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Ливерпуль город мечты
Достопримечательности Ливерпуля
111,84 km2
441 477
Year of
English football stadium «Anfield road»,
located in Liverpool, is one of the oldest
and most famous stadiums in the Misty
Albion. About this stadium, which UEFA
awarded the category of «Anfield road»,
which is the home stadium for the
legendary English team Liverpool FC, at
last count contains a total of 45 364 fan.
Merseyside Maritime
Museum (Merseyside
Maritime) talks about
everything that is related
to shipping and port life,
and about the history of
the largest ports in the
world and first of all about
how much they mean to
the people living at that
time. Often, the port
became for many the
beginning of a new life, for
some it was improved, for
someone-has become
more difficult. The
Museum is located in the
albert dock.
The Museum was opened in 1990. The scenery, the
exhibits and a variety of multimedia techniques
enable to plunge into the wonderful atmosphere
of a unique period of early European rock and roll.
This unique themed attraction that offers a
fascinating and atmospheric journey in life, time,
culture and music of the Beatles. 18 rooms of the
Museum will tell you everything from how all
began and before the band broke up.
In the South of the city are two interesting
architectural masterpiece - the neo-Gothic
Cathedral, famous for its higher bell tower
(height more than 100 m), and the Roman
Catholic Liverpool Cathedral, in the guise of
which involves elements of both Byzantine and
futuristic styles.
Около семи миль, к северу от Ливерпуля расположен пляж Кросби. Это было бы ничем не примечательный пляж, если бы не 100 анатомически правильных чугунных человеческих фигур, которые стоят на берегу, лицом к мо
About seven miles, North of
Liverpool beach Crosby. This would
be unremarkable beach, if not 100
anatomically correct iron human
figures, which are on the coast, facing
to the sea. This surreal scene called
“Another Place”, is the work of the
English sculptor Anthony Gormley,
who used to cast his body.
World Museum is located in England, in the city
of Liverpool. This Museum has an extensive
collection and covers archaeology, Ethnology,
natural and exact Sciences. Initially, the Museum
was called the Kentucky Derby Museum and was
opened in 1881. Its founder was the Earl of Derby.
At the beginning of the first decade of 21st
century, the Museum was expanded and renamed
in the world Museum Liverpool. In 1970 the
Museum was opened to the planetarium. The year
of the world visit the Museum about 610
thousand people.
The area North of the albert Dock are called
pier head, in honor of a stone pier, built in the
18th century. There are boats across the river
Mersey and once here was leaving millions of
immigrants to the New world. Here are 3
important buildings: the building of the port,
the Ship building and Royal liver, crowned with
the symbol of the city - the famous mythical
liver bird with height of 5 meters.
Chinatown - Metropolitan area, which is located in
Liverpool, England. Chinatown is home to the oldest
Chinese community in Europe. According to the
migration Department in the area of Liverpool live
from 25,000 to 35,000 people. The first presence of
the Chinese in Liverpool refers to 1834, when the first
ship arrived from China in Liverpool. Chinese sailors
married British women and settled in Liverpool.
Sefton Park - one of the three
main urban parks Liverpool. The
main attraction of the Park palm
house. It is a large glass building
that looks like it is in a huge
gazebo, or overly artsy the
greenhouse. By the way, in a
really winter garden with palm
trees, which gave the gazebo
name, and even arranged statues
and benches.
The best way to introduce children to English
fermina farm rice lane can be seen up close,
feed and even touch pigs, donkeys, cattle,
chickens, and, of course, fluffy rabbits. Adults
will hardly be interested in, if only you come
for shopping. Vegetables from local
greenhouses, dairy products, eggs and flowers
from the gardens are sold to anyone.
The custom at the wedding, to exchange rings
came from England. During the middle ages,
the Anglo-Saxons, deciding to marry racked up
some expensive thing and one part left, while
the other was given to the bride's father. Those
who were richer, used for these purposes, silver
or gold bars. Later ingots replaced rings.
In the new year the British decided to give each
other gifts of approximately the same value.
Very often in a dark family circle gifts are
distributed by lottery, English tradition. Before
Christmas, every self-respecting British sends
postcards to Christmas stories of all my friends.
For the British Christmas is a family holiday. In
this day the guests decided to go.
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Colleges: учебник для студ.
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