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A tour around Cambridge

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Ломунов Александр Александрович
ГБОУ СПО «Чайковский техникум промышленных технологий и
Отделение технического профиля, 3 курс
Руководитель: Байкова Нина Анатольевна
What to do
The cities are like people, have their own appearances,
characters, biographies… All that determines the essence and the
originality of the city. You’re invited to join our virtual trip to
Cambridge, great and an amazing place to visit. I’d like to begin
with some historical fact about the city.
It is interesting to know that Cambridge was founded in 875
when the Danes conquered Eastern England. They created a fortified
town called a burgh, from which the word borough derives. However
in 1010 Cambridge was burned by the Danes.
The City of Cambridge is one of the most beautiful and romantic
cities in Britain. It is situated in the quiet east of England.
Cambridge's unique setting on the banks of the River Cam, and the
magnificent architecture of the University buildings all combine to
make it an unforgettable place.
The city of Cambridge is an old English university town and
the administrative centre of the county of Cambridgeshire.
Cambridge has an area of 40 km ² and it inhabits more than 100
thousand people.
The demographics of Cambridge can be hard to measure as it
varies so much when students are away on holidays and when they
are staying in the town. Over time the population has seen steady
and significant growth – due to the expansion of the university and
natural population increase.
The town's river link to the surrounding agricultural land and
good road connections to London in the south meant Cambridge has
historically served as an important regional trading post. King Henry
I granted Cambridge a monopoly on river trade, enabling this area of
the economy to flourish.
Today Cambridge has a diverse economy with strength in
sectors such as research & development, software consultancy, high
value engineering, creative industries, pharmaceuticals, tourism and
agriculture. There are a huge number of hotels, tours, activities and
more that are specifically aimed at tourists.
Many of the world’s most influential and largest
have offices or headquarters in Cambridge, which have
huge amount of jobs and attracted skilled workers from
country and overseas. Some of the companies that call
home include: Microsoft, Abcam, CSR, ARM Limited,
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Jagex and
The University of Cambridge is made up of thirty-one colleges;
many of them are architectural gems, founded by Kings, Queens,
bishops, noblemen and wealthy patrons. The magnificent buildings
reflect 700 years of British Heritage. The older colleges were
planned in the monastic tradition, with cloisters, courts, a dining
hall and chapel.
Cambridge University scientists formed from people who left Oxford
because of a conflict with the local people in 1207.The structure of
Cambridge University includes 31 Cambridge Colleges, and more than
150 departments, faculties, schools, and other institutions. Many
famous people were Cambridge students. Today 18,000 students study
in Cambridge.
Issak Newton
Issak Newton
Charles Darvin
Ernest Rutherford
Visiting Cambridge, some of the famous attractions you will not
want to miss include: The Fitzwilliam Museum , housing a collection
of world famous paintings, drawings and prints together with
antiquities, there are permanent collections and temporary
exhibitions. The Cambridge and County Folk Museum displays local
The museums provide a valuable resource for the university
students and researchers, offering a site for the public to discover.
History buffs should be sure to check out the Museum of Classical
Archaeology and the University Museum of Archaeology and
Anthropology .They display rare examples from each academic
Also you can visit other fascinating and interesting places such as:
Cambridge Museum of Technology
Cambridge Science Centre
Cambridge University Museum of Zoology
Cambridge University Library
Kettle's Yard
New Hall Art Collection
Scott Polar Museum
Sedgwick Museum
The Centre for Computing History
You can relax in the pleasant surroundings of the University
Botanic Gardens, where you will find a huge collection of plants in a
tranquil garden setting. Or take a gentle stroll along the Backs where
you will enjoy seeing the wonderful architecture of the colleges
across the river.
Shoppers will find a pleasant environment in Cambridge, for
browsing in the bustling market square or discovering the many
individual shops, the major stores and the excellent bookshops.
Cambridge has many cosmopolitan cafes and restaurants, serving a
selection of food from around the world, together with traditional
English cuisine.
There are a multitude of things to do while visiting Cambridge
when it comes to outdoor activities. Cambridge is known for its
beautiful outdoor landscapes with green parks and stunning
gardens, which are open to the public and are an aspect of
Cambridge, that everyone should take advantage of.
Some parks in Cambridge – like Jesus Green, for instance –
come with facilities such as pools, tennis courts, and skate parks, to
help you enjoy an afternoon. Many parks are also close to local
restaurants and pubs where you can go if you’re looking to get
something to eat in Cambridge.
Cambridge is a wonderful town both to visit and live in.
Fortunately once you arrive in Cambridge it is very easy to find your
way around with a good network of bicycle, walking trails, public
transport and roads. From the airport there are regular buses and
trains into Cambridge.
Public transport in Cambridge is good. Buses and trains run
regularly to most parts of the town, villages and suburbs
surrounding the centre of Cambridge. However, the city centre of
Cambridge is only accessible by foot, to see everything you will need
to jump off, walk around on your own . [электронный ресурс]-
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