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Манхеттэн - сердце Нью-Йорка1 Махутова Долгор

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Презентация на тему:
«Манхэттен – сердце Нью-Йорка»
Выполнила Махутова Долгор Евгеньевна,
студентка 1 курса отделения
допрофессиональной подготовки
ГБОУ СПО «Бурятский аграрный
колледж имени М.Н.Ербанова»
Руководитель проекта:
Садаева Чимитцо Дугарнимаевна.
Manhattan is a heart of New York.
I. History of New York
II. Manhattan Island
1. History of Manhattan
2. Places of interest in Manhattan
3. Brooklyn Bridge
III. Conclusion
New York is the largest
city and the biggest seaport
in the US. It is the financial
capital of the country, the
centre of the American
cultural life and the national
leader in fashion and
entertainments. The city is
situated in New York State,
at the mouth of the Hudson
river. Its population is over
16 million people.
I’d like to tell you some facts from history of New
York. Dutch settlers founded this city in 1613. That
time, it was called New Amsterdam. In 1664, New
Amsterdam was captured by British troops and
renamed in New York.
Nowadays New York
consists of 5 large boroughs:
Manhattan, the Bronx,
Queens, Brooklyn and
Every American schoolchild
knows, the Dutch bought
Manhattan from the Indians,
for the ridiculously low price
of 24 dollars worth of beads
and other trinkets.
The Dutch were the first
Europeans to settle
Manhattan. To protect
themselves from attack, they
built a sturdy wooden wall.
Although it’s now long gone,
this wall gave its name to
street, in turn, became
synonymous with American
capitalism. The street, of course,
is Wall street.
The New York Stock Exchange and the American
Stock Exchange are both in Wall Street area. There are
many stockbrokers, investment banks and other banks,
headquarters of many large corporations in this street.
Manhattan is a heart of New York. It
is an island just 13 miles long and 2 miles
wide. It is the center of American
finance, advertisement and trade. The
borough of Manhattan is what most
people think New York.
A deep mark on Manhattan left the terrorist attacks
of 11 September 2001.
Ground Zero - a place where there were
skyscrapers of the World Trade Center
destroyed in the terrorist act of September 11,
2001. Now there is the National War
Memorial and Museum on September 11.
Memorial is a huge swimming
pool with waterfalls and a
bronze plaque with the names
of the dead.
Manhattan is divided into
two parts: the East Side and
the West Side. There is
Manhattan Island. It could
be divided into Lower
(Downtown), Midtown and
Manhattan is the most densely populated of
the five boroughs of New York City.
Manhattan (New York County) is a county
with the highest population density in the
United States - 25 850 inhabitants / km ².
Manhattan is divided into
parts. Officially, the city is
divided into 12 community
councils. Benchmarks for
defining informal division of
the island on large areas are
• Fifth Avenue.
• Central Park.
• 96th Street.
• 14th Street.
There is a lot of skyscrapers
in Manhattan.
Flatiron Building (also
known as the "Iron") - a
skyscraper in Manhattan,
located at the junction of
Broadway, Fifth Avenue and
23rd Street East.
The Brooklyn Bridge is a bridge in
New York City and is one of the
oldest suspension bridges in the
United States. Completed in 1883, it
connects the boroughs of Manhattan
and Brooklyn by spanning the East
The Brooklyn Bridge has a
main span of 1,595.5 feet
(486.3 m), and was the first
steel-wire suspension bridge
constructed. Since its opening,
it has become an icon of New
York City, and was
Historic Landmark in 1964
and a National Historic Civil
Engineering Landmark in
There is a lot of different cities in the
world . Each of them is beautiful in its own
way. New York has many interesting and
memorable places. It is my dream to visit New
York – one of the largest cities in the world
and especially Manhattan, because it is the
most exciting part of New York. It attracts
people from all over the world in its sights.
•Кубарьков Г.Л., Тимощук В.А. Сборник
новых тем современного английского
языка.-Москва:ЗАО «БАО-ПРЕСС»,2004.
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