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Gravitational super telescope G2V and real space

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«Homo Sapiens» in a wrong way perceive the real world and consequently incorrectly judge both time, and about space.
Gravitational super
telescope G2V and real space.
Rafael M
. Ibragimov
Motley Maintains, Fort Verny (
Alma –
«Homo Sapiens» in a wrong way perceive the real world and consequently incorrectly judge both time, and about space. Rafael
: the Field of gravitation of star G2V forms gravitational sphere, external radius R
= ~ 1, 87 пс
which possesses all properties of strengthening and increase as difficult lens and consequently, the observer in a condition to see space in all it
s beauty.
Proofs of the given statement we will spend to some stages and, first of all: we will construct, following Hubble, distribution of beam speeds on displacement of length of a wave from stars -
, in the nearest vicinity of the Sun (d <6 пс). Thus, for obse
rvable stars it is necessary to meet a condition spherically
symmetric distribution and as to use the fact that average beam speed of their movement concerning Sun Vsun <~ |50|km/s
It is as a result had following laws (we look the diagram): for a dist
ance r> 3
, 72
пс stars leave from the sun (red color -
under Hubble's law), and here for distances r <3,
72 пс observable stars move
in the Sun direction (Violet color -
displacement of the Author). Actually, the constructed diagram unequivocally specifi
es in virtual character violet displacement as at such movement observable stars would be for a long time in the Sun vicinity. But they aren't present, and consequently Hubble's red displacement so, virtually, by a rule of an induction and common sense! It
is obvious that in the case under consideration change of length of wave EMR
from a star is generated not by effect of Doppler
, and is a direct consequence of change of speed of distribution of light [
]. And, red displacement grows out its delay on H (km
/s for 1 mps
photon ways), and violet displacement is result of acceleration of photons thus, constant H changes a sign. And here distance R
/2 = ~ 1,
86 ps
is external gravitational border of a star and to which is admissible to give the status of optical border of gravitational sphere of a star.
The nature of a field of gravitation MB
. According to the concept of the Theory of Thrones [
] the material body is formed by the same energy, as is transferred by a photon, only this energy is
stuck together by thrones and consequently is stable and has final speed of movement, well and at speed of movement close to a velocity of light "turns" in EMR
. And the mechanism of red extragalactic displacement of energy of photons EMR
extends and on MB
, but thus, lost energy should be filled from Vacuum, and at impossibility of this process, MB
loses stability and breaks up to steady components, under the law on defect of weight! At movement realization structure MB
formed by thrones moves, on a gradien
t of a field of gravitation or uniform moving of energy MB
, in the absence of an external field of gravitation is realized! Thus, the field of the thrones forming liquid crystal structure of Vacuum
doesn't participate in movement. And energy of communic
ation of material bodies performs work on preservation of a configuration of a body and consequently, elements of energy of vacuum necessary for this work direct in a direction of the centers of weights. Thus, material bodies form a total field of these st
reams, and there is a hobby for these streams of bodies for the forces, which directed perpendicularly Constant the potential
to this field surfaces. Or, streams of elements of energy create the potential which gradient forms forces which operate on material bo
dies [
Electromagnetic radiation in the field of gravitation
. [
] it is abstractly possible to present photon model thus: it is periodic process, with the period λ and frequency electromagnetic
, transfers of quantu
m of energy e a vector of impulse P=h*k (where k -
a wave vector) on a beam of a vector of speed with
! Thus, scalar product (P*C) also is energy EMR
, and a defocusing corner -
= arctg , between a vector of an impulse and speed of a photon is equal to z
ero, in free space, and is distinct from zero under the influence of a field of gravitation of a star of a source, a star of the detector or gravitational potential of the Universe. Actually, the corner of defocusing also defines geodetic trajectories of
distribution in
the field of gravitation, including effect линзирования. Therefore, the power structure EMI formed by thrones, extends on a gradient of a field of gravitation or, rectilinear moving of energy of photons, in extragalactic space is reali
zed. Thus, energy of a photon can how to increase (violet displacement), and will decrease (red displacement) depending on dynamics of a field of gravitation. And further, if to take into consideration the fact that from optical border of a star the packag
e of photons extends T = 1,
86*3,26 = 6,06 light. Years we will come to a conclusion about reliability of the data about kinematics EMR
from a star the put figure 2!
Thus, we were convinced that the field of gravitation of star G2V the Sun forms gravitation
al sphere, external radius R
0 = ~ 1, 86 ps
which possesses all properties of strengthening and increase as difficult convex lens. And if standard telescopes with diameter of a mirror <10 meters give the maximum permission ~, 1 s
for gravitational telesco
pe G2V this figure increases to several usages with diameter of a mirror <1,
parsec! And besides, Hubble's space telescope, for an example, works with G2V in
common or even is consecutive. The basic problem is a definition of basic characteristics G2V.
And what consequences of detection of gravitational telescope G2V? First of all, updating, both the measured angular sizes of star objects, and a distance to them is irreversible. Naturally, these sizes are closely interconnected, therefore, f
inal value of updatings depends on exact parameters of telescope G2V. Further, for estimations of parameters of telescope G2V some ways are possible, namely: at supervision in Hubble's telescope of the selected star object (rice 2) both in direction Sun →
Earth, and in perpendicular this plane small differences are obliged to be. Other possibility
is estimations of obviously known parameters, for an example: the size of the monastery presented on a photo 3, can be an order 1 X 5 km, but in any way many b
illions kilometers! This statement is true and for photos of a telescope of Hubble of others «тотем
» super civilizations
(a hand of god, …). P.S.
And in the opened
space (D> 1, 86 parsec) the star probe
vehicle crew will appear in a black haze of alien spac
e for the person, and from hopelessness
they will be lost sense to life! And, поэтой to the reason, it is necessary to appreciate and rejoice lives on planet EARTH of star G2V SUN and to remember that there is a limit of stability of biosphere of a plane
t, having passed which return back any more won't be! Only forward to stars, but on this way all of us are waited by a black haze!
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, Alma
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