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Metro UK – May 15, 2018

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Tuesday, May 15, 2018
All smiles: Ivanka Trump unveils a plaque at the new US embassy in Jerusalem
Scores of Palestinians are killed by Israelis in border protests
as Ivanka Trump celebrates new US embassy in Jerusalem
Deadliest day in years: Page 5 »
Firing line:
fires his
catapult at
Israeli troops
MEGHAN MARKLE’S father will
not walk his daughter down the aisle,
after posing for staged paparazzi
photos, it was claimed last night.
Thomas Markle reportedly ‘suffered
a heart attack’ six days ago but checked
himself out of hospital so he could
attend her wedding to Prince Harry.
However, according to showbiz
website TMZ, he has now decided not
to travel to the ceremony on Saturday
because he does not want to embarrass
the royal family or Meghan.
Last night Kensington Palace
described the situation as a ‘deeply
personal moment’ for Meghan, and
asked for understanding and respect to
be extended to Mr Markle in ‘this difficult situation’. The 73-year-old allegedly told TMZ he deeply regrets the
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Family strife: Meghan
has just days until
her wedding REX
Tuesday, May 15, 2018 METRO 3
600 guests to be
served seasonal
British classics
Markle’s wedding reception guests
will be served classic dishes using
seasonal British produce, much of it
from the Queen’s own estates.
The couple chose the wedding
reception menu after sampling
suggestions in Windsor Castle’s
14th-century Great
Kitchen, where the food
will be created by royal
chef Mark Flanagan
and his team.
Mr Flanagan, who
refused to go into detail,
said the wedding had
‘fallen very kindly’,
adding: ‘All the British
vegetables are just
coming into season and
that’s been a point of
focus for us.’
Harry and Meghan
will join their 600 guests
for the St George’s Hall
reception, where the
canapés will be consumed
in two bites, while bowl
dishes will be eaten
standing up.
Canapé do it:
Kitchen staff at
Windsor Castle start
preparations for
Harry and Meghan’s
reception AFP/GETTY
J w l
ace. Meghan’s estranged half-sister
Samantha yesterday said she had sug‘stupid and hammy’ photos’, for which gested her father pose for the pictures.
Meghan’s half-sister Samantha yesterThe 53-year-old told ITV’s Loose
day claimed responsibility.
Women she thought Mr Markle had
His decision raises the possibility
been made to ‘look bad’ so told
Meghan’s mother Doria Ragland
him to ‘do positive photos for
will walk their daughter down the
his benefit and the benefit of
aisle at Windsor Castle.
the royal family’. The pictures
Ms Ragland, 61 – who
– by Los Angelesdivorced Mr Markle when
based photographer
Meghan was six – is
Jeff Rayner – are
thought to be
thought to have
arriving in the
sold for around
country shortly
£100,000 and
and will stay at
included shots
Awkward: Meghan and Tom Markle
Kensington Palof him read» Continued from Page 1
Speculation over who will now walk Meghan down the aisle at Windsor
Wedding hitch:
Our front page
Will he still walk her down aisle after he’s
caught staging £100k paparazzi photos?
ther ma
ing a book on royal history, looking
at pictures of Harry and Meghan at
an internet café and being measured
for a suit.
Samantha, who has not spoken to
her sister since 2015, said she had ‘no
idea’ if her father was paid but added
‘it would have been a pittance’. She is
M M rkle
not among the 600 guests invited to
Saturday’s wedding.
Meanwhile, Harry and Meghan will
put their honeymoon on hold for their
first engagement as a married couple
three days later on Tuesday at a garden
party to celebrate Prince Charles’s
70th birthday.
Straight to work: Harry and Meghan REX
4 METRO Tuesday, May 15, 2018
MI5 spy boss
warns Russia
is seeking to
split Europe
THE head of MI5 says it is more vital
than ever that European spy agencies
stand together to counter the threat
Russia poses to Western democracies.
In an attack on Vladimir Putin’s
regime, Andrew Parker accused
Moscow of telling ‘bare-faced lies’
and using ‘criminal thuggery’ in the
attempted killing of a former Kremlin
spy in Salisbury in March.
Russia has repeatedly denied it was
involved in the nerve agent attack on
Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia.
But in a speech to European spy
bosses in Berlin, Mr Parker (pictured) claimed the Kremlin was
taking part in ‘deliberate, targeted, malign activity intended
to undermine our free, open
and democratic societies’.
He also accused Russia of
‘flagrant breaches’ of
international rules,
Accusations: Protesters
gather outside Chatham
House in central London
as Turkish president
Recep Tayyip Erdoğan
begins his three-day
visit to the UK GETTY
and criticised its invasion of Crimea
and alleged interference in Western elections. He said Moscow was the chief
protagonist among ‘hostile actors’, adding its actions risked making it a ‘more
isolated pariah’.
He said: ‘Bare-faced lying seems to
be the default mode, coupled with ridicule of critics. The aim is to sow doubt
by flat denials of the truth, to dilute
truth with falsehood, divert attention to
fake stories and do all they can to
divide alliances.’
Mr Parker also warned the threat
from Daesh would continue after
revealing 12 terror plots had been
thwarted since March last year.
After his speech, Russia accused
Britain of ‘rallying new participants into its antiRussian campaign’.
Erdoğan met by protests
at start of visit to Britain
PROTESTERS waved placards
attacking Turkish president Recep
Tayyip Erdoğan as he kicked off
his state visit to the UK yesterday.
Crowds gathered in central
London where Mr Erdoğan
delivered a speech at the Chatham
Face-off: Mr Erdoğan’s supporters House think tank. Groups backing
the leader faced off against
demonstrators who condemned
him for undermining human rights
and muzzling opposition parties.
Mr Erdoğan will meet the Queen
and hold talks with Theresa May.
Downing Street said the PM ‘will
raise human rights’.
Tuesday, May 15, 2018 METRO 5
DOZENS of Palestinian protesters
were killed on Gaza’s deadliest day in
years – as Donald Trump’s daughter
celebrated moving the US embassy to
the disputed city of Jerusalem.
At least 55 people died and more
than 2,400 were injured in clashes on
the territory’s border with Israel yesterday, amid fears of worse to follow.
It came as Ivanka Trump attended
the opening of the embassy – moved
from Tel Aviv – after the president
enraged Palestinians by recognising
Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.
Israeli prime minister Benjamin
Netanyahu said it was a ‘great day of
peace’, adding: ‘You can only build
peace on truth. And the truth is that
Jerusalem has been, and always will
be, the capital of the Jewish people, the
capital of the Jewish state.’
But Palestinian president Mahmoud
Abbas – whose people also lay claim to
Jerusalem as their capital – said: ‘This is not
an embassy, it’s a US
settlement outpost.’
He said he would not
accept any peace deal
put forward by the
Trump administration.
Tensions were fuelled
by the controversial
embassy move, leading
to the worst day of violence in the
region since the 2014 Gaza war.
At least five children were among
the dead as Israeli troops fired bullets
and tear gas at an estimated 40,000
people massed at the border fence.
Some of the demonstrators set fire
to tyres and hurled petrol bombs
after Palestinian fundamentalist group
Hamas called a day of protest.
Gaza’s health ministry said 1,200
people were injured by bullets and
another 1,200 by tear gas.
Meanwhile, Israel carried
out air strikes on
buildings it said were
Hamas arms factories in Gaza.
Mr Netanyahu said
military action was necessary. ‘Every country
has an obligation to
defend its borders,’ he
said. ‘The Hamas terrorist
declares it intends to
destroy Israel and
Anger: A Palestinian uses a
slingshot to hurl a stone during
the protests PICTURES: EPA/GETTY
55 killed in border clashes as
US opens Jerusalem embassy
sends thousands to breach the border
fence in order to achieve this goal.’
More than 100 Palestinians have
now been killed since weekly border
marches began in late-March, in a
campaign spearheaded by Hamas.
The Islamist group aims to break a
decade-long Israeli blockade on goods
flowing in and out of Gaza.
The government dropped
leaflets urging people to
stay away from the border
fence yesterday.
Foreign secretary Boris
Johnson called on Israel
to show restraint, saying that he was
by the loss
Injured: A protester
is carried away
of life’. He added the US had ‘played
the wrong card at the wrong time’ by
opening the new embassy building.
Ivanka Trump was joined at yesterday’s ceremony by her husband Jared
Kushner, whom she married after converting to his Jewish faith in 2009.
Mr Kushner, his father-in-law’s chief
middle-east adviser, said at the event:
‘As we have seen from the protests of
the last month and even today, those
provoking violence are part of the
problem and not part of the solution.’
In a video message broadcast at the
ceremony, the US president said he
wanted to ‘extend a hand of friendship
to Israel, to the Palestinians and to all
of their neighbours’.
He added: ‘Israel is a sovereign
nation with the right to determine its
own capital but, for many years, we
failed to acknowledge the obvious.’
Only four European countries –
Austria, Romania, Hungary and the
Czech Republic – took part in the
event, with others including Britain
boycotting it.
Ugly scenes: Protesters run for cover as tear gas is fired by the Israeli forces
Why Ivanka’s trip to ancient city stirred up bitter divisions
BOTH Israel and the Palestinians
have staked emotional claims to
Jerusalem as their capital city.
It once housed the temple
containing the holy of holies – the
most sacred spot in Judaism – and
worshippers come in their millions
to pray at the western wall that is a
remnant of the site.
The ancient city is also the home
of the Al-Aqsa mosque, seen as the
third most sacred site in Islam.
Advocates of a two-state solution
to accommodate both sides have
called for Jerusalem to be divided,
with Israel taking the west and the
Palestinians controlling the east.
But as things stand, Israel
controls the whole city, having
seized the east side and the
surrounding West Bank from
Jordan in the 1967 war.
East Jerusalem contains
Palestinian communities as well as
Donald Trump’s
daughter Ivanka
arrives with
husband Jared
Kushner for the
opening of the
new US embassy
Jerusalem AP
new Jewish settlements. But Israel
– accused of intruding on the old
Muslim quarter by approving
building projects – declares the
entire city to be its capital and has
its government there.
Ally the US agreed to recognise
the city as the capital back in 1995
when the Jerusalem embassy act
was passed by its Congress. But
successive American presidents
have been signing waivers every
six months to postpone moving the
US embassy there for fear of
upsetting the Palestinians and
setting back peace efforts.
Donald Trump said in December
he would press on with the ‘long
AMERICA’S first lady
Melania Trump, 48, is
recovering in hospital after
treatment for a benign kidney
condition. She is likely to
remain in the Walter Reed
National Military Medical Center
in Maryland for a week
following the procedure to clear
a blood vessel in a kidney. ‘The
procedure was successful and
there were no complications,’
the White House said.
overdue’ move, claiming it could
help the peace process.
The opening of the embassy in
Jerusalem yesterday was
particularly sensitive for the
Palestinians because it came on
the 70th anniversary of Israel
declaring independence.
Thousands of Jewish people had
headed to the region after
surviving the horrors of the
Holocaust in Europe. But the
foundation of Israel after Britain’s
withdrawal in 1948 triggered the
‘nakba’ in which about 700,000
Palestinians fled or were driven out.
Israeli prime minister Benjamin
Netanyahu, who embraced Mr
Trump’s daughter Ivanka at the
new embassy, said the president
had ‘immortalised himself in the
chronicles of our capital’.
But Nobel Peace Prize winner
Desmond Tutu, a leading figure in
overcoming apartheid in South
Africa, was among critics of the
American decision.
He said: ‘God is weeping over
president Donald Trump’s
inflammatory and discriminatory
recognition of Jerusalem as the
capital of Israel.’
6 METRO Tuesday, May 15, 2018
Play for the team,
Hunt urges Boris
JEREMY HUNT has rebuked Boris
Johnson for publicly criticising
Theresa May over Brexit, telling him
the cabinet must show unity.
The health secretary warned
that EU negotiators would be
able to exploit divisions within
the cabinet as talks progress.
His reprimand came after
foreign secretary Mr Johnson
claimed the prime minister’s
proposal for a customs
partnership with Brussels after Brexit was
‘crazy’. Mr Hunt (pictured) told BBC
Radio 4: ‘I do think it is important
that we have these debates in private. Not just because of collective responsibility, which is what
democracy depends on, but also
because this is a negotiation.
‘On the EU side, if they see
divisions in the open,
they will exploit that.’
Mr Hunt stressed
that Mr Johnson’s
Bags of fun:.
David Miliband.
surrounded by.
rice yesterday,.
and below, that.
banana moment.
opinions were respected, adding: ‘He
is a marvellous foreign secretary, but
let’s work as a team.’
Environment secretary Michael
Gove has also criticised a customs
partnership. It would see Britain collect tariffs on behalf of Brussels on
goods from non-EU countries set to
be re-exported to the continent.
Mrs May’s former deputy Damian
Green has predicted Britain may have
to stay in the EU customs union
beyond 2020 to allow time to prepare
for the introduction of a new system.
FOR a man famously mocked after
being pictured awkwardly clutching
a banana, you would think David
Miliband would be on the lookout
for any photo op minefield.
But he walked straight into one
yesterday when he appeared on
stage surrounded by bags of Tilda
rice. While the former foreign
secretary was talking Brexit, all
eyes were on the basmati.
At least even he saw the funny
side, tweeting a picture of Tilda
rice pudding and saying:
‘Delicious @tildarice
rice pudding, finished
to the last morsel. A
great argument for the
Customs Union and
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Single Market!’ The ex-Labour MP
had joined former Lib Dem deputy
prime minister Nick Clegg and Tory
MP Nicky Morgan at the Tilda plant
in Essex in a cross-party push to
keep closer ties with Brussels.
He said Jeremy Corbyn risks being
the ‘midwife of a hard Brexit’ if he
orders Labour MPs to oppose
remaining in the single market.
A Norway-style relationship,
inside the European Economic
Area, would be a ‘safe harbour’,
said Mr Miliband, who now
heads a New York charity. ‘I am
baffled why the Labour
leadership is so worried
about supporting the
EEA position,’ he said.
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Tuesday, May 15, 2018 METRO 7
Rugby player dies
on Sri Lankan tour
A BRITISH amateur rugby
player has died and another is
critically ill in hospital after
returning from a nightclub
while on tour in Sri Lanka.
The men were part of the
Durham-based Clem’s Pirates
touring team and had gone
out to a club in Colombo.
They complained of
breathing problems on
returning to their hotel. They
were taken to hospital a few
hours later where one of them,
aged 26 died.
The Foreign Office said it was
assisting both families.
Yogurt can make
a fry-up healthier
A POT of low-fat yogurt might
help prevent the harmful
effects of gorging on a fry-up.
An 8oz pot before a 900
calorie helping of sausage
muffins and hash browns
stopped harmful inflammatory
molecules from entering the
blood stream, a study found.
Eating the yogurt was ‘a
feasible strategy to improve
post-meal metabolism and
thus may help [cut] the risk of
cardiovascular and metabolic
diseases’, said Dr Ruisong Pei,
of the University of WisconsinMadison research team.
Woman accused of inciting
ex to murder her new lover
A FORMER law student said to have
sent an explicit photo of herself with
another man to her ex-lover has been
charged with incitement to murder.
Sarah Bramley, 29, is alleged to have
sent a picture of her performing a sex
act on Michael Lawson to her former
boyfriend David Saunders, 33, and
inviting him to attack her new lover.
Car dealer Saunders was jailed for
more than 22 years in December after
he admitted murdering Mr Lawson,
34, who died of a single stab wound in
Darlington, Co. Durham, last July.
Judge Stephen Ashurst rejected
Saunders’s defence that he did not
intend to kill Mr Lawson and that he did
not carry the kitchen knife to the scene
used to deliver the single fatal blow.
Saunders claimed Mr Lawson (pictured with Bramley) took
the knife to protect himself from getting ‘a
good hiding’ by a fitter
and stronger man.
But after a twoday trial, the
judge said that
Saunders, who
had drunk six
cans of lager
‘Sent photo’: Sarah
Bramley is accused of
sending an explicit
picture to David
Saunders (inset)
and snorted four lines of
cocaine, had been ‘spoiling for a fight’.
It is understood that
Bramley was questioned after returning to the UK from
month, where she is thought to have
been since the knife killing.
Bramley, also of Darlington, is facing two charges of assisting the commission of an offence.
The first count alleges she sent a
photograph of herself ‘with another
male’ to Saunders between June 29
and July 9. She is accused of advising
him ‘of the whereabouts of that other
male and invited David Saunders over
to assault said other male’.
The second charge Bramley says the
photograph was capable of encouraging or assisting ‘a number of offences’
and uses the word ‘murder’.
Tuesday, May 15, 2018 METRO 9
Yes she Khan!.
Bollywood’s Priyanka.
Chopra is fans’.
favourite to play.
Kamala Khan, aka Ms.
Margot, star
of Superman,
dies aged 69
ACTRESS Margot Kidder, best known
for playing reporter Lois Lane in the
Superman films, has died at 69.
She died at her home in Livingston,
Montana, on Sunday, according to a
funeral director in the town. The cause
of death was last night unknown.
Canadian-born Kidder, who starred
opposite Christopher Reeve in four
Superman films between 1978 and 1987,
had battled mental health problems and
talked openly about her bipolar disorder.
In 1996 her illness became so
Reporter: As Lois Lane in Superman REX
severe she disappeared for four
days, only to be found in a
manic state in a back garden.
her daughter with first husband,
She went on to become
novelist Thomas McGuane.
an advocate for mental
She later married actor John
health awareness.
Heard, but they split after six
Kidder also starred
days. She also briefly wed
in The Amityville
French director Philippe
Horror, appeared in
de Broca. She dated
TV’s Law & Order
former Canadian PM
and had a two-year
Pierre Trudeau, direcrun in The Vagina
tors Steven SpielMonologues. Her
berg, Brian De
last film, The
Palma and actor
Richard Pryor.
came out this
Co-star Reeve died
Co-star: Kidder with Superman
in 2004. He had been
actor Christopher Reeve REX
She is survived
paralysed in a riding
by Maggie, 41,
accident in 1995.
First Muslim superhero
Ms Marvel is ‘on the way’
MARVEL is planning to
introduce its first Muslim
superhero on screen.
And fans of the comic
book series have called for
Bollywood superstar
Priyanka Chopra to land
the lead role.
Marvel Studios boss Kevin
Feige hinted that a movie of
teen superhero Kamala
Khan – aka Ms Marvel – is
‘in the works’.
He told the BBC: ‘Captain
Marvel’s shooting right now
with Brie Larson [in the
lead role].
‘Ms Marvel, the Muslim
hero inspired by Captain
Marvel, is definitely sort of
in the works. We have plans
for that once we’ve
introduced Captain Marvel
to the world.’
Indian actress Chopra, 35,
is already linked to the
character as she voiced
Kamala Khan in a mobile
game. She tweeted after
getting the part two years
ago: ‘I’m her voice and
she’s my alter ego in Marvel
Avengers Academy!’
Fans backed her for the
part. One tweeted: ‘They
better cast Priyanka
Chopra. We’re dying to see
her in a Marvel movie.’
Hint: ‘S
Say hello to Ms Marvel’... her 2016 tweet
10 METRO Tuesday, May 15, 2018
Girl, 8, survives suicide
bomb attack by parents
n A BAN on betting on sports,
including football, basketball
and baseball, in most US
states has been lifted by the
Supreme Court. Until now,
punters could only put a
wager on a game in Nevada.
n A VOLCANO in Japan seen
in the Bond film You Only Live
Twice has erupted. It is the
second major eruption at
Shinmoedake volcano since it
exploded in March for the
first time since 2011.
n FRENCH MPs are to debate
a law to protect children under
15 from sex assaults by adults.
Women’s groups want it to say
children cannot consent to sex
with an adult. French law does
not set a legal age of consent.
A FAMILY took along their eightyear-old daughter to a suicide
bomb attack on the police
headquarters in Indonesia’s
second-largest city.
The girl, who was on a motorbike
with two bombers, was thrown
clear and survived.
Four other family members were
killed in Surabaya in Sunday’s
blast, which injured four police
officers and six civilians.
It happened a day after a family
of six carried out attacks on three
churches there, killing 12 people
and themselves. Two girls aged nine
and 12 were among those who blew
themselves up. Both sets of families
were friends.
Indonesia’s president Joko
Widodo condemned their action as
‘barbaric’. The flurry of attacks in
the world’s most populous Muslim
nation have been linked to the
return of some of the 1,100 fighters
who joined Daesh in Syria.
Daesh has claimed responsibility
for the church bombings.
n DONALD TRUMP has vowed
to help save Chinese phone
giant ZTE – banned from
buying parts in the US after it
sold to sanctions-hit North
Korea. The offer may help him
settle his trade row with China.
Robber draws pistol on parents and
n FIVE water buffalo were
lifted off a major road with a
crane during a nine-hour
operation. The animals refused
to budge after escaping from a
field, so were tranquillised near
Leverkusen, Germany.
DRAMATIC film footage has shown the
moment a mother turned the tables on a
gunman outside her daughter’s school –
shooting him dead when he pulled a pistol on other terrified mums and children.
Off-duty cop Katia Sastre kept her cool
when the armed robber walked up to the
family groups during the school run in
São Paulo, Brazil, and threatened them
with a .38 revolver.
Ms Sastre, 42, pulled her service weapon
out of her handbag as Elivelton Neves
Moreira attempted to snatch a mother’s
bag. Then, her police training kicking in,
Tuesday, May 15, 2018 METRO 11
n FARMER Peter Miles, 61, was
named yesterday as carrying
out Australia’s worst mass
shooting in 22 years. He killed
his wife, daughter and four of
her children before himself in
Osmington, south of Perth.
n FIVE hotel workers have
been arrested over the
drugging and gang rape of a
Briton in Sorrento, Italy, in
2016. The woman, 50, from
Kent, recalled one attacker
had a tattoo on his neck.
Rise and fall of
ancient world
under the ice
ICE sheets in Greenland chart the
rise and fall of the Greek and
Roman empires, a study has found.
Lead emissions from mining and
smelting in Europe drifted with
the winds across the ocean and
were covered in snow falls.
Now, for the first time scientists
have been able to measure and
accurately date the deposits, and
show the rise and fall of ancient
n A WATCH presented to Elvis
Presley by his label RCA in 1961
after he sold his 75millionth
record fetched £1.4million at
auction. The gold and diamond
gift had been tipped to fetch
just £75,000 in Geneva.
kids then a mother-of-two whips out her police gun
she fired three shots into his stomach as
parents fled with their children.
While he was down, she kicked his
weapon away and made an emergency
call from her mobile phone, but the 21year-old gunman died from his injures
soon after arriving at hospital.
São Paolo governor Marcio Franca
visited mother-of-two Ms Sastre at her
military police station to thank her for
her heroic action.
He said: ‘Katia’s courage and precision saved mums and daughters at the
school entrance.
‘She acted for two important reasons
– in defence of society and in defence of
her family,’ he added in a tweet. A police
spokesman said: ‘These criminals lose
control easily. Katia didn’t know if he
was going to shoot the children, the
mums or the headteacher who was at
the entrance.’ The scenes unfolded as
the school in Suzano held events to celebrate Mother’s Day.
n AT LEAST 40 people have
died in powerful wind and
rain storms across Northern
India. Uttar Pradesh state
reported 38 deaths, while
flights were diverted from
New Delhi.
n CATALONIA’S parliament
yesterday voted in separatist
Quim Torra, 55, as its new
leader by 66 votes to 65. He
has vowed to continue the
region’s battle for
independence from Spain.
Roman: Remains of a lead smelter
European civilisations between
1100 BC and AD 800.
Dr Joe McConnell, at the Desert
Research Institute in Nevada, said:
‘We found that lead pollution in
Greenland very closely tracked
known plagues, wars, social unrest
and imperial expansions during
European antiquity.’
The highest levels coincided with
the height of the Roman Empire
and fell sharply during plagues.
12 METRO Tuesday, May 15, 2018
Social media silence is
Marvel-lous for Hayley
A (very) secret
agent: Hayley
Atwell thinks
social media is
‘pointless’ GETTY
celeb you won’t catch
promoting herself on
social media – as she
reckons it’s ‘pointless’.
The Captain America
star, whose TV series
Howards End was up for
a Bafta, is more than
happy to focus on being a
‘working actor’.
The 36-year-old said: ‘I don’t
partake in social media. It’s
pointless. It can get in the way of
doing what a job is.’
After playing Marvel character
Agent Peggy Carter, she said:
‘I’m from the theatre in London, so
to be thrown into a franchise
like that is amazing.’
And she’s not
quibbling she
HAYEK wants
was left out of
actors to take a
pay cut in the
Infinity War,
name of equality.
‘If the budget is
‘I’m not
$10million, an actor
going to
has to understand
moan about
that if he makes
not being in
$9.7million, it is
going to be hard
for equality,’ the
able to work in
Mexican star,
other ways.’
51, said.
A N D R E I H A R M S W O RT H ’ S
Caroline’s too
busy tanning
for wedding
day planning
... and she might get married in pub
AROLINE FLACK suspects admits his proposal was ‘a shock’. But
she quickly added: ‘A nice shock. I am
she’ll end up marrying
on cloud nine.
fiancé Andrew Brady in a
‘It’s the first time since Love Island I
pub as she has terrible
have actually been in a relationship.’
organisational skills.
Despite their recent romantic getaway,
The Love Island host was in full
Flack still didn’t get round to planning
dress rehearsal mode at the TV Baftas
her wedding with the former Celebrity
on Sunday – posing in a peach
wedding-style frock whilst flashing her Big Brother contestant.
‘I have no plans yet,’ she said, but
engagement ring, which she confessed
she admitted putting her frock on for
needs to be re-sized.
the awards bash was good practise.
And despite enjoying a lengthy
‘It feels like a wedding dress. Not
getaway with the ex-Apprentice
that I know what that feels like.’
contestant in Greece earlier this
Imagining how her wedding
month, the 38-year-old
will turn out she added: ‘It’s going
told Guilty Pleasures
to be only really close friends and
she’s only made one
family. Probably in a pub
decision about their
big day... so far.
Flack said the couple had a
‘My sister is going to
getaway to ‘just flake’.
be my maid of fun.
‘I had a really long 12 day
That’s the only thing I
holiday... a lot of time off,’
have decided,’ the
she said.
presenter said before
‘I’m really good at doing
her ITV2 series
thi . I can do
scooped a surprise
nothiing for hours.’
Bafta win for best
As for nagging
reality show at the
ruumours of rows
Royal Festival Hall
duuring the
in London.
coouple’s short
After a
Aisle be: Flack picks
loove affair, she
inssisted: ‘People’s
up surprise Bafta
romance with
opinions isn’t my
her 27-year-old
gong and with fiancé
fella, Flack
Andrew Brady GETTY
I Judd had to grin and bare it!
HARRY JUDD says things got
competitive – down below –
when he and male stars stripped
off for ITV’s The Real Full Monty.
The McFly drummer told how
he panicked a bit off stage
before flashing the crowd to
raise awareness of cancer.
‘It was competitive, I’m not
going to lie,’ the dad-of-two
told Guilty Pleasures, before
quipping: ‘There was a bit of
fluffing going on backstage.’
The 32-year-old added: ‘Some
guys were more concerned how
their body looked, some about
getting their private bits out.’
But the challenge of stripping
off on telly ‘worked perfectly’,
said Judd. ‘It was for prostate
and testicular cancer. When
you raise money you’ve
got to do something
which is a challenge,
and I think we did.’
In fairness, the exStrictly champ – who
performed a routine at
Sunday’s Baftas – had
an advantage.
‘I’d done it before.
But, when you are
starkers, covering
your manhood like,
Man of phwoar:
“Oh my god, I am
Harry has revealed
gonna do this,” it
secrets from The
was a sweaty, nervewracking moment.’
Real Full Monty REX
Tuesday, May 15, 2018 METRO 13
ith Tom
Sti hb
Gambino’s too Childish to deal
with ‘This Is America’ trolls
CHILDISH GAMBINO has explained why he
is too ‘sensitive’ to check out the reaction
to his controversial viral video ‘This Is America’.
The 34-year-old actor and singer - whose real
name is Donald Glover – feared he’d end up
tracking down trolls who criticised
him for the racially charged clip.
‘Some friends have sent a
has a pair of
couple [of the pieces] but
tickets to see CATFISH & THE
I haven’t been on the
BOTTLEMEN and support acts
internet since [it came
play All Points East festival in
out]. It’s bad for me.
London’s Victoria Park on June 1.
I’m really sensitive,’ he
To win follow @Metro_Showbiz
told Jimmy Kimmel Live!
and tweet us with #MetroAllPoints
‘Sensitive’ soul:
‘I see one negative thing,
by 4pm today. Usual rules
and I track that person down.
apply. For more info
Danny went offline
I go to their Instagram and be
see www.allpoints
to avoid critical posts
like, “You’re not so great. That
about viral video REX
baby’s not even cute”.’
Liam’s pain at dealing with 1D fame
LIAM PAYNE says being
in 1D nearly killed him –
as he struggled to come to
terms with fame.
The singer – whose other
half is Cheryl – said: ‘When
the band started our break, I
struggled with the idea of
A bit of a do: Claire leaves
bash with a mystery man,
who she said was her big
bro, Robert BACKGRID
on a TV
prize after missing out
had found a consolation ry fella.
, earlier
CLAIRE FOY shot dow pped mucking around with a new myste
phen Campbell Moore
Bafta when she was sna r – who split from her husband, actor Ste
her big brothe
The newly single
ned her
date for the night was
ress category but tur ld, who
this year – revealed her s’ actress Molly Windsor in the best act
al. The 34-year-o
ever after’.
Foy lost
well, she
han Markle ‘live happily h co-star
kend’s royal wedding...
attention to this wee Netflix series, hopes Prince Harry and Meg
plays the Queen in the is ‘slowly, slowly’ feeling more confident
TV drama.
She also explained she d more for portraying Prince Philip in the
her Time’s Up badge. and think it’s an
Matt Smith, who was
opinion now,’ she
t the organisation
‘I don’t mind having an ring a Time’s Up badge because I suppor to have. An organisation that
She explained: ‘I am wea having conversations we were never abl out and know they are not being
extraordinary thing we gives women a voice and a place to spe ting for it a long time.’
stands up for women haven’t had before. People have been figh
judged is something
SuRie ‘bruised’
by stage protest
Prince album set
to make waves
Liam and Richard
spark power trip
SURIE was injured
by a stage invader
who grabbed her mic
at Eurovision. The
Storm singer, 29, said:
‘There are a couple of
bruises but I am OK.’
UNHEARD tracks
by Prince will
debut on JAY-Z’s Tidal
streaming service after
the late singer’s reps
settled a legal row. The
album is out next year.
and Richard
Ashcroft axed a gig in
Toronto on Sunday due
to a tech glitch causing
dangerous levels of
‘static’, organisers said.
becoming famous again. It
scared me because last
time it nearly killed me.
‘So I had to figure out a
way to make it work for
me,’ Liam, 24, told Kiss
FM as part of Mental
Health Awareness Week.
14 METRO Tuesday, May 15, 2018
MANY thanks to the driver of
the grey Discovery who last
Sunday gave me and my faulty
bike a lift to Wye station. I had
carried it two miles from the
North Downs and no one else
Andy, Penge
had stopped.
THANK you to Jordan from LSE
for kindly stepping in when
I got assaulted on Wednesday
night outside Borough Market.
I owe you a drink.
Jess The Cycling
Girl, Woolwich
HATS off to the black-cab
driver who picked up four
people wandering around in
Finchley and got them safely to
East Finchley station on May 6
to take part in the fun walk for
the North London Hospice.
Much appreciated.
Ahmed, Enfield
HUGE thank you to founder
Nina and her amazing army of
volunteers who stayed up all
night to keep us 15,000 walkers
safe and so well looked after on
the 21st London Moonwalk
overnight marathon at the
weekend – their support and
care really does get us around.
We’re so humbled and grateful.
Vicki, Kent
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Standards Organisation
We didn’t vote to
But Brexit is a waste and should be dumped
n Environment secretary Michael Gove
says Theresa May’s post-Brexit customs
partnership has ‘flaws’ (Metro, Mon).
The prime minister has made it crystal
clear that she will deliver Brexit for the
British people as this is what they voted
for in the referendum.
I voted for Brexit on the understanding
that there would be a termination date
after which we would pay not a penny
more to Brussels and would be free of all
European legislation, allowing the UK to
enjoy worldwide trade agreements and
our future prosperity.
To end up with a cockeyed, half-in and
half-out membership of Europe would be
the worst possible scenario and certainly
not what was voted for by the electorate.
Dennis Forbes, Aberdeen
n Both government options of a
partnership and reintroducing tariffs
with Europe with technology are flawed,
which means Leavers had no plan at
the outset of this farcical process. The
best Mrs May can do is waste more
time and money and steer the Brexit
process into the weeds. Can we all get
back to normal now, please?
Jay, Manchester
Gve: M’
Brexit trde
fix i fwed
d teted
THE customs partnership favoured by
Theresa May for post-Brexit trade has
‘significant question marks’ attached to
it Mi h Gove wa d
by shaun connolly
allow the government to cut tariffs on
oods fr
oth cou
s desti d
Open row: O
Our reportt yesterday
t d
n What a cabinet, with ministers such as
foreign secretary Boris Johnson and Mr
Gove. And then health secretary Jeremy
Hunt tells them to air their differences
with the prime minister in private. The
boxing match that is the government is a
Andrew Edwards, London
n I much prefer a negotiated departure
from Europe, given the choice was made
to leave. Mrs May needs all available
room to be able to reach the settlement
that we want. So both Brexiteers and
Remainers, put a sock in it. Let the
negotiations go on before making a
Stephen, Bristol
n Does Fray Bentos really have to
pander to young people because
they are too stupid to use a can
opener (Metro, Mon)? Trying to find
the steak and kidney hidden in the
gravy is the difficult bit.
Russ, Stockport
n In response to DL Borrell
(MetroTalk, Mon), I’m no fan of the
current US president but the Irn-Bru
‘ban’ is not just at Trump Turnberry.
Irn-Bru is unique in that not only is
it very strongly coloured, it also has
a natural pH of only two. That
means it is highly acidic and eats
through virtually all standard textile
stain guards. Many hotels have long
opted not to stock the drink. Lovely
tipple but deadly to carpets! Anon
LOVE is all around us, as shown
by the messages left by our
commuter cupids. Are they
talking about you? Don’t forget
to tell us if you get together!
TO the stunning 6ft Italian man in the
shorts and pink shirt on the 8.30am
Metro to Newcastle, I was amazed at
you helping the elderly lady who fell.
Please get back in touch so I can
provide some assistance in return.
Blonde Beauty, Sunderland
TO the man on the No.592 bus from
Halifax with the wooden walking
stick, I could smell your patchouli
scent when your locks brushed past
me. Fancy a drink at the Fox And
Goose this Saturday?
Lady With The Free Palestine
T-Shirt, Hebden Bridge
TO the good-looking girl with long
black hair, a blue striped shirt, a white
skirt and lovely legs on the 9.40am
from Epping last Tuesday. I’d like to
get to know you.
Guy, Blue Checked Shirt
TO the gorgeous Asian girl sitting
opposite on the train to Dartford on
Wednesday afternoon. I was too shy
and sleepy to say hi. Wake me up over
Sleepy Tom
a coffee and talk.
Tuesday, May 15, 2018 METRO 15
Send Meghan’s dad to the Tower
n Thomas Markle has shown
himself up over the staged
‘paparazzi’ photos that
fetched an estimated
£100,000 (Metro, Mon).
Mr Markle perhaps
could enjoy a spell in
the Tower, from where
he could learn more
about royalty and our
Joe Public, UK
n Meghan (pictured)
is an actress and her
dad was proud. He
was showing her
Looking east:
Eurovision winner
Netta Barzilai
caused a storm
n Here we go again, with the
politically correct numpties
stirring up trouble and talking
nonsense about ‘cultural
appropriation’ (Metro, Mon)
because the Israeli entry for
Eurovision wore Japanese dress. It
is good that one culture can
celebrate another. RAX, Glasgow
n Eurovision is influenced by
xenophobia, nepotism and politics.
Who cares if some one-hit wonder
dressed in a kimono? At least the
UK won’t be hosting it any time
Paul Beaumont, London
n Once again the UK came near the
bottom in a farce of a show. And
was SuRie miming? Yes, I believe
so. I was not a fan of the Israeli
winner. I could not understand the
vocals – and that outfit...
Anon, Clacton
Cyclists have killed pedestrians
n So Jessica of Beckenham reckons
cyclists were unlikely to kill
pedestrians (MetroTalk, Mon). She may
want to look up the case of Charlie
Alliston, who collided with Kim Briggs.
Cyclists can and do injure and even
kill pedestrians.
Adrian, Surrey
n Jessica, cycling on the pavement
is illegal. Repeat, cycling on the
pavement is illegal. If there is no
designated cycle path, and you don’t
TALL (maybe the heels), long dark
hair, brown eyes, perfection, at 6-ish,
London Bridge. Didn’t want to
interrupt your journey. Drink?
Tall Guy, Black Jacket And Glasses
TO the teacher in the green dress at
Loughborough station on Saturday
afternoon in the rain going to Barrow
Upon Soar. Would you like to discuss
50ish Guy
history over dinner?
HOT Asian/Indian on the Northern line.
I see you swiping, swipe no more.
Leather Jacket Guy
YOUNG lady with glasses, dark hair and
a purple corduroy coat who sits facing
like cycling on the road, don’t cycle
at all.
Daniel, Bristol
n So Jessica, you condone cyclists
breaking the law by cycling on
pavements because the roads are
unsafe? Every cyclist who cycles on
the pavement should be fined by the
police whenever caught. Perhaps then
it would be safe for pedestrians to use
areas which are meant for them.
James, London
the counter in Caffè Nero, Leeds.
Fancy a meal? I will cook. Ste, Leeds
TO the girl in the pink dress on the
Victoria line going north on Friday at
around midday. We smiled before I got
off at Oxford Circus. Drink?
Guy In Black Hoodie, Black Yeezys
TO the hot guy with shaved hair and
casual clothes I’ve seen a few times
in Canary Wharf station. We work in
the same building. Level three, Friday
Short Black-Haired Admirer
at 12?
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off and rightly. I love the royal
family and I’m glad the Suits
star is becoming part of it.
n Money is the
American god. What did
people think was going
to happen when one
was allowed to marry
into the royal family?
This marriage
reduces the royals
to celebrities.
What next, a
reality TV
show, Keeping Up With The
Mark, Gateshead
n It is ridiculous that the
estimated £30 million for
security for the wedding will
come from public money. The
royal family should pay. After
all, according to the latest
Sunday Times Rich List the
Queen alone is valued at
£370 million, up £10 million
since last year. The money
should go on public services,
especially with ‘austerity’ cuts.
Kevin Gannon, Watford
16 METRO Tuesday, May 15, 2018
Did you do any particular
research to find a parallel
story to David’s?
He said the feeling he had
was like grief, grief for the
I remember reading about an
time he had missed. He said it
American guy who was
was almost like he’d been dead
incarcerated for life but then
for the time he’d been inside
he got released. It was his
He’s the daddy:. and now he was grieving for
description of what that
felt like that struck me. .Ingleby in Innocent. that. So I tried to bring that
The actor, 42, is Britain’s go-to
TV dad following his roles in
Our Zoo and The A Word. But
the one he plays in Innocent
is cut from darker cloth
feeling to somebody who is trying to
get his life back to what it was.
What surprised you most
about the part?
It was David’s reaction to being
released, I think. You’d expect he’d
experience a sense of joy that he’s free
to go wherever he wants to go. But in a
way he’s still in prison when he’s on the
outside and he’s angry and on the edge.
How did you access the rage
that’s bottled up inside him?
We talked about David’s backstory
quite a lot. Before it happened he was
an ordinary family guy, so he had to
toughen up pretty quickly when he was
in prison and that’s left a mark on him.
We’re kept guessing as to
whether David is innocent and
in some dramas actors are kept
in the dark during filming. Did
you know the full story?
Yes, I had to know how it turns out
before we started. I don’t know if I could
have played him without knowing.
The suspense builds up over the
series – did he do it or didn’t he?
Were you satisfied with how it
turns out?
That’s a difficult one. What I can say is
that it felt truthful to me. When I read
the script I had to have a quick flip to
the end to see how it turned out because
I really needed to know. Which was a
good sign. What I liked was that, over
the four parts, when you think you’re
comfortable with somebody, you can
get caught off guard.
When I read the script
I had to have a quick flip
to the end to see how
it turned out because
I really needed to know
He’s lost seven years of his life –
what was the biggest impact
that had on him?
It wasn’t technology, in seven years it
hadn’t completely changed – though you
do see him in a supermarket not sure what
to do. What was more marked with the
lost time was the fractured relationship
with his children. When he was
sent down, that relationship was
broken – his youngest was
just a toddler. That causes
him real pain, he really
doesn’t know them at all. So
he’s trying to make amends.
Your character David in
Innocent is a convicted killer.
What did you make of him?
He comes from the wonderful mind
of the writer, Chris Lang, who wrote
Unforgotten. That’s where I found
out what it might feel like to play a
guy who’s been convicted of killing
his wife, though he denies it and then
faces trying to reintegrate into society
when he’s released – a society that
wants nothing to do with him. He’s
a great character to play.
But does it annoy you that
The A Word has been ignored
when it comes to awards?
I don’t know how that works, to be
honest. Who does? It’s not something
worth thinking about.
Any news on whether it
will be coming back for a
third series?
Nothing’s been confirmed yet but that’s
television – you’re forever waiting for
other people to make a decision. But
we’re all really keen to do more. It’s
such a great cast, we’ve become tightknit, you build up a rapport and that
makes it become so easy.
How do you compare the
two dads – David in
Innocent and Paul in
The A Word?
The challenge with both is
the same – it’s about being
honest because you’ve got
to find the truth in them or
Complex: Lee is the
they become just another
voice of Bob The Builder
You’re TV’s go-to dad
these days and don’t
have kids so has that
taken you by surprise?
There’s always a leap from when you’re
playing the juvenile lead and then you
turn around and you find you’re getting
cast to play the father of three kids and
you think, how did that happen?
So how do you find the truth in
Bob The Builder, given you
voiced the hard-hat wearer?
Ha! Bob… he’s a very complex
character, I’ll have you know.
The A Word’s Paul should win a
Bafta for most believable dad…
You can call again!
Innocent is on tonight until
Thursday on ITV and catch-up
Tuesday, May 15, 2018 METRO 17
Supporters line the streets for Alfie’s funeral
HUNDREDS of well-wishers lined
the streets outside Everton FC’s
stadium yesterday to pay their
respects to Alfie Evans.
Members of the public and
‘Alfie’s Army’ broke into applause
as the hearse carrying the 23month-old passed Goodison Park
en route to a private burial in
Alfie, who had a degenerative
neurological condition, died last
month after doctors at Alder Hey
Children’s Hospital withdrew lifesupport treatment. His parents,
Tom Evans and Kate James, had
lost a lengthy legal
fight that went to the
European Court of
Human Rights.
Alfie’s coffin sported
images of toy soldiers
and the Everton motif.
Supporters from
Alfie’s Army tied
purple and blue
ballons outside the
stadium and one card
read: ‘Sleep well wee
man. Fly high with the
Alfie’s uncle Daniel
Evans posted a
message thanking
everyone for their
Facebook blocks
apps over privacy
FACEBOOK has suspended
about 200 apps as part of its
response to the misuse of
personal data by British
company Cambridge Analytica.
The social media giant has
taken the interim measure
against apps that appear to
have accessed large amounts
of information about its users.
It said it would carry out a
review to find out if privacy
rules have been broken.
‘Thuggish’ plants
take over verges
WILDFLOWERS vital to bees
and other insects are being
squeezed out of road verges
by ‘thuggish’ plants including
brambles and nettles,
conservationists warn.
These thrive in nitrogen-rich
soils caused in part by traffic
pollution, said wildlife charity
Plantlife. It is calling on
councils to cut verges later in
the year so threatened
wildflowers can set seed.
‘Sleep well’:
The cortege for
Alfie Evans
(left) PICTURE: PA
Student beat
up pal over
who had the
richest dad
TWO wealthy Nigerians battered a by HENRY MARTIN
fellow student with a shisha pipe in a
‘childish’ argument over whose father guilty at the Old Bailey to two counts of
assault occasioning grievous bodily
was the richest.
Elvis Ilonze, 20, who is so rich he had harm. Judge Christine Laing suspended
his top-of-the-range Mercedes covered a year’s custodial sentence for both for
in fur, attacked childhood friend Prince 18 months to give them a ‘last chance’.
She said: ‘Unlike many of the people
Nnaji in the Brighton flat they shared.
Mr Nnaji tried to escape but Ilonze, who pass through the courts you both
with another pal Daniel Oluyemi, 24, come from backgrounds of privilege.
‘It couldn’t be more childish – who’s
chased him down and beat him with a
got the richer dad – that started this fight.
wine bottle on April 7 last year.
MrNnaji’sgirlfriend,LouannaRayawa, You both appear to be incredibly immatried to stop the attack but was pushed to ture, perhaps as a result of being
the ground by Ilonze. The pair also cosseted in your upbringing.’
Ilonze is a year from completing a
assaulted law student Chiedozie Dibimasters degree in engineering at Sussex
agwu, 23, who was sitting nearby.
university. His barrister Tom
Mr Nnaji and Ilonze
Hoskins said he would face
knew each other from
deportation if jailed for more
Nigeria, but when Mr
than a year.
Nnaji said he had the
Oluyemi, an accountancy
richer father Ilonze
student at Sussex, is due to
decided to ‘teach
become a father. His
him a lesson’.
‘Cosseted’: Ilonze
Page, said he should
Hendon, and
(left) and Oluyemi
Oluyemi, of
be at home, preparing for the
both pleaded
18 METRO Tuesday, May 15, 2018
Lucky break... love letter
turns up after 60 years
A COUPLE have been reunited
with a 60-year-old love letter –
hidden inside a sugar shaker
which vanished decades earlier.
The romantic note to Derek
Edyvean from ‘his future loving
wife’ Louie had been long lost,
along with their wedding
certificate, in a house move.
The papers came to light after
Cathy Davies bought the 1940s’
ceramic shaker in a charity shop
and gave it to a friend. Last week
it was dropped and smashed –
revealing the love note and the
1958 marriage certificate inside.
Posting pictures of the items on
Facebook in a bid to trace the
couple, Ms Davies and pal Lizzy
Dixon received hundreds of replies.
It turned out that Derek, 86, and
Louie, 79, were not only still alive,
but still living locally in Roche,
Cornwall, and had recently
celebrated their diamond wedding.
Daughter-in-law Michelle
Edyvean said: ‘They never thought
they’d find the certificate again –
Louie didn’t remember putting it
in the sugar shaker. They were
overwhelmed that everyone was
trying to locate them.’
Ms Davies said: ‘They were so
delighted to have the certificate
and letter back. It’s like a jigsaw
puzzle being completed.’
n THIEVES have stolen four
eggs from a stone curlew
nesting site near Bury St
Edmunds, Suffolk. The loss is
a ‘shocking’ blow for the very
rare bird, said Natural England.
n MEN with physically active
jobs may have an 18 per cent
higher risk of early death. The
‘activity paradox’ does not
affect women, say experts at
VU university in Amsterdam.
n PEA-BRAINED hominids from
300,000 years ago may have
been able to talk. Homo naledi
had a small version of the brain
region that controls speech,
South African remains reveal.
Eleanor, 8¼
tells Fat Face:
Girls need
pockets too!
Cracking idea: Eleanor and her letter, with mum Jenny and sister Lucy MERCURY
WHEN Eleanor Hanson realised she
could put seven chicken eggs in the
pockets of her ‘boy shorts’ but would be
lucky to fit one in the girls’ version she
decided it wasn’t fair.
Encouraged by her parents, who own
a smallholding, the eight-year-old wrote
to clothes retailer Fat Face to complain.
Now the company has promised to fill
the ‘gap in the range’ and wants Eleanor
and her mum Jenny to help with the
Eleanor told Fat Face in her letter that
she got her ‘very good’ shorts in the
boys’ department but in the girls’ department ‘they are so small I can’t fit one
egg in the pocket’. She asked: ‘Why is
this the case?’ and signed off: ‘Love
Eleanor Rose Hanson age 8¼. PS. Girls
need pockets too!’
Fat Face boss Anthony Thompson
thanked Eleanor for her ‘brilliant’ letter.
He said that ‘whilst we try our very
best to offer choice across the boys’ and
girls’ ranges, we agree there is a gap in
the range’. Fat Face has now designed a
girls style with ‘lots of pockets’. In the
meantime he said Eleanor and her mum
were invited to review the new design –
and ‘maybe have a couple of pairs especially made for her as soon as possible’.
Jenny, 40, said Eleanor and her 10year-old sister Lucy love climbing trees
and playing football at home in Marsden,
West Yorkshire, adding: ‘Our girls need
Short-changed: The girls’ style
Pockets galore: The boys’ shorts
clothes that are comfortable, durable and
practical. It seems a shame these sorts of
outfits are usually only found in the boys’
department.’ And the girls’ dad Alastair,
47, said: ‘It’s not just Fat Face, it’s the
whole industry. It does seem it’s sexist
and gender stereotyping.’
Cure for common cold? Nothing to sneeze at...
THE fabled cure for the common cold may actually be in sight after
scientists stripped the virus of its armour. An Imperial College London
team found an experimental drug, code-named IMP-1088, stopped the
rhinovirus hijacking a human protein to build a protective shell. Without this
the virus is vulnerable and cannot replicate. Early tests suggest the drug
causes no harm to host cells, and could be administered via an inhaler.
Tuesday, May 15, 2018 METRO 19
NHS’s £1.4bn bill
for temp nurses
NHS trusts in England spent
more than £1.4billion last year
on hiring nursing temps.
The sum would pay for
66,000 new nurses and
£560million a year could be
saved if 38,000 vacancies
nationwide were filled, says an
Open University report.
Temps worked 79million
hours last year – and were
paid 61 per cent above the rate
for newly qualified nurses.
Only 146 of the 241 hospital
trusts gave data. The OU said
bosses were ‘sticking a plaster
over the problem’.
£40k loo penalty
for steam railway
A HERITAGE railway was fined
£40,000 after it admitted
failing to adequately bar entry
to a toilet missing its floor.
A three-year-old boy was
snatched to safety in June last
year by his mother, Anna
Patch, inches from a rotating
wheel below, Newton Abbot
magistrates’ court heard.
The Office of Rail and Road
brought the prosecution of
South Devon Railway Trust
under the health and safety at
work act. The incident
occurred on a trip between
Buckfastleigh and Totnes.
University support dog
too stressed for walkies
AS STUDENTS struggle to cope with
stress, universities are increasingly
bringing in dogs that they can walk
and pet to help take their minds off
their final exams.
But one pooch has found herself so
much in demand that she’s been left
feeling anxious too.
Twiglet the Jack Russell proved so
popular at Cambridge university’s
Sidney Sussex College that, on one
occasion, she was booked to be walked
in eight consecutive hourly slots.
But the sessions – introduced by a
mental health adviser – have been
axed after she had a ‘surprisingly
nervous reaction to being taken for
walks by strangers’.
The terrier ‘refused to move’
when someone tried to set off
for a stroll with her last
Wednesday, the Cambridge
Student newspaper reported.
Members of the college
were sent an email telling
them that walkies have been
cancelled to avoid ‘any unnecessary distress’. A new dog
may be found next term.
Interaction with dogs
makes worried students
In demand: Twiglet (left) has proved too popular with students at Cambridge’s Sidney Sussex College ALAMY
feel happier and less
stressed for hours
afterwards, researchers
have found.
But one study has also
shown it can be tiring for
the animals because they tend to
behave as if they are ‘working’ while
the sessions are in progress.
Dog therapy is not the only initiative
introduced to tackle stress.
Essex university opened a petting
zoo last year with tortoises, meerkats,
rabbits, guinea pigs and mice.
And Warwick university has tried
sessions that saw students encouraged
to swap sweating over their revision
for colouring in pictures with felt tips.
20 METRO Tuesday, May 15, 2018
110,000 choose to
turn off British Gas
BRITISH Gas owner Centrica lost
more than 110,000 supply accounts
in the UK during the first four months
of the year as people deserted bigger
energy companies.
It blamed ‘competitive intensity’
but claimed that net customer losses
in the year to date ‘slowed materially’ relative to the average over
the whole of 2017.
The group benefited from the
Beast from the East winter
storms, saying in a trading
update that ‘colder than
normal weather has increased energy
demand’. The cold snap in February
and March saw an ‘exceptionally’
high number of central heating boiler
breakdowns, with British Gas
fixing 145,000 in one week.
It was the company’s busiest ever week, and the freezing conditions also
contributed to a
rise in customer
complaints. Iain
Conn (pictured), Centrica’s boss, said
the year had ‘begun well’ and financial performance ‘has been good,
despite high competitive intensity in
all our markets’.
Additional call-out costs will hit
adjusted operating profit for UK
services in the first half, which are
set to come in lower than the same
period last year.
Mr Conn added that the company
was making good progress on its costcutting programme, which involves
the axing of 4,000 jobs.
Amazon boss UK puts £2.5billion into subs
hired by Uber BRITAIN is to invest signed for a seventh
UBER has hired Amazon
UK director Jamie
Heywood as head of its
northern Europe
business, weeks before
an appeal over its
cancelled London
licence. The ride-hailing
app said Mr Heywood’s
leadership ‘will be
crucial as we implement
major changes across
Europe, including more
safety features’.
Astute hunter-killer
sub and £960million
of deals to boost the
construction of four
Dreadnought subs
by BAE Systems.
£2.5billion in nuclear
submarines, defence
secretary Gavin
Williamson has said.
A £1.5billion
contract has been
THE Rolling Stones
have done a deal with
the FA to feature
England’s three lions
logo on their iconic
tongue. The T-shirts
were unveiled at the
opening of the band’s
installation at
Selfridges’ Corner
Shop in Oxford
Street, London,
First nervous
day on the job
ARRIVING late, getting
someone’s name wrong
and being overcome by
nerves are among the
biggest blunders made
on the first day at work.
Others include turning
up at the wrong place or
bumping a colleague’s
vehicle in the car park, a
poll of 3,000 people for
4imprint finds.
Australia (A$)............................. 1.70
Canada (C$) ...............................1.65
Euro (€)...................................... 1.08
New Zealand (N$) .....................1.82
Poland (zloty) ...........................4.25
Singapore ($) .............................1.68
South Africa (rand) ................ 15.54
US ($)...........................................1.29
r u rban g
Tuesday, May 15, 2018 METRO 21
in association
with Halifax
Home Insurance
It’s your royal
wedding street
party kit sorted
Page 26 »
A touch of Genieus
EORGINA Burnett is
standing in her
immaculate kitchen
looking as fresh and
effortlessly energetic as
you would imagine someone who
used to get up at 2.45am to present
the morning weather. ‘A house has to
be really bad to get me excited,’ she
says, the backdrop of high-quality
Benchmarx cabinets and
Rangemaster cooker suggesting
otherwise. The Australian-born TV
presenter may look eternally
glamorous, but she’s always ready to
get her hands dirty and renovate a
house – and the worse it is when she
buys it, the better.
This glorious seven-bedroom
property in Sevenoaks, Kent, is the
eighth home that she has bought,
refurbished, lived in and sold, and
she’s not finished yet, eying a
self-build project in the future. Her
aim, she says, has always been to
find the most dilapidated properties
possible in great locations and do as
much of it herself, including filling
the houses with furniture she has
upcycled. The house she shares with
husband. Andy, and daughter,
Bonnie, was a school in the 1950s
before going on to become a
private residence.
When they bought it three years
ago it was the ultimate fixer-upper,
with a ‘derelict’ falling down porch
that had been propped up with a
Continued on Page 22 »
Presenter Georgina Burnett loves renovating houses, the more dilapidated the better, hears Oliver Stallwood
22 METRO Tuesday, May 15, 2018
in association with Halifax Home Insurance
» From Page 21
bedroom without my parents
knowing. When they found out they
actually quite liked what I’d done.
piece of wood. Inside the kitchen
‘Then when I was at university I
was full of mould, with broken
windows, and the garden was like a would style the bedrooms of richer
students to make some money on
building site. What is now the
the side. One time I stayed up for
dining room was a workshop and
the previous tenants had lived in the three days straight painting my own
house for two yearss wiith
any heating. On top
p of
With this house,
all this, Georgina was
Georrgina didn’t
six months pregnan
ve time to
– had she finally
waste. The
met her property
baby was on
match? ‘It was a
the way and
mix of excitement
she was
and dread,’ she
recalls, ‘I was
to finish it
pregnant and very
quickly. The
Stairway to heaven: Georgina
tired and, as I’m a
stopped the Victorian bannisters builders wanted
perfectionist, I
to riip out the
being ripped out
wanted to do it right.’
g but she
Since she was a ch
convinceed them to
Georgina has been renovating
repair it, determined that
as many of the original Victorian
and upcycling.
features as possible should stay.
She recalls a particularly
In the hallway, Georgina runs her
rebellious stage. ‘When I was about
hand proudly under the bannister. ‘I
15 I secretly hired a floor sander
wanted to save this,’ she says, ‘there
and sanded the floorboards in my
was talk of ripping it out. So I
rubbed it down on my own. It came
out pretty good.’ The bannister runs
up the generously-sized stairwell to
two more floors. In the bathroom is
an exposed brick wall, also
Georgina’s handywork. She
exposed and sealed the brickwork,
using watered down paint to
disguise old staining, because none
of the builders wanted to do it.
Throughout the house, there is a
wonderful sympathy for the original
period features and style, with
muted colours that are punctuated
by dashes of colour from artworks
by artists such as Terry Donnelly
and Yvonne Coomber.
The trick, says Georgina, to
future-proofing your home style is
to inject the latest colours and
patterns into the accessories (one
picture frame has been painted
three times) but keep the
background canvas the same,
saving money and reducing waste.
Almost all of the furniture in the
house – she estimates 95 per cent –
is upcycled, and much of it
stool, £15,
Tuesday, May 15, 2018 METRO 23
in association with Halifax Home Insurance
Georgina shares her top tips
Use your imagination:
Embrace a look, and you can
even upholster simple items,
like a chair, inset
Sweet dreams: The huge four-poster bed was found on eBay and bought for £500
Total transformation: The
kitchen was full of mould
with broken windows when
Georgina bought the house
hand-upholstered eBay finds, such
as the chaise longue in the living
room. The gigantic four-poster bed
in the bedroom was also from eBay,
and was around £500. ‘Actually
that seems quite expensive,’ she
says. ‘The funny thing is, one of the
objectives when looking for a new
property was to find one with a
master bedroom big enough to fit
the bed. I’ve lived in studio flats
before that are the same size.’
Two guest bedrooms are quirkily
given themes – Paris and
Folkestone – two of Georgina’s
favourite places and the latter
was once her home. Having
worked in TV, she still presents
the weather on the BBC, and the
39-year-old has now set up The
Home Genie, a property and
interiors vlog, where she shares her
knowledge and tips on all things
home and upcycling.
Georgina has attracted a huge
following for her vlogs about how
anyone can transform their home
themselves. She says colour is one
of the most important elements and
Moody blue: A room’s colour can make you feel energised or relaxed, says Georgina
artworks shouldn’t be scrimped on.
‘Think about how you want a room
to feel and make you feel,’ she says.
‘The colours will make you feel a
certain way, so work out which
room should make you energised,
which relaxed, and so on.’
Georgina believes we Brits buy
too much new furniture in line with
the latest trend that ‘we just expect
to throw away. Having said that, I
also think we are too quick to just
replace accessories even when you
can so often bring them up-to-date
as very small projects, which barely
take any time.
‘I’m not saying we shouldn’t buy
anything, it’s exciting to refresh the
decor of a room with a new piece. I
n Think about what the item
could be in future, rather than
what it was.
n Chalk painting is
one of the eassiest
ways to upcyccle
furniture as it
barely needs
any prep.
n Getting the
right brush
is worth the
investment ass
it will reduce
time and give
you a better
n Bring out an
embellishments with
a darker wax.
n If an item is quite plain you
can style it up with decoupage
or stenciling.
n Even the most ugly, boring
piece of furniture can become
a masterpiece, so think big.
n Reupholster
Reupholstering simple
ems can be easier
an yo
ou might
k, but you
n also chalk
int fabric.
A great
way to
room in the
ght colour is
spray paint
efore you
row something
t, think
k twice. You
n usually g
give it a new
lease of life with little effort,
and have fun on the way.
n Don’t be afraid to
experiment as you can usually
start again if it goes wrong.
just wish people would think before
they throw things away, particularly
big bulky furniture. Even my
daughter, who is three, helps me
upcycle which shows how easy it
can be.’ One thing intrigues me
– she is known for the weather
and interiors, does she see any
link? She stops to think.‘Well
with the virtual world and all
these television programmes
about property, everyone
is talking about
interiors. And we love
talking about the
weather in
Britain too.’
Repeat a theme: Greenery is used here
Georgina’s serene and calm bathroom
Victoria Radiator, £428
Candle, £20
Special Cleansing
Gel, from £10.50
Think big: Experiment, you can always change it
24 METRO Tuesday, May 15, 2018
in association with Halifax
Find bespoke neon lights at
uk. Experimenting with colour can be
liberating, as it completely changes the vibe of
a room.
Your home should be a reflection of
Of course, light colours will always feel more
you and the things you love, so if
airy and clean, but darker colours will
you’re a fan of white, then go for it!
create a wonderfully intimate feel. I like
Just make sure you create interest
Farrow & Ball’s Railings (a soft black with
through colourful accessories, shelving,
blue undertones) and Trumpet (a deep,
lighting and wall art. I like the Matilde
bluey purple) from Earthborn paints.
Bulb vase, £24, and Leya plant stand side
I painted my own cloakroom
table in lime-coloured metal, £99, both
completely black – including the
from Head to for colourful
Bling me up: ceiling, skirting and panelling – then
used a gold basket for loo rolls and a
framed prints or try neon lights as a
Matilde Bulb vase will black and white diagonal-striped floor
popular alternative to wall art – they
add a more youthful, edgier feel.
look great on a shelf to add drama.
I’m a big fan of white walls –
will they make my small flat
look sterile and uninviting?
Interior stylist Sarah Akwisombe on
maximising your space in a micro home
Wardrobes take up a lot of
room – is there any way
around this?
Hanging rails are really popular,
having shaken off their ‘student digs’
image to become a sophisticated nod
to the fashion industry. They don’t
take up much space and are a cool
way to show off your favourite pieces
of clothing for the perfect Instagram
shot. Ikea and both have
some beautiful rails. If you prefer to
have everything tucked away, then
choose a wardrobe with sliding doors
to save on space. Mirrored fronts
work well as they reflect light around
the room, making it feel larger. The
Malone wardrobe from is
a great option (from £899).
How can I maximise ‘dead’
corner space in my bathroom?
I’ve seen lots of interesting corner
units which are ideal for small
bathrooms – where you can store
towels and toiletries without it
feeling crowded or cluttered. The Erin
brass shelving unit from Swoon is
pricey but perfect at £549
( Shelves above
the door can also work well for
towels and toiletries hidden neatly
away in boxes and baskets.
Should I avoid more than one
pattern in my studio flat?
plain furniture and materials.
If it’s lacking in size, it should be
overflowing with personality. Pack in
fun, coloured patterned textiles to
create a focal point that will distract
from the size of the space. If you’re
worried about mixing patterns then
pick a theme and introduce it in
variations around the flat. I love the
current trend for colourful terrazzo
patterns and have used them in
plant pots, coasters and cushions in
the Innova show flat at the Inspired
Homes development – it tied the
overall look together and made the
scheme feel more punchy. Try for a good selection.
I haven’t got space for both a
coffee table and a dining table!
The great news is you don’t have to
choose. Furniture manufacturers and
designers have responded to the
growing demand for transforming
pieces, including coffee tables which
double up as a dining table. Duffy
London is great for this – their MK1
Transforming Coffee Table is perfect
for a smaller space (£695 in solid
walnut or oak –
I also love the Pols Potten Tam Tam
stools (£203,
which double up as eye-catching
side tables – so you can collect them
from around the flat and have extra
seating for the dining table!
Definitely not! If you’re working with
n Sarah is an interior stylist and blogger.
a small space, you might as well give
She designed the micro-apartment show
it some impact. The biggest mistake
flat, Innova at the
people make
Inspired Homes
with studio
development in
apartments is
to paint the
whole space in
a neutral colour
Great for small spaces:
and then fill it
The MK1 Transforming Coffee Table
with boring
Tuesday, May 15, 2018 METRO 25
in association with Halifax Home Insurance
Monarchs have
made their mark
on our food tastes
for centuries, from
curry to salad and
the Chelsea bun,
says Leah Hyslop
made famous by Henry VIII, who
allegedly gave them their name after
stumbling on a group of ladies’ maids
nibbling them.
Since medieval times, the coveted
Royal Warrant has been bestowed on
brands cherished by the family; many
iconic British names, from Colman’s
mustard to Tate & Lyle’s golden
syrup, were cemented into the
national consciousness by that regal
stamp on their packaging. The Queen
lends her seal of approval to Kellogg’s
Special K and Twining’s tea, who
send the Queen her own top-secret
The Prince of Wales sometimes
champions brands that reflect his
environmental principles, like Juniper
Green Organic Gin – and one
imagines the Queen approves, as
she is said to enjoy the odd
gin martini.
So how will the arrival of
Hollywood royalty affect
dinner round the Windsors’ –
and perhaps your next dinner
party? West Coast girl Meghan
will bring a dose of
health-conscious, California
il at
cool to Blighty; apparently
gluten-free and vegan in the
week, she has a fondness for
avo toast, sushi and omelettes
that may have Prince Philip
muttering into his fry-up.
But she’s also a worshipper
of carbs and comfort food,
who loves weekends cooking
cosy meals with Harry: the
pair got engaged while roasting
a chicken. Meghan’s also fond
of wine; she was so enamoured
of one Italian variety,
Tignanello, that it inspired the
name of her now-closed
lifestyle website, The Tig.
(Start ordering the bottles now,
supermarkets – it’s going to be the
new Prosecco.)
across fashionable London society.
‘If you go for a stroll, have a picnic
Even the humble Chelsea bun was
popularised thanks to royal patronage. or lunch with a glass of wine – it
doesn’t get better than that,’ Meghan
The original pillowy fruit swirls were
once said. Perhaps she and the Queen
a favourite of the King Georges, who
will get on all right after all.
would regularly stock up. (George IV
liked his treats a little too much; he
eventually became so enormous he
■ Recipes taken from Leah’s book
couldn’t climb the stairs). The sweet
Made In London (Absolute Press,
little tarts, maids of honour, were
£26, out Thursday)
HEN Prince Harry
and Meghan Markle
cut into their
wedding cake this
weekend, they’ll be
condemning you to eat knock-off
versions of it at every wedding you
attend for the next decade.
The couple’s choice of a rustic
elderflower and lemon sponge from
hip east London bakery Violet – a
deliberately cool alternative to the
frumpy, fondant-covered fruit cakes
usually served at royal bashes – has
triggered thousands of brides to
angrily scrap their wedding planning
Pinterest boards and start again.
Iceland’s already tossed off an
£8 version.
The British have long looked to the
royals for culinary inspiration.
Coronation Chicken was created for
Queen Elizabeth’s celebratory
banquet when she took the throne in
1953, and the public went wilder for
it than Prince Harry for strip poker
and Grey Goose during the Vegas
years. With its Indian spicing,
Coronation Chicken was rather exotic
for the 1950s, but the royal family had
been helping make Indian food cool
for generations. Queen Victoria was
so obsessed with India, she always
had at least two curries on the palace
menu. She would probably be
quite proud that William and
Kate supposedly spend
their weekends eating
Indian take-out while
bingeing on Homeland.
Royal women are
often at the forefront
of food trends. It
took Henry VIII’s
Spanish queen
Catherine of Aragon
Making her mark-le: Food author
to convince the wary
extraordinaire Leah Hyslop
Tudor court to tentatively
nibble their first salads. Prevailing
wisdom was that raw vegetables were
a threat to digestion until Catherine,
no doubt desperate for respite from
yet another haunch of boar, imported
salad leaves especially from Holland.
In the 1600s, Charles II’s stylish
wife, Catherine of Braganza, was one
of the first people to drink tea,
ensuring the beverage’s penetration
Leah says: ‘In June 1953, Queen Elizabeth II was crowned
at Westminster Abbey, and Rosemary Hume, founder of
Le Cordon Bleu cookery school, was asked to cater for
the celebratory banquet. Her creamy Coronation Chicken,
studded with fruit and a fragrant hint of spice, achieved
what few dishes do – it became an instant classic.
■ 4 skinless, boneless chicken thigh
fillets, about 300g
■ 1 bay leaf
■ thumb-sized knob of ginger
■ ½ teaspoon black peppercorns
■ 1 teaspoon of salt
■ 1 tablespoon butter
■ 3 spring onions, white and green
parts, finely chopped
■ ½ green chilli, finely chopped
■ 2 teaspoons medium curry powder
■ 100ml mayonnaise
■ 100ml natural yoghurt
■ 1 tablespoon mango chutney
Over the years, Coronation Chicken has degenerated into
a cheap sandwich filler. Make it yourself, and you have a
meal that is truly fit for a queen. I like to serve this as a
sort of open sandwich, piled on a thick slice of bread, and
crowned with a tangle of watercress. It’s also excellent on
top of salad.’
■ 1 tablespoon tomato purée
■ juice of ½ lemon
■ 1 mango, cut into small cubes
■ 30g flaked almonds
■ a small handful of fresh coriander
■ salt and freshly ground black pepper
■ finely chopped watercress, to
garnish, optional
1. Bring a large pan of water to the
boil, then reduce the heat until it is
simmering gently. Add the chicken
thighs, bay leaf, ginger, peppercorns
and salt. Cover, and poach for about
15 minutes, or until chicken is cooked
through. Remove the chicken, shred
into small pieces and set aside to cool.
2. Melt the butter in a frying pan over
a medium heat. Add the spring onions
and chilli and fry for 2–3 minutes, until
softened. Add the curry powder and
cook for a further minute, then scrape
the lot into a large mixing bowl.
3. Add the mayonnaise, yoghurt,
mango chutney, tomato purée, lemon
juice, mango cubes, almonds and
coriander to the bowl and stir to
combine. Mix in the shredded chicken,
and season with salt and pepper to
taste. Garnish with watercress.
26 METRO Tuesday, May 15, 2018
in association with Halifax Home Insurance
Flag it up
Luxe stuff
Add extra bling to your
street party with this
traditional Union Jack
bunting with tassels.
£1.99 for 7m,
The royal wedding
Hamper offers luxury
treats like sparkling
Brut, almond butter
biscuits, chocolate
florentines and
strawberry preserve.
This Sparkle
Like Markle
inflated orb
balloon will
last for weeks
– so you can
into June.
From jams to bunting, here’s your
ultimate street-party kit to
celebrate the royal wedding
Taking the biscuit
and thrills
Mop up spills
and stains with
these funky
Union Jack
paper party
£1.99 for 16,
This illustrated royal wedding
commemorative biscuit tin,
filled with lemon and triple choc
biscuits, is an ideal keepsake.
Jam packed
Smother scones with this
quintessentially British
strawberry jam – or pile jars
high on vintage cakestands.
Tuesday, May 15, 2018 METRO 27
in association with Halifax Home Insurance
A right royal look
Streets ahead
Didn’t get an invite? Pop
on these trad red, white
and blue Royalty Fun
glasses and pretend you’re
partying at the palace.
£4.99 for 8,
Sweet nothings
It’s not only Harry and
Meghan who are tying
the knot this month:
we’re celebrating Percy
& Penny Pig’s big day
too with these limitededition jelly sweets.
Mugged off
Wash ’n’ go
These half-pint royal
wedding mugs, filled with
tea, are just what we’ll need
after a full day of partying.
Keep your party clothes
looking their very best
by wearing this royal
wedding apron by
Victoria Eggs.
Royal tea
This fancy-pants
limited edition Wedding
Bouquet Blend tea is
made with English
and Americangrown mint. £12.50,
by Charlotte Melia of luxury party brand Dazzle & Fizz
1 It’s the perfect opportunity to get
to know your neighbours better, so
make sure everyone in your street
is included. Pop a flyer through
every letterbox inviting them to
the party. Include a contact
number and your address and ask
those who want to be involved to
get in touch. By now you should’ve
told your local council about the
street party and you’ll need
permission to close a road. If you
live in a cul-de-sac though, some
councils waive the need for a road
closure; an informal ‘street meet’
on a driveway or front garden
won’t require council permission
as it’s on private land. And if you’re
providing any alcohol for free you
won’t need a licence.
2 Go green with your street party
by using recyclable, biodegradable
or reusable partyware.
3 Agree on a strong colour
palette. An obvious choice
for the wedding is red,
white and blue, with
accents of gold for a
more regal feel.
4 Invite neighbours of
backgrounds to
dishes – a
great way to
sample a vast array of cuisines!
5 The secret to any great party is
the music. Choose a playlist that
has up-to-date tracks and a good
mix of vintage classics so there is
something for everyone to enjoy.
6 Get some marquees and/or
gazebos in case it rains. If the
day is a scorcher, shade will
go down well. Choose
games that can be played
by adults and children –
such as musical statues,
limbo and musical chairs.
n Charlotte is the founder
with clients including
royals, celebrities and
sports stars
Party on
28 METRO Tuesday, May 15, 2018
by Patrick Arundell
Hill split by flood (7)
Come to a hill (6)
Impressions left by the dead (7)
A raid or no raid, perhaps (6)
Relatives might make a scene
about one (6)
Maximum charge for
conveyance (4,4)
Possibly it’s Enid’s housewifely
virtue (8)
Inexperienced animal swallows
everything (6)
Possibly clear about one creamcake (6)
How a monk will occupy a
building? (7)
Threaten a devil with something
final (6)
Wind resulting from unsettled
weather (7)
1. Stays if made content (7)
2. Revolutionary type of public
legislation (3,4)
3. Necessitate being in late
perhaps (6)
5. Put out, away, and finished (8)
6. Showed signs of dizziness, so
wound up? (6)
7. Low-down advice to the
mermaid-catcher? (6)
13. Be more important in a matter of
some gravity? (8)
14. Put off by act that included a
song (7)
15. A good step across (7)
16. Prohibitionist’s standard? (6)
17. A hairy cloth (6)
19. Means come first (6)
Yesterday’s solutions
Across: 1 Brings about; 9 One 10 Automaton;
11 Earns; 13 Rush mat; 14 Olives; 16 Edited; 18
Efforts; 19 Lemur; 20 March past; 21 Bun; 22 Head
Down: 2 Rye; 3 Nears; 4 Satyrs; 5 Bemused; 6
Ultimatum; 7 Come to terms; 8 United front; 12
Reinforce; 15 Earthed; 17 Escape; 19 Let up; 21 Bar.
Curse (4)
Intelligence (10)
Boast (4)
Soon (4)
Steal from (3)
Celestial body (6)
Lariat (5)
Levy (3)
Former Russian emperor (4)
Unit of length (4)
Fastening device (3)
Original (5)
Subtract (6)
Self-image (3)
Rodents (4)
Nincompoop (4)
Public display (10)
Nuisance (4)
Across: 4 Castle; 7 Immortal; 8 Abound; 10 Chime; 13 Tile; 14
Halo; 15 Puma; 16 Few; 17 Term; 19 Salt; 21 Itsy-bitsy; 23 Plot; 24
Last; 26 Wok; 27 Eden; 29 Iris; 32 Lees; 33 Trite; 34 Brooms; 35
Knapsack; 36 Nylons.
Down: 1 Bitch; 2 Email; 3 Free; 4 Claim; 5 Shoe; 6 Lancet; 9
Blasts; 11 Hag; 12 Motto; 13 Tumbles; 15 Pry; 16 Fly; 18 Esteem;
20 Astir; 21 Ilk; 22 Ian; 23 Poorly; 25 Hit; 28 Desks; 30 Rival; 31
Seeks; 32 Logo; 33 Tips.
Attempt (3)
Pottery oven (4)
Rotate (4)
Female sheep (3)
Sphere (3)
Pamphlet (5)
Soup (5)
Aflame (6)
Flying mammal (3)
Dot or tiny mark (5)
Title (4)
Expatriates (6)
Parched (4)
Under (5)
Breed of dog (3)
Male bee (5)
Gemstone (4)
Carry (4)
Permit (3)
Definite article (3)
Plaything (3)
Difficulty rating: Easy
8 3 7
4 8 5
4 1
8 1
Flying in the face of current TV law
that demands all detective dramas
are dark, bleak and disturbing, here
come Noel Clarke and Ashley Walters
to save the genre from terminal
misery. Top-loaded with banter,
Bulletproof stars the lads as Bishop
and Pike – erm, not sure about those
names – getting to grips with city
vice and tricky personal lives while
strip-searching sharp one-lines. It’s
a tricky act to pull off.
9 8 6
NEW Bulletproof Sky 1, 9pm
Double act: Clarke and Walters
5 1
2 3
Difficulty rating: Challenging
Difficulty rating: Moderate
1 3 2
4 2
Aries Mar 21 – Apr 20
Today’s New Moon in
Taurus paves the way for
the entrance of innovative
Uranus into your financial
zone. This restless
planet leaves Aries and
won’t return until early
November, so you could
begin to feel more settled.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0410 (60p/min)
Libra Sep 24 – Oct 23
A more sensitive and
emotional sector of your
chart comes into focus,
as inspirational Uranus
moves in. The effect of this
revolutionary planet can be
to encourage you to let go
of emotional patterns that
could be holding you back.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0416 (60p/min)
Taurus Apr 21 – May 21
As electric Uranus enters
your sign for an initial sixmonth stay, a New Moon in
your sign brings a chance
of fresh opportunities.
Events or conversations
could catapult you into
action. Be ready for
exciting opportunities.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0411 (60p/min)
Scorpio Oct 24 – Nov 22
Your sector of relating will
be buzzing with activity,
as the restless yet intuitive
Uranus moves in for a stay
of an initial six months.
This can see you wanting
more freedom and certain
bonds may need to change
to accommodate this.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0417 (60p/min)
Gemini May 22 – Jun 21
Mercury has moved into
a more private zone, and
Uranus moves into this
sector today for the next
half year. Insights about
your life purpose and
issues that may be holding
you back could help
revolutionise your life.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0412 (60p/min)
Nov 23 – Dec 21
Uranus and its
unpredictable energies
may bring change, due
either to new decisions
or outside sources. This
dynamic process in your
lifestyle zone could see you
awaken dormant talents.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0418 (60p/min)
Cancer Jun 22 – Jul 23
Sparkling developments
in your social sector can
see positive change,
inspiring you to move in
new circles and develop
other interests. This can
be a great time to launch
a team project that might
benefit your community.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0413 (60p/min)
Capricorn Dec 22 – Jan 20
Today’s New Moon in your
leisure sector brings with
it a long-term visitor in the
form of innovative Uranus.
This unique planet will
remain in this sector for a
number of months and can
inspire you to experiment
with new interests.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0419 (60p/min)
Leo Jul 24 – Aug 23
The activity in a more
prominent zone of your
chart steps up dramatically
as Uranus moves into
Taurus. With a New Moon
kicking off this big event,
the message is loud and
clear, encouraging you to
showcase your abilities.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0414 (60p/min)
Aquarius Jan 21 – Feb 19
If you’ve thought about
moving house, then the
movement of Uranus, your
ruler, into your home zone
can bring about a desire for
change. This can be a slow
process but some of the
developments that ensue
might not be.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0420 (60p/min)
Virgo Aug 24 – Sep 23
Your horizons may
expand, as liberating
Uranus enters your sector
of exploration for a long
stay. And with a powerful
lunar phase also on the
cards, the coming days
could bring news or
information that is of great
interest, inspiring you to
follow it up.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0415 (60p/min)
Pisces Feb 20 – Mar 20
With inventive Uranus
entering your sector of
communication from today
for a six-month stay, the
coming months can see
you making exciting new
connections. You may
enjoy special encounters
over the coming days and
weeks, though, which can
kick start the process.
For your forecast, call
0906 474 0421 (60p/min)
For a live one-to-one consultation with one of my gifted
psychics, call 0906 176 4747 or 0800 067 4747 to book
using credit card. Too busy to call? Then text a psychic:
Text STARS to 84155 (£1.50 per text plus SNC)
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to-be Prince Harry, while Beatrice
and Eugenie prove, once again, that
they deserve their own spin-off.
The Windsors: Royal
Wedding Special C4, 9pm
Not sure what a pangolin is? It’s
the world’s only scaly mammal.
They’re small and oddly cute, a cross
between an anteater and a tortoise
in the looks department. But they
are being driven to the brink of
extinction by poachers feeding the
Just when preparations for the royal
wedding were getting a little too
pomp and circumstance, along comes
this sharp but rarely spiteful spoof.
Richard Goulding is spot on as groom-
Pangolins: The World’s Most
Wanted Animal BBC2, 8pm
Chinese traditional medicine market.
Your heart sinks.
You’ve Been Shamed
BBC3, from 10am
An interesting social media
experiment, this: the most explicit
images posted by selfie exhibitionists
are put on show in a gallery – will
that make them think twice before
showing off? Probably not, but their
reactions are priceless.
Tuesday, May 15, 2018 METRO 31
Adam Hay-Nicholls
reports from the
Barcelona pitlane
Q& A
with Frazer Clarke
This triumph was a long time
coming for you, wasn’t it?
It’s been 15 years. I didn’t think
boxing would bring me this far. I’m
still just little chubby Frazer Clarke
from Burton. People like me aren’t
supposed to win gold medals. I was
never athletically blessed. I
remember being on Team GB and
getting lapped by the other lads in
running training. I had low selfesteem then but this medal means
so much. I’ve worked hard for it.
What did winning gold feel like?
There is such jubilation when your
hands are raised. I think a lot of
Australian supporters are fans of
Big Fraze now! I’d never have gone
to Australia if it wasn’t for boxing.
After not been selected for two
Olympics, will you make 2020?
After Rio I said to myself: ‘I’m not
missing out on another Games.’
People are working hard to try to
take that Olympic spot from me so
I have to work even harder. Just
Two good: Hamilton
celebrates back-to-back
wins in Barcelona
EWIS HAMILTON appeared rejuvenated after
his emphatic victory in
Barcelona, crossing the
line more than 20 seconds
ahead of his team-mate and
increasing his lead over fourthplaced Sebastian Vettel to 17 points.
It was a very good day at the office for Mercedes, the reigning
champions asserting their authority
over Ferrari. However, Hamilton
admitted afterwards there were
times during these last couple of
months when he doubted himself.
He was not feeling the car in Bahrain and China – or even Azerbaijan, despite his win there. Now,
though, he is back.
‘I hadn’t been feeling comfortable
in the car,’ he said.
‘The first race was good and then
it really slipped away from me. The
guys didn’t really understand why. I
‘It’s like having a
mini-me on your
shoulder talking crap’
was thinking, I know I have more
pace than the guys I am racing. And
then, I’m like, maybe I don’t have it
– maybe I’m crazy. But then [in
Spain] I felt so much closer to the
limit. And you could see the result
– I was seven-tenths faster [per lap]
than the guys behind.’
It is revealing, at this stage of his
career and with four titles and 64
wins to show for it, that the 33-yearold worries whether he is past his
peak or fails to live up to the hype.
Clouded judgment: Grosjean takes a spin at turn three
‘Naturally, you have the whispers
[of personal doubt] in your ears and
you have to block them out. But it is
healthy to question yourself. You
can’t go around saying I am the best
all the time. It also motivates you to
push more and grow and be better.
‘It’s like having a mini-me on
your shoulder, talking crap in your
ear. I don’t have any devils around
me, though.’
One driver who might have a devil on his shoulder, though, is Haas’
Romain Grosjean. He lost his car at
turn three seconds after the start,
floored the throttle to try to save
himself, thus creating a thick white
cloud of tyre smoke which blinded
the chasing pack.
As a result, Romain was tagged
by Nico Hulkenberg and Pierre
Gasly, resulting in the instant retirement of all three drivers.
It is the Frenchman’s second embarrassing error in as many races,
having clouted a wall behind the
safety car in Baku. He has no points
to show for the season, while teammate Kevin Magnussen has 19 and
the Haas VF-18 – dubbed a ‘Ferrari
replica’ by Fernando Alonso – has
the edge on McLaren, Force India
and Renault.
Adding to Romain’s woes is a
three-place grid penalty that will be
enforced in Monaco, where starting
position is more important than anywhere else. In future, when you
are spinning backwards and there
are half-a-dozen cars rushing past,
keep the clutch in so they can still
see where they’re going. Grosjean,
Gasly and the Hulk might have finished the race if he had.
Grosjean joined the fledgling
Haas team from Renault in 2016 in
the hope he could impress technical
partner Ferrari. Now, his dream of
racing for the Scuderia appears to
have gone up in his own smoke.
The super-heavyweight boxer,
26, won Commonwealth Games
gold for England and is on track
to make the 2020 Olympics.
By Matthew Nash
because I’ve won this, two years
out from Tokyo, it doesn’t meant I’ll
be selected for the Olympics.
Will you turn professional?
One step at a time. Pro will happen
when it happens. The Olympics is
where it’s at for me right now. Joe
[Joyce] and AJ (Anthony Joshua) did
it and hopefully I can emulate that.
I still speak to them regularly.
You’ve sparred AJ, haven’t you?
AJ is champion of the world and it’s
a pleasure to spar with him. I got
‘well-done’ messages from Joe and
AJ – forget their status, we’re
friends. Like AJ, Joe is a serious,
serious fighter.
Team England official partner npower organised for
gold medallist Frazer Clarke to return to his former
school, The de Ferrers Academy, Burton-Upon-Trent
32 METRO Tuesday, May 15, 2018
Leach’s unlucky break gives
national selector an Ed-ache
JACK LEACH’S hopes of
keeping his England place
have been wrecked by a
broken thumb.
The Somerset spinner
was injured batting in the
Taunton nets, giving new
national selector Ed Smith
an added complication as
he prepared to name his
first Test squad today.
Smith’s spin options for
the first Test with
Pakistan, starting at
Lord’s on Thursday week,
are thin on the ground.
Moeen Ali, the obvious
solution, has played no
first-class cricket yet this
summer because of his
commitments in the
Indian Premier League.
At the top of the order,
Alastair Cook may get yet
another opening partner,
with Mark Stoneman
currently short of runs.
Nick Gubbins is a
candidate on the back of
107 and 99 in his last two
innings for Middlesex.
finished with a
career-best ten for
101 match haul as
Surrey beat
Yorkshire by an
innings and 17 runs
at the Oval.
his England chances
no harm with a
career-best six for
46 as Durham drew
with Derbyshire,
who reached 279 for
nine – 186 runs
ahead – before
calling it a day.
scored a timely
double-century for
Hampshire before
England announce
their squad today
to face Pakistan.
Vince spent more
than eight-and-ahalf hours at the
crease scoring an
unbeaten 201 in a
hard-earned draw
against Somerset
at Taunton.
O’Brien hits historic century
KEVIN O’BRIEN scored another memorable international
century with Ireland’s first Test ton as their inaugural Test
with Pakistan headed into the final day fascinatingly poised.
Seven years after O’Brien (pictured) smashed the quickest
World Cup hundred to see off England, the all-rounder
reached 118 not out as Ireland, who had been made to followon, progressed to 319 for seven for a 139-run lead.
Danny thinks
of England as
he signs deal
at Gloucester
ENGLAND duo Danny Cipriani and
James Haskell are determined to keep
their World Cup dreams alive after both
announced moves from Wasps to new
Premiership clubs yesterday.
Knowing they need to be playing club
rugby in England to be considered for
international selection ahead of next
year’s World Cup in Japan, Cipriani has
joined Gloucester while Haskell is heading to Northampton.
Cipriani, who has just been recalled
by Eddie Jones for England’s summer
tour of South Africa after a three-year
absence, will arrive at Kingsholm in
time for the next Premiership season.
Gloucester director of rugby David
Humphreys said: ‘The chance to sign
him was too good to turn down.’
Cipriani, who turned down offers
from clubs in France and Japan, said:
‘I’m excited at the prospect of
spending the next few years in cherry and white.
‘It’s the most exciting move
of my career to date.’
The 30-year-old fly-half
still has unfinished business
at Wasps with a play-off
semi-final against Saracens
on Saturday, with the possibility of facing Exeter or
Newcastle in the final.
‘I’ve still some important
Cherry good move: Cipriani
rugby to play for Wasps and, when the
time comes, it’s probably going to be an
emotional farewell,’ added Cipriani.
‘We’ll part on good terms and wish
each other well for the future.’
Haskell, 33, also intends to extend
his England career, which stretches
to 77 caps, after joining Saints on a
one-year deal from Wasps.
‘It’s no secret I want to
continue my international
career for as long as
possible,’ the backrow forward (pictured) admitted.
‘The only way I
can do that is by
helping Saints fight
their way back into contention for silverware.’
Tuesday, May 15, 2018 METRO 33
Cahill puts Chelsea on a
final warning after flop
GARY CAHILL claims Chelsea players of took their eye off the ball ahead
of this weekend’s FA Cup final.
The Blues suffered a dismal end to
the defence of their Premier League
title as they crashed 3-0 at Newcastle
on Sunday, having laboured to a 1-1
draw with Huddersfield in their final
home game.
Manager Antonio Conte has already
warned Chelsea they ‘don’t have a
chance’ of beating Manchester United
at Wembley on Saturday, in what is expected be his last game as manager, if
there is not a big improvement.
And Cahill said: ‘It’s time to selfreflect. Prior to Huddersfield we were
in great form. We have to try and brush
it under the carpet.
‘That’s not an excuse, any other time
Forward thinking: Dyche
Dyche sees
Europe as
a challenge
‘We looked to have one
eye on the final, which
is very dangerous’
I wouldn’t be saying that, but we have
a massive week to prepare for a cup
final which is very important for us.’
Ayoze Perez netted twice to add to
Dwight Gayle’s opener as Chelsea
ended their league campaign in shambolic fashion on Tyneside.
‘We were way off the pace,’ added
32-year-old Cahill. ‘There were individual mistakes here, there and everywhere which was putting us under extreme amounts of pressure.
‘It looked to me like everyone had
one eye on the cup final, which is very
dangerous. We are very lucky the game
was somewhat irrelevant in the end as
Liverpool won (to confirm fourth).
‘If we had come off that pitch with
that performance having thrown a
Champions League spot away, it would
have been extremely hard to take.’
PARIS Saint-Germain have
appointed Thomas Tuchel as
their new coach. The German,
who left Borussia Dortmund
last summer, will succeed
Unai Emery at the Ligue
1 champions.
Headache: Cahill shows the strain during the defeat to Newcastle while Conte (inset) looks on
SEAN DYCHE is relishing the
challenge of leading Burnley into
their first European campaign
for more than 50 years.
The Clarets will play in the
Europa League second qualifying
round, with the first leg due to
take place on July 26, thanks to
their seventh-place finish in the
Premier League.
Burnley were last in continental
action in the 1966-67 Inter-Cities
Fairs Cup and Dyche said:
‘Everyone immediately fires 50
negatives at you and they forget
the fact you’re in Europe at a
club like Burnley.
‘I haven’t forgotten that. I’m
still a manager who’s developing,
so it’ll be very interesting for me.
‘I can imagine the challenge
and all that it brings, not just on
the pitch. So it’s good for me, it’s
good for the staff, good for the
team, good for the club.
‘We’ve got to be flexible,
adaptable and kind of openminded and not get bogged down
by the outside noise. It’s
important we know what we’re
focusing on and stick to that
because that’s served us well.’
Dyche says there has been
plenty of forward-planning and
added: ‘The one thing I’ve
learned through football (is) you
can’t just sit still because it waits
for no one.’
History repeats as
Konta wins in Rome
Froome ‘not firing’ but vows to
keep fighting and target the Tour
JOHANNA KONTA is safely through
to the second round of the Italian
Open after beating Magdalena
Rybarikova in straight sets.
A week on from knocking
Rybarikova out at the same stage
of the Madrid Open, Konta claimed
a 6-4, 6-3 victory over the 17th
seed in one hour and 48 minutes.
The unseeded British No.1, who
has not reached the quarter-finals
of a tournament since January, will
play Hsieh Su-wei or Aryna
Sabalenka in the next round.
CHRIS FROOME admits he
arrived at the Giro d’Italia
below his best and has
conceded winning the
race is now ‘unlikely’.
The Briton (right) trails
compatriot Simon Yates
by two minutes and 27
seconds as the race
resumes today after the
rest day.
Froome was hoping to
make the Giro a third
consecutive Grand Tour
win but claims he went
into the race with one eye
on the Tour de France.
‘I always came into the
Giro with the plan of
building into the race,
Marching on: Konta
Place Kyle Edmund is behind 12-time grand-slam champion Novak
Djokovic – having beaten the Serbian in Madrid last week – in the
new world rankings. Britain’s No.1 celebrated climbing to a career-high
No.19 with a 6-3, 3-6, 6-3 win over Malek Jaziri at the Italian Open
with the bigger goal of
doing the Giro and going
on to the Tour de France,’
he said. ‘It was never my
objective to arrive firing
on all cylinders.
‘I still want to do the
best I can. If that’s 20th
place, second place or
first. I’m here to race.’
Campbell ‘relieved to be alive’
OLYMPIC gold medallist Darren Campbell has
revealed he ‘nearly died’ after suffering a bleed
in the brain last Tuesday.
The 44-year-old, who won 4x100 metres relay
gold at the 2004 Games in Athens, is recovering
in hospital after having a seizure at home, which
left him having to be resuscitated.
Campbell told the BBC: ‘I nearly died. The
doctors said if I wasn’t so fit, I wouldn’t be here.
I have to be relieved as I nearly died.’
Tomkins move angers Wigan
WIGAN have accused Catalans Dragons of
making an illegal approach to Sam Tomkins after
confirming he is leaving at the end of the season.
Warriors executive director Kris Radlinski said:
‘We have made our feelings known about this to
the club involved.’
Catalans have signed the 29-year-old on a
three-year contract.
34 METRO Tuesday, May 15, 2018
F O O T B A L L C H A M P I O N S H I P P L AY- O F F S E M I - F I NA L , S E C O N D L E G
Bruce: Characters are
key on Villa’s big night
ASTON Villa boss Steve Bruce
backed his players to handle the
occasion as they bid to keep their
promotion hopes alive tonight.
Villa hold a slender 1-0 lead over
Middlesbrough going into tonight’s
Championship play-off, second leg
in Birmingham.
Bruce (pictured) was appointed in
October 2016, with Villa 19th, and
has previously questioned the
mentality and ability of
some players to handle
the pressure.
He said: ‘It’s a big
club, history and
tradition and you
need big players.
‘The ones we have
brought in: [Ahmed]
Elmohamady, John
Terry, Mile Jedinak, all
people who have bought the
T-shirt and you know they will not
get fazed. There have been a lot of
Daniel Ayala faces an anxious
wait to see if will be fit for tonight’s
Championship play-off decider at
Aston Villa. The Spaniard is waiting
on the results of a scan after limping
out of Saturday first-leg 1-0 defeat at
the Riverside Stadium with a knee
injury. Boro boss Tony Pulis said:
‘Obviously if there’s any chance of
Dani playing, he’s going to play.’
players who have struggled to
come to terms with playing
for a big club.
‘We’ve given ourselves an
advantage, we’re playing
against a very experienced
team and a very experienced
manager (Tony Pulis).
‘We can’t take anything for
granted. If we think we can show
up and just put our boots on, then
we’re mistaken.’
Boy wonder: Sessegnon (right) celebrates his equaliser with Stefan Johansen
Another fine Sess
sends Fulham on
way to Wembley
Sessegnon 47, Odoi 66
(Fulham win 2-1 on aggregate)
FULHAM took a step closer to ending their four-year Premier League
exile as they booked their place in
the Championship play-off final
with victory over Derby at Craven
Cottage last night.
Second-half goals from teenage
sensation Ryan Sessegnon and
Denis Odoi sealed a 2-0 win on the
night and a 2-1 aggregate victory
for the hosts who will face either
Aston Villa or Middlesbrough –
who play their second leg tonight –
at Wembley later this month.
After a disappointing display in
the first leg at Pride Park on Friday,
Fulham – beaten by Reading at the
same stage last season – were much
more of a threat in the return.
Sessegnon’s early effort had Rams
goalkeeper Scott Carson at full
stretch before Aleksandar Mitrovic
went close as he turned Curtis Dav-
Higher power: Odoi heads home
ies and fizzed his shot just wide
of the post.
Carson then had to be alert to tip
Aboubakar Kamara’s effort over the
bar before the keeper produced an
incredible point-blank save to keep
out Mitrovic’s close-range header.
Craig Bryson’s challenge on
Mitrovic just before the break had
the Serb demanding a penalty but
his appeal was waved away by referee Chris Kavanagh.
Fulham made their breakthrough
just two minutes after the restart.
Stefan Johansen chested down Matt
Targett’s cross for Sessegnon to fire
home from close range.
The hosts’ efforts to wrap things
up in normal time saw Mitrovic let
fly from distance before Kamara
flashed a shot just wide of the post.
The pressure finally paid off after
66 minutes when centre-back Odoi
rose to brilliantly head Sessegnon’s
inswinging corner into the net.
Derby responded and sub Matej
Vydra had a chance to get them
back into the tie but sent his header
over the bar as Fulham held on.
Sessegnon said afterwards: ‘We
pushed and pushed and should have
scored early in the first half. But
well done to the boys.
‘(Scoring the first goal was) very
special. We always knew if we were
to keep going we’d get the first goal
and thankfully I did. It changed the
game and really put the pressure on
them, then we got the second and
won the game.’
The teen is often centre of attention but said: ‘I just try to play my
own game. I like to play my normal
game and I don’t let other people
bother me.
‘I just get my head down and work
hard for the team.’
Tuesday, May 15, 2018 METRO 35
Liverpool up with the best, says Lovren
DEJAN LOVREN believes Liverpool
have a squad to compete against the
best in the world.
Jurgen Klopp’s side are certain to
play in back-to-back Champions
League campaigns for the first time
since 2009-10 after their comfortable
4-0 win over Brighton.
Their greatest test still awaits in the
final against Real Madrid in Kiev later
this month but they can at least go
there knowing their primary objective
for the season has been achieved.
‘Every year it’s getting more difficult
to get into the top four. It’s about
teamwork,’ the Croatian (pictured)
said. ‘The most important thing is that
we won [against Brighton] and we are
in the Champions League again next
year, because everyone deserves that.
We have a squad that can compare
with every team in the world; we
showed it in the Champions League
(against) Porto, Manchester City and
Roma in the first game. It’s the team.’
As for this season’s showpiece,
Lovren said: ‘We’ll be ready. We’ve
got a long two weeks. We’ll be in the
best possible shape and we look
forward to seeing what we can do.’
Benitez insists new
Magpies deal is his
only focus for now
Goal kings: Kane
celebrates against
Leicester but it
was Salah (below)
who picked up the
Golden Boot
has declared he is
only talking to
Newcastle amid
speculation over
his future.
The 58-year-old
Spaniard remains
in discussions over a contract
extension at St James’ Park, with
only 12 months of his existing deal
left to run.
Benitez (pictured) wants
assurances of owner Mike Ashley’s
ambitions for the club before
committing, but with speculation
linking him with former employers
Napoli as well as Everton, Leicester
and West Ham, he is adamant the
Magpies are his only focus.
Benitez said: ‘I’ve heard so much
talk but I haven’t spoken to [Napoli
chairman] Aurelio de Laurentiis. I
have a contract with Newcastle,
I’m talking to them about my
renewal. My priority is to stay in
England. I’m only talking to
Newcastle right now.’
T H E Y S A I D I T. . .
‘The age-old thing of
saying “it’s up for grabs”
doesn’t really help.’
Former England keeper Rob Green
urged Gareth Southgate – naming
his World Cup squad tomorrow – to
make an early call on his No.1 for
Russia. Jordan Pickford, Jack
Butland, Joe Hart and Nick Pope
are all in contention. Green was
told hours before the start of the
2010 World Cup he would start for
Fabio Capello’s Three Lions.
Ki turns to a future
away from Swansea
KI SUNG-Yueng has announced
his departure from Swansea
following the club’s relegation
from the Premier League.
The South Korean midfielder,
who is out of contract this
summer, posted on Instagram:
‘Personally I felt sorry to the fans
and really feel frustrated and
disappointed about what
happened to us.’
More years defender
Kyle Walker-Peters, 21,
is tied to Tottenham for,
having penned a new
deal which runs
until 2021
Villans shouldn’t end up with egg on their faces
ASTON Villa are a footballing curate’s egg
Trafford or St James’ Park. Boasting a 1-0
– sometimes they are very good but
advantage from the Championship
they can be shocking on occasions.
play-off, first leg at Middlesbrough
There is no doubt Villa would be a
despite having their backs to the
welcome addition to the Premier
wall at times, Steve Bruce’s men
Simon Yates to
League as they boast a rich history,
should be too strong on home soil
be King of the
have a fanbase who turn up in
to prevent Boro fighting back to
numbers through thick and thin
reach the Wembley decider.
and Villa Park is a cracking stadium
Trust Villa to be up for the big
– up there with the very best despite
occasion and back them at 13/10
not having the capacity of an Old
with William Hill to win on the night.
to beat Andreas
Seppi today in the
Rome Masters
(William Hill)
has the
weapons to
beat Elena
Vesnina in the
Italian Open
and is a nice
price at 8/13
pretty much
across the
■ PERU will be without their
captain at the World Cup after
Paolo Guerrero had his drug ban,
which had just run out, upped from
six months to 14 by the Court of
Arbitration for Sport. The 34-yearold tested positive for cocaine after
a World Cup qualifier in October.
Sidwell’s signing off
BRIGHTON midfielder Steve
Sidwell, 35, has announced the
end of his time with the club.
He did not feature in the
Seagulls’ debut Premier League
season due to injury, having
helped them to promotion.
FIXTURES (7.45pm unless stated)
Sky Bet Championship play-off semi-final, second leg
Aston Villa (1) v Middlesbrough (0) ..................TV Sky Sports
Women’s Super League
Bristol City v Chelsea ................................(7pm) TV BT Sport 1
Kane wants Salah
to spur him on to
greater heights
Haskell off to Saints
as Cipriani seals
Gloucester switch
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Moyes looks a
goner and Sam
awaits his fate
THE fate of two Premier League managers hung in the balance last night,
with David Moyes’ time at West Ham
reportedly up and Sam Allardyce admitting he does not know if he has a
future at Everton.
Elsewhere, Arsenal’s managerial situation is also uncertain, with Massimiliano Allegri – a leading contender
to replace Arsene Wenger – now expected to extend his stay at Juventus.
Speculation surrounding Moyes and
Allardyce has grown in recent days despite the managers securing survival
for West Ham and Everton respectively, after their mid-season arrivals.
Yesterday it was reported the Ham-
Blue Monday: City fans
turned out in their thousands
to celebrate with Guardiola
(inset) and his players,
including skipper Vincent
Kompany and De Bruyne
In the dark: Allardyce and Moyes
mers board have decided to move on
from Moyes, whose short-term contract has expired. Allardyce still has a
deal with Everton but said: ‘Who
knows what’s going to happen next?
‘I’m going to have a meeting with
[owner] Farhad [Moshiri] this week
and then I’m going on my holidays.’
Allardyce also said Everton expect
confirmation about Wayne Rooney’s
future tomorrow, with the former England captain linked with DC United.
In Italy, Allegri dampened Arsenal’s
hopes of luring him to London, saying:
‘If they don’t fire me, then I think I’m
staying at Juventus next year, too.’
PEP GUARDIOLA told fans to sit back, grab a
beer and enjoy Manchester City’s success as
around 100,000 supporters attended the
Premier League champions’ victory parade.
As players enjoyed the open-top bus
parade, celebrating a record 100-point tally
in a season which also saw them land the
Carabao Cup, Guardiola declined to add to
his comments of improvement next term.
‘Now is the time to enjoy what we’ve done
this season,’ said the City boss. ‘It’s not the
time to talk of next season. This summer
we’ll watch the World Cup on the sofa – we’ll
have some good beer, good red wine and
enjoy what we have done. Then we’ll try to
come back stronger than this season.’
Playmaker Kevin de Bruyne hailed City’s
‘unbelievable’ season and said: ‘Seeing all
the people who want to join us and have a
party is amazing.’
Defender John Stones added: ‘It’s a dream
come true. Thank you so much.’
The Hundred ‘is set in stone’ and ‘simple’ for youngsters
THE England and Wales Cricket
Board sparked fresh controversy
yesterday when its chairman said the
new 100-ball format was ‘set in stone’,
and was immediately accused of
contradicting the message the ECB
gave to players last week.
Colin Graves also claimed the
radical new format was needed
because young people are ‘just not
attracted to cricket’. Professional
Cricketers’ Association chairman
Daryl Mitchell last week emerged from
a meeting with Graves’ ECB colleague,
chief executive Tom Harrison, reporting he and 26 fellow players had been
assured ‘The Hundred’ was as yet
merely a ‘concept’ for the competition
which will begin in two years.
That appeared at odds with the
proposal publicised by the ECB the
previous month, and comments from
tournament managing director Sanjay
Patel. And asked yesterday if the 100ball format was ‘set in stone’, Graves
told the BBC: ‘Yes.’
However, Mitchell was quick to
respond, tweeting: ‘He should probably let Tom Harrison know then.
That’s not what he told us last week!’
Graves stressed the new format was
a must to ensure cricket’s relevance
and financial viability, to run alongside
the existing Twenty20 Blast as well
as 50-over and first-class
domestic competitions.
‘As chairman of the ECB, my job is
to protect, look after English cricket,’
he said. ‘The younger generation,
whether you like it or not, just are not
attracted to cricket. That younger
generation wants something different.
They want it more exciting; they want
it shorter; simpler to understand.’
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