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Walt Disney

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Walt Disney
The Legend Of America
Young years
Life style
Life in the First World war
The birth of an idea
Beginning of course of life
The first work of Walt Disney
Opening Of Disneyland
The first film
Removal Hollywood
The man who made himself .
Creation of the Studio «The Walt
Disney Company»
Rabbit Oswald
The Era Of Mickey Mouse
Walter Elias Disney(his
full name) is an American
film director, actor,
producer, screenwriter and,
of course, the cartoonist,
who founded the worldfamous company “Walt
Disney Productions”.
Walter Elias Disney was born on
December 5, 1901 in Chicago.
Walt loved to draw in his
childhood and his first drawings
were done on the wall. He
always had a cheerful character,
so neighbors and acquaintances
loved him.
During the First World war
sixteen-year-old Disney was
volunteered after older brother
for the front and served a year
driving an ambulance of
International Red cross in
France. Instead of the coloring of
camouflage he painted the car by
his pictures.
Returning from the war, Walt
had the opportunity to take the
first step as an artist - in a
small advertising shop.
This temporary work enriched the
Disney’s variety of skills and here
he get acquainted with one artist
- Yubom Ayverksom, who became
his friend and assistant for many
In 1920, Disney made his first
cartoon "Smehogramma”. After
going out of this cartoon Walt
received many orders on
advertising reels. Soon he
organized the firm "Smehogramma
Corporation" on money of
shareholders. But at the first
financial difficulties the company
was disorganised.
Walt had hoped to improve the
situation after the going out of
the movie "Alice in drawn
country." However, all the
efforts were at this time in
vain. And so, gathering a small
amount of money, Disney
decided to move to Hollywood.
In 1923 a businessman from
New York offered to Walt
Disney fifteen hundred dollars
for a cartoon about Alice , and
more over ordered a dozen more
such works.
Walter worked all days long, he
attracted to this work his elder
brother Roy, who became then a
financial and economic leader.
Gradually Disney managed to
create a studio «The Walt
Disney Company», which then
turned into the biggest
cinematographic empire.
New star of studio was amusing
rabbit Oswald, which gained
huge popularity. Alas, successful
rabbit was ruthlessly stolen from
Disney through legally wrong
drown up contract. Well, it was
instructive – since that time
Walter closely followed the rights
on his creations.
After the loss of Rabbit
Oswald was urgently needed
a new hero. After the
experience with the rabbit, it
was clear that a new
character will also be a funny
beast. It gradually began to
take shape the future hero of
movies – a mouse.
In the 30s years Mickey Mouse
was shot in 87 cartoons. Just for a
couple of years Mickey Mouse has
become a legend of America.
In 1925 Walt married Lillian
Bounds. In 1933 in the family
of Disney was born a daughter
Diana Mary and in 1937 the
couple adopted a year-old girl,
giving her the name Sharon
Mae Disney.
Walt loved daughters, gave
gifts, and often walked with
them in the park. During these
walks he had the idea to create
a place where it would be
interesting to both adults and
children. This place later became
Disneyland has grown by leaps and
bounds. Attractions appeared in the
park one after another, amazing on a
grand scale and ingenuity.
Walt started the realization of
his dream - the construction of
the country, named after him
and populated with heroes of
his films .
On July 17, 1955 Disneyland
was opened. It was located at
43 square miles of land just to
the South of Hollywood in
Anaheim (California).
At the opening of the Park
gathered 28 thousand people,
the next ninety million viewers
saw this Grand celebration on
At the age of 65 in Burbank on
15 December 1966 died Walter
Disney, one of the most
talented filmmakers in
Hollywood. In 1968 Disney
was posthumously awarded by
the highest award of the U.S.
the congressional Gold medal.
Walt Disney's life is a classic
American story about the man,
who made himself. Maybe the
secret of his success was in a
simple formula:
"I do not make movies just to
make money. I make money to
make movies” Walt Disney.
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