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Вариант ТПП для внутрипортовой навигации, используемый в компании "EST"
ENTERPRISES SHIPPING & TRADING S.A.IN - PORT NAVIGATION PASSAGE PLAN Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) arrivalESTSA 302Rev. 0ISSUE: Oct 2008 Vessel:M/t "Energy Panther"Date:30.12.10 08:30LTVoy. No.:18/10Draft Restrictions :15.85 m CHECK LISTS COMPLETED & ATTACHEDEND SEA PASS :FROM BERTH :N/A Pilot Card ESTSA-305TO BERTH :Alte.Tamandare PS1TO FULL AWAY :N/A Preparation for arrival in port ESTSA-315 Pilotage ESTSA-316Arrival SW Draft:9.30 mSailing SW Draft : Navigation in Coastal Waters ESTSA-318 Ship to Shore Master/Pilot Exchange ESTSA-310Squat Range:1.02 m-2.04 mAir Draft :37.71 m WAYPOINTCOURSEDISTDTGETA NEXT
STATUSWOPASSAGE NOTESNoLAT.LONG.DIRFORCE4522°56.50' S043°08.40' W6°0.57'8.4'08:34 30/Dec0.5N0.75666YesYESC3-6 minV/RM/ModeYInner Pilot St.4622°55.93' S043°08.34' W347°0.98'7.8'08:41 30/Dec0.5N0.75666NYESC3-6 minV/RM/ModeYEnter DW route4722°54.98' S043°08.58' W340°1.63'6.8'08:53 30/Dec0.5N0.75666NYESC3-6 minV/RM/ModeYI.da Boa Viagem4822°53.45' S043°09.18' W1°1.95'5.2'09:08 30/Dec0.6N0.75666NYESC3-6 minV/RM/ModeYPresident Bridge4922°51.50' S043°09.14' W349°0.60'3.2'09:12 30/Dec0.6N0.75666NYESC3-6 minV/RM/ModeYDW route5022°50.91' S043°09.27' W9°1.93'2.6'09:27 30/Dec0.6N0.75666NYESC3-6 minV/RM/ModeYDW route5122°49.00' S043°08.94' W352°0.71'0.7'09:32 30/Dec0.7N0.75666NYESC3-6 minV/RM/ terminal5222°48.30' S043°09.04' W0.0'0.7566Tamandare PS1
Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) arrivalESTSA 302Rev. 0ISSUE: Oct 2008 PUBLICATIONS AFFECTING THIS VOYAGEIMPORTANT:ENSURE THAT YOU HAVE ON BOARD THE LATEST EDITIONGUIDE TO PORT ENTRY (Insert Pages Nr.)359-364, P244,246SOPEP - VRP INVOLVED,REQUIREMENTS APPLIEDYesLOCAL REGULATIONS ARE OBSERVEDYesB.A.SAILING DIRECTIONS NP 5 p.230-232B.A. CURRENT ATLAS N/AB.A.LIST OF RADIO SIGNALS Admiralty Digital List of Radio Signals (Area 10)B.A. LIGHT LIST Admiralty Digital List of Lights (Area 10)B.A.TIDE TABLES Admiralty Total Tide (Area 10)VHF channel for : PILOTVTSPort ControlEmergenciesAPPROACHING POSITIONS16;121616-Jan16Pilot Change PositionLat:N/ALong:N/A Tug boat meeting positionLat:22°49.00' SLong:43°08.94' W Emergency Anchorage Pos.Lat:22°58.00' SLong:43°08.10' W Lat: Long: DIRECTION OF CURRENTS EXPECTED DURING PASSAGE (Insert in Passage Notes column,Waypoints area,direction and force expected,also to the chart).PREVAILING WEATHER AND WINDS IN VOYAGE AREAS (Insert in Passage Notes column,Waypoint area,direction and force and same with a pencil to the chart).NAVTEX WARNINGS CONCERNING THE VOYAGE (Insert in Passage Notes column,Waypoint area and same with pencil in the corresponding chart).UNDER KEEL CLEARANCE (UKC) = Chart Depth - (Max. Ship's Draft + Max. Squat Range) Min.UKC 10% of max.draft.see BWM-Navigation In Coastal WatersPARALLEL INDEXING (To be plotted on the charts)PREPARED BY: CHECKED BY: CHECKED BY:VERIFIED BY THE MASTER:Nav.2nd Officer:Ch.Officer:Saf. 2nd Officer:INSTRUCTIONS: - Use numbers or letters for way points instead of Lat-Long. - Indicate courses and distances between two way points. - Indicate if "headings" or "leading lines or lights", clearing bearings or clearing ranges" parallel indexing. - Indicate other information concerning passage between two way points such as: Points of crossing ferries or cables or fishing boats. - Emergency anchorage or manoeuvering points. - Hazards to navigation through NAVTEX or local pilots.ENTERPRISES SHIPPING & TRADING S.A.IN - PORT NAVIGATION PASSAGE PLAN
Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) arrivalESTSA 302Rev. 0ISSUE: Oct 2008 VESSEL'S SQUAT CALCULATIONLOA: 183.0meters BEAM:32.20metersDRAFT:9.30metersDISPLACEMENT:40900M/TCB0.75(For Tankers: 0,75-0,82)Vessel's Speed: Manoevring Full Ahead VESSEL'S SQUAT CALCULATIONSQUAT max (m) = 2 X CB X V X V (vessel speed) =2.04Max spd:11.69ktsVolume of Displacement 40900 Conf. waters100 L X B X draft 183 x 32.2 x 9.3 SQUAT max (m) = CB X V X V (vessel speed)=1.02Max spd:11.69ktsOpen waters100 VARIABLE DATASPEED KNOTS345678910111213141516CALCULATIONSquat Confined Water Meters0.130.240.370.540.730.961.211.491.812.152.522.933.363.82Squat Open Water Meters0. PREPARED BY:CHECKED BY:CHECKED BY: VERIFIED BY THE MASTER:Nav.2nd Officer:Ch.Officer:Saf. 2nd Officer: ENTERPRISES SHIPPING & TRADING S.A.IN - PORT NAVIGATION PASSAGE PLAN
Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) arrivalESTSA 302Rev. 0ISSUE: Oct 2008(DYNAMIC) UNDER-KEEL CLEARANCELimit Depth Location:Deep Water Route ETA at Location:30.12.2010 08:34LTMAX permissible transit speed at limiting depth location:MAX permissible speed 8kts ( port)MIN depth at chart darum 17.0055.8 (a): Height for the Tide LW( + or - )0.301.0(b): Allowance for accuracy of hydrographical data and tidal prediction(-)0.672.2(c): Allowance for nature and stability of the bottom(-)0.000.0(d): Allowance for reduction of depth ocer pipelines(-)2.006.6(e): Allowance for sea state and weather(-)0.501.6 MIN anticipated controlled depth (A) 14.1346.4MAX static mid-ships draft at water density = 1,025t/M3 9.3030.5 (f): Allowance due to anticipated change of density ( + or - )0.130.4(g): Increase due to squat and change of trim(+)0.963.1(h): Increase due to list/ heel(+)0.561.8(i): Allowance for hogging / sagging and accuracy of ship's draught(+)0.050.2 Deepest (dynamic) navigation draught (B) 11.0036.1ANTICIPATED UNDER-KEEL CLEARANCE (A-B)3.1310.3mtrsfeet Company requirements for UKC at Confide Waters - 1,0 meters or 10% of vsl deepest draft(whichever grater)Sources of information and publication consulted: Depth located at Approaching channel Chart: BA No 566Tide Tablets: Admiralty Total Tide (Area 10)Pilot books: NP 5 p.230
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