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Комиксы. История и популярность

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Волосова Юлия
ГПОУ «Сыктывкарский медицинский
колледж им. И.П. Морозова»
Отделение: Фармация, 1 курс.
Номинация: Искусство, музыкальная
и художественная культура:
традиции и современность.
Руководитель проекта: Грязнова Г. В.
1. Introduction.
2. Ancestors of Comics.
3. Golden Age of Comics.
a) The first Hero.
b) Marvel Heroes.
4. Conclusion.
5. Sources.
Art often turned to "low genres " - from the
popular print advertising to style. Comics,
which emerged as a genre in the early XX
century and use newspapers to attract
immigrants who did not know English evolved
to the cult phenomenon in America and
rightfully recognized art genre in France.
"Comics Graphic - narrative style a series of
drawings with brief texts forming a coherent
narrative." (Wikipedia) In fact, the comics is an
art form be sure to include the following:
narrative, pledged a series of pictures, a
constant composition heroes and the inclusion
of the dialogue and/or monologic text in
picture frame itself.
116 years ago, October 18 1896 in the journal
"New York Journal" the first comic bright art
with short captions that tell about the brave
heroes and their exploits. But is it really only
appeared in comics in 1896? Let's look at the
"Bear and Tiger" - so called the first American
comic book, which was published in 1892. No
less popular is the story «Yellow Kid» about a
little boy from China who came in search of
adventure in America...
Famous comic creator is Rudolph Derks. It was
he who invented the "bubbles" frames in which
it is placed characters.
This period in the history
of American comics,
which lasted (estimates
vary) from the late 1930s
until the mid -1950s. The
beginning of the golden
age is considered to be the
first appearance of
Superman in the comic
book Action Comics # 1,
which was released in
1938 and published by DC
Total for this
period was more
than 400
Most of them
Superman and
did not survive
to the present
day, but it was
then born heroes
such as Batman
and Captain
But on par with
the super heroes
in comics and
cartoon heroes
appear. For
example, the
history of
Donald Duck or
Mickey Mouse.
They are
winning not
only child but an
adult audience.
Created whole publishing
company specializing in
the publication of comic
books : «Marvel», «DC»,
«Dark Horse» and «Image
Comics». One of the largest
is the company «Marvel».
She was released on such
masterpieces as "The
Fantastic Four", "The
Incredible Hulk", "X-Men",
"Iron Man", "Spider-Man".
In 1970-1980 started a
lot of competition in
the comics industry
between the two
largest printing
companies "Marvell"
and "Dell". "Dell"
begins republish
comics 30s-50s and
"Marvel Comics" is
responsible for this
new series of
adventures SpiderMan.
In 1977 - three months
before the release of
sensational fiction film of
George Lucas 'Star Wars'
company "Marvel
Comics" takes revenge,
began to publish a comic
book series based on the
movie. "Star Wars" has
exceeded all
expectations, beating the
record all runs.
1989 marked the fifteenth
anniversary of Batman. By
this year, was timed comic
book series and a feature
film "Batman", which was
attended by top-notch
actors such as Michael
Keaton (Bruce Wayne) and
Jack Nicholson (Joker), it
was designed to trifles,
and became the highest
grossing film in history
cinema (at the time), and
comics brought a lot of
Despite all the variety of styles and genres, the
main task is to bring the comic book in the
reader feelings and emotions. Elements such as
dialog bubbles or text frames are used to
display the dialogue, and to convey to the
reader the necessary information. Drawings
and their location, as well as a variety of extras
designed to support the sequence of events in
the story.
The most famous
form of printed
comics - the socalled strips or
miniatures. They
generally consist of
four small figures
that follow each
other and are
published in
newspapers and
magazines . Longer
comics are
published in
separate journals,
books or albums .
comics , as a
phenomenon , it
has not lost its
popularity .
Scenes from the
comics and are
used actively in
the movie
It should be noted that in
France, comics are called
«La bande dessinee» (
drawn strip ) and often
they have a serious plot.
Europeans made a comic
that is not going to make
Americans - turned it into
art. And then later
transferred to the screen.
Particularly remarkable
adaptation in France and
It is in these countries has been widely
developed culture comic cartoon stories many
authors have invested invaluable contributions
to the world of comics , their works have
become classics of the genre. The success of "
drawn stories " affects the success of her
movies. And abroad, the viewer may not even
realize that he liked the movie based on a
comic book .
Fans and opponents have always been , there
will be all kinds of art . As for the comic book
genre , it may well be realized and
implemented in a variety of related fields of
human activity , be it movies , photography ,
video art and even contemporary art.
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