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A Trip to Cambridge
Выполнила студентка 1 курса очного
отделения специальность
Документационное обеспечение
управления и архивоведение
Московского областного
государственного колледжа г.
Новикова Алина Юрьевна
Руководитель проекта преподаватель
иностранного языка
Холопова Светлана Сергеевна
A Trip to Cambridge
A town of Cambridge
The university of Cambridge
The Cambridge Science Park
King's College Chapel
Senate House
Jesus College
Museum of Classical Archaeology
The Fitzwilliam Museum
The Round Church
Cambridge University Library
Cambridge is worth visiting!
The name of
this small town
located 80 miles
away from
London is
translated as
"Bridge over the
River Cam.”
Cambridge is one
of the best known
towns in the world
and it can be found
on most tourists'
lists of places to
visit. Cambridge is
was founded in the
13th century and
grew steadily, until
includes more than
twenty colleges.
To the north of Cambridge there is the Cambridge
Science Park, the modern face of the University. This
park has developed in response to the need for
universities to increase their contact with high
technology industry. It is now home to more than sixty
companies and research institutes.
Cambridge Science Park
The whole area is in fact very attractively
designed, with a lot of space between each
building. The planners thought that it was
important for people to have a pleasant, park
like environment for better work.
King's College Chapel
Chapel at King's College is
the hallmark of Cambridge.
It is a splendid example of
late Gothic architecture. It
was started in 1446 by
Henry VI and took over a
century to build. It is
famous for its choral
services, in particular the
evensong services and the
Christmas Eve service, A
Festival of Nine Lessons
and Carols.
Senate House
Senate House in Baroque style, completed in the
1730th year. Senate House - the ceremonial center
of the university.
Jesus College is one of the leading
colleges in the University of Cambridge. It
was established between 1496 and 1516 on
the site of the twelfth-century Benedictine
nunnery of St Mary and St Radegund whose
ruinous buildings, which included a huge
church, were adapted to house it.
The College is also
home and a recreational
and sporting centre for
its undergraduate and
postgraduate students,
providing high standard
catering, library and IT
facilities for them all, as
well as a wealth of
participate in sport,
music and the arts.
Museum of Classical Archaeology
The Museum of Classical
Archaeology is one of nine
University of Cambridge
museums and collections. It
is famous for one of the
world's largest collections of
Greek and Roman statues. It
is dedicated to the study and
teaching of the classical past
through the material of
ancient Greece and Rome.
Museum built in 1816 in
neo-classical style, with
two sculptures of lions
guarding its entrance. You
can see the mummies in
the Egyptian galleries, or
look at masterpieces by
artists such as Rubens,
Monet and Picasso,
classical statues, oriental
fan, illuminated
manuscripts and pottery.
The Round Church
The origin of the Round
Church building dates
back to about 1130 AD
making it one of the oldest
buildings in Cambridge. It
is now no longer an active
parish church, but it's
open most of the time, and
houses a rather nice
history of the church and
of Cambridge Christianity.
Cambridge University Library
The University of Cambridge has
114 libraries.
Cambridge University Library,
referred to within the University as
"the University Library" or just "the
UL", is the central research library,
which holds over 8 million items
(including maps and sheet music)
and, in contrast with the British
Library, many of its books are
available on open shelves.
Cambridge is worth visiting!
At our English lessons we
have learnt some facts about
Great Britain. There are lots
of interesting and beautiful
places there. London is of
course a wonderful city and
there are many sights there.
But Cambridge is the
historical and educational
heart of the country. I have
not been there yet but I am
sure it’s worth visiting!
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