities into the shires. This must stop.
We must not, like the US, become desensitised and
accepting of it as part of British life. Social and economic
reasons may have a place in explaining the increase in
violent crime but it is not an excuse.
There need to be more police on the beat and a
stronger visible presence in areas most at risk.
There also needs to be a stronger stance on those in
possession of, or convicted of, violent crime using a
weapon and their sale must be restricted and monitored.
It’s the only way to move forward and to get some
control over the situation.
Diane Silva,
Lytham, Lancs HEARTBROKEN: Rhyhiem Barton’s mum Pretana
the NHS. If the NHS is short of
money Mr Hunt’s first port of call
should be Penny Mordaunt,
Secretary of State for International
Development, and Sajid Javid, the
new Home Secretary, both of whom
appear to have lots of money to
spend on people from the rest of
the world.
Robert Evans,
I SUSPECT there are those within
the Labour Left who would be
happy with a few electoral defeats
(“Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership has
run out of steam”, May 7).
This would give them the chance
to carry out the odd purge or two
of “defeatist” and “ideologically
unsound” (anti-Corbynist)
elements within the party, purifying
it for the long struggle ahead.
“Defeat is Victory” does have an
appropriately Orwellian sound.
Peter Davey,
ONCE again the Daily Express
leads the way in campaigning for
tougher sentences to be handed
down to those wicked carers who
continue to rob the elderly of their
life savings and in most cases are
only given a soft sentence (“Cruelty
by carers should be classed as a
hate crime”, May 4).
If the Government made this
despicable act a hate crime
perhaps the judges could hand
down the sort of punishment these
odious creatures deserve.
John Hearn,
Rainham, Kent
I THOROUGHLY salute the Daily
Express for tackling this well paid
hospital chief concerning these
unfair parking charges on people
who are already suffering (“£200 bill
for my deathbed vigil”, May 5).
What exactly does University
Hospital Coventry boss Professor
Andy Hardy do in his elevated
position to earn his £205,000 a year?
What a glib answer he gave to your
reporter Giles Sheldrick.
Of course there are other ways
and means to raise money. How do
other hospital boards cope?
I salute the Daily Express’
generous gesture in covering
grieving widow Gillian Tarry’s
parking charges.
Jill Baxter,
Abergynolwyn, Gwynedd
THERE’S nothing
glamorous and exciting
about shin-deep mud
and relentless, hammering rain,
even if The Rolling Stones are
headlining (“The ultimate 2018
festival guide”, May 7).
I’ve been stuck in a corner of a
field in the middle of nowhere as
the weather closes in more times
than I care to remember.
And all of a sudden, as you’re
chilled to the marrow and your
sodden tent has been smashed to
bits by some drunken idiot falling
on it, the £200 ticket price seems
very expensive indeed.
I’d rather watch it on TV.
Eddie Parker,
I WORKED for some years as a
receptionist at an A&E
department. We had concerned
relatives of patients looking for
change for the parking machines.
On night shifts I would advise
these relatives not to pay because
the Trust would not pay a parking
attendant after hours, he was only
there from 8am to 4pm.
A senior doctor overheard me
explaining the situation to a
relative and reported me. I was
hauled over the coals by my line
manager but I refused to budge.
I had to pay to park, so did the
rest of the staff, except the highly
paid surgeons and consultants.
Gary Faulkner,
Crowborough, E Sussex
FESTIVALS are a great
way to see a load of
bands and I’ve always
found them to be such great value
for money.
Even if you don’t fancy roughing
it in a tent surrounded by noisy
teenagers shouting and screaming
their heads off until dawn, day
tickets are often around the same
price as one-off arena gigs by a
major artist.
And it’s not just the music that
draws the massive crowds at these
wonderful events.
The whole experience is so good
that you could have a great time
without even seeing a band.
James Butler,
Today is celebrated in many places as World Donkey
Day and the start of International Donkey Week. So
let’s have some donkey facts.
(%Domesticated donkeys are found around the
world; wild donkeys are seen only in North Africa.
)%In the UK, anyone wanting to keep a donkey
must apply for a horse passport.
*%Donkeys have very efficient digestion, utilising
up to 95 per cent of the energy they consume. This
makes their poo not much use as a fertiliser.
+%A donkey can eat as much as 6,000lbs of food
per year, which is why they are in such demand to
keep grasslands under control.
,%Donkeys have been known to remember places
they have been or other donkeys they met as much
as 25 years earlier.
-%A male donkey is a “jack”, a female is a “jenny”.
.%A jack and a female horse may produce a mule,
while a jenny and a male horse produce a hinny.
/%Matings between a zebra and a donkey have
also been recorded and the offspring have been
called “zebroid”, “zonkey” or “zeedonk”.
0%The large ears of a donkey help it hear another
donkey up to 60 miles away across clear desert.
('%China has more donkeys than any other
country, though they are threatened by the use of
donkey skins in traditional medicine.
k_XkËjn_Xk:Xiflj\c`jXYflk %
Daily Express Tuesday May 8 2018
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272 TKJ £850
I25 TL £4500
70 TO £5800
TO 685 £2700
M3I TOM £I500
M2I TON £850
AS05 TOR £950
GO07 TTS £I400
M477 TTS £2I00
M28 TTT £950
GO07 TTY £I300
HA07 TTY £I300
P28 TTY £950
630 TYD £850
75 UE £4300
57 URY £2700
MI3 VAL £850
GI9 VAL £950
54 VAL £4600
90 VE £3900
BI0 VEL £850
HA04 VEN £950
69 VJ
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M25 WAN £950
WBE 22I £950
WBR 36 £I300
HY03 WEL£I300
N3 WEL £2I00
CO07 WEN £950
PO07 WER £I300
LO07 WES£I300
WES 89M £850
I000 WL £3600
76 WP £5I00
WSY 698 £850
700 WT £3800
AL04 WYN£I400
M24 XNE £950
YES IX £I500
M28 YES £I200
YJN I66 £850
M3I YNN £850
Daily Express Tuesday May 8 2018
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0B1>.)-01%1=A1:/1 -D59A9&-<-?!-05>%@>-E10
mensateaser: WIN Save Me Series One on DVD
'0'(*)),-'( '0'(*)),-'.
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[`jZfek\ek(, NXkZ_]lc,
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(/ Fggfj\[kf+
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and last 2.5 minutes. Lines close at midnight on Monday, May 14. For full T&Cs see SP: Spoke, 0333 202 3390.
Answer for Teaser 01/05/18: Plethora.
For your chance to win, call: 0907 181 2719*
K?<8CG?89<8K<I K8I><KK@D<1**d`elk\j
Take the online Mensa workout at or apply for a supervised IQ test in your area,
email or telephone 01902 772771. Mensa does not accept hyphenated words,
and uses the Oxford Dictionary of English (Second Edition Revised) as its official reference.
Rearrange the letters of
to give two British garden birds.
What are they?
/-&'((%%!(%&()%!(, (") %$%&*.."%%!('%((""'%((,%'&*.."
$'(%%) $%*'*&)%)" ()&"(+ ( ),,,-&'((%%!(%&%#""
%',' ))%-&'((%%!(%&%-"#%*)"($"%($%'')*'$
Heralded by critics as the best TV drama of the year, Save Me starred Lennie James,
Suranne Jones and Stephen Graham. Now available on DVD from,
enter to win the complete series which includes an insightful look behind the scenes.
010A/@@C;95:A@1?2;>1-/4/8A181@@1>41->0 "%$$ ! %! $ % $ '!
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Daily Express Tuesday May 8 2018
Daily Express Tuesday May 8 2018
To order Complete Calvin and Hobbes at £70 (published by Andrews McNeel)
call 01872 562310; visit; or send a cheque to
Express Bookshop, PO Box 200 Falmouth TR11 4WJ. UK Delivery is free.
Celebrating on this day: broadcaster David Attenborough, 92, and singer Darren Hayes, 46.
To order a copy of Optimism Sounds Exhausting: A Dilbert Book at £12.99 (published by Andrews McNeel) call 01872 562310;
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Resist the temptation to splash out
on life’s little luxuries. Although you long to
pamper yourself, this isn’t a good time to
bust your bank account. Your best friend or
loving partner will take your mind off your
wants and wishes with a surprising outburst.
0905 789 3701**
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Try not to expect too much from
others. If you have a hefty workload, plan to
do it alone. You’re very good at working
through challenges, refusing to back down at
the first hurdle. The same can’t be said of a
friend or loving partner.
You’re excited to make a fresh start
but your relatives don’t share your
enthusiasm. Don’t let their gloomy attitudes
burst your bubble. Very few people have your
capacity for transformation. Remember this
next time you undergo a dramatic change.
0905 789 3702**
0905 789 3708**
Beware of overspending, especially
with shared resources. If you want to make a
big purchase, discuss it with a partner first.
There’s a good chance they won’t feel
comfortable with such an extravagance. It’s
time to respect their feelings.
Take care not to overindulge in food
and drink. Fuel your body with fresh
produce, whole grains and lean proteins.
Stay away from sugar, fat and alcohol. While
this may be boring for your taste buds, it’s
good for your productivity.
Develop your creative abilities even
if it means scaling back commitments. You’re
always eager to help your nearest and
dearest. At times, this undermines your own
progress. Change your priorities. Put your
happiness at the top of your to-do list.
0905 789 3703**
0905 789 3709**
To order the Rupert annual for 2018 (no.82) at £9.99, please call 01872 562315,
or send a cheque/PO to Rupert Bear shop, PO Box 200, Falmouth, TR11 4WJ
or online at UK delivery is free.
Turning to the little man Rupert
asks what the spades are for,
but the little man does not
know, and suggests that they
follow the prisoners to find
out. Keeping out of sight they
creep after the prisoners until
they are near enough to ask.
“Oh, do go away,” gasps a
little prisoner, “or you will be
caught, too, for the Ogre is
making us dig for the good
king’s treasure.”
Says Rupert, “Where’s he made them go?
Let’s follow, so that we shall know.”
© Express Newspapers 2018
They reach the gnomes and to them speak;
“For gold,” says one, “we’re made to seek.”
( Gi\_\Xkk_\fm\ekf)'':&(/':]XeXjj`jk\[#^Xj
) Glkk_\gfkXkf\j`eXifXjk`e^k`e#[i`qqc\fm\i
* D\Xen_`c\#XiiXe^\k_\jbXk\`eXj`e^c\cXp\i
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, N_\ek_\jbXk\`jZffb\[#ZXi\]lccpc`]k`k]ifd
- 8[[k_\fiXe^\j\^d\ekjXe[j\Xjfen`k_jXck
You should attend a birthday or
anniversary party. Skipping it will hurt one of
your favourite people. It’s understandable
you want to stay in your happy place for
longer. After assessing the big picture, you’ll
recommit to your responsibilities.
Don’t place too much emphasis on
what others want for you. You have a chance
to create a more rewarding home life. This
could involve leaving a toxic environment,
moving into your own place or relocating
overseas. Do what makes sense for you.
0905 789 3704**
0905 789 3710**
Domestic life is so comfortable and
easy you don’t want to leave. Give yourself a
push and venture out. A golden opportunity
awaits but you’ll never find it if you stay at
home. Discussing contentious subjects like
religion and culture will be illuminating.
Sometimes you have to take a
deep breath and take the unpopular route.
This isn’t usually a problem for you. This
situation is rather different, as you’re worried
about how your choice will affect a
vulnerable segment of the community.
0905 789 3705**
0905 789 3711**
This isn’t the best time to take a
short trip. Work is demanding and you will
have to be on site to attend to last-minute
emergencies. Although being on call for
your employer wears on your nerves, it will
eventually end up paying off.
0905 789 3706**
You don’t know as much as you
think. A newcomer will arrive, offering to
expand your knowledge. At first you might
bristle at this offer. Put your pride aside for
the sake of growth. By opening your mind,
you’ll acquire a greater level of expertise.
0905 789 3712**
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Daily Express Tuesday May 8 2018
Recommended Uses:
N Stockrooms
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FREE Assembly Mallet
Load Capacity: Up to 175kg UDL† per shelf
Steel frames with chipboard decks
Shelves adjust every 35mm
3x Value Shelving Bays
Description H x W x D mm
MD4B 3x Bays 1780 x 900 x 450
MD4BP 3x Bays 1780 x 900 x 450
15 Boxes 260 x 350 x 450
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Recommended Uses:
N Warehouse
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Shelving Dimensions; 2000h x 1000w x 500d mm
2m high, European manufactured, steel shelving
Easy and quick to build, boltless construction
Flush fitting chipboard decks
Load Capacity: Up to 300kg UDL† per shelf
Shelves adjust on a 35mm pitch
Powder coated blue uprights with high-visibility
orange beams
Stockroom Shelving Deals
3x Shelving Bays
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Delivery price is to Mainland UK only. All prices correct at time of going to press. Sales Lines open Mon-Fri 8am-8pm,
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Co Reg No. 5019218. For full terms visit BiGDUG Ltd. Riga Wharf, Bristol Road, Gloucester, GL2 5DH.
Daily Express Tuesday May 8 2018
URGENT action is needed to boost
productivity in manufacturing,
according to a business group.
The EEF said manufacturing
productivity in the UK grew by
4.7 per cent between 2000 and 2007
but has since “flatlined” at less
than 1 per cent a year.
The manufacturers group called
on the Government to create an
Industrial Strategy Council.
Lee Hopley, chief economist at
the EEF, said: “We’ve known about
the productivity problem for some
time, with various attempts made
to try and fix it across the whole
economy. Productivity growth matters for wages and international
competitiveness, yet 10 years on
from the start of the financial crisis
these attempts have not delivered
a major shift and we need to tackle
the challenge in a different way.
“Manufacturing offers a good
area to get gains on productivity
“An Industrial Strategy Council
should now be created urgently
and put to task to identify how the
overall strategy can improve
productivity in those industrial sectors where it has lagged.”
A Business Department spokesman said: “We are committed to
growing our productivity and
improving people’s earning power.
“Our plans for the Made Smarter
Commission, a joint governmentindustry body responsible for
driving up manufacturing productivity, will be revealed in the coming
weeks. We will also shortly set out
details of the independent experts
on the Industrial Strategy Council
that will hold us to account delivering our ambitions.”
Fit for a
BENEFIT: 35,000 deliverers worldwide will get free accident insurance
DELIVEROO is spending £10million
to equip 35,000 riders with free
accident insurance, but said
further benefits risk classifying
self-employed workers as staff.
Riders in 12 countries including
the UK will be enrolled in an
insurance package that will cover
them for up to £7,500 of medical
This beautiful round white freshwater cultured pearl (7-8mm) stands
proud from the pretty rhodium plated setting, surrounded by 27 cubic
zirconium crystals to form a dazzling pendant with a contemporary
twist. Your pendant measures over 12mm in diameter and hangs
from an 18 inch silver chain.
Pearl Drop Earrings
These beautiful earrings feature
two lustrous round white freshwater
cultured pearls with solid 925 sterling
silver fittings and comfortable butterfly backs. With a drop of
just 1.5cm, they have just a hint of movement for an elegant
look that’s as stylish for daytime as it is in the evening.
9mm freshwater cultured pearls with
gold-plated fittings and butterfly backs.
0871 664 1450 for new orders only
01296 641881 for jewellery enquiries/existing jewellery orders
Daily Express Offer EXLM976, PO Box 504, Leicester, LE94 0AE
Pearl Silver Pendant RRP £34.99 SAVE £15
Pearl Drop Earrings
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P&P** Qty
Order total
I enclose a cheque for £
made payable to Express Newspapers Offer EXLM976.
Please write your name and address on the back of your cheque.
Or please debit my… Visa
Card no
Exp date
First name .......................................... Initials
Surname ............................................................................................
Daytime tel no
expenses as well as up to 75 per
cent of average gross income if
they are injured while working – at
no cost to themselves.
The package will apply to all of
its riders while they are logged in
and marked as available on the
Deliveroo app as well as up to one
hour after logging off.
Barclays set
to chase off
‘fox’ investor
Pearl Silver Pendant £34.99
RRP £49.99 save £15
White Pearl Studs £19.99
Picture: PA IMAGES
Manufacturing ‘needs strategy’
Date ......................................
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141748 Express Newspapers, The Northern & Shell Building, No. 10 Lower Thames Street London EC3R 6EN. PLEASE DO NOT SEND CASH. Offer subject to availability. Please allow up to 7 days for delivery. If not fully satisfied, return within
14 days for full refund/replacement. Reg. London 141748 Express Newspapers, The Northern & Shell Building, No. 10 Lower Thames Street London EC3R 6EN.
*Calls cost 12p per minute plus your network access charge. **Prices refer to UK delivery, add £5.99 for overseas postage.
Next working day delivery (UK mainland only) charged at £6.99 call 0871 664 1450 before 1pm. Enquiries: 01296 641881
BARCLAYS bosses are prepared to 9pBXcp\\eXDXbfikf]]
tell activist investor Ed Bramson that 9lj`e\jj:fii\jgfe[\ek
shareholders have no appetite for a
major overhaul of the bank, during a Generally as a board we’re focused on
meeting to be held this week.
the three- to five-year picture of where
Chief executive Jes Staley and we can go, and frankly we’d all like to
finance director Tushar Morzaria are get there as fast as we could.”
to sit down with Mr Bramson, whose
But suspicions Mr Bramson may
fund Sherborne became the fourth also ask for a spot on the Barclays
largest shareholder recently after tak- board have been batted away, given
ing a stake of about 5.4 per cent.
the backlash it might spark from regHe has now made a total invest- ulators who would prefer stability at
ment of around £2billion
one of Britain’s biggest
when accounting for
additional derivatives
Mr Bramson is underholdings.
stood to have voted
Mr Bramson has yet to
through all the resolutions
put down any specific
at last week’s AGM,
demands, though specuthough he did not attend.
lation is rife that he will
At least one individual
push for an overhaul of
shareholder has warned
the investment bank in
the bank of cosying up to
order to deliver bigger
returns for investors, with
“I urge this board, if you
some even fearing that he
entertain him, please do
will call for the unit to be
so and listen to him caresold off.
MEETING: Jes Staley fully,” the shareholder
However, the bank’s
said. “But be careful about
leadership is confident that they have inviting him into the house, because
the backing of other shareholders to this is a fox that will raid our hen
easily fend off any radical demands, house... it is bad for shareholders,
given that the lender is now just stakeholders and more importantly
emerging from a lengthy period of bad for our customers,” he added.
restructuring and starting to deliver
The bank reported a pre-tax loss of
£236million in the first quarter – comreturns.
“I think the current shareholder pared with profits of £1.68billion a
support for the current strategy is year earlier – but that was primarily
due to further payment protection
there,” one board member said.
However, he said the bank was insurance charges and a £1.4billion
remaining open to “sensible” propos- settlement with the US Department
als. “People will always make radical of Justice related to the sale of mortsuggestions from the outside, that’s gage-backed securities in the lead-up
how people in financial markets work. to the financial crisis.
Daily Express Tuesday May 8 2018
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) . 9C8Q@E>;I<8DJ(' 9?XjcXd0)%%%%%%%%%%%:?Xi[`\
/ C 9FLE:@E98:B(' EK`ebc\i0)%%%%%%C<[dle[j*
, =8JKD8E;FËD\XiX0)%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%;Kl[_fg\
. D8Q<FC8;D`jj8dpDlig_p0)%%%%%%%%%%%%C;\JflqX
+ D<C>8K<D8>@:DN<Xjk\iYp0)%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%E<mXej
0 M@:KFIP:FDD8E;DAf_ejkfe0)GADZ;feXc[
* * ;I8>FE9<8K(. K:fpc\/((%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%;:fjk\ccf
( CFIKFEAlc`\:XdXZ_f/((%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%GDlci\eeXe
N$=XZkfi19\e^Xc`Jg`i`k00 2M`Zkfip:fddXe[0. 2
=XjkdXe0) %
JG =FI<:8JK1 (($/ 9\e^Xc` Jg`i`k# (($+ M`Zkfip :fddXe[# -
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9<8IP8E;:Xiifcc0'%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% K<Xm\j
C8;PJ8=<8I8(0 :=\ccfn\j0'%%%%%%%% J;fef_f\
D8B8N<<= ;FËD\XiX0'%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%;Kl[_fg\
¬D8I>@<ËJ:?F@:<= A>fj[\e0'%%%%%%% I?Xmc`e
DPJK@:D<>)). ?GXcd\i0'%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%;9ifZb
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JEFN;FE)+( D;f[j0'%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%GDlci\eeXe
JFC8IGI@E:<JJ(, DNXc]fi[0'%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%A?Xik
KN@C@>?K(( K<Xjk\iYp0'%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%;8ccXe
N$=1DXi^`\Ëj:_f`Z\00 2DXbXn\\/, 2Dpjk`ZD\^/* %
>F@E>1>ff[kf=`id%C\]k?Xe[\[%KFG AF:B<P )'(*$
(/ 1 G Dlci\eeXe (, Jki`b\ iXk\% KFG KI8@E<I )'(*$
(/ 1 I =X_\p (. Jki`b\ iXk\% =@IJK K@D<1 )%)' Gi`mXk\
:Xj_`\i _ff[ # *%,, 8ZZcX`d K_\ EXk`fe Z_\\b g`\Z\j #
+%),:XgcX;\dfeYc`eb\ij %9<8K<E =8MFLI@K<J1)%)'
Dpjk`Z D\^% *%,, 9f^Xik_Zg % +%), D`c`k`X% ;I8N1 ?`^_
eldY\ij Y\jk fe k_\ jkiX`^_k Zflij\% CFE><JK
KI8M<CC<I1 9cXq`e^ JX[[c\j *%)' )-, d`c\j% JK89C<
+ +)) P<8?989PP<8?(' = D`jj>B\cc\nXp,0. GADZ;feXc[
- *') ¬=<8K?<IP. :=\ccfn\j+0-%%%%%%%%%%% J;fef_f\
) ,)$C =8J?@FEK?<FIP(' K<Xjk\iYp+0)%%%%%%%%;8ccXe
( 0C$' D@JJJ?<I@;8E(, ; DN<Xjk\iYp+0(% ?J_Xn,
, *.$. =FI<M<I8C8;P+ = B;Xc^c\`j_,/()% A=Xee`e^
* C$C' G8C<EM@CC<(. >Kl\i,/.%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%8Dlcc\e
N$=XZkfi1=\Xk_\ip00 2D`jjJ_\i`[Xe0. 2
P\X_9XYpP\X_0, %
*%)' EFM@:<JK8B<J*PF
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/ *($ CL:BP;<8C(-- DAf_ejkfe0/%%% GADZ;feXc[
+ *- 9C8Q@E>J8;;C<J(. K I9\Zb\kk0)
* , :8C@9LIE(0 ?GXcd\i0)%%%%%%%Afj\g_`e\>fi[fe
. ' :FC<EJF(, K 89Xc[`e^0)%%%%%%%%%%%%EFE$ILEE<I
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( N8I;8;;PB;Xc^c\`j_0)%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%GDlci\eeXe
N$=XZkfi19Xik_fcfd\l;`Xj00 2?`e[\Jki\\k0/ 2
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Daily Express Tuesday May 8 2018
1. Who scored four goals for
Liverpool in their 5-0 Premier
League win at home to Watford?
2. Who scored two tries for Wales in their
38-14 Six Nations victory over Italy?
3. Who scored twice for Arsenal in
their 3-1 Europa League victory
over AC Milan?
4. Which British golfer beat Andrew
Johnston in a play-off to win the Hero
Indian Open in Delhi?
5. Which famous baseball player
was married to
Marilyn Monroe?
6. Which Scottish
darts player was the
only non-Englishman
to win the World
Championship from
1979 to 1993?
7. Which British
0-3 Oh dear
4-6 Small beer
boxer beat Jose
7-9 So near
Napoles in Mexico
10 Sporting seer
City in 1975 to
become WBC
welterweight champion?
8. Which team did India beat in the
2011 ICC World Cup final?
9. Which Australian rider won the
first of his two World Superbikes
Championship in 1996?
10. Which German sprinter was the first
man to run the men’s 100m in exactly
10 seconds?
ANSWERS: 1 Mohamed Salah.
2 George North. 3 Danny Welbeck.
4 Matt Wallace. 5 Joe DiMaggio.
6 Jocky Wilson. 7 John H Stracey.
8 Sri Lanka. 9 Troy Corser. 10 Armin Hary.
8;D@I8CËJJLEJ<K=)(- ;N\jkfe,('()%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%;9Xjj
+G&/$8IK?LIËJHL<<E=)0) :A>iXp.('()%%%%%%%%%%%%I?Xnb\i,
C&''$:<CK@:JKPC<)0 D`jjC9cXZb]fi[,('()%%%:fefiJd`k_,
*'.$ ;L98@;@I?8D)* D`jjJJd`k_,('()%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% G9i\eeXe
.C$ B<EK=FI;D8CC8I;0/ = ANDlcc`ej,('()
*/$ DIJD@>>@EJ,. ;G`g\,('()%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%KJZl[Xdfi\
0$ E<M<I>FJ?FIK.+ KI>\fi^\-('()%%%%%%%%%%%%%% AXd\j9\jk
C//$ F9FIE<C8;P(* ANDlcc`ej,('()%%%%%%%%%%%%%%B\m`eAfe\j,
,&GC$HL@K<I@>?K,) G>le[ip.('()%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%EJZ_fc]`\c[
++-$ ¬J<:I<K<J:8G<)- = ;DZ:X`e-('()%%%%%%%%%%%% 9?l^_\j
'C'$ JG@I@KF=D<E;@G(* G?fYYj,('()%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%IAf_ejfe
*&)-$K@CCPK?<K8EB(.+ 8B`e^,('()%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% N?lkZ_`ejfe
N$=XZkfi1J\Zi\k<jZXg\00 28[d`iXcËjJlej\k0+ 2
K`ccpk_\kXeb0' %
JG =FI<:8JK1 -$+ J\Zi\k <jZXg\# (($+ K`ccpk_\kXeb# / ;lYX` ;`i_Xd# ('
8[d`iXcËj Jlej\k# Dij D`^^`ej# () Jg`i`k F] D\e[`g# E\m\i >f J_fik# )'
™+#))++ )d)](((p[j
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GC+$ 9<PFE;JLGI<D8:P(+ AXZb9XiY\i-('()%%%%EJZ_fc]`\c[
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()&)$:?8DG('/ J E?\e[\ijfe-('()%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%8:fc\dXe
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*CC$ <I@:8JC8;)( D`jjA;lGc\jj`j.('()%%%%%%%%%%%%%% AXd\j9\jk
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+.$ ALJKD@;8J+' ;G`g\,('()%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%;>EffeXe
G&=/$D<E8G@8E/- Dij?E\cd\j.('()%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% :I`e^*
)& FI:?8I;K?@<M<J/'/ ;G`g\-('()%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%KJZl[Xdfi\
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*).$ ¬IF:BGF@EK.* :K`qqXi[,('()%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%IAf_ejfe
GCG$ J:ILGLC<LO(+ :;fne.('()%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%8>cXjjfeYlip
,,,$ J<IFJ<MJBP(- ?=ip,('()%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% EGDX[[\e
N$=XZkfi1IfZbgf`ek00 2:_Xdg0, 2:fddf[fi\9Xiip/0 %
JG =FI<:8JK1('$((:_Xdg#('$*IfZbgf`ek#():fddf[fi\9Xiip#9Xie
™0#'0.* )d.]),p[j
By Gideon Brooks
™+#))+:cXjj+ )d(.,p[j()[\ZcXi\[
Jake Wardle has been
charged with making a
dangerous throw by the
match review panel
following last Friday’s win
over Widnes.
The 19-year-old enjoyed a
memorable debut for the
Giants, scoring two tries to
help them beat the Vikings
28-18 at the John Smith’s
But he has been charged
with a Grade D dangerous
throw on Rhys Hanbury, for
which he was sin-binned in
the 68th minute.
Elsewhere, St Helens
prop Kyle Amor and
Warrington Wolves
back-rower Sitaleki
Akauola have received
cautions for dangerous
Hull KR are reeling after
last Sunday’s 54-18
hammering at Wakefield
and the side faces a
mounting injury crisis
ahead of this weekend’s
Challenge Cup sixth-round
tie at home to Wigan.
Co-owner Rob Crossland
said: “We had 12 players
out. It will be tough.”
™)#*+'- *d,+p[j
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)+$ I?PK?D@J8;8E:<I,) GE`Z_fccj,(()
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>I<P;@8DFE;8B`e^+('()%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% N?lkZ_`ejfe
*+*$ B8LKFK?<B@E>)0 :K`qqXi[+('()%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% G9i\eeXe
IL=@F?=ip+('()%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% EGDX[[\e
,$ J?@IF::8EIFCC(,. <ddXCXm\cc\+('()%%%%%%%%%8:fc\dXe
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, )*&*$ DPIFLE;FILIJ0) ; I;`Zb`e/((*%%%%%%% :Gfjk\
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+ )G'$ =I@;8PE@>?KC@>?K(' ;G`g\,((('%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%KJZl[Xdfi\
YESTERDAY’S highlights included trebles for
, **/$ ALJK8JK@E>,) ?=ip-((0%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%DiDC\^^,
Aidan Coleman and Olly Murphy at Ayr,
- +,'$ DFEG8CF@J/' ; B9X`c\p-((-%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%;9Xjj Charles Bishop at Bath and across-two-cards for
. (C/$ :FEK<EK<;(. G?fYYj,((,%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%IAf_ejfe
Palmer – Windsor and Beverley.
/ CG,$ AF@EK?<:C8E/0 AfeafFËE\`cc0((+%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%8:fc\dXe
BRIAN HUGHES is Donald McCain’s new
0 (,G$ 98CCPIF:B,0 ; KMXl^_Xe()(((%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%;>EffeXe
stable jockey.
(' ()+$ B<EK=FI;?<@I<JJ)0 ANDlcc`ej/(((%%%%%%%%% ;JXejfd,
(( .+C$ D8O=FIK<(+ :;fne/(('%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%9ipfep=ifjk*
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9\XIpXe%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%K)%)' :_`d\jF];pcXe%%%%%%= *%('
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9\ZZX:XdgY\cc%%%%%% 9+%', :`kpJlgi\d\%%%%%%%%%%%<-%,'
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8Yfm\9fXi[%%%%%%%%%%%%<.%)' 9`[XXpX%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% 9)%*' :fddf[fi\9Xiip%%%<-%)'
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8ZZ\jjXccXi\Xj%%%%%%%%C-%*' 9`^=`[[c\%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%C/%*' :fdglkXYc\%%%%%%%%%%%%%K*%,,
Aljk8Jk`e^0, %
9`ccpDp9fp%%%%%%%%%%%%C/%'' :fe`e^jYp%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%<-%,'
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8[d`iXcËjJlej\k%%%%%<,%,' 9cXZbX[[\i%%%%%%%%%%%%%%= )%(' :fek\ek\[%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%<-%,'
8^`eZflikI\\]%%%%%%%%C.%*' 9cXZbaXZbk\ee\jj\\%C,%*' :flikB`e^%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%=*%+,
8ccfn;Xccfn%%%%%%%%%%%%C-%*' 9cXq`e^;i\Xdj%%%%%%%%K (%,' :iXZbc\CpeIfj`\%%%%C/%*'
™0#.+.* )d*]+/p[j
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8d\k_\X%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%C/%*' 9fc[Jg`i`k%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%K+%,, ;XibDX_c\i%%%%%%%%%%%%%<.%)'
, G&(G$ 89FM<9F8I;(/) AfeafFËE\`cc.((((%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%8:fc\dXe
8difeBXc`%%%%%%%%%%%%%%= +%(, 9fleZ`e9XZb%%%%%%%%%%%K (%,' ;Xicpe%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%C,%*'
- G(($ 8;D@I8CËJJ<:I<K(. M;XikeXcc.((.%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%:J_f\dXib
8dlc\kld%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% 9+%', 9fle[=fi>cfip%%%%%%=+%+, ;Xm\ife%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%C-%*'
. +,G$ C@GJ<IM@:<). =FË9i`\e0((,%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% G9i\eeXe
8e[Xclj`k\%%%%%%%%%%%%%% 9*%*, 9fo\i9\Xk%%%%%%%%%%%%%%C-%*' ;`Xdfe[>lp%%%%%%%%%%%C,%*'
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JG =FI<:8JK1 , 8[d`iXcËj J\Zi\k# (($) @eefZ\ek >`ic# - :feeX :ifjj# /
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defeat Leicestershire by
like a proper four-day win
with hard graft all the way
46 runs – the first time
through,” said Moores.
they have won after being
“That’s as good a
forced to follow on.
four-day win as I’ve seen
Chasing a final-innings
for a team being on the
target of 148 for the win,
front foot all the way
Leicestershire looked
odds-on to land a first
Captain Steven
Championship victory
Mullaney, who took
since September 2016.
over from
But an initial
three-wicket blitz
skipper Chris
from Chris
Read at the end
Rushworth was
of last season,
the preamble to a
said: “We’re
monumental choke
delighted. Sitting
with 40-3 becoming
nicely at the top
79-6. James
of the league
Weighell, with
after four games
7-32, lopped off
the Foxes’ tail at 101.
is probably better than
“At 50-6 when the
any of us could imagine.”
opposition has scored 440,
At Old Trafford
you’ve got no right to be in
Somerset and Lancashire
the game at that point,”
drew while at the Oval
said Durham coach Jon
Surrey and Worcestershire
Lewis. “Tremendous credit
followed suit.
must go to the batters
In Division Two,
initially to getting us back
Durham completed a
into contention.”
remarkable comeback to
G&GG$9I8E;P8E;I<;)( G;If^\ij0((('%%%% DiAE\ndXe*
*G$* :I<8K@M<@E<IK80 9\e:cXib\/((('%%%%%%%%%%%DiI;`e^c\.
*C)$ >FC8E;<I(' >:_XdY\ij/((('%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%Di9IAfe\j.
*CG$ K?<C@Q8I;B@E>)- EDXik`e0((('%%%%%%%%%%% DiECXnkfe.
((($ ¬K?<KNF8D@>FJ(. EDXik`e-(((' Di;<[nXi[j
+(($ D@JKI<JJD8JJ@E@(' DijK\i\jX:cXib.((*
N$=XZkfi1K_\Knf8d`^fj00 2:i\Xk`m\@e\ikX0, 2
9iXe[p8e[I\[0+ %
JG =FI<:8JK1 ('$(( K_\ Knf 8d`^fj# (($/ D`jki\jj DXjj`e`# (+:i\Xk`m\
coach Peter Moores
believes his side have
shown they can be
Championship contenders
after a 203-run victory over
Hampshire kept them at
the top of the Division
One table.
Three wins from four
games have given Moores’
newly-promoted outfit a
great start. Following
early season wicket-fests
against Lancashire and
yesterday’s win gave
Moores hope that they can
be contenders for the
Championship pennant
this season.
“It’s now a very good
start to the season and
while all three wins have
been very different – from
the Lancashire one where
there was a flurry of
wickets in a short space of
time to the Worcestershire
game, which felt like it was
on fast-forward – this felt
LEON HASLAM scorched
to a double win to take the
lead in the Bennetts British
Championship at Oulton
Park yesterday.
The JG Speedfit
Kawasaki rider said: “We
had a plan and we knew
what rhythm we could do.
Even in the slippery
conditions we made it
work, so I’m really happy.
“The Kawasaki always
goes really well here and
we knew that but the team
has worked really hard here
all weekend. I’m over the
Defending champion
Shane Byrne, who had
dropped back to fifth after
a bad start, managed to
salvage third place ahead
of Bradley Ray in fourth,
leaving the top three
separated by just seven
points going into race two.
“It was really hard and I
was pushing but I felt in
control,” said Haslam. “The
heat was making the tyres
roll a little bit more but the
rear tyre stayed stable the
whole race. The consistency
is there now which was my
main priority.”
@YXcc`jk`Zm`e%%%%%%%%%%%% 9+%',
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BXZ_ldYX%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% 9*%''
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Cfikfe%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%K (%,'
Cp]fi[%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% 9*%''
DXi`X_ËjC\^\e[%%%%%%= +%(,
DXo`dldGfn\i%%%%% 9)%*'
DXq\fCX[%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%K (%,'
D\c^Xk\DX^`Z%%%%%%%%%K (%,'
D`[e`^_k>l\jk%%%%%%% 9)%*'
EXia\j%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% 9,%',
EXmXiiXGi`eZ\jj%%%% 9+%*,
E\ok<o`k%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%= )%('
( +)C$ MFF;FF;FCC,/ <N`cc`Xdj,((()
) )++$ 9C8QFE+* B9X`c\p,((()%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%DiC:Xik\i.
* ()&G$ ¬E@BB@JK<<C*( ;#= ;iIE\ncXe[/((((
+ ++'$ <HLLJD@CC8I((, EKn`jkfe$;Xm`\j,((((%%DiQ9Xb\i
, *).$ :I8=KPIF9<IKF(- ; 8?Xc\j('((((% DiA9iXZ\.
- GC'$ <O:<CC<EKK<8D() :; ;Jb\ckfe-((/
. )/)$ ?@K8E;ILE*' ;DZ:X`e-((/D`jj8DZ:X`e*
/ -(C$ ;LJBPI8@;<I(-* ; KMXl^_Xe,((.% Di:Gi`Z\.
0 .**$ FIDJB@IB)0 = ANDlcc`ej,((-%%%%%%%% DiCDfi^Xe.
(' /G.$ 9@CCPDP9FP(0, ; :;fne0((-Di8I=\i^ljfe*
(( C-G$ 98I8K@E<LI,. ; B9`j_fg.((,%% DiCN`cc`Xdj*
() L.*$ >F8C(,0 :; D`jjKNXkb`ej('((,9if[`\?Xdgjfe
(* .0/$ K?<=@E8CN?@JKC<(() J_\`cXC\n`j,((*
(+ +')$ @I@J??8NB<(+' ;DZ:X`e-('0%% D`jj<ccXDZ:X`e,
(, 0,C$ ?<C=(. Fc`m\i>i\\eXcc+('+%%%%%%%%%%%%%%Di8<[nXi[j
N$=XZkfi1E`bb`Jk\\c00 2?`k8e[Ile0/ 2>fXc0/ %
™*#/00+ (d.](-0p[j (-
( 9@>=@;;C<IG_`cc`gj,(('%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% JKn`jkfe$;Xm`\j
) 9I@<IP9LEEPFJ_\inff[-(('%%%%%%%%%%%%%K>Xie\i*
* )-$ :?<<BP:?@:8(), EDlc_fccXe[,(('%%%9AGfn\cc
+ (*$ CLJK=FI>CFIP/' E?\e[\ijfe,(('ADZ>iXk_
, =L($ J?<@C8K8E@JK,/ 9:Xj\,(('%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%BNff[j
- '$ JK<GPFL>8@CP.+ 9GXlc`e^,(('%%%%%%%%%%%%%;AXZfY
. JKFE<P:IFJJIG_`cc`gj-(('%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%K9\ccXdp
/ *&'$ Q8IF::F(0 KCXZ\p,(('%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% IK;lee\
0 ¬8D<K?<89GXlc`e^+('('%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% E;\9f`em`cc\
(' :I8:BC<CPEIFJ@<<N`cc`Xdj+('('%%%%%%%%% 8N\[^\
(( -+*$ DPC8;P>I<P(/ :K`qqXi[+('('%%%%%%%%%%%?:fY[\e
() )*$ G<I=<:KDPK?/* ?N_`kk`e^kfe+('('%% JJ_\ggXi[*
(* '$ IFJ<KF=8D<-+ B9X`c\p+('('%%%%%%%% D?Xd`cc,
(+ *$ IL9PK@><I*/ ?;Xcp+('('%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% 8K`ebc\i
(, JKFID>F;;<JJ:Cfe^j[fe+('('%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%A9lib\
(- K8IJ@E@B9`j_fg+('('%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% DiCN`cc`Xdj.
N$=XZkfi18d\k_\X00 2:_\\bp:_`ZX0. 2QXifZZf0, %
9<8K<E=8MFLI@K<J1-%*'E`^_k]cp_ZgZ_ %.%''DfeY\^
C\^\e[ _Zg _[c # JXe JXk`if _Zg _[c % .%*' JZ\ek\[ C`cp
_Zg_[c %/%''9cXqfe_Zg_[c #@i`j_?Xnb\_Zg_[c %/%*'
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KI8M<CC<I1 9`ccp Dp 9fp /%'' ()' d`c\j% JK89C<
JN@K:?1 -%'' 9\ik`\ Cl^^ ]ifd ? Fc`m\i kf K I >i\kkfe%
Efik_\ie9\Xl%%%%%%%%%= +%(,
Elk`e`%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% 9,%',
FZ\XeK\dgki\jj%%% 9,%',
Gfkk\ij?\[^\i%%%%%%%= *%('
Gfkk\ijD`[e`^_k%%%%%= +%(,
Gi\qq`\%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% 9*%''
Gi`[\F]8e^\cj%%%%%% 9)%''
HKn\ekp9fp%%%%%%%%% 9)%*'
Hl`ZbDfe\k%%%%%%%%%%% 9+%*,
IXZ\_fij\%%%%%%%%%%%%%% 9*%''
I\[=fli%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%= +%(,
I`gg\iJki\\k%%%%%%%%% 9+%*,
I`m\iIlc\%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% 9*%''
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IfpIfZb\k%%%%%%%%%%%%% 9+%',
JXiXe^ff%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% 9*%*,
J_XigFg\iXkfi%%%%%% 9+%*,
J`cm\ikliejkf^fc[%%% 9*%''
Jfld\`%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% 9)%*'
Jg`b\ËjGi`eZ\jj%%%%% 9+%*,
Jg`i`kF]9\cc\%%%%%%%%% 9*%*,
KXij\\b_%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% 9+%*,
K_XdX%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% 9*%''
K`^\iKi\b%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%= )%('
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LgXmfe%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% 9)%''
M`Zkfip:fddXe[%%%%K (%,'
Daily Express Tuesday May 8 2018
Williams, wife Jo and
sons with trophy
stale at
Mark’s triumph
barely credible
chuffed in the buff here
last night after winning
a third world title.
The 43-year-old became the
oldest winner of the Betfred
World Championship since
compatriot Ray Reardon in
Williams, who almost quit
last summer, beat four-time
winner John Higgins 18-16 in a
Sheffield thriller described as
“the best final” by legend
Steve Davis.
And after pocketing the
Williams showed bare-faced
cheek by honouring a pledge
to do his post-match press
conference naked.
None of Williams’ three
children was born the last
time he lifted the trophy 15
years ago – the biggest gap
between world titles. And
those kids – Connor, Kian and
Joel – along with wife Jo were
all left a little red-faced by his
celebration antics.
capped an impressive winning
streak for the new world No3
this season, with this a fourth
title of the campaign. And he
owes much of his ‘nude dawn’
to coach Steve Feeney and his
SightRight technique that has
transformed the left-hander’s
The showpiece between two
of the ‘Class of 1992’ had
captured the imagination,
with Ronnie O’Sullivan – the
third of the Holy Trinity who
turned pro 26 years ago –
watching on.
Defeat was a huge blow for
Higgins, 42, who lost in the
final for the second year in a
row after blowing a 10-4 lead
against Mark Selby. He had
been hoping to win a fifth
world title a record 20 years
after his first and equal the
trophy tally of O’Sullivan.
Williams started the first day
of the final eating a kebab at
2.30am after his late-night
Saturday semi-final finish.
And he was also seen accepting
chocolates and wine gums
from a fan in the front row
during the match.
yesterday with Williams 10-7
up and most expecting an
immediate Higgins fightback.
Instead, the Welsh wizard
forged further clear, taking his
winning run of frames to seven
and establishing a 14-7 lead.
But Higgins remains an
opponent who can never be
written off – and he somehow
drew level for the first time
since 7-7 at 15-15. However
Williams rallied superbly to
NUDES HEADLINES: Williams stripped off for press conference
get over the winning line with
a brilliant break to close things
Williams then arrived for his
media duties naked apart from
a sponsor’s towel sparing his
blushes, taking it off after
sitting down.
He said: “I am a little bit
uncomfortable at the moment
– it’s a bit cold in here.
“Last year I wasn’t even
here, but in the caravan having
a beer, having failed to qualify.
My game was rubbish and I
was seriously thinking of
giving up, but my wife Jo
convinced me to carry on.
“I don’t think she wanted
me in the house 24 hours a day.
So it is unbelievable to be
winning this again, 15 years
after the last time.”
disappointed with the result
but paid his respects to
“It was great to play in such
an occasion in front of this
crowd, and Mark is a brilliant
champion,” he said.
“The red he potted at the
end was ridiculous, and it was
one of the best breaks under
pressure. I didn’t want to lose
with a session to spare, and at
14-7 that looked possible.
“I tried to put him under
pressure tonight but it just
wasn’t enough.”
This was the oldest Crucible
final in history, the combined
age of the pair coming to 85 –
two more than the ReardonPerrie Mans final in 1978.
THE regular
Premiership season in
England ended at the
weekend, much to the
relief of two of the
country’s biggest
clubs. If it has been a
season to forget for
Northampton then it
has been an absolute
apocalypse for
Nine Premiership
losses out of 10 in 2018,
with the side
unravelling by the
game, left Quins
floundering in 10th
place. The departure of
John Kingston, hot on
the heels of Jim
Mallinder at Franklin’s
Gardens, underscored
the scale of
The new man in
charge at the Stoop
– whoever he may be,
with Stuart Lancaster
ruling himself out
yesterday – faces a
challenge. Likewise
Chris Boyd,
when he
arrives at
Saints in the
It is
to plot the
points at
decline set in
and note the parallels.
Flanker Tom Wood said
the nosedive at Saints
began after they won
the Premiership in 2014.
“On the back of
winning it, people
downed tools and
thought we had the
winning formula,” said
Wood. “It’s not just this
last few weeks, not just
this season even – it’s
been a slippery slope
for a number of years.”
Now listen to
Harlequins scrum-half
Danny Care on Quins’
descent into freefall.
“Since we won the
league in 2012 it’s been
slowly getting worse
and worse,” he said.
Success is no
guarantee of more
success. In fact, if it
closes a club’s eyes to
the need to refresh and
reinvigorate with new
ideas and sometimes
new personnel, it can
be counter-productive.
In the case of
Northampton and
Harlequins, winning
the Premiership acted
as a blindfold and a set
of earplugs.
The Mallinder and
Dorian West show ran
for too long at
Franklin’s Gardens and
promotion from within
at Harlequins brought
Kingston had some
bad luck with injuries
but given the level of
spending on that
squad and the weight
of international players
in it, that is no excuse.
This was a domestic
season in which the
perceived size of a club
no longer guaranteed
anything. Leicester, the
country’s bestsupported side, missed
out on the Premiership
for the first
time in
14 years. So,
for all of
Bruce Craig’s
cash, did
Yet little
their way in to the
play-offs for the first
time. Who would have
thought the Falcons
would come fourth?
Well, oddly enough,
this column predicted
just such a finish for
Dean Richards’ men at
the start of September.
Visionary? Lucky
guesser? Almost
certainly the latter, but
there had been signs
last season that
Richards had begun to
move Newcastle from a
relegation zone team
to a mid-table one.
In Vereniki Goneva
and Richards, the
Falcons supply the
player of the season
and the director of
rugby of the season.
The play-offs will
decide whether they
are also the team of a
season in which big has
not necessarily meant
Daily Express Tuesday May 8 2018
We all had our
points to prove
GRAND DESIGNS: Harmon, right, has faith in McIlroy
Rory can set
up his Slam
at Sawgrass
THERE are two
remaining tilts at the
career Grand Slam this
year – Phil Mickelson
at next month’s US
Open and Jordan
Spieth at the USPGA.
Who is the likeliest to
join golf’s most
exclusive club?
Mickelson was
second at Shinnecock
Hills, where this year’s
championship will be
held, when it last
staged the US Open in
2004 but he will turn
48 on the morning of
the third round. Only
Julius Boros has won a
Major at that age.
Spieth was not even
born the last time
Bellerive hosted the
USPGA. While he can
seemingly play
anywhere, a stretched
7,600-yard, par-71
layout might be a
better fit for the long
hitters. He has actually
missed two cuts in five
attempts at
and it is a
stab in the
dark to
predict a full
set for him in
St Louis.
The view of
coach Butch
Harmon is
that Rory McIlroy will
be the first of the three
to complete the set at
next year’s Masters.
“Rory would be the
one I would pick,” said
Harmon. “Rory is a
better player than
Jordan Spieth. He has
more tools than Jordan.
That was a momentum
killer when he missed
that three or fourfooter on the second
hole of Augusta. It was
his chance to really put
the heat on Patrick
Reed, but I really like
Rory’s chances.
“I would love to see
Mickelson win a
US Open and complete
the Grand Slam, he
definitely deserves to
be in that category. But
Rory is the one I think
will complete a Grand
Slam first.”
The hangover from
McIlroy’s final-round
fade last month at
Augusta, where Reed
triumphed, continues
judging by his erratic
showing at last week’s
Wells Fargo
Championship, his first
event since. He
admitted after finishing
in a share of 16th at
Quail Hollow, one of his
favourite courses, that
it is “all a little bit of a
That hardly bodes
well for The Players
Championship this
week at Sawgrass, a
course he could not
stand when he first
played it, complaining
he felt like he was
wearing handcuffs,
and where he is yet to
crack the top five in
eight attempts.
Harmon’s view is it
actually fits McIlroy
better than
he may
think. “We
know Rory is
a great ball
striker and
especially a
great driver,
and Sawgrass
is a great golf
course which
allows the players to go
ahead and use their
length to their
advantage,” said
Harmon, coach to world
No1 Dustin Johnson.
The cream does tend
to rise to the top there.
Last year’s tournament
was a quirky anomaly
won by Si Woo Kim but
historically it has
produced a fine cast of
winners – in the
preceding decade Tiger
Woods, Jason Day,
Sergio Garcia, Henrik
Stenson and Mickelson
have all triumphed.
McIlroy has time to
kill before the 2019
Masters. If he can
chalk off the unofficial
fifth Major at Sawgrass
it may help to convince
him that Augusta is
not beyond him.
Tour and watch The
Players Championship
exclusively live on
Sky Sports Golf.
Neil Etheridge may be
on his way to the
Premier League but was
once a phone call away
from returning to the
After struggling to find a
club when let go by Fulham –
the club Cardiff pipped to
second spot with their 0-0 draw
with Reading on Sunday – he
had sold up his house
and was a week from
returning to the Asian
homeland of his mother,
Merlinda Dula.
However, he made a
decision which ultimately
led to Sunday’s unlikely
promotion, built on the back
of a group of similar rags-toriches players that he believes
Neil Warnock assembled to
tap into their “hunger”.
It is those qualities that lead
Chelsea trainee to proclaim
more established stars of the
Premier League may be in for a
few surprises next season.
“Four years ago I left Fulham
and was without a club for five
months,” he said. “I paid for
myself to train at Charlton
Athletic. I was close to the
goalkeeping coach there and I
trained as hard as I could and
just waited. It is a very hard
industry to be in and a very
hard industry to stay in.
“But by the end of the five
months, I had sold my
house and my car and
was about a week away
from going back to the
“Then I got offered a
contract with Oldham,
I think in December.
I was a London boy,
a Surrey boy. But I
said to one of my
mates, who just
happened to live
up there, ‘Do you
mind if I kip on
your couch for
however long I am
up here?’
“It was just over a
month. From then on,
Charlton took me from
the transfer window but
the whole lot made me
much stronger. I have been
able to rectify my career
and show my ability.
“I have to appreciate the
gaffer and say a massive
thank you to him for giving
me this opportunity and
sticking by me. It has
definitely been an emotional
roller-coaster for me from the
time I left Fulham. I have
a massive
for the
here for
taking me on board. He
obviously saw the potential I
had and hopefully, for the
supporters and everyone, I
have paid them back. We are
now Premier League players.”
It will be a new experience
for most of them. Of the 11 on
the pitch when their life
in the Championship
finally ended, only two
have played in the
top flight here. But
Etheridge does not
believe that will
faze any of them,
however long they
Etheridge has
had to endure
a difficult
journey to
reach top
have had to wait for it. “When
you are an academy player you
definitely feel like it is never
going to end,” he recalled.
“I went from Chelsea to
Fulham – two Premier League
teams at the time – and I was
sitting on the bench for the
Europa League and Premier
League and you don’t think it
is going to finish.
“But that is part and parcel
of being a footballer. A lot of
people see the highs and some
people don’t see the lows.
“At the start of the season
the manager bought players
who were hungry and had a
point to prove. We proved that
point on Sunday.”
Owner Vincent Tan echoed
the same sentiments. “It will
be the Cardiff Way,” he said.
“We are nowhere near other
clubs and their billionaire
owners who spend so much on
players and wages.
“But if you do it sensibly and
correctly there are bargains
out there. How much did
Leicester City pay for
Jamie Vardy? A couple of
million. They got Riyad
Mahrez for £200,000. We
need to scout these type
of players ourselves and
get them in, which I’m
confident Neil will do.”
Four years ago, Tan and
fans were at loggerheads over
his decision to change from
blue to red shirts. And their
one-season stay in the top flight
was marred by rows between
ex-boss Malky Mackay and
Tan over transfer dealings.
But Tan said: “This is much
better than the first time. After
the first promotion we had a
lot of problems. But this time
everyone is pulling in the same
direction and Neil and all the
players are doing a great job.
“The club is united. I made a
mistake in changing the colour
and changed it back. This club
will become bigger, better and
RUBEN NEVES insisted yesterday
he wants to play for Wolves in the
Premier League, as speculation
mounts over his future.
The midfielder, signed from
Porto last summer for a
reported fee of £15.8 million,
has been the star performer in
Wolves’ title-winning
Championship season.
His displays and knack of
scoring spectacular goals have
reportedly brought him to the
attention of Liverpool and
Manchester United.
But during Wolves’ triumphant
bus parade yesterday, left, he
said: “I came here to help the
club and the club has helped
me. We achieved all our goals,
as an individual and as a team.
“I want to stay here and
I want to enjoy the Premier
League with this fantastic club.”
hoping he can become
Chelsea’s lucky charm in
their enthralling chase
and Champions League
football next season.
The Frenchman, who has
become something of a talisman
for Chelsea since joining the club
in a surprise £18 million deal from
rivals Arsenal in January, scored
the goal on Sunday that beat
Liverpool 1-0 at Stamford Bridge
and blew that chase wide open.
Suddenly Chelsea, eight points
off fourth place at the beginning
of April when they lost at home
to Tottenham, are only two
behind the White Hart Lane club
and three behind Liverpool, with
a game in hand over Jurgen
Klopp’s side.
The odds are still against
Chelsea, who face Huddersfield
at home tomorrow and travel to
Newcastle on the final day.
Liverpool take on Brighton at
Anfield on Sunday in their final
league fixture, a game that has
importance, while Spurs face
Leicester on Sunday.
Both Liverpool and Spurs have
a better goal difference than
Chelsea, so a win for the Reds
should be enough to retain their
top-four place, while Spurs need
four points. But Spurs have won
once in their past four in the
league and Liverpool once in six.
Giroud, right, inspired Arsenal
to late surges to claim a top-four
place on many occasions in recent
years, and he hopes his experience
can help his new club.
“I hope I can be the lucky
charm for the Champions League
race in the final sprint,” he said.
“We don’t have this situation in
our hands, but I have experience
about these kind of situations.
“We need to give everything.
I’m confident because if we play
with the kind of mentality we
showed against Liverpool, we can
have nice things.”
Tottenham in particular have
been known to wobble before
has form
top four
with the finishing line in sight,
including last year when they
stumbled with the title within
their grasp.
Giroud added: “They lost this
weekend, so it gives us a bit more
energy and hope, so that’s why
we want to fight to the end.”
The 31-year-old was set up by
Victor Moses on Sunday
and now has four goals in
five games since ousting
Alvaro Morata from the
Chelsea attack, but it
has been his sheer
enthusiasm and neversay-die attitude that
have rejuvenated the
team and made him a
favourite with fans.
“I’m very happy to help
the team. I finished a good
job off on Sunday,” he
said. “Victor Moses
and I have a good
and I know
what he is
going to
do. He
well and I just tried to put the
ball into the net.
“Sunday was very hard, with
the hot weather. We ran a lot
because we wanted to block their
holding midfielders. Everything
was not perfect and it was not my
best game on possession and
retention of the ball. We
defended a lot, but the main
thing was the three points.
“I have received a really
warm welcome at the
club from when I first
arrived. I felt like I was
at home since I came
here, like I’ve been
here a few years, so for
me to score was very
everything on the pitch
people see that, and
even more when you
have the opportunity
to be efficient and
to bring a plus
to the team. It’s
nice to get that
back from the
Giroud hopes his
experience at making
a late surge can prove
the difference for
Premier League
1 Burnley v AFC Bournemouth ..... 1
2 Crystal Palace v West Brom ..... X
3 Huddersfield v Arsenal ............. 2
4 Liverpool v Brighton ................. 1
5 Man Utd v Watford................... 1
6 Newcastle v Chelsea................ 2
7 Southampton v Man City .......... 2
8 Swansea v Stoke ..................... X
9 Tottenham v Leicester ............. 1
10 West Ham v Everton .............. X
Spanish League
11 Alaves v Athletic Bilbao ......... X
12 Deportivo v Villarreal ............. 2
13 Eibar v Las Palmas ................ 1
14 Espanyol v Malaga ................. 1
15 Getafe v Atletico Madrid ........ 2
16 Girona v Valencia ................... 2
17 Levante v Barcelona .............. 2
18 Real Betis v Sevilla ................ 1
19 Real Madrid v Celta Vigo........ 1
20 Real Sociedad v Leganes ....... 1
Italian League
21 Atalanta v AC Milan ............... 1
22 Benevento v Genoa................ 2
23 Bologna v Chievo ................... X
24 Crotone v Lazio ...................... 2
25 Fiorentina v Cagliari ............... 1
26 Inter Milan v Sassuolo ........... 1
27 Roma v Juventus ................... 1
28 Sampdoria v Napoli................ 2
29 Torino v SPAL ........................ X
30 Verona v Udinese................... X
French League
31 Amiens v Metz ....................... 1
32 Angers v Nantes .................... X
33 Bordeaux v Toulouse.............. 1
34 Guingamp v Marseille ............ 2
35 Lille v Dijon............................ X
36 Monaco v St Etienne.............. 2
37 Montpellier v Troyes .............. X
38 Nice v Caen ........................... 1
39 PSG v Rennes ........................ 1
40 Strasbourg v Lyon .................. 2
Portuguese League
41 Aves v Chaves ....................... X
42 Benfica v Moreirense ............. 1
43 Boavista v Belenenses ........... X
44 Feirense v Estoril ................... 1
45 Guimaraes v FC Porto ............ 2
46 Maritimo v Sporting ............... 2
47 Portimonense v P Ferreira ..... X
48 Rio Ave v Braga ..................... 2
49 Vitoria Setubal v Tondela ....... 2
Palace, Swansea, Alaves,
Bologna, Torino, Verona,
Lille, Montpellier, Aves,
Boavista. Perm any 8 from
9 = 9 bets, or any 9 from
10 = 10 bets.
Palace, Swansea, Alaves,
Lille, Aves. Perm 4 from 5
= 5 bets.
Tottenham, Espanyol, Real
Madrid, Fiorentina, Inter
Milan, Nice, PSG, Benfica,
Feirense. Perm any 8 from
9 = 9 bets, or any 9 from
10 = 10 bets.
SIX AWAYS: Arsenal,
Chelsea, Man City, Atletico
Madrid, Barcelona, FC
Lossl so near
JONAS LOSSL feels Huddersfield are
now in touching distance of Premier
League safety.
The Terriers claimed a valuable
point with an unexpected goalless
draw at champions Manchester City
on Sunday, which lifted David
Wagner’s 16th-placed side three points
above the relegation zone with two
games remaining.
And ahead of tomorrow night’s
match against Chelsea, the Danish
goalkeeper said: “One point more and
I think we are safe. It’s like a 100m
sprint – we don’t stop after 95 metres,
we need to run it all the way through.”
Daily Express Tuesday May 8 2018
County Championship
Division One
Somerset v Lancashire (Emirates
Old Trafford): Somerset 429 (121.2
overs; G A Bartlett 110, M E
Trescothick 100, T B Abell 99) and
269-8dec (93 overs; M W Parkinson
5-101). Lancashire 492 (144 overs;
D J Vilas 235no, K K Jennings 109).
Lancashire (11pts) drew with
Somerset (10pts).
Nottinghamshire v Hampshire
(Trent Bridge): Nottinghamshire 302
(69.3 overs) and 389-9dec. (85.3
overs; S J Mullaney 130).
Hampshire 223 (86.1 overs) and
265 (108.5 overs; H M Amla 112).
Nottinghamshire (22pts) beat
Hampshire (4pts) by 203 runs.
Surrey v Worcestershire (The Kia
Oval): Surrey 434 (144.2 overs; R J
Burns 193) and 173-3dec. (60
overs). Worcs 526 (158.4 overs; J
M Clarke 157, A Virdi 6-105). Surrey
(9pts) drew with Worcs (11pts).
Division Two
Leicestershire v Durham (Emirates
Riverside): Leics 440 (150.4 overs)
and 101 (29.5 overs; W J Weighell
7-32). Durham 184 (54.3 overs)
and 403 (129.4 overs; A K Markram
94, G T Griffiths 6-49). Durham
(18pts) beat Leics (6pts) by 46 runs.
Middlesex v Sussex (Hove):
Middlesex 230 (73 overs; M D E
Holden 84no; O E Robinson 7-58)
and 322 (99.2 overs; D J Malan
119, N R T Gubbins 107). Sussex
323 (93.1 overs; H Z Finch 103, J A
R Harris 5-86) and 232-7 (73.3
overs). Sussex (22pts) beat
Middlesex (4pts) by 3 wickets.
TOUR MATCH (Northampton):
Northants 259 (73.4 overs; A M
Rossington 90; Shadab Khan 6-77)
and 301 (95.5 overs; R I Newton
118). Pakistan 428 (116.3 overs;
Asad Shafiq 186no) and 134-1 (27
overs). Pakistan won by 9 wickets.
IPL (Hyderabad): Sunrisers
Hyderabad 146 (20 overs); Royal
Challengers Bangalore 141-6 (20
overs). Sunrisers Hyderabad win by
5 runs. Today: Rajasthan Royals v
Kings XI Punjab (Jaipur, 3.30pm).
Ladbrokes Scottish
Premiership Play-off
Semi-final 1st leg
DUNDEE UTD (2) ... 2 LIVINGSTON (1) ..3
Mikkelsen 3
Ralston 28
(2nd leg, Friday)
De Vita 2
Mullin 77
Pitman 80
Att: 5,610
EVO-STIK SOUTH—Prem Play-off
Final: Kings Lynn Town 1 Slough 2.
BOSTIK—Prem Play-off Final:
Dulwich 1 Hendon 1 (AET; Score at
90 mins 1-1, Dulwich win 4-3 on
(Charlotte, North Carolina)—Final Rnd
(USA unless stated, par 71): 272 J
Day (Aus) 69 67 67 69, 274 N
Watney 72 67 66 69, A Wise 68 68
70 68, 276 B DeChambeau 75 65
66 70, 277 P Mickelson 72 72 64
69, P Uihlein 72 72 62 71, P Casey
(Eng) 69 68 69 71.
Texas)—Final Rnd (USA unless stated,
par 71): 131 S H Park (Kor) 65 66,
132 L Duncan 68 64, 133 Y Liu (Chn)
67 66, 134 A Jutanugarn (Tha) 68 66,
S Y Kim (Kor) 67 67.
(Oulton Park, Cheshire)—Race 1: 1 L
Haslam (Gbr) Kawasaki 28mins
41.418secs, 2 J Dixon (Gbr) Kawasaki
28:43.042, 3 S Byrne (Gbr) Ducati
28:47.642. Race 2: 1 Haslam
28:40.954, 2 J O’Halloran (Aus)
Honda 28:41.040, 3 Dixon
28:43.877. Standings: 1 Haslam
115pts, 2 B Ray (Gbr) Suzuki 101, 3
Byrne 98, 4 O’Halloran 6.
Storm 70 Celtic Dragons 42, Team
Bath 51 Severn Stars 35, Manchester
Thunder 56 Loughborough Lightning
62, Team Northumbria 47 Sirens 42.
Somerset 42, Swindon 50 Poole 39.
1st leg: Belle Vue 57 Wolverhampton
33, Leicester 48 King’s Lynn.
Theatre Sheffield)—Final: M Williams
(Wal) bt J Higgins (Sco) 18-16.
Frame and session scores (Higgins
first): Final session: (131) 131-1,
(67) 68-58 (58), (82) 82-47, 91-0,
(62) 67-47, 0-74, 14-104 (100),
(65) 65-63 (63), 0-71 (69).
Third session: 5-98 (61), 19-73
(56), 0-126 (69, 56), 7-63 (52), (67)
92-29, (72) 76-65 (65), (80) 80-0,
8-84 - 15-10 Williams.
Sunday’s scores, Second session:
46-81 (72), (51) 75-31, (127)
127-8, 12-76, (56) 85-9, (117)
123-15, 0-123 (118), 35-64 (64),
43-80 - 10-7 Williams. First session:
23-75, 15-65, 35-72, (55) 60-70,
(119) 120-4, 0-133 (95), (52) 98-0,
(59) 82-21 - 5-3 Williams. Century
breaks: Higgins 4, Williams 2.
(Spain)—Selected - Men’s Rnd 1:
(13) D Sebastian Schwartzman (Arg)
bt A Mannarino (Fra) 6-1 6-3, F
Delbonis (Arg) bt M Zverev (Ger) 6-1
2-6 7-6 (8-6), (10) N Djokovic (Ser)
bt K Nishikori (Jpn) 7-5 6-4, B Paire
(Fra) bt (15) L Pouille (Fra) 6-2 6-3, M
Raonic (Can) bt N Kicker (Arg) 6-3
6-2. Women’s Rnd 2: (9) S Stephens
(USA) bt S Stosur (Aus) 6-1 6-3, (7) C
Garcia (Fra) bt P Martic (Cro) 6-3 7-5,
(11) J Goerges (Ger) bt L Arruabarrena
(Spa) 2-6 6-4 6-2, M Sharapova
(Rus) bt I Begu (Rom) 7-5 6-1, (2) C
Wozniacki (Den) bt A Barty (Aus) 6-2
4-6 6-4.
(7.45pm unless stated)
Premier League
Swansea v Southampton ...........................
(Live on Sky Sports Premier League)
Ladbrokes Scottish
Aberdeen v Rangers ...................................
(Live on Sky Sports Football)
Hamilton v St Johnstone ............................
Partick v Motherwell ...................................
Ross County v Dundee ...............................
Giro d’Italia (Catania to Caltagirone).
Daily Express Tuesday May 8 2018
United beaten
to Griezmann?
By Richard Tanner
president Josep Maria
relationship with his
Bartomeu appears to
have closed the door
Griezmann is a close
on Manchester United’s
friend of United
hopes of signing
midfielder Paul Pogba,
Antoine Griezmann.
who has tried to
United were ready to
persuade his France
trigger the Atletico
team-mate to
join him at
Old Trafford,
but he has
release clause
spent all his
last summer
but he stayed
career in Spain
put and has
and it is
been widely
understood he
tipped to move
is settled there.
to the Nou
Camp instead
added that he
this summer.
has spoken to
Atletico president
has told a Spanish
Enrique Cerezo and
radio station he has
chief executive Miguel
been in talks with both
Angel Gil Marin.
Griezmann’s agent and
“We’ve talked with
Atletico, although he
them about many
stopped short of saying
things,” he said. “The
a deal has been done.
relationship between
“I saw Griezmann
the clubs is
one day on holiday,” he
said. “We have a
believes his
team can
beat the drop
Keep calm
But Swans
Ki says he
is not
UNDER-FIRE Claude Puel has
criticised the Premier League
and called it a “piranha club”.
The Leicester manager, right, has
warned the Foxes to sack him at
their peril after highlighting
Southampton’s slump since
they showed him the door.
“The Premier League is like
a piranha club,” he said. “It
is not possible in six months
to perform like a great team.”
Cool Carlos won’t flap as
Swans fight to stay afloat
Moyes to Iron
out new deal
to sit down with West
Ham owners David
Sullivan and David
Gold to sort out his
future at the club.
Moyes, who has an
extensive list of players
he wants if he
does stay and
is planning a
major clear-out
of players he
does not want,
will meet Gold
and Sullivan
early next week
following the
final game of
the season at
home to
Everton on Sunday.
The Hammers board
want Moyes to stay
and have drawn up a
two-year deal, even
though he had come in
for criticism recently
By Tony Banks
following the heavy
defeats by Arsenal and
Manchester City.
Moyes arrived in
November with the
Irons in the drop zone.
He signed a
deal to the end
of the season
but has won
only eight of
29 games.
There have
been concerns
about his
tactics on
occasions and
over public
fall-outs with
players such as Declan
Rice, Andy Carroll and
Manuel Lanzini.
West Ham have been
linked with a summer
move for Mainz striker
Yoshinori Muto, 25.
GABRIEL JESUS says Manchester
City’s Premier League title win is
no one-off – and has helped him grow
into a man.
Pep Guardiola’s squad can still
set records for points, wins and
goals in their final two games.
And Jesus, left, said: “Can we win
the league again next year? Yes,
of course.
“When I left Brazil, I was still
a boy, today I am a man.”
¬ JOHN MOTSON’S final commentary before he hangs up
his microphone after more than 50 years will be Crystal
Palace v West Brom from Selhurst Park on Sunday.
SWANSEA boss Carlos
Carvalhal insists he will not
be turning into a ranter and
raver despite the pressure
for Premier League safety.
By Ian Baker
something really bad. When it is in your
hands to do it, let’s do it. This is the
way. And I believe we can do it.
“The calendar says that we have two
home games against teams that are
The Swans face their biggest
fighting with us.
game in years as they host
“So I don’t look at things in a
Southampton tonight in the
negative way. I just look at things in a
mother of all ‘six-pointers’.
But Carvalhal, known for his
“In a normal situation, we were
coolness on the touchline and
jovial demeanour off it, is completely out of the running in this
remaining relaxed.
“We are in sight because we achieved
“All the time it is serious,”
this situation. So if you achieve this
said the Portuguese. “I don’t
and have the things in your
need to scream at the players
hands, you can do it. This is the main
with concentration.
“If I must scream, I scream. point.
“It is the same for our opponents. All
But I am not like that all the
of us are in different circumstances.
time with the players.
“We must keep organised, When we arrived, some of them had 10
we must be with confidence, or 12 points more than us.
“How many points have we recovered
emotional control.
“It is not a time to scream. to be in this position? When we achieve
situation, you think you can do it. I
It is a time to be focused
believe we can do it.”
and do the proper things.
Midfielder Ki Sung-Yueng insists the
“I believe in myself. I
believe in my players. My players are just as calm as they approach
such a critical game.
target is to try to get them to
“This is going to decide who stays in
believe in themselves and
the Premier League, the biggest game in
believe in their colleagues. These
our season. It’s going to be winner takes
are the things that we must do.”
all,” he said.
Swansea received criticism for
“But we are OK and not worried. We
the way they went about their game
at Bournemouth with suggestions are still in an important situation.”
The South Korea international is
they prioritised this fixture.
refusing to panic under the pressure
The Swans are now back in the
Swansea failing to score in their
bottom three on goal difference but they
past three matches.
know wins in their final two games, with
“We produced a good second-half
Stoke visiting the Liberty Stadium on
performance against Chelsea, they are a
Sunday, will be enough to see them to
top-five side and were champions last
year,” Ki said. “We have to maintain that
It is still a much better position than
level of performance in the next two
when Carvalhal arrived
in December, when
“I don’t think
they were bottom of
there is a problem
the pile, five points
G N ; C = 8 GKJ with scoring enough
N<JK?8D *- 0 (((- +, -.
goals, everyone has
“I would be talking
*/ to
help the strikers
?L;;<IJ=@<C;*- 0 0 (/ ). ,-
*- and
different way if, for
JFLK?8DGKFE*- - (,(, *- ,,
** players – it’s not just
example, we had to
/ 0 (0 ). ,* ** their responsibility.
win on Tuesday and
N<JK9IFD *. - (*(/ *( ,+
“We have players
had to wait for two
or three results,”
*. - ()(0 ** -. *' who have the ability
he said. “This is
to score.”
Daily Express Tuesday May 8 2018
and keep us up
By Ian Whittell
MARK Hughes has a simple
message for his struggling
Saints stars at Swansea tonight:
Don’t panic.
Southampton edged out of the
bottom three with a battling 1-1 draw at
Everton on Saturday, breathing life into
their survival hopes.
That result set up tonight’s winnertakes-all showdown in South Wales in
which victory for Hughes’s team should
be enough to guarantee safety.
And Hughes insists his players must
keep their heads to have any chance of
pulling off their escape act.
“The message is just about calmness.
You have got to deal with pressure, you
have got to think clearly,” he said.
“Obviously, when things are flying
around, you have to try to do the right
things and you have to take your
chances when you create them.
“For the most part, we did that at
Everton. We proved to ourselves that we
have that capability, we just have to
do it.”
Southampton were hard done by at
Goodison with some questionable
officiating from Jon Moss contributing
to Everton’s 96th-minute equaliser.
But Hughes insists there is no time
for his side to feel sorry for themselves.
“We just mustn’t allow
ourselves to be deflated
by what’s ahead of us and
what’s just occurred. We
played well at Everton,”
he said.
“We are not down, in
terms of confidence and
in terms how we are
playing. We were damaged
because we got so close
to getting a significant
result and a significant
would have helped our
“But it is still very much
in our hands and very quickly. We will get
this out of our system and go again.
“We are playing well so we shouldn’t
have any apprehension about what is
ahead of us.”
Hughes must decide whether to start
England forward Nathan Redmond after
he came off the bench to grab a dramatic
opener against Everton.
And his manager believes Redmond
has left him with a tough decision after
overcoming a huge dip in form, having
failed to score all season until his goal
at Goodison. “Nathan is basically an
Sparky urges
Saints not to
lose heads
Hughes. “He lost a little bit of
confidence maybe and that was
evident in his play. Sometimes
he was being too sure, rather
than being the natural player
he is.
“But he was excellent when
he came on at Everton,
clearly understood what was
required of him.
“I obviously had to make
the decision not to start
him so he was disappointed
with that but it didn’t affect
his focus on the game itself
because that was why he was
able to make the impact he did.”
Maya Yoshida’s red card against
Everton means he will be unavailable
for tonight’s showdown, while midfielder
Mario Lemina faces a late fitness test
after being hampered by a hamstring
The former Juventus
ace, who played in a
Champions League final
for the Italian giants, is
keen to prove he has put
his own future on hold to
scrap his way to survival.
“The club have given
me everything to perform
and I need to give back
with all my heart,” Lemina
“When you join a team
I don’t think you can
expect to try to fight to
save yourself. But now
this is our situation and we have to
just keep going and work a lot to save
the club.
“For me it is a good pressure because
the fans expect a lot from us and we
have to give it back. The main thing is to
save the club and every single one of us
knows that.
“We don’t talk about ourselves, we talk
about the club and we just have to save
the club.
“After, everyone can make a decision
to stay or leave. This is not my problem,
my only problem is to win the last few
games and save the team.”
Tadic is a target for Ajax.
Tadic joined the Saints from
Twente in 2014 and Ajax are
keen to take the Serbian
back to Holland.
Tadic has two years
left on his contract
but will look to
leave this summer
if Southampton
fail to stay
WINNER: Doyle fires in
Doyle is
to boost
By Tim Nash
Mark Hughes
wants his
players to
avoid any
about what is
ahead and
focus on
seizing their
Redmond, right, ended his long
goal drought against Everton
GARETH Southgate
was an interested
onlooker as England’s
youngsters showed
why they are world
champions by coming
from behind to beat
Italy at Walsall.
Head coach Steve
Cooper’s side scored
twice in nine
second-half minutes to
continue their winning
start to top Group A
of the European
Tommy Doyle struck
the winner from the
spot after Arvin Appiah
had levelled following
Alessio Riccardi’s strike
for the Italians against
the run of play.
England will qualify
for the quarter-finals
if they avoid defeat
against Switzerland
on Thursday at
The wide men roared
for the Three Lions,
with Arsenal winger
Xavier Amaechi looking
threatening while
Nottingham Forest’s
Appiah got the
equaliser and substitute
Rayhaan Tulloch from
West Brom won the
penalty for the winner.
Italy took the lead in
the 13th minute when
Riccardi buried a low
shot into the bottom
corner from 25 yards.
Matthew Daly,
Amaechi and Bobby
Duncan missed chances
for England, who finally
equalised in the 63rd
minute when Appiah
lashed home.
The winner came
when Manchester City’s
Doyle, grandson of City
legends Mike Doyle and
Glyn Pardoe, sidefooted
home a penalty on 69
minutes after Tulloch
was tripped by Alberto
Southgate must have
been encouraged by the
performances of the
wide players and
Cooper was delighted
with their impact.
“Arvin came inside
and scored and
Rayhaan won the
penalty – that’s what
you want from your
attacking players,” he
said. “Ultimately you
want them making a
Daily Express Tuesday May 8 2018
‘A father
figure and
a fighter’
MANCHESTER United defender
Phil Jones says Sir Alex
Ferguson is “like a father” to him.
The former United manager,
who won 38 trophies during his
time at Old Trafford, remains in
a Salford hospital having
undergone emergency surgery
on Saturday following a brain
Jones was signed by Ferguson,
below, from Blackburn in 2011,
and the England international
described how pivotal his
ex-manager was in helping him
settle in.
“I am absolutely devastated,”
Jones said. “He is such a legend
in my eyes. He is
the one who
brought me to
the club and
gave me
chance to
play for
one of the
clubs in the
world. He
has taken me
under his wing
like a father.
“It’s shocking, it’s
sad, but I know his character.
I know he has that fight in him.
Hopefully he’ll recover well.
“We are all rooting for him. I’m
sure he will be fine.”
Ryan Giggs, given his United
debut as a 17-year-old in 1991 by
Ferguson, echoed Jones’s
sentiments. “Now is the time to
pray and hope he can make a full
recovery,” Giggs said. “He has
been the biggest influence in my
career, both on and off the pitch.
“He is a fighter and that is
what makes me think he will be
able to make a recovery.”
relegation rivals Swansea
is make or break for his
Southampton side.
The Saints moved out of
the bottom three following
Saturday’s 1-1 draw at Everton
but are above third-frombottom Swansea only on goal
Hughes does not want his
champions Manchester City on
the final day of the season
needing a victory to stay up.
City will be desperate to win
at St Mary’s as they seek to
become the first team in
By Alex Crook
English history to notch 100
points in the top flight.
United striker Hughes said:
“We’ve got two games left and
everybody is writing the City
one off. I was hoping they would
have got all their records before
they played us.
“We will try our utmost to get
something out of that game as
well, but clearly when you are
in this situation you want to
be able to damage the teams
Swansea are very much the
team we have to damage.”
knows his
side need a
result from
their trip to
Little bit of luck for Bolton hero Mark
BOLTON defender Mark Little
almost paid a high price for his
generosity after his side’s dramatic
win against Nottingham Forest.
The Championship club escaped
relegation with a remarkable 3-2
victory at the Macron Stadium and
amid the celebrations Little gave
his jacket away to a fan.
Only later did Little, 29, realise
that his wallet and wedding ring
were in his jacket pocket and his
kind gesture appeared to have cost
him more than he intended.
The former Peterborough and
Bristol City right-back posted a
REUNITED: Little and his wallet
By Peter Edwards
message on Twitter, below, pleading
to the fan to return them and was
grateful to be later reunited with
his wallet. His wedding ring has also
been found and will be handed back
to Little today.
Bolton, who started the final day
in the bottom three, were on the
brink of relegation as they trailed
Forest 2-1 with 11 minutes to go.
Phil Parkinson’s side needed to
win to avoid an instant return to
League One and hit back with two
goals in two minutes from David
Wheater and Aaron Wilbraham.
Parkinson, however, may not prove
as lucky as his defender and could
still get the boot despite the club’s
dramatic escape.
A number of foreign investors are
bidding to buy the Trotters from
current owner Ken Anderson, who
is unable to give promises about
Parkinson’s future, with the new
owners potentially wanting to
install their own manager.
“It’s time to think it through, see
what we want to do next season,”
said Anderson. “We need to reflect
on what has and hasn’t happened.”
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